UNLOCK Your TRUE DESTINY! DON’T MISS: Channelling ‘The Guides’ REVEALS the TRUTH | Suzanne Giesemann

Suzanne Giesemann is a well-known channeler who communicates with spiritual guides or entities through a process called channeling. She is a former United States Navy Commander turned spiritual teacher, author, and speaker.

Suzanne Giesemann began her spiritual journey after her stepdaughter’s death in 2009. She turned to mediums and learned about channeling to connect with her stepdaughter’s spirit. Over time, she developed her channeling abilities and started receiving messages from higher beings, including spiritual guides and teachers.

Through her channeling work, Suzanne Giesemann conveys messages of love, wisdom, and spiritual guidance. She often holds workshops, lectures, and retreats where she channels these messages and helps others on their spiritual paths. Suzanne has authored several books, including “Messages of Hope,” “Wolf’s Message,” and “In the Silence: 365 Daily Meditations.”

Suzanne Giesemann’s channeling work and teachings focus on expanding consciousness, connecting with one’s higher self, and understanding the nature of the soul’s journey. She is known for her compassionate and uplifting approach, aiming to bring healing, inspiration, and spiritual insights to her audience.

Please enjoy my conversation with Suzanne Giesemann.

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Suzanne Giesemann 0:00
Why do composers need to compose music? Why do writers need to write? Why do artists have to pick up that paintbrush? They don't need to they can help it. So here you are, in the state of being with so much potential. Just gotta express it!

Alex Ferrari 0:31
I like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Suzanne Giesemann.

Suzanne Giesemann 0:37
Returning champion. You crack me up there, Alex.

Alex Ferrari 0:41
Thank you for coming back on the show. I appreciate it. I love talking to you.

Suzanne Giesemann 0:45
I love talking to you because your questions are meaningful and they're deep and it just flows. So thank you.

Alex Ferrari 0:50
Oh, you I appreciate you you know, our last a couple episodes that we've done together, especially the last ones really. But people really like it. To put it to put it, frankly. And we we talked about what we got to get you back on so we have to do this as a regular basis. Now you'll be a regular guest like tonight show back in the day that we just keep bringing Don Rickles back here the Don Rickles at the spiritual so, um, what was today's today's we're going to just go into the deep, the deep questions about the universe about why we're here and, and maybe go a little bit deeper than we've gone before. So I think this will be a very interesting conversation. So my first question to you is, from your point of view, what is the nature of the universe and our place in it?

Suzanne Giesemann 1:38
Well, first, let me preface by saying that you really don't want to hear my point of view, because I want to give you the point of view, I've gotten in deep meditation from a not so deep meditation, actually just talking to my team of guides, and to the highest I can go which I call source joy. So I have these regular conversations with joy. And the nature of this reality is really a projection like a hologram. From this one unified mind. I love that you have this shirt that says unity. From here, it looks like you have a shirt that's open, but it's your microphone block and the word unity there that at the very deepest level, there's, there's what we call the absolute, that's the only one thing that is real meaning unchanging. And everything else is sensations, thoughts and feelings, stuff STF stuff that arises in awareness. Each of us is just a limited aspect of this one, awareness. That's why throughout the ages, people have been talking about God being the I am, I am is just awareness that I exist. And that's what happens when you are conscious when you have consciousness. You know, you exist. So all of us there that with the one reality I exist. So when we realize that we're all linked. It just shifts everything for us. And when we learn not to take this reality quite so seriously, because it's temporary. But there's this deeper aspect where I'll meet you like Rumi said right out beyond all these ideas of you're right and I'm wrong, right doing and wrongdoing. There is a field, one mind that we all share, I'll meet you there, then we can find solutions that work. That for me is so powerful.

Alex Ferrari 3:36
So how do we get to that field?

Suzanne Giesemann 3:39
First, trust at least, that knowing and yourself that there is something more than just this. We know this is what keeps us going when we say I can't stand this anymore. We know there's something more we know there's something better. That's like the flower that comes up through the crack in the sidewalk, it just heads towards the light. We know that light exists somehow. But we think it's out here. And it's not it's within each of us. It's that aspect of consciousness that that we are experiencing life through. So what you do is you shut out the outer world. How do you do that? Watch me. It's good, right? It's pretty easy. Shut your eyes, set aside some time to shut out all the distractions in this reality that are just holding you like a magnet to the drummer and say, Alright, I want to get to know this other reality. You can get there pretty rapidly if you use psychedelics. So I hear and so I read in some reputable books by people that have done, replicable experiments with them. But I kind of choose the slow and easy route and the more predictable route of meditation contemplation, mindfulness, with intention to get to know greater realities, you can have that experience.

Alex Ferrari 5:02
It's interesting because on the subject of psychedelics I have not partake in either. But I'm fascinated by them because of what they, what they the potential of what they're able to do. And I've spoken to many people who have taken psychedelics, and there hasn't been one yet that has not changed their life completely after doing a, you know, either Ayahuasca or a controlled psychedelic, with a doctor, and so on. But I was talking to a yogi the other day. And they said, Well, when you take a psychedelic, you're basically barging into a room that you were not invited into. And you can only stay for a short period of time rom das said this, he was like, I was taking psychedelics all my life, and I was tired of coming back. I wanted to be there all the time. And then he meant that my Rishi, which was there all the time. So I agree with you the slow meditative wave kind of detaching from this reality.

Suzanne Giesemann 5:17
And yet the experiences are ultimately the same in meditation, you can string them all together and use that not all meditation is peaceful and blissful, because it does stir up the stuff that it's really great to look at. But in psychedelics, as I've read, the experiences are just much more intensive. So you stir it up, and you get terrified and also throw up, which I don't care to. There's not purposefully, but in meditation, my gosh, just about three weeks ago, I remember sitting here across the room in my meditation chair, and it doesn't happen all the time. But I was sobbing with the love that I was allowed to feel and this presence that said, this is you and this is me. And this is this is the ultimate reality how, how cherished, we all are. And we don't realize that

Alex Ferrari 6:54
It's so true. It's so true. What so what this is really interesting, when you meditate, you're absolutely right, sometimes stuff comes up. And that scares people. That's when you take a psychedelic and comes up with force. Physical, even, like you say, throw up and things like that. When if people are starting to meditate, this is a question I get all the all the time about meditation. How can I start, I sit down, I think I'm doing it wrong. You know, I suck that meditation for a decade, like I just didn't know what I was doing. Like, I can't do this. The ego would just get in my head going, Oh, this is what are you doing? This is ridiculous. What advice do you have for people who are starting the meditative process? And if something does come up? How do you deal with it? How do you process it?

Suzanne Giesemann 7:37
Well, first of all, get expectations out of the way. I have a friend Dr. Melvin Morris, who taught prisoners have to meditate one minute at a time. They didn't ever knew what meditation was all about. They didn't have expectations. So they sat quietly for one minute, they'd never done that they'd never found the silence inside. Do you know that there were people in prison because of their heroin addiction that cause them to commit crimes. And they said, for the first time in their life, they stopped craving heroin, they had never stopped it till they started meditating, even though they'd been off it for a year or more in jail. Because what they were craving was love. And they found that what is love, but lack of separation, feeling of total connection? So So one minutes little brief, I recommend my three minutes sip of the Divine practice, sit in peace for three minutes, I have a video about that online, you start with that, you start to get answers to questions that you ask in just three minutes, I would just just really advise people don't expect bells and whistles and sobbing with listen one to three minutes. But that's a really great way to start noticing the thoughts. Notice how the thoughts arise. Notice how you can't control your thoughts. So just watch them. And as you watch them, other thoughts pop up. And you notice what stands out from the normal thoughts. Pay attention to those and see what they have to tell you.

Alex Ferrari 9:08
Well, let me ask you, then how can we connect to our higher power or divine consciousness? This is something that we all want.

Suzanne Giesemann 9:16
Well, if that's what the main intention is, when you go to sit in the sun is I want to know who I am. And ultimately, who's in charge here. If you said that as an intention, show me then you will open up to much greater reality. So don't just sit to be quiet. That's that's what a lot of people do and nothing happened. My whole path to connecting across the veil opened up with my singular goal of connecting with my stepdaughter who had passed. So I said every day, Susan, I want to see you, Susan, I want to hear you Susan come to me. That was my single minded focus. I know a lot of parents with children across the veil or spouses, look at for their partner, and they do that. But barring that, what if you said, God, who are you? And you just sit and wait for an answer that stands out from your normal thoughts? If you don't like the word God, you know, is there a great spirit? Show me just hold that every day till you start to get something you never would have thought of? Or you haven't experienced that. You say, where did that come from? That's the start.

Alex Ferrari 10:29
Well, I want to play devil's advocate here because I get this question constantly. Why do we forget who we are? Why to go through this facade? Why go through this game of having to re remember who we are and to connect through the divine wearing this meat suit that we're walking around? And that's a question I get all the time. I'd love to hear your point.

Suzanne Giesemann 10:49
Well, what if everybody's asking the wrong question? What if it's, what if it's simply an effect of getting sucked into the drama, that's the external world that's already here, it's a side effect of no longer focusing on the heart. And keeping that connection with our higher self, which is us at the higher level. We are right now. The the hands, the arms, the voice for God, who doesn't have a form or a body, we are the cells in the body of spirit. So we go out on our little journeys as these expressions of source in bodies, and we get so wrapped up in it like method actors. Oh, we forget, we're acting. We're doing a great job, then we get in trouble because we forget to turn backwards of term within for the guidance that's always here.

Alex Ferrari 11:45
We're all little Meryl Streep's running around, essentially. Daniel Day Lewis says all running around. Exactly, yeah. So then if you're able, if that's the case, then why do we? Why go? Why go through at all? Is the main question, what's the purpose of it?

Suzanne Giesemann 12:03
This is going to really hit some people the wrong way I know it. But I had a teacher that said, if you're not making people squirm, you're not doing your job. And that's, as I liked. I'm a pleaser, I don't want to make people squirm. But why do it at all? Why go through it? For the joy of it, but remembering I'm not talking about human joy, joy is my word for God. So your God, your, your this state of being that getting a little tired of just being. So you say, Well, I think I'll just kind of stretch a little. And in that stretching, there's a ripple in the fabric of the universe. And then from that more ripples go out, and we have an earthly realm. And we go out, and we realize it's like lucid dreaming, from God's point of view. And we have this experience, but we realized, it's all my dream with a capital M, nothing can hurt me. Ultimately, as long as I remember who I am, I won't suffer either while I'm out there running around in my dream. And it's when we forget who we are that we suffer. But if you realize that this too shall pass, but if I bring love into the equation, we'll all get through this. And we'll all ultimately return to our true self, there's a lot less suffering.

Alex Ferrari 13:26
Well, you said something really interesting, you said that we are all expressions of God, we are all these little actors going around, you know, feeling things out for God. And this is a question I get also asked a lot, why would God need us to experience different things or experiment like this in large experiments?

Suzanne Giesemann 13:46
It's, again, it's a nonsensical question. God doesn't need anything. But here's another way. Why do composers need to compose music? Why do writers need to write? Why do artists have to pick up that paintbrush? They don't need to, they can help it. So here you are, in the state of being with so much potential, just gotta express it, and you flow forth as worlds upon worlds upon worlds because it's what you do. You create, and then you say, Okay, that one worked. That one didn't work. Let's do it again and again and again.

Alex Ferrari 14:30
Okay, that's a great answer to that question. Now, while we're here, there is suffering, and there is pain that we go through. I always argue that the pain and suffering are the great teachers for me. They have been in my life for sure. Yeah. But a lot of people don't see it that way. What would you tell the people listening who are going through suffering or pain or loss like you did with your with your stepdaughter, right? You know, at the time, the anger all that kind of stuff. How do you process? How do you deal with it?

Suzanne Giesemann 15:01
Absolutely are every single, every single painful incident is an opportunity to grow stronger. I you know, it's so awful to say that statement. Pain, it's pain is what suffering is optional. Pain is mandatory, I don't know. But pain, you can't get past pain, it's part of life. But suffering doesn't have to last once you realize, we have a choice of how we see the pain. If your woe is me, why is this happening to me? This is the bottom line. Alex, if you're rejecting reality, if you're not accepting this is what's happening. Now what am I going to do about it? Then you will suffer this just bottom line you and but when you say, Okay, this sucks big time. I can't control that. But this is my reality. Spirit helped me show me how to get through this as painlessly as possible. It changes everything. You're not in this alone, we need to remember to shift, ask for help. But accept what has happened. It's real. It's happened. It's rejecting it that causes the pain. It's saying that shouldn't be like that. Well, we would prefer it not be like that. But here it is.

Alex Ferrari 16:27
You're absolutely right. Because if the tree falls on the car, there's nothing that nothing you will say or do will change the fact that the tree fell on your parked car.

Suzanne Giesemann 16:37
And you know what it actually feels really good to bid to moan and complain. Oh, it does. And so we do that. But then there comes a point where you say, Okay, did that now help me? Face this another way? We, the best phrase my guides ever gave me to use in any situation is? Isn't that interesting? I had it put on coffee mugs, stickers, everything. And anybody that goes into my retreats or workshops, I'll ask them, what's the phrase? And they raise their hand? They say in unison. Isn't that interesting? It works for little things. It works for big things. And it works for absolute what we would call tragedies and terrible deaths. You just take a breath and you say, isn't that interesting. But in that pause, Alex, is when you now realize I have a choice. I can reject this, I can stay in human mode sleeping like in a dream. Or I can become lucid and say, show me the best way to respond, as I don't know.

Alex Ferrari 17:44
And that's and I really want to dig into this because you've said a few times in this conversation to ask for help. That's something that most people don't do. They don't ask and you won't get the help. Unless you ask because I was I in many ways, this is my own personal take times. Many times my own personal experience is yes, you are getting guided, you are getting helped as you walk through your path. But when there's you know, when you get to that point in your life, like I was almost bankrupt, and I couldn't get a job and I couldn't do anything. And like I was like until I finally yelled out to God, I go God, if you don't help me, I'm gonna go bankrupt here. I'm going to sign these papers. So you better I didn't say you better, I need you to help me. I need you. If not, if you don't help me, I will sign these papers to protect myself. The next day, I got a call for a job. That was the first time I go, Oh, I asked for help.

Suzanne Giesemann 18:34
And so you learned through that pain of getting right to the brink there. Then you ask, wow, that work! So it's I feel it's part of, as I said, I feel the guides are like, we don't care what you feel. The answer is, it is true. It's part of the design, that as we learn that we're not alone, that we have help. And we remember to ask, it comes more and more and it comes more natural to us to automatically go higher for assistance.

Alex Ferrari 19:04
But it's it's a partnership we're interested in. That's the thing. A lot of people think that they're alone. That's that part of the delusion of separation is that if you understand that, like no, you have guides around you, helping you, you have angels helping you have there's a plan here you're not alone in this,

Suzanne Giesemann 19:22
That high awaken way teaching is number two. Number one is you're not only human, of the three principles here. Number two is you're part of one big web is connecting all that is not as each of us here but across the veil worlds upon wrongs. And number three, the creative and healing force with a capital F of all of it is love. You go to there's really nothing that love won't help heal. It sounds so Pollyanna, remember, I'm the retired Navy Commander I know the opposite of love. I know. All bad, but surely you bring love into a situation law Being this awareness of total connection, not Pollyanna, conditional love, it will always ameliorate a situation.

Alex Ferrari 20:10
Well, going on that topic, fear and negativity in our lives is a problem is a problem that we all have to deal with it, we're afraid and happens

Suzanne Giesemann 20:19
Because you're stuck in only human mode.

Alex Ferrari 20:22
Right? So how do you overcome it?

Suzanne Giesemann 20:24
You follow the awakened way to it and you say, I don't get it, I don't realize I'm not only human. So you do my three E's of the awakened way. Number one, educate yourself about the greater reality, watch more of Alex's programs, educate yourself by watching YouTube videos, reading about the afterlife, finding everything you can about meditation, then the second E is experience for yourself, the greater reality through meditation, through any practice that expands your consciousness beyond this reality. And the third one is engage higher consciousness by asking for help by when you send something in meditation, you say, Do I really have a guide? If you're here, give me a sign, you know, engage higher beings pray? Yeah. So those three things that are not linear, is just use whatever comes up at the moment, educate, experienced, engage, bring you to that point of knowing you're not only human, and then you realize, there really is nothing to fear, because the bottom line is there really is no death of the Spirit. That's the ultimate fear. So really, you get to the point, you don't care what other people think what you believe. I mean, the my lack of fear in my life is so freeing, I'm such a person than I was decades ago.

Alex Ferrari 21:45
No, I agree with you. 100%. When you when you don't fear as much, and you have a certainty of the truth inside of you, as you walk the earth, it is a different experience. I've been terrified, I've been angry. I'm sure you all got it. We've all gone through those kinds of things. But now you're right, that it is a liberating feeling to know that I'm not afraid about what's going to happen next, you know, is the hammer going to drop or things like that, I just go

Suzanne Giesemann 22:15
The body still programmed, right? You're still going to be afraid of somebody put a gun in your face or, or a tiger. Sure. And you see an accident, you're about to have an axe in your head. That's going to happen. But with awareness, you catch yourself and you say, Well, I'm not only human, helped me out here, shift,

Alex Ferrari 22:35
Well that's one of the reasons why I feel that's near death experience stories are so popular, because people want to feel that there is something on the other side. And the stories continuously reinforced that like you are not alone. It's all love. It's about love, you are connected, that kind of thing.

Suzanne Giesemann 22:55
When you read those, you can't help but feel the truth in them, too. I remember laying on a healers table, and going in an expanded state and suddenly around me were all these beings, they didn't even have form, they were just present. And I was started sobbing again, as they said, Now, do you remember? And I did that I had been just like them, all of us have all of us. And that's why that inner knowing never goes away. You read the nd ease and it's just a taste of home.

Alex Ferrari 23:27
Exactly. So let me ask you, because we, we, you know, while we're walking the earth while we're in this drama, if you will, as we're actors walking the earth, there are going to be people who hurt us and do things to us that are in many ways sometimes unforgivable. How can you cultivate compassion, and forgiveness of these people who've wronged us in a very deep way?

Suzanne Giesemann 23:53
Take into your sip of the Divine or meditation, the requests show me who I am as a soul. That's the next the next your next level salts and from this one, right? Ultimately, we all join as the one mind but the soul is our higher, next higher self. And so when you experience yourself in this less limited space, I my definition of the soul is spacious awareness as opposed to limited awareness while in the body, so still connected as awareness and expression. But from that spacious awareness, we can see the soul in everybody else. So you realize, hurt people hurt people, if they were aware of who they are. They never would have done that. So you don't forgive the act. You forgive the ignorance of who they are.

Alex Ferrari 24:51
That's a great way of looking at it without question. Now, I don't know about you, but in my path, I've learned to surrender. And that word is kind of, it's kind of loaded because people like, you wouldn't mean surrender, I'm not going to surrender. Surrender is generally a bad thing you in the military would understand that. Surrender is not a good thing. But when you surrender to the path, you surrender to God, the universe, the blueprint that you've kind of set in front of you, how can we do more of that, because when I did it, it's magic happened, doors swung open, things became so much easier. Oh, my God, without me trying to, I'm going to grind it my way I need to control everything. It's not that you don't do the work you sent to us to do the work, you have to show up at the wall that the wood carry the water. But where you walk is kind of being guided for you. Oh, how can you do more of that?

Suzanne Giesemann 25:47
Well you start asking for signs when you connect in, in your meditation, and when I mean, connect, just trust that somebody's listening, whether it's a guide, or or, or some higher being God itself, just say, show me that I'm not alone. What sign should I look for? What sign will I get in the next few days, and something will just pop in your mind, trust that act on it? Do this repeatedly, you keep getting your signs, and you'll start to trust in my work I connect with being people who have crossed daily, other people's loved ones I asked for evidence, the preponderance of the evidence, like a court case has left zero doubt in my mind that we are connected on multiple levels with many, many beings. So we just completely lost the question.

Alex Ferrari 26:37
How can we I've lost the sense of the question, hold on a second. Surrender. How surrendering surrendering the path.

Suzanne Giesemann 26:48
When you learn to trust and you keep acting on what they show you, it you become, you come to the point where I say, like, are you willing to be like a puppet on the string because when you see how powerful these beings are, and how they help you, I'm like this, pull my strings, I trust you so much more than any decision I can make on my own. So it's just full my strength and it's so beautiful. I've made a couple of really dumb decisions lately, because I stopped asking. And I'm in the process of undoing it. And it's just because I get these little nudges inside and it's like, okay, that was a little painful. And I go back to my prayer my my lessons be as painless as possible. So

Alex Ferrari 27:32
Yeah, when you when you give yourself up to that path, and I always say to people to that, like if you would have gotten everything you've ever wanted, or really since you were a kid, can you imagine how destroyed your life would be? All you want is cereal all you want is ice cream all you want us to date that guy or girl all I want is that one job. And when it doesn't happen. You look back five years later and go Oh, thank God, I just dodged a bullet.

Suzanne Giesemann 27:55
Yeah, exactly.

Alex Ferrari 27:57
It's pretty powerful. Now, with with us as well, we have to deal with physical and emotional pain and trauma in this life. What advice do you have for healing and processing that in our lives?

Suzanne Giesemann 28:13
Well, regular energy, work and clearing your own energy centers, I have a free meditation on my website called the 10 Minute transformation that people have found super helpful. We clean our physical body daily, I hope or every other day. But how many people clean your energy body regularly, it's made a huge difference in my life, I noticed them out of sorts, something's going on in my energy, I may not know what caused it, but I just sit and and clear using the tools that I teach. And we're back in battery again. But there is deep seated stuff and for that I say find yourself an energy worker there many modalities but find by I would say word of mouth, somebody who's worked with somebody that really sees energy moving and can see blockages and can help you because we have each other for reason. We can't always fix ourselves and it shows us that we're not alone by finding somebody who can help you.

Alex Ferrari 29:15
Now, we have around me many gurus and Buddha and Jesus and these kinds of figures. And you know, they are called the enlightened ones of self and their self realized what advice do you have for us to walk that path to get to that place in this life already other life

Suzanne Giesemann 29:35
Talk to them. They are at this high you laughing? Shift network soul to soul communication that shows you how to do that. Why wouldn't they still want to help us okay, they're not in a body anymore. Yogananda talk to lots of people who are out of bodies. He was not the only one who can do that. You can do that. We get in the silence We expand using some simple techniques. Next, my seven steps to connecting with higher consciousness video shows you right away. When you get into the final step of that you just say, okay, one of these higher beings, you can name them by name, if it serves my greatest good. They'll merge with me now in awareness, and help me teach me guide me, show me what I need to know. And then pay attention and see what happens.

Alex Ferrari 30:22
Now, how can we overcome negative karma? And patterns in our lives?

Suzanne Giesemann 30:28
That's why you came here, isn't it? You brought these patterns. And so your trial and effort is how humans learn trial and error. Trial and error is how humans learn. Well, that didn't work. So well. I was just thinking about some things that happened on the Facebook group in our local community. And people take it in angry that social media lets that come out like road rage, right? You get behind the wheel, a car, suddenly, it's okay to let my anger out. And I was thinking, as I was riding my bike around here, I thought, I would really love to say to somebody in a loving way, has that anchor working for you? You know, but it would sound sarcastic. So really, if you just go to your heart, when you talk to people, it'll dissolve animosity in an instant. But we don't realize that. So what did we bring here to work on? That's your greatest opportunity. When you see that pattern coming up in you over and over, say, ha, maybe as a soul, I said, I'm going to come in with no patience whatsoever. So every time it comes up, this is my greatest opportunity to say, I'm not only human, what is a better way to overcome this impatience? And then suddenly, it's not even an issue anymore? Because you faced it and you realize it's not your enemy? It's not a problem. It's your greatest challenge. And it's because you want it to face it. at the soul level.

Alex Ferrari 31:55
That's so hard for people to to grasp the like, you mean, I asked for these parents? You I asked for this religion?

Suzanne Giesemann 32:02
Did you ever, ever? Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 32:06
Can you dig into that a little bit of like, because so many people have a problem with that.

Suzanne Giesemann 32:12
I've heard multiple stories of little kids that talk to their parents. And they say I remember you two sitting on the beach talking about making me and Mommy, you were wearing pink? And you know, and it was in Hawaii, and they look at the kid and say, Oh, my God, we did have that conversation. You choose parents for the genetic makeup for the, for the for when you're going to be born for the physical challenges you're going to have for the interactions, you're going to have you do we we don't ever come here to my understanding to deliberately harm so much. So anybody who had a parent who was abusive, they didn't come here saying they're going to abuse you that was an abuse of free will. Choices that come from karmic patterns of not understanding who we really are. So we take what is before us. And we ask, How can we stop this pattern now that I know I have help?

Alex Ferrari 33:10
You talk a little bit about the generational karma. I just just just discovered about that, where it's like you just said like this kind of generational or, for lack of a better word, historical karma that's passed along in the DNA are passed along and that genetic run like you know, if you had a great great great grandfather, who was who was an alcoholic and abusive if that did not get broken at one point or another, it's still running through the family.

Suzanne Giesemann 33:37
Yes. Well, the problem is we as humans tend to think only this lifetime this person, me. But what if we really are, as we are cells in one body of spirit, we as a species are working through not just generational things, but species wide challenges. So as more and more people face their addictive tendencies, those will show up less and less, as we need to expand our viewpoint to wholeness, and we can see how humanity is growing, maturing, but very slowly, I just got this a meditation. The other day, I asked my guides, how old are we really as a species, they gave me and they gave me a number. And they said, you'll see it repeatedly in the next few days. And I did. They said, We're like 12 year old as a human species. So no wonder, you know, we used to be, you know, killing each other, right? No, and but we're at least them but we're in puberty. And it's just No wonder there's so much tumble, but we're growing. And so the goal is to totally grow up so that we treat each other with respect and love. So I know I got off the topic of karma a little bit, but it's what propels us to evolve individually and and as a group,

Alex Ferrari 35:02
So what do you see in the coming years for this 12 year old?

Suzanne Giesemann 35:06
Well continue growing up very rapidly. But, but it's chaotic, isn't it? Adolescence is really chaotic. And so I don't see the chaos lessening immediately at all. But as individuals, remember who we are, and come from a place of love, there's definitely hope for us. There's no doubt about it.

Alex Ferrari 35:31
They, you kind of have to go through this kind of icky stuff to grow. I mean, puberty sucks.

Suzanne Giesemann 35:39
Oh, yeah. Sometimes life here sucks. And I went off the planet to it's not that you awaken and everything's glorious. But you have you have a release from the pain. And that's a relief valve is just a few deep breaths, some silence, shut out the drama for a few minutes and say, Hello, did I really sign up for this? I know we can handle this.

Alex Ferrari 36:03
So let me ask you, we're talking about karma and generational karma and things. Can we touch a little bit on past lives? My first question is, why do we forget was I get asked all the time? Why do we forget about past lives? Why can we touch up on the knowledge we gained on those past lives? And so on.

Suzanne Giesemann 36:18
It's an answer I've never given but it just downloaded real fast? Because if you got it right, then you wouldn't have come back to work on some more things. Right? Why don't focus on the past life. You're here now for this life? Ram Dass says Be here now. Right? It can give you some insights into why certain propensities have carried over into this life, but really work on what's right here. And now.

Alex Ferrari 36:42
Well, did you have you ever in all of your spiritual travels with your guides have ever gone back into your past life or know about your past lives?

Suzanne Giesemann 36:50
I didn't used to believe in the power of past life regression. It's not my forte. It's not my focus. But my guide actually showed me a life that he and I experienced together. We weren't in any kind of relationship. But we worked together. He gave me historical facts. He pointed to a birthmark on my body that I was able to validate was an injury by this person that he told me I was, it explained so much in this life, I don't share the details at all other than to say my husband and I were, as they say, in England, gobsmacked. It was just details, historical events, we couldn't even have known. And there was so whether or not that actually happened. Doesn't matter. It was incredibly eye opening and explained a lot here. So use it.

Alex Ferrari 37:42
Well, that's another really great point is, you know, I'm sure you get a couple of comments on your videos here and there that are not the most positive couple here and there. But the the my

Suzanne Giesemann 37:56
Let me just comment on that. I used to let it get me in October. And then I realized, I have no control of other over other people's comments, and why would I let that even bother me? So I'll go on a video and I'll read maybe 10 comments and just get a feel. Is this helpful? Did I a complete accomplish my mission? Great, then I'm not going to give weight to those who are seeing it from a different angle? Are they wrong? Are they bad? No. That's their unique perspective. We can all see from the same perspective.

Alex Ferrari 38:31
Well, the reason I'm saying this is because you said something really, really important. I hope people listen to it. Even if you're liking what we're talking about or not liking what we're talking about. You're still here. So your carry it's in one way, shape, or form is that if there's anything that resonates with you on a vibrational level or on a deeper spiritual level, use it. These near death experience stories. Are they real? Are they made up stories? It's pretty weird. If it's all they all use the same source material, but it makes few people feel good and makes them feel more comfortable. Use it then.

Suzanne Giesemann 39:05
Yeah, I had a physicist emailed me. He said I'm, I have this massage therapist who keeps talking about these things called chakras. And she wants me to work on my chakras. Well, my 10 minute transformation is about the chakras. And he says, I can't find any proof of these things online. And I wrote back to him and I said, and you won't, we don't have instruments to test them. But the the proof is in the using, do my meditation, do what she says. Notice how you feel beforehand. Notice how you feel afterwards. Is it better than okay? Like I said, use it.

Alex Ferrari 39:39
Yeah, exactly. You can be sure you won't, and you won't. I love that and you won't find it. But yeah, they've been talking about it for a few years now. So something's happened.

Suzanne Giesemann 39:51
My husband, come up to me and he'll say, look at me and say, do you need to go clear your chakras? I'm like that bad.

Alex Ferrari 40:00
That's funny. That is very funny. Now, so so many of us have, I think one of the biggest problems we all have and all face in this life is the voice in our head. The Negative Nelly, if you will.

Suzanne Giesemann 40:12
Oh, why is it I have a lovely little dog called Nelly and she's

Alex Ferrari 40:15
A negative voice Excuse me. But then that negative voice that monkey brain that is so critical, that critical voice inside of us, that stops us in is do you have any advice on how

Suzanne Giesemann 40:28
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes. Love it to peace, this, that little voice, you reject it, it's going to keep coming back. Why? Cuz it's a cry for love. Everything that people do. That is that makes feels like this is a cry for love. We all just want to be loved. It's all anybody wants. Even people that kill other people is a cry for attention, a cry for something in them to feel better, which is perverse. So that little voice in your head, that's that's saying negative stuff you say? It's okay. What do you really want? What is this being really want or need in this moment? I don't really think that thought is helpful, but I hear you what's underneath that you face your thoughts with kindness and curiosity. Instead of pushing it away, you're going to reveal some stuff. And once you face it, it no longer has to come up anymore. And you'll notice that little negative voice just don't come up anymore. Yeah, I really, it's true.

Alex Ferrari 41:34
I treat a treat mine like a child. I'm like, okay, that's nice. Just sit in the backseat. I got it. I'm gonna thank you for your opinion. We're gonna keep moving on. Yeah, but I try to treat it with love. And not you know, the peace before you try to fight as you fight it, you lose. Because you're, it's just different. But if you accept that you can accept the thought that comes in through you like, okay, that's, that's you again. Okay. Thank you. I'm good. And let's move on. You know, it's not easy. Because that it's ego. Isn't that mostly? Ego?

Suzanne Giesemann 42:10
Yeah. When when you define ego as separation consciousness, I'm, it's I'm separate from everybody else. Now. I don't feel safe. I don't feel love. The ego needs wants you to perpetuate that. Because it remains in separation, when really what we're seeking is wholeness. That's the underlying reality. wholeness.

Alex Ferrari 42:34
So is that why would we find a loving relationship? It is a small glimpse into the love that we feel on the other side, this massive language of love, if you will.

Suzanne Giesemann 42:48
Yeah, that's that lack of separation. Suddenly, you're so connected. You want to be with them all the time. Oh, we have everything in common. I'll overlook the things we don't have in common I love right. And then over time, those things you don't have in common come up and there's the separation. You're no longer feeling the wholeness. When if you can realize there's an even greater wholeness around the two of you like, where's my little coin here? Yin and Yang, right? This is a partnership. So they may be completely opposite you at times, but you make up one hole so maybe they're not supposed to have everything in common with you.

Alex Ferrari 43:31
Yeah, heard Wayne Dyer said he's like, Oh, yes. When you see a relationship, everyone's I love you. I love you. Oh, you're the best. Oh, yeah. I love soup. You love soup? I love this movie. You love this movie. He goes, I gave him two weeks. It's It's so true. But I think that when you're looking for that partner, if we want to say romantic partner, you're, it's better to be opposites in many ways, but have core understandings that are together. Because if the core understandings are not, like, in a deeper way, like that's just morality, and certain things like that, that are core to the person, but you know, one, one person could be PC, one person could be Mac, but if they both have the core, they can they can coexist.

Suzanne Giesemann 44:12
That's right. And the thing I share this teaching on I do channeling sessions for charity every once in a while I have one coming up at the end of April. And in that one session, I shared that, you know, if you leave a partner because there are things about them that bug you that thing is going to come up in future partners because it's it's here for you to learn. It's that karma thing. And when that session was over the the head of the charity we were we were supporting offline. She said to me, Susanna, I'm about to get divorced for the third time. I think I finally get it. Good. She says you're right. Same issues in every guy.

Alex Ferrari 44:54
Maybe it's not the guy No For someone who's just starting their spiritual journey, do you have any advice on how they can begin this, this journey of spirituality to look inside to connect with source, if they're just starting out and really don't have the wealth of information that you have or knowledge,

Suzanne Giesemann 45:15
It comes back to those three E's we talked about, but find yourself a community to like the people that follow my work. We have a beautiful Facebook page and monthly webinars and, and a lot of people feel they're alone that nobody else is going through what they are, and they and they think they're the only one feeling this way. And you find out by conversing with others that it's a beautiful journey. And it's so much fun to share the synchronicities that start happening all the time, the magical moments, the wonder and the awe of it. So share what's happening, and you'll find people love to talk about this.

Alex Ferrari 45:50
Absolutely. Well, let me ask you this, because I found this in my life as well that you came out of the spiritual closet, as they say, from a very interesting background, to say the least. Now, do you find people from your past every once in a while we'll reach out to have private conversations about this woowoo stuff?

Suzanne Giesemann 46:12
Oh, yes. I just interviewed Dr. Carrie, Connie Mariano on my podcast. She was the White House doctor for nine years, a retired Navy admiral. And I outed her from the woowoo closet. She was, at least at first a little awkward. And I said, Well, what did you expect coming on my radar? But yeah, I have a couple of Colonel friends who are very much into this. And I've pretty much lost touch with with most of my colleagues just because of time. Sure. But I would probably be surprised. Not surprised. Sorry, not surprised to find that. They're interested because we all are

Alex Ferrari 46:56
At a deep level. This is an in do you see more of this more and more now from from the moment that you started this work? To now how much broader of interest is there this kind of stuff?

Suzanne Giesemann 47:06
Oh, no doubt about it. And certainly as every one of us get a little older, and the focus turns from family and career to what's next. And we really open up.

Alex Ferrari 47:16
Oh, yeah, yeah, it's, it's one thing when you're 12, or 15, or to 18. You don't think about these things when you're knocking on the door? Not that we are but as you get closer every year that goes by like, what's, what's next.

Suzanne Giesemann 47:28
You know, what's really awful. I was joking with somebody. Zoom takes away every line on your face.

Alex Ferrari 47:35
You look fantastic. You look fantastic.

Suzanne Giesemann 47:36
Yeah, but it's not so in person. There's a lot of little lines here. More and more than I get my publicity photos, updated every two years at the most, because I never want to be that person when they meet me in person and say, Oh my God, how old is her photo?

Alex Ferrari 47:57
It's like, it's like the old, the old. The old adage in in Hollywood. You never look at a headshot. Because you never you never look when you're doing a casting. You look at a headshot you like and then you see the person walking you like this, what 10 years ago, like, Are you like, what?

Suzanne Giesemann 48:11
Let's see now we've just slipped into the drama. And it's fun. And this is why do is here for this humorous part of it all. It's part of the whole journey.

Alex Ferrari 48:20
Is there humor on the other side, because spirituality seems to be so serious, they always

Suzanne Giesemann 48:25
There is there is my book Wolf's message, you know, he he's wolf across the veil is the one that told me write the book of my story. And I said, if I'm going to write this book, I need a really big sign because it would have to be a little book like that one by Mitch album. And two hours later, I opened my mail and there's a book from his parents by Mitch album. And I can just feel the cross. We'll go on good one. No. Oh, yes, there's there's fun humor, because it's a high vibe. They want us to balance the pain, with joy. The human Joy underneath it all is the joy of knowing. This is not all there is there's bliss. There is connection. We are truly all one being separate for now in appearances only

Alex Ferrari 49:21
Is what is the most important message or teaching that your guides have for humanity?

Suzanne Giesemann 49:27
I think I just shared it with you.

Alex Ferrari 49:30
That last one.

Suzanne Giesemann 49:32
But let's just ask the most important teaching for humanity in the moment what comes up as you are not alone?

Alex Ferrari 49:39
Yeah, it is so important because all of our problems stem from us thinking we're separate.

Suzanne Giesemann 49:45
Yeah, and, and so it's it's like a multi level question or answer. We're not alone at this level, but we have help and guidance

Alex Ferrari 49:54
On the other side. Reach out for it. Yeah. What do you on the other side? Who is If there's people ask all the time, who is on the other side helping us? And besides, like there's we've heard the spirit guides, angels, relatives, what what, who are who's this team?

Suzanne Giesemann 50:09
Yes, legions of angels and the masters, they need us Lightworkers people who have awakened to get the word out if we're going to evolve Now, ultimately, I said, to source it, it's not going to affect source. But we don't want this to be a failed experience. Right? We want to succeed. And angels. Hurrah. They're cheering us on. So they're going to help us

Alex Ferrari 50:41
Let me ask you about angels, if you don't mind, because originally, it was like when I heard the term angels, I was like, Oh, God, this is way too. This is way too Whoo. But then as as I've gone through the show, and I've spoken to more and more people who interact with angels and the concept of an angel and doing my own research on on this on this idea of angels. It seems so much more powerful than they were what is their part in this whole?

Suzanne Giesemann 51:08
First of all, I have to tell you, I'm exactly like you, I didn't even believe in angels. And they have just proven themselves over and over. I've highly recommend anybody that's interested, watch my video, Archangel Michael is real. It's my most popular video, people love him with good reason. They're just left zero doubt in my mind, zero. In my military mind, Archangel Michael is real. And it will definitely give you goosebumps and open your mind as well. They look think of it have ability to help larger larger groups, you have a spirit guide, everybody has a main spirit guide, they're assigned to you for life. They know every everything about you. That's a small focus, then you have certainly your soul families looking over the whole family, then you have angels that are helping large groups of people, and you have the archangels that can help all of humanity at once. It's like that it's a hierarchy. But they're the first to tell you nobody's more special than another. All creations are equal. Just a greater ability to influence others.

Alex Ferrari 52:19
And the Ascended Masters also play a part in that as well.

Suzanne Giesemann 52:22
Yeah, absolutely. You know that. So that was one of those. I'll ask it because I'm doing the interview

Alex Ferrari 52:28
A lot of a lot of these questions I asked because I'm doing an interview. But it's because I've had these conversations before with you and with others. But it's just, I asked,

Suzanne Giesemann 52:39
Can I make that point, though, it's so much conversations, when you sit in the power, the life force and you sit in this state of expanded awareness. It's so much more than a conversation, my prayers that everybody met, may it be your experience of truth. May you personally experience intervention in your life of higher power? It changes everything, asked for it. I mean, this, I go like this, I did I do this at least once, once a week, bring on the miracles. And I mean, it's my heart and they come one after another.

Alex Ferrari 53:17
Look, you want to talk about a miracle. This shows a miracle that I like you You are a miracle. Coming from your background and me coming from my background to do this kind of work is like what? Like, what is Are you serious? I'm sure what started you are like this doll. Not me.

Suzanne Giesemann 53:38
I was just excited. I just it was so beautiful, and the ability to serve others and help others, and peace and joy and love and happiness. That's right here. Oh my gosh, what a blessing.

Alex Ferrari 53:52
It's it. But it is a miracle truly. Because if you if someone would have told you this five years prior to the awakening, or five years prior to me starting this show, I wouldn't like whatever you're smoking, I don't want any. Nurses. I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Suzanne Giesemann 54:16
That would be finding your passion and sharing it with others.

Alex Ferrari 54:22
If you had a chance to go back to the little girl that used to be you, what advice would you give there?

Suzanne Giesemann 54:28
Don't depend on anybody outside you to love you know, you are so very loved.

Alex Ferrari 54:36
How do you define God?

Suzanne Giesemann 54:37
Total and absolute unity like your shirt.

Alex Ferrari 54:41
And what is the ultimate?

Suzanne Giesemann 54:44
God is not a shirt? That feels so flat, doesn't it? God is just so indescribable. So the answer would be different every time you asked.

Alex Ferrari 54:56
And I will ask the same question to you every time you're on the show. So we'll find different answers and what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Suzanne Giesemann 55:04
To be the presence of Love this life here in a body? The presence of Love is the expression of God.

Alex Ferrari 55:12
And one other question that just popped into my mind. Do we learn on the other side? And do we come here to learn more accelerated? Or is that the is that the answer?

Suzanne Giesemann 55:24
Yes, yes, absolutely. Learning continues across the veil. I see it all the time. When I do readings and connect with loved ones. They'll go like this. My eyes have been open. You won't even recognize me when you get over here. Not everybody's like that. Some people are moving really slowly across the veil. Is there a choice? It's always a choice. And then it's a choice to come back here because yeah, it's so much faster through the trials. The challenges, and

Alex Ferrari 55:49
T you're doing the cruise I hear a special cruise. Are you doing? Oh, a little bit about this. Tell us about the cruise you're doing.

Suzanne Giesemann 55:57
Here does the Navy officer. Most people don't realize I only went to see 10 days out or 20 years I was a shore serving officer, my husband was a ship's captain. So I had to retire to go to see my sailboat. But now, I've been asked to lead a cruise to Alaska in August. And we're calling it the awakened way cruise where I'm going to take all of these teachings and 14 hours during those eight days, seven nights at sea, we're going to gather in the main theater. And we're going to do teaching guided meditations. I'm going to channel my guides. And actually, Alex the last three weeks in meditation, I've been getting these downloads in my conversations with joy, that are having me completely rewrite what I thought we were going to talk about. It's the latest and greatest teaching from spirit with incredible practical tools. And this beautiful group of kindred spirits that just love to get together and talk about these things. But to do it in Alaska, but that scenery on a cruise ship, are you kidding me? It's going to be amazing, they still have plenty of room. So come along, come to see. And what's today, Today is August 12, to 19th Really, really cool opportunity.

Alex Ferrari 57:12
I will put the I will put a link in the show notes in the description of the video for people who are interested. And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work that you and your guides are doing.

Suzanne Giesemann 57:21
Right on my website. Suzannegiesemann.com also encourage you to download the awakened way app, which is free daily inspiration from Spirit everyday updated, beautiful with the little Oracle button on there. It's really fun. All kinds of good stuff happening.

Alex Ferrari 57:38
And do you have any parting messages or your guys have any parting messages for the audience?

Suzanne Giesemann 57:43
You are not this is a new one. It just occurred to me you're not stuck in a rut. It doesn't matter what your patterning your programming, your conditioning has been to this point. We can change in an instant with the intention and asking for help. And to set the intention to come from a place of love as often as possible will change your life faster than anything you can imagine. The doors will open. So know that you're not alone and you have help and use it.

Alex Ferrari 58:14
Suzanne, it is such a pleasure talking to you and the guides so much. You are welcome back anytime we will have you back before the year is out I'm sure yeah. But I appreciate you so much. And thank you for the amazing work you're doing in the world to awaken.

Suzanne Giesemann 58:29
Thank you. Thank you.

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