CHANNELED Truth: ASTONISHING Lost History of ATLANTIS & Lemuria REVEALED with Belinda Womack

On today’s episode, we welcome Belinda Womack, a channeler and spiritual healer who brings forth wisdom from the 12 Archangels. Belinda’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of divine connection and spiritual guidance, offering us insights into the mysteries of ancient civilizations and the profound lessons they hold for humanity today.

Belinda Womack returns to discuss her new book, Angel Abundance: Revelations of True Wealth from the 12 Archangels. This profound work promises to unravel the mysteries of abundance, guiding us to reclaim our divine inheritance. She begins by revisiting the ancient lands of Lemuria and Atlantis, weaving a tapestry of wisdom that transcends time.

“Lemuria,” Belinda shares, “was a pristine era where fear was first introduced into our emotional being. It was a sacred time of divine creativity, where every being was connected to oneness.” As fear crept into the hearts of Lemuria’s inhabitants, it sowed the seeds of separation, a theme that echoes through the ages. This duality, the eternal dance of love and fear, forms the crucible in which human souls are tempered and refined.

Moving to Atlantis, Belinda Womack explains how this advanced civilization also succumbed to fear, this time infiltrating the realm of thought. Atlantis began with the purity of instant manifestation and cosmic communication. “But when fear entered, it transformed thought into a powerful force of illusion,” she elaborates. This descent into fear birthed beings of lower vibrations, yet it also offered a profound lesson on the creative power inherent in humanity.

Belinda’s narrative transcends mere historical recounting, offering instead a spiritual roadmap. “The essence of these civilizations lives within us,” she says. “They are not just ancient stories but parts of our soul’s evolution. By raising the vibration of our thoughts and emotions with love, we can reclaim the wisdom of Lemuria and Atlantis.”

In the midst of these revelations, the 12 Archangels remind us of our innate power to manifest our reality. Belinda emphasizes, “Love is the greatest power. It lifts the vibration of fear and transforms our reality from the inside out.” This profound truth is a cornerstone of her teachings, urging us to live from the heart and embrace our divine creativity.

Belinda’s conversation with the Archangels is a dance of divine love, a reminder of our potential to transcend fear and embrace abundance. As she channels their wisdom, the message is clear: “To support vibrational change, we must connect with the inner child, the divine messenger within us. By transforming fear into love, we align with the highest vibration of abundance.”


  1. Embrace Love Over Fear: The timeless lesson from Lemuria and Atlantis is that love is the greatest power. By choosing love in every moment, we can lift our vibration and transform our reality.
  2. Connect with the Inner Child: The inner child is a divine messenger, guiding us to our heart’s desires. Nurturing this connection helps us recognize and transform subconscious fears into love.
  3. Manifest Through Divine Will: Surrendering the ego’s will to the soul’s divine will allows us to access higher wisdom and manifest our true desires. This alignment brings lasting happiness and abundance.

Belinda’s journey with the Archangels is a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to a world where love reigns supreme. Through her teachings, we are reminded that abundance is our birthright, a divine gift waiting to be claimed.

Please enjoy my conversation with Belinda Womack.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 287

Belinda Womack 0:00
It is that Lemuria actually integrated with Atlantis. So Lemuria being the beginning of when fear was introduced into your feelings into your emotional being into the feminine fear during Atlantis was introduced into your thoughts. Now Atlantis like Lemuria in the beginning was pristine there was no fear.

Alex Ferrari 0:38
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Belinda Womack. How you doing Belinda?

Belinda Womack 0:43
I'm great. Alex, thank you so much for having me in the 12 Archangels back on Next Level Soul.

Alex Ferrari 0:50
I appreciate you so so much, you. You were one of my earlier guests, one of my earliest channels that I had on the show, and you've always had so much love for the show and what I'm doing and I want to return the favor with everything that you and the angels are doing. And they have a new book coming out called Angel Abundance: Revelations of true wealth from the 12 Archangels. So wanted to talk to I guess we'll talk to the angels for most of this conversation. Because you just rather bring in as you call them the 12 big guns.

Belinda Womack 1:23

Alex Ferrari 1:26
We're gonna have a very interesting conversation about about the new book, a lot of the things that the angels are covering in that new book, and a little bit digging into the past a little bit, which I think fascinates so many people and how it connects to spirit or connects to our evolution, and schoolroom Earth in general. So, when you are ready, my dear, let's jump in.

Belinda Womack 1:47
We are all ready. Alex, please, what is your question?

Alex Ferrari 1:53
Thank you again so much for coming back on the show. My first question is, who are the Arch the 12 Archangels of the Central Sun and what are their connection to schoolroom Earth?

Belinda Womack 2:04
We are a group of loving beings, just like human beings are a group of loving beings and we all come from the Central Sun. We all come from Divine oneness with our role with schoolroom Earth as we call your planet is to help you learn love is the greatest power. Love is the greatest healing power. And here on schoolroom Earth, you get to experience dilutions of love, called fear, and fear as your teacher, you can master this fear always by choosing love. So fear will test you fear will tempt you fear will even entertain you. But the truth is, love is your greatest power. Love will lift you up love will make your education far easier. And we understand that you have a question for us. Concerning Lumeria or Atlantis. Where would you like us to begin Alex?

Alex Ferrari 3:18
Yes, I would love to talk about the ancient civilizations of the past where there's so much talk about those ancient places in those ancient times whether they existed whether they didn't. Let's begin with Lemuria if that's as old as far back as we go.

Belinda Womack 3:35
So first of all, we wish to help your audience to understand that time itself is an illusion. It is part of how schoolroom earth works. You get to experience time, you get to experience something else called money, which actually are tools that spirit, Divine oneness creator, us the 12 Archangels use to help you to learn bottom line to be here now and to choose to receive from source but we'll talk about that later. Lumeria is a plane or time or beginning of the test of what you know to be duality what we call it's really the introduction of fear into the emotions into feelings. So fear was introduced during Lemuria Lemuria is a very sacred time, a very rich time of creative genius of the feminine. have fully being connected to Divine oneness. When you needed an animal to eat to Give you an example, the animal spirit would just leave. So the animal experienced absolutely no suffering, no pain. And this is also how you would exit from your bodies at the time of death. There was no suffering. And then fear was introduced during this time. And fear being the opposite of love creates separation. It creates separation from your ego, your personality with your feelings, and feeling your feelings helps you to receive. Love Maria is this time when separation between the human being and when we say human being, we say that most students that come to school room Earth are not originally of Earth. They come from all over the great universe, to experience exactly what we are speaking of separation, separation between ego and soul, heart and mind, to choose love to come home to the truth that oneness is the wisest choice. So during the time of Lemuria, fear was introduced and pain came into the story. So physical pain, and also lack. This is the time or moment of schoolroom Earth, where human beings began to believe that lack was possible that there wasn't enough for some, and abundance for others. This is a lie. All are allowed to receive abundance from source. So in a nutshell, this is the story of love Maria, and we want to say that love Maria still lives. Yes, it was an ancient time because it was the first introduction of fear. Meaning there was oneness in the Maria. And then fear was introduced into feelings and into water. And nurses when separation between the different parts of a precious human being began, but it began to teach you to teach your beautiful humaneness who you belong to, like us, you belong to the Central Sun, you belong to oneness. You belong to love. This is Lumeria. Your next question?

Alex Ferrari 8:02
Do you mind me asking in time, how many years ago that was?

Belinda Womack 8:08
Oh, we do not speak in time years. But we can say that. And this is Belinda, Alex, the angels are laughing, they are laughing. Because what they are showing me is that time on Earth, we think of it as moving as a straight line, but it actually moves like a spiral because it represents evolution. And that's what the 12 Archangels do is they help humanity to move up on the spiral of evolution. So they say, perhaps this will help the beginning of the spiral. Take your DNA and make it quite awake. quite profound, but it is integrating it is learning how to be a human. So you have come from the star systems from far away. And you are experiencing emotion. Yes. What do you have this all over the great universe, but you're experiencing fear, where your emotions start to separate from your thoughts. And this creates confusion. So look around on school rumor. There is lots of confusion. This is Le Maria. So think of it as the beginning of your evolution. Does that help?

Alex Ferrari 9:41
It does help and thank you for laughing at me. I do appreciate it.

Belinda Womack 9:45
Oh, we are not laughing at you.

Alex Ferrari 9:46
I'm joking. I'm joking. I have a sense of humor to not only angels can have sense of humor. So my next question is about the very famous Atlantis Plato brought it into our knowing and it has been of much talk, can you shine a little light on that civilization?

Belinda Womack 10:09
Atlantis is quite popular isn't it? And what some human beings do not understand is that libreria actually integrated with Atlantis. So love Maria being the beginning of when fear was introduced into your feelings into your emotional being into the feminine fear during Atlantis was introduced into your thoughts. Now Atlantis, like Lemuria in the beginning was pristine, there was no fear. What there was, was using thought, as creator uses thought for creating things right instant manifestation, communicating with your home star systems from all over the great universe. But when fear came in to the time of Atlantis, or the learning of Atlantis, we could even call it the school, schoolroom Earth foundation of Atlantis. You see, we have a difficult time in separating these things, but we are trying to be respectful, but this is exactly what human beings want. They want Lumeria to be in this set time at Atlantis to be in this set time. But what the truth is, is time is illusion, and all things are always moving. What you need to understand beautiful beings about Atlantis is that fear because it is created from thought energy became incredibly powerful and potent. During this phase of the experiment of duality. Fear coming into the minds of the great thinkers during this phase created many, they are still made of fear. But so we would say that they are made of illusion, which love transforms, but beings that you call the greys were Lemuria is famous for the reptilians we see them all as energies that are transformed immediately when you put them in love and loaded love. But Atlantis is significant because it tells you about your power that many human beings have forgotten that you have. You have direct access to source, direct access to receiving. You have direct access to creators genius, and you can manifest anything. What we ask for you to do is to do less Manifesting with fear and more Manifesting with love. Please understand that this is our responsibility to you. Atlantis lives within you it lives within your minds, you will have incredibly powerful minds. You can communicate with your thoughts, which is all you needed during the time of Atlantis. You didn't need cell phones your internet was pure thought pure energy. And then it got contaminated with fear. Children were harmed. Women were harmed. Men were harmed. Confusion grew and your precious schoolroom earth it increased in its density in its confusion. Fear multiplies because thought manifest. Law Maria still lives. Atlanta still lives. They may be known as ancient civilizations with they are still very much a part of schoolroom Earth and you have the opportunity to raise the vibration of your thoughts and your feelings with love. So that you have the memory of Lemurian Atlantis, you remember how to truly create a unmanifest without fear, without lack to transform suffering wherever you find it. This is your birthright human beings. Alex, we must give Belinda a short break, we will bring her back. But you can totally ask her. Any of these questions. We are still with her. We just have to let her be a human.

Alex Ferrari 15:29
So now that Belinda has gotten a breast, this is intense, to say the least. The next question is about Tara. I think you mentioned it to me a little bit if you explain what Tara is, when it was what it was the purpose of our evolution.

Belinda Womack 15:48
So they would and they're still with me. So Tara is what they call the plane and they call they call them the plains of the schoolroom of duality, or the introduction of fear. And hopefully Terra is the healing and it's quite precious Alex. Terra is the time when the Divine Child the inner child is the heart. That's what the divine inner child is. Gets to rise in vibration gets to be heard and seen. So that the heart transforms the fear. Right? It's love working with love, in the feelings in the emotion in the thoughts in our beliefs. Beliefs are made from thought so that we can have oneness again. The easiest way to think of Tara and when we identify Tara as coming into schoolroom Earth is when the populations of indigenous cultures certainly we can think of the Native Americans but the indigenous cultures all over the world began to understand oneness. And the old story is which this is an Ascended Master coming in Sanok Kamara is that there was an ancient one, that's what they called him. He had blue eyes and, and white hair, or blonde hair, which just means it's symbolic for enlightenment began to appear to these different indigenous cultures to talk about love. And Sanuk Kamara is the same as Father Venus, Abraham, the teacher of law. So this is why the 12 Archangels. They believe that this is a time of unification of all the phases of the experiment of duality. And duality, we think of it as light and dark, it's really fear and love. Those are they're very opposite in vibration. And love lifts the vibration of fear. We all know that makes us feel better, and brings us back home to that love, which lets us receive directly from source which eradicate suffering automatically. Because we're human beings, we change our reality from the inside out. As you yourself, Alex Ferrari have experienced

Alex Ferrari 18:45
Very much so very, very much. So. Now, is that time happening now in a certain way?

Belinda Womack 18:51
All these times are happening now. All these times are happening now. Yes, but Tara is what we would think of. They are reminding me of what they said when I was channeling them the highest on this the spiral of evolution. And they're showing a spiral that is vertical because that's how we think right? We think of time as okay, we started the beginning and then we're moving up in time. But it really I have to tell you the truth that works like a circle. And we are coming home. We're coming home to our center. And this is significant. When you think of nearly the infinite if not infinite number of star beings, souls, whatever you want to, you know, whatever you want to call creator, Divine oneness, that there has been this is a funny thing that they're saying the 100th monkey or 10,000th Monkey but enough saturation of education, of learning of evolution, that Divine oneness, through sending souls to school Earth has learned about the power of love, and to choose love so that we don't need to keep learning from fear. Now how long in years on schoolroom earth it takes for this to this sad story to be over? Alex can't know and Belinda can't know, the 12 Archangels don't speak in that timeframe. But what they can say is what they are saying right now is that they are just elated with the progress that we are making. They say it's very essential for us to understand that to separate Lemuria. And Atlantis and Terra is not helpful. We need to pay attention to when we want to separate things and put things in boxes, right? Like, Oh, I feel this. I think this, my heart wants this. Go to Tara. Let it all be from your heart. Be in that vibration of love? What does that feel like? It feels happy. It feels like happy, a happiness that is expansive. A love that makes you want to just go out and hug everyone.

Alex Ferrari 21:37
The reason I bring a bring in these these kind of questions in regards to ancient civilizations is I think it does help in our spiritual evolution because knowing where we came from, in a sense, and knowing where we're going, and having a clear understanding of it, really, I believe helps the evolutionary process of our soul. Would you agree?

Belinda Womack 22:02
You may be looking for a short answer. We will do our best to keep this brief. Everything is about your evolution. And absolutely we agree with you. And one more thing about understanding the great gift of Lemuria. The profoundness of Atlantis, the healing of Terra is that from our perspective, you must know about the three phases of the experiment of duality. So that you understand yourself. This is not the first time you've ever walked on school reamer your soul has needed to come here in different egos, different personalities, different incarnations. So that you master, the understanding, the integration, bringing love where it is missing into you, so that you know who you are. Your ego, and soul are one in the same when you live from heart. Love Maria teaches you to honor your feminine, to be creative, to allow yourselves to receive directly from source at led to us let you lift the vibration of your subconscious beliefs. This is absolutely part essential part of your education as is connecting with that Divine Self, the inner child who was ageless so that you create a happy childhood that means ascension. We thank you for your questions Alex. We love our conversations with you.

Alex Ferrari 24:32
And she's back it never gets old one having you come in and out. It's just the energy so interesting to say the least. Now you've you mentioned in in Atlantis, that you were able to create your own reality manifestation. What is the what are the angels mean when they say you can your own reality.

Belinda Womack 25:03
They say we do create our own reality. What the truth is, is that, because of Lemuria, and Atlantis and fear, we have an incredible, deep, cavernous subconscious, which holds on to those fears and traumas and beliefs, not only our own, but our past life selves and our ancestors, quite the library. And we have to, well, it's going to make life a lot easier to accept. It's a surrender. And it's an acceptance, that that subconscious is beautiful. And it's amazing, but it is heavy lead, that has to be transformed into the gold. So we create our reality. Yes, our soul, our higher self, is helping us to create everything we experience on school rumor, our conscious mind is participating. But our subconscious can create sometimes 90% of what we are experiencing. Now, what helps the most is not to shove it back down under the rug or put it down in the in the basement as the angels say, but to bring love where love has been missing. So as we bring love into that subconscious, into where the fear is stuck and lodged, then that's when reality really starts to move and change. And we bring far more heaven into our everyday lives. And heaven means there's no suffering, and means there's no lack. So that's how it works. It's governed by divine law, as above, so below, as within, so without, so heavens, vibration, and diluted law, no fear, schoolroom Earth, loaded with fear, lots of it, because we get to learn from it. But as we awaken in our consciousness, and we bring that love in that undiluted loves, just with our intention, hello, Atlantis, and we pay attention to our feelings, and we transform those heavy duty feelings or low Lemuria, then we bring that heavens love into our soul within. And when it's in our soul within it has to manifest in our soul without that means our everyday lives, what we experience. So we create our own reality. It's just that the ego, which is the size of a garden pea, if you think of your big brain, as a watermelon, that ego is so teeny, we want to have control. We want to control it all we want to say, Oh no, I want to, I want to manifest everything consciously. And we forget that during the time of Atlantis, that there was far more integration, the ego wasn't so small and so narrow. And so had its undies in a in a bunch, we shall say. It was a different, it was a different era, what now what we need to do is really open that mind. And we do that, through tapping into our creativity. opening to the feminine brain, opening our intuition. It's what spiritual evolution is all about?

Alex Ferrari 28:48
Well, let me ask you, because the subconscious mind is, like you said, a heck of a library in there of things that you were carrying around and that we don't even know that we're carrying around. How does the subconscious mind affect the creation of our reality? Because it seems to be driving the truck, if you will, without us even knowing it. So how can we create our reality in a more holistic way without the interference of the subconscious mind or how to identify it? How to deal with it? What do you think?

Belinda Womack 29:22
Okay, I'm going to bring in the 12 Archangels for this one. Okay. Okay. The answer is quite simple. We're not saying you will like the answer, but we can tell you that our answer is the highest vibrational truth. And if you will give an ear to us, your lives will change. You want to befriend your subconscious. And you do this simply by connecting with the child that lives within you. This is your messenger This child will let you know what your heart desires. And when you put your energy into what your heart desires, you lift up your subconscious so that you can recognize it. How do you do that? Well, do you feel heavy or sad? Or angry or frustrated? Do you feel limited? This is your subconscious. Because there is fear there. There is also highest magical potential there. When you feel the fear when you recognize it, do something fun. Like stand under a violet fire. This is the energy of your crown chakra standard or a violet fire rain shower. Take a swim in a violet fire River, step into the violet fire ocean. This is symbolic for transforming your fear into love your lead into gold, it happens instantaneously, you will feel better and less is letting the love in. Creator gave you these beautiful chakras. They are batteries of spiritual energy given to you to let the subconscious rise up to transform it. All of the chakras are made of undiluted love. Violet Fire is your friend because it transforms fear through the power of forgiveness. Why do things get stuck in your subconscious because you haven't forgiven them yet. So to walk in forgiveness, to practice forgiveness, to forgive at every opportunity, especially your own self. That's what allows more instantaneous manifestation of your heart's desires. We must say to you, that Divine oneness, that means creator the Central Sun is not as interested in your ego having instant gratification, but hear us out. It is because it does not give you lasting happiness. You deserve lasting happiness. This is creator's desire for you. So we understand that ego can get frustrated. Why can't I have what I want right now? The tantruming Wounded Child says and we say listen to yourself, listen to this impatience. Use a little dusting of violet fire because God answers every prayer with exactly what you asked for or something even better. Something far better.

Alex Ferrari 33:34
I understand why you bring them in to answer these questions. Now in the book you in the new book you guys talk about the three primary Divine laws to help us receive abundance from source can you talk a little bit about that?

Belinda Womack 33:52
So the angels have talked about the law of as above so below as within so without and the other two laws and there are more divine laws there these are their three favorite to help us with receiving. So the the other one is the loved one we are all part of oneness. So when Alex's when Alex chooses love Forgive me when Alex chooses love or Belinda chooses love, you raise your vibration and that helps all concerned that helps the amoebas that helps the trees that helps every human being we are all one so it when one of us does harm to another on schoolroom Earth, we all feel that. So by choosing love, bringing love in, we're working with the loved one in the positive and that helps us to receive from so worse, because that lifts our vibration. And the other law is the law of energy. It's it's had other names, but this is what the angels call it. The law of energy is really the law of vibration. So it's about that paying attention to our vibration or frequency, pick your terminology. Do you feel happy? Are you in a loving space? Is your mind clear? And focused and positive? Are you at peace with your feelings? Do you feel peaceful? This is the vibration of energy. And working again with the love as above. So below as we use the three laws, it makes it easier for us to remember, oh, go directly to source you know, forget all this control stuff go directly to source. And this is also why the 12 Archangels teach in their book, if they can, if they can give a message to help human beings they say you if you really want to manifest use your highest vibrational will focus on that vibration and go to source with what you really want, which means what are you going to use the money for? Okay, so we always think about as human beings, oh, I need more money. If I only had more money, I could do this I would have the freedom I need. I could do you know could start five more podcasts. But the truth is that if we go to source and we say especially the Divine Mother of the great universe, because it's symbolic, but it that's the receiving we need to receive manifestation is actually manifesting man, right? Masculine Scott man in it. Okay. The Divine Mother is about receiving. And so when we go to source and we say I got it. Oneness, right, mother, father, God, Divine Mother will pick your terminology, right? I need more freedom. In all areas of my life. I need better health. I need more energy for me. I need more vacations. I need more space. That's the way that the great universe understands. That's the universe's language. That's the language of angels. Or money's illusion. flight time. So tell us what you really want. What do you really want? Do you want your podcast to help all of humanity to wake up? Alex? You Yes, then tell us what you want. And let us help you with what you truly desire.

Alex Ferrari 38:08
Beautiful, beautiful. Now what happens when you surrender the will of the ego and go to the will of the soul as opposed to the will of the ego.

Belinda Womack 38:20
So Belinda wants to bring in our 12 Big friends again. And I just want to say that that, you know for any angel lover out there, the 12 Archangels. Their number is symbolic because it represents spiritual evolution. Right? It's the 12 hours on the clock face, the 12 years of primary school, the 12 months of the year. So it represents moving forward. And the amazing thing about them is that if you call when you we think we call on Gabriel or Archangel Michael, they all come. They all call them you can still pick them out and say right we love to separate you can say well this one does this and this one does that. They're perfectly happy with that. But they say when you're ready. When you're ready and your consciousness is ready. We'd love for you to know that we work as a team because we come from oneness. So, here they are. Beautiful beings. When you bring that green garden P that is quite limited and masculine but at a lower vibration of masculine. It means your thoughts have fear. Your ego was the only part of you can really buy into fear in so many ways. Because your ego rules your perception. And this is why we encourage you to Live from heart, because the divine inner child sees magic everywhere. So the ego believes in fear thinks it's quite real. And so when you take your beautiful ego, because you are living more in your intuitive flow, which is your divine feminine and divine masculine, you are lifting the vibration of ego, and you are bringing it home to soul. Now your ego has a will, it's called free will. It's giving me what I want give it to me right now, or give it to me yesterday. And if you don't, then why should I believe in God? Why should I even believe I have a soul, if I don't get what I want when I want it. And we say take the will of ego simply through intention and surrender to the will of your soul. Because this is what you are doing. You are saying I human being and surrendering to the deep pockets of my soul of my higher self of the part of me that always stays at the vibration of heaven. But always stays that the vibration of as above and as I surrender to that as above it floods my soul below you are saying each time I surrender the will of my ego to the will of my soul You are saying I surrender to the joy of my evolved expanded star being liberated free, Divine oneness self. When you surrender the will of your ego to the will of your soul. You allow your mind to connect with creators genius incredible ideas to help schoolroom Earth to transform pollution suffering, illness. We hope you see the benefits we sure hope you do.

Alex Ferrari 42:36
Now what is the 12 Archangels definition of true wealth?

Belinda Womack 42:42
Well, they have to answer that one.

Alex Ferrari 42:45
Are you okay to do it?

Belinda Womack 42:47
I'm good. I'm good. Yes. Okay. Okay. Beautiful beings. We are the 12 arc angels of the Central Sun. Central Sun means central soul. Central soul means source. We come from the heart of source. True wealth is happiness. Because look human being be wise. When you ask for happiness, you're gonna have enough money in your pocket? Yes, yes, yes, we understand that. You probably don't carry money in your pocket, but perhaps a credit card somehow magically attached to the back of your iPhone, or smartphone these days. It means abundance. But abundance at the highest vibration. True wealth comes with loving relationship, healthy relationships, improving health in your physical body, the lifting of your subconscious, freedom and happiness. And you're stepping more and more into your true authentic self. So that you feel confident that you feel confident that you feel on purpose. You know why you're here? You're motivated, you're inspired. And you have prosperity. You have at all. This is our definition of true well. Who would not want that?

Alex Ferrari 44:45
Yes, right there. Yes. Let me ask you this, though. So many of us have this lack mentality that we've spoken, spoken about a little bit earlier. And it seems like abundance is Just just out of reach by so many times, so many times, at least in my life, what can people do to kind of release this lack? mentality, lack bias, if you will, or negative bias and open themselves up to understand that the world is full of abundance, just because one has much doesn't mean that the other, there's no limit to wealth, whether it be money, whether it be opportunities, whether it be love in the world, what can you tell us about that?

Belinda Womack 45:35
Well, first of all, they're asking me to share and they're, they're here with me, they just know when my atoms need to have my eyes open. So first of all, they asked that we improve our awareness, which is what it means to be on a spiritual evolution journey, right? Because from their perspective, oftentimes, those with the greatest financial wealth, live in the biggest lack, meaning that they are suffering in ways that we don't know. Because as human beings, what we see is their financial wealth. And what we see is the illusionary power that that can give them. So it helps to choose that. We want to live in abundance, but we want to live in highest vibrational abundance. We want to live in heart abundance, obeying the law of one so that Alex's abundance and Belinda's abundance, help all of humanity and all beings on schoolroom earth, to flourish, to live in happiness, to live in God's graciousness, really. So love comes from fear. And that's the main thing to just, we have to write it on a sticky note, put it all over our, you know, my iMac, that's, that's what it means that lack comes from fear, it's only fear, that can have us believe that we are lacking. So what the angels say is that you have to go to the lack within, you have to take that ego, and surrender to the will of soul. Because each time you do it, if you have to do it 1000 times a day, you won't always have to do that. But it works each time, then you start to have this awakening very, very quickly. Of Wait a minute, I can't lack can't lack. I come from source, how can I? How can I lack and as soon as we start to integrate that in our conscious mind and the way we see ourselves, lack begins to disappear from our outer reality. It's it's divine law, and it works very, very quickly. Lack consciousness from the angels perspective, is something also they call it fears archetypes of the old male and the old female, it's just the you can call it dinosaurs. It with the old male has greatly influenced the patriarchal, masculine system in our world, which is hierarchical. And that's why human beings, you know, see they even want to put Archangels at the top of a hierarchy, when they're going to say, Will everything when you are ready to hear this, right? Everything is love, and everything is oneness. But that patriarchal masculine wants us to believe because it's loaded with fear that some never get to have wants us to stay in that hierarchy. So that we're controlled, but only fear can control us. When we let go when we catch fear within us. Then our reality is going to our reality is going to change because Alex it's not our birthright to live in lack it's part of what we get to experience on schoolroom earth. What just like fear is part of our experience. The 12 Archangels make it clear as long as it helps you to grow and evolve when the lack no longer is helpful to you. It's not helpful and you won't have it anymore. So how can that possibly be helpful to human being? Well, sometimes it can be helpful if we need to make a right turn. And we, our ego says, oh, no, I need to make a left turn. So we make that left turn, and we've run into lack, too. We've run into it, we run into it until we surrender, and we're miserable. And we go, Okay, God doesn't love us, I've been abandoned, and we give it up. And we, you know, take a good nap. And then we, we, we surrender, whether we know we do that or not. And then we have this creative genius idea, which is abundance. And all of a sudden, we've moved out of whack and shifted to abundance. We can do that consciously. When we have it takes a lot of awareness, to be able to recognize right? When have I gone into fear? When have I gone into lack consciousness? Or violet fire, that energy of the crown chakra transforms it immediately? Because we're not supposed to live in. Does that make sense?

Alex Ferrari 51:14
It does make sense. It's just like, you know, generally an apple tree doesn't put out one apple it's so many apples that they fall on the ground and there's just so much abundance and a healthy apple and healthy apple tree. But that's just a good example of that. Now, why is vibration so essential to living a truly happy life on schoolroom earth?

Belinda Womack 51:40
Well, well, they want to answer this so it's not going to be a simple answer I was going to give okay, just the secondary creator, Divine oneness. Divine Love source Mother Father God only resonates at the frequency of undiluted love. Only love the reason schoolroom Earth was created was so that all of Divine oneness through their souls would experience something different in frequency, the opposite of pure bliss. So that they would never Divine oneness, all of oneness would appreciate, basically, in human words, what they have to value love, to value its power, to experience all the qualities of love that are not necessarily needed. In the center of oneness. When you raise your vibration, bringing love where it is missing, catching fear, transforming it, saying no to it, feeling your feelings. You are in essence transforming schoolroom earth into its original vibration of heaven, undiluted love, no pollution, no suffering, no death, no pain, no hunger, no violence, no war, no exploitation of children. This is why it is so important for you. Because you are awake or you would not be interested in listening to us. Choose love. Say no to lack consciousness say yes to abundance, live into wealth, raise your vibration work with that law as above. So below, as within, so without. We thank you for restoring Archangel Gaia Mother Earth because it is the moment all have learned. All have learned that love is the greatest power and love even though many human beings would disagree with us, love provides true happiness. The greatest fun for all concerned That was big answer. That was a big answer. Remember that?

Alex Ferrari 55:08
I recorded it, don't worry. Now what can we do to support to support the vibrational change, to change this idea of lack in our society and in our, our humanity?

Belinda Womack 55:24
Well, Alex, you and I talked about this before, it's about holding that intention to be one's true authentic self. And surrendering to the will of soul, which means the higher self letting that higher vibrational self flood that subconscious. And it means to do our inner work, which takes effort, you know, you gotta roll up your sleeves and polish the wood. But it's worth it because then we feel better. And what I've learned from the angels is that some of us agreed that we were going to do the work for all of the human collective. It because there are many, many human beings, they won't give a number that are so sound asleep, and so caught up in lack, so caught up in in hell, that they likely are not going to wake up as fast as we may want them to wake up. So many of us have taken well, not really all that many it all disappears, depends on how you look at it, right. But because of the Law of One as one does this inner work, we help all to do it. That means let me get to the to the basics here that, Alex through your genetics, through your past lives, through your parallel lives, you have taken on probably just about every story, where fear exists on school rumor. And that's also what drives you to do the work that you do. Same is true for Belinda. So what we can do is encourage people, don't be afraid of that fear. When you don't feel good, do something about it. Ask for the angels to help you. There angel will icon the angel love doctors, Angell physicians, when you don't feel good, your physical body is trying to give you a message. Your physical body is like your Lumeria it's trying to let you know where your emotions are stuck somewhere in your body could be you're blown out exhausted. Or if you get a pain in your knee, that could be some past life of some ancestor that needs healing. So we pay attention. We don't have to know specifics of this or that. But we do need to bring love, where love has been missing. And that helps to shift consciousness, as you have witnessed, as I have witnessed, and it gets it's really, I think, transformation is fun. I love being an alchemist,

Alex Ferrari 58:16
Now when is your new book or their new book Angel abundance revelations on true wealth coming out?

Belinda Womack 58:23
It comes out in the stores. So that means you know Amazon and the websites on July the 18th. And you can always I want to tell your listeners, go to your local bookstore if you want to support your local bookstore, which is so incredibly helpful. Or the even the indie book websites and you can order a book, and they're going to get it to you really quickly. So and you can preorder the book now. That's always helpful, but that's when it will be available. And I just finished the audiobook meaning I read it, and I did the the basic editing Wow, quite the work that took. So yeah, I'm waiting for the pickups to come. And with that will also be released at around the same time. And I promise I'm not trying to push this book. But what I would recommend for those that can is to get both the audio version and the paperback because the audio version is going to have their 63 Healing exercises well there they call them healing experiences because all you have to do if you have the written book is you just read them and they start to work on you. If you have the audio book, you're using different senses that goes deeper into to your subconscious, because you're using your ears. That sound that's emotion that goes into that subconscious. So you're going to be able to listen to the healing exercises, what your visualizations what are they, they're visualizations that work even if you can't visualize at all, they still work. So yeah, I'm excited that finally!

Alex Ferrari 1:00:29
Let me ask what do the angels and you want for this book to do for humanity?

Belinda Womack 1:00:37
Don't make me cry, Alex. This book is a gift of love from angels. You can look at this symbolically or you can look at this as the as reality. But they are part of the governors of school rumor, they helped create the school. And that's an old story. And so they're giving us the step by step. Read. It's simple. So using love the tools, it's a book full of tools to say, Okay, those of you who are ready, let's return Heaven to Earth. Let's help this beautiful planet that we all love, rise back up and eliminate all these things that fear creates, because we can do this. You know, we live also when a dream and the dream can change the collective dream can change. So a little example is that the angels say there are and I was a biologist long time ago, but there are biologists and scientists that already have the energy problem solved. They there are organisms that have actually been sent from other star systems to help us that will, alchemy that will transform the plastics and the pollutants. They're here. what it's all about vibration. So we we can experience this and so that's what their book is about. And it's not woowoo you've read it it's very it's it's got a lot of intensity in it because it's rich with tools and the truth there no nonsense angels.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:36
Well, I definitely gonna have to have you back one day just to talk about how the angels put the curriculum together for the school room. That be a heck of a conversation. Now, do the angels have any parting words for the audience?

Belinda Womack 1:02:52
Ask for what you truly want human beings. Go directly to source and ask. And don't be shy. If it's a new pair of scissors, to cut yourself free from relationships that you have outgrown Archangel Michael is happy to provide you with these. What we say is that all of your intentions and prayers, they are answered. You deserve to live in true wealth in abundance. This is your birthright, not to experience lack and suffering. We encourage you to ask for our help all of the angelic realms want to help you. Yes, we are helping whether or not you ask. But when you ask, you are bringing your ego home to your soul. So we thank you for asking. And when you need courage, ask for courage. Sometimes you need to ask for patience even though it's not your favorite thing. Everything is coming to you. But it may require patience and it is not because we are not listening. It is not because God doesn't care. It is because of two things. Your subconscious the fear there is rising to be transformed and your subconscious because of the loved one. It is connected with that of the one human body the human collective. So sometimes patience is needed. Things are getting faster. We thank you ask and receive we are the 12 Archangels of the Central Sun flooding you every atom every summit sub atomic particle with undiluted love, straight from source. Do you feel it? Let it grow. Let it grow.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:35
Belinda you, okay. Thank you so much for this conversation. Thank you for helping get this book out into the world and I appreciate you and everything that you and the Archangels are doing for humanity and, and I'm doing my small part to to even get it out there as well. So, I appreciate you, my dear.

Belinda Womack 1:05:55
We appreciate you very much too Alex.

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