BASHAR: This is Going to Be INSANE! The Message YOU NEED to Hear! with Darryl Anka

For over 35 years, individuals from all over the globe have traveled to experience the renowned channel Darryl Anka as he brings through the remarkable non-physical being from the future known as Bashar.

Darryl Anka is a spiritual teacher, filmmaker, and channeler of the evolved being known as Bashar. Born on January 24, 1955, Anka has dedicated his life to exploring the mysteries of the universe and helping others to discover their true potential. He first encountered the being known as Bashar in 1983, when he experienced a profound and transformative inner vision that led him to self-discovery and spiritual exploration.

Bashar is a highly evolved being from the future, and through Anka, he provides insights and wisdom on a range of subjects, including self-improvement, spirituality, and the nature of reality. Anka’s channeling sessions with Bashar have become widely popular, and he has given thousands of presentations and workshops around the world, sharing the teachings of Bashar with audiences of all backgrounds and beliefs.

In addition to his channeling work, Anka is also a successful filmmaker, having produced and directed several documentaries and feature films. His work combines his passion for spirituality and film, and he has been praised for his ability to bring Bashar’s teachings to life in an entertaining and educational way.

Anka’s work has profoundly impacted countless individuals’ lives, and he has been praised for his ability to make complex spiritual concepts accessible and relevant to modern audiences. He continues to inspire and empower people worldwide, helping them unlock their full potential and create the lives they truly desire.

Despite his success and recognition, Anka remains humble and dedicated to his mission of helping others. He is a charismatic and dynamic speaker, and his teachings have been received with great enthusiasm by audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Whether through his channeling work, films, or presentations, Anka continues to touch the hearts and minds of those he encounters, inspiring them to reach for the stars and discover their true purpose.

Darryl’s recent documentary, which he wrote, produced, and directed, entitled First Contact, explores his life as a channel and the messages Bashar shares through him.

Please enjoy my conversation with Darryl Anka.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 147

Darryl Anka 0:00
This, this goes into the whole idea of parallel realities. Because he's saying everything exists all at once you know, time is an illusion. And there are different versions of earth that exist right now. And the idea is not that we change the world we're on, but that we change our vibration and it navigates us in the direction of a parallel version of earth that's already more reflective of what we prefer or what we don't.

Alex Ferrari 0:35
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I like to welcome back to the show, Darryl Anka. How you doin Darryl?

Darryl Anka 1:13
Doing great how are you Alex?

Alex Ferrari 1:14
I'm doing great, my friend. Thank you so much for coming back. Our last conversation. Did gangbusters. People loved our conversation. And still people are watching and listening to it around the world. And it's been a it's been at least six months, I think at least

Darryl Anka 1:32
Time for me right now is I don't even remember what day it is.

Alex Ferrari 1:39
But it was, but it did very, very well. And I called you up say, Hey, do you want to come back on and I'm sure we can find other things to talk about. And me, I really appreciate. No, I appreciate you, my friend what you were you and the work you're doing with Bashar is pretty remarkable. And funny enough. Many of my other guests always come back like, Oh, I saw your interview with Darrell. I love Bashar and I'm like, I'm good friends with Daryl and the like, really? I'm like, yes. It's so fun. It's just fun. Again, and for people listening, if you didn't listen to the first episode, you know, Daryl and I go back for 13 years, I think at this point.

Darryl Anka 2:26
Yes, probably at least.

Alex Ferrari 2:27
And I had no idea that Bashar the whole Bashar side of his world for six years

Darryl Anka 2:34
Right were just doing movies.

Alex Ferrari 2:38
We were just doing movies together. And you it's not something that you advertise you don't wear a t shirt that goes I channel Bashar though. I'm just throwing that out. There might be some merch for you.

Darryl Anka 2:50
Yeah, I'm a telephone for an alien.

Alex Ferrari 2:53
Exactly. But, but yeah, so I wanted to bring you back. And I had a couple questions that hopefully will help people listening. My first question is, you know, you've been channeling Bashar now for almost 40 years at this point. Can you tell me why he chose now to send his message in the scape of humanity's history right now?

Darryl Anka 3:20
God, look what's going on on our planet?

Alex Ferrari 3:22
I mean, a couple things.

Darryl Anka 3:24
Yeah, you're not too much. It's very adult place. I think, well, first of all, are, in a sense, invitation energetically to extraterrestrials by starting to explore space that we're becoming aware of, we're not the only planet around probably not the only civilization, that kind of triggers a message to them energetically, that we might be ready for some form of connection, some form of dialogue to see whether we want to move forward with the idea of contact or not. So that's, that's one thing. Secondly, obviously, we are in need of different tools at this point. You know, in the 21st century, we have to sort of let go of a lot of outdated and old fashioned definitions and ideas. And they recognize that now is the time to introduce some new ideas and definitions. And hopefully, that makes a change in our reality, or at least some people's reality to again, sort of change our vibration and bring us closer to the possibility of making contact with them.

Alex Ferrari 4:35
So let me ask you, then, cuz you said something that was interesting, that we have to let go of old ideas, things that aren't serving us anymore. But so many of these ideas, these things that we're doing are so entrenched, that it's almost impossible at this point, unless there's a group collective choosing of change. Kind of like I think when the pandemic happened, it was the first big shock to the system, where now people are working from home people are reevaluating their lives. It was that giant break that the entire planet essentially needed. It was very odd. It's never happened in human history to my understanding.

Darryl Anka 5:16
Yeah, not certainly in this way. But again, they, they take advantage of those kinds of things, they recognize that, that that is a psychological change a shift, where people start looking for different things start opening up to different ideas, and so they're willing to sort of use that and see what we're willing to absorb. But it doesn't have to necessarily happen all at once collectively, you know, the more individuals change themselves, then it over time, it becomes a collective, you know, just like anything, each generation starts becoming a new collective, with new ideas. I mean, think about it this way, really, you know, since the, you know, the late 60s, there has been no one born who doesn't think we haven't been in space, right. So it's like, you know, when I was born, that was not something that was true. But, you know, now what, 30 year olds, 40 year olds, 50 year olds, have always thought that we've been in space. So that's a big shift in our collective consciousness and, and an opening at, like I said, kind of an invitation for other beings to recognize that we may be ready for more awareness of what's in the space.

Alex Ferrari 6:35
So is, because a lot of the machine, a lot of the ideas and messages that Bashar puts out. He, they are they are, you know, talking about space and talking about technology to a certain extent. But it's all about internal growth and internal evolution of the human soul and humanity in general. I have to ask, why do they care? Why even bother, we're savages.

Darryl Anka 7:05
Well, in some senses, without going into a deeper explanation of the story, we are family with them. So they see us that way. And we have actually some genetic connection to his civilization. That's a big story, long story. But they do see us as family and they are trying to help. They know what it's like to be part of a larger galactic community, they know what it can do for a civilization in terms of changing their perspective and Outlook online. And so but again, they're not forcing us to do anything, which is why they're sort of staying in the background, and just delivering information in various ways, through channels, and so on and so forth, to see what we're willing to take on what we're willing to grab on to, and then decide for ourselves whether we want to go farther, but from their perspective of the kind of civilization they are, they are passionate about helping people wake up. And it's just the way that they're oriented, because they know what it's done for them to have evolved to this point where they expand their consciousness and what's available to someone when their consciousness is open. And, you know, again, they're not forcing us to take their word for it. But they're saying, Here's a toolkit. And if you apply this in your life, you'll prove to yourself that there are other ways that you can live. And maybe that will make a difference in how you experience life on your world. So it's just the way they operate.

Alex Ferrari 8:40
So when you set awake, and that's something and I have a book right behind me that says awaken awaken and Yogi's have been talking about it for 5000 years to awaken, out of Maya and this this illusion, and it's been many different philosophies and religions over the years. Can you explain when you say awake is that? Is that where which a word that's been coined. Now it's simulation theory, which is essentially Maya which we are in an illusion. Is that what you mean by awake your awakening to the reality of, Oh, this isn't real, we are in this different level of existence. But this is not the end all be all.

Darryl Anka 9:20
Yeah, that's part of it. And I would say when we use the word illusion, I want to be careful because it's not that the experience of physical reality isn't real. Chip, the experience is very real. But we are, according to him, and like you said many other teachers over time, we are the ones creating this illusion. It's a projection of consciousness, right? I just saw a recent article that you know, even quantum physics is starting to catch up to the idea that hey, all of this is just a holographic projection of some sort from somewhere. So even science is starting to talk about the ephemeral nature of physical real ality. And so yeah, it's about becoming aware that that what we experience in life is our creation, and that it's determined by what we believe to be true about ourselves, and what kind of process we're attempting to experience to help ourselves learn and grow. From the chars point of view, that's the whole point of physical reality, it's sort of like forgetting that you're an expanded being, so that you can rediscover that you're an expanded being from another perspective. And that's how creation expands. Because the structure of existence according to him, never changes. It is what it is. But your relationship to it, your experience of it, your perspective of it changes, and that's how creation grows. And so the idea of going through these physical experiences, these limited experiences, with the attempt or potential to break through that illusion, and realize that you have created this for yourself for a specific purpose really expands your consciousness gives you a whole different perspective on life. And, and just makes things a lot more understandable.

Alex Ferrari 11:15
Right, because it seems you know, when you don't have that kind of understanding of of a wider consciousness, it this all seems random and chaotic, and chaos.

Darryl Anka 11:24
Crazy. Yeah, you know, but when you understand the nature of it, and the structure of it, and how we create it, and which is what Bashar explains a lot of, then it becomes something that you can really be in the driver's seat about and have the experience, that will still give you the lessons you want to learn and help you grow. But it doesn't have to be suffering, it doesn't have to be a struggle anymore. So this is our awakening is that we don't necessarily have to struggle, we don't have to suffer, challenges, of course, will always come around. But from the chars point of view, challenges are fun. It's what helps us get a new perspective and grow. So it's not about losing the challenges, but it's about losing the suffering and the struggling, that we've been prone to for 1000s of years, because our choices have been limited, because our knowledge has been limited. So they're trying to help us understand how things really work, expand our knowledge of the universe and creation and reality, so that we have more tools to work with, so that we can be more creative people in a way that doesn't make us struggle and suffer.

Alex Ferrari 12:32
So you mentioned that we choose our reality, and we choose this projection that's in front of us. Can you kind of dig into that a little bit, explain it to people who might not understand that we are literally creating the reality that we're walking every day? Yeah,

Darryl Anka 12:47
I know, there's a lot of confusion in using that word. And you know, the language itself is very limited. So when I say and when Bashar says we choose, it doesn't mean that we're choosing consciously. So in other words, it's not like saying, oh, you know, you consciously chose to get into an accident. But what he's saying is the belief systems, the definitions about yourself in relation to life that you are choosing because you've been taught to choose them, like I'm not worthy, or, you know, bad things inevitably happened to me or things like that, that are sort of simmering around in the unconscious mind caused certain effects to happen. And that's what he means by we're choosing it, and we're creating it. And so a big part of his information is, how to get in touch, and become aware of the beliefs that you've bought into about yourself in relation to anything that happens. So that you can have a better definition and a better relationship with that thing, and use it to your advantage. Instead of going on automatic, so to speak. And just letting the unconscious beliefs run your life. It's becoming more aware of yourself more awake about who you are, it kind of goes back to that old saying, know thyself, and really investigate yourself to understand why do you believe what you believe about yourself? Why do you still hold on to something that maybe your parents, your schooling, your friends, your your society taught you that isn't working for you, that isn't who you really are. So it's really about digging deeper in yourself, finding out what you believe to be true. And understanding whether or not you want to keep holding on to that or replace it with a definition and a belief that better suits you. That will then cause a change to happen in the way you experience your life and your physical reality.

Alex Ferrari 14:37
But what you're suggesting is for many people scary to look in inward to look inside to analyze yourself is this

Darryl Anka 14:45
Why is it scary? That's the definition, right. We get caught up in these chains and links of definitions, one reinforcing the other. So we have a lot of definitions that even prevent us from finding hosting definitions, because we're too afraid that if we go looking, what we're afraid will will be true will be true. And from the chars perspective, it's never really going to be true. Because, you know, we're a part of creation, we're reflections of creation, God all that is whatever you want to call it. And, and from his point of view, creation doesn't make mistakes. So if we exist, which we do, then we're worthy of that existence and to, to believe that we're not worthy, we're not deserving, in a sense, is arguing with creation? Well, Bashar says, we'll never win that argument because we can never cease to exist. So you might as well take in on the fact of your existence, that you are worthy of your existence, and stop, you know, be moaning and berating yourself and thinking less of yourself. We are reflections of creation, and we are here to allow creation to be all that it is. So you know, we have to start at this very fundamental level of breaking those chains of negative definitions that keep us down. And we don't even know or are aware that we have a lot of these definitions. So finding them, bringing them to the surface, going, Wait a minute, this makes no sense. It doesn't make sense in life, to think this way to believe this way, is the first step from the chars point of view as to how we start breaking those chains, and freeing ourselves to realize we can choose the definitions that work for us, because we are each unique, we have a different perspective from anyone else, we are a unique part of creation, and we deserve to express our full selves in life.

Alex Ferrari 16:37
So is that what is that what is happening right now in society in general, I feel that that, that there's a lot of stuff that was under the surface is bubbled up. And that's why there's so much more everything I mean, between war and, and violence, and politics and economy. All is that what's happening in humanity, right now?

Darryl Anka 16:58
He said that very, very, because people say, you know, why is this so crazy right now. And he said, Well, you know, you've been doing this cycle of negativity for 1000s of years, you're kind of at the end, and you're about to shift into something different. But in order to do so you kind of have to get everything out on the table, all of the negativity, all of the positivity, every choice that could possibly be made, you're now sort of seeing in one place. So it's giving us an opportunity to go, do we want to continue this way? I mean, look how wrong the reflections are of, you know, things that are going on now, like you're saying, you know, war and racism, and all this stuff is just really bubbling to the surface, because it's about time for us to face all these issues, and really make choices about what kind of world we want to have. So it's a little more complex than that. But Bashar is basically saying, like, here's your opportunity, it's only going to, you know, probably be available for a while. And some people are going to make certain choices that take them in one way. And other people are going to make choices that take them in another direction. And what he's saying is, you know, this, this goes into the whole idea of parallel realities, because he's saying everything exists all at once, you know, time is an illusion. And there are different versions of earth that exist right now. And the idea is not that we changed the world we're on, but that we change our vibration, and it navigates us in the direction of a parallel version of Earth, it's already more reflective of what we prefer, or what we don't. So right now, it's like a melting pot of ideas. Here's negativity, here's positivity, here's neutrality, here's all these things we can choose. What do you want to choose? So when people start choosing one thing over another, even individually, and collectively, they start going that way. And eventually, he's saying, in the years to come, you know, the more people that choose a particular direction, will actually sort of create a crystallization of that perspective for themselves, and will no longer be able to even experience people with a different idea. So he's saying this is called the splitting prism from his perspective. And it's like, we're literally in a train station, and we're deciding what train and what track we're going to be on. But eventually, whatever train you board is going to be the only train that you can go on to because now all the tracks are going away in different directions. And once you're too far away on your direction, it's going to be even harder to go and decide, oh, I want to be on that other train. Because it now it's like hundreds of miles away. So this is the time of choice. This is the time of choosing what reality we want and what we will inevitably experience well, other people will experience other kinds of realities completely different than ours, but they'll experience that in a different parallel reality.

Alex Ferrari 19:50
Well, I mean, I think at this point, even in this reality, there are people who are experiencing things that have completely different levels, whether it's poverty, whether it's violence, whether it's every Then is it is it true from a sharp point of view, that we are vibration, and the higher the vibration is what we attract to us. So in other words, a, you know, a, a yogi master or a Sufi of a Sufi master or something like that is probably not going to get mugged on the street, give or take,

Darryl Anka 20:26
Unless there is a lesson in there that he has to learn, I wouldn't share it. But generally speaking, generally speaking, yes, it's all about resonance. It's all about frequency, what you put out is what you get back. It's like a tuning fork, you know, you operate at a certain frequency, that's what you get reflected back to you, because that's all that you can get reflected back to you. He's basically saying you can't experience what you're not the vibration of. And conversely, you can only experience what you are the vibration of. Now, again, as we said, there's some leeway in there about what happens, because people have been trained to assign particular meaning to certain kinds of things. And basically, Bashar is saying, he doesn't mean this negatively. Life is meaningless. It has no built in meaning, we give it meaning. And that's how we experience it. So whatever vibrational level you're at, is how you start interpreting the neutral things that are happening. And you you infuse them with meaning. And that starts coloring your world about how you see things, and how you experience things. Because you can if you really stop and think about it, you can experience a lot of events in very different ways, depending on your vibration on your attitude on your, you know, relationship to what's happening. And he's saying, if you stay in a positive state, no matter what's happening, even if something's happening, you don't objectively prefer, it's got to be happening for a reason, if you're experiencing it. And if you stay in a positive state, you'll be able to get a benefit from it, you'll be able to learn something from it that will propel you forward in a positive way. He's saying even if nothing else, it can be as simple as you know, manifesting something in front of you that you don't prefer, gives you clarity about what you do prefer by contrast, and that's a positive way to use what you don't prefer. And when we use it that way, instead of thinking, Oh, this thing manifested in my life, something must be going wrong, I'm doing something wrong. I shouldn't be experiencing this, I should be beyond this. If it's happening, it's happening for a reason it's there. And it's there, maybe even to test yourself to see are you going to react the same old way? And give it the same old negative definition that you used to? Or are you going to respond differently to the situation? Because from his perspective, it's not about the outside world changing. That proves you've changed. It's about you responding differently to what's going on, even if it still looks the same. That's what proves you've changed. Because if you really haven't changed, and you really respond the same old way or react the same old way? Well, then why should the outside world change because you really haven't, because you're still reacting the same way you used to. So reacting differently, responding differently, is what actually changes all about, and then ultimately, will cause the outside to change because it's just a mirror. It's just a reflection. And it's like saying, I'm looking in the mirror and I'm watching my face frown. But I insist that it should smile. It's not going to smile until you do. It just can't, right. It's a mirror.

Alex Ferrari 23:25
Right! It's like when I was younger, I had road rage because I was an angry dude when I was younger. And I mean, we I mean, I come from Los Angeles, Jesus, believe it. But But as I've gotten older and hopefully evolved a bit more as an adult or as a soul. Things like that. Don't bother us. I don't take it personal. If someone's like, I'm like to just walk and just let it go. But when I was younger, I would just got in there. It was crazy.

Darryl Anka 23:59
Right! Because you have definitions, unconscious definitions that you think something wrong is happening to you.

Alex Ferrari 24:05
Dare you cut me off!

Darryl Anka 24:08
Yeah. Right. My important? Yeah. I heard a story the other day about a person at the check encountered an airport who was facing a customer like that, right? He didn't get what he wanted is like, Don't you know who I am? And so she just got on the intercom and said, If there's someone in the airport who can come and help us, I have a gentleman here who doesn't know a way to handle that.

Alex Ferrari 24:34
What an amazing way to handle that. Oh my god, that's amazing. You touched upon something in regards to everything being meaningless. In a sense it I understand what you mean by that, and the concepts of good and bad and that from my understanding from what I've been able to comprehend is that good and bad are relative concepts that we apply based on Our moral set that is given to us by our societies,

Darryl Anka 25:04
Their value judgments, Bashar avoid using the words good and bad. He talks about positive and negative energies. And from his perspective, that's really just a mechanical description. In other words, positive is what unites, what expands what connects negative is simply what segregates, diminishes, separates, you know, and and can sort of, you know, reduce your perspective or limit your perspective. So he's really talking about the idea that yes, there can be positive, there can be negative. But sometimes you can also use a negative thing for a positive reason, and a positive thing for a negative reason. So that's why he avoids the idea of the value judgments of good and bad because that's really nebulous, from his perspective. And he's trying to describe what's happening to us energetically and mechanically, when we think about it in terms of positive and negative energy or a mechanism that we're using, because look at I mean, we've got, you know, we are these expanded beings, these unlimited spirits, but we have used the idea of a negative mechanism to limit our consciousness in order to have a physical experience, because we are more than this. So we're using a quote unquote, negative mechanism for a positive reason. And that's why it's not just cut and dried black and white to him. Depends on what you do with it, how you use it.

Alex Ferrari 26:29
Now, you mentioned the shards formula, can you there's I think four or five steps in that, can you just if I can, you just quickly kind of go over those five steps.

Darryl Anka 26:40
Sure. And each of these require, you know, a deeper explanation for Be sure truly understand how this works. And this is a toolkit. In fact, he actually refers to it as an instruction manual, the same way that you would get an instruction manual to operate a piece of machinery, he said, if you follow the instructions, the machine will work as advertised to your benefit. If you don't, maybe the machine will work, but maybe you'll injure yourself or something else will fall apart in the machine. So the five steps in his instruction manual or the formula are to act on your passion, to do it as fully as you can for as long as you can, until you can do it no further, you act on it. And this is this is a big one for a lot of people to act on it with absolutely zero assumption or zero insistence on what the outcome of that action should look like. Or be. Number four, stay in a positive state no matter what happens, because you can get a benefit out of it that way. And number five, you have to allow yourself to really examine your belief systems, to find out why you believe what you believe, because very often we just do it out of habit. And so it's those five things allow people to gain an insight and gain, in a sense control over their lives, when they're applying this very specifically and very precisely in their lives. When they do that. All these things start happening that are connected to it, our lives become synchronistic, more synchronicity happens in our lives, it becomes a path of least resistance, it connects us to other expressions of our excitement, it becomes the driving engine in our lives, giving us the energy to move forward. It reflects to us anything out of alignment within our belief system so that we can examine it and let it go. It connects us to whatever form of support we need. These things happen automatically. When you follow those five steps. It's really magical. But it is not just the idea of magic. It's the idea that this is how reality works. He's actually describing to us how we're creating our reality. But we don't know that we're doing it this way. So when we follow those five steps, for the reasons that he explains why they're important, then it just opens everything up. And and you start seeing how everything is connected and how you can take advantage of any situation that happens in your life and see it from a completely different perspective. It's really quite astonishing.

Alex Ferrari 29:02
And it's pretty powerful steps, those five steps if you can do that, we're just not, by the way, easy. All the time. That's a really, I mean, yes,

Darryl Anka 29:13
I know what you mean, I know what challenging because we are so ingrained in outdated definitions, correct. You're right, and that, but he's also said there's no such thing as a difficult situation. Only our definitions make it difficult. So we have to hold on to the idea. This is why it's so important from his perspective, to create new definitions, because a lot of metaphysical thought a lot of spiritual thought is, is structured on very outdated definitions. And we're not understanding we may be describing an experience, but we're not necessarily describing the mechanism that is causing the experience even though we may think we are. So that difference. I mean, let this analogy works. He's given well say that the sunsets we know the sun doesn't set, we know the Earth revolves, and that's why we see that experience. So describing the experience of a sunset, doesn't describe the mechanism that causes that experience. And this is the vast difference what he's saying about certain metaphysical concepts we have, and why we think they work or not why they work. And by getting caught up in the old definitions, we get caught up in repeating the same patterns, the same habits and all this kind of stuff. And we can't figure out how to get out of it. It's the new definition, it's seeing the mechanism for what it is that creates the experience, that frees us to see things in a different way, in the same way, that when scientists decided, oh, it's the earth that revolves around the sun, and the sun isn't actually revolving around the Earth, it changed our entire reality. So it's the same thing metaphysically that Bashar is attempting to do for us, is give us definitions that unlock us from the past, and propel us toward the future, from a completely different perspective.

Alex Ferrari 31:08
So those definitions that you're talking about that are outdated, those, those definitions, when they were created, were created for the time. And if evolution of the people at that moment in time, which is basically religion, a lot of ideas that were talked about 2000 years ago, don't apply too much right now. Because the Bible slavery was okay. I mean, pretty much everyone had it back then. Now, it's, it's frowned upon. And as as it should be, but But that's an example of very, you know, a very interesting example of old ideas, old definitions, and old, just just everything that don't apply to us today, and how it needs to evolve. Is that a fair statement?

Darryl Anka 31:55
Yes, and that's exactly what he's doing. So again, a deeper understanding of the metaphysical side of that evolution, again, is what allows us to understand how reality works more deeply, and allows us to sort of open our eyes and say, oh, you know, I am free to do this, I am free to see things in a different way, I am free to explore something I never thought I could explore, because I didn't understand how it actually worked. So now we can do that if we understand the information that he's sharing with us.

Alex Ferrari 32:27
And again, I mean, I brought this movie up so many times on the show, and I'll continue to bring it up, because it is just such a deep, onion layered film, which is the matrix, your sci fi guy, I'm a sci fi guy, we'd love that kind of stuff. But the more you look at the first matrix, the more you understand that journey as as Neo is starting to realize his true nature. He's starting to understand how to bend reality in the matrix, which is an analogy for our illusion, if you will, our my, if you will, the reality we're in, he's able to start bending it. So obviously, that's a fantastical way of looking at upon it. We're not going to maybe we could dodge bullets, I'm not sure. But, but being able to move our reality in a different way. And I've experienced very, very heavily that ability to be able to shift reality in the directions. I wanted to go on it. Start off with some small little things. But as you get older and you start practicing it more, you start going No I think, go here, I can go there.

Darryl Anka 33:31
And it's like anything you practice and you get better at it and your reality starts reflecting that ability. So yeah, I'm and I'm seeing insane synchronicities in my life that are just, you know, crazy stuff, but it's becoming the norm. You know, things just happen. Things just show up when they need to precisely perfectly. And it's like, okay, you know, that that tells me I'm aligned with myself, and that I'm applying these things in the way that actually makes me able to steer my life in a better direction. So yeah, there are actual physical results to this.

Alex Ferrari 34:05
It's pretty, it's pretty it's, and I know a lot of people talk about the law of attraction. And that was the whole secret thing. And there is I think that was just such a, like, top layer of that concept. But it did introduce it to a mass amount of people.

Darryl Anka 34:21
Yes. And actually, Bashar relatively recently talked about how there's a little bit of a misunderstanding with the law of attraction. It is what you put out is what you get back. But I at least as far as I was exposed to it. And it's not, it's not wrong. The idea that you have to be of a certain frequency to attract certain things is correct. I think where he's saying we have a little bit of a misunderstanding is we think we have to learn that frequency. What he's saying is it's just the opposite. We are that frequency. That's our natural state. It's our core vibration, and our core vibration is designed to attract everything we need in life. So it's not about having to learn that frequency, it's about getting out of its way. It's about not having beliefs that block that frequency. So it's more a matter of getting things that aren't relevant for us out of the way than it is having to learn how to give off that frequency. That's our natural frequency.

Alex Ferrari 35:24
It's kind of like taking layers off of clothes, like you're, you're stacked on with tons and tons of coats and jackets and sweaters. And slowly but surely, you're pulling it away to get to the true essence of who you are, without all that crap on you.

Darryl Anka 35:37
Exactly. If you want the sun to reach your skin, you got to take all those clothes off,

Alex Ferrari 35:41
Right! And little by little, but we walk around many with tons and tons of stuff on top of you.

Darryl Anka 35:47
Alright, so when you know when people go around thinking, Okay, I've got to learn this frequency. It's kind of like they don't really realize that they're wearing all these clothes. You know, it's like they're trying to do something that they're already doing, but don't know they're doing and it causes a lot of confusion. So if they realize that that frequency is really who we are, and we just have to strip off all this other stuff, that's not who we are, then it's it's an easier idea. It's something that we can start looking specifically at, well, what is what is in the way of that frequency? Rather than what do I do to learn that frequency? You know, because that's, that can be kind of very nebulous, what do I do, you know, but it's like, oh, I can find this negative belief, I can find this fear based belief within me, and I can let it go. And that clears the way for that frequency to attract what you need, already operating like a lighthouse.

Alex Ferrari 36:40
And that's the thing, it's, it's just knowledge, it's just information that we need to if you don't know what you're looking for you. So that's the insanity of what we were talking about, which is like, I need to find how to run faster, learn how to run faster with all these coats on I'm like, you could just take off the coat, but you don't know that you're wearing the coats.

Darryl Anka 37:01
Exactly. And that's that, to me is the essential benefit of Bashar is information. He's exactly telling you what to look for, and how to let it go, how to take that coat off, specifically, mechanically speaking, it's just like, this is an instruction manual unbutton, the button unbuttoned the button and button the button, take it off, literally guiding us that specifically.

Alex Ferrari 37:25
Well, it's Plato's Allegory of the Cave. I mean, it's essentially it, we're trying to let everybody know, something outside. It's not that you're breaking it, don't be afraid, I know, there's a lot of light outside, but go outside, it's much better than this shadow show on the walls that we've been thinking is real.

Darryl Anka 37:43
Exactly. But see, here's the thing. He's talks about, you know, the structure of beliefs, positive negative beliefs, because physical reality isn't real beliefs are what make it seem real, because they've reinforced themselves with emotions, and thoughts and behaviors that reinforce the idea that what the belief is telling us is a fact. But when you understand the belief is just a belief, then you can deconstruct it and let it go. But beliefs are designed to perpetuate themselves because they have to, or we wouldn't have a physical experience, because physical reality isn't real. So a positive belief, we don't care if it reinforces itself, because we like what it's telling us about ourselves. But the negative beliefs have to use, or negative mechanisms to reinforce themselves. They're not doing it maliciously. It's just the way they're designed to perpetuate a physical experience. So many times a negative belief, will will have its own set of tools, so to speak, to prevent you from finding it. So it'll make you afraid to look, which we talked about earlier. Right, exactly. So you have to be aware that that is not a fact that something worse will happen. If you go looking for the negative belief. It's just what the negative belief is telling you in order to perpetuate itself so that you can keep having a physical experience, once you understand that you have a skeleton key to unlock it. Because now you go oh, it's not a fact. This is just a story. It's telling me about myself. I don't have to buy into this story. I can replace it with a different belief and have a different story experience.

Alex Ferrari 39:21
And the term story you know, I've said that so many times it's the story that you tell yourself is the story you live so if you believe that you are you No loved and are and are worthy of happiness and worthy of you finding your dream and finding your mission in life. And if you're we're all that's all a story, where earlier in my life, I'm sure you as well before you started going down this path. You know, you were probably I mean, I was I was angry. I was angry. I mean angry at at while I was working with you know, 23 year old filmmakers who got $3 million for their feature. I'm like, Who the hell gave you this? Money

Darryl Anka 40:03
In fact, very angry for a lot of reasons. You don't even know why you're angry. You know,

Alex Ferrari 40:08
I was I was I was so I was so I can't explain to you how angry I was as a young man, for no reason. Because I will be I lived well, I had family who loved me, I had food over my head, I had no major traumas that I can think of at least that were I was pretty good it looking back. I would if it was me, I would have slapped myself.

Darryl Anka 40:30
Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah, wake up. But yeah, you know, but we see we pick up a lot of stuff, you know, body language, telepathically, all this stuff growing up in a society that is angry at not realizing its full potential. So deep down, we know, you know, we know that we're off base in a lot of ways. And I think that because we haven't had the tools to deal with that specifically, at least not, you know, for the mass consensus. You know, we get angry at ourselves, and we get angry at life. And we get angry, why isn't that the way it wasn't spirit? And, you know, why can't we do this? And why can't we do that, we forget that we are here for a reason to learn something until we mature enough to start seeing that idea. So yeah, we kind of come in picking up all sorts of anger from the society that's been experiencing negative things for 1000s of years. And even like you said, when we have a great benefit in our lives, or several benefits in our lives, we tend to ignore that and overlook it, because we're just so caught up in this emotional turmoil that is human society on Earth, and has been for 1000s of years, with few exceptions, you know, but all the great teachers that have come along, you know, whatever, Christ, Buddha, Krishna, whatever, they've all been saying the same thing. And it's not like really follow me. It's be like me, that's what it means.

Alex Ferrari 41:56
You're absolutely right. Not one of them is like you must bow down, you must get us worship. None of them said that.

Darryl Anka 42:04
No, when you know, when Jesus says, I am the way he means be this way, and everything will pull together. He said, Yes, I'm the only one he even said, you know, you are God's, and you will do greater things than I have done. So, you know, people aren't really listening to that, because they're so used to feeling worthless and powerless, that all they can do is latch on to someone who isn't and follow them. But then a whole bunch of misinterpretations happen, because they think that person has all the power and they have none. And all these teachers have been trying to tell us, we have all the power, and we are, we are internally, the kingdom of God. You know, it's just people.

Alex Ferrari 42:45
You know, right, as as Yogananda said, Christ was crucified for one day and his teachings crucified for 10,000 years. Which is, it's perfect of a perfect, perfect thing, which I wanted to ask you. Because you may you brought them up these kinds of masters, these kinds of Ascended Masters is in eastern philosophy is called a Ascended Masters. What is Bashar? It's feeling about those, those teachers, those masters over the course of 1000s of years who have come in, there's been many of them, it's not just Jesus just happens to have a really good PR person. So just Buddha.

Darryl Anka 43:24
Exactly. Well, he says exactly what I said, it's like, you know, our collective consciousness gives us these opportunities through these beings on a regular basis, every now and then for every culture. And it's our opportunity to really open up and pay attention to what they're telling us, instead of falling back into the old definitions, I am powerless, you are all powerful, I have to give you my fealty and I'm worthless and nothing without you. We have to stop listening to that story, because that's not the story that these Ascended Masters are telling us.

Alex Ferrari 43:59
Again, exactly. Now, I wanted to ask you what the shards, definition of a soul is

Darryl Anka 44:07
A soul is an expression of your consciousness on a certain level, that explores expanding itself in a specific number of ways, because there are higher levels to that, some of which have been referred to in literature as oversold. Of course, you know, source all that is God, and everything in between. But a soul is an individuated reflection of all that is, in the same way. Let's say you're standing in the center of a hall of mirrors, and you see a reflection. That one reflection is a unique reflection from a unique angle and unique perspective. To him. That's a soul. But because everything is made of consciousness, it's also conscious. So each individual soul is a unique reflection of God goddess, all that is that has its own unique ability to understand itself to know itself from that unique perspective, thus adding to the overall experience of all that is of itself. So the soul, the individual soul can have individual experiences, rather than collective ones. It's it's designed for the purpose of being able to sort of split itself into non physical and physical consciousness to have a physical reality experience. I mean, from the sharks perspective, because physical reality is an illusion. He's saying, your your natural state is Spirit, you are there, now you're in spirit, you're kind of just pretending that you're not, you're dreaming that you're not in spirit, a part of you is dreaming that it's not. But most of you is in spirit. That's your natural state. And I would say, you know, in a sense, that's your individuals soul. Does that explain it enough? Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 46:01
I mean, I mean, it's a fairly large question. So I think you did fine. You know, it's like, what's the meaning of life? Like? I mean, it's not a one answer one sentence. But no, that's a really, I just wanted to get a sharp perspective on that concept of a soul because it's so it's been defined so many different ways. Again, depending on societal and religious and things,

Darryl Anka 46:25
And none of them, in a sense, are wrong definitions. They're just different perspectives

Alex Ferrari 46:30
Different parts of the elephant in the room.

Darryl Anka 46:32
Yeah, you know, it's kind of like goes back to what we're saying about, you know, ascended masters and things where, you know, the way we look at it is, you know, you have all of these antagonistic, excluding kinds of things where, you know, one group is saying, hey, know, Jesus is God, and another group is saying, No, Krishna is God. And another group is saying, Jehovah is God, and another saying, Allah is God. But it's not that Jesus is God. Krishna is God, Allah is God, Jehovah is God. It's that God is Jesus, God is all God is Jehovah. God is Krishna, God is anything and everything, and all of us. And all that is were made of it were made of God, there is nothing outside of it from the sharks perspective. So it's, it's we're reversing the idea back to understanding that none of the religions in a sense are wrong. It's just that they're misunderstanding that there's a bigger picture to the idea. And they have a piece of it, they have a reflection of the whole, not the whole, from similar their culture or their perspective.

Alex Ferrari 47:36
Right. And again, it's just tribal, it's societal. I mean, depending on where you wherever you were born, is the perspective of morals you're going to get.

Darryl Anka 47:48
Right, exactly. So in a sense, it's just people have to understand that all of those things are true. And not just all I have the right one, and you don't, and you're going to hell because you don't. You know, all of that, in a sense is true, there are misinterpretations in it. But the thing of it is, is it's all equal, because it doesn't matter what path you take, it all leads to the same understanding.

Alex Ferrari 48:14
So you bring up a good point on something that there's a lot of stuff going on in the world right now. And there's a lot of, quote unquote, bad stuff happening or things like that, I get a lot of negative things happening. Why do and this is a question I know a lot of people have, this is why I'm asking it. Why does God allow people like Putin?

Darryl Anka 48:43
That's the wrong I think that's the wrong question. So God being everything doesn't need to allow God just is it just is, okay are making choices. We have the freedom to choose, that's our greatest power, we can be negative, we can be positive. You have to realize that when you go to a dictionary and look up the word, unconditional, it means there are no conditions. If we say, Oh, God is unconditional love, we have to really stress the word unconditional. It doesn't matter because everything is God. So yes, there are negative expressions of it. There are positive expressions of it. But it's in our hands. That's why we're individuated souls, we get to decide how do we express the idea. It's not that God willed it or allows it, it just is part of what God is. And we get to decide the control is in our hands about how we want to express the part of God we are. So we can't blame God for not stepping in and intervening because it's an unconditional experience to exist. We get to decide what that existence is like.

Alex Ferrari 49:51
It's just like, it's just like, the beginning of a football game one. One team has got on their side the other team has got on their side. I mean, they're all both brains. Like, I need to win, I need you. I love the other person, but I want to destroy them today. Can you help me Jesus? Like, I always found that fascinating.

Darryl Anka 50:07
Yeah. And likewise, it's like, okay, you know, some people when good things happen, you know, they go praise Jesus. Why don't they say Praise Jesus when things don't go their way? Isn't that also something that could serve them meal, but again, it's that tribal, limited focus kind of idea that it's, you know, it's all about me, and it's all about my connection and no one else's. And it's just, you know, it's everything. It's everything, and we get to decide what it is. So that's what God is all about, is we get to decide. That's what it means to have freewill. Yes, we set up our own destinies. But within that we have our own freewill, too. So it's up to us.

Alex Ferrari 50:47
Now, the question I have for you is, do we have spiritual guidance through our lives? Do we have beings that whether it be Ascended Masters, spirit guides, angels, whatever on the other side, who are guiding us through our, our, our blueprint of our life, though, as we have set it out beforehand, our life plan to teach us the lessons that we need to learn?

Darryl Anka 51:11
Yes, they help that guide, but they don't do it for us, correct. It's up to us. But they do suggest they do guide? I mean, in a sense, that question is almost like saying, Well, do we have friends in life? Do we have family? Sure, well, why is spirit any different? We have friends, we have family there, we have people that we may have interacted with in various ways, we may have people that are just simply doing it, because that's what they've chosen to do. So yeah, we have guides, we have help, we always have help. And and, you know, Bashar has often said, which is a phrase I really like, is that, you know, you don't have to ask for more help. He said, You're being given all the help you can possibly be given, what you need to do is awaken and pay attention to the help you're already getting. You just have to be more aware of it. That's what praying is for and stuff like that is just making yourself more grateful for what you're already receiving. Because you're giving you're being given everything you can possibly be given nothing is being withheld from you, it's awakening to the fact that you are in a state of appreciation and gratitude for what's already helping you. And then you can start perceiving it more clearly, by being in that state. Again, what you put out is what you get back.

Alex Ferrari 52:23
Very true. Very, very true. You know, another another question I have for you. And I'd love to hear assurance point of view in this, you know, in, please tell me, I don't want to answer it. But really, but what part does religion have in our evolution as a society throughout history, not just now?

Darryl Anka 52:43
Well, it depends on the person and what they get out of it, really, I mean, anything in physical reality, he calls a permission slip. In other words, it's some techniques, some tools, some objects, some ritual, some situation you believe you need to give yourself permission to be more of who you are. If religion is the way that works for you, that's the way that works for you. Now, I know in general, religion generally can be disempowering in the sense of well, you need me to tell you how to relate to God. And you don't have that ability yourself, which I think is nonsense. But again, if it's a technique, a tool, a path that works for you, to allow you to know more who you are, to be a more positive creative person, go with it all day long is fine, doesn't matter. But if you're using it in the negative way to segregate to separate, to look down upon to feel better than you know, than others and stuff like that, I think it's lost, its its meaning and it's simply taking the form of the fear based beliefs that are in the person that is practicing that religion.

Alex Ferrari 53:54
And to piggyback on that, what is Bashar? Its point of view on reincarnation? And that idea, because billions of people

Darryl Anka 54:06
I know, I know it, okay. Again, now we're getting into, you know, real deep metaphysics here. Reincarnation to him is real as an experience. It's not an accurate description of the mechanism. In other words, again, everything exists at once time is an illusion. So if everyone and everything exists at the same time, and it's only separated by this illusion of time, then to him the experience of reincarnation is created like this. What we call the past is something that exists right now. What we call the future is something that exists right now. We make an energetic connection to someone that exists right now in what we call the past as a label, because we need to download experience and information Question from them that will help us in this life in this theme that we're exploring. We because we're stuck in linear time, so to speak stuck, focus would be a better word. Because we're focused in linear time, we treat that energetic connection and download of information. As a memory. I used to be that person, no, that person is that person. But you're making a connection to that person and downloading information and interpreting it as a memory. So that it seems as if you are reincarnated as that person. So you can have the illusional experience of reincarnation, you can create the feeling that I've lived before, and I will live again as another person. But since all people exist, at the same time, it's really functioning more like a dynamically interactive internet, where you're exchanging information constantly in the present to all these other beings, but linearly looking at it as if Ally was this person. Now this person, they'll be that person. So you're using linear time to create the experience of reincarnation. But all of this is happening at the same time, it's multiple, simultaneous incarnations. On a higher level, what you might want to call the oversoul, we might all be extensions of the same higher oversoul. And from that level, you can say, well, that's my life and my life. And that's my life. And that's my life, but only as the higher level, not as the individuated person.

Alex Ferrari 56:35
Does that make sense? It does. We're definitely getting into the weeds deep into the weeds here.

Darryl Anka 56:41
This is why Bashar preps us over years to understand things like parallel realities, time is an illusion, he really can't explain the whole mechanism of how this functions. And again, that's one of the things of the difference between the definition of an experience and the definition of a mechanism that's making the experience happen.

Alex Ferrari 57:02
And I think you're right when when you're saying the bazaars prepping you these concepts, even in my own life, things that I hold as truths. Now, I thought was crazy. When I was younger, because I couldn't comprehend these. Yeah, yeah. How is that possible? How could I ever do this in my life? How can I ever do that in my life? These are beliefs that you slowly but once the seed is dropped, right? It does grow sometimes it because soils just not fertile. Not being water enough, and it's barren. But other times you do see, you know, now and again, it's only as you get older, you look back and you go, I was being prepped for that I read this book that threw these ideas into my head that I never thought of before.

Darryl Anka 57:51
Right! It told me. Yeah, although now there are new generations coming up that understand these things more quickly, because I think less of who they are. They're not taught to forget, VR. So you know, and that's another thing that's happening in with Bashar has information, who is you know, I've now run into, you know, 10 year old kids, they can explain exactly what he's saying. They get it, they just get it. Oh, it's exactly makes sense to them. You know?

Alex Ferrari 58:17
Yeah. I mean, I mean, I have kids as well. And you could just see them, Oh, my God, they're so much better prepared for life than I was at that age. But at that, but my parents were just didn't have the information that tool sets weren't there in the world at that time. And the consciousness of the of society wasn't there. I mean, and I always use the concept of like meditation, like in the 70s. You were meditating. You were crazy. You were nuts.

Darryl Anka 58:46
And talk about Yeah, crazy. And channeling in the beginning was like, What the hell are you talking about?

Alex Ferrari 58:52
I can only imagine 40 years ago, Darryl, like you like so I'm a channel? I'm sorry. What do you want to change the channel? No, no, you're on my channel. I talked to somebody else and it comes through me. And they're like, sir, this right this way to the way just put this white coat on. I know this leaves are a little bit longer. Just put them on. Right this, but no, but now but now the concept of channeling is not only more broadly accepted, it's still not widely accepted, but broadly accepted. But it's in the it's in the vernacular of society. People are like, Oh, I was channeling, I was channeling this great person to do this or so these these ideas weren't around 40 years ago. So you can see ideas changing? Without question,

Darryl Anka 59:38
Right! Because definitions change. So you know,

Alex Ferrari 59:41
It's fantasy. So one question, another question I have for you about Bashar. What does he see in the coming years for humanity is he have is he seeing anything that Is he is he has a positive or a negative scenario.

Darryl Anka 59:57
Again, remember back to what we were saying about you never change If the world you're on, you change yourself and you go to a version of Earth, you shift to a version of earth that is already more reflective. So it depends on each individual as to what they will experience in the future. He's very loath to make prediction. The only the few rare occasions, he's made predictions, he's saying, look, there is no such thing as a prediction of the future. He's saying what a person is doing when they predict is they're sensing the energy that exists in the present. And if that energy has a lot of momentum behind it, and it's unlikely to change, there's a high degree of probability it will manifest. However, you have to realize that once a prediction is made, it changes the energy because now you know about it. And if you don't prefer, what it's telling you is inevitable, you can actually change that. So that's why the only few times he's ever made predictions. He's saying, it's unlikely this momentum is going to change. Therefore, I will tell you that this is the highest probability in I remember, in 1998, it's on record, it's on record, it's in a recording, he said before the end of 2001, there will be a terrorist attack in New York, he said, this is unlikely to change. And obviously, we had 911. So there are times when he can pick up on the highest probability and say, This is what the highest probability is. And it's unlikely to change, which is the only reason I'm telling you about it. But other than that, he doesn't usually want to make predictions, especially because again, as I just said, it's up to each individual as to what they're really going to experience in the future if they change themselves.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:38
And it's when you say that everyone experiences or shifts into another Earth, that is one that they experience, regardless of whether you believe in parallel, parallel or turning that I stopped, that's fine. But in the Great Depression, some people were on the street, other people's made fortunes, during 2008. Some people coasted through other people lost everything. Right now. There's people living very different lives, people in the Ukraine are living very different lives, that we're living here. There's different experiences at the same moment in time, all the time. All everywhere you go, there's always a difference. But if we're experiencing the same event, certain people handle it differently, or experience it differently than others. And it's throughout history, that's been the case.

Darryl Anka 1:02:27
Yeah. And the idea, again, is, you know, to really take this another step further, we're shifting all the time, we're shifting right now, we're shifting billions of times per second, into different parallel versions of Earth, it's just that we do it so smoothly, we don't realize we're shifting. So the idea is, because physical reality is an illusion, the very concept of movement actually entails shifting through different parallel realities, in much the same way that an animated film shifts through different frames to create the illusion of movement on the screen. So even doing this, according to Bashar entails having shifted literally through billions of different parallel realities, because this is a reality. This is a reality. This is a reality. This is a reality, again, just like frames on a filmstrip. And he's saying it's just happening so fast, you don't realize it's happening, you're not seeing the flicker, going from one frame to another.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:26
Well, I've never heard it explained like that before. But I, as a filmmaker, I completely understand what you're saying. Now, because every frame is a different reality expression of that scene, and only when they're played back to back or the shift is when you get the illusion of movement. movies, video is an illusion of they're just still frames playback at a certain frame rate

Darryl Anka 1:03:50
Physical reality is actually structured that way. That's why there are parallel realities. Because you have an infinite number of frames, and you can go in any direction. So it's a matter of your frequency, choosing which frames you're experiencing, and which frames you're agreeing to experience similar to someone else, which allows us to have this conversation, we are both agreeing that we will shift through frames that allow this conversation to exist, but we're still shifting through frames. And my reality shift is not your reality shift. Your reality shift is a different reality. But we're agreeing to shift through frames that make it appear as if we're sharing the same reality, which were not

Alex Ferrari 1:04:32
My head, my head's about to mushroom cloud. That's No, it's great. It's amazing. Darrell, thank you so much. I'm gonna ask you last few questions. I asked all of my guests. What is your definition of a good life?

Darryl Anka 1:04:49
Being true to yourself, being who you really are.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:52
How do you define God?

Darryl Anka 1:04:55
All that is everything. Nothing is outside of it.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:59
And what is The ultimate purpose of life?

Darryl Anka 1:05:03
Being yourself and allowing yourself to add to the expansion of existence. I mean, it's again goes back to who are you really as as a reflection of all that is? What is it that makes you you? And how much can you really be that you? Can you see through the illusion? Can you learn to grow? Can you learn who you are more deeply? Can you be more of yourself? Can you act on the things that are truly you, which is what passion is all about? Passion is an indication of your true life, your true vibration? So it's being you It's knowing yourself and being willing to act on that.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:43
And Darryl, where can people find out more about you the work you're doing with Bashar your books, your courses, your videos, all that kind of stuff?

Darryl Anka 1:05:49
They can go to two different websites, they can go to Or they can go to to find out what's going on with us.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:03
Yeah, and you have a fantastic YouTube channel. He put out videos all the time with Bashar is that correct?

Darryl Anka 1:06:09
All sorts of ways to you know, hear what he has to say there's there's literally hundreds of recordings of events that Michelle has done. And you know, people are welcome to explore and decide for themselves whether it's something that they are interested in

Alex Ferrari 1:06:23
Darryl it has been a pleasure, my friend talking to you as always, I could talk to you for days. So please come back again. We absolutely love talking. I love talking to you my friend and I again, thank you for not only coming back but also for all the amazing work you've been doing over these four decades, which is impossible because you look 25 So I don't understand.

Darryl Anka 1:06:46
Generally has been very, very good to me

Alex Ferrari 1:06:49
My friend I appreciate you. Thank you so much!

Darryl Anka 1:06:52
Thanks, Alex take care!

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