Pre-Birth Experience, Life Before Incarnation & Why We Come to Earth with Christian Sundberg

On today’s episode, we welcome a truly remarkable guest, Christian Sundberg, who shares his profound insights and experiences that transcend the ordinary. His journey, from pre-birth memories to deep spiritual awakenings, offers us a glimpse into the vastness of our true nature.

Christian recounts his early childhood memories, which include vivid recollections of a pre-birth experience. He describes how, up until the age of six, he retained these memories, which later faded until he was thirty. Through meditation, he reconnected with these memories, recalling his choice to come to Earth and the understanding that “none of us live boring lives on earth.” This realization is not just philosophical but deeply experiential for Christian.

Christian’s experiences are not just about remembering but about integrating these profound truths into everyday life. He talks about his early childhood, where he naturally understood that humans are more than their earthly experiences. As he puts it, “I knew we were not really from here. We were just coming to experience this place and have this human experience.” This understanding shaped his early years, although it wasn’t something he discussed openly until much later.

In his twenties, Christian went through a period of deep personal trauma, which he sees as an opportunity for profound personal growth. He speaks of a life review process, akin to those described in near-death experiences, where he assessed his life’s trajectory and the lessons it offered. This review wasn’t about judgment but about understanding the “incredible opportunity” for growth and healing through meeting and integrating his deepest fears.


  1. The Nature of Pre-Birth Memories: Christian’s recount of his pre-birth experiences challenges us to reconsider our understanding of consciousness and existence. He suggests that our earthly lives are chosen experiences meant for growth and learning, a concept that can profoundly shift how we view our life challenges.
  2. Integration of Spiritual Insights: Christian emphasizes the importance of integrating spiritual insights into daily life. His journey shows that remembering and living our deeper truths can bring a sense of peace and purpose, even amidst life’s difficulties.
  3. Fear as a Catalyst for Growth: Christian’s personal trauma in his twenties, which he saw as an opportunity rather than a setback, teaches us that our greatest fears and challenges often hold the keys to our most significant growth and transformation.

In this profound conversation, Christian also touches on the limitations of human language to fully describe spiritual experiences. He acknowledges that words fall short of conveying the depth and reality of these experiences, which are often beyond our usual concepts of time and space. “The language of Earth is based on our local world and its assumptions,” he explains, yet our true nature “transcends assumptions.”

Christian’s book, “A Walk in the Physical,” is a testament to his dedication to sharing these insights. He spent six years writing it, guided by intuitive chunks rather than deliberate effort. His passion for sharing the “wonderful truth of the spiritual context in which we exist” is evident as he speaks about the joy, love, and vibrance that underpin our true nature.

As we conclude, it’s clear that Christian’s story is not just about extraordinary experiences but about the practical application of spiritual truths. His journey inspires us to look within, face our fears, and integrate our deeper knowing into our everyday lives.

Please enjoy my conversation with Christian Sundberg.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 179

Christian Sundberg 0:00
I don't want to forget everything this time. I want to just have a, Can I just have a small, tiny bit of memory? And they said, Yes, you can do that, but it will make the journey and more difficult.

Alex Ferrari 0:11
I'd like to welcome to the show, Christian Sundberg. How you doing Christian?

Christian Sundberg 0:29
Great, sir. How are you?

Alex Ferrari 0:30
I'm good, my friend, thank you so much for doing this. We've been trying to get this going for a while now. And I'm so happy that we finally our schedules matched and we're here to talk about your fairly, you know, somewhat unique, entertaining experiences of life, you've lived a boring life so far, apparently.

Christian Sundberg 0:50
None of us live boring lives on earth.

Alex Ferrari 0:53
That's very true. That's very, very true. So you have a very, you have a unique point of view on your experience. I mean, we've had near death experiences we've had other out of body experiences, but you had a pre birth experience. And zero, the first person I've ever spoken to who's had a pre birth experience. So can you explain to the audience, what is a pre birth experience?

Christian Sundberg 1:15
Yeah, sure. Thank you. So first, let me just say that, okay, first of all, I have to disclaim that there is no language to describe any of this, we're gonna do our best, we're gonna do our best, but the language of Earth is based on our local world and its assumptions. And our true nature transcends assumptions. So fair enough assumptions like, you know, linear time and discrete location, for instance, we're actually transcend that this physical context. So I'll try to make comments. But I just have to disclaim the language vastly falls short. It's like, as soon as we open our mouths, we're just inaccurate, you know, that. So yeah, my body is 42 years old right now. Up until about the age of five or six, I had some pre birth memory, I remember choosing this life and coming to earth, that memory left me completely between the ages of six and 30.

Alex Ferrari 2:04
Before so before you continue, what was it like being a 5-4 5-6 year old, dealing with this kind of information? Because I barely remember what I was like a four or five. But I know I didn't have the cognitive ability to deal with that kind of information. So how did you deal with it?

Christian Sundberg 2:21
Yeah, it was very natural. It's the most natural thing in the world. Actually, I remember being in a diaper and just barely being able to walk and being aware of what I'll share today. Okay. It seemed very natural and normal. Nobody else talked about it. I mean, I knew we were we're not really from here. You know, we're just coming to experience this place and have this human experience. And nobody else really talked about it. I didn't talk about it. It's just I thought everybody knew. Nobody else talked about it.

Alex Ferrari 2:50
So at the age of 6, you lost the memory, do you remember losing this?

Christian Sundberg 2:55
No, no, it's just kind of the more I became associated with the human character, the more deeply I became associated with form, you know, with the story with the objects with the identity, you know, the more distant it became until it was gone. And then I didn't remember it at all, you know, I had no, I didn't even remember that I had remembered, you know, up until the age of 30. When I took up a long term meditation practice, and much to my surprise, I will first I began to have non physical experiences after a few months of out of body experiences, very eye opening, very worldview altering, you know, very, in your face, not subtle experiences. And at the same time, I began to have this, you know, pre birth memory return. And it was not, it was not strange, it was the most natural thing in the world. It was like, there were leaves on the ground, somebody just blew the leaves off of the ground. And there's the grass. You know, I mean, like, it was not, it was not strange, but it was so real, so much, even more real than what I experienced day to day. And these memories both seem incredibly ancient. And also, like, they're happening right now. Like, they feel like they're millions of years ago, but they're also alive, right? In this moment. I don't know how to describe that. It's not like an earthly memory. And I shared it with a couple people, and they seem to say, Oh, wow, that's pretty extraordinary. And it didn't even occur to me that it was extraordinary. I didn't share it for eight years or so. Because, you know, I'm a working professional, it's not the kind of thing you talk about, you know, you know, it's just, you know, it clears a room doesn't it clears the room pretty quick, you know, plus, and then anyway, so it's not going to be well received by various groups, including like, maybe conservatively minded folks. And so I just didn't share it. But I felt I felt compelled to share and about four years ago, I just got this intuitive nudge like the ground is fertile now. It's just like the ground is just fertile enough now that there is benefit to sharing this. So I did I shared with Mira Kelly, who happen to be Wayne Dyer's past life regression so she was familiar with As content, and after I shared it, I thought, Okay, I got off my chest, whatever, I never have to talk about it again. But it took off, it became very well responded to, I've met so many people that have had similar experiences, I've probably met probably 40 or so other pre birth experiences by now. So I'm definitely not alone. And what's really interesting is when those people are able to reach out to me and say, I have the same memory of the same place or the same experience pre life. And I just think that's so amazing, because I can feel the vibrational distance between there and here. And if we can come all the way down here to the earth experience, and meet here on these topics, and like, make that connection. It's just so cool. It's a really amazing, energetic thing to do. Yeah, so and then I published a book, a walk in the physical, I spent about six years writing it with the help of spirit, really, I received intuitive chunks at a time. I never felt like I sat down and wrote it myself, I felt like I was being guided throughout that process. And I felt like a bone level accomplishment when I finally press the publish button and put it out in the world, you know, it's available for free, and my website's not about money, I just, I just want to share the information. I'm very passionate about who we really are, you know, what this human experience really is. And it's very exciting to me to share that because the actual truth, like the real, concrete truth of the spiritual context in which we exist is wonderful. It's so amazing and full of love and joy and vibrance and freedom. And I'm very passionate about sharing that because we live in a world that is often less so. You know, we have a lot of fear. So anyway, just some comments about how that emerged.

Alex Ferrari 6:46
So okay, so when you started your meditative practice, and you had this kind of awakening, what were the memories that came came back to you? What, can you talk a little bit about the pre birth experience?

Christian Sundberg 6:57
Yeah, sure. Okay. So I'll try to go in order. But again, there is sequence to these memories, but it's also beyond what we would call linear sequence. So it's difficult to describe. Okay, so I remember long, long ago, before I had ever been physical at all had any physical incarnations coming across a being who had been physical, and I could feel from this being the quality of his, his nature is essence. This is very hard to describe. And in those systems, we we share telepathically accommodate everything's telepathic, we just have a constant sharing of feeling and information and knowing, you know, it's not like here, we have to throw clunky words at each other there, you can actually feel the other being as a part of you. And the environment is part of you. You're you know, you're connected to all things. And I felt from him this amazing joy, and, and power. And I asked him, my goodness, what could you possibly have done to be this? And do you feel as much joy and power as I feel that you feel and he shared? Yes. And he shared with me this huge amount of information and feeling and context. And one of the main things he shared with me is that he had lived a physical life, while he lived many lives, but one in particular that he shared was a time that he had suffered physically from a long term chronic health condition. And it was very painful. But the way that he chose to meet that experience to sort of describe the quality of the intention that he brought into that experience, allowed a refinement of his, his being. And it was so beautiful, and so full of power. And I said, I want to do that. I want to do that. I'm gonna do that. Which is very, like, very inspired. And

Alex Ferrari 8:49
Where do I sign up? Where do I sign up?

Christian Sundberg 8:50
Where do I sign up? Yeah, exactly. And he said, kind of playfully like, yeah, that's what they all say. Like, you don't know how hard it is. You don't you don't know. You just don't know how difficult it is. And I said, No, I mean, and I want to do this. And he said, we'll go talk to your guides. So I don't have right after that. But I know I lived many times. And then I found this being later and shared with him that I was on this path. And he was encouraging, encouraging for the path. Okay, so but the majority of the pre birth memory that I have is of a time somewhat immediately preceding this life where I had, so I had taken a long break after being physical. And I remember this guide coming to me over and over again and asking every once in a while, are you ready to go back here? Are you ready to go back yet and just putting them off and be like, No, I'm not ready yet. No, I'm not ready yet. And finally saying, Okay, I'm ready. Like basically reminding me of my own intention to do this. And so okay, I said, Okay, I'm ready. So then I remember with this guy and reviewing what I can only describe as my state, like who I am, who I've been, who I was, this is It's very hard to articulate this. It's like a, like a, I don't know how you would describe it like a graph with MC. This is super crude metaphor, but like a graph with many different qualities. And you could even say virtues or something, you know, just areas of, of knowing of experiential evolution that you knew, more or less, something like that. And there was this one area that was just blatantly obvious that I needed to work on, I don't think need to work on because we don't have to, it's not about need, we choose to do this. But there was this one area that it was like, Oh, wow, I really should do something about that. And it was this really deep fear. And it was a fear that had bested me in a previous experience. And in that previous experience, I had turned into something of an egoic monster because of this fear. And I had damaged many other people through the fear. Because fear is at the root of ego, you know, we act out of ego, it's, it's because we're, there's some fear down there that we haven't processed, something we haven't come to terms with. So this fear was very overwhelming. And I remember asking, is it even possible, like has any other being in creation ever dealt with a fear that's this low vibration in this specific way, because it was like a very specifically angled vibration. I don't know how to describe this, but a very specific fear vibration. And I knew even from that point of view, it was very low vibration. And I remember the being saying to me, yes. And in fact, you have all time available to you to do so there's no hurry. And I just knew, and this is how strange to me as the human, you know, because it from this point of view, I know how difficult it has been in Canvey. But I just I said, I said, if it can be done, I'll do it. Like I just knew, because I knew the depth of my being and the depth of what we all are the unconquerable life that we are. And so so then they brought me a life, a physical life that was appropriate for this intention of meeting the sphere. And it wasn't this lifetime, it was one just before this. And I reviewed that life. And I accepted that life. And then I remember accepting the veil. Okay, so the veil is just a term. It's just a metaphor, but it means the constraints that go along with being physical and having an incarnate of experience, that is the limitation of knowledge, having your memory cut off, and having your connectedness disappear. And it felt to me like the best way I can describe this as the metaphor of like a sound amplifier that produces a pitch, like he started a very high vibration, like, and then you turn down the knob. And then when you get to the bottom, you turn it down some more and then more, more, more, and then more and then crank it down some more and then crank it down some more. That's how it felt in the body of my awareness, to plummet down, down, down, down, down, lower, lower, lower, lower, lower, into the vibrational place of being physical in the womb. And once I arrived, I was like, I am not doing this, there is no way I'm going to tolerate a lifetime. And this This is so dark. This is such low vibration. I had so much fear, immediately that that came up. And so I mustered by might, you know, and I smoked the veil, I fought my way out. And I was successful at doing that. But I realized that I had killed the fetus that was to be my body. And I ended the life and I had a life review, just like near death experiences described. Even though I'd never physically been born, I was I was responsible for how I had affected the mother. And not only the mother, but hundreds of other people who were affected by the mother because of my fear. You know, and I had all these great intentions going in, but I could just, I can see very objectively wow, I have a lot fear. I gotta do something about this. So like, like, from that point of view, you know, everything is okay. It's just, it's just a play. You know, it's a big, it's a big play. But still, I could just see like, oh, wow, you know, I really need to grow in this way. So I spent some time practicing surrendering to the veil, in a place that I can only describe as a veil acceptance simulator was like going to a room where they dunk you under the water of a dark pool. And they push you into this is just a metaphor, but it's kind of close to it's like being pushed underwater in a pool. And then you can you stay under there and see how long you can like, hold your breath and then you cry uncle and let you out because it's just a simulator. Whereas in the real veil, you can't cry uncle you have to let it sink in all the way. So I remember practicing and then but I still wanted to do this. This intention of meeting the sphere. So they brought me this life So, this life now is Christian. And I remember reviewing this life in incredible detail. And I knew that this life was not as appropriate as the first one would have been. Like, you know, you can't put numbers on it. But if I just I know we'd like numbers and duality. So like, if I just just being crude about it, the first one, if it was like a 98, or 99%, good match, this one was like 87, or something, you know, I don't know, it just, it was good. And it was good. But it wasn't as perfect as the first one. But it was still very good.

Alex Ferrari 15:28
Real quick. I mean, you said, you reviewed this life in detail, do you mean that you were able to see Christian from beginning to end of what you are going to experience and how this quote unquote, game or play or movie was going to play out and what it would do for you, in your growth as a result?

Christian Sundberg 15:50
Yes, but it was not a. So it was it was like a probability tree, right. So it's like, if you took a tree and laid it on its side and started at the trunk, and then worked your way out to the branches, it was like that. It was like, I started at a point of context. And I knew that my choices and the choices of every other player in the game would be influencing each other, and it would nudge certain paths to happen. And there were some that were more likely or less likely. And I knew that it was very likely that I would suffer a trauma in my 20s, because of this biology, I knew that this body has biological limitations that other bodies don't. And I knew that that would help facilitate, among other things, this trauma that will befall me in my 20s. And that, and that trauma would give me the chance to be crushed. And to re experience this fear. And I say chance, because from that point of view, it was seen as an opportunity, you know, like, like, from here, the victim, the you know, the ego rises up right away and says, Oh, no, I'm not, I would never sign up for this. I'm not okay with this. But from that point of view, I knew that the incredible, incredible opportunity that was being handed to me in the in the chance to re experience this fear, and to and to meet it and to try to integrate it and heal through it. Oh, my gosh, the the amount of profound personal growth and even the growth of all that is that was possible through that was a breathtakingly huge. But anyway, to your question. Yeah, so I reviewed what it would be like to be me, in these various branches, like it was, there were events in it, but it was less about events, and more about what it would feel like to be me to be exactly me in this in this circumstance, or at this age. I remember reviewing it in terms of ages. I remember being aware of one certain potential exit point. As an example, that hasn't arrived yet. I remember reviewing qualities about the life and then making requests. Like, for instance, I remember asking if I could be intelligent again, because I knew that I had been intelligent in the last few lives. And it was a trait that I prefer, and I didn't want to, you know, experience a life without that quality. And they said, Yes, you can do that. And I knew that certain qualities of my parents would be very important. Like, for instance, I knew that my father would instill confidence in me. And that that confidence would be paramount for me to have like a rock to stand on to meet the sphere. You know, and that was something that my father did, did for me, you know, he was very accepting and always, you know, lifted me up and gave me that competence. Not only my father, my mother, my grandparents, you know, that was not an area I needed to be challenged. In this time I needed I needed the confidence to meet this fear. And I also remember asking and excuse my hoarseness, by the way, I think my wife as I mentioned, my wife has COVID and I'm a bit under the weather right now. Sure. So I remember asking, Can I I don't want to forget everything this time. I want to just have a Can I just have a small tiny bit of memory? And they said yes, you can do that but it will make the journey and more difficult. And I knew why I could feel it was because the contrast here would be even greater to have some recollection of their of that higher vibrational state of being and still be here is such a pronounced contrast that having even a glimmer of that conscious knowledge added to contrast, but especially I knew even that contrast, like all contrast was an opportunity for growth. So I accepted and and I remember there having to be a moment to say yes to actually accept the life I don't remember that moment. But I do remember being in like a waiting area. And then this guide coming to me and then just suddenly grabbing my attention like go now like very abrupt, like almost rude, not rude but like grabbing me by the shoulders like Earth time buddy, like, not not later right now and be like okay now and then like locking into that and then being in this How do I describe this it's like I've described it like a technicians chamber, or an or like a mechanic shop that was over the earth, I could see a shaft below me with the earth below. And there were these beings there were very technical in nature. And they are very, very skilled at matching the veil to you to the individual. Because like the individual saw so many rich qualities, and the life and the body, and the circumstances have their own energetic thing going on. And they like, I don't know, they make everything fit. They make everything jive. And you know, they're able to make this organic connection. Work. Like the veil is like an organic blanket or something, and they're able to fine tune that. And I remember then being over this pit and them asking me one last time, are you sure? Are you sure you want to do this? Because I knew once I said yes, here I was strapped in for the ride. It's like getting the roller coaster, you know, once you strap in, you can't get out until till the rides done. It was a little bit like that. And I remember saying, Yeah, I'm ready. And then again, this huge plummet and vibration down, down, down, down, lower, lower, lower, lower, lower. And having all of my knowing, disappear, and all my connectedness disappear and all my memory, just not there anymore. And coming down into this vibrational point that I can only describe, like, arriving to the vacuum of space, like a place that had no heat. There's like nothing there. But also simultaneously very, very dense. Like the body was like being shoved inside of a Tiny Tuna can. And simultaneously cold and empty. It was it's so hard to describe. And this time, I just focused on not fighting it. You know, just like, okay, because I remembered the time before when I had rejected it and ended the life. So I just let the veil do what it would do to me. And I surrendered to it, I just surrendered to the veil. And eventually, from the point of being in the body, I remember sending one message back to the technicians did it take and then sending one message back? Yes, it took. And then I felt really accomplished actually, because because even the act of making it to the physical is quite an accomplishment because it's such a vibrationally different place. So then I was there for a while. And then eventually I said, You know what, I am not doing this, there is no way I'm going to tolerate a lifetime of this. I am not doing it. And my fear began to rise up again. And so once again, I began to summon my might to fight my way out. And as I did that, the most holy moment in my entire human life happened. The Great Spirit of God, what we call God, beyond all language, the great I Am of all things source came to me and expanded me back out and I felt all the universe within me I felt our Sun, the Sun of Earth churning within me, I felt its life. I felt its consciousness and its bliss, this deep, raging bliss of the Sun within me. And God said to me, this is still what you are, you can never not be this. It's the most holy moment for me in this life. Because that's what we all are. And it's like, the most sensitive, personal experience. But after that I was so relieved, is like, Oh, I didn't lose everything that I am, you know, because I felt like I had lost all that I am. And so I so I stopped fighting. And I returned to being in the body and not fighting and just surrender to the simple existence of being in the womb, you know. And the next memory I have is what seemed like a long time later being born physically. I remember the shock, the cold, the light, I remember having no idea what was going on. Just looking up at these beings who were taking care of me the nurses in the room, and being like who are these beings like I had no idea what was happening, but it was intense. I was so curious. I remember just being intensely curious. And it's funny because when I mentioned this memory to my father, he said, That's exactly what you look like he said you had these wide open eyes for a little baby and you were looking around at everything with such curiosity. I remember that. I remember just being so curious and I know they say that babies can't see you know, certain certain distance. I don't understand how I remember this but I do remember seeing the room. And later in my life. I drew the room from my mother and I said you were here here was the bed here was the heating great. Here was the window. The doctor was standing here and you know she confirmed that But that was how the room was laid out. But anyway, so after that I don't have memory for quite a while, you know, until I was older. But I used to have assumptions about this life that I thought would apply because of the time I had been in the higher realities, because I assumed qualities of our true nature that were true there would apply here. That's, yeah, not well, there's a lot that's different on earth. Like I remember assuming that we would be able to feel each other's emotions here. That turns out not to be the case much of the time, I remember assuming that anyone in a position of leadership or authority would be loving and wise. And that's not always the case on Earth, especially the larger especially the higher up I figured the higher up you were in society, you must be even more loving and wise. Because in higher systems love and wisdom is the power. You know, so beings who are in positions of authority with air quotes, you know, they're loving and wise. That's not always the case on Earth.

Alex Ferrari 26:02
Not so much my friend, not. Not so much if we, if we look at our world today. No, it doesn't. It's almost the oddity when you find someone who's good and wise, at that level of of leadership. I'm, your story's fascinating man. It really really is. I have a few questions I have a handful of questions. When you during this whole process? Well, first of all, do you remember any other physical incarnations? Do you remember, like any past lives?

Christian Sundberg 26:36
I have some snippet memories from other certain experiences. I remember being a woman who had given birth and having been pregnant a second time. And the fear that I've experienced in this life I experienced as that woman, because I was afraid of the pain of having to give child birth a second time. That's just an example. So I have some some short, you know, brief memories like that. Not too much. You know, like, sometimes when I'm curious, I try to reach out to that, and I just get this gentle like, No, you don't need to know that. And I'm totally okay with that. You know, I received I respect the veil is I'm still veiled very much still so

Alex Ferrari 27:14
So you're not you weren't Alexander the Great or someone like that, because everyone always is very famous in their past lives. Always. Francis of Assisi, you no?

Christian Sundberg 27:24
Nope! Nope!

Alex Ferrari 27:27
Okay, so when you when you lost your memories, I'm assuming you live life went down the road? I've read somewhere that you were working in a new color in the nuclear industry somewhere and you were you spiritual at this point?

Christian Sundberg 27:43
Yeah, I think I've always been spiritual, but for the majority of my adult life, early adult life, at least it was through a Lutheran Christian context. And, you know, part of my awakening process was a deconstruction of up what until that point had been, you know, my religious beliefs. I was, I had to be humble enough to recognize that I had certain key ideas wrong. But I was always seeking, you know, and it was, it was that seeking that led me initially to the work of the physicist and consciousness explorer, Tom Campbell. And it was one sentence, he said in one of his videos, actually, that sent me down this whole path. And, you know, so I'm very grateful to Tom, his book and his teachings helped a lot. The biggest thing he said was, go meditate, go find out for yourself, go see what you are, what your awareness is. Beneath thoughts, not the thoughts, not the story's not the sensations go investigate very objectively what your awareness is. And I love that advice. I feel like I found so much through that there are so many answers that are available to us through our true nature, you know, beneath the human thinking that seems to be so important to us every day.

Alex Ferrari 28:56
So when you started to get these memories back, how did you handle the the rush of knowledge and understanding? I mean, I'm assuming it was jarring at that at that late, because as we get older, we become more it's not we're not as malleable in our thought patterns. It's harder.

Christian Sundberg 29:14
I understand what you're why you're asking that. But actually, I think in my case, it was a state of awareness that change first. And then the memories were then natural. You know, as I grew more and more in awareness of what I really am, which is my awareness itself, consciousness itself, and less associate associated with the thinking and those firm identity thoughts that seemed to make us up. That was first and then once that was where I was, larger aspects of myself began to rise up all on their own. So for me it actually it was not shocking. It was the more normal thing.

Alex Ferrari 29:53
Yeah, and when did you when did you decide to come out of the closet as they say, with this information You think it clears a room?

Christian Sundberg 30:02
Yeah, it does clear room. No, I think about four and a half years ago or so, I decided to share, I felt intuitively nudged to do it. And I, after I shared the first time, I remember going for a walk and feeling relieved that I've shared it. But I also felt this energetic shift in the like, branches. And I'm like, what is that? That's interesting. It's a very personal story, you know, and it's like, I'm a normal guy. I don't consider myself special in any way. And I live a normal, you know, relatively normal American human life. So sharing did take some courage, especially because in my case, my wife's parents are very conservative. And it did cause quite a social difficulty. You know, for us. With me sharing

Alex Ferrari 30:49
Thanksgiving dinner was rough is what you're saying?

Christian Sundberg 30:51
Basically, yes. But but on the other hand, what are we afraid of? Right, you know, our true nature is what it is, I couldn't not share. In fact, when it first came back to me, I remember, this sounds so silly to me now. But I remember saying to my wife, I'm going to create flyers. And I'm going to go and put them in people's mailboxes and I want to tell people, you are a multi dimensional being having a human experience and there's nothing to fear. And she's like, if you do that, you're gonna be that guy. And I was like, oh, yeah, I'm gonna be back. So I didn't do that, because that would make me that guy. And you know, that's not the way to reach people, I guess. But But I was very excited is when I'm when I'm saying like, when I realized this, like when I had out of body experiences, I mean, it's it's so eye opening, you just want to go up to people and say, You don't need to be afraid. You are a multi dimensional being having a human experience. This whole thing is like a play that we've created for fun and for expansion and for creativity. There's nothing ultimately to fear. And when, because when we know that when we know who we really are, man, we can live lives of joy, and we can shine that joy to each other, we can be free here on Earth, we can actualize our true loving nature. In the earth context. That's what it's all about. You know, it's not all about moving objects and buying the things and making the big empires No, it's, it's the acts of love. It's the quality of intention that we bring into even the smallest moments, you know, like, even how we pet a dog or smile at someone in the store or whatever those things that that genuine love, and that genuine joy that we bring into Earth in even the smallest context. That's what matters. The context itself is kind of like a big illusion. But but we are spirit, our consciousness, we were really aware and we endure, we are this like the substance of what really is and our intent. Our ability to choose something is our primary power. It transcends the physical transcend, it operates through any reality system that we engage. So if we can evolve the quality of our intention towards love, and past fear, that is lasting growth, that's lasting power and expansion that remains with us, far past the end of these extreme limitations of this earthly experience.

Alex Ferrari 33:13
So it's very much like and I've said this on the show before, it's very much like playing a video game where the higher self, the soul is the player, and then we are Zelda. And we're running around, and we as players on the beyond the veil, we're like, oh, yeah, let's go down that road, he needs experience points, in order to defeat the next level. And it's not going to be easy, and we don't want to go do that. But he's gonna probably die a couple of times beating up these ogres because he needs the experience level to be able to grow on the grind, right? So you have to keep doing it. So us up top, we're like this is you know, it's the work we got to do. This is you know, up, up up, but I'm assuming for Zelda it's terrifying.

Christian Sundberg 33:55
So, yeah. So I want to just make a comment here because that, so I understand that from the human perspective, it feels like we're just Zelda and then there must be some higher soul. We're a part of this making these big old decisions. And here we are just stuck in the rat race.

Alex Ferrari 34:11
To a certain next time yeah,

Christian Sundberg 34:14
So I'm just I just wanted Oh, there's more. Yeah. So it's more than just a connection. I just, this is important that the higher self is you? Right? Like like the you that feels like you to you the you that's making the decisions that you that lifts your hand is higher self it's, it's the same you that's gonna be here after the body is gone. So sometimes we want to play Zelda without a sword.

Alex Ferrari 34:37
You know, if we beat here, you and I are of similar vintage that you know, Contra, you remember?

Christian Sundberg 34:43
Up, down, down, left, right,

Alex Ferrari 34:45
Left, right b a start. How many times did you beat that game with the cheat code where you had all the power and all the guns and you would fly through the game? I remember at a certain point. I'm like, You know what, I'm gonna play this like one eye open because I knew the game so well that I needed to challenge myself constantly. And I would play the game again, like I want to, I can't play, I'm only going to lose, I can't lose one life, I have to do the entire thing without losing. If I lose a life, I start again, I'm not even going to. So I would challenge myself constantly because we had the secret code. So it's very, very similar way what we're doing.

Christian Sundberg 35:21
It is like that. So you could say metaphorically, some of the higher less constraining reality systems are like playing contract with the cheat code on so you have unlimited lives and you can't fail. But then when you really want to play, and you really want to try to do it without the cheat code, guess what you find out? You're not as good as you thought you were.

Alex Ferrari 35:37
Right. Yeah, because it's a lot easier when you die like five minutes. Yeah, when you have the big sword, and you know where everything is, but all of a sudden, the sword is gone and your hand to hand combat, it's not so easy anymore, with the elders coming out at you.

Christian Sundberg 35:49
And that's how it is with Earth. So here we are, maybe with a broken body. Yeah, or maybe with a circumstance where you were not given the love the nurturing, that you needed to grow, right site, a site in us, psychologically? Well, or maybe you have some context in your society, that is very challenging, maybe it's a war torn context. There's so many rich, rigorous contexts on Earth. But what's really important to understand is the contrast that Earth makes available is the tool. Like we transcend the contrast. We are non dual, you could say, you know, we, we transcend all the ups and downs of Earth, but we use it, we use the contrast. And through it, we can refine and expand who and what we really are. That expansion is incredibly valuable and powerful. And not every being wants to play contra without the cheat code. But the beings who want to try. You could say Not everybody wants to climb Mount Everest. But there are those who go climb Mount Everest, and then when they get there, they're like, Oh, my Gosh, it's cold. There's no oxygen up here. That's correct. That is the nature sometimes of the human experience, right? It's cold, there may not be any oxygen. Whatever that metaphor might mean in your life. The question isn't whether or not it's cold. The question is what you do with it. The question is now how do you meet this moment? Can you meet this moment with love rather than fear, whatever that means, all the things that love can mean, humility, compassion, gentleness, even with yourself, strength, you know, perseverance, the all the things that love can mean rather than fear and all the protections of the ego? Can you do that even in your context, that's the name of the game. And it is an incredible opportunity. It's not some, you know, masochistic exercise. It is a gift. Being human is like being given a winning lottery ticket. And now that you're here, you get to decide what to do. It's amazing.

Alex Ferrari 38:05
So then let me ask you that question. How are souls chosen? I'm assuming there are a limited amount of souls though there keep growing. I mean, our population keeps growing.

Christian Sundberg 38:14
There's a limited amount of avatars.

Alex Ferrari 38:15
Yeah, there's a limited amount of Zelda out there that we can play this game with. So how our souls chosen for this experience?

Christian Sundberg 38:24
Yeah, so when I can, so when I do remember, I mean, I certainly can't speak to the full depth of that. That question. Sure. But I can say at least two things. First of all, the soul has to be interested. Because we are so we're totally free wheel beings. Like I mean, it sounds silly, but there are many beings who are not going to decide to like come to this level of separation. Like this is like going in outer space, you know, no one want not everybody wants to go in outer space. Why would you want to do that? That's crazy. Why? Why would I want to feel this separate from everybody else

Alex Ferrari 38:56
Was like, it's like right now Mars, there's a big talk about Mars and like, who's gonna go to Mars, and in our lifetime, humans will probably go to Mars. And us, you ask the question you'd like some guys and gals are like, I want to be first in line. Yeah, exactly. And the rest of us. I'm like, I No, I don't need experience.

Christian Sundberg 39:13
Thank you.

Alex Ferrari 39:14
I don't need to skydive. I'm solid, like in my in my life experience right now. But others, I need to do it every day. So it's just different perspective.

Christian Sundberg 39:24
So no, you got it. And it's very much like that when it comes to physical incarnation. It's like skydiving. Not everybody is going to want to skydive. Or Okay, so the first thing is they have to want to skydive. And the second thing is there has to be a level of proficiency. And what I mean is, we have lots of experience as souls. It's not just the physical, it's not like there's physical and then one other reality and that's it. There are countless reality systems, many with rules that are very, very different from our Earth experience. And for different purposes, and as souls we engage all sorts of different experience This is. And so in order to play a human, you have to have a certain level of the language is very lacking here. But soul proficiency, you know, you need to be ready, so to speak, to engage a context, that's this rigorous. And so then the guides are very adept at matching, because they, they know the goal of the game, so to speak. And they understand us very well, because they're very evolved very loving, very wise. And so they are very good at like going through the database, you could say, you know, you might think of it like putting in a search in a Google search or something like they put in parameters. And this is just a metaphor, they put in the parameters of you and your intentions are what you're looking for, they get back some results, they review the results. And then they take some to you and ask you about what do you think about these some people are given multiple lives to choose from, in my case, it was just they brought me one. And then they brought me one because my intention was very specific. other beings may have much less specificity with their intention for incarnation. And it's just like, give me what I can whatever, I'll take any slot just wanted, I just want to get in, I just want to get it get some experience for me and coach. Exactly.

Alex Ferrari 41:11
So there was I've heard from other from near death experiences, and other other spiritually, you know, evolved people that I've spoken to on the show that there are lifetimes that are called either vacation lifetimes, or just like, hey, you know what, in this life, I've really had it last two or three lives have been pretty rough. I wouldn't just I would let me just do this lifetime, where I have a body that can absorb as many drugs and alcohol as humanly possible. I'd like to be rich, I like to have, you know, be able to do this and that I just want to enjoy myself, let's see what happens. And that's a lifetime. Because you know, you and I both know, in the press, there's constantly these people who have these lives, that put it out there. So have you do you understand that? Does that make sense? And by the way, that's just one vacation. That's one avatar who wants to do a lot of drugs and, and wants to drink and be able to do? There are other ones as well. But I'm just curious, have you? What's your thoughts on that?

Christian Sundberg 42:08
Yeah, so I didn't review that specifically in my pre birth experience. But I do feel that we sign up for certain kinds of experiences and relaxing experiences may may occur. I'm reminded of one of the Seth Seth speaks comments, he says something like, while they're typically very busy and active as souls, they might take a break by incarnating as a very simple life form for a while to just exist. And so I don't have firsthand experience with that. But I feel intuitively that that's probably correct, you know, that we can sign up for vacation type experiences. That being said, like you said, it's not the context itself that makes a life of vacation, we can act, it's actually the quality of our being that enables within a given level of constraint us to have, you know, a more loving expression of joy or not. So, yes, we might sign up for less constraining lifetimes, depending,

Alex Ferrari 43:02
Well, yeah, like, if you sign up to be a fisherman in in Fiji, and you never leave the island and your entire life is about fishing, spending time with your family, living in paradise, not a rich person by any stretch of the imagination, but when you wake up in the morning, every day you wake up and you're in Fiji. That might be a lifetime and that's a simple life in many ways.

Christian Sundberg 43:25
So yeah, it's the Fiji it's not the Fiji is charged it we actually apply them meaning to all the contexts including Fiji, Fiji has very nice colors and temperatures, by comparison to some other places on earth. But we always apply the meaning to our life. So I'm just, I'm just pointing that out because of vacation life is not specific to a location or even an occupation. It's, it's the quality of being we bring into it and the meaning that we put onto a given context. And I'll just also just say this, like, from my perspective, I suspect that when I'd like to rest, it's not going to be through an incarnation. There are ways to exist that are much less constraining. You know, it's not just that there's physical and that's your only option. There are many other realities, systems and states of being

Alex Ferrari 44:11
But this is the, but this is the densest.

Christian Sundberg 44:14
Yes, this is so this is the I remember, okay. I don't know if you want to go down this avenue, but I remember knowing I know this is gonna sound really woohoo. But I remember being aware as this universe was going to be created. And knowing that there was this intention being issued forth from source but through us all, we were all involved to take this to the next level, like the next density that was the new lowest density experience. And we were full of so much excitement at it. So it's like this. There's like this huge in breath and out breath thing of universes, you could say, and there's like this beautiful pause between It's it's very hard to describe, but there's these moments that there's a pause and then Okay, now we're going to take this to the next level. And there was so much excitement to be able to be this dense to have this extreme level of engagement and contrast, because then the opportunity for expansion is that much more to it's a heavier weight to lift. Exactly, it's a heavier weight to lift,

Alex Ferrari 45:23
You're gonna, you're gonna grow, your muscles are gonna grow much faster if you're lifting heavy.

Christian Sundberg 45:27
Exactly, exactly. That's a that's a great metaphor that it's like, why would you ever lay down on the weight bench and lift 100 pounds instead of 20? You know that that's a good metaphor for why would you? I mean, it's certainly as limited. The metaphor certainly has limits. But it's not a bad metaphor for why we would sign up for challenging contexts. Right, exactly. There are, there are profound opportunities in the context, even if from the human point of view, they seem very difficult.

Alex Ferrari 45:53
Yeah, I mean, yeah, the without question. Now, this is a concept, I'd love to hear your thoughts. And I've heard others speak about this of the, I forgot who it was used as analogy, but it was kind of like dealing a deck of cards, where you as the higher self, the soul is the dealer, if you will. And each card is a life. And you could have multiple lifetimes at the same time, but all still connected to the player in the game. Because from my understanding, even from studying spiritual texts, that the higher self, the soul can do multiple things at the same time. If we, if we can't, then Jesus has a lot of people on near death. It's because Jesus is always working on near death experiences. He's the he's the hardest working man up there, I'll tell you. So if he can't do that, at the same time, he's got other doppelgangers working for him. So I'm assuming that beings can do multiple things, at the same time be at multiple places in time. So what are your thoughts of us being able to experience multiple lifetimes at the same time?

Christian Sundberg 46:59
Yes, yeah. So all linear time is a creation. It's not fundamental. It's, it's a way of experiencing. Okay, so that's an important way to approach linear time, because we tend to think of linear time as like a fundamental, you know, part of reality. Right? But actually, what's happening is not the physical universe, what's happening is your experience of the physical universe. And that experience takes place in sequence. Okay, but to the higher self, the higher self transcends that linear time sequence. And so from our perspective, we could say that all is happening in one now. Now, these, this language is very limiting. And it's very difficult to speak to you from here, because again, we're coming from the very perspective of defined linear time, like we are at the extreme point, looking back saying, What do you mean, everything's happening all at once? From the soul vantage point, I can at least say there's like higher time. And there is sequence that takes place, but it's all within the one now. That's, that's the only way I can. That's the only way I can probably speak to that.

Alex Ferrari 48:15
So it's possible, in other words, it yeah, there's a possibility of it.

Christian Sundberg 48:18
Yeah, in our metaphor of playing a video game, you can play more than one video game at once. There's no reason you can't play Zelda and Contra at the same time.

Alex Ferrari 48:26
Right! Exactly. Though, it'd be challenging for us,

Christian Sundberg 48:30
It would be challenging, but for the higher self, it's not challenging. Like in my pre birth experience, when I reviewed all the possibilities of this life, I reviewed millions and millions of possibilities in seconds. You know, it was not hard but the bandwidth is ridiculously wide. It's It's infinite, it's infinite. It's almost infinite. You know, it's, I don't I don't know what to put words on. It's huge. So that's the that's what the soul you know, is working with, it's not like this. You can think of the human as like a subset of the soul and this subset is bound until any your time but the soul isn't.

Alex Ferrari 49:09
Right, exactly. What is your understanding of soul groups?

Christian Sundberg 49:13
Yeah, so I'm aware that soul groups exist I don't have too much specific knowledge about them. But I have had times in my life when I've come across individuals who I felt were a part of my group. It's meant that people have different meanings for soul group. The way I'm using the term is not multiple characters have one soul I'm talking about multiple souls that are of one vibrational affiliation or something. So I do feel that they exist and that they perform similar work. You could say, like as souls we have certain Oh, the language is so bad, certain qualities or capabilities that are unique to us, like each one of us is like a vibrational universe. And that by Rational universe has many colors, and sounds and qualities and aspects. It's very hard to describe. So I feel that souls that are of a similar bend or intention work together and congregate. Because in higher systems geography is vibrational. It's not physical judge. Physical Geography may occur in reality systems, but we tend to relate to those that we are vibrationally resonant with Earth is the place where you can show up to people in a room and they don't resonate. And now you get to be stuck with them.

Alex Ferrari 50:39
Oh, yes. Oh, yes, my friend. Oh, yes. Yeah, I've had, I've had that happen a couple of times in my life.

Christian Sundberg 50:48
I've experienced that. But in higher systems, like, I'll just give a very brief example, one time I was out of body, and I was doing something and then this woman came to me who I know physically, in my city, her and I were in a mediumship circle together. And she got my attention. She's like, hey, it's Mary. And we're telepathically exchanging. She's like, we're going to go to this other place. And I was like, No, I'm going over here. I'll see you later. And I just zoomed off and did my thing at this. One trying to describe it was an energetic work that I was going to do. So there was no like pretense. There's no social pretense. It's like, No, I'm doing this. But two weeks later, when I saw her in person, when she opened her front door to me on earth, she said, you blew me off. Good. I couldn't believe she remembered it. I was like I did. I can't believe you remember that? I didn't believe I'm sorry. Like from the human standpoint, you have to say you're sorry. But from the energetic standpoint, it's okay. Everybody is exactly who they are. It's okay. If you resonate with that over there and I resonate with this over here. That's great. You're you're who you are, I'm who I am. And so that vibrational like, you know, you follow your intention where it wishes to go, you don't like sit there and make yourself you know, you don't force proximity, like you might do because of social convention on Earth.

Alex Ferrari 51:58
Fair enough. Fair enough. Now, this is a question I get asked all the time, because, you know, on the show, we've talked about reincarnation, about past lives, about near death experiences, things like that. Many of these ideas are 1000s and 1000s, and 1000s. Some of the oldest ideas, pre religion, pre organized religion, even. But people always have this one question like, why did we forget? Why is it necessary for us not to remember these quote unquote, past lives? I always say, you can barely deal with the life you have. Can you imagine having the memory of like four or five other lives with there's drama, and there's pain and their suffering? How do you think psychologically could deal with it? But I'd love to hear your point of view on it.

Christian Sundberg 52:39
Yeah, no, exactly. So first of all, the forgetting is additive for a few reasons. Okay, one, you're okay, if you want to fully experience being the human, you gotta be the human man. You know, if you want to be Zelda, you gotta be Zelda, you can't be Contra. conscious, not in Zelda, there's no contract Zelda, there's just Zelda and Zelda right? There. So if you want to be the human in your story, then you need to surrender and let go of everything else. To be fully immersed in your human perspective, that full immersion is precisely where the value is. So it actually adds perspective value when you can forget everything else and only have the perspective of being Alex or whoever is listening today. And then it's also additive because like you said, you are basically free from So okay, so we do have qualities that we carry from life to life because we are the same soul from given life to life. But a given lifetime might develop certain attachments, form associations and ego patterns. And so it can be helpful to let that go. And like the the root fear if it's unaddressed we could remain from one experience to another but let's say in one life you really strongly associated associated with some conservative religious you know, affiliation and let's say you're a terrorist or something. If you live another life that whole association is not even there anymore. It's gone like you have no memory of that. Now you're still you but now you get a fresh slate now you get to start completely over you get to you have to learn everything over again all the language all the all the patterns of life everything your parents teach you everything has to be relearned but that's not just negative it's it's like a new it's like being given a brand new set of cards

Alex Ferrari 54:34
We are starting to level over against or you're starting to level over again but without even without any information about the game.

Christian Sundberg 54:41
Right! Well it's like well, you do you actually the soul all you do have some information. It's like starting a brand new game, so that you can just play that game and that is what playing that game is about. So I think that's the most concise way to put that and the third reason is that being vague ELTE protects us from homesickness because the the depth of joy, and love and freedom that we really are is, oh my gosh, it's breathtakingly deep and vast and huge. And to have recollection of that can be debilitating, like, how are you going to get up and go to work in the morning, if you knew, for instance, you that the sun was in you, right now you could feel it. Like I say that because of my pre birth experience, I felt that I knew the sun was in me, the sun is apart, I'm a part of it. I'm a part of the sun. Sounds wild from the human point of view. But from there, I could feel it, I just consciously feel it in my body. So imagine if you could feel that in the body of your awareness, how would you go and go to McDonald's and order your coffee? You know, you couldn't. So in that sense, the veil is enabling. And then what's important is like, if you imagine the veil, like locking someone into a position, and then you work within that position, and you refine, and then when you let the veil off, now you expand back out because you did all this work at a limited place. Like maybe if you wore a 100 pound coat, you put the coat on now you got to walk around for a whole lifetime, this 100 pound coat, you learn how to walk with 100 pounds on you. And then when you take it off, ah, the 100 pounds aren't native to me. But you retain the ability to walk that you develop, you retain strength, strength, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 56:36
The strength in the skill that you have. Yeah, a lot of people have heard that analogy a lot of times, like he's a big thick coat, and just like piled on and piled on and piled on. It's very dense, and it's hard to move. And it's that kind of world. Well, you obviously know, firsthand, have experience of everything you just said, would be very difficult to deal with. How do you deal with the knowledge that you have in this physical experience?

Christian Sundberg 57:02
Yeah, so I don't consider myself special. Like I said, I'm still very much veiled. In my own walk, I really seek to fully accept the limitations that I experience, and to meet fear if and when it arises. I've done a lot of that, in fact, this pre birth memory could only return to me after I processed a lot of fear that I had a post, post traumatic stress disorder, time period after this trauma that occurred on 22, where I really healed a lot of that fear. That was very important for me to do. So. But it's too big to really even do in one lifetime. You know, it's, it's a very deep process. So I seek to allow whatever is in this moment, whatever that means, and to fully experienced life here in whatever way I can. It is difficult to be this limited. You can be so but also, I am the one who decides if it's difficult, you know, the limitations are just limitations. Sure, they may be so extreme, but I seek to allow them and to, you know, experience them. I know that sounds vague, perhaps. But that that is what this life is, you know, for me, I do very much look forward to the you know, to returning. I'm not saying I'm asking to pass. In fact, I'm trying, I'm very careful not to put energy in that direction. I don't want to inadvertently, you know, push myself in that direction. I want to fully use this life. If I can, you know, every day. But when it's over, it will be wonderful. I just says

Alex Ferrari 58:38
So then with the concept of past lives, and that we do this again and again until we work on things. What is Karma? And what is the idea of karma play into this because a lot of people think karma is like, you know, you hurt somebody now you have to, it's a punishment, you have to deal with it and another life, from my understanding from talking to different people. It's a choice to work it out. Like if like I harmed you in this life Christian. And I do my life review. I'm like, Man, that's something I got to really work on. You want to you want to add that extra level of difficulty in the game the next time around, so you can work through that. So you can continue your evolution. So it's a true choice as opposed to a punishment. Is that how you see it as well?

Christian Sundberg 59:22
Absolutely. Yeah, it's absolutely a choice. So karma is what we could just say cause and effect. Basically, you are who you are. That's the simplest way to put karma. You know, if you are a person who is who's relied on fear and ego and hurt others, then that's who you are. And so then when you get to the other side, and you see the effect you had on others it's not that there's this like judgment like oh, you you know you hurt this person next, you know, you you see who you are, like you you see very clearly. Oh I hurt that person, because I have fear, they say or because I have not yet integrated the certain kind of experience, you see who you want, or and so then out of your own, it's your own choice to say, you know, I'd really like to integrate that and grow through that because I see the benefit of doing that. And it's with you, there's like this energetic because you are, who you are, who you are remains with you until you deal with it. So you might say, okay, so you know how we just were talking about who everything is happening in the one now. Okay, processing fear happens in the one now, too. So let's say that you had an experience when you were four years old, and you locked it away, because it was so painful, maybe you were sexually abused, maybe you were beaten, maybe it was just something simple, like somebody called you a name and you locked you know, you really latched on to that and lost your sense of self worth, whatever it is. The fear that is the rejected the willingness to the, to reject a certain feeling and not process, it is still there. If you allow in this moment, that to arise and you feel it now, at whatever age 2738 91 Doesn't matter, then you are meeting the same energy in the one now, even if it was something that seemed to have been too difficult or too big, because we locked things away because they're too big. This fear is too big, this trauma is too big, I can't possibly look at that. There's no way it's gonna destroy me up I look at that's how it feels. That's how it felt with my fear. My trauma that I experienced in China, I had post traumatic stress, it was so deep, it was so terrible, I couldn't even look at it. It was I had disassociated from myself even to escape this, this fear that was so big, it felt like it would destroy me. Our fear will not destroy us, we are bigger, we are deeper, the consciousness is deeper than the deepest fear. But we need to be willing to allow it and feel it in this moment. And when we do it in this moment, you see that heals through all the moments. And then you don't have to experience it anymore, actually. So you don't go into it, because you're trying to get rid of it. You allow and accept it and fully feel feel it to heal it, feel it to process it. And when you do that, now you've done that within all the nows. You see, including including the other lives that you may be living, you know that that moment that that very moment, when you decide how you meet a difficult vibration is the key. It's very empowering, you know, we tend to get overwhelmed by all mine, I have all these years of sludge, how do I deal with all that? You just meet this moment? This moment has the power.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:45
It's very, that's a very powerful idea. Without question. I have to ask you this, though, because this is something that I get all the time as well. When you say, you know, oh, you hurt somebody in this life? Well, people will always bring up well, how about getting his car, he murdered 6 million 10 million people or, you know, in war or in, you know, the, you know, mass killers or whatever these kinds of, there's just extreme versions of calling someone a name. Yeah, killing 9 million people

Christian Sundberg 1:03:20
We draw a line somewhere. In between those two things. There's a line, there's a line somewhere I tend to

Alex Ferrari 1:03:25
Right in our mind. So you're like, you know, that's when the whole concept of hell and you have to be internally damn dated like, so what do you can you explain to everybody how you process as a soul that you are Genghis Khan.

Christian Sundberg 1:03:39
Okay, so, yeah, yeah. So the first of all, when you process from the other side, you see exactly who you are. And even their wisdom is not automatic, you still have to decide what you're going to do with it. If you caused huge amounts of damage, then that's the person that you were you're capable of causing huge amounts of damage, you then will decide what to do with that. I think it's very important in the meantime, to not draw a huge distinction between levels of fear. And I know that levels of scope consequence earthly consequence may vary significantly. But there is not a very significant difference between my fear your fear or the fear and Adolf Hitler who led to his ego that killed millions of people. I know the scope may be extremely different, but fears fear. And our own fear is what we're here to process, not Adolf Hitler's fear. Right. We need to meet our own fear. We're very quick to look at everybody else now. X times X external world and to judge and to quickly turn a blind eye to our own weakness, our own fear. That's what the ego does. Don't look at that. Don't look at what your own issues are. That's too hard. It's easier to look out here. We're in regained some power by judging or whatever else. But we're here to meet our own fear and to grow in love and our own way, even if it's very small. When we do that, even with a fear that may not have a huge scope on the outside, we are helping the collective consciousness of humanity to heal, you know, we're giving permission to everybody else in the pond to meet their fear. And that can very much heal the world not only externally, but in each of us, which is where it starts, you know, consciousness is first, the product of what it decides to do is second.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:34
So the from the perspective of the soul, someone like Genghis Khan, it's hard to say from this perspective of the human perspective, but someone like Genghis Khan, who, who murdered and hurt so many people in his lifetime, he without him, those souls wouldn't have had the opportunity to experience what they experience is what you're trying to say.

Christian Sundberg 1:05:56
Well, for some for some would have for some who would have experienced some challenge that might have been beneficial for them in some way, shape. However, this is not about, oh, let's go cause some pain because it's beneficial.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:09
Please, yeah, please, everyone listening, please. That at least on we're not saying that,

Christian Sundberg 1:06:14
When we choose our contexts, we're loving beings. We're beings of love. That's what we are. And we seek to express and actualize that through even very difficult context. That's what we seek to do. Now, are we unconditionally loved, even if we kill a million people, we are. I'm not saying it's okay to kill a million people. We should apps that is not the way of love is not that not what we're called to do. But the true justice, we want justice, the ego says there must be justice, show me the justice. The true justice is that even Hitler's loved me, makes me emotional, because we live in a world where so many people are hurt, and we just want to evoke vengeance on each other, I just watched a near death experience or on your channel, I'm sorry, I forget her name. She had she had been raped. And she decided, by her intuitive guidance to not press charges for it was her decision against the person and he found her later in life and set up it ate him alive. And he ended up becoming a police officer and helping many other people to prevent that kind of a circumstance because she had not gone ahead and brought the justice system down on him. You know, she made that system decision intuitively. I like cried when I heard that. Because she tried to make the loving decision even though she was the victim. And our world just hurts for the even even the perpetrators to be loved. Love is the answer. You know, that is the ultimate healing power. And when we get to the other side, we know it. Imagine how well how you feel if you know you heard 1000 people, and you're still loved. Imagine that. Right?

Alex Ferrari 1:07:59
And it's it's a difficult, it's a difficult minefield we're talking about because we're talking about two different very different perspectives, the spiritual perspective versus the physical perspective. And I know people listening to this might have difficulties hearing things like this. But I understand your point of view, I understand your point of view. 100%. Look, Jesus said it. Buddha said it. I mean, there's so many spiritual masters who said, you know, when you were the first you know, who was not sin, throw the first stone and things like that, like we all go through things, some more extreme than others.

Christian Sundberg 1:08:34
But let me just make one quick comment that I love. Love is love. Love is unconditional love. If if there's a message that is less than that, it's not the ultimate truth. But meanwhile, unconditional love is also very wise. And the system of karma that exists is with is built within that that wisdom. So there is not such a thing somewhat so even though we were simultaneously on completely unconnected, completely unconditionally love. Even though that is true, we never escape who we are. There's not one thought there's not one action that doesn't have it's it's, it's I don't want to use the word justice, but it's balance, balances voltage, we are fully responsible for every single thing we have done everything. And so there, I'm just saying that that system of true balance takes place within and is fully transcended by unconditional love and unfathomable wisdom.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:38
My friend, I'm gonna ask you a few questions. I ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Christian Sundberg 1:09:44
Uh huh. living a good life. Living a life that is in alignment with the love and peace and joy and freedom of our true nature in the physical.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:55
What is your definition of God?

Christian Sundberg 1:09:58
There are no words that can just ascribe God. The the living, loving, conscious sentient foundation of all being who knows us and the other ocean, we are drops in the mighty ocean of love the Rumi quote, you're not just a drop in the ocean, you are the mighty ocean in the drop. Room. That's amazing. That's beautiful. And that ocean is is what we would call God.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:27
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Christian Sundberg 1:10:30
Love. Love is the ultimate purpose of life. And it means so many things like we tend to think love means or the romantic love or the puppy dog love or the parents love real life. Love life with a capital l love with Capitol Hill, and all the things that can mean living in joy and freedom and, and just doing it how we can even here in this cold, airless Mount Everest context.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:55
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing, sir?

Christian Sundberg 1:10:59
Yeah, so I have a website The book is available for free on the website through link down. It's also on Amazon and I also recorded the audible audio book last December. And feel free to reach out to me by email. I get a lot of emails, so I apologize if I can't respond. But I do try to respond everybody I can. It's

Alex Ferrari 1:11:23
And do you have any final words for our audience?

Christian Sundberg 1:11:26
Yeah, the last thing I'll say is whoever you are listening today, thank you for being human. And you are not just the human story. You are you like the you that feels like you to you the free total full of life and love and authentic you is who you are. Please don't forget that we get wrapped up in these deep rich stories. I know it's very intense like you know we gotta go to work and pay the bills and deal with the illnesses and deal with the relation I know it's rich but who you are transcends all of that and there and then who you really are, there is absolutely nothing to fear. That is just such an important message that we need to share with each other that I mean need to but it's beneficial to share with each other

Alex Ferrari 1:12:13
Christian I appreciate you coming on the show and sharing your journey with us and I hope this helps somebody out there listening right now and thank you for your bravery and thank you for all the work you're doing for humanity as well my friend I appreciate you.

Christian Sundberg 1:12:26
Thank you as well Alex it's a great honor to be on. Thank you.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:29
I've been able to partner with Mindvalley to present you guys FREE Masterclass is between 60 and 90 minutes, covering Mind Body Soul Relationships and Conscious Entrepreneurship, taught by spiritual masters Yogi's spiritual thought leaders and best selling authors. Just head over to

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