CHANNELLING EVENT: Alex’s PERSONAL Spirit Guides Have a MESSAGE For Humanity! with Stephanie Banks

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, we often forget the importance of slowing down, reconnecting with ourselves, and tapping into the unseen world around us. On today’s episode, we are graced by the presence of Stephanie Banks, a gifted channeler who has transformed her personal necessity into a professional calling. Stephanie’s journey from a speech pathologist to a renowned psychic medium is a testament to the power of love, intention, and the human spirit’s innate ability to connect with the divine.

Stephanie Banks began her journey into channeling out of a deep need to communicate with her mother, who was suffering from dementia. Traditional communication paths were breaking down, leaving Stephanie desperate to connect on a soul level. Her first exposure to channeling came through a friend who was a professional channel. “I learned from her, I got trained by other world-renowned psychic mediums and intuitive channels,” Stephanie shared. This set her on a path of profound personal and spiritual discovery, leading her to offer her channeling services professionally.

One of the key insights Stephanie offers is the importance of making time for spiritual practices. “We are used to saying, I don’t have time for that. I’m too busy. But what actually are your pursuits? And are they in the highest service?” she asks. Stephanie emphasizes that setting aside time to connect with nature, meditate, or simply breathe can elevate our accessibility to the spirit world. When we are distracted, we are not available to receive the subtle messages from our guides. This process of intentional stillness creates a fertile ground for spiritual communication.

Stephanie’s channeling process is deeply personal and conscious. She connects through imagery, language, and a deep sense of understanding, allowing messages from her clients’ higher selves and spirit guides to flow through her. “Channeling for me is one of my favorite things to do. It lets me be free and open, and it’s joyful,” Stephanie Banks explains. This conscious approach ensures she remains grounded and aware, balancing the influx of spiritual energy with her physical well-being.

When asked about the concept of the afterlife, Stephanie offers a comforting perspective. Through countless sessions channeling souls who have crossed over, she has learned that the afterlife is characterized by beauty, love, freedom, and a sense of coming home. Souls are often surrounded by loved ones and guides, participating in a life review that allows them to understand and integrate their experiences. “The presence they are able to connect with more easily perhaps through the experience of dementia than they would without it,” she reflects, indicating that even challenging experiences can open doors to deeper spiritual connections.


  1. Making Time for Spiritual Practices: The importance of setting aside dedicated time to connect with the spiritual realm cannot be overstated. Whether it’s through meditation, spending time in nature, or simply being still, creating space for spiritual connection can significantly enhance our ability to receive guidance from our spirit guides.
  2. Trusting the Process: Stephanie’s journey teaches us to trust the process of spiritual development. Whether we are seeking to connect with loved ones who have passed or our higher selves, maintaining an open heart and mind is essential. The messages and guidance we seek will come when we are ready to receive them.
  3. The Healing Power of Humor and Love: Spirituality does not have to be solemn and serious. Stephanie reminds us that humor and love are integral parts of our spiritual journey. Embracing these elements can make our spiritual practices more joyful and enriching.

Stephanie’s work underscores the idea that we are all capable of connecting with our spirit guides and higher selves. By making time for spiritual practices and remaining open to the guidance available to us, we can navigate life with greater clarity and purpose. Her experiences and teachings provide a roadmap for those seeking to deepen their spiritual connections and find peace amidst the chaos of everyday life.

Please enjoy my conversation with Stephanie Banks.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 314

Stephanie Banks 0:00
We are used to saying, I don't have time for that I'm too busy. I'm too busy. But what actually are your pursuits? And are they in the highest service. And we can say, you know, we have to be honest with ourselves about that. And sometimes doing the dishes might seem like the thing that has to be done. But you might instead really connect with nature for a bit, or instead sit and meditate or instead just Just breathe, get get to a place where you can be alone and, and centered and connected. So the process of making time elevates your accessibility to the spirit world because they know when you are available, and they know when you're not. And when we're distracted. We're not available.

Alex Ferrari 0:58
I like to welcome back to the show, returning champion, Stephanie Banks. How you doing Stephanie?

Stephanie Banks 1:05
I'm good. I love that returning champion.

Alex Ferrari 1:10
Thank you so much for coming back on the show you came on the show. A while ago, it's been it's been I think over a year, I think at this point that you came on the show. And we had such a lovely conversation that I wanted to have you come back, because the audience really loved our conversation. And I did. So I wanted to have you back to kind of talk about different topics and channel different different types that hopefully will help the audience but I appreciate you coming back my dear.

Stephanie Banks 1:35
Thank you for having me. It's always fun with you.

Alex Ferrari 1:38
So if you can for the audience, for for audience members who have not heard our first conversation, can you give a little bit of an understanding of how you became a channel and your process of channeling itself,

Stephanie Banks 1:49
I became a channel out of necessity to be able to communicate with my mother who had dementia. So as we know, with Alzheimer's and dementia, the pathways in the brain break apart, it makes communication really difficult, which makes it a relationship really strained and tense. So I needed to find a way to transcend traditional communication and really connect on a soul level. Luckily, I had a best friend at the time who was a professional channel, she channeled my mother for me, which is my very first exposure to channeling at all. And I learned from her I got trained by other world renowned psychic mediums and intuitive channels. And now I offer it professionally as well. But it was it came from that need to be able to understand my mother at a very deep level so that our our relationship could remain close and healthy through the remainder of her physical lifetime.

Alex Ferrari 2:49
Well, let me ask you this, because I've had many of my relatives go through dementia, and friends, family dementia and Alzheimer's as well. Just as you're just from your own experience, why do you think a soul goes or goes it's it's that's part of a souls blueprint to go through a process where they are completely disconnected it mentally from this world, essentially, they are just in their own complete world disconnected from loved ones and things like that. Why would you choose to do that, if you believe in soul blueprints, and that we're all here to learn lessons and so on?

Stephanie Banks 3:28
Yeah. And I do believe that. Honestly, I can say from the personal experience with my mother, but also as a clinician, because I'm a speech pathologist by background. So I've worked with many people who have Alzheimer's and dementia and cognitive disorders. What I can say is that it's not for the person going through it, it is not often as bad as we believe it is for them. Oftentimes the loved ones and family members that are coping with the you know, the changes in their loved one from the dementia are having a much harder time than the person who actually has the dementia because we are missing how they used to be how they used to express their personalities, how we used to connect with them, but the person who has it and I know this from channeling many people while they are in their dementia channeling their souls often report their souls often report to me, they are feeling so much more free. They are no longer confined by these expectations, social right of social engagement and the requirements of specific rules in protocols of how we interact. They are a lot of them, not all of them but almost traveling while still being in the body, connecting in different ways in deeper ways that ways that we don't know Understand, because we stay stuck mostly in our left side of our brain or logic side. But when there is that type of shift and change in what's going on within the brain, you can have more access to the right side, which is the intuition, which is the spiritual connection, which is the creativity. So it's now my belief that having something of this nature, whether it's dementia, or Alzheimer's, or cognitive decline or disorder, is a way to experience a deeper connection to life. You all that exists in life.

Alex Ferrari 5:42
And it also could be part of the plan that they decided, Listen, you guys need to go, my family, my soul family that's come down here, you guys have to go through this. So I'll, I'll take out this time, I'm going to give that to you, as you know, as a loved one would come in, and I'm going to love you more disliked than you've ever been loved before, because you've never had anyone to support and love you before. So I'll do that for you in this life. And in return this might do this or that. Is that fair to say?

Stephanie Banks 6:14
I think that can be the case in some situations. Sure. I just I look at it really differently now than I used to. And my ability to channel has helped me to see it very differently. Sometimes people with dementia are they look withdrawn. But there's actually a lot more going on than we know or then we think it's just not able to be perceived by us as we are observing them from the outside, you'd have to be really on the inside to see what's occurring. But through the channeling, I've learned that they are there's a presence that they are able to connect with more easily perhaps through the experience of dementia than they would without it.

Alex Ferrari 7:02
And what insecure explain to the audience what is your channeling process? Does it weaken you doesn't energize you? Do you go full trance? Do you come in and out? How is your process?

Stephanie Banks 7:11
So I am what is known as a conscious channel. So I'm not in a trance state in that I'm not aware of what's going on. I'm very, very aware. There isn't anything that comes into my physical body that kind of overtakes anything. Instead, I am connecting through imagery through communication through a level of understanding that comes through language. And so I, a client will ask me a question. Perhaps it's something about that they want to know about their life. So I will tune into their own soul, their higher self, I'll close my eyes, I will open the field of energy to receive what their soul wants to communicate. It comes through language, it is very energizing to me. Channeling for me is one of my favorite things to do favorite places to be it lets me be free and open. And it's it's joyful. Very, very rarely do I feel heavy afterwards. That's only if I've channeled for too long without great self care, but I know how to do great self care. So I make sure that I schedule my sessions in a way where I am replenishing my energy, but I always feel energized by it.

Alex Ferrari 8:33
What is a long, what is a long session for you?

Stephanie Banks 8:36
Well, I once channeled for 50 people in a group, all 50 I will never do that again. That was that's a bit extreme. But that was in the beginning of my career as a channel and that's how we learn through trying what doesn't work. That took me out for a couple of weeks, I just did not feel balanced energetically for at least a couple of weeks after that.

Alex Ferrari 9:01
And you were also weren't as as primed as you are now your your nervous system your body itself is you've built up a resistance, if you will, or priming if you will to be able to get this kind of energy. If not you could blow a gasket like it sounds like you kind of almost did not really worn down the battery at that point.

Stephanie Banks 9:22
There are a lot of people in this line of work who do get worn out by it. Yeah. And then you can have physical ailments as a result of it. So I tried to be really mindful of what is my all the components of me needing at any point in time, my physical, my emotional, my relationships, my family, you know, keep keeping things in perspective and taking breaks when I need to and something that is challenging is saying no, I think that's challenging for a lot of people and I might even say women, specifically women identified But so saying no is important, that's a part of self care. And when I require myself to channel when I am not feeling robust, energetically, the channeling, I feel suffers

Alex Ferrari 10:13
Fair enough. Fair enough. So in this session, I wanted to come back and talk about a few subjects that I think the audience would be really interested in, because your specialty is spirit guides and channeling spirit guides, but also wanted to talk a little bit about the afterlife, reincarnation, and, and specifically spirit guides and how we can connect to them and so on. So whenever you're ready, we can have a, how do you jump in and out? Do you jump in and out? Or am I going to see you again for the next hour? Or are you gonna be gone?

Stephanie Banks 10:45
With conscious channeling. It's me, it's all it's all me. I'm here. I know what's coming through what's happening. I'm seeing things, sensing things. And then when the message is complete, I open my eyes. And then I can explain things further. If there are questions or anything that's unclear, I'm able to process that. So yes, I go in and out of it. But it's just me that it's just basically listening. And you might think of it almost as a way of thinking except I'm not using the thinking mind, I'm using the sensing and receptive part of my brain, which again, is the right hemisphere.

Alex Ferrari 11:21
And a lot of channels that I've had on the show channel, a specific group or entity that comes in and helps Can you explain to the audience who you channel and in that process.

Stephanie Banks 11:30
I channel whoever my client is requesting to hear from. So my sessions are completely guided by my clients questions, instead of someone showing up into session with me and saying, just channel whatever is here, I do not work that way. I know that my client's heart and soul and spirit knows what they need to hear or where their challenges are. So they will share with me, I'm having a struggle in my marriage. And I would like to hear from the higher self of my spouse. Awesome. Now I know where to go, I'm channeling the higher self of their spouse. Or they might say, I have to make a big decision whether or not I relocate for a career move, then I will channel their career guides. So we have spirit guides for every aspect of our lives here in the three dimensional and they I sort of do divide them up into their tasks. So we have relationship guides, we have guides for our health and well being we have guides for our career and professional world, we have guides for travel, they've been good travel, sounds like yours has been serving you well. So, you know, across the board, we can tune in, and if there's not a specific like group of guides that we are tuning into, then I just say, alright, we're calling in your spirit guides, we can go general, we don't have to get so specific. There will always be support and guidance that comes through your spirit guide connection.

Alex Ferrari 13:04
And if it's not a personal client, like let's say it was just session with you and me, if we're doing general topics, like we're talking now, who comes in to talk to a general audience about a general topic?

Stephanie Banks 13:15
Well, I would tell you that right before I write as I tune in, so sometimes someone would say I don't I don't know who to ask for. But this is my struggle, or this is my question. And I'll say great, I don't know who to ask for either. Let me tune in and see who's here. And then I'll close my eyes. I'll say up, okay, your higher self is here. We're gonna channel from that perspective, or your great Aunt Trudy or your spirit guide that relates to your parenting world, something like that.

Alex Ferrari 13:47
Aunt Trudy seems to be very busy. She's everywhere. Around. Alright, so whenever you're ready, my dear, we can start.

Stephanie Banks 13:57
Yeah, you tell me what you would like to channel. And if you're not sure of a question, I can help you get to a question, but I trust you've got yours.

Alex Ferrari 14:07
I got a couple questions. Absolutely. So my first question is, can everyone communicate with their spirit guides? Or is this a skill that requires a psychic ability?

Stephanie Banks 14:17
Hmm, cool. All right. So I'm just going to tune into all spirit guides. They're not specific to you. Actually, I have to rephrase that. We're gonna tune into your spirit guides. I just got corrected. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 14:33
Okay. Fantastic. Looking forward to it. All right.

Stephanie Banks 14:37
Hello, dearest one. We know that on some levels, you already have your own answer to this question. But we are thrilled that you are asking it for a more global perspective. And we are happy as always to provide a global perspective because here's what you do with global perspectives. You take the gestalt of things, the wide angle, the fullness, the The enormity and then you consider that on on a, in a process that is quite methodical, and you break it down into smaller layers and smaller pieces. And then you take the pieces and you rearrange them and you allow for your mind to coordinate them in slightly different ways. This is the creative aspect of you. And then when you are done, and of course, you are never done. But here's what happens. You have a variety of options available to you and available to those that you know, and love and teach as well, for you are here as you know, as a teacher. And for For this we say great job. And to this, we say here's how we will answer your question. Yes, of course, you and everyone else who has the inclination, who has the desire, who has who has and makes the time, who has intakes good enough, and that's all that's required is good enough care of their spiritual life of their emotional field of their physical health and well being just enough, just enough for it to be sufficient for there to be enough self love for there to be enough self compassion, then yes, everyone, of course, can do this. And it is our greatest desire. And now we speak from the collective of all spirit guides everywhere for all to engage in this practice and this pursuit more deeply, why you ask because it is incredibly fun, it is a blast, it is a journey, it is a gift, it is truly a gift to remember that you are not here simply as a physical being moving around in a physical realm. But there are so many layers and bits and pieces to you, that make you make you up as the creative being, as the receptive being as the expressive being as the exquisite being that you are. And we say this not to you, but to all so yes, it is indeed possible. And no, there is nothing that is exclusive about it. If you have the desire, if you create the time, if you engage in some sort of practice, that allows you to attune and allows you to listen and allows you to present yourself in a way that is open hearted, open minded, then of course, why would anybody not be able to it is a birthright, of course. And we are here to support your journey within it and pass it.

Alex Ferrari 17:24
Can you share any advice or techniques for someone wanting to establish a connection with their spirit guides?

Stephanie Banks 17:29
Yeah, I'm just gonna riff off of what they said. Perfect. Far be it for me to argue with spirit. Some of the things that were mentioned are like creating time, right? We are used to saying I don't have time for that I'm too busy. I'm too busy. But what actually are your pursuits? And are they in the highest service. And we can say, you know, we have to be honest with ourselves about that. And sometimes doing the dishes might seem like the thing that has to be done. But you might instead really connect with nature for a bit or instead sit and meditate. Or instead just Just breathe, get get to a place where you can be alone and centered and connected. So the process of making time elevates your accessibility to the spirit world because they know when you are available. And they know when you're not. And when we're distracted. We're not available. And we hear or sense or feel things and we're not so accurate. So making time for some sort of practice, meditation, spiritual practice, time and nature, great self care, they talked about self love and self compassion, those have to be present for you to be a clear channel. And by clear, I mean for you to receive what is in the highest service, you can channel from low vibrations, I don't recommend it. I don't do it. In fact, I do everything to guard against that. Because we get enough of that in the outside world. And you know, to be able to channel which Yes, I do believe all of us can. And this is why I teach others how to channel is it is a gift, as they say it's a blessing. It's a birthright, we can do this. So, making time creating a practice spiritual practice. Ritual is very important to me for part of it. So some people like to light a candle. Some people like to create an altar. Some people like to have a prayer or read or say a mantra or do a song or movement or dance. Something that prepares you your body, mind and spirit to receive that's also very important. And sleep. Yes, we're not. We're not going to channel clearly.

Alex Ferrari 19:58
Now you've mentioned a couple of different groups of spirit guides, but are there different categories of spirit guides? And and what are their roles interactions with us?

Stephanie Banks 20:09
The way that I work with spirit guides is I, my understanding of them when I'm channeling is that we have guides for all these different aspects of our lives. And that's sort of how I think of them and divide them up. So as I said, if you're having a relationship struggle, I'm going to tune into your relationship guides. If you are having a physical ailment, I am not a Medical Medium, and I do not channel any medical mediumship or give medical advice, but I will channel your guides of physical health and well being because those are the experts in that area. And if it's a more global open question, then we just go to the general spirit guides that you can, you can, you don't have to fret about asking for the right guide to come in, you can't get that wrong. If you want to channel your own guides. Just go through that process I talked about where you settle yourself, you presents yourself, you take really good care of yourself, make the time and space and just invite in your guides have the highest service. That's what you want have the highest vibration.

Alex Ferrari 21:18
How many guides do we have on our quote unquote, spiritual team?

Stephanie Banks 21:23
Oh, who has time to count that many? Honestly. There are countless guides 1000s and 1000s and 1000s. If I had to guess there's who can know? Right? What data available.

Alex Ferrari 21:39
And that's just spirit. And that's just spirit guys. That's not including Ascended Masters or angels or our past relatives as well, or generations. So it's, we're completely surrounded all the time by people trying people or souls, if you will, entities trying to help us along this path if we allow for that guidance. Make sense?

Stephanie Banks 22:03
That's right. That's right. And some people are worried that if they're distracted, they might miss a message. Please trust that you will always miss messages I always do. Right? I'm in my head far more frequently than I wish I was. But I am I'm having this human experience too. So it's okay, I missed stuff all the time, they circle back around, they're not going to be like, Ah, there she goes again, ignoring us. They don't, they don't hold grudges. They don't have negativity towards us. It's pure love. So if we're, if we're too busy in our minds, they recognize that they will come back around and around and around until we get it, which is why it sometimes takes us 10 or 20 signals right or so. Or we're like,

Alex Ferrari 22:53
30 30 or 40, or 50 or 60 or 70,000 times that they'll say the same thing. Like okay, so you don't want to learn that that part of your relationship stuff. Okay? He dated the wrong person.

Stephanie Banks 23:07
Right?!Exactly. Play out your patterns and take as long as you need because we're here as your guides. And we're just going to cycle with you again and again for all the next lifetime. So you might as well do it now.

Alex Ferrari 23:19
So can you ask spirit? How spirit guides assist us in our personal and spiritual growth? According to your experience and understanding?

Stephanie Banks 23:29
Yeah, you want me to channel that? From? Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 23:31
If you could, that'd be great. Yeah,

Stephanie Banks 23:34
We're gonna go to yours again, just because they're real excited to have this platform. You'd really like to know that, wouldn't you, dearest? How do we do this? Why are you looking to take over our jobs? We would advise against it for many reasons, we'll give just a few. Number one, when you chose to take birth in this lifetime, to be incarnate to be in the flesh to be in the physical realm, you agreed that you would forget all of the many things that you knew to be so and in the forgetting, you agreed to remember when the time was right when the circumstances were set up in the perfect way, when the situation's called for it. And this is the beauty of the experience you have called in. And so you might think that it can get quite old to do this again and again and again and again in many lifetimes. For us it never gets old for something happens from one lifetime to the next there's almost always great advancement and in the in the way of you in the in the experience of your particular soul. We would say that we are enormously proud of just how much you take on in any given lifetime for your learning for your expansiveness for your ability to be an even greater teacher. You've noticed probably that we have said that twice now about up Being a teacher, we know that you are a creative, there can be no question about that. But through your creativity you are teaching, look at what you have created here, this very platform calling in the other teachers, the experts, those who play in other realms, those who understand things, in different ways from different angles. This is the beauty of it, of course, where you are recognizing that your soul will be most pleased with itself and with its evolution, if you are sharing as much as possible, not just of what you know where that is very limited, and we do not insult you here. It is just an acknowledgement. What anyone knows any human knows is very, very limited, no matter how knowledgeable that human is, no matter how much studying they could do. Or there simply is not access to the everything and that is what we have access to. So it is our joy, it is our pleasure, it is our duty, it is our responsibility to provide that when asked not not when you are ill prepared for it not when you are not in the openness to it not when you are not inquiring or showing curiosity, but only when you ask. So if we could give advice to you and to everyone else it would be to continue to ask ask for the support, ask for the insight, ask for the direction asked for the imagery because we are so happy to abide by that we are so happy to deliver on that it is it is the nature of our relationship with you. It is the whole purpose. I got jokes. Yeah, your guys are funny.

Alex Ferrari 26:33
I'd expect mine to be hilarious.

Stephanie Banks 26:36
They like to poke at us a little bit, but not not in a negative way. Just not taking yourself so seriously.

Alex Ferrari 26:43
Right, exactly. is one thing I've always we've always wanted since you play in this realm of going back and forth between spirit and and this realm. So often, you know, I was raised Catholic, which is a very serious, somber, a way of looking at spirituality, not trying to be negative towards it. It's just an act. Like he's that, like they said, an acknowledgment of what it is. But I found the more I talk to people on this on this show, and the more channels I talk to, and even near death experiences and other people I've talked to humor, it's a huge part of the experience of being a soul of so there is humor in the universe and in the afterlife. Correct?

Stephanie Banks 27:34
Yes. A lot. A lot. Humor is healing. It is it's incredibly healing. So and and I once read a quote something about that laughter the sound of laughter is at the same frequency of the angelic realm. And that always makes me feel like ah, that's delicious. It just to think of that, so that's wonderful. Yeah, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 28:05
So if you can ask spirit, what signs might suggest that your Spirit Guide Is Trying To communicate to you or send you a message, because like you were saying, we miss messages is there anything we should be looking for, if they are trying to communicate,

Stephanie Banks 28:20
Okay, just to be clear, the these are your spirit guides again, but speaking for the global as well. This is tricky to describe. So, allow us to weave a bit in here for you to understand. And then do not expect yourself or yourselves to understand this completely, but simply sit with it a bit and see how it settles out. What we would say with regards to how to how to perceive the communication, the presence the encompass meant, that is always available to you is for you to of course, pause for you to get still. Now do not mistake this to mean that you have to be perfect at pausing and getting still and do not take this to mean that we will only communicate when you are in perfect stillness and pause. This is not the case. What you will understand as you develop and deepen your relationship with us and thus others relationships with their spirit guides, ancestors loved ones and beloved to influence and support them on their journeys is that there is enormous patience and understanding here from our side of things. So know that just as one deals gently and kindly with a child who is not expected to understand everything from the get go. We will always be engaged with you in that way. We will not hold judgment or expectations. And so When we are sending signals, which come in a variety of ways, and many who are listening, watching, observing at this point in time will say is, my signals come in the form of repeating numbers? And another might say, Ah, yes, my signals come in the form of feathers that I find on the ground. And yet another will say, Ah, yes, my signal comes in the form of my dream state, where I am made privy to things that are upcoming, and I can make note of them and choose accordingly. And so there are endless, endless variations of how others experience they're their signals, their signs, their communication, and do you know what, they're all correct, they are all absolutely spot on. Right before you start to question whether or not it was real that space where you simply notice and recognize that that is the sweet spot, we know you like to use the words sweet spot, and are you that means just the perfect place to engage in a deeper way, the perfect moment to be present, fully present and invite in more. So when you notice something, anything that you might consider to be out of the ordinary, it just captures your attention in a way that distracts you from your previously distracting thoughts, then you can give us credit for that, where we are always pulling out strings and weaving things into your life for more color for more joy, for more love for more humor, of course that too. And if you notice that if you pay attention to it, when you notice that give us credit, and then you will receive more and more and more. And as we said there are many, many things that we use to to as techniques to gain your attention. And once we have your attention, we can bring even more if you are open to receiving if you are not open to receiving do not require yourself to do so you can simply set up another time with us and appointment of sorts. We know you are big on appointments. And you can say something like that is wonderful. Thank you for sending that squirrel repeatedly across my path. I will get back with you soon. I am available at 5:30pm. And we will return at just that time where we do not care about time. But we absolutely can meet you according to your own. So you Alex, when you notice a sign which is anything that's out of the ordinary anything that breaks you out of your your headspace, even a squirrel that's like I saw it just darting back and forth and back and forth. Say to your guides, Oh, thanks. Got it. You know, I'll get back with you. I'm available at this time. Here's what people don't understand. As a channel, I am not always channeling every minute of my waking life. That would be annoying.

Alex Ferrari 33:03
Of course, like someone talking to you constantly, yes.

Stephanie Banks 33:07
Right. And so just like we have, we have boundaries with people in our lives. It's totally healthy to have boundaries with how you communicate with spirit and when you're open. So if you've got a lot going on, and you really can't just sit and receive, then set another time up with them to be respectful of their their continued understanding and patience and perseverance to get a hold of you and say, Yeah, I got it. Thank you that was cool. saw those numbers saw that license plate. phone rang when I was you know, knew that it would and it was the thing I are the person I expected to hear from. And let's set up a time later today where I'm gonna get really spill and quiet and ask Is there something more? Is there something more you'd like to share with me

Alex Ferrari 33:52
Is there so for people listening, when you're, let's say, going down the wrong path. In life, let's say you've chosen the wrong path. And it could be in relationships, it could be your business, it could be the way you're looking at things. I've noticed and I've said this so many times on the show before is that it starts with a tap on the shoulder starts with a whisper and a nudge than a push eventually, it's something slamming you against the wall. You know, I have no moments in my life where I was probably especially when I was younger, going down the wrong path in whatever shape it could be with relationships or something in simple something really drastic happens. So drastic that it shakes your world up. But it doesn't, at least for me, it was always something that just kind of like it was a it was like a sledgehammer hitting you. But I didn't get hurt, per se physically. But it stopped it like it's just stops everything. You know it's a car accident. That doesn't hurt anybody you know other than the car, or, you know or it's this situation with that situation is that your experience too, with these kinds of messages, because like, if you're, if you're going down the wrong path, they are going to get a lot more intense with trying to push you or guide you back to the path that you're supposed to be on. Is that right?

Stephanie Banks 35:16
Absolutely, you're right. And you know that from personal experience, as do all of us, you know, if we're paying attention, so the goal is to attune to the more subtle signals, so we don't have to have the car accident. But I'm not even being funny because and this is why your guides are staying so focused on on this, how to connect how to create time and space and appointments now for connecting. Because our lives will be so much easier if we can respond to receive and respond to the subtle signals of where things just feel off. Instead of bulldozing through, like we have learned through culture or conditioning, right? Society, etc. To the point where there has to be a major intervention, such as a shake up like you're saying, an accident of some sort and injury, God forbid, something of that nature that really requires everything to reorder.

Alex Ferrari 36:19
Oh, yeah, I mean, I've I've had a broken ankle more than once in my life, trying to slow me down. Yeah, as I was going so fast, so hard on so many of the things that like he needs, he need some downtime, and he's not listening. So we're gonna, we're gonna slow down, it's gonna be a little bit painful, because he's not listening. And, you know, it's just, you know, the more kind of attuned to it, I start hearing things a little bit more. And I've noticed when the taps or the nudges, I'm starting to notice those much more, before it took the sledgehammer for me to even listen, right now I'm starting to hear the nudges, or the things pop in a little bit more and more, I guess, my meditation and all that kind of stuff, kind of quiet you down to kind of receive this, this knowing a bit more.

Stephanie Banks 37:09
Absolutely, it can get to the place where you're so attuned, that the subtle signals can feel like the sledge hammer, like they can feel so powerful and so significant, because you have done the work of a tuning.

Alex Ferrari 37:24
Yeah, yes. So like, like Stephanie and I are saying, try to listen to the nudge in the whispers. It's, it makes life so, so much easier. The one thing I've kind of discovered in recent years was this ability to let go of control of trying to hack control my life in every which way. And when I let go, things just started to kind of fall into place in this magical way. That I was like, Wait, what is happening here? Like, how is this happening? The show is a perfect example of that, you know, I've let go completely of what happens with the show, I work, I show up, I do my job. There's a big distinction of just like, sitting home and watching Netflix all day and expecting things to happen. But I let go of where the trajectory goes. So my energy is not about is about the creation process. It's not it's not about the control process. From your perspective, or from spirits perspective, how can we learn to let go of this notion of trying to control which is completely on controllable, because life is an uncontrollable machine? Yes, you can do you can only control up to a certain point. And then really, it's up to universal powers is up to other people, it's up, like I might want to have a sit down dinner one day with Steven Spielberg and just talk to him and have a conversation with him. But at a certain point, no matter what I do, Steve is not going to knock on my door, or let's something guides him to me, are our paths crossed, or he wants to do that. So there's not I can't control that no matter what I do. You know, and I'm not planning to do something, you know, controlling I knock on his door or anything like that. Nothing like that. So how can we do that?

Stephanie Banks 39:26
We have to ask for the help. Because here's, here's the thing, this is the way I work with my guides I have had, I have a list of people that I would love to share my work with. It doesn't it's not necessarily like celebrity people, but people whose way of living in the world is so inspiring to me that I want to share my work with them. And when I am in good practice, I will create this little list and I will ask my guides, can you work behind the scenes because they're really good at doing all the things that we don't know about? I just call that behind the scenes, because that's what we know, to call it, and help to make connections for me, that will facilitate me being able to share my work with this particular person. I don't leave it at that, because this is a co creative process, being here in the body and being a soul in a body and having all this energetic support around us in the form of our spirit guides. So I do my part which I can control, which is honing my craft, which is developing myself, which is reaching out in greater and greater circles to reach more and more people, which is focusing my attention perhaps in the direction of the arena of work that that person who I'm inspired by and want to share my work with is doing. And then that that co creative process between what the guides are doing on our behalf. And of course, they only do stuff that it's going to be in the highest service to us. So we think we know, oh, I need to be you know, connected to that person. And they're like, huh, you're gonna spin your wheels for a long time, sweetheart, you know, trying to do that, because that's not the right person. But when it's aligned, we have that support, and they will Yeah, and they will, they will do their part and, and things happen. And I am, I'm in the practice of journaling. Because if I didn't journal, this magic, I wouldn't believe it myself. So I recommend that when your miracles happen, which by the way is every single day, but we're not trained to notice the subtle miracles, we're only trained to notice, like the big massive ones. But if you note, if you start to notice you get more of them, if you document it, you get even more, because it all places you in that alignment with receiving. So we have to ask for the help if we want it.

Alex Ferrari 41:57
And it's so important, I just want to really point out something you said there that when it's in alignment, because a lot of times we believe that we want to meet this person, and that this person is going to change our life or career. But in reality, if we actually sat down with that person, they would eat us alive, or we're not ready to be in the room with them. You know what I mean? In a positive way. So like, if you're, and I'll use my industry as my industry as an example, if you're a film student and go, all I need to do is have Steven Spielberg show up, and everything's going to be right. No, you're not ready. If he gave you $200 million, you would self destruct and destroy yourself and lose 200 million, because you're not ready for that connection, you have to be at a certain level, that it's a lot like you said, an alignment. And that goes with relationships, like, oh, I want this beautiful person that this this, this, to do all this for me. You might not be ready to have anything to offer that ideal person yet, because you got stuff you've got to work out before that person is even attracted to you spiritually, not even physically, I'm talking about on a physical on a on a spiritual level that you just, you know, oh, like, you know, we all idolize this, as a young man, of course, you look at movie star, you know, oh, she would be amazing. She would never be in a million years. What do you have to offer a person like that? You have so much of your own stuff you have to work out before you could even you don't want I mean, so I'm throwing this all out there for people to truly understand the limitations of what we're talking about, based on our own potential ego is getting in the way of it, would you would you agree?

Stephanie Banks 43:48
Absolutely we do we get in our own way all the time. And if we don't know how to discern between the voice of ego and the voice of intuition, then I mean that that has to that's the foundational piece that so many are missing in and our society is really good at feeding us a steady stream of nonsense in that area of what we should want and how we should be. And we do have a lot of young souls on the planet. That just means, you know, souls who haven't had as many lifetimes and we've all been young souls. So this is no judgment to young souls. But the younger soul will be more focused on the material world on material gain, and might have those visions like you're talking about, oh, I just need you know, so and so it'd be in the room when I show my greatness and I'll be recognized that way that's kind of a right that's an immature young soul way of looking at things but we've all been there we've all had this these grandiose, you know, ideas of who we are and really age and wisdom are the things that are necessary to move beyond that.

Alex Ferrari 44:55
Oh, yes, I I Many of the had had filmmakers in my edit suite. When I was coming up going, don't they understand my greatness? Right? The ones that don't they understand my genius. I'm like, oh, like, I'm going to be at the Oscars next year. No, no, no. If you say it, it's probably not going to happen.

Stephanie Banks 45:16
Like that that voice can be fun to play with too. Because who knows? You can't limit yourself either. Maybe you are going to be at the Oscars someday. And who are we to say what's, you know, not?

Alex Ferrari 45:27
You know what's, but you know, what's funny is I've had so many conversations with Oscar winners. One of them had said, Oh, I did when I started writing this, I said, Oscar, like no like that. None of them. It's all kind of like, you know, I had this year's Oscars winner on the show on my other show. They weren't a garage. Both of them, the directors who created everything everywhere, all at once the one that won the Oscar this last year. They weren't in the garage, hot sun in the valley somewhere. And they were just sitting there in their T shirts. Did you think the big Oh, no, they were completely, you know, a movie about hot dog fingers was not really Oscar worthy. But apparently it was. So it does happen. But that's just my own personal experience. But I agree with you, you can't limit yourself, if that's a goal, but generally speaking, if you say that term, my greatness or my genius, that's a good sign that you're going in the right direction. Yeah, yeah. And another thing that you're talking about not being ready, a lot of people want money, and I want lots of it, and they want. And I had an experience being able to work on documentaries of lottery winners. And I literally saw what happened to people who won the lottery, it destroyed, they just were not prepared to deal with that kind of responsibility. And that kind of pressure. So again, unless you are, at a certain level, mature enough, ready to handle that kind of energy. And I would use that word as energy because a billion dollars like this last poor guy who just want not poor guy, but he won a billion dollars in the lottery. I'm really curious to see where that's gonna go. Because that's a lot of energy would have to do with that in the world.

Stephanie Banks 47:10
Yeah, money is energy. It's just energy. We've, we've really, wow, we have really turned money into something quite toxic in a lot of situations. But it's just an energy. And it's meant to be in flow. And it's meant to be of service and of support. So yes, it does take maturity, and it does take wisdom, it does take evolution for us to get to those places. So keep chugging away, everybody.

Alex Ferrari 47:36
Yeah, absolutely. Listen, we you and I both are of similar vintage, we've been around the block a couple times. You know, if I, if I could talk to my 20 year old self, I wouldn't stop slapping him for at least five minutes. But after the slapping whatever suits our conversation, and really explain things up because it's but this time, it's only amount is time and experience and wisdom and age. And it's shrapnel that we pick up along the way. Yeah, no question. So let's let's change topics a little bit in regards to the afterlife a little bit because it's a lot of people are fascinated with it. It is a question that all of us will have at one point or another in our life. Hey, what happens when we go to the other side? Is there another side? What happens? So from your perspective, over or from spirits perspective? How would you describe the concept of the afterlife?

Stephanie Banks 48:34
Well, I can speak from what I've learned in my channeling. So and who again, who knows what is right or accurate, we only know what we know, from our experience from our beliefs. But from what I've channeled and I've channeled countless souls from the other side, each time I channel what regardless of the nature of the passing, the circumstances around it, it is always this sense and explanation of beauty, beauty, love, freedom, light and coming home being part of an all capital A, all that we do not understand here, for many reasons, but perhaps the greatest reason is that part isn't taught to us not in this culture. In other cultures, sometimes it is. But we are taught a fear of death in this culture, and to avoid death at all costs, and and that it's frightful and, you know, judgment and all sorts of things. There's religious basis for it. There's all every type of input we could get, but what I understand from souls who have generously explained to me what their journey was When they took leave of the body, when they transitioned is they were surrounded with all of the loving beings they have ever known. And even those that they did not know, say in a lifetime, but were known to them on deep levels, and carried over lovingly, held, embraced, joyfully received, to be able to go through. I call it a life review, I think that's the most common language for it, when when we have the opportunity, once we have transitioned to scan backwards and see certain pivotal moments in a in a lifetime, or who knows maybe multiple lifetimes, to understand our our choices, our decisions, our evolution, or lack thereof, really see how we've impacted people the planet other life and come to an understanding within ourselves of how we've how we've lived, how we've served, if we have moved towards our potential or been part of a, the creator or source or godlike energy that we, that we all come from. So there's this review. And then ultimately, there is full presence all around. So those who are in the beyond, those who are on the other side do have the capacity to be with all their loved ones. No matter if one is in Texas, and one is in Ohio, and one is in you know, Maine, if they're not limited by any type of time, they're not limited by any form, they're not limited by travel, they are fully available and accessible and desiring to share love with us and desiring to make our journeys easier, more protected, a lot of them are here to be, you know, protecting guides for us once they're on the other side. So that's, you know, the afterlife, it's vast, the question is vast, I don't have all the answers to it. But that's my understanding of what a soul goes through when they transition from the three dimensional into the fifth dimensional consciousness, the Unity Consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 52:25
Now, how does this concept of the afterlife fit in with reincarnation and past lives is there. You know, for a lot of people, reincarnation is a problem. Because they only conceive of it from the point of view of this life to like, I don't want to do this again. This is horrible. Like, I'm having a rough go of it. Now, I don't want to do this again. And from a souls perspective, it's just a completely, it's like taking a difficult class in school. And like, you're gonna learn a lot more because that teachers really tough. And if you want to continue to grow, you're going to take stronger and stronger classes. If you look at it from that perspective, it makes sense. And then they start to and then when people have a problem with reincarnation, they have problems, obviously with past lives. And they're like, Well, why don't we Why would we come back so many times? What are we here really to learn all that stuff? What is your perspective on that? What is spirits perspective, if you want to channel them about this?

Stephanie Banks 53:24
Well, I'm gonna bring back in what your your spirit guides said about that, because when they were speaking to you, they reminded you and us that we agree to forget, just prior to entering into a physical lifetime. So there you were, as expanded being, you know, like, all places all the time, sending love receiving love being part of just beauty, and then decided, okay, got my team assembled, we're going to do this family of origin that's there, I'm gonna have this physical experience, I'm gonna play these things out. So I can grow these aspects of myself that need to grow because we all have things we need to grow and learn from. And you agreed to forget what you knew when you were part of the all so that you could have a true and real human experience. And so you're you're playing out a lot of what has already been played out, which is why it might feel familiar to you, even if you haven't played it out. Yet, in this lifetime. A lot of times people think like this. I've done this before I've had this experience before. They have, we have we've lived so many lifetimes, most of us that there really isn't a whole lot new under the sun. There's just other opportunities and other relationships and other soul beings who agreed to play roles with us so that we can grow and stretch and expand etc. So that that would be my answer to that. Now, you don't have to believe in reincarnation. You can believe whatever you want. I personally believe that our souls do return many, many times to get closer to agape, perfect love, divine love, and what's what's greater than not really what's in more service, and especially to be here on this planet at this time, with the level of suffering that's happening, and to be able to not just witness it, but to serve into the love that is required for humanity to live in harmony with life, all forms of life on this beautiful planet. So it's an exquisite time. It's a powerful time. It's a difficult time, I myself have said, I don't know if I want to come back again. I don't this is hard. I'm a very sensitive being I want to cry every day. I feel desperate, you know, and despairing every day. But here I am serving in the way that I do. And here you are serving the way that you do. And this is exactly what we're meant to be doing. And will we come back? Maybe, you know, will we have choice over that I believe that we do. Can we rest a really long time and have like a multi lifetime vacation? Before we come back again? I hope so. I would like to have a long break.

Alex Ferrari 56:23
Well, it's kind of like, you know, we've all played the baseball game. Baseball is an analogy. We all understand. We've all played baseball. That's why it seems like Oh, I'm playing baseball again. But the players are different. The intensity is different, the field might be different. The environment might be different. But we're all still playing the game, but just like, never really hit a fastball. You know, and now I'm gonna learn how to hit a fastball and I throw I've hit the bat to the ball many times, but never like this. And it's just a different aspect. And you said stretching and expanding? And imagine it's just you're lifting heavier weights? Yeah, you've lifted weights before it's now heavier weights in different ways to continue to expand while helping other souls along the way, in your own and your own path.

Stephanie Banks 57:12
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And sometimes, for a lot of us, it's taking leadership, right. So if you use your baseball analogy, I don't know if there's a captain of a baseball team is there? It seems like

Alex Ferrari 57:23
There is there is a cap, there's yeah, there's a captain.

Stephanie Banks 57:26
Yes, yeah. So sometimes we're here to enhance our leadership to take a greater position of leadership so that for you as a teacher, you know, you can open that up so that more who are viewing your work and who are, you know, consuming, what information you're putting out there can have access to that. So it's not just, you know, playing a different position on a team, it's also standing fully and who we are, and allowing for that to be perfect as it is.

Alex Ferrari 58:01
I've been told, by many channels, and mediums that I've spoken to, on the show off air, they're like, you know, you've done this a million times, right? And I'm like, yeah, like you've been a monk, you've been a preacher, you've been a prophet and the prophet and so, but it's just, you've been building everything up to this point where now the message is growing. You're not only reaching your town anymore, or your community, you're you're reaching out to a larger mission of trying to expand this to the masses, which is what I'm, what I'm trying to do with this show is to put this up. So that makes sense. To me. It's like, it's not the first time you've played baseball. It's not the first time you've been a channel, I'm assuming. In all you've left as you've probably done this before, in one way, shape, or form.

Stephanie Banks 58:49
I yeah, I believe so. I think that's why I love it so much is I have had other opportunities and other lifetimes to really practice it and hone it.

Alex Ferrari 58:59
Right, exactly. And and if you're an artist, like you've probably been an artist before, if that's something that you really, if you're an athlete, he might have gone down the athletic aspect before, would you agree that all of us come down here and have our strengths in either the physical, the mental, or the spiritual? Because it's like, people who own their bodies, who are just at the top level physically might not be spiritually advanced, they might or vice versa, or intellectually just so far beyond you or me. And yet but spiritually, they can't get there. And physically they can't get there. Do you in a lifetime? What's your experience with that or can spirit answer that?

Stephanie Banks 59:42
Yeah, I so I don't believe that.

Alex Ferrari 59:45
Okay, tell me so tell me, tell me tell me. I'm just curious.

Stephanie Banks 59:48
I believe we can do all of that stuff. We can have those skills, and gifts in all arenas, and there are people who do I cannot think of any examples off top of my head at the moment, but there are people who do the thing is going back to the earlier channeling is, what are you making time for? What do you focus? If you are right, yeah, if you if you are an S star athlete, you're making time for that, you know, the the training and the practice and the games and everything you have to. So chances are good, that you are not you don't have as much or aren't making as much time for the spiritual development however some athletes do. And there I am thinking of someone in particular female soccer player, but I'm not gonna remember her name, unfortunately.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:37
I'll give you an example. I'll give you an example. Dan Millman, who wrote the way of the perfect warrior, he was an Olympic caliber gymnast, when he was growing up, and that says something's like, okay, at the time. That's the stage of life. He was at that the physical could be that and he was all physical. But then as he grew, he grew into more intellectual. And then also, spiritually, he wrote that perfect world, the way of the Peaceful Warrior, which is touched 10s of millions of boundaries, mainly people around the world. So and he's a very spiritually deep person as well. So it could be stages as well. It doesn't have to be like, when you're younger, generally, physically, you're more physically adept when you're younger than you are when you're 80. But there's their athletes in their 80s as well.

Stephanie Banks 1:01:22
Yeah. And we're all of these things all of the time. It's a great area are we going to develop and focus on and you don't have to pick one is my point, it's not that you can only do one thing at a time, we can actually develop ourselves in all the different arenas of our lives every day.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:43
Fair enough, fair enough. Now, are there different realms or levels to the afterlife? According to the experiences or messages that you have received?

Stephanie Banks 1:01:53
I can't speak to that so much. There are those who are really expert or well studied, and knowledgeable and different levels of the afterlife. Yeah, but I don't know as much about that.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:08
Can we ask spirit about it?

Stephanie Banks 1:02:09
Sure. Here's how we would choose to describe it in this moment in time understanding, of course, that if you catch us in another moment, and we certainly hope we do dearest one, you do dearest one, wink wink, we will have something different to say something of a different nature. And that is because what we what we share with you now has everything to do with what will make sense to you right now. And what we share with you later has everything to do with what will make sense to you later. So we follow your lead on things all the time. Here's what we would say, we would we would prefer to describe the layers and levels of you might call it ascension, as resting spots, we do not wish to give greater credence or credit to any one level for it is not so that one level is better than another, but when one enters into the non form, again comes home as it has been said returns to, to to spirit and freedom, there is a resting period and this can last for quite some time or it can be very brief and time if it were even to be measured in time which of course it is not. And then as one is understanding more and being taught by those who you know as Ascended Masters and those in the angelic realms and those who have come forward again and again and again continuously to teach and to. To carry and to join others in their moments of ascension. Well they are present for you might understand this to be courses classwork of such there is learning remembering is is a better word for it, remembering of how things truly operate. You might wonder, does one understand things on a full and complete level as soon as they returned home? And we would say not. Not exactly. Though there is nothing that is missing from their understanding. There isn't such a depth of the embodiment of the understanding and we do not use the word embody embodiment to suggest an actual body, but really the full bringing in and living in and understanding of how things operate. So back to the layers back to the moments of rest. There are different places where one can rest upon their return to the all yes A great period of rest if it if it is so needed and desire. And then there is movement and learning and remembering that occurs from multiple angles and arenas available. You can think of it if you would, as an enormous library limitless with its resources, one can delve deeply into any any topic whatsoever any subject matter and there will be vast amounts of information and also catalogs of lived experience, this can be studied more closely within the Akashic records, as you have heard of. And so there is plenty of space for that as one continues to be in the essence of oneself in the truth of what love truly is, and in the desire to learn and accept and understand more, and bring that out in their own way to others who are in need to others who are in form and in need to others who are even in non form and in need. Well, then there is more ascension, another layer, you might say, another level to use your own words, this is difficult to explain for nothing here is linear. And so when we refer to layers and levels, we are trying to appeal to your abilities to understand things. And those generally speaking, come from a linear progression, this is not your fault. This is how humans need to make sense of things. But what we will say is that each each soul in their, in their non physical journey in their expression of self through the care and love that exists here in this in this side, in this other side of things will receive exactly what they need to go as far as they wish to go with their own journey, whether it is in the human experience or whether it is in the nonfarm experience. And so that should be and we hope it is very comforting to all. Yeah, I don't know. That's a fantastic answer.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:15
So let me ask you this, if you could ask her this question. I really like to have spirit answer. What do spirits on the other side, do souls on the other side have a specific purpose or tasks that they're engaged in? In between coming down here and doing the stuff that we do?

Stephanie Banks 1:07:36
Many Yes, of course. In fact, as we scan about here, we would like to take snapshots if we couldn't, we would show you. But we will do our best to describe of what is going on here. From this side of things. We will use imagery that you understand or if we use actual truth, you would, you would be mind blown. And you would be striving to grasp onto some sort of anchor to help you make sense. So we will use the imagery that is most familiar to you. cubicles. Yes, let's go there. Let's go to let's go to a country, any country at all, where many, many, many people work within space of cubicles, and some are on headsets with clients giving them answers to questions providing services and such others are on computer systems and they are accessing information from that arena arena. Others are gathered in in meetings with others in nearby cubicles, coming up with greater ideas with how to make things more streamlined, how to make things more effective, more efficient, etcetera. See it like that. That is the perspective we would like you to have. There are some souls who have had a recent lifetime of enormous loss. From the moment of breath, to the moment of death, things have been taken from them, they have been victimized, they have been clawing their way just for mere survival. And so you might say some of these souls are in their own cubicles, working out the finer points of what has occurred and how they participated within it and what they gleaned from it for there are always lessons useful useful bits and pieces that come directly from only from experience and so, they are they are deep in in that making use of the understanding, so that should they choose to return in the in the form in the human form or any form again, they will have greater understanding and they may in fact choose to We'll redo that exact lifetime with so many similar characteristics. Then perhaps another example would be a soul who has achieved everything or almost everything for there truly isn't any soul who has achieved absolutely everything that they came in to achieve. Well, perhaps that is not true, there are those who ascended quite quickly. So, we we stand in correction of ourselves, you see, even we can miss speak on occasion. So anyways, let us just say that this soul has risen to the top creme de la creme you might call them, achieved all the things checked all the boxes felt quite self satisfied with their journey, not in an egoic way exclusively, but also, but inclusive of all aspects of themselves. And they are spending their time sending energy to others who are in places of insecurity, who are in places of self doubt, who are in places of need for connection, that they now have to give to offer, because they have achieved and and have had the feeling of achievement for what was most important to them in that lifetime. And now this wishes to be shared. In fact, this begs to be shared, for it is not just human nature, but soul nature to learn and grow and immediately share what one has learned and how they have grown for the betterment of all. That is what souls are inclined to do. That is what spirit is all about. It comes from love, it's made of love, it is nothing but love. And so we wish for that to be made very clear. And then of course, there are many other varieties of how others are spending their time, reflection is a word that comes to us, this is a great time for reflection, the best time for reflection, in fact, is when you are no longer burdened by the external expectations and influenced by the external states and emotional states and, and such of others. So that one can be truly in their own frequency in their own understanding and gather, gather up the wisdom that has been gifted and use it for the betterment of others.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:19
Beautiful, beautiful,

Stephanie Banks 1:12:21
That was really cool. I wish I could show you what I was seeing. What are your goals, you know, how they described it, everyone having everyone being part of a bigger system, but having their own individual space to consider who they are and how they help this bigger system to function. And those who have achieved but not only those who have achieved because those who haven't maybe risen to the top as the example was, are still in service to others. But those who have been fulfilled, let's say, have so much abundance to share from the soul perspective, that they are just and this is how our spirit guides can be those we have never known never met never cycled with before. Never had as a guide before. Could be one of those energies, just saying? Uh huh. I see you, Stephanie, you are struggling with this right now. And I have so much to offer by way of this love and this attention and this affection and this appreciation and I'm routing it to you.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:32
Beautiful, beautiful. Now does spirit have any parting messages would like to share with this audience. Right now in this moment.

Stephanie Banks 1:13:42
We would like to say, remember where you came from. And remember who you serve. If you can anchor those two, remembrances into your thoughts, your actions and your words, you will be far ahead of where you have what you thought was possible. You are here made of love, you are here to serve the love. So go and do.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:10
Fair enough. Now, as I'm gonna ask you a few questions, I ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Stephanie Banks 1:14:19
I often think about what I would. What I want to feel when I'm on my deathbed when I'm in my last segment of this journey. And what's most important to me is to know that those who I have had the opportunity to touch have felt the great love that I have for them.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:41
If you had a chance to get into a time machine and go back in time, and speak to little Stephanie, what advice would you give her?

Stephanie Banks 1:14:47
I would say girlfriend, have fun. Have fun, take good care of yourself. And don't sweat the small stuff. How do you define God? God To me is that all loving energy that reminds me of how cared for I am and that I matter in this vast universe?

Alex Ferrari 1:15:13
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Stephanie Banks 1:15:16
Love to love

Alex Ferrari 1:15:19
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing to help the world?

Stephanie Banks 1:15:23
At my website

Alex Ferrari 1:15:27
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Stephanie Banks 1:15:30
No. I feel complete.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:35
Stephanie it is a pleasure talking to you. As always, thank you so much again for coming back on the show, and for the amazing work that you are doing to help awaken the planet. So thank you again, my dear.

Stephanie Banks 1:15:46
Thank you too Alex.

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