12 Archangels Channeled LIVE! Life-Altering Change is Coming with Belinda Womack

In the vast tapestry of existence, we often find ourselves yearning for guidance and wisdom that transcends the mundane. On today’s episode, we welcome Belinda Womack, a former biologist turned spiritual teacher, who channels the wisdom of the 12 Archangels. Belinda’s journey from the scientific realm to the spiritual heights of angelic communication is nothing short of extraordinary.

Belinda Womack began her spiritual journey in a most unexpected place: a pediatric oncology lab. One day, as she worked on a stem cell sample, Archangel Gabriel appeared to her. This profound encounter shifted her life’s trajectory, calling her to a mission far beyond the confines of the laboratory. Gabriel’s message was clear: humanity had forgotten its divine nature and needed her help to remember. “Belinda, you have a calling to help humanity. God’s children, meaning all of us, have forgotten that they are divine,” Gabriel communicated to her telepathically.

From an early age, Belinda was a psychic child, able to see and communicate with spirits and angels. However, as she grew older, she shut down these abilities, choosing the path of science to avoid the discomfort of knowing things others did not want her to know. It wasn’t until the divine encounter with Gabriel that she reconnected with her spiritual gifts. The transition wasn’t easy; it required immense inner work and acceptance of her true self. Through filling herself with unconditional acceptance, Belinda found that others began to accept her as well.

Belinda’s teachings center on the transformative power of love and the importance of aligning with our true selves. She emphasizes the significance of surrendering our egos to the higher wisdom of our souls. This, she says, is the key to transforming our lives and creating the reality we desire. “Your desire is everything,” she states, reminding us that our true power lies in our ability to choose love over fear.


  1. Aligning Ego with Soul: By surrendering our egos to the higher will of our souls, we can transform our lives and tap into our true potential. This alignment allows us to live authentically and embrace our true purpose.
  2. The Power of Love: Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. By choosing love over fear, we can elevate our vibration and create a reality filled with peace, happiness, and abundance.
  3. Creating Your Own Reality: Our thoughts and intentions shape our reality. By focusing on what we truly desire and filling our minds with positive intentions, we can manifest a life that aligns with our highest good.

Belinda’s work with the 12 Archangels provides profound insights into the nature of our existence and the spiritual support available to us. She explains that we are here on Earth as part of a divine experiment, a schoolroom where we learn through the experiences of fear and love. The angels remind us that we have not been abandoned; we are always supported by the divine.

In our conversation, Belinda shared practical advice for overcoming fear and limiting beliefs. She suggests using the energy of the crown chakra, visualizing it as a violet fire that clears away fear and negativity. Additionally, calling on Archangel Michael and using his sapphire blue lightsaber to dissolve limiting beliefs can be a powerful practice for releasing what no longer serves us.

Belinda’s journey and teachings offer a beacon of hope and a path to greater spiritual awakening. Her message is clear: embrace your true self, choose love, and trust in the divine guidance that is always available to you.

In conclusion, Belinda Womack’s profound insights and teachings remind us of the immense power of love and the importance of living authentically. As we navigate our lives, may we always remember to connect with our higher selves and embrace the divine support that surrounds us.

Please enjoy my conversation with Belinda Womack.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 115

Belinda Womack 0:00
I ask that you do this beautiful one. Beautiful being so so powerful. What do you want to experience? Because your desire is everything

Alex Ferrari 0:28
I've been able to partner with Mindvalley to present you guys FREE Masterclass is between 60 and 90 minutes, covering Mind Body Soul Relationships and Conscious Entrepreneurship, taught by spiritual masters, yogi's spiritual thought leaders and best selling authors. Just head over to nextlevelsoul.com/free. I'd like to welcome to the show Belinda Womack. How you doing Belinda?

Belinda Womack 1:01
I'm great, Alex thank you.

Alex Ferrari 1:04
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm, I'm really fascinated by your story and loved your book, the lessons from this 12 Archangels. And my first question to you is, how did you begin this spiritual journey of yours?

Belinda Womack 1:20
Well, it depends on how far you want me to go back. But the story that is popular one is that I was working in a in a pediatric oncology lab and I had a visit from Archangel Gabriel while working on a stem cell sample. Okay. And so it you know, being a biologist, and having a visit from a big Angel was a bit of a shock to my system. But just really quick. I've told this story many times, and it is over 30 years ago now. I felt like I was taken out of the lab and I was in a stone room that was round, the floor was made out of dirt. I thought this isn't going to work work for sterile technique. Where am I I was very, very disoriented. And then this great big angel that I recognized as Gabriel, I didn't know anything about angels. But the angel had a trumpet. So that was like, okay, that must be Gabriel. And the angel spoke to me telepathically and said, Belinda, and you're being called, your work is going to change. I said, I think you've called the wrong person. Yeah, you really got the wrong number. I'm a biologist. I'm not supposed to believe in angels. But I do. And Gabriel set again, telepathically, but it was like a boom in your head. Well, you can resist us. But you know, you have a calling to help humanity. God's children, meaning all of us have forgotten that they are divine. And they need help. So we were calling you. I said, Well, what do I have to be able to do for this? And Gabriel, several look to look to that was my left. And that's what we need you to learn. And it was this humongous book, Alex, it was like, I don't know, three feet. It was open. But it was huge, about a foot deep. But the book was open. And in the middle of the book, it said the word love and read fire letters. And I said, Okay, love, I can learn how to do this, I can learn what this is about. And I don't remember much of the rest of the conversation. Other than that, Gabriel said to me, we will be back. And that was a we. And so I didn't know what that meant at that time meter. But that was back in the lab. And I thought that I had been gone for a whole day and I looked at my watch and not even, you know, not even a minute had gone by. So it was a definite, you know, I understand more of what happened. It was a knockout of the left brain over into the right brain. You know, hello, great universe, here I am kind of experience but that's officially how it began.

Alex Ferrari 4:24
So when I was reading your bio, it also mentioned that you you, you kind of felt this when you were a child when you were, you know, younger, that you would be able to talk to angels and to people on the other side. Is that Is that true and how to and that you rejected it. You said, I'm done. I don't want to do this anymore. And you shut that off. So why did you first of all, is that true? And secondly, why did you turn your back on it?

Belinda Womack 4:50
Was it's very true. I was a very psychic child. That's probably how I survived my childhood. And I could do Definitely see your spirits on the other side and talk to my grandmother who had passed. And I would take walks in the woods with Jesus and Buddha. And that's how I learned that they were best friends. So, yes and angels were around, I didn't really understand it, what I can tell you as a child is, I knew things about people that they usually did not want me to know. And that was, that was very uncomfortable. And I would get it right. And I would get in trouble for it. Because I would just say, you know, this is the way it is. And so when I was 1112, that's when I decided I was going to be a scientist, and then I was going to shut all this down and not have anything to do with it. And so that's pretty much I tried to do that my sensitivity for people and compassion for people definitely never left me

Alex Ferrari 6:04
So you just Yeah, I have to ask you. So when you when you got this, this, this encounter with Gabrielle, and they, and then the, the angels started to come back. And and you started to have communications, when you decided to go public with this? And finally, break free of, of your sight? I mean, you have two Master's degree, I mean, you're very accomplished, you know, you know, you're not someone just walking on the street talking to themselves. I mean, you're a very accomplished, you know, you're a very accomplished scientist, I have to believe that your colleagues probably looked at you strange, how did you deal with coming out with this information, this message to the world? And how did you deal with it on a psychological basis.

Belinda Womack 6:52
So that was quite an amazing part of my transformation. Because when you are called by the 12, Mark, angels, you have to do a lot, a lot of inner work. And what they taught me from the very beginning is to fill up with energy. But energy was certain intention, right? So they taught me to fill up with unconditional acceptance of myself, my true self and what I was here to do. And it took me a while to understand that, but wow, that's miraculous, because that's when I first started to learn about the law as above, so below, as within, so without. And so when we bring that love, and whatever way we need it to manifest for us, I needed acceptance, I needed to be accepted by others, and to accept my new, you know, crazy self. So but as I was filling up with that acceptance, people started to accept me, even the scientists that I work with now, I was blessed to work when in pediatric oncology work, lots of miracles are experienced, and lots of, you know, a great deal of surrender, because when a child has cancer, what does that mean? And how long do you keep that child on the earth and all these deeper questions? So when I shared it with, with the people that I worked with, you know, the main response was, okay, Belinda, can you talk to the angels so that, you know, I can get out of here on time, it was like, Can they they asked me, will you talk to the angels and ask this for me? And, you know, my response was, hey, you can ask them. They're everywhere. They want to help everybody? Well, it seems to work if you ask them. And I remember Alex, one particular fellow, by so that's an MD, who has gone on to get a PhD right? said to me, she was amazing. She said, You know, you're the one that has to accept this. Because the rest of us can clearly see something has happened to you, and that you're different. And so you need to accept this. And that has worked my whole life. And I teach that. I teach that to others, because so many people, as you know, are being called to leave their day jobs and leap into the unknown, right? Whether they're going to be an indie filmmaker, as like yourself, or whether they're going to be a shaman or a spiritual teacher or a healer. It begins with you have to accept who you truly are. And if you accept it, you will be welcomed.

Alex Ferrari 9:59
So Oh, that's pretty remarkable. Yeah, I always I always wonder that anytime I have someone who comes on who goes through a transformation I go, how did you deal with the people around you who didn't get transferred then go through a transformation yet. And they're seeing their old friend Belinda, just she's gone now. Now there's there's new Belinda, she was very lovely. But there's a lot of things that happen during that process. I've always I'm always fascinated to see how that how that works. you've discussed in the past. And by the way, I have to ask you, how do you connect with the angels? Do you just speak to them? Do they come to you? In visions? It all happened in the mind? How does that work?

Belinda Womack 10:41
Well, so began with a dream about my inner child, I referred to as my divine child. And so I connect first with little Belinda, through my heart. And through that heart space, that's where any of us can connect with the 12 Archangels are guardian angels, the fairies that they this the Ascended Masters, icons in heaven that want to help. So that's how I do it, I have to connect heart. And then that opens up to the heavenly realms, and that's where the angels are. So we, when I say we, that's the 12 Archangels. You know, we've been, I would say, you know, pretty best intimate friends now for a long time. So, my connection is, is constant, trustworthy, consistent?

Alex Ferrari 11:43
Has it helped you personally through your, through your life's journey?

Belinda Womack 11:47
Absolutely. The angels when they call you, you know, you have to practice what they teach you, you have to live it and walk it. And I'm so grateful for that, you know, their main teaching, which is, you know, pretty commonplace. We understand this about schoolroom Earth, it's a school where we get to experience fear, we get to have an ego. And that ego gets to jump into fear and go as deep and as far as it wants to go. But when we choose love, just that choice in our minds. So you'd ask me to experience them in my mind, I experienced them. And always, by the way, I feel them, I see them. I sense them. They're just everywhere. But when we make that choice for love, our vibration starts to go up, right, we start to shift, our ego starts to slide into home base and line up with our soul. And it's easier to be in that heart space of centeredness. And then life gets better. Those angels are right. They promised me 30 years ago, do you want to have a happy childhood? Because you didn't have one? I was like, that sounds pretty good. And Alex, it just gets like really gets better and happier all the time. So no complaints from me. It works. Love works people. If you love fear, this is what the angels they just reminded me this morning. Look, Belinda, human beings get to do whatever they want. If they want drama, they can happen if they want fear, and to be, you know, complain about the world and politics and go into those movies, they call it all movies, then that's what they get to do if they want to live in heaven on earth. They can do that. But it's not your job to tell them, hey, you can be a lot happier and heaven on earth. I mean, that is part of my job to do that. But I have to accept that that's not what they want.

Alex Ferrari 14:02
So you mentioned something interesting in that last, last answer about kind of creating your own reality. Do you have any kind of, for lack of a better word tips or advice on how we can create our own reality, because I'm very much in agreement with that concept of creating your own reality. And I always use the example of the Great Depression, there was people who were making fortunes during the Great Depression, and people who were jumping out of buildings, and it's all relative, even in the worst times, even during the Holocaust, it was Schindler, and he was saving people. So there was even a bright light there and there was many. So there's always it depends on the reality that you want to create. So what advice do you have for people?

Belinda Womack 14:44
So there's two things to understand about creating our own reality. And one is, again, we have an ego and that ego is very susceptible to fear it's in our left or masculine brain, it's the part of the brain, or the mind that can be pulled down into fear, or lower frequencies, whatever language you prefer. And then there's the soul. And the soul is truly that divine part of us, that is holding ego in place, with like, the ultimate set of parents that says, it's really, you know, it's your choice. And here on schoolroom Earth, we are creating our reality all the time, what we're doing that the soul is doing that, and the ego is doing that the ego has a lot of help in the reality we create, through our subconscious. And that subconscious has all of that baggage in it, whether it's the our ancestors, and what they experienced, or what we experienced in past lives, or our own childhood and the story from this line. I mean, just describe it all as stories. And they say, when a story comes up, whether it's a memory or a thought, or a feeling that says This doesn't feel heavenly, this doesn't make me feel happy. Then they say, let it go. Because if you jump into it, you're in that movie, you're now in that reality. Because even if it's a memory, you know how that works of Alex, all of a sudden, you're like, back in that past scene. Oh, yeah. Right. So if you find yourself emotionally, mentally, even physically, you know, walking down a dark alley, and that's not where you want to be, then the first thing you do is you call on the power of love. Love is the energy that created us. It's real stuff. It's not woowoo make believe it is real power. And just to call on it shifts, that frequency of our whole being. And our reality will, will change for the better in a moment.

Alex Ferrari 17:16
Now being a scientist, or former scientist as you will, I love the concept of love. Because it is something that's not quantifiable. You can't measure it. But it you know, it's there. And everybody on the planet, hopefully, has access to lovers felt love at one point or another in their life. It's so interesting to see. If we can't quantify love, it's probably a few other things we can't quantify as well.

Belinda Womack 17:45
Would you agree? Yes, yes.

Alex Ferrari 17:48
No, it is. I always loved doing this analogy, because you were talking about stories and scenes, things like that. You're speaking my language, filmmaking language. And I always I like telling people that the analogy of that we are actors on a stage, which is something that Shakespeare said, but I take it into the movie sense where you, you and I are playing the parts of Belinda and Alex. It's kind of like Tom Hanks playing the part of Forrest Gump. And for the day, he goes in, he plays the scene, the director comes in tells him No, no, do this, do that. And at the end of the day, he takes off his Forrest Gump outfit and goes back home. And the insanity is that we we are the actors playing a part our actors are the souls. We're playing a part and there's a really long seen here on Earth, really long movie that we're playing out. But the insanity is that we all go through is that we believe we're the character. And we forget that we're the actor is that is that, uh, I'd love to hear what the what the angels think and what you think about that, as far as as far as an analogy is concerned?

Belinda Womack 18:54
Well, what the angels say to you, as they say, That's brilliant, and they couldn't agree with you more. And they even they even teach that when it's time to die. They say Oh, death is so easy. You're walking off the set, the walking off the movie set and all of a sudden you Oh, I get it. I know who I mean, in the bigger sense, bigger sense. So but even as being the character and over identifying with the character that helps us to learn, and that's why we do that on school runner. And the angels are all about reminding us. Yes, you are learning here with you. You get to change the scene. You get to change the personality of the character the character gets to evolve in consciousness and So bring in more love. Just just work with that power. Because fear is super seductive. You can see that in movies, right? Like, fear sells. That is, it's exciting. It's those adrenals revved up, right? Not everybody wants to hear about love and that it's calming and peaceful and delight.

Alex Ferrari 20:27
Love doesn't sell ads. Fear, fear, I mean, just turn on the news. Fear is what sells. I mean, that's what gets you all revved up and, and taps into that kind of lower frequency, as we say, but love. And you know, it's really interesting. with fear and you speak, you've spoken about the ego a few times. What is there a way to align the ego, for our own good in this life, because the ego does have a place. And it's not all bad. It does really good things for us, if we allow it, but it is it's kind of like a like a wild stallion. If you'd let it go, it will go. So you got to kind of corral it and kind of focus it. Is that a fair analogy?

Belinda Womack 21:15
Yeah, the angels love that. So, so what they recommend to help ego, it's all about vibration. And this is just language to help people to understand that when the right when the ego is your friend. And ego is being supported by soul. And so it feels secure. Right? Then it becomes personality, then we get to really express that incredible was the midsole and creative genius of soul. So they say it's very simple. And sometimes ego likes things to be complicated. This is from the angels. But it's actually very simple. And it works and it works immediately. And it's where you language lives in the masculine brain or where the ego lives. And so you just say the words I surrender. I surrender my ego, to the will the highest will the highest happiness, the highest care, which is means vibration of my soul. I invite my soul to take care of my ego. And it's downright miraculous. And so yeah, I'm a retired scientist, but I love that brute. And, and it works. And it's very simple. But you do need to do it constantly. Because the ego like you shared is a bit more a lot like that wild stallion. And we don't really want to tame it. But we don't want it. We want it to feel safe and secure, so that they can fully experience the beauty and wonder of school.

Alex Ferrari 23:14
Yes, the ego, the thing I always love, love about ego. But the one thing that's always consistent about ego is the moment you feel that you have conquered it is the one that pops its head up. And that's your own ego, being egotistical about the ego. Just fascinating to me. But so many times I always tell people that the ego is like an MMA fighter just sitting on your shoulder waiting, quietly. It's just waiting there waiting there. And the moment you let your guard down, and you think I've got this, that's when the punch comes in. It knocks you out because it can go it can go awry. But I think the I've kind of started to come to grips with understanding that the ego is not all bad. It is it is a force that will look without ego. A lot of the spiritual masters a lot of the Ascended Masters who were down here, the yoga non does the Jesus is the Buddha's. They needed ego, to want to change the world to spread them. That's ego trying to get that message out there. It's not just someone like you know, I found enlightenment. I'm just going to sit in this cave for the next 30 years. They went out and they wanted to change things. That's a positive force of ego.

Belinda Womack 24:34
Well, and that's what the angels would say that those are personalities that tapped into Divine oneness. They tapped into that greater power of heart. And so they were driven, like, driven and Belinda's driven. We came here our souls came here and created our our E goes in our personality, right? To make a positive difference, to try to bring out messages of hope and truth, where they were missing, to bring in love more love as missing. And that's a very, very powerful motivator. So they encourage the angels encourage all egos to love their egos, right, ego is synonymous with your humanity. But if you understand that your ego, if you can just imagine that your your brain is the size of a watermelon, and your ego is a green garden pea. It's that small stuck in the watermelon. And so when that green garden pea can have the awareness, oh my gosh, I've got this whole watermelon, that really if we expand that is the entire Divine oneness, then the ego doesn't have to be so defended, so self protective, and so self absorbed, because that's actually what makes it feel lonely and miserable. Because it goes into this place, there's not enough for me. And it goes into this place, I have to fight for what I have, I have to there's not enough, right? There's not enough, which is your fear, it's fear, it's everywhere. But the more we take the ego into the feminine brain, which just means the creative brain, though the big watermelon around the green pea, where the intuition flows, and where we have access to spirit and to creator, then, wow, is there abundance there. And just so much help in security, and the trust that we're never going to run out, we're not going to run them out. So we don't need to find a

Alex Ferrari 27:09
right there's abundance in the world, there's not like the money is not going to run out. The money's endless, you know, energy, that kind of energies, food event, you know, like, and I always use, I've been using a lot of analogies in this conversation, but an apple tree, there's more than, you know, one seed brought you hundreds of apples. And that's just the one tree. Life is about abundance, it's about giving more than we even need, sometimes have access to things. So if you go into life with that mentality, it things become easier. I feel

Belinda Womack 27:45
that and if you've let angels help you, they are forces of law. And they they do incarnate as human beings sometimes I'm often asked that question. They prefer, like when we prefer to stay in the realm of heaven, because they can be of greater service from that vibration, with without having to take on fear, but they certainly understand it. And they help us by they, they just direct that ego and redirect that ego home to soul. And they they help us to even remember, this is one of their favorite things. Angels is to help ego to ask, you know, ask, have you asked the universe for what you need? Have you asked whatever your word for God is? Have you asked your own soul for help? Creator Divine oneness source, ask for help. Because asking for help actually shifts the vibration of ingo to a place where it's plugged back into that bigger brain that says oh yeah, here it comes. Because when you when you put out a prayer or an intention, spirit hears you. And it's on, it's on its way. Ego can distract you. It's like the angels. Here's another analogy. It's like, okay, you've, you've ordered a package from Amazon. And your ego keeps having you moved to different houses in different states in different locations. Where is God gonna deliver the package? So if you are grounded in the moment and breathing, and just saying, Okay, thank you. Don't let me get in the way of receiving my package. That really helps. And angels help us to do that.

Alex Ferrari 29:50
Well, and I think we've I think we've tapped into something here. I think you and I should come up with an app that allows us to connect to God and be able to track packages coming To us, I think we'll make millions. Now, when we use talked a lot about fear is there any advice you can give us to help overcome fear in our lives, not the good fear, like there's a tiger in the room gonna kill us. But the other kind of fear of, because that's good fear. The other kind of fear of, of what we deal with on a daily basis that kind of made up fear of living in the past or living in the future and not living in the now

Belinda Womack 30:34
what the angels teach is to use the energy of your crown chakra, you will have batteries of spiritual energy that you have access to. They only get they only grow in size as you use the energy. It's like working out with a muscle right, the muscle gets stronger, the more you use it. The chakras belong to your soul. So the more your ego says, I need some of that beautiful violet purple energy. Because I'm in a place of fear, then the stronger than energy is going to, the more you're going to experience that that energy in your daily life. So it's very simple. Whether you visualize it or you just hold the intention, you put your head under a violet fire, rain shower, or violent energy, pick your words, that's going to clear the fear out of your mind immediately, and help you to ground. The Crown Chakra is made out of the Root Chakra. Well, that was a sharp whistle. My apology for that. But that root chakra grounds us to the here and now it's the Divine Mother, or divine feminine energy that grounds us to the earth. And the other part of the violet fire of the crown is the will Chakra The throat chakra about communicating finding the truth living in the truth. The truth is, there is no fear, it's the illusion we get to experience here. It's like the scary part of the movie. So the more we buy into the fear, the more real it's going to feel that experience. So when you just put yourself in one fire, I like to be in a vial of fire River, and let the current flow through. It's made out of energy, or swim in a vital fire ocean or stand under Line of Fire waterfall, but you can't have fear in your ego brain. You can't have fear. And be focused on the energy of the crown chakra in this in the same moment. Because it's love. And love transforms fear. It's what it does. It finds that it finds fear and it changes back into love. And the violence of the crown was also forgiveness. You know, the angels teach us if you really want to stay out of fear, even though you're subconscious. That's what's happening to the whole human collective, is the fear in the subconscious is purging what they call the old male, part of that fear, the patriarchal, old male of control and judgment, and not in our unworthiness, all that good stuff. It's purging. So if you want to help your own subconscious to purge but not get pulled into the quicksand, just take a few moments be in that violent fire, surrender your ego to the will of your soul. And forgive even that which you don't even remember, just walk around and say, I like to go back and forth. I surrender, I forgive it all. And those energies, those frequencies of love are miraculous, which means you know, we have instant vibrational shifts. So we go from a dark movie to very, very quickly.

Alex Ferrari 34:19
Now, there are so many beliefs that we have belief systems, ideas about ourselves that are limiting. Do you have any advice for people how we can, how we can change these limiting beliefs that are not serving us anymore?

Belinda Womack 34:33
The easiest way to change limiting beliefs is first of all to identify them. Because once you identify the limiting beliefs, the good news outlets is that says you're ready to let go of it. So when you find it, an easy and fun thing to do is just imagine it's a book. And you take the book and you toss it in the violent viral River and you send it back to the Central Sun. The central sun just means that The heart of Divine oneness the heart of the Creator. So where all souls originate from, certainly the 12 Archangels. And that violet fire of our crown, that's why we have it. It just takes that belief, and it turns it to dust. And if that doesn't feel powerful enough, right, like, Well, that was too easy. Another fun thing to do is call on whom I refer to as big blue, but Archangel Michael of the Central Sun. And Archangel Michael's energy is the same as the wheel chakra. So we're bringing in highest truth. And you just call an archangel Michael, and you play Little Star Wars and you have this sapphire blue lightsaber. And you poke it in the belief. And the belief blows up. And it just does it through this. If it sticks in the belief, then there's a past life that you have to forgive. But most of the time, it just turns to dust and that belief is gone. Now we are human beings. And we often have multiple copies of the same book. With different you know that we tweaked the title of the chapter, we put the end in the beginning. And so sometimes we have to call on that. Archangel Michael sword more than once to clear a belief that is deep and all and maybe our ancestors had it if our ancestors experienced lack and not enough resources and hardship. It's amazing how we can go. Wow, you know, everything is good, but I'm still afraid of not having enough. And that's because of that belief. That book is stuck all the way down there in the DNA, but violet fire and Archangel Michael sword will reach it. Love reaches everything. Doesn't matter how buried it is, it will find it out and transform it.

Alex Ferrari 37:03
Now can you explain to the audience what the divine experiment is?

Belinda Womack 37:07
The Divine experiment? Well, that's why we're here. So schoolroom earth, and the 12 Archangels are not the only ones that refer to Earth this school Burma was designed and developed. So that soul could travel to an experiment and experience where they could experience the opposite in vibration to love. And to see well, what does that look like? What does that feel like? What happens if I journey into illusion? Because all I know is truth and love. And so schoolroom Earth was created with a great deal of protection, by the way, and incredible genius. And the faculty of this school is stellar. So this divine experiment was that we could experience souls could experience the opposite in vibration, of love, which is fear. And so that expresses as opposites, day and night, reality we think of as male and female, which the angels say it's not opposite at all. It's all just a mix. But in every male there is a very powerful female that he needs to find. And in every female, there's a powerful male that she needs to find. But those opposites, right, rich, poor, happy, sad, we can experience all of those depths of emotions and thoughts. And we get to experience in this experiment, the duality really, of past and future. When the angel say, what matters is the moment being in the present, because then you can change it. But the good news is, this is no old news now. But the experiment has been successful. And the school would love to transform back into its heavenly garden so that it's no longer a place to learn about suffering and violence and dark ETS

Alex Ferrari 39:49
got you all the all the all the boogeyman of the universe, if you will, all the fear and things that we can kind of conjure up in our On mines. Now, what are in your opinion and in the angels opinion, what are the keys to freedom in this life.

Belinda Womack 40:11
So I'm going to bring them in, because they do a better job. And they just want you to know that they're not going to quote lessons from the 12 Archangels. That is, it is in the book. But they want to bring it in, in just how they want to bring it in. So beautiful human beings are the keys to freedom and the keys to success. It is simple. It is to return your mind whenever it wanders, because it loves to wander, bring it back to love. And if you are thinking thoughts of fear, that are negative, that go to the poor me, I feel victimized, I feel cheated. Or I want to be in control of my future. How do I know that I'm going to be safe, that you truly surrender to the care of your soul. And you say hi yourself, if you are real. And if it's true that I have not been abandoned here, then lift me up. So that I know. And so but I trust that freedom is my birthright. Happiness is my birthright. Success is my birthright, lift me up so and so human beings, we encourage you, it is a practice. It takes patience and gratitude and compassion for your humanity. To make a choice in every given moment, of every minute, of every hour of every day. What do I want to experience? How do I want to experience freedom, success, happiness, wealth, and good health? Or do I want to experience less than this? And even writing the question down begins to help the transformation take place are keys to freedom and to success? I ask that you do this beautiful one. Beautiful being so so powerful. What do you want to experience? Because your desire is everything. And what Alex has not said but he has said is you have an ego on school. Remember? to tap into your desire to find the desire of your heart? What is it that you want? We are the 12 Archangels of the central soul loving every magical atom of you.

Alex Ferrari 43:22
How was beautiful, wonderful, thank you so much for sharing that with us. My next question is a little bit deeper. So I'd love to hear what you have to say about it. And as well as the angels if they like to. Where does God's energy come from?

Belinda Womack 43:42
God's energy is all various. God's energy is love. It is undiluted love. It is love that has no fear or illusion in it comes from the Central Sun, which again is symbolic. This central sun is the heart of creator of the heart of God, the beginning, the center, where we all come from the source of love and the source of energy. Is there any part of that, that your ego logical mind says? I don't get that.

Alex Ferrari 44:29
I'm sure there is. I'm sure there it is.

Belinda Womack 44:34
The angels have a response very quick. Yes, Alex, and your wonderful audience. We encourage you to ask for proof in your everyday life. Work with God's energy of love. It is the greatest power in all of the universe. Make a choice. I'm going to work with the power of love Today, I'm going to open my eyes and say angels in my soul. Show me what the power of love can do for me today and experience it. Experience the proof that your ego so longs for. And then your ego will want more proof. So tomorrow you will ask, okay, love. Show me what you can do for me today. We believe we have made our

Alex Ferrari 45:35
love, love that they have a sense of humor, don't they?

Belinda Womack 45:39
Definitely. Always.

Alex Ferrari 45:43
I wanted to ask you, is it taxing to you to connect with them? Because I know a lot of psychics and mediums sometimes it wears on them. Is that where does it wear on you at all physically?

Belinda Womack 45:55
It's the angels do not wear on me. To be perfectly honest with you, I have discovered that what can really drain my adrenals. And my kidney Qi is and I love human beings, and I love helping them. But it's when I get pulled down by their stories. Because I'm a super sponge, I'm an empath. So I have recently learned if I'm going to do a consultation, because I do love to help people, I need to do audio recordings, I now ask for emails, and ask for their story to be sent to me so that I can work with that story slowly. And then I do a recording where I can channel the angels and plug into the information. But I don't have to do face to face anymore, where I'm absorbing, and I'm actually experiencing what they are processing. And that's what exhausts me. Now to be perfectly honest, I could not channel like I am doing really bringing in the 12 Archangels. So focused for hours and hours. Because their frequency is so high. It's like be plugged into a superduper light socket. It feels great. But if I was if I'm in that energy for too long, I do start to kind of have

Alex Ferrari 47:23
a copper, the copper wire starts to burn up. Turn it off, let it rest a little bit. Let it cool down before you can. As you can tell, I love analogies.

Belinda Womack 47:36
It's a good match.

Alex Ferrari 47:38
That's that's that's really fascinating. Because I mean, like I've said, I've spoken to many mediums many, many psychics who can channel and other channels as well. And it does work on the but that makes all the sense in the world that you're connected to such a high level of energy that at a certain point, you just kind of like you know, I gotta gotta slow it down a little bit. So when you do consultations, you don't do face to face zooms anymore, or anything like that at all. Which makes all the sense in the world, honestly, because I mean, I've said this on the show a million times you've you meet people, and you start hearing their stories and they want to pull you into their drama. Absolutely, they want to pull you in because adding another character, the drama adds to the drama. So let's start pulling in pulling in and there's and then there's these toxic kind of energy, vampires in many ways. And they might not even mean to do it. It's just part of the the circumference the orbit of one of these people. And it's very interesting that you still want to help but at a certain point, you gotta protect yourself.

Belinda Womack 48:43
Yes, and Alex, the ego see, when it's a here's the thing when the ego is not aware that it has this incredible, loving parent called Soul, right? It's got the perfect mother father there wants to help all the time, together with our team of helpers in heaven, when the ego doesn't know that. It gets pulled more and more into drama, because that's the way the ego gets attention. And attention is a form of love. It is you're smiling at me, but it's true.

Alex Ferrari 49:17
I have children. So yes, I understand.

Belinda Womack 49:19
So when that human being needs attention, and they feel like they're not getting enough, or they've forgotten, right, they're over the age of 18 months, they start to look for that attention outside of self until they are reminded. You've got this inside of you, right? You can plug into love. Then it's like okay, I'm not getting enough attention. Let me go break my arm that's going to make me the center of attention right let me create drama at any age, at any age.

So what your audience can hear is, there's a better source of attention there truly is. Because then you're not hungry. You're not needy, you're not draining on your loved ones. You are a love generator. And that's to go to source and take fill me up. It's that simple.

Alex Ferrari 50:19
That's wonderful message. Absolutely wonderful. Because God knows I know a lot of, of the other. I've met with them. As you can imagine, in Hollywood, there's a few egos that I've dealt with. Which is, which is a whole other podcast and all other conversation.

Belinda Womack 50:40
Well, they are multiple egos in one ego, which makes it even more difficult, but

Alex Ferrari 50:45
and then they're playing characters of other ego.

Belinda Womack 50:49
Yeah, wow.

Alex Ferrari 50:51
It's it. No, it's, it's, trust me, when you're on set, and you're trying to work with an actor. There are certain actors that I've had a chance to work with really high end, Oscar nominated professional actors. And you could just go, okay, they know how to slip in, slip out and understand the technique, they understand the work. And they're no drama, I've noticed that the bigger the star, the bigger the the actor, the more calm and less attention they want, or need. Oh, interesting, at least from my experience, I know that's not for every case. But the bigger the star, the bigger the movie star, the bigger the actor, the nicer people seem to be. It's the ones I was just talking to a director the other day, and like, how did you deal with all of those? It was a movie with a lot of male energies, very, very testosterone films, action movie, legendary ones, really a lot of you know, just alone. And you know, all these kind of guys like, how did you? How did you deal with, you know, Arnold Schwarzenegger, like, how do you deal with these guys. And he goes, Oh, there, they were lovely. I didn't have a problem with any of the big stars. It was the little guys I had problems with the ones that were trying to prove themselves, or to get the attention from the other ones who truly didn't need it, because they've been getting that attention. The bulk of their lives, at a certain point, you just like, you know, I'm good. It's just what some quiet.

Belinda Womack 52:21
But you're making such an awesome point, Alex, the angels are very excited about this, that they're saying to all human beings, you all have access to creative genius, whether you want to be an actor, a director of filmmaker, podcast host, a spiritual healer, right, whatever, whatever it is, be your true authentic self relax into that. What's going to help you do that I surrender. I surrender to the will of my soul to the help of my soul, breathe, be here. Now, these simple things. And just having that intention, intention is everything relaxed into your true authenticity. And then who you're supposed to be just happens organically? And doesn't that take the pressure off?

Alex Ferrari 53:17
Oh, my God. I mean, I say this to so many young artists coming up. Because they always ask like, how do I make it I go, the only thing you have is who you are. There's, there's a secret sauce that you have, and no one else on the planet has. And when you tap into it, that's when you're able to move up and get things that you want and in and grow as an artist grow as, as a person because you're being authentic. And I've been podcasting for over seven years now. And a lot of people ask like, how do you what, why, why do you think you're successful in podcasting and interviewing, though? Because I am who I am. I'm not trying to be somebody else. I am who I am I approach these conversations with true honest. Questioning, I want to know I want to learn about your process. That's why I asked him like, what's your experience? Like talking to the to the angels? What was your experience, like making the transition? These are experiences that I won't have, at least that I know of, in this life? Who knows, right? But I'm curious, and I'm truly curious, and I'm authentic, and I also am coming from a place of service. Yes. And there's so many other people that come and go in the podcasting space, because they're like, I want to be a famous podcaster I'm like, I don't care about being a famous podcaster I care about serving my audience. I care about curiosity, and and that's what drives me because this is not easy work. I'm assuming the work that you do is not easy either. Day in day out, but it's worth it. work. But if you love it and you're being authentic to who you are, that is the secret to many things being authentic is the secret to many things. And have you found that if you, you are more attracted to authentic people than

Belinda Womack 55:16
fake people, I am loving this conversation with you. It's phenomenal because you know, and when I get to be blessed by being with a real person, I can breathe, because that's who I am. I'm like a little child. I cannot be anybody other than Belinda, who talks to 12 Archangels. I can't be fake, even if I try to can't tell a lie. It's so refreshing. And I thank you for that. I thank you for your authenticity. I really do.

Alex Ferrari 55:49
I appreciate that. And but I have to ask you this question, then why are we so afraid of being authentic? Because so many of us are like, I really want to dance. But I can't show anybody that I really want to be a writer. But I don't want to show anybody that where I want to be, I want to be a spiritual healer. And Jesus, I'm scared. I was terrified of doing this podcast. Because I had been in the filmmaking side. And I was like, I don't know, I don't, I don't want to be known as the spiritual guy. I don't want to lose what I've got, I don't want to talk to psychics and mediums and channels, and near death experiences. And these kinds of things. I was afraid, took me about a year before I opened, finally, I surrendered, by the way. I just said, Okay, do with me as you will, I'm gonna go all in. And that's when the door swung open for me.

Belinda Womack 56:39
Absolutely, that's when the doors that's when the doors swing open. So what the angels teach is that human beings, especially our ego, only our ego is afraid to be authentic. And our authenticity changes, it's important for us to share that you and I both know that. As we become even more and more devoted, in our calling into that higher frequency that changes, we keep moving deeper into ourselves, then it's, it becomes easier to be in that authenticity. Because we are in such a beautiful loving vibration. We don't care anymore, what people say, and what people think. But the ego is conditioned by fears old male, to expect judgment. And judgment has a lot to do with world religions. And you know, it's been around for a long time, but actually comes from fear. So when we were just being human, you are afraid of being judged and being rejected and being ridiculed and humiliated, you have this fear, everybody does. But once you face it, put it in via fire. And where we started our conversation is keep filling up with acceptance. You're asking your soul, you're asking creator to fill you with acceptance of your authenticity. And so then you change your reality inside out, you become stronger. Bottom line is you become strong, and you become detached from what other people are going to think of you or say about you. That's how it works.

Alex Ferrari 58:31
No question about it. And as there was a famous comedian who says as you get older you give less of you give less of what other people think about you. So like, you've ever seen that 80 year old guy walking out to pick up the mail, in his underwear in the morning, and he could care absolutely less of what you think it is, as an extreme example, but you as you get older, you start to realize like, you know what, at the end of the day, you know, when you're on your deathbed, do you think do you think about what rose thought about you? You think? Do you think about what Jack was really thinking about you that these are not things that matter? It's all ego, it's all this kind of perception. So as long as you're being authentic, it becomes so much easier to be authentic, isn't it?

Belinda Womack 59:23
Just it's something you can actually ask your soul which is your own Higher Self that created so let me explain that the soul is energy and it creates the ego. So we were created or we are an individuate. That's a hard word to say an individual expression of ourselves. So when we go back to Seoul when the ego goes to Seoul and says fill me with my authenticity, revealed to me why I'm here. I help people with this a lot I look at their ancient astrology and it's always right there, right in your natal chart. Why? Why? Why did you come here? So, when we do that we go to Seoul with our intention and we say, Will you show me who my authentic self is? You know, I didn't have that experience. I don't know if you did. I got drafted by an angel with the trumpet. But that's bottom line. That's what happened. That's what I went. That's what I had to do. Belinda, you think you're a biologist, you think this is what you're going to do. But you know, you're miserable. Because you're not really helping people. You're helping people in a certain way. But you know, you crave more than me, we're gonna do hold my hands up and go, Okay, surrender, you got me?

Alex Ferrari 1:00:49
It's the universal casting agent. They come in, and they go, no, no, no, no, no, you've been playing this part. But your career is not gonna go anywhere here, you need to move over here, work with this, this character and start building it out over? Now, I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ask all of my guests. What is the definition? What is your definition of living a good life?

Belinda Womack 1:01:16
Being authentic. Being authentic.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:21
Being a great answer, what is your mission in this life?

Belinda Womack 1:01:26
To help, it's gonna sound like a broken record, to help those who are ready and willing, because willingness is what it's all about. to step into that happiness to be happier truly, by opening and receiving that authentic, authentic self, and moving out of fear.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:52
And what is the ultimate purpose in life?

Belinda Womack 1:01:56
To choose love, to choose love? And to bring peace and to remember, we haven't been abandoned by creator? Were here students. But it's impossible to be a band.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:11
Yes, it is a tough University, though, I have to say.

Belinda Womack 1:02:15
They say it's the toughest.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:17
This is one of the this is this is the heart. This is the Harvard. Yes. Harvard without question of us schoolhouses, because my god, this is not an easy place to to move through, let's say. And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Belinda Womack 1:02:39
Easiest way is through my website, which is my name, Belindawomack.com.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:45
And of course, you can pick up your book on Amazon and wherever books are sold at this point. Yes. And last thing is there a message that you would like or you or the angels would like to leave our audience with?

Belinda Womack 1:03:02
Human beings, we hear you. We hear your every thought and every feeling. And so we want to tell you the good news, schoolroom Earth is going through rapid transformation. Stay in your own movie in your own theater. Fill it with love and gratitude, rise above the fear, the drama, the laugh. And then from this place, send your love out to the global movie. Send love and hope and prayers for awakening for the awakening of all to step out of that old male judgment and control and not enough. An old female. I'm the victim. I'm the poor one. I'm guilty and judged I'm ashamed. Step out of that human beings and be your true authentic selves. To be in your movie, change your reality and from this place, help all concerned. This is why you came here. Enjoy your service. We are always with you. Always.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:36
Thank you, Belinda. It's been an absolute pleasure and honor speaking to you today. Thank you, not only for coming on the show, but for the great work that you're doing in the world and trying to bring more love into because God knows we need it. So I appreciate your time. I do. Thank you so much.

Belinda Womack 1:04:50
Thank you. Thank you. It's been great fun.

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