REMARKABLE Truth REVEALED! Woman Remembers LIFE BEFORE BIRTH! with Diane Brandon

Diane Brandon facilitates, teaches, reaches, encourages, and inspires others, often helping others transform their lives in positive ways.  She works with others one-on-one and in groups via classes, workshops, and seminars and is an expert on Intuition, Dreams, and the Born Aware Phenomenon, a term she coined.  Diane infuses her work with enthusiasm, her signature humor, and thought-provoking insights.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Diane has been spiritually aware since birth (literally), has had a lifelong interest in metaphysics, and has been an avid student of it for over 45 years. She has been a member of Intelligentsia Metaphysica, Mensa, and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

She is an alum of a high school for the academically gifted in New Orleans (Benjamin Franklin Senior High School), has an A.B. in French from Duke University, did Master’s work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures, and attended TUTOR, a language institute in Geneva, Switzerland for French studies.

Diane hosted “Naturally Vibrant Living with Diane Brandon” on Web Talk Radio and and “Vibrantly Green with Diane Brandon” on, in addition to appearing as a guest on several radio and TV shows nationally. She regularly appeared as a guest dream interpreter on the syndicated radio show “Your Time with Kim.”  She formerly hosted “Living Your Power” on the Health & Wellness Channel of Diane has facilitated a seminar on Business Intuition at the Rhine Research Center, in addition to speaking on dreams there, and has spoken on Intuition at the Mensa Annual Gathering.

Diane’s Intuitive Counseling work led to writing.  She’s cited in “The 10 Most Common Nightmares Interpreted” in Business Insider and has contributed articles to Connexions (“Wholism and the New Age,” “Guided Meditation and Regression,” and “Paths to Empowerment”), Innerchange Magazine (“The Dance of Personal and Spiritual Growth:  Syncing Up the Levels,” “Experiential Spirituality and Contemporary Gnosis,”  “Shamar’s Journey of Love,” a children’s story, “Heart-Centeredness:  A Healthy and ‘Whole’some Meeting of Science and Spirituality,”  “Unwrapping the Wonderful Gift of Dreams,” “Musings On Ghosts, Apparitions & the Veil Between Realities,” “The Misguided Imperative to Be Positive,”  “Intuition – An Intuitive’s View,” “Befriending Your Other Self — Plumbing Your Depths and Amplifying Self,” and “The Loss of Two Beloved Giants”), to The Art of WellBeing (“Exploring Your Dreams for Wellness”),and The Journal of Tar Heel Tellers (“Vocal Tips for Storytellers”), and is a Contributing Author to The Long Way Around: How 34 Women Found the Lives They Love (© 2000, Carolina Women’s Press) and Speaking Out! (© 2005, Insight Publishing).

She’s the author of four books: Born Aware – Stories and Insights from Those Spiritually Aware Since Birth (which endorsements called “brilliant” and “groundbreaking”), Dream Interpretation for Beginners — Understand the Wisdom of Your Sleeping Mind, Intuition for Beginners — Easy Ways to Awaken Your Natural Abilities and Invisible Blueprints: Intuitive Insights for Fulfillment.  She has also written insight pieces on “The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina,” “Choosing Hope—Some Thoughts on September 11, 2001,” and “Disasters in Myanmar/Burma and China — Thoughts and Lessons.”

Diane is also a Corporate Consultant, as well as an Actor, Singer, Voice-Over Artist, and Voice Teacher and is included in the 1997-1998 Silver 25th edition of Who’s Who in the South and Southwest.

She started working professionally with her intuition in 1992.

Please enjoy my conversation with Diane Brandon.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 291

Diane Brandon 0:00
It is that it doesn't matter how spiritually aware you are at birth. When you come here as a soul and you get into the body of a human being, it's like being schizophrenic, it's like you're on to into different places. Because the human experience is very different. You have a psyche, you have emotions, you have experiences while you're growing up, and some of those are positive, and some of those are negative. So you've got, you've got two types of awarenesses. You've got your true orientation towards the other side, your true home, and then you've got this human part.

Alex Ferrari 0:41
I'd like to welcome to the show, Diane Brandon. How you doing Diane?

Diane Brandon 0:55
I'm doing fine. Alex, I am so pleased to be with you here today.

Alex Ferrari 1:01
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you about your life experience and what you're doing for the world as well. So you're my first question to you is you you speak about being born awake? Can you tell the audience what that actually means?

Diane Brandon 1:18
I'd be happy to the phrases is born aware. And she's, that's okay. That's okay. It's just a different letters and one letter difference. I use the term I coined the term born aware to refer to refer to people who have always remembered what they thought when they were born. I've always remembered what I thought when I was born. I know scientists think that babies are basically blank, have blank minds, and little awareness. I know that that's not true. I did not know that this was an unusual phenomenon. It never came up in conversation. But basically, it refers to those of us who've always remembered what we thought when we were born.

Alex Ferrari 2:07
So what does that exactly mean? Remembering what you were before? Is it pre birth experience, essentially, like you remember, prior to incarnating, into this bot into the body you're currently in. And things that happen on the other side prior to that, is that what you mean?

Diane Brandon 2:24
That is one type of memory. But it's basically at the moment of birth, remembering what your perception was, what your thoughts were, for, for myself, I remember what I thought, I remember that I was not happy to be here again. I knew that when I wasn't here, I had absolute knowledge. And it aggravated me that I couldn't have it while I was here. I have some pre birth memories primarily have been with the divine. I knew I wouldn't be asleep. While I was here. Some people remember who they saw in the delivery room, including those incarnated in body and sometimes other spirits or entities who may have been there. Some people remember the actual experience of being born and the delivery. There's, there's one person in my book who remembers that forceps were used. And it was so painful, he felt that he would be tortured or damaged during the delivery. So the types of awareness the types of memories will vary from one person to the next. And again, that can include some of those prenatal memories, whether one stayed in the womb throughout gestation, or dipped in and out. For some it may be memories on the other side. For example, one woman in my book remembers being taken by guides to visit other planets for training, she remembers picking out her father. So these memories will vary from one person to the next. But it's an awareness at birth that one has always remembered and it tends to be spiritual in nature.

Alex Ferrari 4:32
So, so you have some experience talking to other people who have had pre birth memories. Can you tell me some other some other before we get to your pre birth memory? What are some other pre birth memories that you can share?

Diane Brandon 4:46
I remember one woman shared that she remembered walking along some sort of pathway on the other side. And she was given a choice Voice of have a belief she was able to choose between, or among two or three options of what she would be in the coming lifetime. That's one type of memory another person in my book remembers being an angel. On the other side,

Alex Ferrari 5:20
Really actual, I didn't know that angels could incarnate on Earth,

Diane Brandon 5:25
Apparently. So I didn't theorize about that. But I have two people, I'm sorry, two people in the book, who remember being an angel. On the other side, one remembers working in a group of angels, and basically, in her consciousness would receive a directive from the Divine and they would make planets and other cosmic things on the other side. Another person, as I mentioned, remembers being an Angel before she came here. And I'm trying to remember the memories. Now one, one person in my book remembers that her parents right after she was born, disagreed about whether she needed to be covered in the sun, on the way home from the hospital. And so these these these memories will will vary, will vary.

Alex Ferrari 6:30
Now, what is the what memory do are the people that you've spoken to which have the farthest back memories meaning like, purely in the spiritual purely on the other side, constructing their lifetime choosing their parents, possibly soul blueprint? What do you have any memories of that your own personal ones, or have anyone that you interviewed for your book.

Diane Brandon 6:54
My memories primarily consist of remembering being with the Divine and that connection. Being in place, it's almost like there is a tether, I'm tethered. And how I felt upon being born, because I didn't want to come here, but I knew that I had, there was something I was supposed to do, even though I didn't know what it was. And some people remember, one more woman remembers the actual conception, she was there with the divine during the conception, and she describes it and how she reacted. Some people were very aware of other lifetimes upon upon birth, in the present lifetime, I'm trying to remember I should have boned up on people's people's memories. One woman has a beautiful description of the other side and and the wonderful colors, et cetera. And so my sense is some of this, some of the memories of the other side are really on a level that is not three dimensional, are tangible, where things are primarily energy, if that makes sense, if that makes sense, and where the those you encounter are the soul energy rather than a physical representation or a physical body? Does that make sense?

Alex Ferrari 8:48
That makes perfect sense. So then, we dive a little bit deeper into your pre birth memory, you say the divine, it's a very broad term. So can you give us as many details as you can, that you can remember, of that experience prior to being born.

Diane Brandon 9:05
But my main memory, I think, is fairly simplistic with in that context, it has been with the divine God. And my memory of God, or the Divine is not an old man with a long white beard. It's of this massive energy that at the same time, has the sense of a being. So I've talked to one other person who remembers being with God and we said the same thing the energy is unmistakable. You can never mistake the energy for anything else. So you have the sense of a being and this This this massive, massive energy that is beyond description. I could say something trite like an end all be all, which doesn't quite capture it. But not in a form, not in a form. And to me being in the form limits. And this is beyond limitation, beyond limitation. But at the same time a being. So, not a gender not, however, we want to define a gender, it's beyond that as well. It's very difficult to put some of this into words. And I have felt, especially since I started doing the intuitive work, the intuitive counseling, that if there were a way to for, for people who have that direct connection, it is immensely helpful, it's immensely beneficial. It doesn't lead to just okay dependency, and I don't need to think for myself, it's not that whatsoever, it is not dogma, it is not rules. But it is this sense of safety, I guess, is one term I could use. And I don't have memories on the other side of being in different places or visiting different places, it is primarily being with a divine which, for lack of a better way of putting it. For me, it's kind of an overarching truth in my in my life.

Alex Ferrari 11:57
Right which it's, it sounds like you have this understanding, and belief, not even belief, it's just an understanding, it's a truth, like water is wet and ice is cold, that you are part of something larger, and you are connected to the Divine, as we all are, but it's just there, and you just understand it to be true. And that gives you a sense of comfort to walk the earth in a different way that many of us are fearful and afraid and disconnected and you know, angry and all you can't seem to it doesn't at least from the energy that you're giving me right now. It doesn't seem like that's not that you don't get angry and not that you don't get. Yes, but But there is an understanding like this is a temporary, you have just an understanding of how this system is working. So it helps you walk a little easier on life. That makes sense.

Diane Brandon 12:59
It does at the same time, it makes being here probably just a little more difficult. Because one knows how wonderful the other side is. And I think also Alex, I think it contributes to humility. Because those of us who have a connection like this, know, that we're not the end all be all. And, and we tend to understand that not only are things on this level, transitory, but that they're also ultimately, for some positive reasons, even if we don't know what they are. But at the same time, you know, I had my human side. And, and one downside of having memories like this is it does make it more difficult to be on this planet.

Alex Ferrari 13:57
It is the same thing I've heard from so many near death experiencers I've spoken to is that they're like, I just want to go home. I don't know. Yes. I'm like this is God, do I have to be here? kind of vibe and not in a not in a, you know, a negative thought pattern, but it's just like, I know that there's chocolate cake on the other side of that door. And why am I here with Asparagus?

Diane Brandon 14:30
Asparagus is good for me.

Alex Ferrari 14:32
Experiences taste is wonderful for the but you can't really compete with the chocolate cake tastes wise

Diane Brandon 14:39
The chocolate cake tastes so much better. That's a good analogy. That is a good analogy. So I think the point is there are pros and cons to having this awareness and that is I think it's a wonderful gift for those who have near death experiences um I don't know if you knew of Tom Sawyer, not not the fictional character?

Alex Ferrari 15:04
No, I do not. I only know I only know, Huck Finn.

Diane Brandon 15:11
He was he was, he used to speak back in the 90s, he had actually had more than one near death experience, which is not that terribly uncommon. But he changed so dramatically. And, and we do tend to say, I just want to go home. But there are pros and cons a blessing and a curse. But I think it's wonderful for those who have near death experiences that are spiritually transformative. Because it informs one's being so much more use gives one so much of a better understanding of, of things that transcend this three dimensional level, and, and are indeed, real.

Alex Ferrari 16:11
So as far as pre birth memories are concerned, I assume that you weren't a one or two year old walking around going on tethered to God. So I'm assuming that this came in later. When did you when did this all this information kind of come rushing back? Or did you know, at a certain level, as you were growing up,

Diane Brandon 16:33
It was always there. It was always, it was always there. But the thing is Alex, I didn't know what was unusual. As far as I knew, everybody had memories like this. So why do you even mention it? So it was always there? But not always.

Alex Ferrari 16:50
But how did you process it though? Like, as a five year old? You just don't know? I mean, did you know it was God? Did you know it was the divine? Oh, yes. on a deep level, you understood it?

Diane Brandon 17:03
Oh, yes.

Alex Ferrari 17:04
Okay, got it

Diane Brandon 17:05
From the, from the very, very beginning from from birth. But what I have seen in working on my book Born Aware, is that it doesn't matter how spiritually aware you are at birth. When you come here, as a soul, and you get into the body of a human being, it's like being schizophrenic, it's like you're on to into different places, because the human experience is very different. You have a psyche, you have emotions, you have experiences, while you're growing up, and some of those are positive, and some of those are negative. So you've got, you've got two types of awarenesses, you've got your true orientation towards the other side, your true home, and then you've got this human part. And I think for some of us, for some people, some memories may start to fade a little bit. We're trying to fit into this world. You know, as a human being, you're born and your parents are in control. And that can be positive and negative. You have experiences along the way for some people, it's trauma, traumatic experiences, or abuse. So for a while, once again, in interviewing people, there is this shift towards the focus being on trying to fit in, you know, learning the ins and outs of being a human. And it seems that at some point in the teen years, perhaps I don't, I don't want to say that one has mastered we don't master being a human, we may

Alex Ferrari 18:56
First of all, no one masters anything in the teen years. Let's just put it that straight up.

Diane Brandon 19:02
That is so true.

Alex Ferrari 19:03
I'm joking. I'm joking teenagers is a general statement, not the police. If I if I may stop for a sec. I just heard this quote the other day, and it was just so brilliant. It was Mark Twain who said at 15 I understood my parents were clueless and understood nothing. But at 22. I was really impressed at how much they had learned in seven years.

Diane Brandon 19:24
Yes, yes. Yes. Which I think is a wonderful quotation. So wonderful quotation. But it I think it is that based on the people I've interviewed, it's sometime during the teen years and it may be between 13 and 18. That, you know, you're you're used to that human side now. And you can put more of your attention back on your spiritual side.

Alex Ferrari 19:55
You start connecting

Diane Brandon 19:55
Yeah, it's it's interesting.

Alex Ferrari 19:57
I see. I see that because when you're growing it up, you're just trying to do just bumping around trying to learn how to walk, your body starts to change. So you're dealing with puberty and hormones and all sorts of things at that age and you, but then once you start getting past that, you go, you settle in for the ride, essentially,

Diane Brandon 20:22
Absolutely. Not that we stopped growing, because there's there's all there's always growth. But yeah, you, you settle in for the ride and you have more of your psychic capacity that can focus on your inherent spiritual orientation.

Alex Ferrari 20:41
So let me ask you this, why do you believe you specifically, were given this blessing or curse, depending on how you look at it. And so many of us do not have this ability?

Diane Brandon 20:54
That's a wonderful question. I did chew on that, Alex. And, and I feel that for those of us who have these memories, we're allowed to have them because they are to serve a purpose. For what we are to do while we're here, it's not like, okay, it's a free ride. There's there, there's responsibility in it, depending upon what each of us is here to do. And I didn't understand I can understand better now. When I was born, when I remembered that, you know, okay, I had to be here because there was something I was supposed to do. I thought it had to do with acting and singing. And so I pursued that for years. And it wasn't until I started doing this work, but especially since I started, since the Born aware phenomenon came to the forefront. Did I realize, Oh, that's it, because I need to get this information out there because it can be beneficial to other people. So okay, I go, I get it now. I get it now. I still don't want to be here. But I can see it a little better. So I really feel it's not because we're special. It's because we were allowed to have these memories, because of what we're supposed to do while we're here.

Alex Ferrari 22:32
Now, you mentioned that you when you are some other I'm not sure if it was you or one of the stories of somebody else who had a pre birth experience, that you were upset when you showed up. You're just like, ah, what I gotta learn again, and I can't I don't have all knowledge that I had before. Why do you think that you said that you were kind of forced to come back. So my question is, you were Are you compelled to come back to reincarnate? Do you have a choice in the matter? Can you stand the other side and chillax with the divine? Or are you forced back to learn these fairly difficult, you know, lessons and journeys down here in the physical? Because this is not for the faint of heart down here?

Diane Brandon 23:20
No, it's not? No, it's not. I think it varies from one person to the next. Because some people in my book actually looked forward to come in here. And I'm like, You're kidding. Some remember that they were given a choice. I was not given a choice. It was like, This is what you need to do. And I was like, Okay, I don't like it. But I understand that I'm supposed to do it. I know that sounds strange. I think as humans, especially in the past so many decades, we're really big on what I want, what I want, I can have, I can have what I want, I can manifest what I want. It's all up to me. I want I want I want it's what I want. I think on higher levels, you realize when you're on on those levels on the other side, okay, I'm not in charge. And we are in fact, this is one of my things. I don't know, you know, if people agree with it or not, but I feel that while we're here, we're all playing roles in this greater drama on this planet. As Shakespeare said, absolutely. I feel that Shakespeare was plugged in. I really do. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And, and that the goal. I feel that we come to earth, to live human lives, to learn and grow and unfold. We've all heard that over and over again. But also For the roles we play with other people in this greater drama, and I feel that the goal is to push humanity forward. So that's just my sense.

Alex Ferrari 25:12
Yeah, and a lot of times, sometimes the role we play the villain, and sometimes we play the hero, and we choose to do so. Absolutely. And somebody else's drama like, you know, you, you are the villain in someone else's drama, though every villain, you know, come from, again, from Hollywood, every villain always believes that they're the hero of their own story. Course, throughout the history, I mean, I always wondered, I'm like, How can like Darth Vader show go to sleep at night? You know, and just go, I'm so evil. Like, no, he's like, No, I mess my perspective is different. And I have my life experiences brought me to where I am. And this is how I'm doing things. And I don't care if I hurt other people. So there's just a lot. There's a perspective.

Diane Brandon 25:57
Absolutely, absolutely. And it has to do with perspective. Because as humans, we tend to see things from our perspective. And that's another aspect of of one thing I discuss in the book is what I call the difference between the perspective on the human level, and what I refer to as the higher soul awareness, which transcends the human and can look at things very objectively can look at that drama going on, and have a sense when something happens on the world stage. Oh, I wonder if this is to accomplish such and such. So there's a difference. And yes, it comes down to perspective.

Alex Ferrari 26:51
And isn't it amazing, and I can only assume this has happened to you and your life. And please correct me if I'm wrong, that our perspective on our past events, changes over time, where at the moment, it's happening, this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life. To thank God that happened to me when that happened to me, because it did this, this, this and this for me. And, and this this, but that's perspective, that is existence. That is time. Yeah, my God, thank God, I didn't date that girl. Or Thank God, I didn't get that job. But at the moment, you're like, Oh, my God, my life is over. I didn't get the job I was dreaming of?

Diane Brandon 27:33
Oh, yes, yes, the dark night of the soul, my life is over. This is so painful, I will never get through this. And yet, I think there has to be a willingness. There has to be something in us that represents a willingness to look at things in retrospect, I like to say that when we go through something negative, and we come out the other side, and if we can look back and see some of the benefits, then we have transmuted that negative experience into something positive. If on the other hand, we say stuck in the Oh, for me, oh, it's so painful, then that's not good for us.

Alex Ferrari 28:25
You want to talk about dark night of the soul? Doesn't that happen? Like hourly when you're a teenager?

Diane Brandon 28:30
Absolutely. Absolutely. All the time, everything. Of course, that was dramatic. Nobody's ever been through anything like this before.

Alex Ferrari 28:41
In the history of mankind, or you, man, it's never ever happened. As you look back at stuff that happened when you were a kid, and you're just like, at the time, it just thought it was the world The world is ending. Like I got an F in that test. This is going on my quote unquote, permanent record.

Diane Brandon 28:57
I didn't I didn't get what I wanted for Christmas.

Alex Ferrari 29:00
Oh my God, why did I get the GI Joe I wanted I just got these socks. That boy said, what about me? Like it's, and we joke about, I'm bringing this up the joke around it. But it's really to put perspective into what we hold dear at certain times in our lives. And as as you get older, you start to I mean, if you're evolving in this life, you start to realize that certain things are not things you should be sweating about. As much as when you were younger. In going through things you just hold on tight to these these events, is you start looking back, you just start going. I'm so glad it all worked out the way it did. And isn't it true though? Like as you look back, you start to put the pieces together like you like you were you wanted to be an actress in music and the arts. And you thought that was the path. But then you look back and go, Oh, that was just preparing me for this work. All those experiences prepare me for this very similar thing happened to me. Very I mean, I mean, it's exactly what was exactly really, my art was writing and filmmaking. And it all was preparing me to do the work I'm doing right now, in all honesty, it is something that is connected me to that. But I always wondered, why am I? Why am I going down that path? If I'm not getting to where I want to be? What am I doing wrong? Why do I keep failing? Or the successes I haven't aren't the successes that I really want, or these all these kinds of thought patterns? And I always say I even said to God, one day, I'm like, why would you give me the love of this so hard? And yet not let me succeed at it? At a I even a basic level?

Diane Brandon 30:49
Exactly. And now we're thinking back on the opportunities, that seemed like they would be a major breakthrough. And then for various reasons, they just poof, exactly. But I think I think what we're talking about Alex, is it requires getting older and having that perspective of being able to look back, we're less able to do that when we're teams, or, you know, in our 20s we have that. That blessing of have more time, if age can be a blessing. But I used to be caught up in the same thing, Alex, it really, really resonates.

Alex Ferrari 31:35
Oh, no, yeah. And I know a lot of people listening out there right now might be like, Why is what I really want to do not happening for me. And if you understand that there's a bigger picture at play here. There's a bigger plan at play, that will unfold in its time. Yes, then you will only see in time, why you're walking this path. But you have to kind of trust the path you were walking, if you're going through something difficult in your life right now. There is a reason for it. If you're going through some wonderful things going on right now, there's a reason for it. And that that that process is difficult for the ego to deal with.

Diane Brandon 32:20
It's very, very difficult. But at the same time, I would also add that I would recommend trying to develop those inner resources that help you gain that perspective. Because a lot of people don't want to be told well, it's for your own good that that didn't happen

Alex Ferrari 32:41
Eat the asparagus.

Diane Brandon 32:46
Yes, yes. Yes. And you will like it. Exactly. Yep. So if you if you develop those, those those inner resources, meditation, there's so many different modalities these days, those actually give us give us more tools to move through life without the gain the perspective.

Alex Ferrari 33:11
Now, we, we've mentioned a couple times about these plans, life's plan, and how things are being unfolded along our path. And we might not like it as its unfolding. And many times we don't trust me, I know, I'm sure you.

Diane Brandon 33:30
I do. I do.

Alex Ferrari 33:33
This concept of the soul blueprint, which has been discussed, I have spoken to a couple of other pre birth experiences, who've talked about remembering and planning, literally sitting down at a table with a council of other elders or beings to create their soul blueprint. What is your take on the concept of the soul blueprint per incarnation?

Diane Brandon 33:57
I'm a firm believer in it. Because the way the way I look at this and the way I understand this, Alex is that on this level, on this planet, we have we have time, we have past present and a future, but when you get to a higher levels on the other side there. So things are planned in advance, not out of controlling soul. This goes back again to the greater drama and all these little pieces fit together. It transcends I feel our human ability to understand, but I feel that our lives are planned. This does not preclude having free will. Because it was always no matter what choices would be. Because on those levels, there's no time. Does that make sense?

Alex Ferrari 34:57
It does. It does make sense. My grasp on It is that, that there isn't there is a plan laid out. So it's a probable plan. Meaning that there's a probability that you'll walk this path and we will guide you in this path, you are going to be born to these parents in this situation, which will start leaning you towards certain places and certain things that will be for your plan, you at any time have free choice to do whatever you'd like, along the plan. And there's people who will venture off near my near death experience or have spoken to say, I went off so far off that I had to die, to walk to be woken up to go back on the path that I was supposed to do in this life. And some people just go off like the reservation, and completely lose track of what they're supposed to be doing. And sometimes they die. And they're like, You got to start over again. You did you did nothing that you said, this is not the way this is going. Thinking, what are you thinking you were supposed to be this now you're doing this? You know? And then like, but I was having so much fun? I'm like, okay, great. But now,

Diane Brandon 36:02
What I feel Alex is even that as part of the plan, even diverging from what we think the plan is, is part of the plan. That's why I'm saying it's very different to wrap our human minds around this, because all of those little pieces fit together. Because ultimately, if you have diverged from your plan, and you have a near death experience, you're on a path.

Alex Ferrari 36:32
Now, there's no question about it's really interesting now, where this is getting now we're getting into esoteric kind of conversation.

Diane Brandon 36:38
Isn't it fun,

Alex Ferrari 36:39
It's so much fun. Because I agree with you that there is that whatever you do in life becomes part of the blueprint becomes part of the record of what you're doing. So if, in this lifetime, I'm not supposed to understand addiction. It's not part of what I'm supposed to do in this lifetime. But all of a sudden, someone when I was younger, led me down a path that I wasn't supposed to be on. And I kept going down that path. Even though I wasn't supposed to do it in this lifetime. I kept doing it for a million different reasons. That becomes part of the lessons that I learned in this life. It wasn't what I planned. But it was part of the grander scale of what was going on. But there is still a free choice to kind of flow in this or that it's the amount of planning because again, being a director, when I'm exhausted thinking about story plots and actors, sets and it's in a massive amount of power. Can you imagine doing it for the universe?

Diane Brandon 37:53
Yeah, which should give us what should give us a sense of humility, because we can't imagine being able to do it's it's beyond,

Alex Ferrari 38:05
It's beyond the level of understanding that I can't even comprehend.

Diane Brandon 38:10
Well, if you throw in the monkey wrench of alternate directions.

Alex Ferrari 38:18
Let's not get into the multiverse and parallel lives and living multiple lives at the same time. Yes, yeah. Because there's no time that you know, everything has already happened. We're just pleased. I've already gone down this road so many times. I have sure it makes a hat and makes the house. It makes sense. I've had quantum physicists who have talked to about this, and they're just like, wonderful. And there's just like, yeah, and then there's yeah, technically you could do this. And yet technically, it's it's such a map. This is why I love to. I will love during the show, because of that, because it's just an endless conversation. This conversation will never end in and now. It just, it's all expansive, like the universe is expanding these kinds of conversations will never get old get boring, because it just now expand and expand and explain. Yes, a planet is a planet. You know, but our planet has a very different story than Mars does. And, and our solar system has a very different story than other solar system. So it's even though that the same elements, they're just completely different and just

Diane Brandon 39:36
Similar, but different.

Alex Ferrari 39:38
And it just keeps going and go. That's why I can have a talk to 40 or 50, near death experiences. And every single one is unique. Every single one has its own lessons. Every single one had to deal with certain things when they came back. Even the pre birth experiences that I've had on the show before. Very different And the the effect that had on their lives, how they were closeted in so many ways, you know, which I want to bring it into my next question with you, when did you come out of the spiritual closet? Or were you always out of the spiritual closet?

Diane Brandon 40:19
Well, I think part of this to Alex is when I, when I was growing up, you didn't find people, these were not popular topics. And so yeah, we didn't really talk about things like that I remember, Oh, I remember when I was probably 12 or 13, I was thinking about successive universes and, you know, alternate dimensions, but nobody to talk to about that. When I was an undergrad, I found a couple of people. You know, it wasn't until I would say, my, my mid to late 20s. And there was just a little bit of conversation. And then I was in a mastermind group, you know, I'm sure people are familiar with those. And so, things started to open up, I remember feeling it, the first time I attended that, that was the first time was really in a group, a room with a group of people interested these things. Again, I didn't know still didn't know that my membrane is made unusual. And started working with my intuition. Still not knowing what I was doing. I felt like I was an imposter. So things were kind of revealed very, very gradually to me. And it was only when I started working on Bourne aware that I started to realize it was different because I had not shared my memories with anybody. The way the book came about is that, in the context of a session, a client mentioned her memories, I said, Oh, well, that makes two of us. And then a few months later, in teaching a workshop on intuition. One person in the context of what she had experienced in in one exercise, shared her pre birth memory. And that was when I went, Oh, that's three of us. I'm being given a message. I need to, to look at this. And and so things started to unfold from there. So it was it was the retriggers, I would say that there were triggers. And of course, along the way, I'm working on my issues at the same time. So it was a confluence of different factors.

Alex Ferrari 42:47
Now, I know you also speak a lot about intuition. And can you tell me what you believe intuition is? Is it something guiding us? Is it our spirit guides? Is it the vine? Is it the angels? Or what is that gut feeling that we get? That little voice in our head? What is it?

Diane Brandon 43:09
I think it's, I like to say it's a complex set of phenomena. It's not just one thing. I think we have I think everybody has the ability. For many people. It's underneath the surface, I feel that a lot of it has to do with brainwaves, and a wises, research on brainwaves and delta brainwaves the deepest level, or wise, sustain out the environment unconsciously. I think sometimes intuition comes from deep within us. Things we were already exposed to that we had forgotten. I think some of it is guided. When we talk about gut feelings, you've probably heard that I don't remember how many years ago, 1015 years ago, researchers found a physiological basis for gut feelings. They're real. There's a knowing Yes, there are cells in the stomach that are similar to those in a part of the brain. To the extent that some scientists now refer to the stomach as the little brain or the second brain and then there's some other research on digestion and that affecting the brain. So there's a base there's a physiological base for gut feelings, they are real science science knows this now. So I feel like it's a lot of different it presents itself in a lot of different ways. And yes, some of it is guided, I do not feel that we have to go through know our guides to to be intuitive. And when I teach intuition, I teach the method I use which is basically slowly closing your eyes going to a deeper, deeper level of consciousness and posing your question and seeing what comes in. And that's, that's trying to access information on demand. But we also get information, excuse me, that we're not deliberately trying to get. And it varies from one person to the next. With regard to the form that it comes in. There are many, many different forms of intuition there's there's information that comes to you there is a kinesthetic where you feel energy that gives you information. Some people are clairvoyant which littermate French I was a French major clear seeing some people hear voices, whether they're external or in their heads. For some people, colors may have meaning. And they could get information just with colors. They're presented.

Alex Ferrari 46:02
Let me ask you this, because I've seen some research in regards to frequency, and that the brain waves when you go into meditation, you know, the delta alpha, alpha delta, and then I think, forget what's underneath delta omega, or even something even deeper. Some of the meditators, some of these Tibetan monks can go even deeper than what they were before that anyone could register before. It even channelers are being connected to these machines. And they when they channel you can see their brainwaves just changed to a whole other place while they're still awake. Is this a frequency thing as well, just as a universal law, that at this rate at this radio station, this kind of information is available at this radio station, this kind of information is available.

Diane Brandon 46:53
I love that question. I feel that brainwaves have something to do with it that it's important to get to below beta, and even Alpha get into theta, delta. And of course, a gamma is like a sudden insight. And I have to say that there is a woman in California Valerie Hunt, who researched brainwaves for years of intuitives and healers. And she has a book out called infinite mind. I think in some cases, it's a matter of getting on the right frequency to get information. So I feel that that has an awful lot to do with it. We talk about resonance, picking up on information that's resonating with us. I think a lot of it does have to do with frequency. The delta brainwaves analyzes research, as she she defined, she equated delta brainwaves with the unconscious with the unconscious being you know, kind of processes not a repository of information. And that the delta brainwaves are only sussing out the environment, you know, to see what information is there, I've had the sense with a method that I use what I call tuning in that is like a frequency like tuning into the right frequency. And at the same time, I've always felt that information is energy. Energy carries information. So if you think about it, we are surrounded by information, which is surround. So sometimes it is a matter of tuning into the right frequency or a part of our sensing, or consciousness that senses being able to get to the right target. Theoretically, we should be that means theoretically, we should have access to absolute knowledge while we're here, but when on the other hand, I knew when I was born, that I couldn't have that wildlife here. But the concept, the theory is that it's all out there.

Alex Ferrari 49:16
Well, you know, it's very interesting, I just had a conversation with a Nobel Prize nominee, who lives in the who was talking about the Akashic records in the quantum field. And that that is a field thing you're talking about is the quantum field that we all are connected to, and that we can easily not easily but can't kind of tap into. If you can find a way to tune in meditators are able to do it. People who understand how to read the Akashic records, can do it on the Akashic field, the Akashic records. This is stuff that science is talking about. And obviously it's the stuff that the Vedic texts and old ancient texts, Sumerian texts and data Let's have been talking about Akashic for ever so these ideas are not New Age woowoo by any stretch?

Diane Brandon 50:09
No, no, no, no, they're not. And I don't tend to think of it as Akashic records because it's information. It's everywhere all at once. Right? We live in this information we live in it, it is everywhere. But I think we're here on this planet as humans. Things are separated. On those other levels. On the other side, there's there, there, there's less division. I don't mean a conflict, but less separation.

Alex Ferrari 50:47
With all there's no walls, there's no walls, disconnecting you from the information that so again, when I talked the near death experiences, they say, Oh, I was over there. And I had an immense download of everything. So I'm like, Oh, I understand quantum physics now. Oh, I understand this now. But when they came back, they're not allowed to bring it back with them.

Diane Brandon 51:08
Yes, so unfair

Alex Ferrari 51:11
But also, to be fair, I just don't think that our our computer can handle the processing that it would take. I agree. Our nervous system, our brain, it's not designed to it's, there's a limitation in the design, very specifically designed that way. So we can't do that.

Diane Brandon 51:30
Yes, in order to navigate his three dimensional world. We have to give up some things we have to lose some of those abilities to be able to navigate in here.

Alex Ferrari 51:47
Do you think that because I'm fascinated with psychedelics I've never taken any myself. But I'm fascinated by the stories, what people see what people get access to? Do you believe just from your own perspective, that when you take a psychedelic or plant medicine, that it brings your frequency to a level where you can open doors that have been close to you very similarly to do what Yogi's do naturally through meditation into practice to get through those doors as well. That's where they live, they're a little longer in the psychedelic is a very limited paths inside, inside inside the right.

Diane Brandon 52:29
Yes, yes, yes. And I'm gonna preface this and say that I have not taken a psychedelic either, and I haven't, I've read a little bit, but I haven't heavily researched this, but my sense is that they tend to, to remove the separations and the barriers, right. And they may have a temporary effect in that regard, but at the same time, I'm hearing also some permanent effects. They may help to shift perspective they may help to see connections and take us out of the box you know, of our of our normal perception. And there are cultures you know, this Alex, there are cultures that incorporate them and their their spiritual practices, traditions

Alex Ferrari 53:27
Ayahuasca alone done in South America.

Diane Brandon 53:29
Yes. Yes, that

Alex Ferrari 53:31
It's an absolute miracle that that exists. Do you know that? Do you know how those Do you know how they make Ayahuasca?

Diane Brandon 53:38

Alex Ferrari 53:39
Two different plants from two different sides of the jungle, that have no reason to be together. But someone along the way said, Let's take plant a and Plant B and when they're combined, and only when they're combined, does Ayahuasca is Ayahuasca created? Wonderful, it makes no sense makes like, literally doesn't make sense hundreds of miles away from each other. They just meant they would have never connected, but somewhere along the line. That information was given to somebody. And it is a very healing process, but we will get we're gonna go down the psychedelic route because that's a whole other deep deep.

Diane Brandon 54:22
That's been researched that's been researched too you know, that's been researched with spiritual spiritual applications and an outcomes.

Alex Ferrari 54:33
Well, yeah, and now because they've kind of lifted the veil on LSD and psilocybin, psilocybin, psilocybin. And those kinds of things that were kind of banned from the 60s because of all the craziness, the 60s. Now they're actually researching it again. When I say craziness, I said with all the love in the world, but now they're actually universities are allowed To do it, and it's helping a lot of people. So it's really interesting. Really, really,

Diane Brandon 55:04
It is fascinating. It's fascinating. If you can't, if you if you can't come to those spiritual vistas or, or experiences any other way, then then sometimes those are eight to that end.

Alex Ferrari 55:23
I, when I spoke to a yogi about this, it's so fascinating. I spoke to a yogi in India about this. And he said something so profound. He's like, when people take these medicines, and they take these psychedelics, what they're doing is opening a door that they were not invited into. And you must be aware, and be careful when you go into those doors, because you might not be prepared for what happens, which is what a bad trip is, or these things that goes Yes, yes, as a as opposed to a yogi who spends 2030 years preparing to walk in that door. And then once they walk in, they could stay there and come and go as they please. Because they have Yes, I'm in preparation to go on there, as opposed to cheating, and kind of sneaking past the guard with psychedelics, which again, has its place. But understand there are risks involved when you do it.

Diane Brandon 56:17
Absolutely. Because you may not know how to assimilate the experience and those insights, the Oh God, one has to be absolute one has to be because it can turn one's life upside down just as a near death experience can.

Alex Ferrari 56:33
Yes, exactly. Now, from your point of view, and your perspective, what actually happens to us when the physical body dies?

Diane Brandon 56:43
I have seen and share that I've been asked by clients over the years to look at those who have passed on. And I think it a lot of it depends upon the person's life at the time, their experiences, what they were going through. There are some blessedly peaceful transitions. I'm sure you know, there's been a lot more research into pre death communication. Before, you know, passed on loved ones visit. It's

Alex Ferrari 57:19
There's seven stages for my understanding of like seven or 12 stages or something along those lines, yeah.

Diane Brandon 57:24
But but the past on loved ones, or are trying to reassure the person who's in the process of dying, who will be die, you know that, that there is something on the other side. And my sense is we basically sees me lose our orientation to the three dimensional we still have access to it. But our consciousness, our soul is freed up is no longer bound. And again, I feel like this varies from one person to the next. I mean, if it was a traumatic death, yeah, of course, or the life had been traumatic, it may not be as easy or as peaceful. And my sense is, yes, we are greeted by loved ones, or they help us and whether we see the divine. My sense is, at some point, after we transition, we drop what I call a persona of that lifetime. We will still have access to it in the future, we don't forget that it existed. But we get into what I call our higher soul awareness. And I feel and this will vary from one person or soul to the next that in some cases, we are actually watching what is going on to loved ones who are still here. I want to say, dispassionately but there's still a feeling of connection in love. With talk about people talk about the life review, I feel like that's instantaneous and I feel like that is connected to dropping the human persona and getting into the higher soul awareness because we can we start to gain the objectivity. I feel that whether we're guided to do it or whether it happens spontaneously, we start to see from that higher perspective. Our lifetime the people we knew our interactions interactions, we start to see the reasons why things happen. We touched upon this earlier. And at some point after this when we are firmly entrenched in the higher soul awareness, we go on to whatever's next for us on the other side and that can be going to a place of study be taught. It can be guiding people. There are a number of possibilities. I started working on my next book four years ago and haven't had a chance to get back to it. But it's really about what the other side is like, based upon people's memories. And one woman in particular remembers levels on the other side, she remembers being one of those who were guiding and teaching and part of a council. And so for, for some people, we may go to some of those study groups, we may be counseled. And I know there's a lot going on, that I'm not even privy to. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:41
It's again, this is an endless conversation. And it's fascinating to have these conversations, because it just least opens our eyes to the possibility of what is why we're here what this is all about, well, you know, wise, you know, a tree a tree, and I'm here and this happened to me, or that happened to me and what happens on the other side? And to understand that there is another side and that, you know, Aunt Jane is okay. You know, and

Diane Brandon 1:01:13
Absolutely, and, and, and to make it more interesting. I know that after we've transitioned, we also have access to all those other personas. Yes, other lifetimes. Like, it's not like dissociating, or being a multiple, but we do have all these other personas, and we are aware of them. We're in the higher soul awareness, but we're aware of them. They don't kind of evaporate. Right? I think that that makes it more complex and more interesting.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:52
Oh, the word complex isn't it doesn't even cover what's happening. I mean, the amount of complexity of the amount of complexity of our human body in itself? Yes, it is such a complex machine, that we still truly don't understand the whole how the whole mechanism of it as much as we'd like to believe we do. Then let's not even get into the complexity of the earth, of ecosystems, and let's name it started going off the off planet to the universe. I mean, it's just barely scratching the surface of the complexity of everything that is around us. So it's a really, it's one hell of a ride. Let's just put it that way.

Diane Brandon 1:02:35
It is it is that I want I wonder, use the word wonder. You Oh, wonder if at all, there's so much yes, there's so much to be in wonder of, because the complexity I feel is beautiful. And we may not be able to grasp it all at once. But we can be in awe of the fact that it exists.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:59
I am though, and that we, in a lifetime will never be able to explore every aspect of everything. It's impossible. I mean, now, just just so you know, a master chef in Japan, who's a sushi chef, when he caught when a trainee is with him an apprentice. They work on rice for seven years. Just cooking rice wonder having to understand the complexities and the nuances of rice. So

Diane Brandon 1:03:39
Yes, yes. All the different, all the different varieties,

Alex Ferrari 1:03:45
And how you do it. And when you do it, and the timing and the perfection of it and just rice before they ever touch a fish. It's all rice, fat. So can you imagine the complexity of that level, to a master carpenter or master storyteller, a master artists, Master engineer, it just too much information. But on the other side, we have access to all of it, which is so

Diane Brandon 1:04:10
We do, which is all we do. We don't get bored. Nope. And and, and it is. I'll use the phrase everybody uses positive energy. You know, love, acceptance, support, positive. It's just, it's great place to be.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:35
Now that I'm going to ask you a few questions I ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Diane Brandon 1:04:42
It's a sense of knowing who you are on a deep level. I use the term our essence and being able to express that outwardly through activities and and enjoying it and feeling proud positive about what you're doing. And even when there is disappointment or there is struggle to have that perspective, that it's temporary and is happening for a reason. To me, that's, that's fulfillment to be able to experience positive that just focusing on positive, but to enjoy the complexity of rice, for example, or, you know, have your child smile, or your dog greeting you too, to be able to enjoy that there are things outside of you, which all exist for a reason, and that you're part of too. So I use a very, very broad definition of fulfillment. And an even if you have a somewhat narrow focus, enjoying it, feeling positive about yourself, and and what you're doing.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:10
If you had a chance to go in a time machine and go back in time to the little girl that used to be, what advice would you give her?

Diane Brandon 1:06:16
I would probably say hang in there. Because it's all happening for a reason. And there are going to be many, many, many bumps in the road, they're going to be disappointments. But it's important that you always remember that it all is happening for a reason. And you will come out the other side you will find a sense of fulfillment. And you will get to go home one day, how do you define God, God is that massive energy that cannot be contained, that is totally in control. And is the master of all the great director in the sky, the great conductor, in the sky and is is approachable. This accessible is not just this, this far off concept that has no relation to life on on this level.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:26
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Diane Brandon 1:07:28
I think on planet Earth, the ultimate purpose of life is to learn, grow and help to move humanity forward. I don't know the purpose of life throughout the cosmos. Because my understanding is our experience of life is very different on this planet. Sure, from an end and other life forms, et cetera, et cetera. And I'm a firm believer that we live lives everywhere as different life forms, not just as a human on this planet. But that it has to do with participating in the huge greater drama, not just on this planet, in some way. And and, and moving things forward. I don't understand it. I don't understand the totality I can't. But to know that it's all happening for reasons.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:28
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Diane Brandon 1:08:31
Oh, that's easy. My website is And I have four books out. I used to have a podcast years ago. I stopped doing that several years ago. But my website is probably the best, the best way.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:51
And do you have a parting message for the audience?

Diane Brandon 1:08:54
I would say that there is so much more within you. Allow yourself to explore your depths. Embrace your true self, your essence, open up and connect with every other living being outside of you as much as you can comfortably develop your potential. You have a lot of potential. Sometimes it's hidden within you. Work on healing and removing any blocks to your fulfillment. And allow yourself to live vibrantly, and lead a purposeful life.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:31
Diane thank you so much for this conversation and for the work that you're doing in the world to help awaken the planet. So I appreciate you for sharing your story. My dear, thank you again.

Diane Brandon 1:09:42
Thank you so much, Alex, I appreciate you and the work you're doing. It's wonderful. Thank you.

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