Building the NEW EARTH; Humanity’s Future Revealed: 24,000-Year Cycle Ending with Joseph Selbie

In today’s episode, we dive into the mystical realms of time and consciousness with the esteemed spiritual author and teacher, Joseph Selbie. Known for his profound understanding of ancient wisdom and its relevance to our modern world, Joseph guides us through the intriguing concept of the Yugas—vast cycles of time that shape human civilization and … Read more

SHOCKING: Quantum Physics PROVES the DIVINE CODE & GOD EXISTS! with Joseph Selbie

In the delicate dance between science and spirituality, we find the profound truths that bind our existence. On today’s episode, we welcome the insightful Joseph Selbie, an author and spiritual teacher who brilliantly bridges the gap between these realms. With a rich background in molecular biology and Eastern philosophies, Joseph brings a unique perspective to … Read more

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