BASHAR Predicts HUMANITY’S Coming Great SHIFT in 2024! Prepare Yourself NOW! with Darryl Anka

Darryl Anka is a notable figure in the world of metaphysical and spiritual exploration, renowned for his channeling abilities and his long-standing connection with a being named Bashar. Born on October 12, 1951, in Ottawa, Canada, Anka’s journey into the esoteric realms began in the 1980s when he experienced a profound and transformative encounter with … Read more

Bashar’s STUNNING Message You Need To LISTEN to TODAY! with Darryl Anka

Join us for an extraordinary interview with Darryl Anka, a world-renowned channeler, as we dive into his fascinating journey of channeling Bashar, an extraterrestrial consciousness from the Sassani civilization. For over three decades, Darryl has been sharing Bashar’s wisdom and insights, offering practical guidance for personal growth and spiritual evolution. This interview takes a deep … Read more

BASHAR: This is Going to Be INSANE! The Message YOU NEED to Hear! with Darryl Anka

For over 35 years, individuals from all over the globe have traveled to experience the renowned channel Darryl Anka as he brings through the remarkable non-physical being from the future known as Bashar. Darryl Anka is a spiritual teacher, filmmaker, and channeler of the evolved being known as Bashar. Born on January 24, 1955, Anka … Read more

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