NASA Rocket Scientist REVEALS TRUTH About UAP/UFO & Their Ancient Connection to US! with Shehnaz Soni

In the vast tapestry of human existence, we sometimes encounter moments that expand our consciousness and challenge our perceptions. Today’s episode is one such journey, where we welcome back the enlightened and insightful Shehnaz Soni. Her profound understanding of both the scientific and the metaphysical realms offers us a unique perspective on the mysteries that lie beyond our everyday experience.

Shehnaz Soni, a NASA rocket scientist working on the Artemis mission, brings a wealth of knowledge to our discussion about UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) and the implications of these phenomena for our understanding of the universe. Her background is not only rooted in rigorous scientific inquiry but also in a deep appreciation for the spiritual dimensions of existence. This combination allows her to navigate complex topics with an ease that makes the extraordinary feel accessible.

In our conversation, Shehnaz discusses how the rapid advancements in technology, particularly in the field of virtual reality, are making it increasingly difficult to control the dissemination of information. “Now we’re living in a world where VR, everybody’s a newsman or newswoman. To me, it has opened the door for the truth to come out faster,” she explains. This democratization of information is contributing to our collective awakening, making it harder to suppress knowledge about intelligent, sentient beings.

Shehnaz’s insights into the realm of UAPs and their connection to our consciousness are particularly fascinating. She notes that our awareness and readiness to embrace these phenomena are growing as we evolve spiritually. According to Shehnaz, many of her colleagues at NASA, despite their scientific rigor, harbor a deep-seated belief in the existence of extraterrestrial life, largely influenced by their love for science fiction. This cultural context within NASA fosters an environment where the possibility of UAPs is not just accepted but eagerly explored.


  1. Consciousness Evolution: Our collective consciousness is evolving rapidly, allowing us to perceive and integrate higher-dimensional realities and phenomena such as UAPs. This shift in awareness is making us more receptive to the presence of sentient beings from other realms.
  2. Integration of Science and Spirituality: The intersection of scientific inquiry and spiritual understanding is crucial for comprehending the true nature of our universe. As Shehnaz exemplifies, a balanced approach that respects both empirical evidence and intuitive knowledge can lead to profound insights.
  3. The Power of Perception: Our reality is heavily influenced by our perceptions. As we expand our understanding and open our minds to new possibilities, we can shift our collective reality towards greater harmony and enlightenment.

One particularly striking point Shehnaz made is about the nature of reality and perception. She posits that what we see as “unidentified” is often intentionally made so by those who control the narrative. This idea challenges us to question the very fabric of what we consider reality and to seek deeper truths beyond the surface.

In our discussion, Shehnaz also delves into the historical and spiritual implications of extraterrestrial encounters. She suggests that such beings have been interacting with humanity for eons, often guiding and influencing our evolution. This interaction is not just a matter of curiosity but has profound implications for our spiritual growth and understanding of our place in the cosmos.

As we navigate these revelations, it becomes clear that our journey is not just about exploring outer space but also about understanding our inner space. The interconnectedness of all things, from the quantum level to the cosmic, underscores the importance of aligning our scientific pursuits with our spiritual aspirations.

In conclusion, our conversation with Shehnaz Soni reminds us that the universe is vast and full of mysteries waiting to be unraveled. By embracing both scientific and spiritual perspectives, we can expand our understanding and appreciation of the cosmos and our role within it.

Please enjoy my conversation with Shehnaz Soni.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 443

Shehnaz Soni 0:00
Now we're living in a world where VR, everybody's a newsman, or newswoman. To me, it has opened the door for, for the truth to come out faster. So now it's hard to control that. And that is the reason we're learning so much about you or for UAP the intelligent sentient beings, because that has been there. We are becoming aware of it because we are ready to embrace that we are ready to merge with it.

Alex Ferrari 0:37
I like to welcome back to the show returning champion. Shehnaz Soni. How you doing Shehnaz?

Shehnaz Soni 0:43
I'm doing great, Alex, thank you, by the way for bringing me to this gathering. I'm like, I'm just blown away from all the people that you have attracted the amount of love that this show, I don't think we're ever received that type of love. Like, even the pages and pages. I mean, it was just pouring and not from just one place all over the earth. I'm like, I'm like, holy shit. This is really big what you're doing, and I'm so grateful that I'm connected to that stream of love.

Alex Ferrari 1:13
Oh, appreciate that so much. Yes. Our last conversation did very well. I still remember your email, like what is happening? Oh my god. And I'm like, calm down. It took it's gonna be okay, this is gonna be okay. It's to talk you off the ledge. I don't understand what's happening. This is insane!

Shehnaz Soni 1:33
I know. It's like, you know, you can talk about line all day long. But when you have to actually see it. Really? That's how it felt.

Alex Ferrari 1:40
Yeah, it was it was it was it was wonderful to watch from my point of view, because we you know, when we bring people on the show, we shine a light on them. And we shine a light on the work they're doing and the message that they're putting out into the world. So we're an amplifier in many ways. And your when when you reached out to us to be on the show, you know, my my wife and I both looked at you and we're like, oh, yeah, absolutely. That's within 10 seconds. We're like, Yeah, bring her on. It just wasn't feeling it's a feeling. It's an instinct. It's an inner thing. And then when I met you, I'm like, Oh, God, this girl has no idea what's coming towards her. I thought it was going to do well, but I didn't think it was going to explode the way it did. And continues to go, by the way still still has traction like crazy. But you just got to really what is happening? What's going on?

Shehnaz Soni 2:33
I know it's almost like you said, Be careful what you wish for. Right? And it was like, like, Yeah, I mean, and you know, the funny thing is the reason I learned about this episode being aired, was that day on February 11, whatever the date was, you know, I'm basically having like, I'm with my boys, and my phone keeps pinging is because I have my my business email is getting new sign up. And it was happening like, like it was happening more like so many times within a minute that I was like, this contractions are too close, you know, for the childbirth. I'm like, I knew right away that you've done this, right? Because it's like, holy shit. It was like the phone was blowing away. And I'm like, yeah, it was like,

Alex Ferrari 3:17
I'm so I'm so I'm so happy. I'm so glad for you. So truly, truly glad that I could help you on your way. So I wanted to bring you back. We usually don't bring back people so early after we had them on the show. But there was so much we could talk about and I could talk about, we'll probably have you on another five or six times. I mean, it's just, if not more, because I love talking to you. And you have such a unique perspective from your amazing story that you shared with us and how you came to where you are, what you've discovered along the way. But we touched upon something in the last episode, which was the first time I'd ever talked about it on the show, which was UFOs UAPs. And I stayed away from it because there is a big stigma attached to UFOs you know, little green men from Mars UAPs it's kind of very tinfoil Hattie. Very conspiracy. So I tried to stay away from that, because but I obviously believe that there's, there's life on other planets, there's life around the universe. I cannot it's inconceivable to me that a Source consciousness would just create it all does and just all this space, just a wasted amount of space that nothing's going on. Makes no sense to me. So on a just a logical standpoint, that makes sense. Now that I'm traveling here, traveling there, and all that kind of stuff. That's the gray area, which I wanted to kind of dive into with you. So when you mean you are obviously a NASA rocket scientist, and you work at NASA currently. And you're working on the which mission is it? The one Artemis the Artemis Thank you The Artemis mission, which is it's putting people on the moon again, like what buildings Space Station's there and all that kind of stuff. So I've heard different things from different astronauts who have been in space that they've heard things or seeing things from a NASA, from a NASA point of view. What is their take on? I mean, from being in the inside? What is their take on UAPs? And UFOs? Because it is something that is government, the government agencies have now come on, there's been congressional hearings, talking like, yeah, we've seen them. Here's the video. We don't know what it is. So it's really coming out of the area 51 Roswell world and coming more into the mainstream, more into the zeitgeist of humanity. So I wanted to hear what NASA's point of view if there's even one from someone who's working on the inside.

Shehnaz Soni 5:47
So you know, it's interesting, right? Like, NASA is an organization they never really, like, at least I have never heard like making them a statement, I think that maybe there are making now. But in the long, I mean, you don't hear that. But when you talk, every single person that I work with, most of them are trackie. Right? They love Star Trek. Right? So think about that, right there. If you love Star Trek means that there's something that is resonating with you, because you actually relate to that I actually watched Star Trek when I couldn't even speak English. Right. So related to that, I loved it. I mean, there was something about Star Trek that I was like, I felt that telepathically I just felt like I have been there or something. Right? So the point is that, that information is we all have within our DNA. So in general, when I meet with people, and just like I meet with you, right, we, you know, people are very much like 100% aware that there is more to the story, because nobody wouldn't be working for NASA, technically, if you think about it, because it's all about space exploration. And usually, you're not excited about exploring the cosmos. If you're not going to meet any sentient being. I mean, why would you want to do that? Right? I mean, there has to be some excitement.

Alex Ferrari 6:57
I'm exploring for old rocks, yeah, we're looking for rock somewhere. You want to meet it, you want to meet an alien?

Shehnaz Soni 7:04
You want to have? Yeah, you want to have some curiosity. And same goes with the under the ocean, right to me, as above, so below. So the thing is, and we have already had stories that kind of have been proven by different people, you have whistleblowers and people who came, you know, like, because a lot of time people are not able to speak openly about something, that they're not meant to broadcast to the world because the world is not ready, according to the leaders or whoever makes that, you know, observation. And that's how I think the world has been running. But the good thing is that people are realizing that we are not everything is not what it seems to be, we are realizing that there is there is what you see, and there is what really is be like, you know, now you see now you not, like if you think about it's like a hide and seek game is being played at the mega level, right? And selling off a perception is being played at the mega level. So think about it, like if you have a technology where you can make people see what you want to see. That's what's going on. And that I'm talking about, like, you know, of course, there is mind control and other aspects of things. But you know, it's a little bit of all of that is is playing the role in the background. So, you know, when you see UFO, right, unidentified flying, flying object UAP identified areas phenomena, I don't think it's unjustified. I think it has made to appear to be unidentified as more like, that's what you want to broadcast.

Alex Ferrari 8:41
So you're saying that when they put those labels on it, it's that's the public eye, but they really do kind of understand what's going on behind this.

Shehnaz Soni 8:48
I mean, they identified it, that's, that's why they made it unidentified for us. That's how I see it. It was picked up somewhere, it was picked up somewhere. And then they had to make sure that they wipe the evidence. That's how I see it. That's how it has been expressed.

Alex Ferrari 9:06
Yeah, I mean, it seems that like even the videos that they've shown in these congressional hearings, from the from the government and agencies themselves, I mean, the footage is pretty dramatic. It's, you know, I work in visual effects and worked in visual effects in Hollywood for a long time. So I know what a good visual effects looks like, you know, and I can tell when someone's kind of manipulated something, it's, it's not easy. A lot of people think, oh, it's easy, they just do that it is extremely difficult to create a illusion of the eye, convincingly. It is I've worked with some of the highest end visual effects artists in the world, worked on every big billion dollar to 200 million units in Star Wars and Marvel and everyone and I've been a visual effects producer as well. So I understand the details of what it takes to pull the wool over somebody's eyes. The amount of the He, it's just so difficult. I can't express how difficult that is to do it, right? Because if you watch certain big movies, you see mistakes I do, because I have a train die. I'm like, oh, man, they didn't render that properly. Oh, God. So okay, so that's that I wanted to throw that out there for a lot of people, because a lot of people think, Oh, it's just something that they could do now with computers. It's not easy. And stuff that they were showing the kind of motion the kind of the tracking that would be needing it, it would be such advanced visual effects software that I haven't seen yet, or at least, Hollywood hasn't seen yet. That would be needed to kind of fake a lot of that stuff. In my, in my humble and professional opinion.

Shehnaz Soni 10:42
Right, right. Okay, so that's interesting, right? So now let's think about then you want somebody to believe in a different perception right then the one that says you are technically selling we all are selling a perception to some extent even because subconsciously, right. But we are talking about somebody who deliberately desert right. So there is one way you do it is through the mind control, right? So that way, you can make them believe something because you have given them some sort of narrative, right? Because we are, you know, you can reprogram your DNA, right. So you you're given a narrative, and you are taking that and making it your own. So it's almost like somebody doesn't have to do a lot of work, because now you're going to create your own imagination, but it's going to match the perception they're selling. Right. So that's one way of doing it, which is probably happening at a meta level the other way that David Copperfield, right? I was very amazed by him. Right? Right. I mean that like, wow, how can you make people see whatever you want to see. Now that's a very interesting, they are selling a perception.

Alex Ferrari 11:40
Yeah, and that's sleight of hand misdirection. There's a bunch of things that magicians do. I've studied and worked with some messages over the years. So I kind of understood a little bit of what they do and how they do it. It's masterful, it's a craft, it's a craft and artifacts, some better than others with it. But it is possible to do I mean, some things I've seen, I'm like, How the hell did they do? And then they show you behind the scenes how they do it? And you're like, well, Hal, it's so easy. It seems so simple, but yet so difficult. So alright, so from NASA. So from NASA's point of view, they don't they don't say a whole lot about it yet. But what have you heard in the hallways, from your colleagues? We kind of mentioned a little bit about every time there's a launch? Some there are certain things that happen. Is there anything that at the watercooler that the engineers tell you talk about, or they say something that's not something that's really talked about me that you could say, obviously, I don't want to get you in trouble?

Shehnaz Soni 12:36
Right, that is the thing that generally, that is the thing that people are generally like, I mean, you know, you have a certain credential that gets you into these positions. So for the most part, you know, you are kind of a, it's almost like, I don't want to use the word train monkey. But you see my point, there's a certain pattern that they look for in a people to be in a place like that. And for the most part, I think people are very, like scientific minded, that majority of the people that are run into their pseudo scientific minded sometimes that it's like, if they don't have the proof, according to them, then no matter what, they are going to keep denying it, even though they're gonna watch the Star Trek all day long. But they don't really connect the dots. Like they don't think that if you're so taken by this, maybe some part of you actually lives in that reality. You see, that is not the way they they see the world. Right. So that's, I'm talking about majority. But the interesting thing happened to me was that I had people who were non engineers, but their parents were engineers with top secret clearance, or they actually were child when they overheard a conversation that their dad was talking to the admiral, and then they would come and tell me the story of things that they saw that they were not supposed to see. Right. So it's kind of an interesting thing that how I hear from people who are not in the in the system, because, you know, they were not given the, you know, they didn't

Alex Ferrari 14:00
Adjacent they're adjacent to the system.

Shehnaz Soni 14:03
Yeah, they're adjacent. So for whatever reason, at least, for me, that is the way I heard things that were like, you know, some one person said that, you know, yeah, there's definitely, you know, graves, you know, the alien that are like, you know, forefoot or whatever. All of that. 100% exists, you know, and, and partly they were, they were crafted for a reason they were crafted so that they can actually sustain the space environment. So when you really start thinking about that, Alex, yeah, that actually makes me think that you know, when you watch Terminator, right, because past, present and future, remember, they're pretty much we're doing the dance with different dimension based on string theory. So So the whole point is that when you feel the way you know, when you understand all of that, just think about Alex, isn't it our future self is contacting us because they already have gone, that place where we are wanting to go because part of us communicating back to us.

Alex Ferrari 15:01
That's fascinating. When I looked at some of the, when I looked at some of the ships or the footage I was seeing the movement that they were doing is so breaking physics in a way that we don't understand how I mean, they're moving at such speeds. And it's such banking speeds and turns that they go so fast that they would destroy any human being inside of it, because of just G forces and just general laws of physics. But what I, what I understand is that inside of those, potentially, is basically another like another atmosphere and other environment inside of it, that is almost irrelevant to the exterior environment there. So they're kind of like, no matter how fast they go, how sharp of a turn it is, it doesn't affect them internally, because they've learned how to not deal with the gravity of the of the planet or something along those lines. Does that make any scientific sense?

Shehnaz Soni 16:00
Yeah. Because so there are so many ways to looking at it, first of all, classical physics is not going to ever justify right what we're experiencing. And that, to me has always been like, I truly don't understand that why you would discover, you know, quantum physics and quantum theory, like over 100 years ago, and you are not teaching that to them as a mainstream science, right? It's almost like because, you know, that gives you like, I use quantum physics. And I say that, that gives you the power, actually to make you have a choice in this binary world, right, you can do whatever you want with your life. So that takes people away from like that victim mentality, because quantum physics brings the, you know, accountability in your life. But going back to what we're talking about the whole, it's to me, it makes sense. Because, you know, in the quantum world, or in the Nano, you know, when you get into the nano technology, right? Things are very, very small, and we're not able to see it. So that just takes us in a whole different spin of what are the possibilities, right? When you think about quantum entanglement, right, which is all about you, then you're entangled with, with with that, the time is no longer going to be the, you know, the, the variable, because two quantum entangled particles can affect each other. Actually, sometimes it can affect like the particle that they're actually putting the effect on, is the other particle that gets the effect before even this one that's been observed as well. Right? So if you really think about it, then the it just completely makes you question the whole speed, speed of light. And then right, so all of that, and then when you convert that, and I have heard Bashar say that, that he had made a small documentary, where he was saying that how location is embedded in our DNA. So when you start getting into that, then it's just start and then the sentient being can actually be in a very small mass, right? So that takes away from and then when you combine that the delay Carson, where he says, we can all fit into one cube of sugar, right? So you see all of these things, when you start thinking about it, it completely, it completely messes us up in a way because you know, one person because we are truly species, right, we are supposed to evolve within this physical reality and dimension, because of this limitation that we are already born with. Now, we're talking about all these dimensions that we are actually not able to tap into while we are here. So it's a conundrum that we're dealing with. Like what I'm saying is, is almost like you want to understand God, but you are segment of it, right? So how can you understand something that that you are not even able to access?

Alex Ferrari 18:35
That makes. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. It's, it's almost like the ability I mean, from talking to somebody near death experiencers. The idea of telepathy is a big one. So there's no language. On the other side, you just know, the download of information, you just automatically are plugged in to the entire universe, and all of knowledge of all times. So you're like, oh, quantum physics completely understand that now, they can never bring it back, because our hardware just can't handle it. But the other thing is, too is like when they think of someplace, they're there. It's the speed of thought, not the speed of light. So time and space, don't exist. On the other side, it's a completely different thing. You just are instantly there. And I hear that again and again and again and again and again. So it almost seems like there's a version of that in this reality that you can tap into. There are still laws within the world of this construct, if you will, but there are ways to break those laws, or at least bend them in a big way very similar to matrix the matrix with Neo Neo understood the code. And he was able to manipulate the code in a way that everybody else could not very much like a master yogi or an avatar like Buddha or Jesus I was able to manipulate the code manipulate this environment in ways that looked magical to others, especially like Jesus, I mean, walking on water and which is, you know, you start talking about the yogic things. It's insane. What do you think?

Shehnaz Soni 20:14
Yeah, no, I think the whole manipulation of matter is the the alchemy, right is that's the spiritual alchemy. And the interesting thing is, if you think about it, that either you manipulate the matter, or you manipulate the perception, right? Both.

Alex Ferrari 20:32
So what's real and what's not, it doesn't really matter. It's like, it's like that scene in The Matrix is like, I know, the steak is not real. But it tastes good to me, and I don't care.

Shehnaz Soni 20:42
Right! And you know what, right, and then let's just take it even further. Okay. So another show that I would recommend is called Peripheral, you wouldn't have set on and you are playing this video game, basically, that takes you into a different time and space. And also everything that you do in that time and space, it's actually Israel, because you are really going there, because of the technology that they've invented. Because they're showing a future that's 70 years away. So that's one one aspect of it. So the very fact is that, you know, remember, I mean, there are theories that we're living in a simulation, right? And if technically, right, if technically, let's say that we are wearing a headset somewhere and now but because we don't see that part of us, because it's not one of those Call of Duty game where you only see two hands, you know what I mean? Therefore, we are not, we think that we are not, but we can be because the advanced game can show you exactly so that you feel like you are truly are living a real because that's the whole intention of the game is that you feel real about what you're interacting with. So that it just takes a three part.

Alex Ferrari 21:43
So let me ask you, what do you think the spiritual implications are that we're starting to see more UFOs UAPs. And talking about this so much more openly than we used to? It's still not very widely spoken about? It's still. I mean, I still remember like, it was just about a year ago that this a year, year and a half ago, when they did the congressional hearings, and there was like a blip on the news. It was kind of like, oh, yeah, there's UFOs. What? Like it just kind of like it was like, oh, yeah, of course, because there's so much noise in the media, there's so much stuff going on. That was just another thing. Unless some unless literally an alien spaceship lands on the lawn of the White House, and walks out, that's not going to be front page news. So why do you think that this is starting to happen more and more now? Why are we getting this information more? Why are we more accepting and what is the spiritual, spiritual implications of all of this?

Shehnaz Soni 22:41
So I think one of the thing is that our consciousness level has changed and is changing really drastically, like, just in general, like how every single thing like the even the, even the way everybody's perceiving time is changing in the last decades, especially right? I mean, the whole 2012 Mayan Calendar, and people were thinking it was the end of the world, but it was end of the day old way of living. So all of that has taken that effect, right, the ripple effect, and what we're seeing now, and what what is coming is going to even change it like really drastically, because you know, if you really look at our evolution as a human species that we were, you know, like, caveman, right? Or how we went into agriculture, industrial, right? How did you get into computers, things that are happening at the faster level, right, the evolution, like in the last 50 years, what we've done with the computer, now we are dealing with AI, it's like iRobot is happening, right? So all of that is is it exemplifies that how ever in every aspect of our life, we are evolving, so technologically, we are evolving, but spiritually we're also evolving, right? So therefore we're having this type of conversation. And when you really look at the fact that because of the evolution you know, we have like cell phones where every single person from all over the world now I can make videos can record something right away and and then we have internet where you can share all this information. So that has completely like we are no longer in this single point failure that we have been where we were only expecting our leaders or mass media to tell us what's really happening. Now we're living in a world where VR, everybody's a newsman or newswoman. Right? Yeah. That to me it has opened the door for for the truth to come out faster. So no, it's it's hard to control that. And that is the reason we're learning so much about UFO UAP the intelligent sentient being because that has been there. They are becoming aware of it because we are ready to embrace that we are ready to merge with it.

Alex Ferrari 24:42
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Do you believe that there has been sentient beings that have arrived at one point or another, on this planet in current day? Because I'm gonna ask you about Ancient History in a Minute.

Shehnaz Soni 25:31
I think I personally think, you know, that ancient being has all has been here before even human right like that there has been that being that kind of is, you know, like that, that falls in the energy of like, you know, some people would call them God, because it you know, they showed up in a certain way, in our history that they observed God, and just, you know, like, I mean, based on the God being omnipresent, right, we all exist God. But sometimes when we see something like Jesus walking on the water, then we because that is just beyond our imagination, we say, wow, you know, that represents Scott. You see, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 26:10
So do you believe it has has, in your opinion, just purely, I believe nobody else is no other organizations. I'm not saying no more another organization. No four letter organizations a point of view, your personal point of view, do you believe that we have been visited or are are currently being visited in one way, shape, or form, by sentient beings from from another place? And if so? What does that mean spiritually for our evolution?

Shehnaz Soni 26:38
Yeah. So the first answer is yes. And what it actually that actually gives a lot of promises for our evolution because think about it that there is sentient being is actually interested in us. There must be something good about us.

Alex Ferrari 26:53
Interesting, we're interesting. Well, that was it Star Trek, okay. Because I'm not a I'm I'm I'm I'm a Trekkie, to a certain extent, I'm more Star Wars, I'm more Star Wars. But there wasn't a big I was I watched all the movies. And I think it was Undiscovered Country. Or first contact, I think was first contact. No, it was first contact, where it was in the past of Star Trek, and they, they were supposed to shoot this rocket off or something. And that rocket was what a passerby, alien species saw and said, Oh, there's a species down there that has been able to do this. They must be someone we should take a look at. They've reached they've reached a certain level of evolution that now it's time to go. So that in that movie that I made I when I saw that, I was like, well, that actually makes a lot of sense. Like, we did something so rudimentary, that they're like, Okay, it's time for us to go down there and talk to them. Is that something you think that we have done at one point or another, that they finally said, Okay, this, the evolutionists come to a point where we should come down, because I'm assuming if an alien spaceship landed during Mongolian, you know, getting gets con days. Now, they're gonna throw arrows at us. And they're like, what's the point of this conversation like, you know.

Shehnaz Soni 27:18
It's not that exciting, right? When you're fighting with someone that there is no chance of any kind of excitement and it's just almost like, I don't want to waste my energy. This is gonna be too boring. Right? Right. Right. There has to be a proper matching evolution level for them to even interact with us. But I would say yes, 100% like atomic bomb, right? I mean, that was a pretty major. Right? Yes. Right. And right now, like, Thanks, totally, we haven't used any nuclear weapon, but think about it. And the only reason we haven't used it is because everybody has it. Right? All the big boys out it? Yeah. So it's like, okay, you know what, I don't want to fight with you. Because it's going to be not a good fight. Because I mean, I have no chance of winning, because we're all gonna lose at the end of the day, right. I mean, that's, that's where we are. So yeah, that definitely is there. But there's also the part of the story that we're not 100% clear on, right, because, you know, the whole evolution story, there's a Lucy story that comes from the caveman. And our ancestry, there is a big bang, right, which kind of connects a little bit of a dad, but then there's all this religion have their own story on how we came into existence. And then when you really understand the Anunnaki, and that story, which means that we were basically splice in the lab and as a, you know, like, as a species, so all of these things are converging. Right? Because Because not you, you got you know, even though you've read like many books, and you understand all of these possibilities, and I do too, and at the end of the day, you know, we're all kind of like deciding what the possibility is. Because we do affect the quantum field because we interact with it. Our belief right perpetuates what we experience.

Alex Ferrari 29:53
So we all are choosing the direction we're going and it's not going to and I've said this at nauseam on the show, it's like we are going Going towards, we are shifting, but it's going to be rocky. Because there's a lot of old systems that are holding on trying to grab on. And there's a lot of souls and people who don't want to leave, don't want to evolve, don't want to awake. They're like, No, no, we'd like the old way. I don't want to I'm too scared of the new one I want to do, it goes back to what I know. And there's that kind of tug and pull. And we have to kind of like, ring them up with us with this new way. And you could see it, you could just turn on the news. And you can see the light in the dark, almost, or just a to die even bad or good. Just two different energies that are are fighting in a way.

Shehnaz Soni 30:38
Right! I mean, and it became more prevalent after the whole COVID thing happened, right? Because when people started doing remote work, and the people who wanted to actually do more from life, they were like, my god, I love the freedom. I mean, that's when I did my book, by the way is because of that, that option was available that I had a little bit more time to do something, because I wasn't spending it in driving, right? But that actually is what is creating this dichotomy, right that people are choosing sight. And I think that is how we are perpetuating the type of world we want to live in the type of art we want to live in the type of people who want to live it. So all of that our action is deciding. And that's the thing that I choose, right. So when I talk about reality shopping, which is the word I use very casually, because it's all about not just hopping reality, but shopping for one, making a binary choice, consciously, to perpetrate something that you want to perpetuate. Because every action you're taking, you're making a habit out of it, you're actually programming yourself, you're reprogramming your subconscious by your action. So when you really start thinking about all of that you're like, it's so important that you choose something that you want to do. And once you once if everybody does that, right, everybody does that conscious choice, then we all can be that like Finding Nemo scene, right? Where the daddy, remember, the fishes were trapped. And then Finding Nemo dad says that swim down swim down, right? That's exactly what a consciousness wants to do, at the cellular level within the human, at the Art level within the 8 billion human and then it just keeps perpetuating as above so below,

Alex Ferrari 32:13
Very much so very much. So now, you mentioned something a second ago, the Annunaki, which is recently one of my favorite topics to talk about. And it's something that when you when ancient historians, you can't even say the a word, because it just the disregard it's myth, it's myth. It's just stories. Yeah, they don't, they don't. And again, whether you believe it was real or not, it's just there's a lot of things pointing to the Annunaki. And not only the Annunaki. But then the same story across cultures around the world. All have the sky gods Light Beings from out from out from the sky. These, they all have a version of this story in different points of view, if you will. So that says something because apparently we just remember, we weren't supposed to know each other back then. We weren't supposed to be talking to each other back then. So how the hell you know and like I tell people I tell people all the time, like, you know, you and I can write a book right now pretty easily. But to tell a story for fun. Back then, let me get that stone out. Okay, let me get the chisel Alright, just you know, and it takes Oh, I can't there's no white out. There's no delete button like you was very intentional what they were putting down. So from your point of view, as a scientist, even looking back at the Annunaki story, which is from the Sumerians Babylonians that kind of in The Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest story known to man, I'm saying all these things, you know, but I'm just saying it for the audience if they don't know this, the Annunaki were supposedly sky gods, or alien beings that came down, saw us and according to the story is that they wanted gold to help their planet and they weren't going to do the work. So they needed as a What's the species, a slave, a slave race that was smart enough to do the work but not too smart to over you know, to go too far. And they kind of found this homosapien running around which by the way, to my understanding at the time, there were multiple versions of humanoids like Neanderthals and other genes at the same time, but for whatever reason, homosapien jumped, like did a quantum jump really quickly and basically became the dominant force on the planet. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that whole story, that gene splicing the, the breeding of because I understand they tried again, this is from the story that I read, that they tried to breed and had many failures. That's where a lot of the myths come from where the Giants Cyclops is these kinds of ideas came from it this is what I hear. But the but when one of the guides procreated with a woman, that was the very first one that made sense of like, okay, this is what we'll do and all that stuff. So they did some lab work, they did some gene splicing, I'd love to hear what you think from a scientific point of view. It's such a fantastical story that is in antiquity, I just love to hear your thoughts.

Shehnaz Soni 35:18
Right. And you know, when you watch a movie like Prometheus, right, I mean, it really hits home. That That to me was like, wow, right. But you know, I think that all of that connects with everybody's story so much. So my understanding is that there is definitely a high possibility that we were a creation of a splicing, right? Because our DNA does have, like, first of all, you know, they say that our DNA does have this non coding DNA, right, which is actually where all the information resides, about what we were created kind of from in terms of, and there's, there's a theory about this, that, that we were basically, you know, like, all the species that we actually project in the sci fi movies, were actually, it's in our non DNA, non coding DNA, then there's a whole thing about the wild signal. So wow, if people types while under Google, the wall signal actually kind of proved that scientifically that our DNA have species that's beyond comprehension in the non coding part of the DNA. That's what the WOW signal was.

Alex Ferrari 36:24
So what's the non coding part of the DNA? I'm not I'm not certain

Shehnaz Soni 36:27
Percentage of the DNA, I believe is kind of non you know, they call it junk DNA.

Alex Ferrari 36:32
Yeah, junk. Right!

Shehnaz Soni 36:33
Right. I'm basically referring to that as non coding, because they call it junk, because they couldn't understand what it was. But junk is not the right name. And just because you don't understand doesn't mean it's junk.

Alex Ferrari 36:45
Yeah. Because Because there's because the entire planet, the entire universe has like junk in it. No, everything is soap. If you just watch an ecosystem, watch it, just go watch Discovery Channel for a minute and watch how the animal kingdom works. How perfect. Everything is in an ecosystem, from the animal, the predator who eats this, and if they don't exist, everything is so perfectly built. You mean to tell me that our DNA, there's like,

Shehnaz Soni 37:14
Exactly, that makes no sense. Right? And to me, whichever scientist came up with that name, they should have thought about it. Because you know, when I was watching the documentary of how DNA does all the coding and decoding, right, I mean, when you will see, it took about 200 years, hundreds of scientists to figure out like small, like, you know, few scientists end up God bearing the glory. But there were so many scientists involved just to get to the point where we understood what gene is, what DNA is, what the, you know, the the entire shape of the DNA of the Jacob's Ladder, all of that was done, but so much intricate, step by step process over hundreds of years. I mean, 200 minimum, when I was watching the documentary, I was like, wow, so So you, right, so the whole thing is, and still we don't understand the DNA is what I'm saying, right? Still, we really don't understand because majority, the DNA that we classify as junk DNA is where a lot of information lies. And the ball signal basically kind of scratched the surface, scientifically, pretty much saying that splicing is possible is pretty much what I'm saying to you.

Alex Ferrari 38:16
Yeah, it was, it was a very good possibility. And the other thing that was really interesting, and I was talking to an archi, researcher in ancient civilizations, and they brought up something so beautiful, I never thought about it is that we, as a species, are not really well built for this environment. And bear with me, animals don't get sick. Generally, in nature, they don't get sick. I have, you know, I've had animals for years, they don't get sick. Only time they get sick is because of human interaction, human food, or poisons, that we chemicals, things like that, that's when they gets pets, I mean, or even even livestock or things like that. But just animals in the, you know, you know, Gorillas in the Mist are not getting cancer, like, that's just generally. And so there's that. And then we are hairless. So we're not really built for the sun. So if we're outside, we're gonna burn. While other animals have fur have things to protect them from the elements, we are pretty wide open. We're not kind of built for it. The Neanderthal was much stronger than us. Much, much stronger than us. And for my understand, had similar brain a size of a brain. So it was a similar brain size, stronger than us physically. And yet we, for whatever reason, and they were hairier to from what I understand. They were more built for this planet. Well, I'm not saying we're aliens or anything like that. But there's something that happened in our in our evolution that just didn't make sense for us. If it wasn't for our brains, we would die off as a species. Our brain is the only thing keeping us alive because then we put on jackets, we put on coals we make shelters to protect us from the elements while Anna holes generally don't need to do that. So it's really fascinating to think about that.

Shehnaz Soni 40:06
Right! And I think that, yeah, and you're touching on the very interesting subject here, because you know, the sustainability, the self sustainability, the feedback loop, right? Like even our, even our entire human craft actually works very beautifully when we get out of the way, right? Because it has a self sustaining system. I mean, you have to get anywhere, because we are meant to get fever, because our body is trying to protect us from it getting worse than that, right? So that way we can do the right thing and get, it's basically triggering us to get our attention. So you're 100%, right, that it's very interesting, because on one hand, we are a complex species with the brain with the mind. And the mind is the reason why, but I think mine is the reason we have messed ourselves up at the same time. Because if you think about it, in the process of surviving, or in the process of going into technology, we kind of let our ego run the show. And that's why what happened was the people in this competition mode on have created so many mess, because they prioritize money over love, or whatever. I mean, the priority is not there. You know, what should be a priority? Like? It should be love, not fear, right? Because based on quantum physics, everybody can have everything they really want. Because there's plenty for everyone.

Alex Ferrari 41:19
It's infinite, the universe is infinite, there's an infinite amount of planets is infinite amount. And then if you want to get into quantum physics, infinite parallel realities are infinite universes. And it just goes on and on and on and on. There is no, there's no, there's no lack in the universe, there just isn't.

Shehnaz Soni 41:36
It's right. lack is only in your mindset.

Alex Ferrari 41:39

Shehnaz Soni 41:40
And the thing is that and the mind set has been perpetuated. And people have made that as kind of like, you know, their belief system. And I think that that is how we can break that pattern of going in this one extreme, because if you come back, we can live with the balance equation, by the way, the book that I'm writing, I use the word balance equation and x in that, because it's all about making a choice in a way that the law of conservation of energy is perpetrating something that's self sustainable. It has a feedback loop, just like you said that everything takes care of everything like three beans, right? Like, like you. And that, to me is the most beautiful dream of any scientist, right? Like, because if you think about it, if you can create something, where everything is being used in a way that and that's how you can build community, that's how you can build everything from that perspective. So it's actually the where we all have to go. Because I think that they're actually even designing some video games, by the way, where they're making people realize that when you're going to work in collaboration, then you're gonna have a better chance, ultimately, of getting where you want to go. Versus competition. Because if you think about ants, right, the only, like ants can technically eat an elephant. The only reason they can do that is if they can collaborate. There's no way one and can ever do it.

Alex Ferrari 42:59
Right, and there's never one ant that says I want, all the elephant

Shehnaz Soni 43:04
That's true that ant is gonna exploded can never eat enough for us to get life. So that's that's the mindset that we need. Right? So I think that that actually is tied to quantum field, quantum physics. And whatever you believe in, it doesn't really matter. The idea is that you have to believe in the fact that when you tap into your own power that is within you, then you are not taking away from somebody else's power. That's the mindset that we want to perpetrate. Right?

Alex Ferrari 43:32
Right. Just because I get money doesn't mean that I'm taking it from someone else. I mean, literally, if you want to think about money, money is created every second of every day, every time you insert money into the bank system, our banking system is built that way, for every dollar you put in, they can lend out $10 on it. So they're literally making money out of air all the time, all the time. So there's literally an infinite amount of money in the world that truly, truly is. Amazing. So it's it's when I found that out about reserve,

Shehnaz Soni 44:08
Nobody had the money with them, right? I mean, no matter even if it's in your purse is truly not doing anything until you access it. So so the whole thing about the money like it's like, right, and even people who are billing, it doesn't matter how rich you are at a time, whatever expense you're doing, it's all a perception, the money is the perception.

Alex Ferrari 44:28
Well, absolutely, you know, I could all of a sudden say this is the rarest phone in the world. And the value of this, let's say I bought it for $1,000 But now it's worth a million dollars. Well, where did that wealth come from? From a perception from an idea. And it was created. It was created out of thin air and brought to me based on what what I might have or what the perception of what I have is why is one little piece of cardboard with a baseball player on it from 1932 worth $100 million. It's a piece of cardboard. You know, it's just a piece of cardboard. You know, why is a painting with some paint on it or canvas with some paint on it painted by a dude who caught off his ear? Worth $80 million? It's perception. It is. It is. It's all perception. So I'm bringing all that up, because it's because you look at things in this, you know, I've been to a comic book convention, I don't know if you've ever been to a Comic Con. And it's amazing, amazing. You see, and I, you know, you collect comic books, or you look at a comic book, and you're like, oh, that's the first Spider Man. No, it's a bunch of paper with ink on it. But people, not only I give it a value, large groups of people have been told that this is valuable, because of what story is in it? Or what drew it, it is absolutely not worth its paper. It's only worth what you could burn for it for heat.

Shehnaz Soni 46:03
Yeah, and you don't want to you right now just hitting on something that I have to bring it up is that the value is kind of related to supply versus demand, right. And if you really think about it in this day and age, like movie makers, or people who are like actor, actress, they make so much more money, that it's like there's just such a vast difference between them. And like normal public, right? Like even normal public, like we're talking about doctors, even doctors come pretty low compared to what they make, right? So if you think about it, there's this very big dichotomy that why would you have to give so much importance to somebody who's pretending to do something to show you something versus somebody who's doing right in front of you the real thing? You see, that's beautiful.

Alex Ferrari 46:43
I've never really thought about that. Yeah. So why should we pay George Clooney more to play a doctor and not pay the doctor more for doing the saving of the life.

Shehnaz Soni 46:51
You can watch the live show. And it's way more realistic, actually. And I mean, it is

Alex Ferrari 46:56
Fascinating, and I never thought about it that way. But you're absolutely right, what but that's a societal thing. That's like why.

Shehnaz Soni 47:02
And what I'm hitting on is the plan versus demand, if people are gonna keep tapping into that energy, right, the one that truly is selling a lot of illusion, not really giving you the feeling of love, then that's what you're gonna keep getting right. So how are we going to change that is by action, like I was thinking when I drive from my house to my work, right, and I see all these fast food places. And if I don't want to support the fast food than I should not eat the fast food. Right? Ultimately, if everybody does what Shiraz is doing, what's going to happen is fast food is not going to make money selling the fast food, they may come up with to multiple ways to solve the problem, they may say, we have to give a really healthy food now, right? And stay in business or have our or go somewhere where people are still sleeping. And I know I'm being kind of little bit exaggerating it but you see my point, supply versus demand is at play in everything in our lives. So we all are going to have to take that any action of only feeding into something that we really feel good about.

Alex Ferrari 48:03
Agreed, agreed 100%. Now going back to you mentioned Bashar who Darryl is a good friend of mine, it's been on the show multiple times. I love Darrell and I love the teachings of Bashar has been doing it for over 40 years. One thing that he told me years ago, and I'd love to hear what you think, is that Bashar as an alien entity that Darryl is channeling could not come to earth. Because his vibration is at such a high level that it would literally just knock us over hurt us because he's vibrating at such a high frequency that we couldn't deal with it very much like if you raise the frequency of a of a audio audio frequency, your ears start to because you can't literally handle that kind of frequency or even on the body you start throwing frequency at a body you can't your body can't handle it because it's that built to do that. What is your thoughts on that idea the hypothesis that he presented that an alien being would have to be at such a high level to reach the kind of knowledge and intelligence that he is reached or she's reached it is reached that we they wouldn't be able to come down here at least and like hang out with us and have coffee you know it's like not a thing so what would you what's your think? What's your thoughts on it?

Shehnaz Soni 49:21
It kind of goes back to how the frequency and vibration and everything comes into existence because of the vibration right of the quarks and leptons. If you want to look at it literally from whatever cern's are doing to understand our subatomic particle existence, right. So, based on all of that, when you read it into the fact that there are beings like basher, that beings they come from a different planet, they have frequency and vibration that is different, they are not they don't exist in human form. We are in this human form for a reason. We are also in a dense reality right? So our reality is much denser than other people, other intelligent beings. So of course if they want to interact But someone like us, then the only way they can interact is that they have to either come down so much in that density, right. So that they can interact in terms of, you know, the light and density show that we are interacting with, or they have to find a host, right, or some other mechanism where somebody can become a container for them, so that they can live in that body right now, I feel like that when people are channeling like Bashar is, then it's kind of more like that they are basically accessing that energy stream, you know, at the time when they're channeling, and depending on how much they embody it, right, they can either become 100% one with it, you know, like Bashir, right? I mean, he completely transforms, some people still appear on the surface. So I think everybody has their own way of saying, how much are we willing to let you in? Right? Because it is, it is a agreement that you're making, because, and it is a trust. I mean, it's a huge trust that blusher and girl and guy has with each other. I mean, they're, you know that they probably made that contract eons ago, right? I mean, there's so much more to the story when you when you really start unwinding it. But yeah, I actually do believe 100%, that every single thing that exists is the dance of frequency and vibration. And it's beings. That is whether they're up or you know, you have full, or alien or star beings or extraterrestrial, or somebody who actually participated in our creation, all of that boils down to the dance of frequency and vibration, and different density and different dimension and different layers, right? And different way of perceiving the information. And the very fact that we are definitely in a lower density. And the fact that we're having this conversation means that we're doing pretty good, but it makes it makes it harder, right? If you think about it, because while you're in this limited light vessel, it does limit your comprehension.

Alex Ferrari 51:58
Yeah, our hardware is limited. Our hardware is extremely limited comparatively to the knowledge of the universe,

Shehnaz Soni 52:05

Alex Ferrari 52:06
It's extremely, extremely limited.

Shehnaz Soni 52:10
And how much light can you hold at a time, depending on how much permission you give yourself, right? How much. And that's what that's what I think we need to open up for people is like, please My God, give yourself permission to be who you are meant to be.

Alex Ferrari 52:25
And because I've spoken to, I don't know, 60 or so channels at this point, in what I do, the common thread is that they most of them had to wrap their nervous systems to handle the frequency and the energy that comes in because if not, they would blow a circuit. I haven't had people have channels who've gone on there, like they've had like a preparatory entity who was at like level two, to prepare them for the level five that's coming in, in a year or two. And they had to kind of work their way up and build their tolerance up. So they can you know, finally like, okay, it's like lifting weights, like you can only lift five pounds now, but you're gonna be lifting 25 pounds in two years. So we got to work out. And that's what they would do. So it again, what I tried to do is connect those dots with these conversations. And I see where these things are starting to connect more and more as I talk to people like yourself, and people like Bashar and Chad Darrell and ancient civilizations, and you know, healers and everything. It's really a fascinating, fascinating journey. Shanaze. I cannot wait for our next conversation. I am so looking forward to it. You will be coming back for sure. I promise you because I love love, love talking to you. And you have such a beautiful perspective on the topics we're talking about. Because you come up both from a scientific, a very deep, deep scientific background, but also a very deep spiritual background and you're a unicorn in that sense. There's not many of you out there. So keep doing what you're doing. Keep fighting the good fight, and trying to help people awaken and I do appreciate for you coming on and and for everything you do in the world.

Shehnaz Soni 54:14
Well, thank you, Alex, I loved it. I had so much fun. Thank you for taking me in this journey where we both completely got lost, like, like, I feel like we just get lost like as children right. And we had this like, you know what we started with and where we went now we are like, wow, we need to wake up because we have to interact with the other reality. So yeah, that's I appreciate that. Thank you so much looking forward for more excitement and I'm so happy that you are you are holding the baton for all of us because you are you exemplify and I have to say this because you know, you are not just helping people who have a certain a number attached with them in terms of how many followers they have. You're going with your heart and picking me up because you want to pick me up otherwise so I'm just saying So they still appreciate you because I have not seen that. And I think we need more to use our heart and do it love this. So thank you. Thank you for that. And yes!

Alex Ferrari 55:13
Thank you till next time, my dear thank you again.

Shehnaz Soni 55:16

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