R.I.P Michael J. Tamura – His LAST INTERVIEW Pre-Death Experience: Preparing to Transition to the Afterlife

Psychic Michael J. Tamura is a well-known and highly respected psychic medium and spiritual teacher. With over 30 years of experience in the field, he has helped countless people to connect with their loved ones who have passed on, receive guidance and insight into their lives, and find peace and comfort in difficult times. Tamura … Read more

Discovering Your Psychic Abilities with Michael Tamura

Michael Tamura lives the miracle: Spiritually aware from childhood, he sees you the way you are—as immortal souls. To guide thousands to their healing, awakening, and true purpose, he draws from years of intensive training, past-life recall, nightly out-of-body sojourns, forty-eight years of teaching and giving clairvoyant counseling, and a lifetime of extraordinary experiences, including … Read more