The GREAT SHIFT Has Begun! The Guides REVEAL Future of Humanity’s Oversoul with Paul Selig

The dance of existence, with its infinite rhythms and unseen patterns, often brings us to moments of profound clarity. In today’s episode, we are joined by the deeply insightful Paul Selig, a channel and psychic whose work with spiritual guides offers transformative wisdom for our times. Through his channeling, Paul provides a glimpse into the divine order and the higher vibrations we are all capable of accessing.

Paul Selig returns to the show, sharing his experiences and the messages he channels from higher spiritual guides. “The kingdom is the awareness of the inherent divine in all manifestation,” Paul says, encapsulating the essence of his teachings. His guides speak of a great shift in humanity’s consciousness, not as a dramatic upheaval, but as an accrued evolution occurring over generations. This shift requires us to confront and transcend our long-held beliefs in separation and fear.

In our conversation, Paul touches on the notion that humanity is at a time of reckoning. His guides explain that we are facing ourselves and the creations born out of fear. “Everything we’ve created in fear, or aligned to through the action of fear, is going to need to be received and renamed in a higher way,” Paul relays from his guides. This involves an elevation to what his guides call the “upper room,” a higher level of consciousness where we can transform our reality through co-resonance.

Paul’s guides emphasize the importance of moving beyond the old paradigms of separation. They teach that our collective soul has chosen to evolve, to recognize and embody the divine presence in all things. “We are in the last hurrah of separation, which is the belief that we’re separate from our source and consequently from everybody else,” Paul explains. This evolution calls for a profound inner transformation, where recognizing our interconnectedness becomes the foundation of our existence.

In discussing the practicalities of his channeling, Paul describes his unique process of whispering and repeating the words of his guides. This method allows him to step aside and let the guides’ messages flow through him without interference from his personal thoughts. It’s a practice that requires a deep trust in the process and in the higher wisdom being transmitted. “I didn’t try to be a channel. I wasn’t looking to be a channel. I didn’t even necessarily believe in it,” Paul admits, underscoring the authenticity and spontaneity of his spiritual journey.

Paul’s guides also address the role of religion and spirituality in the context of this great shift. They suggest that while traditional structures may change, the essence of religious teachings—the recognition of a higher source—remains valuable. “The trappings may not be there as they were, but the truth of religion will still be present,” Paul channels. This perspective invites us to look beyond the external forms and connect with the underlying spiritual truths that unite us all.

The message from Paul and his guides is clear: we are all participants in a collective evolution towards a higher state of being. This journey involves releasing old fears and embracing the divine within and around us. It’s a call to action for each of us to align with higher vibrations and contribute to the creation of a world grounded in love and unity.


  1. Transcending Fear: Fear only begets more fear. To move forward, we must make choices based on love and trust rather than fear.
  2. Collective Evolution: Our individual growth contributes to the collective evolution of humanity. Recognizing our interconnectedness is key to this transformation.
  3. Divine Presence in All: Everything in existence is imbued with the divine. By acknowledging this, we elevate our own consciousness and the world around us.

Paul’s insights remind us that the journey to higher consciousness is both individual and collective. It’s about recognizing our true nature and the divine essence that permeates all of life. As we embrace this path, we become beacons of light, illuminating the way for others.

Please enjoy my conversation with Paul Selig.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 269

Paul Selig 0:00
At times they speak of what they call the kingdom and they say the kingdom is the awareness of the inherent divine in all manifestation. You know the implicit divine the Godman must always be there in spite of appearance.

Alex Ferrari 0:24
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Paul Selig. How you doing Paul?

Paul Selig 0:29
I'm good. Thanks for having me!

Alex Ferrari 0:31
Thank you again, for coming back on the show my friend, we got to, we got a chance to finally meet in person a few months ago or so. And it was so pleasant talking to you and seeing you Channel Live. And it's just a really great experience. So I appreciate the time we were able to spend together my friend, Andy, thank you. So today, I wanted to kind of get into this, you know, we keep hearing about this great shift, the the great shift that's coming the new world that's coming of the evolution of humanity. What is this great spiritual shift humanity is heading towards?

Paul Selig 1:06
You know, I don't hear about it in ways that are dramatic. That's not how I've understood this. I think it's accrued, I think it's happening, I think the consciousness of humanity is shifting at a large level. And we're having now to contend with this whole idea of separation that I understand we've claimed as a way of learning, and that it's not working anymore. So when my guides speak about a shift they speak about is something that happens over generations, you know, I've heard for generations, you know, for humanity, to begin to realize itself beyond the old structures that it's utilized to learn through. So I tend to be cautious around big explanations of drama, because I think people get attached to that stuff. I mean, I remember 2012, and I was doing a workshop in San Francisco in 2006, it happened to do a workshop that day, the world's not even, as far as I'm concerned, we're still going to be here, and I'm gonna work. But I understand, really, I don't have my own opinions on a lot of this stuff. I'm a channel and I take dictation. And when they speak through me, I get it. And for the most part, I have to say, Well, that makes perfect sense. And I can understand it. But I'm not one to ring a certain Bell, you know, I think we're all getting different information about these times, and much of it seems to overlap. But I understand that we're sort of in the last hurrah of separation, which is the belief that we're separate from our source. And consequently, from everybody else, the guide said back in the very first book, which was dictated in 2009, I think, they said, humanity is at a time of reckoning, and a reckoning is a facing of oneself, and all of our creations. So everything that we've created in fear, or aligned to through the action of fear is going to be need to be sort of received and renown in a higher way. The guides I work with Teach this thing called the upper room, it's a level of consciousness and vibration that they teach us to align to. And, you know, they bring their students up there, it's the work of the books. And from that perspective, you actually lift what you encounter, you bring what you encounter to it through co resonance. And this is what the guides say, makes a world anew. And I'm sure there are different ways of, of claiming this and different systems in different languages. But the idea is really the same. When you're aligning to a level where you're not reenacting the old, the new can be born and can be seen. And that's what I get. So is there a big shift happening? I believe there is. And I believe that part of what we're dealing with now is, you know, the x summation of the messes that we've sought to hide from and bury collectively, you know, the guide said, it's like, you know, if your backup backyard is an excavation site, things are very five years ago, and 5000 years ago may come up, but it's not going to look so pretty for a while.

Alex Ferrari 4:21
So is that what is happening into our society today? Because it just seems like and that could be set at almost any time in history. But it seems like even from my perspective of being on earth for as many years I've been, things seem different things that were spoken about quietly, behind closed doors are now being yelled upon and shine a light on like racism and things like that, that just popped up in a way that you like, what?

Paul Selig 4:52
Yeah, we I don't think we have the benefit of reenacting the old and the ways that we have wanted to and I think It's highly inconvenient and quite unnecessary. You know, at a cultural level and at a world level that we look at the stuff that we've been party to, you know, there are people that say you manifest everything, and I, you know, I, and what my guides say is, well, your entire life is what you are in, accord with in vibrational accord. And what you put in darkness and what you hide in darkness calls you to that darkness. And that's the level of alignment that you then hold, you know, so you really don't get to lift beyond the old without seeing how you participate, we all participate in these things. And you know, when somebody says, Well, I didn't make this, so but it's part of our collective reality. And so consequently, we're all accountable to it, and how we relate to it, and how we change with the changes. So I think this is productive. I also think that this is happening at the level of the individual, we're having to face our own crap, and of the collective and the more resistance we have to dealing with this stuff, the harder the experience can be, you know, the guides have said, you build bombs in concrete text, and it's going to keep you safe. And that's ridiculous. You know, eventually they go off, that's what they're built for. And so we now have this capacity to destroy ourselves and everything. And I understand that, we're going to make it that's what my guides have said, humanity has made a choice to move beyond this. But we don't get to move beyond this without seeing how we have been treating everybody in ourselves.

Alex Ferrari 6:35
When you say that humanity has made a choice. Can you dig into that a little bit?

Paul Selig 6:39
Well, I yeah, I mean, as best I can, they say, the collective soul of humanity, humanity as an entity has decided that we're going to change, you know, it's an evolution of the species, as far as I understand it, and an evolution of consciousness because the evolution of consciousness needs to be party to this, you can't get the new when you're continuing to dine out on the old and so you got to kind of clean out the fridge. You know,

Alex Ferrari 7:07
This concept of humanity soul is a new one I haven't heard of before, I've heard of the earth soul, have heard of planetary kind of souls, like, you know, each do universe things like that? It makes sense, though.

Paul Selig 7:21
It doesn't make sense. I mean, I don't know if I, you know, what the guides have said is, you know, a town has a Karma country has a karma, you know, you had any itself is participatory to all of its creations, we're so used to thinking of ourselves in tribal ways that we forget that we're all one source, which is the key to this. So if you go to the one source, and humanity is of the one source, I think that's what they're saying, but we've all kind of decided, you know, it's like the town decides it's time to build a new school where there's no asbestos in the ceiling. So everybody gets on board, and it's expensive, and it's a mess, and what do you do with the kids while the buildings being built, but I think it's a little bit like that, you know, we have to do this, I think are we're going to continue to replicate what we've had. And what we've had doesn't seem to be working and I think we're seeing how much of it has not worked for a long time and this is you know, the level of of cultures government separation racism, all of these things, you know, this need to be separate in this defiant need to be right at the cost of somebody else always being wrong.

Alex Ferrari 8:34
Well, let me ask you as the have the guides ever spoken about this happening, ever in the history of humanity, meaning this sounds cyclical, that account we kind of build and destroy, build and destroy, build. And we've done that, throughout history as it as a species Have they spoken about?

Paul Selig 8:51
Not a lot, I mean, they've referenced Atlantis has as a collective change that we all underwent, and but I don't get a lot of detail on that stuff. And I also just don't generally go there, when they bring it up, bring it up. I can ask for so they're saying of course, it's happening before it's happened before it may happen again, as you as you require it. This is in some ways, I think up to us. They're saying you're in transition now from from who you thought you were, who can move to who you can become you can become who you can become that is in fact, we've always been who've always been outside with outside of the belief in separation, we seek to not that you seek to deny that because you want to simply withdraw. Because you want a sense of control. You want your party right you want your party to be right to a church to be growing your church to be correct or neighbors as was your neighborhood to stay as it was everything is a change. Everything is in change for that thing. Let's go because everything must grow. Stasis is being moved. Stasis is being moved. Not only not all, not only uncomfortable way uncomfortable ways but manifest but manifesting Always it must be in the ways it must be to call your attention isn't to call your attention to what's needed.

Alex Ferrari 10:05
But the humanity has never reached this level in the past

Paul Selig 10:09
That I don't know, you know, that I really don't know. I mean, the guides have said that their teachings are older than what we think of as time. You know, it's not new stuff. But to they get into this other people do. I mean, they've never mentioned Lemuria once and you know, Atlantis, maybe a couple of times when they talk about great transition and great change the marry I never heard of that one. What is it to marry another continent, you know, you know, supposedly people, some people say, because I live on, on Maui now that that's what it was once but I don't know that it's not my stuff. I'm a terrible, new Ager, I've got to tell you. I really am I just I've never gone there, you know. And so it's so and what I'm cautious of, is parroting things that collective ideas that we should attach to, you know, and make real. And I'm sure there's tremendous reality to much of this stuff. But until I'm given it or have my own experience of it. I, along with their ride, you know, somebody recently posted somewhere on social media, this whole thing about CO resonance and sound, which is exactly what my guides have been talking about for years. But this was a physicist and I went, Oh, that's that's a relief, to know that my guides are talking about something that is approvable, that this level, because what I do when I'm channeling is I'm taking dictation. And it's their dictation, you know, they're they are talking now more and more in the last book, which was called resurrection, what I believe they're planning for next. And I don't know if it's the title, but they've said it's going to be about a world made new, you know, that's where they're going, is really about collective transformation through vibrational accord, you know, how you be at that level of tone at that level of vibration informs what you encounter, you're not trying to fix everything anymore. And the only way you're realizing what was always there, which was denied. I mean, the guides say, you really can't make anything holy. But you can deny the divine in anything. And what they've often said is that humanity's only real challenge is what they call the denial of the Divine. And everything that we think about that I think is causing us great problem is an aspect of that, you know, how we treat each other how we treat the planet, how all that stuff, you know, because you don't do that when you don't, you don't harm what you know, to be of source. And when they really bring us to is a level of recognition of source as form God as form God come as the sun and the moon and the body and everything because everything must be of that source. They say that we've denied the divine in form in the body for so long. God must be somewhere else, then, you know, within our hearts or whatever, wherever you want to put it, and within the skin of the bone that you know, we've denied in the physical reality that we inhabit. So, you know, if you are not a source, how can the ocean be? How can the sky be yours? So it's, again, a simple teaching co resonance

Alex Ferrari 13:33
Before we continue, because we didn't mention is everyone can you explain what you're channeling processes for people who have not seen you before.

Paul Selig 13:42
So I whisper and repeat. So when I'm hearing I'm, I'm whispering the words, that's the transmission and I repeat it in a louder voice for people to hear what I'm really on a roll. I don't always whisper it, because I'm just so in the flow. But then I didn't remember anything that I said. And that's kind of scary for me still. But this is the way that it's been, you know, I didn't try to be a channel I wasn't looking to be a channel, I didn't even necessarily believe in it. And when I first started hearing, I was doing a bit of group in my apartment, I was opening up as a clear audience and hearing for other people psychically, which was surprising. I didn't believe that until they started to prove it out. But when I started hearing in my apartment, it was initially like somebody had their lips pressed against my forehead and the vibration of the words was coming in and then I was forming them simultaneously with my mouth. That was a very physical process for me. And it's remained physical they don't I don't feel that anymore. And it may have been a habit that I got into but it's it's accurate. It's an accurate way of working so occasionally I'll stumble over a word or miss hear a word but you know, more often than not, I'm, I'm with it, but that's how I work.

Alex Ferrari 14:58
Yeah, just wanted to make sure people like Is this guy whispering to himself? Yeah. Fair enough. So Exactly, exactly. No, you're by far you the most interesting channel, the way you channel you. There's nobody else that I know of who channels the way you do. Everyone has every channel has their own path of how they channel, yours is extremely interesting, to say the least, and challenging, it's challenging. If you weren't going to try to quote unquote, you know, fake it, man, you could have chosen a much better.

Paul Selig 15:33
The first time there was a video of me up on the internet, somebody said on the first one that I heard about, somebody said, You should look at this guy, he's working too hard to be faking. And I want to that's true. You know, and it's certainly not a very elegant way to channel you know, I mean, you will get used to it. And but you have to understand, you know, I've literally dictated now 10 books like that, that don't require any editing with my eyes closed. And I think the last I don't know, eight of them were all done in front of live audiences. And so if you can imagine somebody sitting beside you, and get whispering the text, and you're repeating what you hear, it's probably closer to that than other things. But I think of myself and what I do, I'm a radio that's what I do. You know, and the tune the station that I'm tuned into when I'm channeling is the broadcast. If I was reading you I tune into you and I'd hear from you. Or your

Alex Ferrari 16:28
Isn't that fun? Isn't it fun? I love that way. You said it's like someone's whispering in your ear. If someone were actually whispered in your ear, and you physically tried to repeat everything, it would just wouldn't work. It just it's cognitively it's very difficult to try to do something like that.

Paul Selig 16:41
Well, how it is because people sometimes think that, you know, Claire Claire audience, which is what this is, or some some people will call it telepathy, it's another way of accessing information. It's not a voice in the room from me, other people can work that way. It's as if there is one thought that blocks out all other thoughts. That's really what it's like. And it's not my thought, it's rarely convenient to what I want to hear. But for whatever reasons, it makes great sense. You know, I don't even know the title was not true a couple of times, I've known the title of the books before they've dictated them, because they've said so or the publisher has said, I'll ask them what you're gonna call the next book. But But I don't even know, I don't know anything. I don't know the subject. I know the title of the chapter. I don't know anything until I'm sitting in the chair,

Alex Ferrari 17:34
Just along for the ride.

Paul Selig 17:36
Yeah, I'm like, I guess I climb into the backseat of the car. And I turn the wheel over, and I'm in the backseat, sort of half listening. And if they say something that I think is incredibly insane, or impossible, I've been known to interrupt, and then they explain it, which I'm grateful for, you know, I you know, I have, you know, I don't write these books. I'm not the author of these books when you ask Paul questions about the work, but the best that I can do is try to interpret what I've been told. And I do that better than I used to do. I really do. But there's a vast difference. And occasionally I'll give an explanation. And I'll ask them if I got it, right. And they'll say thank you know, and then they'll redo it, you know, it's happened, you know, in front of audiences, and it's happened on you know, shows like yours. So, I've gotten used to it, but it's a funny relationship to have. And I may never understand it, which is part of the reason I continue to do it. You know,

Alex Ferrari 18:36
It's a curiosity.

Paul Selig 18:37
You want to somebody when I went back in the old days, when I said, you know, how do I know that this is me and this medium said, okay, so try to channel right now and you can't. You can't it's like when you're in the shower under the water, you know, you're under the water, it's happening in the water stops, you know, that too. That's much of how it is. It's completely experiential. And in my case, it's very physical, you know, my eyes often change color and go very pale blue when I work, and I have hazel eyes. And, you know, when I step into people, I often, you know, take on their envisage, I'd start to resemble them. I mean, it's a physical thing for me. And I, I'm relieved that it is because some of that stuff is just provable. I mean, if I've never seen somebody and somebody asks me to tune into them, you know, tune into my kid, and I start, you know, rocking in the chair and climbing up and then I find out that I'm reading somebody with cerebral palsy, you know, it can it's been filmed. I mean, it's, it's quite interesting. So and it helps me to trust the guides when they step into me, you know, fully and I'm working with them or they're working through me. It's a wonderful feeling, you know, and it's palpable for me and you Usually for the audience's well are people even on a live stream, and they come through with energy. So it's the information for me was always secondary to this. I was in it for the energy because I wanted to feel it, it was so exciting to feel it. It was so real. And me language that followed.

Alex Ferrari 20:18
So this concept of stepping in, can you kind of you go through the process? I mean, would you and please say no? Do you would you mind going into me as an example, I don't know, you tell me,

Paul Selig 20:29
I just had one cup of coffee today, it's early here. But let me see when I can when I can do stepping. And it's really it was, I don't know what it is, it may be a form of psychometry, I really don't know, you know, when somebody says, give me the person's watch, and you can read the person through the watch or the vibration of the watch, I use the name. So I don't have to see people or know them. And I most of the time, I don't, you know, I just finished a workshop here. For you know, a lot of people and people are asking about their kids and their parents and all those things, and I'll never see them. But they can generally verify that I've got their kid or their parent once I tune in. So it's as if I become you, at a certain level. That's how it seems to happen. So I use the name as a coordinate and then I kind of I call it stepping in. I used to think that I was traveling to them, you know, through time and space and, and a physicist actually told me no, you're going in, it's like, there's just another it's like dimensional realities and things like that, which I may never understand. But I'm what I tune in, the first thing that I see is what it feels like to be that person. That's the first thing and I may be accessing them with a level of personality or perhaps at a higher level. And, you know, and then if you ask about your spouse, I'm like the switchboard. So I'm plugged into you and then I can plug in to her and then I can often broker, you know, a conversation at a higher level to to support people who are having challenges. And I see this is somewhat different than the channeling, the guides may come in and comment on what I'm getting, and talking about what the real lessons are, but they're really teachers and they have bigger fish to fry, than whether or not the relationship lasts the way we want it to and things like that. But yeah, I can step into you if you want and see what it feels.

Alex Ferrari 22:21
it'd be. That'd be awesome.

Paul Selig 22:23
Yeah, Let me go there. Do you have a middle name? And can I ask it?

Alex Ferrari 22:26
I guess it's Joseph.

Paul Selig 22:28
Let me just turn into and see if I get you. Well, you're like this, which is funny. Reading back, this usually means resolved and resolute. But a little of this is you coming through saying what am I going to get? What am I going to get? Am I gonna get what I need? And then how do I get it. So you're on right now, which is interesting. And you're kind of watching everything to see what yours. What's for you to take, I don't think this is about this dynamic. I just think this is just where you're at right now. And it's actually useful, because part of what's actually happening for you is that you're deciding to you don't have to work so hard. And that's going to be a little bit calamitous for you. Because you think you're supposed to. And again, and again and again and again and again. And some of this is your lineage, I think and I don't do family stuff. But this is the limit lineage of we get up early, we work hard, this is how it has to be done. And you remember that so you've done that you're not needing it and you're going to change your mind about a lot of this stuff I hear in a useful way. And oddly enough, it's because you're recognizing your own capacity for it. Which is a little spooky for you. And I think you've kind of know it's there, but you don't know I'm gonna say this one

Alex Ferrari 23:46
You can say it I'll edit it out.

Paul Selig 23:52
A little bit like somebody who's who's, who goes to the bathroom and I checked to see what the bowel movement was, you know, what was that? What was that that just came out it's a little like that and then you you know flush it away you don't you know, it's like but it's not it's not crap they're saying you're moving towards a recognition of what you can have and the choice to say that you're allowed is I actually think is about breaking a lot of rules. And I think you're gonna be there for a while until you're really get this so part of I think what you're doing here through your own sharing of this kind of stuff is your essence your own your even though I think you're looking at it now as this thing that's sort of outside you that your party to I think you're also having your own process with it, which is it's going to be ongoing. So this is all good. So that's how you feel when I get you.

Alex Ferrari 24:53
Wow, that's pretty accurate. I mean, other than The bowel movement situation.

Paul Selig 25:03
This was a metaphor wasn't mine.

Alex Ferrari 25:07
No, but seriously. It's it's all that everything you said is you're absolutely right. I mean anyone, I actually get comments from people saying, you're working too hard. We're worried about you. And I'm like, no, no, this is just what I do. I just, I just put out six episodes a week. And, you know, and just keep grinding and stuff, and

Paul Selig 25:27
Not have to work so hard. That's the funny thing. And I think you're still gonna get what you want. And you're not going to be lazy. But I think this is like the guy, you know, where there was like the family bakery, and you had to get up at four in the morning to bake the bread, you know what I mean? It's like, oh, yeah, an ethic. And, you know, and I think you're learning that somebody else can get up at four in the morning and do the prep, and you can show up for what you need to do. But that's, you know, that's what that's what it is. Anybody else who wants to go since you got me?

Alex Ferrari 26:04
No, I mean, no, I don't want to take advantage of you, Paul. But I appreciate you know, that was just I really wanted to use it as an example of what it's like for someone to step into.

Paul Selig 26:14
That's what that's like, and the channeling you've seen and that's different. It's got a different texture, a different sense of vocabulary. The difference is when I'm doing what I just did, I'm feeling you I may be getting visual information to support what I'm feeling and language from you or an aspect of you. But there's still interpretations when I first did that, that I have to I know what that means, as I've experienced it and other readings. And when I'm doing the guides, straight dictation, I'm stenography mode. It's not about interpreting if I try to interpret it, I'm gonna get in the way.

Alex Ferrari 26:53
But then the guides popped in for a minute.

Paul Selig 26:56
Yeah, yeah. to sort of address what the essence of it was. Yes,

Alex Ferrari 27:00
That's yeah, it was yeah, it was really enjoy. I just wanted to use that as an example for people because it's it's that this will all of this like you this fascinating to me, this whole process, the channeling the stepping into all of it. It just so fascinated, I love doing the show so much I get to talk to people like you all the time. Now, I wanted to ask you in regards to this raising of vibration, or the shift that we're gonna go through, how do you think it's going to impact religion and spirituality as a whole throughout the planet?

Paul Selig 27:33
I don't know. I'm gonna go to them and see if they want to take this on. We'd like to address this. And we all want we would like to address this in a way that you don't want roaches, your whole religion is useful as a basis for growth as a basis for growth. But it's a trap. But it is a trap. For some because they get stuck because they get stuck in expectations, and expectations and rules and rules and mandates most religions, most religions have one key have one key commonality commonality there is source, there is source and source can be known and source can be known the way forward is different in different ways. The way forward is different in different religions, if you ask how they will be impacted, if you ask how they will be impacted the idea there was themselves the idea of the religions themselves watching them go higher level will actually be moved to a higher level. So the basic origins of the basis of the religion, the usefulness of the basis, the usefulness of the basis of still be present will still be implicit, implicit and present for you and present for you. But the trappings may not be there as they were, but the trappings may not be there as they were the dictates may not be there was when the dictates may not be there as they were your idea of rules, or your idea of rules, the schemata, the schemata, the direction, the direction and the source of religion, and the source of religion are all different things are all different things, the implicit idea, the implicit idea that there is God that there is God or what you might call God or what you might call God, how God is running right and God is how God is known or recognized or recognized and the structure builds for that. And the structures that have been built to support that are all very different are all very different. When things are lifted, when things are lifted, the bases may be moved, the bases may be moved the foundation may be changed the foundation may be changed but the truth of religion, but the truth of the religion will still be president will still be president may be known and loved and may be known and loved period period.

Alex Ferrari 29:14
Fantastic answer these guys are good. They do good work, sir. Now will there be any new religions or new spiritual movements with this new raising of vibration?

Paul Selig 29:28
I hear there's not a need for one. There's a need for truth, recognition of truth. You can make a religion out of anything and mostly you will fail and that they're saying Be it a meditation practice being a diet Be it a diet be waving have a better way of being with others anything you create. Anything that you create your power to that you give power to operates as a God operates as a god or a totem or a totem finally God goes without names. Finally, God goes without names. It just is it just a Is it the source of all things, it is the source of all things that what notes on the one note song that is present all things that is present in all things that don't have the absolute the tone or the absolute that we will call source that we will call source can be accessed can be accessed and known and known to realize yourself at this level, to realize yourself at this level is to become president is to become party to great change and the great change that is upon you. And the great change that is upon you is renewing himself in a world that is renewing of self and a world beyond the advisors operation. Beyond the Oh bias of separation born into a field, you were born into a field where the belief in separation depends on where their belief in separation was, but was implicit it's always been a lie. It has always been alive when you've erected structures when you have erected structures, cities, cities, cultures, cultures that demand separation, that demand separation of borders or borders or separation, or separation of identity of identity from one's neighbors from one's neighbors. When you move recall the room, when you move to what we call the Upper Room, which is the higher strat or AKA, which is the higher strat or octave above the common field, above the common field that you've known yourself through that you've known yourselves through things are made new things are made news, even new scene and new and once reclaimed, and once you reclaim the world, and you've seen the world that you've seen, will be made new will be made new, not as you may think or wish, not as you may think or a wish, but in truth, but in truth and truth a lie will not be held in truth a lie will not be told in truth a lie will not be out or told told and truthful. I will not be told it cannot be so it cannot be so in the Divine, his presence. And the divine as presence or the truth of all things or the truth of all things or reallocate much of the pain will eradicate much of the pain that you've aligned that you have aligned to and all have and all have an expectation of pain, in expectation of pain, separation, separation, pain, fear, fear, etc, etc.

Alex Ferrari 31:55
It's really interesting that you say that you can almost make anything into a religion, your and the guides are absolutely right, because I'm a Star Wars fan. And people have tried to make Jedi a religion and George Lucas is the first like, no, please stop. It's in your diets and anything that you give power to it's really interesting.

Paul Selig 32:18
I don't know. I mean, you know, it's it's basically, idolatry is really what it is. I mean, that's, that's all it is. And, you know, and it's promoted, you know, we're told what to give importance to and what, you know, to, to empower. And, you know, I don't know what I think about this, I mean, the guides said in the very first book that they dictated, this is not a religion, they've said, it's not a religious teaching. And this is not a religion, you know, and, you know, they think they've pretty much as maybe a little of what they said, they said, there's great beauty and all religions, but they've been distorted over time, you know, for different reasons. And they're just bringing this to a basis of truth. You know, the language that they use, for the most part is, is in the Judeo Christian tradition, but they're reclaiming it. You know, I was raised an atheist, you know, and there's a Jesus on the wall back there. But there's 100, Oman, on my desk out of frame and Buddha's over there. And, you know, I'm much like your office, everybody's sort of everybody's sort of here and invited to the party. Yeah. So

Alex Ferrari 33:29
And you and you, when you started this work, you were the first to say, I am not a guru.

Paul Selig 33:33
I'm not a guru. I'm not even a spiritual teacher, I don't want to be I can interpret the teachings I have experienced to share. And I do share it. And when I first started channeling I was so you know, I was a college teacher, you know, I was an academic, I was used to sitting in front of a roomful of people and talking. But when I started channeling, I would introduce myself and then I would disappear for the entire workshop a whole weekend, five days, nobody would really hear from me until the end, I would say thank you very much. Because I didn't, I had a right to be participant. And but I, you know, my own experience with this stuff has been interesting and is encouraging for other people. And I'm not somebody who went looking for this. I did go looking for God, whatever that was, you know, to me when I hit a wall when I was 25, and started praying for the first time in my life because I didn't know what else to do. And then I started opening up and everything started opening up and then my life really fell apart. Because no, I was suddenly living on bases while I had this mess that I'd created. And the other and I got to learn through all this and I'm very grateful now, but I have a life now that I'm very grateful for but God knows it wasn't easy. It wasn't polite. It wasn't any of those things, you know, and I, I don't know that it's always supposed to be easy. growth is an easy win. They talk about what's happening here, and individual growth and collective growth. So you know, when when the seed is sprouting and it pierces the Earth, the ground is moved to allow for the new growth. It's not polite, we want it all to be polite. And, and right now, I think we're seeing that it's not pure look around. It's not. It is growth, and I think it can be seen framed as opportunity. And then it's useful.

Alex Ferrari 35:31
What are the biggest challenges that humanity has with this great shift coming? Or that's a we're in the middle of

Paul Selig 35:39
At the beginning of I hear, it's ongoing. You're seeing the template eroding, eroding what reality is of what reality was the biggest challenge the biggest challenge is your attachment to what was because all things women because all things will be made new. Now this is triumphant. Now, this is triumphant cause for celebration cause for celebration when a tempo falls, but it wouldn't tempo falls or a structure falls or a structure falls or bangs impulse, or banking system falls or country falls or a country falls and is not pretty. It is not pretty and it can be thunderous, and it can be thunderous, but these things pass. But these things pass you're not speaking of desolation, we are not speaking of desolation or destruction, or destruction, we're speaking of change, we're speaking of change and the alignment you hold and the alignment you hold to a higher potential results to a higher potential for yourselves translates to the road translates to the world, you become a beacon, you become a beacon that will illuminate that will illuminate the pathway to others, the pathway to others knowing and being knowing and being of who and what you truly are Alaska's emerald, allows you to know the same and the world the biggest challenges, your attachment was the biggest challenges your attachment to what was or you think it should be, or how you think it shouldn't be learn through whatever comes you will learn through whatever comes at whatever level you align to it period in their same period.

Alex Ferrari 36:59
So this is very similar to the example you gave with the asbestos school. It was done for that for years and years and years till finally someone said, Hey, I think we shouldn't be killing our teachers and our kids. Yeah. And it wasn't easy.

Paul Selig 37:12
Yeah. But it's a relocation at this level. It's a relocation of consciousness. So I'll explain this, because the guides referenced it, you know, they said we're living in an octave. Our reality, our common reality is an octave of tone and sound and vibration. And they say any piece of music can be played in a higher octave. And the process that we're actually going they call it, what's the word transposition, the music that we are, is being transposed to a higher octave. And because of CO resonance, that the physical reality we know is what we are in entrainment with or what we're in vibrational accord with, when we live to the higher we begin to claim what expresses at that level, this is the symbol they use for CO resonance, the infinity symbol, which is you know, so that's what's kind of happening now. And they say they're octaves beyond the one, the one they call me, they call the upper room an octave. You know, they bring us I think, to where we can enter, but there's more there, you know, at times they speak of what they call the kingdom, and they say, The kingdom is the awareness of the inherent divine in all manifestation, you know, the implicit divine, the garment must always be there in spite of appearance, you know, and that's, I think, where they seek to take us

Alex Ferrari 38:32
So when you say, Octave, this is another word for vibration, or

Paul Selig 38:36
Like a piano. So you can see you can play Happy birthday to you And one key, or you can go up the scale and played in the next octave. So and there are octaves above and beyond beyond what the ear can even hear, you know, the piano only goes so high, but there are higher notes. It doesn't stop like a dog whistle. Pretty much. Yeah. So when I did, I just finished this retreat, and on Maui, and so a bunch of people, and they, there's a one of the claims that they work with is Behold, I make all things new, you know, and it's a claim of truth. And they say the monad, or the divine self, or the God within is what does that Paul at the level of personality doesn't do anything. But you can feel the energy and they had, you know, I don't know 80 People on either side of the room or something sending this to each other. And it was like the waves of energy, we're building and building and building and then there was some guy, they took a walk, came back and some guy passed me where I was sitting and I could feel the energy field, just off the charts. And I realized that that's what they're doing with us and then you know, I hadn't he walked around the room, everybody could feel it. So the world they say shifts through presence in being or the level of tone that you hold at the higher level or in the upper room. that through entrainment or vibrational accord lifts, what it encounters. You see what the guides say it's a real simple teaching what you dam and who your dam dams your back. And that's vibrational accord what you put in darkness calls you to the darkness you can be the light and hold another in darkness. It's hypocrisy doesn't work. But they also say what you bless blesses you in return. And we live in a world which says a blessing is, oh, yeah, God bless them and forget about it. God bless them, that was terrible. Forget about it. That's lip service. They say that to bless something is to realize the presence of the Divine apply it, which is the action of source upon it. And they also say what you bless blesses you in return. And you can do this, you can work with it, you can feel the energy of it, when you do it, you'll literally that company that's called the Echo, you feel the energy come back to you in a way it was, it's kind of extraordinary.

Alex Ferrari 40:57
So it's kind of like when we've all had that experience with someone walks into a room, they either can bring the energy down, or bring it right, like to the life of the party, and everyone's happy, or someone can come down and suck everything out of the room.

Paul Selig 41:09
Absolutely. Right. You know, I've had a few times I've read over over the years, for a few, you know, rock stars who do mega stadiums. And the first guy that one of these guys, I met him, I mean, I you know, I'm not a rocker, I stopped at a certain point, you know, so I mean, I wasn't all that impressed, because I didn't know them. You know, I had heard of them. Sweet guy, and like everybody else they want to know about their families and their kids. And you know, it's normal stuff. But I tuned into this guy at his work, you know, because he asked a question about work. And I felt this guy gets so enormous. I was shocked. It was like he was making love to an entire stadium. I mean, that was the genuine Oh, my God, that's why he's doing this, he can hold that level of energy. He realism, it's more than lighting up a room, you can light up a whole world. But you got to know what that light is. And then you got to access then you got to express it. And that's being expressed as your true self. The guides say how we serve how any of us serve, is how we're most fully expressed as the true self or the divine self or who we truly are.

Alex Ferrari 42:17
So is it is that kind of like when you meet a master on a walking master or obviously an Ascended Master, but like a yogi, or these kind of people that you hear the stories that like, people around them are intoxicated by their, by their energy, and things like that,

Paul Selig 42:32
I think probably that's so you know, and there are people that operate at that level. But I also think that there are people that operate at that level that aren't announcing themselves, I think people that are really awakened, aren't announcing themselves as awake, and they're going about their business. And I sometimes think sometimes, you know, like, the most enlightened person in the neighborhood, maybe the school crossing guard, you know, the years holding that sign up and making sure they're safe. But anytime anybody's doing anything with love, they're operating in a high way. There's no other way around it. So yes, I think that is true. And you know, when the guides step in, sometimes they'll just do the whole room with the energy and you feel it, you know, which is what I liked about this work, because it's palpable, I don't want I really have no interest in people giving their authority to me, you know, I'm, as Paul, I just, I really don't want that burden. You know, because you'll always feel somebody, but the guidance do with the guidance do and I'm happy to be party to that. And I do think that they know what they're doing. I really do at this point, because I can't imagine that they would waste their time doing all this work, you know, through and through me and for us, and for whatever else they're doing,

Alex Ferrari 43:54
You know, yeah, I've heard a story of a Yogi walking through the market one day, and he just saw some guy sitting there selling like fruits, and he's just stopped and sat down with them. Like, what are you doing here? He's like, Oh, my God. And it was it was this enlightened being but he was just selling, selling fruits on the side of the road. Is that what he like? He couldn't understand it at the moment, but but he felt it. He felt that energy was a really interesting story.

Paul Selig 44:19
It's true. I think it's true. You know, when I was first opening up spiritually, I was destitute. I was early sobriety, I had no money at all, it was a hard, hard time. And one of the first gigs I got was in the New York City public school setting up these liberal arts programs because I you know, been to the school which allowed you to get jobs. And I remember going to this place in this bombed out neighborhood as a South Bronx back in the 80s. And it was rough, rough. And I saw these teachers in the schools and they were amazing. And I and you know, I'm sure they didn't know what a chakra was. So I could care less. But these people were present in a way that was profoundly humbling, to me. really humbling because that's the real stuff. It's not about saying namaste all day long and we're in a Korean still. It's about how we show up for our lives how we treat people you know and I think how we trust I don't care what you believe in you know you can doesn't matter that's the proof finally of all of this and I think you can get attached to spiritual materialism you can call it that for lack of a better word. And it's and the good news is that follow that fail that falls away in time it's just part of I think the process of growing

Alex Ferrari 45:42
Right it's when you're saying I'm the most spiritual

Paul Selig 45:46
Alright, supposed to be the most spiritual I have to get if I don't get there first. There's not going to be enough for me and all of this is forgetting source you know

Alex Ferrari 45:56
If you're if you're trying to be enlightened you you will never reach it it's when you just do your thing and enlightenment comes towards you.

Paul Selig 46:05
Oh, I know that sounds right to me but once in a while somebody in a workshop will raise their hand and they'll say I don't want to have to I want this to be my last life I'm not going to do that all the time. And then the guides always say well then you get to come back that's got to come back.

Alex Ferrari 46:23
I get that constantly in the comments of all the shows like this this is I don't want to come back this is I don't want to go this is my last life please loan I don't want to come back I want to come back and I always say lives you're probably going to come back if you feel that way.

Paul Selig 46:37
I believe it

Alex Ferrari 46:40
Now can you are the guides discussed this idea of hell. And the where that because that's our older idea. Um, that is

Paul Selig 46:52
It's the absence of the Divine that you create that you create through separation through separation that's really all it is. That's really all it is. And I'm gonna go to and it's not where you go to when you die, you will learn different lessons. And you will learn different lessons in different lifetimes that forgiveness karma accrued different levels of karma and consequently 100 experiences and consequently have different experiences when you align beyond the body when you align beyond the body, but how was a place but how is a place where an idea or an idea of separation of separation or separation is and all separation is denominator is the denial of the inherent divine you can be you can be forgiven and did you are forgiven already Indeed, you are forgiven already for everything for everything But you don't understand that but you don't understand that the Divine is Redeemer, the divine as Redeemer, the monad or the monad, or the God within or the God within as Redeemer as Redeemer is really very simple. is really very simple. There is an aspect of all of you there is an aspect of all of you that is without sin that is without sin or separation or separation or fear knows itself and unity. It knows itself in unity with source of all things with this source of all things when the Mon isn't activated mode. When the monad is activated in an activated mode it reclaims all things it encounters, it reclaims all things that it encounters with the light that is truth with the light that is true. That is how you are renowned. That is how you are re known or redeemed or redeemed and how you reclaim the world. And how you reclaim the world is the aspect of you. It is the aspect of you that knows who he is that knows who he is an express state in an express state that aligns all things with your world that aligns all things to a new world period. Or same period.

Alex Ferrari 48:30
Beautiful. Paul, I have to ask you just on a personal level, do you ever just like ask the guides for yourself? Like hey, you know, should I go do this?

Paul Selig 48:39
Yeah, I do. But I'm not the best person to read for myself. I mean,

Alex Ferrari 48:48
You can't step into yourself.

Paul Selig 48:50
No, because I'm I'm too trapped in here already. You know when I first you know, I always say you know the guides don't intervene if I want to walk into traffic. I can if I say is this a good time to cross the street, they might say not wise. But if I ask sometimes though answer but it's often this is like maybe 25 years ago I you know, I've always been a bit of a slob. And I had I was teaching at NYU and I had one iron shirt in the closet everything else was just you know, whatever. And I heard I was I asked What should I wear to I could wear the blue shirt. So I put the blue shirt on that was the day I had to go meet with my boss unexpected as Oh thank god I didn't put the one on with the musters day down the front. So but I, you know, the problem is, is if I have a desire, I'm already informing what I hear with my personality self. So I trade with people that I'm going to have a couple of people that we read for each other, you know, and if it's something that's too close, it's nice I also have found that people who, and I tend to, you know, I don't, I'm cautious around channeling, I think just because somebody doesn't have a body doesn't mean you should listen to them. You know what I mean? Just because something's coming in spirit, doesn't mean it's high level. So one of the ways I think that people get sort of stuck is when they, they're hearing things that confirm what they want, you're the most special or that person's evil or all those things, both of those will be highly, you know, low level comments, you know, the guides I work with don't override free will, you know, and they respect for you Well, so, have I gotten accurate information, I get it in the moment. And generally, the accurate information is about not taking actions based in fear. And once in a while, they'll tell me when to keep my mouth shut. You know, like, not a good time, don't say, not a good time. And only when I asked

Alex Ferrari 51:05
When you say low level, are you talking? Can you kind of dive in dive in, I've never really discussed that before?

Paul Selig 51:11
Well, you know, this isn't my level of expertise. I don't talk to dead people. That's not my work. It happens once in a while. I can read a living if people still have a body, I can hear them, feel them. And I've read for family members about people in comas and still been able to access information, because I'm tuning into somebody who's still got a body that guides are beyond this level. And they me in a middle ground place. But it's not sort of astral stuff I don't think I'm tuning into now this is what I always say, my grandma bless her heart was married, I don't know, four or five times, and she's dead. And she's probably not who I want to go to on the other side for relationship advice. You know, she's probably happy to give it to me. But you know, that's not what I needed. And so I tend to be cautious around certain things. And two of the things that I was taught to be a little bit wary of is flattery, and fear. So if somebody is channeling about those evil people, and that you know, it generally, I don't think my guides could care less. Yeah, who killed Princess dire if it happened, you know, it's National Enquirer stuff they're not, that's not where they go, somebody else may go there and get accurate information, who's a psychic and is working at that level. When I work with the living, I'm working psychically. When I'm working as a channel, I'm working spiritually. And I make the distinction

Alex Ferrari 52:46
That makes perfect sense. Because generally, everybody I bring on to the show always has profound high level messages. I've never had somebody coming going, like, you know, these other people are what you need to fear or you're right, you're absolutely right.

Paul Selig 53:00
Right. You know, I mean, for me, I think I tend to draw a distinction between inspiration and channeling. And inspiration is great. Ya know, great art is channeling my opinion inspired art channel. And but you know, channeling I feel is dictation, you know, it's taking dictation. That's how I look at it. It's not about the channel, the channel is used in a useful way. But it's not about that. And I've met people who say, Well, I'm having my child's book edited. And I go, but it's not the end. It doesn't make sense to me. But that's I'm kind of a purist that way. You know, there may be three words in any book that are changed after they're transcribed. And it's usually because I mispronounced them. Or, you know, it's like this. If I were to say I'm an IP for Christmas, and all through the house. Yeah, exactly. That's presupposing what's going to be next and so the guys I work with sometimes say, it was night before Christmas, and all through the condominium, just so that you person, you know what I mean, though, the word up, and then it keeps you on your toes, but it's easy to fall into that to one. And I I have to be cautious not to

Alex Ferrari 54:24
Now what advice would you or the guys have for someone just beginning their spiritual journey?

Paul Selig 54:30
Rejoice! Really, I knew you're in for a hell of a ride. When I got to this, and this was early, I was you know, 25 When I started opening up, and I had a bit of an experience early on that made it more real to me. But there was a very simple idea for me at the time, which was if there is a God or something like a God or spirit in the universe, then nothing Here's the way that I thought it was. Absolutely nothing is what I thought it was. And that was mind blowing, and exciting and strange. And I also think it's really useful to stay grounded, you know, so I'm an old time 12 stepper that grounded me it made it practical, there were things that I can do and things that I did not do. And it was very hard. And I had to learn how to do everything differently than I had done it. Everything. You know, I've been a writer I couldn't write after I really didn't know, I was like, What do I do now. So I found that trusting through the hard times. And also having real healthy support was extraordinarily valuable. I could not have made it on this journey without people who are kind to me and that included early on people who, you know, let me live in their apartments, because I didn't have a place to go to, you know, and a guy who was an energy healer, who found out that I was opening up who worked on me for basically next are free for a year or two, as I was opening up is extraordinarily generous. But I really do believe that when you move onto this path, you're supported. I look back and I go boy was I taken care of and I didn't even know it should have been dead. You know, for a lot of different reasons. I should have been dead. And I'm here and I'm grateful

Alex Ferrari 56:35
When you said that, you know, when you were if everything that's coming in is true, then everything you believed is wrong. That is a complete earthquake of the foundation of your of your life. And that's terrifying for people.

Paul Selig 56:51
Yeah, it was me everybody. You know, I was 25 I had platinum blonde Billy Idol hair leather jacket, I was a four pack.

Alex Ferrari 56:58
Please, please, please send a picture, please, please.

Paul Selig 57:02
I was I mean, I was a kid. But my when I when I got into this stuff, people thought I'd done crazy. When I started seeing lights around people, it was like, Well, maybe you have a detached retina, maybe you have a brain tumor, maybe your detox, you know, is the beginning of something else. And from given that I was raised with none of this, and was taught to believe it. It was for stupid people. I I needed some kind of proof, which was seeing or feeling I needed that. And I was given that and the work that the guides do through me is usually very palpable for people can feel the energy. And once you start feeling energy, everything, it's a game changer, because then you know that there's more going on and you were talking you can feel it. You know, it's why people when they study forms of energy healing opening up available, sometimes they open up very rapidly, I did

Alex Ferrari 58:01
Now what is one of your favorite teachings of the guides.

Paul Selig 58:05
The action of fear is to claim more fear. Every choice making fear gets you more of the same. The last choice you made because you were frightened and see where it got you more of the same. I say fear isn't wise, but it will seek to replicate itself at at some level, and it's a low vibrational energy. So they say when you go to the upper room, you move beyond fear at that level, because fear doesn't express that you want your fear, you have to go back downstairs to get it. I like that one a lot. And I find it really useful. And I do work with that. Because I found that to be true. You know, so I try not to make choices based in fear. Prudence and fear are two different things. Prudence is the science says sharks in the water may be best not to get in the water that day. You know, it's not fear that's just being cautious. It's not a bad idea to have an umbrella when you when it's raining. You're not frightened of the rain. You just don't feel like getting wet. Fair enough.

Alex Ferrari 58:59
Fair enough. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions I ask all my guests now this is for you or the guides to answer whichever comes through. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Paul Selig 59:10
Or there's I'm hearing I'm hearing I suppose this from me, but I'm hearing trusting God, and everything happens as it needs to. And you're not in fear. Let me go me answer that my way. What would a fulfilling life be for a Paul not being afraid. Which I suppose is the same thing as trusting God

Alex Ferrari 59:28
What advice would you give to your younger self?

Paul Selig 59:32
Stick it out? Stick it out, stick it out it stick it out. You know, my younger self my 18 year old selves have safe sex. Don't drink until you pass out. Don't default on your student loans. Law lots of lots and lots

Alex Ferrari 59:52
of don't get that credit card with a 27% interest rate

Paul Selig 59:56
All those things. Yeah. All those things. my younger self, my younger self, I have much more compassion for the night. And I was a piece of work and I was a headache. And I was very, very fortunate that people cared about me when I was not able to care for myself

Alex Ferrari 1:00:17
Isn't it a miracle that, that we're alive sometimes you look back at the stuff that we did in our youth, and you just go, how am I alive?

Paul Selig 1:00:26
I know isn't that great? But it's because you think you're immortal. I'm trying to learn how to drive you know, I failed the test twice. I have a car now. I can't park it yet. I can drive it but I can't drive it legally, I gotta pass this test eventually, because I live in the rainforest. Otherwise, I can't get any groceries. So but you know, the reason I have a buddy who didn't get her license, either, she's an all time New Yorker. And she said, you know, we know we're not immortal anymore in the way when you're 16 you think you were mortal? You know, when when I was doing all that crazy crap. i Oh, yeah. And I know better.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:01
That's, that's if there are any young people listening to this conversation, take it from a couple of seasoned seasoned guys. You are not immortal. And whatever you are doing now, you're going to feel it in about 15 20 years. Now, how do you define God?

Paul Selig 1:01:22
Source. Source.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:25
Simple as that. And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Paul Selig 1:01:31
I hear to know love and be

Alex Ferrari 1:01:35
That's a great answer. And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work that you're doing in the world?

Paul Selig 1:01:41
My websites, my name, There's, you know, information on live events. And I do a lot of live streams and the books are there and lots of podcasts. So it's a place where it's sort of a one stop for a while

Alex Ferrari 1:01:58
And you don't you don't do personal stuff anymore, right? Personal? Yeah,

Paul Selig 1:02:01
I do. It's it takes a while usually to get to get an appointment. But there's, there's a link up there for personal readings as well.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:08
All right, great. And then do the guides have any parting messages for the audience.

Paul Selig 1:02:14
Understand that you're not failing by not knowing what you're doing. The world that you live in is changing is changing. And what you think of is also changing is also changing the the potential when you think of potential, there's a much higher potential available than there was we welcome you to it, we welcome you to it. Whatever your choice, let it be your choice as to be known as to be known. And you know, and seek to know who and what you are, who and what you are beyond the idea beyond the old idea that you are separate from your source, that you are separate from your source, or same period.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:50
Paul it is always a pleasure having you on the show, my friend. I love these conversations. I look forward to our next our next one, my friend. Thank you again for everything you and the guides are doing for the world.

Paul Selig 1:03:01
Thank you. Thanks for having me. Take care Alex!
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