The Council’s Mind-Blowing CHANNELED 5th DIMENSION MANIFESTATION Method with Sara Landon

In the ever-shifting dance of the cosmos, Sara Landon emerges as a guiding star, illuminating the path toward a higher consciousness. With over a decade of experience channeling divine wisdom, Sara’s journey is a testament to the power of spiritual awakening and the profound transformations that follow.

Sara’s early life was marked by a successful career in the corporate world, but despite her outward success, she felt an inner void. “I knew I wasn’t living my purpose. I knew there was more. I knew I was meant for more,” she reflects. This inner yearning led her to explore spirituality deeply, culminating in her channeling a group of Ascended Master beings known as the Council.

The Council’s teachings revolve around the concept of the 5th Dimension, a state of pure love and effortless creation. “The 5th Dimension truly is a new earth, heaven on earth,” Sara explains. In this elevated state of consciousness, individuals can create their reality through a harmonious and joyful process, transcending the traditional notions of manifestation and the law of attraction.

Sara recounts her first profound experience with channeling following the tragic death of her brother. At his viewing, she felt a transformative energy envelop her, bringing peace and a profound message: “I’m still here, I’m just not in there.” This encounter sparked her journey into the realm of channeling, leading her to discover her ability to communicate with higher beings and share their wisdom with the world.

“For many of you, motivation is avoiding unwanted circumstances,” the Council advises, highlighting the difference between motivation and inspiration. True inspiration comes from aligning with Source Energy, allowing one to follow their passions and joy without the need for force or struggle. “You are the powerful creator of your reality,” they remind us, emphasizing that our state of consciousness determines the energy we summon and, consequently, the reality we experience.

Sara’s teachings also delve into the concept of light language, a cosmic universal language of vibrations and frequencies that the soul recognizes. She shares a touching story of an autistic child who, upon hearing light language, became deeply engaged, illustrating its profound impact. “Light language bypasses the limitations of our human language and speaks right to our true self, our higher self, and our soul,” Sara explains.


  1. Embrace Your Divine Worthiness: Recognize that you are inherently worthy of love, abundance, and joy. Your journey is about realizing this truth and allowing it to transform your life.
  2. Follow Your Joy and Passion: Align with what brings you joy and inspiration. This alignment allows for effortless creation and the manifestation of your highest desires.
  3. Trust the Process: Understand that the journey is about experiencing deeper levels of self-love and realization. Trust in the unfolding of your path and allow the next perfect step to reveal itself.

Sara’s message is one of profound empowerment, urging us to move beyond traditional concepts of manifestation and into a state of true creation. By elevating our consciousness and embracing the love and abundance inherent in the 5th Dimension, we can transform our lives and the world around us.

Please enjoy my conversation with Sara Landon.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 266

Sara Landon 0:00
The Fifth Dimension truly is a new earth, heaven on earth, your realisation of all that you are where you can then create your reality through effortless ease as you intended it to be, but you do not do so through separation, or lack and limitation. You understand that consciousness is what summons energy into forms. You go beyond the law of attraction, you go beyond manifestation into true creation, what you want, and what you need shows up even before you know you need it.

Alex Ferrari 0:50
I like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Sara Landon, How you doing Sara?

Sara Landon 0:54
Hi, Alex, I'm so happy to be here and be back on the show again, and I'm so excited for the amazing success you're having on next level. So it's just awesome. I'm so happy for you.

Alex Ferrari 1:05
I appreciate that so much. Thank you so much for those kind words. And as I told you before, it was your interview. That was the first domino that fell that kind of started the upward trajectory of where the show was going. So I will never forget that whether it was just happenstance or was meant to be it was something that both you and I were caught really off guard.

Sara Landon 1:27
I truly think it was divinely orchestrated. So I'm excited for the continued success that you're going to have. But I love that our first video together was really the catalyst for your community growing and this message getting in the world and just the amazing things you do. So thank you. I'm one of those people that I personally love YouTube, and I'll turn on something but now my go to is next level soul.

Alex Ferrari 1:57
I appreciate that. I appreciate that very, very much.

Sara Landon 1:59
You're my go to Alex.

Alex Ferrari 2:02
I appreciate that so much. What we're here to talk about your new book, The Dream the journey, eternity and God. Very simple, not too complex, calm, calm.

Sara Landon 2:16
Really simple. no brainers.

Alex Ferrari 2:18
You co wrote with your co author Mike Dooley, who will be on the show, hopefully very soon, we actually haven't booked so hopefully he'll be on the show. Thank you for hooking that up on the floor. It's not gonna make. But so before we get started, we're going to be talking on this episode, a lot about manifestation creating your own reality, law of attraction kind of stuff. Because our audience really, really loves that, that topic. And it is something that they're just really interested in. But before we get into that, you and I had a little conversation before this episode started a little pregame show, a little pregame show that and I want people to hear what you said, because it's just beautiful what you said, I always joke when I talk to channels, that what do you do when you walk in a room? You don't just walk into a room say, Hey, I'm a channel because it clears the room. And every time I say that, apparently you're like, Ah, I want you to tell me. And I understand your point of view of that. And we'll talk about it for a second. But I say that because yes, it is becoming more mainstream. There's no question channeling, even from the short period of time that I've been doing the show. The numbers don't lie, channeling and channeling episodes and things like that just really started to explode. So there's a lot of people who are interested in it either closeted or out of the closet, are interested in this topic. But I still say generally speaking, if you walk into a room and say, Hey, I'm a channel, everyone, it all depends on what the package is who's saying it and how they present themselves, which is I think what you can talk a little bit about, but what do you have to say about that?

Sara Landon 3:52
Well, I don't create and so much as I just kind of laugh because I can't wait for the day that you're like I used to think it clears a room and now everybody wants to know about channeling so I get it I truly do understand I had no desire to be a channel I wanted if somebody would have told me you're going to leave your corporate career and go channel a group of Ascended Master beings called the Council with your eyes closed and you're like, No way like that is not me whatsoever. I consider myself very normal. I live a very normal life. However, we all channel and that's the thing. When we really demystify channeling, we realize that everybody channels, an athlete when they're in the zone and they make an amazing play. They are channeling source energy. When someone is you know, downhill skiing and just in this beautiful rhythm when a musician or a singer is playing or even writing music. I think most all of our movies especially the blockbuster ones, were channeled. Everybody does this, when you're at lunch with a friend, and all of a sudden you're in this, this deep conversation and these words just come through you and they say, What did you just say? And you go, I don't know, that's channeling, we all do it. I have taken over 5000 people around the world through a series that I teach, called The Art of channeling. And people from all walks of life that have all different experiences channeling, some people do automatic writing, some people verbally channel like I do. Light language is becoming a very common thing, people that are having these experiences speaking light language, and then all of a sudden, they come together with other people that are essentially bringing through the same tones and vibrations and frequencies. And we're really saying that it's a normal natural thing. Some people are doing channeling through art, or poetry or writing a book. In fact, I have one person in our community that is not a formally trained artists whatsoever, she started channeling, and then she started doing channeled art, and it's just absolutely magnificent, but it's coming from some higher source. So we all do this. And when you just start to talk about it openly, and when I explain to people what I do, I usually share my story that it started for me when my brother passed in a car accident. And I was sitting there at his viewing of his body. And all of a sudden, this emotional, cold, heavy, dense room that I was in, became very peaceful. This energy that felt like liquid love just started at the top of my head and went through my entire body. I was completely and totally in peace. And I heard over my right shoulder. I'm still here, I'm just not in there. I said, Where are you and he said, I'm just as here as I ever was, I just left the density of the body. And that was my very first experience. then several years later, I started waking up in the middle of the night and writing. I didn't know what I was doing at the time. But I would wake up the next morning and read what I had written. And it was the answers to the most profound questions that I couldn't find answers for anywhere. And they were coming through me. I didn't know that was automatic writing at the time, and later doing a cue HHT session which was developed by Dolores Cannon. I had this experience where all of a sudden, my voice changed, the cadence of my voice changed. And a group of beings was now answering this question that the questions that were being answered, and they were saying we and us instead of me saying I and that was my experience. And I think the more we talk about it openly, the more people recognize that they have their own unique experiences with it. As we were talking about before we started the recording, people are looking for that connection, they are looking for their own connection to higher wisdom to their guides to spirit. That's all different forms of channeling, connecting to a loved one on the other side, being able to tune in when someone you love even an animal transitions and be able to get a message from them, I consider that mediumship some people find it very easy, and it's very natural and other people you have to learn how to communicate with your loved ones on the other side, but who doesn't want to have that experience of being able to receive messages from their loved ones on the other side. So we've got to go to the next level of this. I think it's already happening. Some years ago, I was inspired and guided, you have to start teaching people how to channel and I never would have thought that I would do that or could do that. And now I realized that, again, I am being used by the Divine for something so much greater than myself, you know that divine orchestration we talked about with our first interview. And I see now that this is where we're going. And it's just going to become a very natural, approachable thing. Now someone like myself, who channels professionally and has done it for at least 10,000 hours, if not many more, it's very easy for me to get in and out of channel. That's what I do. Right? Just like the analogy of a professional baseball player versus someone who you know, every once in a while goes out and throws throws a ball and and you know, goes up to bat versus someone that does it every day for hours and hours professionally. So everyone can do this. Everyone does this in their own way. But can you consciously intentionally do it and expand what you connect into communicate with your higher self and your guides and your loved ones on the other side? Absolutely.

Alex Ferrari 9:49
And you said something called Light language is the first time I've heard that. What is that?

Sara Landon 9:53
Wow, I had never heard of it. I had a woman back in the day when I did private sessions. Come to the council and say, Hey, I'm having this experience where I close my eyes. And these tones and frequencies start coming out of my mouth, but there's no actual words. And they said, that's light language. It's the language of the soul that all of our souls recognize it's a cosmic universal language of vibrations and frequencies that our soul recognizes. It's absolutely beautiful. It could be almost compared to speaking in tongues back in the day. The interesting thing is that when I started connecting people, I realized that a lot of the tones are very similar. And it's actually a language, it's beautiful. Some people saying, some people just speak it, a lot of times your hands are really involved and you're moving energy. I've had many people now that have gone through my art of channeling series that that do light language. And it's amazing some of the experiences, especially with autistic children, one particular woman who left her corporate career started channeling light language, she was doing a session over zoom with a woman, and her artistic autistic son came in the room, who doesn't speak and doesn't engage and doesn't look anyone in the eye, and just sat down in front of the computer, and listened to every single word that was coming through her. Although, again, it's not like an English language or Spanish language. It's a cosmic language understood by our souls. And this, this little boy instantly just started interacting with her as she was doing light language, it was pretty cool. They also explained that it bypasses some of the negative associations that we get tripped up on. Believe it or not, I the irony of writing a book called The Dream, the journey, eternity and God, there were many years of my life that I couldn't use the word God. Because I was trying to understand religion and how a loving God was so judgmental and punishing, and I would ask questions of people. And they would say, well, that's just what the Bible says. And I said, well, so you're telling me that someone in another country that's never heard of God, or Jesus is gonna go to hell. And the Bible says, And I'm, like, well done, that is not a God, I am interested in the slightest, because, from my perspective, God and love was Jesus, and are God and Jesus for love. I mean, they were all of love. And it didn't make any sense to me. So I wouldn't even use the word God for many years. So there's an example. Some people don't like the word God, when you say, you are source energy, or an extension of source energy, they can hear that, but to say, You are God, they have, you know, centuries of being considered blasphemous by saying that, right, and it's a trigger. Yeah. Another example, you know, think of a past relationship you were in, or a kid in elementary school that picked on you. And so anytime you hear a name, that same name of anyone, you automatically think of that person and it's automatically a trigger or a negative association. So they say, light language just bypasses all of the limitations of our human language and speaks right to our true self, our higher self and our soul. And it's understood in my logical mind when I hear it, I don't particularly do light language. It's not something I do. But I've seen so many incredible channels who do and it's just absolutely beautiful. But your your logical mind does want to figure it out until you just relax into it and let yourself receive it. And it's really beautiful.

Alex Ferrari 13:51
When you didn't you said the autistic child kind of was mesmerized by it. I'm just curious on I mean, obviously, their brain is wired a little bit differently. They don't have this the stuff that we have to deal with. They're pure, they're pure love. I mean, any artistic child I've ever met is pure love. Is it something that that just just completely connects with them at a completely different level than us because we have so much mud and gunk on top of us that we're carrying around with us?

Sara Landon 14:19
Yeah, in my experience, if anytime I've ever been around an autistic child or even ones that we label as ATD or ADHD, one in particular, I'm really close to it. He's one of the most high vibrational beings have ever been around. His brain can't slow down enough to participate in density. He's an incredible artist. He has impeccable penmanship. He's just but he's such a high vibrational frequency that they just interact differently in this world of form and density than most people. I think they're incredibly gifted and they just come And fourth, with probably a lot higher vibration and frequency. So to be in an experience of flight language for them is probably a lot like coming home or feeling more at home and recognizing that is a safe, loving vibration. That's yeah, that's beautiful. I can't wait to see the things that come from light language and different places that it's used in, in our society to support people and an autistic child is just a perfect example.

Alex Ferrari 15:38
We are changing and that and we are awakening and there is something going on, there's no question in my mind that there is in your work and what I'm doing. It's growing at a very rapid clip. And you've been doing this for a few years. So you've seen it change. So I'm very excited to be in my small part part of this situation, and

Sara Landon 16:02
You're a big part of it. And a very important part of it. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 16:06
No, it's very interesting now. So is the council ready because i know the Council loves to chat.

Sara Landon 16:13
Always ready. I like to chat. They like to chat. There's never really a dull moment with us.

Alex Ferrari 16:20
So if the council is ready, I'd love to ask ask them about manifestation law of attraction, constructing your your reality.

Sara Landon 16:28
So my experience when I channel I just close my eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. And I literally by the time I get to my third breath, it's like everything gets quiet. It's like being up above the clouds when you're in an airplane. And it's just like, so peaceful and quiet. That's my experience. And then they they just start and they'll bring a message through and then they'll go to your question. So I'm excited for this. Their perspective on the law of attraction and manifestation is so different than anything I have ever heard anywhere, and it has completely changed my life. And I'm excited for you to ask your questions about it. So okay, let's get to so we are so pleased and delighted to have the opportunity to speak with you on this fine and glorious day indeed, our dear beloved friend, we remind you, and all of you that while our words are important, this is a vibrational experience of remembering the truth of who you really are, and why you are here, and all that you intended, when you chose this magnificent life experience, because we assure you, your life is meant to be so very good for you, you are the powerful creator of your reality and you are here to create your reality. The formula for creation of reality is that consciousness moves energy into form. So, as you elevate your consciousness and your awareness, you are raising your vibration and your frequency, which allows you to summon through you and to you greater levels of source energy, that move into form as true creation and manifestation. Understand that you get more of what you are period, it can be no other way. What you focus on and the meaning you give it is what is creating your reality. So if you are perceiving yourself as abundant, if you are feeling abundant, if you are aware of abundance all around you, and conscious and intentional about recognizing, experiencing as your reality abundance, you will have more and more and more abundance. The same is true with love. The same is true with well being the same is true with freedom. You cannot create more of what you are holding yourself apart from through separation. So for many of they're sitting in an experience of lack and limitation, perceiving the lack perceiving the lack of abundance, perceiving the lack of money, what you focus on, in the meaning you're giving it is what's creating your reality, you're getting more, you're getting more you get more of what you are, not what you want, not what you think you need, you get more of what you are. And so when you're in lack and limitation, you are lowering your consciousness, and so you're not summoning a whole lot of energy. So remove any sort of manifests. istation in the form you have to push and force and effort and struggle. So many of you will recognize your own journey of manifestation having changed significantly through your own journey of awakening. In the third dimension, it is a dimension of separation, where you experience Separation from Source God from others, what you want is out there, you have to go out and get it because it's separate from you lack limitation, fear separation, this is the basis of the third dimension. And many of you mastered creating reality. And a third dimension of density, where you worked really hard, you struggled, you effort it, you made it happen, you set goals, you took massive determined action, and you achieved success in the third dimension. And then the energy went out of it for you. It's no longer joyful to you, there's no longer this motivation, which is so different than true inspiration. Motivation, is avoiding unwanted circumstances. So when you're in the third dimension, you can find yourself very motivated by avoiding unwanted circumstances, I don't want to not have the money to pay my bills, I don't want to end up homeless, I don't want to end up retiring and not having any money. So I'm going to force an effort and work really hard and make it happen. But then the energy goes out of it. And you can no longer find motivation is something that's feeling fulfilling to you, you have mastered, achieves, let's sort of say, in the third dimension, then you begin to awaken to something more you ask those questions, who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? As you begin to ask those questions, you begin to elevate your awareness that there is more going on here, you can change your circumstances and conditions. You can change things, you can fix things, you can heal things, you can transform things. The fourth dimension is the dimension of transformation. Transforming the things in your life that you want to change. This is spirituality, self help personal development, law of attraction. So when many people first come into the fourth dimension, as so many did around the time of the secret being released, it was their elevation of consciousness that was allowing them to summon more energy, where manifestation may have appeared easier to them at that time than it does now. So then you start changing things and you start fixing things and you start wanting to change others and fix other errors and heal yourself and heal others. This is all the fourth dimension of transformation. And yes, you can change things. And yes, you can transform things. Most of you get really stuck in this dimension. for long periods of time, something comes up and instead of seeing it as happening for you, to bring you into new levels of your power and realization, you immediately begin to judge yourself what's wrong with me? What do I need to fix, oh, I still have some unhealed part, I still have all these things I have to release. And you get almost addicted to transforming yourself. The pathway from the fourth dimension into the fifth dimension is to let go of all judgment of yourself of others and circumstances and conditions. The fifth dimension is a dimension of pure love. And many of you are finding that now the energy is going out of the fourth dimension and you are being called into a higher dimension of consciousness. You may no longer be as interested or excited about fixing yourself and changing yourself and healing yourself. You feel that there is something more and that is coming into the state of being pure love in the fifth dimension where your well being and your abundance is a shard but the things that worked in the third dimension do not work in the fifth dimension. The things that worked in the fourth dimension do not work in the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension truly is a new earth, heaven on earth. Your realisation of all that you are where you can then create your reality through effortless The ease as you intended it to be, but you do not do so through separation, or lack and limitation, you understand that consciousness is what summons energy into form. You go beyond the law of attraction, you go beyond manifestation into true creation, what you want, and what you need shows up even before you know you need it, things just show up and it's a yes, and then something else shows up. And it's a yes, it's a difference between the next perfect step coming to you. And a staircase with 10,000 steps, showing up in front of you. Some of you still would prefer to run up the 10,000 steps, experience exhaustion, overwhelmed the tee.

But you want the 10,000 steps to come in this moment. When you understand you are the powerful creator of your reality. You go from manifestation to true creation, you enjoy the journey, the journey is the best part. It's a moment to moment where the next perfect step comes to you. In this moment, in your power, aligned to the highest levels of consciousness, the next perfect step comes to you what you want and need shows up even before you know you need it. It just shows up and it's a yes. Most of the time, when you are wanting to manifest something. That thing you want to manifest seems really big. And you can say, Oh, I raised my vibration, and I'm feeling good. And I've created a vision board and I focused on it this big thing that I want to manifest. Why isn't it here yet? This is a really important part. The best part is the journey. The beautiful, magical unfolding of the journey, the next perfect step that leads to the next perfect step that leads to the next perfect step. And at some point, you realize that big thing that you wanted to manifest, it isn't a big thing anymore. It's just the obvious, logical, next perfect step. It might take you a whole day, it might take you a whole year, it might take you seven years, when it goes from being this big, huge manifestation that you really, really want and focused on and trying so hard to manifest to you elevating yourself through the beautiful, unfolding journey. But it just becomes the obvious, logical next perfect step. And it may seem big to others. But it's just the logical next step for you. Do you understand?

Alex Ferrari 28:12
I do. Thank you so much for that I appreciate not only that beautiful opening, but also for your time to help our audience so much. So thank you for being here. My first question

Sara Landon 28:25
Not in the experience of time nor space, our dear friend so we have eternity to speak with you.

Alex Ferrari 28:33
I appreciate that. Can you? Can you explain how the law of attraction operates from a higher spiritual dimension?

Sara Landon 28:43
Well, ultimately, it's back to the formula that we shared with you in the beginning consciousness. When you become conscious or aware of anything, you begin to focus and you focus your energy upon that thing. Now there's two parts of this there's raising your consciousness and your level of awareness. You in those moments are raising your vibration, which is raising your consciousness or raising your consciousness and awareness raises your vibration. So you elevate yourself out of lack and limitation, you elevate yourself out of fear. You elevate yourself out of something's wrong with you that needs to be fixed into that state of pure love. And all of a sudden you begin to summon all this energy, your body spontaneously heals you, all of a sudden, everything starts working out for you. Your relationships shift and you didn't really do anything. But it's because your awareness and your consciousness are now allowing you to summon a whole lot more source energy that's flowing in into your experience and into form. So when you become conscious of a particular thing that you would like to experience and you're summoning energy, you begin to focus that energy on that experience or on that thing. Your physical senses then begin to be attuned to anything that is similar to that. So now you start seeing it and experiencing it, noticing it. And again, it goes from a big thing. To Oh, it's everywhere. In my experience, it's just clearly the next perfect step. So we don't specifically teach about the law of attraction, we teach about true creation, to have a particular agenda for most is coming from lack and limitation. I had a terrible experience where I couldn't pay my bill. So now I'm going to manifest lots and lots of money, but the consciousness and the awareness is not there to align with that in that moment. Now, as someone goes on their journey and continues to focus on the abundance, they do have the abundance of round that we consider abundance to be money, yes, but resources, relationships, connections, time, knowledge, wisdom, consciousness. There's so much more to it. And yet, infinite abundance is available to absolutely everyone. Some of you have heard the analogy, as it relates to well being, you can't get sick enough to make a sick person well. So when you want, well being when you want health and well being and energy and vitality, you don't feel bad about that, because you know, you're not taking energy from anyone else in order for you to feel really good and be healthy. Money is energy, it's an energetic exchange, you truly are not taking from another. When you allow an energetic exchange, when you allow your own abundance, you will expand the abundance on this planet. But many have very limited beliefs related to their own sense of worthiness, about money and having money. And so while they might really want a large sum of it, their beliefs hold them in a level of consciousness that doesn't allow them to summon the level of energy that would draw more and more abundance to them. Does that make sense to you?

Alex Ferrari 32:47
It does make perfect sense. You know, can can pass life experiences affect our ability to manifest and attract in this present lifetime?

Sara Landon 32:58
We understand that many have a very different perspective than we do on this subject. Every single one of you are divine, sovereign beings, you came forth, you focused your consciousness into this physical experience to be on the planet during this time of the greatest awakening of human consciousness that has ever occurred in any lifetime. You came to be a part of this, you came to be a Wayshower you came to shine your light, you came to be the love. There's nobody who is listening to this that is not here. To be the divine love and the divine light that you are on earth. You came to be part of this great awakening experience that is occurring. You are all divine, eternal, ever present beings who are free and sovereign, with the absolute knowing that you are the powerful creator of your reality. As you reach higher levels of consciousness. There are very different perspectives about past lives, about karma about reincarnation, and it's truly the level of consciousness you are in which determines your perspective on it. You chose this life experience and well, maybe in other life experiences. You chose to navigate through bondage and suffering just to realize freedom. Maybe you struggled with lack and poverty in order to remember your abundance. But absolutely none of you took a vow of poverty when you chose as divine sovereignty. He needs to come forth to be on the planet at this time. In fact, every single one of you who will ever listen to this, came forth to first fully awaken. And then come into realization, to realize all that you are the integration of every part of you in the multi dimensional nature of who you really are. And then stay on the planet during this great awakening, as the realized, Master, that you are a realized master who knows they are the powerful creator of their reality. You came for us to live fully, whatever that means to you, you came forth to love fully. And you came for us to be all that you are, you did not take a vow of poverty because of some guilt you had, from some past life or karma, you imposed upon yourself to come forth, and struggle in hardship or a lack and limitation. Because of some wrongdoing and a past life, you simply didn't come forth in this existence, for that purpose. Now, if you want to make that your truth, you are a powerful creator. You create your reality, if you believe that you will draw to you the experience of that once you experience that, you'll say that's my truth. See, I'm just doomed to always be in lack in this life. But that is not the truth of any one of you. The truth of you is infinite abundance, infinite wellbeing, infinite love and you yourself are infinite intelligence focused in physical form. Do you understand?

Alex Ferrari 36:50
I do, I do thank you for that. And you explain the role of the subconscious mind in in the law of attraction?

Sara Landon 36:59
Well, you can often tell what's going on in your subconscious mind by what's going on. In your dreams. When you're dreaming about particular things, it can tell you what's often active in your subconscious mind. We don't separate the minds out sort of say, to think that there's something in the background trying to sabotage you is not correct, we also do not speak of the ego to try to fight or get rid of some part of you, is not the integration of every part of you, we speak of your magnificent humans. That is a part of the experience you're having, and we celebrate your magnificent humans and your beautiful personalities. When you awaken to more that you are when you realize more that you are your human allows. The grander part of you that human allows your realization, the human allows you into the fifth dimension of pure love. And so the subconscious conscious minds, we understand why you speak of this, but ultimately, we would go back to this journey we discussed. Some people will say to us, well, I'm stuck. And we would say, Well, are you stuck? Or are you on a journey to realizing greater levels of abundance, you're on a journey to realizing greater levels of abundance to realize greater levels of well being to realize greater levels of anything and everything that you want to explore and experience more of. So really, it's a process of elevating your consciousness and your awareness and practicing it until it becomes your natural state of being which then elevates your thoughts. It changes the stories you tell yourself, you can tell what's going on in the subconscious mind very quickly, by the way that you feel the thoughts that you're thinking, consciously or unconsciously. And the stories you're telling yourself consciously or unconsciously, are affecting your emotions. Your emotions affect the way that you feel. The way that you feel affects your vibration, your state of consciousness, which is determining the level of energy you are summoning to you and through you, which is determining your reality and your level of power to create your reality. So if you don't feel very good, and you're really emotional, and everything's terrible, and things are wrong, and there's all these problems and all these issues, and you're struggling and there's all lack and limitation, go back to the thought you're thinking the story you're telling yourself when you consciously intentionally come into the moment and choose the thought instead are supportive to the experience you want to have. You are working with the conscious mind. When you catch yourself in a unconscious state or an unconscious story or a subconscious thought sort of say, come into the moment, bring it into the light, bring it into the moment, if you have a thought rattling around in your brain that's keeping you stuck or feeling unworthy or not good enough, say it out loud. Say it out loud. And you'll realize it's not your truth. It's not true, it's probably quite silly. To say I'm not good enough, nothing ever works out for me versus everything's always working out for me. Everything's always working out for me bringing me into new levels of my power, so I can get clear on what I really want. So I can powerfully create my reality the way I want it to be. There's so much more to a statement like everything's always working out for me. Yes, agree it's true. But why? Because your soul only cares about your Realization. Once you come into realization, you can powerfully impeccably create your reality the way you want it to be. But you don't have to go into lack limitation, fear and separation in order to create more of what you want to experience. So be conscious of when you are unconsciously holding yourself in limitation in a limited belief. And you will begin to shift these things very, very easily. Do you understand?

Alex Ferrari 41:47
I do, thank you. And you explain the balance between personal effort and manifestation in achieving your goals?

Sara Landon 41:58
Well, we go back to the difference between motivation and inspiration, motivation, avoiding an unwanted circumstance, you're most likely going to find yourself in the third dimension of separation from what you want, it's out there, you're going to have to push and force and effort and struggle in order to get it. And many of you have succeeded at that. But then, as we said, the energy went out of it, that no longer motivates you. Then you get into personal development and changing yourself. And then at some point, you realize there's more you go from manifestation to true creation. Understand that? Well, you are here to take action. In physical form, we would say first off, inspiration is very different than motivation, inspiration in spirit aligned with Source Energy aligned with the highest truth aligned with the highest vision of all that you are aligned with the highest expression of what's possible for you. You allow inspiration to come to you, it's your natural state of being. What do you inspire to what you enjoy what you're passionate about what you love. It's not effort or force or struggle to take inspired actions towards those things that you love that you enjoy that you're passionate about. And in the fifth dimension, you experience inspiration. You follow energy, you let light guide the way you focus on what brings you joy. And you do that you focus on what you love. And you do that you focus on what you're passionate about, and you do that. And inspiration may come to you. That seems completely unrelated to your goal or what it is you want to achieve or manifest or create. But that might be the most easy, effortless, next step to get you from where you are to experiencing the level of true creation and manifestation of that achievement or reality that you want to create. So when you're not allowing source energy, because of the level of consciousness you're in, you're going to have to push and force and struggle and effort and most of you are going to burn out very quickly because your true self knows there's a better way and knows that you're here to realize that easy, effortless, harmonious magical way of creating your reality the way you want it to be true creation. You wake up excited and passionate alive focused on what brings you joy and what you love you follow the energy and let the light guide the way you would enjoy the beauty and the love and the magic and the miracles of each day of this magnificent unfolding journey. Things come out of the blue that you You never could have thought to even ask for opportunities present. And it's just a yes. What you want need shows up even before you know you need it. You're passionate, you're alive. You're living fully. You're allowing true creation, you don't have an agenda. You have passions. There's things that you enjoy, there's experiences you want to have, and those are all wonderful, but they're not coming from where most all people are trying to manifest the state of, I'm not enough, I have to be famous, in order to be enough, I have to make a certain amount of money, and then I'll know that I'm good enough. I have to have the perfect looking partner and the nice car in order to feel like I'm enough. And I certainly can't allow it in an easy, effortless, harmonious way. Because if I don't force an effort and earn it and work hard and struggle, well, then I just won't deserve it. Because I'm not enough. When you come into the fifth dimension of pure love, you know, your infinite worthiness, you know, there's absolutely nothing that you could do in this human experience to be more worthy than you already are, and have always been and always will be. When you know, you're worse. When you know the love that you are, you can allow yourself to receive. You can allow things to come easily, effortlessly, harmoniously, and in the most amazing magical ways. And some will be expected and some will be not expected, some will come out of the blue and some will be exactly like you imagined it to be. But again, when you enjoy the journey, it's not about really getting anywhere. It's about coming into deeper and deeper levels of your own self love and worthiness and your own realization of all that you are you are everything you wish to be. You already are. It is all within you. And it always has been but until you come into realization you won't real eyes it break down that word, real eyes that. Okay, there's infinite abundance out there for me, where is it? I don't see it anywhere. You come into absolute knowing. And you will real eyes. Everything that's been here for you all along, you just couldn't perceive it from a lack based consciousness. And wanting to manifest something outside of yourself that you believe is separate from you and having to take massive action and focus upon it and visualize really, really, really, really hard. It's not realisation is not in a state of pure love. You're imposing separation and lack and limitation on your own experience. And even if you manifest that thing, which you may you're going to get more lack limitation. We have a wonderful friend that was so worried about growing old and not having a retirement growing old and not having a retirement growing old and not having a retirement, afraid of lack afraid of lack afraid. Aflac received a very large inheritance from a family member. Enjoyed it for a couple of days and then went into fear of losing it. What if I lose it, then I'll be in lack. What if I lose it and then I'll be in lack. And there's many examples of this. But when you come into a state of pure love, and you know it's all here for you, when you come into that state of absolute knowing that it's all here for you and it always has been then you realize one magnificent manifestation after another in an experience of true creation. You understand? I do and you can live the most beautiful, big, luxurious, abundant, prosperous, wealthy life. If it is the experience you want to have for you if it's the reality you want to have for you. There are some that come in to realize the nation and abundance to them is living communally living in a community. They don't have to pay for food or a car or pay for housing. They don't want to own their own house. They don't want to buy a nice car. They don't want to be in a exclusive relationship or marriage, they want to live in a community. They want to do something they love, like gardening, or caring for the animals on behalf of the community or in support of the community in exchange for food, water, shelter, connection, purpose. And that is a fairy abundant, rich, beautiful life. And you can have someone else who comes into realization of the master that they are. And they want to own a beautiful home with lots of land. And they want to be involved in philanthropic endeavors. And they want to have many people that they are flowing income to, they want to have a large amount of money. But it's not a big deal to them. It's just the logical, obvious next step. In their experience, you are the creator of your reality, and there's absolutely no one judging you for what you want to create and what you want to experience. There's no one reality better than the other you can have one that lives from someone's perspective as a very simple life in a communal living, where they tend to the animals in exchange for shelter, and be very abundant. And you can have someone that that is by what most would call a very rich or wealthy person that owns a home or multiple homes or multiple cars, and has people that work for them or is involved in, in philanthropy that is a realized master. And also living that level of abundance in their life.

There is absolutely no judgment, the misunderstanding is that you can real realize all of this is here for you that you don't all want the same things. But there's a reason why you are drawn to the experiences that you want to have for you. There's data and information in those experiences that you are drawn to, and you're here to have those experiences, you are here to live the highest expression of your soul. in physical form, you're here to live the highest expression of all that you are in physical form. And whatever that means to you, is perfect for you. You can truly have it all, unless you believe that you're unworthy of it, or you don't deserve it. Truly as you all realize all of the abundance that's here for you, there will be more abundance on your planet than ever before. There's more money on your planet than ever before. There's more resources on your planet than ever before you live most every single one of you far beyond the level of wealth experienced by the wealthiest on the planet centuries ago, not to mention the innovation and the capabilities and the technology you have now, which just enhances and positively contributes to more abundance. Do you understand?

Alex Ferrari 53:34
Do it very well do and you use the law of attraction to connect with spiritual beings at a higher level?

Sara Landon 53:45
But it's not the law of attraction. It's the level of consciousness it's the level of your awareness. So if you want to connect with a loved one on the other side, whether it's an angel or your higher self or an Ascended Master, or a beloved pet that has passed, we encourage you to close your eyes. And think of for example, your loved one that has made their transition. Think of a time when they were the most beautiful to you. Or the most handsome when you remember them being the happiest. When you when you felt the greatest level of love between the two of you. What did their face look like? Do you remember what they were wearing? Do you remember where you were and what was around you? Can you hear the sounds? Can you hear their voice? What do you smell? What does it smell like? Maybe they it was your grandmother and she used to bake banana bread or pie And you would come into the kitchen and there she was in the kitchen with her apron on and made this wonderful apple pie. You could smell it, you can remember what the kitchen looked like she had her favorite dress on, and her hair fixed the way she always did. Maybe grandma even had her own special perfume that she wore. Or an angel tune in to an angel. What are they look like? How are they presenting themselves to you? Was there a color that you see? Do they have a form? Are they feminine or masculine? Do they have wings are their wings look like there's something on their head, begin to focus your consciousness upon them until you feel them they're with you. And as you feel them, they're with you and your consciousness begins to come into their level of consciousness. It makes it very easy for you to communicate between one another. But you've got to elevate your consciousness to where they are now. You might ask them, what message do you have for me. And you might just sit and relax your consciousness. And all of a sudden a message comes through to you. Or a no way or a feeling or you feel their arms wrapped around you. You might even take your own arms, wrap your own arms around yourself. And feel their energy flowing through your arms. Feeling them touching you through your own hands. Anyone and everyone is always available to you, which also includes the higher self of someone who is still in physical form. If you truly instead of arguing with your boss, or your coworker arguing or being upset with your spouse or your child, if you would do this process, you can even get a picture of them of your favorite picture of them. And look into their eyes and see their smile and close your eyes and just see that and feel that and then ask their higher self for a message. It'll always be there. You may need to tune in your relationship to higher wisdom or higher levels of consciousness and those in those dimensions. It's just like any other relationship. If you spend time together if you trust it, if you open up to it. If it's important to you, there'll be a beautiful relationship, and we assure you is always available to every one of you. In it someone have a message for you.

Alex Ferrari 58:33
The last question is do you have any parting messages for this audience?

Sara Landon 58:38
Love your lives. You're here to live an extraordinary existence. Well, maybe there were reasons for lack and limitation and struggle and suffering in the past. Every single one of you can elevate yourself into pure love and experience more joy, more love, more abundance, more wellbeing, more freedom, more beauty, more happiness than ever before. And that will just continue to expand. Sometimes people feel that if they really come into this place of feeling abundant and going beyond wanting and needing to absolute knowing that everything will be there when they need it. That they are abundant already in that abundance is just continuing to expand. They think that the universe will somehow get the message that you don't need anything it'll go on and manifest things for someone else but not for you. We say one of the most powerful states of being is to come in to the moment and realize that absolutely nothing could make me any happier than I am right now. Absolutely nothing could make me any happier than I am right now. Absolutely nothing could make me any happier than I am right now. You are in realization, you are in oneness with everything, you are an absolute knowing. And that is the most powerful portal for potentials and possibilities, and manifestation and true creation. We know you love meditation and it's a wonderful thing. But you can realize the highest state of existence by coming in to absolute alignment and knowing aligned to these words, absolutely nothing could make me any happier than I am right now. They say it out loud. We know maybe the first time you say it, all sorts of things come to your mind that might make you happier. Maybe by the second time that neutralizes and maybe by the third or the fourth time you say that out loud. You realize that it's true. You have elevated yourself into alignment with the powerful creator of reality that you are. Absolutely nothing could make me any happier than I am right now. Opens the most powerful portal for manifestation and true creation, where the next perfect step to come to you. For everything you want and need to show up even before you know you need it. We understand it's a very different way than what you learned. But it's time to fully come into your Realization. And realize all that you are and all that is here for you. You drew this to you. You are channeling this to you. We are always with you. We are always available to you. We have enjoyed this conversation with you so very much. We love you. We love you. We love you. And with that we are complete.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:06
Oh so beautiful. How are you feeling?

Sara Landon 1:03:15
Amazing. That was amazing. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 1:03:17
That was such a beautiful, really, really powerful. I think he's going to help a couple people out there. Thanks so much for doing that. And thank the council so much for everything that they do. You're the energy is almost like I could literally feel it coming off the screen of what they were saying. So I'm very appreciative of it. And I'm glad I could bring it to my audience. Now before we go, tell me why you decided to write a book about obviously answers of questions that we could easily do without you about the dream, the journey eternity God, I mean, we all know these answers. But anyway, no, why did you? Why did you, you and Mike decide to write this amazing book, tackling some very difficult questions.

Sara Landon 1:04:06
For as long as I can remember, I was that person that was seeking the answers to life's biggest questions. Where do they come from? Why am I here? What's my purpose? Where do I go from beyond here? Where Where do people go when they die? You know, is there a heaven? Is there a hell? What is God you know, all the questions you ask your audience? What's the purpose of all of this? Who am I really? Right? How do we navigate? How do we most create the greatest impact on Earth right now in times of chaos or upheaval? These are the things we're all seeking answers to. I never would have imagined those answers would actually come through me. But I really did. Study many different religions and philosophies and personal development and any Anything I could find? And yet, I couldn't find the answers to what I was looking for. And then, I believe my own quest to answer the questions of, you know, what is my highest potential and my purpose? And why am I here? And all of that actually, you know, summon the council to me and through me, I think it was a lot of my own asking. So, for me, integrating higher wisdom, living the council's wisdom, in my own life, is the most important thing to me being the ultimate student of their teachings. Because it works perfectly. It's, it works perfectly, it really does. And to me, being the living example of that is so important. And I can tell you that I was that person that worked really hard set big goals, work, did whatever it took, took massive action, type A. And, you know, I had a beautiful home and nice cars and took expensive vacations and by everybody else's standards, I was living a really successful life. But I knew I wasn't living my purpose. Right. I knew there was more I knew I was meant for more. I knew I was here for more. And I really had these big questions that I wanted answered. So I did the scariest thing you could possibly do, which is agree to agree to your own awakening experience and step onto the spiritual path, right. And I was willing to do whatever it takes to, to really know who I am and why I'm here and and so you know, through a series of events, I came upon channeling I started channeling the council, I first did private sessions for many years, they explained I was practicing to hold the vibration. Then I started doing channel courses, and we created our Master's class program and global community where I channel and take questions from our community, to the council. And I did that for several years. And and I realize now that was all preparing me for what was coming next. But I was divinely introduced to Mike Dooley. And he ended up having a session with the council and then more sessions and several sessions with the council. And he said, you know, this is just the greatest wisdom on the planet, I want to share it with my community. So a few years ago, we did an event called the dream, the journey, eternity and God. And it was Mike Dooley asking questions to the council. And it was a huge success. We had I think, 25,000 people that were participating in that event live. And so we were really thrilled to see that his community was so open to channeled information. So he said, you know, have you ever thought about writing a book and said, Well, I kind of have a channeled book done. And so he said, Would you you know, would you like me to connect you to Hay House. And within about a week or two, I not only had a book deal for the wisdom of the council, the book that came out last year, but they gave us a book deal to create the dream, the journey eternity and God which is Mike Dooley asking life's deepest questions to the council. And the whole format of the book, which I know you've read is Mike's questions and then the council's answers. And so I'm really excited to share this with the world. I was awesome. I think the world is ready for this. And I just continue to enjoy every moment of being, you know, a vessel for this divine love and light that the council brings through brings through and their incredible wisdom. It's just, you know, they said early on, if you will just live this wisdom, you will live a life beyond your wildest dreams. And I've said very openly. Many times you know to that I responded well, I have really big dreams and I don't know how you would ever come up with anything beyond but it's just it's beyond beyond beyond my wildest dreams. And I'll tell you the most priceless treasure of all things in life are the people you meet on your journey. I I couldn't I couldn't by the incredible magical interactions that I have with the people I've met my community my amazing team but you know, I just had I let my fears overtake me and I I never we wouldn't be sitting here. And you know, I think about that sometimes I just can't imagine my life any other way than it is. And, you know, I look at people that showed up in my life along the way that just in one ordinary day, I met someone who changed my life. And I, I hope I bet that for others as well, because we are all really here for each other. And, as I said to you, before we started, you know, the council is been very open about this being the greatest transformation that has ever occurred in human history, this time of awakening now, specifically 2023 to 2027. And they said, you know, there's certainly much more beyond that. But, you know, that's why you went through your awakening experience. That's why you walked away from the safe and comfortable and secure to follow this inspiration and this energy and this passion in this wild idea of creating podcast. And, you know, I mean, you when you look back, you see how divinely orchestrated it really was every step of the way. And so, you know, if I could go back and tell my awakening self, anything, it would be, just relax and have fun with all of this, you know, there is some higher power that is aware of you that is out there, orchestrating things on your behalf. And every moment, and I know that is my soul, and it's our souls are higher self, but it's also it's the infinite intelligence that is within everything. And there's nothing better.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:43
It's one decision. And this doesn't happen. One decision going the opposite direction, I'm gonna stay at my corporate job, because I'm making a lot of cash or I'm not going to do spiritual podcasts, because that's insanity. And this doesn't happen. It's just really an interesting journey. And as in for everyone listening as you're doing it, it feels insane. It feels it feels crazy. Yep. And then only when you get past that, and you have time to look back and go, Oh, this was all put together like this massive, really beautiful jigsaw puzzle that I could not see the grand picture, all I could see was the insane puzzle pieces that were in front of me. But not this, this beautiful tapestry that was being built and is continuously being built as we walk this path. So now where can people find this amazing book?

Sara Landon 1:12:46
Well you can go to There's a link to the book, you could buy it at your favorite retailer, either in paperback audio book, or electronic version. The book also has a website, And, yeah, go get your coffee. We're just so excited about this book. And you can check out there's a lot more free resources at But get your copy of the book and just, you know, even if you just carry it around for a few days, there's just an energy about it. I don't know what it's that higher wisdom and love. I could just feel it. But then you could just open the book to any page and read that question. And I find that even though I channeled that information, and I've read this book about 50 times, I could just pick it up and turn it to a page. And it's just exactly the message I need at that moment. So it's available Amazon audiobook, Barnes and Noble, wherever your favorite retailer is.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:53
And do you have any parting messages for our audience?

Sara Landon 1:13:56
I just love you, thank you for being on this planet. And I'm just so excited to be on this amazing journey with you. And I know we are certainly kindred souls and I can't wait to see how this all continues to unfold and you know, to your audience and community, it's just, you know, the council says that, that that one thing that they said at the end, absolutely changed my life and I was really happy and I was in a really good place. But when I really felt into what they were saying absolutely nothing could make me any happier than I am right now. The most amazing magical things started showing up in my life. There is nothing out there that you are lacking. And the truth of who everyone is is love, really, and you're so worthy of every dream in your heart. It might not manifest tomorrow. But remember that you're on a journey to realizing greater levels of well being you're on a journey to realize and greater levels of love. You're on a journey to realizing greater levels of freedom in your life. You're on a journey to realizing infinite abundance, more abundance in your life. You're on a journey, you're not stuck, you're not lost, you haven't failed, you haven't missed your opportunity. You're not too early, you're not too late. You're not stuck, you're on a journey. And I would have said to you, 10 years ago, when I put on my vision board, a picture of Hay House with a book that I was going to publish a book with Hay House, I would have told you 10 years ago, I was ready. I'm ready. Bring it on Hay House published book today. I was not ready. That was a as the council says, that was a really big, big deal, right? People told me I needed to write a book for many years. And I said, Yeah, I know, I will. It'll it'll happen. It'll just have to blow. It'll just have to be in the flow. But I said very specifically, I will not go knock down doors of publishers, I will not beg publishers, they are going to Hay House, it's going to come to me. Hay House is going to come to me that did not come from my ego that did not come from my head. It was a just a knowing that they were going to come to me. And they did. And it was so easy. So fun. So great. The team at house that I work with is so amazing. It was orchestrated by my connection and relationship to Mike Dooley, who opened that door. And I realized that it was just the, as the council said it was the next obvious logical step to publish a book. And as I was sharing with you, I'm writing my third book for Hay House, which is called The Art of channeling, which is, you know, how you can access higher wisdom in the form of your own higher self or your soul or your angels or your guides or your loved ones on the other side. And that's just the next logical step, you know. And so I love the counsels analogy about what do you want to appear? Do you want the next perfect step to just appear under your foot as you pick up your foot and get ready to set it down? And right, as you sit down your foot, the next perfect step? Is there? Or do you want a stairway of 10,000 stairs to appear in front of you, and you have to climb to the top of it? We don't really want that. I really don't now, the old Sarah, who would have said, Give me the 10,000 steps, I could do this. But I realized that that's how my whole life was. Everything was always 10,000 steps. And I could get what I wanted, I could manifest what I wanted. I manifested everything on the vision board. But it took me running up a flight of 10,000 stairs every time to get it. And the council just basically said you can do it that way. But there's a much more easily effortless, amazing, magical, harmonious way, where the next perfect step comes to you would you like that. And it took me a little while to to get out of my doing doing doing where there's always more to be done right to just allow. Allow. And the next perfect staff is always so much better than what I could have tried to figure out and I just I trust it. But more importantly, I trust myself now to wait for the next perfect step. Yep. And this is the thing people say, Oh, I don't trust the universe. I can't trust the universe. It's really about trusting yourself to allow the next perfect step to come to you. Versus reverting back to the old running up 10,000 flights of stairs.

Alex Ferrari 1:19:10
On that note, Sarah, thank you so much for coming on the show. This has been such a beautiful conversation and I truly truly, truly appreciate you and appreciate the council. So thank you again, and see you soon.

Sara Landon 1:19:24
Yes, thank you so much, Alex and thank you to the next level so community. Love you all.

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