NASA Rocket Scientist EXPOSES TRUTH About UFO/UAP & Our SPIRITUAL PLACE in the COSMOS with Shehnaz Soni

In the intricate dance of science and spirituality, Shehnaz Soni emerges as a beacon of wisdom and curiosity. An accomplished NASA rocket scientist, she bridges the logical precision of engineering with the boundless realm of metaphysics. On today’s episode, we embark on a journey with Shehnaz, exploring her unique path from the streets of Karachi, Pakistan, to the forefront of space exploration and spiritual discovery.

Shehnaz’s beginnings were anything but conventional. Born in Karachi, she navigated a patriarchal and orthodox Muslim culture that expected her to remain confined within traditional roles. However, her rebellious spirit and relentless curiosity propelled her towards extraordinary achievements. As she recounts, “The more my father forced me into the kitchen, the more I strived to excel academically.” This defiance led her to become a valedictorian and eventually, through a whirlwind arranged marriage, to the United States.

Her early experiences in America were a mix of cultural shock and personal revelation. “I arrived in Los Angeles and felt like I had landed on another planet,” Shehnaz recalls. From her humble beginnings in a studio apartment to pursuing her studies in engineering, she transformed every obstacle into an opportunity. Her journey wasn’t just about adapting to a new life but about embracing the unknown with a relentless quest for knowledge.

In her current role, Shehnaz is involved in the Artemis mission, a bold endeavor aiming to return humans to the moon and eventually, to Mars. She explains, “The goal is to learn how to live on the moon, use its resources, and prepare for future missions to Mars.” This mission is more than a scientific pursuit; it’s a reflection of her own life’s journey – pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Shehnaz’s work is her experiences with what she refers to as “interventions from Star Beings.” She describes how weather patterns and other phenomena seem to align with rocket launches, suggesting a cosmic connection. As she eloquently puts it, “Every time the rocket gets launched, there’s always an intervention.” This perspective opens up a dialogue between the scientific community and the mysteries of the universe.

In her book, “The Quantum Being,” Shehnaz explores the convergence of quantum physics and spirituality, offering insights into how we can manifest our reality. She explains, “We are all continuously channeling at all times, dialing into different frequencies and creating our experiences.” Her understanding of the holographic nature of reality aligns with ancient spiritual teachings, suggesting that our consciousness plays a pivotal role in shaping our lives.


  1. Breaking Barriers: Shehnaz’s story is a testament to the power of breaking societal and personal barriers. Her journey from a restricted life in Pakistan to becoming a NASA rocket scientist underscores the importance of resilience and self-belief.
  2. Curiosity as a Guide: Her lifelong curiosity, from questioning her surroundings to exploring the vast realms of quantum physics and spirituality, highlights the importance of maintaining a sense of wonder and inquiry.
  3. Integration of Science and Spirit: Shehnaz embodies the harmonious blend of scientific rigor and spiritual insight. Her belief that quantum physics and ancient spiritual teachings are intertwined offers a fresh perspective on understanding our existence.

As we reflect on Shehnaz’s journey, it becomes evident that her life is a testament to the power of resilience, curiosity, and the integration of diverse fields of knowledge. Her ability to navigate and merge the worlds of science and spirituality offers a roadmap for those seeking a deeper understanding of their own existence.

In this profound conversation, we are invited to open our minds and embrace the mysteries of the cosmos. Shehnaz’s story challenges us to break free from conventional boundaries and explore the limitless potential within ourselves.

Please enjoy my conversation with Shehnaz Soni.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 400

Shehnaz Soni 0:00
Like it takes a while for the masses to converge to the same consensus reality, which is the main reason we have such a big lag right? In, in people. So I always feel like, okay, we are ahead of our times, like, you know, and that's fine. Personally, I have had people come to me engineers come to me partly because I hold the space, saying, you know, like, every single time and we have any major launch every single time, there's an intervention from Star Beings every single time. Like if, if, if, if the launch is meant to happen, the entire weather will change in the three hours of a large large window to make it happen, or not make it happen, you see. So every time when the rocket gets launched, I've already seen the pattern, that there's always an intervention.

Alex Ferrari 0:53
I like to welcome to the show Shehnaz Soni. How you doing Shehnaz?

Shehnaz Soni 0:57
I'm doing great, Alex, how are you doing?

Alex Ferrari 0:59
I'm doing good. I did. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm super excited to talk to you. I've had quantum physics physicists on I've had physicists on I've had doctors on have medical doctors and surgeons, I have not had a rocket scientist on before. So especially a rocket scientist from NASA, who is actively working in NASA, and also talking about spirituality in a very big way. So I'm excited to dance the quantum dance of both sides, as you were putting it earlier, before we started recording the doing that dance between the logical and the not not logical, but the spiritual side, the more esoteric side. So we're going to talk about that and your book, The Quantum Being, which is covers a lot of the things that we're going to be talking about now. So thank you so much for being on the show.

Shehnaz Soni 1:55
I'm so excited about this convergence, Alex, because I know that this is opening a whole new portal for me to walk on.

Alex Ferrari 2:03
Yes, absolutely. You've lived a very interesting life to say the least from where you came from, to where you are now working in NASA. And I know you worked with Boeing as well as a rocket scientist. And as an engineer. Can you tell the audience a little bit about your background? And what a few obstacles you had to overcome to get to where you are today?

Shehnaz Soni 2:27
Yes, yes. So my humble beginnings started in Karachi, Pakistan, in a town that's very patriarchal culture, Orthodox Muslim. When I was born, my dad was like, why girl, because you know, the boy is way more, you know, useful in a society like that. And, and then on top of that, I was surrounded by chaos, like so much chaos, that you are crossing the road, and you're hoping that you don't die, because there's so much traffic, but there's no way for you to cross other than just guessing right. And I was always covered up. And I was always pretty much heavily programmed to not go to school, like I was heavily programmed that my life is going to be in the kitchen, cooking every single day once I get married. So therefore, any kind of studies would not serve me well. And my dad was very pragmatic. So he kept forcing me, especially because I was, the more he was forcing me in that direction. The more I became a rebellious person, and what I did, I became a valedictorian. So basically, I completely went against everything that was suggested in my life. And basically, I came to America to arrange marriage talking to a man for one hour, and my life completely transformed. Yes. Because, yeah, and he came from America, he was looking for a wife, there were seven girls lined up. And I was the fifth one. And once he met me, in the one hour interview, he asked me questions like, Can you cook? And I said, No. He said, can you speak English? And I said, No. And then he said, but he knew that I was a valedictorian. So he basically it's like, you're putting money on the horse. He put the money on me. Wow. He's like, there's a potential Yes. He like my honesty. He was like, wow, like she's saying, like, no to everything. And you know, because people in Pakistan are always looking to send their children to America. And like, when you get married to somebody who comes from America, LA, it's almost like somebody came from Mars, you know, to pick up a wife. It's like, Oh, wow.

Alex Ferrari 4:37
So you get to, you get to LA and you move to LA?

Shehnaz Soni 4:41
Yeah. And you won't believe it, because I've never seen anybody in my life, right? Like any other species, other than me. So when I look at all these white people who are tall with colored eyes, with blonde hair, like to me I was like, I mean, it was like such a world for me. Oh, Like taken by the energy of people and everything.

Alex Ferrari 5:03
No, it's interesting. Yeah, I can only imagine the culture shock from coming from Pakistan to Los Angeles. And you're seeing, you know, beautiful people walking around everywhere. Probably celebrities and that you don't even know where celebrities because you

Shehnaz Soni 5:19
It was incredible.

Alex Ferrari 5:21
So, so from your journey from from Pakistan to NASA, how has that influenced your own life's purpose and our place in the universe? Because that's a pretty interesting, you know, humble beginning to where you are now. There's some magic that happened along the way for that process to happen. Not only you're, you know, as they say, in my culture, cojones. To, to fight back and to say, No, I'm going to be who I am, regardless of my culture, and surrounding and programming to where you are now. But there had to be some lucky breaks, and especially that gentleman who came in and put bet on the horse, as you say,

Shehnaz Soni 6:02
That's true. That's true. He did. And you know, so this is actually very good question, because it also explains how we attract experiences towards ourselves, subconsciously, right. So one thing happened was that as soon as it became a conscious of my existence, I felt like, you know, I felt like a trap. And in my body, like, I felt like I'm a genie, who's in a bottle, right? So I was like, thinking, What is the story going on? Because when I became aware, I started asking questions. So I would ask questions to everybody around me, and no one will give me a single answer. So what happened was, that I actually started wondering that, how am I going to get all my answers, right? Because I had all these questions about what's beyond the sky that I see. And how can I fly away if I want to. So in that quest, I actually learned that people will speak English because I started watching Star Trek, when it came on our television, I did not understand any of it, the only thing I understood was that there is a certain people with certain outfit who stays alive all the time. And everybody else when they have a different change in color, they die. So I was noticing the pattern. And I was saying that English is the language I need to understand. So I can understand the technology. So I was already thinking that right? But I went to the school, you know, because my parents did not want to spend any extra money on the school. So I went to the public school. And by default, you will go to do medium school, because that's the country. And so my entire life, I wanted to speak English. But I was a very good Muslim girl, I prayed five times a day, I was so good. That every single prayer, I would say that one day, I would like to speak English like Star Trek people. That was my wish, right? So you see how I was wishing it, and I was getting ready. So that arranged marriage was like universe saying, Okay, it's time for you to move into a whole new timeline, a whole new trajectory, whole new portal, and whole new planet from my perspective. So that, to me, is how I attracted that right, because it opened the door for for that. And one of the thing I did not share with you is that in one hour interview, he asked me all those questions. I asked him only one question. And that was, Can I continue my studies? Because I was already in an engineering school. I had just admitted myself there. And he basically said that, yes, of course, because I need help, because I won't be the only bread and butter earner. Like he didn't say that. But in like, that's what I learned after the marriage, that she said yes, because he was broke completely to the point where he couldn't even afford my ticket. My dad gave my ticket as a gift or wedding gift. And he was grateful because he basically created a facade that he's, you know. But when I came to the studio apartment and realize there was no bed, there was no space for me. The clothes were falling off and I opened the drawer. He was in love with somebody else. I was just completely my entire fairytale collapsed. I mean, I was like, and I couldn't speak the language. I didn't I couldn't call my mom because it was $1 a minute. And he couldn't afford anything. Right. So I started basically, I realized that I'm in a cage worse than the cage that I flew from.

Alex Ferrari 9:17
So I had to ask you what city in Los Angeles what part of Los Angeles?

Shehnaz Soni 9:21
I was actually in Fullerton. Apartment in Fullerton. Yeah, right by Cal State Fullerton because he was going there to do his masters, which is the reason you know, we were so impressed by him.

Alex Ferrari 9:33
Of course, but then the reality is kind of like Hollywood. On the screen. It looks beautiful. But when you go down to Hollywood Boulevard, not so much.

Shehnaz Soni 9:40
Oh, yeah, I know that's true.

Alex Ferrari 9:44
Yeah, exactly. It's very similar. So I was curious about that. So at what point during your studies as you're becoming, you know, as you becoming an engineer and a rocket scientist, and working with NASA and Boeing, when did you decide To start going down the spiritual path, when did you decide to, to investigate that aspect of it from someone who is so proficient in a very logical numbers, one plus one equals two to more of this? Well, now we will call it the quantum mechanics, which one plus one does not equal to in quantum mechanics. So what was what were introduced you to the spiritual side of things, and unwanted you made you go into that space?

Shehnaz Soni 10:31
So, the thing is that the one of the things that I always noticed about everything is that I always ask a lot of questions, because I was very curious, right from day one. And I was so overwhelmed with my responsibility of being married to a man, his mom is living with me, I already had two boys with him, one of my son is a special one. So I was overwhelmed. And then I'm working full time and in the corporate world, as an aerospace engineer, very, very challenging. Every project I worked on was very unique, because I liked unique stuff. So I was so much in that life, that I actually wasn't like, basically living a Groundhog Day, what happened was that I was not happy in that life. And I started sharing my unhappiness to my coworkers. And you know, to my friends, close friends, and the people in the community, the problem was that everybody that I was surrounded by, they were all part of my community, who were all doing the similar thing as I did, you know, so they all said, that just, you know, suck up buttercup, you know, like, what do you say? Like, like, almost like, right? So nobody was giving any encouragement that the fact that was similar pattern that my dad did, right? He didn't, he said, don't go to school. And I had to rebel against him. Similarly, when I started noticing that I'm not happy, deep down, but nobody's agreeing with me, like nobody. And I would cry, like after my leg job was done. And I was about to go to my home with the two boys, like, in between, you know, because I knew that now. That like, there was no break, right? So there were times I would sit at my desk for a little longer, and put my head down and cry. Because there was nobody in the office, everybody had gone, because I felt like that was my space to cry. And then what happened was that it kind of dawned on me that I have been asking all these questions to my community, people, it's time to ask a question to somebody who's not from my community, you see thinking outside the box, like a, like a Sonny in iRobot. So now I go to my colleague, right? In his, he's a black guy with like, you know, like a nice job. And so I say to him, I say, You know what, I just want to ask you something very important. He said, What? I said, Can you tell me that if you learn that Shenhaz has gotten a divorce from some coworker, how would you take that? And then he looked at me and he said, Oh, I would be like, oh, you know That tonight, I would move on to the next problem. As soon as he said that, to me, Alex, I really realized that why am I giving a damn about people. And that was the trigger for me to be more aware of it. So once I, you know, like, when I divorced my first husband, which represented my traditional world, my Muslim world, my world where I was a very good, devout Muslim wife covered up, I only ate and wore what she wanted me to wear. I wasn't a very strict household. And I basically decided to say goodbye to all of it. But I still wanted to negotiate with him because I had two kids. So I actually told him that I'm ready to divorce if you don't do the right thing for our relationship, because I'm very, very unhappy. So walked on the marriage for two years, and then I divorced him. But that opened the door for me to realize that there is a power that is within me, and around me that's helping me rebel when I decide to do something. Because whenever there's no human being with me, there's something else that's with me. And see, that's what I call the God the only present source the quantum field. Like what what is beyond our comprehension, that glue, right that connects people that I became aware of, but in January 2010, I actively pursued because I stumbled on a magazine, I had just moved to Huntsville, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. And I stumbled on a magazine and it said metaphysics 101. And, you know, being a physicist, I was like, what does this mean? I go to Google and I type metaphysics, and it says, beyond physics, and you know, me, like it's all about beyond. So this, and you know what the interesting thing is Alex, that when I wanted to attend that metaphysics 101 class, I wanted to just check it out before I go, so they had a book club going on, and when I entered into that small, tiny, 100 year old house, as soon as I enter, I saw all the people all of them white, all of them extremely old. And I felt like I was in a wrong place, right, because I looked so different. I walk in there, I just sit on the very back just to see what conversation they're having. They use the word like clairaudience clairsentience, telepathic, you know, like the all these words that I I am like the These are my people. They don't look like it, but they are. And that was it. I learned every single single course they could teach. And then I became a Kabbalah teacher myself because of my quest. So

Alex Ferrari 15:11
That's amazing. So you've broken so many social barriers, in your journeys, and you've broken through so many of your own personal barriers, as well as societal barriers. What advice do you have for people with dealing with fear? Because to do what you've done in your life, takes a major level of bravery, that you know many women in your position where you came from, do not break free, do not go and follow their dreams do not leave their their husbands do not go to school. They're too afraid to move forward. What advice would you give people or dealing with fear?

Shehnaz Soni 15:52
For me like I always look at things like, am I going to die because of being burned in a fire? Or am I going to die by sinking in the water? Like when you're dealing with the fear? I always think that when you do something for yourself, it's almost like you're deciding how you're going to die. And I prefer to decide, like, I always felt you know what I mean? Like, that was the thing for me. It's like, okay, I think that if I go this route, this is looking pretty messed up. But if I follow me, I have no idea. But I rather decide my own time at that, so that was my strategy you know?

Alex Ferrari 16:28
That's so wonderful. I've never heard it put that way before. Before we continue. I love your energy, you're fantastic is this is your energy is kind of spilling off the screen as you're talking. So it's wonderful. But to to I would like to choose my own death. Thank you very much. Because I don't want you know what, and in many ways, why should I go down? If you want to look at it this way? Why should you choose a death that someone else has chosen for you, whether it be societal, or family, or religion, or whatever, or job, or whatever that is, I'd rather go down my own path. And I have no idea what death awaits me there. But at least I'm the one choosing that one, as opposed to whatever has been imposed on me. It's a wonderful way of looking at fear.

Shehnaz Soni 17:13
Exactly, exactly. And one thing that I would add now, because now my perspective has even enhanced based on everything I've learned about quantum physics, and what I would say is that everybody is watching a movie in this hunger game. Okay. And everybody says, Please come sit with me and watch a movie. And of course, you're more than welcome to sit together and watch a movie as long as you like the movie you're watching together. So I always say the people are asking you, everybody has the agenda, right? Everybody's saying, Come watch movie with me. And you're like, Okay, sure. But don't want to watch a movie that you don't want to watch. It's almost like you keep the relationship with somebody who is into sports, only to pretend that you like the sport just for the heck of it. You know what I mean?

Alex Ferrari 17:54
Right! No, no, I know exactly what you mean. So as you were talking about quantum physics, I love quantum physics. I think it's fascinating. I love that we're in a place right now as a society that I can I can be talking to a NASA rocket scientist about quantum physics, or having a quantum physicist on and having deep conversations about quantum physics for someone who failed spent science in high school. You know, it's fascinating, me all the time and that I understand many of the concepts at a rudimentary level, how do how does quantum physics for you and your experience in the, in the physical world as a rocket scientist, how does that inform your understanding of the universe and our place in it?

Shehnaz Soni 18:42
So the quantum physics basically highlights that at the subatomic level, we're all same. And what it also highlights is that when you're observing the electron or the photon, your observation affects the momentum, your observation affects what you're observing. So based on that, like whenever people say that, Oh, I have a problem, I don't know how to solve it, I always say, the fact that you already acknowledged the problem, you're already solving it. So the point of quantum physics is that it puts a charge on it. Like when you are paying attention to anything you're putting out, you're you're putting a charge on it, you're triggering it, you're stimulating it, because electron gets stimulated really fast, right? So that to me, is very important to build on and be aware that our consciousness basically is a proof of quantum physics.

Alex Ferrari 19:33
And then, and we are talking about this split, split experiment with it with the the observation and the non observation. That's so that's so interesting, because in physics, that's impossible. It's impractical, materialistic materialism essentially. Makes no sense. But quantum physics is now and if I'm not mistaken, I think Einstein called it spooky

Shehnaz Soni 20:00
The spooky action at a distance.

Alex Ferrari 20:02
Yes, yes, it's spooky. Because it, it throws everything that we've been taught up upside down. And people listening to like, well, this is a spiritual show, why should we be talking? What does this have to do with spirituality? From my understanding, and please correct me if I'm wrong, that a lot of the concepts that are being discovered and explained within quantum physics, are now catching up to ideas and concepts that have been in the Vedic texts for 1000s of years. And in many other ancient texts that they've been talking about for so long. And now quantum physics is starting to explain it and catch up, do you find that to be the truth?

Shehnaz Soni 20:45
100%. And you know what the interesting thing is that quantum physics was discovered more than 100 years ago, right? If we would have embraced it, we wouldn't have had such a dichotomy that now they're realizing it. To me, Kabbalah and quantum physics are saying the same thing. It's just a different language. So if you're a scientist, you will accept quantum physics, if you're a spiritual Alchemist, you will accept Kabbalah. And since I dwell into both worlds, I can actually explain why they're saying the same thing. Partly because if you really think about it, classical physics very much is focusing on the physical aspect of our existence. Right? So if you really look at the first law of thermodynamics, second law, thermodynamics, all of these laws, they're very much looking at us the tip of the iceberg. I mean, we are tip of the iceberg, if you only look at your physical existence, all your other existence, emotional, mental, spiritual, you can feel emotional, mental, spiritual, right. So when you really look at that, then you realize that my god, I mean, the the most part of us is hidden. And quantum physics helps us unwind that, because of the unified field theory, because you know, everything is interconnected. Every single thing is interconnected.

Alex Ferrari 21:54
And that is, I mean, that is the concept that has been going around in spirituality for 1000s of years that we there is the illusion of separation, is what is what we live in is the illusion of separation, the quantum field, the is protecting all of us, we are all connected, if you hurt someone, you're essentially hurting yourself, in many ways, on a spiritual standpoint, is that fair?

Shehnaz Soni 22:20
Yes. 100% I actually say that when people come in your life, then it's because you don't, you can't process everything. By herself. I mean, you're here to interact with other other other people, other places, other things. So people actually are a mirror to you. And when they are showing you something is because they are it's more like you know, you're working through through your inner child through your own children, for example, you see my point? So yeah, I actually anybody that comes in your light, if you really look at people like that, to me, they're kind of a gift, whether they're nice to you or not. In both cases, they're telling you something about yourself.

Speaker 1 22:57
And would you agree that when people come into or events happen into your life, specifically people, the question that you should ask is not if you're angry at somebody that has come into your life, or into your circle or into your energy, not to be angry at them, but to really do self exploration and like, what, how did I set the stage to allow this kind of energy to come into my life? What am I working on, that this energy needed to come in? Is that also a fair statement to say?

Shehnaz Soni 23:31
Oh, 100%? Yeah, because you know, ultimately, you are the source because you're projecting everything through people through places through experiences. So since you're the source, if you're seeing a pimple, then you're looking in the mirror, right, you're gonna have to fix your face, right, rather than keep on working on the mirror. So I agree with you to come back to you. So that to me is pretty much quantum physics actually helps you become more responsible for your art of the light in this big light show.

Alex Ferrari 24:01
Yes. A very big as, as you are part of a project. I think it's called Artemis, I'm not mistaken. Please, can you tell people what the Artemis project is?

Shehnaz Soni 24:15
Yeah. So Artemis actually was named after the twin sister Apollo sister. Um, so it's a Greek mythology, right. So it's very interesting how they pick all these names. Because in this particular mission, the main mission that I'm working on, which is when the human gets involved on going to the moon, which is called Artemis three mission, which is scheduled for September 2026. Right now, that mission is where the woman is going to walk on the moon first, and then the man, so they call the whole series as Artemis mission. And the entire goal for the mission is to go to the moon live on the moon, learn how to mine and 3d print all the resources on the moon and then Use Moon as a layover place for us to go to Mars and colonize Mars in 2030s.

Alex Ferrari 25:08
So as we love to hear your point of view of this, because space is a large area

Shehnaz Soni 25:19
Unknown, yeah unknown,

Alex Ferrari 25:21
Ever expanding infinite, all these amazing words, the exploration from because you are essentially at the forefront of the exploration of space. How do you How does your understanding of the exploration of space mirror the exploration, the exploration of the self, which is as deep and as vast as the universe?

Shehnaz Soni 25:44
Exactly. So I think it's interesting, because I feel like, you're right, because we are the universe, right? So the fact that it's happening to this level, I think that that actually, to me means that just like, I have to leave, you know, like a country like Pakistan to come to America, right. So to me, I have to do that as my own life, just to prove myself that I can actually thrive in a whole different country with a whole different language and all that. It's almost like I attracted this opportunity for me to work on a program that's going to take us beyond Earth to Mars, it's almost like leaving from Pakistan to LA. So going from right from Earth to Mars, I think that what it does in a very big scheme of life is that it opens the door in so many ways of answering all these questions about what really is the Milky Way, and what really is happening on the moon and the Mars, what is really truth and what is really not, because the very fact that we're actually doing it, to me says that, you know, like how, like, you know, people say we didn't even go to the moon, right? So there's all these stories there. And, and I have comments on those, too. But the point is that there's all these things going on, and always have noticed that the truth is always in between somewhere, right? Because there's one extreme, then there's another extreme, and then the truth is somewhere in the middle. So I feel like it's opening the door to kind of mess up everyone's reality, in a good way to see beyond this confined globe, or prison planet, or whatever we're on, right? Because it will at least unfold. Whether how right we are or how wrong we are. Or how much can we do but in the process, because I say journey is intertwined with the destiny. My thing is that in the process of even doing the Artemis mission, we have been really overcoming a lot of technical barriers that we would never do. So it's almost like you have to create something that may look impossible, right? But when you do that, it opens the door for you to keep on doing better and keep on doing better. So you are evolving in the process.

Alex Ferrari 27:50
Yeah, I mean, I've been to both Houston and to the Kennedy Space Center. Yep. So I've seen both of them. I've been at both places. And then if you see the equipment that they use to launch the men, those those missions to the moon, it's insane. It's essentially string and tape. I mean, how God's good. I mean, they're, they're doing math on paper. They're doing like, you know, algebra and calculus. On paper, you're on paper, trigonometry on paper. Yeah, in real time, real time. Yes. It's fascinating to see. So you're absolutely right. It just keeps it because it was impossible. I mean, just send the person in the moon and 60s. It's impossible. It just did shouldn't, it just shouldn't have been

Shehnaz Soni 28:40
If you really think about the rocket that we launched in November 2022. I guess though, that Artemis one, I mean, that rocket is one of the heaviest ever. And when you look at the rocket, I mean, like the fact that every single thing we do at the Johnson Space Center, or Kennedy Space Center takes a long, long time just to move the rocket from one. And plus, we have to make sure that nothing can mess up the vibration. I mean, it's the ridiculous amount of work. You have to do to do anything simple with that, even for astronauts. I mean, they get trained on making sure that how they pee, right because you know, if the when you sit when you do your you know, I mean, so that your body doesn't get messed up your suit doesn't get messed up. I mean, it's incredible amount of work you have to do for every step of the way. And the very fact that we're actually doing it. I mean, that's just incredible, but it also shows that how, like, you know, Jacob's Ladder, right, like you took a step right in you took it took a step, and when you keep on taking the step, then you create that beautiful mandala, right like, and then you see this, this like and that's how our life is because if you really look when you start seeing your pattern and how you bring yourself from one point to another, and I think for me, that is the reason that I have done this extreme thing because I always say Alice, that I'm a girl whom you can if you're filming me, right, I'm a girl with basically in the street of Karachi completely covered up walking while the bus is blowing up the tip. Well in it, I have been there. Okay. But I'm also girl who was working on a missile defense program to protect us from North Korea and Iran. And I was in a room with only a few people, and most of them are five star general. And I was the only woman and Pakistani. How do they create that reality for me to have such an incredible experience?

Alex Ferrari 30:20
Oh, listen, to a lesser, to a lesser extent. How did the How did the boy who worked at a video store end up working with Oscar winning actors in Hollywood as a director? That's amazing. Yeah. So like the boy who watched these actors and these producers and these directors on a VHS in the late 80s, early 90s, to not only sometimes be working with some of them, you know, 1015 years later, to be interviewing some of the greatest ever and having conversations and building relationships with how is that even possible? That? It makes no sense? It really makes no sense.

Shehnaz Soni 30:58
There was something in you there was something in you that got you there. And that to me, you're the only one who knows that secret sauce. Because see, there was because you were not accepting your reality as as as as it like, you know, that's the thing that I always use the word Park, like, you know, your parking, like I think of marriage as your parking yourself. I mean, no offense, but what I'm saying, I mean, it's good. When you're parking yourself with somebody that you love to park Yes, you see, but don't park yourself with people that you truly don't want to because, you know, we have so many channels to delve.

Alex Ferrari 31:31
Yeah. Now, you seem so open about your beliefs about your understanding, you've written a book, you've pretty much come out of the spiritual closet, publicly at this point in the UFC. So how have your colleagues reacted to this to this new kind of spiritual, you know, version of you? Because to from my understanding, the physics community, I'm assuming the rocket sciences community, probably not going to metaphysics. So how did how have they reacted to you? Coming out? Because you're not retired? You're not like after you've worked for two years inside of the program, and then you left? Oh, now I could finally talk about what I really believe you are literally on the front lines right now with this mission to the moon. So how did they react? And how did you deal with the way they react?

Shehnaz Soni 32:33
The one of the things that I noticed that all the people I knew in my in my career, whom I really respected, they respected me when my book was even coming out. And I was looking for their endorsement. They were not even interested in reading my book. When I put my post on LinkedIn, when I published my book, can you believe just because I have, like 1000s of, you know, connection. They're mostly engineers, I guess. So I maybe got like two or three likes on that. That's how, that's how I got it. So you're right. So I pretty much learned that LinkedIn, and this part of my life is never going to accept, it's almost like, when I left my, my, my religion and my culture when I divorced my husband in the year 2000. It was that point where every single part people that were my friend, my community, everybody completely, it was switched off. They all just completely didn't even know me from that point, because I was divorcing because nobody had ever divorced in my entire ancestry line. Since then, I did something such a big crime, I completely lost it all. So it felt almost like that, that now because I have four boys, right? So I said that this book is my fifth child. And the very fact that my, my work did not accept it, like I was hoping for is already telling me that it's time to cut the umbilical cord. Like I was actually thinking that last year I had resignation letter ready, I was ready to resign NASA. Yeah. But then I have like all the people that I've worked with, they all love me and I love them. Right? So we have a very good, so it's not like that. Like when people come in your field. So that's the thing, Alex that even though you may think that Okay, now this girl is definitely far out in his her mind. But when people come in your field, if you have an unconditional love for them, they're going to love you. Because even though they may not understand you, but they're not going to be mean to you're gonna be so I have never, like everybody's always been nice to me. Right? They may not agree with me. But there has never been that challenge. But one thing that I did was like I recently went to Johnson Space Center to meet my new team. And I had two people who were extremely stressed out because of their work. So I said, Let's go on a walk. So I took them on a walk and my god, the campus of Johnson Space Center. Beautiful, right? And I was like so you know, we found this amazingly beautiful place. And I did the Light Body activation on them. I completely took them on a trance. And they were blown away. They had no idea what I was doing to that. And they said this is so magical. And that's it. That's all you have to do when you get stressed out, I'm teaching you how to do this. And they said, You need to tell me more about it. This is so interesting. So I got the flavor. And right after they got the flavor, they were interested in my book. So what I learned Alex is that people at the people level, they would love once they understand how much like, you know, the power, you see, because the power of it and right, if they can really understand this power, they would love it. I think that is, the thing that we're missing is that people have bought them on classical physics mindset. And they need to open it up to the quantum physics mindset, which basically means that sky has no limit. And that would open the door for people to experience the life you have created for yourself. And I have created so far.

Alex Ferrari 35:45
So I love to ask you this. I am assuming you've done a lot of studies in the spiritual space, from gurus to ancient texts and so on. One of the things that a lot of ancient texts have said, especially in the concept of reincarnation, where we come back, and we keep learning lessons, and we choose the the the circumstances. So you chose to be born in Pakistan and to go through everything to learn the lessons you've learned. I've learned, I did the same thing in my world, and so on. The one area, though, that is also spoke about is that Earth is not the only place that the the souls reincarnate that this universe is fairly big. And there is many options in the universe. And this is from the ancient texts. I'd love to hear your perspective as someone who is exploring the universe on you know, I'm not talking about UFOs or , I'm just talking about other civilizations, other planets where life can live, other other planets that might be like ours, where a soul can go and learn lessons, maybe different lessons that they would hear. I'd love to hear your opinion on that.

Shehnaz Soni 36:57
Yeah. And you know, it's not like that I would have any problem talking about UFO because you know, that all of these things have been so taken on a wrong angle, but what I would say 100 person I agree that I actually knew, because when I started becoming aware of myself, like I almost felt that I do not belong on this earth. Like, I felt like, this is a very confined space. Like I felt my bodies confined. I felt like this earth is confined. So that awareness is the main reason I've been kind of seeking the freedom or seeking to understand that how far can I go in, in creating the reality that matches with my consciousness? Right that? So I would say that 100% I agree that we actually have been, and you know what, there are times have you noticed, Alex, that I mean, you know, you meet so many people, but have you noticed there are some people that sparks in you in ways that you can't even explain it? I feel like those people are from your tribe, like from your tribe, from your soul tribe, like from your star tribe, like you were you were together at one point because you know, you came here we all are actually playing this hunger game, because we signed up for it, right? I mean, that's, that's just the way I see it. So I do 100% believe. And you know, one thing I've noticed, because I've traveled a lot of sacred place. And Peru was like when I was in right, and left tiki taka and those areas I noticed, like I met beings, like I met star beings that showed up in my meditation. Because you know, the thing is, with the frequency and vibration, right, you can't see everybody in person. Because our frequency and vibration doesn't match for them to show up in our physical reality. But it's much easier for them to show up in your spiritual reality right when you are meditating or when you are no longer distracted by the physical. Right? I have collected the star beings in the process of meditating. And I just love the fact that like you, sometimes you meet certain star beings when you're in a certain location, you know why? Because it's connected with your because you know you are you're a quantum being, which means that you actually have your own vibrational frequency. And then when you're standing on space and time, in a certain part of the earth, you are affecting your timeline. That's why when you go to sacred side, you can upgrade your DNA in ways that you can't, if you are just very Are you see my point you have to you have to do that. Again. Like I went to Egypt, I felt like I upgraded my DNA. Because our position in space and time with respect to Earth and the cosmos and the moon, and the star tribe that we are belong to all of that is connected, and it's affecting each other through quantum entanglement.

Alex Ferrari 39:41
Well, let me ask you, you said that you would you would you want to have a problem talking about UFOs I've always been very hesitant about talking about UFOs on the show, purely because it has been so bastardized over the last 50 years ever since Roswell and you know in area 51 and all that kind of Right, right. But more recently, it's become a little bit more serious. But yet, it's not taken seriously in it is taken seriously now in the in the scientific community, but it's not taken seriously in the scientific community. I love to hear your point of view on what you think is happening in regards to these new things that are being come out the government talking about the they're not called UFOs anymore or they're called now the they changed the name. Unidentified, not that that identified, up flying, be it? Yeah, something like that. Yeah. Something like that. But I'm curious to hear from from a NASA rocket scientists point of view, where what's your opinion on what's happening with that?

Shehnaz Soni 40:45
Okay, so I'll tell you some few of my personal and then then what I've learned. First of all, I think that, you know, like, the whole conspiracy theory has become conspiracy practical, as you have seen, and what happened in 2020, right? I mean, things are becoming, it's almost like there is that the saturate like, it takes a while for the masses to converge to the same consensus reality, which is the main reason we have such a big lag right? In, in people. So I always feel like, okay, we are ahead of our times, like, you know, and that's fine. Personally, I have had people come to me engineers come to me, partly because I hold the space, saying, you know, like, every single time when we have any major launch every single time, there's an intervention from Star Beings every single time. Like if, if, if, if the launch is meant to happen, the entire weather will change in the three hours of a large launch window to make it happen, or not make it happen, you see. So every time the rocket gets launch, I've already seen the pattern, that there's always an intervention. Can you believe that?

Alex Ferrari 41:48
That's interesting. From a point of view, see that, and this is why I brought it up to you from the point of view of the engineers doing the rocket stuff now, like, this is not theory. This is like, No, this is what's happening right now. And they go to you because they'll go okay, she'll understand.

Shehnaz Soni 42:06
Because, because they know that I'm a little bit because I'm there to actually burst everybody's pattern, because that's one of the things that I do. Like, because I tried to leave NASA so many times, and I haven't been successful is because I'm supposed to stay there and project that light, right? I mean, there has to be a good reason for me to stay for now. But you're right, because people do trust me. Like I had people come to me and say that I would never say this to anyone. But you feel like someone, I can share this and you won't judge me. And they confide in me.

Alex Ferrari 42:34
And the same thing happens to me now that I'm having this show. A lot of my Hollywood friends will call me up and they'll go, can I talk to you about this? I can't say this publicly. But you'll understand what I mean. This happened to me once or this happened to me once. Because there's you know, Hollywood is run by fear. I mean, it completely run by fear. It's, it's, it's insane. But they will confide in me now. Because I'm like, oh, so, you know, I saw grandma when she died, you know, like soy or something like that. I'm like, okay, great. Great. Because yeah, you know, during a meditation, this thing showed up, I'm like, Oh, okay. Well, yeah, go to this episode, and they'll talk to you about it. And that episode. Oh, go listen to the one with the NASA rocket scientist she can explain. It's things like that. So you're absolutely right.

Shehnaz Soni 43:20
So basically, I've I've had people telling me that, that they actually, some some actually one person come and told me that they actually knew about the grace, you know, the alien. That was they, they actually said that they overheard the conversation about it, they actually saw something that was like, you know, like, like, very short, like a little over four feet. So what I'm saying is I've had people come to me, so that has been one of the thing I've had my own personal experiences in the last four years that has blown me away, okay. And yeah, and one of them was completely, it was in the January 2020. And I was just going for my work. And right outside my house where I live right now, I saw a craft that I've never seen in my entire life completely, like making a contact with me. But it was a craft that looked organic. Like it. There was no human but the craft in the human was one. I almost felt like there was no, there was no like there was an organic fuel source because I saw something a little bit like, like letting up from the bottom. And as soon as that it was so weird, Alex, when I saw it, I knew that I am probably just creating it, right? Because you can i i said this is impossible to see a craft that I can't recognize. So then what I did was when I can I took a left turn and I was driving. I said, Okay, let me look from a rearview mirror if I can still see it, because that would tell me that, Am I hallucinating or the drill? It was still there. And that's when it dawned on me that I should have taken a picture but I didn't. And then I came and looked on Google for all the unmanned vehicle just to see if there's anything like that like a drone. I could not find it. I almost felt like it was some sort of contact for me. To hold to because you know, I have always believed that there is more than meets the eyes. And it's kind of like opening the door for that. So what I'm saying is that the very fact that so many people are asking these questions, and we do end up creating a consensus reality just by our imagination. And you don't actually, right. And you know, that could be a whole different one, if you ever want to do it, because I actually, and I can send you that I found that declassified CIA paper that explains how we create the projection for ourselves through holographic reality.

Alex Ferrari 45:35
So what do you mean by that? You mean like that we may basically manifest the reality that we live

Shehnaz Soni 45:40
That we want to live. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 45:42
So so basically, what they've been saying for 1000s of years.

Shehnaz Soni 45:45

Alex Ferrari 45:47
There's a declassified CIA paper,

Shehnaz Soni 45:50
I know, can you believe and you know what they actually wrote the paper in 1983. They declassified it in 2017. I stumbled on it while I was doing my book in 2020. So you could just see, and a lot of people still don't know about it. And I even send it to some of the major physicists. And it's a very complex paper, it's 30 page. And I have highlighted the heck out of it, because I loved it. And I have actually asked a few people that I would love to share this knowledge, because it's written, it's very technical. But, but I understand it, and I want people to understand it. But it does share exactly what you just said.

Alex Ferrari 46:26
So can you just slightly break down? Because, again, listen, I have been, I've spoken to so many people in the show about manifesting the life that you want to live that you create the reality that you are a projection. And it's all very esoteric. It's all very metaphysical. But to have a declassified CIA paper, laying it out, in a technical standpoint, can you give us a couple of key elements on how it that paper explains this concept?

Shehnaz Soni 47:00
Yeah, so it kind of goes very much into the hologram concept of how a hologram. So when you understand yourself, as somebody who receives the binary input, like when you're young, especially in this physical form, you know, you're continuously making a choice, right, so it's 010101. So when you do that processing, you take that zero and one and you create a sacred geometry, by transforming the binary information into 3d holographic image for yourself, through your hippocampus, your Thalamus, you know, your brain becomes, you know, your third eye, all of that is connected, making a triangle from inside. What it does that when you take, you know, your left, you know, like some binary input comes through your logical side. But you have a visualization about the same information through your right hemisphere, as you know, from your creative side. So what happens with that dance, you basically superimpose that information into 3d. And you converge that into quantum collapse to create the experience, providing if your subconscious is coming along with it. Interesting diagram, by the way, I have a whole chapter devoted to chapter 11. If anybody reads my book, they'll probably understand. Yes, thank you. Yes,

Alex Ferrari 48:15
This book right here. This is it's absolutely fascinating. You said something in regards to vibration, vibration, vibration, and frequency. And again, that is something else that has been bastardized over the years, like, Hey, man, good vibes, and all that kind of stuff, from the 60s. But to my understanding, and again, I'm going back to the ancient texts, that state that they are beings that, you know, that live in antiquity, that were at a higher frequency at a higher level than we were and this goes in every culture. There's always sky, quote, unquote, sky gods or something that came out of the sea or something along those lines. Every culture has something like that, that they were gifted with knowledge and everything, but the vibration, that they could feel a difference in their vibration. I've also understood that if there are, again, from a spiritual standpoint, I was actually speaking to a swami the other day, as as one does. As I was speaking to the Swami that we were talking about, if there was going to be, or in the past, that there was, quote, unquote, alien life, let's say an alien being, that their vibration was so high that we couldn't even come near them. And if you were going to travel intergalactically your level of vibration and frequency has to be at such a level to obtain the knowledge and understanding to be able to do to try to do LiteSpeed are go through wormholes or whatever, these things to travel the cosmos, you have to be at such a high level that the chances of independence they happening, where there's an alien species that comes to destroy or attacked or conquer does not make any sense that if there are aliens, or if there are foreign beings are in on earth around Earth, that they're probably here to help, because they are at a higher frequency level. I'd love to hear your opinion on that.

Shehnaz Soni 50:31
All right. So first thing I wanted to explain people is that you know, we have a DNA, DNA is a fractal enter now, okay, so if you really think about it, as a human craft, we are interfacing with everything other than ourselves in the quantum field with other people, right, but because we are at subatomic level, are continuously moving, right, we see ourselves as a cohesive graph, because like separation, right, because of the way we process information, so if you understand yourself in that capacity, then you know, that you you know, the way you vibrate, decides what channel you're dialing in, at a time of experiencing, and even letting people come in, like, you know, when people, you know, you set a date for lunch with someone, and if that person doesn't show up is because they are not able to match the frequency and vibration, you're vibrating, and therefore, it's not going to happen. So it's the same law applies with star beings or other beings or other species is that you're not going to ever come in contact, if you have, if you're never going to dial the channel, because it's like you're dialing the channel, right? Like you have to be, you have to be aligned, you have to be vibrating, you have to have that frequency. So all of that becomes easy to understand when you start noticing that you're continuously dialing channels with yourself. And that decides whom you're going to interact with, in what form in what claim because, you know, when you sit physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, these are just to simplify, right? Because when you when you go into membrane to your string theory, you know, that we are layered species. So everything is kind of built on top of each other like a layer, and depends on which layer you're operating at. Right, and where you're doing the dance, you're going to meet those people, because if people are not in that layer, they are not going to interact with you. So that kind of answers your first question about, you know, the frequency and vibration. The second thing that you mentioned, and I agree with you, is that if there are star beings, or extraterrestrials who are already technologically advanced enough that the founders, right, because they were advanced the founders, then for them, we kind of become more like, you know, like, you have a dollhouse, right, and you want to just kind of play with it. I don't think that there's like, it's almost like you don't want to destroy the dollhouse, because that's your source of entertainment. And that's how I see us like from from their perspective, right? But on the other hand, it's almost like, it's like, interesting to see someone who evolves. Because, you know, it's like, like, let's see, how far are you willing to go for what you desire.

Alex Ferrari 53:00
Have you ever seen a movie called The Abyss?

Shehnaz Soni 53:04
I did.

Alex Ferrari 53:05
Did you see the Director's Cut, though?

Shehnaz Soni 53:08
Oh, really, I pictured I saw the one that was extended, but I don't. The whole ending was just so out of this world.

Alex Ferrari 53:15
Right. So then you probably eventually saw the director's cut or the extended cut, because this is the reason I'm bringing it up is in that cut. There's the giant wave, the tidal wave, the giant tidal wave, sorry, spoiler alert, it came out in 89. Not my fault. But there's there's a giant tidal wave. And there's aliens or star beings underneath the ocean. And they've been there for God knows how long. But the second that they saw that the world was starting to almost destroy each other, they sent the message to going you're not the only ones. We can wipe the entire planet out in one second, which is like they sent basically giant tidal waves to every coast of every country in the world. And they could literally wipe us out in a minute. Let's play nice. Do you remember that? Is that the version you saw?

Shehnaz Soni 54:07
I mean, that part, I don't remember. I just remember the whole end blown me away because it became my favorite movie. Partly, I mean, considering the movie when it came out, right? I mean, it was 89. Yeah. Can you believe that? And 89 That was showing something that even now like so highly valued. I just didn't remember that part.

Alex Ferrari 54:25
But you didn't see that you didn't see the final. So go back, go rent the extended version, then why it's so much better than the version that you probably saw, because the normal version doesn't have the tidal wave aspect of it didn't have this message. I didn't see. Yeah, yeah. So that's what yeah, oh, you got to see that. Oh, it's beautiful.

Shehnaz Soni 54:43
I'm gonna have to see it. And that kind of makes sense. Right. Because you know, if you really think about it, right, I mean, look, I mean, yeah, of course. It's easy to destroy a dollhouse then make that build it, of course.

Alex Ferrari 54:56
Yeah, because I mean, but they, you know, go am it's the, in the movie, at least they're looking at us as they're watching us. They're guarding us. They're protecting us from ourselves. Exactly. It's and I don't believe that we're in danger of destroying ourselves as a species anymore. I think there's always that potential. But I feel that, and I'd love to hear your point of view this, that we are evolving, and our consciousness is growing. Even in this like this last 30 years, how much the concepts of the metaphysics concepts that you've been the you learned, are now commonplace, channeling, and channeling near death experiences. These things are very common knowledge now and are spoken about, not only in back corners with, like, when you walked into that, you know, that book club, not now there's shows like this that get millions of people to watch it every day. So if the world is changing, I do believe that that we are moving, it's not going to be a fun ride on the way up. We're gonna fight.

Shehnaz Soni 56:04
Right, right. But But you're right, because you know that to me, like I believe in 100 Monkey effect, I believe in that, right. So I believe that you know, when you that's why the most important thing is that if you vibrate at a certain frequency, whether everybody else is walking with you or not, you're gonna go where you're supposed to go, right. So you're gonna match up with the art match up with the people match with the tribe match up with the experiences that you desire, but the thing is, it's like, have you read the book of flying seagull?

Alex Ferrari 56:34
Of course.

Shehnaz Soni 56:34
Right. So that that has been my source of inspiration, because there are times you may be, you may feel that you're alone, right? Because we feel sometimes that am I the only one believing this? Am I the only one or am I really out of my mind? But that's okay. Because, you know, ultimately, other signals will join you. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 56:52
And that was a thing that you were saying that the conversions that there's a lag time that Yeah, I mean, people have been talking about, let's say, the concept of channeling or near death experiences for probably 50 or 60 years. You know, as far as channeling concerned, Edgar Casey in the early 20s, and 30s. But now the concept of channeling is in the zeitgeist, we're like, Oh, I'm gonna go play basketball. I'm gonna channel Michael Jordan, you know, he must have been channeling this person, or that or that Joey's channeling Elvis, when he was doing those moves, or whatever that is. It takes it takes a while for the rest of the population, the rest of the, the humanity to kind of catch up with these ideas. There's always those first trailblazers, but it does take time. But I think that window is closing faster and faster now than it used to.

Shehnaz Soni 57:47
Yeah, you mean like, I mean, I have to say something about channeling because you know, when you see your DNA as a fractal antenna, you're channeling everybody's channeling at all times. It depends on what you're dialing into. Right, you get to choose

Alex Ferrari 58:00
It's a frequency. It's a radio, radio, radio, your radio and

Shehnaz Soni 58:02
You are a walking you're talking radio station yourself. I mean, that's why it's funny, because you know, like, communication is one of my favorite subject as a software engineer. And I love it. Because everything you learn in communication is how our body communicates with the quantum field. And it's so amazing, Alex, that was so intricate. I always say we're so more intricate than the rocket I've worked on, which is the reason I wrote the book Quantum Being. But what I'm saying is everybody is channeling at all times. We all are. I mean, that's the main reason like, I've done so much. In my book, people come and say, well, you're speaking the same language as Joe Dispenza. Like, I've never been, I don't know, like, I don't know that I've never gone to any of this workshop. I'm aware of it like that. But I've never tuned in to this channel. What does that tell you is that we're all tapping into the same quantum field, right? And that's why and you can channel anybody if you want to, because of the morphogenetic field, because you can call in those energies to kind of go through you

Alex Ferrari 58:59
Without question. Now I'm gonna ask you if I'm gonna ask you a few questions, ask all my guests.

Shehnaz Soni 59:03

Alex Ferrari 59:03
What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Shehnaz Soni 59:06
My definition of living a fulfilled life is that you converge and integrate what you think what you feel, and what you experience to bring harmony.

Alex Ferrari 59:19
If you had a chance to go back in time. Well and talk to little Shehnaz. What advice would you give her?

Shehnaz Soni 59:26
I would tell her that be like a Dorothy in The Wizard of the Oz and keep living a life full of curiosity and full of meeting people and making friends. Because journey is intertwined with the destiny.

Alex Ferrari 59:38
How do you define God or source energy?

Shehnaz Soni 59:42
Omnipresent. Everywhere is everywhere and he is projecting his godness through you.

Alex Ferrari 59:48
What is love?

Shehnaz Soni 59:50
Now is the glue that holds all the matter in the universe.

Alex Ferrari 59:56
And what is the ultimate purpose of life

Shehnaz Soni 59:58
Is to exert to your maximum light, and exert you're basically be the best version you can ever be in every moment.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:09
And where can people find out more about you, your your book Quantum Being and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Shehnaz Soni 1:00:16
So if they type my name, if they can spell it Shehnaz Soni,, pretty much my website shares everything that I do. And if they type my name, they'll find me on different channels. I'm on LinkedIn, I'm on Instagram and Facebook. And I just came out in social media last year. So I truly don't have a large following by any means. But what I wanted to share with everyone is that I am really ready to help people who are interested in having it all. And what I would mean by that is in my schedule today, I had a podcast with you, Alex, which was all about my spirituality and my right hemisphere. And then in the afternoon, I have a meeting with another Alex and engineer to talk about moon to Mars architecture. And both of them is on that same calendar with Alex, by the way, but I just realized when I saw my camera, like this is so interesting, I had to bring it up. But the point of the story is that you can have it all you can be a NASA rocket scientist, you can still be a spiritual whistleblower, because you know, at the end of the day, we are multi layer species, and we should do it all. And if one channel of yours demands that NASA demands that Shanaze, you can't do all these other things, you have to only be this one person, then that's when you say, You know what, nobody is going to limit my light. I'm not going to ever marry just one person because they are forcing me to be no, that doesn't work like that. You have to be able to just keep broadcasting your light.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:47
Do you have any other parting messages for the audience?

Shehnaz Soni 1:01:50
Another parting message is that while the feeling that we have is the best gauge, and nobody else can feel what you feel. So that's why it's so important that you represent yourself. Because just think about it. There is no one else representing you

Alex Ferrari 1:02:06
Shehnaz thank you so much for this conversation. I had an absolute ball having you on the show. We have to do this again. There's so much more we could talk about. I mean, the universe, the the depth of our soul. There's it's a fairly large conversation that we just can't do in an hour. But I appreciate you and your bravery for everything that you're doing in the world my dear, thank you again.

Shehnaz Soni 1:02:28
Thank you, Alex. I love it and I am so grateful that we met finally in this physical reality.

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