STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF! If You’re Struggling with LOW SELF-ESTEEM – WATCH THIS! with Matt Kahn

In today’s episode, we welcome the insightful Matt Kahn, a spiritual teacher and author known for his profound teachings and compassionate approach to self-discovery. Matt Kahn shares his journey from childhood curiosity to becoming a conduit for higher wisdom, emphasizing the importance of love, inner guidance, and the mystical experiences that have shaped his path.

From an early age, Matt experienced a deep sense of curiosity about the universe and his place within it. He recalls, “When I was about eight years old, I had a lot of spiritual questions that would just erupt in my heart.” Raised in a Jewish family, he found himself seeking answers beyond traditional religious teachings, leading him to profound inner experiences that would guide his spiritual journey.

One pivotal moment occurred when Matt had a visionary experience that profoundly impacted him. “I found myself in this garden,” he recounts. The vivid colors and overwhelming sense of love he felt in this vision were unlike anything he had experienced before. In the garden, he encountered a being in a white robe with shoulder-length dark hair and a beard, who emanated pure white light from his eyes. This being, whom Matt later identified as Jesus, conveyed a deep sense of safety and love, leaving a lasting impression on him.


  1. The Importance of Inner Guidance: Matt emphasizes the significance of listening to one’s inner voice and intuitive guidance. Throughout his life, he experienced spontaneous knowings and profound visions that guided him on his path. “I started having these spontaneous knowings where I would just know things,” he shares. This inner guidance has been a cornerstone of his spiritual journey.
  2. Embracing the Mystical: Matt’s experiences highlight the importance of being open to mystical encounters and higher wisdom. His encounters with spiritual beings and his ability to receive guidance from them have deeply influenced his teachings. He explains, “I hear guides, and I hear angels, I hear spirit like I’m talking to you.”
  3. The Transformative Power of Love: Central to Matt’s teachings is the power of love to heal and transform. He advocates for loving oneself and others as a way to navigate life’s challenges and cultivate a deeper sense of connection and purpose. “Loving yourself more, not less, is the key to evolving consciousness,” he advises.

In our conversation, Matt also delves into the concept of the universe having a plan for each of us. He describes life as a field trip where our souls undergo training to become future spirit guides, Ascended Masters, and archangels. This perspective shifts the focus from controlling outcomes to trusting in the divine plan and embracing the journey. “We are here to become heart-centered beings, to survive the process of surrender, and to embody our highest actualized divinity,” he explains.

Matt also addresses the challenges of dealing with negative thoughts and difficult emotions. He encourages recognizing these as part of the collective consciousness rather than personal failings. “When you hear negativity in your head, stop and love your heart,” he advises. This approach fosters self-compassion and helps clear collective imprints, leading to personal and collective healing.


  1. Faith in Change: Matt highlights the importance of placing faith in the inevitability of change rather than in the things that change. This perspective helps navigate life’s uncertainties with greater ease and trust. “Put your faith in the ability to change, not the things that will change,” he advises.
  2. The Role of Ego: Understanding the role of ego and balancing it is crucial for spiritual growth. Matt discusses the need to participate in life while maintaining a healthy ego, avoiding both over-identification and detachment. “Ego is how we identify ourselves as unique expressions of spirit,” he explains.
  3. Healing Through Self-Love: Embracing and loving oneself, especially in moments of anger or frustration, is a key aspect of Matt’s teachings. This practice helps transform negative emotions and fosters a deeper connection with one’s true self. “Can I be the one that loves the angry person inside of me?” he asks.

As we conclude our conversation, Matt reflects on the broader implications of his teachings and the importance of embracing one’s spiritual journey with openness and compassion. His insights offer valuable guidance for those seeking to deepen their understanding of themselves and the universe.

Please enjoy my conversation with Matt Kahn.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 016

Alex Ferrari 0:08
I'd like to welcome to the show, Matt Khan, man, How you doing, Matt?

Matt Kahn 0:11
I'm amazing. How are you?

Alex Ferrari 0:13
I'm doing great, man. I'm doing great. We've had a wonderful pre interview conversation that we should have recorded. It was some good stuff in there. But I truly appreciate you coming on, man. I'm a fan of your work and what you're trying to do for the world and what you are doing for the world? through your books and through your your teachings and things like that. Can you? Can you tell the audience what is your origin story? How did you find your way to this path? Because I'm assuming when you were six, you didn't say, Oh, well, obviously, I need to do this. So how did you find a way here?

Matt Kahn 0:52
That's when I was six, I had a vision that says you will not be good at real estate. So you need to go super mystical. I find, though, you know, when I was when I was about eight years old. And around that age, I mean, I can't remember most of my life, to be honest. So it's very, but around eight years old feels feels what would the age was? I had a lot of spiritual questions that would just erupt in my heart. I had, you know, my curiosities were in the universe. And what is this? And who am I? And why are we here, and my parents had a background in spirituality so we can have these conversations. And it was, you know, I was raised in a Jewish family. And that never, for me seemed to really kind of connect. And I always thought for me, there was just more than just what was was was being articulated on any level of religion. And so I began asking a lot of really deep questions. And I remember one night, I went to sleep, and I thought I was going to sleep like any other night. And I found myself in this garden. And I've told the story many times. But what's interesting is that every time I tell it, and every moment, it feels like it just happened. And I'm in this garden. And as a kid in the 80s, I was always really afraid of being without my parents. And in the 80s, there was don't talk to strangers and that whole campaign. And

Alex Ferrari 2:16
can you imagine that that was the only problem we had to deal with now?

Matt Kahn 2:23
I just remember that. I'm like, Oh, yeah, when I was a kid, don't talk to strangers.

Alex Ferrari 2:27
Don't talk to them. That was terrifying in the 80s. Like, people were like, that was a big, like, don't get me wrong. It's still don't talk to strangers, of course. But there's 1000 other things like a pandemic going on.

Matt Kahn 2:38
And when we were kids, it was a van.

Alex Ferrari 2:42
It was the van. It was oh my god, they had a whole episode on different strokes about someone that they took, they took one of the kids in a van It was terrifying to her.

Matt Kahn 2:50
I was so afraid of vans, vans,and we got It's crazy. But so and when I was in the garden, you know, but I had the thought of I don't know where I am. But for the first time, my life, I feel so safe, I feel so held, I feel so loved. And I'm walking through this garden where the colors are so bright. I just feel like these colors are just bursting with love. And I really never felt love like that my life. I mean, I felt loved for my parents, and my parents are wonderful. But this was different. And I find myself walking through a field of at that time felt like waist high flowers. And I was eight. So I'm sure they weren't the biggest flowers in the world, for me was waist high flowers, and I'm feeling my body pushed through the brush. And as I start feeling my body move through the brush of these flowers. I then realize I'm hovering above them, floating above me watching myself and feeling myself move through them. And I didn't know how I was having that simultaneous experience. The Love was so intense, it didn't matter. And then about 10 feet in front of me was this being in a white robe, dark hair, shoulder length hair and a beard. And he was hovering above the flowers. 10 feet in front of me, motioned me towards him. And I didn't know who he was. But there was a familiarity that I felt I started floating towards this being to where I'm as close, you know, a couple feet away. And there's just pure white light pouring out of the eyes of this being. And for some reason what I thought of was in scary movies when people would like roll their eyes, but their heads. So I don't know why I thought that Oh, the 80s the 80s. And as I had that thought it broke the state and I fell through the garden. I fell through the sky, and I fell back in my body. And only once I returned to my body that I did, I realized I loved it. And I'm shaking in like a sweat. And I'm freezing at the same time and at the corner of my I'm in my doorway. I see the same being in this like misty white authentic energy motioning towards I'm going to look in the being disappears. And so then I go to my friend's house the next day and I see They're living on they have this framed picture. And I and I went, who is that? My friends like Matt, that's, that's Jesus. And I hadn't been raised with an awareness of Jesus. And I go, Well, I don't know who he is. That's who I met my dream last night. And then my friend, Matt, you did not meet Jesus. like as if I skipped over. Do this going to hell, because you think you met Jesus? And I'm like, Look, I don't know the big deal is, but that's how I met.

Alex Ferrari 5:27
That dude is who I met. That dude had a meet and greet. I almost got a selfie with him.

Matt Kahn 5:36
Selfie. Fair enough. But but but but he turned the other cheek was terrible. But But. But anyway, so I had this, okay, as Jesus. And it was just from that moment that I felt angels walking with me. And I and I knew they were angels. But I didn't know what an angel was. So I started having these spontaneous knowings, where I would just know things. And I wouldn't know how I would know it. But I just knew that I know. And it was like the deepest knowing in my heart. And throughout my life, these knowings began to grow. The awareness of my guides disappeared, I went into adolescence. And then when I was 18, that kind of all came back after a series of events, and I began hearing and meeting different Ascended Masters archangels. And they would introduce themselves to me, and their message was so loving and the feeling match the feeling in the garden. So it's exactly that I knew to trust this, because at the same time, while I was open to this, I was also in the back of my mind, just okay, you might be a little crazy. And so with healthy skepticism, I would talk to the Masters, I would ask questions, I would ask the same questions over and over again, just make sure I got the same answers. And I would just have these interactions. And that led to me being motivated by them to go deliver messages to people like at the grocery store and on the street. And it was like the scariest experience of like, walking up to someone you're attracted to. And that feeling of I feel like I'm gonna get rejected. But this is now like, on a higher level of I'm gonna go to a stranger and deliver a message from spirit. And I would and people would transform and burst into tears. And I didn't know how I was doing it. I just knew how to do it somehow. And it just evolved and led mysteriously to the life that I have right now where now I serve the evolution of humanity. And I do it with and through the direct guidance of the masters and angels that have always guided me.

Alex Ferrari 7:37
Now, how do you get to the state where you're talking to your Ascended Master?

Matt Kahn 7:42
The first time it happened, I hear a voice in my head from my main guide whose name is Melchizedek. And he says, You're not who you think you are. And my response was, Who the f are you

Alex Ferrari 7:54
who this

Matt Kahn 7:55
who dis on the line? As I said, and and he introduced himself and be and it was just an interesting, like, I hear guides, and I hear angels, I hear spirit like I'm talking to you. I hear it in my, like someone's talking to me. And so when the first time it happened, it kind of startled me. But it felt so loving. I knew that I knew to trust it. And I would and I just created the system where it's like, okay, every one of you guys has to have a color and a symbol in my mind. And every time I'm talking to you, it has to always be there. So I know who I'm talking to. And I created a system. Because I felt the connection. This felt right. But I just still needed to know how to trust it. Because there was a part of me doubting that what I was doing was even real. And so we began these conversations. And then I realized all of what I was being taught by these masters whether it was Melchizedek, or mother, Mary or Jesus, or it was Kuan Yin or Archangel Michael or Archangel Gabriel. Were all of the questions I had as a kid. All of the things I wish when I went to school we were studying were all the things that I was being taught. And so for me, it captured my imagination it satiated that desire to know the deepest highest truths. And it just became this relationship that because it felt like the love of the garden because it was such loving messages because it was so supportive. And because when I was inspired to do for other people was so beneficial to them. I learned to trust it.

Alex Ferrari 9:35
So you wrote a book about the universe basically has, has a plan for all of us and letting go of this plan. I've always said to people, not that I've practiced this, but I've always said this to people. It's a river. year you can either just take the boat and go down the river, the way it's it's the width, the width in the direction the rivers flowing or you can get out and start walking backwards now and I, I've done that most of my life, well as most of us do. But then what happens is you get tired, you fall down and the river takes you where it's gonna take you anyway. Exactly. So what do you what, in your opinion, what is the plan that the universe has? For all of us? I know each one has a different but in general, what do you think it is? Well, I

Matt Kahn 10:25
think in general, the plan is that all of us came to this planet, as a field trip. And this field trip is where our souls have come to basically undergo training to be future spirit guides, Ascended Masters and archangels for incoming souls who will go through this education process. So our destiny although uniquely individual, just like every guide I've ever met, your every Master, every guide is like a different specific hue and the rainbow. So each one has a different color, and focus and talents and ability. But each of us are here to become heart centered beings, we're here to undergo and survive the process of surrender the many facets of awakening, and to truly use this physical form as the space through which we embody our highest actualized divinity, not where our divinity is buffering out our personality, but where we come here to be fully embodied and integrated. individualized expressions of spirit

Alex Ferrari 11:28
does a great answer. That's a great answer. Now, there's so many times when we're on our path, but bad things happen to us. Yeah. Code rough patches. It's part of our our path. What do you What? Why do you think that we blame ourselves? When things Bad, bad things happen to us that aren't technically our fault? Like we didn't cause it? Like, it's happenstance that like, I got hit by car. You know, the the tax man knocked on the door. I'm like, Oh, Jesus, what I didn't do what like something bad financially, physically, emotionally, things that are out of our control. Why do you believe that we blame ourselves? Because I know I have in my in my days?

Matt Kahn 12:13
Well, first of all, I love that you said like bad things happen. Because I think a lot of times in the spiritual community, or on the spiritual path, people like to self correct themselves. Like they'll say, Oh, this bad thing. And then they'll say, Oh, I shouldn't say bad, I should say, and they try to reframe and yet, and I appreciate what you're saying, because I actually like to teach them the most authentic path. Whereas we put words that match our emotions, if if to us, it feels bad, by saying it's a learning experience doesn't change the feelings already present in your body. So when you said that, I was like, thank you for saying that. Like, like, like, if I say bad, nope, nope, nope, this was a constructive learning experience. My heart opens the No,

Alex Ferrari 12:54
dude, if you get hit by a car, that's a bad thing now, but mind you that bad thing. I always feel that when bad things do happen in your life, that they're, they're there to teach. And they're there to guide. And many times, they're there to protect you from worst things that could happen. And like, you know, you missed the flight, but you're like, that's a bad thing. But the flight crashes, you know, these are, these are things that you know, happen or in ADS had that happened to me a bunch of times, I'm like, like, I lost the job, or I lost an opportunity that I wanted so badly. But then, you know, a month or two later, the company goes under, which you would have been brought under with it, things like that. So I'm always I mean, this is just age to experience was like, you know, when something negative happens, you have to sit back and this is just me, pull back and just go, why is it happening? What is this trying to teach me? Where is this? Where is this taking me? Because I don't believe that the universe is there just to beat you up for the sake of beating you know, there is karma. And you got to deal with karma. And that's a whole nother conversation. But the i don't i don't think that like there's somebody behind the scenes going. let's just, let's see what happens there. Ha just for our amusement, like the Greek gods used to do in Greek mythology, they would literally just screw with people just to amuse themselves. I don't believe that's the way the universe works. So what's your opinion?

Matt Kahn 14:21
Well, I agree. And I think, you know, bad things happen. Because everyone's it's all subjective. Bad things happen to make more room for goodness, to fill our hearts to fill our lives. You know, what we think of as bad is an unforeseen circumstance based on how we think life should go and life shuffles the deck life mixes it up, to really show you that things will maybe not go your way, only so that you can find yourself going the way that you never could ever think big enough to find to frame to envision. So we can't actually envision a big enough miraculous possibility to ever match where we're going and the path we're already on. So all the all life can do is consistently disappoint in some weird combination of circumstance. Again, bad things only happening to create more room for goodness to emerge in our hearts. And as we start to lose sight with the way we think things need to be, we started to come into greater alignment with the way things are always meant to be, which again, will wind up being so inconceivably miraculous, you will laugh at the fact that you could never have been in charge of finding it, because you can't think that big. And that's when we laugh. That's when we open up. And that's when we allow,

Alex Ferrari 15:53
preach, preach, preach, preach, brother, because, I mean, think I mean, thinking about that, just like in my own life, like when I was in Miami, and I'm like, oh, one day, I got to move to Hollywood, and I want to, you know, follow my dreams there. And that was a big dream. And then once I got there, things that happened to me, we're just beyond my comprehension. And then the funny things are that like, the way my path has gone down is like the doors that I've always wanted to go into, were always locked. But then through a podcast, they miraculously opened. And I'm like, I couldn't have ever thought of that. There's that? Well, first of all, podcasting didn't exist back then. But still, the even things now that I I can't even comprehend the things that are coming from me. They're too large. That I think hopefully, I'm being very optimistic, I feel that there's a lot of positive things coming in my life. Or even if they're not big, or pot, whatever. I can't imagine them. Like, I can't imagine them, like where I am sitting today. Right? Who told me five years ago, I would like you're crazy. And that seems to be the way that it's been happening throughout my life. Like you're I would have said, You're nuts. I would have said you're nuts. I would have said you're nuts, just opportunities. people I've met. You know, my wife, my fam, I would have just said You're crazy. But that is your, I've never heard anyone say that. Like you'd can't, can't dream or think big enough for what the universe has implant plans for you. Because it's just too much like it. Okay, plan the next 40 years, at way too much like you can't, like trying to like trying to like you could say, Oh, I'm going to be rich and famous, or I'm going to be, you know, I'm going to find my spiritual path. Those are very broad strokes, but try to really, truly lay out the plan to get there.

Matt Kahn 17:51
No, of course. I mean, it's massive. It is massive. And you know, what's interesting is that this really kind of gives rise to a nice distinction of that's why it's called the law of attraction, not the will of attraction, like to think that you have to be in charge of figuring out that plan is a fanciful use of imagination. And what I think is amazing if we think of most people's dreams, and most people's dreams, you know, every dream will be lived out on some level throughout the course of many lifetimes. But if we think of many people's dreams, most people have an envision of a dream. And then if you ask them, what it would feel like to live their dream, there's a certain positive emotional state that is nearly opposite from the trauma and neglect and abuse of their past that they've survived. And so the mechanism of mind prior to awakening is I think things need to be a certain way in my life, in order to feel the healing benefit of resolving my past. And then we get attached to it has to be that way. And then life disappoints us only to broaden our perspective and to show us we will always feel the way we want to feel. The path will be what it will be. But we learn as human beings, I don't have to force myself to believe that I can only feel that way when specific things do or don't happen. And that's what wakes us up out of fear. That's what eradicate superstition, and helps us to really trust that we're always going to find resolution from the things that happened before. Right? You have a background in film. What happens in Act One is worked out through act two, and we find resolution and act three. That's just the way a proper story is written. The hero's journey in the screenwriting of all of our lives, if we really start looking at it is so impressively articulate and exact that there's no way that that's not how life's gonna work out. Unless we're living at an indie film which could end at any point.

Alex Ferrari 19:54
with with with poor lighting and bad lighting credits like They ran out of money. Apparently that's the end of the story properly, but you're right proper stories. I think that's one of the reasons why story is so powerful for for human beings and it has been since you know we were around the fire. And by all stories are essentially the same there is that that call to action and because we all have those call to actions throughout our lives we have multiple hero's journeys, we have an over we have a huge arc story plot, which is the our life. But within that there's tons of subplots and going up and down, up and down, which are scenes are the scenes of our life. You know, which could be a year could be 10 years, but that could be a scene which you're journeying which could be, you know, a split, you know, your parents, a spouse, a boss, your career, your physicality, your spirituality, it's all of these things. To try to look writing a screenplay is probably one of the hardest endeavors a writer can do. Try to write the screenplay of your life.

Matt Kahn 21:00
Well, you know what's funny about that? Because I've taught this before I was on stage talking about it, I made a joke out of it. And they said, Are you living the life of a movie you'd like to watch right now? Right? Like, like, would you like to go into the theater and go, you know, coming this summer? Watch Steve do everything perfectly aligned? like would you want to watch that for two hours? Like No, dude, he'd want to throw popcorn at the screen. But what's really interesting if we think about the hero's journey, and the journey of how everything is so perfectly flawlessly precise, when we wake up in consciousness, we first realize that we are the Actor in a Play that has been read or Actor in a movie that has been written by the universe. If we wake up to a certain degree, we start to actually watch our lives and live our lives from the perspective of the director's viewpoint. Then people have this curious question like, oh, but if I'm in the directors perspective, could I now start changing what happens but you know, what I call that I call that still the mind of an actor. You have to learn to surrender into the view of a director, without the mind of an actor, which makes it the law of attraction, which the law is, it's a law, everything's gonna work out, the universe always has a plan. If you can allow it to move through you, you will find yourself moving towards it at a more expedient rate. But that happens when we start to see from the director's monitor, instead of still trying to work this out through the mind of an actor.

Alex Ferrari 22:36
And, and I think also trying to what I love when you said that, like maybe I could start changing things. There is that is ego as well, yes, that is that is ego, which is our, you know, our everyone's anchor to carry in this life. And it's something that we all have to fight. And it's very difficult and it comes and it creeps up all the time. And specifically coming from where I come from, which is Hollywood. And you're in you're familiar. There's no ego, it's very ego less there in Hollywood, there's not much at all. It's intentional community. Really, it's Oh, my God, but you know, dealing with ego, what's your advice on recognizing when ego is, is taking over? And again, there are parts of ego that help drive you, you've got to believe in the insanity of doing something right to move forward. And that's ego saying you can do it. But then there's also the flip side of ego, which is very destructive. Absolutely. How do you how what advice would you have to acknowledge that the ego is there humble, being humble towards it, but any tips on how to recognize when egos popping his head up? Or her head ours?

Matt Kahn 24:03
Of course? Well, I think you know, I think there's an interesting balancing ego, and the kind of touches on something that I will probably teach soon in a more detailed and elaborate way, one of those in the spiritual community. So, for example, there are either two kind of imbalances I find in people on a spiritual path, I finally either have too much ego, or they have too little ego. So if you have too much ego, there's too much hunger for control. If you have too little ego, there's there's not enough participation in everyday life. So the balance is I participate in my life. I look at the change that I can affect which is my response versus my reaction, my choices to bring health and wellness to my life and other people's lives to be a promoter of well being, to be a source of inspiration to myself and those around me, and to basically be like a family member to all the people around me in my community. Whether I know them or not, that's a healthy amount of ego ego is how we identify ourselves as a unique expression of spirit. And ego is how we remind ourselves what we stand for, which then helps us focus on which choices to and to make, and not to make based on which options match our ethical values. So that's a proper amount of ego. When we have too much ego, it's, I need control, I need to hide from the vulnerabilities of life by having control, I need to get what I want by dominating and manipulating others when there's too much ego. And it's very popular for people talk about that as a spectrum, a spectrum of narcissism. When we start to get into that spectrum, it's people who are literally incapable of self reflection or caring about anything else other than their inner personal narrative. So I think we start talking about when ego rears itself in an unhealthy way too much ego, I think what we look at is being too attached to things being a certain way, because we've associated it has to be that way, in order for me to feel that way I want to feel, to really realize that we can feel the way we want to feel. And it has nothing to do with what comes and goes. So I think really, the question of too much ego is, what are the things I am hungry to control? What do I need to happen? What am I afraid might happen without that control? And can I just take my balled up fist my grip, which is the same fist people used to fight? And can I start to open and let the open hands being a space where giving and receiving can flow freely and allow life to tell the tale where I'm focused on participation, but allowing control to be surrendered? That for me would be the balance.

Alex Ferrari 26:53
Now, how do you? What do you recommend when it comes to dealing with negative thoughts about these bad things that happen on our path? There's so much negative thoughts about things and and not only negative thoughts, but negative people and unhappy people that are constantly testing you their tests, I look at them as tests. Absolutely. What do you how do you deal with those people, especially if they're close to you? Meaning like their family, or things like that? How do you what do you recommend?

Matt Kahn 27:25
Also, you know, in my journey, I know myself as an empath, which means that I, my emotional body is giving me feedback of other people's experiences. And I've had to learn that what I experience is an individual extrapolation of the collective reality. And so what people people frame in their perception that they have negative thoughts, which means they have taken ownership of those thoughts as this is my condition that I have to personally fix. But what the phenomenon of a negative thought is, is that's the experience that could be the experience of a collective societal mentality, basically saying in your mind, if I were you, here's how I would think and feel about this. Because we as empaths, are actually transcending social limitations, and social barriers and energetic boundaries, to take humanity to a level of evolutions never been before. So when we think there are thoughts, we live in ego, in a space of spiritual management, how do I manage my thoughts? How do I keep them in check, and then if he was superstitious ego, you'll think your negative thoughts will cause you to manifest negative things. And then when the thing that was always meant to happen happens in your life you go see was because of those negative thoughts. And now you're in this self referencing karmic loop, where you are sensing the negativity and when I say negativity of the world, I interpret that as the unprocessed emotional density that the greater percentage of the world has not seen, become aware of or healed, as we realize that my negative thoughts is the negative imprinting and belief systems of this world. And as every time I have a series of negative thoughts, it like an alarm clock reminds me to stop and go to the opposite part of my body, the opposite of mine would be heart. And so the mind like an alarm clock says humanity is ready to unravel some negative belief systems and urine empath aware of this process. When you hear negativity in your head, stop and love your heart. And as you love your heart in response to negative thinking, the mind will kind of relax and slow down, the thoughts will dissipate, to reflect to you the impact that you have cleared another layer of the collective imprint by not thinking it's yours to manage, but realizing it is your opportunity to help humanity evolve by loving yourself more, not less. A great,

Alex Ferrari 30:00
great answer, sir. No, I have to ask this is just I'm curious on what you think about this because yeah, humanity has changed so drastically in the last 100 150 years. Yeah. I mean, it's at a level that has been, I mean, it's unheard of in humanity. I mean, Jesus, the no pun intended. The Roman Empire ran for 1000 years, but you know, never got a cell phone. Never never took are never got to this place, not only a physical and technology, but anywhere close to the spiritual evolution of you know, where we are today. Many would say today's spiritual evolutions, not doing that great. But compared to the Romans, you know, people are aware of things like meditation, yoga, consciousness, even science is getting involved with consciousness, like, literally, you know, with quantum mechanics, and in going into that and proving a lot of these things that the, the Guru's from India, in the in the in the East had been talking about for 1000s of years is now starting to be proven as far as energy and all that kind of stuff. What do you think is caused this? just insane, insane speed up just within our lifetime? I mean, I remember when there were no remote controls, to televisions, you know, I was the remote control for my grandfather. He's like, go change the channel. Luckily, there was only like four channels. So it wasn't that.

Matt Kahn 31:41
But I remember my privacy and my phone calls when I was younger was as long as the cord would reach,

Alex Ferrari 31:45
obviously, obviously, from the kitchen. Oh my god, that massive, like 40 foot cord that existed and you just see people walking into a closet and stuff. It's insane. I showed my daughters the other day, a rotary phone, and they're like, and I just go here, I'm just gonna dial my number. And they're just sitting there going, are you kidding me? I'm like, yeah, forever. It's, of course is the so all. So it just even within our lifetime, how much things have changed. I mean, I remember when my mother was raising me, she was meditating, she was eating healthy. Those are things that were not meditating in the 70s was still pretty new agey, out there. I can only imagine when Yogananda brought it over in the 30s. And the way he looked at that time in life, and no one had ever seen an Indian man, let alone You know, a guru. God, can you imagine what he went through. But what in your opinion is caused this, this rev up to where we are today, spiritually, and also just, technologically and everything that we were going through?

Matt Kahn 32:50
Well, consciousness is always the energy of consciousness is an ever evolving force. Consciousness cannot stay in a static form. It's always expanding, growing, evolving, changing, refining. So consciousness is the only causation for consciousness. And so the source of what is causing this expansion is the very discovery of what's expanding. And so as people become aware of expansion, it brings their attention to wait I see things expanding, I think things I see things are changing. So when we see a lot of changes in the world, if the divine saying, Can you notice the change, you see, if you can notice the change, you see, go deeper into that expansion that you have now become aware of, and find what is changing. And we find that we as conscious beings, expressions of consciousness, souls in human form, however you want to frame it, are here on a field trip of ever evolving expansion. And the reason why consciousness is always expanding is because the more it expands, the more the divine becomes fully aware of itself, the more the world in which the divine becomes aware of itself becomes a more enlightened society. And the more this manifestation of divinity becomes an animated clearest reflection of the Creator, being and knowing itself in all forms. And so we see such cataclysmic change, to bring our attention to the very consciousness that is also waking us all up.

Alex Ferrari 34:25
That's a really interesting point of view is as as all of us start to wake up slowly. It speeds everything up. And that opens that opens up things to and channels, if you will, to technology to ideas to like, hey, let's build a car, hey, let's build the television. Hey, let's build an iPhone and connect people and all these other things is because there's an enlightening part of but it's all starting with each of us. That's more of us, the more of us wake up it just it's a chain reaction is what you're saying.

Matt Kahn 34:59
It And at the same time, while while the consciousness wakes up, there are certain degrees of ego that can remain intact, and some that have to be unraveled to make more room for consciousness. So that's in between phase, we have expanded consciousness. And we have patterns of ego. So in the meantime, we have this innovation of technology, advancements in technology, which also the ego tries to use to preserve its own life and identity by using and very addictive way. So like in our current society, we have this pressure of consciousness is waking up so radically, and ego is trying to keep its grip of reality, intact, through the maintaining and discovering of new forms of addiction, and codependency and patterning. And of course, the ego is going through an unraveling, the ego is meant to fully unravel as an integration, because again, the ego is just the identity with our personal self. We are not here to buffer that out, we're here just to make that a space where divinity can be itself and its most unique expression. The ego doesn't know that it's being integrated back into the light of things, it's being threatened with death. And so we are undergoing an awakening process to realize the fear of death is just an attachment to our known realities. But we are living as beings who are only here to pioneer the discovery of new realities, to really see that there is no such thing as death, there is only a doorway of eternal rebirth. And it's not something we can know. It's something we have to live out.

Alex Ferrari 36:39
So basically, Facebook and Instagram are evil is what you're saying. What I'm saying? No, but no, but to be I'm joking, I'm joking. But, but no, but like, you know, the social media is all these social media companies. That is ego. I mean, it's all ego more so than ever than when we were growing up with the everyone has the Instagram life, the filtering the everyone's showing off, hey, look at me look at my stuff that it is insanity, it is insanity, what's going on, which is, but there's a dual side to it, because Facebook has connected the world, right? I talk to people that I would have never been able to connect with, without it. But like, but there's always two sides to each coin. Right? And, and with that is like, I mean, it's it is I fear for my children growing up in a society where like, this is a thing. Like I, you know, when you when you and I were growing up, there was nothing like this. There was nothing even there was no comprehension of this kind of go on. I promise you if this would have existed in high school, oh, my God, the damage I would have done to myself, because it would have been brutal. You know, I can't even imagine what's going well,

Matt Kahn 37:57
well, I think when we were growing up, you know, things that are done on Tick Tock were just the weird things we did in our bedroom, and the door was closed, right, and nobody's filming

Alex Ferrari 38:05

Matt Kahn 38:06
And then once we're done with the filming, and thank God, but you know, it's interesting, you know, and I use Facebook and Instagram, just to spread consciousness and, you know, to to promote what we're for and what we're against. You know, you can use social media in any which way. It's very popular right now, for someone trying to build an audience to take a stand or a side against another side, and who's with me, it's us against them. And it's a very classic way of creating popularity through division. And what I want to do is use technology to create oneness and interconnection and cooperation, and unite the world is one and if technology is the way I'm going to do it, it's just one of many tools. Does, you know we think about ego. The most intimate place ego hides is in whatever side, we are compelled to take. conscious evolution is not aside, it is the source of reality. It holds space for the healing of both sides. In my work, I work to heal the victim and the predator. Because that's what is true in my heart, and I Everyone has their own journey and I respect that but both sides need to be healed. So the most intimate place ego hides in is whatever side you can't help but take the biggest hiding spot. Ego hides in his his dresses up in a costume called a corporation. And then in that Corporation, we have a team environment, a group mentality where you're either in or you're out. And so what I believe we're on the cusp of really starting to see and I think we're seeing many levels. We're starting to see in small businesses. We're starting to see it in communities, but we're going to see it again consciousness evolves, so it's going to grow and we're going to start seeing Corporate infrastructure become a place where consciousness can flourish for a magnitude of contribution for others. Instead of it being where profit and profits are often can be about, you know, a bottom line, where the bottom line isn't the well being of all innocent hearts. That's my bottom

Alex Ferrari 40:25
line. Yeah, apps. Absolutely. And yeah, and it's another podcast altogether, talking about corporations, and what they do in different industries, but we won't get into all of that, that's a whole other. That's all over the world. Now, there was one of your steps in your book, The Golden Rule number five well being is a signal that you are ready to embody your potential. What does that mean? That's a great question. Because I read that I was like, what I want to know what that means. I want to dig into that.

Matt Kahn 41:00
It's funny, I write on my books, do my videos, and, you know, I flip open, something I written and so I'm just gonna read for the first time I do that, too. Oh, my God, that's amazing. Did I really remember that at all, it's welding welding is a signal that your highest embodied is going to be what I say,

Alex Ferrari 41:20
its well being is a signal that you are ready to embody your potential.

Matt Kahn 41:27
The reason I can remember this is because when I channeled the book, and I knew I was going to do these technicalities, golden rules, I sat down and told spirit, okay, it's time for this to do this. And one by one, I channeled each Golden Rule, like in a row, and then I wrote the book. But what it means is, so what is well being well being, right is the is the vibration of Being Well, being well, has nothing to do with your current diagnosis. symptoms, has nothing to do with your familial history of inheritance. Being well or well being is really about how regularly committed are you to taking care of your body, nutritionally, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. So when you as a human being, are aware that you need to be cared for when your efforts in the world is not put your needs in a backseat or on the back burner, so to speak. And when every day, you're pursuing your ambitions, you're furthering your desires, but you're doing it from a space of balance of harmony, you're putting, you know, to the best of your ability, high quality nutrition into your body, because you're feeding your body with the best to bring out your best when you are committed to serving your well being. Because you know, the interconnection of consciousness means the better I treat myself, the better people's worth becomes, which means they'll start treating themselves better. And if we're all treating ourselves better, we're going to start treating each other better. So really, taking the journey that says, regardless of the shape of my body, the plight of my circumstances, regardless of a diagnosis, or whether I'm in death's door away, or I've been given that second chance at life, when we are committed to everyday asking ourselves, what do I need instead of what do I expect from other people, emotionally and otherwise? Then we start to be the embodiment. And we become the announcers of well being, we become the ones that imbalance start to become more aware of Spirit dwelling in all forms. And we start to then be the Paul Revere messengers that say, hey, well, being is here, spirit is here. All as well, spirit is here dressed up as every man, woman, children, shape and form. And then more people become aware of that spirit within them. And as they start to feel a well being of spirit guiding them from within, they become more inspired, more worthy and more excited to take better care of themselves. And when we take better care of ourselves, we're going to become much better caretakers of our beloved planet.

Alex Ferrari 44:13
Yes, again, preach, preach, preach. Preach freight rates reference. Now, there was one thing in your book also that he touched upon was was anger and the poisoning of poisoning energy of anger. What can you talk a little bit about? how damaging it is what we can do to kind of alleviate that? How can you you know, send love to someone who is wrong jus in one way, shape, or form? How it's a very difficult thing to do it you have to be at a certain level of evolution, even those times you just like, I just want to slap that guy. Because it's so much easier to do that because it's harder sometimes. I feel, especially in certain Scituate, it's harder to love than it is to to be angry and, and to lash out if you will. But what's your? How do you deal with that anger?

Matt Kahn 45:13
Well, what's interesting, so what is really angry or anger, anger is like a an inferno of frustration. When we're angry, we are frustrated, because there's something that has happened, whether it's this is happening outside of my control, or this is a level of dissonance, that is opposite of what I think should be happening on a societal level, right? This isn't right, this is unjust. And when when we at its highest level of usefulness, anger can inspire us. And anger says, if you are upset by something you see, what consciously are you going to do about it to be the change you wish you were envisioning, as Gandhi would say, Be the change you wish to see. Now, it takes a lot of conscious evolution for someone to have that kind of ability to use anger, to inspire their inner artists to bring greater resolve to the planet, like, Oh, I'm angry, I'm going to start a nonprofit like that takes a there's a certain shift that needs to happen. In the beginning, this fury of intensity, this fury of anger, we think of anger, it's almost like, I see something that doesn't make sense or, or bothers me. And instead of us knowing how to use that anger in a productive way, I store it within my body, and I emotionally light myself on fire. That's what anger is, when someone's angry, they're lighting themselves on fire. And we do that metaphorically, because we let ourselves in fire because we say I don't know how to comprehend what I'm seeing. And I metaphorically light myself on fire, because I don't want to be here and I want to go home. And I'm trying to check out. So anger is, I don't know how to cope with this. I don't know how to deal with this. So I'm trying to I'm trying to get out of this dimension. Because I'm done playing this game. I really realized, by the way, when we are in anger is we don't reframe anger, we don't try to look on the bright side of anger. Because we'll get there. When we get there. What we do is we say, and this is part of my radical teaching, I accept that the anger unfeeling is here, I accept there's a reason for my anger in the future, or shortly thereafter, you know, this moment it will inspire something very tangible, practical and meaningful for the world. And that will be a positive thing. But in the meantime, can I be the witness of my anger? And can I realize that instead of trying to turn anger into love, can I be the one that loves the angry person inside of me? Because when I am this angry, I am in need of the most amount of support that only I can give to myself?

Alex Ferrari 47:58
Well, if I may, quote, one of the greatest gurus of our time, Yoda, one of the wisest, obviously, he said, or George Lucas said, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. So the core of anger is fear. And I agree with that. I mean, I know it's a movie and we're joking. But fear is the core of all anger, you know, it's either the two cores of any emotion is fear and love. Right? Those are the two correct?

Matt Kahn 48:32
I would say it really does come down to all of that I would say so I can in my little extrapolation, I said fear and I said anger was the inferno of frustration right for us frustration means things are not going my way or I don't know how to get my way and when we don't know how to get our way we are afraid that we will get our way we've gone off course you know then we go back into blame the victim What have I done wrong to cause it who in a past life was I? To cause this undue harm to myself? Well, I must have been an evil dictator to pass life wherever our in our imagine right we all were not gang is calm, but we all believe

Alex Ferrari 49:12
we're all we're all famous people in a mean, obviously, you know, we're all gonna get conned. We're all Hitler. We're all somebody. I

Matt Kahn 49:21
literally am still waiting for this. I tell this joke 10 years ago, I'm waiting for someone to come to me and go man, I remembered a past life. I was either a manhole cover or a pigeon. Like I want someone to remember something completely erroneous and insignificant. It's never happened. Although I'll tell you I've met 100 Harriet Tubman? No, I'm just kidding. It was a beautiful one. Yes. But it really does come down to fear and what Okay, then what is fear? Fear is the innocent tendency to forget that you are spirit That you are connected to spirit, that spirit always has a plan for you. That spirit is always guiding you. When you remember spirit, there is a wholeness, and a well being that carries you, even throughout environments where you don't always feel your best, even throughout environments where you don't think you're doing your best. But there's something guiding this along, it's kind of like the remembrance of spirit is remembering that you're sitting in a movie theater only getting sucked into the screen, because that's what you paid for is to be one with the story of the characters on the screen. Fear is forgetting you're sitting in the theater, and now thinking your life depends on what the characters do and don't do

Alex Ferrari 50:43
what you use the theater meant to analogy. Yogananda was he said this so beautifully, where he's like, we are focused on the movie being played in front of us and all the the hurtful, and the, and death and anger and all the other stuff that happens in a movie, but where you should be focusing is the light that's projecting it. That's right. And you need to go look at the light and find the light that is projecting all of this anger and hate and death and, and negative stuff as well as positive stuff. But it is all just a movie, the truth, the truth is in the light that's projecting it.

Matt Kahn 51:21
And you know, it's interesting, because I taught this at a retreat once and it seemed like the perfect time to kind of give this like analogy. So imagine we're sitting in a theater, this is the journey of life, and we're watching this movie on the screen. And at a certain point, you know, we're sitting in our seats, there's a screen in front of us, and there's distance. Now imagine the screen widens, right? A widens like a rectangle, and both of the edges Connect behind your seat 360. So now instead of being in an audience seeing a screen, the screen is around you, and you call it your reality. And now you're in the movie while still sitting in a seat. And then you're in a theater where in the other hallways different movies are playing, and we call those parallel dimensions. And every person in the seat around you is a different version of you living out your exact life and in a different or a drastically unique way. And so through this analogy, we can take it as far as we want to go. The play of life is that we came here to animate into reality, the unique infinite tapestry and characteristics of spirit and form. And the way in which we get to those greater qualities is by working out all the other, you know, evolutionary density that we've only taken on from the past, only to clear a giant pathway that is going to make life life as we know it into the most magnificent story and play and movie we've ever truly seen. So we are actually all together transforming this movie, we are doing it by remembering spirit. Because that's really what fear is about fear is the forgetfulness that we are spirit in are connected as one. And we only forget that to go on a journey to have something to remember.

Alex Ferrari 53:12
And if the journey was all, I always love using this analogy, it's like if you if you just went up to play baseball, and you hit a home run, every time, perfect home run every single time, the first five or 10 100 home runs might feel really good. After a while you're gonna get bored, you're gonna get bored. So you're gonna start figuring some other stuff out, you're like, maybe I should do it with my eyes closed, maybe I should do and you start trying to get variation. So even if you had all the fame in the world, all the money in the world all that other the other other interview I did with Paul Salzman, who was lucky enough to meditate with the Beatles, in India in the 60s. I love using that I've said this on the show before it was just so profound. He was talking to George Harrison one day, and George said, Hey, I'm, I have more fame than anybody else in the world. Which he did at the time, right? I have more money than I can ever spend. There has to be more right and that's why I'm here. And that's what a lot of people who are reaching out to like I need a mansion I need money and fame and it was just what Western societies honestly that's the American dream. Right? That's what objects things stuff. I always like saying, I've never seen a hearse with a u haul behind it. Like it doesn't. That's really funny actually. But it's a true you can you can use that I've never seen I've never seen a hearse with a u haul behind it cuz you can't take it with you. So there has to be more. And that's what I find. That's for me at least. That is what I've been looking for. That's why I started this company. That's why I started doing what I'm doing is to dig into this and to go Wait a minute. There has To be more to this, because tomorrow I love it. I love talking to actors sometimes and people in our in the film industry because they think they're so important. And they think, you know, like I'm, you know my legacy. I'm like dude in 200 years, no one will ever knew you existed. I know. You like, you know, Clark Gable is a famous, he was the biggest movie star on the planet, Charlie Chaplin was the biggest movie star on the planet. There is, in another couple 100 years, there will be parts of his in the history books, but they're, but in 500 years or 1000 years, they might be gone completely. Right. Very few human souls are still talked about 1000s of years later, and there's really only been a few 1000 years that they've been writing. That's right.

Matt Kahn 55:55
You know, in 500 years, you know, or a short period time, no one will know you existed. in the, in the second, in the first breath you take after entering the light and crossing over into spirit, all of your suffering that you've experienced, will be forgotten within you. But all of the qualities you took the time to cultivate on this planet will live within you forever and and to piggyback on the analogies that about, you know, an Andrea who is also one of my guides and love Yogananda you know, instead of paying attention to the movie, see the light of the projector behind you? And then when we see the light of the projector, we realized, Oh, the light is only projected because it's plugged into something. Oh, it's plugged in something called electricity. What where does electricity come from? And where does that come from? And if we keep tracing it back, we find that there is a witness to all of us, a witness within all of us, the witness who was always witnessing, through seeing, feeling, hearing, thought, cognition, all of these things. But what we find is, there is a witness, there is a witness being aware of itself, but the witness cannot find where it's witnessing from. So the witness is a mystery unto itself. And the purpose is to be that mystery, instead of trying to solve the mystery, but to just know that you are a question mark, not an exclamation point.

Alex Ferrari 57:26
Beautifully, beautifully said Sir. Beautifully said. Just Yoda does Yes. Yeah. Obviously, obviously, with you know, the whole concept of your book is letting the universe you know, has a plan for you letting the universe guide you in all of this. Yeah. Faith. Yes, it is a problem for many human beings, including myself. Where you, you have this, like, it's just like, the world is burning around you. Oh, yes. And we've been there and like, everything is crashing down and you've got to go, I'm going to be I have faith that we will. What I need to have happen to me will happen to me, if that means that I get engulfed by the fire. It's part of where I'm supposed to go. But that's an extreme example, obviously. But just when things aren't going your way to have faith that things are going to move forward, you are going to be taken down the correct path. How do you tap into that faith when you're tested so often? And throughout your life? Right? You're always constantly being tested because all of us have had a really great patch. Like man, things are kicking. Everything's going right. Oh my god, money's coming in. I met the perfect guy. Yeah, you know, everything is good. Oh, my God, my career's blowing up, I feel great, I'm healthy. I got a six pack. I feel like I'm 20 again. And then I'm back baby. And then something happens to test you and the orders is a series of things that happen that are out of your control that test you or many times you do something like you know things are going I'm being hitting too many homeruns Let me open up a brand new business that have no business and, and seeing what happens with that. How do you tap
Alex Ferrari 0:00
So, like I was saying, you know, it's sometimes your you self sabotage yourself and you're like, everything's going so well. Let me open up a brand new business in a subject that I have no idea about. And I've never run a business before, just to see what happens. And then three years later, you're just like, what did I do? I was fine. Why did I do that, but you learned a whole bunch of that. So it's either happens to you or you just have someone idea goes, it's time for them to go off the path? How do you tap into faith that everything's gonna be okay, that there is someone guiding you? How do you tap that into that faith?

Matt Kahn 0:34
That's a great question. I would answer that. Because every answer is only just what comes through me. Suffering is when we put our faith into the things that change. Faith is when we put all of our hope and allegiance into the ability to change. So when we realize that everything will change, but it will only changes for the better. Our relationship is less with the things that will change. If something came to you, it will go, if it was born, it will die. If it was created, it will dissolve and unravel. So I think fundamentally, as human beings, we're learning to put our faith in change, not the things that will change. And that's really the difference between faith and suffering is that we are too much aligned with things that will change instead of being faithful in the change, always changing and evolving and us.

Alex Ferrari 1:34
Great way of putting it never actually thought about it that way, but changes enough. Oh, yeah, change changes inevitable. It happens. Everything changes. Everything is born, everything dies, there's a cycle with all things. It's, you know, I forgot who said he forgot was a famous, I think is William Goldman, who said, no one's getting out of here alive. Welcome to the death march. It's like, dry food truck. I mean, it's like, it's like, we're all going towards that everybody, everybody and we're all aware of it. But most of us just go, Oh, that's years away. Yeah, it'll never happen to me. And then there's a few, there's a few billionaires that like, you know, maybe I'll freeze myself, and then come back.

Matt Kahn 2:18
Like Baskin, like, that's good. I'm gonna, I'm gonna freeze my ego, and come back in the future, like that's going to be,

Alex Ferrari 2:27
that's the whole title. Brilliant. That's a multi billion dollar business, I'm sure.

Matt Kahn 2:32
Or I'm gonna build a rocket and go to space, or I'm going to build a new business and give Gordon Ramsay a new season of television to put on Fox or whatever it is. But But really, I mean, you know, the fundamental thing is, you know, human beings in ego. And this is not a negative thing. It's just the way it is. Or, you know, we're attracted to shiny objects. New is exciting. Old is boring. That's, you know, so and that's the way marketing kind of plays, he's in Premiere coming soon. And it's, it's human behavior. It's not a problem. It's just that as we evolve, things that change are things the change, we are the change, that is always changing. The question is, are we afraid of change? Are we excited by change, and only by tapping into that within us, which is always aware, inherently present, and changeless. So the witness within us is changeless and and locatable, whose will is to only experience itself as a character that's always changing. And the way we actually make contact with that, with that changeless present witness, is by giving to ourselves, the very energy that changeless witnesses always giving to us and everyone which is love. So by loving ourselves, we make contact with changeless, eternal witness. And we're able to be excited by change instead of intimidated by change. And our allegiance is no longer with the things that change, but our will to change and always become better. Even when life seems to be at its worse. Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad. I have so much to learn, don't I?

Alex Ferrari 4:19
I mean, there's so many things like I could keep talking for hours. So let me ask you a couple questions. I ask all my guests. What is your mission here in life.

Matt Kahn 4:33
My mission is to further the ascension of humanity. I'm here as an intermediary between the Galactic Council and earthly human beingness. My mission is to be a portal and a gateway between heavenly knowing and earthly societal living, and to help humanity be prepared and to go through a shift where we become agents of change, and agents of evolving consciousness and open up to the inner connection we have with all human beings, the guidance we have from all of our masters and angels, and to really open up to spiritual reality as a reality, not as a belief, not as somewhere we escape when life gets too overwhelming. But literally, and I am one of many people on this planet who is acting as a spokesperson and an intermediary, who is introducing a brain to this planet, the vibration, the consciousness, the ethics, and the mentality of an enlightened society that we are ushering in. And that's what we call the ascension, and I'm doing it with love.

Alex Ferrari 5:44
And is that why we're having, I mean, there's so much strife, so much anger, so much stuff that's going on in the world today is that why is the ego just fighting back,

Matt Kahn 5:58
we are seeing both the fighting back of ego in its last battle of trying to hold on to its known world. But what we're also seeing is the detoxification of the ego as it withers away and unravels its grip, and integrates into consciousness. So what we are seeing both is ego fighting to hold on to its position. And we're also seeing that people go through a massive detoxification of unconsciousness or ego. So we're basically living in the world's largest meditation retreats. That in such a badass way, the biggest meditation retreat, has told no one there either at a retreat, or here to meditate. It's just what we all wind up doing. As a result of life, guiding us on our journey, and the more we realize the universe has a plan, we realize there's a great purpose to all of this. And if we can all learn to trust in the change within us by loving ourselves more, not less, and not being so attached and aligned with things that are always going to change, we find that we go through this process with more elegance and grace, we're able to be more aware of what we need versus what we expect from other people, we find that we're able to shine a light that helps wake other people up to this greater plan and perspective. And we really take this world as a vacuum of conscious evolution, and allow every human being to come into the full awareness that we are here as spirit to grow and evolve, and truly manifest heaven on earth for future generations

Alex Ferrari 7:42
is there, I have to ask you this out of just curiosity is there is there because there's books that move people for I mean, obviously Autobiography of a Yogi, the Bhagavad Gita, there's so many. Is there a movie that came out? And I know the movie I'm thinking about, in the last 2030 years, that when it came out, it kind of opened up the ideas and a lot of the things that you were talking about, in a very entertaining and this is a very popular movie I'm thinking about in a very entertaining way. But, but really has kind of opened up the idea of consciousness in that, you know, in another way. Is there any movies that you've come across that you said, Okay, this is this is this this is this has opened the door? This is this is taking everything up a notch?

Matt Kahn 8:36
Absolutely. I mean, at a certain point, every movie you watch will have that for every song you hear will be right. But for me, I will say there's one movie that came to mind when you're asked the question, and then there's another movie that is my personal favorite for the answer of the question. So when you said what movie came out that really planted the seed, the first and I dropped in was Wizard of Oz.

Alex Ferrari 8:55

Matt Kahn 8:56
That's what I got. Because I look at Dorothy, the TED man and the life of these characters. I look at him as different aspects of ego, of course. And literally, no, there's no place like home. And what's behind the Wizard of Oz? Like, I think there's so much in that metaphor for me personally. And I'm also so interested to see which movie you're speaking of the movie for me. That is my favorite movie of all time. That for me is is it is Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. with Gene Wilder that one

Alex Ferrari 9:36
Yes, yes, of course. Was it Willy Wonka? Yeah, Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory. A chocolate factory was with Johnny Depp. Yeah, yeah, no. That was That wasn't better. No, it doesn't. It was a bedroom. A

Matt Kahn 9:48
lot of lot of forgiveness for that. But Willy Wonka, the Chocolate Factory with a Gene Wilder for me, captured my soul and for me Our journey in remembering consciousness, returning to heaven, where we are reborn without having to die is entering Chocolate Factory. The last line of the movie, Charlie, you know what happens to a boy who gets everything you wanted he lives happily ever after. But the question is, are we are we trying to get everything the ego ever wanted, or everything our soul ever wants. So first, we have to actually find who's witnessing this, figure out who we are in this right and then realize what's happening is what we actually wanted. But what we wanted, but is on such a big level, we just have to let the tour be guided, and just be someone being shown around the Chocolate Factory before we go on the glass elevator.

Alex Ferrari 10:49
Wow, that's I'd never thought of Willy Wonka that way. But that makes all the sense in the world for me. I feel that on a philosophical and spiritual standpoint, it's the matrix. Of course, yes. I mean, I mean, the matrix, because it it, it brought into popularity, the concept of these concepts that really had never been in a major motion picture not like that, especially in an action movie with you know, what is react what is reality. You know, the one the this image is literally a Jesus, you know, the city, you know, he's fighting Smith, at the end of the third one, that's ego, he's literally destroying ego and dying, being absorbed back into the major, like, it's just the metaphors are constant. And people can say whatever they want about the second third film, but as a whole story, the concepts that were dropped in that film, just as they were like, a big stone being dropped in a river, and they just keep rippling and rippling and rippling, were based on I mean, Star Wars as well, to a certain extent, but matrix specifically was just such a popular film, and obviously was, you know, hugely popular film. And it was in, you know, is wrapped in action. And, you know, and all that and that kind of stuff. But there's when I saw the matrix, I saw the matrix, probably four or five times in the theater, like I was, I didn't know what I was watching. I was just like, what is this? Not only just for the, I think not even just for the the action, which was revolutionary in itself. But the questions it was posing to me at that time in my life was in my 20s. I was like, What is going on here? Like, why? It really did? What do you think?

Matt Kahn 12:37
What do you think? Yeah, I love the matrix. You know, I've only seen it a few times. You know, I'm personally not a big. What's interesting. I'm not a really big sci fi fan. Like, I like it. But I don't like

Alex Ferrari 12:51
yeah, go crazy.

Matt Kahn 12:52
Go crazy. for it. I challenge Chocolate Factory, like for me is like, that's my matrix. Especially like just, I was thinking about this, like in the movie where slug worth, we think is trying to like undermine Willy Wonka. And he turns out to be an agent, helping to prime Charlie to make sure he's the one. And so the end, we find out that the ego is actually an ally and on it. For me, it was just, there's so much in that

Alex Ferrari 13:16
you should read, you should read a book analyzing really,

Matt Kahn 13:19
I will actually, I would you know what, this? I don't know, I'm just kidding. But, um, I loved the matrix. And I think it took me years and years to really see all the seeds that were really being planted. You know, like, for me, what I love about the matrix most is like Neo was one backwards, of course, yeah, you know, that kind of stuff and looking at these really interesting Trinity and Trinity and Trinity Orpheus, which is kind of like no keys. Kinda, yeah. And it's just, it's, it's, I love how. And you could also say the movie, like where dreams may come with Robin Williams is one that Jesus Well,

Alex Ferrari 14:01
that's I mean, yeah, I love that. That's an incredible hero's journey. Oh, God, I love that movie.

Matt Kahn 14:07
But, you know, I would, I would, I think and I love documentaries, and you know, What the Bleep and secret and you know, these things really, really did help in a lot of ways. On some level, but be and here's, here's, here's, I think the biggest point coming through me at this moment with this question. Because consciousness is equally one side philosophical and one sign artistic. The greatest way we can spread philosophy is through the inner artist. So we see a film of film can through the depiction of a fanciful location of erroneous characters. Plants see seeds that actually grow as evolution of reality inside human beings. I find that to be one of the most advanced levels of alchemy on this planet. It is how art, through music through film, through literature through paintings, through any form of art, we are able to like the elder sitting around the fire, pass along the stories and parables and consciousness, that that that takes fantasy as a medium that transforms our reality in a more forward direction. For me, that level of alchemy is inspiring. It's unthinkable. It's, it's surreal. And it is only worthy of my deepest bow. When I sit back and I watch something and I go, look what you just got through into the atmosphere of this quantum field. Well, frickin dumb.

Alex Ferrari 15:50
You're like you snuck it through the goalie. lever away. I mean, well, I mean, I mean, Star Wars alone, I mean, that just the force, the force, the inner, you know, the, you know, finding within everything, the concepts that he would dropped in, and that's why it's still so popular today. I mean, the concepts and the ideas that he dropped in that movie, you know, whether you like it or not, it definitely hit a chord with a few billion people.

Matt Kahn 16:19
Well, I will tell you this, and this is just a funny admission. Very funny admission, one of the movies when I was really, really young that that that touched me. And you know, for all of us, there are movies that in all of our hearts, like there's like there's songs on our phones, we don't want to admit we have that

Alex Ferrari 16:37
we obviously like Backstreet Boys. Boys in sync got it.

Matt Kahn 16:44
The block first concert ever went to London. So there's, um, there's a movie in each of our hearts that we we pretend we've never seen, but secretly, like so when I was a kid, it was a kind of funny story. So a little backstory when I was a kid growing up in Torrance, California, you know, in the 80s people have VCRs now, my parents didn't have a VHS right they had a Betamax. Oh, my God. And my parents believe the Betamax was the wave of the future. And so we go to house music, right warehouse music or Sam Goody. And you would see the entire stores VHS and we had one shelf half shelf that was Betamax. So when I got sick, and I had to stay home, whether I was really sick or just needed a day off from school, my mom would make me a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. And then we take me to warehouse music where I got to rent whatever movie I wanted, which is one of seven movies because Betamax was being phased out. There was one movie I saw. And I just looked at the cover and I was always as a kid. I wasn't enthralled by sci fi. I was enthralled by kung fu and karate. And I saw one of the most terrible movies I've ever seen that at the same time, I couldn't help but love and it became the movie that every time I was sick, I would rent a watch. And it was called berry Gordy's the last dragon.

Alex Ferrari 18:06
Well, of course, the last dragon is an amazing film. I saw it in the theater. I

Matt Kahn 18:10
saw it in the theater. better man than I I don't think I was old enough for that. The glow right but

Alex Ferrari 18:17
it's the force. It's the glow. Yeah,

Matt Kahn 18:20
with with that for me was like, oh my god. It was like, let's so I need to find the glow in me.

Alex Ferrari 18:28
Oh, yeah. Show No. Show. No. Don't get me started with sure enough. Oh my God, that's amazing.

Matt Kahn 18:37
For anyone that's never seen that movie. Please do or don't. It's amazing. And and and, and you can sit and I'll say I'm sorry. And thank you at the same time. But it's it's it's I for me. It's just one of those things. And when I remember when I saw it, it was just that moment where it got through. as ridiculous as it was. And there was some amazing fight scenes that I thought were incredible.

Alex Ferrari 19:01
And and it was and it was a fairly ridiculous film. I mean, it's fairly ridiculous. overly over acted over the top. What was her name? vant was a vanity apollonia No, no, no vanity, the girl or your vanity? I think it literally Her name was vanity. You're right. So all of that. It was so over the top and I but I understand you what you mean, especially at that point in your life and in mind. I was probably a little bit older than you but right. But we caught the same thing. You just like, oh to the glow in the music and a

Matt Kahn 19:41
soundtrack on my phone. Oh, I'm gonna play. I have it on my phone. The opening song is like

Alex Ferrari 19:47
that's a great sounds

Matt Kahn 19:49
like I'm tiger. It's it's one of those. And what's funny is the reason I saw the film, because I read the credits. And one of the actors in the movie who had a very minor role was Ernie Reyes Jr. Yeah, wasn't it? He was Are the star of a show called sidekicks which of course, so I was like, Oh my god, Ernie Ray's Jr. who at that time, I thought was going to be like the next Bruce Lee.

Alex Ferrari 20:08
Yeah. Dude, I, I worked. I worked with a producer to teenage Ninja Turtles. So the original so Ernie was in that he was also in like surf ninjas. I think it was called. And he worked on surf ninjas. Oh, yeah. I'm very familiar with Ernie. Yeah. And he's still working. He's still working. He's still doing stuff. Oh, yeah.

Matt Kahn 20:28
So before I got into like watching MMA and UFC and all that, which is, you know, where my heart is gone. And all this, I was like, the biggest earning race Jr. Fan. And then of course, you know, dragging the Bruce Lee story with Brandon Lee. And like, that movie also had a very deep spiritual impact on me, because I was always very fascinate with Bruce Lee, and then mysticism, everybody.

Alex Ferrari 20:50
It's Bruce. Versus it's like the it's it's Bruce. It's the Beatles. It's Elvis. It's Michael Jackson. It's like, these are iconic people that you just,

Matt Kahn 21:01
you know, to me, there's certain people whose Auric fields just transmit this dimension, you know, and one of the greatest compliments I could ever that I've ever received from my work is that there's a transmission of energy that comes through because when I was younger, that's what really touched me were things that transmitted an entry point into this dimension. So I'd watch the last dragon, I'd watch that documentary, The Bruce Lee story, I'd watch, you know, and for me, that was my entry point. For a lot of people. It's the matrix. You know, I loved the matrix. For some reason, I don't know what is it mean sci fi, I just I don't know. But I love how there are just these creations and movies and art that literally are portals into a greater interconnected, higher dimensional of reality. And then really, I think it's at a certain point, all of life is just a series of infinite portals, because we came to this planet, to remember the spirit that's dressed up as the planet, and to really take the journey of truly becoming our highest potential. And again, fulfilling the plan the universe has for us.

Alex Ferrari 22:14
Matt, I know we can only speak for another four or five hours comfortably. comfortably. I will definitely if you if you'd like to come back on the show. We can talk to another day another time. Thank you. Yes, please, because it will be I'm sure we can continue talking about many things forever. But can you tell everybody where they can find out more about you, your books, your work and what you're doing?

Matt Kahn 22:39
Sure. I mean, my first three books, my fourth one comes out next year with my first three books are available on Amazon. My website is that's ma TT k h n dot o RG. There's an events page of all my upcoming virtual events and soon you know in person when that's safe to do so. You can sign up for my newsletter free newsletter and receive a free activation. And of course, you know, follow me on Instagram. I think my Instagram handle is Matt Kahn, one vertical. It used to be Matt Kahn Neo, but you go and now I'm back on one.

Alex Ferrari 23:19
So Matt, thank you so much for being on the show, man. It has been an absolute pleasure meeting you and speaking to you and I look forward to our next conversation as well. So thank you, my friend.

Matt Kahn 23:32
Likewise, my brother. Thank you

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