The Ancient Healing Power of Grounding Yourself! with Clint Ober

On today’s episode, we welcome the remarkable Clint Ober, a pioneer in the field of earthing and grounding. His fascinating journey from a cable TV executive to the “father of earthing” is one that merges science, nature, and a quest for better health. Clint’s work has revealed the profound benefits of grounding the human body, connecting us back to the Earth in a way that has tangible health benefits.

Clint Ober began his journey in the cable television industry, where he developed a deep understanding of grounding electrical systems. His life took a dramatic turn after a severe health scare that led him to reevaluate his purpose and lifestyle. Clint’s recovery and subsequent quest for a meaningful life brought him to the realization that grounding, an essential practice in his industry, could have profound implications for human health.

Clint explains that the Earth maintains a slight negative electrical charge, which is crucial for maintaining electrical stability in all grounded systems, including the human body. He recounts how our ancestors were naturally grounded by walking barefoot and sleeping on the earth, a practice lost with the advent of synthetic materials and modern footwear. This disconnection, he argues, has significant health implications, leading to chronic inflammation and related health disorders.


  1. Reconnect with Nature: By grounding ourselves, we can restore a lost connection with the Earth, which has the power to heal and stabilize our bodies.
  2. Natural Healing: The body is designed to self-heal, and grounding provides the necessary electrons to neutralize inflammation and facilitate this process.
  3. Holistic Health: True health involves aligning our modern lifestyles with ancient practices, integrating both scientific knowledge and natural wisdom.

In his research, Clint discovered that grounding the body can have remarkable effects, from reducing inflammation and pain to improving sleep and overall well-being. He shares compelling examples from his studies, such as grounding patients with chronic pain and observing significant improvements. One notable study involved measuring cortisol levels, where participants’ stress hormones synchronized to a healthy rhythm after grounding, highlighting the profound impact on stress and sleep.

Clint’s innovative work led him to develop practical grounding products that people can use indoors, such as grounding mats and patches. These products allow individuals to experience the benefits of grounding in their daily lives, particularly during sleep, when the body undergoes most of its healing and recovery processes. He emphasizes that even a simple practice like walking barefoot on the grass can have immediate and positive effects on health.

Clint Ober also addresses common skepticism by pointing to numerous peer-reviewed studies that validate the benefits of grounding. His approach combines the wisdom of ancient practices with the rigor of modern science, providing a holistic framework for understanding and improving health.

In conclusion, Clint Ober’s insights into grounding offer a transformative approach to health, reconnecting us with the Earth and unlocking the body’s natural healing potential. His journey is a testament to the power of curiosity, resilience, and the pursuit of knowledge for the betterment of humanity.

Please enjoy my conversation with Clint Ober.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 044

Alex Ferrari 0:09
I'd like to welcome to the show Clint Ober how you doing, Clint?

Clint Ober 0:12
I'm doing good. Thanks for inviting me onto your show.

Alex Ferrari 0:16
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I've been an admirer of yours for years because I, I discovered one of the early documentaries about earthing years ago and really got into it and told all my friends about it. And I'll tell you, we'll talk about the stories of what happened with the products we purchased and what was going on with them and so on and so forth afterwards. But for everybody who doesn't know what earthing is, can you please explain what earthing is to the audience?

Clint Ober 0:46
Okay, earthing short form is the Earth itself maintains a slight negative, or what we call an energy, electrical charge, energy charge, it's ground, the Earth is charged by the sun. And, and the global electrical circuit, which is lightning and clouds and all of that kind of stuff. So anyhow, but the earth maintains this electrical energy, and everything. You know, like the grid, like the refrigerator, in your home, all these things are grounded to the Earth via a ground wire running through your house connected to a ground rod that goes into the earth. And so the Earth's energy comes up the ground, run up the wire, and, you know, grounds your refrigerator, meaning it's at the same energy level as the Earth is. So if there's an electrical event, blow a fuse instantly and prevent harm. So grounding is, it's essential for, like, in the communications industry, where I come from, and so everything has to be grounded. And so it's, I have a 30 year background working knowledge of grounding. And actually 50 years now, because I started 20 years ago playing with this kind of grounding, but electrical grounding and communications, and the human body is conductive. And every cell in the body is electrical first, chemical second. If there's no electron wiggle, there's no life. So everything is electrical first, chemical second. So when you stand barefoot on the earth, like we did for millions of years, or throughout all time, especially before 1960s, we were always barefoot. But no, when you stand barefoot on the earth, then your body conducts Earth's electrical energy, and maintains the human body at earth potential. The significance of that is the same as the reason that we ground electrical equipment, or cable systems or communication of any kind, is to prevent, for instance, a cable system for lightning. If there's lightning and building up on the lines from wind, or static electric, dust or whatever, or there's a lightning strike, and it hits the system, then this whole system has to be grounded everywhere. And every drop going into a house has to be grounded. So that that lightning is dissipated by the Earth, rather than going in in the house and blowing up a TV set are creating a fire. So it's about fire main thing, and electrical stability. So when the human body is grounded, it is just like the refrigerator, it's at earth potential. The significance of it is you can't have charge in a grounded object. Now, when you think of charge in the body, the body inflammation. First is charge. If you have charge in the human body, then you have inflammation. And then that manifest is pain and eventually health disorder. So that's what we're talking about here. And just to put it in a good reference is the animals in the wild. They don't experience inflammation. They're naturally grounded because they're living on the earth or sleeping on the earth. The animals who live indoors with their owners, 50% of them all they all have inflammation related health disorder, but 50% of them die from cancer, which is an inflammation related health disorder. The animals in the wild cancer rarely exist. So the animals that live indoors with their owners manifests the same health disorders as their owners and have the same death rate, you know, like for cancer and so on and so on. So, so on. Talking about here, here's the earth is before 1950 1960. I was born in 4470, I don't know 7778 years old now. And but when I was a kid, we were always barefoot. And we had leather shoes for school or for special events. But you didn't, you had to save them. And then you pass them down to your breakfast. Right? Yeah. And then if it was raining out, you had to take them off and carry them. So they didn't get wet, because they got wet, and you're going to get in trouble because they would shrink up and get all gnarly. But it was 1960. When we invented polymers, the first thing we did is put them on the soles of our shoes, so everybody could have shoes. And, and then we created the plastic, the polymer based carpets, the old green and orange and brown carpet used to be around. And and so in the process, we began to insulate ourselves from the earth, we lost our ground. Before we were just naturally grounded, we didn't even know we were grounding. But we were it's an electrical phenomena. It's a natural phenomena. And today, if you're in 1950, you couldn't get off the earth today, you can't get back to the earth. Right. And so that's what we're talking about.

Alex Ferrari 6:32
So how did you start this journey? I mean, you obviously started as an electrician in the communication business understanding what grounding was, but what made you come? Because you're you're basically the father of earthing, of grounding. There is, was there any talk of this prior to you discovering it, really, in public in the public Zeitgeist not in in, you know, tribal situations where they understood all this stuff early on.

Clint Ober 7:00
Yeah, you know, when we, you know, you really came about one. You know, I grew up in Montana, and I spent a lot of time in nature, that was kind of an outdoor cowboy, meaning you settle on a horse and babysit cows all day, for months at a time. And, I mean, it didn't live out there for months. But I mean, for most of the time, we had to take care of cattle. And so I always had a background of prevention. Meaning that the job of a cowboy is to sit on a horse, go out there and babysit the cows, and walk forever watching them. If one of them is not acting like the rest, you have to take them out of the herd. If they're glassy eyed, or balling or something, something's wrong. So you take them out of the herd and put them in a holding pen. And then you ride the pasture, make sure the water is okay. Make sure the grass is not too short, make sure there's no noxious weeds growing, make sure there's not a dead animal upstream concept is something in that pasture meat that animal sick. You know, most likely, and so anyhow, you fixed you know, you run them to a different section where the grass was better, or you clean up the water, whatever is going on. And and keep the cows cattle healthy. If you don't keep them healthy, then you're you're going to call the banker and the vet and give them the keys and say we're out of here because you guys on these right are the only ones make money. So anyhow, I have that bent. Looking at something if there's something wrong with somebody, then what's causing it, you know, prevention. So it's like the apple, the apple the day concept. We don't have that anymore. In our home Prevention magazine was the only magazine that was there forever from the time I remember looking at a magazine until I left. But it was just you an apple a day keeps the doctor away that concept. So anyhow, I left that industry. And I went out and cable television was starting to sprout. And I looked at it, and I loved it. Because all of a sudden that world was bigger than the local right and left TV station, right wing and left wing TV stations that argue with each other. It was bigger than the you know, the local newspaper and the newspapers in the area. And so what it did is it gave us a bigger we could see eventually we could see in Billings, Montana, we could get news from Casper or Helena or Denver, then eventually Atlanta then New York, LA. And all of a sudden the world became Wow, there's it's not just this little oyster I'm living in in Montana. I could see myself and like I could just experience the world something bigger, you know, the world's bigger than what I thought and and I'm a part of it. And this is how I relate to a lot of us good A lot of us bad doesn't matter, just Yes, there Go Go for it. But anyhow, so I fell in love with cable television. And I spent 30 years in that industry. And we would build cable systems anywhere and everywhere across the United States. We had to install the cable systems and all the homes and all that kind of things. That's kind of what I was a large part of. And but anyhow, it was just, I fell in love with it. So but anyway, after 30 years, my real claim to fame in that industry is I went around the world and collected all the data services. You know, this is when the computer started to enter the scene and back in the 80s, early 80s, kind of 19 7980 Somewhere back in there. But anyhow, I went around the world. I looked at the computer, monitor for my kids, they were stacked up in the closet, I bought everything. But you know, they quit using them after a while because of the games or whatever. And nobody's going to do a checkbook on your computer. And so anyhow, I looked at it one day, and I said, you know, that's a TV set without a signal. And so, I had this brainstorm, because I was involved with wire services, use wire services. So I went around the world and collected distribution rights for every wire service in the world, including casts from Russia, Shinhwa from China, everyone in the world, UPI AP, TV data, horoscopes, you know, whatever it was, there was one across the newswire, we brought them all in to Boulder, Colorado, put them in a unified data stream, bounced him up off for the cat off the satellite, and down to the cable system. And then we gave the cable system a little piece of software that they could put in their Apple, or their Commodore 64 or whatever, right? And they could put in the stocks that they owned, or if they were into sports. They could type in sports teams. And then so it would read the data stream and you could create your own newspaper. Wow, that's pretty awesome. Okay, it was called Express Information Systems. McGraw Hill was my partner. But anyhow, what we did is we created the we had to create we created the cable modem before that there was no modem. So that was a, it was a big deal for the cabling.

Alex Ferrari 12:25
Yeah, cable modem is , I can't really do much without it at that time.

Clint Ober 12:31
But at the time, though, the internet was just now sprouting up a little bit. We didn't know what it was. In the cable industry, we were just what is this thing? And then all of a sudden, the world change fast.

Alex Ferrari 12:44
Yeah, obviously

Clint Ober 12:45

Alex Ferrari 12:46
So how did you how did how did grounding get how did you understand the how would you grounding?

Clint Ober 12:50
Okay, so anyhow, I was I was in that industry for all that time. And then one day, I was 50 years old. And I had a tooth, they had to do a root canal. So I went in. And about a month later, I started to get very, very sick, very, I mean, getting sicker and sicker all month long, kept going to the doctor every week. And they say we run tests, they come back next week, more tests, and they couldn't figure out what it was. So I ended up getting really in trouble. And they took me to the emergency room Swedish Medical Center in Denver. And they said, the next morning, they put me in a CAT scan. And they found out I had a big abscess in my liver, from the tooth, something going wrong with the the tooth and the gut into the bloodstream. And so anyways, they said, so the next morning comes in, he says, Well, we we have some good news and bad news. The good news, we know what it is now, with some kind of bacteria. Somebody beats you or something. I said, No, I had some dental work. And they said, Okay, that's what it was. And they said, the bad news is you're you're young enough to get into liver, but you don't have time. Because the liver had just gotten so bad, I was turning yellow, I was my all my organs were shut down, and everything. And so they put me on every antibiotic, biotic no one demand at the time, and sent me home and said you need to go and get your get your order. Right. And so it was kind of a shock, because here I was a 50 year old, you know, King of the Mountain guy in Denver, Colorado, and the cable television industry, which was a big thing back then. And so anyhow, it was a shock. But a few days later after I got home, young surgeon office called from Swedish Medical Center and they said, We would like to do some experimental surgery because we think we can go in and cut out most of the bad liver and take what's left, and then see how fast it'll grow back and see if there's a way to and so I had no issue It's this or nothing. And because I was going on and I was in a lot of pain, a lot of pain and so I went and had the surgery. And I survived. Obviously, I cut out, they cut out in your main lobe of your liver, you got six little areas that recision me. So they went in and cut out five of them. And the main one connected to the artery they saved that wrapped it up in one of us left. And it took me you know, a couple of months just to be able to walk. I mean, have enough energy to one and move around freely. And then about four months, five months to walk a mile. And the liver grew back. 100% Six months. Amazing. It's the only organ I guess it does. Yeah. So I survived. I got a new liver right at 50 years old i i got a new liver. I mean, my liver totally regrow itself. So anyhow, when I went through that I don't you know, having gone through the experience of almost dying. In fact, this had nothing to do with grounding. It's how I got to grounding. And I'm sorry, you had someone to sign up, you have no words. But anyhow, i i One night, when I came home from after the surgery, I was just feeling weird. And the next morning, I would look out the window and everything was vibrant. The colors were vibrant, the pine needles were vibrant. I mean, everything was looked like it was energy buzzing. And I looked around the room. And I was different though something was different about me. I didn't know what it was. But I looked around the room and I had collected Western art and I had for years Montana and younger Obis and Gorman RC Gorman, those guys are all gone. No, that's terrible. But anyhow, a lot of Western art. And that was what I did. And then I had this big a frame 5000 square foot a frame home in a mountaintop in Evergreen, Colorado, and I can see Vail and not really but on the scene like it. Anyhow, I just had an epiphany that night that, you know, I never owned any of these things, I love them. And I spent my life acquiring them. And then I had to build bigger home, do more whatever but I, I these things that I owned owned me, they owned my soul, I had no life, my life was about taking care of those things, taking care of cars, taking care of this, taking care of you know, raising kids, I had no life. And here I was about to almost died. And, and I had what would have happened to all of this. Well, my house would have been sold, the art would have been kids who have to split it up, or taking it away and donate it or whatever. And so I just went through this had this chilling effect that, you know, I was totally uncomfortable with myself at that time thinking if I died, all I was a great, my life would have been about nothing. I was a great consumer,

Alex Ferrari 18:24
Caretaker of goods.

Clint Ober 18:26
Caretaker of goods. So anyhow, I went I I called my kids in just kind of a chill. And I said, I want you guys to come to the house. And I want you to take there all over the United States. Come and take whatever you would have taken at I died. I said, I know you guys would have what you would have done, but I want you to do it now. Because I'm getting rid of everything I have. I'm giving it away. If you don't take it, I'm going to donate it and give it away, which I did have. And so I bought a small RV. I got in the RV went around the United States and I said to myself, the next time I die, I want to be have be happy with myself. I don't care what anybody else thinks or says or does you when you die you die alone. And I learned that

Alex Ferrari 19:08
You come in this will you come into this world and say well you leave it alone.

Clint Ober 19:12
So I wanted to be a next time I said I want to be able to be happy with myself that I was worthwhile being here not just to create and make money or buy things and ego and all that kind of stuff. So I really did give everything away. I went in the RV and I spent four years driving around the United States in an RV in and I spend most of it in RV parks or national RV parks, state parks anywhere where there's a lot of nature. It was like being home when I was a kid and and there's more to it but anyhow I was down in Key Largo Florida, on the bass side and watching the bay or watching the sunset go down one night out Go out and water the manatees and read every once in a while just do something. And I just had this urgency or feeling come over me that it was like the Earth itself was talking to me. Nature. Something was, and I had this sense come over me, these words came to me become an opposite charge. And I went in the RV and I wrote it down. And I didn't know what that meant. The other than an opposite charged me a skull, poke somebody go stir them up, get them excited. And, and then the second thing I wrote was status quo is the enemy. And these intuitive these were intuitive. And so then I felt like I had an urge. I had to go do something. So I called up my daughter who was in Fort Lauderdale. I said, I have to go back west. And so I came up, went up, saw her for a few days and whatever, stopped in Nashville aside another one. And then went on to Tucson. Didn't feel comfortable there. I went to San Diego. I said no way I got to get out of here. And I went back and to to Phoenix. And then I started, I thought well, I'll go up to Flagstaff, because that's more like Montana where I'm from, by increased snow, cold skiing, whatever. I just wanted to be home. I don't know what I just wanted to be at home. So anyhow, on the way he was getting a late that night, and there was a little sign that said, RV park. And so I it went me just Sedona, so I headed into Sedona, and never been there before. And it was kind of o'clock at night. Here's a little RV park down Oak Creek. And I pulled in there plugged in, went to sleep and woke up in the morning and looked at and I said I ain't leaving here. This is like living in a national park. And so I spent about a year there. And in order to entertain myself, I would go because I had a background in stage lighting when I was a kid. And so I'd go into the art galleries, great art galleries there, and I love art. And I go in and you'd have to have a baseball cap because they had all these lights on you couldn't see the art, they were burning it out. And it was just too many lights. And so they were having some really famous artists coming in. And I talked my way into letting them relight the gallery, and get rid of all the lights and then just put the art up and then bring the art up, bring the presence. And so I accidentally created a little company called Best of Show. And I ended up lighting galleries from Scottsdale to Sedona, to Tahoe and wherever. So I had fun I just but anyhow, I was working with electrical, I was back working with electric.

Alex Ferrari 22:42
And that's and that's how you discovered grounding for the human body.

Clint Ober 22:45
Yes. So I was that day, one day, I was ordering some parts from a distributed like distributor in Phoenix. And I was playing with the computer and the computer would keep crashing. This is back in 9796 97 back in there. So they weren't grounded. None of the computers were grounded. So if you had static electricity on your body, you would touch the keyboard and it would glitch up, then you'd have to shut it down, bring it back up. And that was pretty common. So I recognized that it was static electricity. So I put a piece of copper tape across my desk. And I connected it to a wire and connected it to a ground. So anytime before I touched the computer, I'd put my fingers on the tape and discharge any static electricity in my body, then I could go to work and then computer keep running. And then after I put that order, and I went outdoors and and I was sitting on a crossing tilaka Paki there in Sedona, and a tour bus pulled up and I was sitting there on a chair and I just watched a whole stream of the I think they were Japanese tour tour bus tour group. And so they were kind of short, but they all had these big white Nike shoes on and for some reason. I just might fixated on the shoes. And I said I and again, this is intuitive. This came to me I didn't. I don't know where it came from. I wonder if there's consequences to US no longer being naturally grounded about us wearing the shoes because when we were at the shoes, I knew we were not grounded because we had to wear shoes when we did certain things to prevent being grounded. And I didn't have any idea. So I went home that night. And I grabbed on a voltmeter and some wire and stuff and I put a ground rod in the earth I went into the house and I started walking around with a voltmeter connected to the ground. So I could measure all the voltages and all the static and all the energy on my body and I thought wow, this is really, really something because I don't think anybody knows about this. And I went into my bedroom and that was where it was the worst. So I went back to the hardware store and I bought it Roll a three inch wide duct tape, metal duct tape, aluminum metal, I laid it across my bed connected to a wire to the wire out the window connected to a ground rod and connected the meter to ground or ground rods so I could lay on it with tape touched the meter. And if it went to zero, that meant I was grounded, I was hit earth potential, which is where I would be if I were barefoot. And that's where it started. So the first night, I mean, again, I was a cowboy and I spent ski for 30 years, you know, just anything crazy people can do on their young I did. But anyhow, I had a lot of pain, a lot of aches and a lot of pain. And I'd normally take Advil go to sleep at night, and a lot of black more coffee in the morning to get loosened up so I could get going. And so anyhow, that night, I was playing with the meter. And then all of a sudden it was the next morning, the meters laying down by my side. And I said, wow, there's something going on here because normally I can't fall asleep. But I just immediately fell asleep. And a couple days later, I kept doing that. And then a couple of days later, I had a couple of friends that I've met. I said you guys need to try this. And she's going to sleep better. So I put the same thing for them. Sure you both said, My SS great, you know, kind of crazy going to ruin the Wi Fi get in trouble, you know, all that kind of stuff. But anyhow, so a couple days later, one of the guys come to me and he says yo, is there any possibility this could be affecting my arthritis uses because my arthritis pain has gone way down? And I thought why don't think so I think it's just what's sleeping, then I recognize my pain. Most of my chronic pain was significantly reduced. And I said, Well, there's something really going on here. What is it? Because I never heard of this. And so I went down. I mean back then we had AOL and Nexus Lexus, I mean you had data retrieval, you had to go pull stuff up. And so I started researching grounding the human body and pain, nothing, nothing in the literature whatsoever. The only thing that you ground the body for is if you're going to have cardiovascular, I mean open heart surgery anything they have to ground you. So really static electricity doesn't weaken and create a cardiac event.

Alex Ferrari 27:18

Clint Ober 27:21
Yes, static Static electricity is what killed most people died from cardiovascular I mean heart car transplants in the 50s. They didn't even know that static electricity existed. So except for you know, oxygen and fire.

Alex Ferrari 27:37
So this is a this is the journey of how you started getting ideas about this. Now I have to ask you, I mean, look, I'm gonna play devil's advocate. This sounds kind of kooky. Oh, yeah. It's absolutely it sounds kooky. But the one thing that I found interesting about when I started doing research about this is that there is scientific testing behind it peer to peer reviewed experiments. Can you talk a little bit about what those are? And what's the science behind all this? Like, there's actual proof that just you going, Hey, I stuck a thing in the ground. And I feel better. You actually got some proof behind you.

Clint Ober 28:14
Yeah, the what I did, you know, when I was figuring that out, I went down to University of Arizona in Tucson, and tried to get them had visited down there and asked them and went through some literature and we couldn't find anything. So then I decided, well, I'll go to UCLA, those people out there are smart, they'll, they'll be able to figure this out. So I went out to UCLA, and told him I wanted to do a study, because this is important, because this really makes pain go away and you sleep better. And I ended up with the sleep group and the sleep lab, whatever. And they said, you know, you expect us to believe that somebody is going to stick a nail in the ground, tie a wire around it, and tie it around, somebody's telling they're going to sleep better. They said get out of here, you're nuts.

Alex Ferrari 29:01
It sounds nutty to be fair.

Clint Ober 29:04
It was and and we all, you know, kind of carry on a little bit and laughed about it. But anyhow, I recognized early on, they didn't understand anything about electrical. And I didn't understand anything about biology. And so anyhow, they, they didn't want to do a study they see you'd have to your cost your $5 million, take five years and there's no there's no guarantee you'd get published. So I said, Well, this is really important. Somebody needs to do something. So I went up to Ventura where I had a relative and I decided I took a couple of kids from UCLA and had him help me write, how to do a study and how to organize the study. And so I went out and got a nurse and we went out and we solicited 60 People who had chronic pain or something wrong, you know, and we got them out of hair salons Beauty Salons because that's where the women talk. And so anyway, ground 30 of them and 30 of them are placebo grounded. The results that came back were astounding because everybody slept better. Everybody had less pain. And in general, their general health improved. But more specifically the women who had PMS issues. They didn't experience the PMs issues, being, you know, the menstrual cramps and all that kind of stuff. People who had TMJ, they had significant relief. Just unbelievable. We didn't expect that all we were trying to survey was, you know, does it reduce pain? Does it make you sleep better? And so anyhow, so we had a good effect on that. And I published that in the ESD Journal, the electrostatic discharge industry, because that's the only group of people that understood grounding. Right, right. And, and so then I ended up meeting a doctor down in San Diego, Mari scali. He was a retired anesthesiologist. And he says, I don't think there's anything to what you're doing. But he says, I'll entertain you, I'll prove that you're wrong. So I said, Okay, let's do it. And so we took a group of women, and a couple of guys, and we measured saliva every, every four hours for 24 hours. So we had a profile of their 24 hour saliva secretion profile. And then we grounded them. And then a month later, six, eight weeks later, we came back and re measured their cortisol on. And so what we found out is before everybody's cortisol was like, spaghetti, that's your fighter flight, that's your stress hormone. And then after they were grounded, everybody's cortisol synchronized into a nice, really make bands elevated in the morning, lowest at midnight, or before, it was just like spaghetti. And so anyhow, then we recognize that something you know, the earth somehow is signaling cortisol to skyrocket at 4am and 6am, at peaks, that gives you the energy to get out of bed without having a heart attack. And at night, you need to be as low so you can go to sleep, because the real there's only one reason you don't sleep at night, you're in a fight or flight, you're thinking about something, you're worrying about some something so on you. So but if you if your cortisol is low, your sympathetic nervous system, your fight or flight is not active thing. Sleep is autonomic, you're going to sleep period, it's built in. And so anyhow, that led the results on it were very good. So that led to we were going to do a bigger study on that note. And then we said, well, let's do a study on this, let's do a study. So over the last 23 years, we have produced over 30, peer reviewed, published papers, studies, research studies, showing that as a group, collectively, we demonstrate that the cause of inflammation is loss of ground. Because when you ground the human body, inflammation disappears.

Alex Ferrari 33:11
Is that is that one of the reasons why surfers are almost addicted to being on the beach to being in the water, because there and anyone listening I mean, you go to a beach, and you're barefoot in the sand, you feel very different than you do. When you're on asphalt. It's just and people like oh, it's the ions in the air and all this stuff. It's but you're grounded. You're

Clint Ober 33:37
No you're grounded. Your body is negative. When you put your shoes on, you lose that and your body becomes positive.

Alex Ferrari 33:44
Right! Yeah, because there's no I mean, I haven't heard. I've seen aging surfers your age, none of them are going all the arthritis. Like it. But they've been they've been they've been surfing for 50 years. And that's pretty much it beat your body up. But yeah, but yet they don't have any of those illness.

Clint Ober 34:06
They don't have the inflammation.

Alex Ferrari 34:07
Yeah. And it's. So I want you to talk a little bit about inflammation because it's I've talked about inflammation on the show multiple times, and in different kind of, you know, within your gut and within other things like that the creating thing, how you can help with your inflammation. But can you talk about what the damage of inflammation does? Because a lot of people just think of inflammation as I broke my ankle, I get a swelling, that's inflammation. What is this everyday inflammation that that people we all deal with every day?

Clint Ober 34:37
Yeah, well, there's two kinds of inflammation. I mean, you have the oxidative burst. So if you have a pathogen in your body, the immune system is going to send out a neutrophil, a white blood cell over and that's going to encapsulate it and it's going to really release reactive oxygen species which are electrically charged, highly charged, like Neo A molecule said that can rip electrons away from a pathogen or damage cell and destroy it. That's how the immune system works. That's normal. That's a, that's an oxidative burst. It's not inflammation in the word inflammation means inflamed body on fire, body inflamed. So, but a lot of people confuse the oxidative verse with inflammation, but so inflammation, you still hit your head, it starts out with the oxidative burst, you had a damaged cell, or your body has to replace some unbelievable amount of cells every day. These are done by white blood cells, they clean them up, why take them out, if you have a pathogen, and you, you end up with a flu, or any of these things, you, you get sick, and you have these horrible things, that's your immune system is going in there. And there's a there's a war going on in your body. And it's these white blood cells going over and neutrophil, you know, battling it out with the pathogens, or the viruses or whatever. And it's all this process of electron I mean of white blood cells releasing reactive oxygen species. And it's not a problem when you're grounded. That's normal. And it happens whether you're grounded or not. But if you are not grounded, and if there are any remaining radicals, leftover from an oxidative burst in three or four nanoseconds, is going to start it's it's it's electrically charged. And now it's, it's going to grab an electron from the closest source. And odds are that is a healthy cell, adjacent area healthy cell, and in the process is going to rip electrons from that healthy cell and damage it. Then Metaphorically speaking, the immune system in the cell screams out to the immune system, hey, something's still here getting me. So it sends another neutrophil over and Queen's up that situation. And all of a sudden, now we have the collateral damage is continuous, because it's just a chain reaction. It's like burning a log.

Alex Ferrari 37:17
Right! So So then basically, and then, of course, with our diets, what we do our environment, there's constant things attacking us internally, things we eat, or our environment or pollutions, those go into our systems, those create some sort of inflammation of some sort or effect that the immune system has to keep going. And because we're not grounded, that fire just keeps flourishing and flourishing, and flourishing, causes more illness, which then causes more this or that. And that's where the chronic pain starts to come involve.

Clint Ober 37:51
I can say after 20 years of research, and I have grown unbelievable amounts of people around the world, I can say that, if you have any pain in your body, your body is suffering from some kind of inflammation. If you have low energy, if you have whatever. The only way you can have inflammation in your body. If something is compromised your immune system to the point that it can't maintain health, they can't clean up the mess. So once the inflammation starts, then your immune system becomes overwhelmed. And now it's busy trying to put out the fire that itself is feeding. Because it is no longer grounded, didn't no longer has that resource of free electrons in the body, that natural level of free electrons in the body to reduce and prevent damage to cells from an oxidative burst. When you have like a cold or something going on in your recipe, so you have millions of pathogens or whatever in your lungs. And so you have cytokines in there, they're trying to destroy them. But in the process, the excess radicals from the cytokines, if you're not grounded, then you create this player, this auto Amin, this respiratory flare, and you know, like asthma and so on and so on. I hope I'm making this clear. I mean, saying

Alex Ferrari 39:30
Yeah, yeah, I mean, you're just talking about Yeah, just there's just inflammation in general and that inflammation I mean, I just had a blood test a little while ago and, and my nutritionist was saying you've got inflammation and you've got to take to something about inflammation inside your it we're seeing it in the testing and it's it's something that you really need to do. So I noticed that you know, diet changing that you talk about something like leaky gut, which is a big problem and all these other things that are creating inflammation constantly in your body. The diet is said to me You eat bad food. It's going to create inflammation in your

Clint Ober 40:09
You know that's true. But if you're a member your immune system work, healthy,

Alex Ferrari 40:13

Clint Ober 40:14
Not a problem.

Alex Ferrari 40:15
Yeah, exactly, exactly.

Clint Ober 40:18
Okay, everybody's chasing the wrong animal here, right? First of all, is the EMFs EMFs are killing anybody. There are no dead bodies laying anywhere from EMFs were dirty electricity, or all this nonsense. The dead bodies are all stacked up from inflammation, inflammation related health disorders, correct. In 1960, the visits to a general practitioner were infectious disease, childbirth, and acute injury. Today, 99.9% of all visits to a general practitioner for an inflammation related illness. Yep, that's what this big institution, this medical institution, Hunter is all about 1950 We didn't have any of this stuff. We had osteopaths, we did, you know, whatever. But anyhow, the point is, inflammation is creating your immunity because you are no longer grounded. Your body is on fire, you got to put the fire out, you got to flood your body with free electrons, go dig a hole, put your feet in, or go sit on Europe, put your bare feet bare again, and stay there until a pain goes away. Because you can't have pain if you stay grounded, goes away. I mean, the body returns to normal. It's let me try to create an example. It's like a lady with Ms. Lots of them. That was one of the people I work with the most. And it just because it started out that way in the spread amongst that group. But anyhow, a lady who has MS she comes in, and her Harmon server and she's in pain. And she's just it's a terrible thing. It's a terrible disease. So anyhow, I've done enough of this now that I can put a patch on her hand. And in 30 minutes, I know that the pain is going to come down. And she's no longer having to control it so much. And her bloods gonna change. I mean, there's lots of things that happen when you ground, your blood viscosity normalizes like in the animals in the wild, and your respiration changes your or to saturation comes up all kinds of things. But anyhow, I can honestly tell us one more of a mess within 30 minutes, I said, you no longer have Ms. I don't care if she had over 30 years, you no longer have Ms. Because as soon as I put that patch on, I'm she her body's being flooded with free electrons from the earth. And they equalize throughout the whole body. Now when the Neutrophils are going in there, and before they were, you know, there, they were oxidizing the myelin sheath and exposing the nerves. So as soon as you ground the body, and flooded with free electrons, like jumping in, like being on fire and jumping in a lake, same thing, then be a free electrons go in there and they start reducing those remaining radicals are left from the neutrophils, and it stops. So now all you have is damage from EMS. But you stop the process, then the body can clean that up and go back and return it to normal the body is a self healing mechanism. It only knows one thing returned to normal.

Alex Ferrari 43:27
So let me ask you with with athletes and and, you know, muscle soreness, and injuries and things like that. So let's say I pull my back out, because God knows we don't do that anymore, especially as you get older, you pull it back out. If if I have like, let's say my lower back on the left is really tight or something like that. Obviously, you can roll it obvious you could do something but if there's an injury, specific pain, maybe chronic pain, can you patch, can you put a patch in connect ground it and within 30 minutes to an hour, you're going to start feeling better,

Clint Ober 44:07
Just put it on the bottom of your foot.

Alex Ferrari 44:10
And that's the best way to do it?


Because that goes throughout the whole body don't so don't put it exactly on the area,

Clint Ober 44:17
You have to realize if you have kind of a back pain, if you didn't fall off a bicycle or a stepladder or something and hurt yourself, then what you have is you have it's really more mental related, it's muscle tension and stress. And so you're holding your tension in your body, and then you move or whatever, and then it pulls a bustle out of you know, whatever the structure is that or whatever. So what the grounding is going to do is going to calm your sympathetic nervous system, your fight or flight then you're gonna feel better. And you're gonna let go some of the tension

Alex Ferrari 44:51
And that will release that will release the pain.

Clint Ober 44:54
That will help to release it. If it's Yeah, that's a different concept of grounding.

Alex Ferrari 44:58
So and then As far as athletes are concerned, are their professional athletes using grounding in their in their kind of system of recovery?

Clint Ober 45:07
Oh, yeah, I mean, we've been grounding athletes more than anybody. I mean, they don't talk about it much. But you know, it's like the, the Tour de France, we started grounding them in two or three. And we grounded the US Postal team and the team discovery for I think, eight years. And it was remarkable, they finished the races, all the riders finished the race. But at night, what would happen is, you know, we go in front of them on a hotel, different hotel, because they're different holiday hotel every night. And so you would ground all the beds, run ground wires around the beds. And so when the athletes would come in, after triage, or whatever, then they would go to bed and they put patches all over them, or their head injuries or problems, or, you know, they had road skin burns.

Alex Ferrari 46:00
So they actually put it on, they put grounding patches on the actual places that have the injuries.

Clint Ober 46:05
Yeah, they would have like, sometimes four or five, because the injuries are great. Sure, someone were open wounds and all that kind of stuff. But the main thing is they got up in the morning, and they kept cold. Because that when you ground the body at night, your body's flooded with free electrons. And the body at night that that's the 90% of your healing and recovery occurs during sleep. And so the body if when you reduce the inflammation in the body, and then the body's got all these resources, and all these electrons, then you can heal, you can uh, you your, you will have a 70% If you can what would normally take, you know, 24 hours, will you you'll get the same effect in eight hours of healing is giving you an example, giving you an example. If you have a wound, or surgery or anything, you put a patch next to it, you don't have the Vicodin pain, you know, the hot burning pain does not exist when you're grounded. The reason is because you do have that pain says Leave me alone, don't bother me. But you don't have that screaming pain,

Alex Ferrari 47:15
That pounding that aching pain.

Clint Ober 47:18
So that achy pain, what that is that's inflammation because the Neutrophils are going over there and trying to clean up the damaged tissue. And process there's excess radicals. So it's creating more damaged tissue as it's trying to heal. And so it really slows down the healing process. But when you your body is grounded in the body is flooded with free electrons, then you don't have that they the earth free electrons instantly neutralize those remaining radicals before they can damage any any normal tissue. Right. It's like in the, in the red blood cells. You know, that was one of the first things that showed how we really made our big discovery was as soon as we ground the body before you before you're grounded, your blood is up thick and sticky. And you have inflammation, you have low energy, your color is not

Alex Ferrari 48:12
Blood pressures, blood pressures higher.

Clint Ober 48:14
All those things. Yeah. So as soon as you ground the body within a few minutes, then the red blood cells themselves, they have an electrical surface charge. This is all if the earthing Institute there's actual videos where you can see all this and but any other red blood cells, so you put a patch on the bottom of the feet, or in the hands, then as the blood circulates once a minute. And as it circulates, it starts increasing the number of electrons that are on the red blood cells almost by 300% on the average, when you're grounded versus not grounded. Okay, so what this does, is now the red blood cells are like little magnets. They're negative magnets are both negative the excess electrons, so they push each other apart. They repel each other. And then the blood to fins, it can get in and out of the capillaries clean up debris, clean up inflammation, better oxygenate the tissue. And but but anyhow. So that's the primary thing that grounding does is it normalizes the thickness of your blood.

Alex Ferrari 49:20
And that also, of course helps with everything. Well, yeah, it just literally helps with the entire system. Basically, the oil you thinned out the oil that runs the machine.

Clint Ober 49:33
Yeah, normally a woman looks like 10 years younger within 30 minutes or grounding.

Alex Ferrari 49:37
And wasn't there and then also there's there was I saw it in the documentary The earthing movie that there was weight loss as well. Is well when you ground

Clint Ober 49:51
Sure you're there and the number one reason people gain weight is because they're stressed or depressed. high anxiety you're too ability depression, you know, chronic pain, chronic health disorder, and so on. So, comfort food is you know, you eat and you can't move like you wouldn't normally move. So, as soon as you get grounded, the first thing you do is you put the fire out, reduce the pain, normalize blood circulation. So, then healing starts to come and then all of a sudden, you feel better your demeanor changes you smile now instead of being uptight and frown, and and then your metabolism increases, then you can get off the couch and go for a walk

Alex Ferrari 50:39
Barefoot obviously, you have to go for a walk barefoot.

Clint Ober 50:41

Alex Ferrari 50:42
In the dress.

Clint Ober 50:44
The ground kind of any kind of a walk is good, but barefoot is better.

Alex Ferrari 50:48
Yeah, of course. Now, what as far as the immune system is concerned, what is grounding do for the immune system?

Clint Ober 50:55
What the ground what grounding it does for the immune system? See? Its ground ground just ground meaning it's a reservoir of free electrons. That reduces and prevents charge.

Alex Ferrari 51:08
Charges that charges the enemy for which is it so charge would be inflammation.

Clint Ober 51:14
Yeah, well, I charge the immune system works with charge, it reduce, it releases a burst of oxidative radicals, oxidative meaning reactive oxygen, reactive means these are electrically charged. These are these, this charge is so supercharged that it can rip electrons from another, another cell. That's remarkable, that's huge, both each. So that's how the immune system works every reduces pathogens, and cells with by oxidizing by burning them up oxidation. If you because there's collateral damage, if you if you have free electrons in the bodies, fooling around it, then every cell in the body like the red blood cells, there's an abundance of free electrons. You can't damage the cell because it's going to donate some electrons and reduce those remaining radicals. And they go away and there's no damage.

Alex Ferrari 52:17
So, can you also talk about adrenal fatigue, because I've done a lot of I've had my own experience with adrenal fatigue, and I've had my doctors and stuff talk to me about because you get exhausted, you get fatigued, and it's just the abuse on the adrenal glands. What does grounding do for the day adrenal fatigue.

Clint Ober 52:37
Okay, you're going to tell a story. And I tell us primarily for the women, okay, because they all suffer from Adrenal Fatigue. So your sympathetic nervous system senses everything in the environment, every sound, every noise, change in temperature, you name it, anything going on in the environment, your, your immune system is going to sense it, like a lie detector test, you've been you know, how your body is so sensitive. And so the body kicks off the fight or flight, elevated cortisol, anytime you feel something, there's a spike of cortisol. And if it's loud noise, there's gonna be a bigger spike, or if it's a fight, or if it's whatever, there's gonna be, flood the whole body instantly with all kinds of.

Alex Ferrari 53:32
So like when you see these prank videos on YouTube, and someone just gets shaken up the adrenaline that gets rushed in and all all that goes in there.

Clint Ober 53:40
So So anyhow, then you have a parasympathetic that releases, these are tied to your adrenals. And so the adrenals are have limited resource. The sympathetic nervous system is got it's running 24 hours a day, television, all that kind of stuff. We respond to that too. That's why there's so many heart attacks, football dog watching football. But anyhow, the so the, the sympathetic is pumping cortisol like this while the parasympathetic is releasing hormones to dampen that cortisol to give you time to think, is this Dr. Runner fight or is this a real threat? And as time goes on, if you are over if you have stress, ironically, elevated sympathetic, right, your life is your eighth personality, you're chronically excited, whatever, your your adrenals are going to become exhausted. Then the parasympathetic is the cortisol is going to continue and the parasympathetic isn't doesn't no longer has a buffer. So then, eventually, you're going to start feeling anxiety and irritability from the cortisol and eventually inflammation. And the inflammation creates pain, the pain creates more anxiety. This is stability, more cortisol and whatever. And so you you kick off this inflammatory cycle. And so the adrenals are never given a chance to recover. And so you're on your knees all the time. And so here's a story I tell the women I said you make 100 to help them understand. You know, if you're if you're out there a horse watching cattle, there's not much to do. But some years there's jackrabbits infestation of jackrabbits. And they have these ears that are, you know, big ears. There, you can see him they're sitting there eating grass, like, you know, that's what they do. And then there's always where there's rabbits, there's coyotes. Coyotes eat thrive with the rabbits eat the grass. So anyhow, coyotes are always sneaking up on a rabbit. That's just launching. So anyhow, as soon as the coyote gets close, and the rabbit senses, then cortisol, I mean, or the fight or flight kicks in. And the years go up, and that rabbit was Spring, 10 feet in the air. Yes, ma'am. Just thing you've ever seen. And the coyote, you starts running effort, the rabbit goes zigzags back and forth across the pasture, keeping one eye on the coyote. Coyote is running, you're like a dog. And then eventually he runs out of energy he lays down. And he's just looking at around, the rabbit runs just a little bit further. So you still see the coyote. And he's sitting there. And you can see that the, you know, he's quivering and shaking, because he just had his life threatened. And he's full of cortisol. So anyhow, after a little bit, the coyote will kind of lose the attention and wander off, or just lay there and the rabbit will have this visceral shake, just a big shake like that. And then all of a sudden, you'll go back to eating grass, like nothing ever happened. Okay, so the reason I tell this story is because take the average woman, almost all of my hair can be diagnosed with an inflammation related health disorder. And, and all other moms and half of their kids. And so I said, Okay, this is what's going on, you get up in the morning, the first thing you got to do with the average customer who buys a grounding product is 35 to 55 year old female 99% Men do not buy these products. These are women products. And because their bodies are in pain, and whatever, they've got the automatic diseases, and so on. But anyhow, so you get up in the morning, and first thing you got to do is get out of bed. And you got to get the kids ready for school or whatever is going on there. You got to get the husband out if you have one still 80% of women out there now sleep alone, because they have so much help. So many health problems. They can't, they don't have a normal life anymore. Because of their stresses, all the problems go on now. And so anyhow, so get the kids out of the house, get them fed, whatever, whatever. Then she's got to get herself ready. And she has to work today. Almost all moms have to work today. And so she gets herself presentable. And all the time she's using hair dryers, she's on carpets and static electricity and all this kind of stuff. Most of them she does need property then yeah, so she's running out of the house. Put shoes on rather house get in a car that's got carpets and lots of static electricity between the clothing and the seat. You're building up huge, much static electricity, even though you can't see it and feel it huge, massive Saudi collectors, then you get to work you run in and then you got the traffic on, you know where you're going,

Alex Ferrari 58:52

Clint Ober 58:53
Stress, you know, hangs up, you know, road rage, all that kind of stuff. That's because they've been supercharged with static electricity and they're reading want to kill somebody. But anyhow, then she goes into the office and sits down at the desk, kicks off the shoes, whatever. But she's on a plastic mat, on chairs with plastic material inside of them, fluorescent lights and all that kind of stuff. And so her sympathetic nervous system is just, you know, just going 100 miles an hour.

Alex Ferrari 59:21
And then she drinks coffee.

Clint Ober 59:24
And she drinks coffee, and then burned out by the day, makes it home. Usually wine, alcohol, something all too often is necessary to calm down or at least shut the frontal lobe down. And then she's got to deal with the kids to deal with whatever you know, it's just an endless cycle. So their sympathetic nervous systems are rocked out all the time. So I say here's what you got to do. You got to pretend that your kids are coyotes. Your phones are coyote your boss is the coyote your customers are coyotes. The Mailbox when you opened up coyotes Gotta jump out at you know, electric bills, whatever. So your world is full of coyotes. So what did the rabbit do to survive? He put up with the chase, he did the chase and everything, but all of a sudden, I mean, as soon as he could, he sat there and he grounded out the cortisol and shook it off. Stop the inflammation. body was negatively, you know, completely recharged. And then he went back eating grass, like nothing ever happened. So I said, at the end of the day, what you have to do, you have to do that you have no option. If you're a woman, you have to do this. If you can do it in the morning, that's great. But you have to do it. When you get home at night. You have to go outdoors, take your shoes off. And either get a little spot that you can sit on the grass, put your hands and your feet on the grass and sit there until you are totally reenergized like the rabbit.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:55
That was what the rabbit was doing. He was basically grounding himself.

Clint Ober 1:00:58
Yeah, otherwise, you're going to go to sleep, and have all that stress and all that coyote will allow you to sleep at night, and then your adrenals are going to be totally exhausted. You can't recover, you can't heal. And then eventually, you're going to have you know, chronic anxiety, irritability, depression, and chronic health disorder, and eventually you will kill you.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:20
Well, that was an uplifting story, but I'm sorry. No, but it went dark there at the end. But it's the truth. And that's the end. That's what we need. That's why we're here to talk about

Clint Ober 1:01:31
But even a half hour even a half hour grounding is life changing for a woman.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:37
For anybody to me for a guy to if he's if he's everything you just said, could it be done with with a man as well and have to deal with all sorts of other kinds of stresses that a woman might not have to deal with? And all sorts of other coyotes that we deal with? So of course, many I know, we've been sitting for 30 minutes, or grounding. So that brings me to my next question, how can you grab me Look, we all can't just go out and move our desks, and our and our computers out into the lawn? So how do you ground in doors?

Clint Ober 1:02:11
Okay, you know, this is absurd, what I'm going to tell you is absurd. Today, we have to find a way to bring the earth inside, because we are not going to go back outside. So in the process of doing our studies, we had to develop ground planes create rounded, mats, devices that you could sit on, stand on or sleep on. And in the process of doing that, for our studies, all of the researchers and the subjects, and they wanted the products because of what they experienced. And then they come back and they wanted them for their relatives and so on. And so over a period of 20 years, the demand built up, and we created an accidental business. So what we do here, what we've done is we have, you can go to And they have, you know, a good variety of their carbon mats. We used to have silver, and cotton and all those kind of things. But we quit making those because they don't last very long. And they're too expensive. And they're not effective. And too many people don't realize when they're not working, and and so on and so on. So anyhow, we had to eventually as time went on, we recognize that the number one thing we could do for anybody is to ground them while they're sleeping. Yeah, and and the best thing about that is they don't have to do anything except lay down and go to sleep. And so so we concentrated on creating something for people to sleep on. So we have a black mat that you can, people whose health is very compromised, I tell them, I don't care what you just go to bed sleep directly on every night, your body adapts in 10 seconds, and forget about it, you don't feel anything after you go to sleep, or after you lay down for a little bit. Or you can put it underneath your sheet. And if your health is fairly healthy, that's fine. But if your health is really compromised, I recommend highly districting directly on it. And I saved this from 20 years of experience working with people that have any kind of health chronic health disorder that you can imagine. And and to watch them recover in days. You stay grounded, you stay grounded until the pain goes away. You sleep get get on that black mat and you stay on until the pain goes away.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:36
Is that is that the reason why when people go on vacation, and they go on the beach, and they're hanging out at the beach and they're walking barefoot on an island somewhere. And they're like man, I felt so good on vacation.

Clint Ober 1:04:49
Yeah, they're blood normalized. There's oxygenation.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:52
There's no there's also no coyotes. So there's that

Clint Ober 1:04:56
No coyotes. The Coyotes are bad I need to remove all the coyote as you possibly can from your life.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:03
Now, and by the way, so all these products, and I'm asking because I use these products, they, they connect it to the grounding outlet of your electrical outlet, which is there's a three prong outlet, the bottom part is grounded. And you'll actually give a little, you have a product to test that to make sure it's properly grounded. You plug that in, and then you're grounded. It's that simple.

Clint Ober 1:05:26
Yes, yeah, yes, really, I mean, you've got an outlet checker to test it to see that there's a ground, and then you connect the ground cord to the ground with with a little adapter. And then there's a cord goes to the to the mat, and you snap the cord on the mat. And then the map is conductive. So the electrons are the energy of the earth is going to come up the ground wire up the ground, rub up the wire into your into, I mean onto the mat, spread across the mat. And then when you lay on it, it's like laying outdoors on the beach.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:59
And then you could sleep like that every night.

Clint Ober 1:06:01
You sleep like that every night that you can heal and you can heal and recover. I can't say I wish this were free. I wish I've given away millions of dollars of stuff anyway, I can't do it anymore. But you know, I really, this is so important. Yes, yes. Yes. You know, autism, ADHD, ADD, these are auto. These are inflammation related health disorders, lupus, MS, cancer, cardiovascular disease, these are all inflammation related health disorders. So the most important thing anybody can do, forget about everything else until you can get it's like breathing oxygen, you have to have it. You have to have electrons from the earth is part of who you are. Your immune system evolved in a state that you were always grounded in always had that resource, and you've taken it away. Now the immune system is no longer grounded. And it's called autoimmune disorder.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:54
There's a lot of that going on in the world today.

Clint Ober 1:06:57
Yeah, 90% of all women have an autoimmune related health disorder.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:02
And those guys aren't doing much better.

Clint Ober 1:07:04
I work primarily with women, the guys I'll say, Now, this is crazy. You know, if this were true, I'd have known about it, somebody would totally get out of here. You're nuts. But eventually their wife's around. The key to it is the wives ground the man, you know, don't try the ground, man. That's not gonna work.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:22
Well, you guys got you got guys like me who are curious and want to help themselves? And I'm like, yeah, let me figure it out.

Clint Ober 1:07:28
Yes, they're there. No, I'm not. I'm over.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:31
Simplifying this situation. I understand.

Clint Ober 1:07:33
Yeah. There's lots of men that are grounded, but it was their wives and their girlfriends who grounded them.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:39
And for me, it's the opposite. I'm the one that got brought it in. And I grounded my wife.

Clint Ober 1:07:43
Like I said, one and 100. There's 100 enjoy themselves. And then their wife says, Get that out of the bed. What is that thing? I don't want anything to do with it?

Alex Ferrari 1:07:51
Well, the thing is that when I started the grounding journey that I did, I didn't buy your products about other products on the market. And they were those silver and cotton things. And they did not work as advertised. And then when I started using your products, I go oh, oh, this is the difference. Okay. So there is a difference. Everyone listening, you really need to understand the product you're buying. Because it's not all are not created equal. And specifically that silver and cotton blend. That's all I add.

Clint Ober 1:08:23
Yeah. Well, those are all on Amazon. There's about 200. China distributors on Amazon. Yep. They knock off everything you do. They don't have to pay tariffs because of Amazon. They go through Amazon. We have to pay tariffs. We do know, our products are a little more expensive. We have no control over that. But these products, you know, the China government or the Chinese government. They will in the under write all this stuff. They try to keep their people busy. I don't know what it is. But they can buy they can you can buy grounded knockoff products for cheaper than we can buy. Many more by 10. Yeah, exactly. But but the point, yes, they're not going to last. And so what's really important because what this does, we we knew we had to have a bullet proof product, meaning it had to deliver the goods. If it doesn't deliver the goods, then you've cheated people out of money. But not only that, you're interfering with their health, you if they're dependent on you. And this is a poor man's health insurance assure, not insurance assurance for man's health. You can't afford everything else in the world. You can't afford to live out the pharmacy and the doctor, whatever the health insurance, whatever, the you can't take your shoes off and get grounded.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:37
Pretty cheap pretty fairly cheap to do that.

Clint Ober 1:09:41
Yeah. So this is this is your no cost. way to do it and your low cost is that's what they that's what they told me the World Health Organization, State of California Health Services, they said, you know, we understand what you're doing, but don't go out there and just scare the hell out of people. You got to give them a no cost solution or a low cost solution.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:00
Thank you. Thank you. She's off go walking on a grass.

Clint Ober 1:10:04
Yeah, exactly. So it's been a 20 23 year mission. Just for you, man. I'm so glad I get up every morning. And tiredness can be some times when I love it because it's your, it's what I asked for it was I wanted to be able to do something there, I could feel good about myself, or my way out. And I feel good about what I do now.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:27
Well, I'm gonna recommend everybody pick up your book or thing. There's a couple of good documentaries. The latest one is the earthing movie which I saw it on Gaia, but it's available multiple places, you can watch it on YouTube. Yeah, and it's pretty, it's about an hour and a half or something like that. And it really does break everything down. And you could see the examples, you can see the case studies, it's pretty remarkable stuff. And, like, I always tell people when I when I introduce everything to them, like, trust, just try it, man. If it doesn't work for you, that doesn't work for you, man, but just try it. What not hard. I'm not telling you to take a shot. I'm going to tell you some sort of vitamin or some sort of weird thing. Yeah. Go hang out on the grass with your bare feet. It's not that hard.

Clint Ober 1:11:18
No, it's really, it's absurd to think that we have to ground ourselves via products and devices, or something that is so natural. And something that was so much part of our life truck all time. Sure before now. And and we would ground everything electrical, you can't let an employee go work on software chips or anything. Unless they're grounded. You got to get rid of the static, you know, but it's it's grounding in electrical terms that people just are never taught anything about electrical. There's no words, there's no, no way for them to reference or comprehend what we're talking about. They have to really use this real, how come nobody knows about how come? You're telling us? How come it isn't? You know, whoever

Alex Ferrari 1:12:11
And clint where can people find out more about what your product where to buy your products and find out more about what you're doing?

Clint Ober 1:12:16
Okay, the, is where all the studies are all the resources, tons of information, paper, question and answer anybody can send in questions. We also help people who are doing research studies and all those kind of things. And then for the products, they're, they're available at And we try to keep the prices as low as we can and the products is high quality as we can is is on the market today. And we have a variety of things from you know, $39 to 199 You can buy a kit and it has everything in it, you know, so it's really.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:05
Yeah, you're basically everything you need to ground is at Clint I truly appreciate you coming on the show. I appreciate the work that you're doing and how you're trying to help people around you know just the humanity in general with what you're doing. I'm so glad to be able to help put the word out about this and and hopefully people reach out to you. And if they have any questions you can always reach reach Clint at those websites. So again, my friend, thank you so much for what you do. I truly appreciate you my friend.

Clint Ober 1:13:37

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