NEW EVIDENCE: Channeler REVEALS Quantum Physics TRUE Connection to SOURCE ENERGY with Christy Whitman

In the intricate dance of the universe, where each moment is a symphony of energy and intention, today’s guest brings a luminous presence to our understanding of creation. On today’s episode, we welcome the inspiring Christy Whitman, a beacon of light in the realm of manifesting and universal laws. Christy’s profound journey offers us a deeper understanding of the interplay between quantum physics and spirituality, and how these principles can be harnessed to create a life of abundance and joy.

Christy’s life is a testament to the transformative power of aligning with universal laws. An accomplished author with eight books, including two New York Times bestsellers, she has spent over two decades teaching the art of manifesting and the essential universal laws. Her work is not just theoretical; she lives it daily, having manifested her dream life partner, children, homes, and a thriving business. “I’ve been working with and understanding and applying the law of attraction and other universal laws, which I like to call the seven essential laws, for about 25 years now,” she shares, highlighting her extensive experience.

Christy Whitman channels a collective known as the Quantum Council of Light, providing insights that bridge the gap between the physical and non-physical realms. During her channeling sessions, she becomes a conduit for pure positive energy, a process that energizes rather than depletes her. “It’s like all of this just pure positive energy coming through,” she explains, describing the invigorating effect of her connection with the Council. This energy is not just beneficial for her but also for those who receive its transformative power through her sessions.

The essence of Christy’s teachings lies in understanding that we are energy beings in a vibratory universe. Everything we experience is a result of the vibrations we emit and receive. “The purest energy is pure positive. It is each of you individuals that say I want to feel peace, I want to feel abundance. I want to feel freedom. I want to feel joy,” she states, emphasizing the importance of consciously choosing our vibrations. This conscious choice is the key to manifesting our desires and creating a life aligned with our highest potential.

Christy also delves into the concept of quantum entanglement and how it relates to our interconnectedness. She explains that energy transference occurs instantly, regardless of physical distance, highlighting the profound impact our thoughts and emotions have on the collective consciousness. An example she gives is the widely publicized incident involving football player Damar Hamlin, where the Council guided her to energetically support his heart during a critical moment on the field. This experience underscores the power and immediacy of our energetic connections.

Quantum physics and spirituality are not separate entities but different expressions of the same truth. Both explore the fundamental nature of reality and our place within it. As Christy channels the Council, they elucidate, “Everything is energy. Everything is frequency. Everything that comes from anything is a vibration. This is a vibratory universe.” This understanding allows us to see how our thoughts, feelings, and actions are not isolated events but part of a larger, interconnected web of existence.


  1. Conscious Choice of Vibration: By consciously choosing our thoughts and emotions, we align ourselves with positive vibrations, paving the way for manifesting our desires and living a life of abundance.
  2. Interconnectedness of All Beings: Understanding quantum entanglement reminds us that our actions and energies affect the collective. By mastering our own energy, we contribute to the overall harmony and well-being of the universe.
  3. Energy as the Essence of Existence: Recognizing that everything is energy helps us appreciate the interconnectedness of all life and the importance of aligning with our true, divine nature.

As we conclude this enlightening episode, remember that our journey towards higher consciousness is an ongoing process. By embracing our interconnectedness and awakening to our true nature, we can navigate this complex tapestry of existence with greater ease and grace.

Please enjoy my conversation with Christy Whitman.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 306

Christy Whitman 0:00
The purest energy is pure positive. It is each of you individuals that say I want to feel peace, I want to feel abundance. I want to feel freedom. I want to feel joy. And as you are the partnering aspect of physical to the non physical, as you are claiming, declaring intending wishing there's many words for it. As you are saying, I want to feel I want to receive the energy of compassion. That pure positive energy coalesces into that exact vibration.

Alex Ferrari 0:41
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Christy Whitman. How you doing Christy?

Christy Whitman 0:55
Hi Alex, I'm good. Thanks for having me back.

Alex Ferrari 0:58
Thank you so much for coming back on the show. Last we spoke was about a I think over a year ago, your episode was one of one of my favorites that we've had, and with the council, and you're channeling, and you were one of my earlier guests, so I appreciate you coming onto a small fledgling show back then. And it's grown a bit now. And I wanted to bring you back. So because I love the council, and I love the work that you're doing and wanted to share you with the new growing audience that we have here.

Christy Whitman 1:25
Thank you and congratulations. That's amazing!

Alex Ferrari 1:28
I appreciate it. So for people who don't know who you are, didn't see the first episode. Can you give us a little bit of a rundown of you what you do and the council?

Christy Whitman 1:37
Yes. So first and foremost, I'm an author, I became an author over 20 years ago, I am working on my eighth book. Now I've had two books that have hit the New York Times. So I've had lots of success in books on manifesting and law of attraction. So I've been working with and understanding and applying law of attraction and other universal laws, which I like to call the seven essential laws for about 25 years now and have manifested everything from my dream life partner, two awesome kids, two amazing family two houses two incredible business, on and on and on. And I have, I've been a coach, I've been certified coaches through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy since 2008. So we certify Law of Attraction coaches. And that's been amazing. I'm also an energy healer, and also a messenger of light from the quantum Council of light. So I do lots of stuff here. It's all about universal laws, it's all about manifesting. It's one of my books is called quantum success. It's all about tapping into the quantum field of energy and bringing it in and utilizing it, you know, being an Energy Master in our own lives. So that whatever is happening, whatever we want to create, we work with energy, and then we see it manifest into form.

Alex Ferrari 2:58
Christy, I'm exhausted hearing all the work you do. And like, I can't mean any one of those things is enough. But you're amazing. So, unless So can you explain to the audience, when you channel the council, what is your process? How do you go in and go out? Does it give you energy? Does it take energy away from you? How's it work?

Christy Whitman 3:18
Yes, I feel energized. I mean, just imagine being hooked up to a, like a battery, you know what I mean? It's like all of this just pure positive energy coming through. And I know some Channeler's feel tired afterwards, I get energized by it. And I just love it. I feel like whatever they're bringing through, I get to be the benefactor of it. And so does everybody else that gets to, you know, have that energy. So when you see them and you feel them, you'll see there's a difference in my energy, which I'm pretty high vibe and kind of person. But you know, they come through and it's like, Whoa, it's a totally different level. So it's, it's like a just, you know, invocation of just higher energy, and I just go in and when I'm not here, meaning like when they are here, I'm not so my consciousness is totally out. So, you know, you could have a conversation with them, and I could come back in you're like, hey, the council talked about this. And I might like have a dream sense. You know, like when you I think I had a dream last night. That that's that kind of feeling I get but I don't know exactly what was said and how it was said and

Alex Ferrari 4:23
So what is your conscious go? Did you like kind of step aside? Do you sit in the back seat? Do you see what's going on here? What's going on?

Christy Whitman 4:29
No totally out. Totally out. There's been times and occasions like we were just talking about for a push record with Damar Hamlin where my consciousness was there with their consciousness. However, most of the time, it's like, I'm going to take a nap.

Alex Ferrari 4:44
Oh, so you're like You're like almost like completely out. So tell us that a little story about Damar that was a really interesting story. I love you didn't touch on that.

Christy Whitman 4:52
I love it. So we're watching my my whole family. We're just talking about how I have boys and my family and they love sports and football. Well, and Monday Night Football was the bills in the Bengals. And my husband's favorite team is the bills. And my son's favorite team is the Bengals. So everybody was, you know, kind of like the trash talk. They were giving each other about their own teams. And we're so everybody's in, you know, watching it. And all of a sudden, Damar did a tackle, he popped back up, and then he fell back down on the ground. And we're all watching it. And I heard the council said, Go, and I was like, Where Are we anywhere you want me to go. So I went inward. And I literally felt myself on the field and the council guided me to go towards his heart, and the council surrounded Damar and said to him, in or out, it's your choice. And DeMars said to the council in and as soon as that was happening, I kept my hands on on my heart. And you've even heard my son Matt, say to me, are you healing him? And I said, Yeah, I am. But I was also and it was so quiet in the stadium. I was on his heart. And right when he said I want in, that's when the paramedics came. And, you know, took them off the field and all that, but it was definitely as hard long before anybody else Council knew that and told me and directed me exactly where to go.

Alex Ferrari 6:14
And what happened in the after. Like when he when he spoke publicly afterwards. What did he say?

Christy Whitman 6:16
Yeah, in an interview, my I didn't see the interview, one of my sons told me about it that someone asked him, Do you remember what was happening while you were on the field? And he says, I do remember, but I'm not prepared to talk about it right now. So I I think he felt the council I think he saw I felt the council.

Alex Ferrari 6:37
That's amazing. Yeah, that's remarkable. On the side note, I'd love to hear your point on this in his in Damar's. soul journey. What was that event? Was that an exit? For him as part of his soul plan, in your opinion, or in the council's opinions like is that because there's those those exits? I've heard about, like, that's what a near death experience happens that that kind of stuff happens. This would be I wouldn't call it a near death experience unless he had something that we didn't know about near death wise that I wasn't aware of. But what he did with you is kind of close to a near death experience. So was that an exit out for him if he wanted to go? Or

Christy Whitman 7:16
If he wanted it? Yes. Yeah. Yeah, it was. It was an awakening. For Haley. Yeah, it was an awakening because those that have those experiences. You know, life is very different when you come back. And and life's never the same. And there's a totally different shift in perspective. So it's those moments that literally just trade create a total different trajectory, into who you become and what you experience in this life.

Alex Ferrari 7:16
And it was also so public, I mean, the whole country, and parts of the world knew what happened. And it was so kind of tragic, that there's a lot of energy coming towards him because of that awareness. Normal people don't get that you don't normally don't have a near death experience, live on television,

Christy Whitman 8:06
Right. It's usually private. And And what's interesting, though, is the council whenever someone does work with them, or we do meditation series, or these type of things, the council talks about how each and every one of us has our own Stadium of Light. And they do this like they have this imagine going into a stadium and you're at the 50 yard line or you're on the center stage or you're at midcourt or midfield, and that all of those, you know, fan seats, if you will, and all those levels and layers are beings of light that are there to support us. And what a crazy, I was like, wow, that's like that he literally was in his own Stadium of Light.

Alex Ferrari 8:49
Pretty much

Christy Whitman 8:50
Because it was quiet, and people are praying and you know it for a football stadium. You've never heard it so quiet.

Alex Ferrari 8:58
No, it was like you could hear a pin drop, like everybody, because it was just so it wasn't a big hit. I saw it. It wasn't a big hit. When it's a big hit. People were like if there's mumbling like, oh, god and but it was just so like what? You know, it just seemed like he was just fell collapsed. It was a weird. Yeah, it was a very weird experience for everybody watching as well. So they thank you for sharing that story. As as a channeler what is the most challenging aspect of the work that you do as a channeler?

Christy Whitman 9:31
You know, for me, it's just easy. I just show up and I get to have the counsel come through. And so there's no real challenging part of it. For me, it's It's almost easier like I still teach a class called quantum energy mastery. And I teach the class and then they come in and do q&a, and it's just easier for my consciousness to go out and their consciousness to come in. I mean, they're just for me, it's just it's so purposeful, and it's so I'm in alignment, that there almost feels like there's no effort in doing that. And then I come back and the clients like, Oh, my God, I feel so much better or, wow, I just had a totally shifted perspective on what faith means, or you know, this situation or that. So I just don't find that there's any challenge with it. That let me let me say this, because this is popping in some people will say, well, what's the difference? Because I know you've Alex had a lot of channelers on your show. And some of them say, the channel the Council or the Council of eight or the council, you know, and it's understood how helping other people understand what channeling is who I'm channeling more of that, but it's for other people. And their challenge is to understand what's happening.

Alex Ferrari 10:48
Right, the biggest challenge is just the acceptance and understanding of what's happening. It's a general statement, not the process itself.

Christy Whitman 10:54
Exactly. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 10:56
So as as a channeler. I've heard this from so many different channels over the years, is that the amount of energy that comes through you, is intense. Yes. And that if your body and specifically your nervous system is not prepped or acclimated to it, you can blow a circuit. How did it happen when they first showed up? And how did you? How did your nervous system kind of get trained, because I've heard of channels who have like, priming a priming entity come in, like a smaller entity, like to kind of build up their endurance until fun, like, okay, my work is done here. Now, the real, the real, the real boys and girls are coming in. And then they just get like, it takes a minute. How did it work for you? I forgot, I don't even have asked you in the first interview?

Christy Whitman 11:42
Well, yeah, so I've been working towards, you know, channeling for a long time I started hearing them my first book, 20 years ago, I could hear them. So it started in stages, through automatic writing, all my books are channeled in that way, through my hands would just go up in healing someone. And so there was different stages, it was an evolvement, for sure. And then I started really seeing some different pictures. And they came in the first time I was doing sacred circle of light, where people would come every week and do you know, get their things healing, I had an argument, my husband, my husband passed, you know, I lost my job, whatever the life stuff is happening. And this one woman was talking and she was talking about problems. And you know what it's like when your wife and your daughters are talking to you. It's like I can't who I don't listen to. And that's what happened to me, it wasn't a clear communication this time around, it was like there's more than one of them here. And they knew it was that they knew it wasn't one, but usually it's a one voice that I can hear. And that's when I am and it for the first and last time where I could hear them, I could have sworn my body like went over the chair like I was hanging out on the side of the chair. And when you look at the video, I'm upright, you know, it's very, very calm and barely even using my hands. They sound like they're more, some set would say African, some would say Australian, some would say British, and I could hear what they were saying. And that was the first time they came through. So after three years of channeling them on a regular basis, they said okay, it was like you've got your foundation, and now we're really going. And so it was like a three year prep of me doing that. And then the it was like a whole nother up leveling. So they continue to uplevel they continue to evolve me, they've been doing that a lot with my eyes, whereas I used to just totally close my eyes. Because the light that would come through when they would open my eyes, it was really taxing on my eyes. So they'll open them and then they'll close them. And you know, before it was like my eyes were just totally shut.

Alex Ferrari 13:59
It sounds like we got first time they channeled. Did you give permission for them to come in? Or? Yeah, cuz that's a part of this process.

Christy Whitman 14:07
Yeah, absolutely. Like anytime I go to get them somebody asked me that recently, or they always there like, Are you like, okay, Council? Where are you? At? No, they're always there. It's by my invitation. Because you know, we are the ones that need to receive. We're the ones that are in collaboration in partnership with the divine in us, or whether we call it the council, or our guides, you know, we're the ones that we initiate it. We're the initiators. So when we're asking, we're intending, they're always there. They're not like, Yeah, I'm on a coffee break. I'll see you in about 10 minutes or maybe later, you know,

Alex Ferrari 14:44
So they're not at a bar watching a movie is what you're saying?

Christy Whitman 14:46
Yeah. That was some shots. No,

Alex Ferrari 14:50
I would I would actually really like to visit a bar where the council and ascended masters are hanging out. I mean, that would probably be a good,

Christy Whitman 14:57
Good bar.

Alex Ferrari 15:01
So today we're going to tackle the conversation of quantum physics and spirituality, which is a very popular idea and how quantum physics is starting to catch up with spirituality and what spirituality and ancient texts have been talking about for a long time. And how those are two are kind of connecting and how quantum physics is actually explaining deeper concepts of spirituality in a way that is, it's very upsetting to the establishment. They don't, as Einstein said, the spooky, it's spooky physics, they don't want to even deal with it because it throws materialism out of out of whack. But it's starting to get to the point where they can't ignore it anymore. I think the guy who just won either it was a guy or a girl or a group just won the Nobel Prize for quantum physics was, it was about how I think it was about basically how entanglement are some big theory in quantum physics that they said no, this is big sense that the Nobel Prize give for physics is not something that's given very easily. And quantum physics is extremely difficult to get because it can't be proven. Yes, technically, but they got it. So it's a there's a step moving in this in the physics community in the science community. So really curious. So I love to hear I love to have I have a bunch of questions for the council about it. And it should be a very interesting conversation.

Christy Whitman 16:28
Let me go get them. All right. We are here. We liked the idea of going to a bar would you like to join us we'd never been to.

Alex Ferrari 16:42
I would love to.

Christy Whitman 16:43
Nice to see you again.

Alex Ferrari 16:45
A pleasure. Thank you so much for coming back on the show.

Christy Whitman 16:48
We are delighted.

Alex Ferrari 16:51
So my first question to you is, how does quantum physics relate to the concept of spirituality?

Christy Whitman 16:58
It's all one. It's all one. When you think about it, everything is energy. Everything is frequency. Everything that comes from anything is a vibration. This is a vibratory universe. And so it is not this is spirituality. This is quantum physics. It is the quantum field in which spirit in which soul self Divine Self is birth. It's all the same. It's all one. It's like one religion, calling someone, God, Allah and another one calling it God. It's the same entity. It's the same. It's all one. And so when it's the practice of understanding how things get from pure positive energy, and then get created into a physical experience, it's the same, it's just a different approach.

Alex Ferrari 18:02
Makes sense. Makes sense. So are there any spiritual implications or connections within the fundamental principles of quantum physics?

Christy Whitman 18:13
Well, yes, that first of all, that there is this a quantum field, there is a quantum field in which something gets activated as Christina was talking about, as Crystal was saying, there's an initiation. There's an initiate Tor, which is the human it is the physical that initiates that fit that energy. And it is that partnering between the physical and the non physical, that must create more physical, you cannot just have it's like having a container of water. If you want to bring that water with you in the car, or to the bar or wherever you want to go. There has to be a container. Each and every one of you are a container for light. And that quantum physics of understanding that it is molecular structure, it is subatomic particles that lowers itself down you asking Christy a Question Alex about her preparation for even channeling it's like this, we must lower our vibration and she must increase her vibration so that the higher and lower can meet and then have this experience of what you call channeling. So it is the same it is the receiver of the physical to be able to use was pure positive energy to manifest it into a physical form. The energy, non physical, always does get transmitted into physical into form, energy is constantly moving, it can't yet cannot stop. It can change form. And that's where you see where you deconstruct or you do crystallize something. And then you recreate something to the human eye, it might look like in your own energy field, you sell this house, so you no longer have it. And then you buy this one, you attract this one. The process by which looks transactional sell this by this, but what do you now have in your energetic field, you have a new manifestation a new place a new doorway, a new property where you walk in, and you no longer have the other one?

Alex Ferrari 21:10
Well, let me ask you, this, we are all all things in this existence are made up of atoms, electrons, neutrons, and so on. What quantum physics as and even scientists have been able to determine now is that we are all energy, you go down as far as you can with a microscope, there is space between there is no solid, anything. There's nothing that's solid, that materialism has kind of been thrown upside down because of that, because it's just been proven. That is not the case. My question to you is what organizes the atoms into Christy, and to Alex into the table behind you into the microphone. What is the organizing factor that brings those together for a time, and then deconstructs it as time goes by?

Christy Whitman 22:02
Well, that is this the science in the quantum physics that is the sense of physics, that's where we say it is all the same. It's where one in the energetic spirit realm if you will, then gets translated into the physical gravitational physical polarity world, this is where it lowers its vibration, and then coalesces. It comes together, it's like a sense of gravity, how it pulls things into each other, how it keeps it grounded, and solidified. All of that is where all of these particles come together. It's like a magnet magnetizing something to it. It's where the denser on this physical earth plane, collect all of those different particles, all of those different energetic vibrations to come together to create the matter. But you cannot have matter without the energy, it doesn't exist.

Alex Ferrari 23:11
Right. That's how planets and solar systems are created, where the over time, the gravity, the gravitational pull is being brought in and brought in brown to the point where it creates, it creates the planet and creates a solar system because of the gravitational pull of a star or sun or something along those lines, correct?

Christy Whitman 23:31
Exactly. It is by that and understanding that is with your question, how is spirituality and quantum physics? Many think of them is so different, but when you think about it, you are a physical man. Chrystia is a physical woman. But what's animating you write when you look at some thing or someone that is no longer alive? There's no pulse, there is no processing of the mind. That person cannot talk anymore. All of that is the energy it's lifeforce force. So you can't have the physical without the non physical without it then being considered, oh, this person is no longer alive, they are dead. What is what is the life it's the energy and you need both to have that animation

Alex Ferrari 24:35
Is that is that kind of, then what is consciousness in this conversation? is how does consciousness and quantum physics connect?

Christy Whitman 24:43
It's all one. See, ya understand that consciousness. There's higher consciousness which is energy. Energy. It's is it's, it's a spectrum. It's the purest energy is pure positive. It is each of you individuals that say, I want to feel peace, I want to feel abundance, I want to feel freedom, I want to feel joy. And as you are the partnering aspect of physical to the non physical, as you are claiming, declaring intending wishing, there's many words for it. As you are saying, I want to feel I want to receive the energy of compassion, that pure positive energy coalesces into that exact vibration. Think of it like a piano keyboard, you have a whole spectrum of notes, right? Who chooses the notes, the energy,

Alex Ferrari 25:51
Right it's the conciousness of the person.

Christy Whitman 25:53
Yes, you the player, say I want to hit this note or that note or many notes together then to create something in the physical that becomes a song. But consciousness, pure consciousness, each and every one of you are filled with divine consciousness. And your divine consciousness is always pulsating to the space of pure support, if we could bring it into a place for humans to understand and interpret. You're designed for wholeness and well being the divine part of you never focuses on sickness or separation. It has no consciousness of that. And that purity of consciousness, whether it's focused on the prosperity or the abundance, or the success, it never goes into note enoughness, or lack, it stays consistent at that higher vibration. Now, it's the human that when you hook up with that higher consciousness, you then feel the expansiveness of that success, of that abundance of that well being. It's the three willed individual that has their own consciousness, let's let's talk about this for a minute. Because this is big. If divine consciousness is pure, positive energy, and it's always coming through you, it's what you're breathing, it's what is beating your heart, it's what all of you have accessible to you. It's in front of you, it's to the side, it's, it's in you, it's all around, there's no place that Divine Consciousness is not, but you as the human being, with the words that you say, with the thoughts that you think, with the perspective with the images that you hold in your own individual minds, with the feelings you either feel or process, and the very actions, the very behaviors that had a habit, this is how a individuals consciousness gets formed. And depending on those actions of consciousness, are you bringing in the Divine Consciousness of divine thoughts? Are you speaking divine words that are expansive and match that pure positive energy? Or are you negating it, speaking away from it.

Alex Ferrari 28:44
So then let me ask you this, I understand the concept of what you're talking about regarding the consciousness of the person. But what about the consciousness of the flower? Or the ant? Or the animal? Or the tree? Where's that consciousness? And what's where's that programming if you will, I understand how we are programmed meaning the code for us if you will use the analogy of, of computer code. What is the computer code if you will, for the rows, which is conscious as is when it's alive? It follows the sun the grass, the blade of grass follows the sun gets the nutrients there's a limited amount of consciousness there even and limited about animals living in all the different levels. What where does that come from?

Christy Whitman 29:30
That comes from the energy it comes from the pure positivity it comes from, if a rose, for example, has grown through the stem and budded. It has that energetic consciousness. It's the same pure consciousness that grows that blade of grass that has that energy through the tree, but yes, different from the tree, to the blade of grass to the wood rosebud, and to you there is human consciousness, the blade of grass Think about it this way, the blade of grass does not say to another blade of grass, I'm better than you are. It doesn't have that consciousness, right? The rows does not say to the other one, my color is better than your color. It doesn't have that awareness, it doesn't have that ability to compare and contrast like humans do. It just blues, it doesn't have here's the difference. It doesn't have any resistance to following the light.

Alex Ferrari 30:43
And that resistance is ego.

Christy Whitman 30:46
The resistance? Well, let's talk about ego because ego gets a bad rap. Everybody's got to kill your ego. Well, the divine likes the ego, let's talk about you, the ego wouldn't have been created all of it, and its wholeness and oneness was created for the benefit of the expanding universe. What gets human beings in trouble is not the idea that there is an ego. Because the ego is what do you prefer? That's different than what somebody else prefers. What what is the idea of what you want to create, and where you want to go on vacation, or if you want to create a family or not, these are all parts of that ego. The part though, is the limitation. The parts that are created in limitation or lack. That's the ego part. That is to be evolved because it's that part where the ego that say says I'm better than you are, will in pure positive energy and in a higher consciousness, all our whole, all are part of the experience, the divine that is living through you and living through Christiane, all of your wonderful listeners and viewers. It doesn't have Oh, I like that one better than this one. It just shines like the Rosebud or the blades of grass, it just gives. It gives the life force. And it's the receptivity of each individual. Do you allow a lot? Do you allow a little based on what you and your consciousness limit or allow and receive? Got it.

Alex Ferrari 32:49
So the consciousness of the blade of grass obviously is different, or the animal is obviously different than our consciousness. But the purpose of our consciousness I understand. And please correct me if I'm wrong is to evolve, to go back to the light to to learn our lessons. And to get back to source. What is the point of the consciousness of the blade of grass because it doesn't seem to evolve? At least the we can perceive.

Christy Whitman 33:15
As we yes as humans can perceive the blade of grass serves a purpose. That's what Christie will say, what is the purpose of a skunk? The purpose of it? What does it do? She has one animal she can't I get that the spider eats the fly and this eats that and this eats that. And in the we eat the broccoli and what's the point of a skunk? It's all it think of it this way you have children did your children ever say with Legos? Yes. Okay, if your child were Barbies, or things like this, if, if your children was playing with Legos, Lego set, and they created something and they went, Oh, that was fun. Let me create something else. It's the idea that there is variety, and the blade of grass as a lawn, it creates part of the experience of life. Isn't it nice to go on to a bed of grass and lay there? It's all for the evolvement got it. The biggest people are searching for purpose and meaning and wanting to know what is my purpose? What's the purpose of all of this, you're all going to be very disappointed to hear. It's all for the enjoyment. It's all for the expansiveness. All of you were created to come into a soul to create with your soul cells in a human body to evolve to create more light. And yes, there is this thing called polarity in your land where you have or evidence of polarity on one light where there are people that don't do light field things, all the way to a man such as yourself that has a show dedicated to so light, and having these conscious conversations so that others can evolve.

Alex Ferrari 35:20
But if we didn't have the contrast, we couldn't evolve. So it's a necessity to have the positive and the negative, because if this was all positive, we'd just be in the spirit world

Christy Whitman 35:31
Correct. This is why you choose to come in, because there's contrast. But where your human understanding or consciousness comes in, is, do you notice the contrast and have resistance to the contrast? Or do you pivot off of it? And lo in a very different direction? That is the gift?

Alex Ferrari 35:56
Got it! Well, let's let's get back to quantum physics for a second because there's this concept called quantum entanglement, which is fascinating to me. How can quantum and quantum entanglement relate to the interconnectedness of all things? In spirit spirituality specifically?

Christy Whitman 36:14
Well, everything is it's the idea that there is separateness when there isn't everything is we'd like to instead of entanglement, we'd like to say energy transference is the same thing. When you and Christy are having a conversation. You both were giggling because you couldn't hear her and she was laughing at you. And there was a up leveling of energy, there was an energy chat transference of joy. When you hear someone say something, or do something, oh, the best Do you remember over a year ago, with the Academy Awards? And what what happened? Okay, let's use this as an example. Chris Rock comedian comes up on stage, he makes a comment or a joke. That's his job to do that to entertain people with his jokes. And he made a joke, which will smith laughed at, he thought that was pretty funny until he looked over at his wife, who was not happy about it. And that anger got transferred to him. That lit up places within him over many years of having disapproval and anger coming at him from his wife, that got ignited. And that is what pulled him up on stage. And then that energy got transferred to Chris Rock. That was an energy transfers. Now everybody that was watching it, that energy also got transferred. People were talking about it from psychologists to therapists to everybody in the world was talking about their perspective, in their opinion, because that was an anger, a frequency of anger that got transferred to one to the other. And Chris Rock, doing a beautiful job of keeping the show he let the energy go in that moment. But that's, that's the entanglement that understanding that the universe is whole. If it's felt here, it's felt over here. And that's why we talk about each one of you mastering your own energy, because Had that been a very different thing. had had the wife Jada, had she mastered her own energy and release the anger that she was feeling or her own insecurities in that moment, kept to herself and let it go. It would have been a very, we're not blaming Jada. But that would have been a very different experience of the energy transference.

Alex Ferrari 39:16
Sure, sure. And like you said, there was a lot of kindling in that fire that all it just needed a little spark and that little spark, because it wasn't about the moment it was about maybe a decade of other things that were going on and will

Christy Whitman 39:30
Indeed, and that's what happens in other couples, you might harbor harbor harbor and something might spark something, and then it gets transferred.

Alex Ferrari 39:41
It's not about the dirty dish. It's never about the dirty dish.

Christy Whitman 39:45
It never really is. Christina, her husband had something the other day where he was baking corn on the cob and and put milk in the thing and he decided to go have a conversation in the other room. And then the pot was boiling. Oh, Over. And she was like, hey, the cleaning lady came today and it was all cleaned. And it was not about the dirty dish. It was a deeper thing of, are you being responsible? Are you watching what you're doing? Or you leaving to go take a conversation? So there's always that. And that's the thing is that when all of you can take a understanding of your own energy, what your mind is thinking what your emotions are, your emotions are your emotions. And when you feel that whoosh of emotion come up, do you have the proper tools and techniques to understand that you are an energy being living in a world where there is contrast? Where you are relating with other human beings? What do you do when someone insults you? What do you do when that contrast comes up? How do you process your own energy, so that you can then align back with your divine consciousness, not in the lower level, I'm hurt, I'm resentful. I'm offended, I'm angered and let that be your energetic setpoint because that completely misaligned you to the truth of who you are. Because your divine cell doesn't sit in stew in resentments, or angers that's pure positive energy waiting for you to utilize, and to receive. So quantum entanglement involves day to day, it's in your day to day relationships, and it's all about energy. Do you feel you are aligned with yourself? Or you will look at your partner and saying, Why aren't you feeding? Why aren't you giving me? Why can't you fill me up?

Alex Ferrari 42:05
Well, let me ask you this, because quantum entanglement, the biggest thing in everything you're talking about negates the concept of time and space, which is a process of materialism, like everything's time and space, everything you said, the transfer of energy is instant. If one thing happens here, it's automatically happening somewhere else. That's the concept of quantum entanglement. And there's no connection. And it's an instant, instant thing. This conversation is an example of quantum entanglement. And to a certain extent, the internet is I can instantly be talking to you or to somebody in Australia. And there is no time or space. Other than the logging in Once we're logged in, that connection is there. And we're like in the other room. Now, if you say something negative, let's say, and it offends me, that transfer of energy is instant, no matter where you are in the world, in you kind of dig a little bit into it and explain that concept to people. Because that is the bigger idea that I'm trying to put out there. And I'm not the only one has ever done this, you do it as well, and your teachings is that we are all one and that we're all connected and anything we do to one, the other fields, and it's just this oneness idea. Can you please elaborate?

Christy Whitman 43:29
Well, it's energy that's go back to the understanding of how you as humans, relate with energy. There's three aspects you are an energy receiver, you are an energy container, and you are an energy transference, you are an energy transmitter. Now a lot of people that understand about law of attraction, they understand that what I give out comes back, that is a universal law. So you've got a lot of people focusing on what I'm going to give out so I can get back in. But there's a larger picture to that. I want the guy so I need to feel good in order to attract the guide. Nothing wrong with that. But understand what you're talking about is a much deeper level. If you yourself as an energy container, are feeling low energy, and you go out and maybe you listen to something on the internet, maybe you go on social media and someone says something rude. You're picking up on that energy because you're not in your own fullness in your own energy field. If you go to the grocery store, you're driving in your car, and somebody else zooms by you or gives you the birdie or whatever. They're in a energy because of this energy transference, their energy get If you pick it up because you're receiving this is the whole concept of impasse where people feel I'm so sensitive to energy, I can't be around people, so they become recluse, they, they avoid people as best as they can, because they're constantly picking up on energy. Well, if you understand that, your container can be filled up, by your own choosing a vibration, and you're filling up your container, it's like, this is like a container of water, it this gets filled to the top, nothing else is getting in, it's gonna just, it's not going except in that water, it's filled. So the fill yourself up with white, fill yourself up with compassion, fill yourself up with the energy of support or love. Because then you hold that in your container that then is the vibration that you send out. It affects your thoughts, it affects your physical body, it affects your energy field, it affects your emotions, and then you are the influencer instead of letting yourself be influenced by somebody else's lower vibration. And it is that higher vibration that transmutes the lower.

Alex Ferrari 46:27
So that is why I've read so much about Yogi's who are not affected by anybody else's energy to a point where they could take a psychedelic mushroom, or five or 10 of them, and it has no effect on them. Because they're not there. vibrationally they just don't connect with it. And it's hard for people to understand that. But and you've you've, I think everybody has met somebody who when they, you know, if you say something that I don't believe in, let's say, it's not going to really move me very much. Because I'm very, I'm very full. And understand my my point of view, or my belief is solid. I'm not threatened by anything, you might say that is different. I might be open to ideas, if it rings true. If that energy rings true to me, it might be something I investigate. But if you tell me that trees talk, and they walk around, I'm gonna go, you know, I'm not going to try to defend that point. You know, or even a deeper level with religion or politics or something like that. If you're more if you're if you're if you're more control of your energy, which is what you're saying. Other things really bounce kind of off of you. Yeah, correct.

Christy Whitman 47:42
Yes. It's the pain body. It's the pain body that people are walking around with why they're getting so offended. It's not them in the fullness of their light body. Think about this. If you have a sunburn, and someone comes up to you and says, Hey, Alex, and barely touches you. It's like, right? It wasn't a hit. Yeah, it was yes. But if someone just comes up to you, and you're not sunburned, and they go, Hey, Alex, you're like a man, whatever. It's the pain bodies, so many humans, and we have just such compassion, or living with traumas and imprints and false beliefs in lack of their unworthiness of their, the, the value or the place of not feeling that they are enough, the criticisms, the judgments, living in a state of victim and drama. And when you return, it's all humans because you're all reared in this way. When you're little you understand that if you need something, whether it's food or water, or you want affection or attention or approval, you will look outside of yourself. And if mother is busy cooking dinner, because she loves you and wants to feed you and you're dancing around and she's not you're not getting the attention from her little ones go, Oh, I must not be important enough or I must not be good enough or mom doesn't love me that humans make these black or white, very up down concrete decisions loved or unloved, worthy or unworthy. And this becomes part of the fabric of the consciousness that you then create from those imprints. But when you start to understand that a thought or a belief that is based in lack, I'm not supported. I'm not appreciated. I I'm not loved, I'm not successful, I can't ever do whatever it is, my body is failing me all of these false beliefs, these can be returned back to the truth of the light, which is you are, well, there is a wholeness of your beingness, because you are breathing the very divine, that loves you infinitely. And when you can understand your source is not your partner or your client, or this avenue, your source is the very presence in power that reads you. And the more you connect with that, and feel the oneness and wholeness with that beingness that then is law of attraction, you attract more evidence of you being supported and loved and well, and abundant and success in all things because it all comes bursts from energy.

Alex Ferrari 51:08
Isn't it amazing how powerful thought energy that a thought has? is so powerful in both negative and positive, isn't it?

Christy Whitman 51:20
It is. The good news is though the divine Almighty created a positive thought to have such a higher rate of vibration than a lower thought. But they're still creative. You change your negative thoughts to pap to positive ones. And you become in the place of manifesting what you want. You get in alignment. And that's when you see evidence of abundance, not the lack.

Alex Ferrari 51:53
No, I would love to hear your point of view on how quantum physics or does quantum physics support the idea that the universe that we live in is a cosmic hologram or a simulation of some sort.

Christy Whitman 52:05
Well, it's an extension, okay? It's an extension, there is no compartmentalizing, it is all one. And so with each each, if you really think about this, you yourself, think about you in your own physical body. With all that you have created, where you live the city you live in your wife, your children, your friends, this is your multiverse. And there is a life force that lives within you that has created this thing called your life, Alex's life. This thing, this energy, this presence, this power is the same within Christie, but she's in a female body. YouTube, we're talking about that she has all males in her house, you are both females in yours, right? You have your own place that you live your life is from an out picturing from the things that you look at from your five senses and entertain with and a hug and do and all that is different. The Divine divine in you is the consistency. It's the sisterhood and brotherhood. It's the oneness. But it all gets individualized very differently within each and every single human life. All based on your freewill and choices based on what revs you up. What enlivens you based on that individualized extension of the divine within you. It's a different cosmopolitan it within you than it is in every single one of your listeners.

Alex Ferrari 54:11
Let me ask you this, how does my ability to create my own universe if you will a multiverse in my life? How does that affect my wife? Or my children? Or the cat with a dog? Or the friend that I live? How did how did they all coexist? Because they each have their own universe?

Christy Whitman 54:34
Yes, yes. But the souls if you will, you if you were negative person and your wife was a positive person, you wouldn't first come together right? There is a resonance that happens they say opposites attract. Yes, characteristics of such Christie is very different from her husband, the energetic vibration And as a similar and so then as you co parent together, you raise these children in a similar environment with a similar vibration. There's a coexistence and a co collaboration and a co harmonizing that happens so that this one and this one that are living that you are of all in your own energetic vortexes, you're all in your own energetic consciousnesses, but you attract together like the very atoms of your cells and the the body that you live in.

Alex Ferrari 55:41
Well, let me ask you this. How is it though? That someone who's a, let's say, a victim and an abuser? Eventually they do attract and they get married? How is that the part that they obviously are two different vibrations? And

Christy Whitman 56:01
But you need one or the other?

Alex Ferrari 56:04
How's that work?

Christy Whitman 56:06
A bully. Yeah. Needs a victim.

Alex Ferrari 56:11
Okay, so it's a different vibe. It's a matching of a Lego piece to Lego pieces.

Christy Whitman 56:16
It's a resonance will give me what give you an example from Christy life. Many, many years ago, Christy realized that she has developed her abundance, awareness and consciousness. She realized one day when she was frustrated with her husband, he was laying in the bed and she walked into the bedroom. And she says, I just realized you will never win. And he went, What are you talking about? And she said, because I was raised that the men never do enough. They never make enough. They never do enough. They never diaper enough. They never do enough. That is the mentality of most of the women that were in my family. So the men and how I was raised, you're gonna always disappoint. And he went, my mom felt that men would never mountain wouldn't do. And so I've expected as a man than I'm gonna always disappoint. Do you see the perfect match, he expects to disappoint, she expects the man's going to be disappointed what a beautiful place of attraction they came together at until they both busted that belief and change their energy into your soul vibration still vibrates together. But the human lack hurts. pain body was very much in alignment with each other.

Alex Ferrari 58:00
And I have to because we You said this a couple of times in this conversation, I just want to dig into it a little bit. This is not an easy one, the multiverse. This concept of the multiverse is becoming more and more popular coming from quantum physics, but it's been in science fiction and comic books for years. But recently, it started to really start to become more popular this idea of the multiverse which to my understanding comes from quantum physics. And so can you explain how we could be living multiple lifetimes in multiple realities at the same time, and I'm just talking about this current time period. Let's not even start talking about, quote unquote, the past or the future and versions of me in different lifetimes.

Christy Whitman 58:49
Yes, this is a big concept, as you said, Let us talk about future. Okay, because anything you do decide any decisions you make shifts your future projection, right? So right here, right now, there are versions of you. Let's look at it this way, from the most simplistic way, we can make a very big concept. There is a version right now, where if you think in lack and limitation, if you are worried, there's a version that can vibrate in that space. And at the same time, what also exists is the version of you that is in a place of abundance. There's also a version of you that is neutral to both. So it's like there's insufficiency, that's a version, there's sufficiency, that's a version and there's all sufficiency, those coexist right now as potential and possibility and there's a version of you that is experiencing all All of that. But you with the conscious awareness with the presence in the power is where you are identified in this experience, you get to easily connect what version do I want to energetically? It's not a physical thing, it's an energetic energetically do I want to connect with the part of me that doesn't feel good? Or the part of me that feels good or the part that is really good. That's the multiverse. It's an energetic choosing. She see those experiences exist right now.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:41
So if I choose one, what happens to the other two? Are there other versions of me somewhere else experiencing those other two?

Christy Whitman 1:00:48

Alex Ferrari 1:00:50
And how does that work?

Christy Whitman 1:00:52
Oh. It's all energy. See, humans like to think like you'd like to humanize God, Gods, this person are sitting on a cloud like Santa Claus checking the list. Are you are you making? Sure? Yes. Yes, it's the energetic versions. And because you are the physical version,

Alex Ferrari 1:01:16
You can't got it? Yes, it started to the head starting to hurt a little bit.

Christy Whitman 1:01:23
We don't mean to hurt the head,but to expand the heart?

Alex Ferrari 1:01:28
Well, that's the thing is that we get to, we start to get to a place where the concepts are so beyond our own capacities. I hear this from near death experiences, it's difficult to express in language. And so we can go only so far with the language and the the, the hardware that we have been put into this place. But when you're in, from what I've heard from near death experiences, when they're on the other side, they get downloaded with all information. So they go, Oh, I understand quantum physics now. Oh, I understand this. Now I understand that it's instant. Well, we can't, we can't do that with this, this hardware, if you will.

Christy Whitman 1:02:04
And this is why we the quantum Council light that is with Christie and the council, why we talk about, you're here, you chose to be here, you have a Divine Being breathing you that wants you here, you are co creating with it. And you get to choose your earthly life experiences, you in fact, do create your own reality. So instead of trying to figure out what's out there, which you already know, from a physical perspective, and you can certainly align with and bring in that divine wisdom for create your best life. Have fun, create pleasurable experiences, expand by what you want to do and what you want to be and what you want to experience. That yourself, master your own energy, through your relationships, and through witnessing your children and through the light that you provide that prevails through your service, through the things that you want to whether it's a piece of music or art or a company. Let yourselves create on this rock in these physical bodies by utilizing the energy that is always available for you.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:33
Now finally, do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Christy Whitman 1:03:36
Well, one we always say, and it's important for all of you to know you are infinite ly loud, they will just allow yourselves to receive a nice down pouring of light just connecting with your divine self allowing light energy. imagining it coming down through the top of your head just filling up every single cell in your body with light. Breathing in and breathing out. Letting yourself and body through your hips.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:19
That was an intense conversation. It was a deep, we took it we took it we stretched. I don't know if you have much you remember or not. But we stretched ideas to essentially the edge of comprehension, where we start where we started to get to the point where like, it can't there's no the language isn't there. So we started to push to the end. That's why I love to go. I'd love to go to the edges and see how far more I can get. Bring these concepts back in and again, all for the benefit of the people listening in the audience listening These concepts of quantum physics and how they relate to spirituality. It was, it was a wonderful conversation. So thank you so much for that.

Christy Whitman 1:05:08
Awesome. Alex, thank you so much for having us. Did they open their eyes? Did they open my eyes? I should say,

Alex Ferrari 1:05:14
Oh, a lot. Most of them are really, most of us open most of the thumbs up and most Yeah, cuz last time you were closed most of the time at? Yeah.

Christy Whitman 1:05:24
Evolved in it. We all

Alex Ferrari 1:05:26
It's all. So I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Christy Whitman 1:05:34
Ah, you know, really, first of all feeling it. Because it's not about what we do or what you have, yes, those things matter. But it's really about having that essence, that connection to the energy of fulfillment. That's what creates more fulfillment, everything that we do. So it's really connecting to that energy.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:54
If you had a chance to go back in time, and speak to the little girl that used to be you, what advice would you give him?

Christy Whitman 1:06:01
Well, that she is enough. And don't believe what the criticisms and the judgment that you like what the council always says that you're infinitely loved, and you're adored. And you know, there's, there's just great here, great love, and you're not a victim, there's so much I've gone back so many times and evolve those parts of me and and those are always the message have compassion for yourself, instead of judging yourself or beating yourself up. How do you define God? Essence energy? All that is everything crater? life breath. I mean, it's it's its resource supply. It's all everything. It's all

Alex Ferrari 1:06:46
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Christy Whitman 1:06:48
To have joy to create, to experience to express our divine design, you know, to to have love and be loved.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:57
And where can people find out more about you, the council and the great work that you're doing?

Christy Whitman 1:07:00
So you could go to next, and you go to, as well. That's my main website.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:11
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Christy Whitman 1:07:14
Yes. Oh, first of all, Alex, I just want to say thank you for all that you do. And it's amazing to see your success just build and build. And obviously, you've got that, as the French say that Genesee quoi that helps people feel you know, that they can come here and feel comfortable and receive information. So I just want to say thank you for that. And, yeah, and, and for, you know, letting me be a guest again, and you know, if any of this resonated with you, it's because it's true. It's the truth and the more we believe in the spiritual truth that we are abundant and that we are provided for and that we are infinitely loved. As the council says, the pain body gets diminished, and it's a very different way of living.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:59
Christy thank you thank the Council for coming in, and I appreciate what you're doing for the world. So thank you again, my dear.

Christy Whitman 1:08:05
Thank you so much.

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