What REALLY Caused ATLANTIS to DISAPPEAR From the EARTH! Can It SAVE Our Future? with Matias De Stefano

Matias De Stefano is an Argentine author, lecturer, and spiritual teacher known for his work in the fields of consciousness, spirituality, and ancient knowledge. He gained popularity through his appearances on various media platforms, including television shows and online videos.

One of the central themes of Matias De Stefano’s teachings is the exploration of ancient wisdom and its relevance to contemporary life. He often discusses topics such as the history of human consciousness, the interconnectedness of all things, and the evolution of humanity’s spiritual awareness.

De Stefano has claimed to have memories of his past lives and experiences in other dimensions, which he shares as part of his teachings. He believes in the importance of reconnecting with ancient knowledge to better understand our existence and to navigate the challenges of the modern world.

Please enjoy my conversation with Matias De Stefano.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 366

Matias De Stefano 0:00
There were many facts many reasons that made Atlantis fall, there was a comment that changed the weather. So, when that happened, for many of the colonies of Atlantis, it was like, maybe the universe is telling us that we have to change that. This is the eighth the end of an era. And we have to begin a new one

Alex Ferrari 0:27
I like to welcome back to the show, returning champion, Matias De Stefano. How you doing Matias?

Matias De Stefano 0:43
Hi, all good. Thank you for making the space.

Alex Ferrari 0:47
Of course now I know that we have a limited amount of time with you today because you're very, very busy man. So let's jump right into it. Today we're going to talk about one of your favorite subjects. And mine is well, ancient civilizations and Atlantis and Lemuria. And you and all these other places. How do you believe that ancient civilizations play a part in our understanding of spirituality today?

Matias De Stefano 1:13
Well, um, ancient civilizations had a lot of time to analyze reality instead of trying to do instead of trying to say how can I handle this reality? The question, how can I become that reality? And the ancient civilizations, for example. We all tend to believe that it all started because aliens came to the planet and taught us how to build pyramids.

Alex Ferrari 1:53
The anunnaki, the anunnaki

Matias De Stefano 1:55
The anunnaki that's taking the actual power of the human power and this plant. So why humans were the ones chosen by some aliens, to create those civilizations. And the reason is because we humans had something that most of the other animals and realities in this life don't have, which is imagination. And imagination, allowed us to get the power of other realities, and become those other realities, and create those other realities out of nowhere. For example, the first humans, when they wanted to defend themselves, they learned how to imitate the arms. So they started to make the noises and the shapes of the animals, and they started to dress and use the bones like those animals. So that would scare the, the predators. Okay. So the imagination, on how to imitate nature, amplified our understanding of reality. So, I think it's very important to before talking about how the ancient civilizations were created with all this power, we have to understand that the reason why we got there is because we developed our imagination. We got out for the idea of just being humans. And we started to think, what if I become a tiger? What if I become a bat? What if I become a tree? So what would happen if I start to build like a tree? What would happen if I start to build my house like this bird? So humans started to, through imagination, take the information from everywhere. And curiosity and imagination allowed us to access the data of this word, like any other ever did before. And that that's why we started to tune with other beings that also use imagination, to bring information from one side to the other, and are those beings that knows the laws of the universe, from which the first law of the universe is mentalism, which is everything is an idea. Everything is imagination. If you know how to handle the first law of the universe, you open every door of all realities in all dimensions. So when we started to dream being awakened, and we started to imagine and create from the imagination from those stories, Since we tune ourselves within the same level of frequency of those beings in other planets that were doing the same. And that allowed the other beings to say, Hey, this is the way in which we contact the imagination of the Divine. And these are the pathways that we used. So maybe you can use them too. And because we were so open to imagination, we never doubted that that could be possible. So that's why we moved stones, just with our thoughts. That's why in ancient times, just by singing, we could cure someone. Because we were using the mind as the main tool for the infant. So I think that's an important thing to understand. Because the most darkest time in history of humanity was the time when humans were forbidden from imagining when we have only one religion, and God said, this is the only truth. And there is no other truth, but this one. And if you see back in history, the moment where everything was very slow, and very difficult to transform and evolve. Dark was that time in which we couldn't imagine or otherwise, we were wizards, or witches, or whatever. Because we were out of that truth. So as we started again, to open our imagination, we started to have technology, internet, connections, art, and all those things that we have today. So people that allow themselves to imagine they open other realities. And so ancient civilizations did that, actually. And they access the main code of Creation of the Universe, of how to communicate with other worlds on how to download information from the entire reality. So that,

Alex Ferrari 7:21
So it seems that in ancient civilizations, they mastered different technologies than we have mastered. In other words, they weren't running around with cell phones and the internet, they were at a different playing field, and communicating at a different way. They, you know, because you start hearing stories about Atlantis, which we'll talk about in a minute, about, you know, their high end technologies and things like that. And everyone's like, Well, where are the buildings were where were all the sector like, because they only look at it from the point of view of today's technology, not looking at it from the point of view of that tech, we can't comprehend that the pyramids in Egypt and the obelisks around the world could be connected to some sort of energy grid. That's, that's beyond our imagination, because we can't really grasp that idea. And that's one theory. And you could tell me if it's true or not, from your perspective, but they didn't have cell phones, they didn't have internet, they didn't have PlayStation five. They didn't have that kind of technology. But they were mastering the technologies that they had at a whole other level. That's how they were able to create things like Gobekli Teppei, at that time, or the massive underground dwellings in Turkey, that how 60,000 people and we can go deep into all that stuff later. But is that a fair statement?

Matias De Stefano 8:47
The main difference we have today, from that time, regarding technology, is that today, we think we are humans, and we use technology to the things in that time. They were the technology. That's the main difference. They were using others technology or outer technology to this stuff. They were the technology.

Alex Ferrari 9:22
Okay, so if I may explain, kind of if I understand what you're saying. In other words, they, they were using the mind and understanding abilities to connect to universal technologies, like, let's say intergalactic conversations or moving large, large rocks with their minds or carving out, you know, cities out of a mountain, which there's so many in India and so on. They were doing these kinds of things. Very much like the enlightenment, they were the light they were the technology is that kind of what we're talking about?

Matias De Stefano 9:57
It's the same thing. It's like first of all, Simple. In order to understand what a pyramid is, you have to become the pyramid first, you have to understand the logics of white build a pyramid, why would you create a pyramid, and what's helpful for you for others, and the way you build it is by understanding it from within. So you have to become it not only learn the techniques to do it. So that's why for the ancient times, spirituality was so important, because, for example, the architect was not an architect, the architect needed to know by all allergy, medicine, music, art, spirituality, meditation, geometry. So eventually, at first, and that was actually building a pyramid was not an architect was a musician was an artist was in mathematics,


Mathematician. It became everything. In order to do that, it became the planet itself, in order to be that it became the stars itself. So you cannot build something like this without understanding how gravity works. So you need to be the planet, you need to work the world, you need to understand the measurements of reality. So today, you have a university that teaches you how to build buildings. So you are five years studying to become an architect. But that arctic architect is not an engineer. And the guy that is an engineer is not a genie, the word engineer is Genie. So in order to become a genie, what do you have to have spirituality? Without spirituality, you cannot connect with yourself? Without connecting with yourself, you cannot open your mind? How can you open new realities if you don't open your mind. So in order to understand that mind, you have to understand physics, but you have to understand your brain, you have to understand biology, you have to sell, eventually, you need to understand so many things that are interconnected, because reality is vibration. So if you don't know music, you cannot build a building. There are so many concepts, that if you don't become all of them, if you don't feel the music, if you don't feel the stars, if you don't feel the plans, if you don't feel the emotions, so you cannot create a pyramid, then that's the main thing is there was not about aliens coming and giving us the technology to be to build the pyramid, is we all became a pyramid. And that's why we could build it.

Alex Ferrari 13:10
We understood it at a at a much deeper level than just looking at it from the the outside. So that's why when you look at a Frank Lloyd Wright building, who is a very famous architect here, it's an art piece, they literally aren't there his homes are art pieces, because he looked at it completely, almost like divide physics. So when I when I was in Chichen Itza, you know, when you sit there, you build up, obviously, you've been at Chichen Itza. Correct? When you clap, and you hear the sound of echo and you hear the bird chirp. Yeah, that's crazy. Do you imagine trying to do that today, from the point of view of an architect, trying to build a stone pyramid that does that today would be nearly impossible, because the level of understanding has to be so grand, which is what you've been saying. You have to understand all this kind of stuff. Where back then it was a lot easier for them to understand it. No cell phones, but they could do this.

Matias De Stefano 14:10
Exactly. Yeah. The whole the whole thing was in that time was in was about how to use your technology, which is yourself. So first, you have to learn how you work before you actually can make the world work.

Alex Ferrari 14:29
Oh, Put that on a t shirt, sir. That's such a great quote. You need to learn how to hurt yourself before you can help the world. It's such a beautiful deep quote.

Matias De Stefano 14:42
Yes. So basically, that's why ancient civilizations are so interesting. And every time that someone tries to understand how they could possibly know that the measurement of this side of the pyramid is gonna go into the actual North Pole. Well If you're thinking it as an engineer today, but actually you can ask any bird on a tree where the North Pole is, yeah, it's like, it's like, you just have to pay attention where they are flying to, you know, so. So in that time, they just tried to imagine how they would fly. And they were filling the North Pole. And they were just calculating the image of that through how the birds flight. So they started to imitate the patterns of the fly of the birds in order to calculate exact measurements. So there are so many things in nature, that you can only feel and perceive when you become it. That in order to access that, you have to open your abilities. That's why when people start to wonder how ancient civilizations did they all end up into spirituality. Right? Yes, is the only way to understand it is the only way to understand what it was.

Alex Ferrari 16:06
So is that why quantum physics is starting to get closer and closer to the spiritual texts of the of the east of the Vedic texts and these ideas. And that's why the physics world is just like quantum physics. It's spooky, like Einstein said, It's spooky physics, because they just don't. It's not grounded in this perspective. It's grounded in this other perspective that we're talking about becoming the atoms becoming understand. Because, you know, like, what's the what's the term when, when entertain entanglement? Quantum entanglement? That is doesn't make any sense with physics. I think you can't explain it in physics. It's, but you can explain it kind of, in quantum physics in spirituality is completely explainable. Right? Yeah. But let me ask you about this real quick going to Central America in the in South America. Did the Aztecs, the Incas and the Maya come across these pyramids? These structures that the cultures come up? Or did they actually create those structures? And or did they just find this? Because to me, it always, never made sense. The Aztecs were sacrificing and cutting people's heads off and throwing them over these pyramids. And like, You mean to tell me the people who created this insane, beautiful, you know, construction that we can barely comprehend how they did it. We're sacrificing cutting people's hearts out. There's a disconnect there for me. What's your what do you know about that?

Matias De Stefano 17:36
Well, the White House were was built by slaves?

Alex Ferrari 17:40
Well, yeah,

Matias De Stefano 17:42
So of course, in that time, the idea of killing people and doing sacrifices was very common. So for us today is like crazy. But for that time, it was like a one, also to be sacrificed for the gods. So of course, it was a totally different concept, of course, culturally talking. But that, but not all the pyramids were built by Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs. They just came and rebuilt. Like the, like the Egyptians, we tend to say the Egyptians build the pyramids. No, the Egyptians didn't exist. When the pyramids were built. It was different cultures. And then people from Novia came to Egypt. And then people from Arabia came to Egypt, and people from Greece came to Egypt, and they created the Egyptians. But but it wasn't actually all the time Egyptians who build the pyramids, for example, but they rebuilt them. They recreated the idea. Because today, since Napoleon, yeah, since Napoleon 1700s, they we didn't have the thing about discovering that an ancient place and taking care of it, like an ancient place. Before Napoleon, if you find something that was all, you rebuild it and reuse it, right? So nobody took care about the ancient world about like, Oh, this is historical. So in every step of the history, whenever there was a fallen stone, they would rebuild it, they will paint it again, or make an inscription or something. So it's very difficult to actually say this was filled by these people. Because no this was revealed by these people. So throughout time, many of the pyramids and the constructions rebuilt, like the pyramids and cheat sheets, I think they found out now that there are like three pyramids more inside, right? And they're so ancient that doesn't match with the Mayans. So

Alex Ferrari 20:18
They built on top on top and top? And then like, on top of on top of those many generations of it. But then also like in Egypt, it seems like the pyramids got worse with time, where they should have gotten better with time. But that kind of shows that it wasn't the same technology or the same information or knowledge that built the first pyramids that built the step pyramids, let's say,

Matias De Stefano 20:40
Well, the basically the thing was that the Mayans and the Aztecs, they had polytheism, they were taking care of the ancestors. And they took care of the temples as a way to connect with the divine, so they rebuild it and take care of it. What happened in Egypt was that the Islam and the Christianism, first, the Christian ism and then the Islam. They thought that those things were built for gods that were not true. That that the gods of Christianism and the God of Islam, were not supposed to build temples for the gods. So they started to use the pyramids, the stones from the pyramids, to build houses, or use them for other things. So it was a completely different tradition that kept the story. That's why they didn't care. They didn't take care of, of the buildings in the least, but they did in America.

Alex Ferrari 21:51
So so let me let me go back. Because one of the big things that you talk a lot about as your past lives in Atlantis, and it's one of my favorite subjects. Maybe I lived there. I don't know, at one point in one of my lives, we're sure we all I'm sure we all did it if we're here we probably were in Atlantis at one point or another. So let me ask you for your remembering because you have an remembering of Atlantis. What led to the downfall of this great society. Was it political? Was it internal was an external like, comment or the earth shifting or what was it that you remember?

Matias De Stefano 22:29
There were many facts many reasons that made Atlantis fall. If we want to take a look into the big, bigger picture, there was a comment. There was another comment that Roger Mastro Yeah, that changed the weather. So, when that happened, for many of the colonies of Atlantis, it was like, maybe the universe is telling us that we have to change that this is the eighth the end of an era. And we have to begin a new one. Atlantis said no, no, if we do that, we will lose the connectivity, we will lose the whole thing. So Atlantis started to try to control the colonies that were asking for independence. In order to start a new system. A lot of people from Atlantis started to move away from the capital and the main islands. So they left the islands that created an economical conflict. So basically, Atlantis got in a crisis, like a normal country. And they started to invade other countries to get the resources back or the control back. And of course, the sun such a fast weather change or climate climate change. Made to disappear. Of course, but before it was like for I don't know 800 years, but it was not like from one day to the other Atlantis started to fall as any empire that grow up so much that created so many options, so many things. And suddenly,

Alex Ferrari 24:26
Like Rome fell to fall in one day it took centuries. Years yours yeah to like completely, you know, parts here when we go on parts there would be gone things like that. So that's what actually happened to it. So then. Okay, so then if Atlantis felt that way, then what was before Atlantis was there other other was there Lemuria MU What are these? Yeah, how far back do we go Matias?

Matias De Stefano 24:59
Well you can as humanity?

Alex Ferrari 25:03
Or is it civilizations like civilized humanity,

Matias De Stefano 25:06
Civilize humanity's maybe around 70,000 years ago? Okay? Some other people would say they like more than that. But it wouldn't have been like that civilize, like, around the globe. Now so pockets pockets. Yeah, yes, actually, I remember that the beginning of our humanity saying, We have to get together and do something different was because of a huge eruption of a volcano that changed the geography of the planet. And that happened around 70 75,000 years ago. So that situation in the planet changed the weather. It's cool the planet down a lot. It created a like a tiny laceration. But it was very fast. So it actually is much more related to that moment that people got together for the first time to say we have to do something. And that would be like kind of the beginning of the civilizations that say,

Alex Ferrari 26:34
And that's where lemuria and mu came in. Yeah. newsletter. So let me ask you, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this as as the Antarctic is starting to to melt. There are, quote, unquote, rumors of structures being discovered that the melting ice is showing up. That is, that's actually a continent, not just a block of ice, there's a continent underneath. So what is your knowledge of what was there? At what time

Matias De Stefano 27:06
I remember a region in Antarctica call upon me. And we we usually in in Atlantis, we knew about it. Like, there was something there, there was a settlement. Because Antarctica was like, the gate to go beyond, like, all the wisdom of the planet is in Antarctica, all the history of why are we here? It's encoded in Antarctica. So so a client is actually got there. And they had a settlement there. I don't know much about it. I just know that it was there. I just, I remember making maps about lines of connections from Giza, to this point in Antarctica. But I wouldn't say that there are like huge construction things on there. But maybe some temples or something should be

Alex Ferrari 28:14
Some pyramids or something is there. It's not You're not gonna find like cities and cities and cities. Now. No, but there is something there. But there's something there underneath. So my friend I'm gonna ask you a few questions asked all of my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Matias De Stefano 28:34
Definition of a fulfilled life for myself, is just being myself and doing what I like what I want in the moment that I want and that I like. It's just being yourself coherent, coherently. What do you think? What do you feel and what you do if those three agree to one another? With your own self. That's a fulfilled life. You don't need anything else.

Alex Ferrari 29:08
Beautiful. Now if you had a chance to go back in time and speak to little Matias, what advice would you give him?

Matias De Stefano 29:16
Um I would I would just say to him to have more fun. Like all of this will be fun. So, enjoy it.

Alex Ferrari 29:42
How do you define God or Source?

Matias De Stefano 29:49
I am

Alex Ferrari 29:51
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Matias De Stefano 30:03
Is to be simple.

Alex Ferrari 30:09
And my friend, where can people find out more about you and the remarkable work you're doing to awaken the world?

Matias De Stefano 30:18
I think that Instagram

Alex Ferrari 30:23
You have a website. Do you want me to tell you what your website is?

Matias De Stefano 30:27
Ohh.. yes, I have a website.

Alex Ferrari 30:31
You're the worst person try to sell these books. I tell you the worst.

Matias De Stefano 30:37
Actually, actually, my team is like, what is he going to say? I never know what is my website where to?

Alex Ferrari 30:47
I'll put it all in the show notes because Matias doesn't remember marketing of what he's doing in the world. I'll put it in the show notes. So everybody listen, my friend. It has been a pleasure and honor having you on the show. I look forward to our next conversation in the future. I know I could talk to you like Aubrey did for seven hours. So, my friend amigo, thank you so much for everything you're doing in the world.

Matias De Stefano 31:16
Muchas gracias!

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