Discovering Your Psychic Abilities with Michael Tamura

In today’s episode, we welcome Michael Tamura, a gifted clairvoyant, spiritual teacher, and healer with a profound understanding of the human spirit. Michael’s journey into the spiritual realm began at a very young age, growing up in Japan. He always felt different, sensing energies and seeing auras, but struggled to communicate these experiences to those around him.

Michael shared his early life experiences of feeling out of place, not fitting into the societal norms, and the challenges he faced in school. He described seeing geometric patterns and auras around people but lacked the vocabulary and understanding to convey these visions. His unique perspective often led to misunderstandings and difficulties in school, where he oscillated between being placed in gifted classes and remedial classes.

As Michael grew older, he continued to explore his spiritual gifts, eventually meeting a teacher who would profoundly influence his path. This teacher, who had an extraordinary presence, helped Michael to understand and harness his abilities, setting him on the path to becoming a spiritual guide and healer. Michael described an enlightening experience where his teacher demonstrated a deep connection with spiritual energies, which solidified Michael’s commitment to his spiritual journey.


  1. The Journey of Self-Realization: Michael emphasizes that discovering who we truly are is the ultimate purpose of our spiritual journey. This involves moving beyond our physical and emotional identities to understand our true essence as spiritual beings.
  2. The Power of Meditation: Meditation plays a crucial role in connecting with our higher selves. It is through meditation that we quiet the mind, allowing us to communicate with our true selves and gain clarity and insight into our life’s purpose.
  3. Embracing Change: Change, whether perceived as positive or negative, is a natural part of our spiritual evolution. It is through embracing and navigating change that we grow and align more closely with our true purpose.

Michael’s teachings are deeply rooted in the understanding that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. He discussed the importance of recognizing that our physical existence is temporary and that our true home is in the spiritual realm. This perspective helps to alleviate feelings of not fitting in or belonging, as it reframes our earthly experiences as part of a broader spiritual education.

In our conversation, Michael shared practical advice for those feeling stuck in life. He highlighted that feeling stuck often results from being attached to external identities or circumstances. By shifting our focus inward and reconnecting with our spiritual essence through practices like meditation, we can begin to move past these blockages and find clarity and purpose.

Michael also touched on the current global challenges, viewing them as part of a collective awakening. He believes that as more people become aware of their spiritual nature, the collective consciousness will rise, leading to profound changes in how we live and interact with the world.

In conclusion, Michael’s journey and insights offer valuable lessons on the path to spiritual awakening. His story reminds us that no matter how challenging our circumstances may seem, they are opportunities for growth and deeper understanding. By embracing our true selves and maintaining a focus on our spiritual goals, we can navigate life’s challenges with grace and purpose.

Please enjoy my conversation with Michael Tamura.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 079

Michael Tamura 0:00
Some people all the way through adulthood, they feel like I don't belong. I don't belong here. I don't fit in. We're not meant to fit in here. This world is temporary

Alex Ferrari 0:25
I've been able to partner with Mindvalley to present you guys free. masterclass is between 60 and 90 minutes, covering Mind Body Soul relationships and conscious entrepreneurship, taught by spiritual masters, yogi's spiritual thought leaders and best selling authors. Just head over to Have you ever wondered what it's like to have psychic abilities or to be clairvoyant? Well, today's guest is Michael Tamura. And he has been using these gifts for the past 50 years to help people along their spiritual path. He is the author of the best selling book, you are the answer. We had a fantastic conversation about his abilities, how he was able to see them coming up when he was growing up, and so much more. So let's dive in. I'd like to welcome to the show Michael J. Tamura, how're you doing? Michael?

Michael Tamura 1:25
I'm doing very well. Thank you!

Alex Ferrari 1:29
Thank you so much. Thank you so much for coming on the show. We had a wonderful little pre interview interview and getting to know each other or feeling we already know each other obviously at a different level. But but getting to know each other a little bit. I'm a fan of your work, sir. And and I was another guest of ours, Bill Bennett, who was on the show talking about intuition. That's how I discovered you was through his documentary. And then I started doing research about you. I was like, Well, Michael would be it sounds like it'd be it make a fantastic conversation. So and here you are, you said very quickly, you said yes.

Michael Tamura 2:06

Alex Ferrari 2:08
You and boom, I brought you into my existence. So I appreciate you coming, my friend we're going to we're going to talk about but a lot of different things, but also to promote your amazing book, you are the answer, as well. Now, the first question I have for you is how did you begin your spiritual journey?

Michael Tamura 2:26
I was born. Next question. It's a long way I came in. I, the difficulty I had early on in childhood is not having the vocabulary, not having the life experience here in this day and age and body to put things into words. So everything was knowingness and seeing. But there was no way to communicate it for me. I tried my best. But right from the beginning of when you're born, you know, babies don't come out speaking English or Russian or German or other language. And so I was wondering, okay, how do you communicate with people? It's, they're not hearing me there. They don't see me. They don't hear me. They, they're, they're not aware that I'm communicating with someone. And then what I get back is nothing hostile or negative. It's just people are people and when they see a baby, they go coochie coochie coo, and things of that nature and, and that's the type of communication but I was interested in getting right down to business. And took me a few years. And as a child, I I realize, oh, yeah, nobody's gonna hear me until I get to be an old man. People don't tend to listen to kids. And because they they think kids don't know anything. Right? And it took a long time to start to really put two and two together in terms of Oh, yeah. They're looking at my body. I'm looking at them as souls as as the spiritual being they are and are, it's like this.

Alex Ferrari 4:41
Two different languages.

Michael Tamura 4:42
And so my early part of my life was just a matter of me trying to get into communication. And I didn't realize for quite a few years, every time I decided, Well, that didn't work. For example, the very first level of communication I had going was very much on a geometrical level, I saw everything in geometry, these structures, and I would walk up to somebody and all this looked like a geodesic dome. And I'd say, what this is what's going on with you. And it just not even a recognition that I even said anything. So I did that repeatedly. And same response every time is, there's no no communication, it's just, I say, Look at this. I didn't realize they didn't see what I was see it that took me a long time. And so one day, I finally said, this is not working. And that disappeared. I didn't see for for many years after that, I didn't see the geometry anymore. But in its place, I start to see auras. What what I know now is ours, but just colors around. And being a little kid, you know, what, five years old, four or five years old? I don't have the vocabulary. So I'm once once I had the opportunity to communicate to somebody about it. They asked, you know, says, Well, how do you know that? And I said, well, the colored cloud around you changed colors. And again, didn't register. And I was growing up in Japan, by the way, you know, by and but one day, a couple of years later, I don't know who she was, she was in our house. This Japanese woman. She wasn't a relative, but maybe she was a friend or acquaintance of my parents or something. And I ended up in one room just with her. And she just was chatting about something. And I I noticed she really needed help. And and she was what would you call it thinking about problems that, you know, she she needed help with? So I started to talk about that. And she looks, it says how do you know? Or how do you know that? And I said while your colored clouds are showing me this. And it says, clouds don't have colors. And so I'm trying to explain the best I can. I said, Well, yeah, you know, clouds in the sky don't have really a lot of colors. But the clouds around people have colors. And she goes, people don't have clouds. And what did I say? I said well, I thought I was using the wrong word. So I said it sees the air around people have different colors. And they say different things. And she goes, air doesn't have colors, of course. And that's the point when I finally said, forget it. This is not working. And the Color Clouds, the aura went away. Well, it didn't completely go away, like the geometry went away. But it receded into the background. So I still saw colors around people, but it was more faint in the background. And what came to the foreground more was the physical body. Until then, the physical physicality of things wasn't that of a big deal for me, just was something that's there. But, but but the aura in the energy in the higher level of one's consciousness was what was important and interesting to me. But by that time, I got back down to the physical and, and in the meantime, I had trouble in school. I got passed around every year from after first grade until sixth grade. I got tossed around between the gifted class and the other end the what the kids called the retardo class. And every year I one year I'm in the gifted class and next year, obviously the teacher said he doesn't belong here. So I get demoted down to the, you know, the remedial class. And then, after that year and the remedial class, the teacher realizes he doesn't belong here. He belongs in the gifted class. So I went back and forth. And one of the things I had difficulty with was, was the teachers, especially asking me in the middle of whatever class we were having, Michael, what do you think about that? And I didn't have any thoughts. And I just would I just have a total, empty mind. And, and the teacher would say, Well, what do you think? What's your opinion? What do you have an opinion about this? I said, No. And then the only response I could figure out is, I just told the truth. I don't know what what you're wanting. So that didn't go over very well. And then the other thing was taking a test in grade school. And I just know many of the answers. So I write down the answers. And then a teacher invariably would come and point to a certain question, and says, How did you get this answer? And I would say, Ah, I don't know. Since then, it became whose test were you copying? Of course. So so that was a difficult. So I really started to, but all that gave me a lot more impetus to, to learn to communicate. I just was really interested in communication, how do you get into communication with people? Because everything I was trying didn't seem to work. And finally, by halfway through fifth grade, I realized what was missing, I watched all the students who are considered good students, they got A's, and you know, good grades and everything. And every one of them was making, giving reason to things. And they had thoughts about whatever the question was. And so I thought, oh, and then I finally got dawned on me. Oh, yeah, I could make up reasons for things. So I started making up reasons. And I learned that the more complicated the reasons were, and the better it sounded, the more acceptance it got. And the teacher liked it. And I got better grades. And next thing, I'm straight A student,

Alex Ferrari 12:55
You figured out how to hack the system? You understand?

Michael Tamura 12:57
Exactly, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 12:59
You physically figured the system out? You're like, Oh, these are the rules. Okay, I'll just do this just to get by.

Michael Tamura 13:03
Yeah. So So Junior High in high school, I aced everything, right? And got popular, I got voted into different positions in school and all that kind of stuff. I had free rein of everything, because I did so well. But I noticed there was an increasing emptiness. What used to be an empty mind that was filled with peace, and gentleness and kindness that went away and something something's missing. Something very important, big is missing. And it got bigger and bigger. And it seemed like, there's like a hole inside of me that that got pulled out. And I didn't like that. And so I start to look at the, the, the irony of here, I got everything. A high school student would want to have awards and all those kinds of scholarships get thrown my way, all that stuff. And I wasn't happy inside. So that's when I decided I gotta get out of here. So I got out of high school. Well, from about 12 years old, I knew I had to come to California. But nobody was going to let me as a 12 year old go to California, my own from Tokyo. And so it took me about four more years by the time I was 16 junior in high school. I figured out Oh, the only thing I would need to stay one more year in high school was senior English because they wouldn't let you take senior English until your senior. Everything else I already finished. I asked the principal everything, no go. I didn't know, karmic relationships. Everyone in the faculty I got along with famously, except the principal. I didn't know the principal, the principal didn't know me. But he had a thing out for me. Anything I asked for it was a flat out no, just because. And so I, I started to go, okay. Somehow I got to get out of here. And that's when all kinds of miracles start to happen. The chancellor of the University of California shows up in this dinky little school, my graduating class was 48 people. And he, he were told there's a special assembly going on, you have to come to go to the gym. This man is speaking. And I listened to the whole thing. He will it was like a pep talk for college, right? And I thought, Oh, he could help me. And so I cornered him after the talk, and said, This is my situation, I really need I really would like to go to college. Now, instead of wait an extra year? Can you help me? And he says, Well, let's go to your the office and he checked out my transcripts, pulls out from his briefcase, this stack of papers says I have a meeting, a 20 minute meeting, do the best you can fill out the application to the University of California. And, and hand it to me before I leave. I sat down there on the stairs and just start writing and filling out everything, even writing little essays really fast. He comes out, but 20 minutes later, I hand it to him. He puts it in his attache case and he says, okay, you'll be hearing from my office in a couple of weeks. I said thank you very much. Well, a couple of weeks later, I get a letter of acceptance with his personal hand written letter to me about the situation and how I can do it. And he says, Okay, you're accepted. You start in the fall. And then the final line was, all you have to do is get your principal to sign off, you know, oh, what that's the problem. Oh, I could get everybody else to sign up but not the principal. I of course, I took it to the principal. I figured if you read this letter from the Chancellor of, you know, UC systems, he would have to sign it. He looked at it said no. You gotta finish your senior you're here or else I won't graduate you and you can't go to college.

Alex Ferrari 18:12
What an ass Harmik.

Michael Tamura 18:19
You Yeah, I don't know if it would have helped if I knew about karma back then. But it is that's the way it went. And so then I said, Okay, I gotta find some other way of getting through this. I'm home and this was a Friday night. My dad comes home as usual. And uncharacteristically, he says, are you busy tomorrow, Saturday? I said, Yeah, uncharacteristically, my schedule is completely off. But usually, Saturdays were completely full. I said, Yeah, I'm totally free. He said, Would you caddy for me, he was an avid golfer. And we have a big tournament tomorrow, and I didn't get a caddy. You're supposed to reserve and there won't be many available. And I didn't know how to caddy but I said sure, you know, carrying a bag around for you for 18 holes, I could do that. So we show up the next morning. And we're assigned to this foursome get introduced with a fourth person that got introduced in our foursome was my principals boss's boss's boss's boss. He was the head honcho of the entire department of US Department of Defense school systems in the entire Far East, not just Japan, but entire Far East, all the military base schools. And so I thought, wow, and and so then my poor dad, I said, Dad, I can't caddy for you. My future depends on This and I jumped ship and and offered to caddy for this guy, you didn't have a caddy either. It's just Oh, that would be great. So we got to talk he did most of the talking, I laid out right at the before the first call, I laid out what my situation was and what I wanted to do, needed to go to college now. And for the next 18 holes, over three hours, he did most of the talking and most of it was trying to discourage me from going to college when I was too young. So he gave me all the ins and outs and everything. And on the 18th thought he was very, he was a single handicap player. Very good. And he says, okay, and I'm handing him the putter and this is a long, like a 12 foot putt. He's lining it up. It's It's okay, before I sink this, but it's just, I said everything I wanted to say to you about what your situation is. Have you? Do you still feel the same way? Or have you changed your mind? Or do you want to think about it? Or where are you with everything? I said, Oh, absolutely not i I'm going one way or the other. I have to get get over there. And he says, Okay, I can't, even though I'm not really tending to want to do that, but but he says, I can't be a hypocrite because I did exactly at 16 I did exactly the same thing you're about to do. So I can't be a hypocrite and tell you now. So I will talk to your principal first thing Monday morning.

Alex Ferrari 21:39
That workout Okay, then.

Michael Tamura 21:41
Oh, yeah, it was the content we're seeing Monday morning. But I didn't get a little note from the Secretary, please come to the principal's office. I said, Okay, I'm going to the principal's office expecting to see the principal. And I said I'm here to see the principal. She so he left for the day. But he left you this this letter. He had signed the thing that had to be signed. And but he had to leave because

Alex Ferrari 22:11
He couldn't see you couldn't take it.

Michael Tamura 22:14
Yeah, he couldn't take it. But it's so funny ended up.

Alex Ferrari 22:20
It's so funny the way the world works, Michael because you know, when it's somebody I mean, even in my lifetime, it you know, you you want something you want something to happen, and then you try every which way to do it. But then, you know, there's blocks everywhere you go towards that goal. And you really just at a certain point, you just kind of give in and just like okay, I have to just trust that something is going to happen at one point or another. And then all of a sudden, a phone call comes in. Exactly. Or a friend goes, Hey, and it never ceases to amaze me. I still remember the day that I was about to go bankrupt when I was 27. And my worst time in my life. I'm three days away from signing the paperwork. And I sit and I yelled out to God, and I said, Hey, I want to pay my debts. But I need some help here, man, I need a job. Can you help me out? I will work as hard as I can to get out of this hole. But I need a little help. If not, I'm going to sign these papers in two days. The next morning, I get a phone call from my first boss ever. And he said, Hey, I don't know if you're looking for any work or not because I hadn't talked to him forever. He was but they're looking for someone to edit promos at this network up in Palm Beach. And I got in my car was living in Miami at the time I got in my car, went up there took the meeting showed on my demo reel. They hired me right on the spot. And then after that, I got another job. So I was doing two jobs at the same time. Then after that I got paid full time and became the highest paid editor in Florida, because I asked for a ridiculous amount of money at the time. Because someone suggested Hey, asked for like 30 or $40,000 more than anybody else, we'll see what they'll do. And they gave it to me. And then and then you know, and then the rest is history that I opened up my own business. But it all started from that one phone call. And it was so funny because later that later years later, I had the opportunity to pay back. My boss who became really hard on his luck, too. And I was able to give him a helping hand when he was in a dire straits as well. And I gave him something that was able to help him rebuild from where he was. So it's just so funny how those things and people can say coincidence, and maybe I don't buy that. It's cool. There is no real coincidence everything is a miracle. Have you submitted like, No, it's not a miracle. It's like, there's a plan and even the worst, and I've said this on the show many times before, it's like, even the worst things that happen to you in life, you think are horrible at the moment. But if you truly look back years later you go kicking God, I didn't go out with that girl, thank God, I didn't get that job, thank God, I didn't get that opportunity, thank God that this or that, it's just seems to me that, that we are being guided through this life. And, and we do have free will. So we tend to go off the off the rails a bit sometimes. And there's always something there to kind of push us back. Exactly. And if we don't listen, the nudge turns into a push, the push turns into a punch in the face. And if that punch in the face doesn't work, then the sledgehammer comes in, and the car comes in, and then and it just keeps going until you finally get it. You're like, oh, maybe I shouldn't be wanting to become an astronaut. This is probably not my path. Maybe I should be going to school to do something else. Or maybe I should really be a singer or to write a book. I don't know what it is. But it's always so fascinating. Which brings me brings me to the next question. How do people discover their soul's divine purpose in this life, because I feel that so many of us feel so lost in life, trying to figure out, you know, we're doing the nine to five we're doing, you know, the, the the rat, the rat race kind of thing. You know, even when I got that job that I was telling you about at the moment, I was extremely grateful. And it did help me. But there was a moment in time when that Job didn't serve a purpose anymore. And then I started becoming angry and bitter. Like I don't want to keep doing this for another 10 years, like, this is not what I want to be this is. So then I got fired from that job. Because what happened, a new supervisor shows up him and I did not click at all, and they finagled away to get me fired. And then a week later, I launched my my own post production company. And then I went off to the races from there and had that for a decade or more. But it's just so funny. He's like, I was like, I'm so unhappy here. But I can't leave because the money is so good. And I and I needed something that gave me that push and then like, Oh, here you go. This dude in here.

So at the at the time, I was angry. But when I left, oh, this is the best thing that could have happened to me. So how do you find that purpose? How do you find if you're not getting those those karmic guys or gals that come in and push you in the right direction? How do you find your own soul's divine purpose?

Michael Tamura 27:37
Well, you had part of the key when you said there's a lot of people who are searching and and they're kind of lost in their life in the world. And that's part of the first part of the key is they're lost in the world. Jesus mentioned, we're in the world, but not of it. Almost everybody goes through, especially in childhood, but some people all the way through adulthood, they feel like I don't belong. I don't belong here. I don't fit in. We're not meant to fit in here. This world is temporary, at best. And we're just popping in for a little education. That's all it is here is this world is our school, as souls, as spiritual beings. And as we come in, we have all these experiences that we might judge as good or bad, or blah, or whatever. But those are all judgments. And if we step out of any of those judgments and see things for the way they are, then we don't have to go through that. Something happens and then you get all upset and angry and resentful. Blah, blah, blah, and then something else happens and like that life isn't things happening to you. It's, it's what you really make of it. It's when you everybody has experiences of all kinds. And some of it yes is karmic others. As you go along further and further, on purpose on your purpose. It gets less and less karmic and more and more creative. You start to realize, Oh, I'm creating this whole thing. We do that all along anyway, even if it's karmic, but we start to realize, oh, yeah, so if I create this thing that is very unpleasant or lousy, I could create something different And we start to be more proactive. Our sole purpose is very simple across the board, it's the same for all of us is to discover who we truly are. And not only be it, but live it. That may sound a little bit strange. Because, okay, how can we be not who we are? Well, part of the reason that world is so crazy in terms of the people, most people are not being anything close to who they really are. Right? So that's where the problem begins. So then, that last feeling is very, very important. People tend to jump to a conclusion, too fast all the time, when they experienced that first, not belonging here, no matter how hard they try, they just don't fit in. Right? That says something. Oh, but the question they need to be asking themselves is, Oh, am I meant to fit in here? No, it's like, you go to school, but you don't live in school. That's not your home. You go to school. And then when you're done with school, you go home. That's what we do. As souls, as spiritual beings, we come to school, we spend our, you know, semester or 100, semesters or whatever, so. And when we, when we finish our learning that we came to here to learn that the final exam on every piece of learning is living at living, which that's why intellectual learning is just very, very, very preliminary. That's just the kind of get interested or understand something. But the real learning doesn't start until you start to do it. Whatever it is, until you start to practice it until you start to be able to live it, demonstrate it. I guess that's what's called Walking your talk. Right? It's walking, you're understanding? Living you're, you're learning.

Alex Ferrari 32:33
Now, Michael, what part of that does meditation play in your spiritual practice? Because I've been meditating for many, many years now. And it's really true, met tremendously transformed my life. And yes, and as the more you do it, the better you get at it, and it's just opened up doors that I'd never had opened before. And, and also my, my blood sugar's down my stress levels down. My blood work is fantastic. So what part is that happened to help you in your spiritual journey?

Michael Tamura 33:07
100% 110% 110% Yes, meditation. You know, of course, when I'm growing up, I didn't know the word. Right, but the only place I can find where I could just be quiet, and go within was in the bathroom?

Alex Ferrari 33:34
As many of us do, sir.

Michael Tamura 33:39
So I discovered that, oh, yeah, I don't need to go to the bathroom. But if I go there and sit there and close the door, nobody bothered me. Of course, I grew up in Japan, you know, and, and everyone's very, very polite. am respectful. So when I'm in the bathroom, the people's attention doesn't even come in, on a psychic energy level. So I felt I had this, lots of space. And I could just what I would now call meditate, I go within, and I experience all these different things. So that was part of my life from the very beginning. And I discovered, you know, there's wow, I don't know when I actually learned about this idea called meditation much later in life. And then, of course, there's different kinds of practices, this methods of meditation, everything and I, I thought, oh, anytime I tried anything. Oh, yeah, this is what I've always done in the first place. And then, when I met my teacher I was 20 years old. And it was a phenomenal experience. Because well, it's it's a very, very long story. So I won't get into it fair enough, but it was there a time, you know, at 20 years old. I'm going okay. I don't I don't know what this place is, I don't know what this man's, you know who the master of the houses here. But I just walked in, when I was told to show up, and bunch of people are going in, so I just follow them and go upstairs. And the next thing that happens, all the other rooms run out. So I had my friend with me. And I says, Okay, we'll just keep on going until there's a room that we can go into, like everybody else is gone it me to the this is only like four rooms where the last room. And there's not any chairs except for one for my friend. So I sat on the floor in the corner, trying to look spiritual and metaphysical. So I'm sitting there in kind of a lotus position in that corner, to see what's going to happen. And a couple of young people come in, they sit down in a chair, and they face another person sitting in a chair across from them. And they start to say things and do things. And I can tell the energy's stepped up. And I'm listening to what they're saying. And that made a lot of it made sense. At that point, I didn't know anything about clairvoyant readings, right, people sitting and looking at each other's auras and things like that. And so I was fascinated, it's, it's very interesting. And then all of a sudden, the whole room fills up with becomes golden. It's just just beautiful gold light fills the whole place up. And what I noticed about how it affected everybody else was they start to kind of Twitter, you know, laugh, a little giggle, and everything light enough, then the door blast soften. I mean, with quite a bit of forces, bang, and this guy with a bit, you know, pretty big belly and, and kind of balding a little bit, and he just walks in. And he goes to, there is a man and a woman doing doing the reading. And he puts his hands, he kind of slams his hands down on the shoulders of the woman and says something to her. And she kind of jumps in. And then he says something like, you know, you're not grounded enough. And then then he looks over. And he looks down at me. And he rolls his eyes. And he goes, Oh no, another Chinaman in a Japanese body. Wow. And it just struck me right between the eyes, so to speak. And that's it. He turns around, walks out the door closes the door. And I'm going and everybody else is like looking at what was that about? And I'm going somehow it struck a chord. And I didn't know exactly what he was talking about. But I do it had nothing to do with, you know, racism or anything like that. It was complete some kind of a truth. And, and it was pretty funny as well. But I thought, okay, you know what, that's the guy. I'm sure he's the master of this place. And then things kind of settle down and continue for another 20 minutes or so. Same exact thing happens. The room fills up with this golden energy. And then the door slams open. The same guy walks in. And he looks down at me and he says, Oh, you're still here. Here all this worked. It looks spiritual and metaphysical and everything. Yeah. Out the window. And then he turns to my friend and says, Oh, come over here and so he gets a chair. are in the middle of the room that we're on what half of this room and the two people reading the other person's on the other half. And he pulls the chair up and says, You come over here. And so she looks around, she goes, okay, and she sits down on the chair. So basically, she's about 10 feet, eight feet away from me, directly in front facing me, and he's behind her. And he puts his shoulder, his hands on her shoulders first, and I'm kind of close his eyes, and he's going like this. And then he looks over her hip, the top of her head. So it's almost like he's looking down inside her head. And he starts to say, things like, oh, you know, when you were four years old, and you got that your dad got you that red tricycle that you loves, for Christmas, and blah, blah. And she goes, Oh, yeah. And, and then he says, and then you left it out. And it was, it was kind of on the side on the driveway leading out of your front door. And you were running out and you tripped on it, and cracked your head gun off and, and you got into a lot of trouble. And she goes, yeah. So he continues like that. Specific, you know, incidents in her life. And, and she every time she says, Well, this and that. And she goes, Uh huh, uh, huh.

Alex Ferrari 41:37
Like not not fazed by any of this, you

Michael Tamura 41:39
Know, she's just, she's kind of surprised and going. It's like, you know, this guy knows her life. And next thing, he goes, Okay, what I'm doing now is I'm just going to clear out your head, and I'm going to put you back in the center of your head. That sounded kind of interesting. And she goes, okay. And he's putting his fingers on his top of her head and everything. And then he says, Okay, you ready? I want you to be in the center of your head. And then I'm going to put some energy in your head. And when you feel that your head is completely full of this energy, I want you to nod your head. Let me know it's completely full and just say it's full. She goes, okay, and he's closing his eyes and doing something. Next thing she goes, Okay, that's full. And he yanks his hands away from her head. And what I experienced that that moment, the entire room turn bright light. It's like a blizzard, you know, you can't see anything else except for the White House. Oh, yeah, that's a complete wiped out. But it's white out light, Clear, white, bright light. I couldn't see her I couldn't see the room, I couldn't see anything. And that just was just for an instant. And then it got normal. But it wasn't normal. When that happened, I noticed with my physical eyes, I could see every little speck on the probably the room was about 12 feet long, you know, from me to the end of the wall. I could see every little speck on that wall. Everything was sparkling. It's like every atom in that room was sparkling. And then I looked at my friend's eyes. It was just blazing light. And just she's like sitting there waiting. And he goes now you're in the center of your head. And she goes, Okay. How do you feel? Fantastic. And I'm going, Holy moly. I feel incredible. It's just like, just being

Alex Ferrari 44:19
Just being in the area. You feel it? So Michael, how do you how do you do that? Can you can you show us how to do that. Michael?

Michael Tamura 44:27
You must be psychic. Because right at that moment, I decided I'm not leaving this place until I learn how to do that. Okay. And, and so then he again, oh, after he's finished with me, he looks at me and says hey, you know, do you want one of these readings? And I go, Sure, why not? And he tells the other too since this was like 1130, at night, he says, You guys do tired, you want to go home or you want to give this guy a reading, like I won't give him a reading. And so I got to sit in front of them. And this was the next part where they look at me. And the main guy who was sitting just starts to go like this. Right? And he says, You know what, what I was thinking was, oh, I'm going to match them on an energy level, to experience what they're going through. Right? And he goes, Oh, hang on. You're reading us. We can't really read you very easily if you're reading us. So tonight, it may be tomorrow night, you can read us, but tonight, you have to let us read you. And so we need you to back off your energy and and let us read you got hot there. It's working. But I felt bad that Oh, I don't get to do this. The size. Okay. And then oh, yeah, that's that's much better. And, and they gave me a reading it was quite good. You know. But what got it I was interested in I want to learn this stuff. And that's where I started the, the training with this teacher. And his name was Louis Bostwick. And he's passed away, oh. 20 years ago, 2025 years ago, something like that. But he still comes around. Oh, yeah, he shows up for quite a bit. So anyway, that was

Alex Ferrari 46:46
Just fascinating. It's a fascinating story. You know, thinking about things like this. It seemed like when she was talking about memories and stuff, you're talking about the memories in her head and things. You know, that just something clicked in me that said, you know, that so many of us in this as we walk, walk the earth, we feel stuck in our lives, we feel like we're in a rut, we feel like we can't move anywhere. We feel like things aren't working for us. We're stuck in a job. We don't like we're stuck in a relationship. We don't want to be in all these things. That feeling of stuck. I think we've all felt that at one point or another. In our life, you feel that? Yes. What advice do you can you have? Do you have for the audience? For people who feel like they're stuck in it? And what they can do to get out of that?

Michael Tamura 47:33
That? Ah, that's incredible, great question. Because we all go through that in life, you know, many times is stuck in various levels. Right? But stuck is a good word. Because that's exactly what's happening. As souls. How we go about life experience, we're creating an image of everything. And this will be great for you as a filmmaker, right? Every soul is like a video documentarian from that to give it a kind of a timeline. From inception, a soul starts to take a movie of its life experience every moment. And that movie, just like when you make movies, and you're editing it's individual still shots, right?

Alex Ferrari 48:38
24 24 still frames a second.

Michael Tamura 48:40
Yeah, exactly. So So then when when you watch it through the projector and everything it looks like to the audience, it looks like it's continuous life going on. That's exactly what's happening here. Except it's not just sit back and watch the movie, kind of a movie. It's it's more like a 3d super high definition video. IMAX, IMAX, IMAX surround sound game with with taste and smell and everything else.

Alex Ferrari 49:17
First of all, virtual reality

Michael Tamura 49:19
Real, yeah, real virtual reality. And so, as we do that, that's just the total natural part of our spirit. beingness is we are fully creative. 24/7. Right, every moment we're creating and which means what are we creating? Well, it starts with an image. And we call that in general parlance, we call that imagination. When we imagine something we're creating an image of. So that's what we do all the time. But we're not limited to just creating In the image of our experience, as it happens, we're creating images. On top of that, we make up stuff. So. So when we create those images, that's what we get stuck on. When we feel stuck in our lives, we're actually stuck on these images in our mind. And everyone's clairvoyant everyone sees, but most people don't recognize what they're looking at what they're seeing. They think when they close their eyes, they just see darkness, right. But that's just what their physical eyes when you close your eyes and your physical eyes see, darkness, but it's not really totally dark is it, you know, you can see a little light coming through your eyelids, your physical eyes never stop working. They're always working years, even with their eyes completely clogged, closed and blindfold, the physical eyes are taking in data,

Alex Ferrari 51:02
Such as black, it's just, it's just like a camera lens. If you put a cover on it, and you keep it running, it's just it's just recording black.

Michael Tamura 51:09
Exactly. That's what we do. But when you step it up your awareness to your using your what I call the eye of spirit. It's the single eye, the third eye, as far as a word for it, then you're seeing the images in your mind. And this is what people we were asking about the meditation. This is what people have trouble when they first start meditating. They sit down close their eyes, they quiet themselves. And oh, did I turn off the oven?

Alex Ferrari 51:48
Yeah, pay that bill.

Michael Tamura 51:49
Can I pay that bill? Yeah. Oh, that. And some of it makes a little bit of sense. But others are completely random. You know, where did that come from? And people call that mind chatter and stuff like that. What words the does the mind chatter come from? is are these images. Now to make things even more complicated? We're psychic beings, we're very sensitive, aware beings. If we're not aware of the difference between the image that I'm creating, versus the image that you're creating, versus the image that my mother created when I was a baby, and I still have it in my mind, ah, we can easily get stuck in trying to solve someone else's creation. Someone else's image, which you can translate as someone else's problem. So my experience of most people walking around the planet, and they're always trying to solve everyone else's problems. And it's impossible you no matter how capable how powerful, how intelligent you are, you can't solve other people's creations. You can only solve your own.

Alex Ferrari 53:15
So Is that so? Is that what makes you feel stuck?

Michael Tamura 53:18
Yes. Yeah. Because stuckness isn't just the instant of stuckness. Right? It's stuck as I was stuck at yesterday, I'm stuck today. I'll probably be stuck tomorrow, kind of it goes on. Why is that? Because the person who's perfectly intelligent, perfectly capable, creative. Everything is in their mind. They don't realize they're staring at a picture that was created by somebody else. And let's say the picture is one of, you know, how stupid can I get? I can't do anything right. I'm a total worthless, you know, blob.

Alex Ferrari 53:57
Oh, yeah. I'm sure there's many of us who've had that conversation. Many of us

Michael Tamura 54:02
And that's not their own picture. It's somebody they either tried to heal somebody because they felt sorry for that person and took it on as a project. Or it's it's somebody telling them telling them hey, you're worthless, you know, blah, blah, blah.

Alex Ferrari 54:20
It could just be or it could just be commercials you're watching society. Exactly. Your family, the program, the country you live in the industry you're in, there's a thought all of the above. Yeah, all of the above that can tell you like you know, if you don't look this way, you're obviously not desirable. If you don't have this kind of skill set. You obviously can't make it if you don't have a four year degree you obviously can't make any money and you will die. As opposed to every billionaire out there. Most of them dropped out of college.

Michael Tamura 54:54
I found that if you get the third degree, it's a lot better than the you know other degrees you can get in college.

Alex Ferrari 55:02
Exactly. life experience is definitely a lot more valuable in my eyes. But no, that's very, that's very true. So because of that impression that you have, you feel you feel less than you because you feel less than that means you feel stuck. And if you feel stuck, that means like, I can't move forward. And that could be your spouse, that could be a friend, that could be your job, that could be your career, that could be your body. There's 1000 things that can make you feel stuck in certain sections, sections of your life, or areas in your life. And that makes all the sense of the world. I've never actually thought about it that way. But it is projections that that you've picked up from others that are making you feel stuck, because if you truly were in touch with yourself with the thought that your higher self with your true nature, nothing would make you stuck, because you would understand that this doesn't this all is temporary. We're all here to learn. We're all here kind of moving along through life. So if you're like, Oh, I can't lose those 10 pounds like, well, it's probably because there's a couple things you have to work out before you lose those 10 pounds. Yep.

Michael Tamura 56:13
Who's whose 10 pounds are you carrying?

Alex Ferrari 56:16

Michael Tamura 56:18
It's not always that way. But that's definitely

Alex Ferrari 56:22
You know, who's who's 10 pounds? Are you carrying? That's a great,

Michael Tamura 56:25
It's like, you know, who am I eating for? The hoof deep theater, mothers pregnant mothers go through that all the time without knowing? Are they eating for the baby? Or are they eating? You know, it's, it's like that.

Alex Ferrari 56:42
It's it's very interesting. Now, Michael, there's, obviously there's been so many things happening in the world today. You know, this? I asked a lot of my guests this question, because I just want to hear different perspectives on what's going on. But between the pandemic, the environment, political uprising, the brink of world war three, all these things that seem to be happening right now, in the world. That is, I think, one of the first times definitely in my lifetime, that the entire world is feeling it. At the same time. You know, I've never, in the history that we know of at least the history of man, that's that there was a moment or even a disease that took over and shut the world down, shut it down. I've never, never seen anything like that. And what those two years really gave the world kind of a reset almost a break, to, like, Get off, get off to the treadmill for a second. Yes. And look at your life, what do you really what's really important to that kind of reset thing. But with all this kind of craziness going on in the world, and it seems to not be getting better, I feel that it's getting a little bit worse. And I don't think we've hit the bottom yet on any stretch. What do you think this means? What is this kind of shift that's happening in, in humanity right now?

Michael Tamura 58:08
Well, exactly. Like you said, the shift itself is great. It's it's people waking up. And across around the globe, people are waking up at the level of awareness they're at. So some people are strictly you know, this physical body is who I am. And that's it, but they're waking up at that level. Little by little, they're going okay. I don't want to die. You know, this is it. And so, I'm going to eat healthier, or whatever. And some people are waking up more on an emotional level. And, and they're going oh, yeah, I've been denying my feelings all my life that bad. And it's killing me. Okay, I got to do something about it. And maybe I'll go have some therapy, whatever. And the difficulties we're seeing whether it's, it's just, you know, so many people getting sick, or, or being killed in the war, or terrorists, whatever, all these different things happening. We're actually in world war three, but it's not the kind of world war that's like World War two or one. It's global. Its global. And, and, you know, you hear all these stories of Armageddon, the forces of light versus the forces of darkness and all that stuff. It's not quite true that way. forces of light light doesn't have an opposite. People often think that the opposite of light is darkness. But that's not true. Light is undivided. So that which is undivided is limitless eternal. It doesn't ever change. It doesn't alternate between light and dark and light and the idea of light and dark. Here in this physical world, this world is built on. dichotomies. It's this is a we're in a divided world of Tunis. duality, yeah, duality, but in spirit in light in full awareness, there is no division. So there are, there are no dualities. There's no opposites. The opposite of death is not life. Or the opposite of life is not death, life doesn't have an opposite. The opposite of death is birth. That's, of hear of this world. And so, so what's happening as people are waking up, waking up means there's more awareness. And as people are becoming more aware, they're less divided. But in that process, this happens in all manners of healing. Healing is simply just like the dictionary definition, restoring to oneness. What does that mean, in practical terms, when we're healing ourselves, or healing each other, or whatever healing our relationship, we're starting to put our awareness, we're starting to become aware of what oneness is what what non duality is, what, what not being divided is. And what that brings up in to the global consciousness is all the parts of ourselves that we've previously divided in our mind. I can't stand myself, you know, that's dividing against yourself.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:06
Do you? Do you think that obviously, I think there's a generational situation here where the older generation much, you know, much older generation than, let's say, my generation, let's say 20 years, like you, sir. Sir, you look like you're 51. But no, but like, the older generation, that aren't enlightened like yourself, sir. They're holding on to the ideas of what they grew up with. My generation has a foot in both has a foot in the old. But we also were born in a time where the internet was invented. So there's the we understand the old school, and we also understand the new school and we understand the connectivity, where my children's generation only understands that we are a global community only understands that we're interconnected. It just it there's no other concept for them, because they were born in a world like that. So do you believe that that's also kind of like, where a lot of the strife is coming from where the old ways of doing things? Yes, is hold, trying to hold on to power trying to hold on to the old ways. You know, there's obviously, in 500 years, we're not going to be burning coal. Like, hopefully, because I don't think we can survive, you know, so, but the entire infrastructure is built on that. So to move that ship, it takes so much effort, yeah. And in a different way, like, emotionally, and spiritually. The pandemic gave us a moment to breeze, which is, what is a moment that nobody would have ever expected to see coming, where we shut down the whole world for for a year, essentially, and gave people moments to think without that moment to stop. They couldn't rebuild, they couldn't rethink they couldn't. Maybe this is a different way of going, maybe I should move somewhere else. Maybe I should not do that job I hate. Maybe I should find a new purpose. But without that moment to breathe, they wouldn't have taken it. So this chaos that we're coming into right now, is that moment to kind of reset. Yes, a lot of things that are happening. I forgot someone said some somebody said this great spirit. Great quote, in chaos, chaos, is the fertile ground for change.

Michael Tamura 1:04:36
Absolutely, it's actually in reverse. It's the chaos comes from the change because any kind of profound change, we have to let go of, like you said, the old stuff that's not working, and the old, especially now are old ways of thinking, right old ways of creating and golf Learning and everything, everything. And basically, that boils down to old ways of relating with our own selves, relating with each other relating with the world. We can't relate with each other, like way back when it's just your little family and prayer on the prairie on the prairie or tribe or whatever. And, and we're in the process of purification, detoxification, if you've ever done fasting, right, oh, yes, well, the first hour or two after you say, I'm gonna do this fast, and, and, wow, I feel so much clearer and lighter and everything and give it a few hours. The next day, you can't wake up in the morning, get out of bed, because you're, you know, you got a headache. That's the detox, right? To the degree that you've have toxins built up this on the physical level, it's gonna, the more intense you're fasting is, the more the toxins come. That's why sometimes you, it's not good to do a full fasting, when you've subsisted on toxic material,

Alex Ferrari 1:06:17
If you're eating McDonald's for for most of your life, and you go into a juice juice fast for like a month, just shoot yourself in a really rough scenario for yourself.

Michael Tamura 1:06:30
Exactly. It's, and that's what we're doing. On a global sense. That's what we're doing.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:35
And we're fighting. So we're getting, we're detoxing in many ways. And we're fighting, it's really interesting, because people generally don't like to change because change is not pleasant all the time. That's right. And that's for both sides of the spectrum. So it could be like, I'm going to, you know, juice fast or fast of some sort. But even the change of like, Oh, you just won $20 million in your life is about to change. Yeah, that's also change that's extremely scary, which goes back to our whole mentality of we, as creatures don't want and don't like change, because it's uncertain. We are We love we're creatures of certainty, because that's how we're programmed. So the tiger doesn't eat us down at the river. You know, if we, if we know that if we stay in this box, the tiger doesn't get us. But if we walk out the river around the corner, where we don't see, the tiger might get us or around the corner, there could be an oasis. But we will never know until we give that a shot. But that's that's how we are in general. So that's why we struggle so much with change. And now on a global level, we're changing physically, mentally, spiritually, all at once, there's this great shift happening. And we can I mean, you can see it, I mean, even if you don't believe in this, you can see something is happening. The norms that I grew up with, and you grew up with our being thrown out the window, in a lot of cases in society. Things that were people say publicly, when I was growing up would be never be allowed to say, things that people are doing now. Like people were walking into Walgreens and grabbing stuff, and walking out with a bike like the one world did that ever even was even a thing that people did. So things are starting to break down and you can start seeing things that were you can see foundational things of our society start to break down their crumbling a bit. Things that we've felt that are allowed never break down. It's starting to break down. So it's scary. And everyone's just trying to figure it out. Is that Yes. Is that a good thing?

Michael Tamura 1:08:53
Yeah. It's and that's why I, I would say semi jokingly, I tell people, oh, you know, when they say, Well, what do you teach? What do you do? And I said, Oh, I teach people how to die correctly. And, and because I know if they actually hear me what I'm saying, Oh, they're going to be good students. And what you're talking about in terms of it, it doesn't matter which side or whoever. The change, any kind of change, even if you get, like you said the positive, you know, you win the lottery, and you're instantly a multimillionaire. It sounds good. For those of us sitting on the sideline, oh, just look at what I could do if I had all that money, but it's not any different than someone who's been a slave all their lives locked up in a cage. And then one day, you know, the slave owner says, Okay, you're free to go with no training. No No help no money. Nothing. That's like a almost a death sentence for that person.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:07
It's like It's like It's like letting it's like letting a lion or a gazelle that's been inside of zoo all its life into the wild. Exactly did with the concept of oh, they're free now. Yeah. Sounds fantastic. Exactly. But 15 minutes later, they're gone. They've been they've been eating because they have no training or understanding of how this world works. Exactly. So So I mean, it's dying.

Michael Tamura 1:10:30
Exactly, exactly the die from where you're, we're,

Alex Ferrari 1:10:34
And but you, you I'm sure you've heard the stories of lottery winners that most of them lose all their money, most of them go down. And I actually early in my career, I did a documentary series that I worked on, that I got to see interviews with lottery winners. And it was so fascinating to watch. I had six, six or seven lottery winners, and how their lives were so different, and how they reacted differently to it. You know, one literally was in a trailer home. And then they won, I think, 40 or $50 million. And they lost everybody that was close to them, because they didn't take interest and so became paranoid. And then they said, the only people we trust are our accountant, our lawyer and our priest. I'm like,

Michael Tamura 1:11:20
Sounds like a joke.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:22
A hell of a motley crew you got going there. But it was really interesting how that was a great lesson for me early in my life that I saw, the money isn't the end all be all. Because if it's so true, so many people's like, if every of all the money in the world was distributed equally today, yes, in about five years, it all go back to where you came from. Because there's just, you gave me a billion dollars today, I'll try to maneuver that kind of money. But that's just not my expertise. I don't know how to protect myself, I don't know how to do this. I don't know how to do that. I'd have to learn and I feel I could educate myself. But it's just something as opposed to someone who built a billion dollars along the way over the course of 10 years, and learns how to maneuver learns how the game is played, learn how to do that, you give a billion dollars to Elon Musk, he's gonna be like, That's lunch. And he's finally give you a me a billion dollars, you'd be like, Okay, we, we've got to figure this, this is a this is a whole other world, it's changed. But we're using this as an example of change, that doesn't always have to be changes, like in bad or good. Even if like tomorrow, I wake up and I look like Brad Pitt debate. So if I woke up tomorrow morning, and I'm Brad Pitt, I don't know how to be Brad Pitt. I don't know how to deal with what he deals with walking down the kind of energy that gets thrown at you, the kind of awkward, there's so much that you would have to adjust quickly as opposed to slowly working into being coming. Someone like that, or getting into that kind of shape, or that kind of those kinds of looks or whatever, to get you to that place. I hope I'm not babbling, but this all makes now

Michael Tamura 1:13:07
Yeah, yeah. It's, it's, you know, basically, in spirit, there's no such thing as dying. Right, right. Eternal life. So what's, what is this thing called dying? Well, most people when you think of dying, they think about the body expiry, right? Correct. No longer alive. That's just one type of dying. But the real underlying experience of dying, even from a spiritual perspective, is oh, if that soul believed, I am just this body, this is who I am. And the body expires. And the soul is going oh, my Yeah, I don't want to die. I don't want to die is it's they're trying to hold on to that form. They associate and identify as themselves. Okay. Over time, that soul over many incarnations learns, I'm not the body. I'm more than this.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:15
As you evolve as you evolve,

Michael Tamura 1:14:16
As you evolve, you start to recognize, oh, I'm more than this body. But then what's the next stage in that souls development? Oh, they start to identify themselves as yes, I'm still partially this physical body but that's not it. I'm just I'm also very emotional. I have feelings and then I'm not so and that's not physical. It's it's something more internal. And so when they get challenged with the emotional stuff, that's worse than death. If they have to let go of something on the emotion Mala. And then as the soul evolves even further, it becomes, oh, wait, I my energy be and, and I have power. I'm not helpless. I'm not a victim of circumstances anymore. I could, I could, you know, use my will to to get what I want and and be the top dog and everything King of the Mountain Oh, for a person like that they jump out of the window to kill themselves when when the economic bubble completely, you know their money has gone

Alex Ferrari 1:15:37
Because they're because they're attaching themselves to something that it's the old. That's what Buddha said you're suffering is because of attachment.

Michael Tamura 1:15:45
Exactly. And, and if you can't let go of that attachment and letting go of attachment basically means forgiveness. Yeah, we're, I'm forgiving this attachment. Right? And so that doesn't matter if you're forgiving someone else or forgiving yourself, Oh, if if I'm angry, and begrudge somebody else I'm blaming them for doing it to me. If I forgive them, I'm not really forgiving them. I'm forgiving them of my judgment, my blame of them. And and then if I'm successful in doing that, I still have Okay, what do I do with all this pain? If I forgive them of this pain, I'm not making them responsible for it. But I still got it. Now I have to realize, oh, yeah, the real forgiveness, I have to forgive myself of that pain.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:50
It seems there's so much in our lives that has to do with forgiving not only other people but forgiving ourselves for making mistakes, quote, unquote, mistakes.

Michael Tamura 1:17:00
But yes. They don't really make mistakes.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:04
No, it's not about mistakes. It's more about what we believe that our mistakes based on what other people think of say about us and the things that we've learned along the way. But everything that we do here is about learning. It's about educating ourselves about growing and opening ourselves up. And, you know, I always find it fascinating that people think that, you know, there's these gurus who wake up, they're born as gurus. And they just wake up and they're just like, Oh, if she he knew at one that he knew everything he needed to learn. And that's generally not the truth at all.

Michael Tamura 1:17:40
Because if that were true, they don't need to reincarnate.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:46
Right. So what they teach here, you know, what Jesus taught here, what Buddha taught here. I mean, just look at Siddhartha story. I mean, he wasn't born the Buddha, he went through a lot of stuff he made, quote, unquote, mistakes, when he was on his journey, you know, out when he left the castle and and left of the safety of those walls. And he went and went with different types of, of religious sects and trying to figure it all out. He was figuring out then, after all of that work, he found enlightenment, and he's like, Oh, I get it now. Now, let me go back and teach. But he had to learn all of that during his life. So I think that's something that people need to understand that we're all here all of us are here to learn learn. Yeah. And some of us learn earlier than others. But it's, it doesn't matter your at the end of the day, you come into this world the same way you left alone. Alone, but you yourself, your soul, and, and God and the source energy, that's where you come. That's where you come into. And that's it. And if you understand that, I think that makes life a little bit easier.

Michael Tamura 1:18:58
Yes. You know, you know that book, Art of Racing in the Rain? Yes. Yeah. And the movie. Yeah. And, for me, what's the what's the key message in the whole thing was what's kind of said in passing by the driver, you know, the racecar driver guy. His secret to winning, when he's racing in the rain, is, oh, keep your eyes on the destination on the goal on the finish line. Don't stare at the big wall coming up that everybody crashes into. Because if you stare at the wall, you're gonna crash into it. If you keep your sight on where you're going, instead of where you don't want to go, you're gonna do fine.

Alex Ferrari 1:19:58
And most of us focus on And the negative things in our lives as opposed to the positive things in our life or where we actually want to go, we focus on, oh, I can't do this, or I can't do that I can do this. Well, it's just like Henry Ford said, if you if you believe you can, or you can't, you're right. And it's, it's very, very true.

Michael Tamura 1:20:15
It's the, when we're looking on a, just not on the physical level. But on a spiritual level, it's the same. That's what clairvoyance is about is keeping your inner sight on the goal on that your destination. And you can call that destination, self realization, you know, the truth of who you are. Or you can call that destination, God, realization. But whatever you call it, your if you keep your sight on the undivided, you're not only going to heal yourself, but you're going to, you're going to reach your goal indefinitely, way faster than if you stare at everything else.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:06
I mean, imagine, imagine a, a, a Olympic athlete, or Olympic racer, looking at the hurdles, and focusing on each hurdle, boom, they focus at the end line, because they understand that the hurdle is coming anyway. And they already been trained to how to go over the hurdle. And that's not even a problem for them anymore. But if they start focusing on the hurdles, that's when you see the trips, that's when you see the accidents, because they're focusing on it.

Michael Tamura 1:21:33
And why do they focus on the people who do focus on the hurdles? Why do they do that? Oh, it's simple fear.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:40
You read their mind? Fear, it's fear, they're afraid. Am I going to hit I can hit that hurt my gut? Yeah. Guess what, if you say, I'm going to hit the hurdle, you've already hit the hurdle.

Michael Tamura 1:21:47
Exactly. That's how creative we are.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:51
It's really interesting. It's so different. We're talking about things that sound on paper extremely easy. But it isn't, it isn't something that is easy. It doesn't come intuitively to us, we have to train ourselves to look at the finish line and not look at the hurdle. Because again, the negative bias in our brains have been we've been evolutionarily trained to look at the negative for safety reasons. Survival, yes, survival for survival. So what we're talking about is to transcend that transcend our own programming, which takes practice, yes, it takes training of the mind in the spirit, it was specifically of the mind not as much as the spirit but of the mind to, to break through those, those those ideas those days and less time and get into the programming that we get when we're born and societal programming and other things and traumas that we have to deal with and all of this stuff.

Michael Tamura 1:22:47
And if you start looking at all that you're eventually come to, oh, how are you program in your last incarnation?

Alex Ferrari 1:22:55
After getting you started getting deep, deep, deep in like, why am I why did I have this pair these parents? And why don't have this friend? And why have this relationship? And why isn't this happening? And all this kind of stuff? It starts asking why?

Michael Tamura 1:23:08
Yeah, that's why a why question has to be, you know, dumped? Yeah. Because that's an intellectual question. It just goes around in circles.

Alex Ferrari 1:23:20
So what's the right question to ask?

Michael Tamura 1:23:22
The right question to ask is, okay. What's my purpose? What's, what am I here for? You know, where am I going? So, when, when I ask myself, Where am I going? Well, the first thing I'm going to become aware of is where I'm already headed, as I'm going, but I have to go further than that. And going, okay. Is the is that the correct the true direction that I'm here to go to? Oh, no, it's not there. That's not the end end game. So it's seeking the truth. Again, you started with the question of, you know, meditation, what part does it play and I, I said, 100%, or 110%. To me, meditation is getting into communication with yourself, or with your higher self or with your true self, right? With your an uninterrupted self. And as long as you're in communication, you have your sight on that. limitlessness.

Alex Ferrari 1:24:35
And for many people, that's scary. It is. It's scary to look yourself in the mirror. It's scary to say I love you to yourself. I forgive you to yourself. It is very, very difficult to do. Many, many people and that's why when a lot of people start meditation, they just they can't get to it because it's literally the ego is telling them you don't want to go in there. Yeah, you don't Want to open up that door? But unless you open the door and let the light in, you can't, you can't heal it, you can't let it out, you need to let it out. For two, you have to bring it into the light in order for it to die. Anyways, yeah. If not, it has the power over you, as long as it stays behind that closet door. It has power. But once you throw light on it, you're like, it's not even scary. That was I scared of?

Michael Tamura 1:25:25
Yeah, there's no, the minute you turn on the light the darkness, you know, even if you were in a pitch black room, you turn on the light and where's the darkness. But if you stay in that pitch dark room, and you think the pitch, the darkness is real, then you might use a vacuum cleaner, you can broom, Windex, you know nothing, well get rid of that darkness, because you can't get rid of a negative that which is not really there. You could only only bring the presence of something that is true, then what's not true just disappears.

Alex Ferrari 1:26:06
So I'll go a little deeper with you on this one, Michael, imagine that the shadow that we all have is, is not real. Because the only reason they're shadow is because there's light projecting onto us creating shadow. Right, the more the light gets intensified, the less the shadow is there. When the light is so bright, there's literally no shadow because there's too much light to be there. But the shadow is not real. It has no strength, it has no power. But where does the light come from? The source, the source of the light is where the power is actually coming from the Sun is the source of the god higher power, whatever you want to call it, is the only reality that there is where the shadow is just something that's not even tangible. There's no like Dark Sun, projecting darkness onto the world that doesn't exist. That's just all there is truly only light and darkness happens to be manufactured. It's not real.

Michael Tamura 1:27:14
And where is it manufactured?

Alex Ferrari 1:27:17
Well, that's scenarios manufactured because it's, it's hitting us.

Michael Tamura 1:27:21
But it's manufactured in our mind, though. Yeah, exactly. Consciousness. See, awareness is light. If I'm going to ask nicely technical I use when I get to this level, I'll use the word awareness to indicate awareness of all its undivided awareness. It's literally light. And then at that level, I talk about consciousness that's divided awareness. Consciousness is where there's a person at some body independent unit, being aware of something else besides itself, right? So that's consciousness. And we call that consciousness. Mind. We can feel that mind with awareness, light, Spirit, God, whatever you want to call that. Or we can fill it with division, thoughts of, you know, a darkness and make and what makes something feel and seem so real to us. It's our power. Without the intensity of power. It's just the idea. It's just a thing that, oh, yeah, that's just your figment of your imagination. But if you put enough life, power into it, your creative life energy into it, you're experiencing your life and power in the thing you created you imagined. And in your mind, in your consciousness, it becomes bigger than life. And that's what happens when we're stuck. We've made the image in our mind, more powerful than it really is. The minute we take our power back from that image and go, Oh, that's just the image. We're not stuck.

Alex Ferrari 1:29:30
Now, I'm going to ask you a couple questions. Ask all my guests, Michael. Okay. What is your mission in this life?

Michael Tamura 1:29:37
Ah, well. I'd say from the beginning and coming in. I knew I was here to teach. And to elaborate a little bit more on that. My awareness of Teaching or a teacher? isn't someone who knows it. All. Right, it's more work. Like you said, I absolutely. Every single one of us if we're incarnated on this planet, we're here to learn something. To simplify it down to the bottom line, what aren't we all here to learn? is how to say hello to each other. And to everything, right? And the purpose of our physical body. Why do we incarnate into this device? We have smartphones? What are smartphones far with a trillion apps you can put in it. But everything about a smartphone is for the ultimate purpose of communication, communication of information as when we're downloading information. Or we're putting out information, communication in images, communication, sound, communication, music, whatever. It's all communication. So a smartphone is essentially a communication device. Our body is exactly that way. We have a body because this body is our single, potent, sophisticated communication device. In order for us, immortal, limitless, undivided spirit, to communicate in this world of division. So that's

Alex Ferrari 1:31:35
All right. That's a great answer, sir. That's a great.

Michael Tamura 1:31:40
So I'm here. I had to learn to communicate first and I'm always learning to communicate. awareness comes from communicating in a new space. Yeah, communicating with something that you never communicated with before.

Alex Ferrari 1:31:57
Now, what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Michael Tamura 1:32:00
Ah, is to be yourself.

Alex Ferrari 1:32:03
Fair enough. Now, where can people find out more about you your books, your courses and how they can reach out to you?

Michael Tamura 1:32:11, Tamura is T as in Tom a m, as in Mary, u r a so And that's our website. Also we have a we have a once a week live broadcasts on the internet on the network. Our show is called Living the miracle with Michael and Raphael Tamura.

Alex Ferrari 1:32:39
Michael, it has been an absolute joy talking to you, my friend. I I hope to have you back because I know we can talk forever about this stuff. So I appreciate you. I appreciate all the work you've done in your life thus far and the work that you could be doing moving forward and all the help that you've been given the world. So I truly appreciate everything you've done and thank you again for being on the show.

Michael Tamura 1:33:03
Thank you. I appreciate what you're doing as well. Thank you very much for letting me be here.

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