The WORLD About to Change: Will We Survive the Coming Great Shift? with Nobel Nominee Dr. Ervin Laszlo

In the vast expanse of human consciousness, we often find ourselves grappling with the mysteries of existence and our place within the cosmic order. On today’s episode, we welcome Dr. Ervin Laszlo, a philosopher and systems scientist whose work on the interconnectedness of all things invites us to reconsider our relationship with the universe and each other. Dr. Laszlo’s profound insights shed light on the current global turmoil, suggesting that it is part of a larger, irreversible shift towards a higher level of alignment and coherence.

Dr. Laszlo begins by addressing the seismic changes happening in our world, attributing them to a necessary realignment with the natural and universal order. He argues that humanity has strayed from this alignment, damaging the environment and creating conflicts. “There is something happening, which others, other species would not be able to respond to if they do not have this high level of consciousness,” he explains. This period of upheaval is an opportunity for humanity to realign with the evolutionary push towards greater coherence and oneness.

Central to this realignment is the idea of connecting with our higher selves. Dr. Laszlo emphasizes that the authority we seek is within us, reflecting the same consciousness that permeates all living things. This inner authority, or “holo tropism,” is a natural tendency towards creating coherent, higher-level systems. “There is an evolutionary push and pull in the universe, which is happening all around,” he notes, suggesting that by tuning into this inner drive, we can consciously further the process of realignment and live in harmony with nature.


  1. Reconnect with Inner Authority: Dr. Laszlo highlights the importance of listening to our inner authority, the innate consciousness that guides us towards coherence and oneness. This connection is essential for aligning ourselves with the natural order and living in harmony with the universe.
  2. Embrace Evolutionary Change: The current global chaos is not a mere perturbation but a sign of a deeper evolutionary shift. By understanding and embracing this change, we can evolve towards a higher level of consciousness and coherence, ensuring our survival and flourishing.
  3. Seek Coherence and Love: At the heart of Dr. Laszlo’s message is the pursuit of coherence and unconditional love. This drive towards unity and interconnectedness is fundamental to the universe and our existence. By fostering these qualities, we contribute to the ongoing evolution of consciousness.

Dr. Laszlo also introduces the concept of the Akashic field, a continuous field of interconnection and oneness that underlies all existence. This field represents the universe as a coherent whole, where everything acts together towards a single evolutionary aim. “The Akashic field is a field of interconnection, a field of oneness,” he describes, emphasizing its role in guiding the evolutionary process.

As we navigate through the complexities of modern life, Dr. Laszlo urges us to remember that chaos often precedes growth and transformation. He views the current global crisis as an opportunity for humanity to reconnect with its true nature and align with the evolutionary trend towards wholeness. “This chaos is our hope, our chance, our opportunity,” he asserts, suggesting that by seeking coherence and harmony, we can create a sustainable and thriving human system on Earth.

In conclusion, Dr. Ervin Laszlo’s insights offer a roadmap for navigating the profound changes of our time. By reconnecting with our inner authority, embracing evolutionary change, and seeking coherence and love, we can align ourselves with the universal drive towards oneness. This alignment not only ensures our survival but also allows us to thrive in harmony with the cosmos.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Ervin Laszlo.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 031

Alex Ferrari 0:09
I'd like to welcome to the show, Dr. Ervin Laszlo How are you doing Ervin?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 0:13
Okay, I'm fine. I'm glad to be here to talk to you.

Alex Ferrari 0:17
I appreciate you coming on the show. It is an honor to speak to you about about your work and about some of these big questions that we're looking for answers for in this in this insane world that we're living in currently. But my first question I'll ask you is, why do you think that the world is going through such a shift such a great change right now? I mean, even in my lifetime, I've never seen such turmoil, such change in the environment, change in politics, change in governments and people's attitudes in the Me, me me, kind of world as opposed to the more connected world. Why do you think that is happening?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 0:55
Well, it's an irreversible process. There's something more than that he thought he thought it was a fluctuation and such a perturbation. And absolutely seems to go back to where they were, it seems to me that there is something else involved here. Now, the best answer I can give, the best sort of term that I can use is alignment, re alignment, we have got off of the grid, as it were of nature, and the universe, or we have events on our separate ways, and destroy the environmental creating conflict with an accommodating completely destroyed, but damage the environment, and created conflict between people rich and poor and North themselves. And and human beings and other species is a realignment there is something happening, which is which others, other species would not be able to respond, if they are not don't have this high level of consciousness, then they don't succeed in the realignment they become extinct. And that's a possibility that's always there for the human species as well. But we have consciousness, even awareness, a possibility of, of asking these questions that you are asking, and asking also what we can do about it. So I think there is a chance that it is not just a perturbation, and it's also not the beginning of the end. I think it's a very serious change, and irreversible change that is moving us into an other speaker currency, into another domain of existence, of information flow, everything is changing, we are moving, perhaps moving to something different and up to us to make that something different, something better. And by better, I mean, something more natural, more aligned. And once we have been aligned with the universe is the source. I think that is the key.

Alex Ferrari 3:04
Now, can you discuss the importance of us as individuals, individual humans, to connect with our higher selves, because there's so many people searching for that answer outside of themselves. But I found that inside is where you find the answers and connecting to that higher self, the higher level of consciousness is the key, but I love to hear your point of view.

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 3:29
The authority that we have is can only be inside us because what is inside us is inside every living thing on this planet. And wherever there is life in the universe. The authority is in us. There is something which I call a holo topic extractor. Well, it's a term it doesn't you don't need to use it, but by that I mean by that, there is a natural tendency in us at tropism and natural attraction, towards creating coherent higher level systems with a higher grade of consciousness or soul, if you like. And there is this push evolutionary push and pull in the universe, which is happening all around this is happening everywhere. And we these our conscious mind, are capable of picking it up of not only sort of living next to it, but absorbing it and perhaps drawing some consequences. There are some lessons you need to consciously further this process of realignment of coming back to living in the web, in the in the womb of nature in the lap of nature. Living in a way in which nature is is made available. on life, that's the way Bob can live on on earth. You know very shortly we're going to just reminded me a couple of an hour or two ago, and invitation to the 50th anniversary of the launch of the book of the footy club of Rome, which was called the limits to growth 50th anniversary already, to me this limits of growth is not something negative, it just means that not anything goes that we have this is the first 50 years ago, this is the first time actually, that humanity as a conscious species has begun to realize that not anything can be done, he cannot read any old odd way that we want to that we are part of a living system. And that living system had its own dynamic, its own limitations, but it's also its own possibilities. So it's time now after 50 years, to come back and to to reflect, how is it that we can again, be part of this evolutionary trend? But conscious? Can we be consciously a part of it? That's what I want to say.

Alex Ferrari 6:11
So what in your what is the definition of consciousness? What is your definition of consciousness? What is it?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 6:18
I don't think anybody can but it's what we used to call soul, or spirit. I think it's, it's close to what we can call consciousness, it's something of which there is only one if that is helpful. Okay, fair enough. As ruettiger said, their consciousness is on doesn't exist in the plural. Consciousness is a spirits which exists in the world, which is non material. But perhaps, the material is really more or less of an illusion pensions really exists is this higher level, if this spirit is this non material, something which we can't name because everything else that by which we would name is an is a result of it so but it's their consciousness is that universe of awareness, which makes the world more than a set of material objects vying these one another, and surviving or not surviving something more, something deeper, that is the spirit which already Plato talks about the light, the consciousness, the mind, you know, we can call it by many names, but it is something which is fundamental in the world, which is probably much more fundamental than anything physical or material. The rest could be a manifestation of this. Ultimately, what there is His mind, His Spirit, His consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 7:55
Now, you've spoken about the Akashic field a lot, what is the Akashic field for people listening who don't know it.

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 8:03
It's the way the universe appears to us. The universe is a continuous field as as we apprehend it, and they're all things are interconnected, that all things are acting together. Sometimes you can disturb it, of course, and then out of out of step out, out of out of sync. But in this field, which is the universe as it appears, the field of life, the field of consciousness, where everything joins together, where everything acts towards a single and single basic aim, which we can call evolution, which we can best define as a higher level coherence of all things responding resonating with each other. So, the question is, the Akashic field is a field of interconnection, a field of oneness, and a field of joint one system evolution, a field of mind. I don't know if that's why better, much more helpful, but it is what what the Akasha is really intuitively has been perceived for 1000s of years, there is something which is a continuous, unbroken wholeness, and that appears to us as a field and that you can say is the Akashic field.

Alex Ferrari 9:34
Now, why has there been such a move from connection and understanding connection not only to nature, but to each other? Because earlier, hundreds of years ago, even 1000s of years ago, people were much more interconnected, much more reliant on each other. The it was known that you needed to be connected with nature and work with nature, but in these last couple 100 years, even And we have now especially these last 50 years, have really kind of like supercharged our disconnecting from not only each other the concept of the oneness the concept of being interconnected as one entity as a humanity, but also as a planet. Why do you think this is happening?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 10:19
It has become a precondition of our survival. Just this one away, we are on the on the, on the threshold of what is known as a six global extinction, wave of extinction. And we wonder if the human species will be part of this wave of extinctions. Certainly, there's no guarantee that we can survive. But if there is any chance that we have, many bees attend to survive as we move forward, we can't stay the way we were, we can't go back. But we can each set a higher level, a higher level of spirit or soul or mind or consciousness as you like. And this is the chance that is given to us to be conscious of this tremendous change, that we need to change that we need it. Because the way we have been going is been the recipe for disaster for a species by disaster. Creating an unlivable unsustainable world in which humans are dead as conflictual elements peeling evermore disturbed, ever more frustrated, and more violent. Because we don't leave out the what we truly are. This This one is this coherence oriented system. So this has got to change, it has gotten to the point where it needed to change, they're beginning to perceive that change now consciously. It's there anyway. Other species undergo these changes, and they either mutate or they become extinct, we can perceive it, we can be consciously perceive it. And if you're bright enough, sufficiently bright, and clever enough, we can also align ourselves consciously, consciously seeking harmony, seeking coherence seeking oneness. This has been intuitively the case for 1000s of years. Now we recognize that this is part of the evolutionary drive, all things seek oneness, we are part of this all things and we have not been seeking it, we have got off this train is also we can take a faster train or go to wherever we want to go. And we are now feeling the consequences. We can't continue doing this. We have to come back to what we really are a natural entity evolving in harmony with the rest of life on this planet.

Alex Ferrari 12:52
How do you suggest that we reconnect with source because I feel a lot of our problems is a disconnection from the source energy from the thing that created us whatever title or or label you'd like to put on it, but God the universe, the inner whatever that is, how do you suggest that we reconnect with that source?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 13:16
Well, there's no simple very short answer to that is happens last year I published a book precisely because this title reconnecting to the source, St. Martin's Press ruin almost 200 pages or so, I try to get an answer. But what strikes me is that whenever you talk to people and are trying to do this particular event is Bokhari connecting to the source, I say to people who are believed to be highly spiritual entities, people, people with a higher level of spirituality, what it is that distinguishes them that makes them different from from ordinary, everyday lives of people. And I think that is this something this, this seeking, this search for coherence, for UNIAN. In integrity, in the diversity is in the diversity, not monolithic oneness, but a higher level of coherence, seeking that and then you see that when you search for that, then you express something that young people call love, or romantic poets escaped called love. And I can also call it that, because love in this ultimate sense, means not doing something for something or against in return to something. It means an unconditional and universal sense that we are seeking or belonging with the rest belonging to this place you call universe itself always very big to call universe it seems like a lot of Gala and stars to incoming and all that and very impersonal. But it turns out the universe has born. If that's really true vacations we believe it is science into it is that the assessors the point 8 billion years ago after the aftermath of the Big Bang, and there has been an initial chaos, which is organizing itself all along, creating entities creating coherence things, atoms and molecules and cells and ecologists, systems of life, galactic systems and so on. All of this is happening, the initial chaos is giving rise to any additional levels of chaos, at this level of coherence. And the other parts of this movement. And the point I'm trying to make today is that this is a very major realignment, which we can help which we can live up to, which we can try to work with, if you do it consciously, we realign to that evolutionary trend, which are called the whole tropism whole, his whole a whole is for wholeness, you know, at tropism toward wholeness toward oneness, you know, if you can realize that, and feel the oneness, feel the love. Okay, then there's a chance, I think that we can create a human system on this planet, which is aligned with the web of life, throughout the throughout this planet and Suad nature.

Alex Ferrari 16:31
Do you think that we are in a sense, in chaos at the moment because we need to, within chaos starts the growth process of being able to shift to that next place? Because it seems fairly chaotic right now in the world?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 16:47
Maybe I didn't transition. Yeah. This what you call chaos is our hope, is our chance, is the opportunity. Because it loosens up what there was to continue the way we have been going with I've been very bad suicidal, there's a nice Chinese saying that says if you continue the work, if you don't change direction, you'll end up exactly where we have been heading for Reiki. And but it's now really need desperately in need of change of direction. And in fact, it's not even a question of whether change direction because we can't keep on the Bay Area. But the question is, what direction can be fine that way, can be fine as you sometimes really to refer to as the new normalcy a new norm. The norm is in nature, which is in the universe, and which is in us, which we have forgotten, we have completely bypassed any natural limitations on any natural search for coherence that is given to us. Because we can do anything that we want. As long as we don't break the law, don't be don't be sent to prison. And as long as it makes money we can make you can do anything, and there is the technology to help us make it do it. And this kind of sophistry, this kind of who police you might say, you know, to push us outside of nature above nature above the universe, that is once you've got to overcome but we are overcoming it now, hopefully and not paying the ultimate price which is extinction. The real, the payoff for this is a higher level of coherence between people, between people of nature, and between this planet and the rest. And there is a universe that is the ultimate payoff. That is once we have to search for and seek and that is what we are seeking because it's in us, if he will honor Listen, as you said a moment ago, the inner authority, the inner impulse that is on guide, not any rational rationalization, not any, any objectives and commands from the outside, listen to yourself and become again part of this universe, you will live. Well, you live at home.

Alex Ferrari 19:20
Now, how do you suggest that we raise the consciousness of humanity as a whole, because that is what's going to be needed for this shift

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 19:30
One of the reason it's already this, this tremendous trial that you're going through this global crisis is raising is doing just that is shaking us up. We need to be conscious of it recognize that this is taking place and as he can be a part of it. Back, back back. Back to Nature back to the universe. This is not reversing is not going back to Something passed is to going to the higher unity. Recognizing truly who we are all saying survey the wisdom of the, you know, the Greek prophet is, as find out who are you ask yourself who you are. And this is finally his chance, we are being asked to ask, we are prompted to ask. And by us raising this question taking you seriously asking us, we can ask ourselves, how do we align? How do we become one again? How do we seek that oneness, which is around us? Okay. A short time left me not only in this program, in the in evolutionary time of the species, make use of that time.

Alex Ferrari 21:01
So let me ask you then, and I've heard you speak about this before, what is the ultimate truth of the universe in your opinion?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 21:10
It seems to me that the universe moves from chaos to coherence, from disorder, from chance from randomness, to our order, but not a pre pre created mechanistic order deterministic order, by the self motivated seeking toward higher levels, are they using this poetic terms of oneness of belongingness, higher levels of work of feeling ourselves together, there is something in that direction, which is now going on, it is becoming more and more unlikely that we simply go back to where we had been before this crisis, you can set that we could reverse the clock, and then just pick it up from there. There is something new coming to be born. And it's up to our conscious mind, after our consciousness or soul, if you will, is to pick that up, to resonate with it, and to work with it. A seeking the oneness seeking the coherence, okay, sounds poetic. But if you don't do it, we can't survive on this planet. If you see do it consciously, we can find the way to live in harmony, and the way to survive, because life is not chaotic. Life is is coherent. And we have lost that we are going to find it again, join that coherence issues life in the universe.

Alex Ferrari 22:51
Are you hopeful for the future of humanity?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 22:54
I think the very fact that you are here and talking about this is a hopeful sign. I think we have a chance you have an opportunity. I wouldn't say there's a forecast. But that we can ask these questions and people are asking about these questions and they and they're asking for answers and asking themselves also that is a wonderful agreed sign. We are not blindly into our demise we are become recognizing that we are at the crossroads at the crossing of the of the path ahead a bifurcation and we are moved on to move forward in that direction a hopefull thing.

Alex Ferrari 23:41
Why do you think that there are so many forces within humanity that want to go back to the way things were that say you know that that magical time in their minds that is that was perfect and everything but they want to keep going back as opposed to opening up for this change? What is What do you think?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 24:00
Back to what?

Alex Ferrari 24:01

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 24:02
If you just go back to what we have been having up to two or three years ago, the industrial civilization where anything goes as long as it makes money, and they are all separate beings competing with one another if that's what we go back to that suicidal but we can go back to a deeper sense of who we are. The great, great prophets told us that we are one, okay. We can move forward in that direction. That's the way to go back to go back to the oneness that is there in the universe, this universe which is moving towards coherence. I keep saying that because that I think is absolutely key. The universe is a system that moves toward wholeness and and higher levels of order and comprehension. higher levels of consciousness. Okay, that's a fantastic magical universe. Let me just say one quote then and before we end, I said at one point he said, You can live, there are two ways to live your life as if everything is a miracle as if nothing is, we used to think that nothing is a miracle, everything is just mechanical, physical process, and mind and all that is just imagination. The new recognition that we come to is that mind and soul and consciousness are not only primary, they are it, the universe is that you know, now that it is possessed, but But the universe is this higher level of consciousness, which will be evolves, and we can help it to evolve, we can be part of that evolution, we can be part of the developed development, by life becomes a supreme force on this planet, and from these planets perhaps can rack up really outwards. And so the non local, non local, immediate transmission of information, reach other planets, these other forms of life, until all life becomes finally in service of the wholeness toward which the universe is heading.

Alex Ferrari 26:20
That's your last look, I really appreciate you taking the time to come on. Where can people find out more about your books and about your work?

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 26:27
Right now on the 22nd of February, I have an event and online event, the Lazlo opposite festival. So that is a good thing to join that. Otherwise, you can find the lasso as well as all about my activities. Every last little books, lists all my books. And the latest book is this called upshift. Wiser living on planet Earth, a hopeful book, showing that it can happen, and that is will be available probably in about 10 days time. In the meanwhile, look up the upstreet festival, Plaza luxury Festival, and join it you can send your videos, you can send your comments. It's an open system, where we are trying to bring forward looking over people together to cope with that tremendous challenge of the crisis through which we are living.

Alex Ferrari 27:28
Dr. Laszlo thank you again so much for coming on the show. I appreciate what you do your work, your life's work and continue your you do not stop. You are working constantly trying to help humanity. So I truly appreciate you my friend. Thank you so much.

Dr. Ervin Laszlo 27:42
Thank you. I can't help you actually say is built into me. I think it's built into all of us. Let's just obey it. Let's just aligned. Thank you for your question.

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