MIND-BLOWING Channeled Message You CAN’T Ignore – The Great Shift Has BEGUN! with Stephanie Banks

Stephanie Banks is a highly sought-after intuitive channel, mentor and guide who helps people connect on the soul level. She channels from the perspective of any soul currently on the planet, souls on the other side, purely non-physical beings such as spirit guides, as well as trees, animals, and Gaia.

Connection and communication are the common themes in all of Stephanie’s professional endeavors as a speech-language pathologist, birth doula, lactation consultant, infant massage instructor, and intuitive channel. When her mother’s dementia made verbal communication impossible, Stephanie found ways to communicate with her mother’s soul. This was the beginning of her channeling journey.

As a conscious channel, Stephanie is both the vessel to receive the messages as well as a guide to provide depth and context for the information coming through. She uses her keen sense of humor, love, and compassion to join her clients in their spiritual experience. Stephanie also mentors clients in discerning their own inner voice of wisdom, enhancing their confidence and self-trust, improving their relationships, clarifying their soul’s purpose, and finding their laughter and joy.

Author of the best-seller Joining Joanie – Staying Connected To Your Loved One Through Dementia And Beyond, Stephanie is currently completing her second book about her spiritual journey. In her TEDx talk I Am an Intuitive Channel, she shares her unexpected experience with channeling and invites others to discover their own intuitive gifts.

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Stephanie Banks 0:00
I believe that we are in a co creative and conversational experience with them where we ask for the support. Then we position ourselves to receive the support which means we stay awake, we pay attention. Did we get what we asked for are some things similar to it? Do we say thank you?

Alex Ferrari 0:29
I've been able to partner with Mindvalley. To present you guys FREE Masterclass is between 60 and 90 minutes, hovering Mind Body Soul Relationships, and Conscious Entrepreneurship, taught by spiritual masters, yogi's spiritual thought leaders and best selling authors. Just head over to nextlevelsoul.com/free. I'd like to welcome to the show Stephanie Banks. How you doin Stephanie?

Stephanie Banks 1:01
Hey, good, Alex, how are you?

Alex Ferrari 1:03
I'm doing very good. I'm very good. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm, I'm fascinated by what you do. And I always love having channels on the show. Because everyone's different. Everyone connects a different way. And it's always so interesting to hear different perspectives on what a channel does, how they do it, and how it affects them personally, and how it affects the people that they work with. So my first question your you call yourself an intuitive channel, what is the difference between an intuitive channel versus just a run amount, you know, normal chat?

Stephanie Banks 1:38
Oh, who the hell knows? I don't know, right? This is where language can fail us. Because it's very hard to apply. Words to work that is difficult to describe and really needs to be experienced to for the person to be able to express what that is to them. But intuitive channel, just to me means I use my intuition, which we all have to channel to bring in connection to divine energy, which we all are. So we're all channels. I say this all the time. And we all have intuition. And I'm no different than anybody else. I wasn't born with something that no one else has, in my belief. And, but I have learned how to get out of my way. And so that's a lifelong pursuit. And which allows me to connect to spirit or the invisible realms or souls that are here on the planet and or on the other side guides, things like that, to bring in guidance, support information, insight, energy, whatever.

Alex Ferrari 2:42
Because I know the journey that we're all on here on Earth is fairly easy. And you don't have to really need any guidance, really just walk through life easily. Nothing ever happens.

Stephanie Banks 2:52
Now, now we had a lot to celebrate this, you know, season.

Alex Ferrari 2:58
No, it's not the way it works. So any help at all. And this insanity that is this, the physical realm is helpful. So how did you start your journey as a channel?

Stephanie Banks 3:09
About 15 years ago, I met a best friend of mine, a new friend, but she ended up being my best friend. And she did this work. She was a physical therapist by training. So I'm a speech pathologist by training and we connected on that rehab, medical rehab connection. And she had this ability to channel to bring forward messages from Spirit to for family and friends. And that's really who she was serving at the time. And so, at the same time synchronistically that I was learning from observing her, my mother was diagnosed with dementia, and she had a dementia that affected younger people. So she was diagnosed in her she had started in her 50s. And I needed to find ways to continue to connect with her and communicate with her that transcended verbal communication, because with dementia, your pathways are breaking apart in the brain. And so most people who have it at some point in time cannot verbally communicate clearly anymore or cannot understand language in the same way. So I was connecting the two ways of using the soul connection to understand my mother better and stay connected and in communication with her and watching my best friend serve those that she served with her channeling.

Alex Ferrari 4:32
So how does it work? When you channel I always love asking that question because it's like it's different. Do you see dead people? You're like, in the sixth sense, like you know, you're sleeping and all of a sudden you walk in and you're like, Oh, Hi Bob. Like how is that? How does it work? I know it's different for everybody. So I'd love to hear your processes.

Stephanie Banks 4:54
For me, I really do limit it to when I am on the clock when I am serving others, that doesn't mean that I don't receive my own support and guidance from my Spirit Guides and my ancestors and loved ones who are here to bring that forward because I do. And sometimes they do come through when I'm in the shower, or when I'm in the grocery line, you know, at different times, but it never feels intrusive, because the it's always coming from the highest loving frequency. And I think that's the trick to feeling safe as a channel. If you can learn to have your set point, at a high frequency and trust that all energies that are coming through are of of that level or higher, which is my deal with my guides, then, then it's joyful on it's fun, and it's not a drag. So that's, you know, been very important to me. And when I teach others to channel, I spend a lot of time focusing on the responsibility that we have to maintain ourselves clear and as high vibrational as possible.

Alex Ferrari 5:57
So you're not like Whoopi Goldberg and ghost where someone's coming in you and like, still like talking? Like Lakeisha? Are you why you were in that that was such a great scene. Oh, God, I love that movie.

Stephanie Banks 6:10
Best scene ever know what's funny is that no, I do not experience that. And I once went for an interview as a channel. So I wanted to provide groups through this new age store in my neighborhood. And as my interview I actually had to channel for the proprietor, the owner of the store. I mean, that was nerve racking. She had 2530 years of experience on me. And and after I channeled for her, she told me, Yes, I definitely want you to offer your work here. She said, I'm also really happy to see that you are a conscious channel. And I said, Oh, that's awesome. What is that? Because I didn't know how that there were conscious channels and trance channels and all different types of ways. But in the conscious channeling that I do, I am fully aware and in control of my body, my sensations. What's here, who's I'm the only one in here. And so I don't feel worried or nervous that I'm going to be overtaken or distracted from or manipulated by any other energy or entity. One is just not how I learned to channel and two i I trust myself and my guides, but that's not how I will work best. So I don't I'm not at risk for that in my work. And because of the conscious channeling,

Alex Ferrari 7:40
Right, so I'm like, like someone like Casey who was asleeping channel if you sense he was he was he wasn't aware. He didn't even remember what he said. And they were that's why they were dictating everything he did. So you that was your deal. You're like, Yeah, I'm gonna I want I want to be awake. I want to be able to do it. Now, is there a difference between what you do is a channel than a medium? Or they both kind of the same thing? Again, this is like we're getting into nitpicky stuff, but I'm just curious.

Stephanie Banks 8:08
No, it's important. They are different. And I do mediumship as well. So mediumship connecting to those on the other side, and channeling connecting to all energy around so I also channel trees, I channel animals, I channel Gaia. We can you know, and like I mentioned spirit guides as well. And then the medium ship. Yes. If my clients want to hear from the soul perspective of a loved one on the other side, definitely we can do I can do that.

Alex Ferrari 8:39
So when you first discovered your ability, I have to believe it was fairly I mean, I'm assuming you didn't weren't raised with this information. You weren't raised in a family of channels. And this is just like every everyday situation. So when you first discovered this ability, how did you deal with it on a psychological standpoint, just like mentally and you know, were you quote unquote closeted for a while before you kind of started being outward about it. How did you deal with it?

Stephanie Banks 9:07
Well, I I luckily discovered it quietly on my own while in circle with my best friend who was channeling for others. So as she was channeling, I started to realize that I too, was receiving messages and feeling presence that I had not before. So for a while I just sat on that. And with that I didn't feel confident at all to offer that up or to share what was coming through it for years. I decided that she was the only one who could do this and whatever I was getting was not a value. This is just right with that ego mind does to keep us safe. And then eventually I my curiosity one out and I thought we'll win So maybe this is something and maybe I do want to dive in. And maybe I won't be offering it professionally. And maybe that's not the point. But perhaps it's cool and fun and interesting. And I have so many areas in my professional life that I've done just because they're cool and fun and interesting. So I started to take core courses, classes, workshops, traveling to take some of Sonia show cats trainings, because she's a psychic medium that I really admire. And yeah, and I found that it is a thing and and it took me more years. I mean, I remember the moment when I decided, okay, fine, I will, I will offer this to others. But it took it took me a while I was definitely in resistance to it, there was a lot of fear around it. This is not mainstream yet. And the work and the relationships that I had, were more mainstream. So it was a stretch for me to make space for this and eventually to claim it as a part of myself. But once I did, wow, the freedom and elation and joy has been the, the gift from it.

Alex Ferrari 11:15
And when you're channeling from my understanding is that there's generally not someone dictating or saying things to you, generally speaking, it's more pictures or images, or come off as like little mini movies or something like that, in more of an announcement analogy, but a metaphor of what they're trying to say and where sometimes they just come something comes through. If you're doing mediumship specific to the person like you know, I think I heard you say once something about a cowboy or something like that, and, and you're like, I have no idea why there's a cowboy on a clown, I have no idea. Does that mean something to you? And then they go, Oh, my God, my, my cow. My dad was a clown. And he was how to gobble things like that. So how was it for you? Is it is it more? Do they? Do you hear voice voices? Or is it more just images and kind of video or video if you will.

Stephanie Banks 12:07
So the way I experienced channeling is that it is I am hearing but it's not hearing through the vibration of sound waves. It is I am hearing the message at the same time or within milliseconds of speaking it. So when I channel it is like a stream of words and language. I do see imagery with it. But it's not that I see imagery and then try to figure out what it is or present that to my client as this is what I see. And I don't know, but I know what example you're talking about. But I people say that when I'm channeling for them, it sounds like I'm reading I've actually had new clients, they're you reading something to me. No not reading anything. But the messages come through very quickly. They sound like they're conversational, or at least like a monologue almost. And it is comprehensive. It touches on so many different things. Even if that person asked one particular specific question, there's a lot that comes through around it to inform and support and provide, you know, insight and understanding into whatever it is that they are struggling with or trying to get clarity on. So that's how I do it imagery comes through at the same time. But what's fun when I'm channeling is that a lot of times the messages are really light hearted and joyful and humorous. And that has to do with me being that way. And my guides being that way and the way I work with my guides in that way. And also that humor is healing. And we are not here to take ourselves so darn seriously all the time. So when we go to that lighter place of joy and laughter than actually we are for healing at the same time. But I will see when I'm channeling there's a moment in time where I understand what's coming through. I haven't spoken it just yet because there's that tiny delay, but I will smile or have a little bit of a laugh because I get the whole full picture of what this beautiful thing is that's coming. And when I look back and I watched myself on video channeling I can see that point which I I was made aware of this beautiful piece that's that's here for this person, it could be humorous, it could be lighter, and then the joke comes out or the angle of what gives everything levity comes out and that's always really fun for me.

Alex Ferrari 14:38
That's fascinating. It's almost like every time I've seen a channel work the it you know because there's obviously a lot of people who don't believe in channeling I don't believe in any of this stuff that we're talking about and that's fine. It's it whatever is true to you is is up to you. But on a logical standpoint, I look at someone because I've seen I've seen your channeling videos I actually watched a few Have them on your show on your YouTube channel. So I was watching them and the way you're speaking, it'd be very difficult for you to do that off the top of your head. It'd be extreme, just on a logical standpoint. Is it possible? Maybe, maybe, but you would be a savant at that point. It's like you are, you're speaking out as any type of anytime I've spoken to channels, I've seen channels do their thing. It's always that they're just like, all on me turn on board. And it's a different cadence than their normal speech speech pattern. It sounds like someone else's speaking to them. And it's, it's like, you know, there's one channel, there's, there's a channel I know that he speaks, and then he repeats himself. He speaks, it's, and I'm like, there's no, there's just no way the human mind can do that, I think even tried to read a few sentences that way. It's impossible. So that's when I was when I was watching your videos. I was like, oh, there it is. Yeah. Because, I mean, if you're doing it on the fly, even, like, if I asked you a question, and then you're answering on the fly like that, on a logical standpoint, it I can't I can't make any sense of it. So that's why I'm like, Hey, believe it or not, don't believe it. But some comments, some satin, something's happening.

Stephanie Banks 16:20
Yes, exactly. And I, when I've done radio shows where I've taken callers, you know, and that that is very anxiety provoking for me, just by fact of it being live and you don't know who's coming in, there's no opportunity to get to know even the person's energy beforehand. But yeah, I think there's enough evidence and science out there that supports this, we have plenty of books, we have plenty of research, this is a thing. And like you said, if it's not in your belief system, awesome. That's perfectly fine. We get to have our own beliefs about it. But I think we're way past the time where people can say, that's not real.

Alex Ferrari 17:02
Right! I think in I mean, some of the concepts of meditation, even I mean, from back in the day that meditation was looked at, as some some, you know, weird thing in the West, ever in the east, these that was around for 1000s of years. But in the West, it was just like, that's crazy. Blah, blah, blah. And now it's been scientifically proven to all the things that it does for you, and so on. So there's a lot of things in the zeitgeist now that it was fascinating to watch for me, you know, me being on earth at this time. Even in my lifetime, how much has changed from the 80s? To 70s 80s 90s? To today? Where things are so you know, everybody's doing yoga? I remember when yoga was the people looked at you like you're doing yoga. What is that? Are you an Indian guru? Like, what are you doing? So there's certain things are a lot more accepted nowadays. And I think in the future, they'll become even more and more accepted and more and more mainstream, without question. Which brings me to my next question. You mentioned guides or spirit guides, can you explain to be honest, what a spirit guide is? And how do you communicate with them differently than, let's say, a loved one when you're doing mediumship.

Stephanie Banks 18:10
So I like to describe our spirit guides as our non physical energetic support network. And I also like to explain this isn't my belief in my studies, but I think of them as beings that are assigned to us, sometimes lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. We travel with them who don't necessarily have to incarnate in body, but are here to support our journeys. And so we have guides for the most mundane things like my guides, get me the best parking spot at the mall consistently, every time I remember to ask them, or, you know, great discounts on shoes, if you want to talk about real material, 3d stuff,

Alex Ferrari 18:56
That's amazing. They're like a caseworker. They're like a caseworker. They're like a caseworker that's assigned to you. All right. You guys definitely for this lifetime. All right, where's the where's the file? Oh, she's got to do what this time oh my god, I was just going to be asking for paperwork and parking, parking spots and choose. Alright. Do I get help with this case? I mean, this is not going to be easy.

Stephanie Banks 19:25
So there's that but we also have those assigned to us for our most profound and synchronistic and like, beyond our imagining the things in our life that just we cannot explain how that happened or through reason, but the divine timing of everything just lined up the perfect conversation with the perfect person at the perfect time and oh my gosh, now look what happened, you know, so, so they're they run the gamut. And we our job, I believe, because I don't believe they just swoop in and do things for us. I believe that we are in a co creative and conversational experience with them where we ask for the support, then we position ourselves to receive the support, which means we stay awake, we pay attention, did we get what we asked for? Are some things similar to it? Do we say thank you? Did we, you know, are we in reciprocity, with with that with their energy, because they do want to support and please, but we, you know, I could ask for something and if I'm really grumpy and and, uh, you know, Cranky place, I'm going to get a response to my request, it's going to be more of a match for where I'm at energetically, then I might say, Oh, well, my guides never listened to me. They didn't give me what I wanted. Yeah, they actually gave me close to what I asked for from the place that I was in. And that's why it doesn't feel quite right now, because I'm not in that place anymore. Where I recognize that what I was asking for was not in the highest service. So your guides will do what's, what supports you and what helps you grow, because I feel that's what we're here to do as souls.

Alex Ferrari 21:06
And we have I've had a lot of questions people asked me on regards to the people who surround us, you know, like spirit guides or relatives, like, you know, when your mom or dad pass away, or, you know, are they with your your grandparents with you? Are they helping you along the way? And I've jokingly said, Oh, that's Big Brother, Big brothers around you at all times. And they like to they watch us take showers and like, maybe I don't know, but they're around all the time. And it's we're probably a fun show to watch to tell you the truth. I mean, we are hilarious. I've always used the analogy I come from the film industry. So I always use the analogy of a movie is that we are here as actors playing a part which is not new. But the difference is that we believe the part that we're playing is the real part. As opposed to you know, I always use Anthony Hopkins, and sounds of the Lambs as Hannibal Lecter. Anthony Hopkins is the sole Hannibal Lecter is the part the insanity is to believe that he's Hannibal Lecter and stays on set and strives to actually start killing and meeting people. That's his it's, that would be an insane thing. But he knows after the day is over, he takes off the Hannibal Lecter suit, comes back gets back in his car. And he's Anthony Hopkins. And that's, that's the thing that a lot of us don't understand, we all believe that we are the act, the character that we are playing, and not the actor inside of us. And that is that is I think the the insanity that we are here that we are at a physical having a physical experience only where we should be more of a spirit we are spiritual beings having an experience a physical experience, and not not just a physical because this is some Meat Puppets.

Stephanie Banks 22:59
I totally agree with that. And when you add the dimension of our limitlessness, you know, the soul aspect of who we are. And the fact that that continues we actually do it's the only thing we bring with us when we leave body is our soul our spirit, then it adds a dimension of purpose, meaning, beauty light to this very dense plane that is very difficult for a lot of us, especially those who are sensitive.

Alex Ferrari 23:33
Now, I was wondering when you channel does it wear you out physically? Does it? Does it actually take a toll on you when you're channeling for an hour or half hour? Or doing sessions? Does it wear on you physically?

Stephanie Banks 23:48
It depends on who I'm channeling for. Usually no 90% of the time, I feel very energized by the channeling to the point where I have to wait a while before I can go to sleep because it's you know, there's like an activation and a joy and an excitement that comes through. So but there have been times depending on the, you know, the, what I'm bringing what's coming through.

Alex Ferrari 24:16
It's not always it's not it's not always rainbows and unicorns.

Stephanie Banks 24:20
Right, we're going through some difficult times right now and it's not that heavy stuff comes through because it's only love that I'm attuning to. But even love can feel complicated and is using right and even at times painful when we misunderstand. Or we're enforcing something an outdated belief or paradigm that just simply doesn't fit anymore. But for the most part, I'm not tired by it. Why I have done groups in the past where I will channel for 40 or 50 people I won't do that again, because that is depleting. That's very exhausting to do. To bounce around so much into different energies and quickly read and bring through. So I've learned what my when I do a group, ideally, it's less than 20 people that gives me enough regenerative energy and keeps me in the clarity that I hold as a standard. Anything beyond that, I start to feel a little muddy and murky and tired, it's it can be tiring, it was tiring is the concentration. Right? That's what can be very wearing. Because the intensity of focus when I am closing my eyes, and looking, you know, where I look and receiving and speaking and bringing all of that forward, it's a lot of concentration. And these days, no human has any more ability to focus, like, worse, what we're used to swiping now, and our attention span is so much shorter than it's ever been. So that can be taxing,

Alex Ferrari 25:59
To say the least, do you ever, you know, just like walking around, let's say in your normal, everyday life, and all of a sudden, like, you know, you meet Sally, Sally comes over and you've known Sally for a while you're like, Hey, how you doing? Sally, I got a message for you. You know, Bob came in, and Bob has someone to talk to you about your grandpa Bob, does that happen? At any point? Do you like just like, a message just like, it just comes in? And you just have like, I have, do you have a second, something's coming in. And I really need to tell you this.

Stephanie Banks 26:35
Sometimes I will have a soul who I've channeled. And they have more to say. So they will kind of like sit on my shoulder, you know, like, hey, you know, how about, you know, tell them this or that. And I'll have to say, sessions over, you know, we're, we're done, you'll have

Alex Ferrari 26:56
fairly frustrating, very frustrating for the soul, I have to say, very frustrating.

Stephanie Banks 27:02
They'll have their time if they you know, if there's something there's never been anything that I feel is like life threatening or life changing or super urgent, that I must tell someone in order to preserve them in some way or protect them in some way. So that's not it. But what will happen much more frequently is that I'll be out and about my daily life, and I will, spirit will flash someone across my awareness. So sometimes it's a client, sometimes it's a friend, sometimes whomever. And if I'm connected with them, I will send a text and just say, hey, you know, how are things? Or I'm feeling you really strong right now. Everything okay? I'll just say, you know, because I don't always know exactly the nature of it. But it's spirit signaling me to reach out in love to someone else. Every single time I do that, well, maybe once or twice, it has not happened. But every other time. The person has said OMG How did you know to reach out to me right now, you will not believe what just happened or you I was just thinking of you or I was just about to schedule with you, or I just felt my mom's so present was thinking about this or that. So that happens a lot. And that's fun, that's light that's joyful. That's a life affirming. Its soul affirming. I love that.

Alex Ferrari 28:25
Now, you mentioned earlier that everyone has the ability to do what you do. How can people more understand them, how they can connect to that part of themselves that intuition how to open themselves up to that kind of inner wisdom,

Stephanie Banks 28:42
Self care, self love and self compassion. So what I'm learning even with my own resistance to all the ills of the world is that I can activate externally and fight for this cause and that cause and these rights and those rights but if I'm not doing the inner work of alignment and presencing myself and digging out my own limitations and looking at some of that more closely, I'm going to be very ineffective in any activism work that I do. And so to be a clear channel, I must be committed to myself my inner state all the time. That doesn't mean that I'm always buzzing and high vibrational and you know, giggling and skipping about my life is just as complicated as anybody else's and I have all the same struggles that anybody else does as well. But But what I do is I prioritize my self care and my self compassion. So when I have made a mistake about something and I would normally in years past beat myself up over that for sometimes weeks or months or a very long time. I have that time has shortened I recognize the day different voices. One is the egoic voice that wants me to play a smaller game so that we can stay safe. And I honor her. Okay, gotcha, thanks, ego, I know, I know your job. But I've got this and it's okay, we are going to enter into more visibility, now we are going to share our heart and our spirit with the world. Paying attention to that applying compassion to, to me, has been very helpful. What I do as a general practice is, I do have a meditative practice, of course, and meditation can come in so many different forms. For me, I also have to get out in the natural world every day, I have got to be among the plants and the animals, the butterflies and the birds, the life that occurs, while I'm within these little walls doing my my life, because that for me is where my soul is at ease. And where I come back into the interconnectivity of all life. So I'm not actually this lone person having this, you know, independent, isolated experience of the world, I'm part of a weaving of this beautiful life on the planet. And I contribute to it, or I detract from it. And I do both, right, like, I have plastic in my house, for example, and I can be wasteful with food and so, but I also plant a garden and I grow food, and I, you know, there's all these angles, so doing what's nourishing to us. And finding those places where we can draw energy and love and compassion and kindness and connection is, is self care. And that is, I believe, required, at least for me to be a clear channel, and also deep relationships. I'm not a fan of superficial Conversations. I'm not a fan of being in crowds, where I have to figure out how to have superficial conversations. So I made sure

Alex Ferrari 31:57
I come from, I come from LA, so So you could imagine.

Stephanie Banks 32:03
So, so knowing, knowing my limitations, and also my desires and making those not only okay, but making sure I have those things that bring me joy, and light and love is what's important.

Alex Ferrari 32:18
Now, so many of us, I ask this question often on the show, but I'd love to hear your point of view on it. So many of us are fine trying to find our purpose, or trying to find why we're here what we're supposed to be doing. And so many of us don't, aren't happy, because we're at a dead end job, or we're doing something we just don't like, we might be making money and putting food on the table, but we're just not happy. Doing that question. I always love asking that question to people. I'm like, Are you happy? And it just floors of it? That's a very profound question. And because most people don't think that they'd never think that that word like Are you happy? And then you when you brought that questions thrown to your face, you just like, Well, no, I'm not happy, and then just start shoot down a whole rabbit hole. So the back to my original question, what do you how do you think people can find their purpose, their mission in this life?

Stephanie Banks 33:15
Well, what I actually advise is find the thing, or things that breaks your heart and go into service towards the more beautiful world that your heart knows is possible with that thing. So in my case, I love this planet. I feel like she is my mother, I refer to her that way. And I love all the life upon it. And so what breaks my heart, there are many things that break my heart, but one is ecocide, the destruction of, of life of trees of entire species that we are losing every day is so crazy making for me. So I, I use my my gifts and my skills and my heart and my love and my resources to serve into that more beautiful world that my heart knows because I can see it, I can see a planet where humans are living in harmony with all life. I know that that is possible. I have the capacity for that. So it's not present right now or certainly not globally speaking. And so that's that feels to me to be part of my purpose. But ultimately, what I believe is that all of our souls are here for the same purpose, which is to love to get as close as we can to unconditional divine love, and to grow. So for loving and we're growing, you got it, that's your purpose. And then the way that we express that through using our personalities or using the skills that we have honed or using the, the gifts that we feel we've been given or the resources that we have. That's that's how we direct it. But in terms of our purpose, it's to, it's to love and to grow. And I find that happiness is elusive. The word itself how do people don't even know? How will I know when I'm happy? How will you know when you're happy? Right? So I, Happiness can be very fleeting to like, we can feel happy in one moment and then completely lost and empty in the next. So it's it's an ongoing thing and I like I focus my attention on JOY What feels joyful. To me that feels like a big boost of a bubble, you know, the word joy does. So that's kind of what I use as a frame of reference.

Alex Ferrari 35:43
Now, with that said, when even when people do find out what they are meant to do in their mission here, they're afraid to take the jump, like you were talking about your ego trying to stop you from going more public into it with you what you do. How do you overcome that fear?

Stephanie Banks 36:00
By doing it.

Alex Ferrari 36:02
Feel the fear, feel the fear and do it anyway.

Stephanie Banks 36:04
Bring it with you, your fear is your friend. Mine is now my friend, it doesn't always feel that way. Because we're not always in relationship with it. We are in you know, a more like an adversity and aversion to it, trying to avoid it or being in resistance to it. But my fears have advised me of some very important things that I am grateful for. They've told me that, oh, people will you know, they, there's not there's going to be non believers about your work. And it will feel very harsh to you because you have a people pleasing aspect to yourself. And that's gonna be really hard. And oh my gosh, what will you do? What will you do? That's a fear. Yeah, it is really hard. And here I am. Anyway, still showing up and still doing it. And applying compassion, self compassion, and self love when I need to, which is all the time. And my fears have told me about, you know, oh, for example, your marriage can't hold all of who you are was a fear. What if there's not room for all of me, and my marriage turns out there wasn't. So now I'm not in the marriage. So these are things that we they're part of the growth, this is part of my, my journey, you know, my path has been to look closely at that, which is supporting my expansion and self expression, cultivate that. And then look closely at that, which is limiting myself expression and expansion. And if I can eliminate it or minimize it, then that's kind of my work, because I am here to be all of myself.

Alex Ferrari 37:43
No, with all the work that you've been doing as a channel over the years, how has that changed your outlook on life, death and spirituality?

Stephanie Banks 37:52
Well, my outlook on death is completely different. I wouldn't say that I don't have any fears around it, because I'm still, I still really want to stay in the body for a good long time. Oh,

Alex Ferrari 38:05
Everybody wants to go to heaven, But not just right now.

Stephanie Banks 38:11
But I know I don't feel that death. It's not a finality, it's just it only for those who feel left behind who who don't know that there it's possible to still connect with and communicate with and be in reciprocity, with the soul that is no longer in body so my, my view on death has, has shifted a lot. My view on life, I am so much braver than I ever knew I could be the level of courage that I have shown in my life so far, has expanded just kind of exploded with my channeling work. It's hard to, it's harder to hide. And I don't want to hide as much as I used to, or kind of like fly under the radar kind of thing. But that's and what was the other one life death and

Alex Ferrari 39:11
Spirituality in general.

Stephanie Banks 39:13
Oh, yeah. So I what I've appreciated in my work is that I have had the opportunity to work with so many people with so many varying lifestyles and spirituality views and vantage points, and there's room for all of it, really, and we all connect to spirit differently. We all feel it differently. And that's beautiful. And you never know what somewhere someone's spiritual journey is going to take them so I always try to keep a lot of open space around that that person, their soul, their spirit, because we're expanding all the time. And the acceleration of the energy on this planet is really really intense. So we don't know yet what's possible and I hold that picture in my heart of the just this The endless open possibility,

Alex Ferrari 40:03
Do you have a message for anyone listening now that is dealing with losing a loved one or is about to lose someone in their life, to give them some sort of either comfort or understanding on what is happening.

Stephanie Banks 40:21
For people that are in the process of witnessing or supporting someone through end of life, I really encourage you to say the things that you need to say, even if the person can't respond to you anymore, or you can't have like a normal conversation, express the love and the forgiveness that you have. And even if it's not completely fully formed, it's okay to still say it and offer it because a lot of times in our lives, once we can speak something out, even if it hasn't fully been revealed yet, or we're not fully living into it yet. It can facilitate that experience. So if you have someone to forgive, and you have the gift of time, while they're still embodied, to forgive them, or to offer love, tenderness, kindness, do so I mean, really, really take advantage of that, that is not only healing for you, but can be very freeing and healing for them. And then for those who are in more acute recent grief, be really gentle with yourself, move slowly listened to what your needs are, show compassion and forgiveness for yourself, we tend to blame ourselves and question ourselves, what if I had made them go to the doctor, what if I had done this that I make the wrong decision for them. And that is the fearful mind. And it's understandable and it kind of gets flared up in these very intense emotional situations. But grief takes its own turns, and it takes his own time. And we don't want to rush through or skip over anything, because then it will just hang out and express itself for the rest of your life in ways that are not healthy. So be sweet and be slow and be gentle and allow for allow for your heart to come back to the place of connection, your loved one, no matter if they're in form or in on the other side and soul form or physical form, you have connection to them. And that doesn't change.

Alex Ferrari 42:29
Now, there's so much insanity going on in the world today. I mean, we are, this is an almost unheard of thing that's happening between every aspect of, you know, conflicts within countries, environment, politics, financial, a pandemic, all this kind of stuff. There's a shift going on in the world. What do you think? Or what is your, your guides or your work? Do you have a message for people going through what we're going through, I still, by the way, don't believe that we've hit the bottom of this situation? I think we still we still got a little bit a little bit more to go before we hit bottom. So things might get worse. In the near future. What do you think? What do you have? What kind of message do you have for that?

Stephanie Banks 43:17
Like buckle up?

Alex Ferrari 43:21
Strap in. Strap in is going to be one hell of a ride.

Stephanie Banks 43:30
Yeah, I am not. I'm not coming from a negative perspective and saying so but we are in a desperate time. And it is charted to continue. I mean, there's you just look at data and evidence and I do believe in science. So we have a lot of work. But we have also chosen this time to be here to embody and so how I think of things in terms of like a legacy. When I'm at the end of my of this lifetime, what do I want to have said about me or say about myself about the way that I served or how I showed up to this? And some days I don't want to get out of bed to you know like it the the issues are so enormous they're so beyond what any what what I can feel any level of control around. I mean, I spent I shed tears just today about the fireworks. What are what are the fireworks, you know, like, it's so loud and the wildlife is, you know, scared off and my dogs have to be medicated and it's like and then the people with PTSD and those who have been victims of gun violence having to hear the sounds of what a firework you know, like this is something that is is very, there's so many things that are distressing, I'm using a very small example because of course, we have wars and everything else going on. But we are here now that is the truth. And we are here for reason. And even if you don't identify that your purpose is like, say, to make the planet a better place, or to save the trees, or the chimpanzees, or whatever it is, you are here to bring love, and compassion Earth side. So keep doing that. And that means, again, coming back to the interview, you have to start from within, I am an activist on many different fronts, and that can be very depleting. So I have a responsibility, if I'm going to show up to do the whatever I do, then I have a responsibility to bring the highest version of myself. And when I am starting to get when the anger or the frustration or the rage is getting the best of me, then I have to find a way to release that and not on others, but in whatever ways that that I do that are more healthy. So we it's it's really rough right now. And there's no indications that we are going to enter into an easier time even in my lifetime. I would like to say differently. But I'm also here to serve in in this way. This is why I'm here and I'm I'm up for it. You're up for it. We're all up for it. Strap in, we can do it. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 46:35
Strap and it's going to be one hell of a ride. Now I asked my ask my guests two questions. But you've already answered one, which is what the what is the purpose of life. But I'd like to ask you, what is your mission in this life?

Stephanie Banks 46:51
My mission is to light a path for others to return to their truth, their inner voice of wisdom, their own intuition.

Alex Ferrari 47:04
It's fair enough. And where can people find out more about you your book, and the work that you're doing?

Stephanie Banks 47:10
My website soulinsight.com

Alex Ferrari 47:15
It has been Stephanie has been amazing talking to you. Thank you so much for coming on the show. It is it's been fun to say the least the fat a lot of lives. And hopefully this conversation will help a soul on their journey as well. So I appreciate you. Thank you so much.

Stephanie Banks 47:30
Thanks, Alex. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

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