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Today, we welcome back to the show the brilliant Billy Carson. A man of deep knowledge and insight, Billy has captivated audiences with his profound explorations into the mysteries of the ancient world and beyond. Known for his extensive research and engaging presentations, he brings to light the hidden histories and advanced knowledge of civilizations that predate our current understanding.

In this episode, we delve into the fascinating topic of the Anunnaki, a term that refers to beings not of this Earth. As Billy explains, the Anunnaki are not a single race or gender, but a collection of entities from various locations beyond our planet. These beings, he clarifies, were not from one specific place but hailed from multiple star systems, including the Pleiades, as evidenced by numerous ancient texts and artifacts.

“The term Anunnaki is actually a generalized term to describe beings that are not from earth,” Billy shares. This term appears in many cultures, often under different names. For instance, in ancient Egypt, they were called the Netjeru, and in the Bible, they were referred to as the Anakim. The Sumerians, Egyptians, and many other ancient civilizations documented encounters with these beings, who played significant roles in their societies.

Billy recounts the story of the Anunnaki’s arrival on Earth around 450,000 years ago. They did not interact with the existing hominids initially, but about 200,000 years ago, due to a labor rebellion among their own ranks, they genetically modified these early humans to create a worker race. This event, detailed in the Epic of Atrahasis and other texts, marks a significant point in human history. The Anunnaki’s manipulation of our DNA led to the creation of Homo sapiens, designed to serve their needs.

“Earth itself is a side effect of a collision that happened millions of years ago,” Billy explains, referencing ancient texts that describe the formation of our planet from the remnants of a larger celestial body. This ties into the broader narrative of a cosmic war and the scattering of these beings across the galaxy, resulting in the establishment of civilizations on various planets, including Earth.

The implications of the Anunnaki story are profound. It challenges our understanding of human origins and suggests that advanced civilizations have influenced our development. This narrative also touches on the role of giants, who appear in myths and texts worldwide. Billy points out that these giants, described as the offspring of the Anunnaki and humans, were integral to ancient societies, often depicted in their art and architecture.

Billy highlights the global presence of pyramid structures, which share remarkable similarities despite being thousands of miles apart. “The pyramids in Egypt, Teotihuacan in Mexico, and China all align with the Orion star system,” he notes. This alignment and the sophisticated engineering of these structures suggest a shared knowledge passed down through different cultures by these advanced beings.


  1. The Universal Influence of the Anunnaki: The presence of the Anunnaki across various ancient civilizations indicates a shared origin and interconnectedness of human history. Recognizing this can broaden our understanding of humanity’s place in the cosmos.
  2. The Power of Inner Exploration: Billy emphasizes the importance of looking within to discover one’s true potential and divine nature. “The secret is to take a journey to inner space and discover who we truly are,” he says, highlighting the spiritual journey of self-discovery.
  3. Questioning Established Narratives: The story of the Anunnaki challenges the traditional religious and historical narratives we have been taught. This encourages us to seek deeper truths and question the origins of our beliefs and knowledge.

As we conclude this enlightening conversation, it is clear that Billy Carson’s insights offer a transformative perspective on human history and spirituality. His work inspires us to explore beyond the conventional and embrace a more expansive view of our existence.

Please enjoy my conversation with Billy Carson.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 385

Billy Carson 0:00
Beings from somewhere else, came to this planet and began to build a kingdom or a breakaway civilization on earth. So that clears up the Anunnaki. They're not just one race of people from exactly only one location. These people came from multiple locations. And I'm going to be talking about this my new TV series that's coming up very soon about the internet. Another thing is, Well, where did they come from? Well, when you look into these ancient texts at Abba scriptures, some of the scrolls and Papyrus is, you begin to realize they all seem to come from one central location in the sky. And that's the Pleiadian star system.

Alex Ferrari 0:51
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Billy Carson.

Billy Carson 0:56
All right, thanks for having me back. I appreciate it.

Alex Ferrari 0:58
Man, for whatever reason, brother every time you and I talk, the algorithm of YouTube really likes it because we've hit like over I think both of our conversations and have it over 1.5 million and growing.

Billy Carson 1:10
Amazing, amazing. That's listen, you know, when you, you have something that catches the algorithm, that means even the algorithm wants to know what we're talking about. Exactly. Like, I was like, I need to add this to my database.

Alex Ferrari 1:24
That sounds very interesting. Yeah. Well, I mean, we've covered a lot of things in our last conversations. But in this conversation, man, I really wanted to go into something that I've really never gone deep into. And it's something that fascinates me tremendously. And there's so much historical evidence for it, is the concept of the Anunnaki. Which, if you can explain to people what the Anunnaki is, and then explain not only from one culture, but how the concept of the Anunnaki just transcends cultures around the world in such a way that it cannot really be ignored. There's something there what that is, I don't know. So can you explain what the Anunnaki is to people who move slowly?

Billy Carson 2:07
And I'm glad you asked this question, because a lot of people get confused about what who and what the Anunnaki actually are. They tend to want to give the Anunnaki a specific gender or race in a lot of cases, but it's not Anunnaki. The term it's a term, it's not a name. The term Anunnaki is actually a generalized term to describe beings that are not from earth. Right? So if you and I traveled to another solar system, or maybe even tomorrow, we met marshes, and they say, Hey, guys, where are you from? We're not going to say Miami. Right? My name is Billy Carson, and I'm a male from Miami, Florida. They're gonna be like who we're just gonna say Earthlings. And so the term Anunnaki the way it was defined by the Sumerians it was that it's a generalized term and those who came from heaven to earth, and that term has made it into many other texts in various alterations. Even in the Bible. It says they call them ANAK the ANAK. And they're calling these people megalithic giants. They say that these people are so big that we were grasshoppers in their eyesight that's in the Bible, and ancient Egypt, Egypt, they call them minitiru. They say that the gods who came from heaven to earth, same exact terminology, and turn mud into a kingdom. Now, when you look deeper into where these people came from, you start to go through a lot of various different texts, and you begin to realize it's not just one group of people that came from one planet. It appears to be a group of people that came from multiple plants, even multiple solar systems, according to the ancient texts, not according to Billy Carson. So you dig deeper into this, you start looking at the enormous elation, the seven tablets of creation, from the Sumerian tales, the Epic of Gilgamesh, the epic of Archer high seas, and then the myth of Adapa. And that's also Sumerian. But then you move into some of the other texts like the Indian texts like the Mahabharata, the Indian Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita, and some of these other texts, you begin to realize, whoa, the stories are also linking up. And the thing between all these different stories in Egyptian Book of the Dead and The North American indigenous tribes of the Americas, even their historical information and the aboriginals, historical information all point to the same thing. Beings from somewhere else, came to this planet and began to build a kingdom or a breakaway civilization on earth. So that clears up the Anunnaki they're not just one race of people from exactly only one location. These people came from multiple locations. And I'm going to be talking about this. My new TV series is coming up very soon about the Anunnaki. Another thing is, Well, where did they come from? Well, when you look into these ancient texts tab, the scriptures some of the scroll Within Papyrus is you begin to realize they all seem to come from one central location in the sky, and that's the Pleiadian star system. As a matter of fact, 70% of ancient artifacts that exist that connect to the Egyptians, the ancient Egyptians, I should say, the ancient people of Kemet, really the ancient Sumerians, from Mesopotamia, the ancient people throughout the came and lived throughout Turkey and Syria and all these places, and even down into the parts of the Americas and South America, which used to be Mesoamerica. They all have most of them have a depiction of the Pleiadian star system etched into the actual stone, or scripture or writing or artwork or whatever has been left behind. And then you look at the aboriginals their verbal handed down history for 1000s of years. I went for a walk about in Australia about maybe five years ago, four years ago, documented, it's all of mine. They say that they were seated on this planet by the Pleiadians. And then they showed me Pleiadian hieroglyphs, which I took a lot of documentation of, out there in the wilderness on the walkabout. And these glyphs have never been deciphered by anybody on earth as to date. And we know that because of the patina inside the glyphs you can date the age of when they approximately were carved, comes out to be about 5000 years, there is something to this story about these beings coming from another place to this planet. And all these cultures say that there was an ancient Galactic War, there was a war and a part of the sky, way above what they call the heavens. And in this area, which I believe is the Pleiades based on circumstantial evidence. There were so many wars going on, people spread out and left that region of the sky and went to other star systems like Orion elder, Braun, Sirius A, B, and C and various other star systems to create what we call breakaway civilizations in modern terms, Earth was one of these breakaway civilizations. In my personal opinion, were these Anunnaki these were really just advanced beings, another form of a homo sapien, just like us, we look like them, and they look like us. The only distinguishing features were the fact that they had larger skulls, bigger bones, bigger bodies, according for the accounts of the ancient texts. And so that's what they are. They are actually a multiracial, multi species. hominid, bilateral bipedal hominid, that hail originally, in my opinion from the Palladian. And due to that war breaking out there, they had something in there called the Brahma Hondo weapon which can destroy any man on three worlds. So we're talking about, you know, the Deathstar. Planets blowing up, moons blowing up, imagine what would happen if somebody came and blew up Mars, all that debris floating around our solar system, we would want to get off Earth because Earth is gonna get hit by a big chunk at some point. And so now imagine if we had the capability or the technology, some of us not all of us, unfortunately, to get into a ship and take off and leave and go somewhere else. This is, in my opinion, what happened in the ancient past, and created so many different breakaway civilizations throughout not only our solar system, but many solar systems that exist in the Milky Way galaxy.

Alex Ferrari 2:07
So let me ask you this, though, with cons. I just had Matt Lacroix. And I know he's a good friend of yours. And we're talking about how our human timeline has shifted from this 4000 to 6000 year timeline that mainstream has been touting since essentially the 1800s, almost. And then if you want to go into the Bible, 5000 years, and whatever that is. But now there's more archaeological proof that our timeline is not only 10,000 years, or 12,000 years, which is what a lot of people are saying now, because of the Younger Dryas and the archeology, archaeological evidence is happening. But now there's even evidence that's pushing that timeline back 20 30 40, even a couple 100,000 years back, at what point d the Anunnaki come? Or do they continue to recome when we destroy ourselves? Or there's something that that kind of resets our civilization? And do they come back in? Or like so what at what point? Do you know that at least that you've learned?

Billy Carson 9:24
Great question, phenomenal question. So there's two parts to this too. So I'm gonna take it a little slow, because I want people to really grasp what I'm about to tell them. The first part is when you research that you know that you lish, you discover the full creation of this solar system, in a way that is explained is actually very, very scientific based on astrophysics. Astrophysics, will backup what's in the nominee lists, because you're talking about gravitational fields, planets and moons being captured by fields collisions between planets and moons. And in one of these instances, there was a planet named to March, we had Mercury Venus, and then you had Tiamat. You didn't have Earth and you didn't have Mars per se Mars was a habitable moon of Tiamat it orbited to Mars. So was so was our current moon that used to orbit Tiamat according to these ancient texts. Tiamat had a major collision as this whole coalescing was going on and gravitational fields interacting and huge rogue planets soaring through the solar system collided it says that Nibiru. It says that a satellite up in the Bureau, which is probably a moon collided with Tiamat. Tiamat, according to the text was one of the most beautiful planets that exists. It said that when it had a waterbed, it was a water bearing planet with land and life. And that when the sun shine on it, it rivaled the sun's glory. This is how beautiful it was out. Think about this for a second, think about that statement I just made about a planet that used to exist in also in our solar system before it got collided into in turn into the asteroid belt, who in the world could have made that statement, because they didn't take it from the perspective of earth. Because Earth didn't exist at that time. We're going back a very long time ago. And in this text, it talks about the fact that a huge chunk broke away from that collision and that explosion, and taking the water, taking the organic life and everything else with it and re coalesced as the earth moving into the third position from the sun, forcing Venus back gravitationally forcing mercury in closer to the sun to get it where it's at now. And tagging along with the gravitationally la moon or the moon that's now captured by us. And so Mars got swung into a very strange elliptical orbit and when you analyze Mars's orbit through astrophysics, you discover even now mainstream astrophysicists are saying it used to orbit something else. It wasn't always a single planet, based on its orbital cycle and its angle of orbit around the sun. It's weird, strange orbit. So they know that it was released and it captured its own orbit. Another piece of evidence is the fact that one side of Mars is completely charged, the other side is completely smooth. The side that was facing to Mars at the time of the collision took the brunt of the impact. And they also discovered that Mars is equator shifted 45 degrees, the weight and the mass of the landmass hitting it from the explosion of tema forced it almost on its side, and gave it a global flood, which we can see evidence of today when we look at a lot of the Mars Rover images. So this is part one. So Earth itself is a side effect of a collision that happened millions of years ago, that brought, you know, the land, also life. And even some of these ancient artifacts that we discover four and 500 million years down and these mines, those weren't created on Earth, those those were created when Earth was part of TMR. So that's part one. So now we shift and say, Okay, well, when did they when did they get here. So as you continue to dig through these texts, you discover approximately around 450,000 years ago, they landed on this planet. Now this planet had read, coalesce, it had healed, it had been prosperous. They're thriving life all over the planet at the time that they got here. And then existing hominid, which would have been our cousins. Now, according to other, you know, verbal histories handed down, like, for example, the aboriginals and the North American indigenous tribes, they say that we were seated. So after the planet Colibri coalesce, somebody, from somewhere, brought us and put us here. And this is what's been said and left behind. And so they come here, but they come here in a time when we were in a state of a fallen state. In other words, it seems as if we had risen up to a decent level of civilization. At some point, that cycle took over, we collapsed again, the Anunnaki accidentally stumbled across this planet at a time when we were back in the stone age's all over again, due to a geological geological disaster, potentially. And so about 40 50,000 years old, they came here, but they began to create a breakaway civilization not using human beings or that we weren't human beings at the time or whatever, we were our cousins, not utilizing that existing hominid, as a slave or a worker person at all, not even interacting with them. It doesn't happen until approximately 200,000 years ago, and the epilogue of ultra high seas, where the story picks up that the EG G, which was a working class, Anunnaki got tired of laboring on Mars and on earth, doing a lot of the work almost as if they were being enslaved, and decided to come together and have a coup against the gods of birth, which would have been a new Enki and Enlil. And so they encircled their campus in Africa, and South Africa, actually at a place called Adam's calendar, which has been discovered to be one of the oldest gold mines on earth that date back to when 200,000 years ago, so to go to Adam's calendar to go to this, this campus that they're at that they're living in, they encircle it, and they get ready to go to war against them. And so Enki has an idea to try to stop this war. He said, Listen, I have an idea. There's an existing being on this planet, we can add our essence to it. And we can get it to do the workforce. And another tablet, it's kind of kind of talks about the even debated on fashioning beings, making people nowhere cyborgs, or robots or whatever. But in some of the conversation was a little bit of the stone is missing, it's continues to kind of say, well, we tried this on our home planet, and it was forbidden because it was like they can they can then take over they can do they can outnumber us and take over we have no control. So they probably came into a situation with AI a long time ago. So he decided to take us, genetically modify us, disconnect some of our DNA, make it into quote unquote junk DNA, string, our pineal glands, do some genetic modification and tinkering with the worship gene that we know for a fact has been added into the genome. And so for splice gene number to put telomere caps on and make us into the worker beings. For them, an agreement was made. And that's exactly what they did. And so they began to utilize us to do the work for them. And so in this particular situation that thought of the war at that time, but the war ended up happening anyway, many 10s of 1000s of years later, but we began to do become the slave race, the entire planet, all of all, homosapiens became the slave race for these Anunnaki people. And we did the work because we thought we were working for the gods, they masqueraded as gods. And so we did the work as slaves, not even knowing that we were truly slaves, which is pretty interesting. And this is how they manipulated us. Over time, they built a very high level civilization and evidence of this civilization is called the Atlantean civilization. Atlantis was not just a ring city in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, that was just one capital of many capitals that existed around the entire planet. Every single person on Earth right now is standing and sitting. directly on top of Atlantis. They created a global civilization here on this planet called Atlantis. And we know this because we have records like the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, which say, he says I'm a son of Atlantis. We know his father was inky. And so the civilization that they built was high tech. And after a massive catastrophe happened and created a great flood. They destroyed a lot of the stuff and structures but after some time, they began to rebuild civilization again, but this time they took it from being the hub in Iraq, which is Mesopotamia and move that over to ancient Kemet, as we know today is Egypt.

Alex Ferrari 17:47
So why is it that or men please correct me if I'm wrong? Why is the Sumerians so known with the Anunnaki? Or Am I incorrect in that in saying that like because a lot of the Anunnaki information that's come comes from ancient Sumerian texts is that is that fair? Is that true?

Billy Carson 18:07
That's fair. Yes. You see, they were called different names around the planet. So at the time of the Sumerian rise of Sumerian civilization, which rose up out of the dust in the blink of an eye shouldn't have happened. They had help. They they wrote a lot of tablets 10s of 1000s of tablets have evidence that these people were here, not only the evidence really written down in a cuneiform tablets, but it also showed in the scrolls that were left behind actually depicting these beings and what they actually look like. Even star systems and star charts and paths to take to get specific star systems were all left behind. So these are in actual museums like the British Museum and the Ashmolean Museum. The evidence of they were here, even their lifespans, the evidence of them being here in the in the Kings lists at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England, dictating the years of rain of some of these kings, 28,800 years, 14,600 years and all these crazy numbers and how they ruled over us also the rise and fall of even their civilizations or their king ships. And then after the flood, they said, You know what, we're going to now have a liaison between us and the humans. So we'll create kings or Pharaohs or whatever they call it in those particular regions. And in the case of ancient Kemet, for example, they were created King much, much later became called a pharaoh. That person would have to be half human, half Anunnaki and that will be the bloodline liaison between them communicating with the masses. And so that was the next path that they took. Now in Egypt. They call them the material that's what they call them an ancient Kemet at the name that kind of stuck the netters also became a slightly version newer version, still ancient, but still newer, the letters and the letters are depicted as you know, all the ancient Egyptian gods people that supposedly according to them, are not from earth. You No, I mean, it's the same theme that happens over and over again, you know, even your shoe or aka Jesus, I am not from earth. But he says it in the Bible many times, everywhere you look, it's always people who aren't who are not from here. And so but the evidence that they were here is left all around, because when you look at the Emerald Tablets, though, is told by his father to go to the land of camp and rebuild civilization. In other words, they knew it was at a higher level, because they said they're gonna rebuild it. And once they rebuilt the land of camp, he told the crew that went there with him. He said, Now you spread out around the world and duplicate what we did here. So they then went to every major continent, and re and duplicated and rebuilt civilization, all over the globe, utilizing the same blueprint, the same technology, the same education, the same teaching system, to people, and they went around the planet and duplicated what they did there. This is why no matter where you go on the planet, you'll see the same building techniques. Peru, China, Russia, Egypt, it doesn't matter where you go, you're gonna see the same megalithic blocks built in the same way interlocking technique, Cambodia, where it just came from, you're gonna find pyramids, every single place on the planet. Why? Because they had one blueprint, one master architect, the only thing you'll find slightly different is the motif or the artistic design slightly. But overall, you'll find the same exact thing no matter where you go on the planet. Because these people affected and interacted and engaged human beings around the entire globe and put them to work all around the globe to build, in this case to rebuild their civilization we're talking about a very, very long time ago, because the Emerald Tablets are approximately 36 to 38,000 years old, and then throw fruit over the land of Kim, according to the ancient Egyptians, for 16,000 years by himself one man. So we know that man, this story goes way further back than 567 1000 years, we're talking about hundreds of 1000s of years. And if you want genetic evidence, just look at Homo sapiens sapiens, us. We know that about 200,000 years ago, according to geneticists, we were genetically modified, chromosome number two was taken out, fused together and telomere caps were put on each end. And we know this is a fact and it's shortened our lifespans to about 120 years max, this was discovered by scientists at Harvard University. But the Sumerian tablets also say this happened this, this change happened around 200,000 years ago. So we know that the tablets are aligning with modern genetics. So you have to almost open your eye and say, Man, this can't be a coincidence, you know, throughout.

Alex Ferrari 22:36
So Billy, throughout history, we've seen that, especially like in the Bhagavad Gita, a lot of these gods that they worshipped, and spoke about, had different color skin. The the elongated skulls that have been found around the world, there's, there's these kind of little breadcrumbs to the Anunnaki, that are kind of undeniable. Are there other other historical or ancient gods, that can be equated to the Anunnaki? And besides the obviously blue skinned giants in the Bhagavad Gita is very easy. It's a pretty straight line. But are there other other historical or ancient figures that we can connect to them?

Billy Carson 23:29
Yeah, absolutely. So they have names have been changed over time. So over the eons are named names keep getting changed, but a lot of the times it's the same people, and you hit it on the head, something, I'm glad you brought this up. So some of the gods of the Indian texts, you know, they're blue, not because they were saying was a metaphor, or that it was coincidence. So now, these blue people, their skin had a bluish haze to it, or bluish tint to it. And these were part of the Anunnaki people, again, proving that it wasn't just one specific race of people, some of these people were black or dark skinned, right, they even called them some black faced in the Sumerian tablets. Some of these beings were Anunnaki, but they were they had African features, but they were fair skinned with blond hair and blue eyes. So it's almost like a person that may be it's like a mulatto, or has that, you know, it's an albino, or maybe that's what the gene comes from, who knows? And then you had people that were also resembled Caucasians. And there were giants with red here, right? So you see these accounts, and then you had of course, you have the red man, which is coming out of the indigenous stories from the Lakota, the Hopi and all these other tribes out of the Americas, these giants and then so no matter where you go, you find the same story. You find a particular type of a being ruling over people that kind of resemble them. Now this is interesting. I started looking into this. And I said, could race be a result of a particular gene from the people that ruled over a region of us on the planet? And here's what I found out, scientists, geneticists discovered that there's a 2% variance in genes between races. In other words, what makes me a person that's dark skinned, were more melanin in my skin, than you who's more fair skin with slightly less melanin in your skin. It's not because my ancestors, you know, in the Sahara Desert, working in the desert and eat the hot sun all day. And that's what they teach you in school. The reason why my skin is this way is because I'm genetically branded. And so are you, you're genetically branded, and so are the indigenous peoples of all the other continents on the planet. We're genetically branded by why the person who ruled over us gave us a brand new like a brand a cow. So that's farmer Jim's cow don't touch them, we got that you see the brand right there. When when these people spread out around the planet to rule over different regions of the planet, they genetically branded the people they ruled over to resemble them. And that's why Asians look different. And Caucasians and Africans, and in the red man, indigenous tribes of the Americas, and Aboriginals all look different, but all are still Homo sapiens is because their their genetic branding, they said that a 2% variance will take multi millions of years to happen in natural evolution. And yet it only happened in 200,000 years. So we it tells us something interesting that this is an artificial mutation that was done on purpose, to create a specific group or specific races or groups of people that resembled Let Us make man in our image, if you know what I mean.

Alex Ferrari 26:53
That sounds familiar, sir. That sounds Yeah. It sounds familiar. So you've, you've used this word a few times in this conversation, it was something else she was going to talk to you about giants. Now, this idea of creatures that were bigger than us, as far as our standard, you know, a big man is I mean, Shaq is what 7'1" 7'2"? Something like that, that, you know, with that's at the top of the spectrum there are I think somebody's bigger than him. But generally speaking, that continue to live. You know, that's the top of the of the of the level, generally speaking. But we were but there's also in the ancient text talks about giants who were twice that size, three times the size. And as you mentioned earlier, the Anunnaki, might have been much larger than we were. And for many for most of history, that is considered more myth. mythology and they don't really take it seriously, because they can't see it through any other lens besides the lens that they have, of their point of view. So what is the ancient scriptures talk about an ancient texts? Talk about giants? Is this true? Is it not true? Where do they come from? What is it?

Billy Carson 28:12
When when you look at the text, it's pretty clear, there were people here that were massive, at one point, over time, as these people made it, their offspring got shorter and shorter and shorter or smaller and smaller. Just like for example, and before I answer the full question, if we meet you and I traveled to Mars, I'm six foot four, I'm not sure how tall you are. If we travel to Mars, and you know, we stayed there for some time. First of all, when we landed on Mars, we will be super humans, I would be able to pick up a boulder and throw it you'd be able to pick up a boulder and fling it across room, we'd be able to jump and dunk on a 20 foot basketball hoop, right? Sure, sure. Because we're under Earth's gravity, we were born in Earth's gravity. And now we're going to a planet with less gravity than Earth. Now, let's say we made it there. And we had some created some the first generation of Martians. The first generation will be almost as strong as us but not quite as strong because their gestation period for the nine months went through the cycle of Mars gravity. And then they still got the DNA and still got the genes but because of the gravity is going to affect the muscle fibers and muscle fibers are going to become less compact and more elongated. And then by the second generation at that third generation, those people will be extremely weak and completely used to Mars gravity, maybe even very small. If you bring them to Earth, they will probably probably be crushed by Earth's gravity without some type of a special exterior steel cage. Okay. So now you look into these Anunnaki beings coming here from what appear to be in the texts, much larger planets in some cases, planets according to some of the texts, four to five times even six times larger than Earth. So think about that for a minute. Wait a minute, or two, five, maybe even six Times large enough to back it up. Astrophysicist have hypothesized based on the movement of the planets in our solar system in places of the art and things that have happened to like Uranus being tilted on the side, that a planet gravitationally got thrown through our solar system millions of years ago, maybe that was four to six times the size of Earth larger than Earth. So you come from a planet, maybe that big tiamont was approximately that big as well. And you come to earth now you were a superhuman, your massive, you're stronger, picking up giant stones and blocks and knocking over trees and everything else is a piece of cake because it's stuff weighs nothing to you. It's basic standard physics, it's not even magic. And then you have accounts of people witnessing them human beings home or hominids, or cousins witnessing them saying, hey, these people were here. They were masks, we were grasshoppers in their eyesight. They were 10 nails and all these crazy terminologies. They were used to describe the height and the size of these massive beings. And the walls throughout Egypt, you can see hieroglyphs of some of these people, massive people. And then you can see the human beings working and serving them down by the kneecap in some cases, and Samaria, you can find, you know, will now modern Iraq, we found a lot of the tablets in the scriptures and the spindle and the cylinder scrolls, also depicting these people being so large that most of the humans were by the kneecap or slightly up to the waistline. And then over time, as you get closer to the new, like the modern age, or what would you vote, you will call the dynastic era, for example, in Egypt, and so forth, you see that the people, these gods become smaller and smaller, so they're almost normalized. Why? Because as the generations move forward, and the bloodline moves forward, based on Earth's gravity based on Earth, you know, elements here, the oxygen levels, the sunlight, the carbon monoxide levels, and also, in some way, they made themselves a bit, they gave themselves the ability to mate with us, and create offspring. And so now they're getting some of that genetics as well. So that combination, or that mixture began to create smaller and smaller people over time. And so until the point where it was almost indistinguishable from a normal person, initially, they had these huge elongated skulls, huge jaw bones, which had been discovered all over the world, like the Paracas skulls, some of them only have one parietal plate, human beings have two parietal places, you can't explain away, a parietal plate missing, okay? Things like that. The descriptions of them all over the world vary, but a lot of it went into quote, unquote, mythology. But in reality, I really believe that these were massive beings that existed, there were two types of giants. One type of Giant was ones who came here and the initial original pantheon of gods, the Sumerian Pantheon, long before the Greek pantheon existed. Now their names have changed throughout the ages and throughout time. So you see NK, all of a sudden, he's presiding, you know, he's got all these different names stuff. This is you know, he's thought and Ancient Egypt. He's also known as to Hootie and Djibouti and Africa and other parts of Africa. He's known as, as mercury in Greece. He's also Odin. And then all of a sudden, he's Quetzal koala in Mesoamerica. He's cuckoo, con, Lord McCall, and all these other names for culture. So their names changed over the eons, depending on what region of the planet they influence, but it's always going back to the same exact person. But again, starting off massive and over time, through generations, the body size has changed. The second type of giant were these Nephilim they talk about that in the Old Testament of the Bible, and also in the Torah. These were some of the, these Anunnaki beings with these Atlantean people mating with humans and the offspring. Some of them were giants, really big giants. So again, but that's the evidence of this whole you know, creating a race of people based on two different types of genetics and two different physical atmospheres initially from the person that you know, is the host of the of the sperm and the egg. And all of a sudden, they come together and now they create this person, initially, a giant in some cases, these meetings didn't go that well some of these giants were deformed had one I walked with limps, you know, just abnormal giant. So you had two different types of jobs, you have what they call the heroes of old or the servants. And then you had these Nephilim giants as well. Some of them were very intelligent had the wisdom of their, of their Atlantean parents, they would give them the wisdom like construction, wisdom and so forth and the secret of knowledge. But some of them were, were deformed.

Alex Ferrari 34:38
So if I made dumb this all down, what you were saying in regards to kind of the watering down with the genetics of giants throughout meeting, it'd be the equivalent of Superman showing up here on Earth. And because we have a Yellow Sun can now fly but on Krypton fly have super strengthened lasers come out of his and all that kind of stuff, but in Krypton, he's just A normal dude. Yeah, to get could get bullied by anybody else, you know it, but here he's a god. And if generations would go by if he and Lois Lane had a kid, well, that kid will definitely have some Superman's vibe, without question, but he also has his mother's genetics. So he would be a watered down version of his father, genetically, and then that kid grows up has maybe. And since there is no other God that he can mate with, he meets with another human and again, watered down and watered down to the point where maybe he maybe three or four or five generations down, he has a little bit of superhuman strength. Maybe he has, maybe he could jump really high instead of fly. You know, there's a few of those and then and as generations go by, it almost gets almost wiped away. So watered down that it's something so subtle, that doesn't even make sense.

Billy Carson 35:55
Exactly. Every now and then you have a rare occurrence of somebody that has a remnant of the gene that maybe they're they can run really fast. Or maybe they have great eyesight, you know, or, but but nothing that like, hits the radar like, Oh, this is a super big no just somebody with you know, some special skill.

Alex Ferrari 36:12
Now, now the when you're saying that the different Anunnaki went around the world. And that's why we see pyramids. But that was always a question of mind. Like, why are we Why did the pyramids in Egypt, we got pyramids in Mesoamerica. We got pyramids in Japan, we got pyramids in China, we got pyramids everywhere. These cultures should have never spoken specifically the ones in Mesoamerica. But there's no physical way. Even if they tried to cross over from Russia. There was that short faced bear that was not letting anybody show up. For a few 1000 years, that's one of the reasons why we never crossed over. I always wondered about that. So is that why in like, let's say middle America, it's pyramids, but they're not Egyptian pyramids. And in Cambodia, they're pyramids, but they're not Egyptian pyramids, in Japan and in China and every place. They're just a slight bit off from the if we call it the perfect pyramid, let's say the great pyramid was a perfect, perfect pyramid. But in Mesoamerica, they weren't like that, but still extremely impressive to look at is is that true?

Billy Carson 37:26
Oh absolutely. No doubt. You know, not only that they share this knowledge and this blueprint. They spread it around the planet. The evidence is, for example, at Giza in Egypt, right? You have the three main pyramids, when everyone kind of really knows that they're aligned with the Orion star system, not now. But on a particular processionary period they align with Orion. But then you look at the three pyramids at Teotihuacan in Mexico, which used to be Mesoamerica. Well, they're also aligned with the Orion star system and particular precession. Not only that, he goes, the evidence that they're linked, the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the base of the pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico are the same, the Great Pyramid height, and the co2 comp pyramid height are exactly split by 50%. So the to two column pyramid is exactly 50%, the height of the Great Pyramid at Giza. And so we say wait a minute, what's going on, they're both built on top of aquifers, even though the aquifer and Deezer is dried out now, because the Nile is withered away and moved a different direction. But it was there. And we know that the aquifer was there because the aquifer tubes are still underneath the Great Pyramid that have actually been inside of them. And then you see the Teotihuacan pyramid built on top of an aquifer, both of them probably had the same purpose. At least one of the purposes was similar, which was power generation wireless power generation. And so you look at the pyramids in China. Well, there's 3d famous pyramids in China that also align with Orion and put it in the same exact position and are built on top of an aquifer. So how in the world can you have this then all of a sudden, you take the Geological Survey map of the Earth's magnetic field. And right out of these pyramid sites around the planet up whips out a gigantic magnetic field. How in the world do you have that kind of coincidence, though, in America with enough circumstantial evidence, you could put somebody in jail if there's an all year circumstance. So we're saying there's enough circumstantial evidence to prove the case that these three pyramids sighs just those three alone it has many more, I can say, are linked by one blueprint by one level of knowledge by one understanding and built in different parts of the world that should not be able to communicate contact, and they should sell didn't use chicken bones and copper chisels to build them. Like mainstream says. All three of those pyramid sites are built in various different ways, but the technique and the understanding of how to get them to accomplish whatever The goal was and the alignment with the stars is all the same.

Alex Ferrari 40:03
Well, when I was at Chichen Itza, this is some chicken barns. I'm just throwing it out there. I saw some, I'm not sure if they were built with them. But I did see some chicken No, I mean, it's different, you know, we talking about this from an intellectual point of view. But when you are standing in front of these, of these, these structures, and you see not only the perfection in their design, but I always say this, because I still think it's insane. The clapping thing in Chichen Itza, when you clap, and it reverberates back to you. The amount of engineering that it takes to do something like that, in today's world would be difficult. And we'll be using computers and engineers at a very high level to recreate something like that in stone, no less.

Billy Carson 40:54
Oh, yeah, be very hard. See, what people don't have to consider is this. Before you take on a challenge like that, you have to have foreknowledge that it's going to work. Because you can't, especially in that era of time, you can't divert the resources to building something that's supposed to have all these features like the sun coming down the snake at particular Solstice of the year to make the calendar and to deliver and have this, this reverberating sound sound like this particular bird, right, the capsule, Kuato Berg to come off and bounce back and reflect back on you. And all this has to be board knowledge, the blueprint has to have already been proven, it has to already have been done before somewhere else, or at least tested in a computer assisted design program or CAD program. Before you say okay, we're gonna divert endless resources to doing this. Now, another thing that's interesting, when I just came back from Cambodia, we took these people on a great tour of Cambodia life changing tour, the moat around Angkor Wat, Angkor Wat is the largest temple complex in the world, okay. And the ancients, they are the people who have handed down verbal history to the people who are indigenous to the land say that that temple was built in a day and a night that it was poured into place. And when you look at it, it kind of looks like it was poured rock. But what's interesting is the moat, which is now dried out, but it's still there. Now, sorry, the moat now that most full of water still has reservoir, I'm sorry, the other one was dried out, but this one is full of reservoir. But if you look at how much mass of soil was removed, to create that moat, it was over 180,000 cubic feet of some 188,000 cubic meters or cubic feet of of soil was removed. Okay? almost ate to the exact number, you don't quote me exactly. But if you look it up, it'll be very similar. But the point I'm making is the Great Pyramid was like 98,000 cubic meters. So all of a sudden, you're saying wait a minute, there's more mass removed from this moat alone, more mass than the Great Pyramid to make this and to make it intuitive, a reservoir that connects to the rice fields, to create irrigation, to capture the water from the mountain in the right angle and know how to create a reservoir that will sustain itself and also protect the temple. So we're talking about a system here, again, foreknowledge, you don't move more mass than the pyramid. To create something that you hope works. You have to know calculus, when you're creating this type of a reservoir system, you have to understand how to divert water, how to set up and create irrigation. And all these things before you spend the resources moving more mass than the Great Pyramid. The evidence is all around us. And we just don't want to see it for some reason.

Alex Ferrari 43:48
And that takes a lot of chicken bones to Medford law to talk about some of that. I've never, I've never heard the term Chicken, chicken bones. That's just genius. I'm going to use that constantly for now because it's hilarious. And it also illustrates the point how ridiculous it is. You know, it's copper, copper, air copper era tools could not build this.

Billy Carson 44:09
They bend.

Alex Ferrari 44:09
And not at the exact precision of what's going on. So let me ask you this, my friend, we're talking about the Anunnaki. And it sounds like a pretty magical story. And it sounds like a very, you know, elaborate idea. And whether you believe it or not irrelevant, but my question to you is, what are the spiritual implications of these beings coming down from other galaxies and things like that? What does that have to do? How is that what's the implication to the soul to reincarnation, to our journey here as as a soul in this in this three dimensional space? What is the implications to all of that?

Billy Carson 44:55
Well, the implications are massive. We found out through the ancient tablets and texts that The entire religious system is coming from these Atlantean people, these Anunnaki people, they lay down this religious system, because it's one of the perfect ways of controlling the masses. It's a psychological psyop. That control has the power to control masses, control revenue, and control labor all at once. It's really ingenious. And when you analyze and look at the genetic information from modern day geneticists that say that there's a worship gene inserted into the human genome, and it can be switched on or off. And so when it's on a person wants to worship something outside of him or herself, when it's when it's off, the person looks inside. So wait a minute, what does this mean? It means that we have been duped into religion, we have been, basically they utilize it to control us to generate revenue, money, sacrifices, which was their food was like us going, it's like them going grocery shopping, having a spring, the slain lamb syndrome, fresh vegetables to them. And then also, not to mention what it's done for the current era. If a person can really wrap their mind around what's going on and what happened and realize that the text that they've been reading that they're basing their eternity on, is not exactly what they think it is, and that they'll read origin and the roots of it lead to something a little more dark and sinister, they may wake up to the reality that they themselves need to be in control of their own destiny and stop putting their faith faith in outside sources, and begin to believe in themselves begin to forgive themselves, and begin to see the God that's already inside of them. Because the same infinite God that made this entire universe and maybe this multiverse is instinct inside of every single atom inside of their body and that they themselves are already defined, and they are already eternal. The atoms that make up their body have been here for billions of years. And the spirit energy that inhabits the body itself is multi dimensional and eternal, and that we don't need any outside person or being or source or God or anything else that we believe in. To justify the power already in us. The secret is to take a journey to inner space, and discover who we truly are and what we're capable of and how much power is already inside of us. And that will change the exterior outcome around us will manifest a completely new reality. We can create heaven on earth, which I believe is the ultimate mission. The experiment of this universe itself isn't and I do believe this is an experiment is to see how long it's going to take for every civilization that rises up throughout the entire universe to turn heaven to turn the you know, hell into heaven to take wherever they are, and whatever planet and go through the tumultuous time period the dark times and rise up and seek the light which talks about in the Emerald Tablets, how long will it take this civilization to rise up? How many will destroy themselves before they get a chance to do that? How many people will reincarnate and come back and learn from previous times and come back and try to do it better. So I just think it's a I think it's a grand experiment and a way of the universe trying to experience and get to know itself and get four and four and to how the universe wants to know itself. And it wants to actually learn and grow through living through the experience of Google's Amentities throughout the entire universe. So it's living subjectively through everything, to gain information and knowledge to find a way to gain perfection within this universe itself.

Alex Ferrari 48:32
And if anyone has ever questioned what you're just saying, all you have to do is go visit the Vatican. And and then you'll go oh, okay, this, this makes sense. It's other gold. Gold is on the walls. Oh, on all the walls? No. Okay. Because that's what Jesus was about. It just, it's, it's fascinating. It's fascinating to see. And, you know, throughout history, you know, religions or unquote, a were about control. It really was about control. Then there's these philosophical ideas, Confucianism, Buddhism, to a certain extent, Hinduism to a certain extent, which told you, they were almost more philosophical on looking inward than it was about control, you know, but even then, people took even those ideas and twisted them for their own purposes to control masses of people or to get money to get power to get fame and so on. through it. Not much has changed in that way it hasn't really.

Billy Carson 49:46
No, they just found a new way to put a new twist. We got the remix going on right now. Right. And so I actually know a couple of people that are actually pastors, and they have studied the Anunnaki Yeah, I mean, I'm talking about deeply they understand and know all of it. And I said, Well, why don't you, you know, bring this information to the people and teacher, well, then I won't be able to pay my bills. That's the exact words, the exact words, I won't be able to pay my bills. So their bills and their lifestyle is more important than getting the truth out. Because they realize that once a person has that kind of knowledge, the entire religious system will begin to collapse in their mind, their belief system will begin to collapse. And so what do I need you for? What am I saving you money for? And, you know, begin to realize, like, wow, I should be investing that money back into myself and my own knowledge. And they began to take a hero's journey within themselves, and see life for what it really is. And so it's an unfortunate thing. But I think over time, it's gotten better that more people I've seen in the last three or four years are finally slightly pulling away from those religious dogma, belief systems, and kind of really trying to find themselves and figure out more about themselves and more about the universe, and more about the divine power that's already in them. And once a person gets to a point where they realize that the voice inside their head is not some sky daddy with a magic wand, when a white robe and a big white beard floating around in space, somewhere granting them wishes, when they begin to realize that the voice inside their head is their own voice. When it morphs and changes into the voice of their own vocal cords inside their head, they begin to realize it's them talking to themselves, their higher self talking to them their self here, and trying to guide them along the way. And so it's an ascension process. So it's a process of, of growing and becoming born again, born again, through consciousness, elevated consciousness is a way to be born again, not through dumping yourself in a pool, or a bucket or, or lake or whatever. But it is through understanding and growing with and beginning realize where you were a week, a minute, a year, 10 years ago, and seeing yourself at those lower levels, and that you have risen up through consciousness and you'll be born again many times in one lifetime.

Alex Ferrari 52:08
It's it's amazing, though, more so I think, now than I've ever seen in my lifetime. More and more people are searching this information out. More and more people are our people are leaving organized fear based religions. Yeah. By the just by the boatload. I mean, oh, yeah. The Catholic Church is on the ropes. As they say, though, they still have a tremendous amount of power and money. And other church and other churches and other religions are are hurting too, because people are waking up. There's too much information out there now, where when there was no sharing of information like this, or the internet in general, people were just stuck to their, whatever the preset, whatever the town said, whatever the community said. And it was these weirdos that would go away to Hey, I just spent a year or two in Egypt and I learned all sorts of stuff. And then like heretic, Burnham, and that was the end of that. Yes, literally, literally. But now it's a bit now. It's so much more different that people are starting to wake up more and more, do you find that as well?

Billy Carson 53:13
Oh, I see it everywhere I go, man. People come with me everywhere. Say, man, you changed my life. I started researching what you're talking about. And I started realizing that wow, the information I've been fed from my family generation generation is actually not fully correct. That there's deeper, deeper information and sources that helped to create that information. I was fed in the beginning to realize now that there's a much deeper story. Like I tell people, if you're going to base your entire eternity on information in one book, should you know everything about it? Shouldn't you know how to break it down left and right to be going in to figure out what are the previous languages it was in and checking that out and looking for those translations and going back even further than that. And once you begin to do that you end up where you end up at the Sumerian tablets, the Mahabharata, the Bhagavad Gita, the Indian Basie epic, Gilgamesh, you end up at the, the Egyptian Book of going forth by day, The Tibetan Book of the Dead. I mean, you end up with all these texts that are already here. And it's like, wow, this really did the Emerald Tablets of both. This comes out of here. But I see now I can discern where the information was skewed. All of a sudden now where both is talking about seeking a light and getting the light the same words of your shoe were in the modern day Bible. They throw a little sentence in there. Oh, by the way, you should obey your slave master as you obey me, you know, she just sure what he's not running around telling people to obey slave masters. I mean, come on. At some point, people have to wake up and realize this information has been added for the purpose of control and domination. But they are and so what's good about it is gradually people are finding these texts because we've been talking about them shows like your shows like mine and many others. In a sudden asked questions that can't be answered, or don't want to be answered, and now they're saying, You know what, let me pull back and let me start doing some more research for myself. So what I love about this whole platform and what we've been doing, we are creating researchers, which is what we want, I don't want people to take me for my word, I want you to write take notes on what I'm saying, I want you to go back, play this video over and over again, and start searching for these things, and come up with your own understanding. And I guarantee one thing, it'll be slightly different than the dogma understanding, you probably had it the moment you started researching,

Alex Ferrari 55:34
My friend, I can talk to you for another six hours as I usually can. And you will definitely be back without question because I love talking to you, Bill. And I think the audience loves when we get together as well. So before I go, where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Billy Carson 55:50
Yes, if you everyone listening, we have an amazing TV app, the 4bidden knowledge TV app. So you can go to the any App Store, Google Play iOS App Store, you can go to the Samsung app store on your Samsung TV. You can go to Amazon Fire TV, Roku, get the 4bidden knowledge from number 4 4bidden knowledge TV app, and check out all the great content, we have about 3000 episodes of content up on the app now and more coming as I have a brand new TV series about the Anunnaki. Coming out very, very soon. We start filming in just a few weeks. And this is going to be a mind blowing series. Incredibly done with the highest level of technology we're talking about I'll be on fully immerse set. So I'll be standing inside these ancient sites. Some of the footage you'll see will be my original footage from places I've actually been because as you know, I like to go and do the research myself.

Alex Ferrari 56:43
And do you have any parting messages for the audience Bill?

Billy Carson 56:46
Parting message would be one thing you have to understand. And the most important thing is, you have the power to create your own reality. Stop relinquishing your power to outside sources. Stop giving away your energy to outside sources and hoping and begging and wishing. Look within yourself and when you tap into yourself and go on your own hero's journey within yourself. finding out more about who you are self discovery going on the journey and trusting the process. You'll come out on the other end as a master. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear when the teacher is ready. The master will appear.

Alex Ferrari 57:26
Billy a pleasure as always my friend. Keep the good fight going. And we will speak soon my friend. Thank you again.

Billy Carson 57:32
Thank you.

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