ATHEIST Dies; Meets Jesus & the Told the TRUTH Why We’re Here! (NDE) with Stephanie Kraft

In the vast tapestry of our human experience, some threads shimmer with the glow of profound spiritual awakening. On today’s episode, we welcome the remarkable Stephanie Kraft, a beacon of transformative energy and wisdom. Her journey from atheism to a life steeped in spiritual discovery is nothing short of extraordinary.

Stephanie Kraft begins her story in the realm of skepticism and disbelief. Raised in a household where religion was merely a shadow, her early life was marked by a traumatic event that shattered her perception of any divine existence. At the tender age of ten, she lost a friend to a horrifying act of violence, leading her to reject the notion of God entirely. “I’m not believing in God anymore,” she recalls saying, a statement that echoed through her soul until she experienced a profound spiritual awakening at the age of 29.

This awakening was not a subtle whisper but a resounding call to consciousness. Encouraged by a friend’s suggestion, she sought a psychic reading despite her skepticism. The psychic’s insights pierced through her disbelief, resonating deeply within her heart and soul. “Stephanie, you’re a healer and a teacher,” he declared, a revelation that aligned with her nascent desire to help others. This reading ignited a spiritual awakening that opened her to the vast universe of spiritual experiences.

One of the most profound experiences in Stephanie’s journey was the embodiment of Jesus’ essence within her. For two weeks, she felt an undeniable radiance emanating from her being, an embodiment of divine energy that spoke through her thoughts and shone through her eyes. “His spirit, His essence, his being embodied in me,” she describes. This period was a catalyst for her deeper connection to spiritual realms, bridging the gap between skepticism and unwavering belief.


  1. Trauma as a Catalyst for Awakening: Sometimes, the most profound spiritual awakenings stem from the deepest traumas. Stephanie’s early rejection of God was a direct result of her childhood trauma, but it eventually led her to seek deeper truths and spiritual understanding.
  2. Embodying Divine Energy: The experience of embodying Jesus’ essence highlights the potential for profound spiritual experiences that transcend ordinary understanding. Such experiences can transform skepticism into a deep, personal connection with the divine.
  3. Healing through Forgiveness: Stephanie’s story emphasizes the power of forgiveness and unconditional love, especially in her transformative experience with her father’s soul. This forgiveness not only healed her but also created a space for unconditional love and understanding.

As we explore Stephanie’s narrative, it becomes clear that her spiritual journey is one of continuous awakening and growth. Her encounters with divine energies and profound spiritual experiences are not isolated events but part of an ongoing evolution. Her work as a life-between-lives hypnotherapist allows her to guide others through similar transformative experiences, offering insights into the nature of the soul and the afterlife.

Reflecting on her life’s path, Stephanie underscores the importance of authenticity and inner strength. Despite the traumas and challenges she faced, she chose to cultivate love, compassion, and a deep connection with her soul’s purpose. Her journey serves as an inspiring testament to the power of spiritual awakening and the potential for profound transformation.

In conclusion, Stephanie’s story reminds us that our paths may be fraught with challenges and disbelief, but within these struggles lie the seeds of awakening. Her experiences illuminate the possibility of embodying divine energy, forgiving past traumas, and living authentically. As we navigate our own journeys, we can draw strength and inspiration from her story, embracing our spiritual potential and the profound connections that await us.

Please enjoy my conversation with Stephanie Kraft.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 387

Stephanie Kraft 0:00
His spirit, His essence, his being embodied in me. For two weeks, it was just this sudden thing that happened where I didn't tell anybody. But I could feel it the whole time. His words were non stop going through my mind, just speaking the whole time. And I would I there was a radiance coming out of me that I don't think anybody could see, but I could feel it and know it. And I would look in the mirror to see it. And I would see the radiance of him coming through my eyes and all around me when I would look. And it was just a nonstop embodiment of Jesus for those two weeks and it

Alex Ferrari 0:54
I like to welcome to the show, Stephanie Kraft. How you doing Stephanie?

Stephanie Kraft 1:07
Oh, I'm doing well Alex, how are you?

Alex Ferrari 1:10
I'm doing very good. Thank you so much for coming on the show. Today's conversation with you have a lot of stuff going on. Things have happened to you in your life. It's not just one thing or another. But it's all really connected, which is what I find fascinating about your, your life story. So before we get into conversations about your your day job now, which is a life between lives, hypnotherapist that you've had a lot of stories and experiences and that and the healer. What I find fascinating is that you start your story starts off as someone who was atheist, someone who had completely rejected God and Jesus, can you talk to me a little bit about what caused you? You know, were you raised spiritually and then you rejected it? Were you just like, This is ridiculous. What brought you to that place?

Stephanie Kraft 1:59
Okay, well, I, my parents were Catholic. They did baptize us three kids. Um, but we they didn't really raise us with any religion at all. They did attempt to bring us to church to mass, you know, Catholic mass, but when you're a kid, that's Latin, you know, it's a different language. It's like,

Alex Ferrari 2:19
It's horrible.

Stephanie Kraft 2:20
It's hard. Yeah. So I remember being in church thinking like, or in general, like, having this I think I was born with this where I thought it was mythology, I didn't think it was. And then when I found out people actually believed it. I was like, people actually believe that I thought it was just a story. You know, and it never, nothing ever resonated with me. But not that I even knew anything. It's like, there was no teaching my family had, there was no God was never mentioned. So even though they attempted to bring us to church, when we were very little, I think that they thought we're doing the right thing. But it wasn't even embodied in them. And then they dropped it because my older sister refused to wear a dress. And my mother wanted her to wear dresses when we went to church, and it was always this huge fight. And so they were like, they gave up and we just never went and I was I'm talking like, four I was like, maybe four or five and that that was the end of it. So I had a general feeling of like, God, right, like, God exists, but I had zero religion, and I didn't believe in religion, per se. So when I, when I was 10, a friend of mine was murdered. And unfortunately, her mother killed her. And yeah, so I had just been slept over at her house. And like, I, you know, I. So when this happened, it literally shattered my entire world. Because when you're 10, you're you don't have this idea that a mother could kill her child, like that's not in the realm of possible. So I remember walking home from school, I remember the exact moment where I was. Because when this trauma happened in my life everything that I thought was true was no longer true. And so I remember walking home from school, and in my mind, I said to myself, I'm not believing in God anymore. Because if that can happen, then there's definitely no God. That's a 10 year old mind. And that was it. So from age 10, I was, I would say, agnostic or atheist, until age 29, when I had a massive spiritual awakening. So do you want me to talk about that?

Yeah. So how do you say you so 19 years good amount of time. Yes, that this is all hogwash. This is ridiculous. That by the way, my so sorry that you had to go through that at 10 years old, because I can only imagine. Because you're right at a 10 year old experience, that's doesn't cross your mind. It's not even, you know, bad things happen in the world. I mean, at that time, I mean, especially, you know, depending on the generation you were raised in, you have TV, you hear things, and we know the bad things happen in the world. But the concept of a mother killing a child, at that such even at such a young age, it just didn't even it doesn't comprehend. So it must have been completely earth shattering to you. And that would throw you into a crisis of faith, if you will, without question.

It did. I mean, I even asked my own mother, if she would kill me, because now everything's on the table.

Alex Ferrari 5:50
Right! So Mom, can we have a conversation? Imagine imagining that that also probably, uh, probably shifted the way you reacted to the world now your hold your programming, that set of rules that are in your programming at this stage changes interactions with the entire reality that you have correct?

Stephanie Kraft 6:15
100% And I had PTSD, it's something that I didn't talk about, because at 10, you don't have the language for it, and you don't get the help you need. That's just a fact. Like, when things like this happen, so I was having, you know, I was having intrusive thoughts of her, my friend's mom, killing me. And I was also having a experience at night, when I would go to sleep every night where these aliens were coming into my third eye vision, when I would close my eyes to go to sleep, they would visit me every night, and it would, I felt in terror. But now I'm thinking it might have been a spiritual family reaching out to comfort me, but I didn't know that and I willed them to go away eventually. And they finally did, but I was having terror every single day. In specific instances, one of them going to sleep and then another one when the when I would imagine her coming to kill me. So you know, and yes, it did shatter my entire reality, my entire world, my worldview, every absolutely everything i i retreated into my mind, because it was so shocking and traumatic, that I couldn't process it. I couldn't understand why. And my big question was, why, why why. And so all I all I was doing was thinking, thinking thinking, and that cut off my actual, you know, processing of the trauma or feeling and which opened up later on in my life. And so, but the question has always been, why, but that was, you know, flute flute, like, flowed over into, you know, my adulthood of where do we go when we die, you know, what happens when we die, things like that.

Alex Ferrari 8:10
And then I imagined that just as an as a young adult, relationships must have been difficult, and you might have been guarded against having relationships or even friendships or because again, everything is on the table. Like at any time, something could happen. It's that kind of traumas in an imagine. No one was around helping you process this trauma or identifying this trauma. So this was all you dealing with it 110%

Stephanie Kraft 8:39
100% on my own.

Alex Ferrari 8:41
Right. So this again, just moving forward. So and I find it fascinating because a lot of people go through trauma, especially young trauma, especially with our parents, and I will talk about your parents later on. Because I've heard I've heard the choices you've made in, in life between lives to choose this situation, but the traumas that we all go through, it does really skew our perspective on you on on humanity on our reality, what we think is possible, what the potential of dangers is. It's pretty fascinating and going through from such a young age 10 to 29. So almost two decades of this kind of thought pattern. So what was it because I have to imagine something pretty large had to come in other than that it wasn't a near death experience. I don't think so. It's something had to come in and just because I this is my in tell me if I'm wrong. From my personal experience. The universe was probably tapping you on the shoulder, probably for a while. Spiritual taps like hey, no, no, I know you had some rough times but no, this is real. No, no, here I'm like, No. Here's an example of faith or here's an example of the other side or his and you were like having none of it till finally, the university Tap, Tap, Tap, whisper, Whisper, whisper sledge hammer across the head. And I think, well, you're about to talk about as a sledgehammer crossed.

Stephanie Kraft 10:07
Yes. So those taps really did not start until the year 2000 When I was 29. Because I think my soul just let me Okay, go ahead, live, like asleep. And then boom in the year 2000 was when it happened. And so the first thing that happened was, my friend said, you should get a psychic reading. And I was like, why would you even waste your money on something like that? It's fake. But we know I thought you were an intelligent woman. What are you doing? And she said, and she said, No, Stephanie, let me let lend you my tape. And back then it was the cassette tapes. So he the guy records it. So I went home, I listened to it. And he literally read everything about her things he could not have possibly known. So I said, okay, okay, I'll make an appointment. So I made the appointment with him. And I was skeptical. I didn't believe in anything. And I told him, You know, I said, I'm just not going to really say much, because I'm kind of testing you, because I don't believe in this, really. But he was very cool. And you know, about it all. And he read my heart and soul in such a way that nobody could ever know. And he said to me, Stephanie, you're a healer and a teacher. And it resonated in my soul and in my heart, because I had been delving deeply into you know, maybe I should become an acupuncturist. I want to help people at a very deep level. I knew that already. And when he said, healer, I was like, ding ding, ding, you know, this is true. And so that because that reading was reading my heart and soul, it actually bursted me wide open, it was my catalyst for my spiritual awakening. I mean, I was blown away, I didn't under I was like, if he can know things, then there's so much more. And that night when I was trying to sleep, I didn't sleep the entire night, I had my eyes closed. And all I could see was the universe I was seeing in my third eye, the entire universe because it had busted wide open and, and I was there now I was seeing it. And so that was a memorable. That was a memorable experience. It was my first the catalyst of my spiritual awakening. And then it was the tap, tap, tap, things were happening. But boom, boom, boom, boom, that year, in rapid succession, I was having major health problems. I don't want to get into that, because not really integral to the story. But I was sick, and and then, you know, so I don't know. Then Then my father was actually diagnosed with terminal cancer. But something else happened prior to that, which was a meeting with his soul. I don't know if you want me to talk.

Alex Ferrari 13:17
Yeah. How you how did you meet your father soul.

Stephanie Kraft 13:21
So I didn't nobody knew he had cancer. He didn't know. We were just nothing was happening, you know, in that way, but a couple of months before his diagnosis I had during my sleep time, and I don't call it a dream because it was an it was a spiritual experience. i His soul was before me, and, and my father was a psychologist. And he was very into his work, which I don't blame him. It's fascinating. And all he was all about helping his patients. And he, you know, very intellectually focused, but he kind of forgot about his family. So he didn't really pay much attention to us. He was emotionally disconnected and distant. So he was there as the Father and my mom's husband, but not really interacting much just, you know, working all the time. So in this experience, his soul was standing before me, and I, like, I had this rage that I didn't know I had, and it came out of me and you know how in those experiences, it's really telepathic. But the rage poured out of me almost I compare it to like a fire breathing dragon because it's just pouring out and it was a rage that's not humanly possible. And I said to him in this, I said, Dad, you are never there for me. You never touched me. Never gave me affection. Never said I love you. You did nothing for me as a father nothing. And he stood there with such innocence on his face and shock, because he did. And I could read him fully. He didn't know that his behavior actually had an effect on others that was new to him, he had no clue. It was just living his life. And, you know, and maybe he because he thought he was giving so much in service, that was his role. Great. Kudos to you. But you have three kids and a wife. But anyway, so I so he, he had so much innocence, so much like, I'm sorry, the innocence was so pure, the, the benevolence was so strong, and the not wanting to do harm. And when I saw all of that, in him, it was an immediate forgiveness, like a like a forgiveness of love, that there's nothing to forgive, there is nothing to forgive. And what we have between us is pure, unconditional love. And it was an in an instant, it all washed away. We had unconditional love between us. And that was it. And I woke up with that. And two months later, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and I dropped everything. I was living in Denver, Colorado, I'm from Washington, DC, I dropped everything as fast as I could. And I moved home to take care of him. And so I'm having these profound spiritual experiences, I'm having my awakening. And then I go home to take care of him. He's in the death process, having his spiritual awakening. So we got to travel along in that way for five months, he died five months later, but we had that time together. And, and the words weren't spoken, I never said anything to him about my experience with our souls. But the healing that had happened between our souls manifested in, in life between us where it was pure, unconditional love, and beautiful bonding, and no words needed to be spoken. But the love was just there. And it was, what a gift.

Alex Ferrari 17:27
That's beautiful. That's really beautiful. I'd like to hear your perspective on the soul family. And what because that taught we talk about soul family in the show a bunch. But yeah, I want to hear your perspective on it. And, and why we choose the parents that we are brought into this life with, because most people listening, I didn't choose my parents, but you did. Better or worse. So and you didn't have you have from my understanding a little bit. It wasn't a lovely, you know, wonderful. as you just stated with your father, lovely, supportive, wonderful upbringing as a child, there were some ups and downs. So can you explain to what a soul family is and why you chose your family, and the purpose of that?

Stephanie Kraft 18:14
Right, so, so family would be soul mates in a soul group. So as souls, we like to travel together with these members of our soul family, to learn to teach each other we decide before we incarnate what role will play for each other, and what we hoped to learn from that. And so we get, we get to incarnate with these members of our soul group. And if we have a, you know, soul group of, I don't know, 100 souls, we might incarnate with four, you know, in a lifetime, or six or 10, or one, you know, and but other souls that we know might also be in like nearby soul groups, so we know them too. But that's my understanding. I know not everybody in your family is necessarily in your soul group. For example, my father is because I had a life between lives hypnotherapy session once and I asked what was in my soul family, and I saw my father, but I don't necessarily think my mother is although I think we do incarnate, together with cert with the souls for learning and we do choose our parents because we want to experience things that will challenge us and stretch us and help us to better some of the themes that we're working on whether it's forgiveness or unconditional love or compassion or standing up for ourselves or setting boundaries, you know, the list goes on.

Alex Ferrari 19:50
So can you explain to somebody who's listening, who's had an abusive family have had abusive parents who made their life a living hell? But how could I have ever chosen that to exist in this life?

Stephanie Kraft 20:04
So I think that right now a lot of souls are stopping the toxic abusive cycles in families. So I think that if somebody is born and they're completely different from their parents, they're not abusive, they're not toxic, they're not as dysfunctional, but they do go through that trauma with their parents. And then they decide to raise their children differently or have a different kind of relationship with their spouse, or people in general, that they are stopping that karma that that ancestral line of toxicity. So I think that's one role that a lot of people play, I did have an experience with my mother's Higher Self that showed me why I chose her. She is a narcissist, and I actually went no contact with her 14 years ago. But one day I was driving in my car. And all this was the only time I've ever I ever had an encounter with her Higher Self, her Higher Self just quickly swooped in, like by the driver's window, I'm driving, and she visited me. And when I, when I felt her come to me, I felt love from her for the first time in my life. And that told me Wow, I've never felt love from my mother at all, not for one second until that moment, because that was the moment I felt it for the first time. But it was from her soul. And she said to me only one thing she said, I wanted you to be in your power. So I got that she was my bully, you know. And she and I had to stand up for myself and become strong and create boundaries and speak up for myself. For whatever reason. Maybe I hadn't done that in a past life. I have no idea. But I had been told by a healer once because I was in the Holocaust in another lifetime. And I was told your mother was the one who I was killed in the gas chamber, but she's the one who kind of like, operated it and killed me. So who knows? I don't have a direct memory of I have memories of that lifetime, but not of her being there. But I believe it. That's a whole other story.

Alex Ferrari 22:22
That's another another story. Can I ask you growing up with as you just stated, a mother who doesn't deliver showed you really affection and a father who was detached from you? How you process and then you've had the 10 the 10 year old trauma? How did you process the childhood? Without this? You know, I was I was raised in a fairly loving relationship, a very loving family. Yeah, we had issues. Yeah, there was ups and downs. And there are holes, all sorts of drama that we all pay our families do. But generally speaking, I can never say that I wasn't loved. I was loved. So I'm curious how because I'm sure other people listening, have gone through this. How did you process how did you function in life without this?

Stephanie Kraft 23:10
I really did retreat into my mind a lot trying to figure things out and being overly analytical. And I think that's a trauma response. And I think a lot of people can relate to that. And it was really about raising myself. And so I'm glad I have that highly analytical mind because I use it in my work. And I can understand people very well. But yeah, it was really about an inner strength and inner will to like, keep going. I think it has to do with your soul, you know, getting really in alignment with your soul. And just getting through it and being strong and, and choosing to be loving, you know, taking that example and saying, I'm going to be the most loving, forgiving, wonderful person. I mean, I was already born that way. We're born really pretty much with our personality and soul, you know, soul essence. And that was who I've always been, and that helped me get through it. And you don't know when you're a child that it that it is dysfunctional. I thought I had the greatest family. We were perfect. It wasn't until a little bit later that I realized, oh my god, that was highly abusive. Actually, I was abused, you know. So but yeah, it's an inner strength. I think that gets people through it. And then a determination to do well to do to be your best self really.

Alex Ferrari 24:43
So my in my research I knew you also had an experience or a couple of experiences with Yeshua or Jesus as he's known. I love to hear and I always I always joke Jesus is the hardest, hardest working man in show business. Because he's always on Near Death Experiences, he's always hanging. He does a lot of stuff. You know, Shiva never hear that much Buddha and barely hear about that. They do come in, by the way, I do hear them from other people's stories, but generally speaking, I guess because we're in the West, basically raised as a Christian country. Jesus is working heavy, heavy over here. So when, what was your first experience your spiritual experience with with Jesus?

Stephanie Kraft 25:26
Um, I, this is something I hesitate to say. But since I'm opening my mouth now just share, I had a dream in which mice is the only dream that I know I have had with my spirit guide. And my spirit guide came to me and said, you are Jesus. And I said, No, no, no, no, no, no. And he said, No. You are Jesus. And I went like this. And I was like, okay, there can be no ego in knowing about this. But then when I woke up, I was like, Okay, let me try to analyze this. I am a healer. I'm a Wayshower. I'm all about love and forgiving. Okay, okay, I get it. I'm walking the path. I've been abused in the past I, you know, resurrected. So, but then so that was a first but then shortly after that. I had this experience where, okay, wait, I didn't believe in him, by the way.

Alex Ferrari 26:30
Oh, this is so this is pre pre 29.

Stephanie Kraft 26:34
This is okay. So with my spiritual awakening, it was a spiritual awakening, but not yet on board with Jesus. I was like,

Alex Ferrari 26:45
He's still attached to religion. So there it is. Yeah.

Stephanie Kraft 26:48
I was like, I still don't believe in God.

Alex Ferrari 26:50
I believe in everything else. But not this dude.

Stephanie Kraft 26:55
Angels are real. I don't know about Jesus.

Alex Ferrari 26:59
That's religious, proto religious programming you still had in your head from being a Catholic. Trust me. I'm a recovering Catholic myself.

Stephanie Kraft 27:05
I didn't have any religious programming in this lifetime zero. When I say my parents tried to take us to church. I don't remember a word of it. And there was no religion that in my upbringing,

Alex Ferrari 27:15
So so it wasn't programming. But you knew that Jesus was part of you didn't even remember that Jesus is part of the Catholic Church.

Stephanie Kraft 27:21
I thought it was a myth.

Alex Ferrari 27:24
Got it! So he was still but he was attached.

Stephanie Kraft 27:27
All religion is mythology. It's not real.

Alex Ferrari 27:30
Got it! Fair enough. Fair enough. Okay, so when? So when Jesus shows up, how was that happened?

Stephanie Kraft 27:35
So Jesus, I guess he really wanted me to believe in Him. Because He, his Spirit, His essence, his being embodied in me. For two weeks, it was just this sudden thing that happened, where I didn't tell anybody. But I could feel it the whole time. His words, were non stop going through my mind, just speaking the whole time. And I would I there was a radiance coming out of me that I don't think anybody could see, but I could feel it and know it. And I would look in the mirror to see it. And I would see the radiance of him coming through my eyes and all around me when I would look. And it was just a nonstop embodiment of Jesus for those two weeks. And I mean, that was profound. That was one, you know, the experiences.

Alex Ferrari 28:43
Well, let me ask you this, you know, being such an analytical person, being, you know, concrete, mind person, when this started to happen to you. At what point did you say to go public with this? Come out of the spiritual closet? Because I had a match with your friends, colleagues, even family members? Would whoever I mean, what we're talking about will clear a room.

Stephanie Kraft 29:13
I don't talk about it every day. Now. I only do it privately. But you know, being on here, it's a little. Yeah, exactly. But when I It happened in approximately 2007 or six, I'm not sure that you're 6 7 8. And then I was on this spiritual forum, private private group, that you had to pay membership. So I was when there was a large group of people in this spiritual community. And I one day decided, You know what, I'm just gonna write about my experience. I've never told anybody. This is a safe place. I typed it out. And I just the little bit I told you, that's, that's all I had to say about it. And two other women wrote, replied and said, The same thing happened to them. And it was also For two weeks, and I was, Wow, I was amazed that that had happened. And then it wasn't until years later, I have a YouTube channel and I decided, something nudged me, the only way I make videos is when my higher self pushes me to talk about something, I don't do it unless that happens. And that was what was happening. Talk about your Jesus experiences. So I was like, Okay, other people have done it. I've seen them do it. That means it's okay. And if I do it, then other people will say, Oh, she did it. It's okay. So that more people because, look, I'm not the only one. A lot of people have Jesus experiences, and they're probably afraid to talk about it. So I went ahead and made videos called My Jesus experiences. And that was, I don't know, maybe around. I don't know, 2017 18 19. Around that time. I don't know when this

Alex Ferrari 30:56
So how did people around you deal with this, this information when it came out?

Stephanie Kraft 31:01
Well, I'm lucky because my entire realm of friends are like me. So it was like, Oh, that's cool. Let me tell you about mine.

Alex Ferrari 31:17
Gotcha, gotcha. So at this stage in life, you've surrounded yourself with like minded people, so it wasn't as awkward as it would have been in your early life, if that would have come out. Okay. So I wanted to talk to you also about your pre birth communication with your son. Now, we've talked about pre birth communications, pre birth experiences, on the show a lot. Do you remember by the way, do you have any pre birth experiences of remembering, choosing the soul blueprint, the life blueprint, your parents, any of that stuff, and then also then going into this rebirth communication with your son.

Stephanie Kraft 31:56
So I don't personally have any memories, pre birth memories myself. The pre birth communication with my son happened not well. One of them was not directly through me, but through an energy healer. So I was when I was pregnant, I was over at someone's house, and she had a baby name book. And I looked through the book to say what cut which I named my son when he was born, I don't know. So I opened the book and there's Adonis, and Adonis, as we know is Greek God means handsome. And I chuckled. I didn't I was alone, actually, at this in this moment, looking at the book. And I chuckled inwardly like that would be so ridiculous if I named my son Adonis. And the next day, I had a session with this energy healer over the phone, and she was able to communicate with my son, his soul. So this was like a thing that had been happening and I and I didn't say anything to her. I was just listening to whatever she was saying. And she said, your son, your baby, is laughing. And he's saying, you should name me Adonis. So I realized in that moment that my that that the soul of my baby was able to read my thoughts knew what I was thinking. Wow, that was pretty mind blowing.

Alex Ferrari 33:24
That's amazing. And did you name your son Adonnis?

Stephanie Kraft 33:31
He is very handsome then

Alex Ferrari 33:37
that is, that is funny. So you also had a walk in experience, as well. Now what you said sounded like the Jesus experience was a walk in experience in a way as well, can you explain to people what a walk in is, and then explain your experience, if you don't mind?

Stephanie Kraft 33:55
Okay, so there are a couple of different kinds of walkins. One of the very common kinds that maybe a lot of people might know about if they know about a walk in is that there's a soul the person is maybe wants to commit suicide, they're going through major trauma, they want to exit this lifetime. But on the Soul Plane, there's an agreement made with another soul to trade. So it's like, Okay, I'm going to leave and your soul is going to come in a different soul and inhabit this body to continue this life. So that's a soul like a switch of the soul. An exchange, that did not happen to me, but I didn't have any there was no trauma happening at the time. For me, mine was the other kind where a an aspect of your higher self comes into the body that hasn't been here before. And it feels like a walk in. It's it is a walk in. Because when that happened to me, I didn't know that that's what had happened yet, but I was literally looking through new eyes. eyes. And I was looking around at humans. And in my mind, I was calling them humans. And I knew I wasn't one because I was brand new here, that aspect of my soul was just here and new for the first time looking at the humans and just saying, look at all these humans, and I was observing them as different, you know, foreigners, to me. And everything changed, then I would say, my vibration changed to such a degree that I changed. But it wasn't that noticeable. prob, I mean, it wasn't like, I was acting differently. But that was an internal shift. And I started reading spiritual books as if they were food, you know, just devouring book after book after book. So I was. So this was another layer of a massive spiritual awakening, my spiritual awakening started in 2000. And it was continuing rapidly ongoing all these years with massive experiences that just kept happening. So that was, how that walk in went.

Alex Ferrari 36:10
So this walks, but it wasn't a permanent, obviously walking, because I've heard of permanent walkers,

Stephanie Kraft 36:15
It was permanent.

Alex Ferrari 36:16
So this is person this is the soul that you're talking to now, with me right now is the soul that jumped in.

Stephanie Kraft 36:22
So it's my, my being my soul that was already here, stay. And this new aspect came in and integrated.

Alex Ferrari 36:33
Okay, so as integration, but I've heard of stories where like, once Oh, just leaves, correct. And another one just picks up the body's like, I'll take this one, if you know if no one's using it. I'll take this one. And we'll go from here.

Stephanie Kraft 36:45
That is, yeah. And that's the first example I gave of the what people generally think of as a walk in. And that I think, is a more massive change, even though mine was pretty big,

Alex Ferrari 36:55
Pretty big as well. With all your experience as a Hypnotherapist. I'd love to hear your thoughts on near death experiences, and what, why they happen. And the purpose of why they're happening, and just your take on them in general from from all your spiritual experiences, and also your experiences, life between lives and all that kind of stuff.

Stephanie Kraft 37:20
Well, it's it's such an interesting question, because because I do the life between lives hypnotherapy, and then I have been studying NDEs for probably 20 years or more. And then so there's an overlap, meaning that both are discovering what it's like on the other side, and then coming back to tell. And I think that people are having NDEs nowadays, and they're and they're so public. Now people like your show, and others are allowing people platforms to talk about their NDEs. And I think it's so big right now, because it's a deeper teaching for humanity, about ours about ourselves. And that it must be that the times that we're in is allowing for the consciousness, to accept it, and integrate it, and then it's broadening our consciousness and, and helping us evolve spiritually, as people as souls as humanity. So I think that it's so prevalent before that I think that these people have volunteered to have these traumatic and profound experiences and come back and share in service. And I'm sure they know that because if they're, you know, willing to talk about it, and open openly. It is service to humanity. So I really do think it's about our evolution as humans.

Alex Ferrari 38:51
Well, I mean, it is a pretty traumatic event, dying is a general statement. Why do you think that certain souls need that kind of wake up call? Or needs that experience to continue their evolution in this life? Because it is, is it's pretty much the most extreme way to wake you up? In my opinion, there is not I don't foresee any other thing that's more intense than a near death experience. So I'd love to hear your thoughts on that.

Stephanie Kraft 39:27
I do I agree with you. And I think it is for these people to come back as teachers and Wayshowers because humanity needs it. Humanity's consciousness is very low. And it is and it's time to raise it up and through these teachings. People coming back and sharing. I really think it's part of the raising of the consciousness of humanity and And I think that they have been willing to go through that on a, on a for the collective. So on a personal level, everybody's going to have their own individual reasons, it's going to be a catalyst for their life, for their, for people around them. And then on a collective level when they share, it's, it's really, it can cause I think their stories can cause spiritual awakenings for others

Alex Ferrari 40:25
Let me ask you this, do you think because we've had spiritual teachings and spiritual masters will walk the earth for 1000s of years, Jesus being one of them, Buddha, Shiva, you know, we could go on and on, if so many different spiritual masters, it seems now though, these little stories of near death experiences of your spiritual awakenings of these stories are acting as a like a many, many arms of a spiritual master. So in other words, if Jesus showed back up today, I don't know how it's gonna be a difficult sell. In today's world, it's just gonna be a difficult sell. But if those teachings can be diluted, or it's not diluted, but spread out, throughout hundreds of 1000s, of hundreds of 1000s of people, all talking about the same kind of teachings from their perspectives of near death experience, or spiritual awakening, things like that, that's also raising the consciousness because when Jesus showed up, he raised the consciousness of humanity. When Buddha showed up, he raised it when Confucius showed up, he raised it and so many other spiritual masters have walked the earth. And there are spiritual masters right now walking the earth, who are raising consciousness as well. But it has to be done differently than it was 2000 years ago. Would you agree?

Stephanie Kraft 41:44
Oh, I agree, completely. And I think that you're touching on this, that these people who have ndS who come back and share that is a, you know, it's like, literally the teaching of Jesus, the teachings of Jesus, coming through multitudes of people to spread the word, you know, what he tried to do? Which, you know, has gotten a bit muddled. I mean,

Alex Ferrari 41:45
I've been very kind.

Stephanie Kraft 41:53
I'm a fan Jesus's teachings. And unfortunately, you know, it gets lost in religion, but those of us who are not religious, can really embrace his teachings, his words. And now with the the NDE, you know, people, they are now spreading the same messages on a wide scale. And it's coming from everyday people where it's easy to take it in and, and really absorb it. And nobody is trying to, well, Jesus didn't try this either. But nobody's trying to stand on a pedestal and be a Wayshower, or a teacher, they're just sharing personal experience, you know, and they're not preaching anything to any anybody.

Alex Ferrari 43:02
And that's the way it has to kind of come out in today's world, because if you, like I said, if, if a Jesus character showed up on the world stage, it just, I mean, I don't even it just wouldn't work in the way did 2000 years ago. It just wouldn't work. But I think you're absolutely right, these, these, these experiences, and by the way, there's out of body experiences, there's channelers, there's near death experiences, their psychic mediums, there's so many different messengers of this message out there, that it's the only way that I can kind of get out today. And then the shows like mine, and others who are putting it out into a war, you know, because near death experiences unless they have a marketing background or have a platform generally don't. Or they just write a book, and hopefully some people will read it. But with YouTube, with podcasting, with these kinds of shows, it is spreading to millions and millions, 10s of millions of people, hundreds of millions of people a month, if not billions of people a month and that's very, very powerful.

Stephanie Kraft 44:13
It's powerful, and it's exciting.

Alex Ferrari 44:17
Because you do agree that it is our our consciousness is raising. I mean, yes, it's been low, the lowest I think was the Dark Ages. I think that was where we picked the that was the bottom of the barrel, I think then we started to come back up. So even in the last 100 years, you know, if we look at the way we treated women 100 years ago, or or people in general among us, or slavery 100 years ago, or any of these big concepts you believe like these are barbarians 100 years from now, we're going to look back and say the same thing about ourselves now. Used to do what to your food, for profit. But what did you do to your people what you had wars, I hope that's a conversation they're having, and 100 years in that 500 years, right So, it just also, I'd love to hear your point of view, there is a lot of craziness going on in the world today. We feel it at least. And this great consciousness is, you know, this rise of human consciousness, it's also happening, because these conversations are happening in a public forum, which they didn't. And years ago, honestly, 15 years ago, it really didn't happen. So there is something happening. But yet at the same time, we're having ancient wars, of the ancient arguments that are still going on, and we're having, you know, wars about land again, and all these kinds of things that were like really is is going on. So how do you? How do you pull aside those two, those two energies from your point of view,

Stephanie Kraft 45:41
That's it, that's a really tough one, because it feels so ancient, like you're saying that tug of war. Now, in this day and age, it seems so foreign and wrong. And it must be that there's almost a split splitting of consciousness on the planet, because there's some really low vibrational things happening. And then there are people like us having these conversations, which we couldn't even fathom war, it doesn't even, it's not part of our consciousness, it doesn't make sense. But yet it's happening on the same planet. So I think that there's a massive right group raising consciousness, and that people on Earth are having a variety of experiences be at the level of where their consciousness is, and a lot of cases for war, that's going to be called spiritual awakenings for many, you know, millions of people in in those experience in those situations, because when we're in a, for example, in a in a life between lives, hypnotherapy group setting I was in during a demo, we were in a training and the demo was that the woman went to the to World War Two to the Holocaust. And when she came back, when she crossed over to the other side, and was speaking through as her soul, she was explaining that the purpose was for growing unconditional love, so that if you could have such a horrific experience, then well, then your soul would decide to never do that again, and embrace the importance of unconditional love. So that over time, this could shift the consciousness of humanity. So I think that we have our talks about a splitting, I feel like there's a lot of humanity is massively raising their consciousness. And then there are some parts of humanity that are still stuck in lower consciousness. And they still need their lessons of, and learning and experiences. Because as we know, each soul chooses the life experience they're having. And this is really a hologram. This isn't like a static planet. It's like you get to choose your reality, and what you're born into, and what you're going to experience. And the interesting thing about today, is that we can actually see, because of the internet and technology, what's happening in other places, but they don't even have anything to do with where we are as a soul. It's such a foreign thing. And so there's such a dichotomy of experiences on this planet. And it's always been that way. And I think it'll always be that way. But perhaps, because we're all connected in quantum physics, that's there's this thing called entrainment that those of us that are higher frequency are carrying the other ones up, you just can't see it, but it's happening gradually. Right?

Alex Ferrari 48:46
And every time a conversation like this hit somebody's ears, who's ready for it? It starts to raise everybody's vibration, everyone's frequency a little bit higher, and brings everybody along with them. Absolutely. Yeah, it just the way the dark ages brought everyone down, because it was literally I mean, you went from the not the Renaissance Renaissance was done the way up, but you went from the Roman Empire and Greek philosophy and you went down to oh my god, bloodletting and and you know, burning people and you know, all that kind of, you know, Insanity, to where we are now. So, there is a kind of growing going up, but it is right and and in the last 100 years, hundreds last 200 years, the massive growth of not only technology, but consciousness has been

Stephanie Kraft 49:36
I mean, look at the last 20 years even,

Alex Ferrari 49:39
It seems to be accelerating very much so as like computer chip. So from when I was born, and I'm assuming from you and if similar vintage, or close to a similar vintage, one megabyte was or kilobytes were back in the 80s and 90s and early 2000s to where we are Now, it's just x. It's so fast that we computers are growing and technology is growing. I mean, AI just showed up, didn't you just hear about the word AI? Like, six months ago or a year ago? Like, it was just like, just around the corner, like a year or two ago, you like heard the name for the first time. And now it's really starting to proliferate everywhere. And it's, it's insane. It's insane. Yes. And it's not going away? Oh, no, it's definitely it's definitely not going away, I choose to, like, I choose to look at AI as a positive tool. And, and we're, we're all gonna go and it is very positive to like, like any tool can be used to build it can be used to destroy, right? It Sam it same thing. One last question want to ask you about your experiences with your life between lives and past life therapy, this concept of that there is no past life, there is no future life, that all lives are happening at the same time, which is hard for our little computers to deal with. And if you do something in this life, and learn a lesson here, it ripples backwards, quote, unquote, and it ripples forward, quote, unquote, and you X, I'd love to hear your explanation of that to people.

Stephanie Kraft 51:15
Yes, I think it's hard to explain. But I do get the concept, it took me a while to mentally grasp. But when I think when you hear all lives are simultaneous, at first, your mind can't process that. And it takes a while to conceptualize it. Not that we can fully conceptualize it with the human mind, because we're living in linear time. But we can attempt to get that. And so because we have time as a construct here in this planet as part of our physics. It doesn't exist outside of this construct, or hologram or whatever this realm is. So you get that you know that from the people who have had near death experiences, how they talk about, there's no time on the other side. But so, so all of our lives are happening simultaneous li which only like the mind of God or our souls could really comprehend. But if the soul aspects come into the bodies, and these different time eras, you know, years of Earth history, they're all playing out at the same time, it means that there's also no space, no space, there's no space or time. But here in this playground, we it's been created to have that. So it's like, you know, multiple different dimensions can call it co inhabits space, really. And anything that happens in one life is actually directly affecting the other ones. So it's almost like I think of a way to explain it, it's like if you have a rug, you know, like a, an oriental rug and has a lot of patterns all over, it's a flat plane, but when you're above it, you could say, Okay, I'm going to zoom in onto that flower, or I'm going to zoom in onto that diamond, you know, and it's like any, any, your soul can go into that, you know, year 1528, or I'm gonna go into 2024. So it's like, from the outside, you could just go into this place where all of it exists at once. And our souls get to inhabit, you know, incarnate in all of these different times, but it's all happening at the same time. And it's weird because we, we talked about how we're learning, right? We're growing, we're evolving, but it's also all already happened. So we're kind of just going along with the, we're just on the ride.

Alex Ferrari 53:52
Right! And then if you want to if you want to have your head explode, and you're like, Well, what about ultimate timelines? And like every choice that you make every major choice you make in a lifetime? Not if you drink ketchup or mustard, that's not a big choice. But if you're like, should I date that person? Should I take this job? Should I move to the city? Well, what would happen if I didn't go to that school? What I would have never met that person? Well, let's see how that plays out. So that is that true as well.

Stephanie Kraft 54:20
That's 100% True. There are all you know, parallel timelines so many that we can't even imagine for your one life. So you know, you have Alex doing this show, but you also have Alex who really did make it in in the movie world and it's like a massively successful they're huge, multi.

Alex Ferrari 54:42
Yep. Spielberg, Spielberg, Spielberg. In another lifetime. I'm Spielberg there's no question. There's no question.

Stephanie Kraft 54:49
Oh, I mean, I've actually seen it with my own eyes. I don't know if you want me to share but like just visually seen, you know, parallel universe. Have your own life of a friend she had, she was going to meet me for lunch. And there were two scenarios, one in which her husband drove and kind of hung out, you know, doing window shopping while we went to lunch, and another version where he said that the last minute No, you just take the car and you go by yourself. And that's what happened. He said, You just I knew that the other version was going to happen. But at the last minute, he said, You go ahead, I'm just gonna stay home. But when I was driving to look for parking, I saw him and her, parked parked on the, on the street. And she, he was he, she got out and went to the restaurant. And then I drove around to park and then I got there. And when I was and then when I drove around, when I was walking to the restaurant, I saw him sitting in the car looking at his cell phone. So I saw that version. But then I got to the restaurant. And the version of my friend that I saw in the restaurant was the one where he said, No, I'm staying home. You drive yourself because she told me that. And we and then at the end of lunch, we both walked to our car, which was not where he was parked, but in the parking garage where I was parked. And she was parked next to me. And so I saw the version of her. I saw her in the other car, I saw the parallel realities of two life streams of her.

Alex Ferrari 56:24
So then, Is this deja vu?

Stephanie Kraft 56:28
No, this is literally

Alex Ferrari 56:30
No is no no. Is this do when we have a feeling of deja vu? Is it a parallel reality a reality that you would like? I've been here before? God, I swear I just saw this happen. Or something like that?

Stephanie Kraft 56:44
Yeah, it is something like that.

Alex Ferrari 56:46
And then let's not get into the Mandela effect, because I could get into a deep conversation. All right. So I don't know. I don't know how old you are. Exactly. But do you know who Ed McMahon was?

Stephanie Kraft 56:58
Yes. I'm 52. So okay, so

Alex Ferrari 57:01
you were both have similar? Very, very similar vintage. Okay. So you know who Ed McMahon was? For everybody listening? Google them. Tonight Show Johnny Carson. Okay. Did he walk up to people's doors with a giant check for Publishers Clearing House and give people million dollar checks?

Stephanie Kraft 57:21
He absolutely did.

Alex Ferrari 57:22
Thank you. I remember that as well. But if you go to Publishers Clearing House and said, Ed McMahon has never worked for us. I'm not kidding you. He's never worked for us. And apparently he worked for another company in a similar fashion. But they never had TV. They never had TV commercials or something. I don't even know what the deal was. Publisher Clearing House has no recollection of it. It was Publishers Clearing House. It was that was what a weird, idle What a weird. Like, why are they handing out million dollar checks? It didn't make no sense.

Stephanie Kraft 57:55
Well, here we go. And it's the mat this, the Mandela Effect literally is this parallel universe is playing out in different ways.

Alex Ferrari 58:04
It is. And if anyone wants, I've had quantum physics physicist on talking about Mandela effect. So please do a search on my show. And you'll find out all about the Mandela Effect. It's been such a pleasure talking to you. I'm gonna ask you a few questions. I ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Stephanie Kraft 58:22
I think being authentic, living authentically and in alignment with your own soul.

Alex Ferrari 58:28
If you had a chance to go back in time, and speak to a little Stephanie, what advice would you give her?

Stephanie Kraft 58:34
I would tell her to express herself more. And it's safe to do that.

Alex Ferrari 58:39
How would you define God or source energy?

Stephanie Kraft 58:42
I think that God or source is everything the all that is.

Alex Ferrari 58:48
What is your definition of love?

Stephanie Kraft 58:50
Love is who we are and what we are?

Alex Ferrari 58:53
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Stephanie Kraft 58:55

Alex Ferrari 58:55
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Stephanie Kraft 58:59
So my website is I also have another website because I make products and it's called radiant sun botanicals. And I have a YouTube channel, which is my name's Stephanie Kraft.

Alex Ferrari 59:11
And do you have any parting message is for the audience?

Stephanie Kraft 59:13
Always follow your heart, your soul, your passions, and try to be you the authentic you.

Alex Ferrari 59:23
Stephanie, thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing your experiences with us and for all the work that you're doing to raise the consciousness of the planet so I appreciate you.

Stephanie Kraft 59:31
Thank you so much, Alex.

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