NEW EVIDENCE: Channeler REVEALS Quantum Physics TRUE Connection to SOURCE ENERGY with Christy Whitman

In the intricate dance of the universe, where each moment is a symphony of energy and intention, today’s guest brings a luminous presence to our understanding of creation. On today’s episode, we welcome the inspiring Christy Whitman, a beacon of light in the realm of manifesting and universal laws. Christy’s profound journey offers us a … Read more

The Spiritual Council Channeled: You Are Unlimited with Christy Whitman

In this realm of infinite possibilities, we are joined by the radiant Christy Whitman, a transformational leader and a beacon of light. With her journey from a high-powered corporate life to a spiritually aligned existence, Christy offers profound insights into manifesting desires and living a fulfilled life. Before her spiritual awakening, Christy Whitman appeared to … Read more

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