The Guides Speak! Wonderful Message We All Need Right Now! with Suzanne Giesemann

On today’s episode, we welcome the enlightening Suzanne Giesemann, a former Navy commander turned spiritual medium who bridges the realms of science, spirituality, and human consciousness. Suzanne’s remarkable journey from the structured life of the military to the expansive world of spiritual exploration offers profound insights into the nature of our existence and the connections that transcend the physical world.

Suzanne’s story begins with her distinguished military career, where she served as a commanding officer and special assistant to the head of the Navy. Her life took a dramatic turn after the tragic death of her stepdaughter, Susan, who was struck by lightning while pregnant. This devastating event propelled Suzanne into a quest for understanding and a deep exploration of the afterlife. “I said there has to be more than this. She has to still survive in some form as a soul,” Suzanne shares. Her subsequent experiences affirmed that we all survive beyond physical death and can communicate with our loved ones across the veil.

In our profound conversation, Suzanne Giesemann discusses the concept of soul planning, a transformative idea that suggests we map out our lives before incarnation to optimize our experiences and contribute to the evolution of consciousness. “We don’t come because we have to learn lessons like it’s some kind of punishment. It’s like, hey, if we can help the whole game evolve and everybody in it, what would be the best way to do that on an individual level?” she explains. This perspective shifts our understanding of life’s challenges, viewing them as opportunities for growth and collective advancement.

Suzanne also delves into the intersection of science and spirituality, particularly through the lens of quantum physics. She highlights how scientific advancements are beginning to validate ancient spiritual teachings, offering a more integrated view of reality. “Scientists are coming around,” she notes, emphasizing the growing recognition of consciousness as a fundamental aspect of the universe. This convergence opens new avenues for exploring the nature of existence and our place within it.

A significant part of Suzanne’s work involves connecting with spirit guides and higher consciousness. She explains that spirit guides are always with us, offering guidance and support throughout our lives. “They said, we’ll be with you every step of the way. You may forget who you are, but we will be here,” she recounts. This understanding provides comfort and reassurance, reminding us that we are never truly alone and that we can always turn to our guides for assistance.


  1. Soul Planning and Growth: Our lives are mapped out to optimize experiences and contribute to the collective evolution of consciousness. This perspective helps us understand and navigate life’s challenges with a sense of purpose.
  2. Science and Spirituality Converge: The growing intersection of quantum physics and spiritual teachings offers a more integrated understanding of reality, highlighting the fundamental role of consciousness.
  3. Guidance from Higher Realms: We are always supported by spirit guides and higher consciousness, providing reassurance and guidance throughout our journey.

Suzanne’s insights into the nature of reality, consciousness, and our interconnectedness offer a transformative view of life. Her experiences as a medium and her deep understanding of the spiritual realms provide a roadmap for those seeking to explore the mysteries of existence and connect with their higher selves. By integrating these teachings into our daily lives, we can navigate our path with greater clarity, purpose, and love.

Please enjoy my conversation with Suzanne Giesemann.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 174

Suzanne Giesemann 0:00
Before we come and become players, we map out a kind of plan that's going to optimize our experience here we don't come because we have to learn lessons like it's some kind of punishment. It's like, hey, if if we can help the whole game evolve and everybody in it, what would be the best way to do that on an individual level?

Alex Ferrari 0:30
I've been able to partner with Mindvalley to present you guys FREE Masterclass is between 60 and 90 minutes, covering Mind Body Soul Relationships, and Conscious Entrepreneurship, taught by spiritual masters, yogi's spiritual thought leaders and best selling authors. Just head over to

I like to welcome back to the show Suzanne Giesemann how you doing Suzanne?

Suzanne Giesemann 1:07
Great, Alex, good to be here again.

Alex Ferrari 1:09
Thank you so much for coming back on the show. I had such a good time. Last time you were here. And you are one of my favorite channels because I use you as a reference point that people will go channeling it seems insane. I go it is. But here are a few people and I and appointed you're always on that list. And like she used to be in the military. She was very, you know, even if she's not like she wasn't like hanging out on Venice Beach. And then one day decided to be a channel that she was a serious person and she still is but your your heritage into this world is is something that people go. Yeah. Which is I'm sure you've run into that a lot.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:49
I'm very grateful for that background, because what we're sharing is so important for for individuals and for humanity. And if it helps people pay attention and say maybe I can listen to this woman that's outstanding.

Alex Ferrari 2:01
So can you tell the audience for people who didn't listen to our first conversation just a little bit about you and your in your history?

Suzanne Giesemann 2:07
Yes, sure. I spent 20 years in the Navy going up through the ranks and retired with the rank of commander. I was a commanding officer. For one tour, I was special assistant to the head of the Navy for another and in my last job, I was the aide the number one right right hand person for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that's the head of the US military. So really, his his principal job was an advisor to the president. I've met six standing presidents and flew on Air Force One with with the President. So a really fun and awesome background. And then I retired after 911 Because I was up close and personal with events at the Pentagon flew over Manhattan on our way back to the Pentagon that day, the last person in US airspace, less aircraft and airspace, there were about 10 of us aboard that aircraft. And I just said, man, it's time to retire with all of this, I want to go live my dream which was to sail off into the sunset with my husband on our sailboat. And we did that. And then life caught up with me with the very unexpected death of my stepdaughter. 27 year old Marine Sergeant struck and killed by lightning at work at her Marine Corps Air Station six months pregnant with our first and only grandchild. And that's what took my life, you know, 180 turn, I said there has to be more than this. She has to still survive in some form as a soul. And I have news for everybody. We all do. We all survive. We all can learn to communicate with our loved ones who have passed, because I just opened up that ability after Susan passed in ways that I never expected because I had no idea before all of this that I had any abilities or that there was even a viable afterlife. But I can guarantee you now there is.

Alex Ferrari 3:57
That's the amazing, amazing. So like I was saying earlier, your your credentials prior to your channeling. And if you want to hear a little bit more about how Suzanne dealt with the channeling when it came into her life. You can listen to the first episode, which I'll put in the show notes. But I'm going to ask you a handful of deep questions about the universe about why we're here things like you know, just simple coffee talk kind of

Suzanne Giesemann 4:21
Yeah, but let me let me preface any answers that I give you, Alex in that I have learned exactly what Einstein said long time ago. No question is ever solved at the same level of which it originated. No problem. So no question is best answered from here. That's the human level. So any question you ask me, even if I think I know the answer, I'm going to shift and talk to higher consciousness as I've learned to do and then I just asked everybody, plus the answers, how they feel in your heart. I can't guarantee they're right, but they're the best that I can get at the moment and if they speak to your heart then go with it.

Alex Ferrari 4:58
Exactly right. So my first call Should is, are we live? Are we living in an illusion? Are we living in Maya as they, as they say?

Suzanne Giesemann 5:08
The answer is yes and no. To us this reality is very real. And it is what is real, anything that can be created in consciousness, which is the ground of all reality. The illusion part of it, the Yes, part is that this is the only reality, the illusion is that we are separated from one big web that connects us to higher consciousness, when you forget that when you're not aware of that, you suffer. So it's, it's a paradox, but both are true.

Alex Ferrari 5:39
So this isn't, this isn't an illusion, but it is an illusion, it is the reality of one of many realities, the the illusion is that we're not connected.

Suzanne Giesemann 5:48
That's right. And it's, it's very much like a simulation. And at a higher level, our souls come here to experience this and to experiment, all the ways we can choose to react to things. So there is a higher level of us that is actually observing this, but when we forget that, at this human level, that's when we go awry. It's also a bit like a dream state. From the higher perspective, you wake up from your dreams in the morning, and you say, oh, but it seems so real. And it was while you were dreaming, right? So who's to say we don't wake up from this reality when we die and say, but it seems so real.

Alex Ferrari 6:29
This is just a really advanced video game. In many ways, we have a, we have a player on the other side, who's watching us and moving us around, we're not aware that we're players, or avatars in a game system or simulation. We're kind of like, it's it's the most advanced technology,

Suzanne Giesemann 6:47
Right beyond anything we can imagine. Fact Alex, just the other day, I had a real upset in a relationship. And I mean, it really, it took legs out from under me. And and and that doesn't happen very often these days because of the tools I have. And I, I've learned to say help me out here. And I heard this voice saying it's us simulate Shawn. In other words, you forgot, stop taking it. So seriously, get above it and look down at it. And then you really get some perspective.

Alex Ferrari 7:17
So when we say simulation, there's now science is starting to come up with the simulation theory, quantum physics. And they're kind of I think some some quantum physicists actually did the math. And they said, No, there's a really good chance that this is a simulation, and the math actually proves it. What is your feeling about science kind of interact, it's starting to intersect with, with spirituality catching up almost, because a lot of the concepts that science and quantum physics are starting to explain have been ideas and concepts have been around for 1000s of years in spiritual text.

Suzanne Giesemann 7:50
Well, look at science, I'm not I was a liberal arts major. So I won't talk about things I don't understand, other than to say that science can only study from within what they're trying to study. And they don't go outside of it, like we do when we go to meditation. So they can only study objectively, what we can look at subjectively, which completely changes the picture, but doesn't make it not real. So scientists are coming around. I love the work of people like Jude caravan, who she has a PhD in science, and he is very woowoo, as many people would call me. And the marriage of the two brings about some very eye opening ways of looking at this world and brings love into the concept which changes everything.

Alex Ferrari 8:37
Without question. Now, can you explain soul planning, which is a concept a lot of people, especially if you're stuck in a religious in a religion that doesn't talk about these kinds of things? Can you explain it a little bit?

Suzanne Giesemann 8:50
Sure. If you do accept the concept that this is a bit of a simulation, let's not get locked into that it's a metaphor. Then before we come and become players, we map out a kind of plan that's going to optimize our experience here, we don't come because we have to learn lessons. Like it's some kind of punishment. It's like, hey, if if we can help the whole game evolve, and everybody in it, what would be the best way to do that on an individual level, I can guarantee you at a soul level, I plan to have this military career and be very left brain and in this huge surprise and have a big turn around. I'm helping 10s of 1000s hundreds of 1000s of people have their own turnarounds as a result of it, we all have certain milestones, certain things that we plan to accomplish in this life and then through free will because it's not all planned up to the detail. We make little twists and turns and hopefully come back on path and achieve some of the the experiences that we came here to have as have those experiences, but also raise our consciousness so that when we cross the veil, our fellow souls across the veil say, so what do you bring us? How much more love did you leave behind? How did you grow?

Alex Ferrari 10:09
Do you? Do you think that your, your transformation in this lifetime was really not only planned but necessary because your credentials add so much credibility to this woowoo space? And if someone like yourself comes into this space, it automatically changes the paradigm a little bit. Do you? Do you think that's the case?

Suzanne Giesemann 10:33
Well, that's exactly what I was saying in the answer to the last one. I know that was part of the plan. In fact, it's fun when you're when you're psychic, and you have a reading with another psychic, but you don't tell them anything about you. I did that recently. Psychic and she say something, you know, you were supposed to marry your husband, to marry your husband. It has something to do with the work you're doing. Now. She went on and on. And I'm just sitting there laughing because my husband is a retired Navy captain. And it's his daughter who passed our Susan. And absolutely, I had to marry him. Because through Susan's passing, and now I know she's fine, I've connected with her. I have gone down this path and my teaching, and my daily messages, I get everything that comes through me truly helps. I said hundreds of 1000s earlier, but like you, I've had millions of views of my YouTube videos. So that's all because of Susan. And that's all because I married her dad. And that's like, axon. This is all part of that plan.

Alex Ferrari 11:33
Now, you mentioned that you talk to your guides, many times is that correct? Absolutely. So can you can you explain the concept of a spirit guide and how we, you know, and what our interactions with our own spirit guides are?

Suzanne Giesemann 11:49
Yeah, picture this way, you're sitting around the table as a soul, planning your life here in human form. And you have these other beings with you. This is all metaphor, of course. But they are a little bit wiser. They've already been in human form. They know what you're getting into. And like, man, you're taking on a tough assignment, are you sure you're up for that? And you say, Yeah, put me and put me in, I'm ready. And they said, well, we'll be with you every step of the way. You may forget who you are. But we will be here. And we'll do our best to whisper in your ear. And there will come a time when you forget. But you will also remember and we'll be here for you throughout it all. So just call on us. It's all you have to do is ask us anything. And if it serves the greater good, we'll help you out with that.

Alex Ferrari 12:28
So how do they communicate with us?

Suzanne Giesemann 12:32
In whatever way they can get through to you with me, I hear them clearly. But they also guide me to specific books that I have already or some on Amazon literally they'll say, you know, you have five books on your nightstand look at this one tonight. And it's for word what came through in meditation that morning when they speak to me very clearly just as validation that this is not something I'm making up. They will snag your attention with something like a billboard you look up and it's the direct answer to a question you asked earlier. Synchronicity is another way. So again, maybe some of you listening have an open up a clear enough communication that you realize those brilliant thoughts are not all your own. They're coming from your guides. But if you're open to ask the question, you'll start getting answered maybe from somebody that crosses your path and they tell you exactly what you needed. Well, what got them to cross your path, right then it's this big web that we're part of everything's connected.

Alex Ferrari 13:32
You said the word synchronicity Can you explain what that word is?

Suzanne Giesemann 13:36
Yeah, that's, that's coincidences that are timely, and meaningful, and cannot be denied that there's something beyond mere chance.

Alex Ferrari 13:46
I mean, there's so many times that that has happened in my life, I'm sharing yours as well that you just go. And this can't be like, I got that phone call just at the time that I needed it, or I bumped into this person at the right time, or

Suzanne Giesemann 13:58
I have a good one for you, Google, please, please, really fresh one. And we have a new app. It's called awakened way. My teaching is called the awakened way of living consciously and connected. And so a lot of people are now downloading the awakened weight app. And Mike, it's it's updated daily with the messages that I get from spirits. So really nice to have positive inspiration every day coming in, rather than just the depressing news. Right? So my favorite feature on the app is where you can push a button, ask a question of spirit. What do I need right now? What guidance do I need and you push this inspire button? And it draws from the whole library of 5000 of these messages that are in the app. It's free, by the way. So this lady wrote to me yesterday to tell me that her brother just died last Saturday. And before he died, she asked her mother who died several years ago. I hope you'll be there to greet our brother when he passes and she said to her brother, even though he was unconscious, be looking for mom. I No, she'll be there to greet you. So she goes to the app yesterday or the day before her brothers just died. She asked spirit, what guidance do I have? What message do you have for me? She pushes the Inspire button. And up comes a daily message I kid you not. It says, it's great to be with my mom. Now, that message, it was it doing in my daily messages. That's not like the daily message. It turns out, it was one of my random posts back in 2014. When I put a personal message to everybody who subscribed to these daily messages. It wasn't like my normal one. But it came up exactly. As she needed to hear it. Some people could say that's a coincidence. I know. That's how Spirit speaks to us. That's a synchronicity.

Alex Ferrari 15:49
That's a one to 5000 chance of happening, essentially. Just pretty, pretty, pretty lucky of a drop. Is that there really is it from what I understand there's really no luck. Luck doesn't really come into play a lot of time. No, there's just guidance and things are moving along. And and please love to hear your thoughts about this. As I found this in my life that once I surrendered, and really allowed my, my path to be guided, things started to happen. doors started to open up because I truly give not like ego word saying, oh, yeah, yeah, give it no truly surrender to the universe to, to whatever guidance I'm supposed to be having. And then the doors started to open. And things started to happen, life became easier, as opposed to me trying to force my will on something that you just keep continuously bumping up against your head, and you just grind and grind. And the second you let go, it just all kind of flowed so beautifully. And, and this show is a perfect example of that. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Suzanne Giesemann 17:00
That is the key right there. Because when you're trying and you think you have to do it all that's in only human mode separate me limited in a box to surrender means something within you admits there's something to surrender to. And that would be a higher power, whatever you want to call it. So that just shows a willingness to say, okay, maybe there is something guiding me. So guide me. And when you have that openness, and it comes from the heart because the head won't go with it. The head says it thinks I have to do it this way. When you open your heart and with a sense of curiosity and wonder and maybe a little bit of magical feel like wouldn't it be awesome? If I really am guided, then the awesomeness starts, it's brutally wonderous. So Spirit will guide you and open doors for you. When you when you say, I'm part of a team with you, I'm not a pawn, but I say pull my strings like a puppet. Because when you do it is so much better than when I tried to act on my own. But we do have to act. So we're we're not saying you know, make everything wonderful for me. In fact, we learn from our pain, unfortunately. So I pray often made my lessons be as painless as possible. Like, absolutely guide me. And when that pain comes, then guide me again, to see what there is to learn from this.

Alex Ferrari 18:29
And that brings me to my next question. I found this to be this happened to me in my life so many times that I've I've victimized myself, I've lived in a victim mode, where life is happening to me. And only recently that I realized that life is happening for me. And that switch is so so powerful in your life that you could just make that that switch that little flip and your whole life opens up differently would you agree?

Suzanne Giesemann 18:58
And I would and the reason it does is because you are gaming spirit consciousness form through which to express itself. Because there is no God in my understanding that has a body. Right we are all the arms and legs and voice of this consciousness to express itself through you and if consciousness is love, which is lack of separation, total connectedness, then we are here to be God's way of expressing that love. So life happens for you to be here and do what you do best, which is love. But we forget that when we get into only human mode, so you can read, regenerate, rejuvenate, re energize your purpose, or being here just by giving somebody hand resting your hand on an arm saying something loving suddenly you feel that connection again. You feel alive, we get so stuck on what's in it for me, me, me, me. Just turn that love outwards with caring, compassion, attention, appreciation and gratitude outside of yourself, and you automatically ignite your heart.

Alex Ferrari 20:19
Now we spoke about spirit guides, any advice on how we can ask for help or get help from our guides?

Suzanne Giesemann 20:26
Yes, go to YouTube and type in sip of the Divine. That's my three minute practice. It's called a meditation that people say I don't have time to meditate. But anybody can take three minutes a day guide you through this simple practice of shutting out the external world and asking a question, it's like having a genie in a bottle. But you realize it's not a genie, its source? And how to ask the question and get an answer every day. And then you carry that throughout your day, that type of practice. So the sip of the Divine it stands for sit in peace. And couldn't we all use a bit of that?

Alex Ferrari 21:03
So do you find that the closer you are to source, the better that line of communication is, as opposed to when you're farther and more entrenched in the worldly problems and kind of the muck of this reality. You become farther disconnected from source. That's where the anger and the frustration and all this kind of stuff. But as you get closer, you can you can tune into these things a lot easier. At least I found that in my life.

Suzanne Giesemann 21:28
It's so true, but the English language, we have to be really careful with it. I know exactly what you mean, Alex, but we cannot be disconnected from it. We cannot be far away from it only through awareness. So the more the less aware we are that we are a direct extension always connected to source, the more connected you are, and you have these synchronicities. So if your life is not flowing, you keep hitting a wall if you're feeling all these less comfortable human emotions, like fear and anger and judgment, jealousy, all of that. unworthiness, doubt, all of those things. That simply because you've lost awareness that the source is flowing through you, breathing you, in fact, right now.

Alex Ferrari 22:10
No question I've gotten asked a few times I'd love to hear your thoughts on it is what are our loved ones doing? On the other side? I mean, we got stuck. We got Netflix here. What do they have? Are they just chilling, and the clouds like what we have

Suzanne Giesemann 22:28
Definitely watching over us. Every time I do a session for a client, they tell me current events in their loved ones lives now that I couldn't possibly know about, like, Oh, you just ate some popcorn last night? Or you watch something called Lollapalooza. What is that? Yes, I did. And why does my loved one know that because they're watching over you, they know about it. So and they can be in multiple places at once. It's not like in human form consciousness can multitask at the higher levels once we no longer have a body so that they check in on loved ones. Do they see you in the shower and all that everybody always wants to know that? Yeah, and they don't care. Because once you lose the body, it's nothing. It's us humans that have hang ups about things like that. They do give you your privacy. Absolutely. So don't freak out about that. But they are very much aware of your thoughts. So what are we trying to hide? Right? If we could just be open and honest with each other we would live like we do as souls already. The those who didn't get to accomplish certain things in human form, Alex, they, they tell me across the veil, what they do that is related to that case in point one man came through. So clearly, when I was connecting him with his wife, she was my client. She says, Can my husband tell you what he's doing now? So I asked him, and it seemed really funny. But I said, he says clear as day. I'm standing firmly on two feet and playing golf every day. Why would you want to play golf across the veil? Right? You can do anything, you can create anything because it's like lucid dreaming, right? She said, Oh, I'm so happy to hear that because Golf was his passion. I didn't know that. And just before he died shortly before his leg was amputated, and he could no longer stand on two feet. Now how's that for evidence?

Alex Ferrari 24:25
So in the other side, then then people are souls can't create their own almost like What Dreams May Come like you create the world that you want in like a world of painting because he's that world was beautiful. Is that kind of what it is?

Suzanne Giesemann 24:40
Oh, very, very much like that. In fact, on the awakened way app and on my website on the gifts page is a download I got from spirit in a free ebook called awakening. At the end of it is a huge download I got from spirit that explains what it's like for us across the veil and the various levels we go through as we decide. Okay, so I played Enough golf now got about 20 holes in one's kind of been there, done that check. So now maybe I won't need to play golf and I'm gonna go up here and learn a little more and maybe now I don't even need this body anymore. But they are always available to us because we're always connected through the heart by consciousness. So don't be afraid that they won't be there for you.

Alex Ferrari 25:18
And when you say that souls on the other side can be multitasking. I always I have I have a running joke with my near death experience guests. I'm like, Jesus is busy. He's He's constantly showing up at everyone's near death experience.

Suzanne Giesemann 25:35
I mean it's what I meant by no he's not he's not too busy because he's one of the greatest multitaskers everybody that's what it brings to him right but he prays to him but he being this incredibly high consciousness he will come to anyone and if you need evidence, he'll give it to you. I put another video about my experiences with him. And I was not raised with any religion yet there is zero doubt in my mind that he will come to those who asked him for guidance as a great teacher and model of unconditional love.

Alex Ferrari 26:06
Now I'd love to know if your guides are familiar I'm sure they are but familiar with Baba Ji and his work in the in this in this world and being connected with Ascended Masters. Do you are you familiar with Baba Ji?

Suzanne Giesemann 26:21
Only by name but I couldn't tell you anything about him.

Alex Ferrari 26:23
Okay, but yeah, he's the the he's an avatar and Hindu and a Hindu tradition

Suzanne Giesemann 26:30
Was Yogananda. Yogananda. And

Alex Ferrari 26:33
That's his, that's his lineage. Yes. So it comes all the way back there. But I didn't know if your guides knew anything about the work that he does here and all that kind of stuff

Suzanne Giesemann 26:41
Not specifically and I would have to probably go into a deeper state to access info about that.

Alex Ferrari 26:45
Okay. Just curious. Now, can you explain karma and reincarnation to people?

Suzanne Giesemann 26:53
I will just tell you that they just said he is a true master so.

Alex Ferrari 26:57
Okay, so he didn't just pop in? Yeah, it was. Yeah, Baba Ji is a very interesting, interesting soul, as they say. Without question. I haven't he's, he's he always sits right behind me. Oh, okay. That's fine. He's in the painting behind me as well with all the other Jesus and the other Ascended Masters as the Yogananda and looking here at Maha Shiva and a bunch of others. But so, can you explain karma and reincarnation as you know it to be as

Suzanne Giesemann 27:24
Yeah, as I understand that karma are the guides are using the word propensities that we come into this life with certain characteristics that we want to work on, so that when we return from this life, we've we've upgraded that characteristic to the purest that it can be, and it folds back into the wholeness that the soul already is. So we may have had previous lives when we didn't really grasp or do the best said, expressing a certain loving vibration. And so we bring that with us into this life to work on it some more. I know what my propensities are, and they come up over and over and over again. But Karma can be cleared up instantly, just by remembering you are all ready whole, and embodying that boom, gone. So once you get that and really get it and live from that place, do you even need to come back again? No, you don't need to come back. Even if you don't get it. It's a choice at the soul level. I know we do come back and go round and round didn't used to really give that much credence before but there's been so much evidence about it. And my guides speak about it a lot. But if I could just preempt questions you might get Alex, everybody wants to know what what happens if my loved one reincarnates before I cross over, I want to see him again. It's human thinking that says all or nothing, my loved one reincarnates and that's it. Thank soul, wispy spirit wholeness, think of the soul like a deck of cards. And this lifetime is literally the hand you're dealt for certain experiences, that hand folds back into the deck. And it's not dealt exactly the same again. So your loved one as an aspect of consciousness will always be part of that soul will always be available to you. Now before you pass an after, even if another hand of that soul is being played right now that contains the essence of your loved one because it comes from the same soul.

Alex Ferrari 29:34
So very similar to if I may go back to my analogy of the video game player, the players up top he's playing one game down here and someone walks into the room like yeah, I'm just playing the game down here but I'm here to talk to you as well. So like the kind of the Senate scenario like the game is playing, which is our life and the player is in a room eating hot Cheetos, obviously.

Suzanne Giesemann 29:54
We always say popcorn, my members, my assistants and I when we get really embroiled in something here we just run As up to the balcony may say, Oh, they're gonna do that again. They're gonna make a big mistake. No, don't do it. Oh, pass the popcorn.

Alex Ferrari 30:09
Let's just watch this. It seems like it seems like the other side. Souls on the other side we are the Netflix of the other side like we are the most entertaining show there isn't it?

Suzanne Giesemann 30:20
And probably and I know Alex, you're making light of this and I do too. But and I know a lot of people that are watching are suffering and just want relief. But the beautiful thing is having been there last child stepchild at the the depths of the grief that life can bring to us. I can promise everybody, when you come to this realization of who you are and start living the awakened way that I share, you will find joy again, you will laugh again. And you will cry again. It does not make life instantly rosy. Not at all. But you get tools and you know that you can turn to higher consciousness to help you anytime.

Alex Ferrari 31:03
Now, when you're saying this, I love the analogy of the deck of cards. That's a beautiful analogy to the soul and being able to do multiple things at the same time. Can a soul live multiple lives or multiple experiences at the same time? Or is it just so please explain

Suzanne Giesemann 31:19
why. And I believe I got that analogy from Dr. Christopher bass, who did some experiments with hallucinogens over a 20 year period has some fabulous books about consciousness. He's a former university professor. And I had a wonderful conversation with him. So I definitely want to give credit to him for that card deck analogy. The multiple lives at one time, well, why not? We are thinking in linear terms. We're in the realm of time and space here. But the soul is outside of time and space. So absolutely. That could be happening at once. But right now my guides are giving me that watch out, you'll blow up people's minds.

Alex Ferrari 31:59
Go to I told you I was gonna have some deep questions. So you tell me when to stop and not go too far. Yeah, and it's very true. Sometimes when I even when I talk about concepts like we're talking about now with people who are outside of this. And they're curious if they're, you could see the smoke coming out of their ears. It starts to really it goes, it just starts the gears start to crank

Suzanne Giesemann 32:21
And yet we crave more of it because the soul inside is saying Now do you remember yet you're getting closer not be going a little off track there. But get back here. Oh my God has brought me back on track. So clearly one time when I was getting into really weird out there stuff. And they gave me the most stunning lesson that they are here. And they brought me right back to love, love.

Alex Ferrari 32:42
When you say outside stuff, what do you mean by outside stuff like just your world, your world stuff outside, and you're

Suzanne Giesemann 32:47
Just you know, getting into things about ETs and star seeds and dolphins and knots and stuff that Navy officers don't normally do. And all of it good and all of it valid. But my mission I know is to help bring more mainstream people into awareness of higher consciousness. And if I start talking about that stuff, I won't fulfill my mission. And that's why they said stick to the basics consciousness, love, connectedness, the awakened way.

Alex Ferrari 33:24
This is your path. There's others who speak walk the other path.

Suzanne Giesemann 33:27
But this is nothing wrong with that. And grace, we have a lot of validity to it. But I'm just kept in my lane.

Alex Ferrari 33:35
Exactly like if you're a basketball player don't start playing football. So I've heard the concept or the word of Christ Consciousness thrown around so much over in many texts and things like that. Can you explain to the audience what Christ consciousness is?

Suzanne Giesemann 33:55
I sure can. And I want to ask everybody watching to imagine what it's like to wake up like I did one morning and hear my guides, whispered to me stellate a dodecahedron. And I said, if that's a real thing, this is a level of connection I've been dreaming of, I write it down. And they said, and you will find it in that book that you just bought. I go to the back index, and there it is. stellate a dodecahedron. So I turned to page 66, or whatever wherever it was 65 I don't know. And it is the alleged good shape of this alleged good Christ Consciousness grid around the earth and energetic that pattern, the energetic pattern stellate a dodecahedron is a dodecahedron with a point in between all of the shapes on that dodecahedron still laid and made like a star. So this this grid this energetic grid, the Christ consciousness grid, allegedly is and I know it's but It's all theory until we can prove it is getting brighter and brighter and brighter as each of us come to know. I am one with source. This is what Jesus the Christ taught, I and the Father are one. But Christ in Christ Consciousness is not alluding to Jesus, it's alluding to anyone who understands we are one with consciousness, the source. So Christ Consciousness is the same as unity consciousness. So the more you come to know that you cannot be separated from this source that breathes you That's love, you turn and tap into it, you're tapping into all of consciousness, the more we come to know that our light, literally the our inner light, energy turns up and burns brighter, that light never goes out. So as each person comes to Christ consciousness, the grid lights up, where you have your little light in the grid. So more and more and more of us are lighting up. That's how each of us does make a difference. It's like a little dimmer switch. And my guides have joked over the years, you don't think you're making progress as humanity. Think about the Dark Ages, you've come a long way. And yet, from their viewpoint, looking at that Christ Consciousness grid, from Dark Ages, we've risen to what they jokingly call the dim ages, gone from dark to dim. But we can look around and read the headlines and see we have a long way to go. So more people come to Christ consciousness. But as they do, it's like ding, ding, ding, ding, lighten up that grid. And that's what programs like yours do that

Alex Ferrari 36:51
I was about to say, the work that you're doing in the work that I'm doing is helping that along. And there seems to be, there does seem to be an awakening, there does seem to be much more information. I mean, this conversation we're having imagine this 30 years ago, Oh, see, that was the thing.

Suzanne Giesemann 37:07
It's the information that does that I just bought a piano. I haven't played piano for 45 years. And I took lessons from Mr. Smith, who I had to learn his method, I had no other way of learning, it was so limited. And now I have these online apps and all these videos, and I can see how people do it. It's almost overwhelming. And so is my progress with the piano. So can you extrapolate that to people who are coming into form now, versus in the past, all this information about our connectedness and the science and spirituality is available, it's almost overwhelming, but we're going like this,

Alex Ferrari 37:45
it's hockey sticking, if you will, it's starting to really, literally go faster and faster and faster. And go, the sooner the better.

Suzanne Giesemann 37:54
Yeah, because unfortunately, the internet will also take us down into black holes, but the soul will keep us on track. And that's what the guides tell us all the time. You know, you are being guided, and we'll make sure that you don't do yourselves in.

Alex Ferrari 38:08
That's always nice. That's always nice to know, I can sleep tonight.

Suzanne Giesemann 38:13
You can sleep tonight, because I can guarantee you there is no death, the physical body may die, but we're going to go on no matter what happens here. But it would be really nice if we get to, you know, stay around here a little while.

Alex Ferrari 38:25
Enjoy enjoy the enjoy the journey. Enjoy the journey a little bit. Now, what was the concept of Christ consciousness? That leads me to the concept of Ascended Masters, which is also something that's been talked about a lot. Can you explain to the audience what an Ascended Master is?

Suzanne Giesemann 38:42
Yes, it is a soul across the veil, who has decided they've had enough time, many of them in human form, laying and interacting at lower levels of consciousness, they have raised their consciousness so much that they can affect very large groups of consciousness, if not all of humanity, and they don't need to come back down to our level. So that's why souls like Jesus and Archangels can work at the whole level of humanity level.

Alex Ferrari 39:14
So Jesus and someone like yoga, someone like yoga Nanda and Barbra Jean's these kind of yogic Saint Germain, and these kinds of figures throughout history and there's many many many of them for throughout cultures and borders and so on and so forth. It's not just

Suzanne Giesemann 39:30
I you know, the Navy officer me when I hear myself talking about talking to Archangel Michael, Alex, I didn't even use to believe in angels, let alone Archangels but I had the most irrefutable, undeniable, stunning interaction as a result of a conversation and meditation with Archangel Michael, there's a video online about Archangel Michael is real. That's the one I did. And you just can't You can't deny it. It you can't deny it from the evidence.

Alex Ferrari 39:56
So that was was going to be another question our angels Real and what are the difference between? Like, can you explain what an angel is? What an archangel is? Is it like City of Angels? Do they come down and chill out with us? Things like that.

Suzanne Giesemann 40:13
I have I actually don't watch many much TV or movies. So I haven't seen City of Angels I should. Okay, so I'm going to just tune in here to I know this answer myself, but angels are a higher level of consciousness, who understand that all this love and come into interaction with you from a non physical level and at times of physical level, to ensure that you have learned this greatest of lessons that all this love. So they're showing me right now angels effect that can affect this larger grouping, and then Archangels all of humanity. So angels is kind of in our human hierarchy, a little bit of a lower level than Archangels. But they are messengers is what the term actually means messengers from the higher realms that that we are protected. We're watched over, and we're loved.

Alex Ferrari 41:08
And, and, and then and then the concepts of like Archangel Michael and Gabriel, I found that these, these are, from my understanding Christian, I came from the Bible if I'm correct, or where did those names come from? Are these just the names that they just because we associate is there like an actual art Archangel Michael, whose name is Michael,

Suzanne Giesemann 41:29
The guides telling me now that we humans need names to differentiate each other, they know the different Archangels by their frequency and their mission, if you want to put it that way. So we as a collective consciousness of humans have agreed this one, as Michael told me, who comes to stand for all those who stand for love and freedom is going to be known and is known as Michael, this one is for healing, and that is Raphael, that sort of thing.

Alex Ferrari 41:56
And Gabriel is all back. So so that's the archangel. Okay. Is there a way for us to connect? Is there any advice on how to connect with your own either guardian angel

Suzanne Giesemann 42:05
Back to my sip of the Divine, it's all goes down to your intention, your attention, your focus, shifting your focus to whoever it is you intend to connect with doing it in the silence, sitting in peace, and shutting out the outer world, and then being open and receptive to what ever since in response?

Alex Ferrari 42:27
Now, we've talked about spirit guides, we've talked about Archangels. What? And I've heard this from people in near death experiences, there's not only one or two, you know, entities souls with us at all times. They're their spirit guides. There's obviously relatives or loved ones. There possibly Archangel, can you talk about the group of people, group of entities that are around us helping us well, some people have a few, some people the bigger the mission, the bigger the, the the team.

Suzanne Giesemann 42:57
So they're called your soul family. And you'll recognize all of them. When you cross the veil and we play we interact with them at different levels in different lifetimes here. So somebody, my stepdaughter, who passed, she gave me absolute, verifiable, undeniable evidence that in another lifetime, she was my mother. I mean, it just sounds stupid. But like I'm having I have a little trinket here on my desk that she led me to, after showing it to me, when she came through and told me that I said, Susan, I can't believe you were my mother. This is a stretch. And she showed me this little pink Faberge egg. I was in London at the time. And I'm like, well, that's a Russian thing. Why are you showing me that and she just said, that's all the proof you'll need. And that night, I was in a hotel at Gatwick airport waiting to go out the next morning, fly back to the States. And she came to me and she said, go to the gift store in the lobby. Okay, I said I've learned to say yes, if as long as it's not harmful, I'm walking by the gift store. I look up. And there it is. Exactly what she showed me. Now, how does that happen? Right? That's just crazy stuff. Right? But I had another example of that. What was the original question?

Alex Ferrari 44:06
The group, the soul family? And how many and how many? How many are with us?

Suzanne Giesemann 44:12
So the reason we're not aware of all these beings around us is because they are not in a different place. Alex, they're in consciousness which is not geo located. It is present everywhere. It just is. Once you no longer have a body you are a frequency a signal information energy that exists outside of time and space. So your loved ones energy is so familiar to you, you don't recognize it like the hair on your head if you have any hair. You're not aware of it right now. Until the wind blows and then oh, that's my hair your you become aware of it so you're not aware of your guides in with you your loved ones around you until they whisper your name Amer send you a signal I had if I could just take a minute to tell this magical moment. We were building a new house and everyday this house checking on the progress and my neighbor was with me. We were checking the latest improvements and she pulls over the brand open the brand new kitchen drawers and she says hey Suzanne look, they put in little inserts in your drawer. You're gonna put a knife knife, knife, fork, fork, spoon spoon, and I said, No, I ran. I put it in spoon, spoon, fork fork knife. And she said, No, it goes this way. My husband's across the room. He starts backing up like, I'm not gonna get in between two women arguing over silverware. Wise Man, right, very. The next day, my friend Irene had a reading with a medium. She tests mediums for the organization helping parents heal, to have children across the veil to test mediums evidence. In that reading. My stepdaughter Susan showed up to the medium. The medium said you have a neighbor who has a daughter who died. She said yes I do. That's me. She said, Well, that girl is here now saying there's some joke about silverware between you two, Holy mackerel. I said sign that medium up. She's good. But my point of all of this was, I was totally unaware that Susan was standing there with me. And I'm a medium. And she's my stepdaughter. So I went into meditation with which is what all of you can do when you don't know the answer to something. And I asked, how is that that I missed you that I didn't know you're here. And it was Susan, that taught me Suzanne, we're always already here. We don't pay attention to you all the time. It's not like we're spying or eavesdropping. But when something joyful or funny is happening, we tune in, we're aware of that, because we're connected at the heart. So here we are excited about our house, I'm having a funny moment with Irene. And Susan probably saw this reading coming up and said, This is going to be good, right? That's the web of connections. And that's why our soul family can be around us all the time. And we just don't even know it there is common and as familiar to you as the hair on your head.

Alex Ferrari 47:13
You mentioned frequency. And this is something that is a concept that a lot of people don't understand. And to my understanding after reading spiritual texts, and speaking to people like yourself, you know, the higher frequencies are like, you know, the Christ consciousness and an Ascended Masters, the frequency is so high, that it's beyond what we can comprehend sometimes. But then the lower frequencies are people who are more unaware, like you say not awaken to the concept that they are, we are all one, right and be in our lives. Can I know you've run into this, especially working in the field that you used to work to, you walk into a room and you're like, I don't like this person, I don't know why I don't like it, or like, the energy is a little weird, or I feel like it's like in the shower, or the opposite is like, Oh my God, where have you been on my life. And those are just different kinds of frequencies. And generally, I like attracts like. So you know, you and I attracted to the show for a reason. Because the show is hopefully at a frequency that is starting to attract more and more higher conscious,

Suzanne Giesemann 48:13
I can help you up, I can help everybody listening, upgrade their consciousness right away by something you just said, Okay. We say Oh, I don't like that person because of how they feel to us right away. And that is our intuition that is Spirit speaking through us, you just know it. But to say I don't like them, puts you separate from them creates a barrier, you reject something about them? Why don't we just realize it is all frequency and it's a case of resonance, or not being in resonance. That's the scientific thing that's going on with frequency. You just don't resonate with their energy. So I don't ever, ever anymore, say I don't like that person. I'll say, just don't resonate with them. Now see, now we're still flowing. We're still part of one field, but I haven't alienated them. I haven't alienated myself, we're still in a place of connectedness, which is love. I just don't resonate with them. That doesn't make them wrong or bad or me either. It's simple consciousness. And so when you connect with somebody, man, that's total resonance, your vibes are in phase.

Alex Ferrari 49:27
So it's kind of like magnets put like you know, when the magnet gets too close to something that they're not the kind of gets pushed away, but it's you're still there. You're still flowing. But as opposed to it's just you just can't get them to get because they don't resonate.

Suzanne Giesemann 49:41
Great announcing more than an analogy that's actually what's happening. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 49:48
Good to know. I always like when the guides come in. They come in they're like, you know, I'm just gonna put a stamp on this guy's I love this conversation. Now, this is something that Man, this is a big question. Do evil people get punished? On the other side? And then go ahead, go ahead. And

Suzanne Giesemann 50:09
The human side of humans wants that. So you know, it's good. It's justice, it's revenge. And so I will tell you, yeah, yes, they receive punishment in the form of their own awareness of how they hurt others. Nobody punishes them themselves, they see what we call the life review and experience the full effect of their actions from the other person's point of view. And that hurts a lot when you're surrounded by so much love across the veil. So all are given a chance to upgrade their consciousness, through their free will choices just like here.

Alex Ferrari 50:53
So then they decided at that point, like, you know, if I'm going to level up and keep playing this game, I gotta have to kind of go down and feel what I just went through, too.

Suzanne Giesemann 51:05
Yeah. It's part of the reason why we can still connect across the veil because we still have some things we want to work out across the veil. It doesn't mean that if you're perfect being you won't continue cross the veil. My, my dear friend, Brenda had a full awakening while she was here. And she is now serving as one of my guides when I do my mediumship readings, tremendous evidence of that she she clearly is continuing the role of render but at a higher level.

Alex Ferrari 51:35
Now, there's an another big question. How does the other side view religion and its place in our evolution?

Suzanne Giesemann 51:45
My guides as you asked that they show me this, that all paths ultimately bring us to love. So it has a very good role at a collective level. And yet they want us all to go to the heart and discern truth from dogma discern human control and perhaps changing messages for human needs versus truth that speaks to the hearts

Alex Ferrari 52:08
Great answer. Great. These guys are their media trained, I think these guys, they're

Suzanne Giesemann 52:15
All coming from them. I'm not everyone's gonna get every answer fresh from them.

Alex Ferrari 52:20
No, no, it's no, it's beautiful, beautiful answer. It really is. Now, we are in a shift right now in the in the world, there's so much stuff going on. There is a little bit of chaos. There's, you know, the pandemic that happened, and, and war and this in all the environmental stuff that's happening and financial stuff. It seems like the world is going crazy. I'd love to hear what the guides have to say in regards to what's ahead of us in 2023, if they can tell us anything that we can expect, and kind of prepare for in our evolution as a species.

Suzanne Giesemann 52:54
I wish if the camera hadn't been on me, you would have seen this lip Twitch right here, I can't do it. But the guys, that's their way of saying we've got this. And what they showed me was this motion, which means you can expect more ups and downs ahead because that's what we came here for. It's through the chaos that we grow and learn. It's not comfortable. But if all were perfect, and well, people would just go back to drinking beer every day and eating popcorn, right. So nothing wrong with that. Moderation in moderation. But it's because consciousness is rising. That's when we are at the point that we look at, because of global information sharing, we can look at Ukraine and say that's not right. And we can look at the way we treat each other and say that's not right, we have to do something about it. So you can see that the chaos that we have now is coming more from a heart area of people knowing in their souls this has to change versus in the path that might have been more from a more human as success base kind of thing. But now it's coming from the heart so you're gonna see more more chaos but that is part of the way that we grow and change

Alex Ferrari 54:06
And in the mean even something like what's happening in Iran right now is fascinating them there's an up people are like no enough, we want change. That's such a can you match China? Oh, China's another big one as well and Cuba as well. There's all these places that there's the people are going up enough. We need to change that is unheard of, really. And and I think it's just the whole collective. Everyone's just like no, there's we don't agree with this anymore. And we're gonna

Suzanne Giesemann 54:38
And that's that Christ Consciousness grid connecting us all. I did two interviews on my podcast lately about the no sphere, which is this energetic sphere around the world very much like the Christ consciousness grid, and we are all contributing to that. And that's what you're seeing there. So yes,

Alex Ferrari 54:57
It's slowly we're slowly evolving. It's taking us For a minute or two,

Suzanne Giesemann 55:02
That's the thing on that podcast, my guest, Dr. Jim crag, had found research and broken it down into the whole of evolution. And human, if you broke all of evolution from the big bang down into a calendar year, humans came on the scene only in the last minute of all of that. So when you say it's just a second, you're absolutely right. That's so far off.

Alex Ferrari 55:29
No, we've been it's a blink. It's not even a blink that we've been on on this planet. It's, it's really, really fascinating. I'm going to ask you a few questions. I ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Suzanne Giesemann 55:46
That is it's just one in which you are motivated and guided by love and connection and share that with others?

Alex Ferrari 55:58
What is your definition of God?

Suzanne Giesemann 56:00
God is wholeness. Yeah, that's it.

Alex Ferrari 56:07
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Suzanne Giesemann 56:11
That would depend on whether you're talking about human life or life in general, life in general is both. So life, in general, is to express this creative potential of source of God that cannot be contained. Life and human purpose is to be the one that helps to express this potential that also arises within us and spew forth, that love that just cannot be contained.

Alex Ferrari 56:42
And this is a side question, how can we find out what our purpose is here?

Suzanne Giesemann 56:48
That's easy, what brings you joy? What brings you joy, do that, and you'll be on purpose.

Alex Ferrari 56:57
But if the joy doesn't pay,

Suzanne Giesemann 56:59
Ah, that's, that's nothing to do with

Alex Ferrari 57:01
I know, I'm joking. I'm big devil's advocate here. But, but a lot of people are gonna say, Yeah, I want to really play the guitar. And I love the guitar. And it brings me lots of joy. But I'm not getting a paycheck from and I can't survive.

Suzanne Giesemann 57:12
But in playing the guitar, when you're not at work, you're expressing joy, you'll find more peace. When you go back to work, you won't be frustrated and angry with your coworkers, because you will abroad that with you, you'll be the presence of joy at work. And you'll get the promotion and success comes to those who are being the presence of love. Life lows center. So.

Alex Ferrari 57:37
So this is really interesting. Hold on a second that if you are, because a lot of people think that their mission or purpose has to be their, their, their job.

Suzanne Giesemann 57:48
And that's why so many people are suffering, right.

Alex Ferrari 57:50
So that's not the case. No, it's not the case, because

Suzanne Giesemann 57:54
I did it. I mean, I was proud of my military career. But there were times when I just felt this is not even though it's not as fulfilling as I would like certain assignments I had of just getting through those two years, and then had some really great assignments. But I see now it was part of a bigger picture. So we don't always have the bigger picture. So in the moment, can you be the presence of Love? Can you find a way to express and share that with others? It will totally change every moment.

Alex Ferrari 58:26
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work that you're doing?

Suzanne Giesemann 58:30 on my website, Facebook, my YouTube channel has hundreds of hopefully helpful videos and definitely download that awaken way app or the daily inspiration.

Alex Ferrari 58:43
And finally, there's do the guides have any parting words for the audience?

Suzanne Giesemann 58:49
Yes, they say the three E's. They want me to talk about the three E's to evolve and evolve your consciousness. Number one is educate yourself through programs like these are some of my courses, I have some online courses coming up. So because we can all learn to connect across the veil, educate yourself about the greater reality. The second one is experience it for yourself because Alex and I can talk until we take our last breath about this but if you don't experience that spaciousness in that love that is really you at the deeper level. It's all just words. And number three, and gage higher consciousness by having those conversations asking your questions, pulling the thread when something snags or intention acts, educate, experience and engage.

Alex Ferrari 59:35
Suzanne thank you so much for coming back on the show. You are welcome back anytime, my dear. It is always love having conversations with you. I appreciate you the work you're doing. And I appreciate the guys for what they're doing as well in the world. So I appreciate you my dear.

Suzanne Giesemann 59:48
Thank you so much, Alex, you're doing great work in this world trust me.

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