The Spiritual Council Channeled: You Are Unlimited with Christy Whitman

Christy Whitman has been a Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach and Law of Attraction expert for the last twenty years, as well as the two time New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All and Taming Your Alpha Bitch. She is also the author of the international bestsellers The Desire Factor and Quantum Success.

Christy has appeared on the news, The Today Show, The Morning Show, Ted X, and The Hallmark Channel and her work has been featured in the media in various publications. She’s been featured in Goalcast, People Magazine, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Hollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, to name a few.

Please enjoy my conversation with Christy Whitman.

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Christy Whitman 0:00
Your divine design is to be in wholeness and oneness in well beingness.

Alex Ferrari 0:19
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I'd like to welcome to the show, Christy Whitman. How you doin Christy?

Christy Whitman 0:56
Hi, Alex, I'm so excited to be with you.

Alex Ferrari 0:58
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I really am really excited to talk to you and talk about your book the desire factor, among other many things that you're you're very busy lady, you do. You do lots of stuff. And you have a fascinating story. So I wanted to talk to you first. First, I always love to ask this question. What was your life like prior to your spiritual awakening before you actually found the path that you're on today?

Christy Whitman 1:24
Well, I from the outside, and it looked like I had a pretty good life. And that's where, you know, I had graduated from college, I got the degree I was engaged to be married. I was working, fastly moving up the corporate ladder, living in Chicago working at a wine company. And I had, you know, big responsibilities. I had the entire Midwest. So I was making great money. I had a great career track going on. But I was depressed. Because for that time in my life, I was like, wait a minute, I checked off the boxes. Everything that I said, People told me, you know that it would make me happy. I've got it. And I'm not happy. I'm depressed. I even had my best friend that I've noticed in seventh grade. She's like, I've never seen you more miserable in your entire life. And I'm like, it doesn't make sense. I've achieved everything that I set out to at the age of 24. You know, so it's like it was that is this all there is. And I remember feeling like I need a deeper connection. And you know, I was born and raised Catholic, nothing wrong with being Catholic. But I remember at that time going back to the Catholic Church, and I was like, even more depressed because it was like, I didn't find there what I was searching for. And of course, as we are hungry, or We're thirsty for something, you know, universe always answers us. So it was amazing. Because that led me to break off my engagement, I met a guy that I was dating long distance in California, moved to California, within about a month we broke up. But I had met my meditation teacher. And that changed everything. I went from having all that I loved to literally gaining about 40 pounds. So I was about 40 pounds overweight, I got myself into $60,000 in credit card debt, I quit my job because I just couldn't take doing it anymore. I had no friends, no relatives around me. As a matter of fact, I lived in a room and rented a room from the very bizarre woman. So I was living, you know, very isolated, no support system around. And that's when I started meditating. And it reminds me of, you know, Marian Williams and years and years ago would say that she asked God to you know, kind of improve her house put a portico, you know, on the on the on the on the house, and God said, just knocked it all down. Let's start from scratch. And that's really what happened to me was like, everything that I thought would make me happy, you know, didn't and then all of a sudden, all of the outer things in my life crashed and just disappeared. But I found my happiness, I found my started to find my connection started to find my joy. And then I was able to start rebuilding from there.

Alex Ferrari 4:07
It's so funny, not only that story, similar to so many others that like I had everything I did everything I was supposed to do. I had the PhD I did this, I did that, and life and then use like I'm happy. And when you said 24 around when I was 24 I was one of the highest paid film editors in Florida, living at home, no rent, no, like no overhead and I was so angry. So angry because I was not happy doing that at that time. And I was I didn't get the press I got angry. I was the way I dealt with it. But I wasn't nearly as smart as you. And I didn't find my spiritual path and many many years later and I didn't have the opportunity to find a teacher like yours did but it's a great lesson for everyone listening that, you know, we're sold this kind of list of goods. You know this They were like, Oh, you need this and you need the car and you need the house and you need money in the bank in the in the RA, and all that, and all this kind of stuff. And all that stuff is needed. Don't get me wrong. I mean, you do need a house, you do need a car, you know, most of the time, you know, you need some money, but it's not the end. It's barely the scratching of the beginning. It is, do you agree?

Christy Whitman 5:25
Totally 100% on my TED talk, I was talking about that, hey, I love a nice pair of shoes, but the shoes don't define me. You know, getting those shoes, right? That's not what's gonna make me happy. But I find alignment with my own happiness. And then I get to wear a really nice pair of shoes or like you said, drive a nice car or live in a nice house, you know, or have the nice, the great relationship. But these are not the it's we look to our outer 3d world to say it's that man, it's that woman. It's that diamond ring. It's that house. It's that degree, it's that title. Those are the going to be the things that finally make me feel fill in the blank, right? And then we get there. It's like, how can that didn't do it? Because it's not from here, it's its connection to the divine, its connection to our soul, self, it's connection to all that is that fills us because that's the only thing that can fill a void when we're trying to look for something outside of ourselves, whether it's sex, drugs, rock and roll another person and place the thing. You know, it's trying to put a round hole or a round peg in a square hole, right? The only thing that can fulfill us is that connection to who we really are. And I'm grateful that I found the font found that and that I get to then teach people how to align with that. Because that for me, it's it's life changing.

Alex Ferrari 6:46
Yes. And most most, especially in Western countries, we're taught it's outside in. But Eastern countries teach us inside out. Yeah, you start from the inside, then you go out and it's much stronger, much more powerful. And like I've said this on the show many times like I've never seen a hearse attached to it. I've never seen a U haul bachelors. Like it's, you can't take it with you, you know, but we can take with you as the memories, the love people you help. Those kinds of things are what you you bring at the end, at the end, you're like, God, I wish I would have worked a few more hours. No, God, I wish I would have got those that Gucci bag like that's nothing at the at the end, I've spoken to so many people at the end who have either gone through a near death experience or at hospice, things like that. And when you hear their stories, they they're just more regrets of things. They didn't do experiences, they didn't have relationships that didn't work on not I needed that 85 inch television. Right? You know, I needed that I needed a house with 30 rooms.

Christy Whitman 7:48
Well, you know, like I wrote in the desire factor having desires, right? The desires come from a higher place where the receiver, right, but when we get a desire, and we feel that it's we have desperation, like oh, I've got, I've got to have that person that I am approved of, or I've got to have that person. So I feel I don't feel lonely anymore. Those desires coming from that place of I missing something. So that person place or thing is going to finally be the thing that fulfills me. It doesn't work, right. But every single desire, even those desires lead us to an understanding and awareness. But having a desire for anything level of success in your business, whatever it is, it's like you're saying it's not the end thing. It's who we become in the process of attaining that desire. And that's what we take with us. That's the expansion of the Universe. That's the soul expansion. You know, that's what's really in it. When you really think about it beyond the degree beyond the accolades beyond all of that step. Who did you become the process of it?

Alex Ferrari 8:56
Without question, and many people lose themselves in the process. I mean, I come from Hollywood. So I've seen a couple of things in my day, to say the leaves of people losing themselves in the goal of trying to be famous or trying to be rich or trying to, you know, and all that kind of stuff. But one thing I was really interested about your story is the Council of light. Can you talk about the Council of light and how you connect with them? And I'd love to hear their story.

Christy Whitman 9:24
Absolutely. Well, I can have them come in if you want.

Alex Ferrari 9:26
Oh, that'd be fantastic. I would love that. Yeah, great.

Christy Whitman 9:29
So so let me just give you a quick preamble before I bring them in. I consider myself a lightworker. I've just known this for as soon as I started working with meditation, I work with light, I work with energy. And it's come in many different forms, whether the first time I you know, wrote my first book, it downloaded through me 1:05 In the morning, I was woken up by this voice. It was like I had to get up write it down. And that helped me take that light and form it into a book which then four formed into me speaking on that book, which then people started asking me to coach them. And then I started training coaches, and, you know, seven books later, 3000 coaches later that I've trained and certified, you know, it all has just evolved. And whether it's, you know, me, all of a sudden my hands go up and I start healing someone, and I'm like, What's going on, it's all a form of how light can come through me. And then I can express that light into the world. And so at the end of 2018, I was getting messages of light. And I was told to create a program where people can come each week and get their get themselves healed, that you know, shift their energy shift their perspective on things. And the council, I remember it like it was yesterday, that all of a sudden, it was like, I got my consciousness got pushed aside, and their consciousness came in. And since then we've been, you know, I've been a messenger of light, where my conscious is not even not in. So when I bring them in, I will not be able to remember or know what you talked about. So they will they will still steal the show.

Alex Ferrari 11:10
So it's a kind of a you're channeling in a sense. Yes. Yeah. You don't remember so similar to ad for Casey. He didn't remember he was he was the sleeping prophet. So he didn't remember anything that he said. But it was all recorded and things. So luckily for us, we're recording today.

Christy Whitman 11:25
Exactly. Alex, if you were to say something like, Hey, the council said this, you know, like when you wake up from a dream and someone says something, you go, I think I had a dream about that. Like there's some kind of awareness like recognition but I don't have the full story. You know, can't remember the full dream. That's what it's like for me when I when I come back in. So I will, I will quickly go get them.

Alex Ferrari 11:47

Christy Whitman 11:59
We are here. Hello, delight. Happy to be with you.

Alex Ferrari 12:06
A pleasure to meet you. Thank you for coming on our show.

Christy Whitman 12:10
We always happen to get an invitation. What questions would you like to ask us?

Alex Ferrari 12:18
How do we break through our limiting beliefs?

Christy Whitman 12:23
Well, it's first to understand we say this to people all the time, especially wise ones that have been in personal development a lot. Everybody wants to find out how do you get rid of the blocks? How do you change the limiting beliefs, the focus is on the lack or what's not working. And we would like to first say that all of the parts of you each and every one of you, none of you were excluded from this. Your divine design is to be in wholeness and oneness in well. beingness another aspect of your divine design is abundance. There's evidence of your abundance within even your physical body. You are divinely designed to be success and do have an experienced success. Now, every human defines that differently. But the blueprinting the soul patterning is there and you are divinely designed for loving and supportive relationships. So if that's the premise like an acorn, when you have an acorn tree and you plant an acorn seed, you don't need an apple. None of you are running around with beaks or tails or wings. Those are left to birds and dogs and creatures like that. Well how do you know you're human and that's a bird or that's a dog. You could see with your own physical eyes, just like every human, the blueprinting for the physicality is you have two eyes, none of you are four. You have two eyes, one nose, one mouth, thank goodness sometimes on that two ears, and you have one heart, it's blueprinted that way it's designed that way. But more importantly for all of you to understand is that you are divinely designed in well being in wholeness, in oneness, in abundance in success in loving and supportive relationships. So starting that with that premise, whatever contrast whatever situation any of you have in your physical life that is not working, that doesn't feel good. Well, if you take that situation or that circumstance or whatever aspect of your life and Do you allow yourself to feel the truth and the resonance, the very cellular structure, not only of the physicality of you, but of your energetic nature, when you start feeling your way into that spiritual truth that the divine that is breathing you that is beating your heart that's digesting your food that's growing your hair. That part never goes to limitation. It doesn't know blocks. So the more you focus on the expansiveness of this, that starting with the premise of Ah, okay, I am designed, for example, you Christie, we're talking about success. I'm designed to be successful, I'm already here, my my sperm won, my soul came down, I'm a double winner, when you start to feel the truth of that, that I have already experienced successes before I even got started as a human being, I am a success, you started vibrating in that place, will then your mind, your emotions, even the physicality of your body will tell you will let you know where is the split energy? Is it a thought? Is that a word that you're using? Christic for years had people while she was interviewing say, Well, how do you you talk about universal laws? Where do you even start understanding how to work with universal laws. And she would say watch your words, the very words you speak, either are expanding you into your divine design, or they are shrinking you into lack or limitation. So starting with the words you speak, the words she created, and we know you're going to give a link to it, what's your 30 days of small videos that tell you what not to say why and what to say instead, because awareness is everything. When you have awareness of a word that you are saying that pulls your energy down, that can be a block or a limitation. So sometimes it's just tweaking the words that you say, so that you come back in alignment with the divine design of who you really are. Sometimes it might be a thought that you keep thinking, well, the thoughts come from somewhere. It's like weeds in a garden, you need to not just clip them, but you need to pull them out. How do you pull them out? Well, what's the perspective you have? What's the belief that is there. And when you can understand what the belief is, such as life is hard, or life is full of disappointments or success is hard to come by, or that you have to work really hard to succeed? Well, you will learn that somewhere, you believed someone else's belief, you said, Okay, whether it was conscious or not, you adopted it. And somehow it's part of the wiring that got programmed. Well guess what the background programming is you're successful, you are meant to take creative energy, that desire and to be able to then move with that desire to create something into a form third dimensional physical reality. And if you're bumping up against something, it's not of your original nature, you're bumping up against something that you have learned take took on started to believe. And a belief there ones is easy to share. Because you first have to be aware of it. You have to have knowledge of your own ability to master your own energy. And that's why we are here. And that's why we come through to be messengers of life, through Christi through quantum energy mastery to help all of you understand that even the thought of a block or even the thought that you are limited in any way or that there are limitations. That's just energy. How do you become aware of that? Oh, well, your physical body will tell you if you feel expanded, you feel good. You're in alignment. If you feel constricted or you'll feel resistance of any kind. They're split energy you are being split away from separated from not the reality of it is but your mind feels a separation from the very divine that lives in only knows abundance and success and well being and love. So tending to your split energy Gee, did I just say something that didn't feel good? Let me rephrase that and say something instead, instead of saying Why can't afford that, well, that doesn't feel good. I need to pay my bills. So I don't even like the word bills, I need to pay for an abundance exchange here, ooh, that feels better than a bill. Let me say this instead, that would be wonderful love to do that. But it's not a financial priority for me right now feels very different than I can afford it. Or I really miss, I really missed out on that opportunity. I really miss my friends. So I really miss having a partner. If you shifted and say, I look forward to having a new partner, I look forward to my next level of success. You know, I really appreciate being able to do this or that the energy shifts, and then the understanding that the road in front of you, your future vision is brighter ahead, rather than I miss it, I don't have it, and then your energy drops. And that's where you feel the limitation or the blocks.

Alex Ferrari 21:17
Perfect answer as I expected. My other question I have for you is, there's so much so many people are trying to find a deeper connection with source with God with the universe in their own life. Do you have any suggestions on how we can open ourselves up to connect with source with God with the universe more efficiently, and deeper and more loving?

Christy Whitman 21:44
Well, we would say we see many of you humans working way too hard to find something that is outside of yourself. Your very breath, everybody take a breath. This is who you call God. This is who you call divine, your soul self. Because once all of you and you know No, none of you get out of this experience and lives or your transition. Yes, we all know that like pay taxes. You're aware of this? Yes. So when you the soul part of you the energy, the life part of you is done with this physical container. It goes back into pure positive energy. But right here right now that lifeforce that live that co creative divine life partner to each and every single one of you. How do you know if someone's alive? Well, you're talking how are you talking? Because your brain is working. There's a nervous system that's firing, you have breath going in and out of the body. You got blood pulsating through your body, your heart is beating as the medical community would call these vital signs it are he awake is Is he breathing? This is your evidence of this God of divine of soul of lifeforce of universe coming through you. Because each and every one of you are a individualized connection, extension of the divine and the evidence of it, you don't have to go looking anywhere for it. Just putting your hand over your heart and feeling the beat. That's your divine right there saying, You're enough. You're important. You're here, you're alive. You're loved. The abundance of how many times as heartbeats. Look at the success of that. All is well. There's no separation from the EU and the EU. The very breath, just returning to conscious breathing, breathing in and breathing out.

Evidence of God, evidence of life, very energy that you have pulsating through your body. That's live. Say no more. It's within you.

Alex Ferrari 24:21
Now, my last question is, what do you think? Or what can you tell us about what is happening in our world today with all of the, you know, economic and political and environmental and, and with the pandemic, and all of these things that are happening to us all at the same time affecting arguably the entire world at the same time, first time in history that I can recollect that something has affected the entire planet, the entire society at one time? What is your thoughts on what is happening and we're where we are now, and where we're going?

Christy Whitman 24:55
We like this question very much and there's different levels and layers. So let's talk Let's start with the pandemic. Let's talk we got excited because we this is a first time that all of you had the opportunity to unify because everybody was going through the same thing all at once. This was an opportunity for human beings to say, look, we are all one going through the same thing. Well, even far beyond the pandemic, when all of you in the universe was birth, you will all have the same thing. It is universal laws, all of you have an opportunity to understand each one of you that are alive, like we just talked about, is having the same shared experiences, you are breathing, your hearts are beating, your mind is working. You're all having the experience of divine living through you. That is a shared experience for every human that is on the planet, whether they are in the UK or in Australia, or in the United States, there is a common breath. It's like all the cells in a body working together breathing. And this is a universal experience. But with the universal laws like law of attraction, individually, what you send out, you get back, we told Krista, she said what gives counsel whenever thing happened with the pandemic, and we said it's an amplification time, what has been in the underground for each individual, we will be amplified and what you all do with it from your free will and choice will then determine what you do in your future. So if someone is feeling lonely, and they've been feeling they really want a partner and they live alone, who that got amplified. What did they do with it? Do they drink more smoke more? Do drugs more? Do they shop more? What what did they do eating more? Or do they realize I'm really lonely? Let me do something about this and find a deeper connection. Many did many choose different ways. Those that were freaking out underneath about money, or now here, you don't have a way to make money. Well, those people said, Okay, let me get creative. Let me instead of closing down my restaurant, let me do take out that and they were making even more money because now they didn't have to pay waiters and waitresses, there were many people that use that opportunity to grow their business where others got more fearful about money and got worse and worse in their situations. You had other peoples that were in a marriage and really didn't much like the person they were with. And now you are trapped with this person. And the reality of it. I haven't been satisfied for a very long time. And now I want to transition from this relationship or relationships got deeper and deeper. So everybody had a same shared experience. You all have a same shared experience or inset in a sense of lifeforce is breathing through you, but with your individual Free Will choices, what did each individual do with that opportunity do with that it's an opportunity to look at you all really are one in the end, because all of you are living breathing extensions of the Divine and what you do with that with your own free will you get to speak and think and feel and believe and of course do based on what you choose. So that's the first thing is that understanding Wow, there's unification everybody in all parts of the world are going through this. And it really is a time to come together. Doesn't matter if what what race you were, it doesn't matter if you were male or female, what religion you were, where you were, or whatever belief system, it was a unification of everybody going through the same thing at once. Now, understanding that, understand that because of this free will choice thing that you know, hands off with the divine, it gave it to each one so that you can all either choose to align and create from there or choose to miss a line and create from there. As far as your human history, not just US history, but your human history. There's always been polarity polarity is a law of the universe here on planet Earth. In divine light. There's only pure positive energy there is an up down left right in out good bad. Hot, cold. It's all one in unified. But in here in your 3d environment, you have polarity, you have those that are very, very misaligned to those that are very, very aligned. And each individual choosing their own life experience, but the thing to understand is that there's always going to be some form of contrast what you don't want, so that you can pivot and turn it into what you do want. Most people are not aware of it. But thanks to individuals like yourself, there, Alex, you are making more and more people aware of what alignment is, and that they can properly choose to be connected to something so much wonderful and greater, and abundant than even their tiny situation, or circumstances that they feel is the end of the world, that if you bring light to that, if you bring a deeper understanding of that, well, then your life can be very, very different. But polarity will always exist. And it is a time that all of you are aware of all of these things happening. We will say this, in your human history, there's always been politics. And there's always been arguing and racism and all of these other things. There's always been economic, economic collapsing, and recessions and things like this all over the world. But now with how everything has gotten in your awareness because of media now social media, it feels like it's closing in on all of you. Because everybody's talking about it. When you understand that you as an individual, create your own life experience by choosing to focus on what you do want what you do desire, like we wrote, with Christie and the desire factor, you get to choose where you put your focus. And if you are focusing on the good within you the goodness and the university abundance of opportunities, focused on your divine design, well, then life feels good, it doesn't feel stressful. Most people are living over here and lack and limitation and separation and chaos and drama, being fed more and more of it with a moment of joy with a moment of happiness here there. We have seen people move from here to over here living and breathing in joy with an annoyance over here, or a point of anger over here. But with the tools. With properly knowing how to process split energy, you can live in joy. So you no longer even have a bad day, you might have a moment that you don't feel good. But you master your own energy. So you come back in alignment with feeling great.

Alex Ferrari 33:18
So where do you think we're going as a as a as a species as humanity? With all of the things the shift that's happening right now? Where do you think we're all going to be going?

Christy Whitman 33:30
Well, we see all of you in light. And with more people doing what you do and what Christie does, there's more light, there's more light on this planet now than there ever has been. There's more light accessible, more spiritual, high dimensional light available to each of you now than there's ever been in a time in history. And we see that more people are becoming Lightworkers more people are dedicated to helping people through the process of light. As Chris has said, the forms might look different. It might be looking like a podcaster. It might look like an author or a speaker or a channeler or a healer or massage therapist or Reiki master the forms all are very different. But as each one of you that are in light are living and dedicated and committed to bringing light to the planet, you offset millions who are not one person adding and spreading light offsets millions that are stuck and mired. In lack in limitation in suffering, but each of you no matter how much light is available or not. It is each of you that either awaken and move in and lean into that Light or resisted that still and will always be a individual life experience of free will. But we will tell you more light and more is coming.

Alex Ferrari 35:14
And how do we get over the fear that we all have, there's so much fear that we live with on a daily basis, most not all, that are afraid of just the kind of air like literally everything. And it's not just about the tiger around the corner. That's a good fear. I'm talking about the other kinds of fears, the ones that don't let us move forward, the ones that don't let us get out of bad relationships, the ones that don't let us get open up that business or quit that job or ask that girl or boy out those fight fears. How can we overcome those,

Christy Whitman 35:46
What we call the pandemic of feardemic, because really, that's what it really was, it's fearing the worst. And when you will understand how to master your own energy, when you understand that fear is coming from a perspective of lack. It is shifting out of the perspective of not enough, not good enough, there's not another person, there's no more money. When you are focused on the lack, you will always feel bad. But because this is a law of polarity. And because this is a universe that is an abundant universe, when you move from lack to either compassion or satisfaction, or looking for positive aspects. That's your gateway, that's your doorway into a world where you are in alignment with abundance. So fear is a perspective, it's an energy, it's a state of mind. It's a belief. And you all do have it. Nobody controls the mind. Nobody controls your emotions, you are influenced over five different things in an individual's life, what you say nobody can put words in your mouth. So can you change your wording of fear to something that feels more hopeful and full of faith? Sure, you can try it. What about the thoughts? Nobody's thinking your thoughts for you, President of the United States or even ex presidents, former presidents, they don't put the thoughts in your head, you think the thoughts? Well, who has control or influence over your mind? You do? Sometimes you feel like you don't. But you do that thought you don't like there are techniques and processes that we teach all the time, take your physical hand and imagine pulling that weed out and then placing in a beautiful flower. What do you want to pull out? If you don't want to be afraid of something or think there's not enough of something, plant something in there, feel the energy moving? years ago, Christie was sitting there getting a massage and she felt very anxious all of a sudden and doing the work that she's been doing for decades. She thought, What's this anxiety about? Okay, I know that anxiety is just an over amplification of something I haven't felt yet. So what's the feeling? Oh, I'm feeling fear. What's the fear? Let yourself you'll talk to the fear. What are you trying to communicate to me here? Because it's the mind that does a really great job. So you don't have to go Oh, what is this everyday come to your computer and go How do I turn it on? What do I do? You know things your your mind has memory? Well, it also has memory of Ooh, last time I put my heart out there I got hurt. Last time I asked a woman out she said no. Last time I tried to reach for my dreams, I ended up getting disappointed. So it's that same mind that tries to warn you about the tiger around the corner. That also says this could happen and that could happen and that could happen. And that could happen. All the bad things that can happen because it wants to keep you safe. But when you are connected more to the limited mind instead of the unlimited divine, that's where you stay stuck. So Christie, let herself hear what the fear was about. The fear comes from lack. Okay, what's the lack about? You've used it up?

Whatever it used up your success. You've had great success. You've used it all up. And Christie's said to this mind of hers, well, that's an interesting perspective, but you can't use up success. It's not like a pie that I ate and now the pie is gone. I have a bakery, and I can make as many pies as I want. There's no using up energy. Each of you have a treasure chest above your head always filled up. It can Never be depleted, nobody can steal from it or borrow from it, you can't lose it, it doesn't get misplaced. It's the universe and its energy, its light. And as you bring in the energy and light within yourself and you fill up with it, well, then you create what you naturally are divinely designed for success, abundance, love well being. And so she started to feel that part of it, that limited part of her that felt that and let that part, feel the abundance. Instead, the transmutation of the lower vibration to the higher vibration shifted that. And it was interesting, because just days after that her mother shared an experience of when her father was having all this really great success, and they were going here and going there. And then all of a sudden, all of it stopped. And it was like they used it all up. And that was imprinted into Christie. And so she had to reprint reprogram, and you do that with energy, because before a thought becomes a formed thought it was energy. So you fill yourself up with the energy of abundance, like we started this conversation, connecting meditating on what does it feel like to be in full abundance? What does it feel like to have massive, expansive success? What does it feel like to be loved and supported not from your 3d environment, but from your divine? Because when you're filled in your energy container, with the energy that you desire, then you become a magnet to those people, those places, those situations, all of that, that can support you in the energy that you're fulfilled in, not lacking?

Alex Ferrari 41:56
And can you talk about the power of money and how much people put emphasis on money and being negative and being evil, the root of all evil is money and all this kind of stuff? Can you talk a little bit about the power of money and how we can use money in a more positive and spiritual way?

Christy Whitman 42:14
Well, we would like to have all of you feel that you are powerful, and that you are not power less to money. And Christie always says and we like this very nicely. She She always says I think they deliberately tried to mess up people, because you need money. Someone long before we ever were talking from Christie's perspective, became in a physical body. Someone says instead of chit trading my pig for your chicken, we're going to use coins and dollars and things of this nature, cold money. And yet, then in the Bible, now it's an idiot for that it is the love of money. That is the root of all evil. Well, before it wasn't money, it was greed is greed is the root of all evil. And because they didn't even have money back then when they first wrote down the Bible. And so you have this thing that every single human being whether you want to put a roof over your head, or you want to buy an Apple to feed yourself, whether you want to put your kids in school, whether you want to put clothes over your body, how do you go get all that stuff, money. So if you have a negative attitude, or you are pushing against money, you're gonna have a struggle, the relationship with money, it's a push pull, I need it, but but I need it, but it's bad. So if anybody or anyone in this universe, if you are pushing against something, you're gonna have a very resistant relationship with it. When you all understand that it's not necessarily the bags of money that you love. But what you get to do with that money, you get to have a bigger roof over your head or roof in general, you get to have air conditioning or heat when you need it, you get a vehicle that gets you from point A to point B. If you get appreciation and gratitude, not for the money itself, but what it brings you the freedom, the security, the choices, the options, you're going to have a very different experience with money or the opinions of others that have money or even don't have money. So cleaning up your energy you are in relationship in this 3d environment with everyone and everything, whether it's a house plant money, the neighbor down the street, the dog, the sky, the sunset, the hummingbird, there's a relationship because you have eyes to see you have ears to To hear you have a mouth to speak, you have energy of focus that goes out and then an exchange that comes in. But every single relationship starts inside of you, when you shift your own interpersonal relationship with your idea and the appreciation of money. Good thing about money, unlike human beings, money doesn't have an opinion. Money's not going to say, oh, no, no, I'm not going to go to Christian but I'll go to Alex because he's cool. Money doesn't do that money is green energy. And when you are open to it, when you're open to receiving it, because of if you're really aligned person, you're gonna do some really good stuff with that money. If you're out of alignment and you're at what the original Bible talked about greedy, well, then you're out of alignment with it, you're gonna be stingy, you're gonna do probably things that are not in alignment. Money's not the issue. alignment or misalignment is the issue on any given subject. And all of them starts inside of each one of you again, free will and choice.

Alex Ferrari 46:09
And do you have any final words? Any final messages for our audience?

Christy Whitman 46:14
Yes. You each and every one of you. You are infinitely alarmed. infinitely. Nothing is being resistant to you. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone there's no thing God things sitting on a cloud like Santa Claus checking the list or twice or she did something bad today. Oh, he did something bad today. Oh, well, we'll only give them a little bit of love. You are infinitely infinitely loved, infinitely supported. Infinitely abundant and successful. And you are infinitely adored. There is no other higher truth.

Alex Ferrari 47:08
Thank you so much for your time. And thank you so much for your amazing words. Thank you for the work you're doing as well.

Christy Whitman 47:14
We love you dear one. Very grateful for your work as well. Thank you for having us. Be in your divine design each of you you are infidently lad.

So just imagine light pouring down through the top of your head just letting yourself be feel that was my light. Getting every single cell in your body just filling up with light. How's that? Did you enjoy your visit?

Alex Ferrari 48:02
It was it was remarkable. I mean, I've had I've had channels on before, who've talked and it's always fascinates me when a channel does what they do. I have a few questions about your process, because every channel is different in regards to how it feels and how you do it. But I always find it fascinating that the stream of consciousness that comes out is unlike a conversation. So either and this is where people are like, Do you believe in this stuff? I'm like, Look believe don't believe what's the message? If she's acting and she's spitting out this good stuff? Who cares? That's the way I the way I look at it. I really do. Because a lot of people you know how the world is a lot of people are like is really cynical. Yeah, they're cynical, like, is it real? But I just there's the the tone difference, the energy difference, but the stream of consciousness that comes out, is in a path. It's almost almost like an actor would rehearse a monologue, but on the fly, and you couldn't have done that on the fly. So the way it comes out is so kind of rapid fire. Yeah, that is so difficult to win. Like, I couldn't do that. If I try it and I know professional actors, right, but it'd be so difficult for something like for them to do. How long were we have 30 minutes 40 minutes of this. So it's fascinating. So I have to ask you, what does it drain you at all does it fill you with energy?

Christy Whitman 49:39
Yes. I mean, imagine it's like that amazing energy that obviously you you could tell tell the difference between my energy and their energy. So that energy is coming through my body is going through myself. I feel I feel energized I feel you know, I feel like I feel a high vibration that that happens. And so when they go out on my Like who, you know, like your drugs, right?

Alex Ferrari 50:05
And the tone of your voice never changes during the process during the channeling, which is something else, it stays very consistent. I'm saying this for people who might be listening to like, Ah, this is a little, listen, just look at it. And I always say the same thing. Like I said, What's the message? I don't care what the container is. I don't care what the messenger is. What's the message? And I know you said, you don't remember anything. So you'll have to go back to this recording when it comes out and watch it. But it was really it was really asked, I asked them very big questions. And they and they came out with some really, really good answers. And they have a slight sense of humor.

Christy Whitman 50:44
Oh, yeah, they're very funny. When they get when they get going. They're very, very funny. They're very entertaining. So I definitely appreciate that. No, they're just, you know, it's, I just feel so blessed. And you know, for some people that feel like you said, What do you say about to the cynics? It's like, I don't, because it's like, if you don't resonate with it, then take, take what you want, take what you don't, but you know, for those that can feel like yourself, Alex, that can feel like whoa, you know, I saw or felt the change in the energy. These, these are evidence for me. And what more importantly, is I felt good listening to it, right? And being in their presence, that that's for me, is it you know, it's an individual, Hey, I like it, or, Hey, that was weird. But everybody's gonna have their own choice. So I'm not here to, you know, campaign for them, or, you know, try to try to defend it or try to convince anybody of anything. It's like, I'm just here to spend the spread the message and if someone wants to take it, fantastic.

Alex Ferrari 51:42
It's interesting, too, because I've been podcasting for a long time. And some people when they hear things that they don't like, of course, they'll leave comments. But my, my always question is, like, how did this attract you? How did this come into front of your eyes? And why did it come in front of your eyes, whatever the topic is, whatever the guest is, whatever the show is, if it's in front of you, you've either attracted it, or it's brought to you for a reason, it could be a reason to, for you to just spew out because you just that's what you have inside of you. Or it could be life changing. Or it could be, hey, I took one nugget out of that conversation. That turned me to another another way. Alright, pushed me if I was going down this way, it just nudged me an inch. And if you nudge an inch on a journey, it takes you a completely different direction, the farther you're along on it. So that's how I look at all of these these kinds of conversations. And, and you're like, right, if you're right, if if it resonates with you, great. And that's what I do with the show. And generally, if you if you believe in near death experiences, great. If you don't, it's a great story, right? There fascinating to listen to, or you could deep connect to it at a deeper connection. Same with this conversation. So it's always it's always really, really fascinating. So I have a few questions. And by the way, I have to ask you, when this first happened, what was that like? Like the very first time? Not that, you know, like we all get, you know, we all write books, and we get into the flow. And things come through us. And I've talked to a lot of high performers that do that, that I get, you're at, that's a whole other level what you're doing. So the first time that they came through, what was that like for you?

Christy Whitman 53:30
Well, I was talking to a woman that kept talking about problems. And it was like, she kept finding different ways of, you know, talking about problems. And I literally felt as if my consciousness and I could have sworn on my firstborn child that my body was flung over my chair, because that was how I remember it. That's where my consciousness was. I literally thought that I, when I saw the recording, I was going to be flung over my chair, because that's where I remember, you know, listening. And when I came back to the recording, and I have it on the YouTube channel, they're evolving, and then that that exact moment when they came through, I mean, I was stiff. At that point. They weren't even using my hands. I'm an Italian. So I'm like, oh, all the time. They now utilize my hands. But back then it was like the tonality and, you know, the first time that they came through, and the cadence of their, their voice, I was hearing everything, and yet I wasn't right. I was there, but I wasn't. And then when they left I again, I didn't pick myself back up. I was just like, oh my gosh, and the it was like seven women on the call and we were all just crying. I was like, that's no remarkable room. You know, it was like, what will it happen again, you know, I was like, gonna do it again. And later that day, I had a one on one client and I'm like, I just want to try something with you. And so I just brought them in. I'm just invited them in and they came and at that point, that session, I didn't even know what happened when they When they left again, I was like, so. And she's like, that was amazing. And I'm like, okay, good that came through. Because the first time I was aware that they were there the second time and ever since then, you know, I just know that it's, it's consistent. It's there, just invite Him in, they take advantage and, and, you know, they're, yeah. And it's incredible because they, they don't just spew information and have great energy, they scam people, and they can go, okay, when you were four, you've got this block here. And the person every single time whether it's 10, or 12, or 16, or whatever age they were there, like, I've never told anybody this, but I was sexually abused at four, or Oh, my gosh, how did how did you know this at at age six, that's when my mother died. Or at age five, whatever age I said, that's when my parents got a divorce, or that's when I had to leave the home that I knew and moved across the country or, I mean, they're always so spot on. Because they're infinite intelligence. It's like they they can see what us humans cannot. I mean, I'm a great coach. And I've been doing it a long time. But wow, when they came through, and they came on the scene, I'm like, I'm, I'm taking off my coaching app, because why bother? If they if they could come through, and go deeper with a client or a group of people, you know, have at it. So I just get to, it's funny, because years ago, one of my teachers was Abraham Hicks. And I remember saying, to a group of people, I'd been preparing for this event for six months. And when I got up on the stage, I felt exhausted. Because I'd been I'd done this thing, you know, 1000s of times, because I was a perfectionist wanted to be perfect and had it timed. And every piece of thick, I was like, I'm so exhausted, I got up on stage. And I said, I investor envy. Because, you know, she just chi by and now I don't have envy anymore. Because that's what I get to do.

Alex Ferrari 56:54
I don't have to worry about timing or remembering cards, or it's quite, it's quite nice. I mean, it's nice. In the end, they do all the heavy lifting. Exactly.

Christy Whitman 57:05
You just have to show up. Exactly. And I love it. So very grateful.

Alex Ferrari 57:10
No, it's really, it's really an interesting, it's really interesting. And I've always found channels and mediums very fascinating. And, again, I just I love asking these kinds of questions that you don't get that you don't ask, I'm sure that that question doesn't get asked very often, of kind of like, What's it feel like? Like, do you get this or that? Because I'm really curious about the process of like the physical process. Another question I have to ask you, when you obviously been a coach for for a long time, and working in that arena, and that and the personal growth space, but when they came on the scene, this is what we like to call a little bit outside the box. So how did the people around you and how did you deal with the psychological effect of relatives, family members, friends, colleagues, go and listen, man, we've been with you with this whole personal growth thing for a while and you know what law of attraction fine, blah, blah, blah, blah. You got you got people talking through you. Now. I don't know if I can I can get on board with this. How did you deal with that?

Christy Whitman 58:13
Well, you know, I've had to deal with it. Honestly, since I started doing meditation because it was very different than what my family friends knew they'd be you know, my very first book Perfect pictures right? I'm talking about law of attraction energy and my family was like making fun of me

Alex Ferrari 58:29
What year was this?

Christy Whitman 58:31

Alex Ferrari 58:33
The secret came out when?

Christy Whitman 58:35

Alex Ferrari 58:37
Right. So it was still not at a site case yet people were like, love what?

Christy Whitman 58:42
Yeah, exactly. They're like there's that she's talking about that energy thing. Oh, she's so Pollyanna Pollyanna. She always take off your rose colored glass glasses, Christy, you know, it's like, okay, yeah, talk about the universe. You know, I mean, we could traditional Catholic Italian family. Right. So I'm talking about the universe and energy and you know, and all that. So, I had to break down those barriers then and would would deliberately find my my community, if you will, speaking in spiritual bookstores and churches just to get the message of that book out. Because the people that bought the book that were my friends and family, they were not the you know, they were not the target audience for this book. So that started then. And, you know, my uncle would make fun of me, oh, you're gonna do law of attraction to attract somebody and I attracted my husband, and, you know, and he was like, Okay. He's pretty good, right? But it, it just became an evolvement. And so even my uncle doesn't even understand. He's like, did you go study in Britain or something? And unlike, what do you mean, he goes, I heard you doing something on Facebook and you sounded British. And I'm like, I'm channeling I'm, you know, I'm opening myself up to and he's just like, I don't get it. I don't I don't get for years. My mom would say, okay, If you don't go anywhere for work because I had internet business, right? She didn't understand the Internet because I started I started my internet business in 2006. Most people weren't doing that, right. Oh, so you don't go to a place you're on the internet. Right? So that was confusion number one. Second of all, I'm law of attraction. Coaching, I'm teaching on Law of Attraction, right? Doesn't get that at all. Like, I don't get it. And Bert and third of all didn't understand coaching, she would always say to me randomly, now I'm a happy person, so I wouldn't need a coach. Right? And, you know, like, No mom. So so they just did, they still don't understand what I do. But but for me, it's about others do, and those that I'm attracting that want this information that get it that can be influenced by it, that can be inspired or healed by it, you know, I'm speaking to them. So the other ones that, you know, I just stopped trying to sell it or to influence, you know, to educate them or to even defend, I don't have to defend it's like, well, if you believe it, or not great. And, you know, but one time when I was really stepping into the ability to heal, because that just like came on, like a like a hurricane. My friend, and my mom and dad were in her family were over for dinner and her daughter Melania she was about seven years old at the time. They came in and Melania wasn't herself. And at least it's like, yeah, she's had this really bad headache all day, and she just hasn't been herself and, and she was just kind of mopey. And you know, I've got my two boys and her other daughter were upstairs playing. She didn't want to be up there and might come here. So I brought her into my office, and I held her like a baby. And I just did some work on her head. And within less than a minute, all of a sudden her eyes popped open. She goes, I feel good. And then she sat up. And she jumped up and went running up the stairs and she was playing the rest of the night. And so I came out of the office and Lisa, my girlfriend Lisa was like, What did you do? And I go, I did a healing on her. What's that? Right? My mom and dad are right there going?

Alex Ferrari 1:02:09
I don't get it. Healing, you took a Tylenol?

Christy Whitman 1:02:14
Would you give her give her a drug? No. Again, I gave her a healing. I don't get it. Whatever, whatever. It's got to be that law of attraction thing again, or something she's doing.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:24
So isn't it fascinating. I mean, when I told my parents I was going to be a filmmaker. It was like they couldn't really they didn't understand it. My mom doesn't didn't understand. She's like, we're just gonna send you to college. I don't care just just go learn it go to film school degree, get a degree fine. And and they couldn't understand it for years. But they saw that I made a living. And I was able to do stuff and they sound like oh, did you make like they couldn't comprehend and then occasionally I would do a commercial with like a famous Latin star and like, oh, you work with them. He Alex works with famous people. So like that was a thing that can kind of grasp. Then years later, I'm like, I'm podcasting until like,

Christy Whitman 1:03:04
You're wedding?

Alex Ferrari 1:03:05
What what's good what am I yeah, I make a living just talking to people all day. Like they say, it's hard. It's still it's I you know, they get it. They understand that I'll do something like do you make my dad's always the same way? Do you make money with it? All right, that's fine. And no one's gonna hurt anybody. That's fine. Just happy doing it. Okay, happy doing it. Yeah. Until the day that I interviewed Billy Crystal. And I interviewed Billy Crystal and I had him say a message to my dad and I sent it to my dad and his he lost his mind I love it lost his mind to the point where then anybody who you walked even got in contact with you bust out his photos. I'm friends with Billy Crystal. For me, so just, but it was just so interesting to you know, to see that and how are our worlds because I identify with a lot of the things you're saying because my relatives that they just don't just different generation different culture. You know, I'm Cuban, so you know, Cuban American, you know, from the old country and all that they just don't grasp any of this. You know, my mom does a little bit more than anybody else. And she listened to the show all the time. But it's just really interesting to see how I always because I know for me, it's like I'm outside the box, but you're outside the reservation. A lot of people being on it's like it's not true, a completely like healings like people go off so I know that does affect a lot of channels, mediums, psychics, people who do this kind of work. And I'm always fascinated on how they dealt with it and how they they work through it. So it sounds like they just like indifference almost.

Christy Whitman 1:04:55
Now Yeah, after years later, yeah, after years later, like I don't know. But she's still doing it. For you. Your Billy Crystal story reminds me of my mom because one day we were having lunch together and she goes to has business and I go, great. I go, I'm gonna actually go with Frederick my husband to to Milan, Italy because I was booked for a speaking engagement. She's like, Milan, Italy, like the country of Italy, the city, the city of Milan. I mean, she kept repeating herself. And I'm like, Yeah, mom, they're gonna fly me first class with Frederick. And we're staying in this five star hotel, and Milan. And that's all she kept saying to me the whole lunch and then the minute I dropped her off at home, she goes, buddy, buddy, that's my dad's. And she's going to Milan, they hired her to come speak in Milan, Italy. They're flying her in Frederick, first question. They're putting her up at a hotel, and they're paying her to speak, Milan, the country of Italy. And it was like, Who knew? That's what was gonna get her all excited

Alex Ferrari 1:05:56
Took over the top and like, everything else you've done, but the trip to Milan? That was like, what? Wait a minute, what?

Christy Whitman 1:06:04
Right! I have two books in it the New York Times, right? And that was the thing that made her go, Oh, you're legit?

Alex Ferrari 1:06:10
No, this is this is for real. Now. Whatever you're doing, it's working. Keep doing it. Don't understand it. Keep doing exactly. Absolutely fascinating. Fascinating. I have a few questions asked, Oh, my guess? What is your definition of a good life.

Christy Whitman 1:06:27
Where I feel that I am in creative control, I can deliberately say this is what I want and know that I can create it, and that I enjoy because there's always going to be the gap, right? There's gonna be like, oh, I want this and then there, get how do you get there, right. So whether it's creating a house, or you know, an ideal partnership, or whatever it may be, knowing that that desire is mine, and that I have the entire universe to support you to support me in, you know, manifesting that desire, but that I know exactly what to do. So we did in the desire factor the exact steps for manifestation, but closing that gap between the end of the manifestation and the whole entire journey. So it's not just about like, it used to be, oh, when I get there, I'll be happy. It's like I'm happy or joyful, or free, you know, whatever I'm wanting to feel, I feel it now. And then let that energy guide me to that. So it's like, the gaps get closed, because there's always the energy they're supporting.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:26
What is your mission in this life?

Christy Whitman 1:07:29
To help as many people know and understand how to play with energy and light and to align themselves with it to know that whatever, you know, we always say that whatever we want, whatever we desire, it's really ultimately the way we want to feel. When we find that partner, we get that next level of money or success, or the house or whatever it may be. And to know that that's all energy. And that energy is not available when we get there. It's available now. So we can live in this place of just pure satisfaction of feeling that energy now, while we get to have fun manifesting the stuff,

Alex Ferrari 1:08:08
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Christy Whitman 1:08:12
To love, to create, to, you know, to just expand, to enjoy it, all of us came here, right? We made a conscious decision to be in these containers to be in these bodies, for the fun of it, for the joy of it for the experience of it. And so we get to choose what experience we want to have.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:33
And where can people find out more about you and your book, the desire factor in everything that you're doing?

Christy Whitman 1:08:39
Well,, no matter where you anyway, you spell it, you're gonna get there, is my main site, I would encourage people to go to watch your because it's a free video program that will help you start really implementing what we were talking about today. And my desire factor, any of my books is pretty much anywhere. I mean, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, wherever, wherever books are sold,

Alex Ferrari 1:09:03
Wherever books are sold, and if they're not there, ask for it by name, right! And what is a message that you would like to leave us with?

Christy Whitman 1:09:13
Understanding our divine design, I don't know if the council shared about that. But were divinely designed like the nose on our face, you know, to have well being that we don't have to worry about wellbeing or worry about aging, to just focus on the well being and not resistance to focus on the abundance to focus on the success to focus on the loving and supportive relationships. That's when when our what we focus on expands truly. So focusing on what you want, will get you more of what you want and less of what you don't.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:46
Christy, thank you so much for coming on the show for the for introducing us to the council, and for all the amazing work you're doing in the world and spreading that light so I appreciate you my dear.

Christy Whitman 1:09:56
Thank you so much, Alex, appreciate you.

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