Life often leads us to encounters that profoundly shift our understanding of reality and our place within it. Today, we are honored to welcome Paul Selig, a channel for the Guides, whose teachings have provided profound insights into the nature of consciousness and spiritual evolution. Paul Selig’s journey from a skeptical academic to a conduit for divine wisdom is a testament to the transformative power of surrender and alignment with higher frequencies.

Paul Selig’s life took a dramatic turn when he began channeling messages from the Guides, a collective of higher beings who provide teachings on spiritual growth and the evolution of human consciousness. These messages have been compiled into twelve books, each offering a unique perspective on the nature of reality and the path to enlightenment. “The Guides dictate entire books through me,” Paul explains. “I sit in a chair, close my eyes, and take dictation. It’s all spoken, no writing.”

One of the central themes in the Guides’ teachings is the concept of moving beyond the structures of fear and separation that have dominated human consciousness for millennia. “We’ve been on a planet with war for so long that we expect it,” Paul relays from the Guides. “We’re creating out of a sense of history and a common field. Until humanity moves to a level of consciousness where war is not a possibility, we are going to have it.” This message underscores the importance of shifting our collective consciousness to higher frequencies where peace and unity are possible.

The Guides emphasize the importance of recognizing the divine within ourselves and others as a means to transcend the limitations of the physical world. They teach that we are all part of a collective consciousness and that our individual thoughts and actions contribute to the larger reality. “What you put in darkness calls you to that darkness,” the Guides explain. “You cannot be the light and hold another in darkness.” This principle of vibrational accord highlights the necessity of embodying light and love in all aspects of our lives to create a more harmonious world.


  1. Embrace Your Divine Nature: The Guides teach that recognizing and embracing our true divine nature is essential for spiritual growth. By acknowledging the divine within ourselves and others, we can transcend the limitations imposed by fear and separation.
  2. Shift to Higher Frequencies: Moving to higher levels of consciousness involves letting go of old patterns and beliefs rooted in fear. The Guides emphasize the importance of aligning with higher frequencies of love, peace, and unity to create a new reality.
  3. Live with Compassion and Unity: The path to a more peaceful world begins with individual actions. By treating others with compassion and recognizing our interconnectedness, we contribute to the collective shift towards a higher state of being.

Paul’s journey and the teachings of the Guides remind us that we are all co-creators of our reality. By aligning with higher frequencies and embodying our divine nature, we can transcend the limitations of fear and separation and contribute to the creation of a more harmonious and enlightened world.

Please enjoy my conversation with Paul Selig.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 361

Paul Selig 0:00
But the guides have said that I work with have said, you know, we've been on a planet with war for so long, but we expect it. And we're always getting what we expect we're creating out of a sense of history and a common field. And they've said until humanity moves to a level of consciousness, where war is not a possibility, we are going to have it. But they do say that we're actually having to zero and creation. So in the very first book they dictated which was called, I am the word which was, you know, spoken through me and I think 2009 the guides said, humanity is at a time of reckoning and a reckoning is a facing of oneself and all of one's creations. And everything that's been created in fear needs to be recreated in a higher way.

Alex Ferrari 0:46
I like to welcome back to the show, returning champion, Paul Selig. How you doing Paul?

Paul Selig 1:01
Good. Thanks for having me.

Alex Ferrari 1:03
Thank you so much for coming back on the show, my friend, it is always a pleasure to talk to you in the guides. And we're going to be talking today a bunch about your new book, The book of innocence, which apparently you put out what a book every other month, Mr. King?

Paul Selig 1:18
It's about one a year it's been Yeah, it's I mean,

Alex Ferrari 1:21
I think last time you were on the show, we had a book, I think it was like God, did you stick 2 in this year? Or is it just the one?

Paul Selig 1:28
I well, they generally come out in the fall. So September last year, there was a book and this year, there was a book and they've already finished the next one, which they say is actually the final book in this series of 12 books. So Oh, wow. Yeah, yeah, there's this teaching is completing itself.

Alex Ferrari 1:48
Wow. That's fantastic. Yeah, I mean, you I mean, other than Stephen King, I think you're one of the most prolific writers and James Patterson.

Paul Selig 1:56
I don't write a thing I sit in a chair I close my eyes and I take dictation that's all spoken, no writing.

Alex Ferrari 2:03
Okay, so for people who don't know your work and who you are, can you talk a little bit about what what you do as far as a channel is concerned? Well makes you kind of unique in the channeling world.

Paul Selig 2:15
I don't know what you know, I don't follow other channels work truthfully. So I don't I can't really compare. I know how I work. And I know what's happened through me. I'm I'm a, you know, a channel for a collective, they call themselves the guides, or I call them the guides. That's how they got the name, the guides, they have another name that they'll use, which is Melchizedek. On occasion, they'll say this is you want to call us something you can call us this. But you know, the guides dictate entire books through me and all of the books in there are now 12 that are completed in the Lebanon printer, the unedited transcripts of the dictations that come through. So the first book took two and a half weeks and of sittings. And the last book maybe took, I don't know, five, four weeks or five weeks of sittings, because I wasn't doing it for you know, every day for three or four hours. But I'm what makes me different, I don't know, you know, there's an energy that comes through when the guides I work with Teach, which is very palpable. And they're working with energetic attunements that support the reader or the student in operating at a higher level of vibration or alignment, which they say claims a new experience of being, you know, when you lift to a level of, of CO resonance with source where you're more operative at that level, you're moving beyond some of the common structures that we've been taught through fear and rage and selfishness and the kinds of things that we've sort of been indoctrinated through, you know, historically. And so I suppose what makes me different is I just keep showing up for this stuff, even though I didn't really ask to do it. And I may never fully understand it, and I'm grateful for it. But I'm a student of the work, you know, I'm not a spiritual teacher, I'm not a guru. I'm, I'm a radio, and I think of myself as a radio and when I'm tuned into the guides, as the station, my real job is to convey accurate information as I'm hearing it to stenography really, if you think of it that way. When I do psychic reading, which is a little different, I'm tuned into the person I'm reading for and they become the station that I tune into or the people that they ask about. Now.

Alex Ferrari 4:33
We had the pleasure of meeting in person last year or actually this year actually it was this year and you were at doing a live kind of like his life seminar if you will. Remind me during those live sittings are those materials for the book as well when you do these kinds of sittings?

Paul Selig 4:52
That one wasn't but the last eight books or so were all sort of dictated in front of audiences. I'm entirely so the last book was done in public events in Berkeley, California in Boone, North Carolina at a group that I convened on Maui, and on live streams, you know, so depending on how long the book takes, that's how many events we try to line up in a row, usually, you know, for the month of August, in September, beginning of September, I'm channeling a lot, because that's when the books have been coming. So we try to schedule events or the guides can do an a day law and a day long workshop, they can do, you know, three lectures for a book, or 20 pages and a five day event, they can do 7080 pages of material. And it's nice for me to have the continuity of the same audience there for a number of sessions. Because the books are building the teachings are building one upon the next. But they're going to do what they're going to do anyway. So yeah,

Alex Ferrari 5:55
And I'd imagine that's a little bit easier. And you're doing it in front of an audience than just sitting in a room with somebody dictating it or recording it.

Paul Selig 6:02
Well, I, you know, the first three books, I think, maybe we're done, I was on the phone with a woman in Berkeley, I was recording on my end, she was taking notes. And I would transcribe those CDs, it was a CD recorder in those days. And that's how I would do it. And now I don't transcribe anything at all give a videotape gets sent off. And there are people that do it, and somebody that proves it against, again, against the recordings. I prefer doing it in front of an audience because the energy is so high, there was an elegance to doing it with one person because the the guides were really teaching the one person in the chair as the student or the student and proxy for all of the students. And when you have 100 people in a room or 500 people online, the guides are speaking to a larger group. But it's the same teaching and you really can't tell the difference once you see it all transcribed, you know, what was done for a small group of students or what was done for a larger one.

Alex Ferrari 7:04
So before we get into the book, Paul wanted to ask you this is a question I've been getting a message a lot about that, you know, we've talked on the show before about humanity's consciousness shift, and that we're all shifting, that things are getting better, we are becoming more evolved, we're getting closer to a higher vibration. And yet we are starting to see and have seen but more currently starting to see some some remarkably horrible things happening in the Middle East, things happening in the Ukraine. These kinds of conflicts that are happening, are amping up this hate and division, where that's been going on I think probably for the last eight years, 10, almost 10 years, you've started to see that kind of like things that were under the ground starting to bubble up racism, things like that. What did the guides say about not specifically of what is happening currently. But this energy, how does this coincide with what we're supposed to be doing with this huge shift in humanity's consciousness?

Paul Selig 8:14
Unfortunately, I want to suggest that I think it's part of it because nothing gets addressed until it's first seen. So you're saying, Yeah, the last 10 years. But the guides have said that I work with have said, you know, we've been on a planet with war for so long, but we expect it. And we're always getting what we expect, we're creating out of a sense of history and a common field. And they've said until humanity moves to a level of consciousness, where war is not a possibility, we are going to have it. But they do say that we're actually having to see our own creation. So in the very first book they dictated which was called, I am the word which was, you know, spoken through me and I think 2009 the guides said, humanity is at a time of reckoning, and a reckoning is a facing of oneself and all of one's creations. And everything that's been created in fear needs to be recreated in a higher way. And in the Book of Truth, which they dictated very shortly before the presidential election and what, you know, six, eight years, or whatever it was now, the guides said, everything that's been buried is going to be brought to the surface. And that means what was buried in the backyard five years ago and was buried 2000 years ago. And if you want to look at your backyard as an excavation site, it's going to be a mess. And the purpose of seeing all this stuff isn't to point fingers or to to make someone or something wrong, it's to see it a new or to move to a higher level of perception around these things so that we don't continue to replicate it. The guides have said a lot. I'll go to them in a minute and see if they want to come through because I may be getting it all wrong given your question. But you know, the guides have said, you know, we can learn through the folly of war, you can learn the futility of war until there's no one left standing if you want to learn that way. And we have free will, and we're the ones choosing this. But I do get a couple of things that I think are important. One is, you know, I don't think that I, Paul, or you, Alex, create everything? I don't know, I didn't, you know, but I do think that we're operating in a common field, where how we perceive something and how we claim it or relate to it supports the structure of the thing. The guides have said many, many, many times, what you put in darkness, or who you put in darkness calls you to that darkness, which is a teaching of vibrational accord or what you dam or who you dam dams, your back. And it's not that they're doing anything that that's the level of alignment you're holding, you cannot be the light and hold another in darkness. They've said it many, many, many times. And I suspect a lot of what's happening right now is this is what's been under the rug, this stuff isn't new, the stuff is very, very, very old. And until we really address it, I think we're going to have big problems. And if we can begin to look at this as an opportunity, I suspect that there's hope through this. Let me see if they want to say anything. And you know, for those people who haven't heard me channel, it's not elegant. I whisper and I repeat, and it sounds stupid, but it's just how it comes through. And I'm on my second cup of coffee. So we'll see if anything comes out. We'd like dresses and saying we would like to address this who's kind of the precipice you have standard oppressiveness how newish live how do you wish to live how do you wish to live? How do you wish to love how do you wish you could buy How do you wish to divide the divisions originally the divisions are yours you see the borders of creation, a border is a creation as his nationality as is a nationality as as a religion as is a religion, these are creations of men, these are creations of manual Bidam separation, you abide in separation, you build walls, you build walls, you erect borders, you erect borders and you wonder why you fight and then you wonder why you fight until you realize where one until you realize you are one realize means no realize means no you will find faults you will find faults will find ways to separate, you will find ways to separate the choice in fact, finally is yours. The choice in fact, finally is yours. No as we have said, Now as we have said humanity is moving this new humanity is moving through this very quick pace. At a very quick pace, the decibels higher the decibel is higher, the tone is higher, the tone is higher, the frequency is shifting quickly, the frequency is shifting quickly. And all things were claimed in fear and all things that were claimed in fear are now being seen are now being seen. I mean, we seem to know that they may be seen and new to see something new, to see something new. It's not to improve it is not to improve it as to reclaim it, it's to reclaim it and source in source now source is not a God. Now source is not a God that does what you want that does what you want sources the one notes on source is the one note song that isn't manifestation that is in manifestations all you see, as all you see. And in fact, all you can imagine. And in fact, all you can imagine when you claim the one note some when you claim the one note song or the presence of source or the presence of source where it has been denied, where it has been denied and more as a purpose of and war is a supreme act of act of the denial of the source of all things of the source of all things you can reclaim even that you can reclaim even that lifted retirement and lifted to a higher plane to a higher play no higher plane. Now a higher plane is somebody different residents is simply a different resonance when you know who you are, when you know who you are, which means realize who you are, which means realize who you are in higher way and a higher way, you know the same for those, you know the same for the others for the others on the other side of the wall, on the other side of the wall beyond religion beyond religion, or ethnicity, or ethnicity, or even historical data or even historical data. And you must underline that here. And you must underline that here historical data is a cop in some ways. Historical data is the culprit in some ways you think you were what you were you think you are, what you are what happened 2000 years ago, or what happened 2000 years ago, your think your last marriage, do you think you are your last marriage or the failed attempt or the failed attempt at a career you are not those things, you are not those things you can claim all things in a highway. You can claim all things in a higher way. But you cannot do that when you're not the sorts of things. But you cannot do that when you're denying the source of all things oppression and oppression is that denial of the divine the polarization you speak to the polarization you speak to his illustration is simply an illustration of the separation of the separation you have accrued you all of you you all of you with the idea of source with the idea of source if there is a god it's someplace other if there isn't God it's someplace other not where I sit, not where I sit, not where those people are, not where those people are and exactly what I want to be and exactly What I want it to be the Divine Self, the Divine Self, the true you the true you knows who it is, knows who it is and does not know borders and does not know borders or separation, or separation back until you realize, in fact, until you realize that you are one that you are one, you will incur suffering, you will incur suffering through the denial, but through the denial of the Divine, which is the source of the separation, which is the source of this separation period. And they're saying period,

Alex Ferrari 15:27
That's, they definitely had a few things to say about it. I guess. It's It's fascinating. Like, and again, I know you and we've, we've known each other for a while now, but people listening you like, yeah, I guess, like you really have no idea what's coming through you. And that's something for people who have not experienced this with you before. It's kind of it's a very interesting point to kind of point out,

Paul Selig 15:49
It's dictation, really, I mean, you know, they've been speaking. In the last number of months, you know about things that we're all experiencing. I mean, I was on Maui, you know, when, when the fires were happening here, and you know, and then there's all this stuff happening in the world. And they've been addressing this in their way, you know, they rarely address current events by name, although they allude to things I know. In the very first book, they talked about 911. And that's the only time I've ever heard anything like that. But they talked about it as an opportunity to rise above the need for revenge, or to be the Conqueror that we had been used to, and that it was an opportunity that was in fact missed by us, ourselves in a new way. And, but they've been speaking to how we treat one another, and how we care for one another, or don't care for one another in very explicit ways for a while now. And I think every lecture that they've delivered in the events that I've done in the last six weeks have been very much along the lines of what they were saying now, but no, I don't know what they're going to say until I hear it. And when I start to anticipate it, they'll usually throw in a word that I'm horrified by, just to keep me on my toes, you know, and they do that sometimes so that I don't get in the way or, or I start anticipating the end of a word or a sentence because I'm in a rhythm. You know, I mean, if I were to sit if you were to say it was the night before Christmas, and all through the I don't want to say house, but if the guides say it was the night before Christmas, and all through that rectory, they would do that to me only because I go, Oh, my God, what am I listening to? And it puts me back on track.

Alex Ferrari 17:41
The one thing you said before was that we have to kind of on Earth, a lot of stuff that has been buried. And again, going back, you know, within the last decade, racism was a big thing that kind of just started two things they used to be the quiet corners are you hear in the back room or at a bar somewhere? People were wearing it on their sleeves and saying it out loud. And it's like very, it was like, Well, what is happening? And if you want to talk about digging up old stuff, I mean, what's happening in the Middle East is pretty, pretty old, talking about couple 1000 years. So until we really reconcile with those things, it's going to continue to be dug up and shown to us in many ways, correct.

Paul Selig 18:29
That's what I understand. I think if we I think if you understand the idea that nothing can be brought to light or healed. And while it's, you know, being hidden in darkness, you can see some of the purpose of seeing what we don't want to see. And And finally, I suspect how we're all party to this because like I said earlier, I began to say, I don't create everything, but my consciousness is informing everything I see and all of ours is. So we're all in agreement to this reality. And we're sharing experience in this in this reality, although we may be holding different views about what things mean. But I understand that as long as I'm in the experience of it, the consciousness that I hold is contributing to it. And that goes back to the simple thing of who you dam and what you dam damage your back, which is just vibrational accord. The guides teach this thing they call it the Upper Room, which they say is the octave of consciousness above the common field. So we're in this octave. That is our reality with its high and low notes. And I suppose you could say the low notes are hatred and war, what we would call the evil or the denial of the Divine. But they say there's an octave above, which is coexisting with ours. It's not some place. It's like any piece of music, they say can be sung in a higher octave, or played in the higher octave and their work is transposition. So You know, in the higher octave, I understand that things can be reclaimed and made new. And one of their old teachings on this, which used to surprise me was, you can't lift the evil man to the upper room, because you've made him evil, which means you've aligned to him at that level of, of judgment or fear. And if you're doing that, you can't really transform it. So it's a real challenge to move to a place where you can see things without deciding what they should mean, or have meant based on a lot of historical data, which is basically we're using as the context for every argument we might have, this is what used to be, this is what the guy is talking about in Book of innocence, is the idea that we're operating from memory and all of our memory, they say, is tainted by this belief that we're separate.

Alex Ferrari 20:53
So then, do you see a lot of the stuff that's happening, whether it be racism, whether it be violence, whether it be war, or hatred, or division? These are ideas that you and I grew up with? Yeah. Like we were programmed with this stuff coming out of, you know, out of our side, this new generations that are coming up behind it, and not everybody, obviously. But our new generations seem to kind of be rejecting a lot of the stuff that you and I accepted, because we didn't know any better at the time. Because Absolutely, it was. So do you see that these these wars, these events, these things that keep happening, political, and economic, and all these other things that are going around the world? Are the signposts for the new generation, and hopefully, a bunch of the older generations will go, war is just ridiculous. We got to stop the violence, we got to stop the division here.

Paul Selig 21:44
Yeah. I said, that's exactly what I hear. I mean, I've been told that, you know, it's going to take four generations for us to begin to see something other to see the outcome be out picturing of the new and, and that the kids that are being born, coming in are coming in with a different level of consciousness. I mean, they're already rejecting binary systems and things that we thought should always be there, what it means to be a man what it means to be a woman, what it means to be privileged, all of these things are sort of being received. And we understood I suspect, and hopefully, you know, for the better I hear that's the case.

Alex Ferrari 22:27
Oh, yeah, I mean, as far as like, you know, you know, my my kids would see, you know, when they hear this whole, you know, we're going to work for one company for 40 years and get a golden get a golden watch, retire. All that makes no sense to them. They just did like, what what it just is such a foreign idea to someone who has no reference point.

Paul Selig 22:50
Yeah. I mean, when I grew up, you went to college, you know, if you wanted to get ahead in the world, and now you know, you don't want to be in debt.

Alex Ferrari 22:59
So because it made college so impossible for you to possibly go in. And now Google by letting me interrupt you, but now Google is taking kids out of high school. They don't even want a college degree. They just said no, no, we'll train you. Oh, I didn't know that. And a lot of these tech companies are doing that now with this younger generation.

Paul Selig 23:17
No, I was a college teacher for 25 years. That's what I did. You know, and I loved it. But I was 50 before it could be something I think when I finally paid off my debt a long long time

Alex Ferrari 23:28
It was it was insane. Do you are the guides have any guidance to offer about overcoming this hate and division that is being amped up by the by the events of the world?

Paul Selig 23:41
Well, I mean, I think it's key to the to everything that they teach. And I think they addressed a little of it, but let me just see. Remember saying you have to understand one thing you are seeing a creation, you're seeing a creation decisions made in fear decisions made in fear, the action of fear, the action of fear is to claim more fear is to claim more fear every choice you make in fear. Every choice you make in fear guarantees you more of the same guarantees you're more of the same judgment is fear. Judgment is fear. Hatred is fear. Hatred is fear, recrimination also appear, recrimination also is fear, I believe in the need to defend or a belief in the need to defend less the awful thing happened yet again, less the awful thing happened yet again you may move to a level of tone, you may move to a level of tone or relevance or relevance where you understand where where you understand who you are versus human being first as a human being, I have the right to be I have the right to be and then second is a Divine Being and then second as a Divine Being because I am always because I am all ears all human beings, all human beings are the same source or the same source was that and if you can perceive that you're already healed, you're already healed period. You're saying period.

Alex Ferrari 24:53
How can we individually what is the role of the individual in resolving and healing from these conflicts around the world?

Paul Selig 25:02
Well, I mean, I think on a personal level, there's things that we do. We're accountable to all of our choices. And like they just said, and I do believe this because I've experienced this one out, if the action of fear is to create more fear, and I make choices and fear, I'm contributing to the very things that I say that I don't want to realize the inherent divinity in the one you would call an enemy, or the one you would call other, to realize the dignity of their expression, whoever they are, and the value of them because they're a human being is a good first step. But what do we do practically? Well, they're saying it depends on how you're called it or call us. If you were called to act, you will act you will act or if on the query, if you are called to pray, you will pray but the level of control but the level of consciousness you hold claims, what you see claims, what you see and agreement to it, an agreement to what the one who operates from the higher tone, the one who operates from the higher tone reclaims what he or she sees, reclaims what he or she sees, have no commission, at that level of expression, I was once means, understand what this means peace is claimed through peace, peace is claimed through peace, not the antagonism more, not the antagonism of war, the action of peace, the action of peace itself itself is rigidity is rejuvenative. The action of the action of fighting, fighting is always present is always oppressive, so you choose to fight. So if you choose to fight, you're making a mistake, you are making a steak and the act of writing in the act of fighting and proclaim BS. If you claim peace, no peace, no peace, realize bees realize bees have a knack that and then enact that the world will change the world will change.

Alex Ferrari 26:44
Beautiful, it makes a lot of sense. Now, let's go to your book, The book of innocence, my friend, what was the focus of the new vision of self and life in the book of innocence?

Paul Selig 26:56
You know, I never know what the books are. I don't even know what the title of this one was until they liberated and then I was surprised because they've been teaching presence and being presence and being and I was still grappling with what that was. And they said, here's the book of innocence. And I was like, what is that. But they say that there is an aspect in all of us, which they call the monad, or the divine self, you can call it the Christ within if you want, you know, there's a term for it, I suspect in every sort of spiritual teaching with that divine spark. They say that that part of us is beyond, the idea of separation does not exist there. And it's also beyond sin, which is something that they've never talked about, really in their teachings, but the idea of sin as the denial of the Divine. And that's really all it is. So the part of us that is innocent, truly innocence is source. And that is the aspect of us that seeking reclamation through us. And that doesn't mean I suspect what you would think of as you know, sin or you know, they say blasphemy if you want to use that word is the denial of the Divine, which is basically not a religious teaching at all. It's just saying God can't be with that terrible thing is, you see the denial of the Divine, they say is the problem that we have, and the more that we deny the divine. And in fact, when we're encouraged to deny the divine, God can't be with that horrible thing is we end up sort of exacerbating the darkness and not being the light and bringing the light to that. Now, you know, they've said that, like prayer is the is the seeing of the presence of the Divine where it has been denied. It's not when somebody says, Oh, well, well wishes and prayers for the victims as if it's a platitude. Prayer, they say is an act that one does, where you're reclaiming the divine, where it's been denied. It's bringing the light to the darkness. And they say that actually has an effect, it actually transformed things. The booklet they just finished teaching is all about how matter is altered through this kind of work. You know how the world changes through it being received and giving an opportunity, giving it an opportunity to be what it was. So in some ways, what we're doing in this book is we're reclaiming who we are being reclaimed as who we are beyond what we thought or what we thought our history was. And they're saying that's happening on an enormous scale. Now, if you look at it this way, everything that I look around the room and see was probably named by somebody else, like that's what a chair is. That's what a window is. And all of these things are really structures and the structures are made up they say of the same stuff, which is source energy at a lower level of vibration. The lifting of this thing is moving them beyond what they were called or how we thought of them. How We thought of the bad marriage and what made it bad or how we thought of that terrible thing that happened when I was nine years old that seems entrenched in my psyche. The reclaiming of memory itself isn't about deciding the things didn't happen or pretending things were not. So it's bringing the presence of the Divine where it was denied. And that's what they say alters everything. And if that made sense, but that's the gist of it.

Alex Ferrari 30:28
So how did the guides talk about transcending our limited understanding of this world in general?

Paul Selig 30:36
Oh, that's a good one, you know, they work with these attunements. And one of the attunements, I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve, they say is invoked by the Divine Self or the monad. And it is this aspect of us that reclaims everything. But the claim that follows that, again, claim by the Divine Self is the claim I am free, I am free, I am free. Now, if you want to think of this as just words or jargon, it doesn't mean much. But if you understand what's actually happening, the divine self, that part of you or me or everybody you know, that knows who it is, and what it is and how it serves or the God within is free and knows itself is free, and is consequently not bound by the architecture, or the structures that we've invested in, or we were told to buy into. The guides say nothing gets claimed in any any any form of manifestation, nothing is claimed, until it's first claimed as a possibility. But all we know, you know, through our experience as the personality structure, the personality structure knows itself through historical data, where you grew up, what church your family went to, or you know, what your what your teacher said you were good at or not all of this information that we compile, and we operate through, and all of that stuff is sort of born through this lens of separation. When you begin to align to the higher and the claim, as a simple one, I am in the upper room, you know, which is a simple claim against the Divine Self announcing itself, where it expresses, things begin to change, and they begin to change, I understand because the aspect of you that knows who it is, is now being given sort of free rein to claim itself through all aspects of us, including the aspects that define ourselves through limitation. You know, I was always this way, it's always going to be this way, the world was always this way, it will always be this way, which is I guess, somewhat nihilistic. So, you know, the possibility for the new must be claimed first before things change, but I don't think we're pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. I mean, I guess I'm a believer in grace, at a certain level, you know, and I know, when I was 25, and I hurt badly enough, because I was a bit of a drunk. And I prayed for the first time, and I've been raised an atheist, and I heard a voice telling me what to do. And I listened to it. That was kind of grace. But I did ask for the help, I didn't make myself available to something. And I do think that free will is honored. But if the will that we have is sort of offered in a higher way, you know, and we become willing to know who we are beyond what we were taught, or how to talk to be in fear, or who to be fearful of, or how the world should look, we get something much, much finer, so many teachings out there, I think about manifestation or about getting stuff. You know, I want to have a bigger this fancier that, you know, because and that's what the small self or the personality self was taught to aspire to. But the God within or the true self, I believe, actually knows what we need. And it knows what we need, both at the level of personality, and personally meet Paul, Alex, anybody. But I suspect also understands what we all need. And if we can move to that level of potential, we can begin to honor each other. And then I think everything starts to change. And that's what the guides have said happens. But as long as we're trying to hide our crap under the rug, it's not going to nothing that not much is going to happen.

Alex Ferrari 34:27
So with this specific teaching, Paul, how have you applied it in your life because you have set an atheist and, you know, were skeptical of this whole thing for a long time. Until even to this point, even to this day, you're just like, I don't know what's going on. I'm just here. How does that work for you in your life?

Paul Selig 34:45
Well, you know, differently than it used to, I have to say my spiritual journey is an odd one. And I don't feel that I've arrived and I certainly wouldn't walk around saying I was awakened or enlightened. I've done a fair amount of work now. And I'm not done. And there's more to do. But I don't think of it as work, I think in the way that I used to, I think of it as an unfoldment of life and that the lessons come through the willingness to be present for them. I'm living a life right now that I would not have imagined myself living. And I do know that even 10 years ago, I wouldn't have imagined it. So I work with the energy of the word in practical ways. And I'm working with the guides a lot as a channel, which means I'm basically taking dictation all the time. I don't always say that I'm their best student, but I'm not a bad one. Because I've integrated a fair amount of this now. And I know where I stand in my way, and where I'm stubborn, and you know, angry that I don't have a partner yet or that, you know, people die when I don't want them to die. And, you know, things happen in the world that I think are just horrible to see, I have all those human responses still. But I'm having a very different experience. And I it's all I can say, you know, I mean, a lot has changed. I'm about 100 pounds lighter than I used to look right. And 10 years younger, I feel better, you know, but it's not just that it's mostly I've come to an awareness, I think of goodness in the world. You know, and in people that I don't know that I used to have kind of that simple.

Alex Ferrari 36:38
You know, it was interesting. Like what, when you were doing I think one of our first conversations, you were saying that during some of your channeling sessions with the guides, they would stop midway through, because you were like, sorry, we must stop for Paul, not because Paul disagrees with us. We must explain this to Paul

Paul Selig 36:54
They still do it better than I was. In recent lectures, I was just doing a five day workshop at the Kripalu center in the Berkshires in Massachusetts. And they would they just were saying, we're not going to listen to Paul's questions today, we're going to do that they're going to teach anyway. Oh, no, no, listen to me later. And I'm glad when that stuff happens, because I know then that the teaching is going to be challenging to me at a personality level, that I'm going to have disagreements to it, but also that they're in charge enough to run with their material. And they prepared a teaching for these students and they're going to deliver it i i Still interrupt the teachings often. And in the books, I do that as well. But I'm also I suspect serving as a kind of a proxy for the reader. So if I'm screwed up by something, if something doesn't make sense to me, or needs more clarification, I may ask for it. And usually they'll give it to me, those are the Maori birds in the background. So that's all that and

Alex Ferrari 37:56
Thank you so much for living in Maui. Someone's got to live there, and Hawaiian paradise, so I appreciate you. Now, can you interpret from the guides this concept of primal simplicity?

Paul Selig 38:13
Is that a term of theirs, isn't it?

Alex Ferrari 38:16
You've never heard of the proprietor,

Paul Selig 38:18
They might have said it and I forgotten that primal simplicity.

Alex Ferrari 38:22
Asked me what to ask him.

Paul Selig 38:26
I don't I don't get anything in response to that. All right, that truth of who you are is extraordinary is extraordinarily simple. A true self and the true self are the source of all things are the source of all things come as you come as he was also in high place, but it's also highly simple. You complicate everything that you can you complicate everything that you can because you think you're in charge of anything you are because you think you're in charge of everything you are ever going to let go enough. However, when you let go enough to let God be God to let God be God, watch the miracles occur. Watch the miracles occur, period.

Alex Ferrari 38:57
All right, fair enough. Fair enough. Now, in what way does the book of innocent propose to shift readers paradigms and their own personalities in life?

Paul Selig 39:08
You know, they've already dictated a whole other book, which I don't remember either. So let me see if I can remember if you made a new one. The new one is called a roll made new Yeah, they finished that in September, so not long ago. How does it shift the readers? Let me let me ask them because it's their book, we would like to say only one thing we would like to say only one thing, the belief that you haven't realized the belief that you have and what that you have and what reality is is what it's all about it is what is altered by this tax when we learn because now when reality becomes malleable to new perception, to a new perception, a new potential a new potential new claim, a new claim in the world will change it then the world will change. It's not done. This is not done at the level presented at the level of the person now that he's done. It is not done through the small cell smoke through the small self. So we'll jump to the African Vision, it is done through the application of the Divine Principle of the divine principle or the active principles, or the active principle of source come as you come as you are seeking reconciliation, seeking reconciliation, through you, through you with the Divine Self, with the Divine Self, and express all things that expresses as all things God as all things. God as all things, this is realization. This is realization, it's a fundamental change. It's a fundamental change the very architecture and the very architecture, what you think right is of what you think reality is period. You're saying period.

Alex Ferrari 40:37
You said something very interesting a little bit ago that you Your personality will disagree with their teachings, which, which is another way of saying your programming that you've basically grew up with? How can it from your opinion, and from your point of view, and also the guys that they have anything to say about it? How can we overcome this programming? Because I've always said, you spend the first seven years being programmed the rest of your life trying to deprogram yourself.

Paul Selig 41:01
You know, I was sort of thinking about some of this earlier today, apropos of nothing, I'm actually gonna supposed to write a memoir about, you know, how all this happened, and I sort of having been thinking about my past. And I was thinking about how ignorant I was, in some ways, or just maybe naive or stupid thought of stupid things.

Alex Ferrari 41:27
We all did.

Paul Selig 41:29
And but I but the idea that it would never occur to me to do that. Now, it just not it's not part of this, how my mind works or how I see things. Is I in some ways, just the fruits of having lived. So is the question, how do we get past that? What was the question?

Alex Ferrari 41:50
Yeah, how do we overcome this programming that is really guiding a kind of like an autopilot. Through our lives.

Paul Selig 41:57
They're saying yes and no. 40% is habit 40% is habit 40% is choice. 40% is choice and 20%. And the other 20% is looking around, he's what you should do is looking around you to see what you should do based on his paper based on others behavior, when you understand you have autonomy, when you understand you have autonomy, that the divine self of a divine self can work with will can work with the will what no longer serves you what no longer serves, you can be seen, can be seen, and then you can recover, and then you can be delivered from it or maybe transformed, or it may be transformed, if no longer serving you if it is no longer serving us if it would be ever. So the habituated behavior will also serve a purpose while it's served a purpose at some time in your life, at some time in your life, but it's not grown, but is now outgrown can be left behind can be left behind you think or the product history, you think you're the product of your history more this is true in certain ways. And while this is true, in certain ways, there is an aspect of you there is an aspect of you the eternal self, the eternal self, and always knows who it is, that always knows who it is. And it's not defined by its history, and is not defined by its history, nor time nor space, nor time nor space is actually free, it is actually free. And it's a choice and its choice, its action, its action, its expression, its expressions, whereas is to realize itself through you m&r one encounters and then all it encounters God's his God, God sees God and observations in all of its creations period.

Alex Ferrari 43:28
Now, Paul, let me ask you this, because this is another question I get asked so much in the comments and emails, people who who are gotten to a place where their vibration and frequency has gotten so low, that they feel that they don't have any other option out. You know, where they really just want to exit sometimes, do you have any advice? Or guidance? Or did the guides have any guidance for people who have just they feel like this is not going to get any better? That they're that they're, they're cornered, they're being boxed in? And they're like, why even continue kind of thing? I get so many of these questions. I'd love to hear if the guides have any, any guidance about that.

Paul Selig 44:12
I'll go to them in a second. But you know, I've been there I know that you know, I mean I when I read for people I step into them and I feel what they feel I'm and I know what it's like and I've stepped into people just before they've crossed you know, I often get them when they're still have a body we're about to jump off the roof, you know, and I know the terror that's there and the agony that's there. And I've experienced and I recognize it because I know those feelings I've had them you know in my youth was hard. But I do know the benefit of sticking it out. And for me my road was not rainbows and unicorns and crystals at all. I wish it was I admire people who have that for me. The It was getting bumped around but moved forward through those bumps. It was not a graceful passage. So I'm going to go to the guides about this because it's a really good question. We want to say one thing we would only say one thing you're here for a reason you are here for a reason right now and he had the reason may not be known to you yet, you may ask for it. But you may ask for it expected to come and expect it to come. That's when we we think there'll be occasion. Now some of you would think that would be a vocation, but we put a smile on someone, but it may be how you smile at someone, it may be how you treat someone, it may be how you treat someone to care for someone, it may be how you care for someone other than yourself, other than the self it gives you the reason that gives you the reason to go on beyond what you've known to go on beyond what you've known when you're focusing. So, when your focus is entirely on the self and the self is in shadow, and the self is in shadow, you must reach further you must reach for another to call the lie to you to call the light to you may call to God you may call to God you may invite God in you may invite God in but you must also know but you must also know that if you were born that if you were born you have a right to be here you have a right to be here not only represent not only a right but a purpose the true self as you the true self as you is what we teach is what we teach we got to answer many, but we do not announce your humanity or what you experienced some form or what you experience in form in the crowd is one undergoes. And the trials one undergoes as part of your passage as part of their past performance workers is part of the learning a soul incurs of us we know you're here for a reason. If you simply know you're here for a reason, as we join the reason and asked to be shown the reason not to come in to gesture, let it come in a gesture and encounter in an encounter. Don't expect the thing to wrap it up. Don't expect the thing to drop in your lap like a free vacation, like a free vacation, let it be simple. Let it be simple. I am here to bring my coffee. I am here to bring my coffee to sit with one match beside me to sit with a woman on the bench beside me and share our day and share our day I am here to take the walk. I am here to take the walking note. Even though I don't know where I'm going across my mission and trust that more will be shown because we promise it will. Because we promise it will,

Alex Ferrari 47:14
You know is really interesting, because I know your backstory of how and when the guides came into your life. And it was at a moment where you kind of just let's say lashed out, but just just like I need some you yelled out to the universe, I happened to me something very similar as well, I was at the darkest part of my my life. And I asked for help. And it came the next day. And that's happened so many times in my life. And that's something that is not talked about enough that they won't interfere the guides, your guides, your spirit guides, your angels, your nobody's going to interfere. But if you ask for help, specific help, not the lottery ticket numbers, with specific help, it generally comes

Paul Selig 48:04
That's been my experience. And sometimes it doesn't come how I would have it or or you know, or it can be a complete rerouting of a life or the idea of what one's supposed to be. I had to let go of a lot. Really a lot and and none of it I wanted to by the way, none of it I would have chosen to so I completely agree with you. We do have free will you know and 12 step plan. They talk about people hitting bottoms, you know, you gotta want it, you gotta want to stop. And I think there's truth to that. So they're sitting say this, you know, this is old Leonard Cohen song, you know, that I like I like Leonard Cohen, you know, when I was nine, I was 12 Actually 12 I was into that stuff I never stop. But in that song Suzanne, you know, and I wasn't raised with any religion. So you know, the line and Suzanne was, and Jesus was a sailor when he walked upon the water, and he spent a long time watching from his lonely wooden tower. And when he knew for certain only drowning men could see him. He said all men will be sailors then until the sea show freedom. And that spoke to me. So great, great, great, great line. Yeah, it is poetry. But that was the feeling. And I think you know, grace comes when we're in whatever. You know, I live on Maui. Now, my friends are all you know, Maharaj Ji people, you know, and you know, it's a whole other it's a whole nother thing. And it's the same proof no matter where you go. You know, I think we're all looking for reconciliation with what we know somehow deep inside to be true. And I think those opportunities sometimes come when we realize that the way we've always done things isn't working anymore.

Alex Ferrari 49:56
And it's scary to leave the comfort zone even though that comfort zone might be painful, yes is there it's like the devil the devil, you know? Versus absolutely the devil you don't it. So for someone who is in that comfort zone of pain, or of of just, I'm not going anywhere if stagnate stagnation, what advice would you or the guides say, to get to get you out of that? Because if you don't do it by yourself, the universe is going to do it. And it's not going to be pleasant to do it.

Paul Selig 50:28
Yeah, it's, it's happened to me a few times. And I remember, it's happened like twice, maybe three times when, once I was really stuck, it was like, in my mid 30s, I was so depressed, I was so stuck. And I was like, get me unstuck. And you know, within like, a month, like three weeks, my cat died, I lost my apartment. I mean, I had to move as like everything you know. But it took me a lot to shift that happened again later. And something very, very, very similar. And it was growth, and it wasn't comfortable. And I have to say, you know, I landed on Maui, not by choice, I was in Costa Rica working when New York shut down during COVID. And a friend said, I have a place you can stay here. And that's how I came here. expecting to stay for two weeks, I never left, but it was a rerouting of my life. And I think we have to be willing for that, you know, but I do think if you asked to be unstuck, you get ready, because you crap, my hit the fan, you know, but it's gonna happen.

Alex Ferrari 51:34
And also, I think what you said earlier was so important too, is it will not come the way you want it to come, it will not come exactly the same a will, it will go it will come around in ways that you can't even see. And you might not see it for years later and go, Oh, that's what that that's why that happened. And that's why that happened. That happened. Do you have to be open to that? Would you agree?

Paul Selig 51:57
Yeah, absolutely. You know, um, but it's gonna happen anyway. Probably, you know, and then you get to live with it, you know.

Alex Ferrari 52:03
So it's interesting, too, because I hear I mean, I've spoken to somebody in near death experiences. And that is the ultimate universal slap is dying the like, Okay, you haven't heard any of the other messages we've sent you. We're gonna have to, we're gonna have to kill you now. bring you up to there, have a little talk and then send you back? Because you're obviously not listening? Yeah. It's fascinating that out of all these books, that that the guides have written through you, which is the one that has impacted you the most.

Paul Selig 52:39
Oh, gosh, you know, they're all speaking to different levels of consciousness as you sort of progress. So I am the word, which was the very first book was a surprise because they said, we have a book to write. And if you take two weeks, we'll do it. And I didn't expect anything to happen. And it wasn't until I typed up all of the transcriptions. I don't even know how long the thing was, that I saw, it was a book and it made sense. And it made perfect sense. And then they said, it will be published. And it's you know, and it was, and all those things in some ways, and it's funny, it's the most gentle book of all of them as a book called The Book of knowing and worth. It's a very loving book. And it talks about how we've been taught to believe that we're not worthy of spirit. And that I think was was was a lovely book when it came through and it came through so gently. Some of the books come through, like, you know, you're on a bumpy airplane ride, you're just going to use one land. So yeah, but they're they're all doing their work in different ways. And people are drawn to the book, what seems to be right for them at the time.

Alex Ferrari 53:51
What do you hope for the book of innocence?

Paul Selig 53:56
But I hoped for the book, I hope that the people that are going to benefit from it will find it. Really that's it, it's not my teaching, you know, and I can't I don't think of these things is there's, there's not any real career ism involved in it, you know, I'm a party to the birth of these books. And then they're out in the world and they seem to find their readership. And I'm grateful for that. And I'm grateful if anybody is helped by it, and I was saying that, you know, I give the books to people sometimes. So you know, they're not page turners. If you don't want to read it, don't feel don't feel pressured. You know, but when you're ready, it's there. You know, and that's still how I feel about all of them really. Now,

Alex Ferrari 54:35
I'm going to ask I want to ask you I want to ask the guides a few questions. I asked all my guests because I've asked you these questions will ask the guides these if possible. What what are the guides definitions of living a good and fulfilling life?

Paul Selig 54:50
To be honest with yourself and others, period period.

Alex Ferrari 54:55
What advice Well, this isn't for you, Paul, what advice would you give your younger self?

Paul Selig 55:02
Makes us and we have no younger self. So that was very bad. So let me see what else would I get my younger self?

Alex Ferrari 55:12
No, Paul. Yeah,

Paul Selig 55:13
basically, don't be so hard on yourself. It's going to work out anyway. You know? Anyway, go on. Anyway, that's the word.

Alex Ferrari 55:22
Let me ask you that one other question for you. What is the toughest lesson you ever had to learn that took you the longest time to learn?

Paul Selig 55:32
I think I'm still learning it. And I when it comes to mind is that I didn't have to be who I thought I was supposed to be. In this world.

Alex Ferrari 55:46
Yeah. All right, to the to the guide. How do you define God or source?

Paul Selig 55:54
All things, all things, all things, all things are here.

Alex Ferrari 55:59
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Paul Selig 56:02
To love another to God to know God and can only be improved, and to become who you can only be in truth.

Alex Ferrari 56:09
And Paul, where can people find out more about you in the amazing work that you and the guys are doing?

Paul Selig 56:15
My website is just my name, There's events and links and anything you could want is there.

Alex Ferrari 56:24
Well, why I love you so much, Paul, is that you seem like the reluctant channel. I think you should have reluctant I just like their stuff. There's a books there's I do try it. You always have that energy. Since I've met you. You're just like, I just what I do.

Paul Selig 56:40
Yeah, but you know, yeah, it is what I do. You know, and if I was a basketball player, which I'm not I'm missing. Yes, this is what I do. I'm a basketball player. You know, it's I, I don't think it's more noble than other things, you know, and I think it makes me more special than other people. It's an odd skill set. And I'm happy to be in an employee with these guides that continue to show up and work but

Alex Ferrari 57:04
By the way to do all of us have the ability to channel

Paul Selig 57:09
I think we all have the ability to access our intuitive natures. I think, I suspect I don't know yes and no, they're saying yes and no, it depends on what we want to show. It depends on what level you want to channel and you can be directed by other beings, you can be directed by other beings over the course and they're not very wise to listen to as I wish I being so if you wish a high being or high teacher I teach you must be developed for you must be developed for doesn't happen instantly. It doesn't happen instantaneously. So maybe born some may be born with great capacity, with great capacity with their skill facility. But there is still a facility that must be developed that must be developed to work with high God through work with a high guide to render the image right to render the information accurately.

Alex Ferrari 57:52
And where can people pick up the book of innocence?

Paul Selig 57:55
Any bookseller online or the major booksellers should have it?

Alex Ferrari 58:00
And does do the guides have any final messages for the audience?

Paul Selig 58:05
Trust yourselves enough to trust that you are worthy of living a life of living a life that gives you joy that gives you joy. Trust yourself enough to know that you can live a life worthy of love worthy love and trust that you're gonna be like, and trust that you can live a life and service better in service to the higher without negating without negating the joy of being the joy of being in a body in a body in concert with rose in concert with fellows and on this earth and on this earth Period. Period.

Alex Ferrari 58:38
And do you have any final words for the audience?

Paul Selig 58:41

Alex Ferrari 58:44
Well, it is a pleasure and honor always my friend to speak to you. I look forward to our next conversation. Thank you for everything you and the guys are doing in the world, my friend.

Paul Selig 58:52
You do too, Alex, thank you.

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