5 CHANNELERS Message to MANKIND: BIG CHANGE IS COMING! Humanity’s CRUCIAL Next Stage is Upon Us!

Join us on a captivating journey into the future of humanity, guided by five renowned channelers: Sheila Gillette, Paul Selig, Sara Landon, Belinda Womack, and Lee Harris. In this profound and eye-opening video, we delve into the insights and predictions shared by these extraordinary minds, exploring the significant changes awaiting us in the years ahead.

Sheila Gillette, a visionary with a profound connection to higher wisdom, begins by discussing the evolution of human consciousness. She shares her insights on how our collective awareness is shifting towards a more empathetic and interconnected society. This transformation, she suggests, will redefine our understanding of community and collaboration.

Next, Paul Selig offers his channeled wisdom on the technological advancements that will shape our future. He paints a picture of a world where technology not only enhances our daily lives but also harmonizes with our spiritual growth, leading to a balance between material progress and inner peace.

Sara Landon then takes us through the future of environmental healing. She channels messages about humanity’s growing stewardship of the Earth, emphasizing the importance of sustainable living and the restoration of our planet’s ecosystems.

Belinda Womack focuses on the changes in global leadership and governance. She predicts a shift towards more compassionate and inclusive political systems, where leaders are guided by wisdom and a genuine desire to serve the greater good.

Finally, Lee Harris channels insights about the future of human relationships and community building. He foresees a world where diversity and inclusivity are celebrated, leading to stronger, more supportive communities.

Throughout this video, each channeler brings their unique perspective, offering a multifaceted view of what lies ahead for humanity. Their messages, though varied, converge on a common theme: a future filled with hope, transformation, and a deeper connection to ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

Don’t miss this enlightening and inspiring exploration of humanity’s potential. Tune in, open your mind, and embrace the possibilities of tomorrow. Subscribe to our channel for more insightful content on spirituality, consciousness, and the future of humanity.

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Sheila Gillette 0:00
You can feel the difference. We all have a barometer in us when we hear the truth.

Paul Selig 0:08
What I hear is going on now is great opportunity. And it's actually sort of necessary. And I mean necessary not that we have to suffer through stuff, but that we have to. We have to change.

Lee Harris 0:21
Stay focused on your mission. Those of you who are here for a mission of love and connection, wonderful, you can grow that in ways you couldn't even possibly imagine.

Belinda Womack 0:31
All egos corrupt their egos. Right, ego is synonymous with your humanity.

Sara Landon 0:38
Experience, manifestation and new levels of creation. You seed all of humanity with greater potentials and possibilities that are available to all.

Alex Ferrari 1:00
What do you believe is the most important message or lesson that humanity needs to learn at this stage in our collective journey?

Lee Harris 1:08
To heal and to love all with equality. And this will not happen in your lifetime. Those of you that are listening to this who are going to have the more traditional earthly lifespan that will not happen and be complete in your lifetime, but it is what is being worked towards in these next few 100 years. And you are here to be a part of that. So even though we say it will not be the end result in your lifetime, for many of you, it should be the only focus. And it will be the only focus, you're doing it in your personal lives. Many of you are doing it in the work that you are doing. And of course, you have despair or sadness when you see anything anti. That mission is showing up in the world. And we understand that we understand the grief and the grief process is important for it helps you let go of and move sadness through you that needs to be released. But what we will tell you is stay focused on your mission. And those of you who are here for a mission of love and connection, wonderful. You can grow that in ways you couldn't even possibly imagine. Right now you might be sitting there feeling a bit disconnected in your life and wishing there was more connection in the world. So we say good, there's your mission, you've seen exactly what it is that you are supposed to lean into. And the more you lean into it over and over and over and over again, you will not only raise your own frequency, but you will be helping to create that energy on the planet. And we will tell you that connection Energy wants to multiply. Humans do love connection. Even if it's not connection with other human beings. They love to feel connected to spirit life, lifeforce purpose, anything that is sentient on the planet. So if you are working on behalf of connection, we are not saying stick your head in the sand and avoid areas in your world that you may need to lend your voice to or bring a certain amount of justice to. But we are saying there are a group of you who are here to amplify connection in a way that it will help to show the shall we say disconnection present in other areas. So we have always said that your political systems are currently quite corrupted, we will say approximately 20% of them on the planet are not as corrupted. There are certain leaders certain areas in the world who are able to hold a certain level of we won't even say high vibration, but we will say more neutral vibration. But there are those of you who can sit there and get obsessed about the despair that you feel about the corruption in those areas. And what you will do is go down into a downward spiral and your attention on that area and only on that area will help to fuel it rather than heal it. Or you can focus on being a demonstration of a high vibration. And then eventually, more and more people start to look at the corruption and the disempowerment foisted on people through your political system. And they start to reject it. And it's only when enough people will reject that power paradigm and dynamic that it will lose its power. And that will happen by the way. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen and you are already in the seeds of that right now. And it will be playing out in quite a strong way over the next five to 10 years on the planet. And so, that is why we encourage those of you who feel you are here to generate and create connection for and within others. It will expose any darkness or low vibration that you yourself feel grief around simply because you will be creating a different energy that will highlight the contrast. Remember most people do not like to be told what to think or what to believe. They like to see it and they like to feel it. That is when people change. You can give someone an ideology and for them it's just an ideology Believe it runs through their body. And if they recognize some thing that is good, and they recognize a benevolent energy in the world, they start to fast sooner recognize when an energy is not benevolent. So this is where that phrase Be the change you wish to see in the world, or be the example you wish to see in the world, is another way of looking at it is so important. And we cannot underestimate the importance of that for many of your listeners, because many of your listeners with the exception of the couple of percent, who are sent to, shall we say, demean your mission. Yes, they are those commenters who like to lob grenades in their comments and in their words and fire their arrows. And that's normal. By the way, don't get too disheartened, any of you who see those kinds of comments. Some of them are wounded people, and some of them are groups who are trying to target what you are doing, so that you do not disrupt the applecart that they have fought to keep control of for so long. But instead, the reason we say all of this is most of your listeners are here to create shifts for themselves and for others in the world. And that is the highest work you can do in terms of your mission.

Alex Ferrari 6:15
How can individuals better connect to their own spirit spirit guides and receive guidance in their daily lives?

Lee Harris 6:21
Well, Lee likes to tell people to channel right for themselves. And so his advice is always sit down with a pen and paper or if you prefer to use technology, use a screen and the keyboard and write what does my higher self want to tell me today? The reason higher self is a good name is it stops you getting too attached to the idea, you have to meet your guide. So you have to meet Jesus or you have to meet God or whoever it is, you think you have to meet to connect to spirit, you all have a higher self, you will have a soul. So some of you may say what does my soul want to tell me today? Choose whatever word feels neutral and accessible to you? And then write the message. So what does my soul want to tell me today? And then take a minute or two to write yourself a message from your soul? And your logical mind goes? Well, I don't know how to do that. And we say absolutely you do? Of course you do. It's just you haven't practiced. You haven't done it yet. And so many of you when you do it and are surprised that you get a message, you will say, Well, how do I know that I'm not making it up? And we'll say, Well, you are, you're involved, you're not being possessed by spirit Lee is not possessed by us right now, he is allowing this to happen, he is contributing to this happening, he is involved. So we say to all of you start writing messages to yourself from your soul On a daily basis, or at least three or four times a week, and you will notice your vibration will change. Because when your soul is allowed to speak to you and shift your vibration, then you start to slowly but surely let your soul back into your human life. And disconnection starts to become less and connection starts to become more, but it is a practice. And it will require for many of you a discipline that some of you will be immediately turned off by when we tell you to do it partly because you think of school and partly because you don't believe that it will work. And we tell you it will if for three or four months, you wrote yourself a message from your soul, at least three times a week, you would notice a big vibrational shift not just in the way you feel. But in your awareness in the world and the way you see the world. And remember, you all say you want change. But actually fear is always in the room when it comes to making changes. So it is actually your fear that will stop you following through. For many of you not for all of you some of you will take our words and run with it and you will have wonderful experiences and it is of no mind to us. Whether you do it or you don't do it. We're simply asking you to notice when you don't, and ask yourself questions, why you're not and we will say because fear of change and fear of connection to spirit is in the room and has been sewn into the room of your life as a human ever since you were a child, even the spiritual among you have to battle it. So if you want to see a major change in your life, ask your soul what it wants to tell you a few times a week, write the answer and see what comes through without too much judgment or control. Just listen to what your soul wants you to hear and many of the times your soul will speak to you in a very loving way that can be quite jarring to many of you because you aren't used to speaking to yourself that way. So it can be quite an emotional process and that is when you know it's working and you're on the right path. Your soul will always calibrate you to love first. That is why those who begin channeling they will sometimes complain they are getting mostly loving messages at the beginning they aren't getting incredible astrophysics information will know you have to start with the right calibration and the right vibration the information will get more used Smile, when you are more used to that vibration of love.

Alex Ferrari 10:03
Now, are there any techniques that people can do to raise their vibrational frequency and connect to their higher selves?

Lee Harris 10:11
Yes, but we would like to point something out here there are all kinds of techniques and you can find them if you go looking for them, but we will tell you that the techniques are all there in childhood, they are connection, they are play, they are dancing, they are singing, they are running around, they are using your body, they are connecting with nature, they are connecting with other beings. So, we are not in any way dismissing some of these more, shall we say, high level techniques, but it is all about what you expose yourself to. So are you exposing yourself to violent television five times a week, what that's going to do to your frequency is it's going to, at some level, put that into your energy field, we're not saying that there isn't room for it. Some of you like watching fights, because it processes old past life energies for you. It's the way that you process it. So we don't want to put a judgemental label on things. But what do you run towards the reason so many of you gravitate towards what you would call personal growth or spiritual work is because you are wanting to drink in more of that you are wanting to raise your vibration. So you expose yourself to frequencies conversations that will put you in that energy more. So what we are really saying is, the techniques are obvious. We don't mean to belittle wonderful techniques, or wonderful programs that people have come up with, they're great. What we're saying is, how connected are you on a daily basis? And have you made a list of the things that you connect to? They're really quite simple. Some of you love cooking, some of you love dancing, some of you love going out in nature, are you practicing those things? Or are you just leaving it up to chance as to when those things cross your path? So if you start actively practicing the things that make you feel connected and lit up, you will see that those are the techniques, connection to life connection to others connection to spirit connection to purpose, the key word here connection.

Alex Ferrari 12:09
Can you share any insights on the concept of the soul's purpose and how individuals can discover and fulfill their unique missions in this life?

Lee Harris 12:18
Well, your unique mission in this life is usually connected to those areas of interest you had when you were younger. We don't mean to pin everything on your childhood here, because we understand for some of you that can be quite tricky. If you had a very what we will say brutal childhood, which some of you had very difficult, distressing childhoods, it can be annoying to hear, but the seeds are there in childhood. And to be fair, yes, your childhood may not have allowed for those seeds to bloom, you may now be in a process of trying to figure out what is it I enjoy, what is it I gravitate to. And as you go through your life, and you evolve as you essentially reincarnate while you're alive in the body as you age, especially those of you who take big leaps spiritually, you will need to redefine the things that you love, you will need to refined the things you love the passions, you have the areas of expertise or prowess if you like. But for most of you, for most of you, when you come in, you come in with a mission that a child has and depending on how that child is allowed to express or progress, the mission will remain intact, or it will get covered up, it will get covered up as you get older. So think back most of you to when you were a child and what used to light you up what used to be passionate for you. And we will say going back to a few of those things in adulthood can connect you to the next level of your mission. You may have loved dance as a child. And there is this feeling that expressing and moving your body is now a bit beyond you, you're a bit too old, you haven't done it for decades, we will say go back to dance, not necessarily because you are going to become the world's dancer for the next 3040 years and you're going to dance every day. Although you might that might be the outcome. But because you're going to reconnect to that part of your energy that at the time understood that dance was the expression. And when you reconnect that back into the body, the body gets to evolve the expression. So some of you will find that dance turns into physical exercise or turns into training your body or turns into gentle Chi Gong movement or tai chi. You see, the body knows what your mission is. It places your focus mentally, emotionally, spiritually toward those things that you magnetize there is a reason a child comes in and suddenly is drawn towards musical instruments. It's because music is part of their mission. And so they are drawn to it and they start working with it immediately. But for those of you who had a tough childhood, or feel a bit disconnected from yourself as a child, we would say write down the lists of things. Things that you feel most joyous about. And if joy is a hard word for you, right now you think, Well, I have not felt joy in a decade, then we say, start with peace.

Sara Landon 15:08
This is the greatest awakening of a species at an expedited rate that has ever occurred, and you wanted to be here for it. You wanted to be part of it, because of your great love for humanity, or the animals, or your beloved earth. You're here because of your great love. You knew this was the Great Awakening, you knew this would be the great transformation of consciousness on earth. You knew that an entire species was going to awaken to the love that they are. And you wanted to witness it, in a physical body, with your incredible human senses. For the joy of it was a magic of it for the power of it. So, yes, you did have a plan. And you living your life to the fullest. Whatever that means for you, is the greatest thing that you could ever do for your beloved human family. You transcending out of separation, fear, lack, limitation, suffering, struggle, into peace, joy, love, harmony, freedom, abundance, well being is the greatest thing that you can do for your beloved human family. As you explore your imagination, and experience, manifestation and new levels of creation, you seed all of humanity with greater potentials and possibilities that are available to all. Does this answer your question?

Alex Ferrari 16:56
It does? It does. Now, how do our past lives affect us in this life?

Sara Landon 17:05
Well, for most of you, you use your stories of your past lives to give your power away in this life, and in this moment will give you an example. Someone said, I had a past life where I was stoned for speaking this truth. So I go to put myself out in the world and share my truth and my messages. But I can't move forward because i What happened in my past life. And we would say there's no difference from what you're calling a past life or younger years in this life. You are a creator within your own creation, you are a powerful creator. You are a multi dimensional being all things are happening now. Get your power back in this moment. And we said to this person out okay. So, go back into that past life. And stand up and say, No, this is not happening. Put down your stones. I am here as pure love. Look into my eyes. As I look into yours. You are pure love. You are divine. This is not happening. Put down your stones. Go home and see yourself standing there in your power. So moved by love by the energy that you feel in every cell of your body. And smile. That That's how powerful you are. Do you understand? I do it.

Alex Ferrari 19:22
This is a question I get all the time. Why would a soul want to reincarnate into an abusive family abusive relationship or have some sort of physical disease or impairment or handicap that will will torture them essentially for their entire lifetime? Why would why would a soul want to do that?

Sara Landon 19:45
Well first we'll tell you you will always cause your own suffering. When you think you know what another souls journey should be you have chosen this life and your journey aligned to your soul is the most important thing here. We have brought forth a understanding of what we refer to as the 11 Spiritual roles of the soul, messenger uplifter wayshower connector, which you very well, our guide, many other things, but one of these roles is the transformer they often choose to come into families where there are patterns or generations of abuse, maybe alcohol, drugs, negativity, physical, sexual, and they awaken into their power and say, no more this stops with me. And in their realization and coming into their power and remembering who they really are, they transform generation generations of negative patterns. And many of you have chosen that. From your highest perspective, you know, you are only love you know, there is only love, and you know the truth of the other. But as often hurt people that hurt people, that is often people that have been hurt themselves that hurt the animals was little consciousness of their impact. For someone who comes in with what you call a tragic situation. For example, not too long ago, in your human experience, having a child who had Down syndrome was something one wanted to avoid. Yet, if you have ever been around a child with Down syndrome, or an adult with Down syndrome, you will likely find one of the happiest, most loving beings you have ever met. And it's clear that nothing has gone wrong. We were recently asked about a child who was diagnosed with a terminal disease. And you can look at that and say, Oh, that's terrible. But the truth of everything is love. The truth of that child is love, the love, it has brought to the world, the love that it is, and you have no idea whether that child choosing to come forth, to support and guide their parents to their own awakening and realization. So they can transcend into pure love. When you look at it from that perspective, if you can just allow yourself into the potentials and the possibilities of how this is happening for you, and is a gift. In that moment, you will open up and receive all that this experience has to offer you. Does that answer your question?

Alex Ferrari 24:13
It does, it does. Now what happens to a soul once it decides that it is done with this life? Literally like we're not dies here, the body here dies, it goes back. I've had a lot of near death experiencers on the show. So I have some idea of what happens, at least from their point of view of what happens on the other side. But I'd love to hear your thoughts of what happens to the soul. Where does it go? How does it hang out at a bar waiting for the next life, what happens on the other side in that sense?

Sara Landon 24:49
Well, first we'd like to talk about the transition process on your planet. We've had many ask us how do you eradicate cancer or other terminal diseases? How do you get rid of all that stuff? And our answer to that is, so long as souls are still contracting with cancer as their way of transitioning out of the physical body, you will always have terminal diseases.

Every single one of you, including your animal species, has the ability to peacefully release the density of the body and transition into non physical without pain, without suffering, without trauma, just your awareness of this begins to change everything we would say it's like a call the human starts to feel. But it's time for the next grand adventure, that it's time to move into higher dimensions of consciousness where the body is not necessary. It begins to feel this and gets even excited about this. They go to their loved ones and say, I've got a grand adventure coming up. I'm going to make my transition. I'm so excited. I love you, I will always be with you. I'm going to change into non physical form. But I'm going to be more with you than I could even be when I was in physical form. And it would be accepted. And it would be celebrated just like birth. In fact, birth is far more like death, and death is far more like birth, you would celebrate it, you would understand because you would not believe in the illusion of separation, the person would begin to feel it even more or the animal until they maybe got to the place where they were somewhat in this world, but very much on the other side already. They might lay down on the ground under their favorite tree and close their eyes. taking deep breaths, feeling a gentle contraction in the body. As the soul gently releases the body into the earth and moves fully into non physical,

Belinda Womack 28:16
The angels encourage all egos to love their egos, right? Ego is synonymous with your humanity. But if you understand that your ego, if you can just imagine that your your brain is the size of a watermelon and your ego is a green garden pea. It's that small stuck in the watermelon. And so when that green garden pea can have the awareness, oh my gosh, I've got this whole watermelon, that really if we expand that is the entire Divine oneness, when the ego doesn't have to be so defended, so self protective, and so self absorbed. Because that's actually what makes it feel lonely and miserable. Because it goes into this place. There's not enough for me. And he goes into this place I have to fight for what I have. I have to there's not enough, right? There's not enough, which is your fear. It's fear. It's everywhere. But the more we take the ego into the feminine brain, which just means the creative brain though the big watermelon around the green pea where the intuition flows and where we have access to spirit and to creator, then, wow, is there abundance there and just so much help in security and the trust that we're never going to run out We're not going to run out so we don't need to fight.

Alex Ferrari 28:21
Right! There's abundance in the world, there's not like the money is not going to run out. The money is endless, you know, energies, that kind of energies, food event, you know, like, and I always use up and using a lot of analogies in this conversation but an apple tree, there's more than, you know, one seed brought you hundreds of apples. And that's just the one tree. Life is about abundance, it's about giving more than we even need, sometimes have access to things. So if you want to go into life with that mentality, it things become easier, I feel.

Belinda Womack 30:38
And if you've let angels help you, and they are forces of law, and they they do incarnate as human beings, sometimes I'm often asked that question they prefer, like when we prefer to stay in the realm of heaven, because they can be of greater service from that vibration, with without having to take on fear, but they certainly understand it. And they help us by they, they just direct that ego and redirect that ego home to soul. And they they help us to even remember, this is one of their favorite things, angels is to help ego to ask, you know, ask, have you asked the universe for what you need? Have you asked whatever your word for God is? Have you asked your own soul for help? Creator, Divine oneness source? Ask for help. Because asking for help actually shifts the vibration of ingo to a place where it's plugged back into that bigger brain that says, oh, yeah, here it comes. Because when you when you put out a prayer or an intention, spirit hears you. And it's on, it's on its way. Ego can distract you. It's like the angels. Here's another analogy. It's like, okay, you've, you've ordered a package from Amazon. And your ego keeps having you move to different houses in different states in different locations. Whereas God got to deliver the package. So if you are grounded in the moment and breathing, and just saying, Okay, thank you. Don't let me get in the way of receiving my package. That really helps. And angels help us to do that.

Alex Ferrari 32:44
Well, then I think we've I think we've tapped into something here, I think you and I should come up with an app that allows us to connect to God and be able to track packages coming to us. I think we'll make millions. Now, when we use talked a lot about fear is there any advice you can give us to help overcome fear in our lives, not the good fear, like there's a tiger in the room gonna kill us. But the other kind of fear of, because that's good fear. The other kind of fear of have what we deal with on a daily basis that kind of made up fear of living in the past or living in the future and not living in the now.

Belinda Womack 33:28
What the angels teach is to use the energy of your crown chakra, you have batteries of spiritual energy that you have access to. They only get they only grow in size as you use the energy. It's like working out with a muscle right, the muscle gets stronger, the more you use it. The chakras belong to your soul. So the more your ego says, I need some of that beautiful violet purple energy. Because I'm in a place of fear, then the stronger than energy is going to the more you're going to experience that that energy in your daily life. So it's very simple. Whether you visualize it or you just hold the intention. You put your head under a violet fire rain shower, or violent energy pick your words, that's going to clear the fear out of your mind immediately and help you to ground. The Crown Chakra is made out of the Root Chakra. Well, that was a sharp whistle. My apology for that. But that root chakra grounds us to the here and now it's the Divine Mother, or divine feminine energy that grounds us to the earth. And the other part of the violet fire of the crown is the will Chakra The throat chakra about communicating finding the truth living in the truth. The truth is, there is no fear, it's illusion we get to experience here. It's like the scary part of the movie. So the more we buy into the fear, the more real it's going to feel that experience. So when you just put yourself in one fire, I like to be in a violent fire river. And let the current flow through. It's made out of energy, or swim in a vital fire ocean or stand under a lot of fire waterfall, but you can't have fear. In your ego brain, you can't have fear. And be focused on the energy of the crown chakra in this in the same moment, because it's love. And love transforms fear. It's what it does. It finds that it finds fear and it changes back into love. And the violent of the crowd was also forgiveness. You know, the angels teach us if you really want to stay out of fear, even though your subconscious, that's what's happening to the whole human collective, is the fear in the subconscious is purging what they call the old male, part of that fear, the patriarchal, old male, of control and judgment, and not enough unworthiness, all that good stuff. It's purging. So if you want to help your own subconscious to purge but not get pulled into the quicksand, just take a few moments, be in that violent fire, surrender your ego to the will of your soul, and forgive even that which you don't even remember, just walk around and say, I like to go back and forth. I surrender, I forgive it all. And those energies, those frequencies of love, are miraculous, which means you know, we have instant vibrational shifts. So we go from a dark movie to very, very quickly.

Alex Ferrari 37:13
Now, there are so many beliefs that we have belief systems, ideas about ourselves that are limiting. Do you have any advice for people how we can, how we can change these limiting beliefs that are not serving us anymore?

Belinda Womack 37:26
The easiest way to change limiting beliefs is first of all, to identify them. Because once you identify the limiting belief, the good news outlets is that says you're ready to let go of it. So when you find it, an easy and fun thing to do is just imagine it's a book. And you take the book and you toss it in the violent fire River, and you send it back to the Central Sun, the Central Sun just means the heart of Divine oneness the heart of the Creator. So where all souls originate from, certainly the 12 Archangels. And that violet fire of our crown, that's why we have it. It just takes that belief, and it turns it to dust. And if that doesn't feel powerful enough, right, like, Well, that was too easy. Another fun thing to do is call on whom I refer to as big blue, but Archangel Michael of the Central Sun. And Archangel Michael's energy is the same as the wheel chakra. So we're bringing in highest truth. And you just call an archangel Michael, and you play Little Star Wars and you have this sapphire blue lightsaber, and you poke it in the belly. And the belief blows up. And it just does it truth is if it sticks in the belief, then there's a past life that you have to forgive. But most of the time, it just turns to dust and that belief is gone. Now we are human beings and we often have multiple copies of the same book with different you know that we tweaked the title of the chapter we put the end in the beginning. And so sometimes we have to call on that. Archangel Michael sword more than once to clear a belief that is deep and all men. Maybe our ancestors had it if our ancestors experienced lack and not enough resources and hardship. It's amazing how we can go wow, you know everything is good, but I'm still afraid of not having enough. And that's because of that belief. That book is stuck all the way down there in the DNA but violet fire and Archangel Michael sword will reach it. Love reaches everything. Doesn't matter how buried it is. It will find it out and transform it.

Alex Ferrari 39:57
Now can you explain to the audience what the Divine experiment is?

Belinda Womack 40:02
The divine experiment. Well, that's why we're here. So schoolroom earth, and the 12 Archangels are not the only ones that refer to Earth this school Burma was designed and developed. So that soul could travel to an experiment and experience where they could experience the opposite in vibration to love. And to see, well, what does that look like? What does that feel like? What happens if I journey into illusion, because all I know is truth and love. And so schoolroom Earth was created with a great deal of protection, by the way, and incredible genius. And the faculty of this school is stellar. So this divine experiment was that we could experience souls could experience the opposite in vibration, of love, which is fear. And so that expresses as opposites, day and night, while we think of as male and female, which the angels say it's not opposite at all, it's all just a mix. But in every male there is a very powerful female that he needs to find. And in every female, there's a powerful male that she needs to find. But those opposites, right, rich, poor, happy, sad, we can experience all of those depths of emotions and thoughts. And we get to experience in this experiment, the duality really, of past and future, when the angels say, what matters is the moment being in the present, because then you can change it. But the good news is, this is, you know, old news now, but the experiment has been successful. And the school would love to transform back into its heavenly garden, so that it's no longer a place to learn about suffering and violence and dark ET's

Alex Ferrari 42:43
Got you all the all the all the boogeyman of the universe, if you will, all the fear and things that we can kind of conjure up in our own minds. Now what, in your opinion, and in the angels opinion, what are the keys to freedom in this life?

Belinda Womack 43:05
So I'm going to bring them in, because they do a better job. And they just want you to know that they're not going to quote lessons from the 12 Archangels. That is, it is in the book. But they want to bring it in, in just how they want to bring it in. So you're beautiful human beings are the keys to freedom and the keys to success. It is simple. It is to return your mind whenever it wanders because it loves to wander, bring it back to love. And if you are thinking thoughts of fear, that are negative, that go to the poor me, I feel victimized, I feel cheated, or I want to be in control of my future. How do I know that I'm going to be safe, that you truly surrender to the care of your soul. And you say hi yourself, if you are real, and if it's true that I have not been abandoned here, then lift me up. So that I know. And so but I trust that freedom is my birthright. Happiness is my birthright. Success is my birthright.

Paul Selig 44:30
The guide said humanity is at a time of reckoning. And a reckoning is a facing of oneself and all of one's creations. And everything that's been created in fear or is rooted in fear, they say is going to have to be re seen or re known or recreated in some higher way. Because we can't continue as we have. They said you know, we're the only I mean the fact that we think that building a bigger bomb is something that's going to keep us safe is is insanity as far as they understand it, but what I hear is going on now is great opportunity. And it's actually sort of necessary. And I mean necessary not that we have to suffer through stuff, but that we have to, we have to change, we can't really go on the way we were. And so the guides talk about this sort of a tidal wave of change. And they talk about us being brought to a high they call like a higher shore than we've been on. But we have to go through this process of releasing the unknown, and who we think we are and how we think we're supposed to, to operate. This is all they say, sort of like the last hurrah of separation. It's the belief that we're separate from our source, but also that is the belief that we're separate from one another, you know, and then we should continue that claim. So a lot of the polarity, I suspect that we're experiencing now is this stuff really coming up to be seen, because I don't think anything gets healed when it's hidden. You know, it has to be brought to the light in order to be reclaimed by the white and we have freewill. So I finally see it as positive. The guides started saying maybe about a year ago, which was surprising to me and, and a bit of a relief. They said, you know, humanity has chosen to collectively we've chosen to move beyond this. So we're going to make it, I don't know that we're going to make it without some serious bumps in the road, we may have to experience the futility of war, to understand that there's no point to it, but it's insanity. That may be what happens. I don't know, they don't give predictions, but they have said, We're gonna make it. And I actually trust them, you know, the last couple of years have totally transformed my life. And I'm grateful for the changes. But, you know, I know it's been it's been tough. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 47:02
I mean, there's been just such a massive shift in the way we look at things the way life has changed. I mean, this this interview, normally, I would have to fly in to see you, you would have to fly into see me for something like this to happen. And the technology was Skype has been around for a long time, but it wasn't normal. And now something like this could happen. Same thing with working remotely. And that was frowned upon before where now? It's demanded, almost like the workforce has finally said, you know, what, I have some power here, I'm gonna decide how I want to work. Yes, that kind of that, that shift. Now, a lot of the things that I mean, most of the problems that we have, and in our life is due to ego, and letting go of, of that Mimimi state, and it seems like it's getting worse with social media and, and you know, all that stuff. Why do you feel that it's so difficult to let go of ego? And do you have any advice on letting go? Another very big question. But do you have any advice?

Paul Selig 48:03
You know, what I wouldn't? I was when I was in my maybe early 30s, and suffering. I heard something in China like 99% Sure, I heard and and challenge because I wrote it down on a piece of paper, because I didn't understand it. But I knew it probably made sense. And what I wrote down was, freedom will come when the throne relinquishes its king, and I thought what the hell does that mean, but it really means who the hell was sitting in the throne and running the show. And the guys I work with, say, you know, the small self, which is the personality structure, where the egoic structure rules a small kingdom, you know, and that's where everything's supposed to be about them and what they think and you know, and the small self, they say, knows itself through history, there's nothing wrong with it. It's an aspect of who we are, but we've really put the cart before the horse. So what the guides teach is actually the reclamation of the true self. And they do that through attunement and energetic attunement. And it's really quite simple, because the attunements they work through are done through language that's sort of encoded with vibration. And they're usually very palpable for people when they work with them. So it's a process of re knowing who we are beyond the idea of who we are. So I can say, Yeah, I'm Paul, I live in Maui. I'm this age, this is the color of my skin. This is my background. This is what my parents did. I can do all that. And that's a way of identifying the self but that's not who I truly am just like it's not anybody truly is. These are ways of knowing the self through sort of cultural agreements. And when we start to move beyond that to claim the guides would say the claim is I know who I am in truth and they say, to know is to realize I realize I know who I am in proof. And they say in truth a lie. I can't be held, to move to that at the cost of the other is the challenge. You see. I still want what I want when I want it. And I'm a curmudgeon, and I get cranky. And you know, I get pissed off and things don't go the way I think they should. But I also have let go of an enormous amount of the ideas of who I'm supposed to be in the world. And this work has forced that, you know, I had a very different outline for my path, and I ended up on and what I've been given is actually much better. And I think part of the reason we hold on so tightly as we don't trust that if we don't get what we want, we're not going to be met. You know, even in the spiritual community, people are saying, I've got to manifest this I've got to get that get get get get get, it's like the universe is a catalog that everybody's supposed to order from. And the problem with that, because it's not untrue, things are available. But people are claiming what they think they're supposed to have. And that's based on some other menu that's inherited. I'm supposed to be beautiful, wealthy, happy all the time, you know, and have a photographer following me around when I take a walk from my Instagram page. I mean, it's like that kind of stuff. And I don't think it's that. So when you kind of go to the place of reception, and allowing trusting whatever you want to call it, God the universe, it doesn't really matter what you call it to be the source of supply, then you start grabbing it everything or stop trying to tell spirit what you need, and how it's supposed to come, which is again, the small cell for the personality structure trying to dictate the rules. When we move to a place of reception, or surrender or allowance, I think that real alchemy begins to happen.

Alex Ferrari 51:53
Isn't it funny, though, if we actually got everything we wanted, what a horror show our lives would be.

Paul Selig 52:00
It's really true. I agree.

Alex Ferrari 52:03
I mean, if I was if I would have gotten what I wanted at 15, or at 20, or 25, I would have I would, it would have been a horror show because it would have destroyed me and and that's but you're right is because it's that small ego that is afraid of letting go afraid of letting the letting go letting God if you will. And I think for me, at least in my world, I've when I've let go, I've things open up and things start showing up that I never even thought in a million years. If you told me a year ago, that I would be sitting here speaking to you. And I said you're absolutely mad because the show didn't exist a year ago. But then, once I decided to go full in then guests started showing up out of the woodwork and amazing conversations and things are starting to happen. And it was all because I let go and also let go of fear, which is my next question. Fear we fear is such a thing that holds us back, not the fear of the Tiger eating you. That's a healthy fear. I'm talking about the fears the baggage that we carry in the advice on how we can break through some of these fears. Because everything we you had a fear coming out I had a fear of doing this show in so many ways. How do you break through these fears?

Paul Selig 53:18
Well, I don't know. Breaking through is the right way to look at it. The guides that I work with talk a lot about fear and they say the action of fear is to claim more fear. So every choice we make in fear gets us more of the same. And just look at the last choice you made in fear and see what a god you probably you'll see, they got you more fear. So a very simple thing is to stop making choice in fear or through fear. And that's different than prudence which is what you're talking about about the tiger eating you it's curtains is healthy. You know, fear is all tigers are evil, you know, that's that's fearful. Don't go to that continent. They haven't Tiger, you know, stay away from the zoo as they have tigers.

Alex Ferrari 54:00
My daughters are terrified of sharks. I'm like, unless they're land sharks and have keys to our house, you're pretty you're pretty good.

Paul Selig 54:08
That's true. It's funny. So um, so that's one thing. The guides say that fear isn't that bright. They say fear is actually fear doesn't transcend because it can't. They say no fear is of God but doesn't know that it is. And that's its problem. So they say nothing can be outside of God, but you can believe you're not and then have that experience. So they talk about the guides I work with talking about this thing they call it the Upper Room, which they say is the next level of consciousness above the one that we operate in sort of a collective field, they talk about it in terms of music, and octave is comprised of notes high and low, you know, and our reality they say is in tone or vibration as music. And they say about lifting to what they call the Upper Room, which they say is the next octave up and Much of what they teach is the transposition of the vibration or the notes of who we are to be sung or played in a higher way. And the interesting thing about the Upper Room is when you begin to feel it there and the guides take people through that, you know, and they say, Well, what are you afraid of, there's nothing to be free or fearful at that level, because it doesn't exist. So the level of fear the vibration of fear lives or expresses, at one level to rise above it is to move beyond it, to understand this. So imagine, here's an easy example. You're living in a basement apartment and your view out the window is through the transom windows, and you get you know, and somebody says, well, here, go try the 20th floor, and the view is going to be different and you go up, and there's this great apartment on the 20th floor. And you don't have the same darkness, you don't have the same shadow, you don't have the same experience. But what most of us do is we get up to the 20th floor and say, oh my god, I left my ex's stuff in the drawer, and oh, my God, there's all those bills down in the basement, I have to run back downstairs, and we go back, and we reclaim what we know, even if it makes us unhappy. So my understanding about, you know, moving through fear is not honoring it. And I don't mean, don't be stupid, don't go walk into traffic. You know, it's not like, I am fearless, I will walk into traffic, it's not like that. It's about stop taking the bait, stop going into an agreement that we should be afraid, you know, fear is a teacher, and it's just not the best teacher you can learn about not picking up the hot frying pan without scorching your hand on it. There are other ways to learn a lesson. So it's what I hear.

Alex Ferrari 56:49
Now, can you talk a little bit about the about karma and the concept of Karma because Karma is a large, large subject matter and has been talked about so many different ways over the over 1000s of years. From, from the guy's perspective, from your perspective, what is

Paul Selig 57:04
Very real, they've said very little, it's an opportunity to learn, it's cause and effect, it's an opportunity to learn it is not punishment, it's opportunity. So you know, we're I hear that we're here to learn, that's part of why we've come and we're going to learn through all of our experiences, every experience is valuable or valid, in terms of learning that karma is really cause and effect. So I understand that if you move to a level of tone or vibration that called the upper room, you can release some of that stuff, because that's very more than the lower dense level, but you're not going to bypass the lessons that you've come to learn. So I think of it simply as opportunity. You know, it's not the opportunity that I said I might not want, it might not be a lesson I want to learn. It's usually not. But that's really it. I don't know that it's much more complicated, but they don't give a system for burning off your karma. You know, I live on Maui. Now I have all these friends that are have Oman, devotees. They're chanting the holy names all day, you know, they were wonderful. And I totally am on board. But it's not what the guides are teaching. I almost sometimes think Well, that would be much nicer. I could sit and air tunnel the end have a wonderful time. But

Alex Ferrari 58:22
That's that's not the work that we need to do. In other words, sometimes

Paul Selig 58:26
No, it's somebody else or somebody else. It may be it may be truthfully, it's just not the system, that the guides I work with. They're teaching, they're talking to the guides I work with, they're talking about reclamation. And so these aspects of ourselves that have been put in darkness or we've denied need to be brought to the right it's really simple because I'd say it this way. Who your dam dams who your dam are what your dam dams, your back, and damming is in fingerpointing, it's actually energetic accord. So who you put in darkness calls you to that darkness, you say you can the guide, so you can't lift the evil man to the upper room because you have made him evil. You've aligned him at that level of consciousness or vibration. So it's a it's a challenging teaching, but it's really, really simple. They also say, what you bless blesses you in return and a blessing isn't a sanctioning. It's not condoning something that you don't like. It's holding the presence of the Divine upon that thing, knowing that thing as within God's so that the action of the Divine can be present upon it. And it's funny when they first started teaching this, it was at the Esalen Institute in California. They sent people out onto the lawn they're like 1020 feet apart, and they have them claiming the body is divine. I know what you are in truth claiming love the divinity of form and you could feel the energy come back to you it was like waves of energy coming back And it's the illustration of what you blessed blesses you wouldn't return if you can claim the divine and form you're actually raised or lifted by that what you bless blesses you in return, but your dam dams your back. Same idea.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:13
So so as the Beatles say, Love is the way Yeah. Many ways.

Paul Selig 1:00:20
Yeah, it is. It is. I mean, love. You know, it can, it feels even in my life, you know, as somebody who's single and complains about it, you know, my idea of love, you know, still is sort of filtered through cultural ideas. And I think true love is not a feeling it's, it's an energy. And it is the energy of source and so to have that experiences is unreal. But it's true love does heal.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:48
When they went to the moon, it changed the the foundational zeitgeist of the humanity. It was, it was a belief that it could never be done. It was impossible, it wasn't a thing. But when that happened, then that opened up a lot of ideas, a lot of thoughts about, well, if we can go to the moon, maybe can we go to Mars? And if we can go to Mars, is there other things out there? And then now all these images coming back from deep space, and the more they find out about space? And the more they keep? They like, oh, wait a minute, I think at the beginning, at the center of every galaxy, there's a black hole. Oh, that was a concept that Rob was talking about the channeled works of Ra was talking about in the 80s. And now, they're just like, yeah, there's, there's really a black hole. And we're seeing that now. And there's multiple Goldilocks planets that we can even perceive from this distance. And it's just, like, given astrophysicist are saying it's a lot. It's a waste of space, if we're the only ones.

Sheila Gillette 1:01:51
Yeah, yeah. You know, people talking about being fearful of aliens, and UFOs. And things, you know, if they're smart enough to get here, they're much smarter than we are. So it's it's just we've, we've just lived in this kind of bubble that now is expanding, I mean, the, the awareness is now expanding because of the experiences people are having. And they want to know more.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:24
But also, that expansion is scary for a lot of people, because now what was rock solid in their minds, is being challenged, and not just being challenged by one or two people, but being challenged by society now. And a lot of these challenges are what's causing all this uprising and like, no, no, wait a minute, no, no, we want to hold back to the old ways or No, that can't believe that. And it's, there's a big, just a big jump of stuff happening all over the place. And people's foundational beliefs are being challenged in a very, very big way. And then they don't know what to do. So again, you can either get angry and fight, or you can be curious, and open yourself up to other ideas. And that's who comes and listens to the show, hopefully.

Sheila Gillette 1:03:14
Yeah, well, that's one of the main messages that Theo gives us has remained curious.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:20
I haven't heard a channeler I haven't met one yet. Nor have I heard of one, maybe you have, that does not say, or does not preach the idea of love, that we are not this physical being these the basic concepts of what Jesus taught, for God's sakes, you know, these basic concepts. I've never heard of one going you need to be more selfish. The key to life, the key to life is the physical indulgence, like I've never that those things don't come through in a public way at least have you ever heard of those kinds of messages coming through a channel? And if they didn't get any publicity out of it?

Sheila Gillette 1:04:04
No, but but I have heard of some conspiratorial stuff in the most recent years coming through that not necessarily don't love each other, not those kinds of messages, but just stuff that just isn't true. And, and that to your point. If the for me, if the messages are coherent, they may have used different words, but the message itself the basics, are there's a coherence to it with the love vibe, let's say right, then I would say believe it because, you know if, if, if there's a message coming through Now I believe it's here for our highest good, I would say, I don't know what the percentage is. But I would say that you can feel the difference. We all have a barometer in us when we hear the truth. And truth can be said to your point earlier, in different words in different ways, but there's a consistency in that truth. And that's what I would look for. With any teacher, or anybody you're you're getting information from, you know, because Theo often says, it would be a really boring life in a boring place, if we only had one book to read. And if we only had one song, or if we only had one movie, you know that, that there are different messengers to come forth creatively. So that we can all understand because somebody that might listen to do and prefer to hear the message from somebody else. That's okay. Different flavors. Yeah, yeah. To my point about it would be really boring to only have one book.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:23
There was a, there's an idea that I know Theo's talked about before, and this is a concept that's been talked about a lot is that we are, we are all one, we are all part of the creator, the source, and that the source has put us out to experience have different experiences, so he can hear it has a better understanding of who it is, in the way of our evolution through these experiences negative and positively charged. I came up with this idea of like, are we the algorithm of God? Because an algorithm is unpredictable, it has its it has free will within guardrails that have been put up by the Creator. So if we use that as an analogy, that means we all have free will. And we can go either way we want but there's probability on which ways we think it's gonna go. But sometimes it surprises us as an algorithm. So is that just a nice analogy of what we all are in the universe, like giant algorithms for the source to figure out and discover things?

Sheila Gillette 1:07:30
That's an interesting concept. And I think now with all the technology and everybody's being more aware of technology, it's a different way of describing it, but why not? You know, it's, it can make a lot of sense to a lot of people I'm not technologically that well versed. But I even get what you just said,

Alex Ferrari 1:07:58
Well then that's good. That's good. Because you know, the basics of an algorithm is, so if you understand that concept, it's just an idea for people to really grasp that idea. Because it just, when I was that kid that I did, came to me the other day, I was like, we the algorithm of God. And as if that and if that is the case, it makes so much more sense to me. Because we perform very similarly to an algorithm in the sense of, again, with parameters and we have karma we have, you know, there's certain parameters that we have placed with in this life. But anyway, it's just a fun idea. I just wanted to throw it.

Sheila Gillette 1:08:37
And then you can ask the question, are we artificial intelligence?

Alex Ferrari 1:08:41
Well, there's that whole that's out. That's a whole other conversation. And I think, no, look what's happening with AI right now. It's, it's very much in the news right now. And it's out there and, you know, the tools that are being created in AI right now that are publicly being thrown out there. It's just baffling. And you see what they're doing right now. And I go, Oh, my God, in five years. This thing is gonna be I mean, everyone's gonna be there's gonna be writing books. It's going to be you know, it's gonna be painful.

Sheila Gillette 1:09:13
They already shown that it can you know, what is it that chat? Is that culture chatty,

Alex Ferrari 1:09:19
Chat GPT of course, technical guys, you named it, Chat, jft, or JNPT, whatever that thing is that it's open a eyes text writing thing. But then I just saw dolly AI, which is that you type in draw painting of Sheila channeling feel wearing a purple dress while riding a unicorn. And they will paint that for you in four different paintings. And oh, in Van Gogh style, it's my I did it just for fun, mind blowing. So you could see where these tools are going to go. And it's going to alleviate a lot of, of time consuming things for us as a society. Just so then we have even more time to think about life, I hope, kind of like what Socrates and Plato were doing back in the day.

Sheila Gillette 1:10:13
Yeah, yeah. Or, you know, who knows? Who knows where it's gonna go? I mean, and, again, it's what Thiel talks about. There's going to be continual momentum innovation happening. And it's how we navigate it and work with it. That's important.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:36
Absolutely. Absolutely. Now, since you brought Theo up, is Theo is the available for a session today. I'd love to ask him some interesting questions. I've been working on a list of questions over the last week. Hopefully he the interesting questions I don't think he's been asked before. So I'd love to see if we can do that for the audience.

Sheila Gillette 1:10:57
Sure, be happy to share them. I do. Here we go. It is the beginning. Now. It is. We are appreciative of the opportunity to be of service to you.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:13
My first question Theo is how does the power of prayer work?

Sheila Gillette 1:11:21
Intention so know that you are creative beings, placing with intention and prayer has love in it. Or you wouldn't pray for another or for self. So in a prayer is an ask, but it's also a focus of love. Which has movement in the energetic fields.

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