NEW EVIDENCE Revealed! LOST Ancient Technologies & Their HIDDEN POWER! with RJ Spina

In the infinite expanse of human consciousness, we often find ourselves navigating through the layers of our existence, seeking answers and profound truths. On today’s episode, we welcome the extraordinary RJ Spina, a returning guest whose insights delve deep into the mysteries of ancient technologies and the frequencies that govern our reality. As we embark on this journey, we are reminded of the limitless potential within each of us, waiting to be tapped.

RJ Spina brings a wealth of knowledge to our discussion, highlighting the advanced technologies of ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Egypt. He begins by sharing a fascinating account of how the ancient Egyptians utilized a device akin to a small radio, which could alter the frequency of their local environment. By turning the dial, they could raise the frequency and make advanced civilizations and their technologies visible and accessible. “They would be able to access, communicate with them, and then gain access to their technologies,” RJ explains. This ability to change frequencies allowed them to interact with higher realms and advanced beings, providing a glimpse into a sophisticated understanding of reality that surpasses our current technological achievements.

As our conversation unfolds, RJ emphasizes the importance of understanding frequencies and vibrations. He distinguishes between the two, noting that while vibration pertains to our inherent love and wisdom, frequency relates to the physical realm we inhabit. This distinction is crucial in comprehending how ancient technologies operated and how we can harness similar principles today. By attuning our body-mind complex to our higher self, we can raise our frequency and access deeper layers of reality.

The spiritual journey, RJ describes, involves recognizing our true essence beyond the physical form. He recounts the teachings of ascended masters like Paramahansa Yogananda, who introduced Kriya Yoga to elevate human consciousness during a time of low frequency. Today, RJ asserts, our base frequencies are higher, allowing for more immediate and profound spiritual practices. “People are in a state of meditation in one second,” he says, illustrating the rapid evolution of human consciousness.

Our discussion also touches on the multidimensional nature of reality. RJ paints a vivid picture of how different frequencies coexist within the same space, much like layers of a rubber band ball. By raising our frequency, we can access these higher dimensions and the beings that inhabit them. This concept opens the door to a deeper understanding of our place in the universe and the interconnectedness of all existence.


  1. Understanding Frequencies: Recognize the difference between vibration and frequency. Your vibration is your inherent love and wisdom, while frequency pertains to the physical realm. Attuning your body-mind complex to your higher self raises your frequency.
  2. Multidimensional Reality: Embrace the idea that multiple dimensions exist within the same space, separated by frequency. By raising your frequency, you can access higher dimensions and the beings within them.
  3. Harnessing Ancient Technologies: Learn from ancient civilizations like Egypt and Atlantis, who used frequency-altering devices to access advanced knowledge and technologies. These principles can inspire modern approaches to healing and spiritual growth.

As we conclude this enlightening conversation with RJ Spina, we are left with a profound sense of wonder and inspiration. His insights remind us that our journey through life is an exploration of higher frequencies and deeper truths. The path to spiritual awakening lies in understanding our true nature and harnessing the ancient wisdom that resides within us.

Please enjoy my conversation with RJ Spina.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 390

Rj Spina 0:00
Ancient Egyptians as well as Atlantean, but in ancient Egypt, they would actually turn this dial and the entire local environment would raise in frequency. And then everything that was existing in these higher frequencies became completely available and visible, and they could interact with advanced civilizations that are in the exact same location. And they would be able to access communicate with them and then gain access to their technologies.

Alex Ferrari 0:30
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, RJ Spina. How are you doing RJ?

Rj Spina 0:44
It's great to be here. Alex, thank you for having me again.

Alex Ferrari 0:47
Thank you so much for coming back on the show, my friend we've, you've been on the show a few times before and the honest really likes it when you and I get together. Last time we had a conversation about ascended masters the first time we had a conversation about how amazing you are, what amazing ability you had to reconstruct your spine and heal yourself. And that was it. And both of those will be in the show notes for anybody who wants to listen to those amazing conversations. But today, we're going to talk about something that I've really haven't spoken about too heavily on the show before, which is ancient lost technology. And people always ask about, well, you know, the pyramids, how do they do it? You know, or how did it and that that mystery is always so fascinating to me. And I always I always tell people like well, you people who don't believe that there was an advanced technology in the past, is looking at it purely through the lens of today's technology. Like this is the only way technology could have ever evolved, where there could have been other technologies that were, you know, either more esoteric, more mystical, more connected to the earth, and magnetism and anti gravity and all these kinds of ideas that we can't comprehend. But they could have had a complete mastery of and we just lost it through time. So I love to talk, let's just dive dive in my friend. What What would you like to talk about in regards to lost technologies? I know you have some ideas, or some things you want to talk about? Sure.

Rj Spina 2:18
Yeah, yeah. So the let's put the right content, from my perspective, the right context, Alex. Thank you human mind operates through logic and linearity. Right. So first, there's a then there's B, then there's C. Okay. That's really just a sliver of what is it's a it's a tiny, tiny translation of the totality of things. So we're under the assumption that were We were never as advanced as we are right now. Right, that where we're at right now is the most Okay, nothing, nothing could be further from the truth. What we have to start to understand is that there are a sight and you guys talk about this. So the fall of man is to fall in frequency. And this is the right context, to start to understand these ancient advanced technologies that absolutely existed, we're going to talk about one specifically in a second. So consciousness goes through the cycles. And we have been operating or have operated in our ancient paths, paths and a much, much, much higher frequency. So our availability to the greater reality as well as our higher mind as well as other advanced incarnate societies and beings, we were able to communicate with them and get and garner some of this information, and therefore the tech that was used, now we have fallen in frequency. And we're now just finally starting to tick back up in frequency. And another way to look at this too, and we talked about this when we talked about the Ascended Masters. The reason why master Paramahansa Yogananda taught Kriya Yoga, because he could have taught anything, the reason why he taught Kriya Yoga is because the the base frequency of humanity was so low at the time, that he had to teach something for us to elevate our consciousness, he had to directly access and utilize the body first, because our frequency is so low, and so identified with what I call body consciousness. So Kriya Yoga enabled us to sort of put ourselves put the body into a state of meditation in order in order for us to actually begin to meditate. Now, the base frequencies of humanity are much higher than when Master Yogananda was was incarnate when the beginning of his incarnation. And so part of the things that I do in all my teachings are these instantaneous meditations where people are into are in a state of meditation in one second, and that's because the base frequencies are much higher for humanity. So I can be here now incarnate and teach things for instantaneous meditation. So now as that context, about the fall of man is full and frequency, if we go back to where there wasn't This complete sort of bottoming out, which was the Middle Ages, by the way, is the complete bottoming out of everything. And we're outside of the Kali Yuga. For those still think that we're in the colleague we're not, we're about 232 years into into the Dwarka yuga. So we're on a heavy upswing. Okay. So our previous civilization, some of which are Lemuria. Atlantis, and I'm talking about ancient Egypt, I want to talk about a technology that was in heavy use in ancient Egypt, that was a carryover from Atlantis. Now, this technology almost looked like a small world and FX, a small little radio, right? Okay. So this technology kind of looks look there looks at or looked right now, and in the past, look like a small radio and it had a dial. Now instead of instead of changing radio stations, this actually had the ability of the look to change the frequency of the local environment by turning the dial. And it had to do with certain crystals set in sacred geometric patterns is the technology that's inside of it. Because it's spinning inside of its I can see inside the device itself. So there's crystals in there, some of which that are not germane to Earth, and they're put into sacred geometric patterns. And when they're put together in this specific way, it it creates almost like this bubble effect, that that sort of separates time space. Now as as we would turn this dial, imagine you're on 95.5. And it's jazz, right, and you turn your radio to 97.5 for rock and roll Ancient Egyptians as well as Atlanteans. But in ancient Egypt, they would actually turn this dial and the entire local environment would raise in frequency. And then everything that was existing in these higher frequencies became completely available and visible. And they could interact with advanced civilizations that are in the exact same location. And they would be able to access communicate with them and then gain access to their technologies. And this radio, could take it all the way up to the 10th frequency. Now we talk about that we're in the third dimension, okay, that's not from a purely metaphysical perspective, that's not accurate, because energy exists in frequency or frequently, and dimensions house frequencies. So to be specific, we operate in the third frequency. And the first full dimension is 12 frequencies. And after the 12 frequencies, the first dimension ends when so does office accounting. So this device was used to actually take us all the way up to the 10th frequency, which is essentially from a human perspective, where all sense of physicality starts to starts to end and everything becomes completely and utterly ephemeral. Now, this technology allowed us to interact with more advanced civilizations, and garner information, wisdom, teachings, learnings, guidance, ancient history, history, about everything technology, about everything, just by turning the style on the whole environment is as an image. When you go see a 3d movie, the beginning of the three, put your glasses on. So you put the glasses on, right? And then they have that countdown, Alex 10, nine, okay, because that's kind of what it's like. And I'll explain later, how one can actually do this and access it ourselves without the technology, which is what, which is what I do. So we would turn this dial, and these layers of higher frequencies would start to become available. And all the incarnated advanced civilizations and entities that were existing would become a default view. And then there was communion and connectivity, and actual, they would be able to teach us and this is how we were able to maintain these advanced learning's, these advanced systems, why we were able to go off planet why we were able to communicate with anyone, it's because of the single one device, there was a carryover from Atlantis that worked like a radio that changed the entire frequency of the local environment and gave us access to everything within the first 10 frequencies of the physical universe.

Alex Ferrari 2:19
So then is this kind of what the Ascended Masters or walking masters are able to do like the yogi's that they're able to lift their frequency to a place where they're kind of mimicking this machine and have access to this information, this knowledge, and that's why it'll people who are not at that frequency when they walked in front of a Yogananda, they walked in front of a master Yogi or, or they walked in front of the Maharishi or Jesus or Buddha, they just there was this this thing that they didn't understand. But they were drawn to it. Is that a fair assessment?

Rj Spina 10:11
Yeah, yeah. So highly advanced. Beings, a sensitive, especially of course, ascended masters have developed a facility to work to work with themselves to work with the I am what they are directly the sentience, not the sentience, which is what we what we really are, we're not this we're not the suit, the suit is part of and attune to the local environment, what we are as attuned to God, right, so and that's what the I Am the sentient so masters have developed through incarnation after incarnation and also because of the way that they were created, they're able to, I would say, almost like a muscle memory, they're able to retune the body mind to who and what they really are. Now, the I Am is attune to everything well, well outside of what I call body consciousness or physical sensory perception. So of an authentic mystic or master can work with themselves in a way where they're able to perceive what is beyond physical reality, which has nothing to do with the body. In fact, it's through their detachment, or non identification with the physical body, and complete unification with who and what they really are, which is a tuned all the way to God, the higher self, then everything starts to become available. So when we work with ourselves properly, in the same way, the same ways that the ascended masters work with themselves, essentially, we're doing it without the the hiya all the Egyptian radio, it's not really a radio, I'm just using as the greatest technology was our consciousness. Now, when we use it properly, we can literally access everything. And it's actually through these advanced beings learning to work with themselves in the way that they were able to sort of deconstruct that process by using sacred geometric patterns and crystals that are able to work with one another to create almost, it's almost like a soundwave. Yeah, the image that is shown to me, it's like when we drop a rock in the water and be ripples. So what it looks like is when you when you do that, there's this ripple, and you're able to perceive everything that's outside. And this is how we're going to start to tap into we're going to do this again, we're going to absolutely do it again. But we can actually even do it without the tech if we use ourselves properly.

Alex Ferrari 12:26
So you say that the raising the frequency opens up other civilizations, other beings that are in the same space, that kind of opens the door to parallel realities that are happening all at the same time, kind of on top of each other. But the frequency is the tuner that allows us so in the same space, there could be a handful of different civilizations, different levels of beings. So let's say we're in the pyramids, right now we're in the Great Pyramid, right now we turn on this machine. If you're in the Great Pyramid right now, and you walk into it. From what I understand, there's a pretty cool energy in there. That's one thing. But generally speaking, it's pretty desolate place, it's an empty room, essentially, a very old rocks. But if you turn this machine on, other things would present themselves in the space where this pyramid could be in another reality, at a different level. Is that fair to say? That's

Rj Spina 13:30
exactly right. I mean, that's, that's exactly how so the image, it's helpful for the human mind to have to have an image. It's not entirely accurate, but it's just helpful. So if we think of a rubber band ball, right, okay, so think of each rubber band as a timeline. Right? Now, all those timelines are touching each other, influencing each other, and they're all together in the exact same space. That's kind of how things really are. And what separates these things is frequency. You know, just like our phone operates on a certain frequency or television operates on a certain frequency, X ray machine operates on a certain frequency, we operate when we're incarnated in the lower frequencies we're attuned to, and part of the local environment. But what we are the I am our sentience is attuned to all of it. It's part of all because that's, that's God's Source Creator at its core. So when you start to work with yourself that way, all these different frequencies. Earth itself is a pan for sequential being. Let me let me let me back up for a second. So my direct experience is that there. There are multiple versions of Earth in this frequency. There's also multiple versions of Earth and the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and 10th. all on the same space, just operating at a higher frequency. And to access these things, you have to raise your frequency. And then all of these things start to start to appear but it's all in the exact same space. It's all Earth. It's just different versions of Earth vibrating at different frequencies.

Alex Ferrari 15:05
So when you go down, I heard this from a guest the other day, which I thought was a brilliant analogy, that the environment that we live, let's call it the quantum field is the ocean. Okay? It's all one. But at the very top of the ocean, there's not a lot of pressure. But if you shoot a bullet into the ocean, the bullet starts to descend, because the pressure and the frequencies starts to dry. So it starts to slow down dramatically. So we are all at the bottom of the ocean with this pressure and good, we can't really move around the way we would. But when you start to get above the ocean level, then you're in a higher frequency to the place where you can move around freely and things like that. And as you get higher up, it becomes a little bit easier to move a little bit better, boom, boom, boom, until you get to finally break the surface. And that's when you've now reached enlightenment and going to the other side, in many ways. So when we are souls, on the other side, we are above the waterline. But when we incarnate, we get shoved all the way down into the ocean Now, depending on where we are in our evolution of the soul, is what level how deep we go into the ocean. So if we are young souls, we're very, very deep. We were just barely figuring things out. But if you're an evolved soul, the like, I really just want to learn these lessons here. And I think I'm pretty close to enlightenment in this episode, I can escape this. This I escaped, but I can evolve beyond this like an Ascended Master, they might come up with a very higher level of the ocean of the ocean in general. Does that make sense?

Rj Spina 16:45
Yeah, yeah. I mean, I think it's I think it's a great analogy. The, I would the one caveat to that. And I love that word caveat. The one. The one caveat to that, Alex, is that all souls are the same age, they're all God's Source Creator. Sure. So so we we we humanize everything because we're when we have a human experience, we're kind of locked into this logic of linearity and low frequency way of operating. So what we're really talking about is how evolved, how sentient, right the depth of love and wisdom, whose subsets are talents and abilities. And that's really the difference in terms of when we see Plato, or we see someone, you know, nowhere near that level of brilliance. They're the same age. It's just that one has a much higher degree of sentience. Also, Plato is an example of a different human quality of sentience. So that's really what we're talking about. It's all God's Source Creator, except for the Ascended Masters. But it's not equal in any way because our God created through variance, right, so that the sentience that's inside a tree is not the same. That's inside you, Alex. Right. And so we can, it's rather obvious, we can see this variance. But we couldn't humanize it by saying, young soul, or old soul, which makes sense because we attribute the old soul to wisdom, and that kind of thing. But the analogy of the water, I think, is fantastic. When when we're incarnate into the lower frequencies, now, you and I could have incarnated, it's not as challenging, but you and I could have incarnated into, say, the seventh, eighth or ninth frequency, and that version of Earth. Now, there's no way to even compare where we are now to what that would be like the difference between caveman and Star Trek wouldn't even do it justice. The separate frequency from my direct experience is when there is the holistic nature and the oneness of existence is actually tangible. And that's when from a human perspective, all ill intention, or negativity ceases to exist, because of the holistic nature that you tangibly realize that anything that you quote, unquote, due to another you're literally doing to yourself. So that's when everything starts to change as the seventh frequency. But right now we're underwater. To us, you're out we're completely and utterly underwater and think about when we're underwater, can't see very well, can't hear very well, can't move very well. Our ability to access information is incredibly limited, right? And then we go up on land, ah, I feel much better, I can see much better I can hear much better, my access to information is much better. So if we start to look at that, and start to start to attribute those changes as differences in frequency, then I think we're starting to get much much closer to the truth with without a doubt, but the challenge and the growth even for a highly available for a master the challenge and the growth is to incarnate as far down as you possibly go and still operate at the highest levels and and when you give yourself the big challenge and any every soul that's here right now is given themselves the biggest challenge because there's nothing beneath Where we are the bottom three frequencies by the way band together to form one thing. They give us the experience of height, weight and width. And we then call that a three dimensional reality. And then we then call it the third dimension. It's not whose energy exists frequently. So we're in the third frequency, but this is the most challenging, and even us going into the fourth frequency. We're going to start to feel more and more like ourself and our astral abilities. Things more more of the Claire's if you will. Clairsentience clairvoyance, Claire cognizance, telekinesis, teleportation, more of the abilities inherent within our astral body start to come start to come online as we go up in frequency now, a very advanced soul, a master mystic, that's here now and is still able to access these things. A rising tide lifts all ships. So when we collectively go up to the fourth frequency, if we're already operating in a highly evolved way, even more of our talents and abilities are going to come online as collectively we go up to the to the fourth frequency. If that if that makes sense.

Alex Ferrari 21:05
It makes perfect sense. So then that that explains a lot of what what these yogic powers that we I've talked about on the show so much of teleportation of a bio location of levitation, manifestation, physical things. These abilities are things that come online as you raise your consciousness, healings and things like that. And I've always had this I'm like, Well, Jesus seems to have been a very powerful yogi. Because I mean, a lot of the stuff that he was said to done in the Bible is very yogic like, without question. So it's, it's pretty fascinating that frequency is fundamental. In our existence, yet people are even scientists are starting to just figure this out. In quantum physics as well, that frequency is absolute fundamental to everything. So the rocks frequency is different than the trees frequency, that's different in human eyes frequency. And we've all felt the differences in frequencies and people. Because when you meet somebody, you just go, you know, when you have that, that that visceral reaction to meeting someone who you've just met, but just by being in their presence, you feel either dirty or slimy, you know, like, like car salesmen? No offense, you know, the traditional old school charts? No, that's car salesperson of the day. But old school car salesman, you would just feel like, Oh, I feel dirty, or a guy trying to pick you up at a bar, or you know, or something like that. You just feel these, the differences. But then when you meet someone who's evolved, and I've had the pleasure of meeting a lot of these people on my show, you just feel the difference in the energy so rapidly. And instead of using the word energy, you can use the you can exchange with the word frequency, and how their frequency is just elevated. And you can sense it because we all are built to be able to sense we're antennas, we can all feel these frequencies, is that correct?

Rj Spina 23:14
100 100%. And the main difference because sometimes we use the word, frequency and vibration. Sure. Okay, now from my direct experience, they're, they're two completely different things. So just like we talked about, that my first book we talked about the word soul. And for me, there's two very distinct components that make up the what we have just locked them together and call those things. So what we are is this divine intelligence, the I Am the sentience, which is our level of love and wisdom, whose subsets are talents and abilities. That's our vibration. Vibration is another word for information. And the information is our depth. That's what we are our level of love and wisdom, whose subsets are talents and abilities, and that I am that sentience is given energy in order to create and previously those two things were seen as a erroneously from my perspective, were seen as one thing we just call that the soul. They're not, they're not the two completely different things frequency and vibration. Alex, for my experience, two different things. Vibration is what we are. That's actually what we are now. The body mind complex, right, with, you know, the suit that we're all wearing? Well, yeah, the suit that we're all wearing here, is part of an attune to the local environment. It's a biological space. Now, the reason for that is because it's attune to the local environment. It allows us to get the most out of this experience. It's literally part of the environment itself and attune to it. Now, that's the frequency. Now the more that we take the suit the body mind complex, which is attune to these these lower base frequencies and we start to through proper teachings of Self Realization, we can start to attune the body mind complex, to the sentience to that to the vibration. And that's why we raise in frequency. So just like you were talking about, you meet a very evolved person, what you're picking up on is the depth of them, their vibration, and because they're so attuned with themselves, they have raised their frequency. And so you can feel this emanation of a higher frequency, because their body mind and their energies are now in alignment with the supreme vibration, which is the I Am. So two very different things vibration and frequency. And the the more depth, the more evolved, the more sentience, the more sentient being is, and the more the body mind has been attuned to that, the higher the frequency, and that's actually what we start to feel. And of course, the opposite, is also true. So if it's a soul that is not highly sentient, which is fine, it's not a competition, not highly sentient, and they have completely immersed themselves in what I call body consciousness, which is identification with with body mind with physicality, which is very, very, very low frequency, because we're at the bottom three frequencies banded together. That's why we start to feel icky, or, or, you know, however,

Alex Ferrari 26:27
when you want to take a shower, like you want to take a

Rj Spina 26:30
shower. Yeah, yeah, literally, it's because the frequency is so low, because they have attune themselves to the physical realm, they have identified themselves with body consciousness, which is the lowest frequencies, and a more evolved higher frequency being it's very distorted. And that's why hence, you know, we take three showers, you know, in a day, it's because we want to get that that energy, that frequency off of us, but that's the difference between frequency and vibration. They're, they're very, very different. But they they work together perfectly.

Alex Ferrari 26:59
So let's go back to the ancients for a second. So this is the one machine that as a layover, a holdover from the Atlantean times, which is something that's been talked about with, with Ron, and all all the things that the stories of what happened in Atlantis and, and that's how Egypt was able to be built, these built these amazing pyramids. And then they kind of progressed through time, like they got worse through time, which is not the way things work, things generally evolve up, they don't go down. And that's exactly what happened, which is a great example of, of, of what happened back then. But my question to you is, what is the technologies that were used to build some of these structures, and we could stick with the pyramids, which is the big one, but the big, the most famous ones, if you will, but you go into Mesoamerica, you go into India, you go into China, you go into Japan, all of these areas, there, there are structures that are being discovered now that are so beyond our comprehension, the the buildings that were carved out of the mountain inside of India, there's like 10, or 12 of them looks like it was laser cut, like it was 3d printed into the mountain. It's insane that anyone could think with copper, copper age, excuse me, Copper Age, tools, that, you know, that that was built, that's insanity. I've been into I've been to Central America and, and seeing some of these pyramids in us just pyramids and structures, and you look at them, like, it almost looks like they were poured into molds, because the molds are so perfectly the the stones are so perfectly match matching, it looks like it was a prebuilt jigsaw puzzle. And from what I heard to the dirt with some earthquakes, those stones got moved. And it's not just on the edge all the way through, they're perfectly aligned. So do you have any insight on how these things were created in those areas?

Rj Spina 29:16
Yeah, that is a very long conversation. But I'll do I'll do some highlights. And I And you and I were talking before, I'm probably going to write a book on ancient civilizations and some of the technologies that were used, but we can talk about a couple of them, some of these structures will use the pyramids. So there's always these highly advanced beings that kind of just show up or incarnate, that incarnate here that are the embodiment of these of these of advanced wisdom. And they then sort of dispel that wisdom and that's how these civilizations pop up that are incredibly advanced that haven't had any, any interaction with other civilizations. So it's because of these highly advanced beings. that that keeps showing up and doing that. But in terms of technology, the pyramids, there's there's a couple of ways that we can look at this a couple of ways that this has been done is that if you remove a certain amount of electrons out of something, you can lighten it. So a highly, highly, highly advanced being when operating in a higher frequency can actually just do that with their own desire and intention. So these gigantic blocks of rock that may 50 Tons 100 tons with right, that even today, it's like, well, how in the world? Could we do that? Well, if you start to remove some of the molecular structure out of it, and when we're in a higher frequency, and we're operating at a higher frequency state, we can absolutely do this and healing that is tied into this, you can make the physicality of it less physical, and then therefore, a 50 ton. Brick weighs eight pounds. So that's important to understand. And that act that that's one of the things that took place. Absolutely. One of the things that took place, another thing that took place is sound, sound was absolutely used higher frequency, frequency is the key to everything, right. So when we use sound properly in certain frequencies, it can also levitate things, it can move things, eventually, probably rather soon. We should I think we've had this technology for a while, but of course, it's suppressed. And we can annihilate cancer through sort of omitting certain sound frequencies at tumors, they would literally just just explode. Hopefully, that comes back soon, answers should should be gone from our planet. So sound was used, the Supreme, the advanced beings would remove some of the molecular structure to make these things very light. And there's also there's also a device or technology that some of these advanced beings would hold hold in their hands, it's probably it's probably depicted in some pictures, I'm not aware but of the pictures, but I bet they exist. So think of this device could could take in higher frequency free energy, and then emit it out the other end. And this is your carving, this is your perfect, symmetrical to be able to put these blocks into place. So it would literally just like what we channeled just like I did with my own healing channel, intelligent energy, higher frequency energy channeled through our crown chakra, and bring it into our body, which is the most one of the the most potent and powerful ways to heal, it's part of how I on Paradise myself, you could think of this technology is sort of doing the same thing, it was able to tap into what I call intelligent energy or higher frequency energy that is far more powerful, it would come in through the top, and then it would be able to emit that energy on the bottom. And then you could carve and do anything with this device. So I mean, I can see, recall, two beings actually doing this. And this is part of how they do it. There's many structures, I can't think of the name of this. Puma Punku what's coming to me Puma Punku, I could mean that's in Peru. This is this is the this is the device that they would use. And these are these are highly advanced beings, some of these beings are just straight up alien. And some of them are masters, and sometimes both, and they would use that device. So those are the three things that that I can see quite easily is removing a part of the molecular structure, sound. And this very interesting device that pulls in high frequencies, extremely powerful high frequency energy, and then can emit it straight out. The idea that we didn't have advanced technologies is one of the biggest jokes of running on this planet. We existed in such a high frequency through many different civilizations. It's the problem is that we're suffering from amnesia, but many of us can feel it. And I'm not the only one. I can tap into it, and actually see it and experience it. And but we are the good news is we are on the upswing, and we're starting to return to that the key is to have discernment, and not be led astray, in terms of the information that starts to come out, especially in 2024 and 2025, to have discernment and not be led astray into some other narrative. That seems like it's going to be very enlightening and liberating, but really, it's just another trap.

Alex Ferrari 34:37
In throughout my life. I've been able to pick up books sometimes and they have a kind of a frequency in themselves. Autobiography of a Yogi is one of those books you pick it up and you just like you can it's almost visceral throughout our history and when I say history, let's say the last 2000 years to keep it simple. Less than two 3000 years to keep it simple. There are people who get access to information that move the entire, the entire all of humanity forward. So, in the Greek times Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, these kinds of people, Galileo, more currently, Tesla, you know, even Einstein, Edison love them or hate them. There was they are accessing information at a different deeper level than the rest of us, because they're so far beyond where they were before. And even in literature, HG Wells, bomb with Wizard of Oz, they're there. Before them. There weren't stories like this. There was no science fiction, ideas, these ideas is that were people, a certain people, even to this day, artists specifically, but all scopes of people are able to access this information in a way that they've raised their frequency enough to be able to almost channel that information quickly and get that that idea into them. Because it's time for that idea to kind of be birthed into this this reality.

Rj Spina 36:14
Yeah, yeah, there's two things going on there. So some souls that's part of their life plan to act in that way to access to access what is already, so no one really creates anything, sorry, I'm sorry to say. So it already exists. In higher frequencies, okay, it's already there. The key is, is to access it, and bring it down here and infuse this realm with that higher frequency understanding. So if it's possible, it already exists. Now, some souls come here, part of their life plan is to bring some of these higher frequency understandings, technologies, teachings, protocols, exercises, that already exists, say on the on the fifth floor, as an example, right? While they're on the third floor, to access through their higher consciousness state, bring what's on the fifth floor, bring it down into the third floor, and then infuse that realm with these higher frequencies understanding. So it's always part of the life plan. And these these things, everything already exist out. So this is the part that we'd like to take credit, look what I created. Okay, it's, it's already there, right. And it's just a matter of us being able to tap into more of ourselves more of our Higher Mind, and therefore more of the greater reality because they're kind of one in the same. So some souls are set up in this lifetime to access certain things and bring it here. And during during stages of our evolution, sometimes there's waves, countless numbers of these souls that are going to be operating this way, because that helps the rising tide lifts, you know, lifting all ships. And so we're seeing, we're seeing a lot of that right now. Yeah. And there's always beings that do this. And there's some beings that do this every time they're here. Literally, every incarnation, they're always operating at a very, very high level, because they are highly highly sentient beings or their master or both. So they always operate this way, every incarnation right, Plato, the incarnation of Plato, that higher self that projected Plato has has projected Merlin, Moses, Saint Germain, Joseph, the father, the father of Christ, Francis Bacon, the real, the real author of the Shakespearean plays, Christopher Columbus, who is been trashed, for a specific reason. But anyway, that specific Higher Self that produces aspects that are that are what we call the Ascended Masters. So sometimes it's the same Higher Self that's doing this. And I could tell you for a fact that the two most active Ascended Masters on Earth and remember it's the higher self that projects pieces of itself a tentacle those are the aspects of Souls is the being that we know with Saint Germain, which is really master on the being that we know is all Moria which was King Arthur and tree youth dishwater. Those are the two ascended masters that have had the biggest impact on our planet, they are fiercely dedicated to the evolution of consciousness as it relates to humanity and Earth more so than any to any other Ascended Masters those two we owe a great deal of, of our evolution and our understandings of things to those those two masters in particular.

Alex Ferrari 39:37
And then how about like Baba Ji though? And those kinds of people?

Rj Spina 39:41
Yeah, no discounting habits. So my habits are Baba Ji is the most evolved from my direct experience, the most evolved soul that has ever walked the earth. So we talk about frequencies we talk about dimensions, there's 12 dimensions in the multiverse of our gods was created or created invite Makoto multiverse 12 dimensions, the higher self that projects pieces of itself when you and I are an aspect or soul from the higher self, the higher self that projects pieces of itself that was known as Baba Ji sits at the very top of the multiverse. The very, very, very, very, very top of the multiverse there is no being that has ever walked this earth, that's more evolved than the master babuji master Baba Ji has been the teacher of all the other Ascended Masters at one point or another. Now, Baba Ji works behind the scenes because he thought he but whatever he prefers to work behind the scenes, it's just how he likes to and he likes to because he feels it gives them more freedom, not being at the forefront. So he's able to do more because the doors closed, so to speak. And he can do what he needs to do. Instead of being very front facing, he rather and has teaches all the masters and some of the Masters have learned to be very front facing, especially master or master or which is St Germain, Merlin, Plato, Gilgamesh, Moses and a whole bunch of others. That being has learned how to be very front facing, which is which is interesting. But to go back to what you said, Master Baba Ji is the most evolved soul that has ever that has ever walked this earth and probably will ever walk this earth.

Alex Ferrari 41:20
It's really interesting that a lot of these ascended masters that we've talked about before, as they come down, these beings will come down to and down for lack of a better term, they come down to earth at this vibration and they'd start to drop as the kids call it knowledge bombs, to to us. And in their lifetime, they do a lot of great work, but when they leave, they're teaching start to get bastardized, and start getting diluted or manipulated and so on. I mean, Jesus is arguably the greatest, one of the greatest examples of someone who's lost the teachings lost their way. Because of humans. I mean, again, the Crusades. I don't think that Jesus had that in mind. But it's pretty fascinating to see. And it's not just in, in Judeo Christian religions and philosophies. everywhere, every single Buddha, same thing, Confucius Lao Tzus. And you could just go on and on on all of them get jaded along the way, is it because the equivalent it is the equivalent of me going down to a tribe that has never seen a white man or Latino man is my my case. And me explaining to them ideas that they can barely grasp, barely understand. And then I'm like, good luck. And I'm out. And then them trying to continue that, that journey as much as goodwill they might have, or good intentions that they might have. They just by the nature of their own programming their own blends of life and everything, that they can't get it out to a place. So by the time it you know, 1000 years later, it has nothing to do with the original teach.

Rj Spina 43:13
It's there's a couple of things going on with that. And by the way, Confucius never wrote anything down because he felt just like you said, he's like, there's no point because there's going to be the severe drop off. So I'm not going to write anything down, by the way. So the people, those were the people around him constantly, you know, you hear what he just said, Right? He's like, I'm not going to bother, okay? And Buddha wasn't very interested in this because he knew there was going to be so there's a reduction as what we're talking about as reduction. Now, why does this occur? Okay? These majestic beings are so highly sentient. And there is a difference in terms of their level of sentience that they're operating on. And so they dispel these wonderful teachings, right knowledge, wisdom, and they're dispelling it to someone who's nowhere near as evolved as they are. So there's just going to be this automatic incredible reduction of what is really being said, because we can only understand things at the level that we're at. So if this majestic being shows up, that you know, the masters, they show up, and they have this incredible wisdom that they share, and then we're trying to understand that absolute level that we're at. So hence the bastardization and the reduction happens automatically because it's the nature of it. So that's, that's why the good news is contrary to popular spiritual fiction, these Ascended Masters keep reincarnating I know it's an accepted spiritual belief system that these masters are being channeled and I'm not necessarily saying that they're not being channeled. But I can tell you for a fact that the Masters keep coming back over and over and over again, it's just that during their incarnation, it's very rare that they're recognized SM After during the Incarnation, it's normally 100 to 300 years after, as we look back, and we get some distance from the Incarnation, and we look back at their body of work, then we say, oh, yeah, of course, that was an that was an incarnation of a master. Most of the time, they're not recognized for who, for who and what they are at the time of their incarnation, because of what I just said, there's such a vast difference between the level that they're operating at, and we can only understand things at the level that we're at. And so therefore, we have this, this huge discordant gap between this and then the teachings become bastardized, and then used by those who have access to it to typically further a personal agenda, which is the opposite of what the dispelling of the information or knowledge was intended to do in the very first place.

Alex Ferrari 45:44
So like, in the ancient Mayans, there were the priests to have access to certain pieces of knowledge. And they were able to, whether you believe or not, that they built the pyramids like Egyptian needs, or something like that. But they knew that on March 27 of every year, the sun is going to hit right here. And it's going to blare out through this, this opening that was designed before. And if I'm standing in front of it, and I predicted all the people down below, are going to think I'm a God, because they're so far beyond. So even that much of information difference, and that person, whoever that that priest was thought of themselves as highly evolved, which they were not. But they had a bit of information higher than everybody else. And it made them look almost godlike. Is that a good example of what you're talking about?

Rj Spina 46:39
That's a great example. That's a great example, you shall know them by their deeds. And that's the best way to go. Many people may claim to be having advanced and Mystica or even a master Well, there should be proof. They should be operating at such a high level, they should be accessing information that other beings are not accessing, they should be able to do things with themselves. Typically one of the things that that they don't turn off, the master doesn't turn off as the ability to heal, whether themselves or others, they keep these more subtle talents and abilities online and turn off the more obvious ability so not to draw attention to themselves. So someone who memorizes information or something like that, or has this little piece of information in the hay. Right. So you shall know them by their deeds, that that that's really the that's really the key. They should be doing something absolutely extraordinary with themselves, but I just want to say it one more time, Masters keep coming back. Humanity is never left by themselves. And I'll give you one concrete specific example about this. Edna Ballard for those that are familiar with Edna and Guy Ballard who who channeled master are or who we know as Saint Germain, the I Am Discourses which is 30 The Green books right we know them as the Green Books.

Alex Ferrari 48:07
You mean this book?

Rj Spina 48:08
That's exactly what I'm talking about. I'm not surprised you have that. So Edna Ballard, okay is a female obviously was a female incarnation of an Ascended Master now that Ascended Master was is known as Lady Lotus. Now lady Lotus is the female incarnation of memoria or master M, who was Akbar the Great Tree, you've dishwater and King Arthur. Now. And this goes back to what I said about the two masters that tirelessly work for the evolution of humanity and earth is master M. Moria. And Master art Saint Germain. Now, Edna Ballard, left her body, February 11 1971. And then the the from a linear perspective, Master are incarnated right after that only a day later. So these incarnations they there's never this gap. There was never a gap and I want humanity to understand that they're never left, like what are they going to return one of the masters, the masters are here. The Masters are here. There are five of them incarnate right now two of them know who the hell they are, the other three aren't ready to know who they are. And as the other two start to exit, the other three will start to become awake to who they are. There's perfect continuity all the time. And humanity will always be guided and loved in ways that can't even possibly imagine.

Alex Ferrari 49:34
And when you say that there's five masters currently on the planet. But there are other beings at a like if they're if they're the black belts. There are some purple belts on the planet and some yellow belts and some brown belts and so on, that are on their way and also doing the good work, whether they might be ascending in this life or not, or be finding enlightenment in This life or not, but they have missions. Nevertheless, the help the evolution and the rising of consciousness for the entire planet Correct?

Rj Spina 50:08
Absolutely it is an army. I call the Ascended map, the old school, the OGs. The old school Ascended Masters, right. They're they're always coming back. But you're absolutely right there is a there is an army, an army of highly advanced souls that are here, totally out of love, don't need to be here have already graduated out of the evolutionary cycle as it relates to physical incarnation. But they've heard the call and they're here right now. Because this we are moving, moving up and ascend the frequencies which I call everything I said the frequencies, because this is exactly what's happening. So they're needed. Yeah, there's, we could think of the Masters as the as the quarterbacks.

Alex Ferrari 50:51
Generals, if you will, the generals.

Rj Spina 50:53
Yeah so they're kind of, you know, leading the charge, so to speak, right. But of course, there's literally hundreds of that, actually, there's more than hundreds of 1000s. But there's hundreds of 1000s of highly advanced souls that are here that are helping humanity just like yourself, so and beings that don't need to be here, in terms of the evolutionary cycle. So in other words, a brief silly analogy. Once you graduate high school, you don't say, Hey, I love to take 10th Grade English again, I don't need to take that you're ready. Got it, if you understand it, you're past it, right. So once once, there's nothing here, for that higher self that projects an aspect or soul. Once there's nothing for that higher self to evolve itself from through projecting a piece of itself into the lower frequencies of the physical universe, it has moved beyond evolution through the Incarnation, through the cycle of incarnation. But it can choose to do so out of service, it can choose to do so out of service. And there are hundreds of 1000s actually more than that, of souls that are here that are choosing don't need to be here, absolutely don't need to be here, but are here because this, there are light, and they need to light the area that is bathed in darkness. And that is this version of earth that we're experiencing right now. And that is exactly what is happening. You're seeing all these highly evolved souls tapping into all these abilities. I mean, you're the Trailblazer from my perspective, Alex, by what you do with your channel, you're having on all these as you are, you're having on all these highly advanced souls that are paving the way that are offering up this advanced information that all of us know, deep down to be true already. And most of it is a memory, if we would just allow ourselves for that to come forward. And this is this is how this this changes. It's by raising the frequency and a rising tide lifts all ships, and it's only done by more highly advanced souls that keep coming here. And as we said, the generals of this endeavor are the the OGs, the old, the old school Ascended Masters

Alex Ferrari 53:00
Is there any other technologies of of ancient technologies that we will be hopefully reconnecting with in the near future?

Rj Spina 53:11
I think sound is going to be the the first one that comes back I have a feeling sound is going to start to be the future of medicine is high frequency energy. Okay, we need to understand and the my first book, I call it the Ascended frequencies healing technique, and it's about accessing higher frequency energy through the direct communion with yourself. And once you can access this high frequency energy, high frequency energy heals and harmonizes, low frequency disharmony. Now, we're going to start to use sound to literally literally obliterate things that should not be within our gross physical, gross physical body. So I think that's the first one that's going to start to come back. Now, those things won't even show up within our gross physical, once we've attuned body mind to who we really are. And we operate on a higher frequency way. And when you operate in the higher frequency way, nothing can actually stick to you. And so you can move through this incarnation almost unscathed, if you will, once we start to work with sacred geometric patterns, because sacred geometry are the true building blocks of form and function if we could see things very deeply like the, the 10 987 in the 3d movie, and we start to delve into these deeper frequencies and higher frequencies to the one true concrete reality where everything has been birthed from, we would actually start to see that everything is actually sacred geometric patterns. Now, when these patterns are interlaced over one another, in a very specific way. And there's certain currents and frequencies mixed in is when everything everything starts to open up. So any brilliant physicist who heard what I just said, start working in that direction because that's when we're going to unlock the door to these technologies that will absolutely one or 2% seem like they're literally magic.

Alex Ferrari 54:59
Before we go on my Friend, let's talk about your new book, which is called change your mind the program your subconscious mind, rewire your brain and balance your energy. What? What inspired you to write this book because it is, I keep having yelling at it from the top of the mountains. Ever since I discovered the concept of the subconscious mind and that were programmed for the first seven years of our life. We continue to get programmed throughout our life. But those first seven years is, is the is the base programming that we run our lives on the programming, if you will. And then we spend the rest of our life trying to deprogram ourselves from the first seven years of programming. Yeah, so what made you want to write this book?

Rj Spina 55:40
Well, reality 95% Alex of reality creation comes from our subconscious mind. Okay, so it's the great unchartered territory, just like Columbus discovering America. It's the great unchartered territory. So all our unlimited potential lies in removing the limiting ideologies, beliefs, roles, concepts that are buried and programmed with into the subconscious mind. So for me, it was a natural next next book, or sequel to the supercharged self healing about how to heal yourself, if anything, is to learn how to deprogram your mind. So you can truly be free. And once you're truly free, you can actually create the life that you know, that you're capable of. So humanity's exponential growth, from my perspective, resides in the ability to deprogram the subconscious mind. Because that's what creates our reality, our thinking mind, all the thoughts that we have every day, and all the emotions that we have every day are responsible for about five. And by the way, it's 3%, from my direct experience, are responsible about 5% of the life that we create comes from your thinking mind, that's all 5% It's nothing. It's like, it's like trying to, say, trying to paint and while we're in a straitjacket, right, we have to remove the limiting beliefs that are programmed in there, we have to, and this book gives a very different understanding of the subconscious mind, our subtle body of energy is actually projection of the subconscious mind. And these things get embedded within the subtle bodies of energy that goes all the way through the physical body. And once we once we're able to see this and the book, outlines that it gives us the proper picture from my perspective gives us the proper picture. And then there are certain things that are very easy that we do that trace back the thought patterns to the core motivation, the core motivation behind the thought, emotion, action or behavior. And once you recognize the core motivation, and you recognize that it didn't come from you, that it's not germane to the real you that you got it for mom, dad, second grade, you know, etc, etc. At only at that moment, are you able to see it clearly, and you can delete it. And only in that moment, are you actually liberating yourself. True freedom is not doing whatever you want, whenever you want. True freedom is escaping the tyranny of the finite program, subconscious pattern, egoic mind, that's freedom. And so the book lays out a repeatable, robust process that I did with myself. And I've taught I don't know how many people I've taught since then. And the people that actually go through this program, start creating businesses lives, that they always knew that they could do. If we're recycling our patterns, if we keep having the failed relationship, we keep having the failed business, we can't have the failed thing about wanting to get in shape, whatever that is. It's because there's a program that's running. So we just recycle the experience. But until we bring, from my perspective, what's buried within the subconscious and bring it into the conscious mind, and the conscious mind becomes aware that it doesn't belong to you. Only in that moment, can you delete it like an unwanted program from your computer, you'll never have the thought programs again that are related to that core belief. Now we can start to create in terms of who and what we really are in a mortal creator being but until we deprogram the subconscious mind, we will recycle our experiences and we will be limited to whatever has been put into our subconscious mind in terms of what's possible and what's not possible. And the key to understanding about this is that nothing nothing is impossible. And that's not a slogan Nothing is impossible if all beliefs and all ideologies concepts and so called knowledge have been removed and it's like you arrived here no past no future. Now you can create as you deem fit, and this is what I desire for humanity, this unlimited nature and to return to the truth.

Alex Ferrari 59:37
Where can people find out more about you and the work you're doing my friend?

Rj Spina 59:42, a very long URL, so a ascend and my email is RJ@ascend for so we just released. My staff work very hard. We just released my entire 2024 schedule. So there'll be a couple of live events. There's a workshop coming up in late February in San Diego, there's going to be a retreat in Hawaii. If you haven't been to Hawaii box go or anybody, and all the different courses and classes that I'll be teaching all year, so you can sign up on the waitlist at ascend the And the first two books are supercharged self, which is in its eighth printing, amazing and change your mind which debuted as number one, and there's a third book that comes out, comes out the Lionsgate of 2024 August 8, that's called Access, super consciousness that has 24 timeless teachings and 24 meditations to go with these teachings for all of us to gain communion with our higher self and therefore experience authentic, authentic enlightenment.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:50
My friend, I appreciate you and what you're doing for the world. Thank you so much for this conversation. It was fascinating. And I do truly hope it helps people access their higher frequencies ascended to the higher frequencies, as we've been discussing, so thank you, my friend. I appreciate you.

Rj Spina 1:01:06
Thank you for having me on. It's it's always a pleasure. It's very nice to see you.

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