On today’s episode, we welcome Connie H. Deutsch, a spiritual guide and channeler whose profound insights have shaped countless lives. Connie’s journey into the mystical began at a young age, marked by visions and an unwavering commitment to help mankind. At just 12 years old, she made a pledge to God to use her abilities for the benefit of others, a commitment she has honored throughout her life.

Connie’s unique gifts include healing and channeling, where she connects with a guiding presence while remaining fully conscious. This conscious channeling has allowed her to offer profound guidance and insight, helping individuals navigate their spiritual journeys. Reflecting on her abilities, she shares, “I can do healing, but they can’t do healing with all the other things that I can do. They can see the future but can’t do healing; they have to choose.”

A pivotal moment in her life was her connection to Atlantis. Connie recalls vivid memories of advanced technologies and spiritual practices from this ancient civilization. She describes seeing herself in a crystal vehicle, experiencing transportation beyond our current understanding. These memories, she believes, are not mere fiction but glimpses of a past life in Atlantis, a place of immense knowledge and spiritual power.

In our conversation, Connie shares her process of helping others. Her approach is rooted in personal transformation, emphasizing the need for internal change to manifest external improvements. She often provides clients with homework assignments to facilitate this growth. “All change starts with you. It doesn’t change externally; it changes internally,” she advises. Her method has been honed over decades, where she has guided people through life challenges and spiritual awakenings.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Connie’s teachings is her experience with past and future lives. She explains how she sees patterns across lifetimes, providing insights into one’s karma and spiritual evolution. “You can see it, but you can’t change it,” she notes, emphasizing that understanding one’s past lives can illuminate current challenges and guide future growth.

Connie also shares intriguing insights about the fall of Atlantis and its connection to present-day spiritual practices. She explains how knowledge from Atlantis has been preserved and passed down through various cultures, influencing spiritual beliefs and practices worldwide. “In Atlantis, we had things that in this world are unbelievable,” she reflects, revealing how advanced and spiritually attuned this civilization was.

Throughout her life, Connie has remained a beacon of spiritual guidance, helping individuals discover their path and purpose. Her commitment to service and her profound abilities make her a unique and invaluable resource for those seeking spiritual growth and healing.


  1. Internal Change: True transformation begins within. Connie emphasizes the importance of internal change to manifest external improvements in one’s life.
  2. Karmic Patterns: Understanding past lives and karmic patterns can provide valuable insights into current challenges and guide one’s spiritual journey.
  3. Advanced Spiritual Practices: The advanced knowledge and practices from ancient civilizations like Atlantis continue to influence and guide present-day spiritual seekers.

Connie’s journey and teachings remind us of the profound potential within each of us to connect with higher realms and transform our lives through spiritual understanding and growth.

Please enjoy my conversation with Connie H. Deutsch.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 280

Connie Deutsch 0:00
In Atlantis, we have things that in this world are unbelievable. And I hope never to see them in this world again.

Alex Ferrari 0:12
I like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Connie H. Deutsch. How you doing Connie?

Connie Deutsch 0:28
Okay, Alex how are you doing?

Alex Ferrari 0:31
I am doing fantastic. My dear, thank you so much for doing this. I know this is kind of your debut on video, our last two interviews that we did on the show were only audio and I know a lot of the fans and people following next level. So always wanted to have a video conference or video interview with you. So I appreciate you doing this. And it's going to be a fairly exciting conversation, I have a feeling.

Connie Deutsch 0:55
I did too.

Alex Ferrari 0:57
I wanted to let everybody know our relationship because it didn't really kind of come out yet. You know, we kind of we danced around it in our first conversations. But I wanted to let everybody know what an impact you've had on my life. You and I met 26 years ago when I was a wee lad back in Florida. And, you know, for a lot of people have heard the story of how I started next level soul. And I had this friend who told me I have to start a start to show the spiritual show. And I said, You're nuts, and all of this stuff. Well, that friend was you, Connie, you are the catalyst for the beginning of next level. So without you guiding me into that world, the show wouldn't have existed because it would have never occurred to me to launch a spiritual podcast and a spiritual show. And it is grown a bit since we had that first conversation and continues to grow. But I wanted to first of all, publicly thank you for everything that you've ever done for me and guiding me and guiding my soul and guiding my path. Throughout life. You have been there at every corner, helping me in tough times and in good times. And, you know, wanted everybody to understand that you have been my go to guide for all of these years. And I want to say thank you again so much for that. Connie, can you talk a little bit about your abilities and what you've been doing for many, many years in your life in regards to your channeling in regards to your psychic and mediumship? And, and tell the audience a little bit about what you do and how you do it.

Connie Deutsch 2:45
When I was 12 years old, like I had my first vision when I was seven years old. But when I was 12 years old, I wanted to be a concert pianist. And I played the piano every single day for seven or eight hours a day. And no way was I ever going to be a concert pianist. I played just okay. But not great. And even I knew it was great. Of course my family was very prejudiced. Oh, you're great. I'm not great. I play, but I'm not great. You're great. No, I'm really not. And I got up from the bench one day after practicing about eight hours. And I started yelling at God. And I said, God, I want to be the best this is in these own worlds. And you have to help me. I want to be able to do what anyone else cannot. I want to be the greatest, I want to be the best. And then I sat down and I forgot about it. For the next several years. God listened and he made it happen. For example. I can do healing. And lots of people can do healing. But they can't do healing with all the other things that I can do.

Alex Ferrari 4:48

Connie Deutsch 4:50
They can do. I'm seeing the future but they can't see the future and do healing they can have a choice, right? But it's not going to be anything that I can do. So God has certainly given me that ability. In return, I made a pledge to God that this lifetime, be very, very different from Atlantis, this lifetime, I would help mankind. And I would be the person that they came to, for help. No matter how many there were, no matter how tired I was, made no difference. I was going to help mankind. And I have all my life has been devoted to mankind, and will continue until I die. That's my commitment. So if you see me rounds, until I die you'll know why I'm still here. Like an old fart.

Alex Ferrari 6:27
So it's so Connie, the abilities that you've Emily, at least from my experience, when you've guided me and

Connie Deutsch 6:35
The fraction of that

Alex Ferrari 6:36
I know, I know, I know. But for those times that you've gotten to me with our sessions over the years, I understand that you're able to channel and you have a channel that comes in and guide you through this process. But you are not a trans channel, you are a channel, you chose very specifically not to be a transgender, you didn't want to fall asleep or not know what you were doing. You wanted to be completely conscious, but you connect directly to your channel. And, and that information is from experience fairly powerful. Because it was the channel that told you Hey, it's time for him to open up a spiritual podcast, where everybody said, Are you absolutely insane? And this is where we are today. So that gives you an idea. So is that correct? Am I correct?

Connie Deutsch 7:23
That is absolutely because you had I think, three weeks?

Alex Ferrari 7:30
Yeah, we, I put this whole what I put the entire show together and three weeks, including website logo, coming up with the name guests. It was and I said to you, this is insane. Or you can no one could I said no one could do that in three weeks. And you said no one can, but you can. I was like, Okay, I'll do it. And I at this point in my in our relationship. Many times when you say something crazy, I just go, alright. I've learned not to to argue. Because I argued early on in our relationship and didn't work out well for me things that you said were going to happen happened. And if I would have done the other thing I would have not happened and things like that. So as I've gotten older, I just go, I went all in. And then we started doing arch. I started doing the showing like you were one of my first guests. Because I didn't know many people in the spiritual space. I'm like, kinda you gotta come on. I need some guests.

Connie Deutsch 8:35
And I was terrified.

Alex Ferrari 8:36
Right, right. Well, you did great in that episode of that episode, you and I were, you know, looking at it. And I'm like, you know, we got 1000 people that watch this, and you were like, 1000 people. Holy cow. And we were so excited at those early days of the show. And then I just kept doing it. And then now this last month, we did about 10 million 11 million people watch the show.

Connie Deutsch 9:00
It scare the hell out of me

Alex Ferrari 9:03
Nowhere they're not all gonna watch you don't worry, it'll be okay. That's all the shows. That's all there's just but it's it's really it's really fascinating to see and, and it was truly a leap of faith. There's nothing else to it. It was an absolute leap of faith. Not only what you said and guided me in but more importantly a leap of faith with God that I would be protected. I would be guided I would be you know, everything would work out. Okay. And I wouldn't lose everything I had built over the last six years. And it is a big learning lesson for me that that whole should I go Should I not go? Oh my god, I'm afraid but I'm going to do it anyway. And you you were there to shake. Shake my shoulders and just go You didn't didn't wake up

Connie Deutsch 9:55
That sounds so familiar.

Alex Ferrari 9:57
Yeah, exactly. You've been there many Samson shake me. It's very that So, okay, so let's discuss Atlantis a little bit, because it is one of the things that has caught the imagination of humanity since Plato wrote about it all those many years ago. Can you tell me what the the spiritual beliefs were, of Atlanteans as a general statement,

Connie Deutsch 10:25
About a year or two ago, I decided that I had written 13 books that were nonfiction, wanting to try fiction, which I did. And fiction was over 1500 years into the future. And I decided to write on it. And what I did was, I borrowed from that story, that fictional story, I borrowed some of the facts that I had seen in Atlantis. And first, I didn't know what I was doing. But after I finished writing it, I realize these are things that happened in Atlantis. I'll give you an example. Writing to and from places I saw myself in a crystal vehicle. And that's the transportation I was being used. And I could see it going through the sky. And looking around and saying, where's the rest of it? Because there was no rest of it. It was like I was floating on air. And it was so many things that were happening, that I realized this was what I saw in Atlantis. This is not just fiction. This is really happening. And I was 1500 years into the future. I had an accident. And that accident, killed me in my physical self, but it transported me 1500 years into the future. And I had very difficult time with just you know, I wanted all my friends I wanted my dog I wanted everything that I had. And nothing was happening. And then I started to talk and there was no answer. And then finally, I heard a voice inside of my head. And that voice was talking to me. And looking around and that's exactly what happened in Atlantis. I thought I was talking to a person. And yet I really wasn't. I was talking to this voice was telling me that he was the person and his name was Athos that sounded very familiar. So efos is the one who befriended me, because I had no one else. I wanted my dog I wanted. I wanted everything that was familiar. And it wasn't going to come. And I was told it wasn't done. And I was told that I was going to have to learn how to be friends with the voice.

How can you be friends with a voice? Sounds ridiculous. But It ended up that I was friends with a voice. It were no people I wanted people to talk to. And they won at that point.

Alex Ferrari 15:13
Real quickly, real quick, is this a vision that you're having? Or is this just part of the narrative that you're writing?

Connie Deutsch 15:20
I was writing it. But I was remembering.

Alex Ferrari 15:26
So but this is not Atlantis. This is 1500. So what is it land? This is all Atlantis, that you're using this information to write the story. Got it! I just wanted to clarify.

Connie Deutsch 15:37
Yeah. Okay. I was taking things I was writing. I was seeing these things. In actuality, that actually happened in Atlantis. And I said, I'm hungry. Are there any restaurants around here? And there was a restaurant. Okay, can I guess the kind of food that I'm accustomed to? And it was the food there was a festival. It was as I was thinking, it happened. And that was the beginning of my learning how to transport my thoughts. Whatever I was thinking, I made it happen. It's not too far from what goes on in my daily life. Today. When I think something, and I want it badly, it happens. No matter where I wanted to live. I needed a place to live. All of a sudden, something would happen. And I would have it. If I wanted someone to appear my right. That person would appear in my right.

Alex Ferrari 17:24
So what else can you tell the audience about Atlantis as far as the day to day? How long was it around? As far as from the beginning? How long did it take to evolve to the place where it it ended?

Connie Deutsch 17:38
Probably millions of years.

Alex Ferrari 17:41
Really, it was before it was before luminaria or lumeria if I'm getting it correctly,

Connie Deutsch 17:47
Lumeria, it's on the other side of the world.

Alex Ferrari 17:51
It's both happening at the same time.

Connie Deutsch 17:54
Lumeria was the Pacific Ocean, Atlantis was Atlantic Ocean. And I was in Atlantis. I have more about that than I do that more. And in Atlantis we have things that in this world are unbelievable. And I hope never to see them in this world again.

Alex Ferrari 18:31
Well, can you give some examples?

Connie Deutsch 18:33
I sure can. Were animals that you saw the top of the animal and the bottom of a person

Alex Ferrari 18:52
Like in mythology,

Connie Deutsch 18:54
Like Centaurs

Alex Ferrari 18:55
Yeah, sure. Sure. Sure.

Connie Deutsch 18:59
They were real.

Alex Ferrari 19:01
I mean, from so many different myths and mythology, you know, I've heard about that.

Connie Deutsch 19:09
They had schools eventually to teach people how to change their their appearance. So they became animals or humans. But that took a lot of years. It took a lot of centuries to do. And it was a life giving sentence. So the people who have this mixed kinda

Alex Ferrari 20:01
Genetics. Yeah.

Connie Deutsch 20:05
They had karma that they were fulfilling and didn't just happen. There was a karmic attachment. So if you were a center, you didn't just become a center. You had a karmic reason, the message. And again, it didn't just happen.

Alex Ferrari 20:40
When you said that Atlantis was around for millions of years, was this the beginning of the human experiment?

Connie Deutsch 20:50
I would think so.

Alex Ferrari 20:52
So and when you say millions of years, they were humans on Earth for those millions of years? Yes. And they were just developing from very primitive ideas to where it eventually evolved.

Connie Deutsch 21:08
It started with what do you think of the beginning of mankind. And you think that he was so primitive, he really wasn't. If you could find some of the tools that they need, you will see things that are more advanced in our surgical tools. They were very advanced. We happen to look upon them as well. Well, primitive. They really were not primitive. So we're advanced. And we are now

Alex Ferrari 22:05
Well that are so with Atlantis, when it when it fell. There has been so much

Connie Deutsch 22:12
Right now.

Alex Ferrari 22:15
When it sank. There was so much myth around the the priests that escaped. And, you know, can you talk a little bit about the priests that did escape? And did they begin? They begin to civilization and Egypt and also in Mesoamerica?

Connie Deutsch 22:33
Not priests.

Alex Ferrari 22:35
Okay, well,what were they?

Connie Deutsch 22:38
They were just human beings, who had at that point, developed into humans, rather than half animal, half human, they had gone into that lifetime. And they will respect it. So if you want to call them priests, you can church and actuality they will not. You look at Noah. Well, he was not a priest. But he was a person who took animals two by two, and brought them into civilization. But there were others did the same thing. We don't hear about them. But they were there. And what they did was they took them into different parts of the world. They took them into Asia Minor. They took them into all different parts of the world, where they were at least two of every one. Because they were the beginnings of a new civilization.

Alex Ferrari 24:05
Let me ask you this, Connie. Because as a student of history, and mythology and all of those things, these half animal ideas have been, they're everywhere. They're in Mesoamerica. They're in Egypt. They're obviously in Greek mythology, as well. These These have animals and also like the back of the Vita, with blue skinned people and things like that. Were these Atlanteans who were just trying to rebuild civilization from the ground up with whatever information that they could take with them. Yes. Is that why pyramids and the construction methods in Egypt got worse over time as opposed to getting better over time? Because people were forgetting the information that was brought in originally

Connie Deutsch 24:58
Didn't forget worse. It didn't get worse. It just got different. They didn't know better, they didn't know a different way of civilization. They didn't know that there was such a thing as civilization. So they, they did what they had to do to survive. And that survival was very different from what they had. So it was a lot of transferring. Now marriage, right? It didn't have books. They had walls. And those walls had pictures on them. And those pictures defined what they were doing.

Alex Ferrari 25:58
Let me ask you, you've mentioned a couple of your past lives. How many of your past lives do you remember?

A lot

What's the oldest? If time makes sense?

Connie Deutsch 26:11
Doesn't make sense?

Alex Ferrari 26:13
No, but in the scope of our timeline, how old?

Connie Deutsch 26:17
Doesn't make sense because when you look at past liars, you may not be looking at one life at a time. Maybe looking at a conglomeration of lives, makes sense that one time, which is what was happening with me. In one lifetime, I saw myself as a black woman carrying a basket on top of her head. But she looks happy. And yet I knew she was a slave. In another lifetime, which coincides with that she was some I was something different. And I kept being someone different in all these different lifetimes, pushed together. So really wasn't, I really wasn't able to say, this happened, then. And this happened, then. Because sometimes they were happening at the same time. I see future wives. Same thing.

Alex Ferrari 27:31
You say future lives, you see other lives that you're going to have? Is it because all lives are happening? Or all incarnations are happening at the same time? Yeah, is that is that how psychics in general can estimate the future based on where certain people are going in their trajectory? That's there's a, it's the more likely possibility but you have freewill. So you can change it along the way if you'd like. So Correct. No. Okay. Explain it to me, then.

Connie Deutsch 28:05
You know. You can see it, but you can't change. I had a class that I was teaching. And one of the things that I was teaching was held to me read a past life, and said, where you are in that lifetime. And it's very interesting. Because all of a sudden, you're looking at yourself. Not quite seeing the way you look. Today. You're seeing the way you're going to look in the future. But you know yourself. You can see your eyes, your eyes will tell you just how you're going to recognize yourself. So you say, Oh, I'm Alex from the past life. And this year, the bad because what can you do about it? Another thing, right. So it's an interesting thing to watch.

Alex Ferrari 29:33
Well, let me ask you all these all these, you know, you know, after reading the Bhagavad Gita, you hear about these weapons that they had and they're discovering, you know, nucular radiation.

Connie Deutsch 29:46
That was from prehistoric times. Weapons. That's why I said they were far more advanced than we give them credit for. They had to was surgical tools that were more advanced than surgical tools we have now. And still do. You will see as time progresses, that the archaeologists will be digging up tools that were in existence at that time, prehistoric times that are far more advanced than what we have.

Alex Ferrari 30:39
So then the million dollar question who built the pyramids? And how were they built?

Connie Deutsch 30:48
I'm not quite sure I can answer that. In a way that sounds believable.

Alex Ferrari 30:59
Yes, because everything that's been said so far has been solid. easy to digest? Well, I'm curious. I'm just curious if there's anything even believable, not believable. I mean, what what was, it's unbelievable that those things were built and how they were built is still baffling. So I'm curious to hear what you have to say.

Connie Deutsch 31:26
With her mind. Okay. It's where I see things and make them happen.

Alex Ferrari 31:40
Got it, it was manifestation at the ultimate level. Fascinating, and that's good.

Connie Deutsch 31:49
As waves going up, I'm Keynesian storeys high. With the big bricks and building pyramids, not so nice. So they stood by them. And they weren't the slaves. They were the like the high priestesses. And they stood like in a circle. And they visualize brick here, a building here. And with that visualization, those pyramids were built.

Alex Ferrari 32:41
And we talk about the pyramids because they're the most famous, one of the most famous on the planet. But archaeologists are finding now megaliths that are so far older than we ever thought that humanity went through, like a typic deftly Gobekli Tabby in Turkey, that's the estimate. 13,000 years ago, the the Mayans and the Aztecs and what happened in Mesoamerica. They're finding underground structures in China that they still don't even understand what they were for. There's no record of them. They're all over the planet. So it wasn't just five or 10 priests that took off from Atlantis. It seemed like there was a ton of them. That set up all over the world. Is that a fair statement?

Connie Deutsch 33:37
That's what the people who escaped Atlantis did. They put people people were put in different locations. Like Asia Minor.

Alex Ferrari 33:52
China, Australia, the Americans. Yeah.

Connie Deutsch 33:56
Yeah, they, they were placed strategically, so that humanity will continue to grow. There will always be a witness, so to speak, of the human base that we will continue to survive. And we have and we can think that people from Atlantis would disregard you know, we see Adam and Eve, the representative of humanity survive and and bring forth knowledge with them. So you weren't forced on the knowledge of what was evil and what was Good things like that. So with them, ethics you brought with them actual knowledge that they didn't know, that we will not have known about. They grew up with it with them. And we learn from them. And then we grow in conjunction in conjunction with those bodies of knowledge. Which books we bought knowledge? What things with us that would not have come into existence without Atlantis. Atlantis was the beginning. It might have been beginning earlier than that. But it's, it's the area that I know best? Because I've witnessed an awful lot of it.

Alex Ferrari 36:15
And how close was Plato? With his explanation? Very close. Very close. So it's accurate. It's a fairly accurate depiction of what Atlantis was? Yeah. Will we find it eventually? Or is it gone?

Connie Deutsch 36:36
Oh, it's not gone. Things are entirely until the proper time. The things that you have learned, you're not on the waiting to come out. And when you're ready, more of it will come out. And you're still going to wait probably another 10 years, another 20 years. You still have a learning process to go through. I know it feels like you can't learn anything more. Your head is splitting. From all the knowledge that you've learned so far. Yeah, ha, ha, ha. Because

Alex Ferrari 37:30
A lot more coming.

Connie Deutsch 37:32
A lot more is coming. Yes. And you'll be ready for when it comes.

Alex Ferrari 37:40
So Connie, let's let's talk a little bit about your process in your, in your sessions, when you have a session with with people because you've basically been word of mouth for the last 50 years or something

Connie Deutsch 37:54
Nine years.

Alex Ferrari 37:56
So you've been doing this work for close to 60 years. And it's basically been word of mouth. This entire time, there was no public. This is honestly the only public video of you anywhere on the internet ever. On the internet. There was no photos of you ever. I just recently met you in a visual way.

Connie Deutsch 38:26
And that was just a couple of weeks ago.

Alex Ferrari 38:28
That was a few weeks ago was the very first time we I had been working with you via phone without ever seeing you for this all this time. And only a couple of weeks ago when we decided to do this conversation that we're like, listen, we're gonna have to get on a zoom call.

Connie Deutsch 38:45
We decided, yeah, we decided who decided

Alex Ferrari 38:51
What it's it's I feel it's fair considering all the things you've made me do over the years in my life, so I thought it was only fair, I could make you struggle a little bit, but you're doing fine. So can you talk a little bit about the work that you do with people and how you do it and how you try to help your clients and what in what that process looks like.

Connie Deutsch 39:16
The first thing is that the most important is that I don't try to make them do things that they would not ordinarily want to do. But if you come to me and say, I want to change, and I want this to happen or that to happen. I will say to them, okay, you're going to have homework assignments. And those homework assignments are going to be the carriers of what you have to do. Because what you have to do is change yourself All change starts with you. It doesn't change external changes internally. So that's, I had a man call, one day, he said to me, all my friends are coming to you. And I've seen tremendous changes, could I have an appointment? And I tuned in to him, I said, this is not going to work. So I said to him, you know, let me tell you, but this was the past life that he wanted. I was willing to do it. But he had to understand how it was done. And I said, I see a past life. And then I go from that past life, and tell you what your karma was in that light, then it go to a different past life. He told you what your karma is, in that life. I keep going back and forth, and back and forth. So that you see a pattern of past lives that bring you to this life. But it's not an easy thing. And I had said to him, you know, if you're expecting to see yourself as Alexander the Great, don't. So we get through and he says to me, I'm canceling this appointment. Because I want to be Alexander the Great

Alex Ferrari 41:53
Of course he does. Of course he does.

Connie Deutsch 41:55
And he was so far from Alexander the Great. I started to work. Your keep your dream. When I Alexander the Great. Sure. You were someone different? Yeah, it was nice talking to you.

Alex Ferrari 42:15
You were the guy the following the donkey and cleaning up after the donkey that was following Alexander the Great. So Connie, also another thing that people wouldn't know about you is, uh, you had a radio show for many years. For a long time, you had a radio show where you help the caller. To in your shoes. Yeah. Over the years. Yeah. So you had

Connie Deutsch 42:39
Back to back.

Alex Ferrari 42:41
Exactly, exactly. You were very popular when you were doing the radio shows. And you did those for many years. And you were helping people with their problems on air. Correct? Yeah.

Connie Deutsch 42:54
Now I help them by telephone.

Alex Ferrari 42:57
Exactly by telephone. You're not you don't do zoom sessions. You only do telephone sessions. This is a rare, you're not going to get a zoom session anymore. But you will do phone this phone sessions. Will Connie. I mean, this has been an amazing conversation. And I know we'll have you back at the talk. Because we can start going down the Ascended Masters road. Where you me you introduced me to Yogananda. You introduced me to expert Casey, you introduced me to Baba Ji and all these Ascended Masters. And these concepts

Connie Deutsch 43:32
Nothing yet

Alex Ferrari 43:34
Agree I can't wait for see what you have up your sleeve yet. But we can

Connie Deutsch 43:40
Begin to imagine what you're going to see. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 43:45
Well, I'm going to ask,

Connie Deutsch 43:47
You know, I tell you that it's going to be good for you.

Alex Ferrari 43:50
Well, I'm looking forward to it. And I'm looking forward to continuing to help people around the world, which is the main reason I do all of this is truly seeing the effect that it has on people these conversations are needed, and are something that don't get a lot of airplay to the masses. And that's why I do the show that I do is to get this information out there to help you.

Connie Deutsch 44:13
This show is very, very important. It's the kind of a show that is not around anywhere else. They may make attempts at it, but they're not the real thing. You have provided something that I haven't seen anyone else do. And that is going to be the springboard of what's coming. You're going to see this show. Be a springboard to billions of people Wow. It's no, you're saying, Wow, could I have told you this a year ago?

Alex Ferrari 45:08
Yeah, no, not so much.

Connie Deutsch 45:11
Not at all. Not at all. You have been very influential, but nothing compared to what you're going to be within the next year or two. Wow. Okay. And the millions that teardown will be like a teensy weensy little piece of work. Later on. We're going to influence millions, billions of people, you're going to be very, very influential. So watch everything that you're doing. Don't let people like me from past lives influence you.

Alex Ferrari 46:14
I woke Well, I mean, I'm humbled by that. And all I can do is, as they say, cut the wood and carry the water. And whatever happens happens, and I will continue to do the work I do, because I do love it. And I do love having these conversations, and helping people around the world with them. So Connie, I'm gonna ask you a few questions.

Connie Deutsch 46:37
Your mission, by the way!

Alex Ferrari 46:39
I know, I know. Well, it's look at the, at the end of the day, when you're doing something and is getting the kind of reaction that is getting and trust me, I've been doing this work for now, eight years with other shows. And I was very successful, and those other shows, but they are nothing. They're not even a smidge it, of what I do with this show. So when you do something that is being is affecting so many lives around the world, it's the universe telling you, you're on the right path, kid, keep it up. And that's a lesson that everybody listening can learn from, is when you start seeing

Connie Deutsch 47:22
How many people that you have referring to?

Alex Ferrari 47:25
This month, we're probably going to be around the 10 million to 11 million mark.

Connie Deutsch 47:31
Did you ever ever think in your wildest dream that you would have 10 or 11 million people watching you?

Alex Ferrari 47:40
In a month? In a month? No, no, that was insane. Why would anyone even believe that? That's insanity. That's an insane, I doesn't even comprehend. I still don't grasp it. It's been a gradual, it's been very fast, but gradual climb. And it's keeps growing. And people keep finding what we're doing on the show. So I'm very humbled and grateful for this whole process. And I'll do

Connie Deutsch 48:09
People from America, for the most part.

Alex Ferrari 48:12
For the most part, yes, as us in England and Canada and Australia, but we are getting a lot.

Connie Deutsch 48:18
Wait, wait, wait. You're going to start seeing people from around the world in numbers that you cannot possibly conceive. Okay, keep that in mind.

Alex Ferrari 48:37
I will. I will. Okay, I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Connie Deutsch 48:46
For me it's very simple. Just feeling God within.

Alex Ferrari 48:55
If you had the opportunity to go back in time and speak to little Connie, what advice would you give her?

Connie Deutsch 49:01
Don't fool around with Atlantis, for years and years and years, in future.

Alex Ferrari 49:15
How do you define God?

Connie Deutsch 49:17
I don't know that anyone can define God. God is just that feeling inside of me that nothing has ever been able to fill

Alex Ferrari 49:32
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Connie Deutsch 49:35
To be one with God, to be able to be able to climb that high in the spiritual world that all I can feel all I can see is what God intended. I won't be able to I have that kind of life that I am so filled with God, that there is nothing else in my life. It's so important. There will be a lot of things in my life, but nothing like that. Even now, even though I'm not at that level that amount of God that has fulfilled me to a much higher level than I ever dreamed, what may you?

Alex Ferrari 50:46
Fair enough! Fair enough. Now, I will put a link to where people can reach out to you if they want to have a consultation, in the show notes and in the description of the video. So if you are interested in in reaching out to Connie, she is available, though I have a feeling she might book up quickly. After this conversation, let's hope and pray right God? And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Connie Deutsch 51:14
Don't be afraid. Don't do the things that people tell you to do. Do the things that feel right to you. Feel God within. And you will know that feeling. It's something that is so different from everyday living is the kind of thing that she'll see. From top to bottom, that you know that you're on the right path, that you know that there's something greater than mankind. Now, we never still fulfill that in our everyday life. We will fulfill it as we develop as we evolve. And that evolution is not that far and coming in is closer than we think. But we have to reach out for it. If we reach out for it will give. If we don't reach out for them, we're no better than then Richard min. And we will stay at that level. But if we reach out, I will help us. And we can do it half hearted with most must do with all of our love. All of our feeling that something greater than us is going to happen and must have faith. That greatest something is called God. No matter what else you want to call it, whether it's Buddha, Jesus Seresto, whatever, you must have that feeling within you. That is there, it's waiting for you. It's that higher level. And that higher level is what's keeping you alive. It's keeping you centered. So that everything that you do in life as the beginning, that middle and there is no such thing as giving up. Wherever you are, you could say the Almighty making it happen. Everything that good in your life. You can say rely on it, to bring it to you. Everything that is bad and no way. You can save the almighty to making you see it and learn from it and learn from it is the key. If we don't learn from it, then we have lost this incarnation greatly. If we do learn from it, we'll go on to the next life in a way that we have never dreamed of before. That's how I looked at it.

Alex Ferrari 54:58
Connie I want to thank you pay for this conversation. And also for everything you've done for me my life and also for the show and what the show is doing. I appreciate everything you're also doing for humanity over the course of the last 60 years, and how you're trying to help awaken the planet. So, I appreciate you more than words can say my dear, thank you so much.

Connie Deutsch 55:22
Thank you for having me.

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