AKASHIC RECORDS Channeled LIVE! How & Why We CREATE a SOUL PLAN Unlocked! with Laura Coe

On today’s episode, we welcome Laura Coe, a spiritual teacher and channeler who brings forth profound wisdom from the Akashic Records. Imagine accessing a space where all of your soul’s history, across all lifetimes, is stored and tapping into this well of knowledge to guide your present life. This is Laura’s unique gift, and today, she shares insights that can transform our understanding of self and existence.

Laura’s journey into the Akashic Records began unexpectedly. With a background in philosophy and a keen interest in authenticity, she discovered this modality during a personal crisis. “I came into the Akashic records, not knowing what this modality was either,” she recalls. Her initial skepticism was soon replaced by awe as she started receiving profound answers to her deepest philosophical questions, such as the nature of love and expectations. This newfound connection led her to explore and teach the Akashic Records, helping others find their soul’s purpose.

In this episode, Laura Coe demonstrates a live Akashic reading, delving into the soul blueprint and pre-birth planning. She explains, “The Akashic Records is an energetic space that holds your soul’s history, everything you’ve ever done in all of your lifetimes.” This vast repository of information guides us back to what our soul intended for this lifetime, allowing us to experience our full soul’s expression through our physical embodiment. The process of accessing this wisdom involves a deep meditative state where Laura connects with her guides and receives insights in the form of auditory, visual, and felt senses.

A significant theme in our discussion is the soul blueprint and how we plan our lives before we embody. Laura describes this planning process as meticulous and disciplined, akin to preparing for a final exam. “We work with our guides, reflect on past lives, and contemplate what we need to achieve in the upcoming life,” she explains. This process is not arbitrary but a well-thought-out plan that aligns with our soul’s evolution, ensuring we encounter experiences that help us grow and fulfill our purpose.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Laura’s teachings is the concept of living multiple lifetimes simultaneously, given that time is non-linear on the other side. She uses the metaphor of a soup to describe this phenomenon: “Each ingredient represents a different lifetime, all blending to create the flavor of your soul’s journey.” This perspective helps us understand that our current life is influenced by and influences our other lifetimes, creating a dynamic interplay of experiences and lessons.

Laura also touches on the profound impact of aligning with our soul’s purpose. When we are on the right path, our energy or vibration attracts people and opportunities, creating a sense of flow and fulfillment. “What you’re feeling is frequency energy,” she explains, “It’s the expression of their soul speaking to you.” This magnetic quality is evident in individuals who live authentically and are deeply connected to their spiritual purpose, whether they are famous figures or everyday heroes.

Throughout our conversation, Laura Coe emphasizes the importance of self-love and caring for our energetic selves. By tuning into our soul’s needs and aligning with our true purpose, we can uplift not only ourselves but also those around us. “When we take care of ourselves from a soul level, it’s the greatest gift we can give to everybody on the planet,” she asserts. This holistic approach to self-care transcends selfishness, fostering a sense of interconnectedness and shared growth.


  1. Align with Your Soul’s Purpose: Understanding and aligning with your soul’s blueprint can lead to a more fulfilling and meaningful life, attracting positive energies and opportunities.
  2. Multiple Lifetimes as One: Embrace the concept that all your lifetimes are interconnected and happening simultaneously, influencing each other and contributing to your overall soul evolution.
  3. Self-Love and Energetic Care: Prioritizing self-love and caring for your energetic self is essential for spiritual growth and can positively impact those around you.

Laura Coe’s insights into the Akashic Records and the soul’s journey provide a rich tapestry of wisdom that can guide us towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe. Her teachings remind us that by embracing our true selves and aligning with our soul’s purpose, we can navigate life’s complexities with grace and authenticity.

Please enjoy my conversation with Laura Coe.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 290

Laura Coe 0:00
When we take care of ourselves from a soul level when we connect and communicate within ourselves, right, that's the greatest gift we can give everybody on the planet, not just our soul family, but everybody because when we care for ourselves, right, and they don't mean the stuff that we there is some selfishness, right, like things like, I'm just going out to the movies and I don't care what you think, or I'm just gonna like, go talk with my friends. And I'm not going to call you back. Like, there are all sorts of selfish, selfishly motivated behaviors that disrupt other people's psychologies and cause all sorts of like animosities, right? But this one, this one where you, you feel into your own vibration, you open your heart and soul up and you're then your mind to the reality of who you are like I'm a soul on this planet.

Alex Ferrari 0:58
I like to welcome back to the show, returning champion Laura Coe. How you doing Laura?

Laura Coe 1:02
Hey, Alex, thank you so much for having me back. I love this show so much.

Alex Ferrari 1:06
Thank you so much for coming back on the show. Our last conversation kind of took off. Unbeknownst to you. And I, we were just shocked at the response. It's I think it a quarter of a million, almost a quarter million people have watched it at this point. I was shocked by it. You were telling me like, what's going on? I'm booked up until October. What the hell is happening?

Laura Coe 1:35
Yeah, no October and now it's become several years. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:44
So it's, it's pretty, it's pretty remarkable. Our first comment, so right away, we're like, You got to come back. But we have to, we have to figure out how to bring you back and have what can we do? And we came up with this idea of of being able to do a live Akashic reading. And I don't think it's, I am sure someone has done it somewhere. I am not aware of it. You're not aware of it. But I believe it's somewhere in on YouTube, there has to be something. But it's not readily available if it is, or it's not being seen by a lot of people. So in this conversation, we're going to dive into a couple of big topics. We're going to hear what the Akashic records have to say about it. And I'm gonna give it over to you to explain to the audience what this process is because a lot of times when people think of about Akashic records, they think of a personal connection, when I'm going into your Akashic Record, to read about your past life or your situation right now, where you're going. But this is a generalized kind of like, philosophical humanity reading, essentially. Is that a fair way to state it?

Laura Coe 2:54
Yeah, yeah. Let me know that's perfect. I, I came into the Akashic records, not knowing what this modality was either like, like, I think it's the best kept secret on the planet. And while I think it's becoming more and more popular in little pockets of the world, it's still relatively unknown. And so, again, for people who haven't heard the last episode, energetic space that holds your souls history, everything you've ever done in all of your lifetimes, is stored in this place. And an Akashic Record reading, we pull forward, what is for your highest good in the moment, for you to help connect back to what your soul wanted to do in this lifetime, so that you can enjoy the experience of being in your full soul's expression through this physical embodiment, called Laura. Right, Alex? Whatever. And so, um, I didn't know that you could do more than that, right? Like Akashic Record readings are cool enough, I was pretty satisfied. I'm an author, I write about authenticity. And I started journaling and my own records just to connect to guidance have my own relationship to guidance. And I mean, totally, honestly, Alex, I was arguing with my Twin Flame, which we like to do quite a lot. And she had written me some text, and it said something like, no strings, no expectations. So that was like, what does that even mean? Right? Like, I was so annoyed by this. And I was in my records. And so I was typing in my own records. And I was like, What the hell is the next expectation anyways? And then all of a sudden, I got this, like, total download, like the nature of expectations, what they are, what they're not, and I like, typed and typed and typed, and I was like, Holy shit, right? Like, what was that? So as a writer, as somebody who has been doing philosophy undergrad, graduate school, like I love it. I was like, I gotta do that again. So I It sort of freaked out. And I spent six months asking these really beautiful philosophical questions. What is the nature of love? What is expectations? Why do we struggle with boundaries? Like all of these things? Right? What is the soul plan? What happens when we leave? Why does the soul to the body relate to each other? Like, I'm so curious about all of it? So I just started asking, like all of it, and I just kept getting more and more more answers, right? So there's this sort of philosophical treasure trove, like Akashic philosophy, that I don't know that that many people I don't know, anybody who's brought that through, in a consistent way for people to receive this beautiful guidance. I mean, you know, it's a non judgmental space. Right? It's, it's, it's organized without a right or wrong or a should. And so it's really beautiful, what you receive. And what happens is, when you have your own private reading, you get these truths about yourself that are just so incredibly, profoundly truthful. You're like, Oh, my God, right, that feeling that hit right to the center of my heart as truth, right? You just know it. What I find and what other people find is, when they hear the philosophical, spiritual views of the Akashic records, it's that same feeling like Oh, that felt truthful. That just feels right to me. I don't know how to describe it. Other than that, so. So yeah, I'm slightly obsessed with it. I love doing it. And another little an kept secret in the in the world out there. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 6:40
Fantastic. So we're going to talk about, we're going to start, because I have no real questions, we have topics. So this is going to be interesting, because I've never done an interview like this before a conversation like this before, you really haven't done anything like this before, in a public forum like this. So we're going to kind of, you know, kind of riff a little bit, but the two main topics we're going to talk about is the soul blueprint, and how we and why we create our soul blueprint and everything that goes down that rabbit hole. And then one of my favorite topics, ancient civilizations, Atlantis loss history, and how that can incorporate to our own growth as humanity as a as a group consciousness and our own personal world as souls, what that can teach us. So those are the two fairly large topics that we're going to kind of do today.

Laura Coe 7:34
We're just doing the simple stuff.

Alex Ferrari 7:37
So can you explain to everybody what the process is? And this kind of, you know, going back and forth, how do we go back and forth? How do you drop in? What's going to happen?

Laura Coe 7:47
Yeah. So the theory of the Akashic records is before we embody, right, Alex and I, before we came here, on a soul level, we sat around and we thought about what we want to do, right, so long as they show me in a field or something, it looks kind of nice, but obviously, it's metaphoric. Like, we can't really ever understand what this is, except through metaphor, because we have our language, which is a little limited. But you and I sat around in our soul state, and we thought about what we want to do, why we want to embody who we want to embody with what we would like to achieve in this life in a soul evolution sense, right, what lessons we want to learn, etc. And we work with our guides. And then we come here, and hopefully, we are willing to listen to this deeper calling within. That's when people say things like, I just know, I have a deeper purpose. I just feel this sense. I just know there's something right. It's because your soul had decided it and it's like, in there, like poking at you going, wake up, wake up, wake up, come on, let's do this, right. And there's no right or wrong. If you don't get it in a lifetime. You can do it in a different life. But but it is important lives are not meaningless, right? It's not just like, Oh, whatever. So I will use something called the key and it's how I open up the Akashic records. And then I will go in my own records, I will connect a guidance I'll get a little quiet for like 1520 seconds, which is what I do in a reading. And just like a reading, I'll just start to receive and then I'll share with you as I receive it comes three ways. It comes through auto audio, so I'll hear just an audio. Like the words will be spoken through me auditorily I will get visuals and so sometimes you might see my hands doing a little or something because I literally see things in front of me or I will get like a felt sense or all three and it just moves around. And we joke the records are a long winded modality. They don't just get to the point really quickly because for us to really hear what they're saying in a non judgmental, spiritually enlightened way. It requires our brains to kind of quiet and get out of the way a bit. So I invite everybody to sort of go through the process with us where we relax into what they're saying and listen more from your, from your heart, right like to what they're saying so, so that'll be the process I'll talk for, for 10 minutes or so. And then I'll stop and ask you, where do you want to go from here? What questions do you have anything you want to go deeper on? Because it's like a Google search, right? I tell people, it's a Google search for your soul. You get back like a great single result, right? Like you go on to Google. And if they just gave you a one answer would be way easier, like the best one for you today. But there are hyperlinks. And so everything in there, you know, when you go to an article, and you can hyperlink in and get like a deep dive on one point, we can do that from anything I say, as well. So you can guide me on that.

Alex Ferrari 10:53
I'm excited to do this one there. So let us begin or first the first the first area we're gonna go into is soul blueprint, pre birth planning life between lives. That's kind of the topic, let's see what the records have to say. And then we will go from there.

Laura Coe 11:11
Beautiful. All right, yeah. How do we decide on our soul plan or less in our sole purpose in a particular lifetime? Is the question I'll ask, and we'll see what happens. Okay, so Alex, I'm just gonna read the sentences, two of them, I say silently. So if I get quiet, don't worry, that's all I'm doing. And then, yeah, it takes about 1015 seconds for the energy to just build up and come through, and I'll share as I receive.

Alex Ferrari 11:35
Sounds good.

Laura Coe 11:36
All right. And so we open ourselves to the light. And with this light, we open ourselves to our truth. And with this light, we open ourselves to our souls purpose. And with this light, we open ourselves to be guided towards our highest good, and the highest good of those we love. And so Laura is given the truth, to best serve her and her healing journey into the love and acceptance that is most beneficial for her in this moment. And with this light and guidance, we unlock the energy field of Laura to receive the record of her soul. Okay, so when we look at our life, and we ask ourselves about meaning, or purpose, or why we're here, or what it is that we are, are willing to participate in this lifetime, we ask ourselves these questions, because we want to know the answer, like, what does it mean to be alive? What does it mean to be free? What does it mean to be an embodied soul? That's like, it's like riding the wave of life, like we want it. Like they are putting me out on a, you know, really cool speedboat in the middle of the ocean, it's like I'm going 1000 miles an hour, and it's like the water, the waves, it's like, it's like the perfect day at the beach, where you just get out in the ocean air, and you just feel that incredible, incredible. It's like euphoria, right? When when the ocean air is hitting, the water is hitting the wind is hitting in a certain way. And you just feel that like, calm collected sense of self, when you let go of everything right out on an ocean, in the middle of the day, nothing to do. So it's like we want to have that experience in life, we want to know what it feels like to feel, to feel free to feel alive to feel the spaciousness right? So I'm, I'm on a speedboat with somebody I love in the middle of the ocean and, and, you know, just flying nicely and I feel so the open ocean and the freedom and the air, that combination of these qualities, and perhaps somebody who I love is sitting there, you know, but whether without that I have an experience of, of connection into myself, I feel this, like beautiful justification for allowing myself into my own experience. And so while we like ride the waves of life, right, like so if you take this boat, and you keep going with that metaphor, and you're like, okay, so life has these waves, there's these ups and downs and ups and downs and ups and downs, but this little speedboat it like rides it trajectory, that those waves, right, like you don't feel the slam being down, you just feel that nice, kind of that nice little floating experience where you almost feel like you're flying free for the first time in your life. And it's like, that's the trajectory of life that we're all looking for. It's it's balanced, right? It's this balance. It's not up and down and in and out like that, but it's also not moving so slowly, that we're now out in the open air. So I never know where we're going and why we go in different directions. So let me see what this has to do with our soul plan and planning and like, so when we plan our life, we ask ourselves this question like, What is it we're trying to do and why so that we can have this experience of freedom we can have this ultimate life experience of freedom, like they're showing me simultaneously this, this little boat, you know, and it's, it's moving in that nice plane of reality like smooth sailing, but there's a it's smooth, but it's like, right because it's going quickly. It's got that that vivacious quality of life, right? That that aliveness we want to feel alive, right and, and that's what like that, that open air feeling right? Where you breathe in a little bigger, you feel the open air quality to your life. So when we're on the other side, and we're planning, we're planning our life plan, we're thinking about purpose, who we are, what we're meant to be what we're not meant to be. We're, we're experiencing that. On the other side, we're experiencing this, this open air quality, right? Because before we're embodied, we have that in our soul planning experience, we have that call it enlightenment, call it enlightenment, they don't want to call it specifically enlightenment, but it's like enlightenment, it's this. This way of connecting into ourselves that feels special, unique, open, flowing, free to explore the realities of our truth, our our knowing of ourselves, our willingness to be free, our aliveness. Right, if we're not embodied, right, so there's no they have me over here because this is like pre life where it shows up for me. And so in that experience what are we doing we're we're justifying our purpose for participating in another life. Like, we don't just to get to go into life, like, just gonna grab another life, like jump back in like, you know, it's not like oh, grab a parachute. Here we go. I'm going into life like carefree purposely purpose lessly we come in with a plan, a very well drafted plan that we work with our, our spirit guides on. It's a lot of work, it's a lot of preparation, a lot of homework, a lot of studying a lot of delay, like, you know, when you're in school, and in college, grad school, something where it's like, it just requires a tremendous amount of discipline and study to get to those final exams. It feels like that energy. It's like, I'm in the library all night long, like studying, studying, studying, reviewing, making sure I have my notes, right, like, I've gone through it over and over. And I've talked to teachers, to friends to loved ones like really thinking about this, this study this topic, because it's not superficial to plan a life it takes. It takes many incarnations to come up with a life plan that's suitable for a life. So what does that mean? It's like, um, early on in a soul study early. So for a newer soul, right? That's that feeling like a newer soul. It's like, it takes time it takes like, a certain amount of lives to like, learn this process to learn what it feels like to embody to drop in to be a participant in life studies. And so, on the other side, it's like, the discipline it takes to learn how to plan a life can actually take multiple lives to learn, you know, it's kind of like, you went to the test and I forgot my pen feelings, right? Like, like, I got there and I was like, I'm late and I missed the first 20 minutes and now I'm trying really hard to study extra and it's like, oh, this didn't work so so the first few lives it feels like there's this test taking ability that you're learning right? How do you show up how do you live a life with with tenacity without regret like how do I actually show up feel free in my life and leave like I die I go back to the other side it's almost hard to say die because it's on a spiritual level there's there's no death but it's like I leave this plane of reality to return home and I know that I've done a good job because on a spiritual level I've I've completed a lesson I've checked some box on the call it the like, larger soul plan lesson scale, right? They're showing me like a like a, you know, you have a refrigerator all the little check boxes, you need to go to your errands or something. It's like check, check check. And one of the first or second and third checks is like learning how to develop a solid plan. Learning how to be a good student of this study of soul plan. This is an elaborate answer, Alex, so I'm gonna get there. Okay, so I study and I study and I study on how to become a soul embodied in the human plane. And that can take multiple lives like two three lives where I'm like, woof, I learned the hard way that didn't work. That didn't work. That didn't work that didn't feel good. For example, I come in too fast, too hard. I haven't planned anything and my life feels reckless. It feels like what we might call a wreck, right? Like the like, it's like, why isn't my life working on any level any shape or form? It's like, what the hell right? And it's like, not always true. But perhaps your sole plan was misguided, misguided, right? You didn't set up the structures that you needed, there wasn't the discipline, they keep using that word discipline. So over a few lives, you're like, Okay, I'm getting the flow of this. I'm getting used to this what it takes. So then in those sort of middle soul years, like, kind of a middle aged,

Alex Ferrari 21:09
Middle aged,

Laura Coe 21:10
Actually, they're kind of making it like, I'm, like, middle school actually, like, right, like, we're not even at middle age yet. But it's like, it felt like preschool years, and then middle school, and it feels like we're going to do high school. And then sort of this graduate level is how it feels to me, but we got these middle school years where it's like, I don't know, right? Like, like, you know, middle schoolers, they've got enough understanding to know enough, but their frontal lobe isn't developed. It feels like that. It's like, I'm kind of getting the hang of this stuff, but I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm what does that mean? It's like, um, I know how to do this embodiment thing, I feel more alive, more free to express Express, right? That's the big thing. It's like, the soul expression is wanting to come through feeling a right to come through, but it's like, not quite there. Just kind of like a teenager can't fully speak up in their feelings, thoughts, actions, so Well, it's like you're almost inarticulate on this plane still. So I get frustrated, easily feel like, defeated by life really quickly, like things just don't feel like a flow state very, very quickly, very well. It feels like it takes time or energy for everything for you. It's like, why is this so damn hard feelings, right? But a teenager Right? Like, just for them to go to the grocery store or something like they're struggling with that they don't know how to just, you know, get the right ingredients for whatever they want to cook, they might come home and realize they wanted to make cookies and they forgot to get milk, right? Or they forgot items at the at the store. Or they didn't bring in the right amount of change, and they don't have the right money. It's funny how they still think in terms of cash instead of credit. I think that's one. So the the soul plan takes time to develop over over many lifetimes. And then there's this moment. It's like, they almost have this line where it's like, Okay, I'm getting the hang of this, I kind of know how to do this, right? It can be a multi life thing. But it doesn't have to be like some souls pick it up a little quicker than others. Maybe set up a life where it's like, that was preposterous what I did. So I don't want to repeat any of those things. And you kind of kind of get it a little faster. That's not like a time thing. Or it has to be 10 lives or five lives. But but there's this process. Okay, so then what does it mean to set up a life with purpose and a soul plan? And so, okay, so what it what it means Alex, I want to be the kind of person that shows up fully in my life, I want to be present, I want to be available, I want to experience life in its totality. So I set up something on the other side, where I feel like I can find that truth, that harmony within myself. Someone easily right, it doesn't have to be like, quick or something or without friction or challenge. But it's like, I'm not setting myself up to fail is what it feels like most importantly, right? So those first few it's like, Oops, and then you kind of get the hang of it. And you're like, Okay, this feels possible. So what does that look like on the I want to ask them what that actually looks like what that process looks like. Does that make sense for you? Yeah. Are you tracking this so far?

Alex Ferrari 24:43
Oh, I'm, I'm with you. I'm with you. I got questions in my head ready to rock. All right.

Laura Coe 24:47
All right. Let me get this. I want to see what this designing process looks like. And then we'll we'll go back and forth. Okay, so you sit with your guides you ask a lot of questions you you contemplate ate this is on a soul level right yourself like, sell first sell first, like, Where have I been? What have I done? What's been successful, what is not? Why? And then you, you connect into like, spirit guides like it's like, there's quiet like home. So home like I connect into this frequency or energy of myself, this awareness I have of my own internal energetic. So there's this space that I feel this pulsating, vibrating kind of energy that runs through me and I connect in there. And I, I reflect me being a soul, right? So there's not reflection through the mind. But this process is more of a organic process because you're working within your own energetic field, right? You're not embodied. And you, you feel into this like this. How do I describe this, it's like they're showing me it's always hard with words when we get to this place, but they're showing me a vibration of pulsing vibration that's moving a frequency that's moving through me. And I feel this field of energy. And I wonder where I can improve, expand or grow because this field of energy, like the, the ultimate outcome is that it starts to move. Like it's this little line that wants to move through me, but it wants to move out in all directions, right? So that's like this, this field of energy, we call a soul wants to expand outward in all directions. And so the process is like, what can I do in this lifetime, to expand this field of energy to grow this field of energy to like, feel like I'm alive and free, that that boat image, right? To contain this energy in a soul embodied? Right? A soul and body is contained energy, but it's able to, on the earth plane, be supported to like, open up its frequency to its fullest, and learn a particular lesson. So what lesson maybe childhood trauma or some kind of karma or like, some inescapable reality about your past life that you haven't come to grips with? Or perhaps it's like, feelings of low self worth, or, you know, the list is long. But you pick because you know, in this lifetime, that you're relatively equipped to succeed, right? That's the hope and goal from the other side, like that freedom ride. Like, I'm like this, right? I'm not just slamming up and down all the time. I'm, I'm hopeful on a soul level, like I can do this, I can do this. And there's this feeling on the other side, like the guides are like, yes, we pretty much agree sometimes they see like estrus, estrus, we don't love this little part that you're planning down there, that doesn't look so great. Like we wish he would do it otherwise, but they won't interfere with your soul plan, like you ultimately get the final decision. Like this feels like it's the right plan for me to embody with so many things I want to ask, but what's up? Where are you with it?

Alex Ferrari 28:21
So my friend, one of my first questions is, and I've always felt what I wanted to know, this question in regards to our soul plan is that I know that you and I, according to our soul plans, at one point or another on the other side, had a conversation and said, Hey, I'm gonna come on your show, you're gonna have a show, it's gonna be at this time, we're going to do this kind of work together and help both of our soul plans move forward. That conversation makes sense to me on these bigger scales. And this isn't like a monstrous scale, it might be for your job for you, or maybe for me, at a certain level, but I do so many of these, I have to believe that I had conversations with all my guests on the other side at one point or another, that they were going to come on, but what happens to every little interaction with the guy will put you off on the side of the road, you know, or the person who steals from you at Denny's or they got you know, whatever these little things that you just kind of brush up against somebody for a lesson not just is that random? Or is every minute detailed? plan if it is that detail the plan? What what's free will?

Laura Coe 29:40
Yeah, yeah, I love this question. Okay, let's see what the guides want to say today. So again, I'll just get quiet for a second see where they want to go with that and how they want to answer it.

Alright, so they're asking very big question. Okay. So, so there's this idea, right of like, okay, so I want to conceptualize this future outcome like I want to I, I being a soul i. So one of the tough parts of an Akashic Record is, I have to keep telling you what we're talking about, is it my embodied form my soul, right? Spirit guide, like, whatever, so I'll keep referencing it for you. So you know, okay, so the first part is like, I from a soul level, I want to do this in this lifetime, right? Call it I want to like, they want to make it really simple for us. So I want to be part of a marching band, right, they want to keep it like much more simplistic than us trying to understand something as complicated as perhaps forgiveness, okay. So on a, on a very basic level, it's like, I want to become part of this marching band, at the end of my life, like, this is my goal. So I need to have the instruments, I need to have a way to cultivate this art, I want to be able to understand music, I need to have friends or people family, because if I don't have friends to do the bandwidth, there's there's no band if I don't have friends and community to watch, right, because the marching band has to march somewhere. So I need a community of people to watch me do that. So it's like in this grand play of life, there's all of these components that have to come into place. So that this outcome, like I want a marching band to be the story of my life happens, right? And so if you participate in your life fully, you'll start to see the little details that add up to this outcome, right? The marching band, we're all staring out the window for that outcome, we want that final outcome, I want to be part of a marching band, right. But the reality is, if you actually start looking at the, the microscopic details of your everyday life, and how they're happening, and every moment, you start to awaken, you start to awaken to the, the full purpose, the plan that that's executing, that's rolling out in front of you has so much more of a Okay, hold on, they're taking me into an energetic space. So there's like this feeling of energy spinning for me out to the world. So there's more of this energy that's happening. My soul i My soul is like interacting with this collective community, this this energy of the universe, right? It's like having a conversation, if you will, at all moments in time. It's like, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, what, what we ask ourselves, What should I do? How should I get there? What would it look like? How can I make this happen? Whatever we ask ourselves, those human type questions, but in reality, what's really happening is happening down here, it's happening from my heart, right? My heart space, which is going energetically out into the world and picking up nuance, like great subtlety. So I feel that this marching band would be better served if I were to walk into a solar Denny's and get breakfast there today. And so I walk into this place, and I, I stopped for lunch, and I see some friends and I hear a friend's voice. And that makes me laugh. And in that moment of laughter, I recognize what I might do, to better serve this collective marching band that I would like to have, right. And so if you place that kind of reality into our, our day to day, right, if you think about it every moment in time, at every moment in time, we're in an interaction with reality from this heart centric, they are bringing me so deeply into my heart. I wish he could feel it. It's so beautiful and full. Like, from here, I'm breathing, lifeforce, right into the world. It's interesting how they said that I'm breathing, lifeforce into the world, I'm participating in the energy of my own experience, right? So as I exhale, my intentions into the world, I'm almost like Inhaling back in the realities that are happening. And there's this little dance that's happening all day long, right, inhale and exhale, my experience, meaning my energetics are interacting with the energetics of the moment. And those things are coming together in a confluence so that we can start to understand our reality and its its supportive intent towards this outcome that we wish to have. So to answer your question, right is everything that it's almost like everything can be that if we choose it to be and what that means Alex, it's like, the mental like the mind, right? It's like got mastery over the soul. It's so Oh, gripping and holding and wanting to be in control. And so we rationalize or justify away things were like that laugh in the store didn't mean anything. So I'm not going to pick up on that vibration and recognize something about my own experience that I could bring forward. We just dismiss it out of hand, we tell ourselves, Oh, it didn't matter. That didn't matter. That didn't matter. That didn't matter. That didn't matter. And we get stuck. That's where we get stuck, right? That's where our energetic field kind of slows down, perhaps like, I don't feel that nice flowing sensation. I feel this kind of, it's not arrested or dead. It's just dormant, it's quiet, it's still and it's not in flow with with my experiences in my days. And so when we wake up to this aliveness, right, the purpose of our life is from within us, not our minds. And we start to participate from this energetic sense of self. And we start to realize that this fluidity, right is available all the time, then we start to find those, those little kernels all over the place, like, oh, wow, oh, what does that mean? What does that mean? What does that mean? It's like, they're turning my life into like popcorn popping, it's like, great, everything in front of me. It's like a potential popcorn of truth. So is there a lesson to be learned? Yes, absolutely. Can you pick up a nuanced experience in all moments? Absolutely. Should you they're saying most definitely, like, it's an opportunity at all times to just keep steering the car of your life perfectly in the trajectory that it wants to go. The minute the mind jumps in and says, like, oh, that didn't really happen. I don't know. I don't know, maybe I should just grab breakfast, I don't really want to talk about this right now. Right? Like, that's when we lose that that connection.

Alex Ferrari 36:51
So it sounds like that, to our main goal, let's say would be to have patience to learn patience. And that's the big, the big marching band. And then there's all these little opportunities to continuously learn that lesson. And if you don't, if you don't, if you learn them quickly, they won't escalate as much. But if you start not learning them, those lessons, start to escalate, escalate, escalate, escalate. And those little nuances are things are kind of thrown in your path for this grand scheme of what we're what you're trying to do in this one lesson in life. So in other words, this is why a lot of people go like why do I keep dating the same type of person? Because you're not learning the lesson. That's and this, and they seem to intensify with worse and worse and worse and worse, until you finally go. I don't want this kind of person in my life. I need to stand up for myself. I need to, is that kind of what you're getting at?

Laura Coe 37:57
Yeah, let me let me let them speak for themselves. Cuz I could say it, but I think they're clamoring to jump in. Is this how you describe? It's like, okay, so we'll pick up on the dating situation. It's like, it's about the mind, right? The mind keeps telling us like, I want to control the situation, I want to be right about the situation, I want it to go a certain way I need it to have an outcome, I needed to be this way. Like we have all of these preconceived notions about our life. And they're so incredibly intense, from our minds, our mental status, like what we, we believe to be true about ourselves in the world at all times, right? This is how I feel think about myself in the world. And then I have a suppose that outcome, and then it doesn't work. And then I can't believe it. And then I get stuck in this loop. Right? And so the break free moment or breakthrough moment is, do I believe that to be true? Just because my mind repeats it on, you know, autopilot over and over? Or can I accept that there's this deeper truth within me, right? And so from a soul plan level, which is what you're asking, I came here for a reason I came here for a purpose. And it's like, what's happening in this moment, is information for me to address this deeper soul purpose. So perhaps the fight I'm having with my mother, is for me to feel better about myself, perhaps the feelings I have about my brother. Right? Like we have a disparity of wealth. I don't know right? Some family where there's something happening there. It's like, what's the friction of feelings like less than perhaps when I'm in traffic and I'm like, avoiding a phone call that I know I could take because I'm sitting in traffic, what's happening in that moment that I feel like the suffering of of this experience where I could just pick up this phone call with a friend and talk about feelings, right? So all these moments are opportunities for me to address the the So they're saying the feelings inside of myself that keep me from the actualization or reality of my my soul plan, right? So I'm, it's like, I'm stuck, right? I'm stuck in the mud feelings like my mind tells me to feel all these kind of shitty ways and then I lose faith or hope in my myself this soul plan self, right? So. So the why does it get louder and louder? It's like your field of vision gets smaller and smaller, right because when as I get into my mind state it's funny, right? Because we think of our mind being attached to our eyes and so we see everything. But in fact, the more we're in our minds, the less we're seeing, we're just living up inside of this experience of self right? Everything is happening. It's like me, me me I my experience why me why this done it and we we lose hope we lose connection to anything bigger than ourselves. And so is it always directed directly related to a soul plan when we're in our mental space? And not really not really, it's, it can be very tiresome to be in the human experience of psychological dribble, it's very funny, they don't love the mind, I'm just gonna go on record. But we're repeating these cycles of our psychology instead of like allowing ourselves to feel into our, our experience or, or our that energy, that physical recognition of our sole self. So why does it get louder and louder? It's like, alarm bells. Like, if I don't if I don't fix, and they say that without our human sense, right, like fixing something that's wrong. But if I don't fix my relationship to myself, I start to get heavier and heavier and, like, I'm drowning out this the soul message until I don't find or feel that frequency of of self. And then I feel really, really, really stuck. And that's the what the messages of the mind does over time to us.

Alex Ferrari 42:11
So that's yeah, that's this is this is such an interesting process. Okay, Gacek records, and the guides and the Akashic records. This is such a new process for me. Now, I'm going to ask you another question about soul plants. And this is a big one, even bigger than the last question, okay. The concept of living multiple lives, which we've talked about our past lives, or future lives, or current life, but the concept of time is irrelevant on the other side, right. So I have, through my research and speaking to different channels as different people who have been into the other side, the concept of living all of the lives at the same time, makes my head hurt. Yes. Ah, like, I'm like, wait a minute. And then I've heard the concept of like, well, if some if something you do in this life, you find enlightenment in this life, let's say, you become Buddha in this life, it ripples throughout all the lives that have come before you, technically that are happening at the exact same time as you again, head starts to hurt.

Laura Coe 43:26
Technically, yes,

Alex Ferrari 43:27
I wouldn't. I would love to hear this concept of living all your lives at the same times, because the soul can be in multiple places at the same time. Because if if all my nd ears say the same thing in regards to Jesus always shows up the hardest working man in show business. Jesus, he's always showing up all over the place. And same thing goes with other other Ascended Masters. They can be in multiple places at the same time. We can be in multiple places. Yeah, spiritually at the same time. Very big question. I'd love to hear what they say.

Laura Coe 44:01
You're just going for the lowest hanging fruit for me today. Alright.

Alex Ferrari 44:01
A really low ball kind of.

Laura Coe 44:11
I just want to get along better with my grandmother when? All right, yeah, let's do it. I love it. So just so we frame a starting point question. Is it like to explain we can save all time and space in our souls living?

Alex Ferrari 44:30
Just like can we live all of our Are we living all of our lives at the same time? Because there is no time on the other side? That's right.

Laura Coe 44:40
Okay. Let's do it. Hold please, while I go ring up the cashier ground. I'll just happen again. It takes me a couple of seconds to just feel the energy and I'll share. Okay, so this idea that we're living multiple lives at this same time right so this idea they're taking me into then me like Laura Susan co right? Who is she? Who is this entity that we're referring to as Laura Susan CO, right? Like, born on May 1971. Like we take these facts like so seriously, like, these are the facts of this person, this person's soul and it's like, not so fast. Right? It's like, okay, so there's this person that you're feeling connected to you say, here's this person sitting across from me, having this lovely conversation, you're sitting with a friend, you're having a Salinger eating lunch, you look at them, and you're having a conversation, but it's like, what does that actually mean? Or entail? on a soul level? are we connecting into the vibration of the spiritual entity that is sitting across? Or are we conversing with this formulaic idea of this multi life traveler that presents in this one way in this one time in this one moment, this way, right? And so what what happens is, okay, so they're taking me to the idea of soup, which they did years ago for me, but they're saying chicken noodle soup, right. So chicken noodle soup, we have all these ingredients, right? We have the, the broth, we have the noodles, we have the, the the carrots, the maybe rice in there, right? Whatever you decide that you want to put into this soup, each ingredient represents like the soul has embodied in a lifetime in a certain way. So the carrot is one life that celery is another life, you've got the peas, right, like whatever you want to call it. And so this soup, this soup is like stirred. And it's like, the energy of all of the lifetimes are in one spot at one time. So I am me, Laura, I am all of those lifetimes happening simultaneously in this life, right? This soup. So it's a little hard for us to imagine this idea, but it's like, okay, if we're, if we were to break it down and say, there's, there's the rice, there's the peas, there's the carrots, it's like, those are different lifetimes that I have achieved. And they're all happening though at the same time, right? That to your point about the timelessness of all things. We as humans think in this time continuum, we say, Here we are in time in this way, we show up, right? Repeatedly, whatever, five o'clock, six o'clock, or like, Here I am, on a soul level, energetically, we're in all times and no time simultaneously. And so like the soup, right has all of these parts, but it makes up the whole of the soup that I eat, right? I eat a bowl of chicken soup, but it tastes a certain way to me, I take each bite and I'm enjoying it. It's like, okay, there's this whole thing of chicken soup. So my my soul is simultaneously living in multiple lives and multiple planes and multiple realities all at the same time. Like the soup except the Hold on, what are they saying? This is a little, when they get complicated, I always have to pause. It's like the vibration of the energy that's happening simultaneously and all these lifetimes is like transferring back and forth, right? seamlessly from soul to soul. If you want to say it that way, right? Like, obviously, there's the soul of me. But it's like living in different planes of reality simultaneously, although in this one time, at the same time. And so the embodiment can't understand that Laura can't understand that she's simultaneously living in multiple dimensions multiple times, that there is no time, right? So it's more like thinking about the soup. And you sort of think well, even though there's all these different components to my soup, the soup makes up one hole. And the flavor profile is the the combination of all of its parts in to one, right. So they eat soup, and it has one flavor. So similarly. My soul plan and all of these different dimensions is all leading towards one ultimate goal, right of enlightenment in some end state, which doesn't live in time, but we are living all of those lives at the same time. Like the soup, right, are you tracking this so far? Oh, yeah, very much. Okay. Okay, so, so yeah, I mean, Alex, it feels like it's all happening at the same time and and Laura's receiving messages from these other planes. She doesn't know it, it's happening on these frequencies. So it could come like a hunch, unknowing, a recognition awaking up, right? Like you have these moments in life where you go, like, Oh, I like I just got that, I just know that I just felt that I just experienced something and you don't really know why or how it happens. It's like happening on multiple planes of reality at the same time. And your soul expression is benefiting from all these other sort of subsequent lifetimes.

Alex Ferrari 50:30
Fascinating, absolutely fascinating. And it's actually really well described the way they explained it very well explained, because the concept of the soup and the different flavors and the different elements of the soup, as Lifetime's makes sense. And all together makes the taste of the soup. But if something happens to one of the ingredients, in one of like, one lifetime, you're going to it ripples to the soup. That's right. If it gets tart, it's gonna have a target of your taste, it's gonna get higher vibration, he might become sweeter, might become more savory. These are the ideas that are kind of floating around. I've never heard of explained that way. But it is a beautiful explanation for it an extremely complicated

Laura Coe 51:23
Metaphor, it's always what I love, because it brings me to the simplicity point, right, like everybody can understand if I mean, they're talking at me, but you know, yeah, you had too much salt. And the soup tastes terrible, right? All of a sudden, you're just like, wah? Right? So it's just this. They're saying to me, like you're playing with the ingredients all the time to kind of mitigate the the soul expression to its fullest, you know, capacity.

Alex Ferrari 51:52
So it's basically an ever changing flavor profile for a cosmic soul soup. Like, yeah. That's fine. Yeah. Okay, so that makes it so that makes all the sense the world because, at least in me, I'm sure people listening to like, it makes all the sense of the world to you, Alex, and like it does, for whatever reason, it's connecting with me. And I understand that because the idea of multiple lifetimes that can never really, at the same time, couldn't grasp it. But them all being in a soup as a metaphor, and that each one feeds into the flavor profile of the soup makes all the sense in the world. And then the concept I heard from a yogi or from somebody I was speaking to stating is like, or I think I read An Autobiography of a Yogi is that when you find enlightenment, or you become self realized in a lifetime, it ripples to not only your old lifetimes, old quote unquote old but also to your soul families. Because now we're just talking about the individual soup. There is a meal here with the soul family that you're traveling with. That also happens

Laura Coe 53:08
A lot of energy they got something to say on that. Yeah, please, please don't. So the way the Akashic realm works when they want to talk they basically increase the energy around my head until I can't really hear anything that you're saying. It's like the doorbell ringing like a million times Alright, so the question around how does this impact soul family how do we how do we work in groups with lesson

Alex Ferrari 53:34
With with with this whole concept of the soul of the cosmic soul soup. Yes, multiple lifetimes at the same time with sulphide Do you see how complicated this is getting? Which is great, but yet simple.

Laura Coe 53:47
You just need to send me like a bottle of tequila after this. Okay, so what is it mean? So we have a soul family Okay, so they're Yeah, they're really excited for this one it's like an overwhelming Why do I feel like I sadness? So the records translate in feelings sometimes and I feel like this stuckness in my throat so let me just see what this is. They're saying like they just they're so it's like there's a an overwhelming feeling of elation to talk about this Alex like I don't usually get this kind of feeling from the Akashic but it's like, I don't know they're excited to share this but they're never pushing they ever say like, Alex, Laura, we want to tell you this. So it's very much quant question answered driven. So when you sort of ask something, you get this sort of uptick of energy or downtick. So they're really excited about the sharing this one. So it feels like Alex there's this way in which we we come here we embody, we take form right? The formless goes into the form. We express we want to express our deepest truths on a soul level. We want to know who we are and be alive like we talked about that. That beautiful both are taking me back to this like now Nice trajectory where we feel free alive and in our fullest, you know? Frequency Okay, so our first all families like, it's like they feel that right they feel that energy. So when we're feeding our own soul when we're like working with our own experience, right when we're open, uplifting, opening ourselves to our fullest potentials, we like it's like the cherry on top of the ice cream for for our soul family, because they get the benefit of all that energy around them. And it's like, there's this feeling in the records around our comprehension of of selflessness, selfishness, like what we feel about all that is frustrating to them, because it's got a misguided quality. When we take care of ourselves from a soul level when we connect and communicate within ourselves, right? That's the greatest gift we can give everybody on the planet, not just our soul family, but everybody because when we care for ourselves, right? And they don't mean, the stuff that we there is some selfishness, right? Like things like, I'm just going out to the movies, and I don't care what you think, or I'm just gonna like, go talk with my friends. And I'm not going to call you back. Like, there are all sorts of selfish, selfishly motivated behaviors that disrupt other people's psychologies, and cause all sorts of like, animosity, he's right. But this one, this one where you, you feel into your own vibration, you open your heart and soul up and you're then your mind to the reality of who you are like, I'm a soul on this planet. I have come here to, to express fully through the physical right through this physical form. I use my mind for enlightenment, I don't, I don't force enlightenment down on me, I open this energy of self. And it becomes enlightenment, right? Like, we have all these books and videos and tapes. We're like studying, like how to be enlightened, and we get more and more information. But it's really the opposite. It's like, how do I just uplift my energy field. And as I do, it feels like the energy of my vibration goes up and up and up and like saturates my mind with it. And then I speak from this beautiful place, right? Like, I feel free and alive and happy and right, you feel those people who are just like, yes, they're so fun to be around. And it's because they've taken care of this energetic self, right. And when we do that, and then we share that with friends, family loved ones, even just somebody walking down the street. It's like, they're saying, like, job well done, job well done. It's like this is the intention of being on the earth plane is opening up this field of energy within ourselves, right? They love this thing they do, where they turn me into a flower. So it's like this through line is a stem. And then that my head becomes the the rose that wants to open, right? And it's like, there's little thorns, it's like, okay, that's fine. You can have like a little thorn to keep those people away who wish you harm or you know, don't have the best of intentions. That's fine. That's why it's got this, this stem with a couple of thorns on it. But we want to, we want to embody energetically, the spiritual being within us and open ourselves up to the light open ourselves up to the energy around us. And so your question, this is what I'm in there very long winded with their answers. But to answer your question, it's like, the greatest gift you can give to yourself, to your spiritual family, to community culture, to it to enlightened ones, to anybody walking on this plane, is to first care for this energy of self. How do I lift up my own frequency? How do I spend my days? How do I open my heart and my soul? And like, the reason my throat felt tight and sad, is because they're, they're showing me like how many people are embodied and are stuck, they can't share their wisdom, their truth, what's true to them, their throat chakra, right that gets it's it's blocked and trapped because they push down their energies, you know, they don't want to let out the reality of who they are this spiritually enlightened, energetic self, and in place, they want to tell you who they are. I am Laura Ko, and I live on this block. And this is what matters to me. And these are my opinions and my perspective, right? And it's all this well rehearsed stuff about who we are, instead of this glorious, like opening of self to the world. And so, when you share from there, so you say, how do I impact my soul family? It's like, I had this awakening. So this is a pretend thing that I call you as my friend Alex and I had this awakening today I realized like the purpose of meaning in my life was this in this in This and I feel so alive and free. And I'm excited. And I'm ready to take action. And I'm looking for you, if you could care for me in these ways and help me or support me or just say some kind words and compassion, it's in that exchange, where you then can find a deeper connection to yourself, you can like recognize, oh, wow, what's that person doing? Like, I want to feel that fluid and alive and free and hopeful. And that's where the, the soul family really kicks in. It's like, they're saying it's a misguided notion to think that there's like, one family that you come in with, there's, there's these frequencies that are adjusted to yours. Right? And as you fine tune, so fine tunes your community or not, right? You it's like, musical instruments. I mean, you got the opera or the symphony. That's how they're putting it right. And so some people are more inclined towards one and some people are more inclined towards another. But if your cello is out of tune, and you're like, like, they're gonna send you home, right? They're gonna be like, sorry, you can't play today. That musical note, it's like hurting everybody's ears. It's

Alex Ferrari 1:01:10
Beautiful. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they're there. Their metaphors are so beautiful. And so simple to understand these very deep and complex questions. One thing I wanted to just, and then we'll, then we'll stop talking about this, because we could go on for days. And we'll talk about the rest of this conversation in a minute. But for the last thing that I found, that I found to be true, and I'd love to hear what the Akashic Records has to say about it is, when you are on purpose, when you are on the path that you need to be on, whether you've discovered the mission that you have in life, whether you've just discovered your purpose, there is an energy or vibration that's attached to that. And people feel it. And it could be as simple as you are a janitor, and you love what you do. And everybody in that school loves you. There's that energy. Or you could be Michael Jordan, or LeBron James. And just being around them. There's an energy there's because there's a million basketball players in the world. But if you just didn't even know who they were, and just sat in a room with them, you would go, Oh, there's something here. Same thing for an actor, or, you know, or an artist of some sort, who have had the pleasure of being in the room with some of these, these kind of energies in these kinds of people. And I've, I've been in a room and I go, Oh, there is something about this person. Yeah, that said, it's different. And I only came up to realize it recently that like, oh, they were at and it's not, by the way, a lifetime energy. It could be a window of opportunity that you are just perfectly aligned. And sometimes it's long, sometimes it's short. But that moment is the energy that people just feel at a very deep level. What is your take on it are the Akashic Records

Laura Coe 1:03:15
Yeah, they're blowing me up again. So, yeah, what you're feeling is frequency energy, right? It's it's like a shame the whole planet can't attune to this because they can write like we're all our own instruments. It's like they have just like the craft of your own instrument, right the violin, the cello, whatever you want to call yourself the flute, it doesn't matter the piano just take the time to practice, practice, practice, practice. Tuning a tuning your it's funny they I want to say tune but a tuning your energy, right? Find those nuances, subtle ways to like, play with the little energies of self right? Perhaps it's going for a long walk, perhaps it's talking to friends, perhaps it's sitting by a lake, perhaps it's reading a book, perhaps for you. It's like working long hours into the evening because it brings you joy in your soul. And so that's what they want us to hear. It's like there's I mean, I'm smiling because it's like when I'm in this I feel so good. I'm live free connected. This part of my body my My chest feels solid and strong and my my solar plexus energy, it's like where my other hand is that you can't see. But it's um, it's like connected connected. I'm not questioning myself is what that means. And so can we all participate in our lives more effectively, more freely and feel into the energy of ourselves right not think into it feel into it by by being in ourselves, being in our experience, and we don't take the time for that we don't we worry so much about what time won't be home and how much traffic is there going to be in what's on the news? And well, you know, all these things are pulling our attention, grabbing quite frankly, our attention away from this embodiment of self recognizing its true self, its sole self, right? So they're saying Alex's example, you sit across the room and you feel it. It's like, Yes. What's your? What's your feeling? Alex is the expression of their soul is speaking to you. Their expression of their soul is speaking to you. They're, they're no longer speaking from this mind, this agitated mind state, like, I kind of get it right with Alex, I don't want to get wrong with Alex, I have like, want them to like me? Or perhaps I don't like him, or like, I don't like the way he looked at me. Or like, what was that or like, all this stuff that happens in the friction of the mind is intercepted by this, by this soul expression that's like, fluid and free and at ease and talks from a place of like, it's like community and confidence. And like, it's funny, they're using the word, self righteousness, right? Which is such a weird idea. Because what they're showing me is like, there's this right and wrong self righteousness, like my mind, like I need to be right. And I don't want to be wrong and all that stuff, right? But when we're self, right, when we're in the righteousness, the reality of the frequency of our own self expression, as right and free and alive in the world, and we express from there, it's like, what could be better to be around, right? And that's what you're feeling. And that's what you're hoping? They're so funny. They're saying, that's what you're hoping your audience like, connects to in this in this session, but it's like, can people express and allow themselves to express from this deeper intuitive sense of self rather, from this intellectual knowing of self?

Alex Ferrari 1:06:55
And it's in very similar. This energy that you're talking about this vibration attracts people? Like, you know, like sugar to ants, like it is just absorbed by this. That's why famous people, people just want to be around them Spiritual Master same thing.

Laura Coe 1:07:16
Yeah. Because Alex, what they're saying is because we all are this, so when you say that it's like, okay, so like the queen bee, and all the little bees, right? They all come home. It's like, they all know that home, they're all connecting, they're like, oh, that's where the honey is, I've worked out and it's like the little, the bee has like that little honing away. Like it knows where to find it. I know nothing about bees, it knows where to find the like Queen Bee to find its nest. And it's like we all do, too. We all feel a connection to that deeper. Yeah. So when we see it in somebody, we believe it may be true within ourselves. And we stop and we pause, and we go, Ah, what's that? I missed that. I want that I crave that right? And so we want to be around them, and we seek them out.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:03
Now it would it be fair to say and I've been a student of this my entire life pretty much is I've studied artists and fame and why people are hot not. And I'll use the analogy of a one hit wonder. We've all heard of the band that comes out of the gate, just blaring and they are the biggest thing in the world for one album, and when they were together, or that artists was singing by, you know, whatever, they had a one hit. one hit wonders, just massive. But then and you said this, and that's when it kind of kicked into me or they said this and the kick that to me, the mind starts to play with you. Fame, ego, all this other stuff starts to muddy up the waters and it pulls back. And they no longer have that energy anymore. And people are not attracted to them as they used to be, as opposed to a YouTube or Rolling Stones, or these bands or artists or Bruce Springsteen or, or the late great Tina Turner, who people connect to through generations, because they were able to maintain a level of vibration within their path that kept that attraction. Does that make sense?

Laura Coe 1:09:23
You're giving me full body goosebumps. Sorry, they went up my spine and my cheeks. Um, okay, so So there's two things one is Alex like sometimes on a Soul Plane on a soul plan level. Some people plan this quick rise to fame and then the absolute downfall, right? Because for their soul plan, they're like, I needed to learn how to like that disgrace and the discomfort that comes along with that like crash, right? It's like, you know, like, they're taking me out to an airplane that crashes somewhere and everybody has to survive, right? Like we love those movies. It's like the survival story. Right. So some people come here and it's like, the higher you rise, the harder you fall, the faster you fall, the quicker you fall, the bigger the pain point. But also the greater the lesson. So some people, souls, right, they, they plan this because they, I'm asking why they're planning it that way, it's like, they almost want to fast forward a few lessons, it's like, if they take their life, die and fall that hard, then they can kind of truncate what might take 10 lives right? fail miserably a few times, but they're not big enough to have that impact, where we really learn the lesson and we go, oh, and it depends on the person like humility or violence to myself, like, perhaps I needed to learn how to not turn on myself, right? Like, it depends on the person in the plan. So sometimes it's like that. Other times, it's like, the other kinds of ego, ego interception, right? Like, I get here in this plane of reality. And I had this, because the Tina Turner thing, just remind me, I want to talk about her, that kind of person. So now they're making me they're popping me over to her. And I said, Okay, so there's these other types, right? Like, who come here, distinctly and only to help the rest of us see what it looks like to stay in high frequency throughout an entire lifetime. And we can just be in awe, like, wow, wow. Right? It's almost like they've attained a certain level of excellence on a soul level. And it gives us something to aspire towards. Right? If you don't have a students in the classroom, you're kind of like, why bother? If I'm always gonna get a C? You know, like, Forget school? I'm out. Right? That's kind of how it feels to me. So they want to show us the feeling. Again, it's feeling right, this isn't an egoic experience of like, oh, I want to be like her. It's a it's a vibration. Like, oh, my God, that woman like, I feel something so enlightened in her. What is that? And it makes me want to go deeper within myself every time I'm exposed. Yeah, yeah, an example.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:08
So Laura, I could talk to you. And the guides here, the Akashic Record guides for hours. And I feel that they could talk for hours too, because there's still time on the other side. So it doesn't really matter.

Laura Coe 1:12:20
100 pages in six months, Alex like, is a treasure trove.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:25
Exactly. So we can keep talking about that this has been such a fascinating conversation. And I know at the beginning, we talked about doing an ancient civilizations topic as well, I don't think that's going to make sense in this episode. I think everyone needs a break. And then we're going to come back and do another episode with the Akashic Records guide, as well on ancient civilization, and Atlantis, and all that kind of stuff, which I think is going to be fascinating as well. So we'll do that as well. But I want to thank you. And I want to thank the guides, the Akashic Record guides for a profound, truly profound conversation, answering some very difficult, deep, complicated questions and answering them in a beautifully elegant and simple way. Which, the longer I live, the more I understand that. The simpler the truth, the closer it is to truth, then if it gets too convoluted, and that's all mind stuff.

Laura Coe 1:13:29
Yeah. Yeah. Thanks for saying that. I mean, I find it to be so incredibly simplistic that it's almost like, oh, all the time. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:39
Yeah. It's a beautiful conversation up. So before we leave, is there anything else happening with you where you know, with your community, with what you're doing, and you're offering to the world?

Laura Coe 1:13:52
Yeah, I mean, so I've been thinking a lot, right? The little Sol school is going really well. And I'm loving it. We've got readings, we're teaching people how to access the Akashic records. But I don't know like, like, we're in a weird time in history, like people are really stressed. Right? They're kind of feeling the chaos and overwhelm perhaps about what's going on around them. And I don't know like feels unpredictable, perhaps like a little bit crazy for some people. And in particularly internally, right, there's a some people feeling anxious their minds, right. And I don't know if I told you this, but TS Eliot has his poem, The Four Quartets. And I've got this tattoo on me. And it says at the steel point of the turning world, right, and it's been like my guideposts like, how do we find a sense of stillness in the turning world, right and, and he's super cool, because he's like, it's not stillness. It's, it's where the dance of life is. Right? And I'm like, absolutely for that. So, readings, the Akashic records have been my way Connect back into that still point, like, I find that the Akashic realm is the quickest way for me to access the stillness that I crave that like connection back into myself, but I don't know, right, you get a reading and then you get back out and live. And then it's again, right. And it's like, a like, I feel like it's hard to sustain that over a period of time. So I wanted to create a program that allowed people to feel a reoccurring connection to that space, what would that look like? How would that feel? So I've been working on it for for like the better part of a year. And so religious institutions have churches and the atheist community, the scientific community, they have textbooks, right, and they can study these things. But I feel like there's all these people who fall somewhere else, right? They're like, not interested in the textbooks, they're not interested in the atheist view. They're not interested in structures of religion, perhaps right. So where do they belong? Like, where do they fit in? Where do they belong? Right. And so I wanted to explore that space, like, you know, asking those harder questions. What is my purpose, right? Do we have a deeper calling? Twin Flames like everybody's dying with twin flames and soulmates? And what happens before you're born and after you die and all that stuff. But we're so busy. In the experience of being human, right, being human, it's like I started thinking about human beings, human beings, like, what is that? And so, being human living our life, it's like, okay, but when are we practicing the being apart? And I actually think the guides were talking about that quite a bit today, right? So how do we have that experience on a regular basis? So I wanted to create something, it's called the steel Point Community. Right? Do you ever read Siddhartha Did you check out that verse? Yeah. So when I was studying philosophy, in graduate school, I got obsessed with this idea of experiential knowing, right? And Siddhartha, the book of Buddha, he, he goes through this journey, but the part that really caught my eye was, at the end, when he realizes I had to experience it myself, right? I had to experience it, I can't, like listen to other people, I can't read about it. I can't just listen to what other spiritual masters might think. And so on. That idea was like, Well, how do I help people experience this themselves, because even if they get a reading from me, or one of the little soul school readers, it's still through me, right? Or even our experience today, it's like, through me, right? You're not getting to experience it. So. So the Stillpoint community is going to be an opportunity for all of us to get together in community, a place where we feel like we connect and belong to this experience, spiritual experience, right, of experientially, like connecting. So like, what does that mean? The spiritual education you never received, right? So I'm going to go in just like we did, we'll go into the records. On a weekly, in a month, I'll go once a week into the records, and I'll get downloads just like we just did, what did the guides have to say on on these types of topics, from pre birth to death, and everything in between, but then we're gonna get back together in community, and I'm gonna guide you into your own records, with prompted questions so that you perhaps can talk to your own spirit guides, have your own understanding, not just what do they have to say about it? But where am I in that process? What is my soul plan? What is what am I learning? Where am I today? What messages do I need to hear for healing and learning because I think if, even if it's just little, I feel like if we have a little connection to our own guidance, and we get a moment to feel it for ourselves like Siddhartha, it's like, perhaps I'll understand it. I'll know it to be true in a deeper sense. So, so yeah, there's this this program, it's called the Stillpoint. A community, you'll meet friends, we'll do breakout rooms like that kind of stuff. So I'm really, really excited.

Alex Ferrari 1:19:17
And I'll put the link in the description and the show notes as well for that so people can can reach out and grab you if they need to. Laura, I want to, again, I appreciate you so much for coming on the show and sharing your your gifts with the Akashic Record guides. I know they're dying to have the next conversation already. They think that they I think they appreciate the platform of these deeper questions, and it's not just like, so what are the lottery tickets I need? When am I gonna find my Twin Flame?

Laura Coe 1:19:53
Or, you know, should I move to Arizona? I'm like, they don't care if you move.

Alex Ferrari 1:19:59
So, oh, Again Laura thank you again so much for coming on the show and I appreciate you and everything you're doing in the world so thank you again.

Laura Coe 1:20:05
Thank you appreciate you too.

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