Divine Guidance from the 12 Archangels for 2023 with Belinda Womack

In the quiet, transformative moments of life, we often find the most profound connections to our higher selves. On today’s episode, we welcome Belinda Womack, a spiritual messenger and channel for the 12 Archangels. Her journey from a cell biologist to a conduit for divine messages is a testament to the unpredictable and wondrous paths that life can take.

Belinda’s story began over 30 years ago when she was a scientist focused on stem cell research. One ordinary day in the lab, she had an extraordinary experience that changed her life forever. Archangel Gabriel appeared to her in a vision, calling her to a new mission: to remind humanity of their divine origins. This startling encounter marked the beginning of Belinda’s journey as a channel for the 12 Archangels, delivering messages of love, hope, and transformation.

Her teachings emphasize the power of love and the importance of forgiving the past to transform fear into trust and hope. As Belinda shares, “Continue to forgive the past. And as you do this, the fear is transformed. And what you will feel and experience is trust and hope and faith that things are only going to get better for you. This is guaranteed by the way.” This profound insight underscores the transformative power of love and forgiveness in our lives.


  1. Forgiveness as a Path to Transformation: Belinda teaches that forgiving the past is essential for transforming fear into love. This act of forgiveness not only heals old wounds but also opens us up to new possibilities and a brighter future. By letting go of past grievances, we can embrace trust and hope, knowing that life is unfolding in our favor.
  2. The Power of Intention: Our thoughts and beliefs have a profound impact on our reality. Belinda emphasizes the importance of aligning our intentions with love and positivity. By consciously choosing love and setting positive intentions, we can create a more harmonious and fulfilling life.
  3. Connecting with Higher Guidance: Belinda encourages us to connect with our guardian angels and the Archangels for guidance and support. She explains that everyone has the ability to communicate with these higher beings through the heart and the creative, intuitive brain. This connection can provide profound insights and help us navigate life’s challenges with greater ease.

Belinda’s encounter with Archangel Gabriel was both awe-inspiring and challenging. As a dedicated scientist, she initially struggled to reconcile this spiritual calling with her scientific background. However, she eventually embraced her new path, understanding that love is the fundamental force that connects all aspects of existence. Her story is a powerful reminder that we are all divine beings, capable of extraordinary transformation when we align with the energy of love.

In her work, Belinda also highlights the different roles of guardian angels and Archangels. Guardian angels assist us with daily life and personal growth, while Archangels help spiritual healers and illuminators accelerate their evolution. This distinction emphasizes the collaborative nature of the spiritual realm, where various beings of love work together to guide and support us on our journeys.

Belinda’s teachings on the law of inside-outside, or as above, so below, further illustrate the interconnectedness of our inner and outer worlds. She explains that our external reality is a reflection of our internal state. By healing and nurturing our inner selves, we can positively influence our outer experiences. This understanding empowers us to take responsibility for our lives and create the reality we desire.

In conclusion, the conversation with Belinda offers a profound exploration of the power of love, forgiveness, and divine guidance. Her insights remind us that we are co-creators of our reality, capable of profound transformation through the choices we make and the love we embrace. Belinda’s journey is a testament to the incredible possibilities that open up when we align with our higher selves and trust in the divine flow of life.

Please enjoy my conversation with Belinda Womack.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 158

Belinda Womack 0:00
Continue to forgive the past. And as you do this, the fear is transformed. And what you will feel and experience is trust and hope and faith that things are only going to get better for you. This is guaranteed by the way.

Alex Ferrari 0:31
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I like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Belinda Womack. How are you doing Belinda?

Belinda Womack 1:12
Great, Alex, thanks for having me back.

Alex Ferrari 1:15
Yes, we had such a wonderful, wonderful conversation last time. And I wanted to have you back especially now, as we're closing in on the New Year, and wanting to you know, see if we could talk to the to the archangels about what's coming in 2023. This has been a few last couple years have been interesting to say the least for humanity. And I know there's a lot of Oh, god, what's going to come now and 2023 kinds of conversations, and I would love to talk to them. But before we get into that, for people who didn't listen to our first amazing conversation, can you talk a little bit about your story and how you how you came to be a channel for the 12 Archangels.

Belinda Womack 1:55
So the short version is, is that over 30 years ago, I was working as a cell biologist at a university lab, and I had a visit from Archangel Gabriel. I was actually working on a stem cell sample and I was you went into it was a it was a pop over into my creative brain, I'm sure that that's what happened. But for my experience, I was taken into a completely different space, I was no longer in love lab, I was in a stone room and a light came in. And here was this great big, beautiful angel with a trumpet. And I knew that there had to be Gabriel because Gabriel comes with a trumpet. And Gabriel said Your work is going to change we need. We need your help. Humanity has forgotten that they are God's divine children. And I said, I don't have any experience with this kind of work. I'm a biologist. And the angel said, just you just need to know what's in the book, right? The big huge book to my left. And that was an intimidating book because it was about three feet wide and at least a foot deep. It was open. And there was one word, the word was love and read fire letters. said okay, I can learn how to do that. And if that's what my job is going to be about is sharing the love. Okay, but I still tried to talk my way out of it, of course.

Alex Ferrari 3:33
Which which is and as that story is putting in I'm not sure if I asked you this in the first conversation, but I kind of imagine that that was a little startling. I mean, is that generally something that happens? Or has that thing? Or have you had these kinds of visions throughout your life? Or is this the first indication of this ability? And did you freak out?

Belinda Womack 3:52
Yes, I definitely had a bit of a freakout because I my whole body was shaking. So you know, I was taken into this other place but I, you know snapped back into the 3d reality however you want to work that night was still holding my stamp on my syringe in the sterile hood. So very different environments. No, I had never had a vision like that before. As a child. I was definitely super super sensitive and would see and experience things but I thought I had that all shut down and locked up. Right? Because I was going to be a scientist. So you, Alex, I'm trying to answer you. I always try and answer your questions. Absolutely. Honestly. The main thing that I had since a child through it all was my sensitivity. And my you know, I was a believer, but that was my first experience with an ark. Angel, and you speaking to me telepathically and calling me to service absolutely.

Alex Ferrari 5:08
You know, it's always fascinating to me, because I've had, you know, a lot of friends and colleagues of mine who know of the work I'm doing here. They always they're like, you know, channels really Alex. I mean, that sounds kind of nutty. And I go, Yeah, you know, I mean, to be fair, I mean, it doesn't sound like a normal, everyday situation. But what I always bring to account is that you were you weren't someone living on a beach somewhere on an island going, hey, you know what, I think I'm gonna channel the archangels today, and I'm gonna, that's gonna be my new life path. You are a professional scientist, who had studied years for your career, and then you made a choice and said, You know what, I got the call, I'm gonna leave my entire career behind and go down this much easier path, obviously, of being the channel of 12 Archangels. So, you know, and I've heard that story again, and again, from any other channels, who are lawyers, who are I had a military lady who is at the highest levels of the military, he's like, you know, I'm good. I don't need to work with you know, the president anymore. I'm going to be a channel. Like, those things really are. That's fascinating to me. You know, if it was just like someone like, you know, living on Venice Beach, California, good. I think I'm gonna channel someone today. It's a different conversation. So I always point out that to people, that you literally decided to walk a much, arguably, really, really tough path. Because I imagine people around you weren't going oh, well, thank God, you found your way.

Belinda Womack 6:46
Well, it's such a different path. It really is, when especially when you're called to be a channel or a messenger. You know, I feel like call myself a spiritual messenger, I can communicate with anyone that's in heaven. That's the frequency I work with, which just means pure, undiluted love. I don't really like to go down into the dark cellars, I do best with beings of love. But it is very different. But I just want to throw out there that everyone has the ability through your heart through your creative, intuitive spiritual brain, some people call that the right brain or the feminine brain. And that has to open and it has to open at a frequency of love. So you know, in the Bible, it says these words were hidden from the wise and learned but revealed to little children. And I don't know the Bible, but I love that quote, because it's very true. You know, when you open your heart, and you want to be in the flow of love, which really is the energy that created all of us, then that's where the angels hang out, and the guides that want to help us. And so it's like communicating with Allison human beings, when that door opens up, when that door opens up, and so then it's not woowoo or kooky, or it just makes pure common sense. And that's the way that then angels communicate.

Alex Ferrari 8:30
Now, we've heard of the concept of guardian angels, what is the difference between a guardian angel and an archangel?

Belinda Womack 8:37
So Alex, I just asked for your audience to understand that the 12 Archangels. And their numbers are symbolic. They are not in the hierarchy. And we put that out there because they believe or they teach that angels have different assignments. Just like human beings have different assignments, right? So guardian angels are not less than Archangels. They're not above a fairy. Right? They all work together. Guardian angels help human beings on their journey through school Rimmer, where the role of the archangels is they're going to help healers and spiritual illuminators those who want to accelerate evolution and awakening that have a calling to do that. The Archangels helped to build bridges between the ego and the heart or the ego on the soul, and guardian angels help us with daily life and to help wake us up so you can think of a guardian angels having a I like to call them Violet Fire skillet, that's the energy of your crown chakra and they go along and they wait you up, they knock you in the head when you need that Belinda has needed lots of knocks in the head. When we need to get back on track, get out of the fear, get back in the love and step into that creative flow, because we do create our lives. And that's what so many people don't understand. You and I talked about that last time that life really is a movie. And we have a lot to do with creating the life that we are living.

Alex Ferrari 10:34
I can just dive into that just a little bit because and I can't I don't think we can say it enough about how much we control what happens to our in our lives. Yes, there's things outside of our control that happened to us, to a certain extent, because that might be karmic, that might be part of our life journey. But a lot of times, I found that like when a car accident happens, someone's trying to wake you up. When you're off the path, and boom, because you haven't been listening to the whispers or the taps on the shoulder, or even the sledgehammer across the head. Apparently, we need to go to the next level. And that's something that's like life altering, shaking to the point where you like have to stop and think about where you're at and how you can move, get back on track. I think that I think the pandemic did that for the entire planet.

Belinda Womack 11:25
Yes, and guardian angels help all the way to the point of the car accident, they are trying to help, you know, wake us up and say, Look, you are creating this story. So the 12 Archangels would say we are powerful influencers in our life, they would not agree with you that we have control, they say that the soul very much is in charge, and the soul is a bigger part of us, that created our ego that created our human expression. And so when we understand and it's really a surrender, but it is a daily practice, you understand this? Well, our thoughts manifest our feelings manifest our beliefs, especially that subconscious, which can make up more than 90% of us. Those beliefs are always manifesting. And what we can do to create a happier movie, a happier life on the hour is to take responsibility, especially for our conscious thoughts, and lift those up. So having dark angry, your negative, watching too much news, it doesn't help us. It doesn't help anything. It doesn't help anything to improve in our lives. So we are powerful influencer influencers, our intentions, our prayers, our meditations, you know, what we our desires, our soul. And this is an angel teaching, right? But are they say that our soul actually gives our ego what we desire. And now ego can can kind of which means our consciousness, right? So the ego can shrink down that desire and pull it way down into the mundane. So for example, let's say that our soul is trying to bring us a wonderful new career. And the ego says, you know, okay, I want to pay raise at the factory where I work. So the ego has taken what the soul is trying to bring, and really crunched it down and lowered the vibration. So it's incredibly simple and powerful. When we just when we have a desire, whatever that desire is to give it back to soul, give it back to source and say, show me, I allow, I allow this or something even better. It's simple, but it works. And then our consciousness is participating in our lives. We're not victims to what is happening to us, we are definitely co creators. But the more we shift that vibration out of I don't really believe I get to have what I want to okay show me that I get to have what I want, or something even better. It's it's simple, but it is incredibly miraculous.

Alex Ferrari 14:53
I'll tell you from firsthand account is exactly what happened with this show. When the second I said all right I'm all in your hands, do what you wish, I'm gonna go and just do the work and, and not be afraid. And it just a door swung open in a way that I can't even comprehend with the show. And it's grown so fast. And it was purely exactly that conversation I had with God. And I just said, Hey, I leave it in your hands, I'm letting go of the wheel, you do the driving, I'll push. Because I got to do my work. I can't just sit in the backseat, I got to do work. I'll do my work. But it is now up to you to open up the doors that I can open right now. And if I'm supposed to be on this path, you show me exactly what you said, Show me and I'll do it and boy did it show. And it's continuously showing with with guests like yourself and, and many other people I've had the pleasure of talking to who've just come out of literally out of the air magic. It's pretty remarkable.

Belinda Womack 15:52
Well, and Alex, you're your soul. You know, you're, you're a spiritual luminary, and you're a teacher, and you are on this earth, this is coming from your team, you can probably feel that. And the 12 Archangels are part of that team. But your mission is to really inspire people to open their vast creative genius, but to let that creative genius flow at the vibration of love and spirit, and be supported and guided. Because it is the creative force of the soul that allows us to do work that we'd love to have careers and vocations that we love. But that also make a difference. Make a difference in lifting the vibration and shifting the story for all concerned. Everything on school remark is about vibration, everything. So we can either live a very dark, scary movie or produce one and direct one. Or we can produce and direct an incredible documentary. That's inspiring, right? And that's our life. And that's your mission is to encourage people, Hey, create a new kind of movie. Everyone. Everyone is a movie producer. It's culture of life. So get out of victim consciousness, and lift it up and do what makes you happy. Thank you,

Alex Ferrari 17:27
Thank you for those kind words. I truly appreciate that. Um, you mentioned vibrations. And, and a lot of people have, you know, over the years, that term has kind of gotten a little bit like woowoo out like, Hey, man, I'm feeling bad vibes, man. Kinda kind of thing. It's become a joke. But, you know, in the spiritual sense. And this is going back again, 1000s of years to ancient spiritual texts, talking about vibrations, and how people's vibrations you attract where you're at. And that's why you don't see Yogi's getting mugged, on the side of the road in India, who, who, you know, are getting hurt, or, you know, spiritual masters aren't attracting that kind of energy towards them. You just don't hear of things like that happening, generally speaking. So can you just touch a little bit about how we can raise our vibrations to a higher state, so we can continue to attract those kinds of people, those kinds of events, those kinds of opportunities to us.

Belinda Womack 18:35
Absolutely. So love is the energy that creates us. And love is synonymous with heaven. So when we think of heaven, we can think of abundance, health, happiness, opportunity, joy, positive, happy loving relationships, where our lives because we are immortal beings where everything flows. And when you take the vibration of love, and you lower it or you dilute it with something called fear, and fear has other names like negativity, hostility, guilt, shame, blame, not good enough unworthiness. When you lower the vibration of the energy that were made up, and you keep buying into fear, and you go into that place of have to be in control and judging everything and comparing everything from a negative, negative perspective. Then we pull that vibration way down. And the more invested in fear and fears, negativity, so that can be violence, drugs, despair, giving up hopelessness, then that's what we're going to bring to us now. We all have a lot of protection to help us choose love. But it really is incredibly simple. When we just say those words with our, you know, conscious ego mind. You know, spirit doesn't creator, mother, father, God doesn't make it difficult. Make the choice and make it all day long. I choose love, I choose love. And to, you know, we say live from the heart, which really means have an open mind. And that open mind is, is about allowing that creative, feminine, intuitive, bigger part of our brain to flow into support us. What does that mean? Feel your feelings, Be Real, Be Real, Be authentic. We talked about that last time. Let your soul with a prayer. Okay, so that means yourself that stays in heaven, you be in charge of what I experience, that instantly raises our vibration. And then we can help. Know, let's stay positive gratitude is incredible to help the human mind, the ego, lift itself up, you know, when you're feeling in a bad mood, and you're down and out. You just start to make yourself say everything you're grateful for what's going right. And it's, it's powerful. It's simple. And it changes things because our thoughts and our feelings manifest. We are all manifest errs, all of us. And so when we use those thoughts and feelings, and we own them, and we say okay, well that's, you know, to keep going down negative, what if lane? What if this bad thing happens and that bad thing happens? That's only going to pull me down. And that's not going to help me. Love helps us. Love helps us fears our teacher.

Alex Ferrari 22:07
Very much so very much. So. Now, I wanted to know if we could ask a handful of questions to the archangels today, is that okay? Of course. All right. First questions are since the last couple of years have been interesting to say the least for humanity. What is 2023? What are your thoughts are the archangels thoughts on what is coming in the year 2023 for humanity?

Belinda Womack 22:35
Alex, as a rule, we do not predict the future but hold on. Because we would love to answer this question in our way. What we say to you human beings is that you have been going through an incredible time of transformation, where the depths of your subconscious and the fears and the negative beliefs, how's there have been purging, they've been rising up in vibration, to return to the Central Sun, the heart of creator. Why? So that you begin to experience something better? What can you expect in 2023? It all depends on where you are right now. It all depends on the choices you make right now. Are there things and experiences that the masses of humanity that are not choosing love that they may experience that will seem like more drama, trauma? Yes, of course, we say to you that humanity still has a passion for drama, and trouble and fear. But let us tell you the higher reason for this or the awakening that comes from this, because that's what it's all about. It's to wake up. It's to choose love. It's to love school, remember so what we can promise you in 23 is far more awareness. Far more truth, far more transparency, far more honesty, those who would love to keep the secrets and keep humanity and your knowledge your intelligence your emotions under lock in control. They are going to be revealed even faster than they happen in the prior two years. What you can do to help all of the angels and guides the governors of schoolroom Earth is choose love and hold the intention that truth and highest vibrational will becomes more powerful Killer on school Rainer. We thank you for your question.

Alex Ferrari 25:07
Thank you so much how? How do we overcome the fear of the unknown? Because so many people are afraid of what might be coming for them in their lives? What advice do you have, and that's in that scope?

Belinda Womack 25:21
One, so we're gonna sound like we're old. You know, we're, we're old books with Alzheimer's here. But what we say is that, to choose love on the hour, to choose Love, and Love is an energy. And it comes in all of the colors of God's rainbow. The color of violet is the energy that transforms fear into love. And it is accelerated by forgiving the past. So if you want to have hope, and trust in your future, step into a violent fire river, or under a vial of fire, rain shower, forgive the past, especially the past, you don't even know that you carry this is the past of your ancestors, and past lives. This is the past that is stuck in your subconscious. Forgive it, continue to forgive the past. And as you do this, the fears transformed. And what you will feel and experience is trust, and hope and faith, that things are only going to get better for you. This is guaranteed by the way, it does work, we're only going to give you human beings, what is proven? What works. So test us experience the results, and enjoy the results.

Alex Ferrari 27:03
What is the best way to communicate with your angels with guardian angels or Archangels in your life?

Belinda Womack 27:12
Oh, they brought me back. Okay. So what is the best way to communicate, and they want you to know that they are definitely still here, Alex is to really move out of your ego and come into your heart. So the foolproof way to do that is to connect with a child that lives within you. We all have a child, every grown up has a child that lives within us, that is a voice of soul and a connector to heaven. So you can take a photograph, if you don't have a connection with your inner child, you can find a photograph of yourself as a child, and you start a conversation with that child. And as you open that doorway, to your creative imagination, which is not You're not imagining you are using energy of love. The angels gave me a new way to look at this. You're using images, which are part of that creative, intuitive, higher vibrational part of your brain that connects with spirit, the creative part. So you're using images, when you're starting with an image of your inner child that opens you to a whole new nation, right imagination, it opens you to an entire new nation. And that is your heart, the angels call that the garden of your heart. And so when you connect with that child, and you allow yourself to be in that garden and feel that love, then it is much easier to see your angels feel your angels experience their vibration experience them. So that's one way the other way is ask for their help even if you don't believe in them at all. Just ask for their help. And you're gonna start to feel their help and experience their help in mundane life so that they prove to that ego that's over there stuck up it and the logical rational prove it to me tangibly world, right? Not the bigger nation. It's in the it's in the smaller, you know, kitchen drawer actually. So when you go over there, you can still have the proof and proof is something that can very much help a human being to go okay, I have angels have angels, they're helping me things are changing.

Alex Ferrari 29:51
Fair enough. Fair enough. Now, another question for the angels and you let me know if they want to come into an to this or not? It's just a fairly large question. So we have come through the the cycle of humanity has come through many times for us to evolve to where we are right now. You know, we've been graduating, graduating and graduating, I know a lot of people listening might feel that, you know, are we even going to make it this time? Are we going to graduate this time? It? How do we know that this time we are going to pass this test and move on to the next grade, if you will.

Belinda Womack 30:36
Your question is addressing the human collective. So the human collective is made up of many souls that are wise, and intelligent, and beautiful and loving. And they are far too powerful. To allow failure failure is something that comes from fear. And it is helpful for the human collective to understand you are immortal. It is like there is one body that is made up of an infinite number, what's not an infinite number of cells, and each of the cells is a human being. But we look at that as as an infinite continuum. So as the souls that are expressing through all of the egos awaken, right, all of the egos begin to shift and move at all of these many, many different vibrations, some stuck in the depths of fear, and some very awake and enlightened. As all moves forward, humanity moves forward. So our answer is very simple. There cannot be failure. Archangel Gaia is school, remember, your earth is an archangel, she is not going to allow destruction. You have your perceptions. And so we say to you shift your perceptions. If you want to keep your perception as that everything is going to be destroyed. And all of humanity and schoolroom Earth is going to be destroyed and every living creature is going to be destroyed. We respect that perception. But we say to you, even out of the darkest, deepest destruction, comes rebirth. This is the way your school was designed and created. And this cannot be changed. It will help to change your perception to allow it to flow into your consciousness, because it then flows out to the rest of the big one human body that says yes, there is cancer in some of the cells. But there's health and wellness and more of the cells. Let us shift our perception to the truth that we will rise above as the human collective as the one human body that is made of souls that are learning and growing. And don't forget all the other souls in the trees in the animals in the water in the air are all is made of love and love cannot be destroyed. No matter how much certain pockets of human beings would like to see destruction in its totality, just because they would like to see what that looks like. That is illusion. There are loving forces guiding everything forward. So let this be a time of change. It is always a time of change. This is a significant time of change. Look through different lenses beautiful beings. Sila and see its power. We are the 12 Archangels of the Central Sun, together with many many guides and ascended masters holding to earth, and the big heart of creator. This is where earth lives

Alex Ferrari 35:11
Why do we are souls? Oh, sorry. Hey, you back.

Belinda Womack 35:15
That was just a lot

Alex Ferrari 35:17
I went through. Yeah, that was a deep one. You okay?

Belinda Womack 35:21
Yes, yes, no, I'm good.

Alex Ferrari 35:23
Can I keep asking questions to them? Or is it? Are you alright? I want I don't want to affect you.

Belinda Womack 35:28
You can always ask them questions. It's just that just let me take a drink of water,

Alex Ferrari 35:34
Please take two I could feel that one. That was a, that was a heavy, I'm asking heavy questions, you know,

Belinda Womack 35:46
Alex, and when they come through like that, what you may know, or what you may not know is they know who your audience is. And they know who your audience is going to be in the future. So they are sending through huge waves of, you know, transforming love, through their messages that will keep going will keep having a ripple effect out there. So that means that not just Belinda but also Alex, every time they come through when you ask these big questions, we both have to help hold that frequency. Right in our human bodies. So that's why water is helpful.

Alex Ferrari 36:28
And the I mean, I feel it by fit something go, something's happening. And I just I'm just like hanging and obviously not as intense as you because it's coming through you but i There's no question about it, you feel the change. Even my team who work on these things they go, even while we're editing it, we feel stuff sometimes I don't know what's going on. They're probably laughing they're probably laughing right now, as they're editing this. They're probably laugh and this is for you, boys. Now, another big question. And it's a question that I get asked a lot from people and is one of these basic questions, but I think I would love to hear what the angels the archangels have to say about this. Why do we choose to come down or come to the earth plane? If it is so difficult? It is no you call it schoolroom Earth is a this is a graduate program. This is a Ph. D. program, school to say the least. But why do we choose Why do the soul choose to come down?

Belinda Womack 37:37
We would like to say that actually souls lineup to to come to school rebirth. It is a one of a kind of school in all of the great universe. souls choose to come here because they want to expand in knowing in love in valuing love. So we have to back up for a moment and explain that when love is the creator of all there is. And so that's all you know, how can you value love? How can you appreciate it and respect it and even want more of it if you haven't experienced anything, but love. And so this is why souls part of the central soul or Divine oneness choose to come to schoolroom Earth, and oftentimes they come to experience Free Will this is very popular. Because free will allows. So the soul has created the ego, the human being the personality. Personality is a bit of a higher vibration of ego. And so the soul when it's new to school rebirth may give its ego permission to experience Free Will at any vibration that exists. And so if you use your will to experience the depths of fear and negativity, then that's what you get to experience now the soul is in charge the soul is governing the whole movie and if it gets to be too much, to be honest with you, the soul pulls the plug that means that there is a physical death, but death is an illusion, that soul very often will send a new ego meaning incarnate right back come right back and this time that egos going to choose will to use their free will with a bit more discernment and understanding that now there is such things as cause and effect There are consequences, consequences for one's choices and for one's actions. So souls come to earth to evolve, to expand, and ultimately, to come home to love, to the power to the energy to the experience, to manifest completely with love. And say, Aha, I will not take this for granted ever again. And so then love actually grows in its power. So human beings who understand this, you may call them Ascended Masters, we say that ascended masters are those human beings who have recognized after many, many lifetimes, well, that they don't really want freewill. They prefer to use the will of heart, the will of soul is the way that they're going to live, they're going to make choices and decisions based on love. And so when they return, they come to help shift things to move things forward. So that souls who are in choosing the depths of fear with their free will wake up to that choice and say, Aha, consequences are happening even faster. So this is why that Karma comes around faster. These days. It's a little bit of a cliche statement, we have heard from human beings. Karma means your lessons, your lessons are always based on surrendering your freewill, choosing love. And using a higher power of love, instead of ego power of manipulation and deception and coercion and instant gratification, living in lakes filled with money and saying, Well, perhaps this doesn't really give me happiness. Happiness is ultimately what every soul wants to experience. So this is why souls come to school Rumer the school of hard knocks, and there are schools to go to before you come to this one. With this one, we love this school for it helps all of Divine oneness, to grow. And to move forward. We have to get Belinda break now

Alex Ferrari 42:57
You're alright there Belinda. Don't want to ask any more big questions.

Belinda Womack 43:06
Ask you just you know, it's just right. We're on the earth. Here God, creative water for spiritual messengers.

Alex Ferrari 43:22
There's no question about that. But let me ask you this. This is a question you can answer. What is your shadow self?

Belinda Womack 43:33
Okay, so shadow is the it's symbolic, but it's the part of ego. That is the teacher actually. And shadow when you learn to communicate with shadow will tell you directly, where you are still being tricked by fear, where you're still giving your power away to fear. And the angels have a very simple, fun imagery for connecting with your shadow. Your shadow lives up there in the masculine or ego part of your brain, the left part of your brain, just to make it simple, and lives in a cave. So your intuition you can think of that beautiful cave of Brahma, where the big bear is and your eye chakra third eye chakra is fusion beautiful. We just move it to the left and you'll find a dark door. It's dark, right? It's like scary. It's Shadow. It's a shadow world or shadow place. You go with your divine inner child. Again, that's just the way you can hear and connect with your soul. So you make sure you bring through the truth. You walk through that are opening to the cave and there is shadow. Now, the angels are going to say take your vial of fire lantern with you take a vial of fire light, right? That energy that transforms fear into love and have a conversation with your shadow and so shadow. How do you trick me? How do I how am I seduced, to keep throwing myself back into fear, right? Instead of being in that higher mind that higher vibrational, hopeful, grateful place called heart? How do I throw myself down the stairs and vibration and land in the alligator pond alligators are symbolic for fears and shadow is going to tell you so for example, it could be as a child you didn't feel wanted, you know, or your family had dysfunction, which family doesn't have dysfunction. But you know, your your family had certain stories or you weren't allowed to, you know, express yourself, all of these things your shadow knows and your shadow knows even What fears are still stuck in your subconscious. So shadow knows that just about everything. And it's remarkable just a simple practice. Okay, well anxious wonder what shadow has to tell me about that? Makes sense?

Alex Ferrari 46:36
It makes sense. It makes absolute sense that you mentioned you've mentioned a few times in this conversation in our last one chakras. You know, the chakra system has been, you know, talked about for 1000s of years. It's, you know, it's an ancient ancient system. I don't even know when it was first brought in. But I know it's it comes from the from the west and from the east. Excuse me. Um, can you explain to people because it's it's one of those terms again, like vibes that's been kind of taken, it's in the zeitgeist, no question. People have heard of the word chakra. But it's kind of like woowoo out. But there is a real spiritual basis for can you explain what chakras are and what, what place they have in our evolution as a soul.

Belinda Womack 47:24
So chakras are our spiritual batteries. They're our batteries of energy. So when we are created, a human being is created, we have a physical body, right? That's the one we put in the shower every morning, we have an emotional body, that's where we feel our feelings. And that's the divine feminine or Divine Mother aspect of us. She is made out of sound, which is emotion, and we have a divine masculine part of us or masculine. And that's our thoughts, and our beliefs. And that's our mental body. And we have been taught to very much live out of that mental body, forget about the emotional body and pace, some attention to the physical body, but we have a whole nother body that is the parent, it's the same as the soul. And that's the spiritual body. And that spiritual body takes care of us and is immortal. And the spiritual body has batteries of energy, that once we wake up our mental body and our emotional body, right, can log into that energy and use it. And not only can we use these batteries or chakras of spiritual energy to help ourselves, but we can use this energy to help others because they actually belong to creator, creator Divine oneness Divine Source, chakras. So the easiest way to understand them is for us human beings is that they come in the colors of the rainbow. And so when we see a rainbow, those are God chakras working reminding us Hey, fill up with some love. Love comes in beautiful singing colors. And with it, it's an energy that we can use to move our lives forward. And to help others with it.

Alex Ferrari 49:27
Yeah, that explains it and as from my understanding that as you evolve as a as a soul, and you become closer and closer to an Ascended Masters, those chakras open up because sometimes they stay dormant in the soul throughout.

Belinda Womack 49:44
Okay, so from the 12 Archangels perspective, the soul is made up of the spiritual bodies, but your your ego, right your consciousness That is hear running, you're like the driver of your car of your spirit of your excuse me, your human being, you do not have access to all of that power. Because if you don't know how to use it and manage it, you're just going to harm yourself. So for example, some people who human beings, who you know, they don't know that they're playing with fire, they can play with the Kundalini energy because they think that this is going to feel good. This is the souls energy that comes through the Soul, or sometimes called the sacral, or second chakra, we often see it as a brilliant coral, orange, coral is the more feminine flow of the energy, and orange is the masculine. And when it really gets activated, it just becomes pure white fire, that racism the spine. Well, when you don't know what you're doing, and you start to play with that, you can cause yourself a stroke. Now, I want to explain quickly why that happens. Because if you are very ego, left brained, logical, rational, control, I only believe in what's tangible. And you start to work with that Kundalini energy, what it opens is a doorway, the angels call it the purple door, between the left brain and the right brain, or the where the ego lives. And where all of spirit flows into intuition, at the vibration of love. And so that Kundalini raises up and it blows open the door. And if that door has been really anchored, and crystallized and shut down, or you don't have you're not ready for all the awareness of your spiritual brain to open up, you are likely going to cause yourself a stroke, and you're out of here. So this is why Alex with what you have shared that it's the chakras, it's not that they're not open, right? It's that we earn, our consciousness earns access to that power, as we choose love as we evolve in our consciousness. And what does that mean? It means when we learn which can take lifetimes, when we learned, wow, I need to be here. Now. I need to forgive the past. I need to hand the future back to source and let it be revealed to me. I am going to surrender to soul into the will of my heart. And as we do that, then we have access because we then that ego is said I'm going to live in my soul. I'm going to be one I'm going to be united and then we have access. So it's not that it's forbidden. It's a protection. As we learn, we're able to do more, right? We're not gonna give a preschooler. Some can probably do it those very special ones, but algebra, algebraic equations, right?

Alex Ferrari 53:22
Well, it's kind of giving a preschooler a keys to a race car. Yeah. And, yeah, because algebra is not going to hurt you. But a race car will and it can hurt a lot of people around them. But if you throw a five year old into a race car, I'm like, here's the Go button. Here's how you turn it on. And here's how you drive and they've never driven that kind of power of handle that kind of power. It is dangerous. And from my understanding, as well as in my studies of older ancient texts, it has nothing to be played with. And it takes many, many, I mean, yogic masters, take lifetimes to learn these kinds of skill sets, and the kind of powers that come along with it and just awareness as well. When you open up those chakras, the awareness of things. It's just an energy that is hard to explain in words.

Belinda Womack 54:13
Well, it's a love and love is a power and it's a creative power. Right the Creator, whatever you want to use the terminology, creator, divine source, Divine oneness creates all of the great universe which is expanding with the energy of love or another way to put it with the chakras. So it's incredibly creative. And it can be if it's misused, if the power is misused, then the people who participate in that have agreed to go through those lessons of learning. But we all have Divine oneness would love for us to evolve to a place where We say, I don't want to miss use. I don't want to miss use divine power.

Alex Ferrari 55:07
Without question. You mentioned in your book, The Law of inside outside, what is that?

Belinda Womack 55:14
So this is the law of as above, so below. Right, it's, it's a very common law for schoolroom Earth very, very important and so as above means heaven. So below means earth. And that means that we do experience heaven here on earth, we definitely do. And that's where prayers are answered. Because when we send our request to the as above, it needs to manifest materialize appear on the soul below. So the other part of that law is, as within us. So without us, human beings don't understand that we really do create our external reality. And we're doing that from the inside out. So when we have an understanding that, oh, we want to change what's happening in the external, we need to go inside and look what's going on inside. Then things change, then things change, and it's especially important for helping the human body to heal. What can help us so much with that inside? To help that inside? Right, be the as above, so we have heaven within us? Is the healer feelings.

Alex Ferrari 56:45
Fair enough, fair enough. Now, I'm going to ask you a few questions. I ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Belinda Womack 56:57
Living a good life is to ask to be filled with creators abundance and abundance as the angels define it is happiness.

Alex Ferrari 57:11
How do you define God?

Belinda Womack 57:15
God is love. Love is energy.

Alex Ferrari 57:20
What is the ultimate purpose of life?

Belinda Womack 57:24
The ultimate purpose of life is to love to be loved, to fully be loved in every given moment. And as we talked about last time, it's to discover our true authentic, our true authenticity, and allow, allow that to evolve, to not be fixed, and who we are. But to let more love and more happiness, more joy and more passion. And let that discovery continue.

Alex Ferrari 58:02
Then where can people find out more about you get your book and everything else you're doing for us in the world.

Belinda Womack 58:09
So they can do that on my website, Belindawomack.com.

Alex Ferrari 58:13
And do the archangels have any parting messages for the audience?

Belinda Womack 58:19
Human beings, if you are listening to us, we say to you plug into the power of source. Ask for miracles. You see, you have been conditioned not to ask but asking for help in any way in any form, especially from the unseen force of love is a weakness. But we said the opposite is true. So test us. Ask, experience miracles, miracles mean highest magic. Things come together, doors open. Let this be your way forward. Is for an easier, happier, more exciting at the same moment life. Love will do this for you. And all of the angelic realms want to help. That is why we exist. Let us help you.

Alex Ferrari 59:32
Belinda it is always a pleasure. And an honor having you on the show. Thank you. This has been a trying session for you. I can see it's been intense today with each but I appreciate you. You're doing it and I appreciate you coming back on the show. You are welcome back anytime you'd like as you know, and I appreciate all the work you're doing for the world. So thank you so much.

Belinda Womack 59:57
I appreciate you too.

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