Nobel Doctor REVEALS Akashic Records & the Quantum Field Are REAL! with Dr. Ervin Laszlo

In the vast, interconnected web of existence, the threads of knowledge and understanding are ever-present, waiting to be discovered. On today’s episode, we welcome the esteemed Dr. Ervin Laszlo, a renowned philosopher and systems scientist whose exploration of the Akashic field provides profound insights into the nature of our universe and our place within it.

Dr. Ervin Laszlo is a visionary thinker and author, known for his pioneering work in the fields of systems theory and the philosophy of science. His contributions to our understanding of the cosmos are both profound and far-reaching. “The whole universe is a field. And everything that happens is part of that field,” he explains, shedding light on the concept of the Akashic field. This field, he suggests, is a universal quantum field that contains a record of all events and experiences throughout time.

In our conversation, Dr. Laszlo delves into the nature of the Akashic records, describing them as a feature of the Akashic field—a cosmic memory that can be accessed to recall past events. “The Akashic Record is an element, a feature of the Akashic field… this field has memory,” he states. This memory is not transient but is permanently encoded in the fabric of the universe, allowing everything that has ever happened to be recalled and studied.

Dr. Laszlo’s journey into the study of the Akashic field began with a realization that our experiences and memories are more enduring than they seem. He draws parallels to phenomena observed in hypnosis, where individuals can recall minute details of past events. “Everything that ever happened to me, I can call it up, call it back again,” he notes, emphasizing that these memories are part of a larger cosmic database that includes all of existence.

One of the fascinating aspects of our discussion is Dr. Laszlo’s perspective on how altered states of consciousness can facilitate access to the Akashic records. He highlights the work of Stanislav Grof and the transformative experiences of individuals in altered states. “In altered states, people can access information that is not available in ordinary states of consciousness,” Dr. Laszlo explains. Techniques such as meditation, hypnosis, and mindfulness can open pathways to these deeper levels of awareness, allowing us to tap into the vast reservoir of the Akashic field.

The implications of the Akashic field extend beyond individual memory and experience. Dr. Laszlo suggests that this field can also offer insights into broader phenomena such as reincarnation and past lives. “Our past lives are still present, but we can’t normally access them,” he explains. By entering deeper states of consciousness, we can recall these past experiences and gain a more comprehensive understanding of our spiritual journey.


  1. Interconnected Memory: The universe retains a record of all events and experiences, accessible through the Akashic field. This cosmic memory connects us to all that has ever happened.
  2. Altered States of Consciousness: Techniques like meditation and hypnosis can open pathways to deeper levels of awareness, allowing us to access the Akashic records and gain profound insights.
  3. Holistic Understanding: By embracing the concept of the Akashic field, we can develop a more integrated and holistic understanding of the universe and our place within it.

Dr. Laszlo’s insights remind us that our experiences and knowledge are part of a larger, interconnected web of existence. By exploring the Akashic field, we can gain deeper insights into our past, present, and future, and understand the true nature of our reality.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Ervin Laszlo.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 271

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 0:00
The whole universe is a field. And it's everything that happens is part of that field. So the cosmic period as in the Akashic field is our approach our understanding of the Akashic field.

Alex Ferrari 0:19
I like to welcome back to the show. That's Ervin Laszlo. How you doing Dr. Ervin?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 0:29
Oh, good. I'm glad to be back again.

Alex Ferrari 0:31
Thank you again, so much for coming back on the show, our last conversation has been a big hit with the audience and your work is getting out there and to hopefully new eyes, and helping awaken this world and change this world, which is what your work is doing. But today, we're going to kind of focus on one of your other books and ideas and concepts about the Akashic records. And I wanted to know what your first what basically what is your definition of the Akashic records coming from your point of view?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 0:57
Well, I mean, the Akashic Record is an element is a feature of the Akashic field, the attachment field is the universal quantum field. And the deeper the dimension in the in, in the explicate implicate order or beyond the surface manifestations. So that's a field and this field has memory. So what happens in it can be recalled in principle is is information in the field as registered in the field information in this cosmic sense, and is something that happened at any one time does not disappear completely, it is not evanescent. It can be called up again, from some cloud from the cosmic cloud as it were. So the records are actually this manifestation that is not the only feature of the field. But this memory is one feature of the field, which means that this cosmos is actually based on a continuous quantum level field, in which everything that's ever happened, is recallable. So when you recall it, it appears that this will be the record, that's the popular term in popular formulation of it is no aggression against it, to say that the field itself has many more features, just as important and interesting. So it also be so egoistic and singing it, go to the court and call up my own background on me, or whatever, to my great, great grandfather that sets it up. That's a popular idea. And it's interesting to try. But the field is not there to satisfy individual curiosity.

Alex Ferrari 1:21
Interesting. So what what made you what inspired you to study the Akashic records and the Akashic field in general?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 2:41
I have come to the inside somehow that everything that ever happened to me, I can call it up, call it back again. Because you know that in hypnosis, people can come up with details of any episode that you've noticed suggest. So it seems it's all there. And then I look at the the newest cosmology, the quantum physics, the even the relativity, physics going even beyond Einstein. Now, you see, and there is a good reason to believe that this universe is running on information. And this information is not something that's here today and gone tomorrow. This is information that is a permanent part of what what of that field. So this field becomes all the time richer and richer, of course. And this becomes a permanent record of everything that happened in space and time. It's a mind boggling idea. But altogether, quantum physics these days is mind boggling. The universe as we as we as we begin to know it, there is a holographic universe where all things are present in every part of it. I mean, there are many features of this universe, which are crazy and miraculous. So the Akashic records are one of those things. And I, in my effort to try to record remember, things that went in the, in the past that went on, among other things, how I learned a piece of music when I was a musician. I performed it, I can, again, come back to Missouri, live it again. And this is how it started. And then I went on to ideas and two books and two conversations that I've wanted to have, please present present. I wanted to have allow alive again. So I went to the idea of that time when I first thought of it was before the idea of the cloud of the internet cloud was very conceived or do you want but think of it nowadays as a cosmic cloud, which saves everything that there is and allows us to recall it. Because everything that has gone in the past is part of What goes on in the present? And together we'll feature and create? What's been go on in the future?

Alex Ferrari 5:07
Is there any scientific basis for the existence of the Akashic records? And how does it how does it relate to the broader field of quantum physics in general?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 5:15
So what do you mean by scientific basis? You know, nowadays in the great cosmic cosmological theories altogether, the new physics, what you observe is only a very tiny little part of what we consider has been true. I think the living the governing principle is what Einstein said at one point, he said, that in the new physics in physics altogether, be trying to tie together the in the simplest possible scheme, the observed facts. So we observe some facts, and they seem very strange, and some of them don't seem to tie in at all, they are very mind boggling. So in science, we come up with a scheme that shows how all the elements that we perceive are really tiny fractional elements of wood that creates field, which comprehends all that there is and all that there has been, and together creates what there will be. So we just creating this, this idea of the universe on the basis of some indications, but it's rigorous, nonetheless, because this indication has to be the simplest possible logical scheme that can account for the facts. And once you do that, then you'll end with the new psychology of is the new biology, this the new physics, because there are attempt to be the simplest possible scheme to explain what they are looking for the curious facts of this universe and for existence in the universe,

Alex Ferrari 6:46
Is there a process to accessing the Akashic records for an individual, let's say over yourself?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 6:53
I think the author's states of consciousness seem to be a good way to go. Stanislav Grof, Grof degree psychologist, a psychiatrist, where he was saying that when somebody in all these things experiences clients, when they enter an altered state, they never are the same again, as they were the excess information that is not available in ordinary states of consciousness. Now, we know that when we are altered states, the electronic the electroencephalography, EEG pattern of our brain also changes, usually it goes down into lower frequencies below the alpha level, then we are entering into deep meditation. And these spiritual persons and the great mystics and speculative spiritual people, prophetic prophetic people, they are seem to be operating on this very deep level below the level Delta level, maybe low alpha. So there's far away from the everyday beta level on which we exist much, much below it. And it seems that it can be entered those states through meditation, through prayer, through through repeating mantras, there are various kinds of sinks and ways to enter altered states. So psychiatry, so hypnotist, and all that, as you can do with oneself to by simply mindfulness meditation, allowing things to come to your mind and thus forcing it okay, then the enlarge the spectrum of our consciousness, not only are aware of what meets our eye, and ear, and other sense organs immediately now. And here, as we become aware of things that are much beyond that level, Dream imagination, about some of these things can be verified. For example, after near death experiences that occur very often come up is information that you can copy, record recoup again. And this information can be verified as to what actually happened during the time that an individual was in a deep coma, or in other state, which is beyond consciousness, or in the absence of ordinary living consciousness. So it's not so simple to dismiss all that as imagination, we can do, some of it can be checked. And it does seem that we have access to information that is beyond the level of the sensory organs. And that information is gives us something about the cosmos, about the universe, about nature, and about each other, other people as we ordinarily wouldn't be aware of, so that's one way to proceed. Another way, of course, is the scientific method, based on rationality and integration of data and all that was one day of inquiring into the nature of the universe is entering altered state, like the great spiritual and religious people have been doing Get all the great artists that are doing. And I think great scientists are doing it as well.

Alex Ferrari 10:05
It wasn't an Einstein who received inspiration during playing music or during dream states as well.

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 10:11
He said that Imagination is more important than rationality. You said it's so true, I think I might experience too, I think it must have been nonsense experience that you come up is an intuition about how things could be, and then you start hunting it down to start asking what happens if this was true? How would we know it? What difference would it make? And then you set out on the on the on the past or creating theories? In my mind, in my experience, if I pose a question that I want to know something about deeper is beyond the sensory experience. And it seems to me that it's a meaningful question, and then start hunting it down, then sync starts falling into place into pattern. One thing suggests another, and I'm gonna do find yourself a couple more complete picture that leads you back to who you are, and where you are at this particular moment. So it gives you a more holistic understanding. That is, if the if the hunch, if the origin or imagination of the original insight, or intuition is a valid one, it doesn't suggest anything, it just gives you odd, chaotic solutions, then, in my experience, it's better to leave it alone. That's not the right paths, the right paths is inscribed in us, because we are part of the Akashic field. And that, that what there is, is accessible to us. We can imagine a lot of other things we can make and create perfectly pause ways to move forward. Unfortunately, we aren't creating some of them as humanity does these days. But if we are moving around the right way, nature is really the the cosmic way to live this way. Then seeing spa into pattern syncs make sense.

Alex Ferrari 12:08
Is the Akashic field around us? Is there a is it a place is it just embedded in the code of the universe? How where is it exactly?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 12:19
The Akashic field is not something that is, it's not only going to show you that the universe has an Akashic field or the universe as if characteristics of an Akashic I say the universe is an Akashic field, you know, this so called Subject predicate way of explaining things and the this green, this is an object hard object and is green, you know, the object and this predicate that doesn't apply to the to the new quantum science to the new information about the nature of the world, things are, are together is the characteristics which their properties, they are not separable, there is no background basis, there is no fewer matter, for example, or fewer fields on which we is inscribed, there are experiences. The whole universe is a field. And it's everything that happens is part of that field. So the cosmic period as in the Akashic field is our approach our understanding of the Akashic field, this is how the universe appears to us, it appears to us as a beyond sensory, a classic type of field in which all things are present that have been passed. I don't believe the future is present and the future has been done has been created, it is yet to be created, that certainly then is created it will be created very largely in reference to what has gone in the past. Again, not deterministically not by unique The way determining this is what I'm the past definitely must not have been the next time the future. And I think there is real freedom or close minded listeners I recommend the looking at Alfred North Whitehead, metaphysics and philosophy he described all these things that are before the quantum physics became known, as he described it in terms of a single logical scheme of how things hang together are all things conspire as each other to create any one thing and or any one thing is present in all other things. It's, it's present in our in our mind, in our imagination, in our consciousness, and now we are hunting it down. And turns out that this is as good at physics as we can get as good an account of reality as science can deliver to us.

Alex Ferrari 14:48
What role do you believe that the Akashic Records play in our understanding of phenomena like reincarnation, past lives, interdimensional experiences?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 14:57
If everything is present that has been haven't happened is still present. Obviously the reincarnation is not a process, it's just a recall. And the similar is more is better is the going back to the idea of a cloud is there it has to be cloud up, it has to be called up, you know, so our past lives are still present, but we can't normally access it. So not in any state of consciousness, we can have it enter deeper states. And we can literally recall or up again, those lights or those episodes, those happenings that have been going on in the past that are of interest, as particular everything has happened is in principle recallable, including our past lives, including other people's past lives. And things that have happened even long time ago on this planet,

Alex Ferrari 15:53
Can the Akashic field help us have a better understanding of what consciousness is?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 15:59
Consciousness again, goes back to I want to go back to what I said a moment ago. It's not as though we have consciousness, as though we have our brain cells in our body, and interactions and that creates consciousness. I think consciousness is very much part of the quantum that makes up our borders, quantum consciousness is, is a feature. I wouldn't say property because it's a separate thing, but a feature and a hallmark of reality. This is a conscious universe. It is a universe as we can perceive as conscious, as before, we used to perceive it as being material. And just you're a passive matter of following eternal laws. In the Newtonian physics. Now we can conceive consciousness as being the cosmos itself, the cosmos, is a conscious emergence, rather, the emergence of consciousness from a deeper layer, deeper layer is a potential for consciousness, you all have this potential. Because the potential is there in the universe, the recall it, we are still in the position of on to recall the position of ink going back and calling up from the cloud, what I think what we think they're interested in what we really want to know. And because that cloud contains all the things, and our pass code to it, to pursue the similar is, is altered state. In an altered state, we have a key to these experiences, and ordinary states, they are maybe hunches that we cannot follow up, maybe not even aware of, is there there, but we are not sensing it. The sense that this broader, deeper reality is in a modified state of consciousness, in which we attend to a much broader spectrum of events. They're mostly due in ordinary states,

Alex Ferrari 18:04
I would love to hear your thoughts on how the Akashic field helps or helps explain the potential of a cosmic hologram or a simulation, the simulation theory of everything because the field itself sounds, you know, that is almost like it's code, if you want to use the cloud analogy, that way we hard drives and things like that in the world, where this information just lives within all of us. What are your thoughts about how that interacts with this idea of the cosmic hologram,

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 18:36
The cosmic hologram is, is the Akashic field again, if the field is a hologram, the field is not a bit of a lot of separate events. And antimatter energy events in space and time, it feels is a sphere of cosmic consciousness, in which all elements are present in every part, and that's a hologram. The hologram is really contains all things you know, in a in an artificial hologram that we create in the laboratory, we can recall any one part in any one part of the curriculum the complete information that has made up an image that we created is there in every image is smaller this territory of the size of the image, the fainter the image, of course, the more possibilities, but is there is a very interesting way to do this to actually do something analogous to this is to take your glasses your ordinary reading glasses, Project take approach projector of his projects, all the slides are several slides but at the same time without having an objective lens that articulates it as a as a seeable, viable image. But you have done and the screen is the is the is the visible spectrum. And all things are any and put together on that screen, and you take your eyeglasses or you take any magnifying glass, for example, and put it to the front of the screen. Lo and behold, you'll find that the entire image appears behind that class on the screen. Because it's all there yet, or all of the holographic spectrum is present in the field because we project all our slides on it. And those slides can be reconstructed by a simple focus. As an analogy, or as a simple primitive and algebra, something anybody can try, you can all take a slide projector, pick up the lens, and allow put it in front of the screen, and use your magnifying glass or your eyeglasses to see what happens. So everything is in any one force, you can go anywhere, you can put a several glasses, a magnifying glasses and several images appear. So it's not unique, and it's not limited to here. And now. It's not just one thing, it's all things put together. The universe is that total level field, total information, information or spectrum, which is given about interest you don't recognize we couldn't live, we couldn't get along in our daily life. If that was a reality, we have to have to articulate that reality or reduce it to elements that we can cope with, that tell us how to live how to survive in this world. So there's a very good reason for taking the Akashic field and the building, reducing it as it were, to everyday events just as we do in the popular role. It's not good science, but it is what helped us get along in this world.

Alex Ferrari 20:45
Your analogy of the smallest element in hologram reminds me of a pinhole camera, where a pinhole holds the entire image of the room that can be projected behind it just by using a pinhole of light. It's pretty fascinating.

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 22:10
That's exactly that's one way of focusing the image goes through a pinhole.

Alex Ferrari 22:17
It's when I first time ever saw that put a pin, I did a pinhole and it literally projected the entire image on the back of the wall. And I was like of the of the image that I was shooting at. I was like, how is that even possible? But it is so something so small, can hold all of this information. It's really fascinating to start thinking how that works

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 22:38
Google lens concentrates an image or to give to a given point. So it's like a good magnifying glass is like a pinhole, everything's working.

Alex Ferrari 22:50
Do you believe that the study of the Akashic field and the Akashic records, an extension will be a bridge between science and spirituality possibly?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 23:01
Bridge yes, I don't like the analogy so much of the breach it says there are two separate things also you can join together I think the two things are not separate. There is an aspect I would say, of the cosmos which appears as meta as physical material things. Another aspect that appears as a thought as a cloud, there's an image of 100 years ago, James Jones, famous astronomer at the time, said that study studying the base of his study of the of the universe, he would say that the universe is more like a big thought than like a big rock. So that's just alter the basis of other peers 100 150 years ago. Now we know in the quantum sciences, yes, the universe is something that is generated out of a multitude of data at any given point at all given point is generated or regenerated reconstituted on the basis of data. And what they perceive is our assembly of that data into a coherent whole that we can recognize that we can work with. That is that recognition that is a reduction of the complexity to a simplicity, but it's a survival necessity. We live on in a three dimensional universe even if the universe is 12 dimensional. There's an instant suppose, but the living universe that is our background, or our activities for our survival is a three dimensional universe. Now we can add the pose damage relatively easily. So mathematics we can add higher dimensions as well as a progressively removing it from our everyday world. removing it from the sphere in which we can live and survive.

Alex Ferrari 24:56
The the idea and what quantum physics It has taught us and please correct me if I'm wrong, that we are energy and our atoms and photons and electrons and all that are just gathered together to form a rock a table yourself myself. And that's the basis of concepts. But my question to you is, what is the organizing energy that makes this atom a rock and this atom, Dr. Ervin Laszlo,

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 25:24
I call it the evolutionary impetus. You can call it the trend or motivation or whatever. It's a kind of a law, or a universal law of development. Why things evolve, rather than just staying heaps of like a similar artifact these similar things? Why do they generate things that are coherence? This whole universe is moving from the Big Bang, which was a state of total chaos as far as we know. It's moving to are creating quanta creating ghettos, creating molecules creating Kristiansund cells and organisms are super organisms, and galaxies and so on. It's moving towards coherence and organization. And the law that moves it prompts it is as basic or more basic than any other laws of nature. It's an evolutionary impetus not to mix it up with other laws. I call it in my books. I call it an attractor, you know attractors in the system scientists, I used to describe what takes place, how our system behaves over time, how it evolves, what forms it takes. So this is an attractive universe and attractors towards wholeness as an attraction towards wholeness, a tropism as I call it, the whole tropic attractor. And I think it's more basic than any other other laws. Because this law originates not on the surface, not on the explicate order. It originated as David Bohm already suspected, in the implicate order, is the basic basis of the universe from which the universe arises. And it's constantly conference, the evolution of the universe. Very far out concepts as it's as it seems, but as to to go back to what we said before. It's still I think it's the simplest possible scheme by which we can account this enormously, enormously astonishing facts that are coming to light.

Alex Ferrari 27:30
And Dr. Laszlo, can you tell me what inspired you to write your new book, The Survival Imperative: Upshifting to Conscious Evolution?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 27:39
I mean, it became the survival imperative, I wanted to write, actually, a state to which we can aspire to, that we can seek to take occupy to is virtually through a call up shift to, you know, and then at least try to describe these conditions of how we can create a kind of a movement in which people can survive and live in can ultimately get strive together. Then it became clear, to me and also to my editors and publishers, that's what I'm talking about is a kind of an imperative. You if you assume that if you move toward a state, you survive, if you move in the wrong direction, or a different direction, you risk extinction. So the survival imperative is really a condition through which we want to aspire to, to lead you in the direction of which we want to go. focusing our ambitions, focusing our purpose, letting us know what we can do, why we are here, we are here to live and to survive and to develop, how do we do that? There are some conditions that we have to fulfill. Not everything will take us to evolutionary future, we have to follow, we have to abide by and aligned with the Holotropic attractor in the universe, then we go on the right paths, and you can survive and you can even thrive.

Alex Ferrari 29:08
Dr. Laszlo I want to thank you so much for coming back on the show and for all the amazing and tireless work that you do to help awaken the planet and help humanity my friends a thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work that you do.

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 29:21
Thank you, Alex. We are trying to wake up this planet and we are you are doing it. I'm trying to do it. Together we can do it even better. Thanks for your conversation.

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