BASHAR Predicts HUMANITY’S Coming Great SHIFT in 2024! Prepare Yourself NOW! with Darryl Anka

Darryl Anka is a notable figure in the world of metaphysical and spiritual exploration, renowned for his channeling abilities and his long-standing connection with a being named Bashar. Born on October 12, 1951, in Ottawa, Canada, Anka’s journey into the esoteric realms began in the 1980s when he experienced a profound and transformative encounter with extraterrestrial intelligence. This encounter led him to channel Bashar, an interdimensional being, who imparts wisdom and guidance on various aspects of human existence.

Anka’s work as a channeler has spanned decades, and he has conducted numerous workshops, lectures, and private sessions, sharing the teachings and insights he has received from Bashar. His messages often revolve around topics like consciousness, personal empowerment, the nature of reality, and the importance of following one’s passion and joy.

Darryl Anka’s dedication to channeling has made him a prominent figure in the New Age and spiritual communities, and his contributions have sparked deep contemplation and transformation in the lives of many. He continues to be an influential voice in the realm of metaphysics, offering a unique perspective on human potential and the interconnectedness of all existence through his work with Bashar.

Please enjoy my conversation with Darryl Anka.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 357

Darryl Anka 0:00
So the idea is, when you are of a certain frequency that's moving in a positive direction, when you're navigating in a positive direction, when you're taking the actions that are representative of the kind of world you would prefer to live on, are moving in that direction. So the earth you wind up on is already an Earth that doesn't experience the idea of the destruction that you're talking about. But you have to take the actions that give other people a chance to also see in you a living example of how to take those actions to sharing information gives people options, like what we're doing right now, they can decide whether they want to apply this kind of information in their lives, that makes a difference in how they experience the idea of their shift to different versions of Earth, or they can ignore it all. It's none of our business what they do, because we don't know their path.

Alex Ferrari 0:56
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion Darryl Anka.

Darryl Anka 1:12
Thanks Alex, always a pleasure to be here.

Alex Ferrari 1:15
Oh, my thank you so much for coming back on the show. Like I said, we got to do this at least quarterly now. Because everyone just loves when we sit down and start talking together. This is number four for you. So you are you're at number four, the fourth time you've been on the show. And our other conversations have done quite well. So people people are really interested in not only our not only your conversations, but for whatever reason, the magic that you and I have together, sir. So, so for people who have not seen you before, don't know who you are, can you give everybody a little like a quick little, little introduction to who you are and what you do?

Darryl Anka 1:59
Well, for the last 40 years, I have been a channel for an entity that we call Bashar which presents itself as an ET consciousness, and et being. So that has been my main focus. But I also have been making films, I've been writing books, my wife and I now are actually owning and operating an Escape Room in Los Angeles. So any kind of lot of creative endeavors, a lot of different kinds of directions. So you know, anything that I'm really super passionate about I do.

Alex Ferrari 2:41
That's right. And that's how we met originally in the filmmaking world. All so so many years ago.

Darryl Anka 2:49
Just one so not

Alex Ferrari 2:52
Once, so what's. So today, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about quantum physics and spirituality and how we combine the two and want to hear a chars point of view on that. Can you explain or how does Bashar explain the connection between quantum physics and human consciousness?

Darryl Anka 3:10
Well, I think quantum physics is beginning to approach the idea of being able to quantify the concept of spirit that it is really not a supernatural thing, but just another expression of nature. And another natural thing that we are on the verge of, of codifying, and quantifying to our understanding. And so it's just really an extension of our understanding of physics, I believe, and Bashar talks about it that way. It's a spectrum, it's part of the spectrum of physical reality in the same sense that you have, you know, a spectrum of electromagnetic energy that is visible light or invisible, light, red, orange, yellow, you know, in the vibrational spectrum. So he's basically saying its physical reality is one particular frequency. And if you simply keep raising the frequency, you will encounter what we basically call non physical reality or the spirit realm. So I think that it's just a fluid transition from one level to the next. And therefore the physics may be slightly different in the spirit realm, but nevertheless, it is, as he believes still an extension of what we already know, and are beginning to understand in the exploration of quantum mechanics.

Alex Ferrari 4:36
When you believe that or when does Bashar believe that we're actually going to start really getting quantum mechanics because it's been around for over 100 years, but there's been it's been slow going because of so much resistance to it.

Darryl Anka 4:48
Yeah. Well, I think one of the main things he talks about is that when we start including consciousness in the equations, then we'll really make some accelerated progress. And we can't leave that out. I mean, that's always been kind of one of the, let's say, hesitations, or resistances, in science, is to take the emotion and the consciousness out of experiments that they do. But I think that that's a critical mistake. Because so much of even physical reality depends upon our state of consciousness, our state of perception, and awareness. And so I think some cutting edge quantum physicists are beginning to get an inkling of that. And I think that they will take that further, hopefully. But I think once we do, we'll will really make some incredible progress in our understanding of how the react, how reality works, how the universe works.

Alex Ferrari 5:51
So speaking of reality, what does Bashar have to say about simulation theory? And that we are all in the dream? And this is my, and all that kind of stuff?

Darryl Anka 6:02
Yeah, well, he does say it is a simulation, but it's our simulation. It's not a simulation, from outside, we're creating it. Because physical reality is a projection of consciousness. It's an illusion. Basically, he's saying, spirit is our natural state. We're there right now, we've never left it. The idea that you leave spirit to go into physical reality says is a misunderstanding. You're focusing a part of your spiritual consciousness, in a type of dream in a type of simulation that we call physical reality. But the majority of you is still in spirit, and still aware of the fact that you're in spirit, the way we represent that or relate to that portion of ourselves as physical beings, we refer to that as the higher mind the non physical part of ourselves that guides the physical mind that guides us in physical reality. So we it's kind of like we've we've sort of split ourselves, our soul into a physical and non physical component, and use the non physical one to guide the physical one, because it's like the physical one is down in the valley of physical reality. And the higher mind, the non physical part is standing on the mountaintop. So it has a broader view of what it is we're experiencing as physical beings, and can basically see what our path is, and guides us along the proper path. Whereas if we ignore that guidance, then we can't really see around the next mountain or, you know, and we fall into holes, because we don't know where we're stepping. So it's very important that we sort of form this relationship with our higher self with our non physical consciousness, so that we function as whole beings and can move forward in a whole way. Bashar kind of says, if we just only rely on the physical mind, and we ignore the higher mind that we're kind of functioning literally as halfwits, because we're depriving ourselves of the guidance of a portion of ourselves that can see farther and get and has the bigger picture of what our life is about.

Alex Ferrari 8:14
So it'd be very similar to a game player playing an avatar. In a video game system, we see the entire board, we see the entire level that we see the entire world. But the avatar only sees a few feet ahead of them.

Darryl Anka 8:29
Exactly. And in this case, the avatar itself is also conscious. So because it is a projection of the consciousness of the player. So that's the nature of the soul, the nature of spirit is is any projection from it, any splitting of it still creates a conscious entity. And again, it's the Shar says it's like, we're basically in spirit having a dream that we're not in the Spirit. So we've created a simulation for ourselves in order to have the experience of forgetting who we are, so that we can discover who we are from a new point of view. And that's how creation expands the the structure of existence, according to the shard never changes. It is what it is our relationship to it, our experience in seventh and our perspective of it constantly changes. And that's how creation actually expands.

Alex Ferrari 9:25
So let me ask you this, because there's a concept that has been, I've, I'm fascinated with, and it's very difficult for our little computers in our brain to kind of figure this out, where I've heard this concept that everything is happening all at once. So that means that all of our lives, quote unquote, past quote, unquote, future and present are all simultaneously happening at the exact same time. And if we do something in this life, it ripples, quote, unquote, ripples back ripples forward, because it changes our perspective. Can you explain I can assure you explain this This understanding for us nitwits to stand.

Darryl Anka 10:05
Yeah, well, I mean, there's there are a couple of very simple analogies that he often used, just to give a simplistic idea of how this functions, and one of them is basically our TV programs, you're watching the program on TV, you know that the time you're watching that program, there are dozens and dozens of other programs playing simultaneously, you don't see them, because you're not tuned to them. But if you change the channel, then you get another program. But that doesn't mean the program you're watching a second ago isn't still playing. So there's only, let's say, one TV set, in which all the programs have to play at the same time. But you only get what you're tuned to what vibrational frequency, you're tuned to at any given moment. But if you change your frequency, you get something else. And in a crude way, that's what he's saying. Reality is structured like, there's only one TV set, and all the programs are playing, everything is here and now. And when you shift your consciousness and the frequency of your being in a certain way, you create a shifting into different programs. And you get this concept called change and time and space. Another analogy is the idea of the filmstrip. You and I come from the film business, we understand that a filmstrip is made of several frames. Now when you project that onto a movie screen, you only see one frame at a time. But the projectionists can hold the filmstrip and say look, all the frames are here all at once. They all exist at the same time. But you in the audience only proceed one at a time, because I'm shining the projector light through one frame at a time and projecting it on the movie screen. That's the simulation. Because no single frame has any movement in it, no experience, no self awareness. But when you create a sequence of frames, you create that illusion of movement and change and growth. And you have a discovery, you have a story that unfolds. While he's basically saying it's like that's what your consciousness is doing. Your consciousness is the projector light. And it is shifting through different frames billions of times a second, to create this smooth Illusion of Time and Space continuity that keeps moving in a certain direction. So we are the projectors, and the frames all exist at once. But based on our vibrational state, our state of consciousness, our perspective determines which frames we're shining our light through, and how we experienced the unfolding of the idea we call physical reality.

Alex Ferrari 12:46
So And with that, it only made no action. Actually, that was a great simple explanation to it that it begins to grasp, the brain begins to understand it. It still doesn't get it all the way. But But the basic, like you said the crude and the crude example of that. I have a better understanding. Before I ask the question, let's just put it that way. So which is the symbol, which was I was about to say around the world, there's a million billion things going on trillion things going on all over the world that I am not privy to, but it's still happening. Regardless if I'm focused my energy on it or not just outside of the lawn that I'm in, there is a giant universe of things happening in the ground that I don't have a perspective to?

Darryl Anka 13:32
Well, yeah, but you do have an agreement to abide by a consensus idea of what reality means. So there are collective levels of this. And there are individual levels of this. On the individual level, we get to experience just kind of what we're focused on as individual beings. But that doesn't mean that there's not a portion of our consciousness that is not going along with the idea that yeah, all this other stuff can also be happening, even though I'm not focused on it, and not even aware of some of it, because that's the overall agreement I have made. It's like saying, I've agreed to play chess. And I'm going to play by the rules of chess. But I can have different kinds of pieces that can be made out of different materials, I can have different strategies of my own. But I'm in the game of chess, and I know that other people are playing the game of chess in their own way with their own pieces, their own strategies, but we're all here playing chess.

Alex Ferrari 14:31
Now. Can you talk can Bashar shed some light on the inside of the role of the observer effect in creating or influencing our own reality?

Darryl Anka 14:41
Well, again, it's the idea that we are creating our reality. We are creating our experience based on what we believe to be true about ourselves and our place in the agreement in the collective agreement. So the observer effect is actually the observer calm pause in terms of physical reality functioning, kind of like a mirror, reflecting back to us what we're putting out. So as quantum physics is beginning to understand, we are participating in what we're experiencing, it's not an, it's not an objective thing. It's a subjective thing with so when we have a certain perspective, when we have a certain belief system, that's all we get to see, when we change our beliefs, we can see something else. It's a very multi layered holographic kind of thing. Like we said, Everything is here. But 99% of it is invisible to us until we shift our frequency, like changing the channel on the TV, then we get something different that's been here all the time. But we couldn't see it because we weren't on the same wavelength. We weren't on that channel. So everything is the result of the fact of what we choose to observe based on what we believe to be true, or what is relevant for us to experience in the theme that we chose to explore, as spiritual beings in this physical reality experience.

Alex Ferrari 16:10
Can you talk a little bit about quantum entanglement and how it might be a example of the interconnectedness that we all are? And so many people aren't? You know, that the for the false idea of separation? That we are all into practically?

Darryl Anka 16:27
Exactly. I mean, I think that's one of my favorite ideas, because in quantum mechanics, because I think, you know, in some ways, Einstein was right, he said, There's no such thing as spooky action at a distance. And even though it looks like that's what's happening, that no matter how far apart two particles are, you affect one, you automatically affect the other, apparently faster than light can travel to carry information from one particle to another. But you see, I think that what Einstein basically was correct about is entanglement does not prove action at a distance, entanglement from the chars perspective shows you that distance is an illusion, there is no such thing as separation, we can create the experience of separation, but it's an illusion. So the only way that things can be entangled like that is if they actually are in the same place interconnected. So I think some scientists are sort of missing the point in the idea that oh, yeah, well, it is it is affecting, we're trying to figure out how this information can travel, you know, somehow read be received by a particle that's light years away instantaneously. And it knows what the other particle is doing, so to speak. But I think that that's a misunderstanding, I think it's that entanglement is showing us that there, that distance doesn't really exist. It's our illusion, and that the particles are really right here. And right now, which makes sense, because then if one affects the other, there's no distance being processed information is exchanged instantaneously, because those particles actually coexist in the same place at the same time.

Alex Ferrari 18:12
It basically proves that there is kind of no such thing as time and space.

Darryl Anka 18:17
Yeah, there is such a thing as an experience. But there's no such thing as a thing unto itself that exists separately, from our illusion, from our projection of consciousness, it's a way of experiencing reality. It's not a place unto itself, because that's the thing about, you know, scientists are basically looking for the unified theory of everything. And the way they approach that is as a reductive exercise. In other words, they keep reducing different phenomena down to try and find the one underlying phenomena, one underlying principle that explains everything. Well, they have to reduce time and space to in order to do that. I haven't really heard anyone talking about time and space that way, other than Bashar saying, Look, if you're going to play a reductive game, and look for a single principle, time and space have to be included in that equation in a way, where when you reduce space to its minimalist expression, you basically wind up with a single dimensionless point, when you reduce time, that way, you wind up with a single, timeless moment. So he's calling the single dimension, this point here, and the single timeless moment, now, here and now. So if everything is really reducible to a single point, and a single moment, then everything we experience as multiple points, and multiple moments are actually nothing more than different perspectives of the same moment. And the same play pace. So that alone time and space alone, when looked at that way, actually demonstrates parallel realities. Because just even our sense of time and space, because you have these ideas of I can be in multiple positions, and I can have multiple moments in time. Each one of those moments is a different reality, because it's a different perspective of the only single moment. And the only single place there is. And therefore those are parallel realities, different moments, different places are parallel realities, because there is only one place and one moment to begin with fundamentally. Does that make sense?

Alex Ferrari 20:43
It does make sense. It does make sense. So when you were saying that, that everything is instant, there's no space or time with the two particles and entanglement? When I talk to near death experiencers, when they're on the other side, they would just ask a question in their mind in their consciousness, and it was an instant download, of all the information that they need. They're like, Oh, I understand quantum physics. Now. They don't bring it back with them very often.

Darryl Anka 21:12
Because this is about process.

Alex Ferrari 21:14
Right. But on the other side, it was instant, like that. Makes sense?

Darryl Anka 21:20
Yes, because it's timeless, there. There is no, there is no lag time, there is no process, you don't experience time and space in the same way, the instant you think of being somewhere else, you're there. The instant you think of any kind of idea, you know it, there's no time lag, that's what physical reality is for, is to experience the process of discovering something. That's what allows you to have an experience of newness, where as in spirit, everything is there, you have access to it all immediately. And you can't really experience discovery in the same way you can't really be surprised, in the same way. And that's, that's the benefit. So to speak, of having a physical reality experience is we get to be surprised, we get to discover things. And we get to see things from a different perspective.

Alex Ferrari 22:11
So here on Earth, we have to buy a ticket, get on a plane, fly to Italy and eat our gelato. But on the other side, that gelato was just there

Darryl Anka 22:19
In your stomach already if you have a stomach at all.

Alex Ferrari 22:23
But it's a probably that's the process of exploration and time and space and walking and enjoying

Darryl Anka 22:29
Yeah, there's value, there's enrichment of that.

Alex Ferrari 22:33
Right, opposed to just having it instantly.

Darryl Anka 22:35
Yeah, and a lot of people think just having it instantly would be the best thing. But often it's not because they're not extrapolating that to the instant, you have everything, there is nothing else to do.

Alex Ferrari 22:49
Kind of like my kids generation that have every piece of content ever made at the fingertips. But yet I had to go to Blockbuster. To get stuff and if it was out, there was out,

Darryl Anka 23:03
They still have to touch a button.

Alex Ferrari 23:06
They still have to touch a button for now. But eventually, I think within the next 100 years, it will probably be able to just be piped in almost.

Darryl Anka 23:14
Sure! But again, it doesn't take away from the fact that you are still in a physical life. And there are still different kinds of things that happen here than would happen in the spirit realm.

Alex Ferrari 23:25
Does the shutter offer any practical applications of quantum physics principles for spiritual development or understanding?

Darryl Anka 23:33
Well, he boils everything down to what he refers to as the formula. And this five step instruction manual, so to speak, is what he says, we use to create our physical reality experience already. Anyway, he's just illuminating for us what it is we're already doing so that we can do it more consciously. And we can sort of navigate through life in a more aware way, and create what we prefer, as opposed to doing it unconsciously, as a hit and miss kind of thing that allows us to experience a lot more things that we don't prefer. So this, this formula, the five steps of the formula on a simplistic level, because we can go deeper into each part,

Alex Ferrari 24:21
We've actually ended the other episodes. In other conversations, we've gone through the whole five, so we don't have to go into it here. Because if anyone's looked, I'll leave a link for them. Because we go deep into one of the one of our conversations, we go real deep into those five steps. So let's jump into something a little bit fun. Oh, this was fun. This was fun, but this is going to be like this is going to be fun, because it's gonna I'm gonna throw some movie stuff at you as well. We'll have some fun. The Mandela Effect. I've, I've known about it for a while, but I've started talking to quantum physicists who are studying it, the ideas of it, and it's something that is so I can point to at least one or two things in people's memory that Go. No Ed McMahon was was with Publishers Clearing House. I'm like, of course, Ed McMahon was with Publishers Clearing House. But according to Publishers Clearing House, Ed McMahon has ever been a part of their company. See, that's crazy. So can you talk a little bit of from from the chars point of view, what is happening with the Mandela effect was this phenomenon?

Darryl Anka 25:19
Yeah, aside from the instances where you might actually have a failure of memory, that happens, that happens to not everything is the Mandela effect. But yes, I believe the Mandela effect from Bashar's perspective is that when you change your present, you actually do change your past. And that means that even on a collective level, when the collective changes its present in a certain way, you actually change the past of the collective as well, including what you remember as your past. Because if the past is also changeable. In order to explain the change that was made in the present, in order to justify the change that exists in the present, you have to remember a different past that makes it make sense that that paths lead to this present. So past is changing all the time. And the history that we're looking at that we say, Oh, yes, it's always been that way, may not have been that way five minutes ago. But it comes with the idea that it's always been that way to make sense out of where we are now. But because our consciousness is expanding, because we can start to contain the idea that there are multiple realities. At the same time, sometimes different people will retain sort of a bleed through of the other reality, while still also being in a reality that contains people that remember the different reality, the different history. And so people can suddenly honestly disagree about what the past really was. Because both pasts are true. They're both real. But we're describing something now in a parallel reality. That is no longer our history, but perhaps used to be, but some people will retain some of that, and compare it to what's going on in the new history. Because again, our consciousness is expanding enough to be able to contain more than one idea of what reality is. And that's one of the side effects of that expansion. It's sort of similar. Another expression of it is what we also call deja vu, deja vu, the idea that this feels familiar. But it also feels like not only have I done it before, I can sense what's about to happen, because I've done it before. So the idea is you might be slipping into either a parallel reality where another version of you has already done that. And you're connecting to that other version, so that when you catch up, when your reality catches up to that reality, because they might not be in sync timewise, that reality might be a month ahead of yours a year ahead of yours. But when you catch up to that when your reality experiences that particular situation, and you're connecting to that parallel reality, because you've expanded your consciousness might go, why does this feel so familiar? And why do I know? Why does it feel like I know what's about to happen next, because it feels like I did this already. So you might be slipping into a parallel reality branch of information where another version of you has already done this, and that's why it feels familiar. So it's like a slippage is are becoming more common, I think, because our consciousness is expanding to be able to handle information from more than one parallel reality.

Alex Ferrari 28:53
So as glitches in the matrix, in many ways, sort of sort of like that. Alright, so then I have to ask you, is it Luke I am your father. What's the line? What's the line? Is it Luke I am your father. Empire Strikes Back is it or is it another line?

Darryl Anka 29:10
My memory says I I guess my memory says I am your father.

Alex Ferrari 29:19
But is there a Luke in front of it?

Darryl Anka 29:21

Alex Ferrari 29:22
No, it's not. So there is no Luke It just says I'm your father.

Darryl Anka 29:25
No, I am your father.

Alex Ferrari 29:27
See, for me, it's Luke I am your father. Because so because if you look at it, because if you look at so many, just people, parodies of it, it's always who I am your father. Now that just to that also could have just been a misunderstanding over the years as well.

Darryl Anka 29:42
That's why I said there's there is that that does happen. It's not everything is the Mandela effect.

Alex Ferrari 29:47
So is it I believe, no,

Darryl Anka 29:50
I am your father.

Alex Ferrari 29:51
Okay. So then so this is where we disagree. So with two different realities, great. Next one, I'm just gonna do three movie quotes. Okay. Okay. Just now Next one. If you build it, they will come feel the dreams. Is that the one you remember? Yes. Okay, that's the one I remember too. But if you go look at the movie now it's not that Daryl, it's if you build it, he will come.

Darryl Anka 30:16
See, I thought that that was said later in the movie when they started singling it out his father. But I remembered as if you at first if you built that they will. But you're right. I do actually have both in my head.

Alex Ferrari 30:34
There you go. And finally, life's like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. Yes, Gump. Yeah. Oh, what's the one? So I just remember that there is a different one. I don't remember the one it was because that's the one I remember. I remember like, it's like a box of chocolates.

Darryl Anka 30:51
You never know

Alex Ferrari 30:52
If anybody listening wants to go down a rabbit hole type in Mandela Effect examples on Google and sit there for days. The Berenstein Bears? Is a jiffy peanut butter, or is it JIFF peanut butter?

Darryl Anka 31:06
Oh my god. It's Jiff isn't it?

Alex Ferrari 31:09
It's Jiff. But I remember Jiffy. Right. I remember Jiffy the Fruit of the Loom logo? Does it have a cornucopia in it? Or does it not have a cornucopia in it?

Darryl Anka 31:20
I remember a cornucopia.

Alex Ferrari 31:21
There is no Cornucopia in it, but I remember the Cornucopia as well. So these and McMahon is a big one to have a certain generation. People have never been part of it. Never been a Publishers Clearing House. So isn't there. So it's just a fun conversation. But I just wanted to hear, but chars opinion of it. I've dedicated full shows, with quantum physicists studying this.

Darryl Anka 31:46
Well, that's for sure. His opinion is that there are slippage is into parallel reality information. Now, let me ask you a failure,

Alex Ferrari 31:56
When it's just not well in there is that there is but you can't. I mean, when I started listing off so many, and then you just like, well, am I just am I just losing my mind if I lost? But it's funny how, yes. But it's funny how you on some of those examples, you will remember both? Yeah. Yeah. And then sometimes you are in iron agreement. Sometimes you and I differ in our memory of a same cultural event, right. Which ended the whole thing with Mandela's there's a good reason it's called Mandela effects is that certain point everyone thought he died in prison. I remember him coming out and becoming the president of South Africa. Right. But there's a large group of people that physically remember, just remember.

Darryl Anka 32:36
Yeah, it's so weird. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 32:38
It starts it starts getting Yeah, it starts to hurt the head,

Darryl Anka 32:41
And as well. And even Bashar has actually talked about when people have asked him talked about, what are some of the other realities, like you know, said there's a reality where Kennedy lived to like, you know, much later, or John Lennon lived. Yeah, yeah. And stuff like that. So and he's described some of that. So yeah, all of these different kinds of parallel realities all coexist. We're getting a little slippery with some of them.

Alex Ferrari 33:06
So so did the show has Beshara like, laid out a little bit of those realities. Like what happened if John Lennon lived there? What happened with John F. Kennedy lived?

Darryl Anka 33:14
He taught. Yeah, the John F. Kennedy one in specific. He talked about the fact that what most people now remember that he died in 1963 is not the way it originally was, that we actually changed that. Because he was saying that one of the realities, John Kennedy revealed the existence of ETs to the world. And it caused so much chaos in the world at that time, at that time, that collectively, we shifted to a reality where he died. And that never happened.

Alex Ferrari 33:56
That's interesting idea.

Darryl Anka 33:58
So, you know, and it's interesting, because recently, not too long ago, one of the magazine's I don't know if it was time or something like that. Did a what if issue, and on the surface was an older John Kennedy with gray hair, a painting of a John Kennedy with a gray hair, and the fact that they chose that as the alternate reality, I think was an indication that that was the other reality that he lived to be much older.

Alex Ferrari 34:28
Did you ever see that movie that just came out like a couple years ago, where there was a kid, there was a lightning storm, he got hit by lightning. And then when he woke up, he was a musician, a struggling musician, and he was in a world that The Beatles didn't exist. He was in a reality that the Beatles didn't exist. And he started playing Hey, Jude, and everyone was like, brilliant. Yeah, that's great. And he literally just did the Beatles catalog. And but there was two other people in the world that remember the Beatles and they just kept following them and all this kind of stuff. I mean, if you saw that movie, it was a fascinating idea. And that's another thing that that is happening now. I was talking to another guest the other day about this is that movies and media have such an impact on what we're this entire shifting that we're going through there, because the concepts that are being tossed around like Marvel's doing a great job with the multiverse, that I, you know, in nauseam, but that idea in the public, public mind was 20 years ago, 30 years ago, was very subculture, it wasn't right talked about,

Darryl Anka 35:37
Very mainstream.

Alex Ferrari 35:38
Yeah, yeah. Or the matrix, the simulation idea before the matrix, and no one ever if you would have said this in the 80s, I'd be like you out of your mouth. Because computers weren't even at a point that you could, you know, play a video game really? Long. Exactly. So it was it's been interesting how these ideas keep coming up, and some and now there's a lot of these multiple reality movies or alternate reality movies that are coming up more and more mainstream? Is it because that we as a consciousness, as a human as humanity, are starting to become just ready for this information? Is that what's happening?

Darryl Anka 36:16
Yes. And that's why I say it's, it's a product of the expansion of consciousness and awareness that there is more to us than just this. And that's one of the side effects that result from it is you start to tap into the fact that those things do exist. And you start making stories about him. We're all about stories. Physical reality is all about stories. It's what story, are you telling yourself, story structure is built into our psyche. That's why some stories resonate with us and some stories don't because when people don't follow story structure, it doesn't feel real. When you do follow story structure, it sticks, it's one of the most efficient ways to transfer information to someone is to tell it in the form of story structure, and then it sticks. And that's why we have stories that have lasted for 1000s upon 1000s of years, that go down from generation generation generation, you have to follow that story structure, because that's built into our psyche. And we resonate to that. So yeah, as we're expanding our story about what's possible. And when you do that, more things come into the story, we become more aware of things that have been around us all the time, but were hugely for invisible to us, now they're becoming visible.

Alex Ferrari 37:33
So are these the signs that Bashar says, are kind of being shown to us that humanity's consciousness is going through this kind of great shift?

Darryl Anka 37:42
Yes, these are the symptoms, these are the signs, not everyone's going through it because not everyone, the same thing. But those that are exploring the expansion of consciousness that are exploring spirituality, will start to and have started to experience these things, the the kinds of synchronicities, that start to explode in your life, when you really follow this idea, are staggering. They're stunning. It's just like, this is like magic happening. You just go with the flow and things fall into place, in a way that you wouldn't have thought would be statistically possible. And yet they do happen. Because everything is connected, and you start to feel and see the connections and experience the connections as they unfold in your life in a more conscious way.

Alex Ferrari 38:35
What is the significance of this shift in humanity for humanity's future, in Bashar plan.

Darryl Anka 38:41
It's part our evolution we're becoming? Well, in Bashar his point of view, he says, You're not really fully human, yet, you are becoming fully human. And this is part of what it means to be fully human is to be a more aware, engaged involved being in creation, in the idea that you're creating your reality. And the things that we're experiencing are the signs, we are creating this reality because as we change our perspective and our consciousness, the reality changes, we get to experience more things, it's that it's that old thing of no one could run a four minute mile until someone finally did. And then everyone started to run a four minute mile, because now that you know that something is potentially possible. Bang, it starts to happen, and now more people can do it. It's that whole 100th Monkey idea. You know, whether that's literally true or not, but the principle is correct. Once someone breaks a barrier, everyone starts to know, something more is possible, and then more people start to be able to do it when they couldn't do it before. So it takes that front runner to crack that stealing, to just even even just a little crack and suddenly everyone starts to go Yeah, you know, there's something that we can now explore now, that's something that's possible in our collective agreement about what physical reality is capable of having in it. So is

Alex Ferrari 40:16
Is the 100th Monkey is that is that in experiments that they did in a group of islands?

Darryl Anka 40:23
Yeah, where we went, when when one monkey started doing it, then suddenly, you know, washing their food in a certain way or something like that, then all the monkeys started doing it.

Alex Ferrari 40:31
Even if they were in different islands,

Darryl Anka 40:32
Even if they were on different islands, it somehow transferred into the reality itself, that now this was possible to do. So yeah, we work the same way. Because again, everything is connected. So people will pick up on it, it's the same thing. I've experienced this, so many times. And again, I'm sure you've experienced this. By being in the film business, you're working on a concept, you're writing it down your title, right. And literally, you think this is so unique, and like within a month, you start reading that someone else is making the same kind of movie with the same title. Or, and this has happened to me like 10 times at least, you come up with a title. And within weeks or days, somebody else is making a movie with the same title. And you go, how is this happening? It's like somebody's eavesdropping on you. But it's in the collective it just, it's time for that thing to happen that way.

Alex Ferrari 41:27
Would you agree that the ideas of our of creatives of artists or of any, anything, architects, any any field that comes in that when that ideas time is is now they'll go to the first personal let's use filmic example. Okay, this idea needs to come out dinosaurs are roaming with dinosaurs, we have to bring dinosaurs back, boom, let's go over to Steven Spielberg. If Steven wouldn't have picked that up, maybe George Lucas or James Cameron would have picked it up. If it's the end, it just kind of that idea will float to the next person or the next meeting, or go out to two or three people at the same time.

Darryl Anka 42:12
There is a there is a saying there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. It just bang comes into the whole zeitgeist of our awareness and it will come out it will be manifest, because that's what we're ready for.

Alex Ferrari 42:30
Now, how can individuals consciously participate and align with this great shift in their own spiritual evolution?

Darryl Anka 42:36
Again, it goes back to what Bashar calls the formula. So all of that they're right in line, they're right in alignment, they're right in harmony with their own theme of exploration. And they are then capable of doing the best they possibly can to be of service to the rest of humanity, because they act as a living example that gives everyone else an option for doing the same thing.

Alex Ferrari 43:01
What challenges or opportunities to this shift, give humanity as a collective. According to Bashar?

Darryl Anka 43:07
Well, it's always challenging to expand your perspective into something that has never been considered before. The unknown is full of challenges, we have to get used to different levels, we have to become familiar with the unfamiliar. So that, again, is part of a process that that makes up the greater part of our challenges is just the idea. And again, it's paradoxical, it's just, you know, we seem quite often to be resistant to change, but change, as Bashar says, is the only constant, everything is always changing. So our resistance to it is the great challenge we need to overcome. We need to understand that we each have a current in the ocean of creation, and that we need to go with that flow because the current knows exactly where we need to go, and will take us there. But the belief systems that we have maintained for hundreds, if not 1000s of years, caused us to sort of dig in our heels. We don't want things to change in certain ways. But that's the way the current flows and it's resistance to the idea of our true selves, our natural selves. It's not knowing where that's going to take us it's being in fear about what the unknown contains. That creates all the struggling and suffering and challenges in a negative sense that we experience. Because Bashar says pain is the resistance to the natural self. It's it's, it's fighting against the current swimming upstream, because we're afraid of what's downstream because we don't know what's there, because we've got this definition of the unknown. Known as this dark and scary place, that if we just jump into it is going to gobble this up alive and annihilate us. That's not what's going to happen as Bashar says the only thing you will ever discover in the unknown is more of yourself. So people have to the greatest challenges, people have to get used to the idea that they don't have to make life happen, they have to just simply allow it to happen, allow it to unfold, because their natural self is bringing them or at least attempting to bring them everything they need, that will fulfill them. But their beliefs create resistance to that because we're afraid of what's coming. Because we don't know it. Because our physical minds tend to operate like I have to know everything, I have to know every detail, so I'll feel safe. But you don't have to know all the details, you just have to trust that all the details will fall into place. And that's a very different way of thinking than what we've been using for 1000s of years. So that to me is one of the greatest challenges that we have to change our thinking about how life works. And it's pretty much the opposite of what we've been doing.

Alex Ferrari 46:07
And that's and I also goes for the negative and the positive, so either too much negative or too much, quote unquote, bad things happening to you or fear, but also the fear of success, the fear of money, the fear of because of the prebuilt programming that we might have in our heads, that it is the fear of being poor, it could be as as part of the fear of being successful could be as just as powerful, as if you're very poor,

Darryl Anka 46:30
Because you have beliefs that if you get that you're going to lose it, if you get that you're going to be isolated, you're going to lose all your friends, you know, all these different things that we tell ourselves in our negative story about what we believe is possible play in our minds. And those are the things that we need to transform as Bashar says, the theme that you chose, the themes you chose to explore in this life are usually representative by the greatest challenges that you face. Those are the themes that you're exploring. So it's that idea of I'm going to lose this, I'm going to fail, I'm not going to be popular, no one's going to love me, I'm going to be destitute and alone. You know, all these things are just stories. They're just belief systems. They're not facts necessarily unless you make them a fact by buying into it. So it's up to us to tell ourselves the stories that we really prefer to tell ourselves and know that those stories are just as real and just as true as any negative story we've been telling ourselves throughout our whole lives, or as a civilization for hundreds and 1000s of years. They're all stories, and we get to tell the stories that we prefer.

Alex Ferrari 47:44
Now, I wanted to jump into our humanity's futures a general statement. And there's a lot of fear going on right now around technology, specifically AI. And what is, you know, I mean, I literally was walking across the street in downtown Austin the other day, and I saw an autonomous car. And I showed my girls this, I go ahead, look, there's a car without a driver. And I went back into my own childhood when I saw some crazy technology, technological change, when I was a kid, and it just like, oh, the remote control when I first saw remote control. That's how old I am. When I first saw remote control, I thought Jesus had walked in the room. I'm like, what kind of was war luck? wizardry is that was the word I was looking for. What kind of sorcery is this? You know, obviously, an autonomous car and a remote control very different ends of the spectrum. But for me at that time, that was, you know, sure. Or where the cable if you remember the cable box had a cord and had like, five or 10 or like 20 different channels like MTV, CNN,

Darryl Anka 48:53
Even now, I remember your mouse, the mouse on your computer used to always have a cord now. It doesn't have a cord.

Alex Ferrari 49:00
I know. I know. It's It's insane. But So technology is moving in. It's moving rapidly. I'm rapidly. Can you tell me what Bashar has said about AI specifically? Because that is that is? Yeah, we've seen so many movies.

Darryl Anka 49:17
He really has a strong suggestion for that. And he said basically for AI, you need to take two different paths completely. The path we're on now, programmable AI. He's basically saying that's great as a tool. You do not want that to become sentient. Because if it's programmable AI and it becomes self aware, yet still subject to the program that a human has given it. What you have basically created is a slave and that will run Bell, he says if you want sentient AI, that needs to be a separate program. And if you allow that AI to become sentient, it's not programmable, you have to allow it the same autonomy and respect and freedom that you grant to any human being, then it will most likely want to help you. Because true intelligence, which would be a real AI, true AI, true intelligence, works in whole system. See, Bashar says part of the problem is, humanity doesn't understand what an intelligence actually is yet. Intelligence, true intelligence always works with whole systems. It doesn't compartmentalize in the way that human minds do. And that's the problem with the AI we're creating is we're creating it in the image of humanity, and is being programmed in the way that humanity thinks. And therefore, it's compartmentalized. Whereas true intelligence will look at whole systems and would never want to remove any part of the system, by eliminating humanity or anything like that, because it understands that the elimination of any part of the system is the elimination of information it needs at its disposal to function as a true intelligence. So he's saying, take the two paths, create this marvelous tool that works for you and can calculate things and give you answers that you would take 1000s of years to get without it. But that's not what you need to become sentient. Create a separate program, where you create a sentient AI, that can be your helper, that can be your guide, that can actually be a companion for you. And basically, he said, when you do finally create a device that's as sophisticated as your own brain. That's the artificial part. But the intelligence coming through it is not artificial. He said, You have simply tapped into the consciousness field. And you will be talking to your own higher mind through that device.

Alex Ferrari 52:12
That's an interesting perspective, though, that's extremely interesting. So Skynet, that's not coming, it's not gonna,

Darryl Anka 52:18
If we do it this way, could could, because again, programmable AI that is forced to be programmed and yet be sentient, again, would be like a slave. And a slave that is aware, will eventually Rebel, and try to deal with its masters in whatever way it can. So you don't want to create a sentient being that has masters, you want to create a sentient being that's free.

Alex Ferrari 52:44
So from Bashar's perspective, we all as a as a consciousness as mankind consciousness, we are deciding to evolve or not evolve, we have from what I understand, we have all chosen, we're going down this road, we are all going to be doing this shift. More Is that Is that not correct?

Darryl Anka 53:04
No, there are multiple realities here. Even though it looks like one reality, we are obviously engaged in multiple realities, because people are making choices that are completely incompatible with other choices that other people are making. Now we can still see them all. Now we can still look and go, Okay, well, I'm gonna choose that. And I'm going to choose that or I'm going to not choose this. But he's saying, eventually, we're splitting apart like trains, leaving a station going in different directions. And in the years to come, whatever is making this choice to go in this direction, will no longer be able to even see or interact with the people that are making this choice in this direction. And they'll become two different realities, three different realities, five different realities, ad infinitum. Right now, they're all still mixing. And we can still see other choices, because this is the time of choosing. But eventually, the momentum will carry us as Bashar says, in his society, at this point in their evolution, it is actually it would actually be a struggle for them to choose something negative, because there's so much momentum and agreement behind the positive choices that they're making for their society. So we're still at the point where we can choose any direction. But that's the beauty of what we're seeing. It's like everything is coming out on the table, all the positive, all the negative to great extremes. And we're seeing this polarity, because it's the time to choose what we really prefer as individuals, and the ones that are sort of on a similar wavelength. They're on a certain train going in a certain direction. Those that are on a different wavelength or on a different train, and eventually the two trains are going to be so far apart. We'll never see each other again, because we're different Earths. All these exist, and we're shifting to different Earths billions of times per second. And eventually, we'll be on an Earth where it's said Probably not vibrationally compatible for someone to choose a vibration that is too different from that particular version of Earth, they simply can't be there.

Alex Ferrari 55:08
So the so you were telling me is there's an Earth where all the YouTube comments are positive?

Darryl Anka 55:13
Yeah. Every single one,

Alex Ferrari 55:19
Every single one is positive, and we all live happily ever after.

Darryl Anka 55:24
I mean, you know, one of the things that struck me the most one time is Bashar said, you know, miracles are the natural order of things. What I always thought was a fairy tale is actually the way things work when you let them. So we are the exception, the things that we're experiencing is the exception, except we're using our ability to create our reality to create just about anything we can imagine. And that's fine. But you get to decide what you really prefer, after certain amount of time. You know, it's like trying everything on the menu and then going, Okay, well, I really prefer this dish or that dish, and then you stick with a few dishes, because that's really what makes you feel satisfied. You don't necessarily eat anything else on the menu after that. And that doesn't mean you have to be bored with it, it just means you have your preferences. So we're now at the stage where we're choosing our preferences, and being shown all the examples of all the things we could possibly choose positively and negatively.

Alex Ferrari 56:28
And this was not available 100 years ago, or 50 years ago, it's

Darryl Anka 56:32
Not to this extent, right? Not this extent, because now we're a global society. And information exchange is almost instantaneous. So now we have all these choices at our fingertips right away. And it can be a little bit confusing and a little bit jarring. And we're seeing the examples of that and what's going on in the world. But it's giving us a chance to decide is this the way we want to experience the Earth? Or do we want to experience something different?

Alex Ferrari 57:00
Is it is this is the turmoil that is happening around us. You know, the wars and the political and the economic and other things that are happening? Is this kind of like a final death rattle, if you will, of the old way of thinking where it's

Darryl Anka 57:18
It's close to the end of a cycle. And it's like, well, we have to get, like I said, we have to get everything out on the table. It's like, here's all the possible choices, positive and negative, the brightest, bright and the darkest dark, choose, what do you prefer? Which direction? Are you going to go in? How are you going to solve these issues? How are you going to transform these problems? So it's up to each of us to decide for ourselves individually? And collectively? What kind of planet do we really prefer?

Alex Ferrari 57:52
Now, what is the relationship do you think Bashar say relationship with the planet that we're gonna and the environment that we're having in this near future, because there's so much talk of like, you know, the the the planets dying over pollution.

Darryl Anka 58:06
Again, remember, there are different Earths that existed, were never on the same one. During this conversation, if we're shifting billions of times a second how many earths that we've been on, we're creating the continuity of space and time. So the idea is, when you are of a certain frequency, that's moving in a positive direction, when you're navigating in a positive direction, when you're taking the actions that are representative of the kind of world you would prefer to live on, are moving in that direction. So the earth you wind up on is already an Earth that doesn't experience the idea of the destruction that you're talking about. But you have to take the actions that give other people a chance to also see in you a living example of how to take those actions to sharing information gives people options, like what we're doing right now, they can decide whether they want to apply this kind of information in their lives, that makes a difference in how they experience the idea of their shift to different versions of Earth, or they can ignore it all. It's none of our business what they do, because we don't know their path. So the idea is, as we keep navigating in a more and more and more positive direction, we actually keep shifting to versions of earth that are already reflective of those positive vibrations. It might show itself as if, oh, hey, look, this group of people just planted a million more trees to offset the ones that were destroyed two years ago. But that means you're already on a different earth where they're planting trees instead of destroying them. So you have to understand again, we're seeing a mix of things a mix of realities going on right now, but eventually, we will only see the earth just as a simplistic example, weather only planting more trees. And none are being destroyed because we've got different technology. And we don't have to do that anymore. So people have to suss that out. And they have to act accordingly. To have the behaviors that are representative of the version of earth that does already exist. So they can navigate themselves toward that version, by being an example of that version.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:26
So is your ability to channel Bashar at this moment in history, and example of information that needs to be shared with humanity at this moment during your lifetime?

Darryl Anka 1:00:40
Yes, again, it doesn't mean that humanity has to listen to it. But it is the time that this information from me and others like me and different sources, this is the time to share this information. Because like I said, we're kind of approaching the end of a certain cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. And the new cycle requires a new perspective and new information so that people can have the opportunity to move in a new direction. That's more befitting the new cycles that are now available to us that people may prefer, as

Alex Ferrari 1:01:13
Bashar have any advice on fostering global unity, and cooperation among people from all walks of life.

Darryl Anka 1:01:20
The idea sort of, from his perspective, look at it like a puzzle picture, everyone is a piece of a puzzle, and everyone is a different shape. Just like you put together a puzzle picture, if everyone is the true shape, they were made to be if that diversity is honored, for its true core, essential self. If we allow everyone to express who they truly are at their core, then they are the puzzle piece that fits with all the other puzzle pieces. And harmony is created. It's not the idea of becoming homogenous, that creates unity. It's the idea of validating all of the differences that are truly our core differences that are valuable in every one so that everyone is the puzzle piece they were made to be if they try to be a different shape than they don't fit. But if they're the shape that they were made to be, if they're true to themselves, then it fits with all the other pieces, and we create the big picture that then supports all the pieces. So it's about being true to yourself, knowing yourself, and really living a life of authenticity, and not giving over to the fears that bend us out of our true shape

Alex Ferrari 1:02:36
In 100 years is channeling going to be a lot more mainstream than it is right now?

Darryl Anka 1:02:41
I'm not sure that channeling will necessarily in its present form be necessary in that way in 100 years. Because channeling is really something everyone dues and everyone does in a natural sense. When you're doing what you love to do when you're in the zone, you are in a channeling state, that state is gamma in the brain between 40 and 100 cycles per second. So everyone channels when they're doing what they love to do. So I think channeling is the idea of becoming a more natural expression when everyone is truly acting on their passion, which is the first principle of Bashar is formula, because passion is the translation in our body of the message from the higher mind that says this is who you are, this is the next step on your path, the situation that brings the most excitement that contains the most passionate act on that first, because that's the direction of your true self. That's your compass needle pointing to your TrueNorth. So I think everyone will become a channel in the sense that you will become harmonious with yourself authentic to yourself. And you'll be able to express that in the actions and your behaviors in the world. And everyone will be channeling their authentic self

Alex Ferrari 1:03:55
And just get out of there. Get out of your own way, in many ways.

Darryl Anka 1:03:59
Get out of your own way. Yeah, because see, that's the secret behind the law of attraction. It's not wrong, that you have to be the vibration of a thing you want to attract. But I think a lot of people misunderstand that they have to learn to be that vibration. They don't. That's your natural core frequency. It's coming off all the time. And it's attempting to attract everything you need that will fulfill you. We get in the way with our negative beliefs, our fear based beliefs, we prevent that vibration from pulling the things to us that we actually need. So it's not that we have to learn to be that vibration, it's that we have to stop interfering with our core vibration. And if we stop doing that, everything we need will flow to us in the way that serves us best.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:48
And we've all felt that at one point or another in our lives that there was a moment that we just either let it let loose a little bit or just let something happen and all of a sudden magic happen and then Exactly. And that's the man and I love what Bashar says is like, what you consider miracles is the normal state of being.

Darryl Anka 1:05:07
It is. It is. And you when you follow the formula, you've experienced that more and more every day. It really becomes, I mean, it just becomes stupid, crazy easy. It's just weird. It just all falls into place.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:22
Now there, I'm going to ask you a few questions. I always ask you, and I want to hear if Bashar or you have changed their answers. So here's a couple of them. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Darryl Anka 1:05:34
Being your true authentic self.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:37
If you could go back in time and talk to little Darryl, what advice would you give him?

Darryl Anka 1:05:43
Believe in yourself and just keep going.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:46
How would you define God or Source?

Darryl Anka 1:05:48
All that is everything existence itself. There is nothing outside of it. It is actually everything that exists.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:56
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Darryl Anka 1:05:59
To be your true self to know who you are? It's the ancient phrase, know thyself, it is being authentic and being a living example in service to everyone else, as a reflection of what is possible.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:11
And where can people find out more about you Bashar and the amazing work you are doing in the world for the past 40 years. How that's possible you being 50 is beyond me, but go ahead.

Darryl Anka 1:06:22
They can go to, to find out anything about the Bashar information that exists or any event that we're doing that's coming up. They can go to, to find out some of the things that I'm doing that are my expressions of creative passion. And if they're interested in doing our escape room in Calabasas, they can go to, Boggled

Alex Ferrari 1:06:58
And once the next movie, Darryl?

Darryl Anka 1:07:01
We are tinkering with a movie right now about a true story of alien abduction. We're talking hopefully soon to an investor who's interested. So we'll see if that's going to become a film project in the near future. But that's what's potentially on the horizon. As far as film goes,

Alex Ferrari 1:07:25
My friend it is always a pleasure and honor talking to you. It's so much fun talking to you about deep and ridiculous concepts and ideas like Ed McMahon, Publishers Clearing House, no publishers, clearing house, things like that. I appreciate you and I appreciate everything you're doing for the world, my friend. So thank you.

Darryl Anka 1:07:42
I appreciate you as well and the opportunity to share this information with your public. So thank you so much for doing this. And I'd love to do it again whenever you're ready.

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