There is a profound beauty in conversations that dive into the very fabric of existence. On today’s episode, we welcome back the extraordinary RJ Spina. Known for his remarkable journey of self-healing and mastery over physical limitations, RJ brings a unique perspective to the intersection of spirituality and quantum physics.

RJ’s story is nothing short of miraculous. After an injury that would have crippled most, he managed to rebuild his body through sheer will and profound spiritual practices. His ability to transcend physical limitations has made him a beacon of hope and a source of invaluable knowledge for many. In this episode, RJ delves into concepts that blend ancient wisdom with cutting-edge scientific theories.

One of the core ideas discussed is simulation theory, a topic that both fascinates and perplexes many. RJ offers a nuanced view, suggesting that while simulation theory nudges us closer to understanding our reality, it’s not entirely accurate. He explains, “Nothing is actually real, except your experience of it is.” This profound statement sets the stage for a deeper exploration of parallel conditions and how every choice we make manifests in different realities, all part of a grand cosmic design.

The conversation also touches on the intersection of spirituality and quantum physics, specifically how the two fields are beginning to overlap. RJ emphasizes that advanced beings have been aware of these intersections long before modern science began to catch up. He draws parallels to ancient yogic practices and metaphysical concepts that have been part of human knowledge for millennia. These practices, once dismissed as mystical or esoteric, are now being validated by contemporary scientific discoveries.

RJ’s insights into the nature of consciousness are equally compelling. He describes consciousness as a fluid, ever-evolving entity, much like water flowing continuously unless obstructed. This analogy helps to illustrate how our thoughts and beliefs can limit our experience of reality. By mastering the art of being present, we can access higher levels of wisdom and intuition, tapping into a vast reservoir of evolutionary content that exists beyond our immediate perception.

In a particularly enlightening segment, RJ addresses the placebo effect, reframing it as a demonstration of our innate ability to heal ourselves. He asserts, “It’s not belief. It’s inner knowingness. It’s that tangible authenticity of knowing.” This subtle yet powerful shift from belief to knowing highlights the potential we all have to harness our inner wisdom and effect real change in our lives.


  1. Inner Knowingness Over Belief: The distinction between belief and knowing is crucial. While beliefs are based on external information and can often be limiting, knowing comes from a deep, intrinsic understanding of truth.
  2. Parallel Realities and Choices: Every decision we make creates parallel conditions. By understanding and accessing these, we can gain profound insights into our potential and the nature of our existence.
  3. Mastery of Presence: Achieving a state of presence allows us to bypass the limitations of the rational mind, opening up channels to higher wisdom and intuition.

The conversation with RJ Spina is not just an exploration of abstract concepts but a practical guide to transforming our understanding of reality. By integrating these insights into our daily lives, we can begin to experience the world in a more profound and connected way.

In conclusion, RJ’s journey and his teachings serve as a reminder that our potential is limitless. The key lies in transcending the limitations of the ego-mind identity and embracing the fullness of our being. His story is a testament to the power of inner knowing and the incredible possibilities that open up when we align with our true selves.

Please enjoy my conversation with RJ Spina.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 227

Rj Spina 0:00
The ego mind identity, as you've heard me say, probably everybody's heard me say the ego mind identity is a limitation program that runs by thinking. And so what is the remedy for thinking meditation.

Alex Ferrari 0:11
I like to welcome back to the show returning champion, RJ Spina. How you doing RJ?

Rj Spina 0:26
It's great to be back. I'm doing well, thanks. Thanks for having me.

Alex Ferrari 0:29
You know you were one of my first guests that when the show started, and I had such a wonderful conversation with you, your story of coming back from an insane injury that would have normally crippled literally crippled, most people how you were able to rebuild your back and all that story. And if anybody wants to hear that amazing story, I'll put that those links in the show notes of listening to that interview, because that's a beautiful interview in regards to energy healing and things like that. But in this this conversation, I love your perspective, I want to talk about something because your perspective on things. And the way you explain things is so unique, and specific and clear where you don't get caught in the weeds too much. So I wanted to talk about very simple things like quantum physics and the nature of reality.

Rj Spina 1:20
Sure, yeah, we'll start very small,

Alex Ferrari 1:22
We'll start. So you know, a lot as a lot of people listening are aware, spirituality, and quantum physics are starting to intersect a lot more now than ever before. It's pissing off the physics community. But the quantum physics community is excited about it. In the, the overlap is pretty remarkable considering that it's catching up to what spirituality or the Vedas are, all these kinds of concepts have been around for 1000s of years. So from your perspective, let's start off with simulation theory. Because it's one of my, I just love talking about simulation theory. Because it is such an exciting idea. But when you get past the whole matrix of it, all of the you know, we're in a, in a simulated reality, all this kind of stuff. The deeper understandings of what is actually happening is fascinating. And then when you start inserting scod source spirituality into it, and you start connecting the dots. It's pretty fascinating. So I leave the floor open to you. So let's have a conversation about it.

Rj Spina 2:32
That sounds good. Okay. simulation theory. Yeah, I'm asked about this, or at least my my direct experience with with things like this higher states of consciousness, and so on, so forth. So I wouldn't necessarily say that what we're experiencing or that simulation theory is entirely accurate, I would say it's a step in the right direction, that's for sure. And the first thing that we can say is that nothing is actually real, except your experience of it is. So with that as the foundation, okay, we can start to weaken, start to bridge and sort of connect the dots with that, okay. Parallel conditions absolutely exist. And so I can explain, because simulation theory has a lot to do with that. And also has a lot to do with the fact that no one actually dies. When we say this is a simulated reality, or it's a simulation. It's not a simulation, because like I said, nothing is real, except your experience of it is real. So if we start to look at what an incarnation is, how it works, and how parallel conditions are created, which is where we get fractals from. So every time Alex that we have a choice. Okay, should I move to New York? Or should I move to California, okay. Our human mind, at least within the low frequencies of the physical universe, can only register that one conscious choice was made. So let's say we decide to move to New York, okay. But because existence itself is conscious, various levels of consciousness, various levels of sentience, really, we can get into the difference between consciousness and sentience, but because existence itself has a level of consciousness and a level of sentience, and we can call that God Source Creator, because that is what it is. So when there is an energy behind going to move into California, moving to New York, there's energy behind both of those things. Now, if there's energy behind both of those things, that means that there is sentience that can be accrued from either one of those things. And both of them actually manifest themselves. So anytime there's an opportunity for consciousness to evolve, that actually happens because existence itself is consciousness. So we think and have moved to New York, but there is also a version of Alex that also moved to California. Now, we can't access this in our conscious mind, the higher amount mind can access this. So if we start to look at this, if we start to expand this, okay? Every time you have a choice, a condition is made a parallel condition is made, right? Should I have steak? Or should I have fish, a parallel condition is actually made, there is evolutionary content that's being gained from that, if you look at one single incarnation or just one, and we start to look at how many choices have we made, and what right, okay, you can't even count it, you can't count it, okay? All of those things actually manifest and come into reality, what we call parallel conditions. Now, all of those experiences you are having, you just can't tangibly or consciously tap into that, well, you can, but you, most of us cannot tap into these other experiences that are happening concurrently and in parallel. Now, in one single lifetime, all those choices, millions, and sometimes billions of parallel conditions are actually created. Now, when we start to operate in what I call the superhuman way, we will be able to tap into all of that evolutionary content. And that's through intuition, or through meditation. So when we're able to work, let's say mastering being present, which means the rational thinking mind is completely turned off, completely turned off, right? The River of intuition will flow and this will be the this will be your wisdom, all of that evolutionary content that is happening right now all the different Alex's actually become available to you. And so one single lifetime, this supreme intelligence can enter into your life in any single lifetime, once you actually master being present, and non identification with your ego mind identity. Because our consciousness, if you think of water, right, water will just flow unless you put something in front of it. Water just keeps going and going and going and going and going and what consciousness, sentience, to be more specific, is much finer than water. So if you don't pour your sentience into any one container, and to into any one single belief, concept, ideology, identification, this takes total detachment. But this is also possible. All of that Supreme Intelligence now enters into your life, because all of these things are happening concurrently and the role you so talk about being guided in a way that humanity has not tasted yet, this is what the superhuman starts to look like. They have a level of wisdom, intuition, and tangible knowingness that goes so far beyond physical sensory perception, and therefore the intellect. This is the direction and this is what starts to happen. As we ascend the frequencies and go up in much higher frequencies, the availability of this information becomes easier. But that is, that is how parallel conditions are created, we have access to this information. Now we could say all of these things, I don't feel it's entirely accurate. We could say all of those realities are simulations, we could say everything is a simulation, we could say the entire multiverse is just a bubble of God's imagination. Because it is, right. So I think sometimes, the intellect uses too many theoretical assumptions, rather than tangible proof for tangible authenticity and in terms of direct experience. And this is why the yogic masters, the Ascended Masters, they have been having these experiences and talking about these experiences since time was ever even invented. And so it always takes yesterday's metaphysics is today's science. Today's metaphysics is tomorrow's science. So the intellect is forever trying to catch up to what these advanced, we'll just call them advanced beings, if you like what these advanced beings have been tapping into and doing from the very getgo. So I wouldn't necessarily call it a simulation, because nothing is real, except your experience of it is. But this is why there's fractals, and this is why there's parallel realities, because existence, God Source Creator is conscious itself. And if there's an opportunity for its own evolution, it actually happens, we just can't tap into it with our human finite mind.

Alex Ferrari 9:16
So with like the double slit experiment, where the the nothing is in existence, unless it's being observed, is that very powerful idea. And then all I keep seeing as you were talking was Zelda. And as you walk through Zelda, The Legend of Zelda The Nintendo game, the world was being created depending on where that were linked, walked, and it was being created. So arguably, our existence is being created that this is when you This is when the smoke starts coming out of the ears. You start cranking your head starts to hurt, where we go Oh, the simulation changes or present itself because that's an agreement we have with the code or the reality that we are in. But because there's so many of us that we all agree that this is a tree, we all agree that this is the sky, we all agree, there's that agreement that that's why we're constantly moving around in this, quote unquote, reality. And is it simulation or not, is its semantics as regards to the word simulation. But I always look at it very much because of something it's basically code. It's a It's universal code, like a computer code creating an environment and some of these yogic masters some of these Ascended Masters are becoming Neo and they see the code and can manipulate the code in ways that look magical to us, but yet they are able to manipulate I mean water into wine, you know, levitation for Yogi's, I mean these concepts, these are our mythological stories, but more more likely nowadays, the yogic stuff is starting to come out more and more in regards to being actually being able to be done. So is that is that make sense to you. And also, one other little tidbit there, the concept of consciousness in regards to these in regards to our reality, we are living through multiple layers of consciousness and multiple realities, because my catch reality is different than my reality. The trees reality, which is it is a conscious being different sense of consciousness, because it turns its leaves to catch the sun. It has some sort of consciousness, but the cat has a higher level of consciousness as we have a higher level of consciousness over the cat, as the Ascended Master has one higher over or many higher over us. So is that also an agreement as well, that all of these conscious all these expressions of God or source energy, is all part of this reality?

Rj Spina 12:08
Yeah, absolutely. Okay, there's a lot, there's a lot there we can we can deconstruct Okay, the first thing I'll say is, is that truly advanced, or we'll call them supreme beings or advanced beings, they absolutely exist. It's it's, it's not a myth is where we get superheroes from, it's where we get the Greek and Roman gods from. And these are the Ascended Masters, the children of the Elohim. And I explained this in great detail in my self mastery course, in detail in ways that humanity really hasn't heard before. So most of these beings turn off that skill set so as to not to draw attention to themselves, right. And what, what they do is they keep more of those subtle functionalities online, because one, the subtle functionalities, you're much less likely to develop an ego mind identity and use it for attention. And real masters know not to, you know, open up a Vegas show to levitate, right, they would never a real yogic Master would never do that would absolutely never do that. So they turn off those abilities, and they keep their higher intuitive functionality, maybe their healing abilities, they keep those things but they keep those things on the ability to help heal others or reconstruct their body and things like that. But they prefer not to do anything that would draw attention just for the sake of attention, because it could develop an ego mind identity, which actually lowers your frequency, which would make it harder to access those talents and abilities to begin with. They also don't want to become a target. They're well aware that if they started doing that, they would literally become a target. And they would quickly be scooped up and put into a lab and probably cloned. So they're not interested in doing that. Okay. Let's go back to one thing that you say because I really want to get into this because I don't I don't get to talk about this. But there's one thing that you said too often. Okay, when I was a little kid. And we talked about this, just real briefly, when I was a little kid, I used to just leave my body automatically. I certainly wasn't taught how to do it, right and what we call astral projection, astral traveling, right? So I came into this world very detached from identifying with him, and that really hasn't changed. So just the ability to leave your body. Now, what I started to realize as a kid, and I certainly didn't hadn't developed an intellect enough to deconstruct it, but it was happening even as a kid. So when we talk about these parallel conditions, parallel realities and simulation theory, how I experienced these things are like bubbles. So remember, when we were kids, or maybe not even maybe recently, we would blow bubbles jarred all those. Okay? So that's actually how I experience these things. So each now, if you will, is a single bubble, and within that now, everything is contained within that now every possible past, every possible present and every possible future, believe it or not, is contained sort of how a hologram In general works, it's all contained within one bubble. But when we blow those bubbles, right, there's all those other bubbles that are connected. And they're sharing a membrane, right? So they are influencing one another, they are touching one another, and they're all in the same space. So that's how I used to experience it and still experience it in that way in terms of parallel conditions, parallel realities, other versions of RJ, etc, etc, is it's like a bubble. And this is where we get fractals from. Now, the most interesting thing, well, maybe not the most interesting thing, at least to me, the most interesting thing is that these bubbles already exist. We're not creating this. And this is part of why the simulation theory from my direct experience is not this first. It's not entirely accurate. It's because the bubbles are already there. We're simply moving through them. Based upon how we're vibrating and our level of sentience, which calls consciousness. sentience is our level of love and wisdom, or depth, amount or weight, believe it or not of our love and wisdom, whose subsets are talents and abilities. That's really what we are and we're sentience given energy to create. Now we are moving through these bubbles, the bubbles are already there. They're all there. And we are simply by the choices that we make, the way that we vibrate what it is that we desire to experience, we are simply moving through these bubbles that are already exist. So that's, that's how I experienced that. And then the last thing that you said, because you said so much, I want to make sure I because I'd love to I love these kinds of conversations and questions, Alex? Okay. So we talked about various levels of consciousness, okay. Absolutely. So our God, our source or creator decided to create using variants. Okay, now there really are other gods source creators, just like our gods who was good, they really they really are. And the Hindu masters knew about this, and I talked about this. So an experienced this. So our, our God, our source, our Creator created the multiverse. And within that multiverse, it made creations of creations and it decided to create through variants. So what that means is they're said to learn by using variants really is a more accurate way of saying it. So no two souls have the same level of sentience, the level of sentience, that is Alex is not the level of sentience that has RJ and the level of sentience RJ is not the same as my neighbor, etc, etc. So this is the same with everything, it just like you said, a cat, or a dog, whatever, has more sentience than a tree. This is rather obvious, right? And a human being, in general, has more sentience than a cat or a dog. This is also rather obvious, right now, God decided to create by using variants, because that way, it could experience every possible possibility about all the different minutiae that could be experienced, and therefore learn about the minutiae of itself, by creating through variants. So this is where we see all these different levels of what people call consciousness, consciousness, and sentience are not necessarily the same thing. So when something becomes sentient, right, it can evolve itself through its own creativity. That is when something becomes sentient, conscious, can just be self aware, conscious can be able to perform a task, I'll give you an example, like our cells in our body, have a certain level of consciousness they do not have, they do not have sentience, they cannot adapt through their own creativity. So they're not at that level. Now you start to look at animals. And there's, there's various levels of this. And I can explain because there's essentially five levels in terms of God created higher selves that projected pieces of itself. And there's five different genres of higher selves. And this lends itself to the the understanding that God created us invariants because that way, he could understand the minutiae of itself by creating different levels of sentience instead of making everything all one thing. So that's, that's what you see here. And there's nothing more interesting and anywhere in any place. And I mean, I've been everywhere. And I mean, there's no place more interesting than Earth. And the reason why there's no place more from my perspective, and for many other beings perspective, is because of human beings or an experiment, and they're the experiment and individualized freewill. Believe it or not, nowhere else this exists, okay, everywhere else at some form of a hive mentality. Okay? Whether whether less sentient than human beings are more sentient than human beings. The idea behind human beings and the individualized freewill experiment is that it portends the greatest efficacy and evolution of consciousness possible that everyone gets to evolve in their own way and in their own time. The original idea is that if we were given free will to evolve, evolve ourselves as we desire Then we could skyrocket our evolution, they wouldn't be bound through through groupthink. Which by the way, you can see that happening right now is forcing everyone into groupthink. That's another conversation. But you can see that the counter to the individualized freewill experiment is groupthink and conformity. So this is what this is what makes human beings to spend, not just to me, of special interest is the individualized freewill project. Because when we start to operate properly, there's no limit on the efficacy of our own evolution of consciousness. Because each one of us has individualized freewill to evolve as rapidly as we like. And only a human being at this level of sentience is given that gift of individualized freewill.

Alex Ferrari 20:47
That's fascinating. It's fascinating, because you're absolutely right. I mean, you, every single one of these Ascended Masters at one point or another, had to deal with everything that we're dealing with. And they just were able to rise through it at a nonetheless, even necessarily a faster pace, just a different pace than others. But, you know, even even if you just look at Yogananda story, he had to figure stuff out. He was I mean, he wasn't born nothing there. To my understanding, there isn't a master or Ascended Master that just shows up out of the womb going, I'm here. Please all understand that I know. It doesn't work that way. When they incarnate in the human form, there is the problems with the human form. And for my understanding, too, when Ascended Masters choose to come down and help humanity let's say like a Jesus or or Yogananda or a Buddha or something like that. They take the risk of potentially bringing on ego, they could devolve a bit, because there's stuff down here that they can kind of grab on to if they're not careful, because that's the nature of this reality. Like if you playing a video game, and like, I got shot by an arrow, that's the nature of the game, you're playing arrows are being thrown. There's nothing you can't stop that. Does that make sense?

Rj Spina 22:09
Yeah, yeah. So yeah, let's, let's, let's look at this. That's okay. So the first thing we can say about Ascended Masters is that they are, they are not directly in the evolutionary cycle. So they are inserted into the evolutionary cycle as they are the true teachers of humanity. So they never needed to incarnate. They were created with a certain level of sentience, where incarnation into the lower frequencies of the physical universe does not afford them any real evolution. In a sense, they're already beyond that they're already past it. So when they do show up at this point, they show up out of love, they show up out of service, because in that sense, there's really nothing, nothing here for them. Okay? Now, an authentic Ascended Master actually cannot accrue karma. They're past the law of karma. Because of their own high frequency, they actually can't get attached or addicted to anything here, there's a natural level of detachment that they carry, because of their supremely high frequency that they never get encumbered here.

Alex Ferrari 23:16
But with that, but I don't mean to interrupt you, but that happens when they they arrive at that level. But when they're born, like when Jesus showed up, there was a 30 year gap. He was figuring stuff out. And that's an argument that's a conversation to be had of what happened. That's always a fascinating conversation of what happened to Jesus during those 30 years. But during those 30 years, is the point where he's figuring it out to the point where he does become self realized. So isn't that the danger point of possibly, you know, Hey, man, I like alcohol. I don't think it's gonna happen that way. But you know what I mean, they might get caught up in human frailties in that period, as they're evolving, in one way, shape, or form.

Rj Spina 23:57
Yeah, human frailties and karma are not necessarily the same, right? Yeah. Now, do they have to wake themselves up? Well, of course, they have to wake themselves up because they're having a human experience as well. They're subjected to the, to the low frequencies, to the brainwashing, to the conditioning, all of these things. And there's also a, you know, severe loss of consciousness when we're projected all the way down here. And for a supremely advanced being, it's even more severe, to be quite honest. Right. So, but karma in terms of addiction, they actually can't get it. But can they get can they struggle? Is it possible for them not to fully wake up? Yes, it's possible. But most of the time, that doesn't happen because they're wise enough to make sure that there are certain events that they planned within their life plan, that they are assured within themselves that when this event happens, they will fully wake up. So they and that's part of what the light and by the way, that that's the same for everybody. It's a little different with the Ascended Masters we the data points in our life plan. They're actually designed for us to become self realized. The point of incarnation is to know Not to incarnate again. It's not to do this 10s of 1000s of times over and over again. Right? I am just as obsessed with the efficacy of devolution of consciousness, which is why I'm actually here. This is It is my obsession. The evolution of consciousness with the greatest efficacy is what gets me up in the morning what makes me incarnate to be quite frankly. So, not waking up is very difficult for an Ascended Master for it not to happen, something will occur for them and then it's then it's about how deeply do they go within. And also, most Ascended Masters don't incarnate without the other supremely advanced beings around them in some way or another. And we'll, I'll just mention this about Jesus. So obviously, a master masters Ananda Jesus Christ is known as masters Ananda. So masters Ananda when he incarnated his earthly father, Joseph, is an Ascended Master. He's had incarnations known as Saint Germain, Plato, Moses, Merlin, Christopher Columbus, to name a few. So his earthly father is an Ascended Master, marry his earthly mother, not technically an Ascended Master, but operates at the exact same level as an Ascended Master. So if we just start to look at this, and John the Baptist was also an Ascended Master. So if we start to look at this, most of the time and ascended masters doing extremely important work that actually only they can do. So they kind of set themselves up for success while giving themselves that the simultaneously given themselves incredible challenges to overcome. But most of the time when they incarnate they don't incarnate as the sole master, and they're able to rely upon one another and they form deep, deep relationships that transcend space and time and another one is Merlin, who was also St. Germain and Moses, etc, etc. And Plato. King Arthur, for you to Shuar, is also the Ascended Master known as a Moria. So they often work together, over and over and over again. So they're, they never kind of do it completely solo Yogananda tree of the Shuar just right, yeah,

Alex Ferrari 27:16
So here, Pera Mahasha. Yeah,

Rj Spina 27:18
There you go. So they normally do it this way, because it helps ensure their success. And also I think there's, there's such a deep love and respect between them, and that they know that out of anyone that they can rely on each other. Because when when we have the human experience, as you said, the frailties and this and that Southern masters seem to have a level of determination. That determination is not the right word. So will get there will got it exactly,

Alex Ferrari 27:51
Their will is something that's unparalleled? Well, then someone like Buddha, I'm not I'm not as familiar. I mean, I do study Buddha's path, but I don't remember those kinds of characters around him in the lecture that were, and he did struggle, a tremendous amount to get to, to get to enlightenment, you know, in fighting, like he went down the wrong paths, multiple times, trying to trying to get to where he was going. So it's, that's why I love Buddha stories that Arthur is because it is such a wonderful analogy, or a fable for life, that even this Ascended Master, they kind of go through stuff, they don't just show up, you know, which goes against, you know, religions around Jesus, because they just like he was born, yada, yada, yada. I'm enlightened. And now I'm here to save you all. Like, I'm like, well, we'll go back to the yada yada yada, what happened during the yada yada is very important there. It's not like he was a year he went off on, you know, a European vacation, like it was he you know, there was something they had to figure out during that time. And there is a lot of texts and things like that, that he went to India and you know, and studied with many of the yogi's and things like that because it just makes sense. It just makes sense. In an end in India, there is a lot of text historical texts about I forgot what they called him they had enough another name for Jesus. But the one thing is like, what did you ever hear of Jesus? Yes, whatever happened to him is like, Oh, we went back to his country and he was crucified. We loved him here though. And it was like, fast it was just fascinating. But alright, so because we can go down the Ascended Master rabbit hole deeply. So I wanted to talk a little bit about again, now we're gonna go deeper go back to quantum physics, dark matter. The Dark Matter field, of being able to the emptiness the space between the space which is at a at a micro level, the space between electrons the space between atoms There is that space and that space is the potentiality of creation. Is that make sense? And can you kind of dive into that a little bit?

Rj Spina 30:10
Yeah, it makes sense. It's just from my direct experience, it's inaccurate. There's no such thing as dark matter. Okay. Okay, lack of a better word. Right? What's what's there is that we're not able to see it yet. And we're not able to understand it yet. Another way to look at is that it's all light. Everything is light. And if we're seeing it as dark, it's because we're vibrating at a such a level that we can't recognize the light. So it's, there's there's no such real thing as dark matter. And as we talked about earlier, everything has consciousness, right? various levels, incredibly credibly vast in terms of the variance of consciousness and sentience. But dark matter when we are operating, I would say in about the fifth frequency, the idea of dark matter will have vanished because we'll be in such our own holistics. It's like, let me back up, make it easy, right? I have to use analogies. Okay. So I would say right now, Alex, the third frequency what we people say we're in the third dimension, we're in the third frequency. Energy exists frequently. It doesn't exist dimensionally dimensions house frequencies. Okay, so we are in the third frequency of the first full dimension, from my direct experience, okay. Right now what it's like for us, okay, it's kind of like being completely underwater. Right. And we all know what that's like, can't see very well, can hear very well. Access to Information is incredibly limited, very limited functionality, and very limited mobility when you're underwater, okay. Now, when we go up on land, whoa, okay, can see for miles access to information can hear can move around, greatly enhanced functionality and mobility. Okay, the difference between where we are right now, and the fourth full frequency is greater than Neanderthal man and Star Trek. This is the difference, but a full frequency cannot be. It has to be experienced in terms of the difference of the holistic nature of the environment, and therefore your consciousness. And once we get to about the fifth frequency, or what people call the fifth dimension, we'll start to realize and be able to see that there is no such thing as dark matter, it's more light, it's just light that we're not evolved enough to see at this moment. And that's why part of what you said is on the money potentiality. Right, that's exactly right. Everything is potentiality, because it's a level of consciousness. And at that point, and the fifth frequency, we'll be able to start to see these things. And then once we get to the seventh frequency, there's no such thing from a human perspective as negativity. Because in the seventh frequency, the holistic nature of everything, you cannot have ill will towards anything or anyone because it is tangibly apparent that it's all one thing. So having ill will towards another or doing something, we'll use the word negative from a human, there is no negative. But from a human perspective, doing something to another would literally be like doing it to yourself. So all of this starts to change at the seventh frequency. And where we are on the third frequency, of course, we're too clueless to realize that it's really all one thing. And that's where we keep harming each other and harming ourselves.

Alex Ferrari 33:16
This is what I mean, this is what Jesus talked about is what Buddha talked about, it's like we are all one, we are all different projections of Source Energy, unique projections of source energy in these in these bodies, not that we're like separate souls dangling in space, but actually different, we're all connected. And if you start to look at the way nature works, it's a perfect analogy of what we should be doing. Where if you look at an ecosystem, it is perfect. If it's not harmed, it's just perfect that the apex predator takes care of this. And then everything moves along and then the trees drop the leaves with the the owl picks up the leaves and, and then the rats are there. Like it all works so beautifully on a macro level. And then if you start getting into the micro levels of what's happening under the ground and in the soil and in the water, it all works perfectly because it's all one organism. If we could use that as an analogy, I think life would change dramatically.

Rj Spina 34:28
Yeah, the exactly Alex, the problem is that the five is we we read upon incarnation into the lower frequencies, the physical universe, which is where you and I are right now. It's such a severe loss of consciousness and we get here we don't know who we are. What are we supposed to do? How did we get here? Who am I? Right? Total total amnesia. Now, what reinforces this amnesia and then the creation of the eaglemont identity is that our five physical senses are projected outwardly. Right? So everything is about outside have you. So instead of going within, and rekindling our connection to where we come from, right, we do the opposite. We seek outwardly, because the five because it's easier, the five physical senses are projected outwardly. So what we then do is we start identifying with the suit itself. And then the beliefs, the concepts, the ideologies, and all the things that are floating around within this realm. Meanwhile, none of those things are actually you. And none of those things have anything to do with you. And it's all because of we reduce ourselves to body consciousness, which is identification with the body. And as soon as you identify with the body, the physical world becomes real. And now your higher mind is completely clamped off. And now there's no way to reconnect with that kind of mindset. And this is what creates the ego mind identity. The ego mind identity, as you've heard me say, probably everybody's heard me say, the ego mind identity is a limitation program that runs by thinking. And so what is the remedy for thinking meditation? Right now, meditation is simply to be present. getting engaged, and engulfed in whatever you're doing is meditation. Right? Because the rational, finite limited human mind shuts down. This is the whole key to our ascension to the superhuman to achieving goals. It is the flow state, it is the momentum. And the only thing that blocks that is the rational thinking mind, the ego, mind identity, the whole key is to be able to be present and marry ourself to the present moment, if we can fall in love. Fall in love with her own stillness, and our own inner silence, the connectivity and the communion that you were describing earlier, will become apparent and tangible. But you can't do that with the thinking mind.

Alex Ferrari 36:45
Because it's terrified. The egoic mind is terrified, it runs on fear, fear of itself being irrelevant, fear of what's around the corner. And that fear is the reason why we constantly are looking outward, because it's all it can see. And it's also extremely intoxicating, the physical, that's one of the it's it is extremely intoxicating. There's pleasures down here, and experiences down here that you just can't experience in spirit. You know, you just can't I always joke, anytime I talk to a channel or medium, or something, or an Ascended Master coming through a channel or something. I'll go so on the other side, is there a bar? Are they watching movies? Like what what? How do they how do they spend their, their day? For lack of a better word? Like, is there a bar where all these ambassadors chill out? Have a drink, like what's going on? On the other side, but you know, it's, I'm joking about that. But down here, it is intoxicating. And some people go so far into the intoxication, that it destroys them.

Rj Spina 37:52
That and that you got and that's what karma is. So karma. We I think, for most of us, we have a misunderstanding, because we don't have a tangible understanding of what it is we think of you push somebody down, and then two seconds later, someone knocks you off instantly. Right? Okay, that is that is not it's not even remotely close to what karma is. Okay. So that's cause and effect. Karma is the addiction or attachment to anything here. Now, when we when we think about addiction and attachment, okay. Okay, here's, here's another silly analogy, right? I like so many notches, right? So let's think about Spider Man, shooting his spider web, right? So he shoots, shoots a spider web to the building, right? So he's now attached to that building with his spider web. Okay. Karma is the spider web. And it's your energy that you're using to become addicted and attached. Now, if your energy is addicted and attached to something here, where are you going, you're going nowhere. This is what karma actually is, its addiction and attachment. Now, you can only undo the addiction and attachment in the location that you actually stuck yourself. Hence, you have to keep coming back here. This is the whole point. This is part of what my obsession is about. So we can start to change this for humanity. Because this we don't have to operate this way we can and we have, but we don't have to. So karma is addiction or attachment out, cause and effect, not the same thing. So part of our journey of becoming a master of becoming completely and utterly self aware of every notion that we give birth to, we have to not only give birth to the notion, but be on the receiving end of that notion. So that way, we completely understand it as a masterful creator. So as an example, or as an analogy, let's pick on used car salesman, why not everyone else does. Okay, so you have you have a car, right? That you're gonna get the biggest commission on. Right and some some mom comes in, she's got her four kids, right? She's like, you know what I really need I need a minivan. I'm always taking my kids here and there and this and that right? And, and the salesman says, oh, yeah, I understand I got the perfect car for you. And he points her to some sports car that he gets a big commission on. Right? And somehow convinces her to buy that car. It is not what she needs, absolutely not what she needs, right? And he knows it. Okay. So the point is this, he took advantage of someone in need. Okay, that's what happened. And he's aware of it. And he did it. So in order to understand fully what he what notion that he gave birth to, to understand it completely, he now has to receive that as well. So there's going to be a point where he's going to be in need, and someone is going to take advantage of him. Now, he really understands from a total perspective of what it is that he gave birth to. That's just one example. But that's cause and effect karma is addiction or attachment by using your energy. And hence, this is the problem with the evolution or one of the problems with the evolutionary cycle is because of just what you said, so intoxicating here, physicality, density, the tangibility of our intentions, which doesn't exist anywhere else, the tangibility of our intentions, what does it feel like? Right, only here only in the low frequencies of the physical universe. But once we become immersed and identify ourself with this, and what's going on, and then we become attached and addicted. This is what creates karma. And karma essentially stops the evolution of consciousness. Because it's like failing second grade, over and over and over and over again, it's like you're not learning anything new. So when we start to understand these things in a more clear way, we're going to be able to transcend them. And then we won't have to repeat. We don't have to repeat these things over and over again.

Alex Ferrari 41:43
So the concept of quantum entanglement, I love to hear what you have to say in regards to that with the spiritual or metaphysical twist on it. And first, explain that if you can explain what quantum quantum entanglement is the basic understanding of what quantum entanglement is, and why it's pissing off physicists everywhere around the world, because they can't explain it. But yet, it's a phenomenon that is can be tested again and again, and they just don't understand it. I think it wasn't, wasn't an Einstein. So I think Einstein said something in regards to quantum entanglement or something along those like, it's something annoying that he can't figure. It's like the placebo effect. It just pisses off.

Rj Spina 42:29
Okay, so Well, I'm gonna come to quantum entanglement a second, I would love to explain the placebo effect from a higher from a higher consciousness perspective, saying absolutely, absolutely explain it. Okay. Placebo effect, the placebo effect, the scientific proof that we heal ourselves right here. Here's the shirt, you know, you got something wrong with the here's a sugar pill and you're fine. Okay, so what really happened? What is going on here? I mean, it's a sugar pill. What, what just occurred? So, from my perspective, common spiritual fiction is that we heal ourselves through belief. Okay, it's a step in the right direction. Absolutely. But it is not accurate. Only the truth heals. So the truth has to do with an inner knowingness or authenticity. It's when you know, which is a very specific frequency and state of consciousness. It's knowing that you're going to get better, which sends the signal to the mind body to enhance its self repair and self healing mechanism. It's an inner knowingness and we heal ourselves, hence, a sugar pill. Right? So it's not belief. It's inner knowingness. It's that tangible authenticity of knowing. And we all know what that feels like. We just rarely give ourselves permission to heal. We think it has to be through a tincture or this or that or whatever, through RJ whatever. Now, so that the placebo effect has to do with an inner knowingness, which is a specific state of consciousness of frequency. And that sets the mind body self repair self healing into motion. So that's really what is going on with the placebo effect. Quantum throughout this, I mean, that sort of makes sense. It's just a little further,

Alex Ferrari 44:01
It's just a little bit it's there's a difference between belief and knowing. And you can, it's there is a massive difference between it because a belief like and I use, I've used this example before, a belief is when you when I was told something in when I was in the Catholic Church, and said, Well, you know, if you eat meat on Fridays, you'll go to hell, the concept of hell you believe that? But when the concept because you were told it and you didn't have any other reference points, and you didn't have you it was a belief. But when the concept of reincarnation was introduced into my life, I said, Oh, that I get that. It's annoying. It's not from an egocentric place. It just rang so true in my mind, and in my soul that I was like, That is a knowing so regardless of what other people's beliefs might be, and they could be whatever they want, because everyone's on their own, you know, evolution evolutionary journey. Again, not bashing any court or religion, you do what you got to do. But for me when I heard that concept, I was like, Oh, that makes so much more sense to me. And it rings true, it was a knowing. So there's not anyone that can tell me something differently. Because it's a truth. It's a universal truth, that cannot be really opposed. In a, if you have a strong understanding of who you are, what it rings true to you, which is what I say about every single thing I do on this show. If it rings true to you use it. If it doesn't dismiss it, and move on. There's doesn't need to be anything in between, you know, because I use this analogy as well. Sometimes, when I first read Autobiography of a Yogi, I did not get it. I wasn't there was in my 20s. It was introduced to me, I read it. The second he started talking about levitation, and being in two places the same time I was out, I'm like, this is Whoa, like, my, my mind had not evolved to a place where I can even conceive these ideas that we're talking about so freely. And maybe somebody listening to this conversation right now is in the same place. And that's okay. But what it did do, it planted the seed of an idea. And then 10 years later, when I picked the book up again, I was like, Oh, they're all okay, this makes Okay, now I get it. And it was just a different place evolution, you know, in your evolution that I was ready for that information. But that necessity, even being born Catholic, being born in a Catholic family was a necessity to start planting seeds of something larger than yourself. hovered in Dogma, right? Poverty and a lot of stuff that you have to kind of manage away out of, from my perspective. But without that, and without that basis, if I was born into an atheist family, I don't know if I would have gone down this path. Maybe I would have gone down another maybe I would have ended up here anyway. But it's just a point of view. So go ahead, sir.

Rj Spina 47:21
Yeah. So beliefs. Okay. Let's look at belief. Well, you know, people use that word all the time. But what is right, what is a belief? So what beliefs then we'll break it down? metaphysically? What a belief at least what it looks like, from a higher mind perspective. So but beliefs are what we use when we don't know. Right? We choose to believe, right? Now, because we have the fall of man is the Fallen frequency. Okay, we used to exist in a much higher state, right? We're talking about these different frequencies. The fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh, right? We used to we used to all operate because we've all had incarnations in these higher states of consciousness, these higher frequencies, where there was an inner knowing this beliefs didn't exist, they serve no purpose. We knew there was there was direct connectivity. Now as we started to the fall of man is the Fallen frequency. And as we started to come down in frequency, we lost the connectivity to the knowingness we lost the inner knowingness and what did we replace it with? Beliefs? So beliefs are what we use when we don't know. Now, I say this all the time, with all respect everybody believes are for children. Okay, do you still believe in Santa Claus? Right? Or have you outgrown that? Okay. The whole the only mandate of existence is to know thyself, right? And all thy infinite potential, the word beliefs not in there for a reason. Okay. We can no longer evolve our consciousness, Alex individually or as a collective through beliefs. In fact, Masterson, Jesus Christ took that as far as it could be taken. Literally, the belief in him, this is as far as you can take purity. He did it, he mastered it. Okay. We have now moved it to a completely different age, the age of Aquarius, the age of Saint Germain, right and all those other incarnations. This has to do with the experiential knowingness because consciousness can't evolve through beliefs because from a metaphysical perspective, Alex a belief if we could see it, a belief is anything whose landing spot lies outside of the self. I believe in a heaven out there, okay. There is nothing outside of the self. The self is everything the all is in the one and the one is in the all the I Am is whole and complete. It is divinity it is perfection, it lacks nothing, nothing. So by the very death finition the metaphysical definition of a belief that something whose landing spots lives outside of yourself is completely untrue. There is nothing outside of yourself God is within your consciousness. And this is why we can no longer evolve through beliefs. And that's why I say half jokingly believe so for children still believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny right now. Okay, the key is to know and that's just what you were talking about it is the inner knowing this. This is the age that we're entering into. And I call this the wisdom that transcends knowledge. What it is that I share is the wisdom that transcends knowledge, because the only real knowledge is Gnosis, which is the which is the knowledge of self, so called knowledge are just mental machinations. Beliefs are just justified strings of thought that we have tied together, they're theoretical assumptions that have nothing to do with tangibility. So when we start to work with knowingness, the evolution of consciousness is working with its greatest efficacy, when we start working with beliefs, your consciousness is not evolving. Because your your attention is on something outside of you. It's an illusion. It's an illusion. And when we start to go within, right, everything, everything changes, we change, the world changes. And a rising tide lifts all ships as we raise our frequency, right, individually. This is and this starts to lead into quantum entanglement. Notice how this is all connected, right? What a coincidence, right? So this starts to lead to quantum entanglement. It is all connected, you do something over here, and it actually affects something over there. Because it is all one thing. It's absolutely all one thing. It's unexplainable through the five senses or the intellect, it's absolutely unexplainable. But at a certain level of consciousness, this can actually be experienced, this can absolutely be experienced, we can reach a level of sensitivity, right? So more subtle bodies are directly connected to our nervous system. Okay, the medical profession does not is nowhere near here, what we're talking about. So are more subtle bodies of energy, and about 70% of what we are escapes physical sensory perception. So when we look at one another Alex, we see about 30% of what we really are, right? When you totally lose your mind, you can actually see more more of what what we actually are, right? So these subtle, our subtle bodies of energy are directly connected to our nervous system. And this has to do with quantum entanglement. Something occurs over here, your subtle bodies of energy can actually feel it and it affects you. What you do what something someone doesn't Japan affects what someone does in Georgia. It absolutely does. And it's because of the subtle bodies of energy are. So they're completely and utterly connected to everything. It is all one thing. But to be able to experience it as one thing. You can't do that with your suit, or your human finite mind. It's a completely different understanding we're going in the right direction. But it's going to take a higher state of consciousness and probably only when we're at a higher frequency, that we're actually really tangibly understand this and see it

Alex Ferrari 53:10
I think I remember hearing Yogananda say that he stopped reading books, because he's like, I don't need them anymore. I don't want to pollute my own my own experience with other people's beliefs and ideas. With that said, everyone listening books have their place. For him. It didn't make any sense anymore, because he had all that knowing yet, he was able to tap into the universal knowledge that that masters and souls can when they're on the other side, but with what knowledge truly is, is just a trigger for you to remember what it was that you already knew. As opposed to a cup that you're pointing information in. It's a trigger to go, oh, yeah, reincarnation, got it. It's not that I learned that is I remembered it. And when you remember it, it is it becomes a knowing as opposed to a belief in many, many ways, depending on how you look at it. And that's a question I'd love to ask you. Because people always talk about, you know, when we start talking about these ideas of like, there is a universal knowledge, Akashic records, these kinds of things. ideas have been around for 1000s of years. Why is it in the last 150 years? We have done more than the last 6000 in technology in what we're able to do the advancements. It's not that math just showed up, that we created math. No. Math has been there. Physics has been there. We just couldn't see. These ideas. Didn't remember these ideas. It's not that man created Engineering, because let's not even get to the pyramids. But but it's not that we created this new technology. It's not we're remembering that we were able to tap into this information. And on the more metaphysical standpoint, this information is being leaked out through individuals at the time period where it is beneficial for humanity. Because God forbid, can you imagine if the nuclear bomb was in the hands of getting gets Khan or Alexander the Great? Or in the Roman times, we would have blown ourselves up 1000 times. Not that they were far off by the way of doing that. But we're seem to be a little obviously, we haven't done it yet. So we're still a little bit farther along. But what do you think of that? Yeah, this

Rj Spina 55:45
So let's go back to Moria. Right, and one of his incarnations history you have to shore so tree you to Shuar, wrote a book called The Holy science, right? Right. Okay. Very difficult read novice respects. No, no, no, no disrespect. To master him. Right. Okay. But, you know, obviously, there's a supreme consciousness, but okay, but let's just break that down in a way that we can actually use and understand. All right. So what he was talking about are the Hugo's, right, so he was talking about, so from a human perspective, because we think we place ourself in time, this just farming per se. So thinking creates the illusion of time and the delusion of knowledge. Okay, so thinking is always the past, future, past, future past future. Okay, so human beings locked themselves in time through thought, and then therefore, everything becomes a process. First, there's a then there's B, then there, see that, okay? Doesn't have to be that way. Doesn't have to be that way. Alright. So from a human perspective, we talk about time, right? Okay. What's really happening is, let's use an analogy. This is okay, I won't say where this is coming from. So let's think of think of a flower. Right? Okay. So a flower starts off and then begins to bloom, and then opens up, right, and then all of a sudden, the same thing straight starts to die starts to wilt starts to go back down. And the same process just keeps happening over and over and over again. Okay. This is consciousness itself, over and over and over again. So to answer your question directly, why is this information coming to the surface? Now? Why are there certain souls here presenting wisdom or knowledge that you know, wasn't here 20 years ago, 30 years ago, 40, whatever you want to call it, right? It's because we are just starting to bloom my friend. This is the reason why. So that flower needs light, and it needs water. It needs it. Right. So this is the wisdom and the love that is being poured out by the more evolved beings that keep showing up here. So we just go through this cycle over and over and over again. And the reason why we do this over and over and over again, and why there's no permanent state of enlightenment. It's because let's, let's use an analogy, but just because it's easier. So let's imagine we're looking at a statue Alex, front facing we're looking at a statue. It's Plato. We're front facing looking at a statue. An entire evolutionary cycle are one UGA. 26,000. Whatever. 25,224 Yeah, something like that. Yeah, yeah. So you know, in that ballpark, right. Okay. So now let's, let's use the statue of Plato as as an analogy. And that the entire evolutionary cycle, it would be our job to understand every single minutiae about that statue, every single nook and cranny, every single millimeter of that statute we have to completely and utterly understand. Right? Stare right? As we understand it from top to bottom. There's nothing has escaped us. That would be one entire evolutionary cycle. But what does that statue look like from the back? Let's do it again. Let's do the whole thing. Again. Here's another 25,200 years of making sure we understand the minutiae of everything from the back. Okay. Okay, now that we did that, we're done. Now how about from top looking down? Okay, let's, what about from the bottom looking up? Okay, let's

Alex Ferrari 59:20
See inside.

Rj Spina 59:22
Why, but from a different frequency. How about for right? So now you're starting to see that this is this is literally endless. So this evolutionary cycle, it never actually stops. Now we attribute it to time, time doesn't even exist. It literally does not exist. It exists because we think as soon as you stop thinking, you transcend time talking about the Ascended Masters. They transcend time, their access to wisdom and information is unparalleled, because they have mastered the physicality in terms of the ego mind identity. It doesn't affect them anymore. Right. They have conquered the lower consciousness so therefore they have access to these things. It's why they can buy, locate, do all these kinds of things put their bodies back together and all this kind of stuff. This is the exact reason why. So that to come back to what you said, why is it happening right now because we are just starting to bloom, my friend, we had just started to bloom 2023 is one of the most important years in human history ever. And I'll tell you why. The number 23. Anyone who's understands the occult, and where does a cult come from, by the way, it comes from the archeologists ocular, those that can see. So all this profound, esoteric or occult knowledge comes from these profound beings by the way, and that's why it's called the occult because it has to do with ocular being able to see with true vision. So the number 23, and occult traditions esoteric wisdom of the occult, is the signal of physical immortality to mind body three mind body spirit 23 together is the indication of dominance or transcendence, over physicality. And this is part of our awakening into higher frequencies and higher states of consciousness. 23 is a vital year for human beings far more than they realize, far more. This is where we start to leave the ego mind identity, and the identification with physicality. And it becomes less and less and less and we move more and more and more towards the immortal self or the I Am, or the sentience 23 is the key year. And human beings, whether they realize it or not are making a choice this year. If they haven't already, they are going to be forced into making a choice this year. They're either going in the direction of Mind Body Spirit, or they're going in the direction of mind, body. And 23 is the key year and that's where it comes from 23 has to do with that. And occult is ocular from those that can see and our whole world. Our whole world is occult.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:56
Fascinating, sir. We can keep going for hours. One other one other thing I want to ask you in regards to going back to the Ascended Masters. As you notice there's a little statue behind me. I have the big version of him over there. The MA The Mahabharata. Yes. Can you talk a little bit about them? Because it's something that Yogananda spoke about. He There's many people who have spoken about Baba Ji over the years. He is such an interesting figure in the history of humanity, and continues to be to this day, so I'd love to hear your point of view of him as an Ascended Master.

Rj Spina 1:02:40
Master Baba Ji is a reminder direct experience is the most advanced being that has ever walked the earth. And dare I say it's not a competition. But if it was, it'd be no competition. So he is the master of masters. So every Ascended Master has been trained and studied with Baba Ji. He's the only being that can materialize and demerit materialize his physical body at will. He never ages, he always looks like he's about 23 years old with perfect skin for anyone who's actually met him or actually worked with him. This is exactly how it works. And where by the way, when Christ disappeared for all those years, that's exactly where he went. If you did not already know that something tells me you already didn't know that. That's exactly where he went. Master Baba Ji has taught every Ascended Master his higher self. Right we are a projection or a piece and aspect or a soul. Right? We think of I know it's my fifth but if you think of an octopus, projecting a tentacle, you and I a soul are are an aspect of our higher self, his Higher Self properties resides at the very, very, very tip top of the entire multiverse, literally at the top. Now based upon how sentient the higher self is, that is where it resides. Within the multiverse, you think of a high rise building and the top floor is the is the most sentient. And as you come down a little less empty, a little less than a little less than 10 properties literally at the membrane of the entire multiverse. And most Ascended Masters, their higher selves are in the sixth dimension. And then into the seventh, eighth and ninth. His is at the 12th He is the Teacher of teachers. He is the master of masters. So that's who my Avatar Baba Ji is and he's taught every Ascended Master pretty much everything that they know

Alex Ferrari 1:04:40
And he's chosen to be here because he's according he's apparently supposed to be around for 2500 years. And still living

Rj Spina 1:04:51
Baba Ji appears he can materialize and demerits materialize that well, so it's difficult. I would say that he's not happy than a human incarnation, I would say he shows up whenever he feels like it. Whenever there is a student who is ready to work at that level, he simply appears in full full suit, not as an apparition, and full suit and Yogananda talks about his experience, I have not written about my experience this in terms of interaction with him, he literally just shows up. But he works with those that are that are ready to work in a very specific way, and total service and that have purified themselves. And then only then can you even see Baba Ji, kind of like the dark matter. You can't even see him, right beings that are operating in such a high frequency way there, we don't even see them. Because they're in a different frequency. They're vibrating in a completely different frequency that escapes our physical sensory perception. Baba Ji is the King of kings. He comes and goes as he pleases, and he always works in the background. He always works in the background and some Ascended Masters. Some have developed a skill set through various incarnations, that they can actually work at the forefront. They've developed a human personality, they have a certain level of charisma about them. They're intoxicating. They're like looking at a an exotic fruit or a wild a flower that you've never seen before. They're completely and utterly mesmerizing, and authentic Ascended Master, you can't take your eyes off them. And certainly ones have developed a stage presence, if you will. And so they're the ones that end up being front facing because they'll play whatever role they need to to move humanity forward. But there's no doubt whatsoever. A Baba Ji is the most evolved being that's ever walked the earth and he continues to show up whenever is needed. And he has trained every single Ascended Master that has ever been here.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:01
Good explanation, my friend. Like I said, we could keep talking for days and weeks about the nature of reality and why we're here and all sorts of stuff. But I'm going to ask you a few questions asked him I guess, what is your definition of living a good life?

Rj Spina 1:07:17
Oh, personal happiness

Alex Ferrari 1:07:19
What is your definition of God?

Rj Spina 1:07:22
Everything and everyone

Alex Ferrari 1:07:23
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Rj Spina 1:07:25

Alex Ferrari 1:07:26
And where can people find out more about you in the good work you're doing?

Rj Spina 1:07:28
As my website is For those that haven't heard, I wrote a book about last year came out about last year supercharged self healing. It's the what captures the essence of frequencies healing technique, which is the technique that I remembered, and how to put my destroyed body back together. I have a new book coming out in August, which some of the time we'll talk about what that is, it's called change your mind. But you can preorder that. And there's various courses on my website from self healing to self mastery. And now I'm getting into manifestation. So I've been teaching people just the way I manifested my health manifestation, whether it's your health or money or this or that is repeatable process. And once you understand that, it can be repeated. So I'm starting to teach people, the higher consciousness or enlightened metaphysics of what manifestation is, but the website

Alex Ferrari 1:08:21
And when would you like to leave the audience with a final message?

Rj Spina 1:08:24
Do what you tangibly know to be true. What you tangibly know to be true, if someone just like Alex said earlier, if someone says something, and it just doesn't resonate, it just doesn't land. Right? Don't listen, and don't do it. me say that again. Don't listen, and don't do it. Now, if it registers with you, you tangibly know it to be true, then be all over that all over it. But if there's no resonance, that's the universe's way of working with you. If it's resonant with you, that means this is what you're in alignment with this work with this. That's what resonance is, it's alignment. If it's not tangibly true to you don't touch it. Leave it alone, it means it's not for you. And this next couple of years is going to be very trying for humanity. It's why I'm talking about 2023 being an important year, learn to invest in yourself, the self, because it's the only thing that provides limitless dividends in every single facet of your life and in every single incarnation, invest in yourself. It's the only worthwhile investment.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:31
RJ thank you again, so much for coming back on the show. I look forward to seeing you again. And we can talk about your new book at the end of the summer, but my friend, I appreciate you and the work that you're doing to awaken humanity, my friend. Thank you!

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