Unlocking the Akashic Records to Discover Your Soul’s Purpose with Laura Coe

On today’s episode, we welcome Laura Coe, a profound seeker and explorer of the Akashic records. Her journey is a testament to the soul’s search for authenticity and deeper truth. Raised in a Jewish family with intellectual leanings but little religious engagement, Laura’s initial exposure to philosophy at sixteen ignited a spark within her. This spark led her through a life of academic pursuit and entrepreneurial success, yet she always felt a profound sense of disconnection from her true self.

Laura’s story is one of awakening. After years of success in the healthcare tech industry, she realized she was deeply lost and detached from her authentic self. Her entrepreneurial achievements, though impressive, left her yearning for something more. This yearning propelled her into a journey of self-discovery, where she began to explore various spiritual practices with a healthy dose of skepticism. However, it was her encounter with the Akashic records that truly transformed her life. “The Akashic records blew my mind,” she shares, reflecting on the profound impact they had on her spiritual journey.

In this profound conversation, Laura delves into the nature of the Akashic records, describing them as an energetic space that holds the history of every soul. She compares this space to an internet of spiritual information, accessible through a specific process much like dialing a phone number. This revelation was not just theoretical for Laura; she experienced the practical benefits firsthand when she used the records to locate a friend’s lost wallet. This experience solidified her belief in the tangible reality of the Akashic records and their ability to reveal deep truths about our lives and souls.

Laura also touches upon the concept of emotional obesity, a term she coined to describe the layers of thoughts and feelings that weigh us down and obscure our authentic selves. She emphasizes the importance of distinguishing our true voice from the cacophony of internal and external pressures. “We wake up and immediately think of the list of things we have to do, feeling stressed from the moment our eyes open,” Laura explains. Her work aims to help people shed these layers and reconnect with their true desires and passions.


  1. Connecting to the Akashic Records: Laura’s journey highlights the transformative power of the Akashic records in revealing deep personal truths and guiding us back to our authentic selves.
  2. Embracing Authenticity: Her concept of emotional obesity encourages us to strip away the layers of inauthenticity and live in alignment with our true selves.
  3. Navigating Spiritual Bypassing: Laura warns against the trap of spiritual bypassing, advocating instead for a balanced approach that acknowledges and integrates our human experiences and emotions.

Throughout the conversation, Laura underscores the importance of letting go of the ego’s need for control and embracing the unknown. She describes her own struggles with surrender, noting how the ego resists relinquishing its hold. “I keep surrendering and surrendering, and letting go and letting go,” she says, capturing the essence of the spiritual path as a continual process of release and trust.

As we conclude this enlightening dialogue, Laura leaves us with a powerful message about the nature of life and purpose. For her, living a good life means allowing herself the opportunity to express what wants to come through her every day, embracing both the pleasure and pain of the human experience. Her definition of God as the energy that is all things, timeless and unknowable, reflects her deep philosophical and spiritual insights.

Please enjoy my conversation with Laura Coe.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 187

Laura Coe 0:00
It's a place that holds mine and yours in everybody's souls history not just this life all your lives and not just like a story or two but every single thing. Everything you've done

Alex Ferrari 0:26
I'd like to welcome to the show, Laura Coe. How you doing Laura?

Laura Coe 0:30
I am fantastic. Thank you for having me on.

Alex Ferrari 0:33
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you. You're you're doing some amazing work in the world. And where you come from is such a interesting story. Can you tell the audience a little bit about your journey back to the spiritual side of your life? Because you weren't always there correct?

Laura Coe 0:51
No, I was not. I grew up in the city of Chicago. My family is Jewish and more intellectual, not very religious. We I mean, we celebrated things, but nobody took it seriously, particularly. And I was more of a philosophy person I, I was kind of a hot mess in high school, I was having more fun than than the average good. But then I read Plato, and it was like, something inside of me just woke up. And, you know, there was moments where you just like, get that full body goosebump something just happen. So here I am. I was like, 16. And I read this and I'm like, Whoa, what happened? So I just followed that passion. I went to, to college, studied, it went to grad school, and I didn't want to be a professor. And I didn't have a plan B and I was like, jet. So I left and I went home to Chicago. I was in Boston and I Yeah, became an entrepreneur. My dad is a famous physician, he was taking his work nationally. My brother was doing it. I love my brother. I was like, alright, you know what, Plan B, let's try this. I was really good at entrepreneurial endeavors. And we built this healthcare tech company from ground up. That went on for about 1012 years, sold it to a fortune 500 worked for LabCorp of America. And like really, honestly, Alex, I was like, very lost. I was like, cut off from my deeper self, I had really like compromised all of that stuff inside of you that sort of guides you those inner knowings. And I left with this goal of like, I gotta go just find something more authentic. Okay, I didn't know what that meant. And I started this journey back into myself philosophy. I started writing, sending authenticity, became a coach had a podcast. And even with all of that, I would say I was like spiritual light, you know? Easy. Well, it's like, I'll try it. Sound bowl healing? Sure, why not? Right? Like, I was a yoga teacher, I was meditating, I was doing all these things. But I kind of took it like, I don't know, with a grain of salt, right? Healthy skeptic. And then I bumped into the Akashic records. And it was like mind blowing, like, it just blew my mind. And from there, it was just a series. I mean, we can go as deep as you want. I'm sure we'll get into it. But it was a series of events over some years, that broke me open into the deeper knowing of what this authentic self really is. Right? Like I was talking about it, but like, what is it at its core? What does it mean to be in one's truth? Who am I when I say I am in here? We were I was talking that way people talk that way. But I got really like, I don't know blown wide open about what that meant to me. And and then I just dove off the spiritual cliff at that point. I mean, it was just like there was no stopping me.

Alex Ferrari 4:03
So what's wonderful about your story is that on the outside, you seem to have everything you wanted financial success, you're a successful entrepreneur sold your company to Fortune 500 materialistically, you were probably doing fine. You were empty inside and it seems just hearing your story. It's kind of like the universe was like you're born, you're close to spirit. And it's like okay, she needs to go off and find her. She needs to bump into the bumping into the walls a few times before she starts to come back towards us towards the to the spirit and it you just have to go off and make your mistakes and learn these things and learn the lessons you had to learn till you finally started to come back to spirit and and you apparently went into the deep end.

Laura Coe 4:47
Yeah, I think I think I upon reflection, right because I didn't grow up spiritually. But upon reflection, I think I was pretty tapped in right I trusted my intuition. I would make decisions like I had that moment at 16 with philosophy and I was like, yep, doing this. And then I was, you know, in college and my friends like, going abroad. And I thought, yeah, I'm gonna go abroad, like I just kind of let my intuition guide big decisions. And when I started the business, I was like, Yeah, this feels this feels right. I'm going to do this for a while. But what I didn't count on or what I didn't know, at 24 was how such a life of like not following what's true for me. And success is really exciting. You know, you're 24 you're like, Oh, I'm testing myself. And I'm pushing myself and I'm finding all these new skills. And I'm, and I'm getting pat on the back from everybody. Right? I'm productive. It looks good. And it was fun, right? Like, I'm not gonna say it wasn't fun. I'm creating things. And I was helping people. But in there was like, covering up more and more and more of that truth, that part of myself. That was that was authentic. Right. True to me.

Alex Ferrari 6:04
Isn't it interesting, though, that and I've done this too. And I think most people listening have done this at one point or others will you start to convince yourself that you know, it's about the money or like, I could do this, just just keep doing this a little longer? This is a great opportunity, but you're not happy? Yeah, you know, we're at a job that we might be making great money. But we really hate the job. And we really don't maybe not like the people working with us. And at the end of the day, you come home and you're just angry and bitter. And you don't understand why you're angry and bitter. Until you start doing that self reflection. And then the brains like, you know, like, there's so many people killed for this job. And this is deadly. Yeah, but it's not, it's not your job. Can you do that job? Sure. I could do 1000 things. I had a post production house for 25 years where I did movies all day. Could I do that job? Obviously I could I made a living doing it for 25 years, do I want to do it? No, I was probably happy, like a handful of times in those in those 20 years doing that job, you know, unless I was working on my own stuff, until I found podcasting. Because that makes sense. Then I became a podcaster. And an author and a writer and these kinds of things that made no sense in my world, but then I felt whole. Yeah, and it's having the bravery to to take that leap into these other things that make you feel whole.

Laura Coe 7:25
Yeah, I tell the story. Sometimes. I mean, I, I sold the company and I drove up to my home. Beautiful home, chocolate Labrador, my kid relationship of 15 years. It's like nothing objectively was wrong. And I wasn't unhappy, right? Nothing was like, I wasn't one of these people that was waking up like, oh, in fact, I made rules at my company, you're not allowed to say TGIF and there's no hump Wednesday, or whatever that is. And I tried my best to enjoy my time. But it just, it didn't speak to me. It wasn't true for me, right? I'm not a healthcare tech person. And entrepreneurship. I like the creative building. But I don't really like business. I mean, if you asked me to look at spreadsheets, I don't care if you want me to talk about strategy don't care. My brother one time was like, look at getting an MBA, and he showed me the catalog because he had one and he loves it. And I looked at each class. And I was like, oh, like, there's also in horrible, like, any of those. And so it's confusing when you're good at something and you don't despise it, and you're getting outcomes, and it's helpful to the world. And you're sort of like what's wrong here? You know? And it was me like, I wasn't, I wasn't connected into the core of my being and bringing that forward. Right? I wasn't like, one in the same with what is my, my being myself, right? And philosophy really was? I mean, I just think about that. I just want to talk about it. It is just my favorite topic every day of the week, right? And I did it with friends and various ways. I snuck it in as a yoga teacher and I tried other avenues but I don't know, right? It's like when you actually find the bravery to go in and say what is true for me, what do I want? And it goes against every like construct and financial benefit. But you do it. That's when you find that flow state right? That's when you find like your, your work is your play. You do it for free. Like all those kinds of sentences became true for me.

Alex Ferrari 9:30
Isn't it interesting that I think that it is worse to be in the state that you were in, which is kind of like that middle ground blah, I'm not happy but I'm not unhappy is the worst place to because when you become unhappy, it starts to motivate you to get out of your comfort zone. But when you're sitting smack dab in the middle of it, like you said, great relationship. Do you have a house Chocolate Lab kid, like, I'm not unhappy, but I'm not happy. That's the dangerous place because that can last 30 years. That's right. But when you're pissed off every morning, that's gonna eventually drive you to like, I gotta make a change. But when things are just rolling, but you're unhappy, or

Laura Coe 10:11
You know, I had a conversation in my head with my grown son, I mean, he was only three, but I envisioned him it at 20 25. and I were having coffee, and I had this like flashbulb moment. And he's like, Mom, I have a question for you. And I said, What's that, and in my, my fantasy, and he said, You sold the company. So you had some money. It's not your passion. But I grew up with nannies, and I never saw you and you were always tired. Why? And it was, right. And I just went, Oh, I gotta quit this job. I got to stay home with my son, because what was true is I wanted to also be around him, and I was never seen him. You know, I would see him an hour or two a day, because I had to, you know, fly to the house that, you know, business hours are extensive. And so that was really the impetus for change. I was like, this is not true for me. I don't want that for him. And that's not my future.

Alex Ferrari 11:07
So you mentioned this thing called the Akashic records. Yeah. What is this Harry Potter thing that you're talking about? Can you can you explain for people who don't know what the Akashic records are, what is the Akaka what is the Akashic records

Laura Coe 11:22
So really simply put, it's the energetic space that holds your souls history. Okay, so imagine a internet of Wi Fi is space, that is, energy, and it's, it's a place that holds mine and yours and everybody's souls history, not just this life, all your lives, and not just like, a story or two, but every single thing, everything you've done, Alex, like, I found a wallet. So my, so an Akashic Record reading, you go in and you enter this space. And when I was in this space for a friend, I located her wallet, and we can talk about that in more depth. But it was one of these moments where I was like, Oh, shit, it's not just our conscious, our thoughts are our feelings. It's literally my friend lost her wallet and didn't even know right, so everything you're doing is stored in this place called an Akashic Record.

Alex Ferrari 12:21
So it's basically the cloud, but a spiritual version of it. It's like, it's like, at a much deeper level with a lot more computing power than what we were playing with at the moment.

Laura Coe 12:31
Yeah, that's how I think about it. And then to enter it, it's like think of a cell phone, right? So you have a cell phone and you want to dial your friend's phone numbers, same cell phone, just pop in a different number. To get in the Akashic records, I read some sentences, swap one legal name for the other. I entered one Akashic record or another Akashic Record. And I don't know, 50 years ago, we didn't know how cellphones work. Right, that'd be impossible to say that this was an option. So I get that it sounds a little a little out there that that's possible. But I mean, I just, I just equate it to cell phones. I mean, I think the science is getting there. I think quantum physics suggests there's ways that this is possible. But that's that's basically how it works.

Alex Ferrari 13:16
But also, I mean, the Akashic records are been talked about for 1000s of years. In the Vedic texts in May, God, I forgot the earliest concept of this being talked about. But this is a concept that's been around for 1000s and 1000s. So this is just not a new age, something that came up in the last 30 or 40 years concept. It's been called the Akashic for a long time as well. And then we could talk about Edgar Casey, who, who really popularized it in the early 1900s, with his work and tapping into the Akashic Records, which is really interesting, because the way you're referring to it as individual volumes, let's call them books. I mean, you have to put it in like a library to giant library books, and all this kind of stuff. But you can also tap into the world's record in the sense that like you can look at things aren't going to happen, things that have happened before, kinda like your wallet idea, the wallet store that you were about to touch with, can you explain to us that if you can go a little deeper into how you found your friend's wallet using the Akashic Record?

Laura Coe 14:23
Yeah, so everything has a record, your house has a record, to your point. The world you can, you can open up the records of things of animals of people. I know, it's it's like a library, but it's not a library. It's like the internet, but it's not the internet. I mean, I just don't think we have the best language. So this is the best I can do to explain it. But it is, yeah, it's a place that holds everything you've ever done. And when what people do is they do something called an Akashic Record reading. Okay, so you'd come to me as my client, and you'd say I've got a problem right in my life like I'm stuck, I'm frustrated, I'm looking, seeking, wanting to get a breakthrough in some way in my life. Right. And so an Akashic Record reading, I'd read those sentences, and then I'd open up your Akashic records. And it's like, the best way I can say it again, is, imagine a Google search for your soul at that point. So it returns back one thing, one record for your highest good in this moment, right? So if you're checking out ski trips, and you go into Google, you're gonna get a ton of stuff and have to sort through it. In an Akashic Record reading, you ask a question, you get back like one search result, and it is so powerfully helpful for what it is that is stuck within you in that moment, that people are like, brought to cathartic tears, almost every time I do readings, or they're just like, they're always deer in headlights, they're like, how do you know? So I'll give you my example. But I walked into my first Akashic Record reading. And I was telling a few friends, I just want to live in a modern minimalist apartment in the lake. I don't know, random, right? This woman says, She opens up my records. And the first thing she says, she goes, I see a modern, minimalist department on the lake. I was like, wait, what, and I didn't know what it was. I didn't know why it was there. My, my partner at the time took me and I was like, what, right? And then your brain just kind of freaks out, because there's no way that this person could know it. And then she starts to tell me things about, about my soul about what is so deeply true to me that if you were to get a team of therapists, all my best friends, and a guru in a room and said, What's the best information for Laura in this moment, I don't think they could do as good of a job as this is this reading, she told me about the books I wanted to write, she told me about my relationship with my son. Everything comes through without judgment. And with without a sense of right or wrong. So you get this beautiful conversation, that, you know, when you hear something that's true on a soul level, like you're seeking, you're looking, you're searching, and then you read the sentence, and you go, ah, ah, that was it. That was it. That was what I've been waiting to hear. And I'm just like, something unlocked inside of me. And I feel like I'd had a profound opening or awakening, it's like that for an hour. I mean, you're just like, one after the next after the next after the next. So your question, what else is out there? It's that inner reading for an individual. And then I go into records. And I ask these other questions because of my, you know, obsession with philosophy. But I asked like, what's the nature of love? What's the nature of boundaries? And the reason is, we have these views of, of this stuff, but it's filled with judgment and getting it right. And like, feeling this pressure in this lifetime that I'm like, if I don't do something in a certain way, I've like failed the life or like, right, we have this calling, like, I know, I'm supposed to be doing something in my life, but I don't know what it is. So an Akashic Record reading can help you hear what you signed up for in this lifetime. Because the idea is you write a soul plan for what you want. And then you get here, and life's a little harder than we anticipated. Or there's freewill people like choose different things and do different, they don't go according to the plan, right? Or something happens. And so the reading can help you get back on track with where you are, for what you signed up for, what you need to heal, how to grow, what relationships are serving you not serving you karmic ties, past lives that are haunting you. And it just gives you the perfect vocabulary to to unlock, inability to move forward. And then you get that philosophical wisdom. You know, what does forgiveness mean? When you're looking at it through the realm, the view of the Akashic realm, and it's profoundly more beautiful and kind of simplistic. You're just like, oh, I can do that. Right. Like, I can do that. And then to the wallet, it's like, so I'm at this, I'm doing this. I'm writing and I'm doing readings, and my friend calls me frantically. She's like, I can't find my wallet. And I'm like, I don't know what your wallet is. I'm not like a that's like a party trick, right? I can't tell you. So, um, she's desperate and I go into records and I check okay, Where's where's Ali's wallet and I'm focused, and I see a pile of clothing. And there's this wallet stuffed in it. And she takes this pile of clothing and puts it in a hamper and I said that I think your wallets in your hamper, but it's really stuffed in there. So you got to look closely. She's like, Okay, three hours later, she didn't call me I'm like, Ah, it didn't work. This doesn't this isn't how it this is not the Akashic Record. I don't know, I feel

Alex Ferrari 20:05
You're abusing the system, you're

Laura Coe 20:07
Like, come on, this is a healing modality for the soul. This is not about your wallet. So she calls me she's like, I found my wallet. I go where it was. And she's like, in the hamper. And I'm like, Why did you take it three hours? And she's she said, Well, I didn't do what you said. I didn't look closely. I just looked really superficially. And so I went back and I dumped the whole thing out, and it was it was stuffed in there. I was like, whoa. Right. I'm like, Oh, shit. Like, it's a record of everything we're doing. Even the stuff we don't remember, right? You like you lose things. So my partner at the time caught wind of it. She was like, I lost my credit card a week later. And like, Oh, come on, I don't want to do that. Again. Like it still feels like a party trick. And, and I said, it's between your glove compartment in your car, but you got to move your car seat forward. She comes back three minutes later, with a photo there. It was, like lodged right in there. But again, it fell out of her pocket. She didn't know. So it's not just the subconscious that we're capturing. It's literally everything.

Alex Ferrari 21:04
So Laura, there's a ring that I lost. No, I'm joking. I mean, it would be great if we could just talk it over real quick, not joking. Know, I get this, this happens with channels and mediums and psychics that have on the show is like, once your friends are accepting of the situation, then they start using you like so, you know, I'm gonna go on this trip. Should I use spirit or American or JetBlue? Which is the one that's gonna get me there on time, that's not going to be delayed. Like they I'm assuming this happens, right? Like the, the universe on tap.

Laura Coe 21:40
Alex, like, If I hear one more person say, can you just hop in my records? I just started saying everybody I'm like, I just want to be clear. There's no hopping like it takes a long time. They're very long winded up there. They and they answer in metaphor. And there's like this beautiful way that we joke. That's like a record Z answer. But it's a long windy road to get us to open ourselves up to hearing what they want to say without judgment. So yeah, I'm done with that.

Alex Ferrari 22:06
So let me ask you this, though. So with the records. It is not it sounds Well, it sounds like an optimized Google search. So it's like a perfect optimized Google search one thing, what you need at that moment, which I'm assuming the Google boys and girls are working on, and the algorithm will get there eventually. But until then, that, you know, we gotta Google is the best we got down here. When you say they is it are the is it like guides is it's you know, spirit guides? Is it angels? Is it like who's the librarian, if you will? Who's speaking? Is it? Is it the records themselves out? How does that understand? Because I understand, again, for us another language is really difficult, like for us is like a record. Okay, I pull a book off and I'm reading it and that information, who is the voice of the Akashic records is my question.

Laura Coe 22:57
Yeah, great question. Um, so when you have a medium, they are speaking to an individual on the other side, right? So they are connecting to a loved one that past. There's the angels, the guides, there's all sorts of stuff like that. The Akashic records can, when you open them, you can connect to that as well. Right? It has happened. And for some people who go in the Akashic realm, they, they do experience all of those different spirits, right. But the Akashic records are specific, it is the energetic space that holds your souls history. And so the idea again, because we only have language is that there's the masters who in the lords of the records, they are not embodied, right. So some of us come in and body life over life over life. And then there's some spirit that is never embodied. And there, the idea behind the Akashic records is there's this place that is guarded, essentially managed by the librarians are the, the Lords of the records and the masters, the Ascended Masters, who have not embodied, also protect and and they decide based on, you know, there's sort of the view is that there's a bird's eye view of the Akashic realm from their perspective. And there's an infinite amount of possible options that are happening in every second and they can see based on where I'm standing today, and all the billions of things happening, what is for my highest good for what I decided to do in this lifetime and they receive a return that information for me, it comes in a feeling of a collective voice is the best way I can describe it. It doesn't feel like a singular person. It feels like there's an energetic opening in the crown chakra that that that feeds information and it comes by way of auditory you can hear or, like a channel like very, very, very specific language, visuals so you'll get very cool metaphoric visuals, and then felt feelings like you can literally crawl into the energy of somebody and receive the energy. Like, oh, this person is really struggling with heartbreak, right? Or their throat like they love the chakra system. The throat feels super tight, and it's like, oh, they're speaking their truth, right? And then you'll get the the languaging to get the details specifically about that. So that's who the Akashic records are. It's like, it's hard to describe Alex, it's like a. I call it vague, because it's the best way to explain it. But it feels like a energetic funnel of a nondescript, oneness energy.

Alex Ferrari 25:49
I mean, it sounds like these guys, I hope to have good benefits, because it's a lot of work. I mean, they hope the benefits are good. The hours are good. They're joking, of course. But no, it's I've actually not had that answer before. Because I was curious. Because I just think you think the record just like what's a book library you go in? And you're like, visually seeing things and but something is throwing that funnily that information out to you. It's fascinating. And if I'm not mistaken, you teach people how to tap into this correct? Anyone can tap into this correct.

Laura Coe 26:22
So a lot of people practice at what I think of as spiritual leaders. And but they would say that that's not the case, right? This is for special people, obviously. And I thought it was for special. I mean, I did a bunch of readings, somebody was reading me, and everything was just 100% accurate. And so in reading, it was said that I could go in the records. And I was like, No, I'm not that person. Right. And then obviously, it worked. For me. And so, um, I was thinking like, God, I think I could train my friends. And so I started messing around and trying it. And then I just couldn't fail. I tried it over and over and over. And everybody I taught got in, and I thought, wow, that's really cool. You know, and then watching their reaction, right? Each person had this, like, oh my god, right? Like, maybe I'm special to, uh, maybe I'm connected. And I started feeling this drive towards helping everybody feel that we're all connected, we all can connect. Because you know why we already are connected. If you've ever walked down the street, and you've had an unknowing, right, if you've ever been in the shower, and you're like, oh, it just came to me, or you like, have a problem. And it just wow, I don't know where that came from. What are you talking about? We're everybody's tapped in. We're all tapped in. We're all energy, right? That's what we are. That is what is around us. And so, yeah, I got excited. And I taught a men's group of 40 dudes who are like, accountants and investment bankers, and they signed up for oh, that must have been amazing. Oh, my God, it was the greatest, my friend, I adore him. And he, he's like, we're gonna blow their minds. They think they're signing up for like, some really basic spirituality, but really just a bro community. And he brought me in didn't tell them. And they signed up for the sessions with me in pairs, and they just had their minds blown, right? Because every single one of them's like, I'm not gonna do it, there's a wedding, they're freaking out. Oh, my God, nobody told me how to do it. But they really open themselves to it. And every single one of these 40 guys, every single one got in the records, and they still talk about it has been one of the most profound experiences of their life, because it opened up this idea like, Well, shit, what was that? What just happened? Right?

Alex Ferrari 28:45
It just changes their perspective on reality and spirit and the soul and

Laura Coe 28:49
Their relationship to it. It's not just for other people. So yeah, I teach now, in groups of like, hundreds, it's super fun. And then for those who get excited, you know, we work in smaller community and practice with each other. And there's a certification for it and everything.

Alex Ferrari 29:07
That's, that's, that's so amazing. I mean, if it's just some, it's amazing that you're able to do that. And it seems from what I understand, it's not that difficult, obviously, 40 Dudes 40 Bros. Who did not believe that it's not like they drank the Kool Aid. They were just like, No, well, sure. That's the stuff and it actually happens. I could imagine it'd be profound in their lives. It must be fun for you to see this

Laura Coe 29:35
So fun. You just watch them. You know, they're like, it's not gonna happen. And then they then and then they go in and they're like, I see a dragon. Great because the records come in these wild metaphors and, and then they are just like, Whoa, what the hell right? And then it just starts working. And here's the thing, Alex, like, everybody can hold a tennis ball and a racket. Right, everybody can walk up.

Alex Ferrari 29:57
Everyone's Steffi Graf.

Laura Coe 29:58
Exactly. Everybody can walk up to a piano and in touch the keys, I just want everybody to know, listen, you got to practice. Some people were probably more talented than others, some people put in the 1000s and 1000s of hours, I'm not gonna lie, it's not easy, it takes a long time to cultivate the practice and really move the energy effectively, consistently without your ego kind of slipping in. But I just want everybody to know, it's like a piano, you know, walk up to it, touch it. And if you get excited by it, get some lessons, if that excites you, right? Maybe you're the next Mozart, I don't know. I mean, but it isn't like just for some people is is so meaningful for me

Alex Ferrari 30:41
I love the I love that analogy of like, you know, everybody can pick up a tennis racket and of all, it's like, some will be Serena, and others will not.

Laura Coe 30:51
There's just falling to the ground, and they swing and they miss the ball completely.

Alex Ferrari 30:54
And but at least they could pick up the ball. And so everyone has the act, the ability to do it, at least at one point or another, but at some people have a higher level than others. But as with everything in life, that's been even spiritually spiritual, you know, evolution, there are masters, there are masters who walk among us who have some we're born with, they were at a higher level when they came in. And then this life, they're supposed to evolve to an Ascended Master level and you meet, you know, I've had the ability to talk to some very spiritually high, spiritually enlightened people, you could just see the energy different, you could feel the energy difference in the way they speak in the way they move. And it's, yeah, but everyone can everyone pray. Sure. Can everyone meditate? Sure, absolutely. But when you sit down with a Tibetan monk, who has been meditating for 30 years, and can get down to a forgot the different levels of, of states, the alpha level, the beta level, and then I think when they were doing neurosis, the neuroscience readings of like, Oh, you've got all the way down to this level? Because well, we can go one more. And they're like, what? And then they went down to I forgot Omega level, like some other crazy level that no one had ever recorded before. And they because they could do that. You and I probably not at this point.

Laura Coe 32:10
That's right. That's right. I mean, you know, and so can we all sit and get the headspace app and give it a run? 50 You know, Madame Blavatsky, brought the Akashic records to the States at the turn of the century, in a community called the, the topical society. And, you know, she brought meditation and yoga, and some of it got popularized, and some of it didn't. And I don't know why the Akashic records, it's like the greatest kept secret, it's been around to your point for 1000s of years. It just hasn't quite found its legs it. I think, in part, it's come through a methodology of hypnosis more, and it is a taxing process. To go into hypnosis. I find the systems lately with these, these sentences, you can read these essentially prayers, if you want to call it that. Make it so much easier to access. But yeah, it's, it's available to anyone who's willing to put the effort in and take the time.

Alex Ferrari 33:11
Now, can you connect to your higher self using the Akashic records?

Laura Coe 33:16
Yeah, so you're connecting to the Akashic records. And I mean, here's what I get fascinated by, right? Like when you say, am I connecting to my higher self? What is my

Alex Ferrari 33:30
Your soul. The the one who watches what we are doing the player of the game that we are in, we are an avatar running around in a video game. They're there, they've set up the parameters, and they're the ones watching so when you say I am, are you the avatar? Are you? Are you Mario? Or are you the player playing Mario?

Laura Coe 33:51
That's right. That's right. Thank you. And so the the Akashic records the soul that right in the soul of Laura, is come here and infusing lifeforce into this human rapper called Laura who's got whatever skills and physicality. And while it's here, it's hoping to learn some lessons that it decided it wanted to do. And Laura as she's in a dense body, and things are challenging, perhaps, goes left often when she's supposed to go right, despite the soul calling that's like go left, right, because it's subtle, that internal voice. So this is more of a loudspeaker from the Akashic realm about your soul. Right? So it's not your soul. It's it's though, they were on the other side with,

Alex Ferrari 34:50
With the player with the soul to give you cheat codes, they're sending you cheat codes.

Laura Coe 34:54
This is what she wanted. This is what she said up right here it is. And so you and your soul can I'd really re establish that relationship like, Oh, this is what I was searching for, says Laura. To her soul, I got it now it's sort of it kind of re establishes a deeper relationship to that soul calling within you.

Alex Ferrari 35:17
And the thing it's beautiful about that last statement you said is that in so many ways, our life, we often go left when we should go, right? That's a given on all the all humanity, generally, this general statement does that. And we get those little taps on the shoulder. Yeah, hey, you need to know. And then then it starts getting, then you start getting a pat on the back and you start getting pushed, and then all of a sudden, the, you know, a car hits you. That's right. And you're like, Oh, baby, maybe I should listen, because it gets louder and louder and louder until you finally so the Akashic records, it sounds, to me is a much nicer way of doing it, as opposed to a wall falling on you. You're getting sick, you're having your heart broken, or something along those lines to really show go bankrupt. Because you're, you're you're not listening to the path that you're supposed to be on. And you go off. So if you're able, maybe this episode is a calling for everyone listening. Maybe I'm not on the path I am. This is the universe again, tapping you on the shoulder in a very kind way. But I promise you, if you don't listen, the kindness tends to go away.

Laura Coe 36:28
Yeah, I know, Alex, it's real. And I'll tell you, I've done 1000s and 1000s of readings. I mean, I can't even count them. And there hasn't been one single reading where it's like, Hey, Alex, you're on the wrong path. Alex, you're doing it wrong. You're right. Like, they'll won't say that. They'll just say it's getting heavy. This doesn't feel so great. I mean, you can do that. But you may have to repeat it in the next life. We're just letting you know, right? Like it's not it's not a it's not a punishing experience. No, but it is really truthful when they start to talk to you from this perspective of like total love and compassion, for the way in which you're veering left, when you should have gone right. And they won't say sure, they'll just say, you know, so that path may cause a certain amount of distress, like, and we're not sure why you want that. And your relationships may fall apart, and it doesn't look very good for you. And this is actually light and happy and cheery. And, and then I know people who still don't do it, right. And then it's interesting, because it really got me to understand freewill, you have freewill, except if you keep picking against what it is that your soul wants, your life gets harder and harder and harder and harder. So that free will, you know, be be mindful if if the walls are crumbling down, there's a lesson there for you as much as I hate that sort of toxic positive psychology. Like, there's always a lesson in it, you know, it's it your your life, objectively is sucking. And I don't want to sound like that's not a difficult position to be in. But there's a reason for almost all of it. And there's ways that this is could be helpful to you to get back to where you want it to be.

Alex Ferrari 38:09
So it sounds to me like they're going to go, Okay, so in this door, you're going to have fun and have a good time. And, you know, things that you've never imagined are going to happen to you. Or you can go into door B and you're going to be in pain. And this is going to be tough, and you're going to run into walls left and right. So Air B guys Air B. And that's essentially the way they present it as opposed to saying, Stop going into B, you got to go into a they won't do that, because that takes away your free will.

Laura Coe 38:39
And there's no judgment. And because you can do as many lives as you want to Alex, you can be on your 10th life on this topic if you'd like to. I mean, it doesn't matter. There's no time on the other side. Right? So that's also interesting to think about. And I once thought though, we'll wait a minute, but this question of nihilism, right? Like I don't want my life to be meaningless. Like it doesn't matter at all, like whatever, you know, I can do 10 lives so I guess Yeah, like, I'm not gonna worry about this. And so what what was explained to me was so beautiful if you for my own life, for example, my soul wanting to go deep into this philosophical stuff. And it is one in the same with my soul imprint to do this work, right. It is truthfully, like, Soul work for me. And so to find another life where I'm free, I got an education. There's a world where I can talk about this. I'm not gonna get burned at the stake. Exactly. Right. Hung do because all that happened, apparently, to me. It's harder to find. So they're like, Listen, you don't have to do it. But when there's a plant, and it's in the right soil with the right sun, and you know, the right amount of water, do you really want to like pull it out and skip? I mean, it's, they were like, seems kind of odd to us, right? And that's kind of how they speak. But of course, you Can't if you want to write except if you do also, then my life got heavier and heavier because I'm not in that soul calling that I want. Right? So that helped me understand it's not just meaningless, I guess, either.

Alex Ferrari 40:13
Well, yeah, it's in, a lot of people have asked me that, too, is about the meaningless aspect of like, well, if you live multiple lives, you can do whatever you want. I'm like, now but you, you pick up a few things. So let's say in this life, I decided to just, you know, I'm just going to start drinking and doing a whole lot of drugs. And you know, I'm going to be a womanizer, I'm gonna hurt a lot of people, I'm going to just be out for money and all this kind of stuff. And just because I want to, in this lifetime, a guy doesn't matter, you know, might as well be rich, and you know, fly, do whatever I want, and all this kind of stuff. Well, as you continue to do that, you're building up karma, which you're going to have to deal with. So in that sense, decisions you make here have repercussions, not punishments, repercussions. And from my understanding, from talking to so many people about this subject, it's that it's not that you have to deal with your karma is that if you want to move forward, you actually want to when you're on the other side, like, Man, I heard a lot of people I gotta, I gotta I gotta clear this out of my system, because on the other side is a whole other perspective. That's true. Does that make sense? What I'm saying?

Laura Coe 41:21
Yeah, I've actually done readings for people who have brought in the proverbial garbage bag. I mean, they literally show me hefty bags, like you know, and they brought it all in because they, some people don't they choose to not deal with a bunch of stuff. And they do four or five lives, and they take care of maybe more of the fun stuff, the lessons that come through the happy lives, and then they got some harder stuff. And those lives are rough. And you know, I feel bad for those people, because they're like, how do I get changed my plan at this point, I can't do all this. I signed up for too much.

Alex Ferrari 41:58
Amendments, amendments to this contract, I just How can I tap out on this one, this was tough. And at that point, you go, it's kind of binding.

Laura Coe 42:08
You know, you have these soul contracts, and you set them up with a lot of people. And I mean, you can get out but it's a little rough to get done. So. I mean, there are there are ways in the Akashic records to break the contracts. I mean, you can. But yeah, I mean, there's,

Alex Ferrari 42:25
You're gonna deal with it anyway. But you're gonna deal with it anyway, eventually, and it's gonna probably be worse down the line.

Laura Coe 42:31
Sometimes Sometimes it's so it's very, very, right. Like, you know, I've read people whose parents are wildly abusive. And that wasn't exactly the plan, right? The parent didn't do their work, and then was so so abusive that this person has been unable to do the work that they wanted in this life. And so there's a lot of sympathy on the other side for stuff like that. And it's like, you know, don't worry, I did this reading for this girl. And it was so uncomfortable, because they showed an image of her going, you know, you got the shower that has the bathtub around it. So they showed us a shower like that. And they showed a drain and there was hair in the drain like not just a little like a lot like it was pretty gross looking. And they made the metaphor that this woman's mother was this Heron this drain. And I was like, Oh, are you going to make me say this? This is awful, right? But I'm the messenger. So I never withhold. So I'm like, so you know, when you go in the shower, and there's hair in the drain. It's like, that's not yours to clean up. Sometimes you just have to put the stopper in and take your shower, even if the water is filling up, and it's coming up to your knees. It's just not yours to clean. And there was this metaphor around like, your mom's stuff was so overwhelming. It's not yours to take care of in this life. And she was like, huh, yes. Like this. Right? And I'm feeling horrible. I'm like, did I just call your mom hair and a drain like, Oh, my God. But yeah, I mean, it's so it's, um, you know, what's really exciting is that there's never been two readings that are the same. I can imagine. Because there's never two souls that are saying, yeah, and the stories are so varied. So even though Love is a big topic, right, everybody? I mean, in the end, it's all get out of the head. Get out of the ego and a return to the state of love, right? This this internal state of divine love, not romantic love, right? But the the knowing of your intrinsic being is kind of the global message, but billions of ways that we all get there. And the varying definitions of maybe somebody has to work on forgiveness and 10 people have to work on it that the way in which they're approaching it and the lessons and the how it's showing up. It's just always different. It's so it's really it's really cool. It's it's definitely humbled me as far as giving opinions to people in their life, right? Like, I look at people and I think I've no idea who you are, right? Because you're not this human that I'm looking at. You're this multi dimensional soul And I mean, even my own son, he's 17. And I look at him and I'm like, I don't actually know who you are.

Alex Ferrari 45:06
Wow. Yeah, no, it's it's very, very true. It's, you know, walking this path is not easy. From what I understand. This is the toughest school there is in the universe, apparently like that we even came down here is a testament to our toughness of wanting to deal with this here.

Laura Coe 45:25
Yeah, apparently. So don't like being here. It is. It is true. It is hard to be in this plane. Yeah, the lack of love and the amount of resentment and retribution for an action. Right.

Alex Ferrari 45:43
And we're apparently evolved at this point. Can you imagine 100 years ago, 300 years ago, 500 years ago, imagine the dark ages are building before it's just like, Yeah, this conversation because this conversation couldn't have happened 20 years ago, 30 years ago, right? Not publicly knew would have literally been. These people are saying, yeah, they're gone. They're gone. They're insane. This, you know, and it, I think you I think you'll, you'll agree, I think we've mentioned it a couple of times. It's conversation. Sounds crazy. I mean, this doesn't sound. This doesn't sound normal, quote, unquote. But when you listen, listen to this at a spirit level as a soul level. It makes sense. But if you look at it from a materialistic standpoint, and this kind of like, materialistic world, it sounds absolutely nuts. Like, these guys are crazy. And, and it's okay. It's okay. So again, and I said this to you earlier. If this makes sense, does this ring true to you? If it does, investigate, if it doesn't, discard it, and move on?

Laura Coe 46:53
You know, I was, as I said, such a skeptic. And I'd run these experiments, like hundreds of them. And so I trained like the first 300 People I trained, I asked them the same question. I don't know you, you're gonna go in my records to, for me to train you. And I've asked the same question. What am I partner and I healing right now? I got the same answer. Dude. Like 300 complete strangers, they had a different metaphor, they use a little different words, but they would, they would basically have the same lesson for me or this, you know, the same same basic general feeling towards it. And then, you know, doing them, I always tell people, this is experiential. You know, try it. I can't explain it. I mean, I know it's crazy. And people who learn to do it, they're like, Laura, I get anxious that it's not working. And I'm like, Well, of course you do. You're sitting quietly and pretending that there's energy coming into your your head and thinking that there's something moving through you that defies everything we know to be true, right? Like that is not in our education system. I certainly didn't think it was an option. I didn't think I could even do it. But nonetheless, Alex like 1000s of people call me from all over the planet I've never spoken to. And I can tell them intimate details about their kid down to the like, the nature of their soul, like, Oh, this one's a charmer. This one's uh, oh, this one's got a lot of energy. And they're like, oh, no, that right. And it's my modern minimalist apartment on like, the second Akashic Record reading. I did, I went to New York. And we went on the streets of Soho. And we bought a Tibetan bowl. Like, I was just getting into this stuff. So I was like, why not try it. And so we're, like idiots on the floor of this hotel room, little champagne trying to play this bowl, whatever. The next morning, we did a reading on the phone in New York City. And the woman said, I see Tibetan bowls and sound therapy. I was like, come on, right. So I mean, I get it, like some things feel generic, but the stuff that would come through over and over and over was just so incredibly detailed. And it's not. It's an it's impossible to know, given our understanding of science. So I just go back to the cell phone thing. I'm like, drop off cell phones. 50 years ago, people would be like, You're crazy. Right?

Alex Ferrari 49:11
Right. I mean, yeah, cars and the Internet explained the internet explained the Internet to somebody in 1980. That's right. Explain the internet. Like it's just, it's a concept that we couldn't grasp. But quantum physics is talking about things now that science would have said you're what we're energy there is actually no solid matter. And energy is just like we're empty. It's like between the electrons, there's empty space and what and then how there might be empty space between planets. And that's the empty space that can go faster than the speed of light and what like, these are concepts that would blow people's heads. They hurt my head, not just even saying them out loud. Because they're very difficult concepts to grasp, but These are things that are happening.

Laura Coe 50:01
Here's the thing, okay? My dad's a wild atheist doctor, right? And we have these debates. So meditation 20 years ago was woowoo. And weird and Right, absolutely. Now people are doing it more. But still, some people think it's weird. But here's the thing, we all get in bed. And we lay down eight hours, and we go into some weird state. And just because we're all doing it, and we're all used to talking about it. Dreaming and sleep time is the weirdest thing. I am in bed for eight hours. I don't know that I'm really laying there. I like leave my conscious mind and entire universe opens up. I barely remember any of it. And meditation is weird. I'm just sitting for 20 minutes on a pillow completely conscious in my living room. Why is that weird? Dreaming is 10 times weirder than that. So I think there's all these things. I mean, we're floating on a blue ball in the middle of air spinning at 1000s of miles an hour without anything holding us. I mean, just the planet Earth and like, the fact that we're like in the middle of right, like the Galaxy, and there's nothing tethering us. Why is that? Not a scary concept? Right? So I don't know, I think that, like, there's all this stuff that we take for granted as not weird, but I think it's actually very weird to sleep and dream, right?

Alex Ferrari 51:23
Oh, it's insanely weird to sleep and dream. And, you know, and I'm, you know, I've had a lot of dream experts on psych, you know, PhDs that really study dreams. And how the, how the metaphors it's, I imagine it's very similar to the Akashic records, in the sense that they speak in metaphors, your dreams speak in metaphors. It's never about the duck that's on fire. I don't know, I just came up with that. Like, it's not about the duck on fire. It's about your relationship with your mom. Like, that's what it's supposed to be saying. But you get like, what? Like, why can't you just say, talk to your mom? Like, why do you got to burn a duck in front of me? Like, that's off? Like, awful, you know? And what is the rock doing here? Like, how did Dwayne Johnson just show up for no reason? Like, these are the things in our dreams?

Laura Coe 52:12
Right! Right. And listen, I think if you ask everybody, do you want to feel more fulfilled? Do you want to feel happier? Do you want to feel connected to yourself, the people in your life, your work? I think everybody would say yes. Like, I'd prefer that than disconnected, unhappy, like, right in a space of separateness, and so if this modality, or these modalities that sound weird, are more effective at bringing us into a deeper sense of knowing ourselves, right than our brains, because here's the thing, like, we're all doing it this one way, we're thinking our way through our life, we're working really hard to grasp something outside of us, and bring it in to tell us that we're, we're okay, we're safe. We're, we're in control of our of our life in some way. And it's just not working. Right. And I think so many people have this felt sense that something's missing. There's something deeper, there's some way in which like, this prescriptive way of living their life, right, this success trajectory, if I do more, achieve more, get somewhere, eventually I will feel and what's the feeling I want to feel connected, fulfilled, free, alive, more loving, more open, more expansive. It just doesn't work the way that we've been told it works, right. So as much as we're laughing like that, these ideas seem crazy, which I get it right. Like, they seem crazy to me. They really do work. I mean, as somebody who's traveled both paths, is success gets you success, it gets you stuff. And stuff is wonderful if you want more stuff like but if you want to feel better, if you actually want to put your head down at the end of the night, and think to yourself, like oh my god, I loved my day, I felt in flow with myself, I felt aligned. And I felt like free to express the deepest parts of myself into the world. You know, like this stuff gets you there. It doesn't come through success trajectories and, and materialistic gains, right?

Alex Ferrari 54:30
Well, let me ask you, from your experience doing this, as many, many readings as you have, so many of us are lost in the sense of our mission here or why we're here and not having that feeling of or knowing of what you're supposed to be doing. Because we all have that soul contract. We all have to look we came down here to do a certain job. And it doesn't have to be a grandiose job. It could be something as simple as raising your children. That's your job. That's what you wanted to experience in this life. Or it could be you know, Coming up with a cure for a disease or doing the work that we're doing or something like that. How can you? Or do you have any advice for people who could break through that fear? First of all, to break through the fear of actually if they have an indication of, or intuition of where they want to go to take that leap? And secondly, even how to find that intuition, find out why we're here.

Laura Coe 55:19
Yeah, I think eight out of 10 people who do a reading with me asked me, you know, am I on the right path? Right, Am I doing the right job and my purpose, right? And what is my purpose? Why am I here? And so it is like the most common question. And so we look at their soul plan, what they signed up to do, where they are in that process, and perhaps what's getting in the way. As far as like what to do to break through the fear, it's just so endless Alex, like, there's 1000s and 1000s of different versions and different stories. As I mentioned, some people are working on childhood trauma, some people are working on past life stuff they've dragged in some people, they are working on a specific thing, like getting into the vibration of love or right. But I can say this, without a doubt for everybody. Without it out the brain. And it's right and wrong thinking is the thing that I hear about the most, like get out of the brain get out of this right and wrong paradigm that, you know, I'm trying to, like live my life by following some kind of steps to get it right. And when I do, then the world will be a certain way. Get into your heart, whatever it means to you. If it means meditation, or walks or scuba diving, or like, Whatever, whatever brings you into joy into a feeling of internal satisfaction and happiness. Do that as often as you can. Because that is where the wealth of the knowing of purpose derives from. It's not in your head, right? So the fear, fear begets fear, right? The more time you're in your head, the more time you're start stressing out about it, and the more imposter voices you get, and all the other things that come along with it. So I mean, that's, that's my advice. I, I teach the records and maths, you know, so that people can go in them. It's not to become a practitioner, it's to show people that we're all mystics, as I mentioned, and also it's like, this energy heals, right? So if you if you drop it, no meditation, they've done the science, like it changes, you know, your brain states. If you go into the Akashic records, you do nothing else. But listen to music, I will tell you, it'll be like the coolest music you've ever listened to, right? Like, everything if you drop into your body, and you get this energy that you're receiving, just from opening the record. So I always encourage people, if you're struggling on your path, or stress or fear or just to feel lost, or you don't know your next step, like just try that. I mean, opening them sitting in them. I do this class, and it's a few 100 people, and we go in it together. And then I just say go in the chat, tell me, you know, how you feel. And they're like, oh my god, tingling, ecstatic. I saw a blue blob, like they write these things. And I'm just so excited because it's like, a woken them to some some other way to connect to their own energy.

Alex Ferrari 58:23
You touched upon something that I think leads into my next question, you discuss something you wrote a book about emotional obesity, which I love that term. I think that's a fantastic term. Great. You should trademark it. It's fantastic. Can you explain to people what emotional obesity is?

Laura Coe 58:41
Yeah, so um, I mentioned I was an entrepreneur, and I had spent so much time being productive, right? And justifying some of my choices was like very much in my head. And then I was like, clear that okay, this is coming to an end. And I want to move on. When I started asking myself what I wanted. What do you want? Not what not? What should you do? Not other people's approval is not what will get you success? What do you want? What makes you happy? I was like, me, he's like, this is horrible, right? And I can't even blame it on money. Everybody, you know, uses that one and said, Well, you know, if I just had more money than I could answer that question, like, no problem, but it's not true. So I struggled a lot. When I left my business to think about what I was going to do next. I wanted to do something that felt authentic, and it was like a curse, thinking about it through that lens. I realized that the thoughts in my head, all these things that are happening in my mind, if I were to try to separate out the authentic voice from all the cacophony of conversations going on up there every day. I didn't know the difference. I didn't know the difference. Couldn't have found it. So I came up with this idea of emotional abuse. we write, we wake up every morning, brush your teeth, you comb your hair, you wouldn't think about leaving the house without something, shower, something to eat, right? Maybe we do 15 things, maybe we do three things. But then all day we're attending to our physical self, right. And if you're not interested in physical health, like you're aware of it, like there's stuff everywhere, there's doctor's appointments, there's gyms, but nobody does anything for their emotional health, we wake up and we just immediately think of the list of things we have to do we feel stressed, the minute our eyes are open, and then we just fly through our days unconscious, and on awake to anything within us. And so I, I came with this idea of like emotional obesity, we're all walking around, layered up from thoughts that are weighing us down, right? And we talk that way we say, Oh, who am I like, feels heavy, right? Friday. Ah, right. And people who love what they do, they're like, feel alive and awake, right? Or if you're spending your weekend doing something you're enjoying, you're up and you're free, and you're awake, and you're alive versus weighed down. So yeah, what is? What's the layers that are keeping you from your authentic self? And that was like the first book I spent, like five or six years helping people with that question, what do I want? And what's in the way? What are the thoughts that are weighing me down from from experiencing my authentic voice?

Alex Ferrari 1:01:22
So so we're basically you know, emotional trans fats, emotional junk food, emotional. Diabetes, is basically what you're talking about is like, eating a lot of fast, emotional, fast food, and weighing yourself down. It is so true, when you meet somebody who's on purpose and happy with what they do in life. They are just, you could feel the energy difference. But then when you meet people that are just like, Mike, it's a heavy, heavy energy, it's a completely different thing. And now you can physically see them as obese emotionally, like they're carrying the weight of the world on themselves. And someone who is not really on purpose. They're light, they're, they're on their feet, they're they're moving, there's an higher energy, or higher vibration to them. And I don't know what it is. But I think that because I used to, I'm sure you were too. We were all emotionally obese at one point or another. Some people listening are still emotionally obese. And hopefully this conversation will start them on a path to go into an emotional gym and talk to an emotional nutritionist that will help them get back on the on the on the road that they need to be on. But as you change, I've noticed that you attract those people into your life. Those those people who are at the same quote unquote, vibrational frequency, as you are brought into your life, like, I don't have anybody that's like, Oh, my life is horrible. I can't. I used to be surrounded by those people growing up. But now it's more of like the people I talk to the people I interact to are at a much higher level. And the show has helped a lot, obviously. Because, you know, the people that talk to you like yourself, but I've noticed that have you noticed that as well in your life?

Laura Coe 1:03:24
Oh, my God without a question. I mean, when listen, I you know, I thought I had cracked the nut. I'm not gonna lie. Like, you figured it out. You figured it out. Dude, when when I was going deep in that authenticity work, I'm like, I'm pretty authentic. Like, I feel pretty awesome. Oh, no, I don't want to say it out loud. But I mean, I think I got this life thing like, check, you know. And I was, I mean, I didn't want to say it out loud. But I was like, I think I'm gonna just coast to the end of my life. And it's no lessons learned. I feel good. My ex. She had she had cancer. And, you know, it was very bad. And thank you, but it was stage four. And I was like, I'm still okay. I'm not freaking out. Like, I was like, I got this. I got this. And so we ended up separating, which was what I wanted. And then I went out in the dating world, and I met Do you know, I don't know if you've heard of twin flames? No. So I hadn't either. But my, my authentic. Supreme Self was like, I'm good to go. I'm gonna go out and date and I met this person. A twin flame is the Plato talks about it in this symposium, the other half of your soul. So the idea is that when your soul is created, it is it breaks into two, and there's only one other other half right? And so we have lots of soulmates people talk about soulmates all the time, but soulmates are people who you travel many, many lives with are like your soul. Besties, right. And you have like a group of those and some

Alex Ferrari 1:05:01
Soul group this whole group. Yeah. And they switch out and they switch up sometimes their mom sometimes their dad sometimes their good friend, lover so on.

Laura Coe 1:05:09
That's right but as a twin flame, you wouldn't wish it on your worst nightmare. They come into life when you're having an ascension. And the idea is that it's It's you It's your other energetic half right and so there's this uncanny ability. Do you know when you say something to a friend and you're like, Oops, they got really upset. I didn't even mean to trigger something, but I just really triggered something. We triggered each other. Like, Hey, how's your day?

Alex Ferrari 1:05:41
Can you pass a coffee? You would ask me that, wouldn't you?

Laura Coe 1:05:43
Oh my God. And so you can go online and look it up. But there's like, like, 1000s of articles around this twin flame process because you break up constantly because it's like, the the light that they shine on your unhealed parts is brutal. And then you blame each other. You're always because you're an asshole. And it's like, no, no, it's Oh, God, you just found another pocket of unhealed. I can't believe it. Because I'm 51 years old. I was 46. I was like, I'm good. Like, oh my god, I'm not good. Like, I can't believe this. So I ended up going out and and doing a whole nother exploration. It was authenticity. And then it was like love and self love, right? Like, it really bothered me. People would talk about this stuff. And it felt saccharin and annoying to me. And it's like, I just have to say like five positive things every day to feel better. And I'm like, is that really it though? That sounds awful. Right? I just couldn't get into it. And so this was my journey into understanding. Love vibrational love the idea of energy of love, through this sort of break down break through experience. And it came through just heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak, we kept breaking up. And I mean, we loved each other like, like, literally, I've never met anybody that I've cared more about and vice versa. But we just couldn't sustain the relationship. So it'd be hurtful and then you break up, but then you'd have these healings. And that to your question, right? It just kept upping my experience of myself, right. As I heal these things, as I looked at myself, as I then opened up to more of this idea that perhaps I really am this energy, right, perhaps I really am. Not this physical experience. But this this sensibility, the Observer Self, I just all new people showed up in my life, all of these new friends started developing and that flow thing happened, right? All of a sudden, the phone would ring and was like, just the right time that I needed that person. And, you know, this person would show up and that person would disappear. And the next one would show up. And it's just, it's truly remarkable. You know, I know, people talk about the Course of Miracles and all that stuff. But it really is true. I mean, it really happens.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:06
If I may quote, one of the great songs of the 2000s Black Widow. It sounds like one of the one of the one of the lines in the song is I'm gonna love you so much. I'm going to hate you. It sounds like that's what the twin flame is. Something like that. But I paraphrase the great writer of that song, I don't know who it is.

Laura Coe 1:08:26
You plan to meet a couple lives to just do this massive work. And sometimes it ends in relationship, working, if both sides do all the work, and sometimes it just doesn't work. It's it's really,

Alex Ferrari 1:08:37
And it doesn't have to be romantic either. It could be friends. It could be

Laura Coe 1:08:41
You can't really stay friends with your twin flame so much unless the healing is there. You can't

Alex Ferrari 1:08:46
What I tell you. No, you can't stay friends. So there was a friend in my past, who I believe was that for me, because we got to a place at the beginning was nice, it was fine. It always starts off, okay. It's not like instant or as if, if it was instant, then you wouldn't have anything to do with them. So they walk, they work that way into your life. And they're really good then for me, then at a certain point, it switched. And then we were just like cats and dogs, like constantly for like a year until I met my wife. And she was like trying to be a mediator we took because I've been good friends with him for few years. And they were there when I was in a very dark place. And they helped me at that point. But then at a certain point, it just switched and I didn't understand it at the time. And now talking to you about this. It kind of makes sense because we weren't really shining light on each other in a way that went we were just going at each other for No, there's no reason for it. There really truly wasn't. And like little things here and there just like it just explained the whole relationship just finally. Yeah, well, but I hope that being in that relationship, it did help me hope it helped him as well but it was a friend. It was a friend wasn't a you know, a romantic relationship. So I've had, I've had a couple of those.

Laura Coe 1:10:07
Yeah, it's really um, it's really like a razor's edge between just toxic relationships. And people confuse twin flames with these very toxic ones where it's like this is just unhealthy, abusive. And sometimes it can be like I don't know without going in your records, but sometimes those relationships can be you guys came here to just really heal and work on a lot of things together. The twin flame energy tends to be a love at first sight thing that that's a very common quality to it. So I don't know how you felt if it felt like,

Alex Ferrari 1:10:41
Oh, when we first when we first saw each other, like as a as friends. Like we connected like peas and carrots. It was like, it was like, Man, where have you been? And it worked like that for a couple years. And then just something popped to something popped. And we work together and things pop, there's just, it's the only thing I can I can really think about off the top of my head that kind of feels that way. But it sounds smells like a duck walks like a duck. I think it might be might be that duck in my life. At least it would be you know, I'll have to get a reading and we'll go in deeper.

Laura Coe 1:11:16
But you don't meet your twin flame in every life. Like it's a it's a once in a several lifetime thing. So for people out there who are wondering, I mean it it's it's not that common and a lot of people really look for it. They're like, I want my Twin Flame. And who you though, like do you do you really? I don't know. My friends are like, I'm so glad it's not me and it's you. I mean I'm grateful it's it's a classroom to learn and grow and heal. It's been my classroom and it's really helped me you know, find this deeper relationship to myself and spirituality and love and connection to something bigger than myself. So it's been worth it but it's it was a little brutal

Alex Ferrari 1:11:59
As as lifetimes to be sometimes a little brutal.

Laura Coe 1:12:04
My ego when I was like I got this I was like oh that's

Alex Ferrari 1:12:07
that's the moment when you say you know what i? And then that's when the sledgehammer just come?

Laura Coe 1:12:14
Never say in that again. I'll tell you what, exactly. I heard Rob Bell. Right after I felt like I got it. He was talking to Oprah. And he said, you know, the universe rises up and meets you wherever you are. And I was like, whatever that and then like a year later was like, dammit, it's true. Are we going in?

Alex Ferrari 1:12:33
Yeah, and even being spiritual, you become like, you know, I think I'm like, the most spiritual like, I'm like, the ego just pops its head in is like, think, think I got this like the second you say that. It the energy is off everything, you always have to stay humble, you always have to understand that you know nothing, and that you're learning along the way. And, and just be grateful for the lessons you're learning and you keep moving forward. But in a very humble way. You can, you cannot the second you hear, I've got this, I've got to figure it out. I've got this on lock, all of this stuff is ego. And that's when the fall, and the fall will come and it will come hard to say the least.

Laura Coe 1:13:18
Yeah, I mean, the view that like, you know, a third graders in third grade, and it's appropriate, and you would never say if you met a third grader if you were in college or grad school, like, I feel so much better than them. That's ridiculous, right? People are where they are in their spiritual journey. There's no like, hierarchy to it. But for some reason, there's this like, you know, spiritually, like egoic quality to it. And you're right. I mean, you know, Plato talks about, the only thing I know is that I know nothing. Right. And that's wisdom. And, and I really believe that to be true. It's, it's not that I don't know that I'm on a phone call with you, right? Like, I know, I'm sitting here, I know, I'm in a room, I know, I've got this water bottle. But what I think is happening is not happening, right? The meaning that I apply to all of it isn't quite right. And when you start thinking that you actually know the meaning of this whole thing is, you know, that's, that's, that's the, the ego, that's the you know, you can look at the Eastern or the Western, I mean, I'm just quoting Plato, but it's like, that's where you start to realize that, you know, I'm inserting a need for control to feel like I have a way in which I'm not dripping into the unknown, right because that's what's so scary about the letting go. But the truth is, it's really the only path into spirituality or enlightenment is is the knowing, not knowing right

Alex Ferrari 1:14:50
And letting go and, and hoping that there's someone there to you know, put us put a put a block in front of you as you walk off the cliff. Someone Is there to hold you and that's the scariest part. But that's what, that's the path that all Ascended Masters go through this part of all spiritual beings will have to eventually it's the release. It's the giving up control. It's the surrender. That's the scariest part. And the ego hates that man, boy, does it hate it.

Laura Coe 1:15:19
I keep surrendering and surrendering and letting go and letting go. And it's like, who are the ego just does not does not want it, you know?

Alex Ferrari 1:15:28
And it hides, doesn't it, the ego will hide, he'll hide, like, Okay, I'll let you do this little thing for a few years. And then all of a sudden, hey, I think I got this life thing figured out after you've been doing all this work. And it's like, my time to come back on stage.

Laura Coe 1:15:42
Right. And so I don't know if you checked out out of shanti. But I just love his work. And you know, he talks about how it's about being in both right? I am embodied I am here and I have an ego. I'm not trying to get past it. And the spiritual bypassing that we're supposed to not experience life, right is not the goal. And when I got that, that was such a huge help to me, because it's like, oh, I have an ego. And my ego is an asshole sometimes. And sometimes I do get annoyed or upset or sad, or whatever it is, there's nothing wrong with that. It's just the amount of time that I spend there. And how seriously I take it gets smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:22
So grade 110, as opposed to marinating it over years. Now I could go away in five or 10 minutes. And right. It's a big difference. I've marinated for years. And I've now gotten to a place that hopefully, it'll last of five or 10 minutes. But you're here you're human. You've got an ego you this is the experience you signed up for. Don't beat yourself up. You're not going to be perfect. No one is

Laura Coe 1:16:47
No, and we're not supposed to be in a state of pleasure. That's the ego again, pain and pleasure are inevitable. You cannot avoid painful things. It's just your relationship to those things. Right? Pleasure is fleeting, and pain is fleeting. So you're just you allow yourself to have all of the experiences, right? And that spiritual bypassing is real. It's like, I'm supposed to just be in this blissed out state all the time in my big like, you know, meditative place. And it's like, no, that's not it. You want to live life fully. And part of living it is. Being in situations that appear to be painful, it's just the meaning you're putting on it isn't accurate. And so when you can let go of knowing that this is what this means, and just be in the presence of it and let it go, it gets a lot easier. But that was a big one for me, Alex, like, you know, a lot of spiritual people talk about, you know, staying in that sort of blissed out, good place. And it, it's very toxic to think that that's the goal.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:49
Not here. When you're on the other side, you are in a blissful state at all times. That's right. You're in love. You're you're connected to source, that's where you're, we're here, we got this meat suit on. And it's, you're not supposed to bliss out all the time. You're not supposed to be you're not supposed to be in a cave for 20 hours a day, for 40 years is generally not the path you have to experience then you have to go out, you have to interact, you're here to learn lessons and so on. So that's not enlightenment. Enlightenment is not that it's it's different. But I'm gonna ask you a few questions. I asked all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Laura Coe 1:18:35
It's for me, it's it's allowing myself the opportunity to wake up every day and express what it is that wants to express through me. Right. So I believe in the energy, the lifeforce, the soul, right, whatever you want to call it, that emits up in through me every day. It just wants to express outward. And I just want to allow that to be true more often than not most days.

Alex Ferrari 1:19:07
What is your definition of God?

Laura Coe 1:19:12
Yeah, it's the energy. That's all things in all places that endless, timeless, unknowable. And the only truth we have

Alex Ferrari 1:19:23
The ultimate and what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Laura Coe 1:19:27
I mean, for me, that's an easy one, given what I do. But I think it's about connecting into the truth in every moment, and allowing yourself to be in lockstep and take action from so I experience truth of truth of energy that that flows through me and I take action from that place. And when you do that, sometimes it'll it'll amount to a 3d purpose, and sometimes it'll just be a walk down the street, but that's what purpose is for me.

Alex Ferrari 1:19:54
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Laura Coe 1:19:58
Yeah, there's two places little soul school, littlesoul.school. And then if you want to check out all the stuff going on with the Akashic records, and then I have my own site, Lauracoe.com. We're pretty active on Facebook, there's a little soul school community too.

Alex Ferrari 1:20:13
That's awesome. And we're and would you like to leave the audience with a final message?

Laura Coe 1:20:19
First of all, I just love the work you're doing. And thank you so much for having me on. And, yeah, I mean, I think that this is a time that I think a lot of people are seeking. And if you're listening to this, and you've made it to the end with us, you're probably one of those people. And so I just appreciate you, you know, going on this journey with us. And I just encourage you to find ways to connect into that deeper sense of self. You know, I don't want to be a pusher if the Akashic realm is in it for you. It's you know, great if you want to do it through yoga or meditation, but anything and everything you can do every day to listen to what is true within your your soul, your spirit and allow that to shine forward. And Express means that we get to share the full truth of who you are. And that's what I think we're all here to do.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:06
It's been a pleasure talking to you. I know we can keep going for another six hours without question. We have to have you back the talk another day. But I appreciate you and all the work that you're doing to help elevate the vibration of the entire planet and awaken so many souls around the world so I appreciate you my dear.

Laura Coe 1:21:26
Thank you. Thank you.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:27
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