It’s Has Already BEGUN! STUNNING Message for Humanity’s SURVIVAL on NEW EARTH! | Matias De Stefano

Do you ever feel like the universe is expanding right inside of you, amplifying your perception, opening you up to dimensions you never knew existed? On today’s episode, we welcome Matias De Stefano, a unique individual whose awareness of multiple dimensions and past lives provides a fascinating lens through which to view our reality. Matias De Stefano is a spiritual guide and speaker, known for his profound insights into the nature of existence and consciousness.

Matias De Stefano grew up in an agnostic family, with no spiritual or religious background to frame his experiences. By the time he was 12, he began to remember past lives and received guidance from beings in other dimensions. “I knew I was different somehow,” he recalls. By 14, he was being informed of his mission, though the true nature of spirituality only became clear to him at 17, as he and his mother sought help to understand his unique experiences.

His childhood was marked by interactions with invisible friends who taught him about various subjects, from the properties of stones to historical events. These experiences escalated when, at 12, he was told he would start to remember without their help. This led to a period of intense self-discovery, where he grappled with memories of past lives, dimensions, and realities. Despite these overwhelming experiences, his guides consistently advised him to focus on feeling rather than understanding the information. “Remember that emotion is the keeper of information,” they told him.

Navigating these memories was no easy feat. As Matias De Stefano explains, he struggled with the emotional weight of past deaths, roles, and relationships. It wasn’t until he practiced a specific meditation—focusing on a wall until his mind became blank—that he found clarity. This practice allowed him to access information without the emotional turmoil, enabling him to articulate profound concepts with ease.

One of the key insights Matias De Stefano shares is the nature of dimensions. He explains that we don’t move from the third to the fifth dimension; rather, we expand our perception to include these dimensions. “We actually don’t live in the third dimension going into the fifth dimension. We perceive the third dimension and we are starting to perceive the fifth dimension,” he says. This shift is not about leaving one reality for another but about broadening our view.

His understanding of dimensions extends to the beings we associate with them. Guides and masters often exist in the fifth dimension, while angels and archangels can inhabit the fourth, fifth, and sixth dimensions. However, Matias points out that these beings can also be projections of higher aspects of ourselves, illustrating the interconnected nature of all existence.


  1. Emotional Integration: Emotions are the key to accessing and understanding deeper truths. By embracing and integrating our emotions, we can unlock profound knowledge.
  2. Expanding Perception: Our journey is about expanding our perception to include multiple dimensions, not moving from one to another. This expansion allows us to experience a fuller reality.
  3. Unity and Imagination: We are all interconnected, and imagination is a powerful tool for exploring and understanding our universe. By embracing our creative potential, we can transcend current limitations.

In our conversation, Matias also emphasized the role of storytelling and imagination in shaping our understanding of reality. He believes that movies and popular culture play a crucial role in introducing complex concepts like the multiverse to a broader audience, preparing humanity for a deeper understanding of existence.

As we navigate through these transformative times, Matias De Stefano’s insights remind us that chaos often precedes great leaps in evolution. He encourages us to use our imagination to envision and create a better world, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and connection.

Please enjoy my conversation with Matias De Stefano.

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Matias De Stefano 0:00
We actually don't live in the third dimension going into the fifth dimension, we perceive the third dimension and we are starting to perceive the fifth dimension. So actually it's not that we are moving from one to another is that we are amplifying our point of view. That would be actually the reality is not that you are going to leave the Philippines to live the third dimension you have to die

Alex Ferrari 0:25
I'd like to welcome to the show Matias De Stefano. How are you doing Matias?

Matias De Stefano 0:39
Thank you for inviting me.

Alex Ferrari 0:41
Of course, thank you so much for coming on the show, like I was telling you before we started, you are like the number one guests that my audience has been like always in the comments, you have to get Matias on, you have to get Matias on. So they apparently want you and I to have a conversation. So I am I'm really looking forward to this conversation. So thank you again for taking the time out my friend. So first question, when did you become aware of your spiritual calling, because you have a unique story to say the least?

Matias De Stefano 1:07
Well, I, I was born in an agnostic family. So I had no spiritual background, no religion. So I had no idea what was a spiritual calling, actually. I, I started to understand or to, to listen about spirituality when I was actually 17. When, when my mom and I started to look for help, trying to understand what was happening to me. So we enter in the spiritual world, trying to find out how to handle my own things. But since I was born, I, I, I knew I was different somehow, mainly when I was 12 years old. And things turned out to be much more deep for me, like remembering past lives, the universe and everything. And when I was 14, my guides from other dimensions started to explain me that I had a mission, that I have to accomplish that mission. In certain years, I have to speak to people and do this and do that. So I kind of knew that I had some kind of connection with something. But I never related it with spirituality, for me was like, the natural thing that most of the people have. So So actually, I realized that it was something from the spirituality when I was 17. And other people told me.

Alex Ferrari 2:40
What so what was happening to you that you're like, to your parents had to like, or your mom had to, like start looking like what's happening to my son? Like what was happening to you? You know, exactly.

Matias De Stefano 2:51
Well, at first, of course, like many children have this invisible friends that usually you play with it. But suddenly, I was learning things from them. They were teaching me about photonics, they were teaching me about stones, they were teaching me about emotions, about history, they were helping me to in my homework. So they were telling me stories. And so that was all normal and natural, until I was 12 years old, and one of them told me next week, you will start to remember, and we cannot help you with that, you will have to deal with it until you figure out why you're gonna start to remember. And we're gonna be here to support you, but we cannot explain to you. So I stopped seeing them. And I started to feel different beings that were not like childhood things. But they were more like guides and people that were around and explaining to me about my mission and what I have to do. So I started to remember about the last 2000 years of my history, what I was doing in Africa than what I was doing in Europe, and different lives and, and all mixed, so it was all a mess. And when I was 16 I started to remember myself who I was in the universe. So I started to remember dimensions, different realities. I thought I was getting crazy. I my my mom actually thought I was a very creative person. And everyone around me, they thought, Oh, he's a very creative person. And all the kids wanted to listen to my stories and what I was what I was remembering and they were sharing to me their feet ceilings but very, like, afraid of it. And so some teachers too, they start to ask me questions. But it turned out to be very difficult for me to handle a normal life with all that in my head. And so I ended up going to psychologists and some of them said, I was special. Other ones are saying, you have schizophrenia. So I ended up believing that I had schizophrenia. But my mom said, No, you don't, you just have a mess in your head, and you need order. So, so we were always looking for someone helping me trying to organize what I had in my head. And, and we ended up with this people that helped me energetically to organize what was happening within me. And, and since that moment, I started to understand much better. So that was the path until I was 18 19 years old, when I kind of knew what it was all about.

Alex Ferrari 6:09
So it seems like a you definitely went through a gauntlet within your own mind how to Now you remember all your lives for the last 12,000 years. And as I've spoken to spiritual masters around the world, the concept of remembering your past lives can be dangerous, knowing too much about where you came from, because it could affect the current incarnation. So my question to you is, how do you deal with this knowledge and not only some knowledge, very detailed knowledge of many, if not all of your past lives for the last 12,000 years walking around, in this reality in this incarnation, with a library of information from other lifetimes? Like how do you deal with that psychologically?

Matias De Stefano 6:53
Yeah, it was very difficult because I started to remember as a child, not right, though, right. And so for me was like, like, very chaotic. So I had no idea what what was actually happening, and all the information was mixed. And every time that I had the chance to speak with one of my guides, they said, don't think about it, just write about it, and make drawings about it. But don't think about it, because you have nothing to do with it. Now. It all will make sense in the future. But this is the right moment for you to remember. So go through the emotion. And remember that emotion is the keeper of information. So that's why you have to feel it, not think it. And so I went through hell, because I was feeling every one of my dad's all the people that died around me, all the different things that I couldn't accomplish, me being the bad guy, maybe and the good guy, we have so many lives as a woman, confusing me this life as a man. So it was like, so many things. So many confusing things, and then other realities. So yes, so eventually, eventually, one of my guides told me to, to do a specific meditation that was watching a wall for a long time. And every thought and emotion that was coming to me, I would suppose to leave it in that world, like, concentrated in the tiniest part that I could ever imagine inside that wall, and put it there until I just see the white wall. And it helped me to clear my mind until everything was empty. Like, suddenly, from that moment. Since that specific moment, I started to have my mind blank. And whenever someone asked me something, the information was coming through. But I was not thinking about it. So it helped me to basically get rid of all this data and information that were in actually useful. Because I said, for example, if I had to explain to someone why a pyramid exists, why don't you give me the information of the pyramid instead of having to suffer all this? I don't know. My husband died in another life, my children or whatever and feeling the love with my grandmother in that life. Why why suffering so much with so many memories and this Because you remember the pyramids, through the love that you felt, but the people that were there learning with you what the permit was, because nobody remembers things just because of information, you remember things because you feel things. So you need to remember the emotion of those people or the those situations you were in, in order to access the information that you that you knew in that moment

Alex Ferrari 10:28
Is emotion, the medium, like paper to writing, like, you can't write something down unless there's a place to write it down. And that's how the information, so is the emotion kind of like the paper of, of connecting to that kind of information?

Matias De Stefano 10:44
Not always, of course, but as a teenager, yes.

Alex Ferrari 10:53
So with that, let me ask you, because I mean, you you have so much information inside of you, and so much knowledge that you guys have been given you. Did you sign up for this, obviously, and your soul plan? And your blueprint? Do you remember? going, Oh, I'm gonna go through this hell. I'm gonna, you know, go through all of this. Do you remember that?

Matias De Stefano 11:13
Yeah, I remember. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 11:17
So let me ask you this, when you finally started to come out, out of the quote, unquote, spiritual closet, doing the work that you're doing, I imagine that there's a lot of people around you family friends that just looked at you like you were nuts. How did you deal with losing very close relationships, because I happens to a lot of people who come out spiritually, to do a mission, or to talk or to channel or to talk about their near death experiences. It happens very often. I'd love to hear how you dealt with it.

Matias De Stefano 11:51
Yeah, well, I as I said, my enbart, my context was not religious. But they also had an any belief in anything, like, they were not like, against spirituality. But they were not into it, either. And when I started to speak about this, it was never from a spiritual point of view. It was always about me feeling this, me leaving that. And when I started to share it with my friends, my friends actually, were very close to me. Even more, like it was not like yeah, for me was very easy, because actually, my friends were not like this kind of friends. That making bullying to me like, Oh, you're crazy or whatever.

Alex Ferrari 12:49
It's that loco.

Matias De Stefano 12:51
Yeah no, actually, they were very engaged with with it. And of course, there were some others. Like, in school, like, always, there is. But even though they said crazy face to like, like, You're crazy, or whatever, they all kind of believed what happened. So, so even though some of them were scared of me, some of them were, some of them were like, like, you know, bullied me, but when they were along with me, they would ask me questions, you know, so yes, and in my family, the one that it was difficult the most for to understand was my my auntie. It was out of her box. And so that eventually, she engaged with it, because they all knew that I am a very bad liar. Like, all the people that knows me since I was like, a child. If you told me to lie, I was like, I did or he did it. So it was impossible for me to lie in anything. So this so my family was like, We believe what is happening to this guy, and because basically, we know that he cannot lie. So that's the only reason why this why they believe me, basically. And, yeah, so So, for me, for me, I didn't have to deal much with it. Because also, I never expected for someone to believe me, actually. Like, I wasn't, I didn't have the need of why didn't they don't believe me? Because there was always someone in my family or my friends or the neighborhood that were there listening to me or willing to to To share and listen to what I was saying.

Alex Ferrari 15:02
It's interesting because you know, both you and I are Latinos and in our culture, it is kind of in the DNA, like the spirituality, the psychics, the mediums, the La bruho, Los anteros, these kinds of things, it's kind of in our DNA. Why do you think what I've always wanted to find out? Maybe you can answer it? Why is it so culturally accepted in Latin American countries and Caribbean countries, Central America, Mexico, that these ideas are embraced much easier than the West? Do you find that, by the way is the truth?

Matias De Stefano 15:40
Yeah, totally. Basically, the Latin reality. It's a mix of all the animistic tradition, polytheistic traditions, and African traditions, Paul Mixon as one. So all of those traditions were based in the ability to connect with spirits, inability to listen to the trees, to the animals, to follow a God that has feathers and a tale of a snake. So so even if Christian ism came, the mix of all those cultures were so strong, that spirituality is something beyond religion. Because it's in the isn't a mix of traditions. In Europe, they had at least 2000 years of just few religions. Christianism, Islam, so it was not very rich, for the last 200 years in Europe. It was a very few maybe in the British islands, Scotland, Ireland, like the most connected with spirituality, the old traditions, maybe in the north of Scandinavia, but for the rest of Europe, and all the people that moved to the United States, it was all about escaping those realities, or following only one tradition. So I think that for Latin America is much more rich, because of the African tradition coming to Central America, to Brazil, all the different tribes that were mixed, that got the spirituality of Europe that it was just 100 years, or 200 years of all these traditions mixing like, it's, it's still very alive. And I think that for Argentina is very different. Because Argentina, we are kind of that of one of the only countries with you the why, in South America that actually doesn't have much deep tradition, tradition, from, from all this mix of cultures, we have much more European tradition. But our our institutions, from the very beginning were very light system places. So we didn't have much religion. So usually Argentina and Uruguay are much about psychoanalysis than spirituality. So instead of instead of saying, oh, a spirit, Tony, that is like, Who do you think you're talking to? And what is your feeling about what you're receiving? No, no, it's more like, it was more like psychoanalysis. So everyone is like wandering, instead of talking about spirits. So that also helped me in my, in my environment.

Alex Ferrari 18:53
There wasn't it wasn't an accident that you were born into a Latin culture, though we know the Argentinian culture no less, which is the spiritual in South America. But it wasn't an accident that that you know, you weren't? Yeah. So let's turn to useful. You've spoken a lot about the nine dimensions, and the different dimensions of reality. As I've studied over the years in the yogic traditions in the Hindu traditions, they also talk about these levels of dimensions. Can you explain to the audience what those levels of dimensions are?

Matias De Stefano 19:28
Of course, there are infinite dimensions? Yes. And it's not only nine, nine dimensions are the ones that we can actually relate to in the aspects of creation. But then you can have infinite dimensions like you could possibly imagine. The thing is that a dimension is basically a measurement you go through. Now, it's like, it's like you have something and you have different points of views from which you can perceive that something like if you have a sphere, you have 360 degrees. So 360 dimensions of that reality. If you have a tetrahedron, then you have six lines and four triangles that will shape this six dimensions with other four dimensions in the shape of Trinity's. So you can have infinite amounts of dimensions of something, we tend to confuse dimension with realms. And that's the Christian or Semitic tradition of thinking, we are in the Third World, and then there are angels, then you have Archangels. And then you have this. So usually we relate dimensions with realms, but it's not the same thing. Okay, and dimension is actually different points of view of the same reality. So I usually describe the nine that are the basis of our existence, because we all come from unity. And that unity, in order to exist, needs to express into another one. So it creates polarity, which is the second dimension. The second dimension is the one that manifest a third point, because these two, when they move, they create a third aspect, which is an axis between these two. So that's the third dimension. So you have three points of view now. And these three points of view are moving one around the other. So that creates the fourth dimension, which is time, the fourth dimension, then starts to generate energy, and light, which is the fifth dimension, then this shape, can change or switch its position, which is the sixth dimension, then the sixth dimension, can transcend and manifest itself into another totally different reality, which is the seventh dimension. And then you have all the infinite possibilities of those changes, which is the toroid, or the eighth dimension. And it all comes back to the Divine, which is the essence, or the very idea of why everything exists, which is the ninth dimension, that takes you again to the one. So the ninth dimension actually shape, and execution, which is a cube. So when you have a cube, you actually encode it to that you have the Merkaba, which is two tetrahedrons. If you expand the cube, you have the dodecahedron if you fertilize the dodecahedron, you have the accent hedron sorry, icosahedron. And if you go to the core of all the system, you have the octahedron. So basically, the ninth I mentioned, open the door for the creation of the five main solids, the geometry that generates everything in our reality. So that's why I used to describe the nine point of view of this reality because everything that exists is based in this space.

Alex Ferrari 23:39
So then let me ask you this, there's so much I've heard and please correct me that we are we living in a three dimensional world than there is we're all evolving to a fifth dimension. Is that true? Or how What's your perspective on that?

Matias De Stefano 23:54
We actually don't live in the third dimension going into the fifth dimension. Yeah, we are we perceive the third dimension and we are starting to perceive the fifth dimension. Okay. So actually, it's not that we are moving from one to another is that we are amplifying our point of view that would be actually the reality is not that you're gonna leave the third branch to live the third dimension you have to die.

Alex Ferrari 24:25
So then the so this other side that that our souls go to when you were making your blueprint and where souls are and where your guides are and all of this I'm assuming that's the same place. What what dimension is that or is that a realm?

Matias De Stefano 24:44
My guides, my guides usually are in the fifth dimension like most of the guides, I think he mentioned because

Alex Ferrari 24:51
Archangels, Ascended Masters.

Matias De Stefano 24:55
Masters Yeah, masters. Usually the fifth dimension is related to him for Meishan. So it's all the pure energy. But that pure energy doesn't have time. Neither space. So, because doesn't have that. That's why sometimes when we connect with them, they send us information and data that we cannot handle now, it's like, we are giving this to you, and you say, but why how I have no idea how to do this. And we tend to, to get desperate. Because for them, there's no time or space. So maybe they can tell you when you are eight years old that you have to solve something when you're 68. And so because for them is it's just that is information. And for us, it's an emotional process.

Alex Ferrari 25:50
That's interesting. So yeah, it's kind of like our hardware, it's just not capable of handling the software, or the information coming in. Like the computer's like, yeah, it's like the operating system is just not can't handle it.

Matias De Stefano 26:02
Yeah, totally. It's, it's basically that it's like trying to, to download all the information that we have today in the internet, in a computer from the ages. Yeah, just

Alex Ferrari 26:13
Couldn't even process the basic webpage. Exactly that. So then the realms of the angels and archangels are that's at a hot again, higher, it's not, in our person, our perception higher meaning a sixth dimension, or higher than that.

Matias De Stefano 26:31
The angels, demons, and all these creatures usually can be moved from the fourth to the fifth dimension, then you have the archangels in the sixth dimension, Sara fins in the seventh dimension, so we can kind of relate spiritual beings to the dimensions. But they're not. Usually like that I the way we can perceive this, for example, is you yourself in this third dimension, you are dispersed person. But like me, my tears here. But in the fourth dimension, my expression of myself could be an angel. So the being that I call an angel, when I see an angel might be just myself projected, is not that is another one that lives in the fourth dimension besides me,

Alex Ferrari 27:36
It could just be a project. Because our souls can feature our souls can project in multiple places at the same time. It's kind of like you've seen your higher self, I've heard that often that you you'd like to meet your higher self or connect your higher self, it's just you know, exactly. But it's,

Matias De Stefano 27:49
It's like the mirror reality is like a mirror reality. So you are in the center of the mirror. And you're not even the sense that you believe you're in the center. But actually you are a reflection of someone else. So you are a reflection in the third dimension of someone that is in the ninth dimension that has so many reflections that they look different. So you think there are different people but actually it's yourself in different dimensions. It's so so you so so we usually call our guides to people that we think they're outside ourselves, but actually it's our own mind. In the fifth dimension talking to us in the third dimension

Alex Ferrari 28:29
With the mind would it be a mind or consciousness because it wouldn't be like technically our mind it would be our consciousness or awareness? It would be an awareness Yeah. So but your guides aren't just you you actually have other spirit guides around you as well correct?

Matias De Stefano 28:44
Yeah, it could be but sometimes maybe it's a higher version of spirit like a master in the fifth dimension that in this reality is your cat.

Alex Ferrari 28:56
That's terrifying I have cats that's terrified if they're if they're my masters which many to be argued I they probably are I'm one the that cleans up after them I kind of feed them they are my master

Matias De Stefano 29:08
Well yeah, the thing is that you will know if you're higher master from the fifth dimension in the third dimension is the cat if you are if you're very like you know like for sure my my masters are cats in this life, because because they are very like tough. And for some other people there are so love such a loving beings, so must be golden retrievers, or some type. But but it could be it could be anything in the third dimension because there is nothing in the fifth dimension that is not also projected in the third dimension.

Alex Ferrari 29:48
So version, it's a version of it here it

Matias De Stefano 29:51
It's a constant version of everything. So everything that exists in the third dimension has this aspect in the fifth dimension, or the sixth or the seventh and and everything that exists in the fifth dimension has something to be anchored in the third dimension. That's why sometimes when you want to speak with an archangel, for example, you might go to a mountain. So you go to the mountain, which is an apple, which is a very huge spirit. So you go to the Anders, for example, and you speak to the analysts and you communicate with the analysts that in the fifth dimension, or the sixth dimension, it could be maybe, I don't know, Mihail or some Archangels. So, um, so everything in the third dimension, it's an anchor for something that exists in another dimension.

Alex Ferrari 30:47
So then let me ask you this. Because I've studied the, the yogi's, from India for a long time. And it seems that when they find enlightenment, and there are other Ascended Masters too, but when they find this enlightenment, or this other reality that they go to, they've talked about it, they, they're able to start to transcend these quote unquote, magical powers where they can levitate, or they can bio locate or things like that, you know, manifest in their hands with stuff, heal, and so on. What are what are they accessing, to allow them to have these kind of not that concerned with the abilities? That's kind of like a parlor trick, or like an afterthought? But more on the spiritual side? What are they accessing, to reach those higher levels of awareness and understanding in the world where, like, in the Maharishi, they gave him a whole bunch of, you know, psychedelic mushrooms and he ate them? And he's just like, I live here. I don't need these.

Matias De Stefano 31:46
Yeah, I when, when I when I first took Ayahuasca I actually my first feeling was like, oh, like

Alex Ferrari 31:56
Aubrey told me Aubrey told me that our friend Aubrey Marcus, he's like, it's this. It's this Craziest thing doing Ayahuasca with Matias. So what is it? So what is it with these Yogi's that they reach? What are they doing? What are they accessing to get this kind of awareness or information?

Matias De Stefano 32:14
Well, you become it. And that's enlightenment, when they reach enlightenment actually, is because they were and looking for enlightenment. All the all the traditions of the interest in Buddhism is not about. It's not like, for example, our traditions that are looking for salvation, but they are expecting for someone to take the pain out of this reality. They actually sit down and become part of this reality so deep, that eventually they find alignment. So basically, it's like, why can you do fire because that person became Definer. Not because it can has the power of fire. That's our point of view, because we think that humans are here to handle reality. And everything was created for us to manage it or whatever. But the person that actually find some Lachman is because they became the fire, they became the water, they became God. They, they, they found themselves through every dimension. And they saw that the potentialities of our reality are basically themselves. It's us. So you are an echo of all that. And that's what they are connecting with. They are connecting with what you actually are, which is everything, beyond your personality, beyond what you're looking for. You just become. And that's why every master, when you go to the very deep of everything, the only thing that you can say it's I am. Because there's

Alex Ferrari 34:12
Because you are. So it's not a it's not destined. It's not a destination, which is a misconception. It's like, oh, I have to find enlightenment, like that's like a room you walk into, like, I think God I found enlightenment. It's not that it's more like up, you become kind of like, Neo becoming part of the matrix. He literally absorbs into the code. And he is then as opposed to being just outside of it, and understanding it and seeing it and manipulating it. He becomes one with it. So that's where these Yogi's, that's where these Yogi's, when they go into meditation, they're there and they come back by choice to teach the rest of us as much as they can.

Matias De Stefano 34:59
But the thing you Is that we have still this perception of they went there, right? But they might actually be where they went nowhere. Like they actually became what it really is. So, so they went nowhere, they were just sitting there. And suddenly, the, the skin, the cells became the air, and the air became the skin, and the cells became molecules, and the molecules are energy, and suddenly, there's nowhere to go, you become everything. So it's not about that's why the last position of the lighted person is not someone touching the light. Is someone just sitting down on the tree.

Alex Ferrari 35:52
Because they are the light, it's because they are the light.

Matias De Stefano 35:56
Because you are the light, because they are Yeah. So.

Alex Ferrari 35:59
So let me ask you this, would it make sense then, that they have discovered a way to bypass the avatar that we are all in this, this meat skin, and connect to who we truly are while still being in this dimension, meaning that they have now transcended, they actually go, oh, wait a minute, I am actually the light, I am actually source and I am actually God, I'm actually the water, I'm all of it. And when they have that awareness, or awakening, that's when everything changes for them. But it's not this destination that we keep, you know, hearing so much about, is that a good? Like way to put it?

Matias De Stefano 36:40
Yes, for to make it something much more relatable as a human, for example. Imagine you were rice, in Kansas, that's in the States, in the middle of the fields, in a very, very Christian family. So you have no other point of view of anything. And you are a person. James, let's say, so this James person grew up only thinking about Jesus, thinking about the Bible, thinking about the context of the people in the same community, he had no idea about anything else. So the only belief, or the only perception of reality was his own with his own beliefs. And suddenly, this person decides to take a trip. And it goes to a big city in the states and suddenly sees in New York, and suddenly sees so many crazy people believe in unmanned things, and many religions and whatever. But it's still the states. And suddenly he says, he meets someone and says, Why didn't you go to India? So he takes a trip to India. And well, in India, you get crazy, because suddenly, it's one country with 1000s of religions, 1000s of masters and gurus, that everyone believes in something different. And even though they have been working perfectly for 6000 years, so. So he starts to find another question and other answers, and then it starts to pursue the guru thing. But then they he realizes that, Oh, someone invites him to an Ayahuasca ceremony. And then he goes to Brazil and goes to the middle of the forest. And suddenly he finds out that plants know better than the Bible. I don't know. So. So suddenly, he starts to open and open into I don't know, a friend in Egypt because he went to meditate there. But suddenly he discovered what Islam is, and, and starts to figure out and figure out and figure it out. And suddenly, but the end of figuring out what was the answer? He realized the only one truth behind all that, that everyone that met that he met during this whole trip were humans. And every one that spoke about the divine, or a holy book, or gave him the Ayahuasca, they all had the need of eating, drinking, sleeping, reproduction, having sex. So they were humans, and suddenly he realizes it doesn't matter where you are in the world, you will always find humans, so he becomes an humanist. So when he became a humanist, suddenly he understood something. There are millions of ways to find the divine. But even though we're all humans, so enlightenment is kind of the same because that guy that James I just made up, we'll come back to Kansas, and we'll be able to share Christmas with the family will be able to share a prayer with their his family will be able to share a meal with his family and love and talk and enjoy his village where he was born. Because he now knows that it doesn't matter. We are just humans. So beyond everything, we are humans. So an enlightened person is the person that took a whole path throughout the entire cosmos and the entire knowledge of the universe. And even though found out that we are all light, it doesn't matter the shape of it. So she can come back. And he will never tell you, Oh, this is the path to enlightenment. He will just sit with you laugh and share a meal. No, I mean, so.

Alex Ferrari 41:00
So it's very much like in the movies, the power was with inside of you all the time. As you see somebody movie heroes, like they go and they go, and they go on this journey, this and that. And finally, Yoda would say that the force is inside of you.

Matias De Stefano 41:16
This force was always inside of you that you were the corps. Hey, yes, it was not even inside of you, you were the force, you know? And so, so it doesn't matter. What are you doing in the world, or what you're looking for, you will always find the source, you will always find this, it's that power that inside of you. So those who found enlightenment. And remember that and feels that can share anything. And it's not about a race to figure out something or to solve something or to go beyond or to live this reality in this world. Because suddenly, you will realize that this reality was created by the same spirit that is meditating in the middle of everything. So why would someone create this reality to escape from this reality? And the answer is that this reality never actually existed. It's just a dream that you have been creating in order to have fun, and do some thing with your an existent time. So

Alex Ferrari 42:30
Yes, and then we can get into game theory and how we're all Mario trying to save the princess. But who is the player playing the Mario is the question. And that's who we need to go back to. And go Who is the player who sees the whole game where you only see the mushroom that's in front of you? Or there's the bad guy that's in front of you. That's all you see. It's exactly, it's, it's fascinating. So, okay, so we went down the road of enlightenment. So now we're enlightened everybody listening, you could find enlightenment, it's all inside of you just look. Right? It's very simple. It's very simple.

Matias De Stefano 43:09
And spirituality. I like to say that spirituality. Again, it's not about connecting with spirits. It's about imagination. Spirituality is about opening your mind in a way that everything is possible. So is there a god? Yeah, why not? Is everything? I don't know, a movie? Yeah, why not? So imagination is the door to every dimension. And it's not about meditation is not about a spiritual path is not about following a specific rule is about imagination. So when you use your imagination, you start to open all those realities. And basically, the people that wrote the spiritual books, were not people that follow rules, were people that connected with their own imagination, and they saw God and so So, the way in which we can actually grasp how we can become like, like that, like, like, like in the ancient civilizations, is not about connecting with the idea of their gods or goddesses, and all this realm spiritual. No, it's about how can we imagine other realities and possibilities? And this takes me to, to another thing, which is today, we are starting to go to that. But quantum physics, it's also about imagination because particle behaves as a particle, if we pay attention to the particle, what is that? It's imagination, you know, so it's about attention, it's about the mind. So it means that all reality only exists because a lot of beings are paying attention to only one reality. But if all the beings changed their point of view into another reality, suddenly that reality can become true. So. So when we speak about science, and we speak about quantum physics and everything, there is so much information. And that is just for people in universities, that it's impossible for everyone to change their consciousness into that other reality in the quantum reality, if they don't feel it, and they don't become it. And that's where Marvel and Hollywood play a role that is very important.

Alex Ferrari 46:03
Please this is where I come from, sir. So please tell me,

Matias De Stefano 46:09
Basically, because all the people is understanding what a multiverse is, because they've marked it up. So they probably watched it, yeah, they popularized it, they are popularizing the concepts of going beyond this reality that we are more than what we see. So this this, it will take time. But this is giving the children the possibility to acknowledge that that reality is possible, that they can become it to that there is science about it, and you are watching it in a movie, but actually, there are people working in actually that. So. And there are people that are living their lives, according to that superheroes that are in the actual world, living in this kind of reality. It's just that we are still so bounded by spirituality in a religious way, that we cannot find the middle point, which is imagination. That's why for me, the movies, the storytelling, it's so powerful, because who changed the mind of the tire world, to do what we do today with our societies. It were it was just crazy people living in islands in Greece, that they told stories, and those stories that they told, build the basis for Rome, Persia, all the empires, they build the basis of all the stories of the heroes that we today still follow. So the path of the hero and everything, and the politics and economics and all the democracies and republics, and everything was created by just a few bunch of guys that were very bored in the islands of Greece, five, 4000 years ago. So you see the power of imagination, the power of imagining things, of telling stories? No. So it changed the world as we know it today. And even though we believe that the world cannot change, because if people is in power, or this kind of things, and it at that time, it was even worse. And even though they changed the world, they they changed the world by stories. And everyone that changed the world today was inspired in a story in a hero in, in a movie in a book.

Alex Ferrari 48:52
Without HG Wells, doing his science fiction books, many scientists wouldn't have been able to build rockets and so on, because that was the first time that that idea started coming up. When the first time and another big movie that changed our reality, literally was the matrix. And that was the first time simulation theory was put out into the masses. And we were like, wait a minute, are we just in a simulation? Maybe not a dystopian simulation. Like then, I would love to learn kung fu like that too. But, but the idea was planted in our society. And then and I was saying that the same thing when I saw Dr. Strange start talking about the multiverse I was like, oh, there's now by the way everywhere, it's everywhere. multiverses are everywhere.

Matias De Stefano 49:42
Antman, you know, this kind of thing

Alex Ferrari 49:44
The Flash, flash with the time the time.

Matias De Stefano 49:47
Yeah, everyone, everyone now is talking about these things because the consciousness of the planet is ready to understand the multiverse is ready to understand that Then mentions, and as you see, Dr. Strange had to go to Katmandu to Nepal to find the truth. And also, it's like everyone in spirituality, had to go to India, Kathmandu, Nepal, Tibet to find the truth, you know, so. So I think that there are codes for everyone to see. But we are not paying attention because we still believe they're just movies. And we stop. And we have been taught that that's, it's just imagination. But actually, in the first stories of the world, those stories, this imagination is the one that created everything we know, today.

Alex Ferrari 50:47
Or without Star Wars, you know, many physicists were born because of Star Wars. Of course, I mean, so many scientists. I mean, it just, these movies have impact. I mean, when they wanted to, when they put the space shuttle into space, how many people wanted to call it the enterprise? Because Star Trek, because it was so you know, how many, you know, rocket scientists were created by Star Trek. So stories have such a powerful, powerful place in our society. And you're right, 100 years ago, you throw the multiverse out, people be like, what do you what? They can't, they couldn't grasp it. So let me ask you this because the world is I'd love to hear your point of view where we're all going because humanity, a lot of people think that it's going to the hell in a handbasket. Everything seems to be crashing down around us, the economy's this and politics or that and the environment is happening here and wars and all of this craziness. Where do you see humanity going? Where's the future of humanity in the next 50 to 100 years?

Matias De Stefano 51:50
I, I think it's gonna be amazing. It's just that every generation that leaves the present, think that they are leaving the worst time in history.

Alex Ferrari 52:06
Always, always. And we know everything. And we also know everything. We also know everything. We know, everything of Zeus is God and that's it.

Matias De Stefano 52:18
So it's like, every everyone thought that it was the end of the world. Like, how many years in all history, they were all getting ready for the comeback of the master, the group that would save them. So this has been around for 10,000 years, and we're still waiting. So every year or every 10 years, the end of the world, we're living in the worst time of history, the wars are taking over everything. So if you take a look into humanity, for 1000s of years, there are only two things that changed from all history of humanity today. One is that we are overpopulated. It means that we are too many. So there are more problems. And the second one is that all those people are over informed. So so we have more communication, and also more people, right? So before the problems were told by chess, one, maybe the problem were lived by 1000 people, and just one wrote about it. Today, we have a problem of 10,000 people and 10,000 people talk about the problem, you know. So that makes it even worse, actually. But it's not that the world right now it's going to an edge of the end of something is not, it's just our perception, because we are so egocentric, that we want to leave always in the best or the worst moment in history of humanity. But actually, worst things happened before and every time that every time that worst things happened before. After that it was lit of evolution. Right so so for example, the First World War, the Second World War, they all happened in the last 100 years. And every time that they happen, we grew up not only technology, but also human rights, in art, in taking care of the environment. So many things like the end of slavery, the rights of the women, freedom of speech, so many things happen. That today we complain because we are always in the pursuit of something better, but just they can look 10 years ago, just they can look 50 years ago, you know, so we are going to a terrible time, because we are going too fast and very fast towards something that is going to going to be amazing. But we are, we are like a baby trying to run now. So

Alex Ferrari 55:34
The baby tried to run. Not so good.

Matias De Stefano 55:37
Yeah, not so good. Because it always ends in blood. Yeah. So because nobody taught to us how to properly walk, and the only people that can teach us how to walk, they're too slow. And we, we are trying to go fast. Because otherwise, so many things are happening. And we have to catch up with everything. So we don't have the time to actually think who we are, why we're here. What do we want to do with our lives. Everything that has happened in the world is actually true. Now we can trust anything is so, so complicated, that the only way to understand the outside is going within, there is no other way now, like for me, the chaos we're living today in the world is perfect for our world that needs to go back to meditation. And that's why as much chaotic the world turns more people are waking up, more people are heading to meditation, more people are trying to look for themselves. And it's because it's so chaotic outside, that the universe is using the cares to lead us towards the order within. Because we can trust nobody outside. So maybe I have to trust myself. And that's, that's scary. The first step. That's the first step

Alex Ferrari 57:11
But it's so interesting too, because right now though this generations that are being born, are coming in with programming in their heads that I didn't come in with. I know you and you're younger than I am, but you didn't come in with you. Maybe you did, but your generation didn't. But

Matias De Stefano 57:33
Was very, very locked also.

Alex Ferrari 57:35
Oh yeah. And I was I was born in the 70s. So like I was but I have one foot in the new and one foot in the old. That's my generation. I'm Gen X so we're both in the in the new and the old. But like my kids, they they look at stuff now they're like, What do you do you want me to go to a four year school put me into debt for a job that I'm not going to get or I good to work minimum wage all my life? Are you like what are you out of, your mind?

Matias De Stefano 58:03
So from the ages

Alex Ferrari 58:05
No, it's like such an 80s concept. You're absolutely right. But they also look at things spiritually, like racism, and they just don't get it. They just don't like, why. And it's not that we were teaching them that obviously, we're teaching them to be nice to everybody. But they're at a different level. And you see it when you have kids now they're coming in this new generation coming in, is very prepared for where we're going.

Matias De Stefano 58:30
So we i a few weeks ago, I was in England. And I was just traveling in a family trip with my friends and their daughter, which is my niece and she has two years old to Yeah. And she she barely speaks. She walks like a baby and stuff. And, and we ended up in the middle of the crop circle. So there was a whole crop circle. And we put her there like oh, look, the crops are, you know, it's like a baby. She doesn't care. And suddenly she's she stood up like, like, she totally changed. And she started to make mudras and nobody, you know is two years old. But no one started. And she she, she forced us to grab our hands, shake our hands sit down in a meditation position. We didn't do anything. She was like obligated to do that. She went to the center and she started to guide meditation, just by actions and moving our hands and moving things around and giving us something to each one of us. And then she just went when she was like in the middle like doing the mudra or something. She turned when out of the circle. And she started to be a baby again and It was like, a like, a like. And she basically grabbed the phone and knew how to unlock the phone to start a painting, painting or something opened the app and everything. So. So she moved from the spiritual high level consciousness, to learn how to use technology, and to play herself alone in a crop circle, recognizing that there was a holding moment. But also she could play, and we weren't telling her telling her what to do, she was telling us what to do. And I saw in that moment, this is really changing. And one of the main things that changed is that we never told her what to do, or what not to do. And, and our generation, I think that we are allowing them to express their truth, like we didn't have the chance to, you know, so because we are maybe more open to other ideas or anything. So we pay attention to what he wanted to do, instead of just telling her sit down or tilt the bass or, you know, it's changing.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:18
Yeah, yeah, imagine our grandparents with these concepts. They couldn't, they just wouldn't be able to even process it there. They just were built for that time. They just couldn't process it. You know, it'd be so far beyond them. And they were around my grandfather was around before airplanes and cars, to, to the birth of the Internet. You know, and, and everything. That's a lot of what I mean, we've grown so fast in the last 150 years, it's been, Oh, my God, exponential.

Matias De Stefano 1:01:58
And education is the same.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:01
Don't get me started, please Matias I mean,

Matias De Stefano 1:02:04
So we're still we're still sitting in a chair, staring at someone that writes in choke. So what are we doing, like so? So that's, I think that that's some of the things that we have to pay attention to, that. We are so concerned of all this information that is coming to us that everything is so bad, and we are there are so many conflicts in the world and everything. And it was always like that. We always had conflicts, we always were at the edge of something. And now actually, we are, I don't know, for some people. This is a controversial thing. But everyone is talking about the native people in America or Latin America and Central America, saying like they were the connected people. And the Europeans came and killed them on Wednesday, Spanish people came, they were all in a war. They were fighting. They hated each other. Actually, the Inca people, the key to our people, they all open the path for the Spanish to kill all the other ones. So they could come here, the people in Chile and Argentina. You know, so actually, if you actually read the history, and that it was not like the good guys and the bad guys, it was,

Alex Ferrari 1:03:27
No greed and power. They all wanted the same thing

Matias De Stefano 1:03:32
Exactly. He was not like America was the paradise before the Spanish king. Everyone hated each other. They were killing each other. So he was the same as in Europe, but hear it but in America.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:46
Well, let me ask you this. We're going to start finishing it up here. My next question is, what message do you have for people who are skeptical of spirituality and of everything that we're talking about? Like, they're if they're listening to this point, there's some questions inside of them. But what I mean at this point, like why are you listening? But they're skeptical of maybe diving deep that they've been programmed with this idea of, everything's outside of you, you need to find look to a deity, or a book or a teachings or or something outside of you to find the answers. How about if they're skeptical or even scared to go inside? What advice would you have for them?

Matias De Stefano 1:04:31
Like my dad?

Alex Ferrari 1:04:34
I'm sure that's a whole other podcast I'm sure

Matias De Stefano 1:04:40
That's therapy. Yeah, my my Dad Oh, usually say that. Everything that I say is what he says. He's, he says it in a funny way, you know, even if she If he believes that what I'm saying is not true, you know, but he helped me because he trusts me. But he doesn't believe me. So. So. So one of the things that I usually, you know, I usually say to skeptical people is that there's nothing wrong with being skeptical, because the only problem of some skeptical people is when they don't doubt, or they don't question. They're just against anything. Like. And usually, it's people that is scared of change in their lives, that actually, they're afraid of something like someone, if I'm open myself a little bit, maybe someone will come and change the way I want to leave, you know, this kind of things. But there are a lot of skeptical people that actually are wondering, like, I don't believe that this is like this. Now there is proof that this this or they're ready, and for the universe, is another way of finding answers. So I don't feel I don't feel that skeptical people is a problem. I don't feel that they're even against what I'm saying. I will just say for the people that not is not skeptical for the people that is closed to I believe that nothing is like that, and they don't want to even listen to anything. I like to say that most of the things that make sense in their lives, are based on things that are not true. The concept of family, the concept of friendship, the concept of love, the concept of money, the concept of going to a movie on a Saturday night, the concept of watching TV, or reading a book, of enjoying art, of taking a walk on the park, on loving a pet. So many of those things doesn't actually make sense. If you are skeptical, because why would you love something or an animal? If you're skeptical? Why would you feel something? Why would you enjoy reading a story that is not true that someone made up for you to have fun? So why would you lose time enjoying life, if everything that is enjoyable actually is not true? True. So what I actually would say to people, that is skeptical, is that maybe everything that I just said, is not true. But it gives purpose to people. It gives meaning. It gives ideas, it opens minds, it gives imagination. And it gives also sometimes hope that they actually can do something to change the world. And even if everything that I just said it was a lie. Maybe a lot of people will change the world, because they trusted it. And I think that most of the people that actually change the world actually did something for the real world. They were based in stories. They were based in things that nobody can prove. And sometimes it's not about not believing sometimes is about enjoying. And we can do many good things for the reality. Just imagine things. So if this is imagination, if this is not true. Well, we at least had a lot of fun. And we did crazy things and we changed a lot of people's lives.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:21
What a beautiful answer to that question. It is such a because it's something that I come across all the time people are skeptical of the guests they have, whether it's a near death experience or a channel or someone like yourself or even a guru from India, they're like as a boy out there trying to sell books, all this kind of stuff and I'm like,

Matias De Stefano 1:09:40
Oh yeah, we are too.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:43
Obviously, we're all rolling in it with the book sales. I don't know about you, but my book sales. I mean, I just bought my second yacht. So but but what I always tell people is like, I don't care what the messenger is. What's the message? Does it ring true to you? Does it help you? And if it does take it and use it, if it doesn't, discard it and move on with life. Right? That's the way it should always be, you know, so it's like I love but I love the way you, you present it as a beautiful answer my friend,

Matias De Stefano 1:10:16
When when you are like a person like me or many other people that are doing this as their way of life, we are all trusting that we are connected with the universe. So when you are, truthfully connect it with your own self. Actually, you're not trying to convince anybody. Because,

Alex Ferrari 1:10:50
You know,

Matias De Stefano 1:10:50
Yeah, because you're just sharing, like, I'm not trying to this is something that I also did talk to my dad, because he was like, I thought you would be someone that were trying to convince me and my, and my other kids, they know like to believe what you believe. And I said, I don't care if you believe what I believe. Like, if this is my thing, you know, this is my opinion. And you want something from it, I can answer but, but when you want to, when we when when you enjoy yourself with who you are, you're not in the niche of trying to change other people's lives by force, or I need you to believe me, you know, I had this conversation with a with a friend, he's Muslim. And until he was he was like, Why? Why? If you if your life is like, a Prophet's life, why don't you go to the work trying to convince them that when what you're saying is the truth. So we are all following that truth, like, like the prophets did. And it said, because, because I don't care. Because if I pushed people to believe what I believe it is, it's not. It's because I don't really understand what the universe is about. And the universe is about experiencing. And so if you're skeptical of all this, so maybe your path of understanding the universe is another one. But if we all would believe the same thing, there wouldn't be beautiful things in the world, there wouldn't be art, music, movies, I don't know, everything that we have today. Because it's the singularity that makes beautiful, a beautiful world.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:43
But it's such an old idea that, like, if I have a belief I have to teach, I have to force you or convince you. That's why you heard of the yogi crusades. Where we were Yogi's, were crusading across Europe, saying you must understand enlightenment, and killing people in the name of enlightenment, like you never saw. Because the yogi's would just sit there and people would come to them. If you are ready, I'll share with you and if you don't like it, go on, as opposed to some of these older religions or even, you know, spiritual practices like you know, Christ. I mean, look, I was just at the at the Vatican, and I know you've been there. And I just looked around, I was like, this has nothing to do with Jesus, like has nothing. Nothing to do with Jesus whatsoever.

Matias De Stefano 1:13:29
And I used to, I go a lot to the Vatican. And people say, what are you going to the Vatican so much? And I said, Well, it has so much energy, because so many people pay attention to the place, and it's so beautiful. It's renouncing his art. Oh, you know, it's like, why do you go to St. Peter's Square because of Bernini, not because of the Pope named this beautiful job, and you cannot just ignore it.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:56
Exactly. The pressure is right there and you go into the museum and you're like, oh, look, this Raphael's frescoes and like, of course, that's why you go, of course, it's beautiful. But you see, it's beautiful. And my friend, do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Matias De Stefano 1:14:12
I would transfer in mind when or take that part that we were sharing before about, we are living in a chaotic moment. But chaotic moment requires people that things beyond chaos in order to create. So I would say that as the most crazy and chaotic the world becomes. Pay attention to what it could become. After that, if we all set our imagination to work if we all start to making our ideas into reality. So I would always say that whenever the energy is very low in the planet, the planet needs for people to be high in vibration. So I would advice to everyone that whenever there's a conflict, try to smile or laugh. And whenever there's a problem, use your imagination to find 1000 solutions. Because there is nothing that we can transcend. So the only way to transcend it is if we keep looking into the possibilities, and not into the problem itself. So this chaotic times that we are living in the world are going to be amazing. If more of us start to think about the infinite and beautiful possibilities of this crisis that we're living in.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:55
I appreciate you and the work that you're doing to awaken the planet my friend, thank you again for coming on the show.

Matias De Stefano 1:16:01
Thank you.

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