Important Channeled Message from the Spirit Guides – Self Resurrection with Paul Selig

In the boundless expanse of our shared journey, we are often reminded that the essence of who we are transcends the confines of our physical reality. On today’s episode, we welcome the esteemed Paul Selig, a man guided by profound wisdom and spiritual insight. Through his teachings and channeling, Paul sheds light on the divine within us, urging us to reclaim our true selves amidst the cacophony of life’s demands.

Paul Selig, an acclaimed channeler and author, speaks to the resurrection of the true self, a concept deeply rooted in the recognition of our divine nature. In his latest work, he explores the idea that the divine self, often referred to as the Monad, seeks to manifest fully through us. This divine aspect within us has always been present, waiting patiently for us to acknowledge and embody it.

Paul articulates that this resurrection is not a return to something new but a reclamation of what has always been. The guides he channels emphasize that our divine self is intrinsically connected to the source of all things. This profound truth, often obscured by the layers of our human experience, calls us to transcend our limited perceptions and embrace our inherent divinity.

In our conversation, Paul delves into the notion that our societal constructs and personal identities often anchor us in a belief of separation. He reflects on the guides’ teachings that self-righteousness and the need to be right at the expense of others stem from the egoic self, which thrives on division and fear. The guides assert that to truly understand and embrace our divine nature, we must recognize and dissolve these illusions of separation.

One of the most poignant teachings Paul shares is the concept that what we put in darkness calls us to that darkness. This teaching of co-resonance highlights the interconnectedness of our thoughts, actions, and the reality we create. By holding others in darkness, we inadvertently hold ourselves there as well. Instead, recognizing the divine in everyone and everything fosters a higher state of co-resonance, lifting us closer to our true selves.

Paul recounts his personal journey of awakening, marked by significant moments of divine intervention and inner transformation. He describes his initial reluctance and eventual acceptance of the guides’ presence and messages, leading to a profound shift in his consciousness. This transformation, he explains, is accessible to all who seek it with an open heart and mind.

In our modern world, where fear and separation often dominate, Paul offers a message of hope and possibility. He observes a growing awareness and shift in collective consciousness, as more people embrace their spiritual journeys and seek higher truths. This shift, he believes, is a testament to the evolving nature of humanity and our collective move towards a more enlightened existence.


  1. Recognize the Divine Self: Embrace the idea that the divine aspect within you is always present, seeking to manifest fully through your life.
  2. Transcend Separation: Understand that notions of separation and self-righteousness are constructs of the ego. Embrace unity and co-resonance.
  3. Embody Higher Consciousness: Shift your focus from fear and limitation to love and higher understanding, aligning with your true divine nature.

In conclusion, our conversation with Paul Selig serves as a profound reminder of the divine essence within each of us. As we navigate the complexities of life, may we remember to look within, reclaim our true selves, and resonate with the higher frequencies of love and unity. Through this journey, we contribute to the collective evolution of humanity, fostering a world where the divine shines brightly in all.

Please enjoy my conversation with Paul Selig.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 127

Paul Selig 0:00
I've said about 1000 times through me at least you can't be the light and hold another in darkness, or who you put in darkness. And what you put in darkness calls you to that darkness. That's a teaching of coresonance. It's not a teaching of right and wrong and morality, morality, as you said, seems to be pretty subjective from culture to culture.

Alex Ferrari 0:33
I've been able to partner with Mindvalley. To present you guys FREE Masterclass is between 60 and 90 minutes, covering Mind Body Soul Relationships, and Conscious Entrepreneurship, taught by spiritual masters, yogi's spiritual thought leaders and best selling authors. Just head over to I like to welcome back to the show Paul Selig. How you doing Paul?

Paul Selig 1:05
I'm good. Thank you.

Alex Ferrari 1:06
Thank you so much for coming on the show. We're going to talk about your new book resurrection and the manifestation trilogy. I'm really fascinated and looking forward to talk to you about that. But talk to me about the concept of resurrecting your true self. And I think is that kind of what the book is about?

Paul Selig 1:25
Yeah. Are the guides say that there's an aspect in all of us, they call it the Divine Self, the true self, the divine speckhard, a lot of different things are the monad. And they say that aspect of us is seeking manifestation we articulation as in through us. So the aspect of us that has always been there, the God within, if you wish, is seeking to express itself in fullness through us. And that's the resurrection that they talked about. So all of the teachings, I think, since the very beginning have been moving towards this in a way that the gods are now getting very, very specific about about how this happens, how the divine self for that part of us that is in its knowing that does not anchor to fear is realized and what the ramifications of that are on the individual and also on the collective.

Alex Ferrari 2:20
Now are you using are the guides using the concept of resurrection as kind of like a coming home to who we truly are, as opposed to, you know, what we think many of us think we are, which is this body in this world. And this thing here that's kind of like resurrected out of this into our true divinity,

Paul Selig 2:43
Yeah, or reclamation to who we've always been that we've kind of forgot or ignored or denied. You know, the guides I work with say that we're operating in a collective field. And this field is more than a belief in separation that's accrued a whole lot of evidence. And that that's really not the truth has never been the truth. But it's what we've created. And we're sort of supported by in terms of our awareness of who we are. So when I think of who Paul is, I may say, Well, I'm in a male body, and I'm of a certain age, and I live here and I do this kind of work. And they say Well, those are ways of knowing thyself, but it's not who you truly are. Because all of those things are actually transient, the truth of who we are which they call, you know, the God within or the indwelling Christ or the monad, there's a name for it kind of in every system, I guess, is who we've always been. And that's what's seeking to be reclaimed by us. And some of that comes at the cost of our ideas of who we've been that have been moored in separation, or a belief that it can't be so

Alex Ferrari 3:51
Now, I wanted to ask you the way the world the way we've been running for the last 3000 years, it's been very tribal in the sense that we're running on morality. We're running on a concept of, you know, in this, this, this tribe, we eat this animal, and it's it and another tribe, that animal might be sacred. And then that's where the wars begin. But that was that that benefited us, I guess to a certain point when we were tribal, but not were global, and we're becoming more and more global. So we have to we have to start to transition away from this. My ways, the only way kind of idea I'd love to hear your thoughts on that.

Paul Selig 4:34
Well, I mean, I think you're right i The guides say self righteousness is always the small self or if you need to be right at the cost of somebody else being wrong. That's still the personality self seeking to reinforce itself or the egoic structure. So you know, borders, they say are created by us. I mean they're They're manmade things, and we give meaning to these things and we create walls and the belief We need to stay separate from those people over there. And in doing so we've kind of forgotten who they are. And the guides have said, you know, we've denied the divine and are the ones beside us for so long, we've also denied the divine in ourselves and in the source of all things. They've said about 1000 times, to me, at least you can't be the light and hold another in darkness, or who you put in darkness. And what you put in darkness calls you to that darkness. That's a teaching of CO resonance. It's not a teaching of right and wrong. And morality, morality, as you said, seems to be pretty subjective from culture to culture. And I think when the guides speak about these things, they speak about truth. And they say what is true is always true. It's not about convenience, it's not about perhaps the mores of a culture in a specific time. You know, 100 years ago, we treated each other very different 300 years ago, we certainly treated each other very different. And these things continue to sort of play out. But when they say what is true is always true, they're going back to this idea that the divine self or the aspect of you or anybody else, that is eternal is always true. And the reclamation of that is the key to sort of comprehending what expresses it a level of CO resonance with all other things. So in other words, if you think of the idea that God sees God, and all of its creations, or the divine, cannot deny the divine in anything else, because all things finally are of one source, you begin to move to a higher level of recognition. So I don't get that there's anything wrong with having your buds or having your tribe or having cultural requirements, I think all of those things are fine. I think when it becomes exclusive, and denying others, it becomes more problematic. And that's always the Schism of separation.

Alex Ferrari 7:02
Yeah, and that's the thing. That's interesting, because, I mean, a perfect example is sometimes I've noticed, since I've launched the show, you know, there's I read the comments of things and people coming in, and most of them, I'm going to say majority of them are very positive and very thankful. But when certain people feel threatened, in regards to their beliefs, the story that they've taught themselves, or have been taught by either culture, by religion, by parents, by community, by by country, they feel the need to defend, they feel the need, because their their idea of the world is being challenged in their own mind by just merely saying something that doesn't align with them. So it is so fascinating to see why we need to do that. Like my point of view is like, if you believe the sky is purple, that's fine. That's up to you. If you believe the sky is purple, and you want to, you want to pray to the purple sky, that's all good. But don't push your beliefs on me. Let live and let live. And then what do you what are your thoughts?

Paul Selig 8:10
I mean, I agree with you. I don't read the comments anymore. I mean, I used to the very first time I was ever interviewed, and I channeled this would have been on a cable TV show maybe 12 years ago. And nobody knew who I was or what I did. I think the first book may have just come out. And there was no press on that at all. And I was channeling on air and the comments were scathing, it's because I look nuts. And I know I look nuts, but I do is is how it were how it looks when I work. And I feel all that stuff. Because I'm clairsentient. So I was feeling all of this negativity. And I went to bed and I said to my guides, if you want me to do this work, why are you letting this happen? And their response was, Well, as long as you care what people think about you, this is going to be an issue. That's pretty much my responsibility to deal with this. But you know, I'm not out there to make anybody else wrong. I was raised an atheist. You know, I was a New York City kid, we went to therapy. We didn't go to church or temple or anything like that, you know, it was beyond me. And when I started waking up at around age 25. I mean, for me, that was the equivalent of moving to another country. It's like not if that were true, nothing was the way I thought it was. All of my secular beliefs. were suddenly up to be reexamined what the guides are actually talking about now in their books, because they're almost two thirds through the next one, which they started about a month ago. They talk about all of the cultural systems that we've been in a core to and how all of those systems pretty much grew out of a belief in separation. So all of our memory is sort of entrenched in this idea that we're separate from the one beside us and separate from source. So now they're really working on a reclamation of those things. Because we can't keep perpetuating the old as we have. Because we have, according to them, you know, we've chosen as a species to make it we're going to move beyond this wall that we've erected or above it, because you really can't go through it, but you can lift above it to a place where the wall does not exist. And that we're choosing this basically, because we have to at this point, we can't go on as we were, we have the ability to blow ourselves to kingdom come, you know, and according to them, we probably will if we keep going the way we're going, and we've decided not to, which is good news.

Alex Ferrari 10:46
That's that's that's very good news. But it seems to be that that that it's got there's so much stuff going on right now in the world. And that could be said of any time in history, almost. But I think we're more aware of all the wars and the pandemic and the economies and the tribalism going on politically and all this kind of stuff. It seems it's coming to a fever pitch. But I've also noticed that this spiritual messengers out there like yourself, and a show like mine, they're starting to pop up more and more to spread this kind of light to spread this kind of information out in the world, there's this kind of almost counterbalancing happening, do you see? Do you see the same thing?

Paul Selig 11:33
Yeah, I do. I think that the level of consciousness that's available now is present and is being it's kind of in the field. So the guys I work with say that all of this stuff that they're teaching is taught through co resonance. So you hold a level of amplitude or light if you want to say that. And basically, by presence in being you're reclaiming what you encounter or making that allowable elsewhere. So this is part of the way things shift. In 2009, when the guides dictated the first book, through me, which was called I Am the word, they said humanity is a time of reckoning and a reckoning is a facing of oneself and all of one's creations. And everything that's been created in fear is going to need to be re seen reclaimed in a higher way. And that the process that we're in right now, is that but we don't get to reclaim anything until we see it. So you know, I think when they were five years ago, maybe six they dictated a book called The Book of Truth. They said, what's about to happen is that everything that's been buried is about to be exhumed. You know,

Alex Ferrari 12:49
What, what year was that, by the way?

Paul Selig 12:51
The year before the, the two presidential elections ago, right before that.

Alex Ferrari 12:57
So that's a while ago, because that's exactly what happened. I mean, yeah, all this racism and hate and tribalism.

Paul Selig 13:06
Yeah, that's what they said. And they said, you know, it has to come up in order for it to be brought to the light to be seen. You know, it's really that simple. Now, what we want to do with everything is point fingers at it and punish and, and all of that, which they say just really exacerbates everything that is being brought to the light is brought to the light because it has to be re known or re seen in a higher way. And that's the opportunity we have now if we take it but I kind of see. And I've said this again and again that what's going on. And they've been pretty much on track for the last 10 years around how we're operating and kind of prescient I think all of this stuff is potentially for the good. You know, it's not that we have to focus on all the crap all the time, but you can't deny it. This isn't spiritual bypassing, you don't get to spray some perfume on some stop and say that it smells good. You know, it doesn't.

Alex Ferrari 14:04
Now, there's something we kind of talked about a little bit earlier about the stories that we tell ourselves the stories that we were brought up with, you know, we're not born into this life, with hate in our hearts or love in our I mean, there's just I mean, there's, there's, there's all this kind of conditioning that we have going on. What's your advice on how we can break free of the stories like you did when you started to awake with your I mean, obviously, you had an extreme example, you had guides and are channeling but for the rest of us, how can we start to break free from the stories to reevaluate the reckoning within ourselves to awaken to a higher state of consciousness?

Paul Selig 14:44
Well, I'm not done and I'm not a spiritual teacher, and I'm not a guru and I don't I'm not enlightened. I'm this guy that shows up with this gray audibility, but I have grown a lot as a result of this maybe grown as the right is the wrong word. Maybe I've evolved All evolved, that's a better word for it. The guides work with attunements, energetic attunements. They say we're all radios and we're always in broadcast and our broadcast is our consciousness. And our consciousness is what claims our reality individually and collectively. So be attunements are really simple. And there's their claim to a level of the Divine Self or the monad. Because they say what is true is always true. So at that level, these things are always true. And a simple claim that they work with is, I know who I am in truth, I know what I am in truth. I know how I serve in truth, I am free, I am free, I am free. Now the invocation of this is not happening at the level of personality. It's not saying Hi, I'm Paul. And I know who I am. And I know where I live. It's not all that stuff. It's the eternal self that claims that the guides say this is the aspect of self that is innocent, free of fear free of our idea of sin, even if you want to go there, you know, that knows who it is, in spite of all evidence to the contrary. So when you claim the attunements, you're actually shifting the radio station of your field to align to the higher field that they say is always present, but has been denied. So imagine there's a radio station that's always been there that you didn't know that you could play. So that's what they're supporting us in doing the experience of it is often fairly tangible. I do you know, workshops online, and live and all that stuff. But when the guides come through with the attunements, and people invoke them, you can feel the shift in the body and in the field, and your experience of things begins to be altered. This isn't like abracadabra stuff. It's not like a magic wand. But what it does do I believe, is put in motion, a shift in consciousness that you can align to all of the books that they're delivering through me are really about this. No, these aren't self help books. It's not about how to manifest a better condo, it's not that stuff. Right? You know, other people can do that. That's not what they teach. They're really teaching a kind of mysticism. But I think in a way that's really applicable, you know that something comes with it. It's not theory. It's practice. It's experiential, which is what I like about the work when I began channeling, or hearing, because it took years before they began lecturing through me, I was hearing information, but I wasn't interested in the information, I was interested in the energy that would accompany the information, because you couldn't fake it. So I was up for 18 years, I sat in a room in my in my living room in New York City in those days, with people and we sat in the energy and took the instructions that came. And they were palpable, and physically, you know, physically real, and kind of life changing. And that's what I hung on to. And it's the reason I still have to just trust this experience that they're delivering. Because it's palpable, it's not just a bunch of pretty words, you can you can invoke it, you can feel it, you can see it in action in your own life.

Alex Ferrari 18:21
Now, when going back to the stories that we tell ourselves, we're the only animal on the planet that punishes ourselves. Yeah, 1000 times for one mistake. Yeah. And it is brutal. We are the most brutal critic in the Google troll we have. Now every aspect of our lives, whether we're not spiritual enough, we're not too fat or too thin. We're not the right color. We're not the right anything, because that's what the message is that we're getting coming in, and what can you what advice can you give about forgiving ourselves for these, these mistakes, quote, unquote, mistakes that we've made, and just forgive ourselves, period for so many things that we torture ourselves with on a daily basis?

Paul Selig 19:06
So it's a big question. And there's a few ways to it but you know, the book that they're delivering now is talking about this very specifically. And they talk about the ramifications of choice made in fear, which are punishing were punished by our choices were punished by what we think about who we are and what we've done. And they say, you know, you can claim the action of the Divine upon these things. And through the entire trajectory of the choice they keep saying, you know, don't limit the action of the Divine as a very simple teaching is what your damn dams your back, and what you bless blesses you in return, and that includes myself for what I've done or what I think. So the idea of who you put in darkness or what you put in darkness calls you to the darkness is also inclusive of the South. The idea of blessing something which I think it's kind of skewered culturally, according to the guides I work with is to bless something is to see to know to claim the presence of the Divine upon it. And God if you want to use that word exists beyond time and space isn't moored by our ideas of what can be. So to claim the action of the Divine upon the self recrimination upon the self, you know, the self hatred, all of those things, which are really kind of anchoring us back to fear and separation is something that can occur. And I know that's true, because I used to suffer greatly. And I'm not saying it's all gone. But you know, when I go back to how I used to operate, it was brutal. So I know that somebody had to say to me when I was maybe 2829 years old, because I had a committee that was just loud and self condemning. And somebody said to me, you know, Paul, as as dark as dark as you have been, that's how much light you can hold. And that made an enormous difference for me at the time. And I think it's been very, very true. And what I've learned through all that stuff is compassion in a way that I may never have known otherwise, I know what suffering is. I choose not to hang out there as best I can. And I think anything that we experienced can be utilized and our grow. But um, yeah, so let me go to the guides with this because you asked me before we started out well, you channel I'm gonna see if the guides want to say anything simple about how to attend to the idea of self punishment, I'll just say I whisper and repeat when I do this, and it looks nutty. But so what they're saying the idea of who you are, as the one where you as the one worthy of punishment is what must be ruined, is what needs to be removed or reclaimed or reclaimed in a higher way in a higher way the choice to solve abrogate the choice to self advocate, I am not worthy, I am not worthy, I am not lovable. I am not lovable, I am evaluating, I am a bad human being a culture that will call to you the evidence of those claims accountable, accountable and accountability to one's acts to one's acts as President is present and you stole it, you own it, if you stole it, you own it, and you will pay for it and you pay for it but the choice to know this up, but the choice to know the cell beyond the thing done beyond the thing done is who and what you truly are, as who and what you truly are will actually move the evidence of those will actually move the evidence of the old each of you who comes divorce each of you who comes before us is it Donald is in denial of the Divine or denial of your country or in denial of your true nature when you know who you are, when you know who you are all things are indeed menu all things are indeed made new and in fact inclusive. And in fact inclusive economic my brain inclusive, in fact, the things that cause you the most pain. So if that makes sense,

Alex Ferrari 22:59
That makes that makes perfect sense. So in this other concept of of hell, which has been tossed around for a long time now, do you believe that we are in what we consider a hell because this is pretty much the definition of self torture, beating ourselves up? That kind of that kind of abuse that knock? It's ever it's almost ever lasting until you decide to break free of it. It seems like we are all in our own personal cell hills, and we have to kind of as you say resurrect out of it?

Paul Selig 23:36
I don't know I'm do what do I think about that? I'm gonna go to myself because I'm still half with them. I mean, how was an idea, you know, the guides I work with say that the only real problem humanity faces is what they call the denial of the Divine. And then all the problems that we are having our evidence of that whether it be war, whether it be famine, whether it be, you know, how we treat ourselves or other people, you know, and, you know, people say, Well, we have to blame we have to fight we have to get revenge. It's an old system that I think always accrues more evidence of separation or you know, if you want to say how, let me go to the guides the idea of how it must be redeemed the idea of how it must be redeemed, the absence of a divine is not how the absence of the Divine is not held, but it may be a hell, but it may be a hell of One's Own Making of one's own making the scale that you exist in the scale that you exist in or the outcome of experience or the octave of experience that is your world. That is your world or your reality or sensible or your reality or sensible or a sense of a world has high and low notes has high and low notes the darkest you've been the darkest you've been the lowest note you played the lowest note you've played is available to you isn't available to you as as the highest as is the highest when you look to the next octave. When you lift to the next octave or the One above when you've done or the one above the one you know and there is a different transmission, there is a different transmission because fear does not express at this level, because fear does not express at this level we're going to bear and when you are no longer choosing and feared eliminate suffering, you are no longer mandating suffering or denying the divine yourself or others, or denying the divine in yourself or others took a look at our people to lift to what we call the upper room is the teaching we bring through is the teaching we bring through it as a choice it is a choice, you know, can be so but until you know it can be so you will likely deny it you will likely denied and go on to have and go on as you have period. And they're saying period.

Alex Ferrari 25:41
Now, you we've mentioned the divine a lot in this conversation so far. How do you suggest or any advice that you can give us to connect with the divine more the divine within us?

Paul Selig 25:56
Let me let me ask them again, you know, because I'm an I have my own ways and my own systems and I don't know what's going to be the most useful, easiest thing to do that exists. You're saying the easiest thing to do is say that it exists, you are lacking Buddhism, you will not connect to what you believe does not exist does not exist information, to give yourself permission to know the God within to know the God within and sort of I think we're going to be done is to invite the God within to be known the choice to align to it. The choice to align to it is indeed an act of will is indeed an act of will to say I am forgiven, to say I am forgiven I am reknown I am reknown I am reclaimed, I am reclaimed in a higher way, in a higher way is evidence of this choice is evidence of this choice, the realization of it. The realization of it I am I've got I am of God as our all as our all is a stage one encounter is a stage you encounter when you begin to realize when you begin to realize and think about sort of and that nothing can be outside of the Divine except that which applies there. Except that which you have placed their willingness and need is the key. Willingness indeed is the key it can be so it can be so it will be so it will be so God is God as God is. God is God is God is it as if you wish. You're saying to me say this, if you wish. So, you know, I don't come from a religious background. I mean, I've got religious art around the house. I've got Hahnemann on my desk, I've got sheep on the wall, I've got Jesus in the painting, you know, but I think that all true teachings hold great truth. And I trust that. And in the very first book was called I Am the word and they say that the word is the energy of the Creator in action. And in subsequent texts, they went into this more, and they said, Finally, there is one note song, one tone, one sound and the entire universe, that all things are in agreement to our love. So that one note Sun is your fingernail and my nose and the sky and the ocean and everything that we could see or even imagine, they're all manifestations of source. So all things are of God or nothing can be is what they say. And then I said, Well, what about fear? And they said, Well fear no peer is of God. It just denies it. You know, that's the whole problem with fear, fear, nothing can be outside of the Divine, but we can believe ourselves to be outside of the Divine and consequently have that experience for me. I mean, I don't know if I told you the story. But you know, my opening began when I was 25. And I was bottoming out in the gopher campus motor lodge in St. Paul, Minnesota. I didn't know where the drugs were. It was a rough night, I looked like I was doing really, really well. By the way, I just gotten a master's from Yale I was magazine when it was like when I was a hot young guy in that moment, and I was really a mess. But you know, the Gideons leave these little Bibles in the drawers and I went oh, bucket, you know, and I took the thing out, and it said prayer for people in crisis. And I went well, I'm in a crisis. I don't know that I could have named the crisis. But I knew that whatever had been wrong, had been wrong a long time and wasn't getting better. And I said the thing and I meant it, and then I forgot about it. And three days later, I was back in New York, and I woke up one morning and I asked myself what I could do that day that was positive. And I heard a voice and was the first voice I heard. And I listened and I stopped drinking that day and partying and all that stuff was a big moment, but it was a shocker for me. And when I say I heard a voice it's not like there's a voice in the room. It's that there is a thought that blocks out all other thoughts that can't be refuted because you know, so if you've ever really knowing something like I know I'm in love. I know I got the job. I know, I know, I know, when you know, there's never a question attached, there's no confusion. And my guides have said, you know, that's the divine self that knows the part of us that knows is the true self, which is never afraid. Because you can also say, if you go back to that moment, when you knew there was no fear, because fear and knowing don't coexist, there can be fear about what happens next. You get the rough diagnosis. But what happens next is what's frightening what's going to feel like Will I make it all that stuff? So for me, that first knowing came with that level of resonance, which I've since learned to trust. When I channel I'm not thinking, you know, I'm in the background, maybe half listening, and interrupting if it's too strange or confusing, but I've learned about that kind of knowing and that it's trustworthy. So I know that was a question that I was answering a while back, and I went off on like four different digression so you have to forgive me. But anyway, that's that.

Alex Ferrari 31:10
So what I found to be truth and to be the the word, as they say, is that as the closer you get to the divine within yourself, fear starts to melt away. And a lot of things that I was afraid of before. I'm not anymore. Yeah, it doesn't it, it's very interesting. I'm on a dominant, I'm the same journey you are on, we're all evolving at, at the rate that we're supposed to be evolving in our own lives. But as I've noticed that things that used to terrify me things I used to worry about, like, where's the money going to come from? What is this going to happen? What's that? I've become much more entrenched in faith, that things will happen. And when you start connecting to that inner faith, that inner, the inner divine self, you're not as afraid anymore. Is that what you found?

Paul Selig 32:02
Yeah, I mean, I can still get triggered. And then I have to do you know, yeah, of course, the opportunity because the guy said, well, everything's an opportunity. You know, if I, if I reframe things that way, then I'm no longer operating from my old victim consciousness, which was quite well developed, and my life. So you know, the guides have said a million times the action of fear is to claim more fear. And every choice we make in fear gets us more of the same. If you look back at your life, and you look at the choices made in fear, you'll probably see that they got you more fear, they'll always accrue evidence. The guides say about fears, kind of curious, because they say no, fear is not wise, fear does not ascend. They say it's sort of it's clever, but it's not wise. So it doesn't lift beyond a certain level, its job is to replicate itself, kind of like cancer at the level that it's been created, which is a low level, the true self, or the self that you're speaking about, isn't afraid, because it doesn't hold the vibration of fear. And if you begin to translate your experience to what the guides are calling, you know, the upper room or the octave above, or some people call it Christ consciousness, I mean, I'm sure there's lots of different names people call it, one of the things you discover pretty quickly as fear isn't present there. And if I want to go back into my old reaction, I can, but then I go back downstairs where that exists. So they've said sometimes, like, imagine that you're given a new apartment on the 20th floor, and you've been living in the basement, and you go up to the 20th floor, and you say, Oh, my God, this is beautiful. Now the views completely different. It's not obstructed. You know, you're not looking at the dog crap out the transom windows from from the basement. So we go up to the 20th floor, and we say, Oh, this is wonderful. But I have all those love letters that my ex wrote me that I mean to burn, you have to go back downstairs to get them. We want to bring all our baggage up there with us and we can't. So part of the process that we ended up undergoing is the release of who we think we are what we thought was so important, all of that stuff, because those are the things that would seek to accrue more evidence of fear because that part of us was kind of reared in fear. They say it's kind of like, you know, we were all born into this field, where fear is so present, that we just assume it's always going to be there. And it's kind of like, you know, you, you know, we were born in the pool that somebody already peed in, you know what I mean? And you can go beyond that you can lift above that to a place where there is not present where that's not present. We have to stop relying upon it as our friend as our protector and most things that we do to keep us there.

Alex Ferrari 35:00
So from what I'm from on gathering, what you're saying is that, and we've said, I think both of us have said it in our own special way that when we start releasing a fear, it's almost, it's almost a death of our identity. It's almost a death of who we were, who we thought we needed to be the mask that we've put on ourselves throughout our lives, which changes the masks that we wore in high school, and the college is not the mask that we are as as a 40 year old men, but they're still masks there. But those identities are starting to melt away, where you start to understand who you truly are, you are Neo and you are waking up and to understand the matrix in many ways. Absolutely. Right. So is so is that so how can for people listening? Because it's all it sounds fantastic. Easier said than done? Like, all you have to do is just let your identity die off and find the divine within you and connect with God. It sounds wonderful. What are some practical applications that people who are not, you know, not at that level yet that are there at the basement that are in the basement that are definitely trying to get out?

Paul Selig 36:08
Well, one is let me see, I mean, a simple thing is to stop making choices based in fear. Um, that's an easy one. Because if you if you stop doing that, and you actually stop perpetuating something, let me go to the guides with this one, we'd like to say two things, we would like to say two things. The first thing is, the first thing is that they must know that they have the right to this and so and the second is that it can be so most of you deny the divine. Most of you deny the divine not through intention, not through intention, but because we're reasonably but because you've been reared in a belief that it can't be so that it can't be so that you are not allowed that you are not allowed to not be welcomed, that you will not be welcomed because of some false ideas. Because of some false idea. You hold about your sinfulness, about your sinfulness or your wrong mindedness or your wrong mindedness or something terrible you think you did, or something terrible, you think you did once upon a time, once upon a time all are welcome, all are welcome, nobody has no right. Nobody is denied the light that is offering themselves right that is offering themselves to the light the simplest thing one can do. The simplest thing one can do is to say I am here is to say I am Here I am willing, I am willing, I am known, I am known now when we say I am known. Now when we say I am known, we are telling you that God we are telling you that God or source or source whatever you wish to call it, whatever you wish to call, it already knows, you already knows you will want to know my source. The willingness to be known by source as the invitation is the invitation to allow yourself the experience of it to allow the self the experience of it period and they're saying period.

Alex Ferrari 37:51
So thank you for that. By the way. We've I think we've mentioned this earlier to in this conversation as well. The vibrations or signals of the radio, the radio that's picking up and that fear lives in hate and anger live at a very low low vibration. And the more love the more connected you are to the Divine to the higher self, your vibration lifts. What can you tell us about how we can write or lift our vibrations to a higher place?

Paul Selig 38:23
Well, the attunements work with that so have you I mean a lot of the guides attunements are up online, you know, but they're essentially if you think of them like as coordinates on a jukebox or a way to change the station, it'll give you the experience of this in a way that then you can move with and claim and by claim I mean hold it it becomes as of you so that's one way and that's how the guides teach they brought through a way to do this. Simplest women ask them simplest way to claim a higher vibration nobody can be so they're saying it again know that it can be so your vibrational field. Your vibrational field is the mirror is claiming your reality and your experience and your experience everything you see everything you see your to court to you are in accord to high low and I mean high, low and in between the world and see the world you see as the world impact is the world in fact that you are invoking individually individually and collectively. And collectively if you decide to lift if you decide to live to the higher octave to the higher octave we teach it in this way. We teach it in this way I am in the upper room, I am in the upper room I've come I've come I've come I have come I have come I have come you will align to a higher hope you will align to a higher field the maintenance service, the maintenance of this will come at the cost of the old low come at the cost of the old your idea of who you've been your idea of who you have been or even need to be or what you think you should be when you let go The idea when you let go of the idea of what it means to be holy of what it means to be holy, you may know the inner God you may know the inner God when you understand, when you understand it already, imagine that you were already in vibration what demands and what demands you make upon itself you make upon this out through fear or anger through fear or anger, keep it low, keep it low, you can start to shift the field, you can start to shift the field to invoke the higher to invoke the higher what you dam what you dam dams, your back dams, you back when you put in darkness, who you put in darkness calls for that darkness calls you to that darkness, when he would rather damage many of you would rather dim others than know the light than know the light because it gives you a sense of purpose or because it gives you a sense of purpose or reason to be or reason to be all it gets it was more of the same, or what gets you is more of the same.

Alex Ferrari 40:54
So for people, for people listening, I think it's really important to understand is that at the higher vibration that you get to, and the the, the the closer you are to the divine in the way your mind works. You're broadcasting that signal out into the world. And that's what you attract back to you. Yeah, that's right. It's as simple as that. And if you'd like if you're afraid, and you're always afraid, you're going to bring more fear into your life, if you're angry, you're going to bring more anger, if you're, if you're more loving, you're going to bring more love into your life. If you you know, if you if it's just it's so simple, that it's unbelievable in so many ways.

Paul Selig 41:39
Well, yeah, you know, the guides taught this, they've said it several different ways. They said, You know, we're always ordering off of the menu that we expect to have. And so if I grew up in a home where love was criticism, or there was no love, or everything was scarce, you know, I have that expectation, the guides say we are operating with frames, and they draw a box, you know, around. So the purpose of a frame is to fulfill itself with what it expects, because we're always claiming they call this gesture, the mudra of creation, we're always calling into being what we expect. So if my frame is that I'm not worthy of source, I'm not worthy of love, or I have to be right at the cost of all things. I'll continue to invoke those experiences, even if they're painful. But the purpose of a frame, if you think about it, is also to exclude everything else that exists around it. And so when you open the frame up to the vastness, that is potential, then suddenly other things become possible beyond what we've known ourselves through.

Alex Ferrari 42:53
Now, I'd love to hear your thoughts on, you know, I know, you know, some of your guides or ascended masters, people who have ascended and have mastered what we're talking about at a higher level that you and I can't comprehend. But they were were most of your guides, incarnated at one point, or you don't know.

Paul Selig 43:15
I don't know. I mean, they've they've been slightly cagey with this. And that just may be my reluctance to receive some of this information. They've said, you know, we're teachers were guides, they use the term Ascended Masters in the first book, and I was uncomfortable with that. So they don't invoke that much anymore. The name that they've used when they're asked to name is Melchizedek, which is a priesthood, which is a very old, you know, figure, the Melchizedek figure or priesthood. But they've said some of us have been informed and some of us have not. So they said, some of us have known ourselves in form or through form some of us have not. And I accept that there's one that I see, primarily, and I've only seen him in meditation or under hypnosis, and I was surprised and it's only an if I think if I meditated every day, I'd probably see him all the time, but I don't because I'm lazy. And he's quite remarkable, I have to say, quite remarkable. I had the bluest, bluest eyes I've ever seen long, long white beard, and this big hat with like a pancake on top, like you can see it a look. No more like Greek Orthodox hat with a thing on the top. And he was holding a scepter, which was embossed it was gold. And I keep showing it to me and he said, This is what we attune people with. And at the time, I was doing workshops, and for some reason, I didn't know I was standing in front of people holding something and I didn't know what the heck it was. And then he explained it. And that was the period when people who would attend my workshop started to see my eyes change. to a bright, pale blue, you know, which is, and I have dark, you know, I've haze allies. And that became a very common occurrence as his energy sort of blended more as he worked. But I think he's of a collective because at times there is slightly different vocabulary that emerges in the books. And I can tell the difference sometimes. But it all feels of the same ilk when you see it transcribed because all of the books are unedited transcriptions of the channelings, I don't get to go back and fix them. Three words, maybe in a book would be corrected if I mispronounced or stepped on the edge of it or something like that. So I, I my favorite definition of the guides of all of them, is when they said we are who you become when you know who you are. And that's it.

Alex Ferrari 45:52
And that's what a lot of the great spiritual masters who have lived have said, I mean, from back from Jesus to Yogananda, to Baba Ji to so many different masters. And this this idea, especially the western idea of that, that the spirit of the spiritual masters come into this form fully enlightened. It's such a, it doesn't make it doesn't hold water, because every single one of them has to go through their trials and tribulations to find and be able to teach from their own experience. If not, it wouldn't make, like, why even show up. I mean, there's a 30 year gap between when Jesus shows up and when he starts teaching. He did some stuff.

Paul Selig 46:36
Yeah, I agree. I mean, I completely agree. I mean, they're saying that what they're bringing through me and the books that they write, it's it's an initiate attic teaching, you know, people are being recalled to their true nature, I don't think that there's anything convenient about these teachings. And by any means, I mean, oh, good, I'm going to read this, and I'm gonna get a better boyfriend or girlfriend or you know, all those things. I mean, maybe maybe those are the outcomes. But that's not the purpose. The purpose is, finally, I think, reuniting with our own true nature, which exists beyond who and what we think. And I think that's old stuff I don't think this is it's not even very new agey, if you want to say that it's old, old, old stuff, they say the teaching they're bringing through has been around forever. It comes in different forms, and different generations for different teachers. And you know, I'm not the teacher, I'm the, I'm the radio. And that's perfectly fine with me.

Alex Ferrari 47:41
As I, as I see, now, do the guides have anything about to say about the about humanity and where we're going as far as ease just the the evolution, the resurrection of humanity as a whole.

Paul Selig 47:55
They're talking about it a lot. Now, I mean, it's a lot I'll go in, we would like to say only one thing we would like to say only one thing you will move beyond the ideas of you will move beyond the idea of self and has been the cause or even if it has been the cause of your pain, the very cause of your pain, the very cause of your pain of separation and separation, if you wish must be addressed by me must be addressed finally, from integrate creates a for humanity to recreate itself recreate itself in a higher tone, in a higher tone, this is beginning to occur. Now, this is beginning to occur now and things are generations, it will take several generations for the manifestation rises up for the manifestation to realize itself where you stand now, where you stand now is in agreement is in and agreement to what is not presently working to what is not presently working what will never serve you what will never serve you and could never have and could never have a new awareness has been born. A new awareness is being born about who and what you are in truth about who and what you are in truth and those that incarnate and those that incarnate with this awareness with this awareness begin to activate, begin to activate, they will reclaim the manifest plane, they will reclaim the manifest play and then you are presently living in but you are presently living in period and they're saying period.

Alex Ferrari 49:11
So I tend to agree with you because I have children myself and I'm seeing the way they look at life so differently. Then which is just by nature by because of the parents they have, which is my wife and I who have a different awareness that than our parents and definitely our grandparents had, they were at a much lower vibration, more of like I need to I need to survive. We are I mean at least in our in our mind using myself as an example. I see the difference in not only at my kids but I see my friends, the friends of my kids and things. They just look at life so differently. They're more open to ideas more connected and then the generation by a couple generations behind me you could just see the way they just I don't want to work nine to five in a job that I hate I'm gonna do something different. I'm going to change the world, I'm going to do something. These things were just never ideas that even in the 70s, and 80s, can you imagine?

Paul Selig 50:09
Not at all? I mean, it gives me hope, you know, it really does. When I, when the guides first said something, I was in a live stream seminar and they said, you know, it'll take four generations or something like that, and people got so upset because they want to remove I want to be now well, why am I doing all this work I wanted now, you know, when's this some great awakening? I think it's individual. And I think the collective is then served through the individual, as you said earlier, how you how you see anything, and everything, frankly, is born in the consciousness that you hold, what you bless blesses you in return. And the guides are basically saying, when you're operating at a certain level of vibration, your very presence is altering the field. So you know, I mentioned to some I was in a car a few months ago, with a couple of people that sort of knew what I did, but they don't really know my work. And they were sort of saying, Oh, what's going to happen with the world? And they were both feeling really despondent. And I, you know, and they said, Well, what are your guides say, Paul? And they said, well, it's going to take four generations. But we're, we're doing it and it's hopeful and blah, blah, blah. And somebody said, which I didn't know. They said, No, that's really interesting, because they said, Moses, led the Jews out of Israel, and it was 40 years, because he said, it was 40 years or four generations, for people to forget that they had been slaves that they had been enslaved, it was another level of consciousness. I don't know if that's true. It's what somebody said to me. But I thought, well, that's really kind of interesting, that it takes time to forget what we've been taught or what we think must be. And a lot of what the guides are teaching now is that unless we do reclaim collective memory in a higher way, we're going to continue to reinforce fear and separation, because most of our memory is born through that. It's a freaky teaching, and I'm not quite understanding it. And it's the next book that's coming out once it's done. But I understood it when they said it, because the claim that the guides work with is a claim Behold, I make all things new. And that means all things, inclusive of who we think we are, and have been inclusive of the structures that we've known ourselves through. And I think by that it simply means we know things in a higher way. We're no longer reinforcing separation in the ways that we've been instructed to.

Alex Ferrari 52:51
And a lot of the old programming that we have been raised with and taught over the years has been slowly being forgotten or transfer, or evolving in the sense that like, before, it was all about gas guzzling cars, and yes, there still is gas guzzling cars. But now, there's this shift of, there's a massive shift to like, No, can't keep going down this way. Yeah. And it could be the reasons of just being energy independent, which is fine. You're not buying oil from people who want to kill us. Or that we're also shifting. Same thing with our food. Same thing with our health. Can you imagine? I mean, I remember in the in the early 80s, when my mom would go to a gym. And that was like crazy to do yoga. Like that was a very different thing, where now it's the norm and that our generations like my kids know what meditation is? Because they know Daddy meditates. That's such a massive shift from my generation and your generation.

Paul Selig 53:53
My generation men didn't even use hair conditioner. I remember when that happened in high school. Some guy said, I'm using hair conditioner, and I be screened with laughter. Because it wasn't done. guys didn't do it. You know what I mean? So

Alex Ferrari 54:07
Right, exactly. And guys, yeah. Let's not even get into what guys used to do. Can you imagine that? You know, the ones that primping completely make themselves I think that's something like my grandfather would look at that. And like, what?

Paul Selig 54:21
Yeah, I mean, you know, I'm 60 years old now, you know, and I, I'm grateful to have lived as long as I have an ungrateful for what I've seen. And I'm extraordinarily happy if things change, because, you know, I think we've made so many choices that are harmful to ourselves and other people. And I think of the consciousness that's becoming present now is in support of that. That can only be a good thing

Alex Ferrari 54:52
Without a question. Now, tell me about the new book resurrection and what is the glow of this book?

Paul Selig 55:01
Resurrection? I mean, the resurrection is about the bit. It's the first book of what they're calling the manifestation trilogy. And they're talking about the divine in form, in manifestation in ourselves and in all things that we see and experience. And they're talking about how manifestation occurs not in terms of getting what we think that we should have. But moving to a level of agreement, which means vibrational accord, where we can become the recipient of our good, which already exists. So we're no longer trying to say how am I going to get how am I going to get we're moving to a place of reception. And this reception also includes our innate knowing, truly knowing who we are, because if you know who you are, you know what you require. And then you begin to trust that those needs will be met. So it's a trippy book, I have to say, and it's a surprisingly readable book, I don't read the books until I have to do the audiobooks because I just can't read them. I'll prove them at the level that I need to. But they're teaching about the resurrect itself the divine resurrected in and through all of us, and then in through all things.

Alex Ferrari 56:19
It's, it's, it's pretty powerful. I mean, think that what, from what I understand, it's kind of like you're trying to go on to a film set and wake the actors up to let them know that they're actors. And they're not actually the characters that they're playing. But they're so involved in their performance and in the set that's so beautiful, and the lights and everything that looks so great, but you're just trying to you can't go for full force in because then they'll get very angry like, What are you talking? I am Hannibal Lecter? What do you what are you talking about? As opposed to you have to slowly work it into like, no, no, no, no, you're, you're an actor who lives in Pasadena. You need to, you need to come with me. And your true self is this is who you are. Is that a good analogy?

Paul Selig 57:06
Very good analogy.

Alex Ferrari 57:09
And the what's what's in store in the next in the next book in this in this trilogy?

Paul Selig 57:15
You know, there are two thirds of the way through it. I mean, I'm still trying to comprehend what they're talking about. But they're talking about the reclamation of memory, the reclamation of history, the reclamation of all choices made in fear throughout time, because all of these things they say can be re known or reclaimed in the higher energy or in the higher octave. So again, they're talking about manifestation, but they're talking about at this point, I think how the world is made new through consciousness,

Alex Ferrari 57:52
Through personal consciousness through finding

Paul Selig 57:56
And then collective consciousness. Because finally, both of those things coexist, you really can't have one without the other. But it's really how your presence informs everything you see and actually translates everything you see to a higher level of tone or vibration.

Alex Ferrari 58:16
Now, I'm going to ask you a few questions. I ask all my guests, Paul. Okay, what is your mission in this life?

Paul Selig 58:25
I don't know. I don't think I have one. I mean, I show up for this work. I, you know, just really, I want to enjoy what's left for me. And it wasn't easy, I have to say for a long time. And the idea, that piece is present and is available is still of great delight to me. So my purpose and mission, I'm here to do the work that I came for, and show up for it and whatever form it takes. And that's it.

Alex Ferrari 58:57
What is the definition of a good life?

Paul Selig 59:01
I'm gonna say a life made in high choice, without great regret. But I don't know, because I think we learn through our mistakes just as much as anything else. And I think at the end of it, we go, Well, I got to learn that hard lesson. And wasn't that interesting. So I don't know a definition of good life. I think it has to do with loving others, truthfully.

Alex Ferrari 59:21
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Paul Selig 59:25
I think it's knowing God only or whatever you want to call God is not separate. Yeah, exactly. Right.

Alex Ferrari 59:34
And finally, is do the guys have any other parting words for us?

Paul Selig 59:39
How I ask, they're saying the young man wants to know what he's here for us. So we will speak to him directly. He's gonna show the way. He's here to show the way because he is willing to be seen because he is willing to be seen, and because you are willing to be seen and you are willing to shine the light of those who are behind you To those who walk behind you. Paul's mission somewhat Paul's mission is somewhat different. He is here to know himself. He is here to know himself as his source as of his source. That was his first request. That was his first request and it's indeed being honored and it is indeed being honored for all the listeners. For all the listeners we would simply have to say we would simply have to say know who you are in truth. Know who you are in truth know what you are in truth know what you are in truth and know how you serve in truth and know they're not gonna run and know that you will not be denied the divine if you say yes, if you say yes to the Divine, that is already so that is already so appeared on there same period.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:40
Paul, it is always a pleasure talking to you, my friend. You are welcome back anytime and at the rate that you're putting these books out. It should so I'll see you next week.

Paul Selig 1:00:51
That was a good talk. Alex. Thank you so much.

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  3. The Book of Freedom: A Channeled Text” (2008)
  4. The Book of Truth: A Channeled Text” (2010)
  5. The Book of Mastery: Second Edition” (2015)
  6. The Book of Knowing and Worth: Second Edition” (2017)
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