Athena SPEAKS! You Won’t Believe Her Channeled Message for the World with Robin Jelinek

In the serene flow of the universe, where the boundaries between the physical and the spiritual blur, we welcome Robin Jelinek, a soul whose extraordinary journey bridges the gap between everyday life and profound spiritual awakening. Robin’s experiences with Kundalini energy and her channeling of the collective consciousness, Athena in Truth, reveal the transformative power of embracing our higher selves.

Robin’s life before her awakening was rooted in the everyday responsibilities of running a small business and raising her children. However, a persistent curiosity about metaphysics and spirituality always simmered beneath the surface. “From my early 20s, I was always interested in metaphysics, always reading books,” she shares. This passion for the esoteric laid the groundwork for a life-altering experience in her early 40s: a Kundalini awakening. This event, described as otherworldly, marked the beginning of her profound spiritual journey.

The Kundalini awakening was both a gift and a challenge. Robin recounts the experience as a piercing energy rising through her body, igniting each chakra and transforming her understanding of reality. This awakening was followed by what she describes as a “dark night of the soul,” a period of intense self-reflection and upheaval. Through this process, Robin learned to accept her imperfections and embrace her dual nature as both human and divine. “There’s no getting perfect. There’s just accepting the human experience and who you are and being okay with that,” she explains.

As Robin’s journey continued, she began to channel a collective consciousness known as Athena in Truth. This connection brought a new level of spiritual insight and energy, allowing her to transmit profound messages of love, self-acceptance, and transformation. Athena in Truth emphasizes the power of choice and the ability to transmute negative experiences into positive growth. “You can decide, as you feel that negativity, to transmute the energy and decide how is it that I want to feel,” Robin channels.


  1. Embrace Your Dual Nature: Robin’s journey highlights the importance of accepting both our human imperfections and our divine essence. True spiritual growth comes from embracing and integrating all aspects of ourselves.
  2. The Power of Transmutation: Negative experiences can be transformed into opportunities for growth. By consciously choosing how to respond to challenges, we can elevate our vibration and align with our higher self.
  3. Living in Alignment: Achieving spiritual alignment involves loving and accepting ourselves as we are. This self-acceptance naturally leads to a higher state of consciousness and a more fulfilling life.

Robin’s transformation also involved learning to manage and interpret the messages she received from Athena in Truth. Initially, this ability felt natural and seamless, as if it were an integral part of her being. Over time, she learned to trust this process and understand the significance of the messages being channeled through her. This journey of self-discovery and spiritual communication has not only enriched her life but also enabled her to help others on their spiritual paths.

As we explore Robin’s insights, it’s clear that her experiences offer valuable lessons for all of us. By embracing our true nature, transmuting negative energies, and living in alignment with our higher selves, we can navigate the complexities of life with greater ease and purpose. Robin’s story is a testament to the transformative power of spiritual awakening and the profound impact it can have on our lives.

Please enjoy my conversation with Robin Jelinek.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 232

Robin Jelinek 0:00
You can experience things over and over again in the negativity that you launch them in. Or you can decide, as you feel that negativity to do what we do to transmute the energy and decide how is it that I want to feel? What is it that I want because of the experience that I have experienced the negativity in and now you as the high part of yourself chooses in your free will to feel good.

Alex Ferrari 0:31
I'd like to welcome to the show Robin Jelinek. How you doin Robin?

Robin Jelinek 0:34
Good. Hi!

Alex Ferrari 0:35
How are you doing? How is how's how's the I think you're on vacation at this point in the day.

Robin Jelinek 0:42
I'm at an all inclusive resort in Turks and Caicos, celebrating our 50 years since we met my husband and I,

Alex Ferrari 0:49
Well, congratulations. Well, somebody has to go there. I mean, you know, it's thank you for taking the bullet for us and going there, because I'm so glad I'm so glad to have you on. We've been trying to do this for a while now. So I'm so glad we finally were able to get get going and, and I'm fascinated with your, your story. And also, Athena in truth, who is the group that you channel. But before we get to any of that, what was your life like prior to your awakening, and Athena in truth?

Robin Jelinek 1:22
Um, well, I was a bit small business that we ran, and I was mother of two children. And so my life was pretty full width that up till my early 40s. And then my kids both went to college. And, you know, I, from my early 20s, on, I was always interested in metaphysics, always reading books, trying to catch my husband going out the door to work to tell him about what I had read, and he'd say, you know, catch me in another maybe 20 years, when I have time to listen to that it wasn't that he was opposed to it. But it was just a busy time in our lives, then. So was just a hobby, something I just loved reading about just really enjoyed all of the Sylvia Browne books, that Course in Miracles, no, just everything, everything I get my hands on to read, I really liked. And then I would say, when I hit my early 40s, that's when my kids were gone. So I had a lot more time on my hands to delve into things that I enjoyed. And so I really got more into practices and reading more books about all different topics. And I ended up having an experience, it was a kundalini awakening experience that happened in my early 40s. And that was just a really confirming moment for me, you know, up till then I had read about all this stuff. And, you know, something in me believed it, but to actually get concrete evidence and proof to actually, you know, hear each one of the centers feel them as the Kundalini rising, I felt the piercing of it, you know, inside my body. And, you know, the whole experience was just otherworldly. And I'm not really a woowoo kind of person. So for me to get that it was a really a gift, I have to say, it really opened me up to a lot of things that I had read about, the belief really expanded in me. And then there was just, you know, lots of upheaval, after that, you probably hear about people going through what they call a dark night of the soul. And it I would very much say there was a period of time like that for several years, everything just lost its luster, you know, you just didn't really enjoy the things that you would normally enjoy. And you just kind of run this search of spirituality. But yet, there with that came this false belief that if you were really a good spiritual person, you probably wouldn't drink a glass of wine and you probably, you know, would never talk about anybody. And you probably would do all the right things and be perfect. Right? That's what you think. And so I held very much held that belief. And I think part of that maybe looking back on it now, that's really what's tied into that. Because all that really happens in this process is this love of self that everybody talks about. It's just basically an accepting view of yourself that you're always going to have what you would deem as a humanist shortcomings, they're all They're not going away, just because you're on a spiritual path. Mine aren't gone just because every day I think, Oh, you're still here, I guess? Well, you know, apparently, I'm good enough. So that's kind of what you learn is that there is no getting perfect. There's just accepting the human experience and who you are and being okay with that. And then what happens that's when you really start to unravel or think into your divinity is it's, it's a given, it's not something that you get because you're perfect. It's something that you, you just get so.

Alex Ferrari 4:37
Well, let me ask you, I want to dive in a little bit to the cleaning awakening, because I've heard I've had other people who've had Kundalini awakenings on the show before Can you explain what happens? Are you just like, you know, cooking dinner one day and all of a sudden it pops off? Are you in meditation? What how when, how does it actually how do you set yourself up for it? And then what is the exact experience like?

Robin Jelinek 4:59
Umm, Well, so what I know now and what I knew, then are kind of two different things. So back then I was pursuing it, I had an interest in it and why that was, I think I know now, from what I've learned from the group that I channel is, this was the time the ripening time or you know, everyone has this, this time that is going to occur or happen. And so you think that the things that you did, or what caused it or that you're chasing it, but really, it's just It's chasing you is basically what happens. That's how the interest starts and everything. And so that's how I would explain that. So I was very much doing a breathwork practice, I was trying to clean up my chakras, I had read some books about it. I think the book was by DeLonge, it was called ancient teachings for beginners. And it had a lot of practices in there that really resonated with me. And I really liked it, there were actually two one was advanced teaching, and one was just the beginners teaching. And so I would do that practice every night, before I would go to bed, I would just go through each one of my chakras and imagine it expanding and breathing into it, and that it would spin clockwise. And I would keep moving the energy up to the top. And this particular and I was doing that every night for maybe five to 10 minutes before I would go to bed, nothing too lengthy. And this particular night, I barely started the practice. And an odd thing happened, I my arms shot up in the air, which I've never done that it was like I reached out for something and it was like a strike of lightning, that's the only way I can explain it. And so that came down through my arm and kind of rattled me. And that was when I heard the spinning the sound of them engaging, it was just like you when you start pumping up a tarp or something this spinning started. And it started at the base of my spine and it took off and I actually felt like it I know why they call it a snake because it felt like something going up. And then as it hit each one of the centers, I think I had a lot of blockages because I wasn't probably, quote unquote, prepared for that, you know, I wasn't doing a lot of spiritual practices or eating right or exercise doing everything right. And let's just say that but it so it as it went up, you know, it be a little bit sharp, like I wouldn't call it like really bad pain, but it was definitely there was some pain with it as it would hit one. If it was blocked, it would kind of back up and hit again until it would make its way through. And so it you know, it finally did that and and my thought on it is I think when it reached probably around the throat area, because I probably wasn't fully prepared for that experience, it veered off, but I still had I felt it come back down, it feels like a hot lava running through the center's a whooshing sound. And so I very much felt it coming back down my body. But I can only surmise that from what I have a knowing of that, for some reason, it couldn't make the full ascent on the way up. So what happened was a couple of years later, I had another experience and this time it came down through the crown of my head and it felt like something clamped on. And you know, you just kind of know, I don't know how you know, but I just knew what it was. And so it came down that way. And it was just so loud and so much vibration. And then I felt that breakthrough. And then I felt that lava kind of come you know, through and that was kind of like the confirmation, oh, this is that Kundalini coming the other way. And so right after that happened, that what I referred to as the dark night of the soul, it started to shift, it started to go away. And I started to enjoy things that I used to enjoy and, you know, started accepting myself more and feeling like you know, I don't have to be perfect, I'm never probably going to be perfect. And there was just this realization that the realization is the realization really of what you are that you are both a human and a Divine Being you're both and and so when you get attached to your human and you identify as that you're in judgment and condemnation, and the spirit part of you can't connect to that lowered vibratory view of yourself. So when you get rid of that, and you just decide that you are enough and that you don't need to be perfect, you come up enough that the two can join, and you get what everybody can get. It's your natural state of alignment. And that's the way I would explain that experience.

Alex Ferrari 9:12
That's a really great explanation of it. But then all of a sudden you start hearing voices in your head. Did you think you were going nuts?

Robin Jelinek 9:20
Well, it wasn't all of a sudden it was 20 years. But the odd part about it was I had a knowing I didn't share it with anyone but I really felt like it was going to happen. I was very interested in channeling I like to watch it I like to listen to it. I had a very good friend that was a channeler that I had spoken to. And so the whole thing was like very intriguing to me. So part of me thinks that just like anything else, when you want to become you know like you whatever it is you do or a doctor or lawyer, whatever it is. You have a passion for it and a desire to make it come into fruition and so I can't help but think all that love of it. Maybe maybe that added to this experience, but I also know that I'm a little different And then some of the channelers, because I have the group that I'm channeling Athena and truth group, but this consciousness of the Kundalini energy is really separate from that. So it has the really transformational energy about it. So people are very lifted by that when you're in exchange with them is spent. And that's one of the reasons that the group tells me, I was an attractive candidate for them, because they like that, that energy it gives them, it's kind of like, it's a conduit, the only way I can explain that Kundalini energy is it is very much electrical. And so somehow it blows you open, it opens up all of those noddy's All of those energy centers. And it gives probably another group of entities like I am channeling more access to run more energy. So your the transmissions are, they're really growing and unfolding and getting different and I'm having new energies entered, not that I really bothered to name them anymore, it doesn't really matter. But just to give you a little bit of an idea, it definitely raises the ante as far as the energy level goes,

Alex Ferrari 11:09
That's it, yes, kind of like the the the conduits open, it opens wider and why the pipes are wider, so more energy can can flow through.

Robin Jelinek 11:17
And that kind of has the ability to flow into other people. So it's not a practice that I've begun yet, but I've been told, and there are people who actually are able to transfer that Schottky energy into others, they can actually open them up or get their centers opened by being in the presence of those that have already opened them. And it's not me doing it, it's the energy that does it. So that's kind of the basis behind people that have kundalini awakening is their spreaders or ones that are spreading to others. So that in this time that we have right now where consciousness is really raising, a lot of people are talking about five d 3d the difference. And really all the difference is is your level of ability of what you can hold in your consciousness. And so the more that this energy starts to permeate people, by people like me and others, and that are having these awakenings, the more levels of consciousness are going to rise and that these, this five D reality that everybody's talking about, it's just going to be another way of perceiving your environment that presently you're not able to.

Alex Ferrari 12:23
So the first time they start talking to you what, you know, you have a knowing. But imagine it's still a little freaky. How are you? Like, how did you deal with it? How did you process it?

Robin Jelinek 12:35
Well, here's another thing, it, it feels natural, I thought, when I would see other channelers while when it happened, they probably were just like, jaw dropped, it would have to be like the bookcase tipping over. And it really wasn't like that at all. Like, if you realized right now that you're channeling Alex, you are something far beyond what you think you are. And that this personality that is you is using the vehicle, it's using the human tool, they call it to transmit through. So basically, when I step aside, something else just uses my tool, but it feels very natural, it doesn't feel any different than how you feel right now, sitting there talking. And so I just kind of, it just happens, I just remove my consciousness and something else takes over. And it doesn't feel foreign, it doesn't really feel that way. And so I think that would be something that people could miss, even, you know, for me, I had a lot of mudras, or spontaneous hand movements, lots of this kind of stuff, which I didn't know what it was. And this was going on a long time before the group ever arrived. And so whenever I would sit down and quiet time, it was just this beautiful dance. I'm not a good dancer, either, by the way. So there were all these things that were happening. And I didn't recognize them. I thought What is this? You know, I had no idea what it was. And I started to Google, what are what are the automatic Boutros or what what is this? You know? And so then I realized, okay, that was coming from the Kundalini energy. So there's always these two things I'm dealing with because I, I have the group Athena in truth, but then I also have this other thing that's going on, it's like to separate consciousness. Everyone, by the way, has Kundalini energy in their body. So everybody has that consciousness and whether they activate it now or whenever they do, the way that it will run will be the same. If you look up anybody that is activated their Kundalini, they're all doing these things. They're all having the same unfoldment that I am, and I would say, a large percentage, if not all, become Chandler's who have activated their Kundalini. However, there are many channelers who have not activated their Kundalini and they they become channeler. So it's not a necessity, but when it does happen, it does seem to precipitate itself towards that. So I got a little off topic there. But was I Where was I headed with that question?

Alex Ferrari 14:52
So I'll take it to the next question. Because you answered the question I originally asked. Okay. Well, so what was when did you decide to come out of the closet, if you will, this channeling closet, because again, like I've said to so many channels to come on the show I This clears a room. So how did you deal with that?

Robin Jelinek 15:09
Oh, well, to be honest, I'm not really out of the closet. Here I am, you know, I'm writing a book and I'm on your show and a couple of other shows, and I do a YouTube and, and a lot of recordings on podcasts. You know, I don't run around telling people what I do. It's really funny because they do let me know who I can share it with and who I can't, and sometimes the people that I think that I could share it with, and I've done it against their advice, and it hasn't turned out well. So, you know, I just I really don't go around looking to tell people, I just do my thing. And if they discover me, you know, they're probably maybe gonna say something, or maybe they have and they haven't said something. And, you know, I just feel like it's, it's, it's been one of those things when they talk about a rise in consciousness where I just don't really think about it anymore, or worry about it. And therefore it doesn't seem to be a problem for me. And, you know, I have my family who I'm very close to my two sons, my daughter in law, I have, you know, my husband who very open sister that works with me on a lot of my work stuff. So that's enough for me, and I don't feel a need to go, I don't want to change anyone's beliefs or try to jam somebody something down somebody's fault that may not be in alignment with what their spiritual beliefs are. So I just let people find me that want to find me and I don't try to sell myself to anyone. Outside of that, I guess.

Alex Ferrari 16:34
Well, there'll be a few more people who are going to discover you after this conversation. So you said with Athena in truth would like to come out in and play if you will answer. So

Robin Jelinek 16:47
Ohh yeah, she would like to come out and play. We know that you know, that. We are not shy. Yes. Robin has what is called Conscious Chandler and what is that really? Well, she doesn't really know exactly what it is that is being transmitted as we are talking, but we are ever present are always there. Why is that? The moment that we arrived? You did ask a question. She didn't answer. By the way, how did she know we were there, we sat her up and breathed her body. She was a little surprised. She knew she was not the one that had drawn the breath. You see, we told her if you want to feel confidence, this is what it feels like. This is the question that she had posed to us. She said, I am nearly 63 years old. But yet I still am not confident. What is it that I am missing? What is it that I could do to acquire that feeling of real confidence. And so as she felt us breathe her as we sat up, and as she felt the presence of myself, Athena, she knew for the first time what it felt like to be a woman in her confidence. What is it that we could speak with you today that would be of interest to you?

Alex Ferrari 17:48
Well, thank you so much for coming on the show and answering these questions. My first question is, What is life like for a soul on the other side, pre incarnation?

Robin Jelinek 17:58
We get this question a lot. And it is quite funny, because we were talking to Robin the other day, because she's having some expansive things going on. There are lots of bodily movements, there's lots of energy running through her body, lots of circular motions with her head that Kundalini energy is quite active at this time. And it is something that searches for a period of time, and then it will subside once in a while. And so she posed the question to us, am I changing? Is something going to happen? Am I going to be doing this differently? Or is there a new energy entering? And we said to her, why would you think that we would be born in you? And that we would always stay the same? Are you not changing? Are you not growing? Are you not expanding? Do you think that when you leave this earth plane that you're somehow satisfied to not be expanding, you are not you say the consciousness that it's running through your body will continue to run, whether it is in your body or not. And it is still wanting to learn it is wanting to expand and it is for ever growing and doing that.

Alex Ferrari 18:53
So what is the process of preparing for an incarnation?

Robin Jelinek 18:57
You are preparing for right now. This is what's so funny about a human. We're gonna laugh a little bit. What do you think you're doing in your everyday desires, in your thoughts and in your feelings that you were sending out, you are creating the life you will live in the coming lives. You see, how you respond, how you react, how you feel, how you interact with the souls that you are interacting with. This is what will bring to you or formulate the next life that you will live. Somehow you think you are joining those around the table and you were sitting down and planning some type of fictitious experience that you are going to come and have. That's not what you're doing. You are constructing the life based upon the way you think and feel and the life you're in. Doesn't that make a whole lot sense to you than the idea that somehow you would be planning some kind of a random event that you had no input and that would have no meaning off?

Alex Ferrari 19:52
But on the other side, when you are still in spirit. Are you sitting down creating a blueprint based on former lives? To experience in this life, and sometimes you deal with former lives from for four or five time years, four or five lifetimes ago, as opposed to one you just had, and you keep, keep exploring, keep growing. What is that process? Like? Do you have a group of elders? Do you have assistants? You know, how is that?

Robin Jelinek 20:17
It is like, Robin is getting the visual of the old player piano Yes, where the song just keeps playing and playing, and it keeps going and going. And this is very similar. This is a good analogy to how it is that your life will unfold. What you're asking about elders, yes, we have heard this terminology before, yes, but what we would really tell you is that you are in a soul group or a connective group that is likened to you in the level of energy or emanation that you are, you see, and so that group of you that are interacting in the lives that you are living, you will very much be working on things that are going to expand you or that have possibly quite possibly held you back in other experiences that you have had. But make no mistake about it, all of you are interacting together and all of you are in in your present moment. In your now moment. This is why we talk about this so often the how important your now is, is because this is the place where changes are made. This is the place where the life is formed, and where everyone can choose in their free will, how it is that they would like the life to unfold rather than coming back time and time again and reliving or re experiencing something that they are stuck in, it's usually a pattern or way of reacting, that they keep carrying with them from lifetime to lifetime. And they keep trying different angles or avenues in order to transcend that or get out of that stuck pattern that they are in you see. So we would not necessarily agree with the concept that there is a group of elders that are sitting down telling you per se, what it is that you have to do and need to do, because it is already apparent by the thoughts and feelings and circumstances and situations that you have created in the life that you are living, what it is you will be experiencing in the upcoming live.

Alex Ferrari 22:09
So then what happens when a soul goes off track when they are supposed to be doing certain lessons or certain paths that they were originally agreed upon? When the contract if you will? And they decide because we all have free will right? Yeah, we go a different direction, what happens to that. So

Robin Jelinek 22:29
We would tell every human that there is nothing that you are experiencing that is not going to be for your betterment for your growth as a soul, you see, and you do have this freewill. But if there is something lodged within you, or there is something that occurs that you are dealing, we would venture to say you are deeming as a negative. This is an avenue or a place that you need to feel it is something that you need to expand upon expound and you see, in order for you to get what it is you are wanting to get out of the life experience you are in, perhaps you are a soul that is going along as you said, and then you veer off track, we wouldn't really call that veering off track, because the freewill that you have is for exploration, it is for you to decide, this is an area I need to explore or something that needs to expand within me. And then oftentimes, this will be as a human would do deem it something negative, you have to realize and all that is there is only energy nothing is deemed as positive or negative, we receive the charge of energy from the emotion that you are emitting by the experience you are having. And then we simply return until you are you and turned on to you. Yes. What it is that is a match to what it is you're releasing. You can experience things over and over again in the negativity that you launch them in. Or you can decide, as you feel that negativity to do what we do to transmute the energy and decide how is it that I want to feel what is it that I want because of the experience that I have experienced the negativity in and now you as the high part of yourself chooses in your free will to feel good rather than became the staying in the lodged emotion that you are in in negativity, you can transcend that energy and transmute it to something that is very expensive, and very much to your liking. It is what we do and all it is we say to a human all the time, what are you really doing? You are aligning to yourself when you become positive, and then all of the things that you've really wanted by all of the experiences that you've had become available to you, it is this is what alignment is it is you matching the energy level of all that is, you see the problem with the humanists. They keep staying in the negative tone. They think that that negative experience is the creative value that they must accept but it is not. You can choose in that moment. What have I become because of this? What am I wanting in all that is because of this and choose that and then materialize that upon the earth plane.

Alex Ferrari 24:56
Well, let me ask you, why would a soul or a eternal soul wants to incarnate in the first place.

Robin Jelinek 25:03
Let us ask you this. Yes. As you come into the body of Alex as a small child, Robin is using the analogy when she was a little girl, she used to ride the snowmobile around and around and around and around the same path in her yard. Pretty soon, that path became very boring. It was not expansive. Everything in the universe is expanding, you included everything you see, and you will never be satisfied standing still, or not growing, it is the natural way of the universe. If you were to check with any scientists that you have, they would all tell you saying, this is an ever expanding universe that you are a part of, and you are no different from it.

Alex Ferrari 25:45
So we want to continuously grow and evolve and get absolutely, I'm assuming closer to source energy to God,

Robin Jelinek 25:53
You are God. Yeah. How can you get any closer than that? You are a piece of the Divine having a human experience, and you will have many experiences in many different rounds. But you will always be the same God that you are now.

Alex Ferrari 26:10
So can can a soul live multiple lives at the same time?

Robin Jelinek 26:14
Yes, it can,

Alex Ferrari 26:15
Can you explain without blowing our heads apart?

Robin Jelinek 26:19
We are presently residing in consciousness. Consciousness is not in the body, but it still exists, you see, and that consciousness can be projected to many different places or planes. You see, right now you are focused as a human in the present consciousness that you are a part of. But that does not mean that that focus is limited to are contained in it

Alex Ferrari 26:46
Will do each of us have a destiny or purpose here that we need to discover in an incarnation?

Robin Jelinek 26:54
This is a question that we get asked from time to time, and we would tell you that every single feeling every emotion, every experience, no matter how big or how small, is a value, it means something. And so we don't categorize one experience as being greater than or better than any other. Robyn finds it quite odd that what she does, she's choosing the phrase means nothing to her. That's not how she means it. But she means she doesn't feel any difference of it, she doesn't feel special because of it. She just knows that this is her expression for the life that she is in, you see. And so we think that all expressions are value, and we would not value the expression of channeling any greater than we would the expression of what it is you're doing before us?

Alex Ferrari 27:48
Well, let me ask you, when a soul decides to take its own life, what happens to that soul is that a break of contract, what actually happens,

Robin Jelinek 27:59
The soul simply withdraws and then reemergence into the one consciousness of what you call your God, or all that is, and contrary to what you've heard, it is not a wrathful or punishing, or punitive God. You see, there is no punishment. There is no reckoning that anyone is going to be charged with by withdrawing from a life experience that they wish not to be a part of. We know that many humans are not going to like to hear this, because in your human plane, punishment, is something that is believed in or greed to see.

Alex Ferrari 28:43
So let me ask you this, then how can we overcome the fear that controls many of our lot, many of people's lives is this fear of not being able to move forward fear of, you know, things of just stopping you from moving forward?

Robin Jelinek 28:58
Yes. We recently had a gentleman asked us during an interview, what was the opposite of love, you see, and we would tell you that the opposite of love is the complete and 100% knowing that you are in control of your life. You see, when one really understands fear goes right out the window. It is the fear that things are out of control, that somehow something is going to attack you or control you, of what you have no control over. We have many people who we have had sessions with who are spiritual advocates or desire errs, let's say, and they dabble in many of these arts where they are trying to attract a spirit to themselves, and they're very fearful. They are asking us if there's something evil out there if there's something that they need to worry about or be afraid of. And we said is this your belief Are you afraid because this is the attractive quality to that type of entertainment. You see, when you decide that you are not afraid, and that you are the controller, the determiner the picker the chooser of the life that you're living, that fear will go right out of the window. You see, it's only there as you believe in it as you perceive it to be so. But if you decide not to, you will become the love that you are.

Alex Ferrari 30:27
Well, do you have any advice on how we can connect more deeply with the divine while we are in the physical plane?

Robin Jelinek 30:34
Absolutely. Love yourself. Robin used to hear this love herself. What is it? How am I going to do it? Am I supposed to get a massage? Am I supposed to take a long walk and allow myself time every day? No, you're supposed to accept yourself, you're supposed to know that you are a human. This tool that you are occupying is on a contrasting plane, it's going to have preferences and desires. But you have a choice. You can decide to become the negative experience that you feel. Or you can implement that high part of yourself and think to yourself, now I will choose, I will move from that negativity. And I will decide how I want to feel because of this negative experience that I've had. This is the choice that you have as a human. You see, once you start doing this, you really start to love yourself, start to accept yourself, you start to know you are worthy, that there's no pedestal that anyone should be on that nobody's better than anybody else, no matter what it is they are doing or how it is they are behaving. That's a hard pill for you humans to swallow, isn't it, you have so much judgment, so much idea of how people should behave and what they should or should not do. But all that matters, is how the one feels truly about themselves. As long as they are congruent with the way that they feel about themselves, they will come into alignment with what they have become, by the experiences that they have contributed. Notice we said contributed. Every experience that you give is a contribution to the expansion of all that is you are contributor. You see, that's all you agree to, you didn't agree to come in here and be perfect, you didn't agree that you would never do anything wrong. And that somehow, you would have this floating cloud that you're on with a halo around your head. This is not truth. This is not how it is meant to be. You are an experiencer, a warrior, a challenger, a Trier, a worker, a lover, you are all these things. Where did a human get the idea to flatline? We've heard this too. Don't get over excited about anything, just flatline, then you won't have these ups and downs. But then you will not experience what it is you came here to experience. You see. But you do have to choose, you have to get this idea. Why are we here? We're asking question for you. Sorry, yes. But we are here because we want humans to know that they can pick and choose how they're going to feel about the life experiences they're having, and therefore create a lovely experience for themselves and others that are on this plane with them.

Alex Ferrari 33:18
So why do we beat ourselves up so much? Why are we our worst enemy and not our best friend?

Robin Jelinek 33:24
It is difficult. We're not saying it's easy to feel these emotions, they can sting, they get your attention, you get lodged in them. But little by little as humans start to hear what it is that we are bringing in the transmissions we are doing, they start to question or recognize how stuck in them they are, how connected to being a human they are. And they start to implement this high part of themselves, they start to know, hey, it matters how I emanate. It's getting returned on over and over again. And it's okay. Because the answer will keep being up or the experiences will keep coming. And they'll get stronger and stronger in the areas that you need to move out of or the patterns that you're stuck in. So it's going to get your attention sooner or later. But we're recommending that you get that piece of mail now that you just start to notice. I don't feel good right now. How would I like to feel? Believe me, there's something behind it that you would like to feel. And then you make that statement to yourself. I had this experience because I really want this and I'm going to move to that now because as I emanate that I will align with all that is and I will receive that I will receive something that will bring me to the feeling of what it is I am wanting to feel. Many will say I wanted this certain house or this certain mate or this one thing and I didn't get it. I got something else. But we're gonna promise you one thing you're gonna get Something that makes you feel the way that you really want to feel from all that is.

Alex Ferrari 35:06
So can you explain the concept of Karma to people?

Robin Jelinek 35:10
Yes, we can. Karma is cause and effect, it's all it is, you see, you're going to whatever you cause, there's going to be an effect. And it's going to come by the feeling, it's not going to come. So you break into a car and you take someone's iPhone out of the car, no, your car isn't necessarily going to get broken into and taken out of your car. But something is going to happen, that you value just as much as that person valued, will be taken from you. Maybe it's the health of someone that you love, maybe that's where your value is, we don't know. But karma knows karma aligns karma picks the complete and perfect match to what it is you have encountered, and what you will encounter in return.

Alex Ferrari 36:00
But it is not clear, it is clear, but it's not a punishment.

Robin Jelinek 36:04
It is not, it's just cause and effect, it is the natural way of the universe, you see, you have to understand this universe that you live in this one thing of what you are a part of, is simply mirroring back to you exactly what it is that you give off, you see.

Alex Ferrari 36:23
Now, can you explain the concept of family karma,

Robin Jelinek 36:27
There are many who are close in families. And we would use the alcoholism, let's use that as an example, where perhaps there are many relatives that have come and gone and with this problem, and done nothing with it, you see, and then perhaps one will be born with this thing we believe you call it inheritance, we would call it more being transferred for through the energy centers through the feelings and emotions, that those that have been stricken with it have had you see and so, another one may come and he may heal that wound, he may get over it or decide that this is not something that he is going to want to continue the pattern in the minute that energy is transmuted by him that is removed or taken from the lineage, you see, it is a great endeavor, that one will go through in many of these situations that are deemed as inheritable or something that a human has no control over. But basically, if this were the case, then why would it be born into one child and not another, you see, it is a decision, it is a choosing that one has, that they will take this on or transmute this energy in the life that they are in.

Alex Ferrari 37:39
Let me love to ask you what happens when you evolve beyond the lessons that you can learn in the physical realm like an Ascended Master Jesus or Buddha, these these kinds of souls, what is the next level? What is the next step? For that kind of soul?

Robin Jelinek 37:58
You are a never ending, ever expanding? Being and we are somewhat to some degree expanded a little beyond where you are in your present focus. Let's use that term. Yes. And there will always be something or another what you would humans would deal as another level humans like to look at these things as a place or they call them dimensions or levels of consciousness is what we would like to refer them to. Because basically what it is, is your ability to perceive expands and as that ability expands, so do you, this is how you rise this is how your present environment goes to another level of what you would deem because humans like to use something solid, yes. So your perception right now, in your ability in your consciousness is holding you in the 3d reality that you are in, you see, but as you begin to believe you are the creator, you are this God that we are telling you are, you are have the ability to not be fearful that you can create and bring to yourself what it is that you want, your consciousness will start to expand. And now you move up a level or or a dimension level as you would call it. We don't really like to call it dimension levels. It's just an expansion of your consciousness is basically what you were talking about. And so, your Buddha, your Jesus, whatever you whatever character you would like to bring, they are expanding their consciousness and that will never end that will that will level of consciousness will continue to grow and grow and grow and grow. It is eternal. You see?

Alex Ferrari 39:41
So how can we co create our reality with God with source?

Robin Jelinek 39:47
You can move out of condemnation and judgment of yourself first, because then very naturally, you will stop doing it to others. It always has to begin at home. This is how you do it. and you don't do it because you think you have to be perfect. Or that somehow you're not going to ever do anything wrong. You understand that as you accept yourself in what you're deeming as an imperfection, your consciousness will rise, and your behavior will change, it will become better and better and better and more in alignment with who you really want to be, there'll be no work for you to do. It's an automatic, but you can't get from A to B, you can't get from low self esteem, low self worth judgment of self condemnation of self, you can't get the connection to the high part of yourself, as you hold yourself in that lowered view or that lowered level of consciousness. So our advice is you just start to love yourself as you are, you just start to accept this 3d reality, this human experience that you're in, agree to it. And we're not telling you to be happy with bad behavior. But you have to forgive it. And in order for you to rise in your consciousness, and to get that connection that you're talking about, you'll have to forgive yourself for the things that the human does. And as you do this, this is when your consciousness will expand. And this expansion is where the divinity is.

Alex Ferrari 41:24
Beautiful answer my, my friend, beautiful, beautiful answer. Can you explain to the people where the Akashic records are, because there's a lot of misinformation about that,

Robin Jelinek 41:34
Once again, we are giving Robin the view of a room with volumes and volumes of books and the ladders she is saying she saw it on a TV show. Everything that has ever existed for every soul still exists and is accessible to them. Yes. It is not quite like books, as you are stating it. It is more emotive value, or we are looking for a term to make you understand. Every time you recall an experience. Let's give you this analogy. If there were no emotion with it, what would the experience mean? Would it mean anything?

Alex Ferrari 42:24
I understand

Robin Jelinek 42:25
It would mean nothing, you see. So for people to describe the Akashic records, as words, doesn't mean a whole lot. Because without the emotion without what went with it. There's nothing to tell. See. But most of those who read the records, or connect to the energy of those that have expended the gift, the emotion with it, and this is the telling, or the thing, the learning thing, that a human deposits for themselves. See, did that answer your question?

Alex Ferrari 43:05
It did, It did. Now, can you explain to the audience what a spirit guide is? And how do they help us in our incarnation.

Robin Jelinek 43:14
Spirit guides can be many things. They can be the high part of yourself, as you call out to it for guidance or advice or whatever it is you're searching for. And there are those that you have incarnated with, who are ever so happy to be able to signal you in some fashion or form in order to give you the help of what it is that you are asking for. So these spirit guides, as you would call them, are more of a tapping into or connecting to the energy of those that you have been in union with before and who are ever so willing to offer you guidance and advice as you were calling for it. You see,

Alex Ferrari 44:00
And why did we decide to reincarnate in this time in history?

Robin Jelinek 44:06
There is a great change that is coming in the world that you are living in. And we have people say to us, people have to get on board, they have to clean up their acts. Yes, let's use that term. And we want you to know that this is an all inclusive resort that you are living here on in this earth plane that you are on, and that as people rise in their consciousness, just as Robin was explaining the Kundalini energy, as more and more people awaken this divine energy within themselves, it is a contagion. It is something that others in the presence of or the interaction with or just the mere walking through crowd, it is spreading. It is permeating your environment, whether you are knowing of it or not, you see. And so this is going to be a very exciting time for humans to understand It's not going to be pie in the sky anymore, it's going to be manifestation is going to become quickened, it's going to become very easy for a human to materialize what it is they are wanting to materialize on the earth plane. Once this energy is fully infiltrated into the earth plane, it's going to become humans knowing that they create humans understanding how they do it. In your present now moments, really cleaning up how it is that you emanate, because you know that it matters, you see, and right now, many will say, Well, there's a lot of bad stuff happening here, you can't deny that. And we would say, there's a lot of bad thoughts coming out of people, we wouldn't deny that you see. But as that changes, as people have this new found understanding and awareness of how they create by emanating by what it is that they feel, and that they don't need to be perfect that they just need to know this, they need to know that they are the divine, that they aren't just the human tool that they're using to experience their experience, they can implement this high part of themselves in union with the tool. Yes. And so this is how we would explain to you this new paradigm that is coming is it's going to just, we've used this before, too, but we like it. So we're going to use it again, it's kind of like when you went through puberty, you didn't decide one day to to wake up and get attracted to to another sex or that you were going to have a baby or that you were somehow changed. It was this very gradual process where you it unfolded and all of a sudden, you turned around you thought well, how did that happen? How did I become a man? Or how did I become a woman. And we would tell you that the shift in consciousness is going to be much the same. And quite honestly, a lot of people don't believe it. But this is how puberty happens to it's a shift in consciousness more than it is anything else you see. So we want to tell you that this is going to happen. You don't have to be perfect, you don't have to worry. You don't have to condemn or feel as though you're going to be left behind as some have taught you and your religions. We say why are we here kind of to debunk some of that stuff, we're going to tell you that is quite honestly not true. This is not a wrathful condemning God that is going to come after all of you heathens that have not gotten on the spiritual path that is not how it is, you see. And so why are we here, we are here to let you know that you are worthy. That the minute that you have drawn a breath as a human, you've done enough that you are not expected to be perfect, that if you can align to the love of self, that you can align to your divinity, and through that divinity, you will become exactly in everything. What it is that you were striving to become as human we're not able to accomplish,

Alex Ferrari 47:43
I get asked all the time, that people who are on the spiritual path or this or have discovered some new information or level of consciousness that they want to share with loved ones. And many times those loved ones are not ready or willing to hear this. Can you explain to people what they can and cannot do in regarding to awakening family and friends to whatever ideas or consciousness they have experienced?

Robin Jelinek 48:14
Absolutely. This is a good question because it Robin is laughing a little bit to herself in the background, because she remembers when she first became interested in this. And she had some very close friends who are still friends now to this day and actually know what it is that she does. But she felt as though she was so excited, so exuberant by the things that she was learning that were resonating with her that she really wanted to tell some of the people about it only to be met with a closed door or not interested? Yes, or thought she was crazy, you say? So the best advice that we can give you and Robin actually spoke about it earlier in the interview when you asked if she had been outed to the public. And she said I don't go around pushing it or telling people and further we would like to say that the level of of openness in the energy centers in a human will be what is the determining factor on whether or not they can actually hold this information or they are ready for it is a so it isn't that they are denying you it isn't that they are like you would think stupid or don't understand something that you understand this is not what it is at all. And it may not be their life path or their mission in this life to accomplish an opening of their energy centers. But what will happen is those that are interested will automatically fall to you they will come to you and it is not your job to go around selling anyone or pushing something onto someone that perhaps is not looking for it. And actually this can be a deterrent. What Robin has learned now is by her not talking about it at all with even some of her very close friends who know about it. They are more inquisitive. They're more wanting to know what is going on. How is your book going? How many sessions are you doing? What is it that you are up to you see, and so it is more the old saying that the human uses you can catch flies with honey is it Yes, rather than vinegar. So, this is our response to that we would highly recommend that it is not something to be pushed upon another there are plenty of people who are interested will be drawn to you through your interest. And it is not necessary for you to go around pushing this on to anyone

Alex Ferrari 50:23
And Athena, do you have any final words for the audience?

Robin Jelinek 50:27
We have enjoyed this interaction, more than words can say, we are knowing that the upcoming dimension of the fifth dimension, which has been talked about in many of our other prior recordings, is going to be a time of people coming into the realization of the power that they are. And as this happens, your consciousness will expand. And you will want to learn more and more and more. And you will be given more opportunities to grow and to grow. And it is going to be a very rewarding and wonderful time for humans, when they come to this understanding that they are a god, and that they can create the lives that they want to have. And that nobody's lucky, and that there are no victims. There's no bad things happening. There's just you emanating for you. You see,

Alex Ferrari 51:21
Thank you so much. At the end, I really appreciate this conversation as well.

Robin Jelinek 51:25
Thank you. Hi, Alex.

Alex Ferrari 51:27
How are you doing?

Robin Jelinek 51:28
I'm doing good.

Alex Ferrari 51:29
Did you remember all that? Do you remember the entire conversation or

Robin Jelinek 51:32
No, it's not really I mean, it's kind of like a dream, I can kind of hear it going by my head. But you know, at the at the moment that it happens, but afterwards, I very little remembrance of it. I would say the first couple of sessions that I did, I had a couple where maybe someone really had a hardship like a child die, or you know, something really, that got me you know, and I remember saying I don't want to feel this anymore, if this is how it's going to be, you know, I don't want to be taking that on. And that's when I really noticed the uptick of not hearing much of anything anymore during the sessions, which is really fine by me. So that that has helped a lot. And what I've really noticed is, the minute I make a request of that's not working for me, or that didn't feel very good. I don't get it anymore, it just kind of goes away. So whatever is going on, is very much wanting to work on a chord with me, it doesn't want to cause me any hardship or discomfort or, you know, there's nothing that I am forced to do or that I have happened, that I can't stop from happening. Let's just say that.

Alex Ferrari 52:39
So when you go back, so this will be a joy for you to go back and watch this as a new viewer.

Robin Jelinek 52:44
Absolutely. When I watched it, I'm just like a person watching it for the first time and think oh, wow, that was was okay, you know, so yeah, just it's kind of exciting that to listen back to it, and it's, it's just, uh, I don't know, I guess the one thing I would say to anybody is I'm just a regular person. And for me to have this happen is just astounding, even to me. And I don't really know how to explain it. It just just is I guess.

Alex Ferrari 53:13
Yeah, it is a it's an interesting, and I've said this so many times before, people always asked me about channels, because they're curious. They're curious channels are becoming a little bit more mainstream than they were even a few years ago. And they always ask like, do you think it's really they faking it and I go, one, or I always say the same thing? What are they saying? Does it resonate with you? If it does great if it doesn't move on? Secondly, if you think you're gonna get super rich by being a channel, or being an author, you've got another thing going because I understand what the unless your last name is, king, or rolling? Yes. Or Patterson, you don't make money in books, generally speaking,

Robin Jelinek 53:53
Right! Right, the more of a door opener, kind of.

Alex Ferrari 53:56
Right, exactly. And then third is just putting yourself out there as a channel, not the coolest thing in the world to do. You're really exposing yourself to a lot of arrows and rocks to be thrown at you. So, you know, when people say that I just tried to say what I just said, because it kind of put things into perspective, because people Oh, they're they're making money with a book or oh, they just want this or that. I'm like, You don't understand what it's like.

Robin Jelinek 54:24
Yeah, you know, they either love it, or they think you're crazy. It's there's no in between, you know, so that's kind of what you're dealing with and I don't know how to really explain it and I sometimes feel like that I got this because I couldn't be a more like, regular person. Like I'm not into fairies. I'm not into you know, all the crystals or all I'm not into any of that stuff. And, and even like, before I channel I don't surround myself in the white light. I don't do any of that stuff. I just do it, you know? And so I feel like for me anyway, that I can't help but think claim that this whole group or for whatever reason, this really kind of a down to earth, just get back to basics kind of thing where, you know, that's the only way I can explain to a regular person, I guess what I'm trying to say.

Alex Ferrari 55:16
Let's just get to it. Exactly. So you weren't very new agey is what you're saying?

Robin Jelinek 55:21
No, I mean, I mean, I liked reading about channeling and I was very interested in you know, chakras. And there was kind of a natural knowing that those things exist. So i i But, you know, some people can get like, for spirituality can become, like another egoic thing,

Alex Ferrari 55:39
I'm the most spiritual, I'm much more spiritual than you.

Robin Jelinek 55:41
Yeah. Yeah, we're no, you know, so that I've seen that before where it can take on, it's another way the ego gets around you in the name of spirituality.

Alex Ferrari 55:52
But it's a trap. It's another trap. So like another trap. Yeah, that's where you identify so much with it to the point where it's everything and all about you. And it could definitely, I've seen it to believe I've seen it too. But then when you meet a real master, who is not that at all, you go, Oh, okay, that's what it's supposed to be like, like, when you write when you read Autobiography of a Yogi? Or are these kinds of these kinds of books you just go or meet these people? You just like, oh, okay, is this not? Right? This is not,

Robin Jelinek 56:25
They're not attached at all.

Alex Ferrari 56:27
It's sometimes not attached at all, like they are. They are somewhere else almost all the time. Right? Right. It's really more remarkable. Now, I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Robin Jelinek 56:42
I feel like I've really lived a good life. I, I loved being a mother, I loved working in my business, our family business with my husband, so I could be home with my kids. And I actually love what I'm doing right now. Even somebody might find it kind of crazy. I love helping people. It's something I've always done anyway, it's really my passion. So I I've just couldn't live a better life than the one I'm living. I mean, sometimes I say, well, it could have happened sooner. But then I think, I don't know. You know, I, I was still I was busy with my kids till they got married. And they married later, you know, they were the most important thing in my life. So for me, it's just everything's really unraveled pretty perfectly, and I've had a good life. How do you define God? It's everything that feels good.

Alex Ferrari 57:25
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Robin Jelinek 57:27
Expansion. Just growing, coming more.

Alex Ferrari 57:31
And where can people find out more about you and your new book?

Robin Jelinek 57:34
Well, I got a copy here. It's going to be on Amazon on March 21. It will be released. It's called Choose your Universe an exercise and freedom. And I have a website, And I do private sessions there. I have a YouTube under the same name, and a podcast that is pretty regular. Not right now. I'm on vacation. pretty regular. And I think those are the only three places.

Alex Ferrari 58:01
And do you have any final messages for the audience?

Robin Jelinek 58:07
Just give up the idea that you got to be perfect. That's what I had to do. Some people think even now, because of what I'm doing. They think, Oh, she must have it all figured out. No, I don't

Alex Ferrari 58:17
Now, while we're down here we don't.

Robin Jelinek 58:19
I mean, when they come in, they can figure some stuff out. But I'm not figuring everything out. So I think that's the biggest thing that makes me smile in all of this is so many years of thinking that somehow I was going to just eradicate any type of negative behavior or thoughts from myself. And that's just never going to happen it's okay.

Alex Ferrari 58:40
Robin, thank you so much for this conversation. Thank you for the work you're doing to to awaken the world and help the world so I appreciate you my dear.

Robin Jelinek 58:47
Thank you, Alex. I really appreciate it.

Alex Ferrari 58:51
Thanks for watching. Click on one of the videos below to continue your journey and don't forget to subscribe!

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