Money for Nothing

I love to read about the success of other people, especially if I know those people. The one thing that goes through my mind is that if this person can do it, that means that everyone else can do it. And, if everyone else can do it, that means that I can do it, too. … Read more

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day, Babaji,” shouted the voices of zillions of men and boys from all parts of the universe in every language.  Babaji looked at his beloved sister, Mataji and told her that he didn’t understand why they thought he was their father. “They know that you have always loved them and protected them so … Read more

Instant Karma

Over the years I’ve seen evidence of people receiving instant karma for piddling amounts of money for small injustices but never had I seen monumental injustices and humongous instant karma played out so perfectly.  The story goes back many years ago.  I used to do health programs for people around the world.  Once a month … Read more

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Do you remember feeling like a grown-up, being given the responsibility of an adult, allowed to do your parent’s special project for the first time? I had one of those experiences and it was such a wonderful feeling to be treated like an adult. I was a serious child and tried to perform my very … Read more

Don’t Knock Yourself Out

Did you ever notice that you’re the one who does all the calling, makes all the social arrangements, buys all the gifts, and cooks all the holiday dinners? I don’t believe in keeping score because usually the scales balance out in the end. But, there are many times the scales don’t balance out and you’re … Read more

The Last Good-bye

Sophie looked around her daughter’s empty room and her eyes filled with tears. She had just returned from taking Gloria to her college dormitory and the two of them had put up some of Gloria’s posters on the wall nearest the bed to give it a familiar feeling. They were running out of things to … Read more

When Counseling Fails

So, there I was, standing on the sidewalk, shaking from the inside out, having a meltdown for the first time in my life, when I heard a voice within me saying, “If you don’t get rid of this client right now, you’re going to be dead within three months.” I terminated the relationship immediately and … Read more

Physician Heal Thyself

Throughout the years, I had always heard the expression, “Physician, heal thyself” and I always wondered why, if it was possible, didn’t they do it. When I started studying metaphysics, I wanted to delve more into the meaning of that proverb and what I discovered was that there is a very sound reason for believing … Read more

The Art of Giving

Many years ago, I was having a deep conversation with two black women that opened my eyes to many things we never give a thought about until someone brings up the topic. How many times have we looked in our closets and pulled out clothing we haven’t worn in ages and deliberated about donating them … Read more

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