How to Supercharge Self Healing with RJ Spina

In the sacred dance of life, we often encounter profound individuals whose stories illuminate paths of healing and self-realization. On today’s episode, we welcome RJ Spina, an extraordinary soul whose journey from permanent paralysis to miraculous healing challenges the very fabric of our understanding. RJ’s tale isn’t just about overcoming physical limitations; it’s a testament to the boundless potential within us all.

RJ Spina’s story begins on April 23, 2016, a day that marked the onset of a severe case of sepsis, leading to what doctors deemed “permanent paralysis” from the chest down. Diagnosed concurrently with type 1 diabetes, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease, pancreatitis, thyroiditis, and autonomic dysreflexia, RJ faced a prognosis that seemed insurmountable. But RJ knew otherwise. In a remarkable demonstration of willpower and metaphysical insight, he declared he would walk again, detailing the metaphysical principles behind his self-healing. Exactly 100 days later, RJ fulfilled his promise, walking unassisted.

RJ’s journey to healing was neither spontaneous nor effortless. It was rooted in a deep understanding of the self, honed through years of astral projection and meditation. From a young age, RJ experienced out-of-body states, accessing higher frequencies and dimensions. This intrinsic knowledge that we are not merely our bodies, but spirits with boundless potential, became the cornerstone of his healing. Through intensive meditation and focused intent, RJ harnessed his higher consciousness, commanding the regeneration and revitalization of his body.

You’re not your body,” RJ explains. “Just as we are aware of our thoughts and emotions, we are aware of our bodies, but we are not them. This detachment allows for profound healing.” His process involved deep meditative states, where he accessed what he calls the “Etch A Sketch level,” the foundational form and function of the human vehicle. By consistently focusing his energy on healing, he achieved what medical science considered impossible.

One might wonder how RJ managed to bypass the negative ego mindsets that often hinder such profound healing. His advice is simple yet profound: detachment. By recognizing that we are pure awareness, detached from thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations, we gain the space to work on ourselves. This space, RJ emphasizes, is where true healing and self-realization occur. It’s a lesson in the power of the Higher Mind, where focused energy brings about desired manifestations.

In the realm of self-realization and enlightenment, RJ equates these states with direct communion with our higher selves or totality. “We are a small projection of a much larger body of sentience and energy,” he says. This understanding transcends the limitations of the ego mind, allowing access to wisdom and healing beyond the five senses. RJ’s teachings align with those of spiritual masters throughout history, advocating for a deeper connection to our true selves.


  1. Detachment from the Body: Recognize that you are not your body, thoughts, or emotions. This awareness is the first step towards profound self-healing and realization.
  2. Harnessing Higher Consciousness: Through deep meditation and focused intent, access higher states of consciousness where healing and creation occur.
  3. Living in the Now: By staying present and connected to your true self, you bypass the limitations imposed by the ego mind, accessing a state of perpetual clarity and communion.

In conclusion, RJ Spina’s journey is a powerful reminder of the potential within each of us to transcend our perceived limitations. His story is not just about physical healing but about the awakening of our higher consciousness. As we navigate our own paths, let us remember that true healing and self-realization come from within, from a place of profound detachment and focused intent.

Please enjoy my conversation with RJ Spina.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 035

Alex Ferrari 0:04
I'd like to welcome to the show RJ Spina. How're you doing RJ?

Rj Spina 1:17
I'm doing very well. How are you Alex?

Alex Ferrari 1:18
I'm very good. My friend. Thank you so much for coming on the show. We're here to talk about your new book, Supercharge Self Healing, Supercharge Self Healing. And it's a fascinating read. And I want to just jump right into it. Can you tell me that story of how this whole journey started for you your permanent paralysis and how you overcame it?

Rj Spina 1:40
Sure, it was April 23 2016. So I believe it's unbelievable. It's almost six years ago now. But I became, quote, unquote, permanently paralyzed from the chest down from a severe case of sepsis. I was also concurrently diagnosed with type one diabetes, hypothyroidism, Hashimotos, autoimmune disease, pancreatitis, thyroiditis, and something called autonomic dysreflexia.

Alex Ferrari 2:10
So rough, rough days, what you're saying,

Rj Spina 2:12
Yeah, it wasn't, it didn't start out well. So I had emergency life saving surgery, called the laminectomy, which they essentially scraped off the, the infection that had crushed my spine. And so the prognosis was, obviously dismal. To say the least. And I was told I think the neurosurgeon was in the ICU for a few days, but I'm pretty sure the neurosurgeon came in the next morning about maybe about 24 hours later. And that's when he told myself, my partner and the infectious disease doctor, that the condition was was permanent, there's just, there's just no way to get better. And so, but I knew otherwise. And I couldn't, and I explained that I would walk I gave great details as to how I would do it the metaphysics behind it. I filmed it because I knew no one would believe that this was actually possible. So there's a video, if you haven't seen it out, it's on the homepage of my website. It's time It's time stamped. So you can actually see the healing. You can see me on paralyzing myself and the healing was not linear, in the sense that on a Tuesday, I would show no indications of being able to do let's say a certain exercise while I was in the hospital the next day, I could do it flawlessly and move and move my extremities in a way that seemed absolutely impossible. But the healing was happening on a quantum level. And I had said that in 100 days exactly. Believe it or not, that I would walk on assisted and exactly 100 days I walk unassisted.

Alex Ferrari 3:46
So how did you know? Did you were you studying this prior to your situation?

Rj Spina 3:52
No, I get the context, Alex is that as a little kid, I used to leave my body what we call astral projection and things like that. So this was quite normal for me to be to know that I was spirit. And that I really didn't have any limitations that the body is just a vehicle. That's all I do this as a child. And so I was able to access a higher states of consciousness. What I now understand is higher frequencies in higher dimensions. And I used to even say to myself as a kid, which is a weird mantra to say, but when I would travel to these higher frequencies and higher dimensions, I used to say, I retain all information and wisdom contained within this realm. And it was just this mantra that I would say, even as a little kid, so I think not I think I know and my last name is Spina which means spine. I, I gave myself a challenge in this life. I wanted to prove to myself that I could put my body back together again, and then offer the metaphysical understandings of how self healing actually works.

Alex Ferrari 4:59
So then, How did you work? How did you actually do the self healing? Well, it's the process of Jen, generally, I mean that there's a lot of details in there, because that's what the book is about. But generally, how did you start this process?

Rj Spina 5:12
Well, the, it has to do with First off understanding that you're not the body. So because if we think we're the body, we've we've already we're building upon a false premise. And therefore the, the, the likelihood of success is greatly reduced. So just the analogies when we get in our car, we know we're not our car, there's something wrong with the car, we just get it fixed, plain and simple. Okay. So it's, that level of detachment is very helpful. So as I said, as a kid, I knew I wasn't the body. So I could, obviously, my body didn't work, it couldn't feel it, it was completely non functional, in a myriad of ways. So what I did was, I would go to a higher state of consciousness. So if you think about going up in frequency, or deeper and deeper into meditation, as another way of saying, because that's also true, at a certain point, Alex, you'd kind of reach what I call the extra sketch level, or where the form and function of the human vehicle is put together. And so when you start to access this, through deeper states of meditation, you can actually start to put yourself back together, literally and figuratively, there were seven different exercises or protocols, or whatever you want to say, that are in the book that I did, on myself or with myself that I've taught countless people that have achieved tremendous success in their own dealing. So it is about simply accessing a much deeper or higher state of consciousness. And it is through opening up our Higher Mind and fully commanding our body of energy. If we bring all of our energy into a single pointedness of focus, the likelihood of that desire coming into manifestation is far greater, because all of the energy is focused into one thing. So simple way, if we have one goal, right, for whatever that goal is, it doesn't even matter what the goal is. But if we put all of our attention, all of our focus and all of our energy on this one thing, most of us know that that thing has a far greater chance of actually happening, because we're so focused on it, we're not getting distracted by anything else. Well, healing. And a lot of ways works the same way. I was completely and utterly committed, while in a higher state of consciousness, of commanding the regeneration and revitalization of my body. And the book literally lines up the seven things that I did over and over and over again. And it's not anything that that only I can do, or this is nonsense, metaphysics or metaphysics. And so I'm just blessed, and also with a tremendous responsibility to to make sure that this comes forward in a way that everyone can understand and apply for themselves.

Alex Ferrari 7:52
Now, I think one of the main issues that people have with accessing this kind of knowledge or this kind of ability is negative ego mindsets. How can how, what advice do you have about for people listening to break through those kind of negative mindsets that the ego allows, you know, puts on us? Because the ego is the ego? It does what it does. So what how did you like, I mean, assuming you didn't have these issues, we all have an ego. We all have to deal with egos while we're here. But in general, it seemed like you didn't have as much problem with it, then, as most people might. So what advice do you have?

Rj Spina 8:30
Detachment. So one thing I like to say is that we are pure, unsullied, untouched awareness, not what we are the awareness of. So by definition, if you're aware of something, that's proof that that's not you, because you're the awareness of what you're aware of. So I know that maybe sounds weird, but this is super important. So in terms of thoughts, just the I just the very knowingness that you're aware of a thought It's proof that you're not the thought, you're the awareness of the thought. Same with emotions, you feel an emotion, you're the awareness of that emotion. So there's no way you can be the awareness, just like the awareness of the thought, There's no way you can be the thought. Same thing with the body, Alex, we're aware of the body we're aware and something feels good. Doesn't feel good. Right? We are that awareness. So to sit in that detachment. And you could call that meditation if you like. But to start there to know you're not your thoughts, you're not your emotions, and you're not your body. And once we get that space, between the self or the awareness, and, and the thing itself, the thought, the emotion, the body, that space, that's the room that we have to work. Now we can work now we got some room. And when we start to apply the teachings in the book, it's tangible, it's immediate. You can feel what starts to happen because we are moving on Energy in a very powerful and direct way, just like when we exercise it. So as an analogy, I mean, we feel what we're doing. I mean, we can feel the energy we feel what's going on. This is the same thing just through a higher consciousness state through, we could call it a meditative state, but it starts. Alex, that's a great question. It starts with some level of we'll call it self realization, to understand the self. And you're the awareness of the thought, the awareness of the emotion, the awareness of the body, get some space between those things. And once you get the space, now you got room to work.

Alex Ferrari 10:35
So can you can you because I mean obviously, the concept of self realization has been around for quite some time. Can you explain in your opinion, what self realization is in what? What is our goal here as souls? To get self realization?

Rj Spina 10:50
Another good question, okay. So, for me, Self Realization and enlightenment are the same thing. Okay. And there's going to be future books, and I'm going to talk about what Believe it or not what exists beyond enlightenment. Because there's, there's actually, four different levels that this I've experienced this four different levels of Self Realization, so or enlightenment. Now, the basic understanding of what authentic self realization or enlightenment actually is, is the direct communion with what you really are. So a lot of people are familiar with the term higher self, or Godhead are oversold, I call it our totality. But they're all the same thing. Okay. So essentially, were just a small piece, or a projection or an aspect of this much larger body of sentience and energy, okay, we're just a tiny projection of that self realization, or enlightenment, Alex is, is being able to access what you really are this gigantic body of, we'll call it intelligence and energy, and having direct communion with this. And so beings that have self were authentically self realized or enlightened, they have access to information and wisdom that is that the five senses do not, do not provide their way beyond the intellect. And, and sometimes, sometimes not all the time, because it's a, it's a level of, or an aspect of self mastery, the ability to heal, to put yourself back together is actually an aspect of self mastery, but Self Realization and enlightenment is direct communion with what we really are. And it's a much larger, expansive, we'll call it intelligence, as well as a body of energy.

Alex Ferrari 12:40
So in a way, because I come from the movie industry, it's kind of like if you are an actor, and the playwright, and the director, who we call will call the higher consciousness, you are the actor playing a character. And in your, in your as an actor, your entire existence is that character in that scene? You can't see beyond that. But the director and the writer who put this all together, absolutely see all of this. And it's you being able to get away from being trapped in this scene of life, and being able to connect to the writer and the director up in the sky if you will.

Rj Spina 13:24
That, Alex, that's fantastic. I love that. Absolutely. So we're except we're not limited at all. So Authentic Self Realization, or enlightenment is like having access to the whole movie, knowing the whole movie. So you're not limited in terms of how to play that scene. Right? Right to go with your announce. Yeah, that's fantastic. If it's okay, I may use that.

Alex Ferrari 13:46
So you may you you may you may I always say that made it look, it's me. Shakespeare said it. You know, we are all you know, we are just the world as our stage and we are just near actors on it. But to take it a little bit more metaphysical, it kind of connects that way because it's, for me, it's I since I've been in the movie business for so many years. I translate everything into story. So in story is a very powerful tool and in real Self Realization things. But everything you were saying in regards to self realization and enlightenment. This is stuff that's been talked about for 1000s of years in the yogic taxes and with Yogi's and and you know, from Jesus, you know, to Yogananda to so many different Yogi's over the years. And so many times we as, as actors, in this play, we don't realize that we can become connected to a higher state of consciousness. And I think in this thinking, getting past the ego I think the ego is this this thing that holds us down? Well, let me ask you what, what is the ego for in your opinion, while we're here because we all got one, even enlightened beings have the ego here on this on this plane. So we What is your opinion of that?

Rj Spina 15:01
Yeah, another is another great question. Okay. So my understanding my direct understanding of this is that the the ego or as you know, in the book I called the ego mind identity. Because I feel that's a more accurate understanding, or EMI is what I call, okay, so the the EMI is formed through incarnation. So if we start to understand that where we originate from, is a much more holistic, much more expanded environment and state of consciousness. So there's really no, there's no limitation through instantaneous intention, we connect to whatever our intention is, okay? Now through incarnation, a really reincarnation when we are projected. And I'll say downward, even though there's real no upper down, but downward in terms of dimensionally and frequently, as we're coming down, out, we're losing consciousness, we're losing the connectivity and the communion with all existence, as we're dropping down, down, down down, the energies get denser and slower, to the point where we come all the way down here into physical reality. Now, it's a loss of consciousness, or a loss of the direct connection to who we are. So instead of having this direct connection to who we are, we literally create a character, All the world's a stage right, so we literally create a character and that character is the ego mind identity. Now, the foundation of the ego mind identity is identification with the body. Okay, so as soon as we see ourselves as a physical being, we then automatically limit ourselves to what I call body consciousness, which means now, instead of having this expanded higher, mind awakened, we have now limited ourselves to five physical senses, that are simply attuned to an extremely narrow bandwidth, of frequency and information. So we have reduced ourselves to nearly nothing. And out of that reduction, we then turn ourselves into and call ourselves a human, even though human beings just a suit, and we've lost all connectivity, we've lost all clarity, we've lost all communion, and in place of it, we identify one with the body, and then with things that we encounter, and these these different identifications, beliefs, concepts, ideologies, experiences, and the accumulation and conglomeration of all those identifications become a program. And that's why I say the ego mind identity is a limitation program that runs by thinking. And so what is the antidote for thinking meditation. And so upon meditation, we leave the realm of body consciousness or five physical senses, and then all of a sudden, our consciousness begins to open again. And we start to access a little bit more a little bit more and a little bit more of the greater reality as we're simultaneously experiencing a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit more of our own Higher Mind, of our own consciousness itself. So the ego mind identity is absolutely necessary. It's impossible to exist without it. And it's because the, the body must be attuned to the, to the local frequency, so to the to the local environment. So therefore, we are attuned to the local environment. And if we reduce ourselves to thinking that we're just the body, we've reduced ourselves to body consciousness, and we will create a false character. Now, you're absolutely right. And that no matter how saintly evolved enlightened, dare I say, even the Buddha's and the Christ's and the the saint remains, and the Yogananda does all have an ego. And I'll explain why. Because if you completely and utterly 100%, annihilated the ego, you wouldn't be able to stay here and you would literally leave your body. Okay? So there has to be the key to the to the ego, mind identity, from my perspective, think of driving a car, okay? If you're going to pick up a couple of your friends, and go somewhere, it's understood that you're going to drive and they're going to go with you and enjoy the ride. Right? Okay. So think of the ego mind identity as telling telling someone, get in the backseat. Enjoy the ride. Don't grab the wheel, and don't try to distract me. I'm the one driving. You can stay here with me. I don't have a problem with that. But I don't want to hear it. Keep quiet. And I'm in charge. So this is spirit. It's you know, it's a ridiculous analogy, but it's I think it's helpful for people because people talk about making friends with the ego and this is no, you don't want to make friends with the ego. You want to acknowledge that it exists, but you want to make sure that you're in charge and not the ego

Alex Ferrari 19:59
Well be right back after a word from our sponsor. And now back to the show. Now you discuss in your book a lot about meditation, and that meditation seems to be a very big part of what you do with self healing in the whole process. Can we talk a little bit about the process of meditation because I can only speak from my experiences when I started, tried many times in life to meditate early in my life, and I would sit five minutes and then that ego the monkey mind would start yapping, yapping, yapping, this is ridiculous while you hear that it's fighting, it was fighting against me finding connection, it didn't want me to find connection with anything else. And as and then I would leave it for a few years and then come back till I finally started to really fight back and say I'm gonna stay here for an hour, whether you like it or not. So get on get on with the program are you just going to have to just, you know, just, you're going to become miserable, but I'm not leaving. And slowly but surely as I started to meditate more and more, it became easier and easier where now I can jump in for two or three hours sometimes. And I'll, I'll go to different you know, I won't say different places, but you have experienced meditators understand that when you are a very experienced meditator, you can go deep, deep, deep, deep into places that you lose all sense of time. You lose all sense of awareness, you lose these five senses, you go to another place. You know, I've had answers. I've had questions. I've asked meditations that I got the answers things I couldn't get the answers to hear, while not meditating, I would say they come to me very easily in the meditative state. And I love your analogy of the you're closed, and the connections that are completely closed off. But when you start meditating, it starts to creep open, and it doesn't happen overnight. It takes years, years and years and years until it finally you're able to instantly go in and out. And even more experienced meditators who meditate eight, nine hours a day, sometimes they are able to go and I personally find it that I've gotten to a place where I it's hard for me to come back sometimes I don't want to leave because of the blissful nature of it. And it's not always blissful. But most of the times now it's becoming more blissful. And in the way I I'm like why do I want to go? And I read that in Yogananda his book. Specifically, he's like, he told us his tell his disciples, just whisper when you want me to come back? Because I'm, I'm completely kosher where I am. I don't just whisper and they'll just come back, things like that. So that was a long, long, long, long answer. I answered my own question. But I wanted to hear your opinion on meditation, how you were able to begin your process of meditation and the importance of it in not only self healing, but just self realization?

Rj Spina 23:00
Yeah, well, first of all, thank you for sharing that. I'd like to say, Alex, that the self, what we really are is meditation. Okay, the self is what exists, which is what we are prior to thought, prior to emotion, prior to the body prior to incarnation. So the self actually is meditation. So when we start to look at it that way, we could also say that the truth doesn't require your participation. Okay, so. So if we're just ourself. And when I do that, okay, there's no thinking there's no emoting, there's no identification with anything. It's pure on solid awareness. Now, that is meditation. Now that is our natural state. And that really is what's going on perpetually, we're just throwing something in front of it called thoughts, emotions, and identifications with bodily and bodily senses. So meditation is our natural state, it requires no effort. So for me, meditation is literally the self. I don't try to meditate, because the truth doesn't require your participation. I'm in a perpetual state of meditation. And as ridiculous as it may sound, although true, I don't think I know. And if I don't know, I access it. And so I'm perpetually clear, calm, connected and in communion. Now, and I guess you could call that self realization, I'm enlightened or whatever word you want to use. It doesn't really matter to me. But meditation is our natural state. If we have to try to meditate then I would actually say that then it's an action that the ego mind identity is performing. which I know sounds contradictory. But as soon as we have something to check off, okay, I did my meditation today. That's the ego mind identity. It's an act performing actions. So I like to say. So that's the ego mind identity, just checking the box off as another accomplishment for the day. So what I would love to see humanity transition into is the opposite of that. So in other words, we are perpetually experiencing clarity, calmness, connectivity, and communion. And maybe only 15 minutes out of the day, or 30 minutes out of the day, do we work ourselves out with our own ego mind and get all caught up about about whatever, who cares. And then we come back to our natural state, which we can call meditation. So as you know, the book is filled with these little what I call magic tricks, because it helps you move your energy, which is real magic, all these little quick hence, or techniques, so so people can meditate in seconds, because if meditation was was difficult, I wouldn't be able to do it. So I just wouldn't be able to do it. So but I am able to be myself. And everyone is actually able to be themselves because that's what they really are all the effort and straining is trying to be something that we're not if we're stressed, it's because we're trying to be something that we're not. So meditation is simply to be present. And one way that we can do it very easily. That's not in the book. is most of us actually familiar with what a periscope is. Okay? So Periscope is almost like binoculars, telescope, you know, viewfinder, whatever we're gonna call. Okay, so Periscope on a ship, right? It's just like a big pair of eyes, a big pair of binoculars, right? Okay. Alex, the person looking through the periscope, is the captain way down deep in the hole of the ship. Right? There's no computer attached to the back of the periscope, there's no brain attached to the back of the periscope. Right, the one looking through, it is way down in the hole the ship. Okay, the same is true for us, my friend, the head is just a periscope. And the one that's looking through it is way down deep in the body sitting between the heart and the spine. And just like the periscope, there's no computer attached to the back of it. So what is pure awareness. Now, if we could just sit with that for a second, that the one that's looking through the head through the periscope, is right down here deep within the bottom between the heart of the spine. And you can kind of feel that makes it very easy to meditate, to not think or emote without effort. And that to me is the key. This needs to be the normalized state for human beings because the healing begins when we're in harmony with ourselves. And so healing actually starts by simply doing what we just talked about, about being the captain, way down deep in the hull of the ship and the head is just a periscope.

Alex Ferrari 27:56
Well, you're talking about as well as being present in the moment, as opposed to living in the past, which is a memory or leaving in the future, which isn't imagination. But living in the present, which I think one of the reasons why we have such issues with social media with people watching movies and playing video games is because when you're doing those things, most of the times you are in the moment you don't think about anything else. I mean, I've fallen down to the Facebook or Twitter, you know, the rabbit hole, where I'm like, and then 15 minutes later, I'm like, Oh, Jesus, like what I've just been standing here staring at this thing for 15 minutes, because I completely fell into that moment where you're suggesting that we can do that in our everyday life trying to be just observant of the moment that we're in as opposed to living in the past or thinking about the future. Is that fair statement?

Rj Spina 28:51
Absolutely. I mean, that's the key that the key to a superior quality of life is the depth in which we're able to experience ourself in relation to our environment. So that's really the key, the richness and the depth of our incarnation is in direct relation to the depth in which we experience ourselves, in relation to our surroundings. And that's where real connectivity and communion comes through. And when we're able to do that we are evolving our consciousness at the the most in the most effective way. Because we're constantly experiencing ourselves directly, instead of indirectly, through thinking and emoting and doing, which is an indirect way of experiencing the self. It's kind of like the painter is not the painting. So if we create thoughts create emotions, bodily sensations, and we're trying to learn through that, we can certainly do that. But it's a very slow, arduous, unsatisfying way to understand yourself. If we want to really understand ourselves and evolve ourselves with the greatest efficacy. It's too continually experience yourself in relation to what it is that you are experiencing your friends, your environment, a movie, it doesn't really matter what it is you want to sit within yourself, because that's where all quality of life is.

Alex Ferrari 30:15
Now, I want to talk to you about not only healing the self, but what is going on right now in the world, which is this mass shuffling, a shift that's going on in the world right now. It's beyond anything that I've ever had in my lifetime. I can recollect any time in human history that what is happening currently is happened before at a global level. It's pretty remarkable. And everything seems to be shaking up. Crazy. I mean, like, I was just watching the news yesterday, and the Canadians are pissed off. Like, when the Canadians get pissed off. You know, something is right, I sort of I turned my wife, I'm like, oh, man, we are in for it. The Canadians are upset. And they're the nicest human beings of people I've ever met. It's a society, you know, and they're like, Wow, they are pissed. So there's something going on. You know, I wanted to hear your point of view on what's going on? And is this a kind of precursor to a healing of us all, as far as in connection to a higher level, a shift, if you will, of consciousness throughout the world? Because, I mean, from the last 50 years, the shift of consciousness has shifted dramatically. I mean, in the 70s, you know, my mother was meditating. And my relatives looked at her like, she had five heads, you know, we're now the, the tournament now there's apps for meditation, like CEOs are meditating. And there's so that's there. Yoga was nothing in the 20s or 30s, until Yogananda brought it over to the west. And now yoga is everywhere. So you know, and maybe some people look at it more for being hot bodies and creating hot bodies than the spiritual aspect. But it's there. It's the beginning stages of it. So there's been a massive shift in consciousness. Do you think this is the next big, giant leap in human consciousness? And is that hopefully what's going to heal a lot of the pain because there is a lot of pain in the world right now.

Rj Spina 32:09
Yeah, that's right. As it's happening right now, we, we cannot move past what we don't understand. Okay, so this is part of why all these things are being on Earth, if you will, right, we, we consciousness can no longer evolve through beliefs. Okay. Excuse me that that saturation point happened, the end of Christ's incarnation, he took the purity and belief in him. He took belief as far as it can go, literally. Okay, so now we have a system of moving our consciousness forward through experiential systems through direct, tangible experience. So consciousness itself can only ever evolve through beliefs. Most of this planet has deep, deep beliefs in the things that are crumbling right now. Right? Okay, this is exactly what I'm saying. So in order for our consciousness to move for the for the flower to bloom more, the beliefs that we have been identified with ego, mind identity, these beliefs that have held down our consciousness, have to be shown for what they are. And so we can then move past them. It's the only way we can move past them until we see them accurately. We can't move past what we don't see and what we don't understand. So this is absolutely an illumination of consciousness itself for humanity, we are going through something that the collective consciousness has actually never gone through. This is the most amazing time to ever be incarnate and everyone that is here right now, I promise you knew this going in. I know we can't access this now. But but we can. So everyone knew that this was exactly what was going to happen going to happen. And we all wanted to be here for this for this mass awakening. Now, we can go kicking and screaming. Or we can recognize, right, that these things that we've believed in are not actually us. And we can't continue to evolve. Through beliefs and concepts and ideologies. We can only evolve directly through you could even say through meditation through understanding yourself. And so we're going to have to come to the point where we are not going to be okay with people telling us what to do. Just how do you how do you evolve your own consciousness? If you're allowing someone to dictate what you can and cannot do.

Alex Ferrari 34:32
Well, yeah, I don't mean to interrupt you. But it's so funny, because, I mean, a lot I was I love quoting Yogananda when he says this, he goes, Christ was crucified in a day, but his teachings were crucified for the rest of the last two 3000 years, or 2000 years or so. And it's so true because even even Jesus said that, that, you know, the kingdom of heaven is a new, let's say, for lack of a better term heaven, but the answers are within you and I And I've discovered that through my own meditations and through my own life experience, but yet that doesn't allow power, or power structures to control you. Because if you find the answers in yourself, why do you need me? You know, so it's like, if you if so when you have organizations in the world, and it could be religious or government or any anything. If they if you are preaching Self Realization, then there's no need for the organization. It's like, it's was someone said this the other day, I forgot where I heard it from. But it's like, if tomorrow somebody created a cure for cancer, that literally was a bowl of water, and all you had to do is put your hand in the water for 30 minutes, and you were cured of cancer. All the organizations, all the billions and billions of dollars on cancer, all they would shut, they would stop that in a heartbeat. Because it's not about the good of mankind. It's not the good of humanity. It's about the profit, but it's the truth. I mean, we all know, can you imagine? If tomorrow, something comes out and just like, oh, it's proven, it's peer reviewed? It's obviously this obviously works. They're gonna try to stop that. So it's, I just wanted to hear your thoughts about that. Because it's, you know, just in general self realization is not something that organizations or, you know, people who want to control you want you to have.

Rj Spina 36:27
Oh, absolutely, that's why things like what Yogananda talks about or Christ or, or any authentic teacher. These things are not common knowledge. They're not taught in schools, they're not bandied about back and forth, because it frees people. Right, it frees their consciousness. And so it's kind of like if you graduate, high school, you don't need your teachers anymore, and then who the teachers are going to teach, they need students to get paid they need, they need someone to teach. And if you move past them, they become completely irrelevant. And so the and a lot of ways the power structures of this world, just want someone to control and bully and profit off of plain and simple. As he said, I think most people know this. So the key to this is, is to move past all of this with consciousness with your own self awareness. Not to although sometimes it's necessary not to fight in the streets and things like that, to lower yourself, sometimes it is necessary, unfortunately, been the key, the only way to win is not to play to rise above it. Okay, think of a glass of water, okay, with oil. And the oil always rests atop the water, even though it's the exact same environment, the oil never drops down and mixes in. It stays above it all, even though to the exact same environment. Okay, so this is really what humanity needs to do, even the role here, and there's all this chaos going on, is to stay above it. Stay high frequency, as I like to say, and therefore you're not affected by this. And you're no longer attached to anything here. So you can move on, you can ascend, not just in this information, but in quote unquote, future incarnations, which there's really no such thing about that that's another conversation. But the idea of not participating and lowering yourself into a low frequency way be the oil that rests atop the water, never immerse yourself here. And this is the only way that we move past these structures, these systems of control. And it's the only way if you participate in it, you've lost because you have lowered yourself now you have now immersed yourself into it. And so there's no way to get out of that once you've immersed yourself in it. So just stay above it, stay high frequency. And one way to do it is to stay you could say in a meditative state, through observation, your own inner self, your your ethics, your character, your morals, your wisdom, your love, are totally on line. When you're simply in that observational state or meditative state, you don't need anyone's opinion. You don't need anyone's permission. You don't need anything from anyone. We are whole and complete as we are. We're a direct fractal of God, literally. So when we start to operate this way, we will all leave this behind and this acceleration of consciousness will happen when more and more if humanity starts to work with themselves in this way, and it's not going to happen. Until more and more of humanity starts to work with themselves in this way. Otherwise, it'll just be more chaos.

Alex Ferrari 39:29
Now in regards to the mind, and the power that mind and thoughts have with our own healing, going back to the to the healing. You know, there's something called a placebo effect. We've all heard of the placebo effect. It is something that has baffled science. It's baffled, baffled medicine. It is I've heard, I've heard doctors are like, Why'd you throw that placebo effect in there? It just completely threw off everything that we were trying to do. I'm like, well, there's there's a reason for it. And it's been study one of the most studied things in medicine, because it just don't understand how the mind and the thoughts of the mind can truly heal your body. So can you talk a little bit about the power of your mindset of power of your mind and your beliefs and what that actually does in the healing process? We'll be right back after a word from our sponsor. And now, back to the show.

Rj Spina 40:30
Yes, yes. Another great question. Okay. So hopefully, this book and the work, then the future works I'm going to do is going to sort of take these things a little a little further, and maybe a little more accurately with in terms of, especially with what I've done with myself and helped other people. Okay, so the power of belief, right, the placebo effect, knowing that you're supposed to get better by taking something has proven scientifically that it actually has an effect, you actually do get better if you believe that you're going to get better. Hence, the placebo effect. The placebo effect is proof that we heal ourselves clearly. Because a sugar pill doesn't heal anybody, if anything, unless you so strongly believe that you're going to get better, you actually make yourself better. Okay, now, Alex, I think the real key to understanding this is to go one step further. And hopefully the book is a good teaching for this. It beliefs don't heal you. healing occurs prior to belief. Okay, belief, so, okay, let me back up for a second. desire and intention, are the first two orders of creation itself, the order of creation itself is desire, intention, thought, emotion, action, and then behavior. Okay, that is literally the order of creation. Now, desire and intention are higher frequencies, higher frequencies are more potent, and more powerful. So when we're operating from a true desire and intention state, which actually has nothing to do with thinking, the energy hasn't dropped down frequently into thought, emotion, action or behavior yet, so when you're operating in desire and intention state, you're operating at a higher frequency, and you're operating in a more potent and powerful way, the placebo effect or through belief would be one notch below that, as you start to enter into the thought realm, okay. Now, if you're fully invested in the thought that this is going to make you better, it has tremendous efficacy. But if you go a little, quote, unquote, higher in frequency, and to true desire and intention, and you don't even drop yourself down, you're operating in the most powerful way that you absolutely can. Because desire and intention are the first two steps in the order of creation. So if you harness your desire and intention, and the book is all about this, through a meditative state, if you harness your desire and intention properly, and a higher consciousness state, you can do anything. The effect that this has on what we call matter is extraordinary, absolutely extraordinary. And use me as the first case study if you like, so the spine doesn't self heal, I made it heal. Clearly. Now the body has self repair mechanism built in, so we get to cut it scabs over. We all know this, right? Okay. deeper, deeper levels, like the spine, have no self apparent self healing mechanism. But if the desire and the intention is strong enough, and harnessed enough, and then by bringing these higher frequency and potent energies exactly, by harnessing the desire and intention specifically to what it is that you want to achieve, matter than is greatly affected, period, period. So the key is Alex, in terms of healing, as I understand it tangibly, is that to how to harness the desire and intention level, and not drop down in frequency. And as you drop down a frequency, you're losing potency, you're losing power. I mean, think about behavior, behavior, there's no self awareness of anything, right habit behavior, there's no awareness going on. That's the lowest frequency. Desire is the first step. It is the it is the first thing that happens in the in the actual act of creation itself. That's where we're most powerful. So if we operate at those two frequencies, desire, intention, desire, intention, desire, intention, and we don't leave that we can do anything, because that's where we're most potent, so sorry for the ramble. But that that to me, and as the book lays out, and what I've done and taught lots of people, that's actually how you can do things that are beyond what's limited in the thought realm. Right? So we do things that oh, that's not possible. It's not possible because for you because you're operating within the belief, thought frequency, when you go beyond that, just like meditation. When you go beyond that, you realize that there is so much More, even through regular meditation, to proper meditation, like is taught in the book. There's no such thing as impossible. And I mean that literally not, it's not some catchy thing to say. I mean it, there's no such thing as impossible when you harness the unlimited self. And we do that through desire and attention.

Alex Ferrari 45:20
So what were those layers? Again?

Rj Spina 45:22
Yeah, the order of creation, Alex desire, intention, thought, emotion, action, and behavior.

Alex Ferrari 45:34
Now, okay, so the reason I'm asking is because, of course, listening to that, when you said creation, I automatically put it through the filter of my own lens, which is art, which is writing, acting, you know, painting music, it was very interesting to me, because when I start thinking about I mean, I've had the pleasure of speaking to hundreds, hundreds, if not 1000s, of really high performing people in, in the film industry. So I was, I always ask them how they get into that flow state, that state that you can connect into your that well of creation. And I'm using this as an analogy for healing in a minute. So as a writer, myself, when I write when I used to write before, I would obviously write things that were completely in thought it was not there was the intention and intention and belief,

Rj Spina 46:32
Desire, intention, thought,

Alex Ferrari 46:34
Desire, intention, okay, so that desire and intention was not even in the conversation, it started at thought and everything else went down. But when you have a painter of Van Gogh or someone like that a master, they start at the entire the, at the very top two, and then just flow through the rest. They don't think artists, artists, when they're doing athletes, when they're doing their thing, they are connected to that higher level. And they've, they've obviously worked out their craft to a state that they don't need to think about the craft anymore, and it just flows through them. Now there is a process of craft, you have to learn the basics of craft in the art world. And writing painting, you have to understand what paint and brushes and music and notes are, and things like that are. But when you're flowing in, you get it from moments, you don't get it all the time, it's hard to tap into it as an artist, but those who can constantly go back to the well and go back and go back. It's remarkable to see how they do it. And for me, that makes sense to me. Now what you're saying in regards to healing, because when you're in thought only. It's a very almost rudimentary muddy place to be because thoughts are not clean. Thoughts can be extremely dirty, and muddy, mixed in with emotion and baggage and other things that we bring in from our experience in this life, of how we were raised our society, our community, our group, our tribe, whatever. Thoughts stop that beliefs, especially negative ego beliefs stay there. But at the higher levels, if you can tap in they're not only can you focus that into the healing process, but focusing that into the creative process is, is the key to a lot of what we're trying to do only as artists, but also as people who might be trying to heal themselves. I just used as an analogy, because it just made all the sense in the world, because from my experience talking to these high performers, who have been Oscar winners, and so on, they do that they're able, they're able to connect to the intention and belief. Where as I keep forgetting is attention, belief, desire, intention, and that it takes a desire and intention. So if you stay in that desire and attention areas, those frequencies, it just cuts through all that other stuff. And just you just do you just are you just there because an athlete is like, as we're recording this, the Olympics are going on. Athletes at that level, generally don't think about the move that they're about to do. Their past that. They've rehearsed it so much that now they are in a flow state. That is beyond what you can really understand. But athletes who are or artists who are or people who are stuck in a thought state, they can't, they can't go to the next level. They can't get to that place where the Olympians are playing right now. And and you can see Olympians who are failing are stuck in their head. There was this one Olympian I forgot her name. She's the down downhill skier and she's supposed to be like the best in the world. The first two runs, she fell and everyone's like, what's going on? I saw them like she's in her head. She's in her head and her parents, her father just died. And there was a lot of stuff. So she was deal, she finally went through one and she finally got a medal. But it was pretty remarkable to see an athlete of that magnitude get stuck in thought, and it happens to every athlete at one point or another. But anyway, I just wanted to kind of I babbled on as well. But I just want to hear what your thoughts are in regards to that analogy.

Rj Spina 50:25
Yeah, it's exactly right, everyone is going to start doing what we're talking about. I promise, everyone. So we just need to be taught properly. And hopefully, this book is that is the first step in being taught properly. So thought, emotion action behavior. Another way to look at it from pure metaphysics, thought, emotion, action behaviors, low frequency. Okay, so there's no way to be powerful operating in a low frequency way. In fact, it's all ego mind identity, you have disconnected from your true self, when you operate just in thought, emotion, action or behavior. So there's no power in being something that you're not, which is your fake character. All the power comes from being what you really are your true self, which is engaged and access to pure desire and intention. So all of these analogies that you gave her right on the money, it has to do with creativity flowing the flow state, the flow state is when you are connected to what you really are. That's the flow. And when you're connected to that there is no need to think, because that realm, you literally are just working right through it by being connected to your desire and, and your intention, there's no need to think your way through anything, because you can't think your way through anything. Truth dissolves the mind. So you don't want to think your way through anything, because that's impossible. That's low frequency, just spinning through identifications, the power, the efficacy, the transcendence, comes to operating above the ego mind identity, or the low frequency realm in which you and I are having this experience right now, the key is to go past this, self healing and creativity have so much in common. There's metaphysics, that, you know, that are laid out in the book, there's actual metaphysics that are going on. And you know, I'm not the only one. But there's some people that can see these things, I can actually see these things, which makes it easier for me to teach it in that in that way. So there's an understanding and there's an actual being able to see these things. But the creativity, I put myself back together, through through my own desire and intention to put myself back together. And I I was given or accessed or created, which is probably all the same thing, these these seven steps, because they resonated with me. And they were familiar, by the way it was like a muscle memory just kind of came back to me. But it's the creative act, which starts with desire, and intention. If you want to be powerful, in anything that you do, doesn't matter what it is. Start with desire and intention. And align yourself completely with your desire and intention. So there's no separation. So the self and the desire intention become one thing. And now you will bypass any static that you would get through the normal meandering, of thought, emotion, action and behavior where we can be easily influenced and thrown off by our own ego, mind identity, and other people's ego minds identity. But when you're operating above it, just like the oil resting atop the water, it never affects you, even though you're in the same environment. So healing, creativity, communion, connectivity, clarity, communists, they all start by operating at a higher frequency above thought, emotion, action and behavior.

Alex Ferrari 53:51
I might, I might take that oil water thing as well. So we'll we'll just trade off our, our good. That's, I think that's a fair deal. And in talking about quantum physics, even now, it is really even been established now that we are just energy that we are just literally scientifically, energy moving among the world, which is fascinating when you start diving into quantum physics, how science is starting to catch up with what spiritual gurus have been talking about for 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of years. They're starting to catch up with these concepts. But if the if the body is energy and literally not solid at the quantum level, then the the the intentions and desire to move that energy in one way shape or form is possible. And there is I mean, you can start talking about electromagnetic electric magnet electric magnetism, the part of the electricity in the mind, how it flows that the field up Without off the off your, your thoughts, things like that. These are things that are being studied in the scientific world, and it's doable. So the things that you're talking about might sound woowoo to a lot of people. I mean, hopefully not anyone listening to this episode, but generally speaking to people who are not, you know, educating themselves about the process of what's going on, seems to be a little bit woowoo. But if you start diving into the literature of chess, calm, just the concept of quantum physics, you know, you watch a movie, like, What the Bleep Do We Know, which I love? And those kinds of films, or really talk about quantum physics at a scientific level? Everything you're talking about is doable. But there has to be that intention and desire and belief that it's possible. And there's no way of getting past nowhere of even doing that, which is why most people fail at this kind of stuff. Because that ego mind identity is holding it down. But when you believe in something at a much higher level, it's remarkable what could happen. Yeah, remarkable.

Rj Spina 56:11
Yeah, absolutely. I mean, yesterday's metaphysics is today's science. But today's metaphysics is tomorrow science. And you're absolutely right, the true authentic spiritual masters have been talking about exactly what I've been talking about. And they've been doing it exactly as I'm doing it as well. So we are eventually going to learn that this is how things actually work that we are in complete command and control, we simply have to recognize it. That's all. And I would even say that we want to get rid of beliefs, we want to find out for ourself. So for me, the key with this, Alex is to really forget everything that you think you know, and start over. Right? So one way I like to say this to people too, because it also brings them right into the meditative state is to simply pretend that you just arrived here. No past no future. Okay, your mind just went blank. Right? Okay. There's no way to think. Okay, now you're at the starting line. Now, the real you is online, and your ego mind identity program has been turned off. In this state, anything is possible.

Alex Ferrari 57:31
What I find interesting is when you're in the now, as Eckhart Tolle, he says, The Power of Now, when you're in the now the ego has no control. When you're in the flow state, the ego is nowhere to be found, I promise you when when when Shaun White is in the in the snowboarding pipeline, half pipe and jumping in the middle there, I promise you the ego is nowhere to be found. Because if it is, if it creeps its head and he gets hurt. Bottom line. So when you're in the, if you're in the now all the time, if you're in the present moment all the time, the ego has no control over the direction you're moving, which is fascinating, because the ego lives in the past loves to live in the past loves to live in the memories, and that's how it controls you with baggage and things and all this other stuff. And it also lives in the realm of the future, the imagination, which is it doesn't exist, the future does not exist yet. It is imagination. And yet, it still creates havoc for you like, oh, look what's coming. Oh, you gotta be careful. It may never come more and more times, it doesn't come when you start creating things in your mind. But if you live in the moment, it has no control over you. And honestly, that's just kind of a revelation I had speaking to you right now. I just never thought of it in that manner. Where if you're in the present moment at all times. The ego has very little power over you.

Rj Spina 59:00
Yeah, it has none, Adam, and I'm glad that I'm glad this happened for you. So that whole little magic trick about pretending that you just arrived here no past no future. You are now a lot. And for some people, it might be the first time. Right? Okay. So what we're really looking at is non identification, okay, which is why I go on and on, as you know, in the book about the ego mind identity identification, the only block, the only obstacle that exists between being an ordinary human and direct communion with God is the ego monitor. It's the only thing and guess what? It's not real. We've created it through identification. It's not really there. There's nothing there right pretenders directed past the future. It's gone. It's gone. Never to be seen again unless you reach for it through thinking but it's not there. So it's simply a blanket that we put over our own Higher Mind by others. operating in a low frequency way.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:03
We'll be right back after a word from our sponsor. And now back to the show.

Rj Spina 1:00:13
And thoughts, emotions, actions and behaviors and believing is a low frequency way of being. And so that's the block between our own Higher Mind, our own self realization, our own enlightenment, our own communion with God and our ability to do anything, including, believe it or not self heal, putting a body that's completely destroyed back together, these things are obviously possible. But we we also have to understand that our limitations begin where our self discipline ends. So I want to make one more thing very clear. I didn't snap my fingers and on paralyzed myself. This took everything that I had. And I mean, everything. As you know, in the book, I told my friends, my family, don't email me, don't text me, don't call me. I need, I have to be completely and utterly focused. This is going to take every ounce of my energy and consciousness to be able to put myself back together. So I exercise the level of will, a state of higher consciousness and a self discipline. That is not ordinary. Now, I didn't get ordinary results, did I? But this has to do with my level of self discipline. I never broke communion with my desire and intention. And I mean that I never had one single thought that I would walk, not one, even though everyone was telling me oh, RJ, it's impossible. I think you're in a state of delusion, this just being out. Because, you know, you have to go get your home retrofitted. You're a paraplegic. And I think maybe you're just, you're in a state of non acceptance. Now, the experts, this is what they were telling the experts with all the little letters after their name, we're telling you these things, no identification with what they were saying. Absolutely none. I was connected on a deeper level, and I stayed focused. Now use that understanding to achieve anything in life. Doesn't have to be your health. It can be writing the next screenplay, it could be writing a book, it could be creating a business, it could be something that you want to do for your family. It could be making this place better than when you got here. So that's what it takes. The limitations begin where your self discipline ends. If there is no end to your self discipline, then there are no limitations.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:37
I have to ask you, what did the doctor say when you started walking?

Rj Spina 1:02:40
Okay, this is fantastic. Okay, so the neurosurgeon now this guy's Fantastic. Okay, he did a great job. I mean, he saved my life. I was I was, you know, I was gonna die. I certainly wasn't going to walk through what he did. But no doubt he scraped the infection off my spine. It was finally gone. Okay, so he did a fantastic job and absolute fantastic job. He's also the gentleman that said, you know, this is permanent, you're not going to walk. It's just the way it is. Right? Okay. So let's fast forward to I was in the hospital we have for seven or eight weeks, whatever it was exactly, but and then I was home maybe for about a month. So it was almost at that 100 days, so I was walking quite easily with a walker at that point. But it didn't I didn't feel like I had the balance yet. To throw the walker were throw the cake throw a cane away. But anyway, I made an appointment to go see him Dr. Qureshi. You can look him up. He's his notes are in the video. On my website, you can see his surgeon surgical notes, Dr. Crusher, great guy. He let me film him an interview. And he said I actually did this, by the way. So I made an appointment. I didn't tell his assistant that I was walking. I just said I just need to see Dr. Crusher. He did a laminectomy on me, you know, 90 days ago. Oh, sure. Oh, Mr. Spina, yeah. Okay. Come in on Tuesday. So I get there and I got my walker. Right. Which even that's supposed to be absolutely impossible, right. I was paralyzed from the chest down permanently. And so she lets me in and he's all the way down this hall and he's talking to two other neurosurgeons right? And he's talking and he looks he sees me. His eyes go like this. And he literally puts his hand to the two gentlemen almost like giving them the hand. He puts his hand and just starts walking towards me with his eyes like this, because I'm standing up and I'm waving to him like this. You can kind of tell I'm not paralyzed anymore. This incredibly intelligent man was reduced to saying the word ginormous three times because he had no frame of reference and no way to explain what was going on. He literally said this. This is this is ginormous. The fact that you can stand because you're able to this is ginormous. So That's the reaction that I got because it's on precedented. It's not You're not supposed to unparalleled yourself. But yeah, that was that was his reaction.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:09
That's amazing. That's amazing. And I'm sure he's I'm sure he's spoken about this to everybody he can speak. That's remarkable. I'm now I'm going to ask you a couple of questions. Ask everybody. What is your mission here? And what do you think your mission here is in this life?

Rj Spina 1:05:26
Oh, well, thankfully, I'm blessed. And through my own determination, I'm absolutely doing exactly what I set out to do. As I said, my last name is Spina. I set out to have this experience and to transcend it, and to be an embodiment of what Authentic Self Realization enlightenment looks like, and what is actually possible for people. So I'm, I'm doing exactly what I was meant to do. And I think the raising of the frequency of humanity by being here and teaching, I think, is my main goal to witness what is going on here to participate it, participate in what is happening, as we alluded to the things earlier, there's going on in this world, and to simply make this place better than when I got here.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:08
And why do you think we're here?

Rj Spina 1:06:11
To what, what to evolve to evolve our consciousness, we have to experience every nook and cranny, so to speak, every nook and cranny within God's multiverse. And so part of that is clearly the lower frequencies of the physical universe, or what we call the third dimension, but it's really the third frequency. So we have to experience it all. So this is just one of the things that we experienced as as an temporarily individualized unit of consciousness, we have elected our higher self has elected to experience the low frequencies of the physical universe through incarnation. And we are simply an aspect of that are like a tentacle of an octopus going down and touching what the water is like a little bit beneath it. So we're just a projection of a much larger body of energy and sentence that we call our higher self. So we're here to experience this physical universe of physical reality. But the key to this is to experience ourselves to know our self self realization, to experience ourself in this environment. And there's nothing more challenging Alex nothing than experiencing the low frequencies of the physical universe. And the ultimate, as every religion will say this, they all say the same thing, really, by the way, but they all say the ultimate is self realization, enlightenment, to know thyself, when we are most disconnected from where we come from when we are most disconnected from communion, from connectivity, from clarity, from calmness. So the great challenge for every being that is incarnate right now the ultimate is to realize the Self or self realization. That's that's the point. And when this occurs, there's clearly no more need for incarnation to the lower frequencies and then you have transcended the need to incarnate.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:00
And where can people find out more about about you and we're going to buy the book.

Rj Spina 1:08:04
The book is on Amazon it's available Kindle, audible. Now CD by the way, as well as as well as paperback. So please pick up the book, it'll teach you things and give you access to things that is not taught in this realm. And my website is, and I even turned the supercharged self healing. I turned it into a mobile app, which is really fantastic. So now people actually have sort of distracting themselves endlessly with their phone. They now have everything that they need for self healing and self realization right on my phone.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:44
Fantastic. RJ I appreciate your work and your story and thank you for being on the show was a fantastic conversation. I truly enjoyed it. So thank you, my friend.

Rj Spina 1:08:53
Likewise, I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for having me Alex, I appreciate it.

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