Atlantis’ TRUE Origins UNEARTHED in EXPLOSIVE Akashic Records Channeling LIVE with Laura Coe

On today’s episode, we welcome the fascinating Laura Coe, a seasoned practitioner of the Akashic Records, who takes us on a journey through the layers of our soul’s history and the broader human consciousness. Her work offers a profound perspective on how ancient civilizations and modern human evolution intertwine in ways that challenge our understanding … Read more

AKASHIC RECORDS Channeled LIVE! How & Why We CREATE a SOUL PLAN Unlocked! with Laura Coe

On today’s episode, we welcome Laura Coe, a spiritual teacher and channeler who brings forth profound wisdom from the Akashic Records. Imagine accessing a space where all of your soul’s history, across all lifetimes, is stored and tapping into this well of knowledge to guide your present life. This is Laura’s unique gift, and today, … Read more

Unlocking the Akashic Records to Discover Your Soul’s Purpose with Laura Coe

On today’s episode, we welcome Laura Coe, a profound seeker and explorer of the Akashic records. Her journey is a testament to the soul’s search for authenticity and deeper truth. Raised in a Jewish family with intellectual leanings but little religious engagement, Laura’s initial exposure to philosophy at sixteen ignited a spark within her. This … Read more

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