Instant Karma

Over the years I’ve seen evidence of people receiving instant karma for piddling amounts of money for small injustices but never had I seen monumental injustices and humongous instant karma played out so perfectly.  The story goes back many years ago.  I used to do health programs for people around the world.  Once a month my clients would fly in and I would assess their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs and recommend the vitamins and modalities they needed.  Then, I would give them a list of the things they needed to get and the modalities they would be using during the month.

One day, a woman came to introduce herself as the new owner of a very successful vitamin shop. I liked her immediately and she told me how she had just invested all her savings in this shop.  The previous owner had a small room in the back, which he was keeping for his own clients who used to come in for testing and remedies from the vitamin shop.  The new owner was not allowed to sell them the remedies; they had to buy them from the previous owner.  The terms of the contract was that she would pay $25,000 for the shop and the other $25,000 six months later.

On the surface, it sounded like she could make a nice living.  What she didn’t know was that the previous owner had every intention of forcing her into bankruptcy, keeping her $25,000, and reclaiming his store and his customers.  Every time she would try something different, he would come storming into the store and make her take it down.  I sent her all my clients who were on my health programs but he kept sabotaging her every effort.

One day, one of my clients came to me and told me she couldn’t afford to buy from this shop anymore because she found several shops on the east side in Manhattan that were selling the same things for a fraction of the price.  I had never gotten involved with the sales of the stores where customers did their shopping; my only concern was that my clients got well; they could buy their products wherever they wanted.

The new owner was in a panic; her customers were leaving in droves.  I was not prepared to get involved in the mess that the previous owner kept creating but I felt sorry enough for her that I drove over to her store to help her in a different way.  She was depressed because not a single customer had come into the shop all week so I told her to put up big signs saying 50% off on all items.  I helped her make the signs and hang them.  We worked all day, making the signs and climbing ladders to hang them all around the store.  The next day, the previous owner walked into the store, saw the signs, flew into a rage and tore down all the signs and told her never to do that again.  Now, remember, the store was legally hers and she could do whatever she wanted but the previous owner kept bullying her and interfering with everything she was doing.

It was getting close to the six-month deadline when the other $25,000 was due.  Of course, she didn’t have his money.  How could she?  The previous owner was making sure that she would default on the loan so that he could keep her $25,000 and reclaim the store.  No matter how often I told her to fight back and get an attorney, she would shrug her shoulders and say that she couldn’t win the battle so it was no use.

A couple of days later, a few days short of when the $25,000 was due, I got a phone call from the previous owner and he was in a rage.  He shouted that this woman had stripped the store bare, down to the walls.  She had taken everything off the shelves.  She even took the shelves that she had installed. She also took all the tinctures that he had been using to treat his own clients.  In short, she left him with nothing!  It would have cost him considerably more to fix the store up enough to sell even a rubber band.  And, remember, the store was still in her name and everything in the store was legally hers because the payment on the loan wasn’t due yet.  Apparently, she got all her friends with large trucks to dismantle the store, and they did all this in one night after the shopping center closed for the night.  Oh, my.  When you pull the tail of a tiger maybe you should make sure that his teeth aren’t sharp enough to kill you.   

While the previous owner was raging and ranting, he tried to sell me the book he had written for $100.  He had kept that book under close cover but he made one fatal mistake.  He gave a copy of the book to a close friend of mine and I read the whole boring book in one night so the previous owner now had literally nothing to sell, not even the book that had not yet gone to the printer.  And unsurprisingly, he never saw the correlation between his nefarious acts and the instant karma that was hitting him upside the head from every direction. 

I don’t know what ever happened with the new owner.  No one ever saw her again or found out where she had stored everything that belonged to her.  I don’t even know if the previous owner ever opened up his former shop; it’s like he disappeared off the face of the planet.  After what he did to that lovely woman, I doubt if any of us would have ever gone back to his store even if his was the only vitamin shop in the county.  This was truly instant karma played out so perfectly, it will serve as a reminder to anyone who has ever experienced things going wrong in his life.

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Written by Connie H. Deutsch

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