This ANCIENT HEALING METHOD Reduces Inflammation & SAVES LIVES! with Clint Ober

In the vast web of life, where every element is interconnected, today’s episode introduces us to Clint Ober. A visionary in the realm of grounding, Clint’s journey highlights the powerful relationship between our health and the Earth’s natural energy. His pioneering work on earthing reveals how reconnecting with the Earth’s surface can lead to significant … Read more

The Ancient Healing Power of Grounding Yourself! with Clint Ober

On today’s episode, we welcome the remarkable Clint Ober, a pioneer in the field of earthing and grounding. His fascinating journey from a cable TV executive to the “father of earthing” is one that merges science, nature, and a quest for better health. Clint’s work has revealed the profound benefits of grounding the human body, … Read more

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