How to Discover the Meaning of Your Life with Connie H. Deutsch

On today’s episode, we welcome the remarkable Connie H. Deutsch, a business consultant, personal advisor, counselor, and author of 13 books. Known for her deep insights and transformative advice, Connie shares her journey into counseling and consulting, revealing the wisdom she has gathered over years of helping others find clarity and purpose in their lives.

Connie’s entry into the world of counseling and consulting was serendipitous. “I think it was probably by accident,” she says, reflecting on how she found her calling. One pivotal moment involved a conversation with a CEO concerned about overpopulation. Without hesitation, she predicted a significant population decrease, a prediction that eerily came true with the pandemic. This moment, among others, cemented her reputation as someone with profound foresight and a unique ability to see beyond the immediate.

Throughout our conversation, Connie emphasizes the importance of focusing on what truly matters in life. She recounts how she woke up one day feeling a void, questioning if this was all there was to life. This introspection led her to simplify her life, shedding unnecessary material possessions and superficial relationships. “I learned how to say no,” she explains, highlighting the importance of setting boundaries and focusing on meaningful pursuits.


  1. The Power of Visualization: Connie’s journey illustrates the transformative power of visualization. From creating a birthmark through sheer focus as a child to successfully predicting future events, her experiences show how intense focus and belief can shape reality. “You have to have that determination. You have to have that perseverance,” she says, emphasizing the need for unwavering focus to bring about change.
  2. Living a Spiritual Life: For Connie, living a spiritual life means more than just following religious doctrines. It involves deep self-reflection, forgiveness, and unconditional love. “If you don’t like your life, change it. If you don’t like your karma, change it,” she quotes Yogananda, highlighting the possibility of transforming one’s destiny through conscious effort and spiritual practice.
  3. Service to Humanity: A recurring theme in Connie’s philosophy is the importance of helping others. She believes that true fulfillment comes from being of service to others. “My measure of success is, have I made a difference in anyone’s life?” she asks, urging us to focus on contributions that uplift and support others.

Connie’s story is also a testament to the importance of authenticity in spiritual practice. She coined the term “phony holies” to describe people who talk about spirituality without living it. This realization led her to follow Yogananda’s teachings, which resonated deeply with her. His book, “Autobiography of a Yogi,” provided her with a framework for spiritual growth that was both practical and profound.

Meditation plays a crucial role in Connie’s life, helping her connect with the creative force of the universe. She started with extensive meditation sessions, which helped her focus and achieve a deeper understanding of her purpose. “I started out with seven or eight hours of meditation a day,” she recalls, emphasizing the importance of sustained practice in achieving spiritual clarity.

Connie also discusses the concept of karma and how it can be changed through living a spiritual life. By forgiving herself and others, and by living with love and compassion, she believes it is possible to transform negative karma. “You have to have that faith because doubt and fear cannot coexist with faith,” she explains, urging us to choose faith over fear.

As our conversation draws to a close, Connie shares her concerns about the future of humanity, emphasizing the need for a global awakening to address the challenges we face. Despite these concerns, she expresses confidence in the transformative power of individuals who are dedicated to making a difference, highlighting the potential for profound change through collective effort and spiritual growth.

Please enjoy my conversation with Connie H. Deutsch.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 008

Alex Ferrari 0:00
I'd like to welcome to the show Connie deutschmann. How you doing, Connie?

Connie H. Deutsch 0:04
I'm doing great. How about you?

Alex Ferrari 0:06
I'm doing fantastic. Thank you so much for agreeing to come on the show. I'm very, very excited because I've known you now for a couple years at least. And we've worked together for many, many years. And I wanted to talk about multiple topics. But for people who don't know who you are, can you tell people a little bit about your books, your career, what you've done in the counseling and consulting world?

Connie H. Deutsch 0:31
Okay, I'm a business consultant. I'm also a personal advisor. I'm also a counselor, I've written my 13 books now. And 12 of them are on Amazon. And I have a publishing company. And I've written everything like 1200 articles being published,

Alex Ferrari 0:54
you've done plenty of stuff. You've been around, you've been around,

Connie H. Deutsch 0:57
I'll also have to have been around.

Alex Ferrari 1:00
Absolutely. Now, how did you fall into counseling and business consultation?

Connie H. Deutsch 1:07
I think it was probably by accident. I'm not quite sure. But want to ask you something, please. I mean, next level. So it's a very provocative title. How did you come up with that title,

Alex Ferrari 1:24
I was looking for a title or a brand or something that people could really understand what it was all about pretty quickly. And I wanted to be something in the spiritual space, something that would ask the big questions about life. Because you know, from my other podcasts that are focused more in the entertainment and film industries, I would dabble in that in that audience. But I felt a little bit, you know, wanted to express myself and kind of go and explore these topics in ways that I just couldn't in my, in my other show. So I wanted to kind of create this new platform where I could reach out and talk to, you know, guests like yourselves about deeper questions about life where I still love, everything I do in the film and entertainment industry. But I also want to go a little bit broader, a little bit bigger, and see what we can do as far as answering questions and helping people through this podcast. And through the work I do through that company.

Connie H. Deutsch 2:19
Well, you are a very special person, I've always known that. In the 25 years that I've been something like that, something like that. And you've always been very special. And I've always felt that you had a larger purpose in life than what you were doing. I still feel that way. I still feel bad, you haven't cracked the beginning of yet. I'm trying to guess, his beginning stages of it. And you're going to be a huge success.

Alex Ferrari 2:51
Because Well, this is why keep you around con, it's a stroke, my ego,

Connie H. Deutsch 3:01
your audiences. But your ego isn't bashing every time they talk to me. Fair, fair enough.

Alex Ferrari 3:09
That's also the truth. That's why I was laughing. But yeah, thank you for that. But I'm just trying to help people through the work that I do. And I'm slowly discovering more about myself, and more about what I'm here to do. And originally was, you know, just one thing, and now it's a multitude of things. And I've never been happier. And I've never been able to help more people through the different channels that I work through. It has been an experience, to say the least. And the journey I know, in many ways is just beginning.

Connie H. Deutsch 3:45
Well, you asked me about how I started the counseling and everything. Really, by accident, I woke up one day, and I said is that all there is to life, you know, I'm happy with what I do. I'm very contented. I have enough as an income to live within my means. I don't require very much of non materialistic individual, and I get happy very easily. But there has to be something greater than what I'm experiencing. I'm feeling like I'm in a void is nothing else around me. Just nothing. I can do this, I can do that I can do the other thing. It's not showing me. And then I got my first person who came to me and wanted to know what I saw for him and what the hell he was talking about. And he told me he was the CEO of a company. And he was very concerned about the overpopulation that we were going through at that time. And he said, How are we going manage millions of people and without batting an eyelash? I said, we're not going to have to worry about that because millions of people are going to die, he said It is such a morbid thought you would be ashamed of itself, I wasn't really meant to sincerely. And look what happened. We have the pandemic, we have lost millions of people around the world, our population is nowhere near where we were expecting it to be. All of a sudden, we don't have enough children being born. But I first heard that many, many years ago that we need more children. I thought twice, we can't even be the children we have. And now look, it's the children are going to be supporting the older people in the different programs that are designed for older people of Social Security. Perfect example, Medicare. Another example? How are we going to supply the needs, if we don't have enough children who are growing up and bringing money into the system. So it's an ongoing thing. And I think that we have to have answers in the near future. And that's where you're going to come in, and Alex, you're going to pave the road, so that people know, the larger picture, God willing, I'm not gonna be around to see that. I'm going to see it from the other side. And I'm going to blast myself and say, See, I told you told you. And that's what's going to happen, you're going to be one of the people, we're going to have this tremendous ability at Mass Communications. Right now you're starting in the film industry, that's not the be all end all for you. That's just the beginning. And you're going to see many, many changes in the world, some of which you're going to be the ones who implement this. So get ready for that, because I can feel it coming from you. Anyone who's around you, longer than five minutes, is going to feel that it's an energy about you that just reach it out to people. And I certainly felt that when I met you 25 years ago, I knew you were going to be something special. I knew you were special. It just took you a little while to catch up.

Alex Ferrari 7:18
My summer slow learners, they say?

Connie H. Deutsch 7:21
No, you know, when you were learn so quickly, you retain everything. I'm very careful about what I say in front of you. Because I know that the next God knows how many years you're gonna remember verbatim.

Alex Ferrari 7:37
I tend to do that.

Connie H. Deutsch 7:38
Yes, you do. Yes, I

Alex Ferrari 7:41
do. Well, when you're working with your clients, first of all, when you ask that question, like, Is this all there is? What was the answer that you came up with? Because I'm sure that's a question that so many people around the world have, which is like, Is this all there is for me is this me getting up every morning, going to work at a nine to five running through the rat race coming home, paying taxes, maybe I have a little fun on the weekends, and then you wake up and then 50 years have gone by and then a little bit later you die? And that's a good case scenario. A lot of people made a lot worse. So what was the answer you came up with?

Connie H. Deutsch 8:22
With name is very simple. First of all, the things that you're talking about never appealed to me. I didn't go that route. My parents always said, no matter what I wanted, it was no you can't have it. But all the kids have it. And they would say you are different. So all my life, I kept hearing you are different. You're different. You're different. Well, they taught me to think myself to question everything, not care about public opinion. And then they wonder why I was such difficult child to raise. And I've always been an introvert by nature, very quiet, for the most part, very withdrawn and very private. To me going on a show like this, which is something that's very dear to my heart is going out of my comfort zone. enormously. But you also Yeah, it was about many times.

Alex Ferrari 9:21
Yeah, I was gonna say you've been on multiple radio shows. You had your own radio show for a long time.

Connie H. Deutsch 9:25
Yep, a year and a half. And coming to that was an interesting situation. Program Director of the radio station, quit the job. And a couple of years went by, and all of a sudden I got a phone call from him. He said, I'm going with a new radio station. It's a syndicated stations around the country. And I want you on. We're starting Friday morning at nine o'clock and you're going to be an astrologer. Struggling What do you think about astrology? He says, You have between now, this is Monday, you have between now and Friday to become an astrologer. And he hangs up the phone. Gotcha. Okay. And I run out to the store. Now astrology magazines, for those who have never had this experience, and I didn't at that point is different astrology magazine for each month of the year. And that meant that I had borrowed 12 magazines, but bought them came home and all the way home, I kept saying, I'm an astrologer, I'm an astrologer, I'm an astrologer, I'm an astrologer. I had no idea what they been. And so I sat down with these books. And I said, Okay, let's make chores. At that time, I was living in the house that had tremendous kitchens, and a tremendous backsplash. So I could pin things up. I did tape them up on on back wall, and I taped every month, every sign, and all the things that were prominent to does that month, or that week, whatever it was, I taped them up so that I can just run from one to the other. I'll give you an example. Good morning Now, what's your birth date?

Alex Ferrari 11:26
June 28, June,

Connie H. Deutsch 11:28
June 28, June 28. So you're a cancer. That's all you have. You must be having a wonderful time. You have things going on this month, you're going to be meeting people you've never met before. They're going to be very influential in your career. Have you met them? Yes.

Alex Ferrari 11:49
Not yet.

Connie H. Deutsch 11:50
Coming. This week, you're going to be meeting. And this is why I started each week with someone saying the birth date, and me running to that sign on the wall was talking about and it was like, Oh my god, that I really do that. I'm an astrologer. I'm an astrologer. I'm an astrologer. Or I kept thinking, I'm an astrologer, and the words just flew out of my mouth. Apparently, nobody questioned, they will want to know about their birthdays and Beth and I kept running from one side to the next on the World War. And astrologist?

Alex Ferrari 12:37
Sure you basically just became one out of just saying that you

Connie H. Deutsch 12:40
were that's exactly what it is. And that is part of the visualization that I want them to talk about.

Alex Ferrari 12:48
Yeah. So what is your definition of visualization? Because visualization is something that is extremely powerful and important in our lives. And some people, athletes do it all the time. You know, people at high levels do it all the time in every aspect of life. They do it, what is your definition of visualization

Connie H. Deutsch 13:08
as being the same as anyone elses? Actually, what it is, takes tremendous focus, one of my clients called and I told her, her husband was dying, and she was praying. I said, Well, visualizing, says, Oh, I visualized every single day said, Would you please walk me through it, whatever you do, walk me through it. So she started and I stopped her. I said that visualization, that's a laundry list of things. When you visualize, you have to focus entirely on one thing, and nothing else. But it has to be such intense focus, that nothing interferes and activity with everything inside is you have to have that determination. You have to have that perseverance. You have to have that energy. Everything has to be focused. You can't think of another thing because it's going to happen. Yogananda is world famous as a yogi said that miracles are just a rearrangement of atoms and molecules. And that's what you have to do. You have to rearrange those atoms and molecules.

Alex Ferrari 14:23
So for people who don't know who paramahansa Yogananda is, can you talk a little bit about who he is and his impact on your life and career,

Connie H. Deutsch 14:31
he had the most tremendous impact on my career and my life that I've ever experienced. He said, If you don't like your life, change it. If you don't like your karma changes. Now in all years, I had never heard that karma could be changed. You know, you've done something in the past life. You're going to have retribution in this life. That's what you're here for. I was wrong. He was right. I said, Okay. I'll give it to you. Have a shot and see how I can change it. And I changed my life considerably. I got rid of everything that was not important. I heard this voice inside of me very soft voice saying, simplify your life. And now it's my wife was so simple at that time, I couldn't think of anything more to simplify. And in doing that, I learned what Yogananda was talking about, you can't have extraneous things that are occupying it's your emotions, your activities, it has to be very focused. Now his focus was on God. And that has always been my focus. Now, in listening to him talk about it. I said, Okay, this has got to change, and God became the center of my being. And that's how I learned about finding something greater than myself greater than my family, greater than my activities. That something that was missing in my life as something that was bigger than anything that that has ever encountered. And so, I concentrated on that. I heard, a woman was talking about God, holding one end of the rubber band, and you holding the other end of the rubber band, you keep pulling on your end, God keeps pulling on his end. And all of a sudden, God says, You know what, it seems she wants to handle this herself. The God drops his end. And now you're left with the whole problem yourself. However, if you let God handle what he's supposed to handle, and stop pulling away from him, your whole everything is then resolved for you. Of course, the main thing that I would definitely recommend is, before you turn yourself, your problems over to God, do whatever you can, yourself to solve.

Alex Ferrari 17:10
Right? Because you can't expect God to just you know, just like, Oh, well, I owe $20,000, on my credit card, God take care of that for me.

Connie H. Deutsch 17:18
Well, you're coming close to this. I owed $700. I had no income. This was the beginning of my career. And I had just heard this, this woman, and I had tried everything that I could do earn money, and couldn't. And I said, Okay, God, I'm turning this over to you. I need 700 pounds here, all my bills. I have tried everything that I can. And I'm running out of options. And this is the date I needed for the day before those bills would do. I got checks from an insurance company for an accident that I've had years and years and years. Prior to that day, I never thought I would ever get a penny, I got 720 $700.25 25 cents, let's go,

Alex Ferrari 18:13
Hey, there was a tip,

Connie H. Deutsch 18:15
aha, at the tip that I should do what I can, and anything I can't do, I have to have faith. And that faith has the unshakable because every time I thought about the $700 that I owed, I said, Okay, God's gonna handle it, get rid of it. And I would drop it at myself stop thinking.

Alex Ferrari 18:37
And currently when you say God, because I know a lot of times when people use the term God, they automatically go to religion. Oh, no, or some sort of dogma or something along those lines. I just want to make that very clear that Yogananda when you when you say God, you're talking about just the spiritual aspect of God. Right?

Connie H. Deutsch 18:56
It creative force of the universe. Right? Right.

Alex Ferrari 18:59
No dogma, no religious implications.

Connie H. Deutsch 19:02
No, as a matter of fact, I really don't have much use for these visions. I think it's man made. I think that people are divided into cults. Because of this, I don't want that I want something that is very solid inside of me, where I can have the faith that God this God, which is now the center of my universe is going to help me and I will have the faith because doubt, and fear cannot close this with faith. It simply cannot be said that two objects cannot occupy the same space. That's it. For this is different. You can't have faith coexisting with fear and doubt. So choose whichever went one, two, and stick with it.

Alex Ferrari 19:49
And that was the one thing I loved about Yogananda and his amazing book Autobiography of a Yogi and all of his work, where he was telling people to look within themselves to connect with God with the higher power with the universe, whatever you'd like to call it, but to look inside as opposed to look outside, and he was doing this in the 30s, which was, you know, heresy. Essentially,

Connie H. Deutsch 20:14
I was doing it not much later than that, except that I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I was six years old, and I was at the beach with my mom. As I said, I'm an introvert. And I was really shy, very withdrawn, and didn't have any friends went to the beach was sitting on the blanket. And when mom's friends came over, and she had her daughter with her, and her daughter's name was Marlene God all these years later, thinking about Marlene, she had this bubbly personality. Well, there's nothing about me that bubbles to it. And I didn't know about bubbly personality. I wanted to have what she had. But I didn't want to be her. I write being me, I write being different. I just didn't want to be the way I was. I wanted to have friends and I wanted. So sitting on the blanket, and I'm looking at modeling, and she's bubbling over and she's talking about and I'm sitting there quiet, withdrawn, not saying a single word. And I'm studying. All of a sudden I looked down at her feet. And by an inch below ankle bone, there is a white, round birthmark. And I'm thinking to myself, if I had that white band birthmark in the same place on my ankle, by blow my ankle, I wouldn't be like mom means people would like me. focused, focused, focused, focused, and I really, really focused. You didn't hear a peep from me, because I was so busy concentrating on that thing. Well, nothing happened. I was still withdrawn, I was still introverted. I didn't have any friends. And a few days later, I looked down at my ankle is the birthmark that Marlene had. Wow. And that's when I first started learning about visualization without knowing what it was never heard the word I came from a very conservative background. So you didn't hear these things, especially in those days. And I carried that birthmark on my ankle bone for the next 40 years before it went away. Not Ripley. First experience was that

Alex Ferrari 22:43
you said that you look around and you started to make your life simpler, almost becoming more minimalistic in your life in all shapes. And not only in the material world, but also in relationships and other things like that. But with material things. I think that humanity in general, and people get so caught up with this concept of, I need more stuff, I need the latest gadgets, I need this, I need that thing. And I heard a great quote the other day, a great comment, I think was from one of my guests. That said, you never see a u haul on the back of a hearse. And, and I just thought that that was such a wonderful comment, because it's so true. You know, we fight and we kill and we hurt people and each other for things for stuff. But at the end of the day, you can't really do much with it. What are your thoughts on trying to make your life a little bit more minimalistic try to pull some of that away from you to kind of free you a bit more. Because I think the more stuff you have, the more of a prisoner you are to the stuff and that it ends up owning you. Not the other way around.

Connie H. Deutsch 23:58
The only thing I have a value on my books, right?

Alex Ferrari 24:03
Because they actually mean something to you.

Connie H. Deutsch 24:05
I had 2500 books. When I moved into this house, I have to tell you that it felt like I was giving away some of my children. And I haven't given away 1000 both state room, the other 1500 I'm not a materialistic person. I couldn't care less that dad. In fact, I don't even own gadgets that I know how to use. A friend of mine said you have the most sophisticated gadgets in the world and you merge them. You don't know how to use them. You're not learning. Why do you have them? And I couldn't answer. I have a computer. I still haven't learned how to turn it on and off. So when you asked me about minimalizing what I had, I didn't have this kind of things that you're talking about. I never cared about but I did have were some friends, which turned out to be not friends. And I got admitted that I got rid of things like, but I can still show you some mud things from kindergarten. And I really have not been a collector of things. I hate shopping with a passion. Are we just a single running naked through the jungle, go into a store and buy clothing. It doesn't interesting. So the kinds of things that I simplified, or conversations, I learned how to say no, which was very difficult for me. I learned the things that were important to my life. And I concentrated on that. That was a very young age. I remember one of the things prior to that. But I was in elementary school. And again, I wanted to have something that other kids have. Well, the popular girls or had dimples in the cheeks. I did not have dimples.

Alex Ferrari 26:07
Something tells me I knew I knew that already.

Connie H. Deutsch 26:11
So wait a moment. I didn't say don't have now. I said I didn't have them. Then I sat in class with my finger, my some nail on each side of my face. We're both should appear. And I pressed in and I concentrated. Well, I don't have dimples, but I do have creases that remained after all these centuries past. A friend of mine called probably about 30 years later, and I hadn't spoken to her in five years. He said, Oh Connie, I miss you so much. And I miss seeing examples of things I hadn't dimple for have pre sci fi and

Alex Ferrari 27:18
that was one thing you said earlier about karma? And Yogananda spoken about karma. And karma is not a new concept by any stretch of imagination. And it's been spoken about by many religions, and many thought leaders throughout history. Can you explain to the audience a little bit about what karma is, and how we can change that karma? According to Yogananda, or or not?

Connie H. Deutsch 27:43
Cora is like this law of gravity, what goes up, must come down what you do in one lifetime, you read in another lifetime, you've been wonderful in the past life. Well, the next lifetime, go and have wonderful things happen to you. You've been miserable individual and and passed by, in this life, you're going to be the abject of misery. Everyone has to experience oppression, and being repressed, rich, or poor. They have to experience all aspects of living. There are seven planes of consciousness. Each plane is divided by seven sub planes, you have to pass through these planes of consciousness, to get to God consciousness, which means that there's a lot of living to do. They say that Jesus had 33, five times. And considering that he came in at the level he came in, he say, he's so why, why does he have to go to so many bullet? It was to prove himself, not only to himself, but to the world in general. This is what it takes to become an Ascended Master.

Alex Ferrari 28:58
And ascended masters are our people who have transcended this world, this plane of existence, if you will, like Jesus or Buddha, Muhammad did these kind of figures throughout history?

Connie H. Deutsch 29:13
Yes, exactly.

Alex Ferrari 29:15
They figured it out. In other words, they cracked the nut, if you will, of getting out of this endless, it seems to be almost endless circle of karma of getting in and out of being stuck in this body. I mean, again, I'm definitely not the first to say this. But from my understanding from my readings of great spiritual texts, the concept of the soul and the body as if as the soul is traveling is having a physical experience as opposed to a physical being having a spiritual experience. It's the opposite. We're here we're souls, driving around in our bodies, experiencing life and then when this body is done, and this time to get off the train, you get off To train and you move on, and then you might in the new hopefully, or might come back into another body to experience something else, something different from another perspective, like you were just saying, into you learn to the point where you don't have to come back anymore and you can transcend this level of existence,

Connie H. Deutsch 30:17
you have to pass through all seven. When Jesus came, this last time around, he had just passed through the sixth plane of consciousness, which is renunciation. And that was the plane where he had to give up his body, which he did, he had to give up on earthly possessions, which he did. He had to give up everything. And that was his renunciation. Then he was ready to go to the seventh plane of consciousness, which is the plane of God consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 30:52
Where was all of this? With the seven? The consciousness and karma? Is this all? Where did this all come from? As far as the knowledge the text is? Who's the one who brought this into what texts? Can people go out? And, and study more about these concepts?

Connie H. Deutsch 31:09
I can tell you that Yogananda had a tremendous influence on my life. Much more so than any of the others familiar with all the others. I bought all different religions, to study those open Lhasa fees. I have other things in books, but nothing prepared me for Yogananda, he summed up things for me in such a way. I mean, I did not know that I could change my karma. Do you know that after I changed my karma, I watched my negative karma, lift up my body and move away?

Alex Ferrari 31:49
And how do you change your karma?

Connie H. Deutsch 31:51
and living a spiritual life?

Alex Ferrari 31:54
What does that mean exactly?

Connie H. Deutsch 31:55
Well, to me meant, I can forgive myself, first of all, and I can learn to love myself. From there, I can radiate that forgiveness and that love everyone else, not to hold grudges, not to hold bad thoughts about people. Yes, this one has these kinds of predilections, but that's his path. It's not yours, let him go. Some of the things that I've learned was that my destiny is to help mankind. That's what I was. That's what I was looking for.

Alex Ferrari 32:35
I can only tell. And I've said this, I think on this show, as well as my other shows, is that I found that in my own life, I've been chasing the dream of being a big time film director for decades, almost. And I kept trying to break through and trying to hack it and trying to figure things out, and never really worked out the way I wanted it to. But the moment I started to be of service to people, in a big way, is when opportunity started to present themselves. And I saw glimpses of that in oh five, when I released my first short film, and provided a tremendous amount of service with what I did with the products and DVDs that are created from it. I got opportunities, and I met people that I just wouldn't have otherwise. But then I put that down and didn't go back to it for 10 years. But the moment I opened up indie film, hustle and my other companies, and started providing service to other people, my life changed in ways that I can't comprehend, and continue to change on a daily basis, in a profound way. And the more I gave, the more came back to me. And the more I enjoyed giving of myself, the more I received, and it is completely transformed my life. It's one of the reasons why I wanted to start this show is because I wanted to give back to a larger community that not just the film industry, and the entertainment industry, I wanted to give back to a much larger basically, the rest of the world, because this show can can touch anybody in any field. But that was the thing that I found in my life, which was so profound, and it really has changed my life completely in a way that I can't even really comprehend yet, and I might one day, but all I know is I enjoy giving. And I think we're all kind of hardwired to enjoy giving because when you give a gift, you get an endorphin rush on a physical step. You know, when you give or you help somebody, it makes you feel good. I think a lot of people forget that.

Connie H. Deutsch 34:47
A lot of people have never experienced that. That's true. When you talk about giving you and I were both born as givers if you more or not. You would not have a mission like you have in this lifetime. If I were not, I would not have a mission that I have in this lifetime. There are many, many people who can only feel joy in chasing something that they can't have. And they only have enjoyment, accumulating things that they have no regard for, or once they get it, your interest ceases to exist, whether it's a relationship, whether it's an electronic device makes them matter, they just want to pursue it for the sake of pursuing it. Take a look at some of these companies that are run by the titans of industry. Many of them are really happy, take a look at their faces take a look at their eyes. And many of them smile with their eyes. They don't a smile with their mouth. They say the appropriate things. But they don't really convey that sense of happiness. They don't convey that feeling of let me share this with you. I'm not out for your money, I want you to enjoy something that I enjoy will help you to enjoy life. Something that says I want to help humanity. Now I learned at a very, very young age that I was supposed to help humanity. I've learned that at the age of seven. That was when I got my first vision. And it's been a revelation ever since. Because I would much rather give than to receive. In fact, people have said to me, I don't know what to get you fee birthday is so difficult to shop for nothing interests you. And it's true. I really don't have a whole lot of interest in material things. I could, I could wear the same outfit every day for the next 25 years. Agreed. For all I know I've made me do just that. You know it's true. Some people need to have their lives surrounded by things that say a measure of success. My measure of success is very different. My measure of success is I've I made a difference in anyone's life. Even one person would satisfy the difference in somebody's life, and make it better for somebody that gives me tremendous amounts of joy. As far as buying things. For myself, I really don't buy things for other people. Yes, the cure things think they will enjoy. I'd summarize that I know once to become a full time writer, which didn't own a book called writers market, both for her birthday, after shortly after I found out that she didn't have that book. I bought it for her gave me tremendous pleasure being that she was going to use that book is trying to start selling the words that she was writing, whether or not she'll get a buyer for I don't know, but at least I gave her a to begin the search. And that gave me a lot of choice.

Alex Ferrari 38:23
Now one thing that's become very popular in the last probably the last 20 years or so, is meditation. And so many people now I mean before when you meditated, when you said you you meditated, people looked at you weird. And now peep so many people around the world, and in the West are meditating and they understand the benefits of it on a physical level. But few I feel understand the spiritual level of it and how it connects you deeper with that creative force, the god force, if you will, how important is meditation in your life? And what has it done for you? Because you've been meditating probably longer. You were meditating before it was probably cool.

Connie H. Deutsch 39:07
I was I started out with seven or eight hours of meditation a day. It's a serious amount of meditation. Well, I had read the book, in my books that might be my downfall as well as everything else. I read a book, it talks about meditation, opening up your chakras, and your chakras Of course, those units of energy that open up best universes for you,

Alex Ferrari 39:37
right? It's been discussed in many, many religious texts and spiritual texts throughout time.

Connie H. Deutsch 39:43
Yeah, exactly. So I read whatever I could, that the chakras that I read everything that I could about meditation, and what I found was very disturbing. I don't know if anyone else has coined this expression, but I ended up quitting This expression called Tony holies. I started out by reading books, and books was saying things, but I wasn't seeing those same people, the words that came out of their mouths or out of their writing sounded spiritual, but they weren't doing anything spiritual.

Alex Ferrari 40:18
You so kinda You mean to tell me that there's people out there who will pretend to be holy and spiritual just to sell products? And books? And to become famous?

Connie H. Deutsch 40:31
I can't believe

Alex Ferrari 40:31
it. I can't believe it, Connie.

Connie H. Deutsch 40:36
I even own some of them.

Alex Ferrari 40:39
I'm sure you do. I'm sure we all do. If you're into this world, I'm sure you've, there's a lot of people out there who love to talk to talk, but generally don't walk the walk.

Connie H. Deutsch 40:48
They really did. And I call them Sony holies. Because what happened was, when I started reading the books, I started realizing that these were just words that had no bearing on reality, no bearing on what I was actually seeing in operation. And I was beside myself, because when you go other than books, don't forget, there were no audio books in those days. There were no computers in those days. But I did have the reason for it. And the thing that bothered me the most, was that I said to myself, well, maybe you're not spiritual enough. Maybe you should be really doing those books are saying, because you're not spiritual enough, or you wouldn't be doing it. And what I found out was they weren't doing it either. It was just talking about, but I came across Yogananda, it had a very, very different flavor to it. It was like all Yes, this is somebody are going to follow easily. This is some touches something inside of me. It says, follow me. And it was the first one that I ever felt that way about, I know that there have been a lot of Ascended Masters. And I know that I have one. But the one that really, really touched my soul in a way that nothing else has ever touched my soul has been Yogananda.

Alex Ferrari 42:16
Well, I mean, considering that his his book Autobiography of a Yogi has sold 10s of millions of copies around the world and is considered one of the premier spiritual texts of the last 100 years. I understand why, because the cream does rise to the top people connect with authenticity. You know, you can fool people, to a certain extent, but for true connection, he can't fake that.

Connie H. Deutsch 42:44
Well, I kept feeling like, I couldn't be spiritual. If I wasn't doing with those books, were saying, but when your tinnitus is talking that things are connected immediately, and I can't tell you how many books are sold to people I met, who I said, You have got to buy this book, you have got to read it, you have got to read in a way that you don't read a novel, read a few is, and you think about it, and you try to integrate it into your life, the read a few more pages, but you don't read it as a novel. And that has been a turning point for a lot of people. Because they started out with Oh, this is a great novel. Right?

Alex Ferrari 43:28
It's a fantastic story. Yeah.

Connie H. Deutsch 43:30
It's a great autobiography. And just the fact that it reads like a novel, doesn't make it a novel. Makes it something that's interesting enough, that engages you at a level that you have never been engaged in your life. Well,

Alex Ferrari 43:51
I mean, he was a very big influence on the Beatles. I think he's on the cover of Sergeant Pepper. I think he's one of the people who's on the on the cover of the album cover. And, I mean, that book has connected to so many people, I think, Isn't he the first spiritual master, if you will, that wrote about being a yogi and that path? I don't think there was another book prior to him. Correct.

Connie H. Deutsch 44:18
You know, I really don't know the answer to that.

Alex Ferrari 44:20
But his his become obviously the most popular of that genre, if you will of Yogi's and getting closer to God in that way and his path that he's taken. I haven't been

Connie H. Deutsch 44:32
both like Christian mercy. They say pretty much the same things. But Yogananda has a different way of saying

Alex Ferrari 44:41
yeah, that's that's the thing too. And I've noticed that about even with the work that I do is a lot of the things that I say on my other shows, are, you know, things that people know about and other people say it, but people like my flavor, and some people might like other people's flavor, so I always tell people try as many flavors you want and whichever one you connect with, then go down that road. Because it might not be me, it might be somebody else. And I say that, again, with everybody listening now like if this is a show that connects with you, then great, keep listening. If it isn't, then find a show or find something that will connect you in the way that is meaningful to you.

Connie H. Deutsch 45:19
Well, one of my clients made a comment, someone else was in my hearing. And he didn't know I was listening. And he said, Tommy to bring things into existence that don't exist. And she can stop them from happening just by the force of her will. And I thought to myself, well, that's interesting.

Alex Ferrari 45:40
isn't that bad to have that?

Connie H. Deutsch 45:42
Yeah. So my sister in law sent me a plant. For my birthday. It was one of these gorgeous Dells, pottery changers. And the arrangement was just absolutely stunning. I called my friend. And I said, we do do me a favor, I'm going to make an experiment my assistant just sent me was gorgeous floral arrangements, I have yet to see when you consent to my own, by calling you every single day, and telling you which flowers are still alive. And, sure. So every day, I would sit down venomous flowers put by hands random, not touching an exactly around them, my eyes closed. And I would focus on keeping these cut flowers alive. Every day, I would call it and say, Well this to live. But some of the flowers have fallen off, and then turn round died. But basically this distal light. And then one day, a couple of weeks later, my hand flip. And all of a sudden I've looked down and I see that the bottom row of flowers. It was so gorgeous. And so five rooms were artificial. When I was like looking,

Alex Ferrari 47:15
these look fantastic Jesus.

Connie H. Deutsch 47:21
But I had done that. With that mistake. I have put them into existence. And I have stopped them from existing.

Alex Ferrari 47:29
Well, let me ask you a question. How can people break through the limitations that they or society puts on them? Because I feel that is the challenge that most human beings have to go through?

Connie H. Deutsch 47:40
Okay, I was very fortunate in one respect. My parents told me not to care about public opinion, and to question everything. And that has been the story of my life. When you talk about other people influencing your life and stopping you from progressing, it's how you were brought up a lot of people pleasers in this world, they have the most difficult times of all, because they're constantly trying to please everyone and you can't. The only way you can, is yourself. And if you were really pleasing yourself, then you're pleasing God as well. If you're not happy with yourself, then you're separating yourself from God

Alex Ferrari 48:24
Is this where people struggle so much in life?

Connie H. Deutsch 48:26
They struggle because they don't have a concept of what they're going toward. You know, like I told you, I woke up one day and I said, Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing? I really feel like I'm taking time and space on this planet. And I'm not accomplishing anything. I mean, I'm doing things, I'm accomplishing things on a material basis. But I don't feel it inside of me. I don't feel fulfilled. It wasn't until much, much later that people started coming to me to solve their problems. And I got such a feeling of well being from helping them solve the problems that all of a sudden it dawned on me, you're here to stick things. You're here to show people out to six their lives, out the service to mankind, how to begin to themselves, so that they can feel what feels good. And that they can emulate that they can replicate this. Five shows somebody out to fish, and he can then go out and fish every day for his dinner. I have given him something of value. If I've just given him a fish dinner, he's only for one night, and he doesn't have that feeling of well being in him. But if he learns has to swish and he can fish for himself in his family, then he has this feeling of accomplishment. Well, you can't beat that. feeling of accomplishment, it's there within you saying, Okay, now you've got something tangible that you can do, what else would you write to do? What else would give you pleasure I symptoms make people will notice sometimes, many times, I have been make a list of 200 things that gives them pleasure that they enjoy. And they look at me as if I'm crazy. And I said, every day, you start a new list every day, I don't care if you Pete things from the previous day makes no difference. So what's that list of the things that give you pleasure? Then after about three months of this, I say, Okay, now take four things a day, that give you pleasure, and do them. So one person had things that gives him pleasure, was having a hot shower. So that became one of the things that he had to do that week, he had to give himself a hot shower, one day a week. But people had a very difficult time, saying, it really gives them pleasure, they can tell you more about what they don't like, than what they do art. When I do peer counseling, I will say to them, okay, what do you feel passionate about? And I'll say, No, you mean, don't know it now? 85 years old, you don't know what you feel passionate about? Anything? I don't know. I find that incredible. You know, if anyone would ask me that, I wouldn't hesitate for a single second. I know what gives me pleasure. But it's like going into a restaurant looking at a menu and saying, I don't want this. I don't want that. I don't like this is all like, what do you? What would you like to have for dinner? I don't know. And it's the same thing. If you have no idea what you will like, everything else becomes things that you don't mark. Okay, that's the core of why you don't feel fulfilled in this lifetime.

Alex Ferrari 52:18
Where do you see us going? Where do you see humanity going? In the next 20 years? 50 years?

Connie H. Deutsch 52:26
You're not gonna like this?

Alex Ferrari 52:28
Well, as I asked the question, I was afraid to ask it. But just out of curiosity, you just your opinion of what you think? Do you feel that that the, you know, humanity is going to be going through in the next 50 years,

Connie H. Deutsch 52:44
very difficult times, we have got to hit rock bottom, where people start to see the value of their ride, where people start to see that their lives are not just for themselves, that they interact with other words, that we are interdependent on people, like john donne says, No man is an island

Alex Ferrari 53:09
very much.

Connie H. Deutsch 53:11
And it's true. I mean, the first time ever, since I remember growing up, we are now global. Human we do dependence upon our global communication with other countries, our food, our beverages, our textbooks, our everything doesn't make any difference. What it is, we are interconnected. We are engine dependent on other people and other centers. We keep losing sight of that. And we keep having wars that make absolutely no sense. What are we trying to do destroy each other, growing, destroying ourselves? Right now, to answer the questions, more specifically, until we get to that point, where we understand what it is that we've been doing wrong, we cannot get to the understanding of what we can do. That is right. So we have to start looking at, okay, we've been declaring war on all these countries. Now there are our friends, and we give them top secrets. And five years from now they do they use these top secrets against us. But this is absolutely ridiculous. We need to make partners of these people, not adversaries, we need to show them that we understand that we have different cultures, and that we can sustain our individuality and still love them and still want to be partners with them and still have something in common. Even though we have different countries in different habits, different cultures and everything else. And until we can get to that level, then you're going to see the destruction of mankind in a very big way. And that part is not far from happening.

Alex Ferrari 55:18
So I'm gonna ask you a large question, not that the questions I've been asking you haven't been large. But why do you think we are here? Or at least from your point of view? Why do you think that we as souls, as people, as a species are here? What's the purpose of all of this?

Connie H. Deutsch 55:36
To become perfected? This, this is our university. It's where we learned the lessons. It's where we practice on each other ourselves. How can you learn kindness? If you don't have the experience of doing a kindness someone or having someone else do kindness for you? How do you learn these things if you don't have the practice? So Earth is a practice, it's a university. And unfortunately, too many people don't take notes on this, they would learn a lot. What I'm hoping for, is a real awakening. And I have this feeling that you're going to play a very pivotal role in the re awakening.

Alex Ferrari 56:26
I appreciate that confidence, God.

Connie H. Deutsch 56:29
don't appreciate it to quickly. You may you may say, Oh, damn.

Alex Ferrari 56:40
Oh, I've said that a couple of times over the years. Now, Connie, I can keep talking to you for hours. But I wanted to ask you, where can people find out more about you and your book, the many books as your friend,

Connie H. Deutsch 56:54
I have 12 that are on Amazon, and a couple of CDs of as the book whispers of the soul book. That was my first thought that I wrote. And there was a reason that I wrote that book. My brother was dying of cancer. I wanted to give him something that he could see that he was going to be written up in the dedication. And so I said, I wrote it, baby, three months, and he died shortly thereafter.

Alex Ferrari 57:29
Now, is there a website that everyone can go to to find out more about you?

Connie H. Deutsch 57:33
I'm a huge storage,

Alex Ferrari 57:35
that COMM And I will put that link in the show notes. Connie, thank you so much for being on the show. It's been an absolute pleasure and honor talking to you. And hopefully some of the stuff we've talked about today can help some souls out there, get to the next level.

Connie H. Deutsch 57:51
I think that you do a great job doing that. I think you have what it takes to do it.

Alex Ferrari 57:59
I appreciate you and thank you for all the service that you've provided people over the years. So thank you. Thank you, my friend.

Connie H. Deutsch 58:06
Thank you sweetheart. You take care

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