TURNING POINT for HUMANITY Is Coming! Channeler REVEALS TRUE Purpose of CURRENT WARS with Belinda Womack

It is with great pleasure that we welcome back a distinguished guest whose insights have continually enlightened and inspired us. Today, we are honored to have Belinda Womack with us once again, a celebrated author, spiritual luminary, and intuitive guide, renowned for her transformative work in facilitating connections with the angelic realm. Through her captivating books and enlightening workshops, she serves as a conduit for the wisdom and guidance of the 12 Archangels, revered spiritual entities across diverse traditions. Belinda’s profound teachings empower individuals to establish profound connections with these divine messengers, offering invaluable insights and tools for navigating life’s journey with grace and divine support.

In today’s discussion, we have the privilege of delving into one of the most pivotal topics of our time: the Future of Humanity, Wars and The Great Shift. Drawing upon her wealth of knowledge and unparalleled foresight, Belinda will guide us through a journey of exploration into the potential scenarios, challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead as humanity navigates through this era of profound transformation.

Please enjoy my conversation with Belinda Womack.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 428

Belinda Womack 0:00
We have good news for all that some of you are feeling well all of you are feeling. Not all of you understand. But this is also a time of financial crisis. And out of crisis comes new beginnings. And what's going to come out of the new beginning and we need your help. We need you to hold this potential, because this potential wants to become reality.

Alex Ferrari 0:47
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Belinda Womack. How are you doing? Belinda?

Belinda Womack 0:52
I'm great, Alex, these are wild and exciting energies. And I'm grateful for choosing love. That's the only energy that works for me anyway. And, wow, it's really, to me, that's the power that's moving humanity forward. I guess if you want to take the fear, right? You can. But why would you want to do that? Especially if you want to be at next level soul right.

Alex Ferrari 1:21
Thank you for the thank you for the plug. I appreciate it. It's been a little while since you've been on the show. So I wanted to bring you back. Because the world has changed a whole bunch. Since last we spoke it's only been about seven, eight months. Since last we spoke in the last time we were on the show. But but there's a lot of stuff going on in the world. And we before we even started, you said there's a lot of energy happening right now. Can you talk a little bit about what you're feeling what the angels are feeling. And for anybody who has not seen the other three episodes that we've done together, just a little bit about who you are and what you do.

Belinda Womack 1:54
So the energy that is happening from the perspective of the 12 archangels and many guides and ascended masters is that schoolroom Earth is going through like a rebirthing so we've been in a transformation time. But what's really exciting about right now is hidden fear can't hide anymore. Truth is coming out there's nothing that can stay hidden. And this is part of the rebirth rebirth into a new vibration. Where the angels call fear master fear as the master teacher of schoolroom Earth, they say that Earth is our school. And you we've evolved beyond, it may not look like it but we've evolved beyond as a collective. And if you bring in all of oneness, which we are a part of, we've gone beyond needing fear to be our teacher. And we're rebirthing into a time when love gets to restore school rebirth, trans form each and every one of us it's still you know, largely our choice as to what vibration where we want to, you know where we want to be but the angels say you What do they do? You know, they, they they seem to Earth they sing to human beings. And that may sound like completely cuckoo but let me explain. What they are doing is they're raising our vibration. Right, their energy, they work with sound, they work with light at the highest vibration of love pure undiluted love, and they send it into places and into people where love is missing and where it's been missing for a long time. So that pushes the truth to the surface. But it brings in new beginnings, you know, all those wonderful things that your number one guide in heaven. Yogananda gets very excited about compassion and bliss. Truth resurrection, ascension. Kindness kindness. Wow, schoolroom earth moving into a phase of kindness is going to take some time. What the leaders say Believe it or not the nightmare. Craziness is you were moving out of that. We're still going to have some drama, you know, human being beings in the love drama. It's all a movie. And some of us, you know, prefer happier movies than than others. But it is definitely all changing. So who is Belinda? I've been blessed to be a channel, a messenger for the 12 Archangels of the Central Sun for over 30 years. So, you know, we've been we've been buddies for a long time now. And so I'm, I'm an author and a teacher, and a lover of schoolroom Earth, and humanity and all living beings. So, do you want me to channel the angels?

Alex Ferrari 5:47
We, before we get to the angels, because I know they, they're, they're always they always have something to say. They always have something to say. We'll jump into them. But first, I wanted to ask you seems to be so much turmoil in the world. But there is I see a lot of positive in the world, I also see a lot of change in the world. And the message I always try to tell people and I love to hear your thoughts is that without the quote unquote negative things without the quote unquote, darkness of things, we cannot shed the light on it to see that we don't want it anymore. Like wars, like famine, like unkindness, like inequality, these things that that we just looked at. And we're like racism and things like that. We just look at it like, no, no, we don't, we don't want that anymore. And there's not only events that are happening, but there are people who and souls who have decided to come down and show us the darkness as part of their journey. So we can go, No, we're tired of that we need to evolve. Would you agree?

Belinda Womack 6:59
Totally Alex, so you're the movie maker. Right? So when you're going to make pretend you're a creator, and you're going to make this incredible movie called schoolroom Earth rebirth. You got to have some your storm trooper characters, those that play the you know, the dark side, so that the people who are participating in the movie watching the movie can say wow, I'm glad that's not me. I'm glad that I make choices from my heart. But the good news is with everything that you've shared, from the angels perspective, we the students of school remarried, we've got it, we really are getting it, who we want to be, meaning we're divine beings, each and every one of us on a soul level. Even if you get to play Mr. or Mrs. Rotten, rotten, rotten, you go to the soul level. And truly, those are super courageous souls because they're coming in at this time, are they you know, they're, they're here now, to really teach us to exemplify the choice that, you know, hey, choosing love, choosing love, it gives you good health and abundance and happiness and family dynamics work better. So that's where the angels say that humanity is they've been as a as a collective right? They've been through the discernment that you are, that you are speaking of, and they're saying more and more and more on the hour are saying you'll give me the good news. Tell me who I truly am. And let me use my power, my competence, my talents, my abilities for the greatest good of all, let me use those for good. And one last thing is that those that signed up to not be the Jedi Knights to to work for the dark force. They you know, we may not see it as fast as we would like to but they're converting That's the news that I got from the angels only yesterday that they get very excited about you know, when when egos that have been choosing fear and practicing fear and they go that doesn't work for me anymore. I'm, I'm going to serve the light.

Alex Ferrari 9:58
With more of these events and things that are happening in the world. And we all know what's going on with the wars and economies and you know, famine, and there's 1000 things we could talk about. But as the more of that that presents itself, the more people are kind of pushed out of their comfort zone, in a sense, to start looking inward to start looking for answers for questions that they would have never really had these questions, if these things that would have happened, did not happen. So perfect example, when the pandemic happened, that was basically a shot a shot in the arm, the entire planet, to sit and reflect because they had to they had no, they couldn't do anything else other than sit in their house or apartment. And think about, well, what do I really want in life? So they started to search for answers. As these events continue to happen, that amount of people will start to grow and grow and grow, and search out the work that you're doing the work that I'm doing and look for these kinds of spiritual answers, deeper question answers, would you agree?

Belinda Womack 11:03
Yes, but the 12 Archangels have something to add. So let me just get Sure. We have good news for all that some of you are feeling. Well, all of you are feeling, not all of you understand. But this is also a time of financial crisis, and out of crisis, comes new beginnings. And what's going to come out of the new beginning. And we need your help, we need you to hold this potential. Because this potential wants to become reality is that there will soon be and we don't really speak in time, we're speaking of potential for there to be financial health, financial healing, that reaches the entire globe. And this is what we want to say. To expand upon the genius of Alex is that what will Earth be like? When lack is no longer the story? What is daily life gonna look like? When money is not the driving factor? When it's not about survival, when it's not about controlling others, so that certain groups get to hold on to their status quo. So yes, we agree with you, Alex, there will be discomfort. But there will be so much joy. And in this joy, surprise. And from this, people will be moved to go closer to Seoul to come home to their hearts, because the distractions are gone. Can you imagine populations of human beings that get to do the work of their souls that fill them with passion and the desire to live instead of the desire to steal, to survive, to be able to barely breathe and function. This excites us and all of Heaven beyond measure. This is the new phase. The next step in the evolutionary journey of schoolroom Earth. When human beings get to discover what actually makes them happy. They get to discover why they are divine and why they are here. As part of oneness as part of love.

Alex Ferrari 14:26
They wanted to jump in. Well, since they're here already, let's jump into a channel with a little bit of a channeling session with them about that. My first question to them is well now my second question is, what is the economy and money going to be looking like this year moving forward and in the coming five to 10 years?

Belinda Womack 14:57
Alex, Angel do not predict the future but do not run away for rule. This is because if you tell a human being, what's going to happen next week or next month, and if it's good news, they may just decide to take a nap on the sofa. And this is a time when we call to all souls and their egos to say, please go into that intuitive sacred space and ask, Why am I here? What do I need to contribute? go within and ask, what is my inner wealth? What is my goals, because this changes the financial the economic picture. It does it in the now. This is why we, the angels and the Ascended Masters we speak in the now. And then this year only gets better, only more hopeful you will get to participate in putting your energy into making your dreams and your goals that also benefit others come to life. You get to explore those creative passions that have grown stale. And they are even moldy in the fridge. Because how can you even think about it. Your energy is put into financial survival. Even with debt rising above the heads of so many, many creative, gentle wise beings on your planet. They're going to rise above the debts. Countries are going to get out of debt. civilizations that have been enslaved by debt. They're going to shake it off. And because of oneness, it's going to feel like all together now rising out of financial enslavement into a completely different story. So what do we expect human beings to do? To wobble and flounder? And be confused? Who am I you will ask? If most of my time is not focused on earning a living in a way that says, Well, this way earns a living. You see this new phase that is happening? Well, it's happening under your nose as you just haven't had what you human beings call the big reveal. But it is happening. It is rolling out. And you will be a little bit in a state of shock going, who am I? What do I do? Do I want to just watch YouTube all day long. And we say your souls have a different story planned for you. There are artists that want to come to life. There are healers that want to wake up within you. Shamans, directors, teachers of new educational systems. So much highest magic. We can't begin to describe it all in the next phase of this planet of this school because we do not speak in years. We say it can be faster than you think much faster. You can make up for the last 100 years 200 years and as little as a few years. If you will participate in being part of the healing which is go within let that divine creative genius to rattle your bones wake you up? What is that going to do? Well, there's a divine law, as above that means the vibration of heaven. So below that means earth as within you. So without you. Many of you know there are technologies that have been waiting in the wings. There are micro organisms ready to transform your pollution and your garbage they're waiting, or what are they waiting for, you can see yourself as victims and say, we are waiting for those souls. Those egos that agreed to play the bad guys, we're waiting for them to retire, get over that go within let that inner wealth be born, rise up human beings. And then these technologies when these beings hidden, that some of you know about, angels are in your midst everywhere. Let them be revealed at the speed of sound and light, the speed of love and watch months to turn into hours of positive change. We are trying to describe where things are moving so fast in a positive way that you look back at what you call the years of the pandemic and you go wasn't that a century ago? Can it be that everything we have dreamed up that we some of you watch just children in the Jetsons and Star Wars and Star Trek. All bet is positive. It is ready to come to life. Mother Nature herself is ready for a rebirth. And all of her trees and animals plant life. Her oceans or air are ready. They are ready to astound you. With rapid purification and healing. You've always had the power. It's always been there. We thank you for going in Word. Take a deep breath and say the words I surrender. I surrender to my heart to my soul. Show me how I can be a benevolent one. We are the 12 Archangels guiding you loving you. Forward humanity. We are loving you forward are you you're good. I'm good. They just you know makes me a little dizzy.

Alex Ferrari 23:52
Okay, yeah. Are you good to continue?

Belinda Womack 23:55

Alex Ferrari 23:56
Okay. All right. My next question for them is what are the primary obstacles to humanity, these collective awakening and consciousness expansion and how do they overcome it?

Belinda Womack 24:08
Now, obstacle has always been the same obstacle. The obstacles fear. The obstacle is are you going to give your energy which means your thoughts, your feelings, your actions and your money? Are you going to give it to fear? Because fear pulls your vibration down. And what does that do? Well, when you allow fear and negativity to pull your vibration down, you experience more drama and more trauma, more abuse, more enslavement. More exactly more of exactly what you're trying to leave. So this is what we asked for you to do. Step into a violet fire river are under a violet fire waterfall. By the fire is the energy of your crown chakra. It transforms fear into love. It is the vibration of forgiveness. And it loves to transform the past. Each human being is a cell in the one human body. Each of you are vital to the collective. It's why you chose to incarnate at this time. Yes, you insisted on coming in right now. let the past go step into the violent fire River. If you do not visualize, then put the intention out there. And when you are in this energy, say, I forgive my past, I forgive the past that I don't want to forgive that I stubbornly hold on to I don't want to forgive the past, of humanity's past. Of all those bad guys and what they have done to harm us. We say forgive it, because it has all been agreed to. And it's time to grow up, step up, and move forward. Help us, help yourselves, let go of the past. And then say I surrender to joy. I surrender to new beginnings. I surrender, to experiencing miracles as my norm on the hour, every day. That miracles of joy and healing and happy surprises become the norm. For every human being. You don't need fear anymore. It's entertaining. But there are better ways to be entertained. Give us the chance to show you choose love God the past for yourself. Let go of the past for schoolroom Earth, move into a new story. A new movie that even our friend Alex will be proud of.

Alex Ferrari 27:49
They are they are beautiful. How are you holding up?

Belinda Womack 27:56
It's, it's just that you know when they come through with their power, like they, they merge with they fuse with all of Divine oneness. So that the message that comes through whether people hear it or not, it moves humanity forward. Because our conversation puts that vibration here on the earth. And that's what they care about.

Alex Ferrari 28:29
That's why these conversations are so important.

Belinda Womack 28:34
They're very grateful for them.

Alex Ferrari 28:37
As as am I and as I'm sure the audience is as well. My next question is how are upcoming technological and scientific advancements predicted to influence and pave the path for human evolution and consciousness shift?

Belinda Womack 28:55
These technologies and advancements many of them have been around as we have mentioned, for a very long time hiding in the wings. Quite a number were gifted to humanity during the time of Atlantis. The healing techniques came in during the time of Lemuria. So from our perspective, they are hidden, not necessarily new. You see, when you are in a vibration of fear human collective. You cannot have these technologies because you will miss use them to harm yourselves. There is a divine law that protects you. It's called the Law of One. That means that all must benefit or work for the greatest good Have all concern. And you may say, well then why the fear and the destruction, the destruction, and we say that was part of your education. And that's why it was for the greatest good of all. When you have learned and you have evolved, and now you are ready to receive gifts, that many of them have already been bequeath to you. So in your DNA in your deep subconscious, you say hallelujah, finally, and you will receive them well, from our perspective. Now, as far as negative, artificial intelligence, things that can be harmful. All of these technologies will turn to dust. We need your help, to choose love, because human beings it is your nature to be curious. It's your nature to ask, well, so show me what those dark technologies, what might they do? And we say you are witnessing it now. They create separation between yourself and your soul. And you may say, but does that give me autonomy? Does that let me do whatever I want. And we say, Oh, no. It causes disease. It causes painful, drawn out physical death. It causes mental illness and suffering beyond beyond belief. Choose love. It's a simple thing to do. You just say I choose love. I surrender. Because the new technologies and advancements are going to support the ego, the part of your brain that can believe it is separate from creator, separate from one another separate from the tree, in your front yard. That ego wants to come home to soul, because that's where the riches are. That's where the power is. That's where the healing happens. This is your destiny. And it's going to speed up really quickly. On the technology, the advancements that have been waiting for you, gifts that have been waiting for you will help with your healing. They will help you to come home, come home to your hearts, to your souls to your families, to your friends, many of them you haven't met yet to find community to remember what oneness is. They will only be helpful because you have grown and beautiful beautiful human beings. It is because you are ready. So pat yourselves, yourselves on the backs are this many backs have been carrying heavy, heavy loads. These loads are lifting, suffering is going to fade away. And some human beings aren't ready for suffering to fade away. They're quite attached to suffering. They're quite attached to feeling powerless and feeling victimized. They're very attached to good guys and bad guys. And part of the newness is neutrality. taking ownership, for the reality that you create for you because this is the way it works. And you're going to learn this if you don't already know it. And the new technologies that help heal your physical and mental bodies are only going to speed this up. We are so excited to see your response for those who cannot let go of suffering, they will have the choice to come home to heaven and many will. But please know that those who choose to die what this is their choice, their souls have called them home, so that their education and healing continues. But it continues without distraction. And so it must, healing must continue. Whether you are on the earth, in school, or you are in heaven, which simply means the rest of Divine oneness, where fear does not exist.

Alex Ferrari 35:57
You almost have like a mischievous look on your face when you come out of those channels.

Belinda Womack 36:04
Alex, it feels really good. It feels odd. I never did drugs. So I think that the machi Vyas look that you see is probably from my little Belinda going, Wow, that was yummy.

Alex Ferrari 36:25
As they say you're getting high on your own supply or their supply if you will.

Belinda Womack 36:32
We are all one right?

Alex Ferrari 36:34
Exactly, exactly. My next question is, how can we develop a deeper sense of empathy and understanding across cultures and nations to help mitigate global conflicts?

Belinda Womack 36:50
We answer this beautiful question which we thank you for asking. With a very honest answer, when you take lack away, so that there is more than enough then human beings and they are stopping me Alex to say that these beautiful angels and guides and teachers have these incredible rainbow tears running down their faces. When you take this away, human beings get to be who they have always been. They are you are divine beings, and empathy and compassion. You is part of your innate weakness. It is part of your true authenticity. It is there. When you do not have the fight, bone for bone, dollar for dollar barrel of oil, or a barrel of oil. You get to be who you are. Divine learning, loving, expressing, coming home, realizing that even if your friends and family do not speak your language do not have your skin color. They're still your friends and family. All living for one purpose. The purpose of evolution, the purpose to work with love as an energy as a power as a creative force for good. You see. This has always been the true nature of every human being, no matter the star system where your soul comes from. No matter how many incarnations you've had on school Remer no matter if you have been a false god or a good fairy. You see your soul wants to be creative and it wants to love another like you different from you. From your home planet or from a galaxy far far away. It is who you really are And oh my goodness, do we look forward to celebrating your discovery? That even if you've never even called yourself an impact, empathy reawakens in your brain. Or it is there, it might be sleeping. And some of you it is sometimes feels like it's to awake. But in those where empathy is sound asleep, it is there and it will awaken. What a beautiful moment. This will be.

Alex Ferrari 40:45
My next question for the angels is, how will religion evolve in the coming years during this great shift in consciousness?

Belinda Womack 40:53
Well, from our perspective, human beings, and many, many, many human beings have already done so. But they will outgrow religion, in the sense of its rigidness and enslavement in the sense of the rules in the sense of the old patriarchal, masculine form of ritual, you will still have your traditions because they bring you together and they can give you joy, but the rigidness of if I don't do it this way, I will be judged or condemned. I will be exiled. You see, being exiled is at the root of how religion can control a human being. When the ego stops exiling its own highest self, its own soul, and you come home to your heart because where else would you want to be whether you call this Christ consciousness or being in love with yourself and with others and with Mother Earth, then you do not need the separation that religious dogma can give to you. From our perspective, religion can be beautiful in what it can teach you about Ascended Masters and deities that truly do exist to help you on your journey. And so if you want to learn about Buddha, or Radha, if you want to reach out to Lakshmi, marry Magda, Lena, Sananda, Jesus, King Solomon, then by all means, do this, because they have so much to teach you. But they're not going to say you must walk the path of Mohammed or you must walk the path of Ishmael. None of them none of us will ever speak to you in this way. We will say evolve beyond religion because you already are and get to know all of us, all of us are here to teach you beautiful one. Then this is why we the 12 Archangels are numbers symbolic. We understand that you human beings, you want to put us in boxes and say, Oh Gabriel does this or Raphael does that. But we say to you where there is one Archangel there are all of us. Where where there is one Ascended Master. There are all of us where there is one angel, all of the Masters gather because we are all one and we are one with you. And you see when soon as you come home to heaven you remember all of this. Can you imagine how exciting it is for us when your egos surrender, and let your beautiful divinely why souls tell you the truth. He's a true that we're all friends here working for the common good of you.

Alex Ferrari 45:09
It's really, it's really remarkable how, how effortlessly you bring them through and speak for even the skeptics watching. It'd be a feet and a half, for you to off the top of your head. With this stuff that I offer questions that I never sent you or even had time to prepare for these, or I'm actually coming up with questions off the top of my head literally now, because of something you say I'm like, Oh, well, that'd be interesting when we go down that road or that road. So it's pretty remarkable how you do it.

Belinda Womack 45:48
Well, Alex, the angels want to add to that, that it helps so much that you work on your vibration the way that you do. And that whether your audience knows this about you or not, is that you are an incredible spiritual teacher, which the 12 Archangels know, and they know who you're connected to on the inner plane. So it's very effortless, it makes it much much easier for Belinda to do her job because of who you choose to be. So we acknowledge you.

Alex Ferrari 46:21
Thank so much for that. I appreciate that. Are you ready for another question? Or do you want to take a minute? I'm glad we could do it again. All right. Once humanity achieves a more evolved state of consciousness, what distinctive features will define our existence and interactions in the world?

Belinda Womack 46:48
There will be no more war there will be no more political nonsense. There will be no more poverty. There will be no more drug addiction, there will be no more human trafficking. There will be no more education systems that enslave young people instead of support them into finding their true gifts of why did they incarnate why are they on schoolroom earth? What do they wish to share? Now here is the beautiful thing. For students coming to schoolroom Earth, they will no longer need to be distracted. By so much wasted energy and trauma and suffering, torture. The child will be safe. Our friend Alex when tears roll down their faces again this is Belinda saying tears of joy. The child will be safe to grow and to teach those who call themselves grown up. Because you see on school room Earth. The soul creates the ego. The soul creates your body. The soul then expresses through your physical body and through your ego which as it evolves it becomes a personality. You can ask any of us here in heaven. We have quite some personalities. Have a conversation with Saint Germain. Have a conversation with Merlin. Be prepared for a good laugh. So you see those that come to school rebirth, you will get to participate in having physicality having human emotion which so many of you take for granted. This is what really is a precious gift. You will be able to discover that feminine brain to feel to use your energy to manifest by opening your hands and watching something wonderful appear. You have these abilities. Where you see these things will be returned to you once your vibration Here's where it must be. So that you cannot slide back into fear and into separation. So imagine that you have a personality that no longer separates from your highest self. You always know exactly what you need to know. You know that you are safe, you are secure you are provided for that you are loved. You get to be a master entertainer, a bringer of love a sower of joy. This is where schoolroom Earth is going. We said to Belinda over 30 years ago when she asked us this question what will schoolroom Earth look like? Once we have made it angels and we say schoolroom Earth will be a playground. A paradise were those who want to experience being a happy child. Really being in that joy. Feeling that infinite power of heart can come and experience something so precious. That all of oneness and benefits we welcome all out there in the great great cosmos. Who want to experience what it's like to be a happy human child. Free completely safe. never shut down. never shut up. Never abused. never hurt. You will receive our invitations as it was in the beginning as it is now. We will remain the governors of school rimmer. Oh yes, we will.

I am totally off the charts dizzy now.

Alex Ferrari 52:42
Okay, let's relax then let's relax. I appreciate you doing this Belinda for the audience. Yeah, you see this, it seems to have taken it's taking a little bit more out of you than he usually does. Usually, you're able to do these a little bit easier. Is it just the vibration?

Belinda Womack 52:59
It is the vibration. They're they're in. It's your questions. They're they're able they've never been asked these questions before. Wow. Ever, by anyone. So they are they are how to explain it. So you know, Alex, your atoms, my atoms, the atoms of your audience, make up oneness. And so that the message they just give, they're explaining, oh, we sent that out to every galaxy ever, every single star system that is part of creation, in form are not yet formed.

Alex Ferrari 53:47
To explain this to people a little bit on a more third dimensional way of looking at things is that the other side, whether it be ascended masters will be angels or other beings. They're trying to get information through to help us they can't, generally speaking, come down, take a form, start talking, get on the show, do the tonight show and have these kinds of conversations. So they they are really looking for channels, they're looking for things of people to get this information out. And when they have the opportunity like this, to answer a question that they hadn't been asked before. They throw in all the energy and then not only do they put all that vibration into the answer, but as you were just saying, it is now that that energy vibration is now on the third dimension, where it's lives in the in the higher dimensions, but now it lives here because we've given an opportunity to come through the door if you will, and then it just vibrates throughout the entire universe of all physical creation. Is that kind of what you've meant

Belinda Womack 54:59
They say, they're going to keep my eyes open to answer this question. Yes, they say yes. And they say that they want to be transparent, that when they send in such a force of love, it, purchase fear, it purchase darkness, and it forces it to rise in vibration, which speeds up the transformation, the rebirth, it shortens the labor period. So they are very grateful, right because Earth is going through rebirth. They're very grateful for this opportunity. Because they hear the police, they hear angels if you are real, were that fill in the blank Are you are responding to you, they are responding to that plea. And they say, so many so many human beings because they vibrationally have separated from their souls and their hearts and their higher consciousness their their parts of their brain that knows how schoolroom earth works. They don't remember Alex, that, you know, everybody chooses what they're going to experience before they come here. We pick our parents, we pick our friends, there's there's flexibility, there's evolution, there's change. But many, many do not remember why would you want to that, oh, I chose to come to school room Earth and experience trauma and experience abuse and to experience health serious health issues, pain, mental illness, I came to schoolroom Earth to experience that, are you kidding me? And so when all those masses of human beings come to the place where they say, really, I don't want to suffer anymore, I want to feel better. And that's where humanity is. And that's the beauty. That's the miracle. So that even though the souls agreed to participate in that suffering, that the egos have said no way. And the souls rejoice, and they say you're coming home. And that's really what the rebirth of schoolroom Earth is about. It's a, it's a homecoming.

Alex Ferrari 57:53
Do the angels have any parting messages for the audience?

Belinda Womack 57:57
We need your help. And we really do. You are a cell in the one human body. And still, in this moment, you can choose to be a cell that has cancer. Or you can choose to be a cell that has the power to heal the cells that have cancer. And you must make this choice all day long. And how do you make this choice? You forgive that which is unforgivable. You practice mindfulness, that means of judging, controlling, comparing critical negative thoughts come into your mind. You sweep them out with your Violet Fire broom, vacuum them up with your Violet Fire vacuum cleaner. If you need an easier way you say the word angels and we will come and help you. And if you are still stuck in that vibration of fear and negativity, if you are stuck in guilt and shame, unworthiness. The belief that you need to punish yourself the then do this say I surrender. I surrender to the healing of my soul. And we understand human beings you want instant gratification. So keep repeating the prayer. Keep saying I surrender. I choose love. undiluted love fill me Fill me so I can be a healing force for all concerned. And we thank you for making this choice that sometimes seems impossible. There is no judgment, there is no criticism if you fall down. It's to say angels helped me. Rise up, helped me stand up, helped me clear my mind of all the news, I have read and clear my mind of all the confusion. Be the cell of singing light, help us, help us. And we are eternally grateful for your willingness. We carry each and every one of you. In our hearts, in the one heart. We are one. We are one. Enjoy.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:24
Well, Belinda, thank you so much for coming back on the show and this beautiful session with the archangels I think it's going to help speed up the process, as you say, in the hopefully in the evolution of our souls and our consciousness. So thank you again, where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you are doing in the world?

Belinda Womack 1:01:50
The easiest way is to go to belindawomack.com. That takes people to the school of spiritual evolution website. So the long website is belindawomackschoolofspiritualevolution.com. I know it's a mouthful. So then they can find the angels two books. The first one is lessons from the 12 Archangels. The second one is Angel abundance, they can find those books, either on Amazon or at their local bookstore or through inner traditions. That's always a good place to start. Um, there are many, many courses, the angels love to teach for sure.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:34
Belinda, thank you again for coming back on the show and for the amazing work that you're doing to awaken the planet. So thank you so much. I appreciate you.

Belinda Womack 1:02:42
Thank you, Alex.

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