The Guides REVEAL Ancient Method to PROTECT Against EVIL Entities & Spirits with Suzanne Giesemann

The journey of life is often filled with profound encounters and transformative experiences, and today’s conversation is no exception. On this episode, we welcome Suzanne Giesemann, a gifted medium and spiritual teacher whose work has touched the lives of many. Suzanne Giesemann’s journey from a career in the Navy to becoming a renowned medium is a testament to the power of spiritual awakening and the boundless potential of the human soul.

Suzanne Giesemann’s story begins with her traditional upbringing and a successful career in the Navy, where she served with distinction. However, her life took an unexpected turn when her stepdaughter passed away tragically. This event was the catalyst for Suzanne’s profound spiritual awakening, leading her to explore the realms beyond the physical and connect with higher consciousness.

Suzanne’s initial skepticism about spirit guides and the afterlife was transformed through personal experiences and deep meditative practices. “When it’s time to understand that we have these helpers from the non-physical realm, they’ll make their presence known very clearly,” she explains. Her interactions with her main guide and other guides have been consistently validated by evidence, such as receiving specific messages and signs that she couldn’t have known otherwise.

One of the core teachings Suzanne shares is the concept of energy fields and the influence of different vibrations on our lives. She emphasizes that so-called evil entities are simply fields of energy that resonate at very low frequencies. “We are a field of energy. There are fields of energy that are very, very low, and they can have an effect on us. But when we affirm who we really are, what we really are—the light of consciousness, wholeness in expression—it dissolves those fields,” she asserts.

Suzanne’s experiences and teachings offer profound insights into the nature of spirit guides, intuition, and the interconnectedness of life. She describes how spirit guides communicate with us, often placing ideas or thoughts into our minds in a way that feels like our own intuition. This subtle communication requires us to be present and open to the signs and messages that come our way.


  1. Embrace the Light of Consciousness: Suzanne’s journey highlights the importance of recognizing and affirming our true nature as beings of light. By aligning ourselves with the light of consciousness, we can dissolve lower energy fields and live more fulfilling lives.
  2. Trust in Divine Guidance: Spirit guides and higher consciousness are always present, offering guidance and support. Trusting in their presence and being open to their messages can help us navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and wisdom.
  3. Energetic Hygiene: Just as we cleanse our physical bodies, it is essential to regularly clear and balance our energetic fields. Practices such as meditation, chakra clearing, and setting protective intentions can help maintain our energetic well-being and protect us from negative influences.

Suzanne’s work emphasizes the transformative power of spiritual connection and the profound impact it can have on our lives. Her experiences remind us that we are never truly alone and that the divine is always present, guiding and supporting us on our journey.

Please enjoy my conversation with Suzanne Giesemann.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 345

Suzanne Giesemann 0:00
It brings it back to energy energy fields. And that's what so called evil entities are, we are a field of energy. There are fields of energy that are very, very low, and they can have an effect on us. But when we affirm who we really are, what we really are the light of consciousness, wholeness in expression it dissolves fields.

Alex Ferrari 0:37
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion Suzanne Giesemann. How you doing Suzanne?

Suzanne Giesemann 0:43
I'm good. I just watched one of your other videos. So I know you say that about all the girls.

Alex Ferrari 0:49
If they come back, if they come back, everyone's a returning champion. I'd like to be everyone's a returning champion when they come back. But but you are you are honestly, I think this is fourth number four. Yeah, number four. So you are in a select club. There's not many that have done for yet. So I'm not sure to have had four of anybody yet. And I think I think you are leading the charge right now.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:13
I'm honored. It's fun to chat with you on the air off.

Alex Ferrari 1:18
Yeah, I appreciate that. Well, anytime we get together, it seems to really connect with people because we our episodes generally do well,

Suzanne Giesemann 1:27

Alex Ferrari 1:28
It is a lot of people, a lot of people are hearing it. Go ahead you're saying

Suzanne Giesemann 1:33
It's a setup from spirit cuz I got the goose bumps.

Alex Ferrari 1:37
So today, I wanted to talk about a few things about want to talk about spirit guides want to talk a little bit about dark energies, dark, quote unquote forces that I've heard about a lot of my a lot of a lot of my followers and tribe, if you will ask about these kind of questions, because there's fear in this and like I like kind of shed some light on it, because the only way you can deal with things like that is to throw light on it and not hide in the corner about it. But we'll get to that in a minute. So I want to talk about spirit guides, because it's something that that it's been thrown around that term spirit guides and, and the other side and that guy, all that kind of stuff. What are some misconceptions about spirit guides that people have, and also about angels archangels, this kind of stuff, because it is now becoming a kind of like a, a word that is tossed around, connect to your spirit guides, all this kind of stuff.

Suzanne Giesemann 2:29
I want to put this in context. If you had asked me this question in 2006, I would have laughed and said, that's, that's nice. Let people believe in their spirit guide. That's a nice thing. I didn't believe in them. I thought it was silly. I was still just recently retired from the Navy. And then my life changed when my stepdaughter passed. And I still didn't believe in spirit guides after quite a while of meditating and starting to sense things. But when it's time to understand that we have these helpers from the non physical realm, they'll make their presence known very clearly. And I've had so many interactions with my guide, my main guide and other guides across the veil now and other people's guides, always backed up with evidence. And by that, I mean, they tell me things I couldn't know. They tell me what sign they're going to send me and it's in my face in a way that makes me gasp. They know exactly where I'm going the next day. What I mean by that my one guide once had me pull a book out of the shelf that I had never opened. It was in a stack of books while I was traveling. And he said get that book down now and I opened it up, I started to read it. He said no Turn to the back, turn to the back. He said no inside the back cover that specific. I open it up. And there's a picture of a place we've been the day before 2000 miles from my home. And then at the bottom is a little address of a place we're going to drive by 10 miles north border. I was like how did you know what to get me this book right now? There they are at a level where they have the bigger picture. So I absolutely know that spirit guides are real now and answer to your question, misconceptions people have. Some people think that a lot of our loved ones become our spirit guides once they pass. Sometimes that happens but not too often. You have to reach a certain level of cross the veil of evolution on your soul's journey before you arise to the level where you can be guiding other people. So we're still evolving here. So the spirit guides been around the block quite a few times. We do have at least one main spirit guide. My guides joke that you know a lot of people ask is your guardian angel the same as your spirit guide to mine Understanding my guides say not necessarily if you're particularly clumsy, you have a separate guardian angel.

Alex Ferrari 5:10
Before you continue, I have to tell you this story of a near death experiencer who came back with the ability to see angels. And I just love the story so much. And she was just driving in traffic one day and there was this guy next to her just honking and screaming, move all this stuff. And she turned over. And his his angel was sitting in the passenger seat and he was like this 10 foot or, you know, like crouched down in the seat. And he just, they never speak she because you see them all the time. But they never speak to her. And this angel just turned to her and just what just shrugged this older and just kept looking at me like this is? What am I gonna do? I just thought that's so yeah, they have such a humorous, don't they?

Suzanne Giesemann 5:58
Oh, absolutely. Oh my gosh, I can see them. Sometimes when I say What sign are you gonna send me to validate this conversation? We just had it. It's like they go like this is going to be good, because we got we have a good one for. But let's see other misconceptions. Well, I just remember one time long before I believed in guides, almost going forward on a pair of stairs leading to the garage, I would have probably died, I would have got hit headfirst on the cement. And it was the strangest feeling it was as if I were pulled backwards. Just dropped my mic. Oh, good. And and I remember standing straight back up and thinking, what just happened. But I was fully in my Navy career. I think it was a commander at the time. And I thought, I don't know, maybe I just meant that happened. But I I know now it was not my time. So

Alex Ferrari 6:52
Let me ask you this. Suzanne, what do you say to skeptics who are watching this to you in 2006? What would you tell them?

Suzanne Giesemann 7:02
I said that's okay, go ahead and be a skeptic. But if you want to really have a much more peaceful life, much more fun life, a life that's more guided that flows better than just play with the concept, ask, alright, if I really have a guide, I want you to show me the sign of pause a second till something's just lands in your mind. And then say of that, like a pink elephant. I told somebody once you need to ask for something that's realistic, not like a pink elephant. And the next day I was on a bike ride, we went by a car dealership, and there's a life sized pink elephant. So the joke was on me when I gave that example. But what happens Alex is when we at least play and asked that question in that pause, your guides actually put in your head, what you asked for knowing you're going to see it in the next couple of days, even though you think you made it up. So then if you keep playing this sine game, then you might say maybe there is something going on here if you're willing to step outside the box. And then you might ask a question such as well, what is it? I need to know right now that I don't know. And you just listen to whatever thought pops in your head? Or should I do this to that, and if you act on it, you know, some people might say that's your intuition. And in some cases, it will be but your guides will literally communicate with you. Because they are sentient, clever, creative beings.

Alex Ferrari 8:37
Well, let me ask you this, because you said something really interesting. They put the idea in your head. Let's dive into that a little bit. Because a lot of people you know, they just think that there's like literally a dude or like a lady standing next to you kind of like, nudging you or pushing you in the right direction. But it's a lot bigger than that. It's a little bit much much can you explain that process of then putting ideas in? Because there's so many times in our lives we're like, Should we make a left or should we make a right and you just got that right? And it's like some something made you go right or should I take that girl should that data grow? Should I get married, you know, not get married? I think that gentleman and I took that job. And there's something inside of you that many times is allowed. You could feel it it some people call it the gut, your gut intuition, intuition, but a lot of times you ignore it and to your detriment. What is your experience with it?

Suzanne Giesemann 9:29
Absolutely. Not. All of our brilliant thoughts are our own.

Alex Ferrari 9:34
Stop it Stop it. My ego is crying right now.

Suzanne Giesemann 9:43
And when we learned that and give thanks like Oh, thank you for keeping me from making an idiot out of myself or whatever. Then those types of thoughts, those helpful moments increase, because we're actually acknowledging I'm not in this alone. I don't have to do it all myself. So guides don't need to communicate in words, but they send a thought we would say telepathically is received in your energetic field, the energy carries a vibration. That's the information in the in the frequency, and the brain translates it into a thought or words. And because it doesn't come with a voice, it sounds like your own thoughts.

Alex Ferrari 10:28
So what's the difference between a spirit guide placing ideas or thoughts into your mind to help you versus intuition? Are that gut instinct? Or is it that all the same?

Suzanne Giesemann 10:39
Ultimately it is all the same. Because ultimately, we are all part of one see or field of consciousness. So sometimes you just can't tell and I always say doesn't matter if it's helpful in healing act on it, don't act on anything that's not helpful or tells you to do something that might harm you ever. Intuition is when your your energy field is tuning into this knowing this is the right action to take a guides guidance sometimes comes in the or in the form of a command that's gentle and loving, do this now. I remember one time I was driving this New York State I was not familiar with the roads and I came to a crossroad back country roads. And this voice said stop. It was so loud I stopped in typical scenario I didn't hadn't seen the stop sign in this car was barreling through the other way I would have been T boned. Yeah. So your intuition doesn't shout stop intuition as part of your own energy field, your personal field, and in a guide is an individuated aspect of consciousness just as we are. But with the bigger picture.

Alex Ferrari 11:53
So with the intention, attention or gut instinct be more connected to our higher self?

Suzanne Giesemann 11:58
Oh, yes.

Alex Ferrari 11:59
Yeah, more so than a spirit guide, or any of the other characters that are that make up our team, which let's talk about that for a second. Because so many people, again, don't understand that we are really never alone, ever, ever, ever alone, even in our darkest time. They're there to help. From my experience, a lot of times, they won't help until you ask. They won't interfere until you ask of course stop and other little things, thoughts and ideas. But generally, like, I'm at the end of my rope, I need you to help me. Yeah. But if you don't ask for that help. A lot of times they stay behind. And this is

Suzanne Giesemann 12:41
A lot of times, that's the key, it's not like you're going to be cruel and hold back. But think of the analogy of a little baby who's learning to walk. And the parents will let it stumble a few times, because that's how you learn and strengthen the legs. But if that baby is crying and gone, Oh Mom, Dad, you're gonna pick up the baby,

Alex Ferrari 12:59
Right! Or if the baby's careening towards a cavern.

Suzanne Giesemann 13:01
That that's, you know if it's not your time, and we do have certain exit points. But if it's not your time, that guy is going to have to sometimes just gently nudge you back as I stop.

Alex Ferrari 13:13
So I will talk about exit points in a second because I'm fascinated by exit points. But so as far as the the crew that's on the other side, the the Motley Crew, if you will, of guide Archangels angels relatives, who makes up this team that's always around us and some of the players from

Suzanne Giesemann 13:35
Just that's it.

Alex Ferrari 13:36
That's it. So and then also, there's other like ascended masters that might come in and out. There might be other energies, like, you know, if you're writing, I don't know, if you're writing a comedy, maybe Robin Williams will pop in and give you a little action pop up, like

Suzanne Giesemann 13:52
Incredible interactions.

Alex Ferrari 13:54
So it's just yeah. So what do you think?

Suzanne Giesemann 13:57
Well, there are just multiple levels. In fact, earlier today, I recorded a panel with a very wise woman named Patricia cota Robles for Humanity's team, their global oneness Summit, and she's been tapping into the higher realms for over 50 years. She taps into levels beyond the ascended masters were talking planetary galactic, she was mentioning names, and I just sat here and I admitted on the air. That's, that's above my paygrade. Right now, I have no experience with those realms. I can't speak to them. But I have no doubt that there are higher and higher realms, we are part of limitless possibilities of just consciousness. We can't put it in a box, but we're used to dimensions and people need to say, Well, is this the third or the fourth or the fifth? And I just say, this flow with it and tap into whatever is going to help you evolve higher.

Alex Ferrari 14:54
So let's go back to exit points. My experience from talking to so many near death experiences because that's what they've been told that this was a predetermined exit point for you and your life and you have a near death experience. Their plan, they're always planned for my understanding, please correct me if I'm wrong. And there could be one or two exit points. It could be like, Hey, you had a surgery, you're in urine, anaesthetic, and it's easier, and you're out. And you're, do you want to leave? Do you want to go? There are moments in your life? Is that Is that correct?

Suzanne Giesemann 15:27
That is my understanding, we can prove that one till we get to the other side. But the reason I do trust certain things is that I gain this information from talking to soldiers across the veil, who give me other information about themselves. They tell me how they pass, they tell me what kind of work they did, they give me all kinds of what I call golden nuggets of evidence that I couldn't know. Then when they talk about exit points, I trust them because it's part of the same flow of information. So I do trust the concept of exit points. It becomes tricky. And I'm asking if I should even go here. But you know, with the case of suicide, my guides have told me we don't plan to take our own lives. Or we don't plan to be murdered because they've also told me nobody comes here deliberately going to murder someone that's a human free will choice. However, some people choose at the soul level very challenging lives, and the spirit guides across the veil, who are going to be with them when they incarnate say, or are you sure you want to take that one on like mental illness, that body you're going into is gone, it does not, it's going to be wired a little differently. And that will be labeled mental illness, are you sure you want to take that on, you may want to opt out early. We don't recommend it. But that's a possibility. And it's kinda like Put me in coach. I feel one of the most stunning readings I ever did was abroad through a young man, son of my client, who showed me he had taken his own life. And he showed me the tremendous mental imbalance he had throughout his life. And his mother validated all of this. And he said that when he got across the veil, he was met by his spirit guide who said, we're surprised you lasted as long as you did. The goose bumps with that moon, it puts things in perspective.

Alex Ferrari 17:22
Well, let me ask you this. You mentioned mental illness. There is, you know, the west right now, we're dealing with a lot of mental illness, not only mental illness, but like things like also Alzheimer's, Alzheimer's disease, dementia, where you aren't here anymore. Technically, you're gone. What is your

Suzanne Giesemann 17:44
But the you only if you think you the personality is you but you are soul and the soul is not gone as long as your body is still breathing.

Alex Ferrari 17:53
Correct. So my question is, people couldn't have had a lot of my listeners asked about this, too, like, my mother's got dementia, or she's got Alzheimer's, and she doesn't remember who I am. But she's still alive and isn't like, what is the purpose of this? Why are they going through this? If she can't really even experience this life? She's not learning any lessons, because her mind is, her physical mind is not here. This is what I hear all the time. So is there anything that you can say to people who are going through this, then

Suzanne Giesemann 18:24
We seem to be independent beings, and we are in a way, but we are interdependent beings? So from the bigger picture, what about the caregivers who are giving all of their love. And if we know that the soul is fine of the one who has dementia, then they're already experiencing life across the veil, they're already mingling with loved ones who have passed before them. A great opportunity for the caregivers to learn patience and to, to learn compassion. And to understand the bigger picture of my greatest success story in that regard is a gentleman named Lee Smith, who I had on my podcast after he wrote to me and said he took my class and spirit communication. And he heard me talk about the souls of those with dementia. Still being fine. The soul is always whole and complete. And he had a wife with dementia. And he said, Well, I wonder if I can communicate with her now. And he noticed that every time he did, if she was agitated, she became completely peaceful. Wow. And after she passed, he continued communicating with her, he would hear back from her normal people like us, meaning that you don't have to be this super gifted psychic, to communicate soul to soul with a loved one here and now who has dementia. He, you know, even if you don't send them back the fact that he noticed every time a difference in her piece, when he would just talk soul to soul. Notice if that's The name of my next class was the shift network. I taught him before. And it was the most popular class the ship network has ever offered. Again, but live, and I'm always learning new things. So the class will be a little different. But it's not Alex talking to your mother, your mother's soul, you have to learn to shift to the soul of Alex talking to the soul of mom, we learned to step out of out of our human role, because this is a very limited perspective versus that of the soul. So that's what I love to show people how to do

Alex Ferrari 20:36
Now it with all the clients you've spoken to, and all the people you've spoken to over the years, with your channeling and your abilities. Can you give us an example of a transformative event that happened to your client or to you? Because of a of this ability? Well, you've we've heard the story of you and your, your daughter who passed but with the client, specifically? Anything, there's many I'm sure,

Suzanne Giesemann 21:03
I have so many in the hope I didn't already share this one. I may have this woman whose doctor didn't know what else to do with her. She was in such deep grief over her husband's passing. And she said, Well, there's this woman in our community, Suzanne Guzman, who allegedly talks to people who have passed, why don't you go see her? So I didn't know anything about her didn't know her physician send her to me. And she showed up and I said, Oh, I know why you're here. You have a husband who passed and they passed because something burst in his head like an aneurysm. And she looked at me, she said, Yes, you had an aneurysm. And I said, he's really proud of you. He says, You just traveled to England the first time you've traveled since he passed? And she said, How do you know that? And I said, because he's right here, talking to me telling me about that. I described his personality accurately. But the transformative moment, Alex, was when I said, Ooh, your husband just said, to tell you, don't you dare take those pills in your purse. And she looked at me like this. And she said, nobody knows. I stopped at Walgreens on the way here and got enough pills to take my life. And I didn't hear from him today. Wow. I saw her a year later, I'd forgotten all about that. I was asked to speak to a community group like a ladies luncheon. There were a bunch of skeptics in the audience, like what are they doing having a medium at our meeting and there was some religious fear in the audience. And she stepped up she said, I'm the vice president of this group, may I introduce you and I could barely remember her reading. But I had forgotten that moment. Let me tell you, when she shared that line, every crossed arm in the audience came down. People were just stunned because they know her she was bright and cheerful. She was living life fully again, it makes all the difference in the world to know, this is not the only world

Alex Ferrari 23:01
It really, you know, there is something very comforting about that. It is it changed my life years decades ago, when I start at least at the basic level understood that like there's more than just this because it just and that we're part of something bigger than ourselves. And that is kind of an innate thing that humanity if humans need is to know that they're bigger, they're stronger, they're part of something bigger than just themselves, you're happier you're more content and even if a lot of times that people like to really believe that there's like angels and spirit guides and this others

Suzanne Giesemann 23:41
I have to share the latest Okay, yeah, go for it go for it. I want to come back around the spirit guides if we could just go for it go for it because we were talking about main spirit guides and but sometimes our loved ones do come back to guide us and never was I'm more shocked than when my friend in physical form Brenda, who I only knew for three years but got to know her fairly well has to the other side, and is now my medium ship guide. I can hear her cackling right now. Let's do student of mine. She had the I say this tongue in cheek the audacity to tell everyone Suzanne and I are going to be teaching mediumship together. That's a little cocky or cheeky, though because she's just learning. I've been doing it over 10 years, which is not a long time compared to some of some other mediums. But she was telling everybody we're going to be student and then she passed we're going to be teaching together. Then she passed from cancer dropped in on me within hours of passing with the most stunning evidence anybody's ever given me that it was really her and next thing you know, she's showing up before my readings with my main spirit guide saying I'm here to take over helping in your readings and I'm going to be helping you Teach your next class with the shift network. And she did. We are now teaching mediumship together.

Alex Ferrari 25:08
So let me ask you that. All right, so Okay, well, first of all, that's an amazing story. Secondly, though, what is it because obviously, in this life, she didn't have the knowledge to do that. So she must have come from a long line, and other lifetimes, that she was just kind of like coming into this life to learn whatever lesson she had to learn. But she really was a master, far beyond your capabilities in this life. And she came back and help are not?

Suzanne Giesemann 25:31
Not necessarily mediumship oh, what what happened was Brenda had a very big awakening right before she passed. She was a she, she loved herself most of her life, her parents really put her down for her weight, her sexual orientation. And so she did. She just hated herself. But before she died, she learned to love herself. And she really understood who we really are as souls. Her mantra given to her by my guides was I am free, free from this human suffering and the human vs. belief system that keeps us trapped in suffering. She was a changed person. So she passed the other side, and she told me when she came back, I didn't become all knowing. But she was a school administrator and a teacher. And now, people, she doesn't tell me what to do in a reading. She takes my spirits across the veil that belongs to my clients. She lines them up and gets them in order. Who's gonna go first? She tells him this is how Suzanne works. She really wants to know how you pass. She really wants to know what kind of work you did. So be sure you tell her that be sure you give her a current event because she's not happy unless she gets a current events. So the loved one knows that you're around them. And these are her symbols. For example, I did a reading one day. And this woman, my clients father came through and showed me a hypodermic needle. She said, Oh, yes, that's significant. I said, now he shows me a Caduceus. She said, Yes, he was a physician. And I was just like, wow, that's really cool. And on the spot, I silently said, Brenda, next time I have a spirit who was a physician, that's our symbol just flashed a could Lucia set me tell them to show me of Caduceus Alex, the very next day, and this is what I call a setup from spirit. I'm doing a reading I bring through my clients husband. We're going along and all of a sudden that husband lashes a Caduceus in my mind, and I thought, No way. But I trust it wasn't branded the did it. It was the same being the husband across the villages flashed the conduces. I said, I just saw Caduceus and it's my new symbol for doctor I believe your husband was a physician. Oh, yes, he was. And I just looked at Brandon go so.

Alex Ferrari 27:59
So she's assisting you and the other side. She's that genius.

Suzanne Giesemann 28:03
That's what the guides do. Now I have to tell you, for those who are skeptical, we play the sine game. Every time before I do a reading. Even before my butt hits the chair, Brenda is telling me what our mutual friend Lynette has recently done or is doing now. It's so much fun, but it shows me I'm tuned in if I can discern from her. Without her being physically present what Lynette's doing now then I'm good to go for my readings. So just recently, last week, I did a reading. Brenda says Lynette's freezing, shivering and she showed me then Lynette punching punching that her phone for some reason doing this. So I texted Lynette I'm about to do a reading and Lynette says Brenda says you're freezing but I know you're in Atlanta, how can you be cold and she shows me punching your phone. And Lynette texts back she she takes back a picture. She's in the dentist's chair she was freezing. The hygienist had just brought her a blanket to put around her so she texted me a picture of the blanket and she said and my phone keeps going off like you texting me and I was punching. Put it on. Do not disturb. The most mundane thing becomes wondrous when you see how that's working.

Alex Ferrari 29:23
That's amazing. That is amazing. Okay, keep going keep I love these stories.

Suzanne Giesemann 29:30
This one takes it a step beyond the sign game. The next day Brenda showed me that when that was petting a cat. I texted her she said right this second I'm petting a cat limit was so but the best one ever was when I sit down to do a reading make sure I'm tuned in I'm attuned which takes a little shift right. Brenda what's Lynette up to nothing heard. Very unusual. Oh, is it me, Brenda, and then I feel her she said Sorry, sorry, I'm a little late. I was with our friend Jane. I knew who Jane was. But I had not communicated with Jane in a year. And Lynette, Brenda says Jane is going through some challenges. So I knew that was the sign game. So I texted them that I said had a little trouble tuning into Brenda. She was late. She says she's with Jane, who's here in physical form. And Jane is going through some challenges. Lynette texts back? Well, I haven't talked to Dana in about three months, I don't know. And I said, Oh, no time to validate this. I'll just assume it's right. I'm going to do my reading. So I did the reading. It went fine. When it's over, I check my phone. You ready? Well, the net reached out to Jane. And Jane says it's true. I'm going through some really big challenges so big that I needed to know I'm not alone. And I know you and Brenda and Suzanne played this sign game. So I said, Brenda, if you and a spirit guides are really with us, how about you use me having challenges as your sign? Together,

Alex Ferrari 31:13
You got an artery group of a group on the other side. I mean, they're fun, they're fun

Suzanne Giesemann 31:19
Chains here in physical form. She told the spirit guide to tell me to go this way the web is.

Alex Ferrari 31:26
That's pretty remarkable.

Suzanne Giesemann 31:27
So I don't try to change skeptics minds. I just share these stories. And if you think it's BS, then that's your belief system. But this is our actual experience shared by multiple people. And I call them n o ease no other explanation moments, and I have 1000s of them. And it

Alex Ferrari 31:47
Is somewhat It sounds fun as heck,

Suzanne Giesemann 31:49
I mean, but it's sacred.

Alex Ferrari 31:52
Well, let me ask you this, though. What, what is the biggest challenges that people face when they're trying to connect with spirit guides, their own spirit guides?

Suzanne Giesemann 32:01
Well, belief is the first one to overcome. That's not possible that it's silly. What will people think that they don't exist, if you can just get past that just by allowing it to be true? The biggest challenge is how you expect to hear from them. They don't always speak clearly. At first, if you're not used to the subtleness, of how they can speak of unlike sometimes when they go stop, it can be very subtle, you may you may miss some of the signs. So that's a big challenge. So it's, it requires being more present. Knowing that you've asked the question, they'll get you an answer somehow, it may not be a thought in your head, it may be somebody says the right thing, or it shows up on a billboard, or many other ways they can do it. But that's that's one of the biggest challenges.

Alex Ferrari 32:55
So let's shift our conversation to dark energies, and dark nature, things like that. Because, you know, I'm a recovering Catholic, as I've always said, and the whole concept of Heaven and Hell, that there's there's, you know, demons and pitchforks, and they're here to hurt you and all this kind of stuff. But, you know, through my journeys, I've heard from multiple near death experience or through channelers, through psychics or mediums that there, there does exist, dark energies, dark, and entities that cause havoc and things like that. I really, truly have never delved into it in this in this show. I've never asked this question once. Wow, has to be to be honest with you. I was raised Cuban. And there's something called Santeria in the Cuban tradition, which is black magic and white magic. And I always just said, I just respect it. I'm not even going to deal with it. I just, I just, it's not part of my, my world. I you know, I respect it like you, when you hear the term voodoo and things like that. I just go, I don't know. It's not part of my world. So this is the first time I'm really kind of delving into it, because it is a common comment or question that I get from the audience. And I'd love to hear what you what the guys are saying about the nature and honestly the purpose of dark entities like that.

Suzanne Giesemann 34:22
How about if it doesn't need a purpose? How about if it just exists as a byproduct of the ignorance of who we really are? So let's go back to the beginning of mankind from the beginning. Human beings are attracted to the external world and what we sense with our physical senses. And as we lose awareness as we age, when children see spirits, children are remembering their souls, but just the natural process of the brain evolving from children are in theta brainwave state, very programmable AND BIG because their brains are normally theta, brainwave state, they can see spirits. But then you get to age 14, and you're now you're in beta, all the time, theta, brainwave state and you're much more in the left hemisphere, looking at the objective world and not aware of spirit guides talking. That's how we send our spirit guides learn to access alpha and theta brainwave states. But because people are drawn to the external world, we make choices that aren't in alignment with the soul, we hurt each other, we kill each other were mean to each other. And all of that energy exists and creates this field of human consciousness that is not aligned with love. It's, it's an energy that just is it doesn't serve a purpose. It's the result of poor choices, and ignorance of being the light. So you will talk to people who've had psychedelic experiences and near death experiences like Dr. Eben Alexander, who went through that field and it is hellish. That's the collective energy that's out there. So this is part of our task to, to no longer contribute to that field, to burn our lightly our light so brightly, that we actually dissolve it. Because it's a shadow field, I see this shadow behind me on the wall here, is it real and it's a lack. It's just a reflection of this light. So darkness doesn't have an actual power of its own is the absence of light. But light is a power of its own. So when people ask about protection, I know that we attract to ourselves what we radiate. So the reason you probably haven't had an experience with Sentry, as you acknowledged it exists, but you're not afraid of it. I had I read a book by a guy about extraterrestrials just trying to educate myself. And he said he had these little little creatures show up beside his bed and it scared the crap out. So out a bit. And then he realized, wait a minute, that's just my belief systems. So they showed up again, and he engaged them and said, Why are you here? Who are you? And once he was no longer afraid of them, then they didn't even come back anymore? So are there actual entities that are evil? There may be, but I simply assert, and no, I am the light flowing through this human vessel. And the darkness, if it exists, is going to prey on those who are afraid, those who I've heard. And the guides just said you can trust this, that poltergeists are energetic fields that may hang around people who are using illicit drugs or are alcoholics because they're already there, energy field is not as strong. It's not as filled with light. So you can see there's purpose in us being the presence of Love radiating the strongest light, because then there's nowhere for nothing for the darkness to prey on. My guides gave me the experience of a panic attack in the middle of the night one night, and I just don't have panic attacks, but it was you think you're gonna die. It was terrifying. And I called on them immediately. What's going on helped me and they said, look at it, watch it, this fear. And it was like somebody had blown cigar smoke in my face. Metaphorically, it just was horrible. But then it just literally passed right through me. And there was nothing left. And I looked at him and I said, What the heck was that all about? And they said, just to show you that fear is temporary, but the light of awareness, pure Being is your permanent state.

Alex Ferrari 38:56
Really interesting, because there was a couple there was one near death experience. I remember that she actually went to a hellish place at the beginning. And she was in a void and there was like dark creatures or energies trying to pull on her and all this kind of stuff. And she went to like literally like a hell, like a Mad Mad, Mad Max style world where she's lived, apparently for a little bit. But then when she decided that this was enough, I thought if it was Jesus, or like, came and took her out, and she's and then she asked, Why did I go through that she's like, because you believe that? Yeah, that was part of your belief, system experience.

Suzanne Giesemann 39:39
Everything is an experience arising you have in the one field of awareness and that field is complete and wholeness itself. So anything is possible within the field, but the basis basic essence of wholeness is total connection. And that's the definition of love. So anything that arises is temporary. We may go through hellish experiences here, we may go through them when we pass, but they, this too shall pass. It's all temporary. If we don't give it power, it just passes and what's left? Peace, the light of awareness, wholeness. What a promise. That is. What a guarantee. guys give me this is truth.

Alex Ferrari 40:29
So this is there's not like, demon spirits. Well, let me ask you this, because we got I think I asked you this in another episode about how to, you know, the entities that you're channeling are actually, you know, here to help our positive energies. So if that's the case, then that is there are entities that come in to create mischief to create enable

Suzanne Giesemann 40:51
People, but you can tell you what is what advice is, is entity giving you isn't League, right? And so what is your intention going to an into a session to be helpful and healing? And so right? It wasn't, but you know, people love the drama, they love fear. I've seen some of your headlines, Alex, I'm gonna nail you here. You know, you grab people with the word of watch this before this happens, because people are attracted to that I know it works.

Alex Ferrari 41:23
And you know what's funny, and it's okay that you bring it up, because this is something that people ask me about. And my job as the podcaster is to attract you, to these amazing conversations, let the one we're having, waiting to see the one I'm gonna write for this one off. And where do you see the one I write for this one. But no, but the point is that, if I don't do that, it just kind of goes away. Oh, just passes, because there's too much noise. But if you get something that grabs your attention, I know and you've and you fulfill in that you're not beating them or anything you're feeling.

Suzanne Giesemann 41:58
I love that you say that, because I wanted to make the point that I've noticed that and it is the way of our world. I do monthly webinars where I share the latest teaching from spirit about how we can expand our consciousness. And I want to attract more people, because you and I have good helpful information to share. But the greatest number of participants I ever had was when my headline was my husband came within minutes of dying. You know,

Alex Ferrari 42:30
I mean, Suzanne, if I call this a lovely conversation with Suzanne Giesemann ah, can you imagine if that's the thumbnail? Nobody know, like a a healing a spiritual conversation with, you know,

Suzanne Giesemann 42:45
Spirit guides,

Alex Ferrari 42:46
Let's talk spirit guides law, if I put that out there, it just doesn't grab the attention of the world. And to be honest with you, the people who look at that and are attracted to those kinds of needed the most.

Suzanne Giesemann 42:58
And here it is, and I hope that I put it in terms that help people to see this a different way. Drama draws us in wonderful now get out of the the seat on the floor and go to the balcony where the soul is and look down and say Isn't that interesting? Okay, suckered me in but maybe I should listen to this.

Alex Ferrari 43:22
And I don't even consider it suckering them in. It's just more of like attracting them.

Suzanne Giesemann 43:26
I don't mean.

Alex Ferrari 43:28
No, no, I don't look, I have no problem. I'll I'll I'll go head to head with anybody who has a problem that because I truly my intentions are true. My intention are trying to

Suzanne Giesemann 43:38
Get people to come in come back for the fourth time. Trust me,

Alex Ferrari 43:41
I appreciate that. And you because I've seen I sometimes we release episodes, I released one of your episodes, one of the early episodes, because you're one of my early early guests. I think even the first 100 episodes, I think. And that episode, you know, kind of died off because it was an older episode. I'm like, no, no, no. There's a lot of magic in that episode, let me repackage it, put it back out into the world. And that episode, I think, stopped at like 70,000 views. And then when I re released it's now over a quarter million. Yeah. And it's the same conversation. Just a little tweak on the packaging. Yep. And look how many hundreds of 1000s of more people got I see that.

Suzanne Giesemann 44:19
I see what I mean. And this is the thing, Alex, it's when you realize we we do have a choice to come from the human perspective of the souls perspective and what's not right or wrong. It's both both are important. We are human. I'm on this spiritual path. But people think well, does that mean you can't be practical and realistic? While we're playing the role? We need to make tough decisions and tough choices sometime. And you know, if, if somebody is about to shoot you, what are you going to do? I'm going to try to come with love but my human body is going to react a different way. So we will On this beautiful balancing act between the human and the soul,

Alex Ferrari 45:04
No without without questions. Now with the going back to the dark field that we're talking about, this is at a very low vibration. It's at the vibration of fear, the approbation of hate. So again, if you are vibrating at a higher level, bringing love bringing service bringing happiness to people, that is in a word in a way of protection, if you will, from that, is that true? I just saw you shake there you Okay?

Suzanne Giesemann 45:36
That was the spirit, the energy that just came through, it's, I know that part of the reason people enjoy these videos is there is a transmission of energy. Absolutely. There's no doubt about it. And that was just a jolt of it. I just, you talked about my cruise to Alaska, which we just completed. And I got to spend 14 hours with the group that came with me of sharing like this. And I have a wonderful friend who's an energy healer, and she worked with for the people that were on the cruise, she'd worked with them in the past, and four of them separately, individually went to her for another session. And she'd noticed in all four of them, that they were more embodied their soul energy was more present. She said, Suzanne, I feel that people on your cruise with you had a transmission of energy. And I said it's true. And so anybody who reads material, who watch his podcast, who attend channeling sessions, watch videos of people who truly have learned how to embody the soul and connect to higher consciousness receive that energy. So when we all start radiating that higher vibration, then the brighter light, eclipses, the darkness, it's just a natural result. So this is why I'm okay with the sensational headlines. Because these programs make a difference energetically and logically to those who aren't yet there.

Alex Ferrari 47:14
I appreciate that very much. I want to share something with you. And this is another area of this kind of lower vibrational energy that sometimes we run into in spaces. So I always use the example if mom and dad are fighting, and you walk in and they're silent, when you walk in, you will go, what the hell just happened here, you can feel it. That's on a very small level. And I'll share a story that happened to me when I went to go see 911 I went I went back to the Twin Towers after you know, years later, and I hadn't I actually weren't, I was in the Twin Towers when I was a kid. So I remember actually going to the very top and so on. When I walk I literally crossed the street when I walked on to the, to the sidewalk where the where the the monuments are those two giant waterfall thingies. I just got like a weight, this heavy energy just just grabbed was like, Oh, God, I felt it. And then as I walked through it, I went down onto into the museum. And I'm like walking around. And I did a couple little prayers before I went in and tried to kind of protect myself with light and stuff. But I felt that it was visceral. It is visual. So what advice would you have for people who if they're walking into areas or physical buildings, physical rooms, even being around people who are toxic? There are many that we run into across our journey. What can we do to kind of protect ourselves from that

Suzanne Giesemann 48:47
You realize beforehand that you're going into some situation like that willingly and hopefully that will will help you and help you evolve by what you learn and what perhaps insights that you gain. You can there are many metaphors you can use to put a bubble around you be inside a bubble that's permeable, so that love will come in and out but nothing heavier than that. A Ring of Fire around you that like a bug zapper. These things really work. Uh, I was once tried putting a mirror all the way around me to reflect outwards. My husband's biggest pet peeve is when you get one of them when you get gas at a gas station and they don't give you the receipt. He goes marching inside because he has to go in now gets the receipt he comes up. I put the mirror up around me the first time I ever tried it. He sits down in the seat and he's like, alright that person about having to go in to get the receipt and 30 seconds later he went okay and kind of negative on I was done, just reflected right back at him. So this that's just a minor minor example. But that's when you know you're in the energy but even that's coming right at you But battlefields and Holocaust museums, I can well I was in a World War Two Museum, I finally I lasted an hour. And I said to my husband, I need to I need to leave. And it wasn't just my thoughts. It's the energy I went into a Consignment Furniture Store. And the more I got towards the back, the older the furniture was, it just had this heavy feeling from the people who owned the furniture. And I had to leave, I can't go in antique stores, the more sensitive I get.

Alex Ferrari 50:29
You know what that's really interesting too. I can go into it. I like when I go into into stores, I lost a little bit of like, it just there's like, it's just like, kind of like weird energy. I never thought about that

Suzanne Giesemann 50:41
Were bad, but it's no good to you and a different time, time time periods. So it's really important to understand what I call energetic hygiene, that we literally can clean and clear our energy field. I asked I asked my audiences when I teach workshops, you know how many people I have a very serious personal question to ask how many people here shower regularly? And then people are so shocked. They don't raise their hand I say really? Nobody? And of course we do if shower regularly. And then I say okay, you clean your physical body regularly. But how often do you clean your energetic body? By doing chakra clearings balancing any kind of practice to clear the rooms, I had given about 600 readings as a baby medium, way back when and I noticed my accuracy started going down. And I went to my spirit guide, and I said, what's going on? And the guide said, you have done all these readings here and you have never cleared the energy in the room. Now other energy workers probably say, oh my god, are you kidding me? But I have no no Gafsa. Right. Nobody told me about a player in the energy room. My my two teachers to that point, never mentioned it. And I said I'm supposed to do that. And it wasn't that the people in spirit or the clients were bad people, but they were a lot of there were a lot of people in grief. Yeah. And a lot of people whose energy just was opposite of mine. So I learned a few practices cleared the energy and the accuracy went right back. Okay.

Alex Ferrari 52:17
And this goes the other way too, because there's people who you like, Bob's coming over. Oh, not Bob. Not Bob. But then there's like, but his wife's coming over. Sally. We love Sally. Bring Sally over. Yeah, she's so much fun. She's like the life of the party. That people that's a subtle energy to like, oh my god,

Suzanne Giesemann 52:38
It's called resonance, you know, disharmony and resonance. I remember taking my husband took me to meet a colleague of his and his wife, and we had dinner at a restaurant, it was so uncomfortable. At the end of the evening, I left I said to my husband, Ty, I said, Oh, my God, they must have had one heck of a fight before we met. And he said, Why don't you know, the sensitivity level is so different than the two of us. The next day is colleague went into work and said, I'm really sorry about last night, my wife and I had this terrible argument right before he never built it. But you can tell when you meet somebody if you read them or not. And that's why Alex great, great piece of advice for raising consciousness. Try not to say, No, you don't need to worry about it. But people listening may still be in the habit of saying I really can't stand that person. Or I don't like them, or I hate them. I don't even like to use that word. Feel the difference between that me versus you? I can't stand them. I don't like them versus objective fact. I simply don't resonate with them. Now they're not wrong. They're just being themselves, we can't resonate with everyone. Right. So it's just it brings it back to energy energy fields. And that's what so called evil entities are, we are a field of energy. There are fields of energy that are very, very low, and they can have an effect on us. But when we affirm who we really are, what we really are the light of consciousness, wholeness in expression. It dissolves fields.

Alex Ferrari 54:22
Well, it because a shadow can't handle light, direct light, at least if you know any darkness, absolutely cannot handle that light does not question. Now I know this is gonna be a tough question, but I'm going to ask it anyway. Is there one lesson they the important the most important lesson or insight that your spirit guides have given you in your life that you just like, if I had to pinpoint one thing that I've learned from spirit guides, my spirit guides this is it.

Suzanne Giesemann 54:51
Well, it was just to two ego lessons that were so painful. So humiliating. I remember crying I remember just just truly awful, so awful that I just don't even share them. And they were such a gift, because it was early on. And now when I feel that ego come in, I just looked at it and say, Yeah, that's the role that comes with being human. But we don't need that. I mean, on this cruise to have to have over 500 people in the theater laughing at your jokes. I see why comedians, get hockey on that. The body gives you an adrenaline rush, and it feels awesome. And I went to bed the first four nights that cruise I could not sleep because my body kept reliving that moment, the brain that the mind kept bringing up look happy laughed at that. Look how they loved when you said that. And it would bring that rush. And then I couldn't sleep from all the adrenaline and thought, This is ridiculous. And here's what the guide said. They said, just use the word script, when you feel that rush, because that's all you're doing playing a role acting on a script as a soul. So you say script and that kind of stops that that obsessive repetition in the bud. And then they said use the word, radiance. That's who all of us are the radiance of the Light of Consciousness. And it's that feels so good to me to be radiance. That's what we came here to do to shine our light. That's why it feels so good to serve others to be kind to others. If we just remember radiance, there's no competition in that. There's no me versus you. There's no I'm better than you. If I show up as radiance. I just love you. And if you'd like my jokes, well, that's a script I'm playing. That's great. But let me just be radiance. So that lesson was so hard learn, although, oh, don't ever want to go through it. But it led to this.

Alex Ferrari 57:10
And it's a beautiful lesson to learn. It's something we all can live with. Learn from I had the opportunity wants to, to interview a giant Rockstar, giant monster Rockstar. And I asked them, you know, there's that many human beings on the planet that get 100,000 people screaming their names for an hour and a half in Wembley Stadium. And it just this wave of energy is coming to you. How do you prepare for the energy? And how do you deal with it afterwards? I mean, he's an old and he's old. I mean, it's it's he's on. He's been on the show. It's it's Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden, if you're like the lead singer of Iron Maiden, heavy metal, heavy metal rock band from the 80s, but he's still they're still going. He's like, they're like the stones. They just keep going. So he was an aging Rockstar wasn't like a young kid was an aging Rockstar. And he said something really interesting. He's like, when you're up there, whatever is coming through me, is coming through me for the audience. Because he understood that to him, like where do you think it comes from? Most Great artists understand, it's not the most most that all most great artists understands. It's channeled writers, actors, painters to get it. So he understood it too. And he has some of the most beautiful, powerful voice I've ever heard in my life. And he goes, after we're done, I actually have a routine that I do to kind of come off the high. Because if you don't do kind of the maintenance work that you were talking about, like clearing that room. It's too much. So he actually has a I forgot what the exact process is. But he has something he comes off stage, she does this, this and this, and that his does this. And then the next day, he's doing this kind of just to kind of wean off of it. Because it's addictive. And if you're not careful, it will destroy it can destroy you as so many rockstars you know, so many movie stars we know have so many musicians, so many artists and other fields when they have this kind of attention thrown on them. Yeah, they just they get addicted to the physical adrenaline, to the attention. There's an energy to that. And it's fascinating working in Hollywood is laughing as I did, where I met a lot of these big giant movie stars. And some, you know, someone like a Meryl Streep or Denzel Washington, so grounded, they're just like, grounded. But then you meet some of these younger kids who just feel like why is it anybody looking at me? I have to create some drama now. So someone can look at me. I need attention. I need all this kind of stuff. And it doesn't it's by the way, Hollywood doesn't ever doesn't have that on hold by themselves. Most people who are They are needy or things like that, do that kind of stuff act up to get that attention. So it's pretty fascinating though, speaking to somebody going back to Bruce, who has that kind of energy, because you have 500 people, he imagined his 100,000. Night Day in day out on a tour for like, six months,

Suzanne Giesemann 1:00:20
You have to have a way to handle that.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:21
Yeah, yeah, it's an immense amount of immense amount of energy coming towards you. Now, lastly, what message would you like to share with those who are on the verge of their own spiritual awakening, and is seeking some guidance?

Suzanne Giesemann 1:00:38
It's right here, my my awake, my biggest moment of awakening happening right after I brushed my teeth, and it wasn't bells and whistles. And it wasn't. It wasn't God speaking in this great voice, I just turned around and suddenly just knew, this is God, looking through these eyes and your eyes and everyone else's eyes. This God is not a being it really is this state of being. But it's only this infinitesimal taste of it while we're in this body. But I just knew it by grace, everything that I've been learning and feeling and experiencing in meditation and reading about, in educating myself about the greater reality that helped me come to that moment, but to finally for that awareness to come through and say, Wait a minute, what I've been seeking is right here. But it's not that exciting. But wait a minute. It's always here. I don't need to look outside myself anymore. That's when you can say I am free.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:38
Beautiful, beautiful. Now I normally would ask you my questions. I asked all my guests, but you've answered them three times now. So

Suzanne Giesemann 1:01:47
Every time every time I do an interview, I asked my guides, let's do it fresh. Because if you've listened to people that tell their stories, and husbands and wives know this all the time, oh, here comes that story. They say word for word, the same story every time. So I've asked my dad, let's, if you give it to me every time it'll be fresh. So then let's do it that I don't even remember what the question is.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:09
So what what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Suzanne Giesemann 1:02:13
Living a fulfilled life? Wow. Okay, cutting me off. I didn't get an instant answer to that. Oh, it's no longer feeling empty. So there's no one thing that does that. It comes with awakening. Love that.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:33
Beautiful. Now, if you had a chance to get into a time machine, go back in time and talk to little Suzanne, what advice would you give her?

Suzanne Giesemann 1:02:41
You're not alone. I probably gave that answer before but I sure thought it was.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:46
Yeah. How do you define God?

Suzanne Giesemann 1:02:50

Alex Ferrari 1:02:52
All of it, everything.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:02:55
And the little stuff and the big stuff? Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:57
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Suzanne Giesemann 1:03:00
To experience love in full expression, that's my acronym life fully, to roll around in it. And to make something more beautiful, from what is already magnificent.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:15
And where can people find out more about you what you're doing and your new course with the shift at

Suzanne Giesemann 1:03:20 You will have a link to my course. Soul to soul communication at the bottom of your site here but and YouTube channel as well. All kinds of good stuff out there. Thank you.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:35
And what is your parting message for the audience? Or what are the guides message parting message?

Suzanne Giesemann 1:03:39
Guides message for the audience who said keep listening to Alex because he's tuned in.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:49
Beautiful. That's so sweet. Thank you. Thank you Guides. Thank you Suzanne for coming back on the show. You're welcome back anytime you are my Don Rickles you will be coming back every time

Suzanne Giesemann 1:04:03
I'm old enough to remember what Don Rickles looks like

Alex Ferrari 1:04:05
To me as well, my dear. So, I appreciate you and everything you do and to awaken the world. So thank you my dear.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:04:12
Thank you.

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