Atlantis’ TRUE Origins UNEARTHED in EXPLOSIVE Akashic Records Channeling LIVE with Laura Coe

On today’s episode, we welcome the fascinating Laura Coe, a seasoned practitioner of the Akashic Records, who takes us on a journey through the layers of our soul’s history and the broader human consciousness. Her work offers a profound perspective on how ancient civilizations and modern human evolution intertwine in ways that challenge our understanding of time and space.

Laura begins by explaining the Akashic Records as an energetic library of all soul histories. “The Akashic Records is the energetic space that holds your soul’s history, everything you’ve ever done in all of your lifetimes,” she explains. This vast repository allows individuals to reconnect with their soul’s purpose, helping them to heal, grow, and evolve. By accessing this space, Laura brings forward the information needed at the moment to help individuals understand their life’s challenges and how to navigate them.

Our discussion moves into the intriguing topic of ancient civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria. Laura shares insights from the Akashic Records about these advanced societies. She describes them as having a higher frequency of understanding and a multi-sensory experience of the world, which allowed them to perform extraordinary feats. “They experienced the world through a different kaleidoscope, navigating it in a more spacious, perceptive sense,” she elaborates. This advanced perception enabled them to achieve remarkable things, although their downfall came from a lack of understanding of their own profound power.

One of the central themes Laura explores is the idea of soul planning and collective consciousness. She emphasizes that the fall of civilizations like Atlantis was due to a collective misunderstanding of their true nature and purpose. “The collective consciousness didn’t understand their own magnificence, leading to their self-destruction,” she explains. This offers a cautionary tale for our current society, urging us to understand and embrace our interconnectedness and the true power of our collective consciousness.

In reflecting on the rapid technological advancements of our time, Laura connects these to a broader spiritual awakening. She notes that the speed of technological growth is not merely a coincidence but a reflection of our collective soul’s evolution. “There’s an urgency now for us to understand our true nature and to use these advancements to uplift our collective consciousness,” she asserts. This perspective encourages us to see technology as a tool for spiritual growth and global harmony.

Laura also touches on the concept of multiple realities and parallel universes. She explains that our soul’s existence is not confined to a single timeline or dimension. “We are energetic beings existing in multiple dimensions simultaneously,” she says. This understanding broadens our perspective, allowing us to see our experiences as part of a larger, interconnected tapestry of existence.

Laura Coe emphasizes the importance of embracing our spiritual nature and using our experiences to elevate our collective consciousness. “We are living in a time where our actions and thoughts impact not just our world but the entire universe,” she reminds us. This profound interconnectedness calls for a greater awareness of our role in the grand scheme of existence.


  1. Understanding Interconnectedness: Recognize that we are all interconnected and that our actions and thoughts have a profound impact on the entire universe.
  2. Embracing Advanced Perceptions: Learn from ancient civilizations and strive to elevate our understanding and perception of reality, using our knowledge for collective growth and harmony.
  3. Utilizing Technology for Spiritual Growth: View technological advancements as tools to support spiritual awakening and global harmony, rather than mere conveniences.

Laura Coe’s insights into the Akashic Records and ancient civilizations provide a rich tapestry of wisdom that guides us toward a deeper understanding of our spiritual journey. Her teachings remind us that by embracing our true nature and interconnectedness, we can navigate life’s complexities with grace and purpose.

Please enjoy my conversation with Laura Coe.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 301

Laura Coe 0:00
But they're hoping we're getting it through the time and space collapse that that we understand that we're, we're energetic beings and energetic acts are not contained to a location or a time and space or right. It's just physical motion. And so if we could start to believe that to be true, these conceptual frameworks that we're living our life through the lens that we see our worldview, don't they don't exist that way.

Alex Ferrari 0:37
Like to welcome back to the show returning champion Laura Coe. How you doin Laura?

Laura Coe 0:42
I am so happy to be back again. You're the you're the best. I love you.

Alex Ferrari 0:46
I appreciate that so much. Thank you so much our last conversation. We've had two epic conversations. The first one was just your general what the Akashic records are, your life story, how you got to the place, but our last one was about, we did something very unique, which was to talk about, or actually have like an Akashic Records reading, but a generalized one, about soul planning and life before life between lives and pre birth and all that kind of stuff. And it's done fairly well. So we were originally we're supposed to go into ancient civilizations, Atlantis, how that connects with our spirituality and collective growth as a species as consciousness as the consciousness of the planet. But we went so far deep down the rabbit hole of soul planning, Soul blueprints, Soul families, all that stuff, that we decided to make it its own episode, which I think makes the most sense in its own episodes. In this episode, we are going to be talking about ancient civilizations lost history, Atlantis, and we're dying to hear what the Akashic Record guides have to say about all of this, how it interacts with us individually in our souls journey, and how it how we evolve as a consciousness, a group consciousness on the planet. So for everyone who has not seen your amazing work, can you explain what the process is? Quick to three senses of what the Akashic Record? Because if you've tuned in and you don't know what the Akashic records are, you really need to watch these other episodes first. But can you do this intro for us please?

Laura Coe 2:25
Absolutely happy to! I have to say it everywhere I go, I go to a cocktail party. It's like, what do you do for a living? I'm like, the energetic space that holds your souls history. I'm kind of down. Yeah, so the Akashic records, it's the energetic space that holds your souls history, everything you've ever done in all of your lifetimes. So you get an Akashic Record reading. And somebody taps into your souls history, and brings forward the information you need in that moment to help you connect back into what it is you're here to do on a soul level. So that you can heal, grow, evolve, and get unstuck, like feel free in life, right? Like, we all have those moments where it's like, Oh, why, why is this repeating? Or why can't I figure out this relationship or I know I'm supposed to do something, but I can't put my finger on it. That's when an Akashic Record reading goes. It kind of taps you back in, gives you these incredible gems of information. I always say it's like a guru got together with a team of therapists and all my best friends and said, Here's the best information for Laura in this moment. And then, the last thing, the Akashic guidance, the Akashic wisdom has to offer is what I refer to as Akashic philosophy and philosophy, spirituality, right. It's really like the line between and it's, um, this, this very poetic, beautiful, metaphoric way of describing topics that we read about, you know, spiritual texts, philosophical texts, that are more generalized, they're not specific to you. And so we that's what we did on our last episode. And we can ask the guides, anything other than being right or wrong or judgment, they'll pretty much have an incredible amount to say on almost any topic. That's spiritual, philosophical. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 4:23
And then, once you're, that's an excellent explanation. Now, what is your process with the audience knows how you're going to get into the the records and what this, this kind of interaction is going to be like?

Laura Coe 4:35
Yeah, so you know, 50 years ago, we would have said, cell phones are impossible, right? We had carrier pigeons, and it's been a nice path to a cell phone. We have our intuition, we have a sense of things. But when you enter the Akashic realm, it's like the cell phone to this space so that you can get like much more accelerated or magnified experience. So I Read some sentences, think of them, like a cell phone. And they are set to the vibration of the Akashic realm. And I swap one person's legal name in for another. And it's how I open up one person souls history or another. And in this case, I'll just open up my own records. And I'll ask from the guides guidance. For me, it feels like a collective voice that comes through on a topic. So we'll ask a question, get an answer. We'll keep going back and forth until I think you're satisfied about this question. I don't know anything about it. So full transparency. I'm excited. I feel like I'm gonna get an education today.

Alex Ferrari 5:40
Alright, let's get into it.

Laura Coe 5:42
Yeah, you ready?

Alex Ferrari 5:44
I am ready. I have no pre predetermined questions other than whatever's in my head. And that's kind of what we did. Last time, we had just a basic topic. I know enough about this topic that I could ask questions all day. So be careful what you say until I'm satisfied, because that could take the years. So we'll just probably till an hour,an hour and change. Let's just hold it there.

Laura Coe 6:05
Like drop em drop them And, I mean, yeah. So I love that you only have a question or two, because the beauty of the records is people come in, and they say, you know, my spouse and I aren't getting along. And, you know, it's because we have a codependent narcissistic Empath, too, you know, and they have all these definitions of why, if you can just let go of all of it and listen to what they have to say. And then from there asked questions, it's a much, much, much more interesting process. So I love that you just have that starting point. That's great. So two sentences, I say silently, if I get quiet, that's all I'm doing. And then we'll see what they have to say today. Sounds good. All right. Ah. And so we open ourselves to the light. And with this light when we open ourselves to our truth. And with this light, we open ourselves to our souls purpose. And with this light, we open ourselves to be guided towards our highest good, and the highest good of those we love. And so Laura is given the truth, to best serve her on her healing journey into the love and acceptance that is most beneficial for her in this moment. And with this light and guidance, we unlock the energy field of Laura, to receive the record of her soul. Right. So I'm in the Akashic records, what question Did you want to start with? Ah,

Alex Ferrari 7:48
What can we learn from the lost history that we are not privy to? Yet? What is beyond our own understanding of history of our history as a species as a history of our consciousness on this planet?

Laura Coe 8:09
So my experience in the records, I would suggest that we start with what is the loss history? And then what can we learn from it? We understand this better view of that history. Cuz, fair enough. And it's hard to translate that way. Okay. Perfect. All right. So you are interested in Atlantis, perhaps, or

Alex Ferrari 8:27
Atlantis, pre Atlantis, all that stuff so that we can go to Atlantis first, and then we can see where it goes?

Laura Coe 8:35
Yeah, I have no control. That long ago, they share what they want. So let me see what they want to say about lost histories. And then you can remind me, we want to find out what to learn. Okay, so I'll get quiet for a couple of seconds and then I'll start to share Okay, so um, there were these times in history, where there were, like, ancient civilizations that were organized, organized to like a higher frequency, they understood the world through a different say Kaleidoscope is kind of how they're putting it. It's like their, their expression or experience of the world wasn't was unique to them. It's very different than us. And so I don't know kind of how we think about apes compared to us, right, that there's this disparity in how we might view the world. They're sort of showing me that there's this. It's not like they're equating us to one or the other, but they're saying, very different perspective. So kaleidoscope, it's like they're, they're visual. They're the visual representation of the world. I took on a different form. I don't know what that means. Let me see what we mean by that. They experience the world through to what we might call a multi sensory experience they were able to like It's like they were navigating the world in a more spacious sense. So they're taking me where I feel like there's a 360 field around me of energy and I am more, I'm more equipped or aware, I have a more enlightened perhaps perspective of the energy of of myself in the world. So I, I, being them I've mastered the art perfected the craft of like, understanding the nature of the world and my place in it in a in a more keep saying sensory experience. And so it's like, we think of ourselves today, as this perceptive being, we say, okay, we see the world through this lens that we perceive it through. It's like, today, I'm eating hot, drinking hot chocolate, right? reading the newspaper, whatever we're doing, starting our days, driving to work. However, we, we challenge ourselves and in work and life and ambition, whatever it is that we perceive to be right in front of us. And it's very important. They're sort of putting it right in front of our noses feeling like right here, right here, right now. This is what I perceive to be true. This previous culture. It was just like a more innate felt understanding of their place in history and time in presence and awareness in understanding and culture. It's like they didn't have they didn't have so many preconceived notions about Oh, I hate it. When they do this. To me, they throw me five things at the same time. So they're, they're sort of simultaneously showing a split screen of today, with me, and back then with them and doing this sort of comparison. So you know why I'm doing this with my hands. And this is like my field of vision. So there's this today moment with us where we are in this very small, it feels really tiny, like a little spool of thread, like right here, this is what I'm experiencing here. So there's this spool of thread, and it's, why is it a spool of thread, it's like, think of like gum, you know, really, really thin spool of thread. And it's, it's, it's not yarn, they're making sure I say not yarn, it's just very thin, you could put it through a needle, then that's our experience. It's very thin, and it's, it's like wound up tight in our understanding of reality, like, this is all we know. And it's a very thin line. Okay, so I see the split thread, if you pull this string and pull it forward, it's like, that's my perceptive field. Okay, today, back then. Yarn wouldn't really even do it justice. It's like they have a much broader sense field of vision. Okay, so that means time space. They, they seem to understand how to move through time and space how to travel through eternity they didn't they, they didn't, they didn't see themselves the way we do. They don't they didn't feel the energy of the world the way we do they were more perceptive in their ability to transform themselves into like energetic beings, if you want to say it that way. So so that was what was unique and different and, and through that lens. They were able to do magnificent things, like just just catastrophic things. But but but also magnificent. And so it was like, I don't know, they're sort of saying the higher we climb, the harder we fall it's so funny to feel like they said that in our last episode, but there's this feeling of like, they were able to like build Mount Everest in terms of what they could do their capacity because of that, but also they like they almost pulled at their own heartstrings and destroyed themselves with their, their own thinking. So I'm gonna pause there and ask you where you want to go, because I know this is your, your loving topic, so I could go into any direction.

Alex Ferrari 14:31
Is this is this culture, one that we know of? or have ever heard of? And also, if they can tell us how far back from us in time was this culture?

Laura Coe 14:50
I mean, I feel like this first community that they're talking about is is Yeah, I just keep hearing that. The Atlantis The the Yeah, the Atlantis there. is a feeling of it's like people on an island, they feel very, very important that I say Island. It's like people who lived it, but they live for a time of change. They really want to talk about the change that they were trying to create the change in how we spell universal laws in nature, and our willingness or ability to be in that. So when you ask, because when he asked me about time, it's funny, because when it's like hard to pin it in time, exactly, because there's something strange about them. They were more timeless than we are. So here's what I'm getting Alex is that we're so linear, like we're so linear, we think of our life in this linear plane and like time space reality of just this one. Oneness, right? Is it. I don't mean oneness in the totality of oneness. I mean, one, one way of like, experiencing the world, right? Like 12345, the clock keeps ticking we are in time, time, time, time time is what we do. We look at our clocks, we know where we have to be arrived time, time time. It's like they weren't in this linearity. They were much more fluid or flexible. So when you ask the Akashic realm, where are they, they're sort of like choking, like in our timescale, and their timescale or in the timescale, right. So in our timescale, it would be back 1000s of years. For your written history, if you say where are they in their timescale? Okay, this hurts my head a little, they're telling me like understand that at all. So they're telling me like, the future is unwritten, in a sense when it comes to this community. It's, it's like, okay, they're playing with all these ideas for me, Alex, like the chicken and the egg and the wheel before the horse. Like, it's just like, do they actually happen in the future? Do they happen in the past? Because the timescale is different for this community, they didn't happen in a, in a linear sense. And so to put them in a moment in time is kind of hard to do. Does that make any sense to you?

Alex Ferrari 17:21
Makes a little sense that I know this is gonna be a complex conversation, to say the least. So the community that they're talking about is Atlantis, the Atlantis community that we so this is before our pre recorded time other than what we know of Atlantis from Plato basically.

Laura Coe 17:39
Taught that I got Yeah, Plato, Plato. Yeah. Do you know why Plato knew about them? Did?

Alex Ferrari 17:47
I do! I do, it was from an uncle. I'm not mistaken. It was an uncle of his who spend time in Egypt. And the Egyptian priests there, told them the story, he brought it back and then played or recorded it and not what we know. My understanding of, of this kind of history is through the some of the ancient texts is that Atlanteans knew that things were going to go bad. A group of them left, they went through different parts of the world, started to rebuild, tried to rebuild civilization. And Egypt was one of those Mesoamerica was another India was another challenge. There's a bunch of them. I don't know exactly where they all were. But that one, the big ones, obviously are Egypt in Mesoamerica. Where, then, I'd like to talk about this for days, the pyramids and why they all have similar concepts. There's a lot of conversations there. So think back to what they are saying. This isn't like Atlantians This is a question I have. Is is the yugas. Are you familiar with the yugas?

Laura Coe 18:58
A little not much but a little

Alex Ferrari 19:01
Okay, so Yugas are the cycle of of that we are a high civilization, and we go to a low civilization, then we go back to high civilization and it's cyclical, right. Is that accurate from the Akashic Records was the Atlanteans at a higher level? Obviously, what they're saying they were at a much higher level of evolution than we were. But then we came all the way down to the Dark Ages. So there was a definitely fall from grace there. What is their take on it?

Laura Coe 19:34
Yeah. Right, because people believe we're in the lowest point right now. And

Alex Ferrari 19:40
We're, we're out of the lows, but the Dark Ages was the lowest point, but that's right. But we're on our way back up. Yeah. And we could you could see that.

Laura Coe 19:48
Right, the Kali Yuga or something, right. They were coming.

Alex Ferrari 19:52
Yeah, we're coming out of it now. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Laura Coe 19:56
Okay, let me see. so people can know that this is very authentic, because look at me, I'm like, oh, no, but I read about a little bit, but it's not been my field that that makes. Okay, so um, okay. There was something about Plato that I just can't get past they seem to want to talk about, but there's something around him. And that story he told, and they just want to say that, like the conversation that they want us to hear is that there was in, in that folklore, that the transfer of transference of information from one person to the other very important to know that, that the content came from a time traveler that there was a somebody who was able to connect to time past present future, and was able to share this information in a way that was historically accurate, but also like in this Yeah, they were able to see like, past present future they were time travelers, so Plato's Plato's recollection, or these conversations that happen. It the information came from a it's like, saying, a soul traveler, who, who was in in that area and knew knew how to connect to it's like a spiritual goddess, priests kind of quality person who could connect to all time in in the moment, right could see past present future. So had this awareness of the, the understanding of the totality of the universe. I don't know why they're making this so hard on Alex. But there, there must be something around the experience of time. And these questions were asking because they're repeating it and pulling this into our conversation. So I don't know why that's important yet, but I'm sure it'll make sense in a minute that so you were asking about. The specific question you wanted to ask that was whether we're coming out of this, is it true?

Alex Ferrari 22:06
Well, no, just in general is the concept of the of the user is the concept Sickler? Are we a species that constantly are evolved devolve, evolve, devolve is cyclical.

Laura Coe 22:18
Okay, so the hope is not that's saying to me, it's like the hope is not they weed like weed. So there's, they're sort of speaking me from a collective. We'd like to see the transference of knowledge happen in a way that there's like, calmer waters ahead, where this doesn't need to happen. It seems to need to happen because of our collective consciousness. We don't really understand ourselves. And we have so many misgivings about the principles of spirituality, about the enlightenment process, about the knowing of oneself about the spiritual connections within, like, we just, we, we, it's like, they're saying, like an outright refusal, or denial of the reality of what this species could call home, right? That as human beings, it's like, we're connected in, we're connected in not just to our own solar on intention, but to the planet to the earth to the solar system to everything all at once. Like we we kind of get there and then we give up we kind of have false hopes and showing you like this funny little car that's like trying to make its way across the desert. It's like, what is that old kids thing Chitty Chitty boom boom or something like it's like, like, we're just like, kind of like this. In their

Alex Ferrari 23:47
We're puttering or puttering.

Laura Coe 23:49
Like we just, we make it so hard on ourselves to, to have this transference of knowledge like so that we can know the truth of who we are the sacred souls, you know, through these lifetimes. And so we keep coming up short. So, no, I feel like there's a way in which we can even out as a species, they're calling I want to say one community. Yeah, so it doesn't it doesn't feel essential that this, this process continues. I'll just stop there and let you guys go here.

Alex Ferrari 24:24
Okay, so then I've heard that what is happening currently, in our collective consciousness, is it evolution that has not happened on the planet before? Meaning our awakening now is at a higher level, believe it or not, than the Atlantic because they were at just a different perspective to my understanding, and these other civilizations were highly advanced, but they weren't. They weren't awakening at the higher level that we are. Even though we might not have had the same technology. Is this? Is this accurate? Or is this true? Okay, I love I love that you're just like along for the ride on this floor you're like, I don't know, let's find out.

Laura Coe 25:12
You know what, every single Akashic Record reading, I learned this idea of lead follow. i Every single person I read is like a little nuance difference. I mean, every soul story, there's billions of iterations, right? So I do this with my clients, they ask me questions. I'm like, I don't know, let's go look, you know, because there's so much more surprising than than I could ever be. So yeah, I like, release myself to the process. But this one in particular, yeah, I don't know what you're talking about. And super fun to me. Alright, so the question is around our own are we as a collective consciousness more evolved in a way that hasn't been in the past? Okay, so they're taking me into the past, so that we can compare it but it's like, in the past, there was like, a better understanding in a way, right. So they better methods methodologies, like, right, they call it technique or tools or something, right, there was it was more evolved in that sense, right. But their understanding of so their understanding of true form or essence, it's like that part was plagued with indifference is how they're putting it, like, kind of don't care is kind of how I feel like, it's, it's so interesting, it's almost like what they're showing me is like, I have the world in my hands, they put this little globe in my hand, like a little globe of the earth, have the like the world in my hand, for them, like they really got it. But like, they didn't, they didn't understand the magnificence of the power, they were given, like what they could do to transform themselves in the place of the world. They thought, Oh, I'm an authority at doing X, Y, and Z. But I don't really understand that. I am XY and Z like I am, what we might call Mater consciousness collective, right? They didn't, they didn't kind of grasp that deeper sense, even though it's almost seems impossible to consider, because they did know how to explore it. They just why would they not get it? Yeah, that seems weird, right? Like why they would?

Alex Ferrari 27:31
That seems so interesting, because that makes sense in the sense that they're given the tools to build the most magnificent skyscrapers. And they go, Oh, we could do that. Why? Ah, they didn't understand the deeper concepts of what the tools they were given to us, as opposed to, we're kind of stumbling around in this iteration of our collective consciousness. But yet, because of our past experience, collectively, as these things are starting to awaken, we're not we haven't been given these tools yet. But we're starting to

Laura Coe 28:11
So here's what they're saying. Yeah, it's like, okay, so how they're giving it to us in a framework that helps us get it. They're kind of making these previous people like heroic creatures, right? They kind of come with like, Superman powers, right? Or something like that, right? Like put a cape on them or say they can run back to back marathons all day. And we're sort of like this collective community in wheelchairs. Equivalently, right. Like, we were really barely walking in a sense. And so when we are able to stand up, think of somebody who's been handicapped in a wheelchair for for all of their lifetime, and all of a sudden, they realize, Oh, my God, I've got legs, I can walk in, like, what it must feel like to stretch their legs stand for the first time, stand in a full stretch, right? They're like taking me through this process. They're like, Oh, right. It's like glorious, like I can do this. I can walk, I can run I can go do my own groceries, I can I can I can do all this stuff. It's like a an awakening as a species to our own divine nature is like that, like we have been. So if you want to think about it in terms of a marathon, like hamstrung, if you want to think about it in terms of this, like, waking up from a difficulty, like being in a wheelchair, it's like, I mean, you've had to be pushed around your whole life. You've had to have help everywhere you go, right creation, or survivor of cancer or something, right, like use whatever metaphor makes sense to you. But it's like there's a renewed a preserved sense of the beauty of life, right? Like, you're like, oh my god, this is so good. So for us, Alex, we're sort of that we're like, oh, wow, wait, there's something more there's something I can experience because we've been so distraught as a species, the species we like we've been so disconnected for so long that as we kind of find our way into ourselves, it's slightly glorious, right? in a relative sense, versus somebody who's like, I've been running marathons all day all week all year. Like,

It's different. It's a difference between someone who was born into money, and someone who built their money up from nothing.

Yeah, like they shouldn't have coined falling on the ground. And somebody who has endless wealth like might not care, I dropped a nickel, whereas somebody else is like, grabbing that nickel going, Oh, my God, that's food for today, you know,

Alex Ferrari 30:40
Right. It's a completely different perspective. So they were given the keys to the kingdom. And because they were given it all, they didn't really realize what they had, because there was no contrast. Which is the point of this entire experiment that we're going through here. And

Laura Coe 30:55
That's a beautiful, there's the beautiful way of saying it, yes, yes. Okay.

Alex Ferrari 31:00
So there's contrast, we now have plenty of contrast. Because we've decided to go uphill in a wheelchair that has one one wheel broken, constantly fill for 1000s of years. So now when this slight window of awakening is starting to happen, we as a collective have agreed upon to start awakening. And because we're like, no, there's nickels everywhere, guys, let's start grabbing them. Let's start figuring this out and grow together because we have history. So without them, we wouldn't have been able to get here. It's all part of this evolution. Fair?

Laura Coe 31:42
There, they're throwing in this one idea that they want to make sure we hear that there are a lot of brave souls coming back at this time in history to help. So they're showing some people coming around with like, bags of coins and just throwing them around. So there's like these sort of light warriors, these people who are, you know, yeah, they're really trying to like if you see the people on the street who are begging for, for nickels or dollars, and some people stop and hand $20 bills, right? There's some people right now who are really inspired towards or evolved into a place where they can really shift perspective, edit. It's like a dynamic raise, but they're calling it Yeah. And so those people have also been called to this plane right now at this moment in time. So there's, there's something like very important about that being shared with the audience today. Because they don't want it to be like, Oh, we just slowly came into this, right? There's also call it an accelerator. Right? There's a fast pace to it right now, because of these enlightened souls that are walking around right now helping preserve the Earth's quality. So then I never get to pick the order, Alex. So okay, so your question was about whether this is an evolution. So this is back to this time thing, right? So the past present future stuff? It's like, sort of it's like, what is it that it's it's like something had to change, change your perspective, like a change your perspective, we had to shift the perspective, right? The belief systems with the perspectives, it's like, that form of consciousness. It just didn't, it didn't, it didn't lead to the enlightenment that they were hoping for. And so the shift of consciousness right now is definitely hanging in the balance, right? Like, there's a lot right now at stake for this to happen. But it feels like more than likely, they will come out on the other side of it nicely. But it feels like it really does require these, these select few to show up in a bigger way. Like we really need to show up and wake up to this, this deeper knowing of who we are, like you talked about privilege, right? So they're using that idea of the privilege person. We're all privileged on Earth right now. It's like the birthright to know who we are as as energetic beings. And, and when we deny that, right, it's like, it's like that feeling of not caring about the financial freedoms that we were given at birth, right? And that's such a shame. It's like someone who's a billionaire and doesn't care and like they're showing like this billionaire house and they're just drunk and high all the time and having a good time. And it's like, what a waste of wealth Right? Like and you're destroying your body and you're just like getting airplanes and off to Ibiza or wherever you're going. It's like what if we were to take more seriously the contemplative nature of our soul and allow ourselves to speak freely from that place and from from a from a purity, right? So because Is there something and maybe we have to just go here today but there's something about this time collapse idea of past present future. As far as evolution. I don't know that they want to say it that way. It's more like they were given the key to success. And it wasn't unlocking the door. Now they're offering this new way of shining a light in divine experience expression through this plane, and they're hoping this one works, right like that. That's more how it feels to me.

Alex Ferrari 35:30
Well, let me ask you, if we're talking about Atlantis, what was their cause to fall? What was that thing or group of things that caused them to not get to the next level just destroyed themselves essentially, or were they destroyed by something outside of themselves?

Laura Coe 35:49
Yeah, okay. Hold at least ring ring, okay. Sorry, guys. I like to be playful with the guides that are very funny. For people who don't know this. I kind of confused people sometimes. But the Akashic records is cartoonish and funny. They have a sense of humor, they send me music sometimes, like it's not a, it's not a serious modality, which I love. I mean, they can get really serious, but it can be really playful too. So I am deferential but it's also fun. Okay, so what? Okay, so it's starting off with this idea. So I have this simultaneous feeling in my body that feels. So the Akashic realm is sending me this feeling of like, despair, it's, it's like a longing. And that is combined with this idea of, of falling from grace, there was a way in which Atlantis they didn't know who they were and where they were going. They didn't. So we think about soul plans as an individual, but there's like this collective concept of a soul plan, like, who are we collectively, and as a collective, it's like, the future, if you want to call it future, so we'll just leave it at a linear scale. But if you want to call it future, it's like they're saying it was time to come home. It's how they're putting it in home meaning back to the other side, it was like, this isn't working like this is not working this experiments feels complete. We're there's no, there's they're saying there's no permutations towards change, that allow for the future outcome to feel different than the one today. It's like, think of a huge calculator or a big compute computing system that can't be copied later. Cuz I'm not a math person. All the permutations, and they were looking at like the, the outcomes over lifetimes, right? They can run it out. And they're like, they all kind of end in the same place, which is an end. So it was like, This isn't working. So what does that mean? How do you guys end it community or civilization? It's like, the same reckless playtime like we were we being the Akashic realm, we felt like it was time to, to let this one go. There was too much reckless playtime. Nobody was taking seriously the work. The soul plan of the whole collective community was crumbling. So what's the point or purpose of letting this community continue? I mean, I'm curious how they end things like that. Can we ask?

Alex Ferrari 38:42
Oh, yes, we'd love to know how Atlantis ended.

Laura Coe 38:47
Okay, I had as the Akashic records have when you're in the Akashic realm, you're also like working with guidance. And, you know, it's not just the energetic space of soulless history. It's this collective guidance so what is what is it mean and cultures so what I'm receiving it's like okay, so we have spiritual journeys, we come here we embody, we lead right like, birth death cycle. I mean, they're just saying point blank like we shut the door. We didn't allow any more inhabitants on the plane. It was like an addictive building. Right there just showing me like, multiple versions of the same thing. It's like, you know, you okay, the building is filled with rats and mice and sewage. Yeah, at some point, you just have to, like the building is if they didn't put up the things right in the demo comes right. So what they did was on the earthquake, they just said no more inhabitants. The ones that were there left there. on the planet, they they give the opportunity for them to come home prematurely. So I guess, is that dying early? It's like, yeah, finish up. It's like finish up quickly. You're leaving the building. It's like packers dwarf like, the bulldozers coming one way or another. So does that mean that there was a big event that ended Atlanta's? Um, I can't tell Alex. I don't know if they want to share this much detail today. But it's like, okay, the earth plane itself looks a little scorched. I can't tell sometimes if it's metaphor or metaphor, in reality are a little difficult to tell the difference in sometimes in the records, like I was telling a friend about doing a reading for friend and his son and I was using a chocolate chip as an example. And he's like, My son loves chocolate chips. I mean, chocolate sprinkles, excuse me. I can't tell if we're doing a metaphor on chocolate sprinkles. Or if it's a literal thing in the records, the person has to validate it. So since we can't validate this space, what I feel is that there was like, they're saying like, the energy of the sun it in the Earth's energy, there was like a heat that the heat levels went up the the temperature went up on this plane of reality, it just it was like unlivable. The planes needed rest. And so it felt like there was sort of a simultaneous decision to close this because of these permutations of the future. But also say this other than it felt like the earth plane needed time to rest, right. It's like the Remi back to this building to help us understand, but they're saying, you know, if you have a building, and it's really infested with a bunch of stuff, it's like, takes time to clear all that, you know,

Alex Ferrari 41:54
That makes sense. So then, oh, so then I so Atlantis falls. But there's still some humans, I'm assuming not everybody was living the life Fandango? And there were some that were trying to take this seriously, but nobody was listening. So how did that information get out? And how did we restart to where we are today?

Laura Coe 42:23
How did that information get sent forward into?

Alex Ferrari 42:26
Yeah, that was there. You know, was it was it the story of like the priestly leaving, starting a civilization in Egypt or starting all that kind of stuff?

Laura Coe 42:36
Okay, so as far as like, everybody on the planet, I mean, it doesn't feel great. It doesn't feel like very many people survived. It's like, not very many people believed in anything at that point. Like it was really. I don't know why they're in the parties. I tell you, they're very funny. But they were they're showing me like an idea of like, a big blowout party, and everybody's drunk and high except like to people, right? Like, how many people at the party like just didn't have one cocktail or like, didn't have one sip? Like, it's like, hard to imagine, they're giving me this, like Beverly Hills, like really fancy party, like, you know, over the ocean, like all that kind of scene, right? And you got everybody and they at least have their champagne and whatever it it's like, who's the dude with the glass of water in the corner is not socializing, right. It's like, that's how it felt at that time, to not be part of the privileged community that that was, like, there's all this prosperity in a way right? And to sort of neglect there was all this prosperity and neglecting of their, their deeper human needs, right, this connection into themselves. And so everybody went towards this energy of, of whatever that is, right, like this energy of good times. And so, yes, there were a few, very far and few in between, and how did so how did this information move forward? today? Well, I mean, some of it is some of its transplanted in the knowledge or recollection of the chemistry of those on our planet today that are willing to talk about it, right? Because they have a belief in it. So that's a big piece. Like, if you think about who's living today, there's so there's the historians, right and we can talk about that like their whole part of us trek tracing this back and trying to understand it and looking for for clues and tips and things like that. But then there's this other part where it's like, this divine nature stuff like some of us have a willingness to share despite our lack of real knowing things of it, right because we we have, I guess a faith or belief in it. Um, So how did it get out on a historical level. It feels like Alex like, okay, so it feels like there was some little tidbits left behind. There was some like little archaeological, you know, findings and little facts left, there was little, little figurines little, just little things that were left that were enough for people to get an awareness that they were able to like, pull the story forward, if that makes sense.

Alex Ferrari 45:34
That makes sense. So a couple little things here and there. A couple people here and there, kind of put it all back together.

Laura Coe 45:41
But it well, but it's meeting the the knowing the soul knowing within individuals who have the bravery to speak about it.

Alex Ferrari 45:48
Well, then, is there a reason why, I mean, we have grown technologically so fast in the last 150 years, versus the last 6000 years. Why have we accelerated our, our evolution technologically so fast? Is it souls coming back? Who were from that time period of Atlantis was, what is it? Why?

Laura Coe 46:18
Yeah, right. Another good question. Okay. Hold on. It's like, there's this urgency. Now. Now. Now. Now. It's like Time, time, time, time, time, time to contact us. Okay. So even though they don't want to talk about time, it's, it's time. So it's like, why so much urgency? It's, it's like, there's so many things, Alex. So on the one hand, the earth, the earth plane, right? Like, it's a mess, things aren't going well, the chemistry of the Earth, right, like just the literal health of the earth. There's a way in which we're not we're not prospering from that perspective. And so these, these advancements like to help the earth to help the earth soils to help help sustain something in the future. I think that's weird, right? Because I think of technology is hurting the earth. So I'm curious about that. We, as a species, as a collective conscious, it's time for us to understand who we are our fundamental nature. We've been given these gifts, the tools, we understand who we are at a perfect place in time in history to, to evolve forward. And with that evolution forward, we allow this, like soul growth to happen at an exponential rate for many people on this planet. And it's like a level setting of soul development that could happen, where more people on this plane are have the conscientious this the the awareness, the awakening within themselves, which then helps restore the Earth's plane, right the Earth's planet, it's like, that's the interconnectedness that wasn't clear before with Atlantis, but they're hoping is clear today that we are interconnected to the earth to each other to this plane. So why now it's, it's essential. Now it feels very essential. We were like drowning in our own sorrows as a species. We're like, destroying the earth plane. Why the technology though, was with like cell phones and all this stuff. It's like, okay, so the advancements specifically in this technology, it's like, waking up to ourselves is the complicated thing, right? Like, we've done books, and we've done books, and we've done tapes, and we've done like, we've done these ways. Like they're showing me back with, like, monks and priests and meditations and, like purposeful living, right. And it's like, it, it benefited a few but not the masses. It like missed it. It's like it's missing it. It's like going past people, it's not getting into their hearts. And so they're hoping with modern technology, the airwaves the way they are right now where we can like, what you and I are doing. Ah, yeah, yeah, we're doing audiobooks, like, like, all the all the different things that are available today that allow us to like, fast speed, high speed or fine tune our understanding of ourselves in nature at an elevated rate.

Alex Ferrari 49:41
Okay, so that so that makes sense. So, yeah, that all that all actually, that makes a lot of sense because this conversation couldn't have happened hundreds of years ago, and not reach. It could have happened individually between you and I and it would have benefited both of us. Maybe a small group of people, maybe a small community But this conversation, arguably could be going out to millions and millions of people. And these ideas could eventually reach out to billions of people based on just people talking about it because the information is gone now.

Laura Coe 50:14
Yeah. And also, this technology shows us how close we really are. They're like, they're showing us, you and me, right? Like, we're really not in the same room. No, but we are, right. So there's this game that they're playing with our psychology, they're calling it it's like, where is Alex? He's not here. But he's not nowhere. But he's sitting in front of me. And it's giving us a sensation of closeness all the time with everybody, peers, friends, family, it's like, I'm in an empty room all by myself. Right? And as you would it's like, I'm actually not alone. And so it's creating connection and community in places on the planet where you could never write like, how do you how can you travel that far to Indonesia, or to China or to Japan or back to the States or wherever you're going with such rapid speed? So it's, it's almost like, this experience gives us a metaphor to life like, we're really so interconnected, we just don't know it, right. So also, technology gives our brain waves a chance to catch up with the reality that we're interconnected, right? We're just an interconnected species. So you and I now get to experience this. We're having this conversation over airwaves, right, and everybody that's listening and participating. And it's like, what if that's what's happening energetically, all the time? What if there's airwaves of energy all the time, right. So this is kind of setting the stage for our subconscious to understand the mapping of reality a little better, too.

Alex Ferrari 51:48
So that's what the internet is, it's one of the most powerful inventions that we've ever come up with, quote, unquote. And it is a metaphor for things I hear about in near death experiences, instant communication, I mean, literally, it's just a click of a button. And depending on the speed of your internet connection, you're talking to somebody in this world, and having a deep connection with that person, even though they're nowhere near you. And then we're starting to get into quantum physics, and quantum entanglement, which is essentially, you know, the distance doesn't matter. So this is for there is a, this is a giant metaphor, technology is turning into a giant metaphor for that.

Laura Coe 52:33
Yeah. And they're basically saying back to this idea of perception, right? This is what's flying with us is this perceptive ability, we don't get it, we're looking at that narrow, or that narrow string, they love to tie back things, but it's like that narrow string. It's like, we don't get it. Alex, you're you are in this room with me. And energetically, there's no separation, right? There's no separation. We're like church and state, like, Alex is here. And Laura is there. And it's like, that's just not truth. We just don't know it yet. But they're hoping we're getting it through the time and space collapse that that we understand that we're we're energetic beings, and energetic acts are not contained to a location or a time and space or, right. It's just physical motion. And so if we could start to believe that to be true, these conceptual frameworks that we're living our life through the lens that we see our worldview, don't they don't exist that way. And we can open up our, our headspace, right, because our our heads are so they're taking that that string, and they're turning it into a ball of right like the shingle. Yeah, it's like so tangled, we just don't get it right. Yeah, that there's this interconnected experience happening at all times. There is no space between you and me.

Alex Ferrari 53:49
Right, exactly. In just the work that you do tapping into Akashic records, there's no time and space and that you're just it's not like you're going to a library you go when you go look for a book, like it takes time. None of that is an instant connection. Where also when I've had psychics or mediums on the show, similar idea, they're able to I could just get what's their name. And when they give them the name, by me telling them the name of the person coming from me, that's an energetic signature for them, they can tap into that person instantly. That's how psychics to my understanding.

Laura Coe 54:25
Yeah, that's how it works for the Akashic Records too. It's like instead of working with an individual so on the other side, we just work with the this energetic library and so I just get the name of somebody and from that frequency, I can tell you anything and everything about their their, you know, people ask me about their three year olds, and I can tell them details that, you know, they can't even believe

Alex Ferrari 54:47
What and it's also like, if I said John Smith to you, it would be a John Smith, that I know what John Smith it is, and because I know what John Smith is, you can tap into that pretty quickly as opposed to the How many millions of John Smith's out there?

Laura Coe 55:04
Yeah, I mean, it's even, I can just go off a first once I'm in your Akashic records, even if you just gave me the first name of John ratiu. I'm in Yeah, one woman hired me, for all of her clients. And she just said, you know, she's, she's a personal trainer, and just to help get an insight to help them. I just got first names.

Alex Ferrari 55:22
That was pretty cool. That's actually me.

Laura Coe 55:24
Yes, yes, I was one thrives on compliments. And this one, you know, and she's like, Oh, my God.

Alex Ferrari 55:31
That's amazing. I need a trainer like that. So this is this is the kind of conversation I like to talk about when it comes to loss history and ancient civilizations, it's led to this deeper, much deeper conversation about the collective consciousness lessons, we're supposed to learn what we're going through now, what is this awakening? What is it different from Atlantis, let's say, all this kind of stuff. It's a really eye opening conversation, which leads me to my next question. We've gone as far back to Atlantis. Was there something prior to Atlantis?

Laura Coe 56:09
Now they're giving me such a hard time about time and spaced out being real. So we've heard that I don't know why. Let me just see why they're, when they repeat themselves, there's something that's their way of. They're not pushy. So they'll just repeat themselves until I'm like, what? Let me just see what this is Alex, and then I'll get back as far as you want. Why do you guys keep telling me about it? They just really want you and the listeners to hear that there's no such thing as linearity. Yes, in the moment, so you know it. Why does it matter in this conversation? Because in our heart, it's like, okay, we want to believe that there was these times in history when things were certain way or another way or whatever. And it's like, that evaluation leaves us maybe feeling a little bit like about ourselves, right? So so they just want us to understand that evolution, or the time space or whatever, it's, it's so much more elaborate. What goes into call it they're making it more like, our time is like this little circle, a bubble? Because what they're saying, there's like bubbles around of time space continuum. So like, so like, just imagine we're in we're in our bubble, and there's other bubbles, right? And they're all around, and they're doing what they do. And there's nothing better or worse about them. They're just, yeah. Okay. Thank you got that out. All right. So is there anything given that before?

Alex Ferrari 57:44
So if not going before in time? Was there another existence of a civilization any time, if at all in existence, at the same time as we're living right now? Is there another civilization?

Laura Coe 58:01
Fair enough! I can't help it. All right. Um, is there another? Let me just drop it in again. I mean, yes, I mean, not only Okay, not only were there other civilizations that not only were there other times in history, where you know, where such things existed. But it's in particularly important for us to understand that we're in multiple locations, like we're not just in this lifetime in this moment, right? So energetically, our souls can by locate and be in multiple locations at the same time. So not only is that true, but that also there's, there's civilizations happening in different Quantum Time bubbles, if you want to call it that. And we're in one and so other ones. Yeah, there's other ones. There's times when, I mean, they're sort of like mythical creatures and one, they're showing me these bubbles. Like, think of like your kid blowing bubbles. Okay, so there's like these little bubbles, and they're just taking me into them. And it's like, there's a time been in history where there's sort of this mythical majestical kind of Kingdom of sorts, right? Like, feels like Emerald City kind of feelings. Like it feels like we were more aligned to our true nature in terms of magical qualities like more magical we were able to it's just like whatever you might think of with Harry Potter magicians are like magical we were we were enacted in that sort of what we might call fairy realm like those kinds of experiences that they seem far fetched right to our to our minds, but they they existed. There's there's times when Um, I mean, they're taking me out to somewhere where it's like, really quite miserable. I don't know, there's some somewhere where, where there's like a dimensionless time space, place where it's like, in a way it feels like freedom, right? So it's dark and heavy, and like there's a dimensionless SNESs to it. And so in a way, you're sort of free on a soul level, you're not like embodied, but it's like really heavy and it's an opportunity for souls to learn. buoyancy, things of that nature, the nature of soul energy. So like, all these different planes of reality, we go into souls where we have, and we have multiple existences at the same time for our soul growth in our soul learning. So absolutely, there were I usually don't get all this, Alex, but they're not only taking us back in this timeline, but they're saying like futuristically, too. There's like things happening, right? There's there's advanced civilizations happening right now, in our own timeline, right, that are yet to be discovered by us because we're, we're considering ourselves to live right here right now. But the reality is, is that a version of future is already also happened. In existence to Good god.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:34
I'm gonna have to have you come back, and we're gonna do a whole episode on quantum physics and spirituality. So really, your head could explode on there.

Laura Coe 1:01:41
Oh, totally. Totally. I did like read a book. So my head doesn't like literally implode. Because like, every time I read this stuff, ya

Alex Ferrari 1:01:51
Know, it's really interesting this whole the way they've explained it, and the way they've put it out there. This has turned into not only a conversation about ancient civilizations, but parallel universes, let's not even get into the multiverse, or the quantum realm, if you will. All of these ideas that are starting to pop up more and more in the zeitgeist, which is really interesting. Were 30 years ago, the concept of the multiverse wasn't even really a thing other than to baby comic geeks or, or sci fi fans.

Laura Coe 1:02:24
I know. Did you see that Netflix the trip to infinity. Yeah. Oh, that's, that's trippy as I mean, what I love about it, though, is you watch these mathematicians and physicists explain it. The truth of what math and science are saying right now. And then they pan back to those guys. And they just go, we don't know. Right? I understand. Yeah, the top minds in the world are like, we know that this is the math, but we cannot understand it. Right? Yeah, it's quite remarkable. Rupert Spiro was doing an interview with a physicist and or mathematician. And they were saying that, you know, the Nobel Prize was won, or somebody who said that the timespace has been debunked, and none of us are really clear on that yet, you know, and I was like, I didn't know that. Oh, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:17
I was, I was familiar with those that were the guy that won the note with a group of NASA was the person or group that one Nobel Prize for that. It is, it's yeah, they're saying now that they're the math for simulation theory. Makes sense. It's plausible, the math is plausible. They that that's where it's all stops, you know, when you start getting deep into science and start getting deep and not as much quantum physics because quantum physics as Einstein called it, spooky, spooky, spooky science, because it just didn't make sense in the materialistic science that we have now. But the ideas that are starting with science in general, that there's always a magical beginning to everything. So like, there's the big bang, great. Got it. What was there before? What caused it, that's where it stops. They're just get the district they can't go any farther. So there's always a limit to where science can take you. And then that's when the mystics come in. That's when spirituality comes in to try to fill in the holes. And that's where I love to live. I'd love to live in between those two worlds. We're trying to get an understanding of everything because there is value in both it because I think quantum physics right now is opening up the doors so much in spirituality. And they're catching up to like what the Vedic texts, and the Bhagavad Gita already said. Yeah, this simulation theory is via It's the great illusion as the Aborigines the dream, so on another Trying to catch up to it. So it's really interesting to see where this all is coming in. And then in the deeper conversation that we're having today, we can go into some, I mean, we've already gone into some very deep rabbit holes here with other realms, other other civilizations, and then that they're all happening at the same time really starts making the head hurt. And then when you start getting into multiverse ideas, which is very discussed in the quantum physics, and physics world, this idea of multiple planes of reality. And again, when you start talking to mystics, and you start talking to channels and and people on the other people who talk to the other side and your death experiences, is that the veil between these other universes are very thin. Like, they're just like, yeah, we're all at the same. We're all having the same thing at the same time. It's all super thin, we can go into deep,

Laura Coe 1:06:00
Yeah, no. And listen, my I've said that on one of your episodes, but my father is a world famous physician and close to atheist. And, you know, we get into these great debates, and I'm, like, looked at, like, the truth is, is that I am running a scientific experiment. I mean, people call me from all over the world. They just give me their name. I could not, nor am I interested in Google searching them. And I tell them details about themselves that is so personal, that they're brought to cathartic tears repeatedly. So there is something right. And language doesn't always come into culture, as quickly as experience and why we discount our own experiences, just because we don't have some organized structural language to it right? To say, oh, you know, add a very long Latin word to it and call it something and then we say that it's more true, right? And, and I mean, I'm a huge fan of science. I'm a huge fan of medicine. It's wonderful. But they are true for as long as they are true. And then they're the first people to say we've changed our minds completely. And we haven't No, a new science or a new view or a new mathematical structure. So it's not true, true, true. Right. And so I just fall back on Plato's view, which is, the reality is that we'll never know, anything in this lifetime. And that's true wisdom, right? That we, yeah, you can't know we're in our senses. And so, you know, it's okay for me that I don't know I'm experiencing my life. And I would say to anybody listening, it's like, go have the experiences and decide for yourself.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:46
And that's when you train in the goal in a lifetime is to transcend the senses to go within, to understand the knowing, which is what Yogi's do, and these deeper spiritual masters, who transcend senses to the point where they can go inside. And they go, Oh, I see the truth. Now, because I am now this, this is this, this meatsuit that we're walking around, and I've quieted the mind, it's gone. And now I can see the true. Now I can come back and share this information. And with your father, to go back to your father, it's very fascinating. And I always say this, too, because his mind is been structured in a foundational way, that the idea for him to even entertain, the concepts that you're talking about, would rupture his foundation, destroy it, it will crumble it, because it would be a crack in the foundation. And we all know what happens when you have a crack in the foundation, it gets bigger and bigger and bigger. And it starts to shake his whole belief system. And if it shakes his whole belief system, then he goes, Wait a minute, everything I've been doing for the last 6070 years has been wrong. And then the ego gets in place and all this kind of, so it's difficult for them to be open to these ideas unless you have a free flowing Foundation, like you and I have where ideas come in. And if it makes sense, you move with it and you kind of flow with it. As opposed to being you know, rigid.

Laura Coe 1:09:17
Absolutely. I kind of got them on this one. But it was like if we, if we take the scientific method, and we say, let's do the scientific method on death, right? When we know and we have not done a double blind placebo trial on death, we haven't killed a bunch of people in a way that's replicatable that they can come back or not come back and tell us what it is. So we know nothing, right. And I said to my dad, I'm like, come on. You can't even say you're an atheist. You can't say anything. Because if you believe in the scientific method, then you have to wait for the Jama papers to come out in the science journals to say we ran the studies we know what happens we killed about as people, we didn't kill others, we use placebos. And we got the answer and like, no, he's like, Well, we can't run that. And I'm like, exactly. So stop saying that you have annoying, right? And that just gave me peace, that there's a leap of faith, even if you say you're an atheist, because there's no science on death. And so what there is, or the near death experiences, or this stuff, or there's so much more information that gives us a sense of what it is. And there's a through line, right? I mean, people bought it in such a similar way. And I've taught 1000s of people how to access the records. And I go in and do it all the time. And and there's this unshakable consistency around what it means to be alive, right? And so for me for now, and until somebody proves something else, this is the most beautiful thing we have, and why not lean into that.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:54
And the in that that Idea study the death study, you're basically reciting the plot for Flatliners, from 1990. Literally about that, was that in a bad way? Yeah, they bunch of students, a bunch of medical students got together and killed themselves, and then revive themselves constantly to see what happened, and see what their experiences were. So it's like, someone tried it in a movie. It was, and then they brought stuff back. But that's a whole other story plot ish. But no, but it's the whole concept of death. You know, the double blind study of death is undoable in it. And with a society that has some sort of conscience, maybe a dictator can

Laura Coe 1:11:46
We can't bring them back. And so and we can't give a placebo to it. So it's like, it doesn't work in our methodologies to prove something that we know for sure. And even the stuff we prove, or you know, it was a healthcare tech entrepreneur for decade, I build a big company around this. It's been a long time in healthcare, like, we prove stuff until we disprove it. You know, and that's great. There's nothing wrong with it. I'm really grateful for antibiotics, or, you know, pain medicine or whatever. I mean, anesthesia is the greatest thing that's ever happened, you know,

Alex Ferrari 1:12:19
Do you know this? Did you know that in the thick of the 1800s or early 1900s, please forgive me when it was. But do you know the concept of blowing smoke up up someone's butt that, you know, you're blowing smoke up my ass? That was a medical belief, I'm not joking. If someone drowned, you would blow smoke in there. But to bring them back to life. So hard was this belief that at pools, there was a system like a like a fire extinguisher, that's out every pool, or an EKG, like a like a one of those things called when they shock you back into and hardest, yeah, that now are everywhere. They had a little break in case of emergency glass situation where there was assistant to blow smoke up on someone's butt if they were drowning. So if that's an example of it's true until it's not.

Laura Coe 1:13:16
Exactly, exactly, exactly. And yet, I can sit, you know, day after day across from somebody and tell them some detail that is verifiable, right, like your actual, right and so to all the other mediums and channels that are out there that are wonderful. And it's like, how can we not believe this to be true? We don't we don't know how to explain it yet. But that's okay for me, right? Yeah, that's hilarious.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:42
So, Laura, does the Akashic records have any final say things to say about this topic of ancient civilizations, group conscious evolution, the whole thing?

Laura Coe 1:13:54
Let me see. What they're saying to me is that they're just really happy this information is coming forward, in particular, around this idea of a time continuum like to, they really are pressing this one out looks like that we are. I don't want to say this. It's like we're a living, breathing constellation of change all the time. So on a micro level, here's its Laura and she's able to, like connect into her energy, or frequency or vibration, and maybe shift the world for betterment. And then it's like, on a macro level, we live in a society, a culture where we can all open ourselves up our hearts our mind to right to this next level of change that that culture and society is really looking for. But evolutionarily when we look at the totality of all things in a moment, right, that that's really what is happening and so the future that's not written in the past that's been or whatever, it's, it's really more happening in in the this moment in time, if we, if we could just let go of our, our lack of clarity around how time continuum is really work that there's really this kinda, it's like so crazy, there's this bright, light white feeling all around me, I had opened my eyes for a second to see if it was something else. But there's this feeling of immersion into the moment and to let ourselves be free to exist in totality here in this moment, with the recognition that all moments in time are happening continuously. And so the reason they want to share that is that they hope that we can here we can open to this multiple reality, this multiple dimensional space time space idea, because if we can, it opens up our collective consciousness to a bigger conversation, that it's like, in a way, we're impacting the entire universe in every moment, our thoughts, our feelings, our recollections, our ways of speaking, our our interactions with ourselves, like our internal voice, and the one that we speak out to the world, all of this, it like raises, raises the energetics of the universe, like it's, it's got this collective quality to it in this collective time continuum. And so that, that bubble of change, right, if we thought about the bubble of universe that they had, had originally started, or they said, sort of towards the end there. That has an impact on reality. And so this is a bigger conversation, because they're kind of taking me and showing our bubbles colliding with these other bubbles. Like, it's more like that kind of feeling where the sort of continuums are, are having conversations with each others how they're putting it. It all impacts everything. So if we could seize thinking about ourselves first, just me and then, you know, we could heal the planet in the world if we opened ourselves up to this idea of, of consciousness being expanded past our own time continuum into this, this collective.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:24
Laura, where can people find out more about you and the amazing work that you're doing my dear?

Laura Coe 1:17:32 is where I spend most of my time teaching the Akashic records, we have a new community, that Stillpoint community, I just love it more than anything. We're opening up community to doing these kinds of downloads, showing people how to go on their own records and do have their own conversation with guides, meeting friends, joining and community around that. And of course, there's there's Akashic Record readings, which I have a long wait list, but we have little school certified readers. Available for people.

Alex Ferrari 1:18:09
Yeah, you and you might be a little bit more booked after this conversation, I would imagine

Laura Coe 1:18:15
At this point. But ok

Alex Ferrari 1:18:19
Well, Laura, I appreciate you and the Akashic records in the guides for for this amazing download. And I really, truly hope it helps people's ideas of where we came from, where we are and where we're going, and helps them on their life's journey a little bit more, but I appreciate you and everything you're doing for the world and we will, we will do another part of this we're going to do a chi square we'll do an episode of just the Akashic records and quantum physics and spirituality in that you'll need to read a few books before we do that.

Laura Coe 1:18:56
Tennis Brett says Alex, thank you so much. Thank you for supporting this the Akashic records are so aligned with my heart and my journey and my soul and my passion and thank you for creating a platform to bring it out. I am immensely grateful.

Alex Ferrari 1:19:10
Appreciate you, my dear.

Laura Coe 1:19:12
Thank you.

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