Athena’s UNBELIEVABLE CHANNELED Method for 5th DIMENSION MANIFESTATION Anyone Can Do with Robin Jelinek

In the vast expanse of human experience, we sometimes encounter moments of profound revelation and transformation. Today’s conversation is one such moment, as we welcome Robin Jelinek back to our show. Robin Jelinek is a channel for Athena, a divine collective that offers insights into the human condition, our spiritual journeys, and the process of manifestation.

Robin Jelinek’s journey is a testament to the power of surrender and the profound shifts that can occur when we align ourselves with the divine flow. Her early life, marked by a deep interest in spirituality, led to a significant Kundalini awakening in her 40s. This transformative experience set the stage for her work as a channel, where she now facilitates profound shifts in others by connecting them to their divine aspects.

Robin emphasizes that mastery is not about living a life without suffering but recognizing our preferences and choosing to follow them. “I become the creator of that preference,” she explains. This understanding allows us to shift our consciousness and move towards a 5D reality, where life unfolds not through struggle but through joy and happiness. This shift is not about changing our external circumstances but about changing how we perceive and respond to them.

During our conversation, Robin shares how her life changed significantly since her last appearance on the show. The work she and Athena do has expanded, bringing more clients and positive responses. She credits this growth to her alignment with the divine part of herself, which allows life to flow through her effortlessly. “It’s like life is just flowing through you, things just happen,” she says, describing the magical and exciting journey that results from this alignment.

Robin’s work focuses on helping others experience this divine flow. By aligning with the divine aspect within us, we can transform our lives from struggle to joy. This process involves recognizing and releasing energetic blockages, which often stem from past experiences, lineage, or societal conditioning. Through her sessions, Robin guides individuals to uncover and release these blockages, allowing the divine energy to flow freely and manifest desired outcomes.

A key aspect of Robin’s teachings is the importance of congruence in our choices. She explains that incongruent energy, such as staying in a situation we do not truly want, creates resistance and prevents us from manifesting our desires. By fully getting behind our choices and aligning our energy with them, we can achieve success and fulfillment. This principle applies to all areas of life, from careers to relationships.

Robin also discusses the significance of our energy centers and how they affect our ability to manifest. Belief systems, often formed from past experiences, can create energetic blockages that hinder our manifestation abilities. By recognizing and loving these parts of ourselves, we can open our energy centers and allow the divine to flow through us, bringing the experiences we desire.


  1. Alignment with the Divine: True mastery involves recognizing our preferences and aligning our energy with them. By doing so, we can shift our consciousness and move towards a reality of joy and happiness.
  2. Releasing Energetic Blockages: Energetic blockages, often formed from past experiences or societal conditioning, can hinder our manifestation abilities. Recognizing and loving these parts of ourselves allows the divine energy to flow freely.
  3. Congruence in Choices: Fully aligning our energy with our choices is crucial for successful manifestation. Incongruent energy creates resistance, preventing us from achieving our desires.

Robin’s insights remind us that our journey is about embracing our divine nature and allowing it to guide us. By aligning with the divine, we can transform our lives from struggle to joy, manifesting our deepest desires effortlessly. Her story encourages us to trust in the divine flow and to embrace our true selves.

Please enjoy my conversation with Robin Jelinek.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 342

Robin Jelinek 0:00
I become the creator of that preference. This is mastery. Mastery is not feeling. Mastery is not living a life of no suffering. Mastery is recognizing every time I feel I know there's a preference, and therefore I follow that preference. And I become the master of my experience. And pretty soon as I start to receive all these positive things that I've been following, I no longer create negativity. Here I am folks arriving at the five D reality, wondering how I was going to get there wondering, was I going to move or pack up my bags, you're not going anywhere, you're making a shift in consciousness. I'm choosing your universe. There's a book again, we're giving it a plug today. But it's true. You're actually deciding and choosing how you will feel. And in that way, those experiences are going to flow to you and your life is going to unfold to you. Not through suffering, but through happiness and joy.

Alex Ferrari 0:52
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Robin Jelinek. How you doing Robin?

Robin Jelinek 1:07
Hi, Alex. Nice to be here.

Alex Ferrari 1:10
Thank you again, so much for coming back, my dear. We had a wonderful conversation. Last time we were on you were on the show. And Athena and I got along famously. And we had a great time and I wanted you back because I just love your energy love Athena's energy and what both of you are trying to do for the world. So I wanted to bring you back and from the last time our conversation your life changed slightly since our episode aired, correct?

Robin Jelinek 1:35
It has Yes, I really exploded workwise since I was on your show last and we were discussing that before we got on today. The wonderful clients really been have come from your broadcast and how positive all the responses have been. And I really feel just honored to be here today in in your presence, because I don't think you realize even yourself, what you're doing for people, because so many people are changed by this work. And to have this kind of outlet or availability to this material and different practitioners is a huge accomplishment as far as you're concerned.

Alex Ferrari 2:11
Oh, well, thank you so much for that. That's, that's humbling to say the least I, I don't even think about those things. Honestly, I just want to help people. And I just want to do this show and have fun doing it, and help people along the way. But I can't even comprehend sometimes, all you see is those little numbers go by the views. And these, those are human beings, those are people who are watching this. So if my work helps people, all the better, you know, this is just beautiful.

Robin Jelinek 2:35
I myself am kind of experiencing similarly to you, how you change or what happens when you allow the divine part of you to actually govern your life or be in charge of it. And it's not like you're working, it's like life is just flowing through you things just happen. And it becomes this fun, magical, smooth, unbelievable, exciting journey that you get on. So that's my goal, really in the work that I do is I would love for people to experience that aspect of themselves more fully, so that they can feel the flow of life rather than the struggle or the efforting that many people end up encountering in their lives.

Alex Ferrari 3:14
Oh, absolutely, absolutely. With when I decided to kind of let let the knife jump in the backseat. But just kind of let the guide move, the energy kind of moved the life life has become so much easier when you have a little bit of faith in the in the path that's in front of you. And it's scary as hell. And I was I went on the last conversation we talked about how fearful you were just to start this process. And then same for me. And it when you open yourself up to to be guided. In one way shape or form. Life becomes so much easier, where I spent close to 30 years of my life banging my head against a wall, trying to make things happen control things, feel that the ego is like I have to hack this, I have to work harder than everybody else. And there's elements of some of that in your life, you still need to work, you still need to show up, you still need to educate yourself. But doors will open and so much faster than ever before.

Robin Jelinek 4:20
Well, it's more inspired action. It's more things that you you don't look at as work, they feel very passionate and it feels like the right thing to do or the next best thing that you should move on. And I just really hope that people can experience this in their lifetime. When this all I mean of course I was on the spiritual path from my early 20s and had the Kundalini awakening in my 40s and always been a spiritual seeker and learner but to experience now what I have at the age I think it started around 60 I'm 64 years old now. Stop it Stop. It's based on both going out of this life and never having captured did that or felt that would be a very dissatisfying thought to me now, I didn't even realize that in the way that I was living my life. And it was a pretty happy when I would say I wouldn't say that I didn't have a good life I did, I had wonderful children, good husband, you know, did okay financially, so I had a good life. But when I compare it to what I have now, I would say in the past, I looked at all those things that I just mentioned, as what represented me or what made me happy in my life. And now there's this new representation, that is just me, that's that I don't, I don't need those things to be happy. I've just become this fullness, or this thing that's quite different than I was, when I was in my individual sections to people, you know, what I'm trying to say?

Alex Ferrari 5:46
Oh, I know exactly what you're trying to say. And there's something very powerful, you said, I can't, I would have been so sad if I would have left this life without doing what you're doing right now to feel what you're feeling right now. And I think that is something that so many of us listening, go through, is that we're happy, we're content, I guess, we you know, it's like, it's status quo, you know, got a good family and maybe have a good job, you know, I can't really complain, truly is, where a lot of us are. And that's that kind of like, No Man's and no woman's land, where it's like, it's not bad enough that you need to move. But it's not so great that you just like I'm gonna pose, you're kind of at this place you'd like. And I think a lot of us live in that a part of our lives. And then when you discover this other gear, in our engine, and this energy starts to flow through you, and you start to live a different kind of life. I'm speaking from my own personal experience, the life I'm living right now. It is so drastically different than any other aspects part of my life. And I still have my family. And, you know, we still, a lot of the things are still there. But there's a different feeling every morning when you wake up.

Robin Jelinek 7:06
Yeah, it's called full satisfaction. Yeah, it's weird it to come here to be fully satisfied, believe it or not, it's really funny when I do sessions with people, because oftentimes, when they don't have everything in their life that they want, maybe, maybe they're comfortable, you know, maybe they live in a place that they're okay with, but they're not thrilled with, they might be financially, okay, but they could use more, you know, and so they'll very quickly justify their dissatisfaction. And that's one of the things that the group will go into right away, if you didn't come here to be partially satisfied, and there is no shame in what it is that you want. And in fact, once you've wanted it, it's already been created. So you're never going to be satisfied without it. In essence, you're going to have to keep going until you meet that part of yourself, or you're never going to be fully satisfied in the life you're living. Once you expand, you can't suck it back out, you can't take it back, the universe gets bigger, you get bigger. And so you'll be forever feeling the gap or are not satisfied. And so once you start to align, or actually come into closer connection to what it is you have created, because the minute you wanted it, you got it. Yeah. So once you come into that kind of alignment, then then the flow just starts happening. And things just start automatically showing up in your life. And you realize that there's a flow to like fish swimming upstream, like the bear going in the den, you know, I think I I was the one doing it. I thought I had to find the right circumstance, the right people, I had to effort myself somehow into the experience that I wanted. And that's the wonderful thing that I've learned in all this is it can be effortless. And that doesn't mean as you said that you don't take any action. But the action you take is action, you can't wait to take that you're excited about taking that doesn't feel like work that feels like you know, as wonderful as laying down on a nice pillow at night and go into sleep. It doesn't feel like work anymore. It feels like the next best thing to do.

Alex Ferrari 9:00
Yeah, if you've only eaten fast food your entire life, and all of a sudden you have a Michelin star meal, then you go, Oh, you can't undo that. Now, you know it exists in the universe. And now you're like I have to get I have to get back there. You know, and that goes with everything. Once you once you taste something that it's outside of your box, you can't put it back in the box. Now you know what's out there.

Robin Jelinek 9:25
I mean, quite honestly, there's people that are being trained into thinking that it's bad to want things that saw absolutely virtual Pierce person, you wouldn't need anything and they're actually trying to dial down their experience and not feel it or not want for things because they think that wanting for things is the cause of suffering. wanting things isn't the cause of suffering not getting them is in my book. So and actually as a human you can achieve anything that you're wanting in your life provided you get the setting of receiving devices open, which are the energy centers of the body. The only reason you wouldn't be fully satisfied in every area of your life is you would have an energetic entrapment. So when I work with a client, the first thing I want to know is how satisfied are you in all areas of your life go through the love of life, the way that they are able to speak, the power center, how they feel in control of their life, maybe their sexual well being and health, their ability to communicate through movement of their body singing, those types of things. Are you afraid of where the next dollar is coming from? Or do you feel like you can spend freely do you have to hoard you know, we go through all these questions, and very quickly, their human part of them wants to work with the divine, it's not the human against the divine, it's the human communicating to the Divine through Sometimes what we'll call negativity, which is really just the truth of what the human holds as to why they're not getting what they want. So it's not really negativity, it's the human kicking out feelings and thoughts, hey, you got this thing in here, you become this other thing that could come to you if you would release this from your energetic field. And so this is the way that negativity is looked at by the group that I channeled not as a something to be silenced or turned off, but something to really respect and listen to and and then love out of yourself, get it out of your energy centers, so that you can actually connect to that part of yourself that has expanded by every experience you've had,

Alex Ferrari 11:12
You know, I'd love to touch on something you just said a little bit ago, in regards to the blocks, your own blocks that you put in your in your way, which is the programming that we've had, since we were born, the programming from our family, our society, or groups or religion, whatever those blocks are, where you think, Oh, you have to work hard for money, or only only bad people are rich, or only this or that. And, you know, it's been coined, I didn't coin it, I think her I forgot who coined it, but the poor people mentality, which is something very, very powerful, where you see these lottery ticket winners who, you know, been, you know, making a, you know, minimum wage all their life, and all of a sudden, they have five or $10 million, their brain can't conceive of not only how to handle that kind of responsibility, or energy, but they're almost ridiculous about the limitations they put on themselves. Like, I can't spend that. Because you know, I can only go to, you know, a motel, I can't really go to the Ritz Carlton, like, and look, you don't have to go to the Ritz Carlton. But you can definitely not worry about things like that, if you have the resources, and these blocks that you know, this poor people mentality, it is no joke, if you are raised with these kinds of things, your movements, your your thought patterns, they have to be reprogrammed in your mind. So a lot of the stuff we're talking about whether that's just money, it goes in relationships, it goes in career, it goes in health, it goes into every aspect of your life, these blocks or obstacles or blocks that have been programmed into you limitations that have been programmed into you. When you start breaking through those things. You just like, oh, oh, that's a think of what we're talking about here. Correct?

Robin Jelinek 13:04
Well, and then you throw in the ancestral, that can be part of it. Oh, that's a whole other world. Yeah. So that's a whole nother thing that you don't even have privy to, some people don't know who their parents were, you know, you don't really know what they lived or how they felt. And that's part of your experience. So, yeah, that's definitely very much true. And I think it's something that it naturally can evolve in you in a way that a human thinks that they have to change themselves. Quite honestly, the human doesn't have the ability to change itself. The human is an experiential tool, it experiences life. And from those experiences, it generates a feeling or an emotion. And that feeling an emotion is an energetic charge that is received by the divine part of you and the universe and expands you and the universe. And so you can't really do anything more than experience and feel based upon your lineage, your past lives, what you've lived in this life. And so that's what's causing you to perceive and believe in the life that you're seeing in front of yourself is actually your perception of it. And so you can't really expect the human to do something that it's not capable of doing. And so what we always talk about is loving it out of yourself. And by loving out of yourself, it's understanding the human journey and surrendering to the way that you feel, in the love of self, not in the denial of the experience, not in I should have done it better not in condemnation or judgment of yourself, because the human is going to clamp down on that emotion even tighter. When it feels as though you're not satisfied with it or you think it's done something wrong. It's only operating out of its own means of what it has available to it in the way that it is experienced its life. So how can we condemn that we don't know what the lineage was all the time. We don't remember all the past life experiences that are packed up in that package and then we go to hating ourselves, we go to judging ourselves we go to condemning ourselves, and so then that energetic level of vibration just keeps down low. And so we keep sending out that low vibe. ration and the universe being the mirror that it is just keeps returning experiences that match that lower vibration. But once you love it out of the human in the idea, I know why you felt like that I know what you went through I, I love you for the experience, I know that I have expanded because of it, you haven't felt it as a human because you're still holding on to the negativity that you sent it out in. And so you kind of stood out to yourself not in wanting a change or not in condemning, just understanding and surrendering that this is the life experience that there are tough things and people react in different ways based upon the things that I mentioned. And so as you start to do this, what happens is, your vibration starts to rise and you become unified or capable of connecting to the divine part of yourself, which in turn actually flows through the human and makes the changes that you yourself as a human have been trying to do, but are not capable of the divine part of you is the transmitter of negativity of energy. It's the gifter of experiences of the things that you are calling for that will align to the way that you want to feel. That's why you felt as you did. And so it's the deliver of preferences. That's what it is, you're not the one making the preference. I mean, you're having the desire, yes, you're making the preference in the way that you feel. But you're not creating the experience, the Divine is doing that. So when you start condemning the human and judging it, you're making it feel as though it has to do something that it doesn't have control over. It can only experience for you. The Divine is the one that has the control to actually reveal to you the true you or the way that you want to portray yourself in the world. It has that capability. But the human itself through its experience doesn't have that

Alex Ferrari 16:34
Robin, I have to ask you that was that sound almost sounded Athena esque. Was she kind of working through you that could almost see

Robin Jelinek 16:44
What goes on with me from rising, what actually happens not to get off topic here. Tiny rising is a unification of the soul aspect of yourself with the human part. So there is a form of Robin channeling now the divine part of herself, which really increases the nice flow, the ability to receive wisdom and knowledge and information and flow it through as Robin which I was never able to do before. So it's not really Athena. But that would be more than divine part of Robin coming through. So I have two different things going on. Because of the Kundalini energy rising, it made me an attractive candidate for the group that I channeled. But it's actually a separate thing that goes on with me than just me as Robin. So there are many things that people can do in their experience, you can channel the divine part of yourself. And through that connection through that rising of the Kundalini and finally getting it to the crown, it actually becomes a transferable energy. So when you're just speaking to people, or you're starting your business or going out in the world, it creates a great magnetism within you. And it actually speeds your journey quite a bit by having that energy. Now, not every Channeler has awakened Kundalini, but those that do primarily become channelers. Because channel groups are very interested in moving through someone who's going to grow them at a rapid rate, or increase their availability or their ability to spread that energy.

Alex Ferrari 18:04
All right, fantastic answer. So speaking of channeling, is, I'm assuming Athena is sitting there waiting patiently

Robin Jelinek 18:11
Or wait here,

Alex Ferrari 18:13
Waiting patiently to come onto stage. So we today we're going to kind of talk a bunch about manifestation, which is a big question a lot of people have about how to manifest things in their lives. And we might touch on a little bit of life between lives and soul blueprints and things like that. So if you will, let us know if you could explain to people who have not seen you before, what your process is, when you're channeling?

Robin Jelinek 18:36
Well, there's really no process for me, my group is always there. They're thought provoked. So the minute I think about them they come in was a little bit of a problem in the beginning, because of course, it was a little bit of an anomaly. And I was thinking about all the time, so I wasn't really getting much of a break from it. And then I finally said, Are you people ever going to let me live my life? And that's when they said, Well, we're thought provoked, do quit thinking about us and will will quit coming forward. So the minute I think about it, it's instantaneous, in and out, I really like it that way. Because I can interact very well in my family life. I can have my grandchild on one trip and be doing what I need to do. And if someone asks the Theano questions in and out very quickly, so it works well for me, and I know that there are people that take time to adjust their vibration, but that just doesn't seem to be the case with me,

Alex Ferrari 19:17
Right! And then your trance channel, so that means you will go into a trance while you're talking. Okay, fantastic. So just want to prepare everybody for what is about to come. So if you may start thinking about Athena.

Robin Jelinek 19:29
She is here. Yeah. It doesn't take long. We really love being in your presence. We might give you a little compliment. Perhaps you're not needing it, but we're gonna give it to you anyway. Yeah, you are. We are feeling your energetic field as Robin gets to prior before having a session with someone and it is really wide open. You are expanding yourself to a great degree and it is a pleasure for us to be in your company. And also have you found your way into this avenue of work or way of expressing yourself. That is such a benefit to all Those that are interacting with you. So we bow our heads to you, really. And we know that you are humble. Yeah. But don't be too humble. Because if a person is too humble, they will actually deny experiences to themselves unknowingly. We're not telling you to be heavy about it. We're not telling you to be bragging about it. But we want you to puff your chest out on what it is you have accomplished in your life.

Alex Ferrari 20:17
Yeah. All right. Thank you so much for that. I appreciate that. So my first question is, what is the most effective way to manifest the desired outcome that you want?

Robin Jelinek 20:29
We have done a lot of recordings recently, and one of the things we'd like to talk about is congruency Yeah. When a human has incongruency is in their life, it creates a lot of resistance, or something that would prevent things from flowing in quite easily if you didn't have it. To give you an understanding of what we would mean by incongruency is to look at places in your life where you have chosen something. That's why we have our book called choose your universe, it is identifying to humans, that if you make a choice about something, you must get behind it, you must be congruent with it. They will say, Well, I chose it Yeah. And now I don't like it. Or I'm staying in a marriage that I really don't want to be. And we would tell you what, you're you're doing it you've made a choice. And they would say, Well, I don't have another choice. And we'd say, well, yeah, you do, you do have another choice. But you've weighed the two together and decided that the one you've chosen is the one you're going to take. So what we try to say to humans is if you get your energy behind something, it will work for you. If you get your congruency going in the right direction. If you pick a profession, or a job that you're going to get behind, and you love it, and you pursue it, and you work at it, and you follow the inspired action, you're going to be successful at it. But if you pick something and you start to second guess yourself and wonder, Oh, I wish I wouldn't have picked that I didn't know this would happen. I didn't know I had to do that. Yeah, now here comes here comes the incongruent energy, that's actually gonna be preventative of the success that you're trying to get, you see. And so if this happens all over the place a little things like having a baby and wanting it for so long and having it arrive and then complaining, they have to get up at night, feed it, you see, all of these types of things start to add to the list or compile, let's use that term and start to cause a human to separate a little bit from the Divinity part of themselves. In their incongruent sees, you see

Alex Ferrari 22:06
Now how do belief systems impact our ability to manifest?

Robin Jelinek 22:10
Well, beliefs are nothing more than energetic deposits that are in the energy center, there are feelings and thoughts that a human has had based upon their living experience, it could be from their lineage, it could be from a past life could be the life that they're living in. And so they've had these things happen, that have gotten lodged in them, that human has felt a painful experience. And it gets stuck in its energy center. And like stuck we need it decides, oh, I don't want another one of those. So I'm gonna close my energy center, inadvertently, because the human is a tool doesn't really understand itself all that well. It denies its own divinity from entering that energy center with the very experiences that would be brought to them by what it is that they suffered through. They don't understand when they close off. Yes, they deny experiences, but they also deny the divine to flow through them and to bring the love the experiences that they could get in alignment, if they keep the energetic centers open. Primarily the reason that energy Chakra is closed of the chakras closed. It is because a human has compiled a lot of energy in negativity or the experience of it. Oftentimes, this experience will be repeating itself many times so that the human can get a view in the mirror that they're receiving that they have something stuck. It's actually the human working with the divine counterpart, saying, hey, take a look at what you are holding, I'm feeling the same negative feeling over and over again, I'm getting negative experiences that match that feeling from the universe, yet I'm not aware of it, I'm not paying attention that I am creating unconsciously this unconscious creating a human doesn't understand that there's two ways to, to create a human can create consciously enjoy, it can follow the preference that's born by the suffering that they're going through, and therefore start to change his experience to be one of joy and happiness, rather than suffering and pain and misery. Both are creative, we would tell you, we receive every charge of energy by the one that is emitting it and raise that energy to the high vibration of which all that is is. So it doesn't matter to some degree, how you have felt the universe and you has expanded because of it. But it does matter for you. Because as you hold on to the creation in negativity, you only duplicate that over and over again and get more and more sane in your experience. We are here to train you to try to go to the preference, feel a feeling and wonder to yourself, Oh, I wonder what I would really like to feel after seeing that noticing someone who was racist and observing them and loving them in the racism and saying to them in your body to yourself, I have viewed something about one that I know that I do not want to choose, what is it that I want? instead? What is the happy feeling I would like to feel as I gaze out into the population in regard to racism. And now I follow that I become the creator of that preference. This is mastery. Mastery is not feeling mastery is not living a life of no suffering. Mastery is recognizing every time I feel I know there's a preference and therefore I follow that preference, and I become the master of my experience and Pretty soon as I start to receive all these positive things that I've been following, I no longer create negativity. Here I am folks arriving at the five D reality, wondering how I was going to get there wondering, was I going to move or pack up my bags, you're not going anywhere, you're making a shift in consciousness, I'm choosing your universe, there's a book, again, we're giving it a plug today, but it's true, you're actually deciding and choosing how you will feel. And in that way, those experiences are going to flow to you and your life is going to unfold to you. Not through suffering, but through happiness and joy.

Alex Ferrari 25:35
How important is the visualization process in the manifest in manifestation?

Robin Jelinek 25:40
Well, we would tell you, if you feel good when you're doing it, perhaps it's a good thing, oftentimes humans that are imagining things that they can't imagine for themselves. And we would say, Why would you waste your time on something like this, if you can't imagine yourself and really make yourself feel feel, as you would feel, if you were able to obtain what it is you're imagining, then it isn't worth a hill of beans to do this thing. So this is what we would say that many people will stand in the corner and repeat things over and over and over again, thinking that they're gonna get some progress in the area of manifestation. And really, the best progress that you're gonna get in manifestation is knowing how you would feel if you got that manifestation. So the best direction that you could go in is move yourself into an activity or a way of being that closely stimulates what it is that you want to feel, if you can make yourself feel closely to the way that you would feel if you were obtaining the manifestation that you were wanting, this would be the quickest way that you would actually materialize that into Robins spoke to you a little bit in the beginning, when you started, about some desires that she had for her sister to be successful in her life, who she's working alongside. And what better way to remove resistance as she focuses on her, you see, she focuses on her prosperity on her happiness on her well being, and therefore is able to remove herself in any energetic blocks that she might have in doing this. So we would also say this is a tool that many humans are not using, that they could use, as you have a love and admiration for someone else, as you have well wishes and happiness that you are desiring for someone else, you actually send that out to the universe, and it is free of any of your own resistance because you are reflecting it in your view of someone else. You see,

Alex Ferrari 27:19
Is group manifestation more powerful than individual individual efforts?

Robin Jelinek 27:23
Yes, if one believes in it, you see, we do healing sessions and Kundalini activations. Presently, yeah, we call in many things, we call him the angels, we call him the guides, we call him the deities, we call in the four corners of the of Gaia Mother Earth. Yeah, in this belief, and in this perception, and in the stream of consciousness, that's what we will call it, everything that you believe in, is believed in, is made manifest, or what actually contributes to the physical manifestation. And so even your spirituality, even on your angels, the deities that we mentioned, all of these things are created through your belief in them, and the more people that follow them, and have the love of them and the joy of them, this becomes a wide joyful bandwidth that you too can dive into and join in. Many people think that spirituality is different, that somehow it's not like the, the channel of health or not health. And we would tell you that it is a stream of consciousness, that those that are in it are very loving, very kind, very well intended, and you've done nothing more than join that stream of consciousness. You see,

Alex Ferrari 28:28
What role does gratitude play in successful manifestation?

Robin Jelinek 28:32
Gratitude is a great joy and a great thing to make you appreciate what it is that you have already seen materialize in your experience. So what better way to signal the universe as you look at something and you are grateful for it, you are happy about it, and joyful with it. And you are also confirming the universe really wants to be confirmed, it wants your interaction or your attention, let's use that term. And so that gratitude is your belief. It's your trust, it's your knowing. And all of these things are contributing factors in the ability to manifest. You have to believe you have to trust in order for yourself to enter into the stream of consciousness that you are calling out to to assist you. So this is where that comes into the picture. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 29:17
Well, are there any tips that you can give us to overcome barriers to effective manifestation in our lives?

Robin Jelinek 29:23
Well, it is to really recognize where you're not fully satisfied. We talked to you a little bit when we began today, what we do in sessions is we like to go over with a human how satisfied they are in all areas of their life. What we know is that a human would have absolutely everything that they want in their life because it was created the moment they wanted it. So there is no waiting that is needed, but they don't believe it because they are holding an energetic entrapment or something in the energy field. That's actually the preventative thing of that experience very naturally flowing to them. So once you really get this understanding that the moment I have a desire, the moment that I think about something I have actually created in the all that is are the divine In part of myself, the universe has expanded. We talked a little bit with you about this prior to our meeting today that you can't take out what you have put in, you cannot shrink the universe or yourself back down. Once you have desired something, many people that do not have what they want, will try to train themselves into not wanting it. Yeah, and they won't be very successful at it, they'll feel a little dissatisfied, the only way that a human is going to be able to effectively make themselves not want something is to start not feeling is to actually dial down their emotion, enough that they do not generate or feel their emotions or their therefore send out to the universe, what it is that they are desiring. This is not something that we would recommend, because you did come here to live a joyful life or to have a life of all experiences that you're wanting to have. None of them are deemed right or wrong, or good or bad. They're all based upon how they would make you feel. And so we really want you to get this understanding that stop the judgment or the condemnation stuff, the idea that I shouldn't want that, or I don't need that, oh, my life's pretty good. I have more than most, this is something that we hear quite a bit. This is not why you came in this is not really what you built yourself into in all it is you have expanded the moment you focused on something I'd like to try that I'd like to travel there, I'd like to do that that feels good to me, you're never going to be able to stop that you're never going to be able to contain that. We're not containing it. The universe is expanding constantly. It's growing by leaps and bounds. You see? And why are we doing what we're doing today, because we are expanding ourselves in the expansion of you. So it's never going to end you can try to contain yourself if you want to. But you are an ever growing, ever expanding ever learning being

Alex Ferrari 31:35
Does ones environment affects the manifestation potential?

Robin Jelinek 31:40
If you become the environment, yeah, if you actually view the environment, in the distaste of it in the unhappiness of it, in the lack of it, yeah, then yes, it will be actually influenced to a great deal, but others use it as leverage. So it would depend on the way that you focused. You see, some people can come from a very poor environment. And that environment, in fact, served them to propel themselves yet to a higher level of manifestation because of what they really wanted or didn't experience. So this could be one way. And then there are others who actually become the lack, they actually become the victim of the circumstance, and therefore go out and repeat the same existence that perhaps they were stuck in that they did not like, you see,

Alex Ferrari 32:19
Is it possible to manifest for someone else?

Robin Jelinek 32:22
We talked to parents all the time about this in session, and the only way you could actually manifest in someone else's life is through their love of you through their connection to you, and through their admiration of you, they would actually start to believe or align to what it is that you have offered, and therefore it would now be their offering. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 32:37
Can dreams act as indicators for what we're manifesting?

Robin Jelinek 32:37
Oftentimes dreams are a symbol, or a sign of what it is that the human actually feels emotionally, on some level in the life that they're living. And it could be some past life involvement as a human slumbers, yeah, they go out and have experiences, whether they are remembering them or not. And many of those experiences will produce emotions or ways of feeling. Our advice to those that are having a dream, to analyze it to a greater degree would be to look at it in how did it made you feel? What was the amount of value that was offered to you? Not so much the circumstances, people or situations. But in fact, how did that dream make you feel? And how does that represent a feeling that you may have in your life presently?

Alex Ferrari 33:22
And what what role does intuition having a manifestation process?

Robin Jelinek 33:27
Intuition, in fact, is what brings a human clarity, a human really wants to be clear, they are afraid to make a wrong decision, they think there is a definite right and wrong way to go. And if a human has a constriction, or what we call an energy entrapment in the third eye, this would be the area that would greatly affect their intuition. Oftentimes, when we are having a session with a human, and they will tell us, I don't know what to pick, I don't know what direction and then we will walk it back. How do they feel when that happens? Yeah, what is the thing that's going to happen if you do make the wrong choice, so we will go down all different avenues. And finally, we will discover the emotion of that is at the end of the run, that's actually the pixie stick that you want to pull out and makes a lot of other ones fall that are actually in trapped in the other energy centers as well. So when when this happens, we won't find that emotion just in one center, oftentimes, reflected in several and they will recognize it as such. Yeah. And so not to veer too much from your question. If you are not having clear, clarity, or feeling as though you cannot make a decision and feel very solid in it, then we would tell you that there's probably a constriction in the Third Eye Center. And so it is to look at how you feel when you make those decisions, and you don't have clarity, and come up with the emotion that perhaps is tied into the entrapment and then go to your human Yeah, to its early life and then talk a little bit to it about why it might have clamped down on that emotion. And as we said, Love it out of yourself, not in condemning not in judging, not in saying I don't have good intuition, not in saying I can't I decide for myself or go into some type of negativity about it. But to really understand that a human doesn't move to a constriction or negativity as you would deem it, because it's a bad human, it moves to that to in protection of self, it most of that because it is experienced something that it feels is out of its control. And the only way that it can control it is to actually close the center so that it has no more of those experiences.

Alex Ferrari 35:24
And finally, on manifestation, is there a connection between manifestation and quantum physics?

Robin Jelinek 35:31
Would you clarify that a little bit further,

Alex Ferrari 35:33
More like the concept of like quantum entanglement? Is quantum physics starting to catch up with the ideas of not only spiritual ideas, but the concepts of manifesting because there is some I feel some sort of quantum level you're tapping into the quantum field, you're tapping into something, which kind of is what quantum physics is trying to explain?

Robin Jelinek 35:58
We would answer that question with they are one in the same or attached Yes. And that spirituality and one's ability to manifest is also scientific or, as you described, part of that grid, or there will be ways that that experience will be bought brought to you that actually, quantum physics would apply to Does that answer your question?

Alex Ferrari 36:20
It does, it does. Now we're going to talk a little bit about life between lives and the soul's blueprint. From your perspective, what is a soul's blueprint? And how does it guide us?

Robin Jelinek 36:33
Well, we tell humans, that you're creating your future lifetimes, right now. Yeah. As you are emoting as you are interacting with those that you are interacting with, in your drawing conclusions, beliefs, and perceptions, you're actually projecting out in front of you, the next lifetime, in the next lifetime. And those that you'll be interacting with will be part of that you see, if you were to look at the life you're living right now, the one that you're standing in, you would know that you have basically already loaded up on it, you've already felt everything that is now in your present day experience is already behind you. You see, as we tell a human you stand in your now moment, you have the ability to not only live the life that you have behind you, but you can actually recreate a new life out in front of yourself in the present moment by picking and choosing in mastering, as we described, and following in happiness and joy. And you can actually create or turn around that engine or that train, yes, into another direction, that perhaps it might not have turned in if you had not discovered this about yourself. So what we're saying in essence, is, you're not stuck with what's out in front of you, you would have to start to realize what you have created in front of you, and therefore start to make different choices in the way that you feel in in that way, that would be a very powerful shift or change in the outcome of the upcoming lives that you would be experiencing. And we're not going to tell you that there aren't people that you are interacting with that you have not interacted with before. There are Yeah. But we would tell you how you feel in the interaction and the accomplishments that you make based upon what the agreements were, or what it was that you wanted to obtain in the mastery of oneself. Those are coming with you from one lifetime to another. So it would be largely dependent on what you would accomplish in the life that you were in. And then what would determine the future lifetimes that would be coming, that would whether they would contain that same type of work or direction. Or you would actually change that by changing the way that you feel in the present experience you're in.

Alex Ferrari 38:31
We alter our souls blueprint in our current lifetime?

Robin Jelinek 38:35
You can absolutely alter your blueprint. And many do, you see you have freewill, you have the ability to choose. And that's what it is. The ability to choose is I have an experience, and I can now decide how I would choose to feel about it. I don't have to become the experience. I don't have to become the pain or negativity, I can Yeah. And that might be part of your blueprint, you might have to grow it to such a degree that you can no longer tolerate it. And then you decide to change. This is what happens oftentimes, but we would tell you, you always have a choice. You may not like the choices that are available to you, but just the same, you do have a choice.

Alex Ferrari 39:05
What is the purpose of time spent between incarnations?

Robin Jelinek 39:09
There are many humans that do many things when they are not in physical form. We are an example of that. The ability to merge or come together as one, in our feelings in our emotions, in our exchanges with those that are within our soul groups, or our vibratory levels, let's use that term is something that is a continuum. It's not something that ends when you are leading the physical plane. And so it is just to understand that sometimes a human will leave its physical physicality or its physical experience, and then take a a respite or what you would call a downtime. Yeah. And just actually enjoy different kinds of learning or different planes of existence or ever expanding things. Yeah, that can grow you in ways that being human perhaps could not

Alex Ferrari 39:58
Are soulmates part of our soul blueprint?

Robin Jelinek 40:00
Everybody wants a soulmate don't they seem to so people talk about it all the time. Yeah. And we would tell you that our soulmate to some degree is a decision that you make to be connected to someone at what you would deem as a soul level, or very lasting. But actually, what we would call a soulmate would be someone who you have been on the ship with before or that you have had many experiences with, and therefore, there is an understanding or connection. Because of the experiences that you have experienced together. This is the best way that we could give you of how we would describe a soulmate. Oftentimes, a human will think a soulmate has to come through the opposite partner of some way, in a love relationship. But that's not always the case. Sometimes a soulmate can be in a friendship, it doesn't necessarily have to be through a marital relationship or something that you deem as a physical partnership. It can come in many different ways, and it's based upon past experiences that you had. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 41:01
Yes. How does karma factor into the souls blueprint and lives between lives?

Robin Jelinek 41:08
Well, we like to look at karma as cause and effect. Yeah, there are things that a human does in their life, and then they judge themselves because of it, and they actually create their own karma, or the repercussions that come to them are based upon the way that they felt about themselves. You see, many humans want to think that there is a universe out there that wants to punish you, that wants to do is bad or wrong. But we would say you do a good job of that on yourself. Yeah, there's nothing out there shaking its finger at you that's dissatisfied with you, that doesn't love you that doesn't think you're worthy. The minute that you have an observation and emotion released from you, you've done your job as a human, it's what you agreed to. So there's no condemnation. As far as the Divine is concerned, you are doing everything perfectly. We we coined a new quote, and we said an experienced experienced as well done.

Alex Ferrari 41:59
Now, is it possible to remember or access knowledge gained in lives between lives?

Robin Jelinek 42:06
Us as well, what we'll tell you what our our thought is, yeah, on past lives, we do have humans that come before us and inquire about past lives, we're not big advocates of opening up the cell or getting human access to something that quite honestly, they could access themselves, if it were benefit to them to do it. When you open up the cell, or you start to tell the human about what they were, who they were and how they moved personally in a past life, it can actually trigger or open up an aspect within the personality at that they are now expressing and presently, that would be changed a little bit by that knowledge or understanding. We tell humans, if you have a curious about a past life, all you need to do is ask yourself over and over again. Generally, a human wants to know about a past life for a couple of reasons. Either they don't feel a lot of value in the life they're in and they liked the idea that they were really something great in the past life and bolsters them a little bit, that might be one thing. Yeah. Or they have a problem. Maybe they feel as though they'd been choked in past life. And they have a problem with their neck or they have a scar somewhere. And they're wondering where it came from. And we would tell you that if you would ask yourself over and over about that problem about that feeling that you're having in a meditative state. And we also recommend that you kind of move a little bit in a clockwise motion as you do it. You will measure mesmerised yourself into somewhat of a trance state where you will actually recall the life that is needed or would be beneficial for you to be seen, rather than becoming reliant on someone else to give you that information, we would like to empower you to do it for yourself. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 43:37
Beautiful answer. Now, how does free will interact with our souls blueprint?

Robin Jelinek 43:42
Well, as we said, you are picking and choosing based upon how you feel, and we would tell you that there isn't a human that has what you would call a blueprint or comes into this life without some type of an intention or an idea of how they would like to express in it. So based upon how you live, and how you choose to feel, is actually going to be the representation of your life, or what it is that you are offering to the universe in the way that you feel. You see. So you have a decision to make. Do you want to be right? In fact, do you want to be condemning of others and are posing others, even when you see them do something that is not tasteful? Or what you would deem as a nice thing to do? Yeah, that you becoming distasteful of anyone is affecting only you that the vibration of you is being affected? And then you have to know that each one that is expressing it is same for them? Yeah. And so as you look at someone in your disgust of them in your distaste of what it is that they are doing, you actually become likened to them and you will draw more people that in fact will represent that type of feeling to you, and you're not going to get the desired result that you want. When you start to realize that you're sovereign and by sovereign we mean you're creating individually by yourself. Yes, you have people that you are interacting with, but you are not going to change people by opposing them and by deciding that they are not lovable. You're only going to enhance that trait within them and make it larger, that's what's going to happen. So what we want you to do is to create individually and sovereignly. And know that when you see something that you don't like that you focus on, they actually become grateful of those that represented that to you so that you now have a preference. Go to the preference, this is how I want people to move in the world, this is what I love, this is what I want to see, not in the disgust of look at that one, what he's doing over there, and then be the recruiter of that in their justification that I'm better than they are. That's not how you do it. A human that creates this way, is trying to bolster themselves, quite honestly, they're not really looking at the true way that they could contribute. The true way that you contribute is the feeling that you add to the universe. It's not the feeling that you look at someone else and then out.

Alex Ferrari 45:46
What role do spirit guides play in lives between lives and following our souls blueprint?

Robin Jelinek 45:51
Spirit guides are those that you call upon in your belief and in your desire to join that stream of consciousness? There it is, again, yeah. Where you feel guided, you feel taken care of you feel loved, you feel as though they are present in your life, that they are going to intervene in your behalf. There it is trust, belief, annulment of what exists. Everything that exists exists, because someone has believed in it, someone has focused in it, and someone has loved it. If you love it, if you believe in it, and you are focused upon it, you can certainly join that stream of consciousness and your guides will exist for you. And they will serve you Yeah, yes.

Alex Ferrari 46:26
This is a question I get asked all the time. Do animals have a soul blueprint? Or is it unique to humans?

Robin Jelinek 46:34
You're gonna find this kind of funny, we have had this conversation in sessions before. There are situations not all, but there are situations where the human will actually project a portion or a piece of its consciousness into its pet. It's one of the reasons that the dog begins to act like the owner. Yeah. Robin is laughing a little bit in the background and saying her father in law was a little booty. Yeah, all of his dogs were moody, they all had that same tendency, or way. Her husband, in fact, is a fast mover, kind of hyper guy. Yeah, all of their dogs could never sit still, they were all of this weight or trait. It's one of the connective qualities, or the ability that a human has to actually split its consciousness and place it many places at one time. So does that answer your question?

Alex Ferrari 47:15
It does. So the the to follow up on that animals themselves don't have a soul blueprint by themselves. In other words, they don't come in here to do the same things. They don't have a mission in life here. At this stage of their development,

Robin Jelinek 47:31
The mission that you hold is the one that they bring forth to you to observe. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 47:37
Got it. So if there's an animal who is there to teach you a lesson is because you have brought that animal into your life?

Robin Jelinek 47:44
Absolutely, he will satisfy you.

Alex Ferrari 47:46
Do animals ever evolve to the state that we are in to a human consciousness?

Robin Jelinek 47:52
Everything is coming from one thing or an emanation of the Divine Source? Yeah. And so we do not agree with or aligned to the idea that anything is separate or different. It is your consciousness, it's at a certain level right now. And as you do the work that you're doing, it is beginning to expand, and it is allowing more and more perception, and more and more beliefs to actually enter in, you see, and so the level of consciousness that resides within an animal or anything else, would be based upon what what its level of consciousness is, or its awareness of itself is,

Alex Ferrari 48:27
Yes. What happens when a soul diverges from their blueprint and a life?

Robin Jelinek 48:34
What do you mean, runs off track or does something?

Alex Ferrari 48:36
Yes, runs off runs off track?

Robin Jelinek 48:39
What do you do when you get on the wrong road and you're headed to a direction and you find yourself lost you, in fact, find a new direction, don't you, you start to find other ways, other paths that are laid before you in order to reach your destination. And we would tell you, the same thing happens when you veer off your blue footprint plan. You haven't lost the destination, you just lost your way a little bit. You may have to experience a few different routes before you get back on path. But make no mistake about it, there is a destination and you will find it. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 49:08
And in a soul's blueprint influence our physical health?

Robin Jelinek 49:12
To some degree it can Yeah, many humans that enter into the plane that becomes sick very quickly. Let's use that term. It's very understandable that a child would come in suffering and we get many people that come before us thinking prove this one to us Yeah, how can a child come in with what it is it is carrying or experiencing? And we will tell you that that child is a vast being that has lived many lives, and that it is expressing from one life to another and often carrying with it its energetic output or vibration of what it experienced in the life that it just came out of. Yeah. So this would explain that sometimes the sickness can come right in with it, based upon the thinking or the well being of the being when they left the plane or what it is that they gone had gone through in the life that they were living. This all plays a part in or a role in in illness This, but there are this is a multifaceted experience. It's not just for the one experiencing it, it's for those that are attached to the one that is experiencing it. Oftentimes, it will uncover a large chart of fear of angst of worry of suffering that has been kept in line for a very long time. So we will tell you that it is a quite detailed and lengthy, energetic entrapment that would be difficult to describe in any singularly way. Yeah, yes.

Alex Ferrari 50:30
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Robin Jelinek 50:35
We have enjoyed this opportunity. And this ability to be able to reach the large numbers of people that we have reached in the work that we're doing. Our intention is to expand consciousness, and it's to move a human out of being just a human and to connect them to the soul aspect or the part of themselves that will express through them at a much higher and more desirable feeling than what they may presently have been able to experience, we do a lot of work in removing energetic entrapments and readying the energy centers to be awakened or allow the Kundalini energy to pass through them, this high voltage energy will actually come in and do the work for you, all of the things that you were struggling with as a human, all of the different types of things that you were trying to possibly trans transmute or move beyond, she will shine a light on all of it, and you will have to experience it, it is something that isn't an easy path, necessarily. But it will continue to give you a snap shots of things that are entrapped or caught and your energy centers review revealed to you through experiences that you will have very rapidly so that you will quickly have to look at these energetic charges, what we do oftentimes is we want to soften that experience, that would be the dark night of the soul that a human can go through when they awaken their kundalini, if they have not prepared themselves well enough for it, and by prepare themselves, know themselves know by the creations that are coming to them in form, what are the thoughts and feelings that I am holding in my energetic field, in that way, we can very gradually lift some of those off. So when that energy actually passes through them, and it won't accelerate negativity, if they don't do the work, they can still raise their Kundalini, it'll be a little bit more tumultuous for them. Yeah, because she's gonna rip through there, whether there are things in there or not. And when this happens, it becomes an acceleration of experiences based upon what you're holding. So you could get a barrage of negativity, depending on what energy center has an entrapment. And what that feeling is, you would get a lot of experiences that would reveal that to you over and over. So in the work that we do, we try to lessen that charge as much as we can. We're doing some of it and courses, some of it in private sessions, so that when a human does finally activate that energy, it's a more smooth transition, without a magnification of negativity that might otherwise have been left in those centers without even knowing it.

Alex Ferrari 52:59
Thank you so much Athena for not only being on the show again, but sharing your wisdom and in all the work you're doing with Robin, so I appreciate you so much.

Robin Jelinek 53:09
Thank you. It's our pleasure. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 53:10
And she's back. How are you feeling?

Robin Jelinek 53:17
Great. Yeah, it's just a really odd experience. It's just it's not really words. It's just like, inflammation. You know, people don't realize the inflammation is coming to you through your energy centers. And when it hits the spine, it travels right up to the brain. So that's kind of what happens in channeling. So there's no thought for words, there's no knowing of what's coming. It's like a river just running through you. That's the way that I would explain that experience.

Alex Ferrari 53:44
Now, for people who are interested in the work, you and Athena are doing work, and they reach out to you?

Robin Jelinek 53:49
Well, everything is under Athena, and truth. I have Athena in truth website where I do private sessions, I have courses, my book is available on there. I do a regular podcast that's free. I do recorded YouTubes on different topics, those are all free for people to learn from.

Alex Ferrari 54:05
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Robin Jelinek 54:08
Well, just what we talked about earlier is I hope everybody can get the kind of satisfaction that I've been able to achieve by the alignment to the soul aspect of myself. It's a very different life. I used to think as I told you, Alex, that my happiness was because of having a nice husband and great kids and, and certainly, that's part of it. But I've realized that true happiness comes from the unification with the divine part of yourself. And those things are like icing on the top of the cake. But when you finally achieve that type of connection, it's so satisfying and it feels not like work. It feels very passionate. And things just happen really easily and automatically. It's it's just indescribable, and that's really my goal is to have people as many as I can get that connection and experience that within themselves in a life that they are in.

Alex Ferrari 55:01
Robin, as always, it has been a pleasure and honor talking to you. Thank you again for all the amazing work you're doing to help awaken the planet, my dear so I appreciate you.

Robin Jelinek 55:10
Thanks, Alex.

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