R.I.P Michael J. Tamura – His LAST INTERVIEW Pre-Death Experience: Preparing to Transition to the Afterlife

In the boundless tapestry of existence, where each thread is a tale of enlightenment, today we welcome Michael J. Tamura, a soul who has danced on the precipice of life and death, returning with pearls of wisdom that illuminate the path for us all. Michael’s journey, marked by near-death experiences and profound spiritual insights, is a testament to the resilience and transformative power of the human spirit.

Michael’s life has been a series of remarkable events, each leading him closer to the understanding of our true nature. He begins by sharing his most recent experience, which he describes not as a near-death encounter but as a “fresh death experience.” At the beginning of this year, Michael faced a severe health crisis that brought him to the brink of death. “I was knocking on death’s door,” he recalls. His wife urged him to seek medical attention, leading to a series of tests that revealed critical health issues requiring immediate intervention.

This event is not Michael’s first brush with mortality. His spiritual journey has been punctuated by multiple near-death experiences, each offering profound lessons. The first of these occurred in 2004, a severe episode of gout brought him to a state of extreme pain and near physical collapse. During this crisis, he was escorted out of his body and into a realm of divine beings, who offered him the choice to stay in the spirit world or return to his body. “You’ve accomplished far more than you contracted for this lifetime,” they told him. Choosing to return, Michael asked for help in healing so he could continue his work in the physical world.

Michael’s encounters with death have reshaped his understanding of life and his purpose within it. He speaks of the importance of choosing how we die, a concept introduced to him by a teacher in his youth. “You can choose to die in pain and suffering, or you can choose to die in a state of love and peace,” Michael explains. This choice, made consciously every day, has guided his path and his approach to life’s challenges.


  1. The Power of Conscious Choice: Michael’s experiences highlight the significance of consciously choosing how we live and die. By embracing a state of love and peace, we can transform our journey and impact those around us.
  2. Embracing Our True Nature: Recognizing and accepting our true self, with all its strengths and flaws, is essential for spiritual growth. This acceptance allows us to live authentically and face life’s challenges with grace.
  3. The Interconnectedness of Life: Michael’s insights into the nature of reality emphasize the interconnectedness of all beings. Our actions and choices ripple through the fabric of existence, influencing not only our lives but the world around us.

As we delve deeper into Michael’s wisdom, we are reminded of the importance of forgiveness, not as an act of superiority but as a path to personal freedom. “Forgiveness is about seeking the truth of the matter,” he says. By uncovering the truth and letting go of judgments, we can release the burdens that weigh us down and embrace the light of our true nature.

In conclusion, Michael J. Tamura’s story is a beacon of hope and inspiration, illustrating that even in the face of death, we have the power to choose love, peace, and authenticity. His journey reminds us that life is a continuous dance between the physical and the spiritual, and by embracing our true nature, we can navigate this dance with wisdom and grace.

Please enjoy my conversation with Michael J. Tamura.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 226

Michael Tamura 0:00
People are able to receive what they're seeking. Seeking is no problem. But if you can't have what you're seeking, then it's not going to happen. So the receiver has to be prepared.

Alex Ferrari 0:26
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Michael Tamura. How you doing Michael?

Michael Tamura 0:32
Thank you for having me on your show. Again, it's nice to be back literally.

Alex Ferrari 0:38
You know, we're going to tell the audience what's what's been going on, because you and I scheduled this months ago, because it takes a few months to get on the show. Because it's been, it's gotten so busy. So we booked really a long time ahead. And I think a week or two ago, you send me an email saying, Alex, I didn't have a near death experience, I had a fresh death experience. And so can you talk a little bit about, you know, just a little bit about what before we get into your old, you know,

Michael Tamura 1:09
Old near death

Alex Ferrari 1:10
Experiences, apparently, you need to do a fresh one, kind of, to you know, have an exclusive on the show, I don't know. But you had another experience as well, which we'll get deeper into later on. But if you want to just touch upon what happened to you, and then we'll go into the old near death experiences, and then we'll go deeper into this.

Michael Tamura 1:27
I'll give you the Cliff Notes of my latest adventure. I started off this year with a tremendous bang 2023 I was predicting this last year that 2023 For everyone is going to be a huge, intense year, in many different ways. But anyway, 3 days into January. On January 3, I was going down fast. I mean, I knew I was like knocking on death's door. So this was not a near death experience. It was pre dying, you know, dying experience. And it got so bad that my wife Raphael said, you know, you better call your doc and get a blood test or something, you got to find out. So I, I go to the doc and she orders these regular blood tests. And she's like, Oh, my God, this can't be right. And, and so then she asked us to go to a different blood lab and get the same test at a completely different place because she couldn't believe the results that came back. She didn't even want to say it. And then she got the results right away. And she calls and says to RAF ers he goes, You have to take him to the ER right now. Okay. Made it to the ER. it's jam packed in the waiting room. And so we wait a couple hours. But we get called Get ushered into the one of the exam rooms. doctor sees me and he runs a few tests. Nobody's telling me anything. Yeah. Next thing. He orders two huge sacks of blood transfusion. Wow. And normally, you know, it's like not this big. Yeah, this one's each one is like industrial size. Costco size. Yeah, I was there in the ER all night, getting these two big blood transfusions that took about six hours. And anything any news, what's what's going on. But during that time, I had a lot of time sitting there to to look at things and I realized, you know, I think I was right. I'm in the process of dying, not like the other near death experiences because those I didn't know I was gonna die. I just died and then came back. People told me I'm on this side. This time I'm looking at Oh, yeah, this is an entirely different experience. And at that point, I felt like I had maybe a few days, up to maybe a couple of weeks if if some drastic didn't happen. I was that close. But they're giving me these blood transfusions. And I can tell I have a little more energy. This kind of stuff and and, but I was preparing. You know, I was going Okay, I gotta really look at this and see where I'm at with everything. Well, long story short Because what we'll get into this later the next morning, the doctor comes in and says, Well, we're going to send you to downtown Sacramento, next city over to the they're bigger hospital because they have much better facilities, and they have the kinds of doctors and everybody that that can treat you. We don't want to admit you here, because you definitely need to be admitted. And I said, What's, what do I have? This is why we don't know. That's what you're going to go find out.

Alex Ferrari 5:35
And we'll leave it at that. We'll stop it there. Okay, then, as a cliffhanger. Everybody come back and listen to it all the way to the end to find out what Michael at the end of this conversation but so let's go back. Because last time we were on you, we were talking about your psychic abilities, your your the phenomenon that you're able to do and things like that. But I didn't realize you had had near death experiences at the time. So I when I found that out, it just passed along. In my feed one day, I was like, bring him in the Michael had near death experiences would never even mentioned that before. I have to have him back just to talk about the near death experiences. So can you first tell me what was your life like before you had your first near death experience?

Michael Tamura 6:21
Um, that's the stuff we kind of talked about. A little bit. Yeah. It's it's, I've had an incredible life. I've always felt like I've had like a charmed life. It might from childhood all the way till today. But the first three astrologers that ever passed my birth chart. They were like doctors trying to give you the bad prognosis or diagnosis. And they're, like, really serious. And and each one started off there. There talk to me with Well, I'm sorry. And they said, you have had a very hard life. And I'm telling you, You must be kidding. You're there must be a you mixed up somebody else's chart. Because I feel I've been the lucky one. I've had a blessed life and charmed life. If anything, and they go, Oh, but it's been tough. And it's going to continue to be tough. And this is in my 20s. Okay. So maybe we're saying you have a long, hard life to look forward to. And I go, what are we talking about? It wasn't until I was with Raphael and she's much more of an astrologer. I don't know anything about astrology. But she said to me, oh, yeah, well, it's true. Because by then, I've had at least a couple of my near death experiences and everything is useless just even recently. Most people don't die suddenly, and then come back and have to get back to life again. I said, Oh, why I learned a lot. I wouldn't, I wouldn't trade it in for anything. It's it was a great experience. Jesus, wow. That's a difference. Most people would think it's a hard life. And then all the things you've been through in your life. Any one of them a person would normal person considered to be very difficult? And I thought really? And he's she says, yeah, there's not. Not everybody is like you where you have these challenges. But to you, they're kind of fun. It's like an adventure and it's your learning and, and it helps you get places. So yeah, that's true. That's definitely how I look at things.

Alex Ferrari 9:06
Alright, so what happened? So what happened with your, what happened leading up to the first near death experience? And how old were you?

Michael Tamura 9:12
I was. It was 2004 was my first near death experience. A little bit before my birthday. So it would have been 2003 would have been my 50th birthday. Yeah. 33 three I was born in so yeah, 2003 would have been my 50th A two and four would have been my 50th birthday. Currently, before that. I had a severe, severe form of galette. Do you know what a goat is? It's excruciating. I wouldn't. My only thing I can say to people was I wouldn't. I wouldn't wish that pain on my Worst Enemy are the worst criminal in the universe or whatever. It was just, I, I had a pretty high pain threshold. But that did me in it literally, it got so bad, I had what's called later on, I found out traveling out. And it went all over my body, not just in one little joint, like most people get it. And here's the funny part. I was a vegetarian. And I didn't drink alcohol, I didn't smoke, I didn't eat, you know, fatty meats, and all those kinds of things. I've been always leading a very healthy, healthy life as far as that part. And the, at the time, it's like everything about gout was, oh, usually middle aged men who's overweight, drinks, a lot of red wine, and other alcohol eats, produces quantities of beef, fatty meats, and, you know, things like that. And for me, it was like, I didn't do any of this. Yet, I had this one that's traveling out is every word down into the very, like the sutures of the skull. Yeah, that was excreted, I mean, everything. But in my, I think something was going on even with my, the little bones in the inner year. So it was just beyond painful. And it's like, there were these cartoons of, of warriors inside my joints, and everywhere else with shards of glass, weapons just chopping away at it all at the same time. So I couldn't get into any kind of a position, you know, nothing relieved any of it. So it's either standing lying down, sitting, nothing, nothing worked, nothing helped. And so Raphael when had to go to town to get something and while she was gone, I'm kind of curled up in the, on my bed. And I'm just going, I don't know if I can make it. It's just, it's, I don't know how much longer and this has been going on for a while. So I finally go, Hey, God, I really don't know how much longer I can handle this. And instantly, instantly, I'm literally escorted out of my body and transported to this place that I kind of compared to the super Oh, high end board meeting room. You know, those nice words, yeah, long wooden table bought, very polished, and very nice, rich kind of environment. And I'm greeted by five great, magnificent beings, all sitting around this front, one part of the table. And the person, the being that escorted me to that place sat at the end of their little U shaped kind of thing. And there's an empty seat right at the corner, next to the head of the of the table. And they're all welcoming me. And I mean, it was just this like a total homecoming. Welcome home. And I'm going whoa, these are some magnificent, enlightened beings. And I knew I knew them from working on a spiritual level. And they all said, Well, you're done. You've accomplished far more than you've contracted for for this lifetime. So you're completely done. You have a choice, you could stay with us here and continue your spiritual work from this side. Or if you'd like to, you can go back to the body and you know, continue your work there. I was completely neutral. I had no desire one way or the other. I had no you know, whatever. It's just like literally, whatever. And then I got this brilliant idea. And it's very dangerous when I whenever I have a brilliant idea

Alex Ferrari 15:00
Me too my friend, my wife says the same thing.

Michael Tamura 15:04
Oh, no, he's got a brilliant idea. And so I'm looking at these five magnificent beings. And I'm going, Wow. I said, well, in your wisdom, what would you say would be? The best decision for me to make is what would be of greatest benefit, not just for myself, but for anyone involved in my life are involved in some way. For me to stay here with you guys, and continue or go back. And instantly they all together, they said, if you go back, you'll be have so much more benefit than if you stay here. Okay, that's all I needed to hear. Send me back. And I said, Fine. And so the same being that escorted me to that meeting, escorted me back to my body. And when I came back, it's just like, I'm gasping and all that, and I'm just going well, oh, but before when when I was turning around out, going out of this meeting space, I thought, oh, until then, you know, when you're in spirit, the body doesn't mean a thing. Yeah, it's, there's no time there's, there's no bodies, there's no world that's it's just like, I'm just there in beingness. But the minute I start to put my attention back to returning to the earth returning to the body, Oh, yeah. Minor detail. I have this body with enormous pain, excruciating pain, that won't go away for weeks. And so I turned around before I'm being escorted completely out. I said, you know, if I'm going to be of any benefit to anyone, even to myself, I'm gonna need some help in healing, so that I won't have to be in that excruciating pain all the time. And they're very, they're very economical with their words. It's like, fine. That's the last thing I heard them say, Fine. And I'm being escorted back to my body. But when I once I got into my body, the same voice that I heard, say, Fine, came into my ear and said, you know, go to your computer and look up uric acid. And I said, Oh, I've, I could practically have a PhD and uric acid. Looked at I researched everything online, I could possibly fine. Talk to doctors, I talked to healers, I talked to everybody. They said, just go do it. Okay, go do it. Turn on the computer and look at it. And, you know, I put the search word in there and all the same stuff I've already read 100 times pops up, then something's flashing on this side. You know that where the advertisements are? And I see at the top of it, oh, it says Gao cure. And it was a new ad. I know, I've seen it before. So I click on to it, go to the site. And the company was so new at the time. The founder, there's a little blurb of his story, which was car sounds as bad as mine. And, but he somehow found the solution. It's all natural. So then I click onto that and to read some more. And then there's at the bottom, he says, yeah, if you have a question, send me an email. So I immediately write a, like a three page email about what's been going on and what I've done and nothing has worked. He answers me in like less than 15 minutes which was unheard of, you know, on online something. So then I said, Okay, here it is. And, and he goes, Oh, one of the things I mentioned was, nothing worked. And it's it's related to what I eat. So I was down to even Iceberg lettuce with nothing on it made it worse. That's unheard of in any of the literature, right. So I decided I got that another brilliant idea of oh, I'll go on a water fast. I like fast. He wrote back immediately saying, Get off your fast right now. It would be better for you Eat half a cow and drink a gallon of wine right now for your for the Gout then then to do a water fast. And he explained it this is what uric acid comes from the breakdown of periods. And, and this is what happens when you eat, you know, really rich peering rich foods. But it even happens more. When your muscles break down from fasting, you know, when you don't have enough calories, it starts to take it out of

Alex Ferrari 20:37
Cannibalizing yourself.

Michael Tamura 20:38
Yeah. And, and it gets, it just floods your blood with with that.

Alex Ferrari 20:45
So you got so you've ordered this and obviously cured you

Michael Tamura 20:49
Didn't cure me. But it started to alleviate. Yeah, but it still took a few weeks, but it started to alleviate it. And then at that point, I went to one of my advanced students who happened to be a incredible medical doctor, and an osteopathic doctor and specialized in nutrition therapy. So I went to her and I consulted and she said, Oh, my God, is he got my blood tests as well, you know. So she gave me all these supplements. And slowly a little bit, and I just start to do not get the acute stuff.

Alex Ferrari 21:35
So let me ask you when you came back from this near death experience, I mean, you've already been very spiritual. All my life all your life so that you don't even the way you were talking about is yours. Like, like, it wasn't even a big deal to you like, Oh, that's a being of a council of elders is basically what that sounded like to me. Oh, it's a council of elders. Great. I'm happy. I don't really care either way. What do you tell me? It was like very like, because most near death experiences like oh my god, I saw Jesus as I saw this, my spirit guide. This is so amazing. And you were just like, hey, guys. I said surely because of your work and what you do. So that's very unique. I don't hear that very often. Usually near death experiences when it happens. It's the either the first time Yes, yeah, that a spiritual awakening happens. But you had already been awakened prior to this. So you were just like, oh, this is just part of my journey. Yeah, right. So you came back. It didn't, it seemed like you just came back and you healed yourself took a little while to heal yourself. And then you're back on the road, doing your work and doing everything you did. What was the second near death experience like?

Michael Tamura 22:51
Oh, just one of the things even though the healing part took a while. This that first near death experience happened. Like on a Wednesday, the only day I had in between finishing up teaching a three day retreat in our house to about 40 to 50 people healing on healing. And the next weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. We're our preparations have to start on on Wednesday to get everything done. Because we fed them and everything. So that was the only day I had

Alex Ferrari 23:32
To have a near death experience.

Michael Tamura 23:34
Yeah, because we didn't cancel anything at that time. It's just like, Okay, I'm back. So I couldn't continue to teach. Scheduled your near death experience. Yeah, you have to schedule your near death experience at a convenient time.

Alex Ferrari 23:47
I've got things to do. I've got schedules. I don't have time. If you look, I can only I have Wednesday. Wednesday is the only day I really could do this guys. Yeah, to meet with me up and in heaven and talk about my spiritual journey. I could do Wednesday, and Tuesday or Thursday has to be Wednesday.

Michael Tamura 24:06
That's funny. Yeah, now that you mentioned it that way. It's it is yeah.

Alex Ferrari 24:13
Okay, so now you've go back you continue to work. What was your second near death experience like?

Michael Tamura 24:18
Second near death experience. Well, when I came back from the first one, I was told in no uncertain terms. Your slate is cleared. The deck is clear. You don't have any obligations. You don't have to honor any past commitments. You're done with all that you can you're in for this is a brand new contract. And so it was literally like being fully reborn except into the same body instead of a baby body. But I told them Yeah, I but I do have some prior commitments. I want to fulfill them. You know, because Most people won't understand that. And they said, well, it's your call, you call the shots. And so but we're just letting you know, this is what you have to do. You don't have to do any of that stuff. I said, yeah, let me let me finish up by commitments. It took me exactly two whole years to finish all the past commitments to my satisfaction. And I remember the day that happened. I said, Ah, I'm done with the old stuff. I can move on to a new level, which I have to create. And that's one of my favorite parts of life is creating the new stuff. So I was very much looking forward to it. And I said, Oh, yeah, I think I even told Raphael. Yep, I'm done with the old now. It's gonna be a whole new space. I can start on that. The next day, I had a heart my first heart attack. And my near death experience,

Alex Ferrari 26:10
They have they have a sense of humor. They really do.

Michael Tamura 26:15
Yeah, they go. Okay, finally, we've been waiting for him. Now. You know,

Alex Ferrari 26:20
Let me let me ask you as a vegetarian, though, how, what kind of heart attacks do you have? I mean, this doesn't make sense. I mean, I mean, let's you're just loading up on cheese, and milk and eggs.

Michael Tamura 26:32
That time when when I had my first heart attack, I was a vegan vegetarian. Right. So you had no so then you were no dairy products no.

Alex Ferrari 26:41
How is it possible to even Is it is it is something that was that you were genetically?

Michael Tamura 26:49
No this is this has been my medical part of my life. From the time as a kid, I get taken to doctors and they poke and prod and give me this type of medication and nothing ever fit anything.

Alex Ferrari 27:05
You're sure you're not you're an oddity when it comes. Because for everyone listening, if you have your vegan vegetarian, heart attacks are generally not top of the list heart disease is that you may have other things, but that's not one of them, gents. So I'm so curious about it. Okay, so you have a heart attack.

Michael Tamura 27:26
So, and the heart attack comes from. In retrospect, I gave a talk at this three day conference on the Sunday morning. That night, we get invited by a friend of ours who has a healing center, a healer, in the next Yes, next state over above. But it's only like an hour and a half drive to his place from our where we lived at that time in Northern California. And it was a birthday party for another spiritual teacher and author who I didn't know at the time. But I thought okay, hey, you know, some something different to do and then we'll see some of our friends and stuff. Okay, we went it was a good party and everything great people. And when the time to the candy, or what he call it the birthday cake with the candles, they bring off for this man. And everybody's singing, we're all singing and wish them happy birthday, he he blows up the candles and everything. And next, they started all over again. Here's another person coming with a cake with, you know, a forest fire of, of candles on it. And and then I start to notice they're coming. She's coming to me with a cake. And somebody says, Yeah, we just found an hour ago that your birthday is three days from today. So yeah, that's what it is. And so we decided we have to include you too. So we got another cake. Okay, she brings it over. And she goes on, wait a minute, you can't blow on it. And you have to close your eyes and make your wish. Right? I said, Oh, yeah. Okay. So I close my eyes. And I'm going complete black right? Wish, what do I wish? And there's really nothing I could think of to wish until my mind is completely blank and totally still. I can't hear anybody or anything. It's just quiet. Then in the middle of of it. There's this golden glow that just starts getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And I can tell Oh, yeah, that's the Christ. Energy. And I thought oh, That would be a good wish. Great birthday wish would be yes, I would like to embody the Christ more. So I made that wish opened my eyes. And she goes, Okay, now blow up the candle, blow out the candles. Everybody starts singing, all celebration. I thought that was that mean? Well, Raphael was talking to the host distance away from me. And she didn't tell me this until I came back after I came back from my second near death experience, and the hospital and everything else. And she said, the entire time leading up to my birthday candle blowing out and everything they were talking about. The healer friend of ours, had a near death experience or almost death experience, not that he didn't die, but he had a heart attack. And he locked himself up in the his sanctuary, determined to heal himself on his own, rather than go to the hospital, because he was anti, you know, medical and all that kind of stuff. So, and he did. And he was seemingly fine. And Raphael's going, why is he telling you this in my new detail. And then when I was blowing out the candle, she said, you close your eyes. And obviously, you were looking at what you're gonna wish. And she says, I saw you leaving. I saw you leaving this earth. And she goes, she said, I didn't want to see that is whatever you wish for. I see you leaving. So she didn't tell me any of that. Until we much much later. And so after this experience, we go home. Everything's great. I feel great. I have a good night's sleep. The next morning. I'm being brought to an A to awakeness here, but I was in total, everlasting infinite bliss out of the body. And what started to bring me back to this world was the clanking and water running in the kitchen. Raphael is getting the breakfast ready for the dog we had and the cat's and so, so that kind of woke me up. And I always enjoyed that sound. And click click link. And then I can hear our dog going at that at that. And so I just gently come to back to my body more. But I'm still in this total limit limitless bliss. And then I realized, oh, I have a very important meeting this man from Israel specifically came to the US and found me and he set up an appointment to see me in my office in town at 10 o'clock that morning. So I thought I better get up. So I'm it was difficult to get up out of this state. But I did and I got my both feet on the floor and start to prepare morning stuff to get dressed and everything go you know, go to the shower and everything. And all of a sudden, it was like I was tossed into the dryer in the laundry machine. I didn't know which way was up. I didn't know what it was. It was like being hit by lightning from the inside and then being tossed in a dryer on the outside. And I just didn't know which way it was anything. Right around then Raphael walks into the bedroom. And I'm just barely trying to stand stand up straight. And she goes, What's wrong? Are you having a heart attack? Well, when I was in my teens for three years, I was a nurse, licensed vocational nurse. And I'm okay heart attack. Well, what were the the symptoms symptoms? And first I thought of the late person's symptoms that we used to tell and that's Moon my moon many moons ago right? And it was very simple. Now they have much better symptomology but at that time, we were instructed to tell the patients Oh, does it feel like you have an elephant sitting on your chest? You have, you know? And do you have pain coming down radiating down your left arm? So I'm looking at that. Even in that state, when I thought about this, it feels like an elephant sitting on my chest. All I could visualize is a big cartoon pink elephant sitting on my chest, and I start laughing. And I said, No, that doesn't feel anything like any kind of elephant on my chest. And do I have radiating pain down my left arm? And I go, No, there's no pain down my left arm. If anything, it's more on the right. And this and that. But by that point, I'm starting to kind of look at what's what am I experiencing? And I thought, Oh, this is somehow the Kundalini just blasted off. Which makes sense when I'm waking up from this total, blissful, limitless bliss experience. So I tell Raphael, no, I don't think so. But I would like a healing. Because Could you look at check out my Kundalini, it's all over the place.

And she goes, Okay, so she goes into the living room and starts to give me a healing. I get dressed and everything and, and my memory is I just walked into the living room. And for some reason, I felt like I really need to go outside. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day. And summer day, and our backyard, there's, there's like a main backyard. And then inside the main backyard, there's a raised area that's got the small lawn. And I've never seen that patch of grass greener than it was that day. And complete Blue Skies is just gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous day. And I said, I need to be in the sun. And I need to be on the earth, you know, grass nature. So I went downstairs, from the back while she's giving me the healing. And I got down there. And I knelt down on the grass, and my body just keeled over. But I wasn't, that wasn't the near death experience, I don't think because I was still aware of the body, but mostly out by myself out of the body. And as soon as I got out much more, I'm surrounded by a whole ring of 12 Masters.

Alex Ferrari 37:48
When you say masters, are you talking about masters that we recognize or you just knew?

Michael Tamura 37:53
I knew I've some of them. A few of them I didn't instantly recognize but I knew more most of them by relating with them and communicating with them during, you know, my meditations and other out of body experiences I've had. And, and they're all there. And my first thought was, thank God, you're here. And for some reason, I had this vision of swooping in, like Superman to save me, right? No, as soon as I said, Thank God, you're all here. And she, they've all recognized I recognize them. They step backwards, away from me. At that point, I'm thinking of, you know, Jesus on the cross going, why have you for sale? Because they can be, hey, wait a minute, aren't you here to you know, be divine intervention. And the message was so clear. It's just, this is your time to make a very important decision. And we can't interfere with that. It's totally your decision to make. And I'm fine. Okay, any hints about what this decision is about? Nope, that was the rest of it. Total silence. They're there. I could feel their love and support and everything, but they're not going to interfere. They're not gonna intervene in anything. Okay, so I'm on my own with this. But they said, I have to make a choice. I have to make some kind of decision. And it's most important decision. So I'm going okay, it's not, you know, what do I want for my birthday? Yes, it's a very important decision, which means it has to do with life, my life or life in general. wrong. And I first thought I have as well, in most cases will if a person was going through a similar situation as myself, they might be looking at, well, do I want to live? Or do I want to die? Kind of a situation? I've already been through that. And I don't mind either way. And I already know with total certainty, I'm never going to die anyway, this body will die, but I'm not going to die. So that's not a choice for me. And I'm looking at, okay, so what would be a most important choice that I have to make where I am, in my awareness about life, and a split, especially my life? And I thought I really, at first, I couldn't think of what would that be. And then it all of a sudden hit me. The light went on, and I just go, oh, even with all my experience, of out of body experiences, near death experience, and everything else. And I'm not afraid of the physical death anymore. But what I still saw myself living from birth to the physical death, this lifetime, I'm concerned about this lifetime. And I realized I never made a decision about eternal life, the life that never ends, whether you're here or there anywhere. I thought, Okay, so that's the choice I have to make is, Am I ready to declare? Living the eternal life? Am I ready to make that choice of okay, instead of living from birth to death? And then next chapter after I die, I go on a spirit and then come back and have my next lifetime? Or do I go for the whole thing? eater eternal life, regardless of whether I'm here, or out of the body, and when I saw that it's on the surface, that might seem like a, that's a pretty obvious and simple decision, isn't it? Because we all have eternal life anyway. But it's not until you make the conscious choice to have it, that you have to live by it. And so I thought, Okay, what would that look like to live by making the choice to live no longer this temporary life? lifetime, but there's no end to this life? Oh, that actually frightened me. And why would ETERNAL LIFE flow frighten anybody? Well, because I knew instantly if I decided to own that I live the eternal life while I'm still here. That means I can no longer live a conditional life. I can't place conditions upon what can a day it's going to be what kind of health I like to have, you know, and you have to you have to live life as it's handed over to you. As it comes. No judgement. No getting hung up on how am I going to solve this problem of this is happening to me? Sure. Sure. Yep. So Whoa, that's scary. Have Yeah, that's heavy. Am I ready to make that commitment? Because I didn't mind if I physically died. I got that down, Pat. And but if I came back, and what if I'm crippled? What if I'm dysfunctional in some way? What if I'm bedridden? Oh, I'm not ready for that yet. But then I saw so what the writing's on the wall? I already know, sooner or later, I have to make this decision. I don't have to make it this lifetime. I don't have to make it next lifetime. I can make it 100 lifetimes from now. But it's, I have to make it some time. Because it's about eternal life. So I thought, okay, I might as well make it now. I've been one like that. All my life of well, if I have to do something sooner or later, I managed to do it now instead of later, right. Get it out of the way. Yeah, get it out of the way why? Why prolong the inevitable? And so I thought okay, I'll make that decision, I will roll with the punches, I'll start to practice really living life without imposing any of my conditions on it. And I made that decision. And as soon as I made the decision, everything kind of changed. I was still having this whatever's going on physically. And by that point, I can feel it in my chest. It felt really heavy, not like a crushing chest pain, but just heaviness like that, the suffering of the world kind of heaviness. So I'm now realize, Oh, I'm more back in my body to realize, oh, the body is slumped over on the grass with my forehead touching the lawn. And yet, I'm seeing this verdant green grass, all the Leaves of Grass right in front of my eyes. And I go along Mother Earth, it's just like total Mother Earth is right there as consciousness. And I said, you know, I have this incredible heaviness in my chest. And I think I need to let it go. Would it be okay with you if I just let it go into this land, this grass and everything. And she said, very much saw. And, and what happened next was this incredible, vibrant green grass opens like a curtain, like a velvet, infinite velvet, black curtain. And my whole vision in front of me, no longer is this green grass. It's this solid, straight, flat, deep, infinite blackness, but it's warm and completely inviting. So I go, Okay, here goes. And I just totally let go of whatever's I'm holding in my chest. And I just start to see all the images and the energy of the 1000s and 1000s people I've given healings to over many, many years. And even though I was meticulous at cleaning my space out and energy after each healing, because I didn't want to carry what I took on from other people, you know, into my personal life. So I trained on that level and everything and I practiced it all the time. Yet, you know, you're not aware of everything. So whatever you unconsciously resist, that extends, tends to stick. So I realized, Oh, this is over the all these decades of healing people, little bits and pieces that I didn't get to. And I'm too busy and go on to the next one. Yeah, makes sense. piles up. So it turns out to be you know, pretty good amount. And that's all coming out. Just like a waterfall. I felt better and better and better. And then it's done. And the curtain closes is back to green grass again. I said thank you very much. And I can sit up straight. I thought wow, how cool is that? And right when I set up, I hear this male voice behind me a physical man's voice and goes, Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Tomorrow. I didn't know you were meditating. And he ran away. That was our new gardener. This is the first time I met him. Right. And and it wasn't until much much later on that way. We had a chance to talk about personal stuff and and he told me before he became a gardener, he was a licensed paramedic. So I'm going Thank you that was plan V it Yeah, if he found me dead or you know, unconscious on the ground, he would have known exactly what to do. So I thought it's always everything is divinely choreograph.

Alex Ferrari 49:19
Isn't it is isn't it?

Michael Tamura 49:23
It's every every little in fact. Now I'm very certain I've experienced it many many many times every down to the every last subatomic particle is part of the choreography because the question we're not that we're not the choreographers as human human beings

Alex Ferrari 49:45
But do you But do you believe though that our intention our our thoughts can.

Michael Tamura 49:55
Yes, absolutely. Absolutely and manipulate because Luckily, yeah, because how that part works is spirit. The totality of spirit is undivided, right. It's not part of this world. That's why I said, it's spirit or God divine choreographer that is behind what happens to right down to the very last subatomic particle, and the cells of our body and everything. But the choreographer works with every little tiny, what we consider tiny particles and the hugest, you know, galaxies, in concert. Okay, they don't leave anything out. But they don't, they're not the ones to say, this is how it's going to be. That's up to us. Up to those who are in this world. Making decisions, having intentions, ask, praying, asking for stuff, whatever it is. And every level of everything, even those things that we seek unconsciously, oh, I don't want to see that person, you know, like that. But you're not really thinking about that. All that comes into play,

Alex Ferrari 51:23
Michael, it, those two experiences are pretty intense. But now, I want to bring you back into the cliffhanger of the beginning of our conversation. Everyone who is still with us, and wants to know what has happened very recently in your life. So last, last, we left our hero at the at the cliff, dangling the man in the moustache, twirling his mustache. And the train is coming from the girls know, the last few spoke you were talking to the doctors, you were about to be transferred over to a better hospital. Who could better treat you and you asked, What do I have? And they and then that's where we left off. So can you talk just a little bit about what's going on now and how this is different from the stories you just told?

Michael Tamura 52:17
Yeah, well, I've had seven near death experiences altogether,

Alex Ferrari 52:23
Multiple episodes for that.

Michael Tamura 52:26
So that's kind of a little backstory to this new experience at the beginning of this year. And when they transfer transported me in an ambulance to this new hospital. I guess when the paramedics bring you in in an ambulance, they have to go to the emergency room, even though I didn't stop there. And they're there going oh yeah, we got to take him to the fourth floor. Well, I've never been to that hospital. I don't know what's what's on the fourth floor. But okay. So we're going up the elevator come out the hallway, and I'm being rolled on this gurney. So all I could see is kind of up above. And they open the double doors, big double doors, and they're pushing me through there. And I look up right in time to see huge sign on top of the door saying oncology. Mm hmm. And I got oncology. Oh, me, cancer is the last thing that was on my mind. Right. I could have had I since I've had weird situations, medically speaking, most of my life. I could have expected anything or the but cancer was not anywhere near the top of the list. Not even close. I never even thought of it. But I've worked with, I'd say quite a few hundreds couple of maybe a couple 100 people over the years when I was doing private sessions, who had cancer of some sort. So I go, Okay, that seems strange, but well, and then I'm being still rolled through this whole hallway. Oh, maybe I'm going the other out of this oncology ward to a different word. The next one. Sure enough, they come to this next double doors. And I didn't understand what the sign said it just said BMT in big letters. I don't know what that stands for. So they push me in through there. But I can tell Oh, this is just a sub division of the oncology Ward still, it's not a separate but it's a lot more elite a lot more specific. Yeah. And so I thought in a much smaller place, but about 10 times cleaner than any other part of the hospital. So I thought okay, well, this was really clean and I get wheeled into the first available room to the left. And it's a private room as well. So I'm thinking, well, at least if I'm gonna die, I'm gonna be in a private room instead of, you know, people throwing up and stuff all over me. So I go, okay, there that's looking at the brighter side of things. They don't be off there. Nobody tells me anything yet. And then later on, the doctor shows up. And I can tell he's a big wig, because he's got interns and residents and other people following him with clipboards and everything. Waiting on his every word. So I thought, Okay. And he says, Yes, I mean, there's very little introduction or anything, he goes right to the point he says, yes, yeah, we know you have definitely leukemia. Ongoing going on if I had cancer, that's that that's about the last type of cancer I would have thought of. And I thought, that's interesting. And he says, but we don't know yet. What kind of leukemia, there's several different kinds, makes a huge difference which kind you have. But we'll know that after the biopsy today, and then I'll know the results by tomorrow morning. So so your actual diagnosis has to wait until then I said, Okay, that's fine. So I am in the oncology ward. They don't know what kind of leukemia I asked the bar, I'm sure this is kind of have to do with leukemia, and this particular wing. And the next morning, he comes by on his rounds at seven o'clock or something. And he goes, You have AML? That's the only thing I ever knew about leukemia. I don't know any other type of leukemia, I think, but AML. Somewhere. I knew Oh, yeah. Isn't that the most aggressive form of leukemia you can have? And he says, yes. I said, Okay. My first kind of reaction to that was surprising as it was like, there have been times in my life where, since I work with so many people with different kinds of cancers, what would that be like, you know, some people handle that really well, other people didn't. And I tried to imagine, what is it like for a person who gets especially initially when the doctor comes, okay, you have cancer, and whatever. And I just thought, I don't know, I'm not sure. I probably feel like I'd rather have something else.

Alex Ferrari 57:58
Like a cold

Michael Tamura 58:00
Or have some kind of disease or illness or condition, I'd rather have something else. Because I've seen so much suffering with that. But when he told me, not only do I have leukemia, but it's the most aggressive form, and I didn't know at that time, what the life expectancy or anything is, but even then, after the blood transfusions and everything, I'm still feeling like, well, I'm at death's door. And that might explain that as this is the most aggressive form and, and all I knew is, whoever has this, if it's not treated early on, there's not a whole chance of lasting very long. So by the way, I felt I thought, yeah, I may be pretty far along with this thing. So I said, so that's the most aggressive form, right? And he says, that's correct. Yes. Okay. So right there. And then he said, Do you want to know your, you know, options? And I said, Yeah. He says, because, because you have this, we have to you have to make a decision. Basically, by first thing tomorrow morning, how you want to proceed. And he gave me four options. One, well, he started with the option with the most chance of survival. I mean, at this level, they're not talking about healing or cure or anything. It's what what, how can you last the longest? And he says, but considering your age, and your pre existing heart conditions and everything else, that form of chemotherapy. He says, I am all my years of experience. I don't think you're going to survive the first first half of the first week. So he says, it's not something I would recommend at all. This is okay, because I didn't want to do that. Anyway. Sure. So then he said the second option, which is the only other option I have for you, is a lighter version of chemo. And you have five straight days of it at the beginning of every month, and then the rest of the month you're on these one particular medication, especially in couple others as a preventative. And says that will give you probably the best chance for possibility of remission eventually, but it's something you probably are going to have to do for the rest of your life. That Wow, you mean every month? Yeah, could be five days a month for every month. And I thought, who could survive that? Probably. So anyway. And at that point, I'm only really thinking in terms of from the ER, I'm already thinking about, you know, next steps for me, what would I do? And so I've pretty much relegated myself to Okay. I would like to have at least a couple three months, so I can get the worldly affairs in order, you know, so I can help my wife prepare for what's coming. Because it's, it's, and that's when I noticed, oh, this is not like any near death experience I've had. That's when I finally I realized, whoa, all my near death experiences, I didn't find out about my death. Until I came back. Other people told me about it, what happened on this site, this one I'm facing at Square on moving forward to it. That's an entirely different experience. Because for me, when you're no longer afraid of physical death, that part, I'm practically welcoming IT. And especially because I felt I knew that not only the Masters told me when I had the first near death experience, but I already knew in my heart of hearts, I'm done here. I've been done. Yeah. But the longer I could be here, I could do more. And as long as what I'm doing is benefiting somebody. I'm willing to stick around, you know, and make the most out of it. Because I already also already knew from what they told me that being here is more of more benefit. Okay, so I might as well stick it out as long as I'm functional and able to benefit in some way. So then, I'm thinking, Yeah, I'd like to have at least two or three months to prepare not only my family, my sons, and Raphael, which is a big thing, because we got in our finances and house, everything. Sure. And if I go, the income is going to be cut down to practically a very small percentage. So do we move? Do we sell the house now? And at that point, I'm going I would be absolutely zilch on that department, because I can't function at that level, right, physically. And oh, yeah. My sons aren't going to be happy to hear this news. Right. So I gotta give them some time to kind of, they'll maybe they'll never get used to the idea. But at least it's not like okay, wham, bam. I'm dead in two weeks or three weeks. So I need some little time to get them really prepared in terms of okay, this is real you guys, you know, I'm not going to be here forever. And that's easy to say to people and people go Yeah, yeah, of course, none of us is going to be here forever. But especially when they love you and respect you and care about you, and they're not going to want to really even think about what are we going to do when he goes right? How are we going to handle the would he call it the backlash or the consequence of that in their lives? So I thought they're gonna need some more time. I need to communicate on that specific level with them for a while. And so I thought I could If I had two to three months, I could make that happen. But I'm not thinking that two to three months have to be where I'm functional. I can actually communicate with people face to face. So then he tells me, Okay, so what's the other options? And he says, well, the two other options is basically to go home and die. You know, and, and he says, The first is, you know, is just straight, you get discharged from the hospital, no treatments, no medication, nothing. And we'll set you up with hospice, you know, and all that stuff and, and palliative care, so that, you know, try to keep you out as much as much pain as possible and blah, blah, blah, make it easier to go. I said, Okay. And then he says, the second better option is you still go home. And we're not going to really set you up with treatments, per se. But you get blood transfusions as needed, because the thing about leukemia, and especially this form, is you have so little red blood cells, practically no white blood cells. If the cancer doesn't kill you, well, all the other things that can happen because you're just totally unprotected, you have no immune system, the speaker. So by giving you periodic transfusions, you're going to maybe be able to last, at most, two to three months.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:49
This is what this was like a couple of months ago at this point.

Michael Tamura 1:06:52
This was January, so three, three months, two and a half months ago. Okay. And so, oh, yeah, I'm getting close to. But I've had blood transfusions, and I've had this. The second option he gave me, which was his recommendation was what I call chemo light.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:15
Right! So you've been doing some chemo,

Michael Tamura 1:07:16
Yes, I, I've, the they gave me the first five day chemo by IV while I was still in the hospital. And as soon as I finished the fifth day, they discharged me from the hospital. Because I didn't have any insurance at that. I mean, oh, this is this is another part of the whole thing that we had to deal with is I've had insurance from the same insurance company, big insurance company, since my mid 20s. Continuously no lapses of payment or anything, until they wrote to Raphael and said, and because Raphael was on that same policy again with me. And they said, Well, you guys were grandfathered in to the policy or on that we discontinued, you know, four years ago. And but out of the kindness of our heart we kept you on, even though we doubled your insurance costs and everything. But we decided we can no longer do that. So as of December 31, of 2022, we're discontinuing completely, that policy is not going to exist anymore.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:49
And there's an option for a new one.

Michael Tamura 1:08:51
Well, they sent that notice to our accountants, our past former accountants who are down in Los Angeles, and we're up in Northern California. Raphael didn't get it in time. And when she got it, we're in the middle of the most busiest part of our work and Christmas, New Year's time period. So she, and she tried to do something about it January 1. But she couldn't, you know, nobody's open. And so she had to wait until January 3 to call them and said, This is urgent. You cut us off on December 31. And my husband has a pre existing condition everything so we shouldn't be off of, you know, what do I do to get back onto the new policy? And they say, oh, yeah, we'll be happy to sell you the new policy. So they sold us the new policy right away. And then few days Next day, she gets an email saying, Yes. And you're you've been fully approved for this new policy. Much better you think, you know, we think, well, you'll really like it. And it will become effective February 1, next month. When did I end up in the ER, January 5, I'm in the hospital from when, to the hence, or No to the 13th.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:32
So in other words, now you also have financial issues, you gotta think about,

Michael Tamura 1:10:35
Yeah, that was right there, just in those nine days, over 200, about a quarter of a million dollars of medical bills. So here's, here's the most amazing part, the real miracle of this whole thing is, all those years when I gave private healings to people, and I had so many who happened to have cancer of some sort, I looked at it as well, they're all very different, all kinds of, you know, you don't do the same thing with every healing and all that. What's, what's the common denominator here, there has to be one. Because, you know, cancer could happen to trees, even. It's not limited. You know, we know it happens to animals, but it's not limited to animals and humans, it's, it's all anything alive, couldn't have cancer. And so then I'm going, Oh, I finally saw the dogs. Amongst all these people, every single one of them, I saw that the cancer was a community illness, that manifests or expresses itself in an individual. And then that made a lot of sense to me, because pretty much 90 99% of everybody I help in the healing end of cancer, we're all healers of some sort. And those are the last people you think, who would end up with cancer, you know, cancer come to happens to people who are really mean and nasty and angry and that. But now, the will at least the ones I once who came to me for help all healers. So how does a healer? Why is cancer so prevalent amongst givers in society in life. Because as a healer, one of the greatest traps or downfalls is we have this tendency we care so much about people. And we want to see their suffering go away. That even unconsciously, even though we might not do this consciously or unconsciously, we have a tendency to take on here. It's like, if you see a frail person trying to carry around four suitcases and having a hard time, it'd be only natural for an able bodied person to just go, oh, here, let me help you. Right? How far are you going? So that in that kind of consciousness, there's a tendency for healers to to take on some of what they want to heal. Then if you are very aware, on a spiritual level, and you've worked out pretty much all your most of your personal karma and you still have lots of time here or life. There's a tendency for us to take on larger collective karma of whole communities or even global world or a whole race depends on that healers, orientation and preference and what they what cause they want to choose so to speak. All right. So that's, that's why the cancer shows up in the healer, especially a healer who understands the value of community, whether it's community of a single little family, or the whole world.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:45
So Michael, I have to ask you now what is the prognosis my friend, like where are we? Where are we going with this? I mean, you do have certain abilities. Michael, you have you asked, like hey, can you tell me exactly the date, please.

Michael Tamura 1:15:01
Yes. Well, I'm not interested in the date. I just, I'm, like, always I'm living day by day to, you know, but why I told the story about the community illness showing up an individual. The Miracle Soulfly already in my life, is I told you about the insurance, the debit. And Raphael mentioned it in one of our posts to let people know what's going on with me and what's going kind of on with us. It just financial aid start pouring in, just from all over the world. It's just phenomenal. And so that definitely helped us continue. That's what allowed Raphael to cancel all my appointments and all my teaching are not canceled, but to be No, you know, to be announced, later to see if I could even teach. And that's why this is the first interview I'm giving ever since. Oh, everything else got canceled.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:14
And, yeah, when you told me that you canceled your whole year, basically. And you'd be the only thing you left on the calendar was me. Yeah, I was extremely humbled by that, Michael.

Michael Tamura 1:16:26
Because I know, like I mentioned to you, maybe it was in our private. Yeah, time before we went on the air last time that you were only getting started with this thing that you're doing? It's gonna go big. And it's been happening, correct.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:47
It's grown a bit since lots. I think when we spoke, I had like 1500 2000 subscribers, and now we're pushing 122,000 and reaching over 3 million people a month with our videos and interviews. It's so it's it's growing so fast. Michael, I can't

Michael Tamura 1:17:09
And this year is really kind of the beginning for you. Yeah, it's it's gonna get bigger, because you're offering people what so many around the world are seeking. And they're ready to have it See, people have been seeking forever. Sure. But now things are moving so much faster. People are able to receive what they're seeking. Seeking is no problem. But if you can't have what you're seeking, then it's not going to happen. So the receiver has to be prepared, as they say, What is it when the student is ready, the teacher magically appears? Sure. What does that mean? That means it's what Jesus how Jesus put it was those who can have more shall be given to, but those who can't have, even what they the little they have will be taken away. So I call that happiness, it's the ability or the capacity to receive and what what compromises our ability to, to receive is how we see ourselves. If we see ourselves as tiny, and insignificant and lacking and you know, all that, we're not going to go embrace, somebody dumping a whole lot of whatever we can have in our lap. In fact, this is another thing that every healer I've ever communicated with or saw, has had to learn this lesson. And some healers never learn it. It takes a long time for a healer a giver to learn this. Because they want to give it all if this person needs it, and they have what they need. And you know, where healer can see this is exactly whether it's on a physical level, you need vitamin C or whatever it is. They want to give it to that person. But so they don't check to see how much can this person actually have? How much are they ready right now to receive? And if you give us person, even a simple hello, it's a nice day today, isn't it? And they can't have it. You'll get shut out. Right? Yeah. You know, like you see, say hello to a passerby and they just give you the cold shoulder. But in a more intimate relationship. If the person who's the bigger giver in that room relationship starts to notice, oh, my partner or my person who I'm relating to is suffering has is in pain or is angry, unhappy. And they see, oh, they just need this. And what this is ultimately, when it's really boils down to the ultimate is, is love. And the person who has the most love to offer, and they have so much of it, they can't give it away fast enough, right? They offer that love. But if that person on the other end can't receive it, there's too much pain. So love is the most powerful healing force. And when that healing force affects that pain they're holding on to and protecting from everything else. It's going to hurt and that person is going to read in misinterpreted as know what you're doing is too painful. What you're doing is giving me more pain, and I can't handle it. And at first, they just get a little uncomfortable. But if you the healer persists and keeps on trying to give him more and more and more than other person's gonna literally hate you and will start to attack you. Sure. So, so many healers have to go through that many, many times in some form. Before they realize, wait a minute, maybe giving love, you have to be more like a what do you call it a pharmacist? So yeah, yeah, dosage.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:44
It's like very similar to somebody who wins the lottery. And they get all of a sudden, you know, there's that one guy who just won $2 billion. I think it took home a billion just went on bought a $25 million house in Los Angeles. There's very few human beings and the planet that can handle a billion dollars. Exactly. And literally just the management, the ego, the responsibility, all of it. It, you know, but there's others who like, you know, you give, you know, an Elon Musk a billion dollars. He's like, okay, and he's fine, because he's been dealing with that kind of money for a long time. Yes. But that's the same concept like you. Yeah, that's why most lottery winners lose all their money within five years, they can't receive that much, because they just can't handle it mentally, physically, spiritually, they just eat, you know, they just can't deal with it. So I agree, I understand what you're saying. Well, Michael, I have to ask you, because this is such an important conversation, Michael, and I, and I mean, from the bottom of my heart, I really do appreciate that you are spending this time with us. And I really do hope it does help others around the world. And I get many messages from people who listen to the show, who are diagnosed with something terminal. who look to these episodes, to make them feel more comfortable with what's coming. Yes. Do you have any message or any any words for people like that? And also for people who are dealing with their loved ones going through this?

Michael Tamura 1:23:29
Yes. For the loved ones, sometimes I feel it's even more difficult for the loved ones, because they're staying right at least for a little while. And they're the ones who have to pick up the pieces of even a person who considers themselves not that important. When they die. Oh, it's it's gonna impact at least a few people. But it's going to impact a lot more than how many people they think they're going to impact. Because everybody's related to everybody else in that sense. And there's kind of a ripple effect. So when we're dealing with any kind of dying process, whether it's a medical diagnosis, saying, Okay, you got so many days to live or whatever, or it's a divorce. That's a dying process. Any kind of process where one person feels that they're losing something significant, something very important to them in their lives. And it gets taken away from what seemingly gets taken away from them. That loss is the the hardest part of facing death facing and, and I'm going to broaden that to not just physical death. That's just one thing that everybody associates with dying. But here there's no Dying in spirit, right? No such thing. So dying is only an experience that someone has here when they're incarnated in this world. And in a sense, wounds we're living every day of our lives, we have to learn to die correctly. Because dying is a decision we make on relationship. Every single relationship however, important or deep or superficial relationship is, if you really look around in your life, anybody listening to this, you'll find everything, all your experiences is a result of some sort of relationship, you relating to something, you could be relating to just energy, or you could relate to a person or organization or whole country or whatever it is, but you're just relating to something. And it's in how you relate to everything you experience in life starts to shape your path of where you're headed, and the practice of learning to die correctly. That's what put me on this path I've been on ever since I was a month before I turned 21. My teacher said, you know, we all have a choice and how we wish to die. And that struck me right between the eyes, because I knew I always knew we have a choice in how we wish to live. But that's the first time anybody told me we have a choice and how to die, we can choose. And then he clarified himself a little bit more. He says, You could choose to die in pain and suffering as many people unconsciously do. Or you can choose to die in love in a state of loving state of mind. And at peace with yourself. You have whatever choice you'd like to make. And at that moment, it was so profound for me that I instantly I said, no brainer. I choose to die right now. I'm going to choose to die in a state of love, in in love, and at peace with myself. So from that moment, it set my path for the whole lifetime. And I've been practicing every day dying. And sometimes I got it right. And I go wow, that that's definitely a good way to die. And other times it didn't work.

Alex Ferrari 1:28:07
So then for those who are dealing with this, at this moment in their life, yes. Something like that is coming down the pike soon. What advice do you have for them?

Michael Tamura 1:28:21
Choose wisely, which means wisdom is the product of you what you've learned in living your life, it's not from books and you know, teachers or anything like that it's from within you. What you've distilled from your life experiences. That's what wisdom is, which means for you to choose wisely. You have to be yourself. You can't try to be better than who you think you are. You have to be able to accept you. With all the you know, greatness and all the warts and everything else. It's just learning to accept yourself as you are already. Because what's gonna bring you to that place of total peace and total joyousness here and their afterlife and everything like that is be returning to this undivided state of who you truly are. And to get there. You can't be reinventing yourself all the time. You can't be making trying to make yourself better in the image of what everybody else says you should be. You have to learn to go okay. Whether it's true or not, this is how I feel like I am. Can I accept myself that way? I might be in the firm belief that I made a terrible mistake 40 years ago Go. And I've been paying for ever since. Yes. Can you accept that as 40 years ago? Or do you want to drag it through another, however much time you have left here, so. So the ultimate level of preparing yourself to die in love and at peace with yourself requires this thing people generally tend to call forgiveness. And forgiveness isn't something you do to yourself or do to somebody else, like people think I'm gonna forgive you. Because I'm the bigger person. That's not forgiveness. And that's one it's a leg over is, you know, competition from a real forgiveness is just seeking the truth of the matter. And when you do, they'll set you free. Every time you come to the truth. It's like you see, well, the saying goes, you see the light, where there's light, there can't be any darkness, because in spirit in your real life, there is no darkness. It's only limitless, timeless eternity, only beingness and awareness, and the experience of what life really is, which is in the old days and in the Vedic seers. And they call that bliss, which is not a thing you attain, it's a part of you. This what I like to use the term joy because it's much more common use, but no word can possibly even come close to encompassing the experience of life itself. And you are that life, right? It's not only can you not die, but you are the life. And so remember, no matter what kind of situation you're in, you have to remember your there is no life without you. Here in this world, the world is dead, until you come in. Just like the body, when you leave the body physical body, then we call the body what's left? Oh, that body is a corpse, it's dead. But as long as you're here, as long as you even have one finger, of you, as spirit in the body, the heart keeps beating or the brain has activity. Once you pull out all the way, it all ceases. So what we call the experience of dying here in this world, is limited to this world. And what we have to learn as the immortal souls as limitless spirit, while we're in this world, because we don't need to learn it in spirit. It's only in this world that we have a tendency to forget it. Because this world is so opposite to the experience of spirit, because this world is created and based on Tunis, on division, duality, duality, polarity dichotomies. So if you look at your life, everything is based on to you and something else. That's why we have to have a relationship and screw many different kinds of relationships and learning to forgive. Because what do you ever hold on to stuff that happens in your relationship with you know, anything, even with government or something, and you hold it against them? Because they hurt you. They did it to you, they stole from you, they betrayed you, all those kinds of things. And if you're a human, you're gonna go through all those things. And people think that the mama you're enlightened as our enlightened being, those things sees in the world now. They don't see us in the world. The world can only be here, according to those dichotomies and dualities and polarities. Without the polarities, the world doesn't exist. And so but you will. But your job and this whole process of dying is the ultimate final exam here in this world is realizing, Oh, this is the world no matter how much I'd rather not have nighttime in this world. Well I kind of thought if you stay on an airplane and go run,

Alex Ferrari 1:35:04
Or go to Alaska, there's like, yeah, like 250 days of light or something like that.

Michael Tamura 1:35:10
Yeah, whatever it is, and but still, there's going to be a certain point, correct? Yeah. So you can't expect your body to not have ups and downs of experiences, because it's also always oscillating between two polarities. But once you realize, oh, you can accept yourself as who you are, you can forgive yourself for making mistake what you thought was a mistake. Just remember, all those everything you've ever held on to is past. It's already done. Been there, done that. So drop it, let it go. And, and then what's important isn't not how horrible of a life you had up to now, what's important is, oh, what would you like to experience next? That's when you have to trust your own internal, intrinsic, creative power. You're made out of this creative power. We call that life. You're the life of the party. So let the party begin. Even if you're dying, even if you're experiencing pain, don't let that get you down,

Alex Ferrari 1:36:32
Michael. This conversation is, I think, divine in many ways, my friend. You and I are just players in this, in this in this little play. Yes, that is going on right now. This is much bigger than either you or I. And hopefully that the message of this conversation will hit millions of people around the world who need to hear it. Because it's so powerful, I can't even begin to thank you for this conversation, Michael, and for the light that you bring, and have brought to this earth throughout your life. But every time you and I have spoken, people always mentioned the ball of energy, the ball of light, that you are the laugh that you have. And that you are walking into this stage of your life in the manner that you are is an inspiration to so many people watching. So Michael, I, again can't even begin to thank you. I will ask the question. If somebody wants to reach out to you, or find out more about you and the work that you have done and are continuing to do where can they find you my friend.

Michael Tamura 1:37:50
We still have our website, Michaeltamura.com. And Tamura is T as in Tom A M as in Mary, U R A .com michaeltamura.com. And our whatever I do, and things coming up right now, the might say postponed or to be rescheduled or whatever, because I've stepped out of everything. And I'm starting to bring it back from my advanced classes I've taught to already. Okay, so and I'm playing up by your and I I did alright, teaching to two hour zoom classes to about 130 people. And so since I survived that,

Alex Ferrari 1:38:41
And and obviously this conversation as well.

Michael Tamura 1:38:43
Yeah, and and this is the first interview I'm doing. And it's, I'm fine. I'm gonna rest after this.

Alex Ferrari 1:38:53
You look fine. You look like you have a ball of energy, my friend. I I mean, that was the life.

Michael Tamura 1:38:59
Yeah, that's the life. And the condition is bodily condition. Yeah. But using our mind correctly, changes the bodily condition because asking you shall receive. God gives everything. And so whatever you ask for. Well, it's going to come come to you,

Alex Ferrari 1:39:26
Michael, thank you, again, so much for this for this amazing conversation. And I'm humbled and blessed that you chose our show, to have this conversation to help people around the world. And I said this before. On the show, I think the first time we spoke, but when I was starting out, you sent me a copy of your book. I've never forgotten that, Michael. And in the book, there was this dedication, which was this long paragraph and in that paragraph, Michael basically laid out what is happening to me now and where the show is and where I'm going to be going in the future. And it touched me in such a way when you wrote that because I didn't know you, you didn't know me. And, and you were like, No, I've known you forever. I just said, oh, there's Alex. Sure, I'll do you show of course, I know you. And, and then when I reached back out to do this, to this conversation, which I was not expecting this conversation, I was expecting a simple near death experience conversation. Nothing as profound as, as near death experiences are old at this point on the show, but this conversation I was not expecting. And again, my friend, thank you so so much for doing it and I really do hope it helps people around the world. So I appreciate you, good health to you. And continue the light inside of you to continue to to help people my friend, I appreciate you so so much.

Michael Tamura 1:40:57
And likewise for you, Alex, thank you really for having me on the show and and I was very, very happy to make this my show to see if I can do a show.

Alex Ferrari 1:41:12
Thank you, my friend.

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